The Tone Experience




Human beings have been roaming this

world in a state of conscious sleeping. Much

like the reality of an individual with an ear infection,

the mind's equilibrium is imbalanced...but in humanity's

diagnosis we do not realize this, for we have become

immune to the reality of an imbalanced psyque.


Therefore, I propose an experience to

awaken these dormant portions of the mind.

Tone is the Harmonic Convergence of sight and sound.


How it Works:




From cosmic rays to radio waves, the electromagnetic

spectrum contains all of the radiation wavelengths

known to humanity. In the electromagnetic spectrum's

center exists the visible spectrum. This visible region of

radiation is known as light. Light is a wave, and is

described in terms of length. Light is measured in

nanometers (1 thousand-millionth of a meter.)-(nm.)

Visible wavelengths range from approximately

400nm-700nm. Wavelengths below 400nm are

considered ultraviolet and above 700nm are

considered infrared. The waves themselves are not colored...

the interpretation of these waves in our eye/brain imaging

system is what produces the sensation of color.




A sound wave is much like a pebble being dropped in a

pool...the effect is a circle of waves rippling out from

where the stone entered the water. The momentum is

transferred from one displaced molecule to the next-

multiplied from the original source of vibration

to the listener. As the rippling radiates outward, it

compresses molecules together, increasing pressure.

Compression continues away from the source

vibration displacing adjacent molecules, and produces a

crest, or peak in the sound wave. When the vibrational

source moves inward it pulls the molecules apart and

thins them- creating what is called rarefraction.

Rarefraction also travels away from the vibe source

similar to compression, except that it decreases pressure

producing a trough. When the vibe completes one

up-and-down motion from compression to rarefraction

it has completed one cycle. The number a vibe completes

in one second is expressed as its frequency. This frequency is

measured in Hertz(Hz.) The Sound Frequency Spectrum

is much like the visible spectrum- only to our audible

sense. A good ear can perceive from 20Hz-20,000Hz.

Frequencies below 20Hz are considered infrasonic...

and above 20,000Hz are considered ultrasonic.


With all this swirling about in your mind...




I propose Tone to humanity as a tool of healing.

By merging the senses of sight and sound...through

parallel frequency perception, I theorize that a

synergistic response will occur within the mind, thereby

unlocking dormant areas of the psyque.




Basically, a being is comfortably placed before a screen

where a color image frequency is displayed that is parallel

to a keynote sound frequency which is eminating from

speakers. The volume and distance are specific to

the room's capacity and dimensions. This process has

no time limitation and actually has a more profound

effect during longer exposure . The theoretical

response is thus: development of what humanity calls

Extra Sensory Perception...though in reality are just

dormant features awaiting their re-awakening.

Specifically, I believe fusing the sense of sight with

the sense of sound through Tone Experience shall

produce a super-enhanced sense in one. Much like

the word tone defines two realities of perception:

Light defines color through our eyes to our mind...

Sound is perceived through our ears to the mind...

= converge in parallel: creating one perceived frequency.




A new sense of awareness in a heightened

development of consciousness.


Philosophical Banter


Just think about it. Most everyone enjoys some sort of

sound. It could be music, or perhaps even just a stream

of water in its subtle flow creating tranquility. It seems

obvious what some patterns of sound and sight cause to

the observer. Although not all people are the same in

their reaction to particular frequencies in reality -

it does seem to create specific patterns

of behavior in massive crowds.


Just take a moment to think about this:


If this way of light and sound can be specifically

focused to create reactions such as calm or excited,

loving or fearful, angry or inflected...why do we not utilize

this way to ultimately unprogram the mind from

the belief structures that hold it imprisoned. The very

thought that the mind has capabilities beyond what we

can imagine should be enough to cause at least some

curiosity within a being's comprehension of what is

real and what is illusion. The further the mind opens,

the closer one may be to understanding infinity...

and that is beyond what most individuals gather as

comprehensible...ever! Though, the mutiverse being

infinitely great and infinitesimal at the same moment

forever concludes the fact that this knowledge does

exist...and being that we are all just vibrational

frequencies birthed from this multiverse, and follow

the same patterns of development in nature as the

entire spiraling would only seem logical

that the existence of this knowledge could somehow

be articulated through the mind. Frequency interpretation

is how this is possible. Just like a guitar string that is out

of tune...if it is slightly out of tune one can comprehend

this by tuning it to another string and listening to the very

slight, off-variable of vibration...and when it is in tune

it is like one tone being audibly understood instead of

two...same+same=1. Play two stereos at once with the

same song at the same velocity=perfect convergence...

slightly varied creates a flange effect, whereas a

natural swirling sound, like a spiral wind is created

and is audible. This is our mind. We have the capability.

See through the veil of fear and really See. Reality is

a much larger place than one may comprehend. Every moment

we learn another factor and the multiverse becomes larger...

(and it continues in growth as do you and I.)


The next time you listen to a song...try to hear it with

your eyes. The next time you're sitting at the river or the

ocean...See it through your listening...merge them back

and forth...and watch as an ancient reality unfolds

in the most honest and sacred observation of this world.

It is so close it becomes You.




David Ivey



sound knowledge: Audio in Media 7th Edition
light knowledge and spectrum knowledge: NASA
Tone: David