12.21.2012 : 11:11am - 2:22pm MST

The meditation below these images of 12.21.2012 was manifest. The location was Cathedral.
There was rhythmic singing, throat singing, and sage first, to purify everything, then the music
and chanting became. This was at The Face of Cathedral. The music went for appx. four hours.
The energy was pure. There was much more intricacy manifest of the meditation than what is
written here of course, but it was respectful and sacred in all ways. Nature responded
instantly. The location at The Face is narrow, like a sliding portal gateway. One must
suspend themselves to sit there with The Face and sing or play music with this
locational instigation (The Face appears to be chanting : Ooooooooo yeah.)

So I took some photos as I was leaving.


12.20.2012 Moon 12.21.2012 Cathedral Face to Sky Face

. . . . . . . . . . . . . The Moon on 12.20.2012 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .The Main image of Cathedral after Meditation . . . . .
The really fascinating parallel here is the face matches the face in the sky. Where I was sitting there, chanting and
singing and playing open tuning C in a sitar type manner, was at this face, on a narrow looking slide that looks just
exactly like that narrow emptiness of the sky, that which seems to slide right into a spaceship, of course that
could just be the sun's reflection right? Through the clouds, mmmhmmm. . . .

12.21.2012 Meditation Location This is the location. That space to the right of the
face is about another foot wide total. Slender. And it's an incline. So when you look at the image above, and
you see the slender space of blue between them clouds before that ship lookin light, that appears to be the
echo of this location being manifest by the meditation.

12.21.2012 Dragon 12.21.2012 Climbing 12.21.2012 Cassiopeia (Queen of Reflection)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . The Dragon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Climbing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Cassiopeia Cloud . . . .

12.21.2012 Cathedral Slide Portal Dragon Echo 12.21.2012 Uh, this looks like Christ Merlin . . . 12.21.2012 Faces

. . . . . . . . . . Cathedral Slide Portal Dragon Echo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Christ Merlin? . . . . . . . . . the face again, right above the center " v "on the right spires.

12.21.2012 Feline Wolf Spirit! 12.21.2012 Wolf Spirit

Feline Wolf Spirit ? . . . . . . . . . someone left me a heart of stones for
my climb down from the slide portal, as I walked down from the trail
near the end I looked up and saw an airplane dispersing this comtrail,
it immediately turned into heart smoke rings. This kind of natural constancy
is mind boggling. That fast. There it is. So one must comprehend, yes ? If this
is this instant, this Natural Reaction BY MOTHER NATURE, it would seem feasible
that a meditative manifestation is actually being comprehended and communicated
back with us this fast. And by such a deduction, one could surmise that these Celestial
Paths, and the scientific FACT that we just had this meditation here, at this place, and these
imageries are exactly mirroring our exact location, one might surmise, without a doubt, there
is an exact reaction. AS FAST AS WE HAD THE MEDITATION. Instant validation. So as such,
it appears to be a fact, a scientifically proven fact, that Astrolomy works.

12.21.2012 Wolf Spirit

The three lines of Cathedral.
(my face paint this day.)


Here is an image from the next day, 12.22.2012. It has been my experience that there
is a vast reaction a day later as well, and as well, with this meditative manifestation spanning
the infinite cyclings of several different locations on Earth and in the celestial, I would surmise
the effects will be witnessed for a long time. (all sacred, respective, and appropriate.)

Cathedral Angel


If as such you have a necessity to comprehend a path for the alignment of 12.21.2012,
I have taken the liberty to create such a path, in paralleled unity to what I am doing, for
the purposes of sacredity and respect as guided by Mother Nature, respectively.

So as such :

Rhythmic Moon Lizard Root 9

This is the current Mayan month (Rhythmic Moon), the spirit animal is The Lizard, the focused
energetic chakra of this day is of course The Root, and we are at The Blue Hand of The Crystal
on the balance of the light and dark moon (in a waxing gibbous, meaning : the growing bending.)

12.21.2012 MANTRA :


Here are the specs I have comprehended :

12.21.2012 Horizon 12.21.2012 Centers

What I have comprehended is the path is simultaneous, from Jupiter to The
Sun (and galactic center), and from Saturn to The Sun (and galactic center)
WHILE simultaneously manifesting a path of "the in between" via the horizon
line around the entire Earth. This is The Horizon comprehension :

Earth • Jupiter • (cyling the Moon Path of The Woman) • Uranus • Neptune • Mars • (transcend Pluto) ------>


<------- Saturn • Venus • Mercury

Simultaneously magnified like this : alignment :

: EarthJupiter(GoddessMoonCycling)UranusNeptuneMarsSUNGALACTICCENTERSaturnVenusMercury :

So basically, you understand that the center of this focus is The Sun in The Galactic Center of The Milky Way. BlackHoleSun,
whilst simultaneously we must understand as well the circle of the horizon : that being : Aquarius (Joyous Waterbearer), Capricornus
(The Dark Star Pan), Microscopium (magnified from within), Sagittarius (The Fire Bending Amazon), Corona Australis (The Crown of Depth),
Telescopium (magnified from without), Ara (The Altar), Norma (The Right Angle), Lupus (The Wolf (and sacred offering), Centaurus (The Physical
Swan Song manifest through sacred offering), Hydra (The Serpent of The Nine Powers, Forces, Energies, Knowledges, and Communications),
Corvus (The Dark Thirst), Crater (The Chalice), Sextans (Celestial Navigation), Leo (Courage, Majesty, Willfulness(male), Leo Minor (Courage,
Majesty, Willfulness(female), Lynx (The InBetween capability of Sight and/or perception), Camelopardalis (The Courage and Willfulness of
The Wild), Perseus (The Hero), (knowing its all a reflection due to Cassiopeia), Andromeda (complacent distress), and Pegasus (thunderous
and lightning power) (and back to Aquarius in a circle.)

Horizon's Path

As such, the Horizon reading is thus :

This is The Mother Gaia in The Root of The Temple of The Godfather of Light and Sky, A Path is created, this is a Path
of The Savior Womb Offering known as The Ascension Creation of Sacred Power, Force, Energy, Knowledge, and
Communication. This Path Cycles The Path of The Woman from The Root of Causality through Earthen Ascension,
this path is a Circle : (as The Joyous Oceanic Rains of Earth, you are The Deep Rising Sun as a Spiraling Dark Star
known as Pan, The God of Shepherds, Flocks, Sexuality, Fertility, and Desire : MAGNIFYING through The InBetween
as The Bending Fire of The Trinity magnifying as the crown of the root (light in dark) as a magnification of the "without"
as recognized as The BlackHoleSun of our Sun and our Galactic Center, whilst simultaneously manifesting and magnifying
as a Sacred Offering from The Heart of The Swan Song, The Root of The Serpent of The Nine, The Dark Thirst of The InBetween,
The Open Chalice of The InBetween, as a Celestial Navigation Setting Sun of The Heart of Courage, Willfulness, and Majesty,
fused of The Light and Dark, The Male and Female, right through The InBetween Sight of Reality, of Perception, through The
Parallels of Majesty and Willfulness of The Wild, through The Heart of Heroism, The Reflection of The Heavens, and the
complacency of distress; you are The Ascension of The Great Thunderhorse (thunderous lightning power of the
heavens) and Companion through The Multidimensional Womb of Creation (manifesting creation) : so as such,
you are to manifest The Mother World Rebirth of Balance and Ambrosia whilst transcending The God of The
Underworld, and magnifying through The Sun as Light through The Center of The Galaxy as Dark, as a
BlackholeSun : you are The Ultimate of Lightness and Darkness in a simultaneous manifestation :
manifesting The Consumption, Exorcism, Eradication, Destruction, Deletion, and Erasure of all
corruption and all unwelcome, imbalanced, and/or unnecessary thoughts, visions, encryptions,
connectivities, manipulations, frequencies, disease, discomfort, pain, suffering, curse, possession,
and/or program, whilst simultaneously manifesting Infinite Infinitesimal Cycling Loving and Healing
Regenerative Love Energy as Balance Evolutionarily Progressive :
as Infinite Infinitesimal Communication.

The Centers reveal a deeper comprehension of that horizon :

This is The Great Healer Aesculapius. You are The Great Healer, and your serpent's ascension (that which may
be understood as the energetic ascension that becomes through you in the euphoric climaxing of your meditative
projective manifestation : is a voice of The Great MotherFather of All, as such, your Voice is manifest as an Ascension
with The Spirit Mother (you are The Father, Spirit Mother is The Mother) : and you are become The I as a Bridge of The Infinite,
and this brings forth the balanced heaing out of ailment. UNDERSTAND : you wear the Amazonian Mammilla Depth Trinity,
the sensitivity of the nipples, your eyes, and the capability of the eye as the sensitivity of The Trinity manifest as wings of
The Continuum! That which is without blade : and you are simultaneously a bridge without the fertility of weakness, (in
other words you are strong), whilst simultaneously bringing forth The Great River of Cunning Vision and Music, healing
forth through all weaknesses as well with stones and crystals, right through The Great Dark Star Constancy of Rhythmic
Equilibrium Force, right in through the center of The Sleeping Dragon of Time wearing The Grid Reticulum. Simultaneously
you manifest Sacred purposed vision, cultivation, and guardianship in a dance of swimming flight through The Stars Dearest
of Heart (those celestial bodies that most call to you (and/or your grid (if you have one) as The Horse and Rider of The Great
Mountain (that "mountain" being a metaphoric truth as to the mountain of power you are now) : This is The Water Within (the
great conduit) from The Small Dark Light of The Body through The Sleeping Root of Power : and so ascends The Phoenix of
Rebirth from The Sleeping Dragon. Awakening out of sleep without corruption.

So you're probably either, "great, no problem," or you're like, "great, what does that mean?"

The main question I have arrived at this alignment from this reading is :

Can you be as intimate as the sexual song of "Pan" whilst simultaneously
being The Swan Song, that being, can you innately empower yourself in
ultimate sexual fervor (respectively) whilst being complacent sexually,
yet manifesting this power, you, as a SACRED AND RESPECTIVE balanced
angel of creation : CREATIVELY?

This is the goal for 12.21.2012.

Swan Song Interpretation

You are become the sexual tool of The Infinite Infinitesimal AS CREATION MANIFEST. You are the seed and
creator simultaneously as in unification with The Spirit Mother. As such, you are God, you are Goddess. One.
It is to remember, this is a transcendental sexual flow. Sexual climax is transcended. Sacred Sexuality is become
through this transcendence as a bridge into the capabilities of becoming The PhiMale Vortex, your Self. As such,
you are become sexuality in its full cycle of manifestation as a CREATOR through The Infinite Infinitesimal All. Your
climax is not what one would comprehend as sexual climax. Your climax is actually euphoria manifest throughout
the entire body by this root causality : continuously as The Swan Song, that which is the transcendence of sexual
climax : into the manifestation of creation due to this transcendence. Wings are become. For you are become
the union of male and female as one, simply, your Self. So as such, with the union of The Great Spirit and your Self,
The PhiMale Vortex is manifest, and creation is capable. Wings are become. This can be taken extremely far.
Further than it has ever gone before, and then further, continuously, evolutionarily progressive. There is no end.
Manifest properly and appropriately the sacred powers, forces, energies, knowledges, and communications
of Sacred Sexuality, and as well The Great Swan Song, for it is between these we are evolving.

With great sacredity and respect I am going to be magnifying the entire Great Jaguar Dragon
at 11:11am through 2:22pm on 12.21.2012 (MST) MUSICALLY. I am going to be in the key of C.
This magnification is going to be magnified through the holon grid point of that day, its antipode,
and the vortice complex of Sedona, all simultaneously as an Intrinity of The PhiMale Vortex of
The Great Jaguar Dragon.

The Great Jaguar Dragon

I am going to manifest the entire grid as an Ascension of the Creation of Sacred and Respective
Power, Force, Energy, Knowledge, and Communication. "The MoonPath of The Woman" is the cycling focus.
SHE is the muse in what ever ways we might comprehend female energy sacredly, respectively, appropriately,
as the SPIRITUALLY POETIC DIVINITY of INSPIRATION. I shall be manifesting an infinite cycle continuously, in song,
repetitiously, respectively, the grid of The Great Jaguar Dragon throughout this entire time.

This Meditative Projective Manifestive : Unity : I will be allowing : for all individuals and/or collectives
whom hath been deemed worthy by Mother Nature, by HER choice. This unity I will manifest
continuously throughout this time period between 11:11am and 2:22pm (MST.)

Any worthy individuals whom seek to be empowered by this magnification
would be wise to follow this path of magnification simultaneously, in parallel,
respectively : (and as such, I too shall be magnifying this for you, respectively,
sacredly, appropriately, evolutionarily progressive.)

Understand through a pouring forth of great energy : ultimate sexual desire without actual sexual fertility causality
whilst simultaneously comprehending the sacredity of WOMAN energy in an infinite cycle of ascension from the
greatest depth of Self and Earth cycling The Infinite Infinitesimal All right through you : and : . . . be as a Bending
Fire of this, as a Trinity (that meaning be empowered already, be ready for this day, be well nourished, be well
rested, have clean water ready, build a fire if you can, or simply a candle), and be as a Christ : in the sense
that you are "male" (regardless of gender, you are a seed of creation) empowered by The Spirit Mother of
All (female), creating BIRTH (phimale) of sacred power, force, energy, knowledge, and communication,
(which basically, metaphorically, and specifically makes you a God or Goddess as this Trinity : you are a
vortex.) Be joyful in your meditative projective manifestation : joyful, sexual : yet sexually complacent,
you are an angel of manifestation without sexual fertility, understand that, you are actually magnifying
from your root energy (from within), this DARK THIRST, AS LIGHT, as a transcendence of sexuality into
manifestive creation through your own creativity, whatever that may be (play a drum, play a guitar,
play a flute (this is basically the epitome of Kokopelli), play a sitar, play a violin, play a harmonica,
play a couple sticks on a rock, anything, be rhythmic, paint a picture, listen to awesome tribal
music, listen to trance, just be consistent, be constant to your own rhythm, joyfully, dance, be
fluid in this rhythm is the main point) : : : you are a BlackHoleSun in the center of The Sun and
The Galactic Center : empower yourself : your entirety : with this creationism : ultimate courage,
this is THE MOMENT to be courageous (not stupid), manifest The POWERS of The Light and Dark
as ONE, as such, simultaneously comprehend your root and heart energies in a perfective
PARALLEL as the manifestation of SACRED VISION, whilst magnifying through the willfulness
of your own wild creationism (your rhythm, dance, song, etc) BE JOYFULLY WILD! . . . YET . . .
with the heart of a hero (courageous, loyal, honest, with valor, etc), and without distress, meaning,
let go of all distress, just let it go, let it be, be well in your fluidity, its ok, it'll be alright, no worries, blessings!
Remember, The Heavens are Reflecting it all : WITH ALL THIS : so be as the full on ascension of sacred
POWER, even with companion(s), and birth a simultaneous multidimensional creation of Sacred Power,
Force, Energy, Knowledge, and Communication : as The Rebirth of Balance through Euphoria (the mother
world rebirth balance of ambrosia) : (do you witness how euphoria is created through the transcendence
of sexual fervor into energy purposely ? this is the goal ! It's amazing ! ) : NOW : transcend "the god of the
underworld" (we are transcending the root climax (this is the transcendence of sexual climax as we
climax euphorically the whole self energetically through creativity) : AND magnify as The Sun in the
center of the galaxy : that being : magnify as ultimate light in ultimate dark as a BLACKHOLE SUN :
(get it?) : you are The Ultimate of Lightness and Darkness in a simultaneous manifestation : manifest
this, if you will : manifest The Consumption, Exorcism, Eradication, Destruction, Deletion, and Erasure
of all corruption and all unwelcome, imbalanced, and/or unnecessary thoughts, visions, encryptions,
connectivities, manipulations, frequencies, disease, discomfort, pain, suffering, curse, possession,
and/or program, whilst simultaneously manifesting Infinite Infinitesimal Cycling Loving and Healing
Regenerative Love Energy as Balance Evolutionarily Progressive : as Communication Manifest
throughout your Self and The Infinite Infinitesimal ALL simultaneously, a cycling infinacy during
this period of time.

Blackhole Sun Nature's Preface : 12.20.2012, Sedona

Do you see how this creates an ultimate balance in an ultimate alignment!? YES!

(the picture on the right was just added on 12.20.2012 @ 415pm, a Natural Preface to this meditation, by Nature. Sky over Sedona 12.20.2012.
The first picture on the left, of course, was created and placed on this webpage on 12.12.2012, so you see, already, comprehensively manifest.)

AS SUCH : you are become Aesculapius (The Great Healer.)

Your ROOT VOICE is The Great MotherFather transcendence of The Root Climax
into The Ascension of the entire physical ethereal mortal immortal Body Climax : as
infinite infinitesimal euphoria. Become The I as a Bridge of The Infinite. Your purpose
this day is NOT to seek out individuals to destroy. You wear upon your breast the
sensitivity of the depth of The Female Mammilla as a Mirrored Trinity of Bending
(this being the wings of nourishment and flight through sensitivity, understand
that : nourishment, nurturing, and sexuality, respectively, simultaneously, this
is a Trinity Sight through your Heart Center Depth : the capabilities of The EYE,
as a Trinity of The Heart, as SIGHT ! ) Do not cultivate weakness (you know what
your weaknesses are, don't cultivate them this day.) Bring forth this entire meditative
flow as a sensitivity flight : like a great river flowing strong with creativity (music, art, rhythmic,
constant, etc), allow yourself musing focus (GODDESS, mandalas, Spiritual Art, what you want
to see : sacredly and respectively : we are celebrating The Goddess and The PhiMale Vortex :
be in control of what you see, as such a clarified focus without wavering, that which is ultimate
Divine Inspiration, this will allow you greater focus within the focus) : NOW, focus on this spiritual
vision creation specifically while performing your creative dance of creation musically and
creatively, and manifest healing into all portions of your Self that YOU have necessity, and
as well to what ever portions of existence and reality that have actual necessity,
respectively, as well, do this in a magnification of stones and crystals
(if applicable), and manifest for your Self : Sacred Vision, Sacred
Cultivation, and Sacred Guardianship, respectively.

As you are cultivating energy through this time period, know euphoria like
the hairs on your body standing on end upon each other without cold, that
being the manifestation of ultimate SACRED passion as magnifying energy,
ultimate love, ultimate fervor, realize this as the power of manifestation, the
light and dark become in union as one magnifying BlackHoleSun! YOU!

You are swimming : flying. Understand this. You are The Horse and Rider of your Stars
Dearest of Heart, your own grid of creation. You are The Great Flight of Euphoria, The
Great Delphinus Dragon, The Great Jaguar Griffin, The Temple of The Sun as Sound :
transcendence of sexual fervor and the manifestation of euphoric bodily
climax through your own dance of creativity, we manifest ourselves
individually (and/or collectively (as applicable sacredly and
respectively) as The Ascension of The Phoenix of Rebirth
out of the heart of the sleeping dragon. Free yourself.
You are become Awakened. You are become free.

Be a Sacred Angel now.

I'll see ya there.

(remember as well, after every meditative manifestation and/or projection
to always disconnect from the initialization of all projections and manifestations
and allow them continuity in and of themselves, evolutionarily progressive, whilst
simultaneously allowing yourself (and anything you have become in union with)
normal energetic levels in normal applicable spaces as logically applicable,
individually, respectively, all that each individual hath purposely allowed

In this way, you don't get "wound up" in manifestations.

As well, remember, I can teach you with great specificity such
comprehensions and practices : by my Astrolomy Practice.