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From the early 1950's through 1973 existed a United States Government operation called MKUltra . . . this operation
was for the purpose of human research through experimentation in the behavioral engineering of humans through the
CIA's Scientific Intelligence Division. This operation performed tests on unwilling and sometimes unknowing, yet almost
always unwitting citizens, illegally. MKUltra used a number of METHods to manipulate people's mental states and alter
brain functions and reactions, including the surreptitious administration of torture, drugs, chemicals, hypnosis, sensory
deprivation, isolation, and repetitious verbal, sexual, and terroristic abuse, "programming" as well as other various forms
of torture. A pre-cursor of MKUltra was Project Paperclip, recruiting Nazi scientists out of World War II to deprive Russia
of their expertise in the commencing of The Cold War . . . many programs were born out of Project Paperclip such as :
Project CHATTER which performed drug tests on humans and animals focusing on the identification and testing of drugs in
interrogations for the purpose of the recruitment of synthetic and natural agents (drugs) for the purpose of "interrogation,"
Project BLUEBIRD became Project Artichoke became Project MKUltra . . . the purpose : to develop and refine MIND CONTROL
and human behavior for the purpose of espionage, counter-espionage, and the clandestine manipulation of global politics.
Some of the purposes were officially documented as : how to obtain control of the future activities of any given individual,
willing or unwilling, by sleep induction and hypnosis techniques, post hypnotic mind control, etc
. . . in his book : Bluebird,
Dr. Colin A. Ross discusses quite bluntly how behavior modification capabilities were abused by both CIA agents
and top medical professionals . . . During an investigation of the CIA (spurred by the murder of Frank Olson) :
a Watergate triggered : Rockefeller Commission Report (presidential inquiry into illicit domestic activities
by The CIA : Chaired by Frank Church : Congress investigated the CIA’s activities : and proved : that on
record : there were at least 80 institutions contracted by the CIA for mind control experimentation :
44 Colleges or Universities, 15 Research Foundations, 12 Hospitals or clinics, and 3 Penal Institutions
were paid to perform these Mind Control experiments, most records were destroyed . . .
this National Geographic video explains it fairly well :
this is important.

But what does that have to do with today? Everything. Frankly, even Frank Olson's death seems to be
serendipitously paralleled to my own accident on my birthday in 1988 (he fell from the 13th floor of a
building onto his feet and then to the back of his cranium . . . I fell on the 13th onto my feet and then on
to the back of my cranium : I
was born in 1973 on a 13th, the same time MKUltra was (allegedly) ceased to continue
(20 years after Olson's death) . . . his death in late November parallels my injury that birthed into the comprehensions of Illumination
and Earth's Voice of The Every 7 Communications as I was awoke to this after my fall onto the between of my eyes at the bottom
of a pool in 2009 (seemingly awakening The Total Internal Reflection of Absolute Reality) . . .

. . . the parallels of these are eery to say the least,
but that isn't even the point necessarily (although as Nature induced parallels have actually been
witnessed before, if this were a Nature induced parallel, it would seem : my purpose has evolved to something
further (and it probably was) : (and if we're talking holographic induced parallels, then we're probably dealing with the
same abusive "control" type people whom are just attempting to claim reality for corruptive purposes and/or alter reality's
course because they don't like the way it turned out (which is probably simultaneosuly true). . . regardless . . . MY main purpose in
existence is the creativity and practice of healing through meditative manifestation through ritualistic music, dance, trance, and
visualization through the creativities of powerful grids as ascribed by Nature for the explicit purpose of Sacred,
Respective, and Appropriate (SRA) power, force, energy, knowledge, and communication : : : oddly enough, to get to
this point of comprehension I have had to experience much of what these CIA experiments have perpetrated . . . unwillingly.
And although it is not my goal necessarily to get anyone to believe or not believe what I have actually experienced,
it is most assuredly my goal to help those whom have necessity, such as those whom have gone through such
atrocities as these human experiments of mind control; that which still exist to this day, evolving . . .

This song, MKSutra, was created with that in mind.

Quite obviously I am inspired by Woman. There is no question as to that fact. The Woman may very well be
the actual Christ of humanity, perhaps even of all existence, yet, symbiotic is this inspiration to Sacred Creativity.
It is to know, these imageries I have created for these songs, they are what I SEE from these Women's inspirations.
I witness this and create it. I create song and image. It is done with the upmost of Sacredity, Respect, and Appropriateness.
Sometimes the songs evolve further, later . . . it is a continuous path. These women inspire me in a time where psychological abuse
has attempted to fetter inspiration. I do not take this lightly in the least. It is quite heavy at times. There is a severe respect for all Women.

It is, as well, quite obvious, that I have experienced circumstances that are far outside the normal sway of everyday people.
I have experienced circumstances of actual torture, I have experienced circumstances of actual abuse, I have experienced
circumstances of actual Mind Control, each perpetrated versus my individual path in ways that far outnumber the span of most
normal, human capacity. I have documented most of it, and have combated it successfully for a very long time. It is not my goal
necessarily to make anyone believe or not believe I experience or don't experience anything, I am here to heal, regardless of belief.
I know there are others out there, suffering, know this friend, there is a Way, it is possible, don't ever stop creating beautiful power.

This song, MKSutra speaks to it all. The purpose of this song is to inspire, create awareness, and allow the comprehension that there
is someone out there who wants to help you. And I am meditatively manifesting daily for this purpose, sacredly . : When I say I am
consuming all this abuse from us, it is literal, it was inspired during a very intense meditation when I began suffering from what
appeared to be induced by abusive actions . . . I took it . . . and then I decided to take it all, all the suffering, and so that
continues, and it will continue, and with extreme specificity for some shall this always be . . .
all you need even know is
that this purpose exists, that someone is actually fighting for you, all of you whom suffer any kind of abuse, whether it be
sexual, psychological, physical, any type of torture and/or terrorism . . . I want you to understand : this is what I am healing
and/or transmutating The Interconnectedness of All Natures out of and/or through : such that ALL REALITIES are free of
this corruption, including yours, mine, even the CIA's. I look at it this way, I am a steward of The Interconnectedness of
All Natures, She gave me this communication, it doesn't ever end, and so even if I had a choice, I would still choose
to heal Her, for She asks of it from me as She gives me healing, and so The Symbiosis is comprehended and continuous
as a mutual respect . . . obviously we all have a choice, I just don't See it that way, I see it as a responsibility I was given.

And it's intense. I mean, it is a strange reality when all of a sudden,
over the course of many years and experiences, one comprehends their own death and rebirth, and not only that,
witnesses parallels of CIA whistleblowers (from their deathbed) as one witnesses the parallel of their own death
and rebirth from many years ago, same : same, reversed, while simultaneously actually reading The Earth read you
and all that you do and interact with, as reality begins to comprehend actual computer code in the cosmos . . .
it's quite surreal.

Why the play on words?
MKUltra to MKSutra? Reverse Psychology . . . we can all plainly agree that the experimentation on human beings is an atrocity,
and as such, these experiments having a goal of witnessing the actual extent of pain and suffering an individual can sustain, is
to say the least, insane. At the same time though, one must know, these "experiments" continue, and at levels of reality that
have remained hidden for decades, right in front of all of us, evolving, testing on any, and all of us . . . but it is to understand
as well : the suturing of that wound in human consciousness, such that eventually, no human will have to suffer abuse of
any kind. I focus to sew The Sacred, Respective, and Appropriate throughout and/or within and/or beyond
The Interconnectedness of All Natures, and as such, is what I have been doing for several years now,
evolvingly progressive.

Creativity is at its most optimal level through the inspiration of passion . . . in my dealings with
the many atrocities of repetitious psychological and sexual abuses I have been dealt, I have had to become quite vigilant in my creativity
to keep up with the onslaught of psychological terrorism being dealt against me. In doing so, it became quite clear that in order to create
balance out of the Mind Control attempts of repetitious psychological terrorism : one must create something even more powerful . . . and
if we are actually dealing with an organized faction of psychological terrorists that span from the early 50's to now, that's a tall order . . .
. . . con trails anyone?

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