All these Trees, Divine, that Dream and Quiver through The Wind that blows from in your World, you feel like Sage, this Forest, Stage, and Chorus, Stars that Shadow this
and Midnight tells The Dawn to just glow like he does, She says "GO! " . . . I’m so melting into your lips : stick this one in your : Spiral Cortex shifting worlds that left between
such blinded paths of that which once corrupted these, I can See it so vividly, See that which cast upon these Waves of Passage, not by binding patterns fictioned
nonbipartisan dictation, but this witness share the poles of that which never knew was casting, casting that which once became of, by, and with you, here I come,
between these worlds, between all time, between all space : to Spiral into me your suffering, to never suffer this and shall it be again, my friend, oh, this never ends,
I’ll always be the one to take this pain from you, it’s true, I’m through just playing victim here, I’m taking mine, I’m taking yours, I’m taking theirs, I’m taking all this Щ
and cleaning out this world : within, without, beyond, become : The Light and Dark, yet balanced, ONE, between us all as one, as one is all, yet none, yet one, and
Consciousness is growing Higher, Deeper, still. . .
(tears, shivering, in an overtone of euphoric bliss in a balance of reverse psychology) . . .you have to forgive me,
my friend, The Language speaks to me and I receive it in, but sometimes we need to "be seen" to begin, there are foreign tongues that are searching between.
I’m treading so deeply within, these realms of The Crimson, Celestial Wisdom, I start from within my own end, and as my Ouroboros senses it begins :
What is this substance, all this tendency to relinquish POWER : to control this pattern of : mugged, bugged, and drug through Towers of Babel,
they’re shouting their rabble : to manipulate the hate, this state, of federal rumbling, you know, it’s a mafia crumbling (dis)guised as aliens
tampering for these facts from rats; . . . of cats and dogs turned bats that lasted tracks and pasts, I aint talkin . . .
any little thought one has,
that once perhaps, just once began to waiver from perfected balance, oh my god! They amplify, creating lies one never knew, until
their splinter was engaged to rage this wage, a page in warfare into psychological realms of torture just to realize horror, terror,
dread, it’s read, I’m dead, I’ve died, I’m alive, I’m crying fed with states of resurrection, scars outdated, trust belated,
Love. What’s love? I must create it, The Greys degrade it, (they) build and hate it, witnessed shamed, renamed as
blamed, it never was a game to play, it stated, dated, just to fade it, yet my Temples face it : just to erase it from
our name, I found my fame, it’s underground, it’s always been : it came from Nature, Oh Great MotherWife, my
Child : love that’s always been : how far I’ll go to find your pain, your suffering : will end with me, in me,
alone, atone, the frequency that sheds illusion has become, be One, be Real, be Wise, belong, between
these eyes, our Eyes of One, this Consciousness : become.
You have to remember, my friends, The Truth is
much deeper than this "resurrection" . . . It sleeps, then it wakes, then begins, and its this transformation that
will lead you in. The Consciousness Bridge of The Wind, The Root of The Mother becoming The Eye(high) of The
Temples we seek through The Truth of what’s been, Our Power revitalized : opens The Spirit’s Eye :
. . . in between
my eyes I’m realizing all of you, and yours, and mine, and ours, and theirs, who is this? When did we become a
shadow of our own lives, our individual time, our privacy unwinding? . . . We The Now, and We The Sound, and We
The Light, and We The Darkness, The Jaguar Dragon Rising, We The People, We The PhiMale, We have The Right to Fly :
The Stone, The Sacred Home, The Red, White, and : Black and Blue, I feel for you, I’m here, I’m true, I’ll heal these pains,
these sufferings, these awkward dreams, from Root to Eye, The Temple Sight, The Heart, The Womb, The Mind, The Eye,
The V, our Voice, our Pride, our lives . . . Remember, Truth, it’s always true, it never "fades", it never loses sight of you, and
this holds true : The Interconnectedness of All of Us and this, it’s all in one in all as one and through you too, it’s true, so true.