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Timeless The 3963.

This page has been updated. There are levels of advancement I wish
to share with you. This first section shares the beginning way, the first ways
to begin magnifyhing forth through the infinite path of Mother Earth, Mother Nature.

There are 4 ways in total on this page. Scroll down for the others.

In October 2010 on Every 7 pg. 20 we witnessed from the volcanoes of
Kliuchevskoi, Karymsky, and Piton de la Fournaise a Circinus . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Circinus of Earth
(click here for larger version)

The result of which was the comprehensive measure of The 3963 Energy Sphere :

Earth Circle 
This was reiterated during Hurricane Irene on Every 7 pg. 43.

So we then have understood the "realm" to which the casting fluid healing is approximated, this is our glow.
What do I mean? Well, as glowing goes, the emanation of energy continuous from a healthy world would be
magnifying 3,963 miles of Earth to space like a sun's brilliance yet of love. Thus :

Earth Glow Understand?

How do we accomplish this? The 3963 Path.

The 3963 Path has been created. The HeartWombMind Eye of Mother Earth
has been established and is fluid as balance. You are The V of Creation ,
The FatherHusbandMotherWife of Seeding Love in The Union of Harmony.
This Union is with the greatest respect and honor, inspiration, or specificity,
and with Mother Earth, Mother Nature.

The Calendar Tun Uc has been comprehended during
our research on Every 7 pg. 41, where it was stated :

Earth and Space said,

"Follow The Path of The Woman's Cycle, The Four Moon
Calendar of Tun-Uc between two Winter Triangles. "

Two Winter Triangles = Winter 2011- Winter 2012.

This was accomplished through the simultaneous creation of the song Stella Maris.
The 2012-2013 Tun Uc calendar can be downloaded here. The basic elements of this
calendar can be downloaded here. The basic Holon Earth Map looks like this :

MayaThe images depict the daily focus. These are the locations cycled 'from.' Say for example, at the base edge
of South America, the red thumb lookin image, that is The Red Moon. So the way I do it is I cleanse : through : that energy. Understand? My premised
dialogue with Mother Nature is such that I am cleansing everything, including everything that has ever been, including The Mayan society's energies.
So when I cleanse through this path of The Tun Uc and The 3963, I am following these guidelines, I am understanding that which is necessary to
cleanse through my own comprehensive measure as these have guided to, understand that? We are evolutionarily progressive and this is a
platform to that measure from a peaceful love. We do not dishonor ourselves, and we do not disrespect reality, we evolve the freedom of
balance. So if one were to accomplish this, you would begin the statement with something like " I cleanse through The Red Moon Energy, "
etc. (every day is a new statement you would accomplish if following this cleansing as it has been directed by Mother Nature.) Of course
however you may honor Mother Earth is good. If you cannot approach such a task as this, due to your belief systems, then that is of
course your prerogative. Do what thou wilt. If you do, however, follow this path to cleanse Mother Earth, as requested by Mother
Nature, one would accomplish the statement every day, this path, the alignment of your energies with Mother Earth with the
purpose of peace and balance. For you see, as you align with Mother Earth, so does your comprehensive fluidity align with
Mother Earth, and your knowledge becomes acclimated to this fluidity. It's like riding a wave or skating a skatepark or
riding a rollercoaster or running a trail or driving a racetrack, it isn't understood until it has been accomplished,
and even then becomes further honed with every greater attempt. Understand?

The 3963 Energy Cleansing

The Beginner Level Cleansing

After cleansing forth your Self into your balanced state of awareness, let go of all else and focus on Earth Mother.
Request of Earth Mother, passage, to that day's location. Imagine yourself at that locational center. Harmonize in
the greatest of Union, love, with honor and respect, harmonize with Earth Mother. You become The Harmony of
The FatherHusbandMotherWife Seeding Union as The Seeding V. Allow forth your mantra, this flow. The purpose is
always for loving and healing regenerative love energy as balance. Cleanse forth, delete, or alleviate all that is
unwelcomed, imbalanced, or unnecessary. Cleanse, Align, Harmonize, Magnify, Protect, and Cycle. From the specific
location of that day; you magnify this harmony of love emanating brilliance : ' location,' Earth Mother, Center of The Solar
System, Galaxy, Universe, All Multiverses, All Multidimensionalities, The Unconscious, Subconscious, Conscious, and SuperConscious,
The Energy of All That Is•Is Not•and Is In Between, and The Infinite Infinitesimal Source HeartWombMind Eye, and it is here that the
brilliance climaxes in fruition as you cycle forth through The HeartWombMind Eye of Mother Earth as The Seeding V, and magnify
forth your path right into The 3963 Energy Sphere of Earth from her greatest depth center. The path is already fluid and without
error, so you only need understand you are comprehending this path, it exists, and it is a current. Allow forth this emanation of
loving and healing regenerative love energy as balance cycling, and delete all corruption. Once accomplished, disconnect from
the initialization of this projection, for it has been accomplished, and simultaneously allow forth its continuity in and of itself evolutionarily
progressive. This means that this meditation has been accomplished, you thank your Mother World and all that which has been respectively
allowed forth, and you let it be. So as such, you allow yourself back at your normal energetic space, at a normal energetic level, as you allow
this forth with honor and respect to all that which has just been harmonized : evolutionarily progressive. You may allow the cleansing between
you and The Mother Earth during this as well, understand that you are cleansing all time, space, and dimensionality. It's a SUPER CLEANSE.
Understand. This is what you accomplish :

Earth Glow

. . .by becoming this :

Earth Eagle

These ways I have comprehended, they have evolved quite rapidly over the last few months. And I want to share that with you so that if you choose to, you
may as well evolve your 3963 Energy cleansings further. The whole point is to help establish love and balance for the world, for everyone. Logic. All good things.
So I have made these into the intermediate and advanced levels of The 3963.

The Intermediate Level Cleansing is manifest from YOUR CURRENT POSITION in the world OF the specified location on The Holon Earth Map
of that day, by time, through certain constellations, planets, stars, and/or moons of your choosing. That being the stars dearest of your heart. Like if you
simply LOVE Altair, if it is in your horizon, that would be one. Use Stellarium. For example : say for instance that the Holon Earth Grid Coordinate is in the
center of the Pacific Ocean . . . what time will you be meditating? (make sure Stellarium is setup to your time zone), put the time to that time, (make
sure the location is set at your location, it is best to just set it up that way so whenever you open up Stellarium it is always in your timezone and location),
set your time, and look towards the horizon of the direction you will be facing. For example, if you are in San Francisco at 5:23pm (17:23) on 5.23.2012
looking east, this is what you would see :

Stellarium 5.23.2012 @ 5:23pm (17:23) (click on the image to expand)
(HWME = HeartWombMind Eye)

The broad premise is to follow a path from the center of the depth through the center of the height in any manner you deem necessary for purification.
You must remember though to always be respectful when doing this. This is a vast responsibility if you choose it, and if you choose the wrong disrespectful
path, it will cause you great disrespect, most likely in a very uncomfortable, perhaps even painful way. So just start out correct, and you will Be Well. So you
choose a particular path (and have respect), a conglomerate of stars or constellations, planets, and/or moons, in whatever creative ways you may have
understood, and you create a path of flow. First of all though, remember, those locations, planets, stars, moons, and so forth, you will need to have their
respective allowance of such for the greatest flow. I cannot tell you with any great certainty what happens with the ones you don't respectfully request
flow through because I have not ever gone that route this whole time, I have only created paths by request. As well, the paths are always changing,
and if you choose different times, the path will be different. Create a circular path of the horizon from the depth : to height : to depth, or just linear
from depth to height (as such that it would flow back through Earth (that's the point anyhow, one CYCLE), REMEMBER THIS : incorporate at the
horizon level the Holon Grid Location as a flow through, like a topographical perfection of energetic flow, and flow this cycle well in whatever
ways you have comprehended respective necessity (what do you need to purify of you or of others specifically and respectively, that is the path
of purification, what have you experenced that needs to be healed or cleansed, prayers for others, all good things of balanced necessity, this is the
correct path.) That path of stars, moons, planets, and constellations reveals a story. Define that story if you can. It will tell you HOW to purify that path
by the path you have created and what that star, planet, moon, and/or constellation's meaning have become to you, or are in history. The Path for
this particular way (as for the way I evolved through it) is to begin at The HeartWombMind Eye of Earth with a unificational beginning of wherever is
the nearest location of your created path in the time location depth of the Stellarium horizon (the lowest region of that image) (for example Indus
appears to be laying in the greatest depth of this imagery), if, for example, Indus was one of the constellational regions, or even just one star like
HIP105319 A (in The Feather Headdress), then one would allow forth a unification with that location, for this is going to be the "infinacy flow point"
as such the flow point that goes right back into The HWME of Earth into The 3963 Energy Sphere in this CYCLE's beginning and end . . . so this flow
would begin with this unificational point at The HWME of Earth . . . then wherever this path takes in a continuity of flow that you have created,
is your path for this purification of Earth.

FIRST : Create the whole path, THEN : proclaim the whole path, THEN : meditate forth the cycle of that path as an infinacy cycle, the whole :
all the locations you have allowed in this path, flow them in an infinacy cycle as such through them all in a flow of infinacy : all the Worlds,
the Moons, the Stars, the Planets, the Solar Systems, Galaxies, Universes, Multiverses, Multidimensionalities, Unconscious, Subconscious,
Conscious, SuperConscious, Energy of All That Is•Is Not•and Is In Between, The Infinite Infinitesimal Source HeartWombMind Eye, and so forth,
however it is you have an infinacy flow, right through the greatest known source of The Infinite Infinitesimal, cycling through the HWME of Earth
into The 3963 Energy Sphere.

So let's recap a minute, you have drawn out your path, you have respectfully requested of this path these locations
(gone to these places in meditational form and humbly requested their participation in purification (don't worry, it's been
my experience that normally, it's all good, but even so, sometimes, there may be question, you'll learn how to listen and when
a location is not a necessity or is not recommended, it's all for greater flow, so be mindful of this, The Path is alive and not ignorant
to what you do or seek), and you have proclaimed in an organized manner of proclamation this path and intention for purification
in whatever ways of projective flow you have learned respectively, that being, everything you are going to project is proclaimed
prior to the projection, thus allwowing forth the projection to the flow of energy that which you just proclaimed (understand?) So
as such when you have let it be, you simply flow it in an infinacy of cycling. In this way you do not have to sit there and memorize
a path every single day, for it changes with the times and moods of necessity. The Infiniacy of this Cycle is meant to be a climax
of energy, so develop a way to do this euphorically naturally respectively. And so having cycled this infinacy of flowing, you must
let go of that projection, allow it forth and let it go. A good way to do that is by simply proclaiming that you disconnect from that
projection and allow its continuity in and of itself evolutionarily progressive allowing forth every individual location its normal
energetic level in its normal applicable space as such that has been individually and collectively allowed. This basically
states that you have flown the purification, and let it go, by letting it be itself, individually and collectively (as you
continue on this path you will learn your own ways about it, I have just become extremely intricate with what I
allow through an immense amount of respect to all locations involved, I never allow a location that does not
seek it, not ever, it is always best to be respective, they know more about their own energy than I do!)
So this is the intermediate (of course it can go way further in detail, but this is the basic flow of it.)

The Advanced Level Cleansing

This is is where it gets down to the seriously intricate flows. This cleansing is basically flowing from one direction
of the specified Holon Grid Map of that particular day, in a flow through the opposite direction of the antipode
of that specified location. . . yeah, this gets seriously involved. So say for example, the same date and time 5.23.2012
at 5:23pm (which is 17:23) and the location is Blue Eagle : that location is New Foundland, its antipode can be found
through this website, that location is in The Southern Ocean (you will need the coordinates to put in to Stellarium, and
make sure, always, that the main setup time (whenever Stellarium is intially turned on) is set to your time zone, for
wherever you go on the map in Stellarium, the time will follow by your timezone that location, and since you're
going from your timezone, it is logical, press pause on the time so it doesn't keep moving. You type in the grid
coordinate for the first location at whatever time you know you are going to be cleansing, locate the direction
you will be facing, and screen shot that image, so let's say EAST . . . be sure you remember the distance of the
depth in that program so that when you screenshot the next location they will be unifiable by that directional
center, so we have the first location . . . the next location would be the Southern ocean, and we would look
WEST, so this is where we type in that coordinate, the time is all the same, look west, center it the same way
as best you can, screenshot. Now take those two images and overlay them, they will look like this :

Eagle Cleanse (click on image to expand)

Here we see that there is a path up and a path down. The teal color is the way up,
that being whatever direction you are facing, choose a path of stars or constellations
in whatever ways you have necessity going up. This begins from The HWME of Earth at
the location nearest the depth of the horizon. Create a path in the teal up to the highest
of your choosing respectively, and then the way down is through the dark beige, that is
the opposite direction, and you continue this path from that height of the teal through
the height of the dark beige on down to the greatest depth of the horizon in dark beige
to connect with the teal lowest horizonal point (that which is connected with The HWME
of Earth in a Cyclical flow of infinacy, as such when this cycle is manifest in cleansing,
you travel forth through The HWME of Earth right in to The 3963 Energy Sphere.

You see, simple. Follow the same steps as the other levels, as such, this is an infinacy flow
of a cycle of the path you have chosen for this day, and it is of this path you have chosen
that you will be creating the circumstances that help you cleanse, so when the path, for
example, goes through The Shield at The Occipital of The Great Healer, you could allow
forth protection of your mind in that area and all affiliated areas, or you may choose to
cleanse this already protected area. The possiblities are really rather limitless, but always
be respectful, it is paramount. So this brings up the point that we are comprehending
both locations in the pathed cycle as it goes through the single directions that the
path you have chosen goes through. Yes. This is correct. The Path is magnified
through the single direction you have chosen, and is described through both,
understand? So the path, obviously in this case, has gone through Ophiuchus
(The Great Healer), and Scutum (The Shield) is there, so we describe that conglomerate
in the flow of the cycling infinacy. Why is it a cycling infinacy? It is a circle, as such, it is a
flow without corruption. You create the path, you proclaim the path and its measures of
allowance you seek to manifest in cleansing, and then you flow this infinacy as a cycle,
right in through The HWME of Earth right into The 3963 Energy Sphere. It's very powerful.
Remember to always do this respectively. I cannot stress this enough. This is for cleansing
and empowering and protecting : respectively. Always remember to disconnect from
the intialization of those cleansings and allow forth their continuity in and of themselves
evolutionarily progressive. This sets up a good flowing dialogue without corruption.

After you have cleansed, it is a good practice to reestablish yourself
with all that which you have just manifest. That being said, it is a balanced
measure to allow forth that which has been manifest that will not cause you corruption
and is for your respectful purpose : regulated and integrated in all necessary ways of adaptation
to that which you have allowed yourself already, and as such that it would not cause you any type
of detriment or corruption, neither yourself nor anything that you have created of yourself, that being :
you are capable of regulating what you get, and not allow corruption by filtering it out, and integrating
all the good stuff in all the ways that you specifically have necessity. You can do this. And it is good to
do this.

The Advanced Intrinity Meditation

11:11:22 11:11:22

Alright, here's the skinny . . . say for example the date is 11.11.2012 at 22:22:22 p.m. in Sedona, Arizona. The Holon Grid Coordinate is
The Central Pacific Ocean, it's antipode (in other words, its exact other side of the world) is The Congo of Africa. Then this is what it
would look like. The direction east and west because we are looking east (for example), and west is its opposite, logic. So the first
process is creating the map by coordinates of the holon grid location and its antipode (by your specific time from wherever you
currently exist), and then a second map by your location, direction, and opposite direction. Then map the path. Request from
these locations if it's alright. If it isn't there is good reason. These are just examples. I have created grids, so I usually flow my grids
in various ways. . . but this is good start with . . . now create a path . . .the first image reveals the holon and antipode combined.
. . . the second image reveals one's location and the opposite direction (faded) to comprehend influences. Understand that
in the overlayed imageries there are influences. Blue is sky of course. Beige is Earth. It basically dictates first and second path.
I go up and I go down. And you can get real intricate, like when you go through the horizon, you go through the location of
that specific path, so for example : the first map : the sky reaching path of Central Pacific is Crater (with influence of Delphinus),
Antlia (influence of bridged Pegasus and Cygnus), Pyxis, Cancer, Jupiter, (and ascending through The Central Pacific) then : Pleiades,
Aries (with influence of Lepus), Pegasus (with influences of Antlia, Hydra, and Sextans), Equuleus (with influence of Sextans), THEN at the
top you switch over to the Earthen direction : and flowing towards The Congo we are pathing : Crux then Octans (with an influence of
Ursa Minor) and descending through the horizon of The Congo, then Indus, then back to Crater from the beginning. This path you understand
as a circle. So what would you want to create with this circle? Something good, not anything disrespectful obviously, otherwise, Nature would
be like, "see ya, none for you." So it is not simply to understand this path, but why this path : and, well, what is this path?

: The Multidimensional Womb Chalice through the creation of energy directing through The Compass of The Wings of Lightning
and through The Highest of Sun ascending through Mortal Immortality through The Godfather of Light and Sky and flowing through
the heart of fury as fluidity without corruption through The Savior Womb Offering of The Bearer of Lightning to The Companion through
The Intersectional Unification of The Power of Creation as Paradise directed through The Ancient and Native Dark Light.

And so as you can see, you could make any number of manifestations from such a path. It's serious. Understand that every
single moment in time is different, every location, it's all new, every day, to a degree. Hence why using the holon grid and
antipodes is such a wonderous comprehension to learn. Manifestation becomes seriously honed.

And so let's say for example that by this path and definition we sought to manifest : a multidimensional comprehension of
peaceful necessity for our mate who is having trouble with their breathing (they're heart area.) So you could be this specific,
logically, respectively, and carefully. Basically requesting knowledge on how to help your mate breathe better. Easy.

So you create the path, you request the path individually, and LISTEN! If you hear it isn't a good path LISTEN! It's FOR YOU!
Alter the path until it is correct. You will learn to listen. It's Nature. You're Nature. Easy. Just listen. So then you write the path,
and you define the path. And then you define the manifestation. And this is a circle, perfect.

So with the next path, you magnify this last path. So basically, you have created this circle
of Earth by Holon Grid Coordinate and Antipode, and now you are going to flow this circle's
manifestation through your location from the depths of Earth (Intrinity). So this next path is thus :

The Sun (of Libra) through (Saturn, Moon, and Venus (with influences of Crux and Virgo) through Sextans (with influence
of Scorpius' spiraling tail at the edge center of our galaxy), through Sirius (with influence of Aesculapius The Healer), and
ascending through your location, through Orion's Mirror (again, request if it is alright, and if you haven't read The Law of
The Great Jaguar Dragon yet, then it's not alright, this too must be agreed before you may travel the grids I have created,
it's not to be weird, it's just so that respect is continuous in all manner of comprehension and manifestation, alot of energy
goes through the grids I have created, every day, rights are earned by Mother Nature's standards, mine too), through
Pleiades (influenced of the bridge of Pegasus and Cygnus) and through Cassiopeia (influenced of the Arch of Pisces),
and then travel this manifestation within this last manifestation through the solar system, galaxy, universe, multiverses,
multidimensionalities, unconscious, subconscious, conscious, superconscious, the energy of all that is, is not, and is
in between, the infinite infinitesimal source, and through the hwme of Earth right through the beginning of this
particular path's beginning at The Sun, thus creating another circle . . . and so by this path, we comprehend :

The Balance of Light through The Trinity of The Infinite Cycles of The Goddess of Love of The Moon Path of The Woman
through Celestial Navigation of The Center of The Galaxy, through The Great Mother of Loyalty, through The Great Mirror,
and flowing through a bendable fury, (through a hero's heart), The Queen of Reflection (cycling through The Infinite and
back through the Earth through The Sun : one may manifest :

The Balance of Light through an infinite cycle of loving and healing regenerative love energy as balance evolutionarily
progressive throughout every single moon cycle as the release and simultaneous dissolving of that which obstructs the
flow of breathing from the mate, and magnified through the voice of the Great Mother of Loyalty, manifest the
complete destruction deletion and erasure of said obstruction, from her existence, whilst simultaneously
manifesting infinite infinitesimal healing of all necessary areas where that obstruction once corrupted.

So, we have manifest from the first circle : the comprehension of how to allow easy heart breathing of our mate ,
and from this second manifestation we have manifest this comprehension into effect, and created a solution that
is logical, and without any type of detriment, be specific, such that harm is not attained, for we seek not harm.
(remember, create respect and respect is created you, remember.)

So you have created this first path and its manifestation, then the second path and its manifestation,
and they are multiplied of each other simultaneously as you become The PhiMale Vortex (that which
travels the infinite path of all solar systems, galaxies, universes, multiverses, multidimensionalities, the
unconscious, the subconscious, the conscious, the superconscious, the enrgy of all that is, is not and
is in between, the infinite infintiesimal source, the hwme of Earth, and finally through into the 3963
energy sphere (emanating this manifestation) !

. . . but you must read and/or speak this to yourself, somehow, prior to actually traveling all these paths
simultaneously at one time . . . so after you have created these paths and manifestations and written them
out, you read them to yourself, and then you manifest them through a time release, like, if you have something
in particular that you always say to manifest something, tell yourself you will say it twice, once at the beginning,
and once at the end, such that you may magnify this flow, either by simply meditating it, and/or by song, and/or
by dance, and/or by ritual, and/or by ceremony, and/or by becoming a hummingbird and/or becoming an eagle
and/or becoming a dolphin, etc, and so on. The basic premise is to calculate the whole manifestation, then not
have to worry about it anymore, so you can focus on the feeling of euphoria as The PhiMale Vortex cycling the
Infinacy. And the truly miraculous comprehension here is, if you have actually gone through The Illumination
process, you're already an infinite cycle. So add that to these manifestive parameters, and you have like
four or five cycles at once. And you can be creative. Have fun. Do well by each other, never disrespect,
it isn't created to harm each other. Don't harm each other please, you'll just end up hurting yourself.

So once you have traveled your manifestation and have reached a climactic fervor of euphoria,
say your second designated word or phrase to end the manifestation, and then be sure to disconnect
from the initializations of all projections and manifestations, and allow them continuity in and of themselves,
evolutionarily progressive, and allow forth each and every single individual location and yourself at their
normal energetic levels and their normal energetic locations of that which they have purposely allowed
themselves, evolutioanrily progressive . . . and if applicable, integrate, magnify, and regulate whatever
you may have manifest for yourself, respectively, appropriately, evolutionarily progressively.

Once you begin to do this type of meditation, you will notice a HUGE difference in your energies.
Nature will most likely begin to respond to you in obvious ways. Remember, She will, until you
disrespect Her, remember. Respect begets respect.

I cannot stress enough though, to remember to disconnect from all initializations of
manifestations and projections (allowing them continuity in and of themselves evolutionarily
progressive), when you have finished. Seriously. You don't want to get wrapped up in manifestation
after manifestation. Let them go when you're done, and allow everything and everyone involved,
back at their normal energetic level at their normal energetic location, evolutionarily progressive.

It's alot. But it is logical.

Be Well.

The Bigger Picture is An Infinite Meditation.

May Light Be Your Shadow.

Every 7

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pg.53c . pg.53d . pg.54a . pg.54b . pg.54c . pg.54d . pg.55 .
. pg.55c . pg.56 . pg.56b . pg.56c . pg.57 . pg.57b .
. pg.58 . pg.58b . pg.58c . pg.59 . pg.59b .
pg.59c . pg.59d . pg.59e . pg.59f . pg.59g . pg.60a .
pg.60b . pg.60c .
pg.60d . pg.60e . pg.60f . pg.60g .
pg.60h . pg.61a . pg.61b . pg.61c . pg.62 . pg.62a .
pg.62b . pg.62c . pg.62d .

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