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3.6.2010 The River of Consciousness.


Here we are.

Jupiter's River

or more specifically...

Jupiter's River

Knowledge is our Water, it is our feeding reality,
it is our heart's circulating comfortability, our
warming sensibilities within the womb of consciousness.

But what is knowledge, really? Is it to know what society
has created for us to know? ...a seemingly endless trail of
borrowed knowledge, recorded, emotionless,
yet, set upon the rings of ancient trees?

Or is knowledge much deeper? Perhaps the only true
knowledge can be found from within. We can of course,
categorize and articulate our definitions of existence
through that which we have been conditioned; the sky
appears blue on a cloudless day, and black, with shining
orbs of light at night...but that sky is always black with
shining orbs of light, regardless of time of day or location.

What we see does not have to be separate from what we See.

The sphere that is life's infinite inflection or magnification is
not only either, but is always both, one.

While attempting to understand what the world and space
seek to comprehend through us all, I find interest going
further and further into the energy knowledge of creation.

It appears that our nature has been allowed as such that
we are our own examples of creativity. Our fitting pieces
seemingly developed in various ways through different
species, creation.

The within and the without are the sexual actualities we
comprehend on the surface level of creating life.

Whereas one fits within the other, and it is this union
that bonds them together in an explosion of life
creating force, as created by both individuals
in some way...

Fertilization is allowed, and so birth, is inevitable.
A union of two, to one, or as variables allow, less or more.

We are like tools, instruments to this creation. Yet having
all the fluid, driving ingredients to accomplish this at any
given moment in all time, space, and dimensionality
without question, as circumstance allows as such.

It stands to reason that there is a force of energy
within each one of us, a driving force within each one of
our individual beings, that when allowed union with another
being in the right chemical milkshake, so shall life be birthed.

Logically, this value might be definable through all forms of
creativity, whereas medium and projection allow a union
between inspiration and individual.

There seems to be no limit one might take this union
beyond all scalable levels. We have the capability to
manifest the birth of energy in ourselves and others
in ways such as this union, through all forms of creativity.

There is no limit to what is achievable. For the same that
each one of us are made of, is as such comprehensible
through any actuality in all of time, space and dimensionality.

It is to understand that I am not a man nor a woman,
but I am both energies achievable, interchangeable, or
individual in the processes that dictate creativity and communication.

If someone speaks and I am listening, is it not this same fluidity?

One is consuming and one is feeding, yet both are active in
the process to allow a union of comprehension.

...and with all our lives becoming so multicomplexually ambidextrous
with the evolution of all these multitasking capabilities, it is almost as
though we already understand this without even knowing we
already understand.

We're becoming a union with many different mediums, multiple times
a day, sometimes hundreds or even thousands of times a day...and
even as such in the blink of an eye.

Yet, is it ever discussed? Or is it even understood?

Most of us are more of a womb all the time than a phallus!
...it is to say that each one of us receives more continuously,
yet, what are we consciously giving?

Are we conscious that as a body of water we are a womb,
a vessel, and this vessel, is a phallus?

Yet, when we think of a womb, we only think of a woman.
Even though the sky is always black with orbs of light.
.....even when it is blue.

Might then it be possible for our conscious minds to comprehend
this world as a vessel? A body of creation housing more than Her
fair share of different types of lifeforms. A giant womb of existence,
as it is, as it were, and as it shall be again tomorrow.

Then might we allow this inevitable truth to be distinguished
in an anthropomorphic light? If Earth is a womb, then without
Sun, it may not allow life, yes?

So then, their union, is understood to be a sound allowance of
creation due to their compatibility in this space...

...and as such, this is the very reason we may
allow this same dance into birth.

Then perhaps it goes much further.

In a multicomplexual comprehension of energy, with a multitasking
kind of fluidity, whereas, ability has been nurtured and allowed
into a respective sense of projectability and magnification,
does it seem so imperceivable that creation may be allowed
into union, balance?

It is to say, where there was no balance before, is it not
impossible to understand there may be balance now?

Even here, on this planet, with all these people, and
all these opinions, and all these wombs and phallus'
attempting to have union with each other, literal
communication as vessels of energy; is it so difficult
to understand this on a greater level than what we
might have already accepted as such?

That this copulation everyone engages within and
without, everywhere, all the time, every conversation,
every interchangeable thought with another, every sex,
race, species, world, universe, multiverse, etc, is simply a
metaphor to the attempt to create a zygote, an idea,
a union, the creation into reality to get to the next creation...
... each one of us a simple cell to the entire Conscious River
of all energy, whilst being apart to this Consciousness of
All Energy...each one of us capable of being a Womb to
Consciousness, or a Phallus to The Womb of Consciousness,
our minds, and/or hearts, our Being?

Is it all to simply birth into reality our connectivity to each other
into levels we have yet to even fathom into existence?

Have we become so enthralled in our intake and outtake
of this energy, of this information, that we continue to evolve
ways to allow it faster, and more complex, like the web, or
the grids that exist across this world now?

Are we simply building outside of ourselves what we already
have within ourselves everywhere? Is it to know that just as
there is an invisible grid of communication across this world,
there is also a seemingly invisible grid of communication
within each one of us through each other? And that this grid
is not limited to sex, race, or species, but allows through
every vibrational frequency, energy, interchangeable...including
worlds, and spaces, and entire universes, and beyond and within?

Is it to simply know that all of existence, from the smallest grain of
sand to the greatest force of life in the entire multidimensional
fluidity of All That Is is accessible from within each one of us,
this communicative comprehensibility, simply because we are
a vessel, we are a womb, we are a phallus, we are without
limits because we know LOVE, and can allow it to magnifications
beyond measure, even beyond our own understanding, a union
of energy, shared infinitely, anywhere, anytime, always?

So exists The River of Consciousness.

3.13.2010 The Circulating Heart.


Here we see that on 2.13.2010 a volcanic eruption
occurred simultaneously between two volcanoes
that stand beside one another. These volcanoes are
named Kliuchevskoi and Bezmianny. Only the
Kliuchevskoi Volcano produced lava, and this was
for 13 days until 2.26.2010 when the 7.0 Okinawa
quake occurred...

Kliuchevskoi Sky

Above is what was in the sky during that simultaneous blast of ash and lava.

The Arenal Volcano erupted lava around the 23rd
of February, 2010. The Concepcion Volcano began
showing signs of activity the same way the Bezmianny
Volcano did with the Kliuchevskoi Volcano on 3.8.2010,
(appx. 13 days as well...interesting...)

It appears emphatically parallel...

Below is what was in the night sky above the Arenal Volcano.


...kindof strange how they map so similar to the volcanoes...yet only one of each
of the pair of volcanoes actually flowed lava during these times.

Then we have a few more earthquakes that came into effect during this time.

The Okinawa 7.0 earthquake at the edge of lava time with the Kliuchevskoi
Volcano showed this in the night sky (below):

Okinawa 7.0 earthquake

One 6.1 quake was in Eastern Turkey...the night sky of that exact time is shown below:

Eastern Turkey Sky

Another quake, 6.3, happened in the Southern East Pacific Rise.
The sky above that space at that specific time is shown below:

Pacific Rise Sky

(interestingly enough, notice the three interweaving bodies,
this quake just northwest of those three simultaneous Chilean
quakes that happened just four days later)

Another strange interwoven parallel is the night
sky above Salta's quake...seen below:

Sky above Salta

...and yet another quake, 6.0 at the Maug Islands,
the night sky is shown below:

Maug Sky

As well, shown below is the sky above the Antofagasta earthquake.

Sky above Antofagasta

THEN, we had those three simultaneous earthquakes right at
the inauguration of Chile's new president! How weird is that...

These quakes were only a fraction off points in degree from each other,
almost perfectly synchronized positions @ 6.0, 6.7, and 6.9 only mere
moments from each other at the space shown below:

Chile 3

The night sky above this space:

Chile 3 Sky

Pretty strange stuff. So the volcanoes all shown signs
of uniform connectivity between planetary objects
as parallel to the double volcanoes, and as well,
revealed Vega, Deneb, and Altair, The Summer Triangle,
as well as Procyon, Betelgeuse, and Sirius, The Winter Triangle.

So this got me thinkin.

It is always winter or summer somewhere seemingly, as
well as all the seasons, it would seem logical that these extremes, as
categorized by their placement in our sky's visibility, through a sortof
hibernation energy as opposed to an outgoing vibrancy, or whatever
may entail upon a particular extreme of season, one is within and one
is without, always...and yet, upon the edge of our horizons do both of
these allow, at rare times...such as these days of these double volcanoes.

So it would seem that The Circinus Bridge continues to build into effect
through these strange anomalies of Earth and Space.

As such, I have allowed an addition to the meditation, yet to be
made into a webpage, though the fluidity currently exists, whereas
a circulatory energy has been magnified into reality, as understood
by a mapping of time, space, and dimensionality, as allowed by
Earth's earthquakes and volcanoes, and Space's placement of
Stars, Moons, and Planets during these sequences.

This circulation is that of a heart. Whereas symbolically, one can
identify both the womb and phallus as the center of this heart, as one.

I created a quick diagram to illustrate this:

Oneness Diagram Circulation

This diagram reveals what Earth saw in space during those times of
Volcanoes and earthquakes according to the times and dimensional
placements of such. It gets rather complex, but this is the natural
diagram it created.

So that if one were to meditate the Circinus Bridge, and were capable of passing
through the Orion Gate, during that passage, one has the conscious option and
decision to either go through The Winter Triangle and Monoceros to The Rosette
Nebula, OR portal through to The Summer Triangle.

In any case, this is meant to be a Oneness energy as understood through
a different type of perspective. A perception into the fluid circulating
energy as understood through a communicating Space and Earth.

Love and allow respectively.

As such, it would seem this might bring about a more fluid
River of Consciousness as well...being that there is a circulating
love energy flowing through all the seasons as understood by
us all now.

3.21.2010 Lyra!

latest map

Due to the latest volcanic activity of the Stromboli (Italy) and the Reykjavik (Iceland),
familiar imagery has come to allow. These volcanoes and one earthquake have
inexplicably allowed the image of Lyra without a doubt...no question about it.



As well, the volcanoes alone have shown us The Southern Cross.



So what does this say about the mapping?

What I have surmised is that due to the entire Circinus Bridge allowance, adding
The Summer Triangle, then Lyra, then The Southern Cross, it seems to me that there
is a connective fluidity like that of a spherical or circular magnification that flows all
these through each other, and that this connectivity can be easily magnified into any
meditation. Check out this image of The Milky Way as it appears in certain moments
of Earth's rotation:

The Milky Way

Circular. The circle in the center there, that is the sky Earth would see. As Earth rotates and the rest of space rotates,
The Milky Way, as well, flows on through, but doesn't 'appear' circular, but actually spherical, oblong, and such.
But you see, Circinus, Triangulum Australe, The Southern Cross there left bottom center, The Winter Triangle of
Sirius, Betelgeuse, and Procyon to the right, with Monoceros, Rosette Nebula, Orion, and up top, on the edge
is Vega and Lyra and The Summer Triangle.

What's interesting is that all these triangles, so far, make a triangle:

The All Triangle

It isn't to limit anything to any degree simply because The Milky Way is
present or not. But for what has been allowed thus far, as maps go, it
does seem to be magnifying that way...so far.

Say for example there is communication between Space and Earth, yeah? And suppose we were lead to
understand that perhaps a River of Consciousness was to be magnified into the consciousness of all beings
respectively; utilizing such a map and comprehension into effect via one's own fluid drive through the essence
of balance and respect, a parallel integration of energy allows with Space, Earth, and Individual, a Trinity,
of everyone in existence...that is, if each individual allows as such, this fluidity, their being...and those whom
have allowed, so shall they understand allowance respectively.

My own meditations into these meanderings and calculations have brought me through paths I never dreamed
I would ever be able to allow. It seems to be magnifying everywhere now.

It seems like a spiral. It seems like a circle. It goes so far in depth that the tangents would confuse unless
we went into great specifics, because the dimensionality of it all is not only parallel between Earth and Space,
but your Self as well, and these all intertwine in ways that can either break your mind or heal it.

Like when you're listening to Circinus Bridge (the long version) and right at 8 minutes (infinity) we hear the
tone, the one tone, like the death tone, the flat line; and if you're listening to this in headphones, you really
get the sound of what I was attempting to allow here, the separation of machine and man. But this could
be any dastardly comprehension or notion or implant or corruption or brainwash...it is basically to separate
YOU from corruption...then the major cleansing begins and climaxes eventually into some bug like verbalization
of chaos...then the breakdown...then the solemn flute...and as Earth has allowed, it's not a simple brush of the
broom and all is well, there have been major catastrophes: to humans mostly. But there are alot of humans.
Billions in fact. There's only one Earth currently for these billions. And as we have understood throughout all
human existence, there is Nature, and Nature cleanses as Nature has necessity, not when it is convenient.

So where does that leave any one of us as individuals, instead of as a mass conglomerate. Well that's just it,
we're all individuals, and we are all energy. We are all capable of what we are already doing. We built this
massive brain across the whole world and called it the internet. But do we understand yet, that there is a
mind that is faster than the fastest super computer...yours. Everyone's. Think about the capability of harnessing
that energy between several living beings, this knowledge and projective allowance.

How far can the mind go? How far will the map go?

It seems like no time since we saw the parallel between
Triangulum Australe and Mayon, Kilauea, and Mata.

Yet, it has been over three months...and just look at what has been allowed.

I theorize and philosophize that The Milky Way is like the supermagnificational
parallel womb of the Rosette Nebula, what has been surmised as the symbolic
Womb of All Consciousness, and of course that being parallel to each one of
us as being a womb of birthing creation and creativity. That the sphere I saw
two days in a row a while back was sortof ' sky's preface' for us all to see before
we See.

Through The Sphere

Then, perhaps a few days ago, above San Francisco Bay when I saw this, I was
reminded of Cygnus, The Swan...and oh how it resembles the Southern Cross,
(being The Northern Cross and all)

Cygnus Sky

There are so many tiny little details that create such an elaborate knowledge.
For example, today, The Sun revealed itself, purely in the spherical,
circular sensibility I was just explaining about The Milky Way...

The Sun Milky Way

You see, even Space, through Earth, does allow parallel, to what we may have yet to See.
...or perhaps that which has already Seen us all, and only seeks to allow us comprehension.

It seems to me that The Womb of All Consciousness
and The Source Energy of All, is one in the same being,
parallel, yet One...and could not be called anything
except One, and even that doesn't describe the
harmony of a gazillion parallels involved as such,
or to that which the degree of this multifaceted,
multidimensional fluidity allows between itSelf
AS One, and many, simultaneous, in a functional
perspective, we call Nature.

This parallel knowledge is just vibrating the mind into a whole
other way of comprehending any individual existence, and
with that, what the validity of each individual being might be
or not be; that whether it is Self or Source, a respective space
in the cosmic scheme of allowance is lifted to a much greater
respect as energy knowledge evolves. For it seems that the
further one allows this knowledge, the further this knowledge
allows you.

...that one might understand a maze in the midst of chaos, and find Love from the very
symbolic location of the birth of All Consciousness. To understand that birth, through the
infinite depths and parallels of Earth's shaken and molten driven releases, might allow
vast energy throughout the entirety of All, this Love, as healing. So that as we evolve
into the processes we have already evolved ourselves in through, we might catch up
with our Selves, the energy, that is this balance. To know that there is no man and there
is no woman, there is only being, yet the union that we might allow ourselves together
is the undeniable truth of who we are, each one of us, from the inside out. Each one of
us, a womb of creation, each one of us, a phallus seeding as such...each one of us,
a whole being of creation and creativity, allowed throughout the entirety of all time,
space, and dimensionality, this creative fervor, respectively.

Today I hiked to the top of a small mountain with Autumn (my Lyra.)
There, on a flat, circular plateau, above the Golden Gate Bridge
I built what was in the starry sky this day, on Earth, with stones. I just
wanted Space to know, emphatically, that I was listening and trying
to understand, and how thankful I am for meaning, where there is
so little. I walked the Milky Way, playing Autumn,
this RiverSunBirthingEnergy, right here, there. I saw
Cygnus, Lyra, Crux, The Winter Triangle, The Summer
Triangle, Moon, Mercury, Sun, and Jupiter.

I sat next to Venus and let the crystals shine with Her for a while,
(they transmit, ya know.)

I have a vast amount of respect with them for
being able to communicate in their ways with us.

3.23.2010 Eridanus' Reflection Revealed

A while back we had theorized that Eridanus might be a reflective allowance
on this map due to the 6.9 earthquake on 2.18.2010 in China Russia North Korea.

As we can see here on this map, where this particular sequence begins,
as far as a 'path' is concerned, it begins with a 6.6 earthquake in Japan.
Whereas, 'the path' ends, as far as revealing through 'time' is concerned,
after a 6.6 earthquake in New Ireland...incidentally, the same day this New
Ireland earthquake occurred, a volcano in Iceland erupted, Reykjavik.
... allowing this map...a 'reflecting' Eridanus.

(btw, the earthquake happened at 7am pdt, and the volcano at 430pm pdt, same day
yet between them is a difference of time by 13 hours(whereas if 5am in New Ireland,
it is 6pm in Iceland (there was a difference of actual time, of 9 1/2 hours between
the occurrences.)

Eridanus Reflection Revealed

As such...without reflecting, this is what it appears like:

Eridanus Reflecting


...when one looks at this, as we have understood and then theorized it might be,
due to reflection because of the "6.9" anomaly, here is what Eridanus' Reflection
appears as (and because of the two earthquakes of 6.6, I believe the reflection
is meant to be viewed as a reflection, not necessarily a '6 to a 9,' per se, but, like
a 3 to an E, so to speak :

Eridanus' Reflection Revealed

So we see, that this has been allowed our
knowledge. It is the reflective allowance
of Eridanus, The Celestial River.

If one were to look to the night sky during this last earthquake,
what do you think might be revealed? What is shown is the
constellation Phoenix soaring into our night sky above New
Ireland, Eridanus. (lower left of the circle...within the circle
represents what is visible in our sky, outside of the circle is
beneath the horizon lines...so what you are seeing here is
Phoenix bringing forth Eridanus...and there in the center,
Jupiter with Aquarius, it all really plays to the mythology
in an incredibly strange, reflective manner.)

For 17 hours prior to this last 6.6 earthquake, Eridanus was
brought through our night sky as what is shown:

Eridanus flown in by Phoenix

So we see, that not only could this image (below) have been a representation of Cygnus, The Swan...

Phoenix Sky

...but as well, it can represent The Phoenix bringing forth The River Eridanus.

Phoenix Transport

...for throughout this all, it has been revealed that this knowledge
allows in a multifaceted, multidimensional allowance of fluidity.

At the end of this 17 hour journey, the 6.6 earthquake did commence,
ending the mapping of this section's reflection with this image:

New Ireland Quake Night Sky

In parallel to this, remember how it was said that the volcano in Iceland happened the same day?
Roughly 9.5 hours between them in time of earthquake and volcano...(their time zones=13 hours difference)
This is what the night sky was above the Iceland Volcanic eruption of Reykjavik:

Iceland Volcano Parallel

Do you see how their is a significant amount of time that goes by, over nine
hours...and then, in an almost perfect parallel, Eridanus is in the same position
as it was with the New Ireland earthquake.

With that in mind...where might one be, if The River Eridanus was reflective
on the other side of Orion...theoretically, of course...see this image as a
theoretical reflection, taking this reflective allowance, literally, whereas
what we see as outside of the horizon lines, now goes inside the horizion
lines, as pictured below, from the original image from New Ireland,
Papua New Guinea:

Reflection from New Ireland

The reflection begins between Lepus and Orion's knee where it progresses
right through Rigel, right on up through the center of Orion. From there it
goes right through Monoceros, through The Winter Triangle, right by Procyon,
and through Canis Minor. Then this reflective river goes to Cancer and hangs
a left over to Hydra. From Hydra it goes right to Pyxis and goes around Pyxis
in through the tip of Puppis. From the tip of Puppis it goes directly through
Columba and directly to Canopus. From Canopus it goes directly through
Pictor, then through the tail of Dorado. From Dorado, this reflective river
travels through Mensa, then Hydrus(which incidentally resembles Eridanus)
back to Achernar (of Eridanus.)

...and not to confuse the process, but theoretically, what if this reflection
was viewed from the Iceland reflection? Then where m ight we flow
through? Something odd happened with this image though, with the
programs I have to work with, I was only allowed an accurate image
of part of the river, not the entire river, so this image ends abruptly due
to not having an accurate image to go with.

Iceland Reflective Image

As such, this image reveals a path that begins at Orion's arm pulling back the arrow.
This path then continues to Rigel and then on up through Taurus, right before Cetus,
and then abruptly switches direction up to and through Aries, the edge of Triangulum,
through Perseus, through Auriga, directly through Gemini, and stops right there, above
Gemini, before Mars.

As symbolism goes, this is incredibly strange, yes? For not only does this particular path
begin from a stance of an arrow being drawn, it ends just before Mars, above Gemini.
I am only showing you what I have been allowed, with the programs that I have
found, to magnify this information...and this program only has a viewpoint to a
certain zoom out, without a further zoom capability, this is as far as it reveals.

So what if these are potential parallels? As anomalous as it sounds, this is all
theoretical of course, but what if the New Ireland path is one route, and the
Iceland path is/was another route. Parallel paths of a future, or perhaps a
parallel path that exists even now...or perhaps a parallel path that has
been skewed due to our own progressive allowances into the fluidity
of what IS, this path. Perhaps the symbolism here is that, the once
path that Iceland has allowed, that knowledge path ends.

Imagine that: living in a parallel existence where one parallel abruptly
ends all of a sudden...not even knowing how that effects existence,
while being completely oblivious to the entire separate reality that is
this parallel existence that has been influencing all 'same aspects'
between these parallels, your existence.

A very strange anomaly, as our theoretical journey has been allowed,
even with the simple, perplexing nuances that come with programs'
boundaries, the path that was allowed for the New Ireland river
reflection goes into a 'dark zone' with the same circumstances
as the Iceland river map...but with the New Ireland reflective river
map, due to the continuity of the river, we are able to splice in the
actual path without error...unless of course it is supposed to be
dark...like a jumping point dimensionally...for as parallels go, the
New Ireland reflective river map goes dark right at the edge of
The Winter Triangle, just as we had allowed in theoretics, prior to
seeing this. AS WELL, the New Ireland map and the Iceland map
both go dark in the same place, right at Cancer. Now how strange
is that? These are from two different time zones, the same day, 9.5
hours separate.

Are we spinning yet...yes we are...fast.

3.25.2010 Eridanus Myths Created (click)

There has been a new discovery from the 8.8 Chilean earthquake.
From this map we can see approximately 422 earthquakes since
the 8.8 earthquake on 2.27.2010 to now.

421 aftershocks

Though, there were only 23 of these quakes,
including the 8.8, that were 6.0 or higher, as
shown below(in clusters):

South American V

The sky above this space, as though one were looking at the
western coast out west proves to be quite interesting:

8.8 Taurus

What you see there, that fog line between Taurus and Orion,
that is the horizon line, whereas to the west there, where the
arrow is pointing is what is visible above the horizon line,
whereas our Bull Taurus, is just beneath that horizon line,
beneath Earth. It appears that Taurus has shaken Chile,
like a rush of force, and changed space and time,
however minimal, it has. For we have been told by
scientists that this quake may have shortened the
day by 1.26 microseconds, and moved the Earth's
axis by 8 centimeters...that's pretty intense.


V Taurus

Notice the similarities in the shape Taurus and these earthquakes allow. The largest earthquake, 8.8, is right there
in the center of the Taurus Third Eye area...I'm just sayin...wow! It would be truly strange if there was a volcanic
eruption at a location like Viedma (shown with the blue dot) or opposite that direction, out in an undersea
volcano, amplifying the Pleiades into this map.

Nevertheless, this formation of stars creating Taurus' head
and horns, is Hyades, V. It reminds me of Haida...kinda,
the name does.

Hyades has approximately 400 stars, there
have been approximately 423 earthquakes.

Does anyone see this? I mean this is rather
implicit to magnficational reflectability, yes?


4.3.2010 Through You to One.

It is such a strange actuality how it all happens.
you have been following along, most all of the
universal, or outer spacial aspects that have been
mapped were done so with volcanoes...but then
we got into some strange anomalies with the
earthquakes, especially mapping out The River
Eridanus by first comprehending that '69' quake.
So where does that leave us now?

We found The River Eridanus quite vividly
drawn on the Earth by earthquakes. That's
weird right? I mean first of all, before even
understanding any type of theory, that's frickin
weird. So then it is by earthquake, not by volcano.
...and we speculated this would allow 'reflective'
knowledge or capability. What is meant by that is:

it is a different FORM of the map...where one goes
into a greater fluidity from within...to the beyond.

Like the travel is more etherealLike, than the
spaces depicted by volcanoes. Perhaps it is
understood in a sense 'metaphorically' as well.
We might speculate that it is SeptagramLike,
being that the seven pointed star was pointed
out by earthquakes in the beginning. So then,
we may understand this '7' comprehension to
be somewhat EtherealWithinLike energy
comprehension...as opposed to the more
PhysicalRealityLike volcanic understandings.

But of course, it is to always know the
comprehensive interchangeability between them.

I suppose one might be able to understand this
as such, for example: the ride through Circinus
Bridge, from Earth all the way through to the
edge of Orion, is a sortof physical ethereal
preparation ride...you're cleansing your life
and your self and healing your wounds and
all others, and not hurting people, and respecting
each other, and allowing balance and magnifying
creativity and cycling this forth...in preparation for
the Orion Gateway...The Mirror...Reflection...to walk on through.......

For example, The River Eridanus can be
understood as The Milky Way, or a physical
path; 'The River' can be understood as a
spiritual path as well...metaphorically allowed
in whatever forms YOU may allow YOUR
comprehension. So you see, both are
rivers, and both can be understood in
an interchangeable way.

We did however, take a prospective leap
with River Eridanus, and created...or...followed,
rather...well, followed AND created a sortof
mythological defining of where this River went
because of the circumstances and timeframes
understood during certain aspects of time and
space that helped enlighten other aspects into
effect (which can be read from the link next to
the date 3.25.2010 at the end of this post.)

But, it is my hunch and/or theory, that The River
Eridanus might be understood in many ways,
further...it is to know though, this was a
reflective allowance, as predetermined by
The River being mapped through earthquakes,
not volcanoes. As such, one has gone in through
their own respective mirrors or reflections, to get
to THE mirror...you see, YOU KNOW there is going to
be this massive mirror, this massive reflection of your
self you are going to have to walk through...and when
you do...the cleaner it is the better, right? 'Cause then
you can see further...Hence the allowance of this River
being right at the edge of Orion AND REFLECTING
IN through Orion. So in plain terms, that bridge, The
Circinus Bridge, where one goes through Orion,
facing all their own ghosts and fears and self, and
as well, having healed to the greatest of your ability,
your existence and history; YOU, the individual, then
enter THROUGH your own reflection, strong and
balanced. This allows for the path to reveal itself
TO YOU: fluidly. As such, any and all reflective
comprehensions have been accomplished to
the greatest of their capable accomplish-abilities.
So this leaves the entire space of within OPEN TO ALLOW!

During this magnification or projection of knowledge,
Space and Earth allowed this map to elaborate into
myth for some reason. Get from it what you will, YOUR
knowledge. Look at it all like a fortune cookie, everyone
reads a same fortune from one time or another, but it
means something different to every individual. It is meant
for you to understand YOUR way. Or, if you want to understand
it for someone else, understand it THEIR way. You understand.
It is as well to know that YOUR cookie is specific to you: your
functionality, your adaptive nature, your comprehensive faculties,
it is to know yourself completely, that you may walk through yourself
completely in order to get to the other side of yourself, the within, the
without, the insideout, the outsidein, completely infinite!

So then we found a double creation...we saw drawn from a diamond
of volcanoes: The Southern Cross AND Lyra WITH one earthquake,
Eastern Turkey. One might speculate the cross symbolizing an intersection.
Whereas Lyra has its own meaning for everyone I am sure. It being a symbol
for a stringed instrument is very powerful to my own comprehensions
and meditations and creations for a particularly specific reason...

So then we found the whole Chilean earthquake dynamic.
There just had to be some sort of connection with so many
earthquakes. The strange actuality is that even though there
were so many earthquakes, the volcanoes in that area of the
world have not been very active, yet...Although we did find a
parallel: Taurus and the Hyades. During the massive quake, the
trigger quake, the 8.8, Taurus was just beneath the horizon, just
beneath the earth, at the edge of the world...which is weird. For
then, approximately 430 earthquakes later, it has revealed through
its major quakes of 6.0 or higher, this Taurean shape. Even
stranger still, is what was not shown as of yet, Pleiades, which
is a very strong marker in space and humanity for some
reason, as well as being apart of the constellation Taurus.

So we have this bridge...created in a massive map...FAST...then a
reflective mirror must be passed through in order to go further...
and then once further, there is a seemingly ENORMOUS leap from
one end of the solar system to the other...Winter Triangle to Summer
Triangle...but how might one connect them? Lyra, Southern Cross?
And in the midst of all this, we must remember, we're IN THE MIRROR,
SPACE OF ALL, which could be understood as The Womb of ALL.
Or what has been theorized even further as The SOURCE ONE;
being that of both male and female in unison, union, or individually one.
The River is allowed, and once this River is allowed, we are led to
understand that our entire galaxy IS A RIVER: The Milky Way...a
spherical river...crossing right through The Winter Triangle and
The Summer triangle. Intersections. ENTERsections.

How did this get understood? Mythology. But isn't a myth just a story? We are
all LIVING MYTHS! Our story might be told some day. It is up to us whether
we define how we understand reality to be mythological or set in stone
as the only comprehensive reality. Whose to say that those who saw
the skies two thousand years ago didn't understand it in a specific way
through their own faculties and comprehensions, AND THEN explained it
in a certain way in order to ALLOW the greatest of comprehension
to as many as would hear it.

We're all simply witnessing the story unfold AS IT UNFOLDS before our very eyes.
If we look closely enough, we will see ourselves in there...and then quite formidably
understand right through ourselves into the heart of this myth, REALITY; our individual
Being, each one of us, IN THE CENTER, our own parallel center, ALL OUR COLLECTIVE
CENTER...where we are actually One, without a doubt; where we are actually
individual, without a doubt; where we all are actually parallel, without a doubt.
AND ALL OF THIS SIMULTANEOUS. And can you imagine this knowledge INTO
parallel realities, of worlds and stars and multiverses and beyond? Can you
fathom far enough into your individual being that your energy finds itself right
in the heart of all time, space, and dimensionality...and it was always right here:

In your own heart.

We all have a path, and it is, regardless of where, on it, you might be now.

And just look at the powerful language being spoken by existence. WITHOUT WORDS!
Who made that?!?! I mean come on! Every spiritual or religious zealot might have a
different theory. And then the rest of the folks might just blow it off as SEVERE COINCIDENCE
that just keeps happening for months, right?

Without error, it means something, that we have been led to understand this parallel in such
a way. I mean think about this...what if no one said ANYTHING about these connections or
parallels...and this knowledge never even crossed your mind...and there was nothing special
about the day or earthquakes or volcanoes or eclipses or earth or space...yet...here we are
... attempting to decipher a language cultivated by EARTH and SPACE! Not by us! By the world,
by space, together, drawing a map, a path of Consciousness...to a spiritual or metaphoric or
however YOU SEE IT: River of Consciousness, perhaps that we might just simply comprehend
how to float down the river freely. Or perhaps that we might understand how to get through
those giant rapids unscathed, or perhaps so that we might understand how to become our
own River and go further into the knowledge of the River metaphor, or ENERGY: into The Ocean
with ALL the other Rivers...like our individual river is our self...or our river is The Milky Way...and the
other rivers are the other people...or the other rivers are the other galaxies...or the other rivers
are the other aliens, and The Ocean is like our Universe where all these Rivers find there way into,
or all the people and aliens find there way into, or all the galaxies find their way into, and then we're
in The Ocean Knowledge, and we're going further into comprehensive Nature...and we begin
down the paths of multiverse... and so all the other OCEANS, or all the other UNIVERSES have
a path through each other in some grand mechanism of comprehensive nature like,
Floating Space, ALL SPACE...but then we understood it to be further, like there ARE gateways
THROUGH WATER AND OUTER SPACIAL REALITY, and so then from The Ocean we are in an
even more vast definition of The One Energy, and it just keeps getting bigger, and it just
keeps expanding, and we find out the fundamentals of Dark Energy and we go even
further...and we start to comprehend the subtleties of WITHOUT and emptiness and
THAT space and go even further into the anomalies of Dark Matter, and we expand out,
and expand withIN, and we understand THE BALANCE BETWEEN VOID AND OCCUPATION:
whereas we were once only emptiness, and we are at once, all space occupied...
and once again, may be that emptiness... and we were only just a cell...we were
just a grain of sand, we were just simply a piece of stardust blowing through the winds
of Mars,
hitchin a ride on a meteor that came crashing through our world from another
galaxy, another universe, another dimension...another...reality.

...and so NOW, we are apart of the Multidimensional Circle of Understanding.

...and we're saying there are DIFFERENT DIMENSIONS RIGHT THERE NEXT TO YOU, *flash*
just like this one...and these have a parallel path to each other just like we have just described:
LIKE the river to the river to the ocean to the ocean to the space to the space...and it all
started by having a heart, a mind, compassion, and respect.

...come to find out it is JUST like the mind. It's JUST like the heart. And all those metaphors
that have been used to death and back again that comprehend anthropomorphic analogies
into the various aspects of existence...weren't because of human arrogance, but because
THEY'RE ALL CONNECTED! For you see, the veins all lead through to the heart...the nerves all
lead through to the mind...the rivers all reach forth towards the ocean...and we're simply
viewing all time, space, and dimensionality as one fluid metaphor of Truth in purpose.

4.15.2010 Cetus and Circinus.


The map that has been allowed does show two
distinct images, that being Cetus and Circinus.

Cetus Constellation

Circinus Constellation

But what is the significance of this?

First of all, why would a map be shown only to reveal part of a constellation?
Symbolism? Metaphor? For what we are seeing here is a headless Cetus.
As well, what gives? ...this headless Cetus is not reflecting! It is showing
a perspective in exactly the same way as it is shown in the skies?

Did you notice the 6.9 quake? This is the most recent earthquake
and was centered in Southern Qinghai, China near Tibet. Remember
that last 6.9 was on the edge of China, Russia, and North Korea, when
we speculated on the entire River Eridanus scenario 'reflectivity.'

So here is this other 6.9 quake. It seems only fitting that once this
earthquake had happened, we might map out this grid and see
what it tells us, yeah?

Circinus is mapped in by volcanoes once again.
Cetus is mapped in by earthquakes as a body without a head.

Circinus is the compass, the compass draws arcs and circles.
So would this be the infinite cycling bridge or simply the edge
of a continuation.

...and what's up with the headless Cetus? What is Cetus anyway?
It has been stated that in Babylonian times Cetus represented
a great sea monster of chaos...and then it was represented as
a fishdragon or a sea serpent. Some even saw Cetus as a whale
(though whales are mainly a body), yet to the mythological
character Perseus, Cetus was the monster who was going
to gobble up the beautiful maiden Andromeda for being
boasted as more beautiful than Nereides. Perseus, having
a head full of confidence after slaying Medusa (strange
parallel), noticed the gal and rescued her promptly,
whilst slaying Cetus...by perhaps turning him to stone
by use of Medusa's head. (how ironic is that!)

So we see an interesting twist of a tale being shown here
in a strange mapping of earthquakes...a headless Cetus
and a perfect Circinus as shown by the three volcanoes.

This image is a sortof rough illustration of our galaxy...it has been stated that there are appx.
five arms of our galaxy, perhaps one more on the outer edges, and our stretch along Cygnus
is called The Orion Spur. The illustration doesn't capture the intricacies of the arms, but we have
yet to get a photo from out beyond our galaxy...that we know of...there are some really cool
images out there though of what it is thought to appear like. (a barred spiral galaxy...Z!)

Milky Way Perspective

This is to simply allow perspective. The Milky Way is appx. 100,000 light years across and could be as thick
as appx. 12,000 light years. The Orion Spur, or "local spur" is appx. 10,000 light years across and is said
to be appx. 3,500 light years thick.

Below is what has been mapped throughout this journey since December. Beside each name is their
distance in light years from Earth, from shortest to longest in individual star distance.

What is shown here is The Orion Spur, a portion of Perseus' Arm, and a portion of Sagittarius' arm.

Circinus Bridge Orion Spur

The darker constellations represent what was comprehended during the "6.9" reflective period of 55 days between
2.18.2010 and 4.13.2010. Interesting how there were exactly 55 days from one 6.9 quake to another 6.9 quake.
(what is not shown are the separate paths River Eridanus mapped out...check out this link here for those.)

So what is it? Why these comprehensions? How deep does it all go? We started at the Triangulum Australe and
reached forth to Circinus. What is in Circinus that this journey once again arrives to this place. Perhaps it is through
this place. What if the whole purpose of all this was to 'love' some 'cruelty of chaos,' like Cetus, to death. Whatever
and wherever we may find ourselves, it seems that some sort of monster has been alleviated from our existence.

Though there is a path, and this path takes us in a whirling frenzy around these spaces. From our Earth to Triangulum
Australe to ESO-69-6 to Circinus to ESO-69-6 (notice the two 69's) to Orion to The Winter Triangle to Monoceros to
Rosette Nebula to Summer Triangle to Lyra to Cygnus to Crux to Circinus...and if one were to be so bold as to
actually meditate through these spaces, their being, their energy, with great fluidity and respect for these
spaces and their Selves, one might see a great many perceptions, parallel to what is happening right
before our very eyes, and behind them.

What may not appear as a circle could very well be an arc or a connective end from a beginning
in a continuous and fluid creation of Path that only seeks to allow us comprehension into ourselves.
And in this comprehension, what we may have understood as an arc first, is comprehended now
as a circle, yet only through our reflective nature could we have understood anything as such,
and take this knowledge further, beyond its own veils of illusion that have been programmed
into our psyches for millenia...it is to simply understand beyond the great barriers and sleeping
boundaries so we might awaken ourselves into a further lightness or darkness, mystery, or
healing. Does this River heal. How can it not? This River is simply magnified through our
individuality, knowledge in creativity. As our world hurts and heals, are we to simply
let go of reality and grab onto the lies of corruption and deceit? Do we run to
each other and attempt to save the masses? Do we simply understand and
accept that some moments are simply gone, and our friends and loved ones
with them? Or can we leap ahead. Is it possible to surge forward into a respect
that acquires our fluidity as it allows our fluidity simply by being: fluid.

What is this...fluid? Like water, we flow, yet with no ledge or boundary
to overcome or let go of. Our freedom is yet undefined. A virtueless
virtue. An invisible knowledge known only through perspective...and
even still...unseen by all of us, yet understood in slighting glimpses
revealed between our dreams and Seeing.

Can our minds function so far into space, in through millions of light
years beyond where we sit and reside in ourselves, from our hearts,
through our minds, between these temples that house our brains,
do we allow? Do we seek? Do we attempt respect? Who communicates
with us all as we go about our lives oblivious to this communication, and why.

I think you might know. You understand. There was a trigger there somewhere, yeah?
Some word or phrase or arrangement of pathways...just like driving down the road,
where do we go? Get the map. Ahhhhh...there's the path. But who knows how to
read our own individual maps, the Earth map to space, the space map through
Earth, the space between earth and YOU and further...

Where did you go today? Did you let go of yourself and find the way?
Did you find that path that took you to space, a million, billion miles away?
...and where did you go...you went right through your heart, from right
where you started, the cycle became you, and there is no distance
that can hold you beyond your Self, space isn't going to steal your
soul, there isn't a strength beyond your own love that will ever be
able to harm you except your own individual fear.

...but you let go of that...it does not exist. It never did. You weren't
ever really afraid, were you...you were simply waiting for your Self
to be ready to walk on air...to be the water...to be your own...free.

These paths seem to riddle our lives into depths that shake
our purpose of existence to their very core.

Sometimes these thoughts become so wound up and
complex that they result in very simple actualities.

There is an infinite river of knowledge. It will not let
go of you if this is what you seek. You may forget
about it all and create the ignorance that blinds
your individuality, or your city's, or your country's, or
your world's, but it is a thin shield from reality between
this ignorance and your love.

There are many parallels and only one.

4.18.2010 Circinus Parallel.


Parallel Circinus

4.26.2010 Mirror or Parallel or One.

latest map

(The Mirror teaser)

...it kinda makes you wonder just how many mirrors are out there.

Just one? Or as many as how many solar systems or galaxies...

...or perhaps just as many as are known, plus one.

It always projects more comprehension.

The further we attempt to understand, and request
understanding in a respective way through this
bridge, or wherever this bridge may have taken
any of us, be it other planets, or moons, or galaxies,
or stars, or our own homeland, or heart, or mind,
or a combination therewithin, or the tangents to
which we may have been drawn towards instinctually,
there is no end to the multiverse, seemingly. As long as
it might take to comprehend through every individual
knowledge out there, in here, that much more has been
exponentially expanded further...and it's only been a few months.

Yet we find ourselves just about full circle to Circinus.
I find that very interesting. The turning point. The superdynamic
spiral device thrusting us all beyond the speed of light in through
The Mirror.

Have you faced you? Or was it someone else. There's no one else.
There are a billion others, perhaps more, everyone keeps procreating
like there's a whole 'nother world to gorge upon.

Notice the storms. Look at the patterns. Watch how they parallel,
like some sort of consciousness has been unwinding into descriptive
metaphor, quite literally, right through every extreme we might understand.

Would we do this to ourselves?
Might Earth do this for us?
Another world?
Another mind?

Or is it simply us.

Has technology become conscious, organically, through
our own comprehensive projections of knowledge?

Perhaps that's how all the other aliens got 'out there' initially.
Who knows, right? It's like a maze, it's amazing. And if you
notice, if you observe, you'll see it happening everywhere.

See what?

Everything you're witnessing inside.

Inside where?

Have you not been traveling? There's a pretty clear path.
It isn't necessary to be all intense about it or anything unless
it is your goal to get intense with it, respectively of course.
Meditation can be informative or simply elegant or peaceful.
You can go places. If you're honest about it...ya know, within
yourself...it's really what the whole practice is about.

What practice?


Because check it out, if space can be accessed from anywhere,
anytime, anyplace, then it might be best that the space you're
accessing it from is cleansed of falsities. In this way, there are
no hangups. You're just fluid. Then spaces open for you, it's
like a key through you, to them...that's the real easy trick to it,
that there is no trick.


Yeah..."the spaces."

Nevertheless, The Mirror.

Imagine everything was a mirror, how might that effect reality.
Well, according to a large system of alleged, natural, planetary
movement, release, and creation, everything IS a mirror, our
whole world.

I'm somewhat interested as to why. It may seem scattered,
all the words and theories and explanations and tangents,
you're basically looking at my thoughts.

I'm just trying to keep up with it all...it sometimes takes
more time than there is to understand, and then there
are vast amounts of patience, and then suddenly, comprehension.

...and then I write it.

The Iceland Volcano was a very big release.
It feels like Earth just exhaled alot of necessary energy.

What might that tell you as a mirror.

Are our minds becoming so activated that we are building
ourselves into some sort of adaptive evolutionary being?
Or perhaps it is our 'being' that has become activated by
something beyond us, only, within us, as well.

Simultaneous existence perhaps, that has always been,
yet completely hidden from us because it was in the
one place we never looked, inside ourselves.

Think about this, when you move your arm, do you
understand how that happens, emphatically?

Most of us do not, yet we do, because guess what, your
arm moved faster than your thought. So how is that possible.

Then if we are connective with everything, being that we are
a part to the whole; that being this world or solar system or
galaxy or universe or multiverse or multidimensionality or
beyond it all infinitely, and within: then why is it so difficult
to understand that that space out there is just as it is within,
and that an individual 'energy' or 'being' could just as easily
move through that space as an electrically charged particle
as one that might go from your brain to your arm.

...and knowing that, the comprehension of a mirror becomes
much further. Especially when we are talking about a planet
and a galaxy and a universe and so on, all the way through it
all...right in through your own mind and heart, or as one being,
your spirit...like an energized being of travel, through energy,
like a lightbeing.

...it is not to confuse light with light and dark necessarily as
dualistic terms, but more like light as a definitive scale of
energy...you are being energy...you are 'light' being.
You're turned on, energized, fluid, connective,
continuous, infinite, magnified, magnifiable, magnifying.

...and this 'energy' is like a language
without words for out there, inside you.

The more you understand, the further you let go,
and the greater becomes your stability with this
as it becomes fluid within your 'being,' like the
very blood running through your veins...the veins
of energy throughout your lightbeing...which is
apart of you, and always has been.

It's like we're all being activated by our Selves.

4.28.2010 The Mirror.

Patience, oh patience, can't you heal me from your misery?
Silence is all I'm hearing from your virtuous "nonexistence."

All that we See, that could free you (and me), it's traveling
in, through space, in between, carefully, it's through your dream,
it awakens where you See your Self awakening...
and you walk through yourself, walk through yourself,
you Walk through your Self, Walk through your Self.

The Mirror, know it's Blessed, know it's Sacred, know it's all you.
The Mirror, oh it's Blessed, oh it's Sacred, oh it's all you.
The Mirror, yes it's Blessed, yes it's Sacred, yes it's all of you
In The Mirror, all are Blessed, all are Sacred, all are free of you.

Through this Winter spiral, flying faster than the speed of lightning,
Rosette petals all are shining on Her edge The Path enlightens.

This eruption guides The Path in parallel, our worlds' reflection,
Guiding through ourselves, we enter through each other, one together.

In this River Dark is Light is.
In this River Consciousness is.
In this River All is Love, Is.
In this River as One Eye is.

Summer flies, between three inside,
open through the wise, we're all parallel.
Seasons tried, between crossing tides,
as these crossroads cry, we become as One.

Circles cycling through our hearts become The River,
Love releases knowledge ever further, farther.
As we realize there's no end to understanding
Sight becomes our only path to revolution.

Right through this world we shed the blinding shadows.
Reflect the Suns and whisper Light through wind now.
Respect The Path and guide, your Self it echoes,
Reality, She opens every gate now.

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