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9.15.09 Graduating next week. Really it's this week, but the end is next week for school.
Of course the learning shall continue. Energy never stops teaching. I Love those whom
I miss. I don't miss you on purpose. On a stranger note, there are just certain individuals
who can really effect your within by doing not one single thing. Parallel friends I suppose.
Energy is silent sometimes, and quite powerful, my friend.

9.22.09 Certain aspects of society are attempting
to coerce reality into submission.

...oh wait...submersion?...know...submission...

Do you not witness this everywhere around the world?

As if reality ever decided to be fluid with coercion. It seems hypocritical to
believe such a rouse. After all, reality is not a place, nor a person. It is not
a feeling, nor a degree of temperament. Reality is not a personality, nor an
anecdote. Reality is the entirety of all perception conceivable to any one
individual, YOU. Though now...we find ourselves surrounded by drones
who have not one single thought of their own; manipulated into a hive mentality.
Watch carefully as this manipulation is attempted each one of you...unless you
are a drone...then disregard this message partially.

Do you not see this?

The Within Love is the only fit for such a circumstance. As such, the projective
qualities of here, within, to beyond self, and further, seem the only sane
proclamation to such an actuality. Respect is the One law. There is no karmic
fruition to pain and suffering caused by mindless zombies who ad infinitum.
Some rules exist that are illogical. I see many beings playing god instead of
being real. There IS a difference...and the former is only the latter by choice
and Knowledge. True sincerity is the quenching of a thousand mile, waterless
journey...and then it's......squelched by infiltrating hosts held in containment
behind glass skies. I hold on to the initial sentiment just to crawl forth to the
next conversation, the next watering hole, the next mirage, the next experience;
attempting philosophy with machines who look like people, transforming the
illusion of what was thought to be sincerity into actual, cleansed, reusable
energy. Water: to oil: back to Water again...creating Water from heat;
Rain from salt; We only ever needed Rain with this Sun.

The soul understands, and the depth of some sighs are far beyond the
reach of any bottom one might create under scorching sentimentality;

...massive..stop..motion..inhale...exhaling for an eternity as the heart
becomes dark and withered, then revives itself again, the beat all
but fades into oblivion as the eyes fill to their capacity the mourning
blades of magnifying Sunlight. The mind reels back into place as the
room surrounding, spirals forth the Moon and fades back from
blinding darkness. I am vibrating. I am contained. I am beyond
containment...and I continue...free...imprisoned...free...imprisoned.
...metaphor...truth...metaphor...Truly, The Path knows further than such.

Now, satisfaction is only: purpose and drive and Love.

...the beginning has come, the beginning has ended,

oh my god is that my bill?

9.29.09 I started so far away. It was merely a
thought, a spark, a trigger in the mind to catalyze
into existence the fertility of creation out of nothing.
I let go of everything almost seven years ago and
began with nothing again. I lived this life from the
beginning again, empty, naked, isolated...Normally
I could say it seemed like no time at all. But not this
time. It had been a long time. Time felt as though it
were adding to each isolated second, another
minute, another hour for every mistake I ever
allowed throughout existence. Time became
a bitter lie to me. Now it only surfaces when
drones direct the manipulation and I happen
to witness them. Yet, fluidity is simply ingrained
now, regardless of boundary, for there is only
respect, so there is no time, except that which
one needs to appoint with others for structured

It is said that The West is the future for each of us.

Perceptive minds will comprehend which way
West might be today. Look to space.

Leap through The Void. I go from within the fertile,
birthing, creation energy and move forward this
energy. Enter The Silence; Our Sacred Space.
Integrate the Knowledge and allow the
personal Truth. Here, The Path becomes.

The Story shall be told, and we will expand
throughout all levels of existence the freedom
of thought, as gifts to ourselves, while feeding
the fire of creation.

The Mystery is honored, why we exist,
our union with the energy of All that Is.

Be free.

10.06.09 I'm painting this cave and
all has gotten darker. The darkness
has many on edge. Remember that
we all are light, and we all are dark.
There is no one or the other. That
would be dualistic. How might one
have balance without both light and dark
to even out their oddities. Sure some are
more one than the other, but there is
always a balanced center between
them, and as one, it is a magnificent
and consistent rush of fluidity.

The Water is flying. It is an everlasting
fluidity: neverending, undying, and continuous...

...a smile has broken the barrier;
a laughter expansion knowledge.

...and then the opposite=
same effect of same barrier.

The shaken have changed the balance.

Change is, as well, now.

It's all purification.

It is said to let go of suspicion now.
Suspicion is separation anxiety.
It is a manipulated illusion.
Know Truth, and unknow
naivety. Knowing is not
belief. It is only always

Light is encompassed...
...steaming Stones of
Sacred Knowledge,
Earth to Sky, 4 ways,
5 lessons.


The barrier has been removed.

10.13.09 History was frozen and
repeated, in judgement, by you,
not you.

Six.6 moments, hours, decades, millennium...

There have been floods. These have already
been, before us. The Mother has grumbled a
great settling of Her Earth, Her Self, through
many lands, and not this one. As the rains
begin we may see further this cleansing
without regard to our numbers or personalities.

What has been set before us seemingly seeps
into reality. What is this complacent ideology?
...as we sit back and watch our world unfold Her
cleansing capabilities, and as our brothers
and sisters fight each other over Her space
and their own judgements; the greater energy
we all strive to achieve is still bound between
our neglect to the basic affluence needed
to exist with Her (and each other.)

Her story is a torrential fire of melting heated
rain from the depths of Her center, and
continues to cycle without judgement
by you, not you.

10.20.09 We are living antennae walking connection.

10.27.09 We are accessing the patterns
through celestial firewater light to nurture
our world.

Respect of sacred space is not
your burden, rather, your right.

We share this path individually self reliant.

The cocoon will open.

11.03.09 The 9 is so often in reality.
And although today is 3, inevitably,
it shall be 9 eventually, or even sooner,
in parallel ; and even may be as such,
at any given moment that allows the
mathematical conclusion of 9,
regardless of time, or concern
for dimensionality.

Just what exactly is it about 9?

Three 3's. If these threes were
equilateral triangles, three
of them, each set at forty
degree angles from their
respective centers, we might
see a nine pointed star, or
perhaps three individual
dimensions set in a functional
perceptibility, naturally built in
to every single, organic, one
of us as (a) Trinity.


a) Individual world, through the
b) Self, and through the entirety of
c) All that Is; allowed from every
individual center, or heart...

you know, where all
that Love comes from?
...yeah, that space.

Each point allows angle.
Every angle allows dimension.
Every center is centralized
between each of these three
triangles and all nine points,
whether collectively or, and,
individually and all active
as such, in perspective
multidimensionality as
your presence.

Why does it matter for your well being?
yes, answer that question. (you have 9 seconds)

Our natural abilities are our greatest medicinal purpose.
Do not overlook your Self, you are a shifting light frequency.
Mother World is conscious, and of you. Enter the silence and
allow your greatest Love.

11.17.09 The Within Heart of All is electric green and thundering medicine.

Nothing is always something from the instant it is spoken.
As well, it is never anything by definition. Yet, Nothing
understood as a Being, is something far more in depth,
as illusions are perceived into reality, as reality.

Furthermore, the perception into the causality
of the Nothing, can take an individual far within
their Self as reflection is projected to the individual,
either through others, or through the individual's
perception of others as understood to be
projections of one's history or future Path,
as lessons, manipulations, or coercions into
action. (not only by people, but as well, by
Nature; not only for corruption, but as well
for the furthering of an individual's Path.)

It is always possible forward.
It is always possible backwards.

Though, as Nothing, it has never existed,
even though as an embodiment of projection,
it amasses itself into reality as something...
something bigger than the individual, until
the individual walks through the reflection,
and realizes the Self without illusion; so that
when one looks at themselves in this Mirror,
it is not they, themselves whom they only see,
but as well, every single individual or energy
that might have been or can be effected,
in every way, by the individual.

Energy is incredibly dynamic. As much drama
as we all witness throughout existence, Energy
is infinitely more complex and can be understood.

This then allows perception into a greater depth of fluidity
with the Within energy, the connectivity with All Energy,
and all time, space and being...potentially...depending
upon the individual's reaction, and comprehension.

...and this is just one way to look at nothing.

Consumption: the act or process of consuming (as in food, drugs, etc)

Enervation: to reduce the mental or moral vigor of;
to lessen the vitality or strength of.

Obviation: to anticipate and prevent (as a situation) or make
unnecessary (as an action).

Consummation: the ultimate end.

Ubiquitous: existing or being everywhere at the same time.

11.24.09 There is no betrayal in the trust of fluidity from within.

Where did we come from.

How can we know.


There are undeniable parallels between dark matter,
bacterium, cell division, light frequency fluctuation,
space, and projection.

What one does, allows what another is, or has accomplished
already, regardless of the scope in which the individual Sees
from. Time is seemingly transparent in its projection of knowledge
throughout our alleged 'time,' whereas the fluidity of an individual's
perceptual intuition surpasses time as a barrier, and links what may
be fluid, together, unlocking the surprising flow of energy knowledge
from within the original fluidity, to be unlocked itself, and continuous.
It is the unfolding of Nature in the unlocking of perception allowing
the fluidity of knowledge as it all streams in unison.

More on that here.

12.1.09 Whomever you are have a mind.

Your house of thought, your temples mind,
your sanctuary, your peaceful dwelling,
your central brain; that which allows you
individualization from all other beings;
that which allows you a collective insight
into the entirety of All that Is; that which
creates freedom, strength, purpose
and fluidity...is only the housing of your being.

You are made of Mystery. From within your
central essence, each one of us, is housed
within a protective layer of humanity. Each one
of our beings, almost completely submerged in
water; we are the fluidity channel, each one of us.
We begin in water, we exist in water, we speak
through water; when these temples, our bodies,
cease to allow life through their functionalities,
they dry up and crumble without this world of water.
...much like a planet. Mystery Earth Water. The healing
of all beings, or the demise of all beings; the cleansing
of all things fluid...or not. We exist, regardless of our
thoughts; we cease existence, as well, regardless of
our thoughts...if it is to be.

Our shield, this body, our world, your individual world,
your individual space, your individual universe, your
individual perception into the light or dark of all existence,
is your Path; it is your exacting parallel into fruition, the
fluidity of All that Is collectively, individually. You never
weren't who you've always been. The Love you build
from within, rebuilds your Truth into Mystery Energy.
(without need for dualistic propagation)

Your within is everywhere as much so as infinite or
infinitesimal space is always free, and this energy
never ends.

The sky is all wound up in several spaces;
like fire and lightning bridged together in
a boxed up storm of several birthing galaxies
unfolding out of our within, beyond us,
inside us all, each of our individual worlds,
our one world, our several worlds, one storm
of healing between them all.

...and it is our individual nature that is reflecting...
while simultaneously, Nature reflects all of us,
as do we, Nature.

Being fluid with this perception, an alignment
with the fluidity of all energy, of all being, of
all worlds, and natures, and spaces, with
the Energy of All that is, from your individual
world, from within your being, throughout your
entire being's fluidity, allows love back to each
one of us all...of us, all.

With this, we let go, and we all release us.
Regardless of who understands not your fluidity,
your fluidity is.

12.8.09 Trust not in fear, nor fear creators.

a song created today for trust.

What is trust. It is your heart's rhythm.
Trust that your harmonization is with
the Natural fluidity of All that Is.

What is trust. Waking with the knowledge
that this world, this Earth, will still be
vibrating at a frequency sustainable
to us creature dwellers. A trust we
all feel is shaken these days.

Trust? You call it faith? Is it not
a virtue that ceases existence upon
all our fluidities when our beliefs
become reality? So what then belief,
if not trust.

What is trust?


What isn't trust?

Is not.

It is belief...trust. Belief simply Is, and without
measurable disbelief; the very essence
of belief in all clarity and total allowance
of what...actually...Is.

Synchronizing belief and trust, and you
will find they do not differ; and this, perhaps,
may wane your faith from an obstinate purpose.

What is trust. Consistency. There is a natural rhythm
consistent with the fluidity of our world. When this
natural rhythm is consistently corrupted by
imbalancing individuals, it does not allow the
fluidity to everyone...not just to one individual.
When purpose is not from a focused balance,
the outcome will always disallow balance.
Rest with the Moon.

What is trust? It is the sacred fire. It is the warmth
you create within the most isolated moment of
individual solitude. Trust that you are worthy
of this warmth. This warmth connects you to
every sacred fluidity everywhere...not the isolation...
...it is the warmth, despite the solitude.

Believe me, it will get cold.

12.15.09 Balance is a necessity.

a song created today for balanced necessity.

Sky calls love, as an elaborate dance of fertility
proclaims the rain, drying between this thundering
winter's foreshadowing fluidity, our being; replenished
soundly our expended nature. Our strength is compassion
intertwining these lightning guardians of growth and change.

I ask of you, what is necessary?
Real, is necessary. Nothing more,
nothing less. Real.

I ask of you, what is balance?
Perhaps we might ask ourselves what
we know of balance, what has existed
as balance, and what we have allowed
as balance.

...then ask who is causing the imbalancing ways.

So then, what really might be a balanced necessity,
this existence, our collective path, and our individual paths?

Again, Real.

This reality, the one so few bear witness to, has such
little depth when viewed from a bay of ignorance.
Know that this ignorance is only mere moments from
an entire Ocean...and that this massive depth
of fluidity only holds what we have yet to see
into the entirety of All that Is...from within...and
manifesting now...continuously as loving and
healing regenerative Love energy as balance
and necessity.

...that which you have from within, without question,
is balanced necessity, you heal with love, our being.

Understand this into the energy of all that is from within.
...this love; focus as your loving heart, your entire being,
throughout the infinite, from infinitesimally within through
All that Is.

There is no end. It only begins.

=Within is Without is Within=

12.22.09 ...as in space and so on Earth.

The restoration of one from three comes upon us through many visions.
We watch now as it all unfolds before us; our world, space, and in
between them, our Selves.

Obvious symptoms of our world reflecting space...
(as though this were not already, it is now, and
incredibly witnessed.)

Three fires burn in triangulation from
within this world while three lights
shine in the same parallel formation in space.
A triangulation of Earth's volcanic healing is
magnifying through the Triangulum Australe
from the Ring of Fire; Kalauea, Mata, and Mayon.

It seems almost too real to even be surreal,
let alone real, or even imaginable...yet, it Is,
right now, fluid...ignited from Mother Earth,
and the Triangulum Australe, and perhaps
right through us all.

It feels as though the Universe is opening
through ourselves...a sight between space and
self...like a magnifying lens into our selves, the
comprehension that we are within as we are
without, All that Is. This opening perhaps being
many parallels, not just this one, into the natural
occurrences we already see, magnified into
a greater understanding of our individual
being, as imparted on that which is greater
than ourselves, yet apart to our existence as
much as our own heart and energies. Closer
to one another than ever did we know.

Is there much difference? ...the Space out there,
or the space within our being? Distance is only measured
by our comprehensive nature. Magnification may travel
instantaneous through it all...or build up for millenniums,
awaiting one single defining catalyst moment to impose
great healing upon those who have a necessity to allow
freedom, our being, all.

But really, what's so strange about three volcanoes erupting
around the same time inside a circle of volcanoes while the
stars in the universe exact the triangulation into a reflective
inflection of self and creation? A natural circle of our world
triangulating in exacting perameters as definitively and
naturally paralleled from roughly 300 light years away.

Who knows if anyone might comprehend what actually happens
between them all...between all of us...who needs to know,
right? It's only energy magnified into reality from one side
of the universe to another...communication in it's purest form
between worlds right before our eyes, happening, right now.
It would only take an open fluidity from within our being to
understand what it means to each one of us individually.

Each one of us is 1 out of 3 out of 9...as is this fluid and gracious
allowance we see between us.

Pure Energy.

It's a good time to be love.

12.30.09 ...as in Earth and so in Space.

Infinite is this particular path;
through these triangulations,
these symbols in the sky,
beneath our eyes, this
Earth requests our sight.
Through your nine shining
energies. Each world
is an infinite set of the
next. Lay down in evolving
water, take it all in, let go of
all separation, See into your
Self the freedom through this
world as regenerative energy.
Separate from what is not, and
become what is. Push it not and
let it come slowly. This particular
energy intensity is calm and will
strain your being if you push too
hard. Stretch this into the infinite
that already is and allow your Self
an infinite fluidity with this energy.

If you are asking what energy,
it is your own, it is everyone's who
is real...it is that love feeling from
your within that you can create by
simply comprehending. Magnify that
from within you now. Your entire being
submerged in steaming water, as love;
See this world as such: Calming Love.
Then see this magnifying beyond this
world, as you are centered, and grounded,
See what is, know what is not. Allow what is
needed, be free in you as you allow freedom
beyond you to all that is. There is no limit,
it's infinite.

Understand this energy as it is allowed your understanding.

It is a good time to do as such.

The song has yet to end.

1.5.2010 There is dream. There is vision. There is reality.

1.12.2010 The Triangulum Australe exists near the Andromeda galaxy.

Triangulum Australe
(this is what is within Triangulum Australe)

The West Mata Volcano exists near Samoa, The Mayon Volcano
is in the Phillipines, and the Kilauea Volcano is in Hawai'i.

The West Mata Volcano erupted over four thousand feet below
the ocean's surface. Footage of this eruption was captured back
in May 2009 and released in December of 2009. This sparked
my interest in this volcano, and triggered an interest in other
erupting volcanoes I came across while attempting to gather
information on the West Mata Volcano.

The Mayon Volcano and the Kilauea Volcano were both erupting at
this time. So I mapped their locations and found their eruptions to be
in a triangulation in the Pacific Ring of Fire.

Triangulation Parallel

I was very intrigued. So I began searching for the center of this triangulation.
The center was The Marshall Islands. So I looked up what the night sky appeared
to be that evening. From Majuro, in dead center of the sky was The Triangulum

Triangulum and Circinus

Triangulum Map

Intrigue turned to inspiration.

The parameters of the volcanic triangulation and the Triangulum Australe
were almost identically mirrored.

I was very inspired at this point, and there was no turning back.

I began creating Triangulum. For two weeks I meditated on these actualities.
I recorded all that was allowed my fluidity in a journal. I as well created imagery
and music along with these meditations to further allow comprehension in ways
that may be more lucrative into the insight of energy, then merely observing.

The music and imagery can be viewed here:

Triangulum Webpage

Then something even more intriguing occurred.

I had held on to this meditative journey for the entire time I was creating,
and held on as long as I could...and then Saturday, Jan 2. I decided I
would no longer hold on to this particular leg of the journey any further,
and let go.

On January 2, 2010, Costa Rica's Turrialba Volcano began erupting as
The Mayon Volcano began calming...and these two volcanoes are almost
exactly parallel to each other above the equator on opposite sides of the
Pacific Ocean, in The Ring of Fire.

The Four Volcanoes

I thought...oh my...

Five days later there was an earthquake near San Jose, CA. (4.1)
(this is the fourth of the series of volcanoes, and as well, The Turrialba
Volcano is next to San Jose, Costa Rica)

This is not only getting intriguing, but very strange, yes?
How might a planet or a constellation know names of cities and such
in order to create such an unlikely, yet undeniable parallel?

I then recognized the triangulation that is created in the center of
all four of these volcanic eruptions...a near neighbor to the Triangulum Australe,
it is Circinus (the compasses.)

Triangulum and Circinus

I looked up what the night sky appeared as above San Jose, Costa Rica
that night...just above, parallel to the galactic plane (remember the two
volcanoes were parallel just above the equator)...it was Circinus.

Now it's just getting incredibly allowing, isn't it. San Jose, Costa Rica,
San Jose, CA...pretty close neighbors if looked at from Space's
point of view...yes?

The meditations then continued...bridging one from another.

(small parallel...4.1 earthquake...4 degrees from galactic plane...equator...)

The Triangulum Australe and Circinus are parallel, as well, to each other.

It seemed only fitting this was a bridging mentality, yes? To where...

I thought it only logical, since this was seemingly mirroring space,
to see what the diagram would look like in space, this four.

So...from Earth, let's say, same timing...Triangulum Australe, Circinus,
then where does it travel towards that might be a trigger...

The Four B

The line goes right through Orion (and is an upside down man from this perspective
throwing a whole other intriguing reflective quality to it all.)

...but where does it go?

It goes right to the center of The Winter Triangle...Sirius, Betelgeuse, and Procyon.
(Sirius just happens to be perfectly aligned...it appears.)

...then something had I missed?

I noticed that ANOTHER volcano had erupted on 1.2.10, just over the Panama,
(another interesting, linking parallel) Colombia's Galeras...seemingly
mirroring the connecting point of the first three eruptions.

Then I noticed I had missed yet another eruption, only this one outside of
the Ring of Fire, in the heart of Africa, The Nyamulagira Volcano.

The Nyamulagira Volcano is right on the equator. When these three volcanoes,
Costa Rica's Turrialba, Colombia's Galeras, and Africa's Nyamulagira are
connected, they form what?

Galeras and Nyamuragira


This is after the fact that we have already recognized this into effect.

So now, interest has gone way beyond normalcy.

It appears to be a mirror of the already recognized mapping of Circinus
from the original four volcanoes.

So here we are...three weeks later, still meditating, and still configuring,
and building a bridge between Triangulum, the song and imagery, to
Circinus, through Orion, to The Winter Triangle.

Then on Saturday Jan. 9, 2010 there was a 6.5 magnitude earthquake
off the coast of Northern California.

If one draws a line in the direction of the lines formed from these
connections, they build a triangle that appears to be a mirrored
reflection of The Triangulum Australe...and creates an angle right
where the earthquake struck.

Earthquake angle

During these meditations, I attempt to understand through these
energies, their giving knowledge. It is plainly obvious this is no
accident, very well not hidden, and most assuredly projective in
some form of language, be it only diagram if that is what it takes
for us all to understand.

From these images and my own creative parallel I have concluded
that this is a bridging of information.....and a meditative journey for us all.

We begin from our individual world, wherever that might be.

We then understand the triangulation figure into our knowledge.
The Triangulum...

This might be as simple as knowing what is above, is as below, as well as present.
The Earth and Space say this quite clearly.

...that You are your Self, You are the World, and You are All That Is.
(and of course this could be explained from any location in all time, space,
and dimensionality, that we exist as a symbiosis with ALL as one IS.)

This venture then takes us to Circinus. The Circinus Galaxy is believed
to be home of a Supermassive Black hole. As such, the imagery given
by Hubble shows that there is an obvious spiral into this center, colored
orange, and an obvious spiral out of this center, colored purple. We might
speculate, this is the roller coaster...

Circinus Galaxy
(Hubble NASA)

The Black Hole being "supermassive" might serve as a super charging
'In Between Catapult,' bridging through The Triangulum Australe, then bridging
through what appears to be the upside down man Orion...but he is not upside
down, right...only in perspective, correct?

This is where Africa comes in. Ya see, Africa is the original home, the original
Earth land space, right? We were all one land in the beginning of land on this
world...we called it Pangaea, seven continents as one, and Africa was the heart
of this land formation...so it seems appropriate, that, that is what is being said by space,
and Earth for that matter...yes? yes.


So it appeared to me to be logical that Orion, appearing as the upside down man
who is not upside down (depending on where you are in the world as well)...the hunter
who is not a hunter...the man who is a man and is not a man...upside down man is a woman...
or perhaps it is a representation in reflective inspiration, every being who is capable to
understand...Orion is to represent the original energy. So we might say, Pangaea, Earth
is this world's original energy as far as our existence is allowed above water, yeah?
(it goes without mentioning, but i am speculative, that Orion might be an original
energy as well, being that this is all parallel, yeah? so whose heart is Orion's...hmmm?)

Orion upside down

(we might speculate as well, water is represented by space...floating anyone?
...so where Earth's original Energy of Land is to the reflection of Space, there
might be a third reflection BACK to the water, The Ocean, our bodies...within...without.)

So then what am I saying about this...if we were in a meditative journey,
surging through space from Circinus through The Triangulum Australe,
and through Orion, what is it? What exactly are we bridging in to...

Think of Orion as your reflection. All that you are: every secret, every known fact,
every emotion, every desire, everything without illusion, without delusion,
the real you, inside and out, everything you know, AND everything you have yet
to know of who you have been to others, who you may have been before you
were here in this body and where, AS WELL, it is a collective mirror, it is not
only individual...think of it as a three way mirror...you as yourself physical,
you as your Self ENERGY, and you as yourSelf All That Is and the insight
therewithin of all actualities...fluid...and allowed...and ready for you to
know...when you're ready. Everything about this world, about space,
each other, everything we don't even know there is to know.
...all accessible...

(you're saying...me, as All That Is?! Yeah...as far as we know, your heart is the
heart of the entirety of All That Is...just like his, and hers, and hers, and hers,
and his...ad infinitum.)

It's all in this perspective parallel being allowed us from Earth and Space and
whomever else is involved.

Your heart, the heart of this world, the heart of this galaxy, the heart of the
universe, all interchangeable in knowledge as symbiotic beings of energy.

Where there is comprehension, so may be comprehended.

So where were we...

ah yes...bridging through our infinite Selves
INTO our Infinite Selves, right through the
upside down man who is not really upside
down, or we might even say right through
WOMAN, being a man who is actually not
man is a woman, plainly, we are saying here,
THE BEING that you all are...or simply, Orion...
to The Winter Triangle.

(it is a bit cold, yeah? Winter parallel? Hot water warms it up!)

Now during my first meditation on this extravagant roller coaster,
it was all fluid until I reached The Winter Triangle. I got there and I
didn't see anything. Literally saw not a thing. I concentrated and
allowed and it just was not allowing my perceptibility.

So I changed my temperature.

The Winter Triangle

It was like turning cold to warm, or warm to cold, or dry to wet, or wet to dry,
it had something to do with the initial entrance into effect that was needed
for the FULL, opening effect...like a change of the extremes...but not a duality...
a balance of extremes...knowing how to be cold, warm. Knowing how to be
warm, cold, but always...ALWAYS lovingly and with respect, as respect.

So as such, it was...and I did then See.

It seems this destination is into a location. It is Like a powerful charging space
of individual energy into a greater fluidity of energy. Like the heart of the galaxy
is magnifying into this space, itSelf, an extremely allowing, loving and healing progression.
It is a vast depth into the Self, like space, infinitely expanding...or inpanding...
well, both, right?

One reflects the other, or the other way around,
so shall it be, as well from within, as without.

I do not want to tell you exactly what I saw or
what happens or doesn't happen in that space.

That is for you to See for your Self...as many times as you wish.

Remember to come back the way ya went.

(and the song continues building Now)

btw, here is an image of what one might travel through Orion:

Flame Vista
(The European Southern Observatory)

(and here is the latest map of everything, new quake, new volcano)


1.19.2010 As you can see from the map of all the latest
quakes and volcanoes, it does appear to reveal an
intricate reflection of space...as well...did everyone
check out the Ring of Fire Annular Eclipse not to be
seen for another thousand years? That is shown here
in the light black...seemingly connecting circle,
the bridge, the entire world.


(incidentally, this Annular Eclipse is the 23rd in a cycle
of eclipses called Saros 141...and with that we may go
very far in depth as well.)

The quick comprehension of all this is such...

Mayon, Kilauea, and West Mata shown the Triangulum Australe.

(The Triangulum Galaxy, The Andromeda Galaxy, and ours,
The Milky Way Galaxy are three individual spiral galaxies, together.)

From Mayon, did Galeras and Turrialba show us Circinus.
As such, Galeras, Turrialba, and Soufriere Hills shown the
'within' of Triangulum, two galaxies whom are combining
their energies and whisping forth their arcs next to a very
bright star. (galeras and turrialba paralleled with two galaxies
due to their frequent interconnectivity with the other volcanoes.)

From their we join Nyamuragira with Turrilba and Galeras.
Here, again, we have created, or witnessed another Circinus
conjunction, seemingly projecting forth this mirror image,
and seemingly creating a bridge from end to end.

The earthquakes that I have added over on the
western portion of the map DO appear to be forming
a reflection of Orion.

The other major quakes seem to form 3 pyramids,
like a triple terminated crystal or pyramidal star.

See here for example...

(that example shows three
triangulations @ 40 degrees
of each other...btw)

One up, one down, one in,
one might theorize.

So what does it all mean, yeah?

I have meditated alot on this.

I am currently at the beginning of the sixth minute of the
last part of Triangulum, the song, part II, Circinus Bridge.

In the song, I express through music, frequency, rhythm
and recycled samples, loops, and sound effects, this
bridging process from beginning to infinite.

This all appeared to me as a map making itself, I only
followed it because it triggered inside me to do as such.

Many parallel occurrences happened in my own life right along
with this allowance and projective comprehension that seemed
to just fit like puzzle pieces...i gather many of you have as well
had parallels in some way, with all of this.

What I have concluded is that an individual, such as your Self,
may understand through this bridge if you so wish it to be.

The steps to accomplishing this are simply learning the
comprehension of the Trinities energies. The threes are
everywhere. It is to understand for example, if one
meditates, they ground themselves, yes? You ground
to Earth, from yourself, as you travel beyond you = 3

(one might theorize we are always three with this world,
gravity grounds us here physically, and we are ourselves
naturally individual as well, and we are sourced by the
energy of ALL ...like a world is alive because of water and sun=3)

So this actuality may be applied in a zillion different
ways possible to any connectivity our threeness.

The interconnectivity from what we dualistically AND
logically understand as is below, is above, and is within.

Source, Individual, Source.

Namely Space, your individual world, and Earth. If one sought to magnify
their energy, this bridge. You might want to find your Source Energy of All,
yes? Where all that passion and drive and inspiration get triggered
into action through yourSelf, your vessel, all that love and spontaneity...

I am not saying what this source is to you, that is for you to know from within,
that's where it allows you, as well as from without. Just like Earth and Space
have shown us this map; Earth is within Space, and apart of ALL space,
and as such so we may be the third counterpart illuminating THIS Trinity
in the same manner.

It might be wise to understand though, everything is at some sort of level
that ALL abides through and has access to and through and beyond, etc.
...as do each one of us, we are fluid rivers within the ocean of ALL.
(Nature expresses this symbiotic 3 all over everything)

So once you, individually, can understand how to magnify honestly,
loving and healing regenerative energy, as respectful balance, this
becomes very fluid. To understand that to receive, you give, and it is
a cycling of loving and healing regenerative energy as balance, always,

It goes very far in depth within...and we could write
many pages on the last few paragraphs alone, and
this is for you to discover.

Circinus Bridge...

One might seek to travel on, within, and through this bridge...

Respect is the main key.

You know whether or not you have respect.

So respectfully, breathe easy, free all imbalance, cleanse all
uneasy feelings or discomforts...sit in a comfortable space,
perhaps very warm water.

...and follow the map Earth and Space have given us.

One learns through the Triangulum, the 'three being'
of the trinity...as such one travels to this space escalated
from this world to The Triangulum Australe, projectively.

In the center of this Pinwheel Galaxy, take the whisping
arcing, combining galaxies' trailway, with the brightness
of this starlight illuminating the path to Circinus (the compasses.)

Here in the Circinus Galaxy take a spiral journey to the very
edge of the supermassive black hole...do not go through...instead
reach forth the second spiraling escalation, having gained some
serious momentum, airborne!

...you're soaring through space, right through The Pinwheel Triangulum,
all the way across to Orion.

Here it is an allowance of reflectivity in all directions, your test, of your Self.
The upside down man who is not really upside down.

If you can get through your own reflection...imagine every cleansing
capability possible, your being, forgiveness, recognize and let go of all
fear, shame, guilt, and face your Self naked in the Truth of ALL...
this may take a moment, or this may take a lifetime.

Bridge forth now to The Winter Triangle.

Within the Winter Triangle, enter the center of this space,
Monoceros, and within further, The Rosette Nebula.

The heart of the unicorn.

Think of this as a pyramid protecting heart of energy, The Purest Love.

(we might even speculate that a unicorn's
horn is simply a reflection of Circinus, yes?)

The map now clearly shows some sort of pyramidal
situation seemingly flowing into the depths of Earth.

As such, it seems, as we have created a parallel, so as such
we might create this parallel the World, or perhaps even our
individual Selves.

For as Space recognizes that it is a reflective actuality of Earth,
so then perhaps we will recognize that we are in fact a reflective
quality of Earth...and as such our individual existences with each other,
and as such with Space...and so on, and so on , and so on...until we
realize that we are each other...all of us, AND individual, not just people,
yet, all of consciousness, unconsciousness, and all that is in between
or beyond, and so on...not just mammals, all frequencies everywhere.

As such we can recognize the fluidity of energy our being as Real,
not just as simply existing, but as a part of something magnifiably
justified through every day examples, such as The Earth reflecting
Space over a period of 28 days, THIS!

Your heart is the heart of the world is the heart of the galaxy is
the heart of the universe is the heart of the multiverse, is the
heart of ALL THAT IS, or IS NOT, or IS IN BETWEEN.


Think of your heart, or ALL HEART, as Love, that feeling.
Understand that feeling when it happens, know how it occurs,
and now bring it out a little more, and then more, and then more,
and keep magnifying this energy with clarity and focus in
specific actualized events and fluidities.

I do not speculate that this TRUTH was given to us all without
purpose. And obviously, it was given to us all: hi world, space map!

The most vulnerable points given, reveal the most sensitive: the
earthquake points, Orion, the upside down man who is not upside
down and the triple terminated pyramidal structure in red, are for
us all to understand that the most sensitive TO the energy of ALL, is
our own reflectivity...as such, the world as well. The heart of this world,
parallel to you and The Rosette Nebula, of Monoceros, and the
necessity to heal ourSelves for each other.

One 3 of many parallels.

One could write a thousand poems...or a good many
elaborate stories, yes?


1.22.2010 updated...

This is 31 days of Earth and Space showing
each other themselves, one another, all
triggered by the release of the deepest
volcanic footage, four thousand feet below
sea level; that being The West Mata, on
Dec. 17, 2009.

If space and world can
be so Real, so may we.

What was added since the last map...


Planchon-Peteroa Volcano and The Drake Passage earthquake.
The volcano began erupting on January 13th, the first time
since 1998.

The Drake Passage quake, 6.3, hit 13 miles below the ocean.
(incidentally, the 13th earthquake in this series)

(3 thirteens.)

Planchon-Peteroa was the missing link to the entire grid.
From a space map point of view, this volcano represents
The Rosette Nebula...where Nyamuragira represents Monoceros.

(notice how the center of the map looks like a compass)

Going through the parallel:

Planchon-Peteroa: The Rosette Nebula.
Nyamuragira: Monoceros.
Turrialba, Galeras, and Nyamuragira: Circinus exit (spiral out).
Turrialba, Galeras, and Soufriere Hills: The two combining galaxies and
the illuminating star of the depths of The Triangulum Galaxy.
Turrialba, Galeras, Mayon: Circinus enter (spiral in.)
West Mata, Mayon, Kilauea: The Triangulum Australe.
Mayon, Nyamuragira, Planchon-Peteroa: The Winter Triangle.
...and the quakes between Australia and Asia mapping Orion.

AND don't forget the Ring of Fire Annular Eclipse, the 23rd
in the series of Saros141.

It is now a seven pointed star...these quakes.
It is now eight volcanoes.
It is now thirteen earthquaked areas. (7 gridded, 6 showing Orion)

(notice how the volcanic triangle and the first four major quakes mapped
appear to be laying dimensionally on the map, like two superimposed
triangles, one might theorize one is going down and one is going up...
one might also theorize this represents female and male,
the chalice and the blade.)

The earthquake grid now makes a Heptagram, a seven pointed star.
(this of course has MANY meanings.)

Intensity level.............escalated.

34th day of focus 1.21.2010...

The meditative bridge is now thus:

Centered and focused and at ease, one
travels up the triangulation to Triangulum Australe.
(mayon, kilauea, west mata)

(remember it is to understand the Trinities energies in order to
allow and magnify focus and projection...more in depth on that soon)

Here, within this galaxy's depths exists two spiraling
galaxies: one spiraling forth, one spiraling back like a
six and a nine: due to their combining energies. There
is a star shining there to illuminate this path.
(galeras, turrialba, soufriere hills)

Take the forward galaxy escalation to Circinus.

At Circinus enter the Circinus galaxy's supermassive
black hole.(turrialba, galeras, nyamuragira)

Ride this spiral (orange) to its greatest depth, and having gained
this light speed momentum, catch the other spiraling energy
(purple) up and out of the supermassive black hole...

...and soar through Triangulum Australe's center, shone
by the magnified star, the galaxy escalation back towards Orion.
(this depth can be understood as west mata depth...deep, whereas
focus and clarity have at this point gone far within, without.)

Here you enter Orion. In order to pass through Orion, you
will face your Self in all aspects of existence. Shedding all
illusion, delusion, and pain or suffering ever caused self or
another. This may be accomplished in obvious ways...and
one must never harm another to alleviate or progress this
self preservation and illumination. In other words, don't
cause more harm than what you seek to heal. It is
basically to heal one's being into a purification of
energy, as well as ease the energy of the individuals
whom you may have caused pain or suffering.

Once through Orion, you have entered into The Light and Dark
Energy combined as one, your being. This is due to RESPECT.
It is not so without respect (represented by the ring of fire annular
eclipse (light and dark.) On the map, the eclipse of light and dark
travel the rest of the way, bridging the entire world, connecting
with Circinus' supermassive black hole (nyamuragira, turrialba, galeras),
or encircling the bridge, causing infinite clarity of fluidity(see map.)

It may be understood that this cosmic magnification of the ring of the Sun
around the darkness of moon, created BY light, this darkness illuminated,
is a symbol to an individual's comprehension of Oneness.

(an infinite cycle of fluidity is understood at this moment, at ease,
intensely magnified, and free, with nothing left to hold on to.)

Here one enters through Monoceros, (nyamuragira), the unicorn, or
The Male energy AND Female energy, as unicorns can be symbolically
comprehended as both male and female combined as one being,
almost like an asexual mentality of being, whereas it is neither
partial to male nor female, yet has fluidity with all balance, wherever
or whatever that may be any circumstance.)

(entering through Africa, symbolically, one is entering through our
seemingly oldest existence on the planet and can be justifiably
understood in that symbology as Pangaea...the health of the
world as lucrative and balanced.)

From there, as we can See, we may enter The Rosette Nebula.
This is due to being ONE energy of Dark, Light, Male, and Female,
respectively. ONE.

(it may be understood that to progress forward, our necessity is
to heal the world back to a Natural Order, our existence here is to be
a sort of combining of worlds, like the two combining galaxies, whereas
the Pangaea world and present world, as it is now, might be combined
in an effort of fluidity WITH The Natural World, not upon Her and definitely
not against Her. The technology we understand to be progressive, without
harm, is rewarded and encouraged, whereas that which deals harm shall
be punished, let go of, and/or ignored. It is in this light we may actually exist
beyond another hundred years. It is without this, we may not. Think of the
world as all our One Mother, all of us, all beings.)

Metaphorically speaking, symbolically and specifically:

...within the Rosette Nebula, and/or the center of ALL space, and/or the center
of EARTH, and/or the center of the INDIVIDUAL, and/or the center of the SOURCE
ENERGY OF ALL, we may comprehend OUR individual fluidity in, and
apart of The Balance of The Energy of All.

It is to understand the Self as not separate from energy.
Energy is everywhere always. There is no lull simply
because the systems that have been man made, fail.
Energy is always within and without, and infinite. The
entire multidimensional fluidity of All exists always
regardless of whether or not we are implementing
our knowledge in as such. It is not to be frustrated
because clarity is not perfectly achieved. If it were,
what would be strove for? It is to know progression.
It is through progression we seek a higher
achievement more beneficial than the last.

When riding this bridge, let it be fluid,
and magnify your intensity levels to
a space that is as far from you as in
depth within you as is apart of your
immediate physicality as is your
spirituality, a 'ONE' comprehension
of actuality, and projection of loving
and healing regenerative energy
:as balance.

You are magnifying your energy
into a healthy fluidity with the Natural
existence of All in this way.

In this way, the love you feel,
understand, and evolve in
magnification, will as well
evolve in ALL...and as such,
where one has evolved
energy, so may another
know this: through this
magnified implementation,
and take it further, and so
on, and so on, and so on,
until an infinite cycle has
become every being,
shared, freed and
freeing each other,
as we simply free
ourselves into the
fluidity of Nature;
of that which we
are, every one
of us: as love,
male, female,
dark, light,

1.29.2010 updated...

The map here is the latest.


As you can see the Hokkaido, Japan
quake was taken off. There must have
been a typographical error somewhere
because this quake was 5.0, not 6.0.
My apologies for the error.

Orion is still featured as the reflective
passage to Monoceros and The Rosette Nebula.

As well, I noticed a volcano that had
erupted ON 12.17.2009 and continues
to be lively. This is located in the center
left, named Gaua.

This proves to be extremely forthcoming in
the entire grid. For where we have the original
four quakes that seem to build the above pyramid,
this seems to create a below pyramid, mirroring.
...and as the Triangulum Galaxy's inner feature of
the ESO 69-6, the two combining galaxies and star,
are revealing themselves as a sortof 6 and 9, one going
forth and one going back, it seems quite logical that this
part would simply piece together this entire grid nicely.

Gaua, then, perhaps with Mayon and Kilauea, represents
the coming back towards Orion galaxy of ESO 69-6 coming
from the Circinus Galaxy...whereas the other, going forward
towards the Circinus Galaxy is represented by Turrialba,
Soufriere Hills, and Galeras.

Ease into it.

I am in the final processing of the web pages devoted to this
magnificent parallel of space and world. They should be posted,
barring any horrific obstacles, by Sunday...there's alot coming.

This will include the song Circinus Bridge. This is the second part of
Triangulum. The entire song is called Circinus Bridge. But the first part
by itself is called Triangulum, and the second part by itself is called
Circinus Bridge.

Triangulum has alot of guitar and microKorg and drumloops,
as you have probably heard.

Circinus Bridge has about 90% recycled sounds from old school
keyboards and sound files. I went through thousands of old sound
files to get all these put together for the right sound with what I
had to work with. Many of the sounds, the drums and such, are
African, Asian, Australian, Native American, with chanting from
Gyuto Monks and Native Americans...as well as some old school
industrial drums and loops. I wanted to create the feeling as
close as possible to what I have understood and felt.

The purpose with this web page is to open communication
on these topics. This is all meant to enliven your inspiration
into the incredible parallels and fluidities of energy that are
apart of all of us, all worlds, and systems of consciousness.

There are portions of the song meant for reflection to what has
happened, portions meant to allow for what is to be, and portions
as to what is currently happening.

There is great sorrow, and there is exuberant release and love.
There is great mystery, and exclaiming of alarm, and there is the
expressive ride, of the Circinus Bridge, as well.

Be well.

2.5.2010 There was another...
underwater volcano, this time in Japan.
The same day, a 6.0 earthquake shook the northern coast
of California, again...both yesterday...perhaps another map begins.

With all that has happened, and all that we have witnessed with
the formation of these angles, these triangulating fluidities into
a communicating map of the sky...what is the purpose...who really
cares...does it even matter...why should I attempt such a meditation
or even think about the Earth's weather, mood, or release...or my Self?

If you read that, you're probably goin, Oh. Or perhaps you are
thinking exactly the surface value of what was said there. Though, I can
say without a doubt, to you individually, there is a massive allowance
of communication happening through Earth and Space. We can hear it
if we listen well...as She speaks directly through you, to you, and to us all,
YOUR way of communicating, every one of us.

Are You connected? Do you exist?
...most likely if you're reading this...

But what is the purpose right? Who is it, saying what?

The who's and what's don't really matter until we
can actually comprehend it, right? Or perhaps that is
the whole point of it all, yeah? It is synonymous with
it's Self...we are, after all, talking to ourselves, yeah?
In a matter of speaking...Obviously, (at least it seems
ridiculously obvious to a careful observer),
that Earth said this, and Space said that, and they
were seemingly parallel to each other, yes? Yes.
For what? yeah. From who else? perhaps...

To us?


So what.

So then what. Meditate on it? Zen out?
Attempt to understand?

Uh.............yeah.....or just know it and share it...

Look at all this from YOUR point of view.

You have your own point of view right?

You're not a mindless slave, or drone, or robot, correct?

Prove it to: this communication...what if THAT's the point.
Get me? It could be communication to a space, to a place...

What if WE were doin the communicating? How might our
communication be allowing in such a way to comprehend

Circinus Bridge is a way to get to that place.
It is an example of a route. A path to go into
the within, the individual within, the collective
within, with the knowledge that it was created
with the greatest of respect, with the highest
regard for respect, all beings and spaces.

It is through your Self you get to here, there...simultaneously.

Being magnifiable IN and WITH the respect of loving and
healing regenerative energy as balance throughout
the entirety of All, and cycling through infinitesimally
and infinitely from a space designated for such an
infinite magnification OF LOVE, as allowed by the
place that allows you to exist, EARTH, and reflected
in parallel, as SPACE, seems like a genuine invitation
to the Rosette Nebula space within, the heart within the
heart, within THE WOMB of seemingly ALL Consciousness, yeah?

The birth place energy of All...wouldn't that be a fabulous
location to magnify your being in loving and healing
regenerative energy as balance: the fluidity of the
energy of All that Is, Is not, or Is In Between?

The most comfortable space we all find ourselves within
is usually in fetal position, yeah? All curled up in warmth
under a blanket in slumber...or warm water...

...that space, AWAKEn, within, out there, in you, right here, now...

...as infinitely cycling loving and healing regenerative energy as balance,
and allow that LOVE, the ALL...see the parallel? You : All...Earth : Space.
...smaller : bigger, bigger : smaller...infinitesimal : infinite, Infinite : Infinitesimal...
and CYCLE this energy as such, infinite.

Then See. Write it down. Understand,
Go further. And further. And further...

Create with THAT energy YOU comprehend.
ALLOW your feelings released into the fluidity
of All as LOVE, your purpose, as balance, this
healing, your Being, and All that Is, free, respecting all, ALL.

This will unfold as you allow. That will allow as you unfold.

Trust you.

2.12.2010 Sky's Eye has opened from three, and the systems
we know and we see, Earth, and Space, are magnifying fluidly.
A new Sun is birthed from many Suns, above all Sky and Space.

But what exactly does that mean to you?

Perhaps many words that are read here seem vague.
These are spoken more for you to focus INTO than to
simply understand because someone tells you what
may be up or down or in between or coming through.

It is what has been Seen. What do YOU See?

It isn't meant to be a riddle, just another piece of a puzzle.
But it isn't a piece that is necessarily set in its dimensionality,
it perhaps might shift in its capable persuasion of fluidity in
order to fit in YOUR right place, YOUR dimensionality,
YOUR understanding. It is a path into itself elaborating
information, your Being, free.

This is why it is so important to come from YOUR space,
from the beginning. This is why it is so important for you
to be yourself, from the beginning...and consistent...and
listening through yourself, not through others necessarily,
while remaining progressive.

It isn't to say, simply ignore everything and everyone.
Just understand your way their way too. :) As such an
allowance is conveyed from a fluid, driving mentality
that parallels while it flows and magnifies.

For example, Earth didn't necessarily say, "Look,
there's the Triangulum Australe in the center of the Sky,
I think I will mimic that with volcanic eruptions because
it might trip these humans out a little bit."

That seems a bit shallow, yeah?

So then, how deep does the rabbit hole go?

Well, we know it goes at least as deep as the Sea,
and at least as far as Deep Space...and in thought,
that is far, yeah?

So then where...

Let's say Space is the depth of your within(out there) infinite.
Let's say Earth is the depth of your within(inside) infinitesimal.

That means as far as far out is and forever further out.
and that means as far as far in is and forever further in.
.............at the same time...parallel...your Being.

So, magnifying LOVE as this actuality, realized, all at
a simultaneous continuity, is then, a Further Vessel.

So where does this Further Vessel go?

Wait a second...what vessel?

Is the body some sort of vessel or something?

YOU are a vessel. What you are a vessel OF is
really up to every individual of freewill.
But remain TRUE to the BALANCE, that IS the
creative magnification of life in ALL existence,
it seems like the actual and faithful, orgasmic
truth of conception, IS this force...and that feels good.

.......like love.......................................................MAGNIFIED.

So, if you're in meditation, how might one achieve THAT energy...

The magnification of this ATTEMPTIVE fluidity IS the BUILDING
of our individual Nature. It is not to say that any type of actual orgasm
achieved through physical meditative practices isn't necessary,
or even practiced, it is to simply understand that this is not the
main focus of this, as of yet. It is to understand first, the building.

It is to build an energy from the greatest depths of your Individual Being.

It's like creating an edge for yourself to get to, but there's never
a ledge, and you're always falling until you're actually flying,
and there is no way down or up because you are everywhere
simultaneously realized. There are no physics, there is simply an
allowance to be fluid in all circumstances progressive, naturally.

This is where one goes through...the energies of Self to Nature.

And the meditations just evolve. Because of you. Not because of
this person or that person, it's because of you. It is because you
are learning to ALLOW while simultaneously understanding what
is and is not real in the world, while simultaneously learning what
others allow, and how to alleviate your Being from that which you
do not seek: that which might be unwelcome or imbalanced.

It isn't about defending yourself first. It's about understanding
yourself very, very far within and beyond your self.

Defending yourself will be allowed eventually...or perhaps
you don't even know what the heck I am talking about yet...
but you will.

It seems like certain societies just keep fighting.

Their peace of mind will never be present in such a way.

It is a paradox, that path. There are the innocent who
need defending, and there are oppressive tyrants who just
want what isn't necessary. It's an unnecessary cycle spinning
out of control to nowhere forever. Eventually the innocent
become the oppressive tyrants out of a need to defend
themselves, and the roles seem to reverse right before
our very eyes as we historicize reality through multimedial
projections of whoever has the most money to speak.

Or perhaps, just perhaps, the heart might remain golden,
and the innocence of those in need of defending might
be realized from within, through a greater force of energy
than any weapon that is known to humanity,

The Know Weapon of Not and The Realization of Further.

It sounds like a twisted verse from a psychadelic book of secrets,
but if you think about it, what you do not seek, and what you do
seek are often in calamity with each other; yet another paradox
built by others. Who's doing the building anyway? Them? Who
is 'Them' anyway? It doesn't matter yet. When it does matter, it
will be allowed, and Them won't matter anymore. What matters
is that YOU understand yourself as far as you can, and this
allows the natural fluidities of existence, of all existence,
access to you, through your own knowledge, as it allows
simultaneous access, your Being, the knowledge of all
that is, as well...from within.

The only way through to peace in such a dilemma is
through the within...and as such, the magnification from
here within to beyond Self, our surroundings...hence the
infinitesimal through the infinite and cycling.

...hence the infinitesimal through the infinite cycling
of loving and healing regenerative energy as balance.

It is to create love and magnify love in your most fluid moments,
this space, from infinitesimally within you to infinity beyond you
throughout the entirety of All That Is.

Search out the bridge in meditation. Find what it is within your
Being that has a necessity to heal, and heal it! Then go further.
Further love, intensity enlivened, the energy's awakening, and
the magnification is becoming so intense, it is becoming
orgasmic, full body vibrational fluidity...it isn't to climax
sexually, necessarily, it is the building, remember, it is to
build it up.

The RELEASE is a new release. It is an allowance to the fluidity
of the energy of ALL...the river...the ocean...the SEE!

LIKE an orgasm, but imagine it is stretched out. You know how
you hear voices stretched out in lengths of time? They say the
same communicational verbiage, yet, a billion voices exclaiming
LOVE, one voice, imagine, ENERGY, stretching out your energy.

I only use orgasm as an example of the intensity one might
seek to achieve in feeling good and allowing that energy.

Love. How does it feel. Orgasm. How does that feel.
Now combine those energies in your creative faculties.

You learned how to do arithmetic, this is no different, you're
just comprehending how to do mathematical frequency
building with an emotional value of LOVE multicomplexually
progressive as evolutionarily allowing fluidity, the Energy
of All That Is, infinitely cycling the entirety of All, and self.

Stretch it out, your energy. If you love someone, and you
truly know how love feels, then use that as a guide to
building this energy...think of that person and understand
that feeling until you can create the feeling, fluidly, without
even having to try, or think anymore. A limitless nonvirtue.
Whereas a virtue needs action or continuity, a nonvirtue
would be beyond a virtual definability, unnecessary to
define because it simply is without error...the word only
existing at this moment to define what isn't necessary to
define anymore, because it already is...

It took me a while to get to here. Don't fret because it isn't
necessarily instant. And don't fret if it happens instantly,
we're all unique, yeah? Be easy with it, or challenge
yourself harder...as long as it is progressive.

When the energy is stretched, it means understanding
the feeling, and allowing it to go further. It is to know the
love you know, and then imagine that love expanding
from where you feel it, your heart area most likely, but
it can come from various areas of the Being, and it is to
know that stretching this energy does not limit the energy
to the beginning portion that was stretched...the stretching
of energy is the building of its complexity to a greater magnification...
Further...Vibrance, evolutionarily magnified...

Imagine it is light. Any light. Any color. Any vibrance. ILLUMINATING.
Every light magnifies, that's what it does, regardless of color.
That's what's so cool about light.

I have found it more challenging to vibrantly allow a
magnification of dark light in my own meditations,
but it does eventually allow this knowledge, your Being.

When magnifying and stretching these energies or energy
of Love and Balance, allow for knowledge to flow, write
what you understand. Then understand it YOUR way.
Then elaborate on that in the next meditation.

Trance your day if you can...in these meditative practices.
Do it your way...it is after all...your way..:)

It is going to integrate into everyday lives eventually.
Just look at the cell phone...that used to be a wire
across entire countries, simply clicking...

Now think of the mind and the heart.

What have we been building our whole lives?
Not just since we were born, since we've existed.


...how to understand further.

Now we exist in a time where communication is
building faster than it is released into the world.

We continue to attempt to build a machine that
is as fast and accurate as a brain. The brain that
exists within most of your skulls. :)

The multitasking capabilities of today's normal
computer user would be severe genius a while back.

But it's normal now...seemingly.

Now imagine if one did not need a computer to
access all the same information instantly.

What are we building again?
Internet? Intranet? The Web?

It just keeps evolving and growing and getting more
and more dynamic and fluid and faster and more
incredible and exciting, and it isn't fast enough even
as it goes faster every day further than it was the day
before...why do you suppose we cannot be satisfied?

Because we know. We know we are faster. Our mind
is becoming acclimated to itself. Its own fluid DRIVE.
Its ever evolving sustainability to progress in functionality
as we further our capabilities through a machine built,
in replication, of our very own brain.

All of this world, and the solar systems and other worlds,
and all the space out there, the universe, and the
multiverse, even the multidimensional, and everything
in between and beyond and infinite and infinitesimal
as it all evolves and develops progressively forever
infinite, its like a mind...your mind...your heart...your
love...your ALL...everyone...every energy, every
frequency...our minds and hearts and capabilities,
a replication of this infinite LOVE creativity, like
servers connected to the web...all access everywhere
always without a necessity of connecting through a
cord or wire...you ARE already...it is simply a matter of
finding your SELF...that access to the ALL is fluid.

Understanding this knowledge is as simple as
logging on to three different emails and sending
three separate messages simultaneously to work
colleagues, business potentials, and friends
or family, while updating your blog account,
checking your bank account, and paying
a bill or two, while listening to the morning news,
glancing at the weather for the day, sipping a
cup of tea, while eating your porridge, ALL while
thinking of a dear friend you miss terribly, in roughly
five minutes or less.

Now if you can do that, come on...

We're just talking about love, friend.


Be Well.

2.19.2010 ...and then there was a White Owl.

Prior to understanding what I am about to explain, a few days ago,
I was going to visit a relative in the hospital and I looked up to the
sky at a train station and I saw an IMMENSE ring around the Sun with
a big giant X going through the 'within' of this ring. It was incredibly
comforting and interesting. When I arrived to my destination, the
walk, all the way to the hospital, to my right, was this IMMENSE Sun
Ring, and this X had turned into what appeared to be a bridge
going through the center of this space just above the Sun.

I did not have a camera...but I remembered an image I had
photographed appx. four years ago that looked like this ring...

Orion Sun Parallel

The ring above was photographed in Texas
at the beginning of a very long journey through
art school and this website and this particular path.
I thought it interesting to see this yet again now,
in California.

The next day I was walking to the store and noticed
the IMMENSE ring, yet again...this time I took a picture
with my phone...

Orion Parallel 3

I was very pleased, for it even had a representation
of a bridge going through the spherical light imagery.

As well, at the same time I took that image four years ago,
I had taken this image of the sky...

Orion Parallel

There have been six 6.0 or higher earthquakes since the last
phase of the bridge. I did not know whether it continued to
be creative or not...and it continued. Here is an image of
the six earthquakes that occurred between 2.1.2010-2.15.2010
having a seemingly two week lull between the last and the next,
a darkness, if you will, of these allowances.

Parallel Orion

As one can see, the image shows an upside down reflective
Orion, yet again! The black dot is where the latest volcano,
the Fukutoku-Okanoba, has erupted from far beneath the
Sea on Feb. 5th(much like the beginning of this entire mapping
system with the West Mata volcano, appx. 9 months ago, hmmm.)

Theorizing this into effect, when we look at the map that
was created before this...notice the darkness, the seemingly
fluid, dark light allowance around the OTHER half of Earth
completing the circle around the world, this map, that the
Ring of Fire Annular Eclipse allowed us at the end of this
cycle and prior to this next Orion map. (1.15.2010)


This might allow us the knowledge that from the time of this
annular eclipse, this Ring of Fire eclipse, would be completed
in one moon's cycle. What would be completed? This part of
the next phase of this map...

If you look at this in a time reference, here is how these
next earthquakes would triangulate (notice the last quake
is on 2.15.2010, appx. one month, or one cycle from the eclipse.)

Orion Intersection

As you can see it creates a sort of ENTER section...so to speak...

So where are we thus far...we have the 'bridge parallel' that allowed us this knowledge
that from Earth through the Triangulum, ESO-69-6, Circinus, back through ESO-69-6, and
then to Orion...whereas I had theorized this could be some sort of reflective allowance
through Orion as a 'GATE,' as it were, the upside down man...or the woman...(with the
greatest of respect of course) simply a blade and chalice...man to woman...or The Womb
Energy, original Birth Consciousness, being from The Rosette Nebula, as through The Winter
Triangle, Monoceros (the unicorn) into The Rosette Nebula. (it does seem respectively sexual,
yeah? That's logical, being that creation is a sexually driven force.)

SO...here we are one moon cycle later, as the annular eclipse predicted, and here is this blade
and chalice being projected three dimensionally as two interposing triangulations from a
'SAME' grid formation as was predetermined already from a period of time stretched in
a quiet perspective of darkness, or peace, of appx. 15 days, or roughly half a cycle,
whereas now we are allowed the knowledge that Orion, this reflective upside down
projection of fluidity IS seemingly this "GATE" through.

But wait a sec...what about that volcano? Where's that fit in?

Well...looking at this as it has been allowed by time and space and circumstance as Orion
upside down and reflective...where we see the Kuril earthquake, would represent the star
Rigel. What is the nebula that watches from this space next to Rigel?

Witch Head Nebula
(NASA image)

...well that would be the reflective nebula called The Witch Head Nebula.
Its illumination is caused by reflection from nearby Rigel. That seems to fit
into this entire grid just perfectly...as what has been theorized into effect
already, and now realized in actuality...that Orion is a gate of reflection.

Notice how the image from four years ago appears reflective
to this image (one from sky, and one from space.)

Orion Parallel Witch Head Nebula

So through alot of meditation and theorizing and contemplation,
it seems to me that Orion is the reflective center of this bridge.

This space, of Orion, is where one might walk through their Self to
Unification with the Energy of All that Is, Is not, or Is In Between.
Walking through their Self, as it were, your own reflection...to a
purification of your Being into Illumination...as understood through
the unicorn metaphor, Monoceros, the womb of man, or the
blade and chalice as one energy, recognized and fluid, in balance,
as balance, ONE energy, in The Rosette Nebula, or the Womb of
All Consciousness...that being LOVE, the center of All.

So it appears that LOVE...IS...CREATION, and the furthering of creation,
simultaneously, as it evolves through its own reflective allowances,
the entirety of ALL, from a birthing mentality, in all of that mentality's
actual driven forces, through an individual, as apart to 'a collective,'
as apart to 'THE collective' of ALL ENERGY.

I would ask you to multicomplexually understand
all of this as it relates to you individually.

(incidentally, I walked out of the hospital after visiting my
relative and looked up at the dusky sky, and there was the
moon, smiling, like the Cheshire Cat.)

2.21.2010 ...reflecting is The River.

On 2.18.2010 a 6.9 earthquake shook the
China Russia North Korea Border Region.


The 69, is sortof like the yin yang symbol; where it is backwards, it is also forward and as one,
as balance allows, so to speak. So theorizing this into effect, we know this is upside down
Orion. A simple reflection of what is already comprehended. But as an earthquake of this
magnitude, bordering 3 regions, one might need to look at this from a reflective perspective.

What constellation's northern most star parallels Rigel at all?

Eridanus. This constellation's northern most star (89 light years from Earth), Cursa, is right there
next to Rigel. So, what if Rigel's Orion was a reflection? Then this edge of Eridanus would
be reflecting from within Orion, itself...like a mirror reflection...like a 69 perhaps.

(incidentally Archinar, the southern most star of Eridanus is 144 light years away,
whereas Cursa, the northern most star of Eridanus is 89 light years away...why?
They're both Fibonacci numbers)

This constellation, Eridanus, was symbolized as The Celestial River, which was categorized
long ago as a representation of The Nile by Egyptians, as well as a poet named Virgil, where
it was claimed, 'the only river that runs from south to north.' It was also claimed by Italians as
the river Po, and by the Chinese as the Yellow River.

Nevertheless, with regard to this map, it appears to be a reflective entrance to the river
Eridanus, representative to the map, being that this earthquake was a 6.9.
(as such it is not necessarily Eridanus, per se, but represents the reflection of Eridanus)

So where are we...

If one were to look at The Celestial River as a reflection through Orion,
where might one find themselves going through and to... in other words,
if we were to REFLECT the river, where might one find themselves traveling?

First we must understand, and it is a little confusing, that as Orion is upside down,
reflecting the Eridanus as a '69,' Eridanus would be seen through this '69 mentality'
as reflecting like a Z...reflection and rightside up...in other words, the river would
seemingly be understood as a 'normal' reflection if Orion was not upside down
BECAUSE of this '69' allowance.

Spiritually speaking, this could be understood, perhaps, that because
an individual has been able to progress through their own reflection,
cleansing of all unwelcome or imbalanced energies, the upside down
nature would then become fluid, as 'normal,' thus allowing the '69' reflection
of Eridanus to be as though Orion is rightside up, or an individual's nature
to have become fluid as rightside up, so to speak: BALANCED; So then,
progression, after traveling through one's self to a balanced Self,
this "entrance AND exit" become a simultaneous parallel of Self
and River, or in other words, once through your self, a reflective
allowance of progression is allowed your comprehensive knowledge,
a parallel knowledge, like that which we are being taught this map from
Earth and Space. It is to say that fluidity becomes moreso as one allows
theirself progressive allowance through balance.

If looking at a mirrored reflection of Eridanus on a map of space, it shows that
one would travel a winding river around Procyon, through The Winter Triangle,
around Sirius, seemingly right through Monoceros, and the depths of The Rosette
Nebula. The great depths to which this allows is not yet totally certain, it may go on forever.
I am currently searching for a proper map in order to illustrate this correctly.

...though only the northern star of Eridanus, Cursa, was allowed this map
thus far, so for now, it is only to know the entrance of this River
as of yet...a reflective entrance to consciousness...and
simultaneous exit of illusion.

Theoretically, it seems we are to understand this as the river's reflective entrance...
AFTER getting through Orion. Or in other words, adding to what we have already
accomplished, the reflection of ourselves, into and through ourselves and beyond,
into the balance that is not imbalanced and only is...or as a very good, old friend of
mine once stated, and has been with me as an inspiration throughout most of my life:
The River of Consciousness.

Scientifically, there are theories circulating about that within Eridanus is a
Supervoid, and that if as such, this would be the largest Supervoid known,
spanning approximately one billion light years across, being 6-10 billion light
years away. There are other theories as well, explaining further into the knowledge
that this might be an area of expansion, universal expansion, as understood to
be an acceleration of expansion of our universe by dark energy.

Yet another theory expresses that this imprint within Eridanus might be
a parallel universe...a quantum entanglement between our universe
and another before a cosmic inflated separation...supporting String Theory.

Nevertheless, this map, seemingly progressive and allowing in a number of
ways, and complexually decisive with direction through our own comprehensive
measure, does not seem to stray from purpose, to a specific space of spiritual
enlightenment, and/or evolutionary progression, our individual beings as apart
to the comprehensive whole of all energy.

...that the individual might travel through their own reflection to get to their
Self cleansed; that being the individual, and the collective comprehensive
Nature of All, with the dissolvement of all imbalance or unwelcome energies,
their being, simultaneously achieved in travel on the physical and ethereal
planes of existence, thus allowing the fluid, driving force of CONSCIOUSNESS
through their individual BEING, balanced.

It is to say, this is a multidimensional expression of self through Self, as understood
through our individual worlds, the collective worlds, and the collective ALL,
simultaneously effective to each other.

It's simply amazing, existence is; that so many worlds and our world would express
and communicate in such a powerful way, through our own communicative ways,
a bridge to our own energy of balance and fluidity, with all energy, as understood to
be an individual's path...and that a world could do this through such intense
proclamation of Herself to us all, this knowledge, that we might understand
balanced purpose, unequivocally through ourselves.

...to know that if we heal ourselves, we heal the world, and this effect is seemingly
progressive as a balanced echo of healing throughout the entirety of all energy,
knowing that we are effective as a part to the whole, individually, AND collectively.

The intensity just seems to evolve into clarity.

2.28.2010 ...parallel is The River.

227 parallel

With the 8.8 and 6.3 earthquakes in Chile and Argentina, in 9 days time, the world
shook in particular ways that appear as a parallel. Stranger still, is the parallel
description of the largest @ 8.8. (infinity to infinity, as eight on its side.)

Enlightening is what was in the sky during this 8.8 Chilean quake...


This is intense, I mean, look at Jupiter and The Sun, kindof like an 8 on its side...

Then we had that strange tsunami. This tsunami, by all accounts, from what was
understood by other similar circumstances, might have been devastating for
the rest of the Pacific, but it was not. In fact, take a look at what constellation
is casting forth during this flow of water to the Northwest in the Pacific Ocean...


That's Aquarius. Notice how if one were to cross these images it might make
a cross...or an intersection of the same comprehension...


...whereas, the Aquarian rivering of water would begin in the last image as from
above, now flowing down right on through The Sun and Jupiter, a sort of second
Jupiter...kindof like an 8...on its side connective through The Sun...

I thought that was interesting...ya know, here we have this entire ocean
seemingly flowing like a river, like a cascade of water being poured into
effect through this world from a space shook causality of 8.8...to allow this.
(incidentally, one of the stars in Aquarius, the one on the lower left there,
is named 88 Aquarii)

Parallels all over the place...mapping reality into our consciousness.

Now, just out of curiosity, I put together 12 of the largest earthquakes
since December through February...and this is what it revealed...


Look over on the right...look familiar? It looks like The Big Dipper! So very strange it all is.

So speaking from a parallel perspective, where were we...we were where an entrance to
The River of Eridanus was reflecting through Orion, right? Then, suddenly these enormous
earthquakes occurred, the largest being 8.8 in Chile, and allowed a tsunami to river forth
between two seemingly reflective parallels...as seen below...

Parallel Rivers

So if we were to theorize this into effect, one might comprehend that in order
for a river to flow, there must be water, yes? Now, we had an entrance to
a River...Eridanus, as it was seemingly reflective into effect from the China Russia
North Korea Border Region quake @ 6.9...so it appears, as strange as it may sound,
that Aquarius, The Water Bearer, through this seemingly triggered magnification of
universal energy, has allowed forth, in a great magnitude of projective allowance,
a River of Water...seemingly harmless, as rivers flow, but incredibly powerful, as
strength may proceed to magnify into reality, this River, connective to and through
the entrance of Eridanus...to where? Perhaps through Eridanus, if this space might
allow as such...perspectively allowing into the consciousness of ALL energy,
The River of Consciousness, illuminated.

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