. . . for constant parallels of our realities see TIAN every single day . . .

1.4.2015 : i went to the pyramid and i was already inside further, i went to the other side and witnessed, too, even further within, same,
and so i went to the many, saw a kind, smiling man looking up into the sky, very few, if any clouds anywhere . . . walked the path, saw only
three folks, gentle, warm, there was snow everywhere, it was warm, i was snuggled in my attire as well . . . the place i wanted to go was
beyond The 7's, a place i had never been before, not further in this center had i been, and as i ascended the snow without path, i realized
how majestic it all was, surrounded by red rocks ladened with snow, revealing a greater clarity of exact current perspective by their new
faces and shadows and creatures and spirits and so forth, becoming free and expressing sacred value, respectively, and as i sat drinking
my ice tea and so forth for a minute, i noticed behind the brilliance of the sun, right above, was a curve forming . . . a cloud . . . a being . . .
i began taking pictures in order to reveal later what was becoming visible quite acutely . . . this was a being, and this being was extending
what appeared to be an instrument like a didgeridoo, and by the time the cloud had reached the sun it had reached its goal in achievement
as to task and so forth . . . i got to the top of this ridge and realized i had to walk back too, steep, icy, snowy, set my gear down, in order to scope
a spot . . . i went followed the direction of the cloud : walked up : saw the curve ( as well as several parallels as to other powerful locations i had
been prior ), ran back and got my gear . . . set up . . . ceremonial play for a while . . . Eagle begins speaking, I stop, Eagle speaks for a second, then
i would play for a few moments, then Eagle spoke again . . . this went on a few times . . . the reverberation of the space is like a cathedral . . . the
span flows far through the valley . . . the coyotes spoke their cognizance of it on my way back from the direction in which i was playing . . . coyotes
often do this after didgeridoo play . . . and then it was time to dance . . . then it was time to play with the sound a bit with real slow didg twanging,
ascending and descending the frequencies in order to fascilitate a gamut of peaceful patterns to harmonize multidimensionally . . . all for sacred
evolution . . . all for healing . . . all for peaceful coexistence . . . all for understanding the values of how to allow symbiotically with Nature, sacred,
respective, and appropriate fluidity for everyone . . . respectively . . . all apologies, all forgiveness . . . worthiness . . . sacred communication,
allowance of empowerment, any respect, and the really strange value here is how Nature prefaced approach with guidance . . . " here
dear, this way, we know, we welcome, we allow, please, right here, that's the spot today, it would make me feel the best if you scratched
my neck right here, right behind the ear, please me, " and so we do. And this " giving " is reciprocated, She feels good, you feel good . . . and
then She speaks with Eagle ( Thunderbird Spirit ), and Thunderbird says, " Yeah! " . . . and i say, " Oh Yeah!!! " . . . and Thunderbird says, " YEAH!! " . . .
and i say " OOOH YEAHHHH!!! " . . . and Thunderbird says, " now dance! " . . . and so we dance . . . and as i walked down, and the snow became the
blue ( like that ultimate dawn clarity ), i realized it would be dark before i got down if i went back the same way ( it was all snow, many ledges
veiled ), and i saw a deer's fresh prints, and i was quite pleased that deer gave me an easier path down in way less time, and the crevices
were filled with large waves and caves and grottos with awnings of snow pillows . . . and the clouds became like vast parallel of multiple
waves and consciousnesses, all concerned with the heat of the planet . . . this is an important value to understand right now . . .
the supervolcanos . . . speak easy peacefulness my friends, speak easy peacefulness, just speak easy peacefulness . . .

11.5.2014 : The Ridge Parallel : On 11.5.2014, between 845am and 930am I was performing a didgeridoo meditation in the medicine
wheel of my backyard ( in the ways in which I normally perform my meditative ceremonies ) . . . one of the main pointsof the meditation
was to bless the path in which was beginning thatevening @ The Ridge ( Wednesdays : Intuitive Readings 4-6pm, andmeditative journeys
with the didgeridoo 7-8pm ) . . . during thatceremony there was an earthquake @ Thomas Riggs Glacier,Alaska @ The British Columbia border . . .
etymologically defining this location’s quaking message as : The Viewing Parallel of The Consciousness of The Ridge : The Tides of The PhiMale @ T
he Edge of The Tattooed Dove Revival . . . incidentally, I was amplifying a painting ( my second painting ever ) during this meditation ( as seen below ), 
and the quake expressed not only the shapes, but the colors of this paintingwhile simultaneously expressing the etymological value of “ The Ridge. ”


Over the course of the last few years the parallels of what has been
experienced compared to how Mother Nature has reacted has become
staggeringly acute. And so with that in mind, I thought perhaps, instead of
having to go searching for all these places throughout the entire journal
of The Every 7, I would place a few of them here, such that folks can
understand just how far in depth and comprehension causality can
become through the Astrolomy and Illumination processes of
meditation and manifestation.

First of all, back in 2010 : I created The Infinite Meditation. This Infinite
Meditation was created for the purpose of cleansing and clearing
the individual physical ethereal mortal immortal self in order to
prepare for the travels of the Illumination Grid(s.) As such, in this
Infinite Meditation one does travel forth through the greatest
depth center of our own Milky Way Galaxy (The Galactic
Center), and as such, this is where an infinity sign was
created for an infinite cycle comprehension, whereas
an individual is magnifying vast power and creating
their triple helix DNA, ethereally, physically. YEAH!

And so what happened roughly fourteen months later ?

Take a look at the imagery parallel :

. . . we witness in the first image an infinity sign in the location of an infinacy cycling of purification where a massive amount of power is cultivated . . . a year later, NASA posted this :

Infinite Parallel

. . . both are in the center of The Galactic Center of The Milky Way Galaxy . . . and although that, in and of itself is miraculous, could well obviously be
interpreted by skeptics as coincidence and/or even to lesser skeptics, simply visionary reading, but in all truth, it appears we created this with actual manifest energy.

So what are we saying? That by traveling through this meditation over and over and over and over and over and over that eventually there was
an infinite symbol created by this power, force, energy, knowledge, and communication in actual physical space from actual meditative manifestation
from actual physical ethereal mortal immortal journey ? Or are we saying that it was already there . . . Due to the next many parallels, the evidence speaks
for itself, we created this infinity, in space, in the galactic center, by projective meditative manifestation beginning in May of 2010, by July of 2011, there was
an actual physical infinity sign in the galactic center of The Milky Way. No joke. Check the web pages : : : NASA : : : Infinite Meditation .

So what else has occurred ? Well, here's another biggie . . .

At the same time in July of 2011 when this infinity sign was discovered by NASA (over a year after the meditation had been created online)
six volcanic eruptions, one after another, occurred at The Lokon Empung Volcano in Sulawesi, Indonesia. You can see all the specific data
on The Every 7 page HERE for that . . . but the main parallel I want you to witness here is what I read. After calculating all the data for the
imageries of these eruptions I prepared to make a movie for them the same way I had done for all the Japan quakes. I figured it would
make a good movie, but then I noticed that specific celestial bodies that stood out. And so I began mapping them immediately, and
as fast as a normal conversation with a friend did I map it out and create the animation, laughing to myself as I created it in the
theoretical leap that it would parallel the grid Nature had just allowed me to create . . . and then the laughter subsided to
goosebumps as I began witnessing an extremely accurate depiction of a Mayan Idol, yet not simply a man, and yet not
simply a horse, but a Hummingbird, that which Mother Nature just named The Great Hummingbird, that which was
known up til this point in 2011 as The Bigger Picture, and as such was the birth of The Great Hummingbird and
the preface to The Great Jaguar Dragon . . . here is that movie :


And so what was the point one might ask, correct? It did not take me long to find this information. As well though,
how does one get to such information so rapidly? Why is Mother Nature speaking to me? What is this purpose?
And so I kept going, realizing that all knowledge occurs in flow, so I continue to flow. It happened as fast as a
normal friendly conversation would occur. And I was amazed, elated, there was actual, magnified
communication occurring between Mother Nature and myself in a way that was calculable :
SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN : without doubt. Mother Nature said, "THAT'S A HUMMINGBIRD, DAVID!"
And I was like, "oh yeah! It is a hummingbird ! " And so we witness the awesome collaboration of
Mother Earth, Mother Nature, and Self, simply in the reading and calculating of earthquake,
volcano, storm, and Self, the language of The Self, (not just me, any SELF), is the language of
Mother Nature . . . and so She uses all our language to express when we understand that,
hence the Every 7 Communications . . . and when an individual really begins to understand
without a doubt, this individual learns it is simply their own process of comprehension; as it
evolves, so too does the language evolve, as such, you, as an individual, being evolutionarily
progressive, IS EXACTLY HOW you and all of us shall evolve everything. Individually, ourselves.
It isn't selfish when it is sacred and honorable, and all of it is sacred and honorable if as such
this is what you create, then as such Mother Nature gives you more right of Her power, simply
due to logical truth, respect, appropriateness, sacredity, and the like, you give this, you get this.
(so as such, if you give hate, corruption, terror, abuse, pain, suffering, etc, this is what you're going
to get, plain and simply, whilst simultaneously losing your rights of power in manifestation due to a
lack of respect.)

So be mindful dear friends. We're here to help each other. Unified, our world will be invited out there
collectively. Already, individually, is this happening, right now. And I am currently facilitating these
communications between people and their respective influences, out there, right now, whilst
simultaneously teaching people how to become a PhiMale Vortex, and Ascension.

Nature built this my friends, I'm simply "the transmitter" by way of Celestial Alchemy, (with alot of definition.)

The Great Hummingbird

So . . . . . this grid of The Great Hummingbird . . . while comprehending this animation, all this fascinating comprehension
became from it appearing like a Mayan Idol, the whole year long meditative journey with the Tun Uc Calendar to purify
the infinite infinitesimal (all that is, is not, and is inbetween of all unwelcomed, imbalanced, and/or unnecessaries (as
understood by Mother Nature as all the historic manifestations that have been manifest throughout all time, space,
and dimensionality, it's like She created this massive purifier out of celestial locations and said, "alright David, clean
this up!" . . . and so, what, like I am going to tell Mother Nature "no" or something, no frickn' way, I love Her, She is
well with me, and shall be forever) . . . so . . . from the winter of 2011 to the winter of 2012 we did purify THE ALL
in as many ways as one might fathom, and then some, and even in the midst end transition of this : having
moved to Sedona, the implementation of the grid complex of Sedona's Vortices brought forth a very
incredibly serious magnificational ending/beginning/transition to that whole entire flow of power,
force, energy, knowledge and communication . . . to such a degree that not only did we actually
cleanse what needed to be cleansed (ahead of schedule I might add), but as well, we are now
in the process of creating personal ILLUMINATION GRIDS for individuals for the purpose of healing
ourselves, each other, and Mother Nature whilst simultaneously SUPERMAGNIFYING our already
functioning capabilities whilst simultaneously awakening new capabilities evolutionarily progressive.
How, one might ask? By the influences we were born with, already waiting, already ready, and with
the comprehensive knowledge Mother Nature has allowed us, we may evolve our energies to a
degree of clarified integrity : that is well beyond that which a normal human being currently possesses.
And that's exciting! It's seriously fun. We have alot of fun. The visions are the best part. So unique they all are,
so inspiring, so powerful, so much information. The Celestial Spirits out there, they are ready for you, seriously,
they have been waiting for you to wake up your entire life! All this has been an incredible blessing over and
over again, these illumination grids, every single time. It is extremely powerful, I have witnessed individuals
weaknesses shrivel up and die, gone, dissolved, alleviated, erased, destroyed . . . and I have witnessed
these individuals empowered with great courage and fortitude, simply by their own comprehensive
flow with that which they were born with, we merely needed to wake these powers up, and
connect them in a way that is without corruption, evolutionarily progressive, such that the
individual may continue to evolve, without corruption, without corruptive programming,
without detrimental manipulation, all these things we purify out of the individual. These
meditative journeys are becoming further and further acclimated into a flow of
validation time and time again.

Check out what Jan from Australia said,

" It hasn’t even been a week since I left Sedona (!) and yet time
has somehow dissolved as I feel myself expanding into myself.

It is almost impossible for me to express all that has taken place within my soul • somehow
there are no words for this • and yet I feel the need to reach out to you somehow. What I
experienced together with you and through you, was huge, deep and intense, yet subtle
and sweet. It moved me to the core.

The tears that came so unexpectedly were tears of deep healing. I was unable to grasp it
at the time and it still continues to elude me, but through a resonance with your beautiful being
and a remembering of our connection, a safety was created. Within this a miracle occurred •
you were there for me, protecting and honoring • and this transformed and transmuted all the pain . . .

I acknowledge you David on all dimensions and in the eternal now and I hope that one day
in some way, I will be able to return to you even a portion of that which you have gifted to me.

Love and blessings,
Jan "

And this is why we do this. This exact comprehension. The transformation and transmutation of pain
into healing. We cultivate capability, we find the weaknesses that an individual was born with due to
the parameters of our reality when you were born, and we create a balance out of those parameters
into you (sacredly, respectively, appropriately, as guided by Mother Nature), to create an integrity that
has a longevity for the rest of your life, respectively, for you, by your necessity, by your creativity, by your
allowance, sacredly. We build your powers, forces, energies, knowledges, and communications in the
ways you have necessity, in the ways you seek to allow forth, respectively. This is the purpose.

So what else! What other parallels have occurred?

Let's see, for example, around December 27th, 2011, I performed a series of throat singing meditations for an eclipse
preparation, I began practicing throat singing in the bath, singing into my main crystal, whilst simultaneously magnifying
certain locations of Earth and certain Celestial bodies (in a grid formation) for the purpose of harmonizing these locations
into fluid manifestations of specificity (sacred and respective specificity.)

Throat Singing

This throat singing lasted a couple of hours, and was extremely honed in.
Immediately following this throat singing, a 6.6 earthquake struck Tuva, Russia,
where throat singing derives from. No injuries, no deaths, no destruction, just legibility.
Mother Nature saying, " I hear you. "

What else ?

On January 19, 2012 I performed a meditative manifestation with the
image of Sophia that Alex and Allyson Grey created (having maneuvered
the third eye into the OMO eye location. MASSIVE VISION. The result of this
meditative manifestation (as well throat singing) was through various
comprehensions. . . the main point being that Mother Nature, Mother
Earth, having witnessed by my own perception the meditative
manifestational acuity of The Sophia Meditation(s), She did
respond with the locational parallel of The Face on Mars,
and The D & M Pyramid : their locations : on Earth !

And so one might be like, WHAT! But check it out : We did focus
on Sophia with the lovely Allyson Grey channeled language, and
then the result was what ? Yeah :

Cydonia Celebes

You can check out all the findings and writings for that HERE .

And so what have we witnessed? Not only is there legibility, but there is actual
communication, and not only is there communication, there is specific and
immediate reaction occurring due to specific parameters of meditative
manifestation that is being projected by one individual . . . through an

But not only is meditative manifestation being legibly read and communicated,
we have as well found, by experience, with great specificity, that trauma is as
well being legibly read and reacted from :

January 28, 2012 : I was skateboarding down the Embarcadero in San Francisco, CA,
I witnessed several individuals move in sudden sporadic motions in what appeared to
be a choreographed maneuvering alongside particular devices, and so forth, and
found myself suddenly attempting to out maneuver alot of different people who
were walking and so forth, while I was skating, and there was just too many, and
in my avoidance of hitting someone, I maneuvered around them to strike some
unknown tiny little object, halting my skateboard at quite a velocity, and hurtling
myself into the air and into a roll on the ground, having scratched open my
palm in the midst of this roll. I rushed to the ocean to wash it off, cleaned it,
found myself surrounded by what appeared to be the image of the
Houses of The Holy album of Led Zeppelin, took in the surreality of it
all, and skated home (and while skating from the ocean up the
road, this firetruck named "96" drove by.) I then checked the
earthquakes. Yeah :


(it is as well to recognize that most trauma reactions are actually much weaker than
meditative manifestations, logically though, it would seem necessary to point out that
an immense trauma would most likely cause an immense quaking reaction, depending
on the individual's preparedness, by Illumination Grid, and it is as well to point out that
it has been my experience, when there is " a storm of abuse " happening against an
individual, that " storm " actually becomes an actual storm, and these have been
more devistating than anything. So think about THAT fact, haters.)

We have seen this "666" number before as well. It's like Nature's way of saying someone is being
" possessed " (more like manipulated due to lack of self control) to act out in a certain way in order
to perpetrate pain and/or suffering through trauma (even choreographed through several dozens,
even hundreds or thousands of sleeping, oblivious people (think of The Smith speech from The Matrix,
" . . . billions of people . . . oblivious . . ." . We witnessed this recently with the strangling of my throat . . . whereas
I was strangled by another man . . . and an earthquake that happened right after I was strangled . . . revealed
Hercules being strangled . . . at a "666" location . . . it isn't a coincidence!
((( 9.25.2012 N 24.666 . . . W 110.173 )))

Espiritu Espiritu

. . . getting back to the original injury here, this palm injury not only revealed a parallel
from the original trauma, but the parallels continued . . . for example . . . while I was
watching Cloverfield, in parts, over and over for a couple days, my palm was healing,
and then this earthquake happened . . . (which can be checked out here) :

Cloverfield and Healing Parallel

(click on picture for larger image)

As you can see, not only was this a parallel to my palm's healing,
which is kindof weird right? Not even a trauma happening, although
normal everyday meditations were ongoing throughout the infinite
infinitesimal all . . . as well . . . Nature had comprehended what I was
watching ? But why? And so I began diving into the many parallels
of such movies, like this, Cloverfield, Super 8, etc, and so on, and
" Intermission " was created (which goes into a vast learning comprehension
of how to see between perception through parallels, not only of reality, but as
well through any perception, and learning how to find THE PATH through
anything . . . even movies and so forth . . . that there is no limit to
understanding, and it is to know, that there is no end to evolution.

But not only did Nature read this healing, but read again
when I fell in front of St. Mary's Cathedral and reopened
the wound! ( witnessed here . . . down the page a bit . . . )


. . . oh but the parallels don't stop at simply Natural phenomenon, not
by a long shot . . . so I went up above The Golden Gate Bridge one day
in February this last year to perform a meditative manifestation, a rather
large one, musically, magnified through this tunnel between San Francisco
and The Pacific Ocean.

2.17.2012 2.17.2012

. . . I played the music, chanted, magnified, manifest, and about fifteen minutes shy of the end of this manifestation
I did hear a great many doors slamming shut . . . it was early . . . I was alone until then . . . and then as I played on I
heard a great many voices and a great many footsteps, and I continued playing and focused on what I was
doing instead of that which was attempting to interrupt me . . . and I did hear a great many individuals walk
by, what sounded like twenty to forty people . . . who knows . . . two individuals threw dollar bills at my poetry
book, covering the words I was singing . . . and it was extremely disrespectful . . . still did I continue with my
meditative manifestation . . . and about fifteen minutes later, when I had completed this manifestation, I
looked down at my hand . . . and it is to know, when an individual is playing the guitar, their hand does
curve, like a spiral, around the bridge of the guitar . . . so think about that metaphorically . . .


And so we witness the wound from that fall having turned into a heart.
And that heart bleeding out into my center palm creating what appears
to be a female V defined, and not only that, but as well reveals another
heart having formed by the blood that collected in my palm while I played
that entire meditative manifestation . . . and having performed this meditative
manifestation over The Golden Gate Bridge with the inspiring comprehensions
of the metaphoric values of St. Brigid's Church and statues (see the page), it
seemed rather serendipitous that it all occurred in such a way . . .

Incidentally enough, I lifted up my poetry book to find this little critter crawling forth :


And being that there were absolutely no critters anywhere
whatsoever in the entire tunnel at all, it seemed rather fitting
that this little guy showed up just after all those men walked by.

When I walked out of the tunnel, I saw this :


And I realized that Obama was in The City the last couple days.
I wondered if he had just walked by or if it were merely some folks
from the government checkin it all out . . .

I looked out to The City after this meditative manifestation, and :


. . . we we witness a purificational parallel, regardless of
the attempt at interruption, and as well, the parallels of
Nature occurring through any and every facet She has
necessity to comprehend forth knowleddge, in all
perceptive manner of comprehension.

And it does not matter who knows this.
It is to know this knowledge says Mother Nature.
And know it well.

. . . . . song and art creation . . . . .

I created a song called All Our Tempests Fly Away .
I posted this song on my website on Sunday, April 30, 2012
at 10:37 p.m. as read on this page beyond the middle of the
page towards the end . . . this is the image I posted with the song :

All Our Tempests Fly Away

. . . exactly 2 hours and 2 minutes later was there an earthquake
in Coquimbo, Chile . . . in the bay . . . and if one were standing in
this bay where this quake hit and looked back at the land, they
would see this :

. Cross = Cross .

Coquimbo 4.30.2012

So, quite accurately, did Mother Nature comprehend forth this calculated reaction exact. Right? The really trembling
factor though is understanding that during these moments was The White Buffalo (a one in like ten million rarety), of Greenville,
Texas, murdered, and then shortly thereafter its mother, (whereas a month prior its father was struck by lightning!) And although
this was an extremely disrespectful act, shortly thereafter a ceremony was performed by Native Americans for the birth of a
White Buffalo, whereas this White Buffalo would be born three days after this ceremony, and three days after this ceremony
WAS ACTUALLY BORN a White Buffalo (the same one in like ten million rarety.)


So there are extremely powerful parallels happening all over the place (there's an entire galaxy now (grid),
as well, manifesting for the sacred, respective, and appropriate, Ancient and Native powers, forces, energies,
knowledges, and communications due to this murder and birth, why you ask? Mother Nature said, "look here son,
this is the galaxy for the sacred and respective Ancient and Native powers, forces, energies, knowledges, and
communications," and so I was like, "alright," there it was, so I created it.)

And that location actually gave us this whole, strange galactic language shortly
after creating it : (all the main images can be viewed here, and can be read about here .)

(((the movie can be downloaded here .)))

. . . and so then . . . The Sun was like, "hey, ya know that picture you just made,
that one with your eyebrow of fire and so forth? Well, checkitout, we got a
home for you, right here . . . "

(and so i had created this image prior to this solar flare. . . and i was transitioning
from home town to home town with no, yet, destination . . . so Nature said "GO HERE."

And She gave a solar flare that gave a path that I didn't even know I had followed
until I actually got here to Sedona. And then I realized that when one travels down
the 17 from Flagstaff, transmissional frequency sortof disappears, and I had created
this movie before I got here, so I had no idea . . . and then I lived in my current house
for a few before I even realized that Whitehorse is the last road on my street before
the void of residences. . . and so I thought that was rather serendipitous since I had
created this video prior to even knowing where I would be going . . . ( you can
witness this page here .) So we witness legibility prior, even during legibility
without even realizing legibility, simply by flowing with The Illumination Grid .

84 Degrees Solar Flar Whitehorse Aurora

And so we witness parallel after parallel. These only being a few out of hundreds, even thousands of
parallels that have been witnessed over the course of the last few years as Mother Nature has honed
in the processes of communication through our own languages by Her own shaking, quaking, erupting,
storming, flaring, and envisioning Ways, to eventually allow forth the processes of Astrolomy and Illumination .

So finally we come to 12.21.2012. Having followed The Path of purification between the winter of 2011 and 2012,
that being 12.21.2011 to 12.21.2012, we built, with great specificity, an extremely enormous meditative manifestation,
and then allowed forth the basic parameters of this meditative manifestation for the whole world to witness, see, even
perform with, by time, date, focus, goal, and so on . . . and then, alone, with an IMMENSE GRID, performed this four hour
meditative manifestation at Cathedral Rock in the very center of the spiral, of that which I call The Slide Portal, that which
spirals around the enormity of the center of Cathedral and shoots out towards Courthouse Mesa right next to Bell Rock.
That meditation can be read about here ( as well as its results. )

Medita So if one might imagine, this area here, that flat
escalational slide lookin' area to the right of the face, this is approximately 3 feet wide and like 15 feet to 20
feet long or so, if you can imagine an individual sitting here (and having the knowledge as well that a meditation
had occurred between four gentlemen one day prior, whereas this individual performing this 12.21.2012 meditative
manifestation had a vision of a nine headed dragon turn into a ship of light . . . (just a little preface to the meditation,
validatable by those other three men), then performing this meditative manifestation, beginning with sage, throat
singing, then guitar and chanting, pausing for an interlude of infinacy soaring at the top of the portal edge, and
then back to the guitar and singing again, then back again to the portal edge for infinacy cycling, and then
finishing up. . . : and then that individual drives home, cleans the face paint off his face (upper half of face),
gets dressed for work, and drives to work, and less than an hour later, as he is driving, he sees this picture
above Cathedral, exactly where he just was at Cathedral, written in The Sky :


And so we witness not only the face in the sky, quite prominently,
but as well the actual slide, and even what appears to be a lit up ship.
The Dragon, is to the right, having to focus in, quite literally . . .


And so we not only witness a reaction by Mother Nature,
but quite specifically, vision being manifest as seen prior
to its manifestation.


And so what is the point of sharing all this. Astrolomy is functional. The Illumination Process is functional.
Illumination Grids are functional. Everything is functional. We may ponder on the possibilities and the
theories of why and/or how this all came about, whether it be near death experiences, trauma,
or simply born with it, the main fact I want to convey to all of you is this, you may become
Illuminated, this is real, and its happening right now. People are becoming illuminated.
Nature taught this way. I merely listened with my own language and learned as much
as possible throughout this communicational continuity, and simply continued to
evolvingly apply that which I learned, to learn further . . . what the structure of
reality is actually built of, and even the basic flaws and/or integrities of our
own belief systems . . . but what it really comes down to at the moment is :


Each of us, individually . . . and to those whom are sleeping,
She is attempting to awaken by your very own comprehensions.

We have the capability to communicate with Her. I am communicating with Her.

We have built a system of illumination for this process. This process is functional.

And we have created meditative processes such that we may manifest power,
force, energy, knowledge, and communication, evolutionarily progressive.

There is a legible reaction to manifestation. It is
happening. It is quite serious and very powerful.

One may even ponder on the possibility that everything we just did over the last
few years, from the creation of Circinus Bridge, The Bigger Picture, The Great Hummingbird,
and the entire Great Jaguar Dragon, all the way through to the Illumination process by way
of the Astrolomy comprehensive evolutions as guided by Mother Nature : was all simply a
building up to this one moment on 12.21.2012 for a transition, an enormous transition
that HAD to take place, even invisibly to most others . . . such that we may continue
to flow . . .

The Great Jaguar Dragon

And we flow.

Any Sacred Being who seeks to understand these ways,
I am available to help you, respectively. This is what I do.


Be Well.