A New Culture from Within
By: David

"When the cultural myth fails, the new myth
must come from within the individual."
D. Stephenson Bond, Living Myth.

When I read this I thought...
The cultural myth does not always fail.
Often it adapts to another myth, coexisting
into a new form or both, then three, and so on...

The death of one myth has birthed thousands.

Perhaps the new myth should be no myth.
A myth that simply is as it is individual.
A science of spirituality, not scientific,
not spiritual, just real.

We may place our capability and comprehension into
'what has been and is happening,' and drive the knowledge:
as experience, that which is not borrowed.

Individual creativity and energy. The development of the
physical body into great energy naturally. Such that the
body becomes as close as light as possible, merging
more closely our frequencies of light energy.
Light evolves energy.

Darkness challenges this simply by existing
where there is an absence of light...so we
evolve light (knowledge): as darkness, as well.
Whereas, wherever one may be, the energy that is light
and mystery is already the combination of darkness
and light, therefore, it IS prevalent, even so, wherever
one may be.

We are all and same, within me is darkness energy,
and within me I am light energy, there is no OR,
they ARE, therefore within this balance is this ONE
energy, and there is no need for duality.

Though this myth is already beyond what most desire to understand,
it may be the only way through to the balance of all energy,
which is the big myth challenge of the multiverse:

Is the myth balanced?

It seems the only way to have a balanced myth is for it
to not be set, as defined, but set: as 'inherently knowable.'

We all have the right, as existing beings, to know.

What is to know?

That there is a capable balance within each one of us
individually AND WITH EACH OTHER, respectively,
as evolving energy allows.

So what's the big mystery there?


The living myth, or lack thereof, would be the
comprehensive magnification of INDIVIDUALITY
with the entirety of all energy involved.

"So it is personal (individual, unique, subjective), while
at the same time mythic (collective, universal, impersonal.)"
-D. Stephenson Bond

So...what is your myth?