Abuse and Torture
4.17.09 9:02pm

...there, does one reach a bitter triumph...
less this greater path, compassion...
fault or right comes forth between these worlds,
my breath it shares your own in speaking...

what was ever given path,
that rights were once released... and caged...
...and dormant.

this talk of great abuse and torture,
this talk is idle...broken...restless.

who now speaks? the prisoner, witness?
or just the jailer, priest or pressman...

belief is structured from our watching.
...and how we learn to watch and listen...
sealed in great belief, this wisdom...
shy the wisdom, nor belief.

manipulation holds their values,
in a grip of great deceit...

for once a being steps beyond the path
of greater light, compassion,
there they enter to existence
exactly what they wish to exit.

once a man or once a woman,
left beneath a shadowed torment,
left to shade in malediction,
answered by this fulmination.

lies are led no further through this,
read the mind, it has been opened...

as has every strike you've caused and
as has every breath you've stolen.

abuse to answer every question...
questions never asked, just taken.
questions never sought through justice.
questions not attained through balance.

abuse to understand the blinding.
it has not been spoken, BEAT HIM!

bruised and torn and scattered, resting,
naked in a pool of lies,
left between the purest seeking,
now consumed... a drop of knowledge.

Rules! There's rules, and rules for rules!
...and we have rules for those as well, and
if we might suspect your lisping words,
well for them, rules as well!
For you are charged with nothing, NOTHING!
Absolutely less than something!
...but we have ways to speak for you,
just watch...as every sense is rattled.

what you thought a word of kindness...
we shall change this word to torture,
shade it every tone disdain, and
laugh upon you, your reaction!


This world exists for no greater purpose than to
thrive existence in great balanced fertility, the
energy of all that is through great balance.

Abuse is not the way to this balance.

In no matter which legend you have read from,
there is an eventual balance. It is that which we
all seek in our eventual existence, whether far
beyond this space, or directly in our heart's center.

Our present day shall define our future.
If this presence is one of abuse,
so shall this future be...
...there is no way around this
cycle until it has been broken.

...broken by the unbreakable energy.

our nation(s) may choose to abuse
because we have not the intelligence
to go beyond abuse into knowledge,
but it shall never lead us to said knowledge.
Instead it shall only riddle a path of deceit
FOR deceit, effecting cause, and causing effect.
...this snake will only eat its own Tale.

Perhaps if we were to raise our level
of awareness above abusive nature...
rise above CAUSING pain and actualize
our purpose in great fortitude, integrity
and respect, we might open our own
Selves to this right!

...we might even find we know.

know what...

everything we need to know right now.

there is terror in the world.
this is not to be answered by abuse.
it is the same snake.

the cycle must be broken to heal.

...broken by the unbreakable energy.

Reality is relative to the individual: always.
Respect along with Individuality will never fail.

Individuality is the natural Ouroboros.
...and in great parallel to each individual Ouroboros
creates the greatest Ouroboros.

That which we create we sow.
That which we seed shall grow.

What is it that we want to evolve here?

Respect to any Self is not pain breaking strength.

...unless of course it was forthright given as such
and respectfully allowed by all parties.

Torture will never justify truth...it will only torture it.

This cycle of torture and abuse must be broken.

...broken by the unbreakable energy.