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1.29.11 Tanna Communication.

The next occurrence was an earthquake just
beyond two islands named Mother and Father:

It's almost like a timed warning or something, a proclamation like "...on 1.8.13, they arrive."
Cetus and Dorado are pushing the rivers together. Where do these rivers meet...what rivers? The
pendulum seemingly halts them from overlapping...and Caelum bridges them. This particular river
seems to be coming from Cetus' mouth, from Ancient Fornax. Notice how in this image the dove
looks kindof like a very displeasing monster. Goliath Raven's Eye? Is this some sort of revelation into
the whole Goliath Raven's Eye, Raven's Eye scenario? Or perhaps an elaboration further into the
reasoning behind creating an energy grid that is IMMENSE compared to Goliath Raven's Eye, whilst
Raven's eye appears like a mindhat of Monoceros in Goliath Raven's Eye, Eye. It seems that it precludes
a comprehension of balance. Whereas there was this IMMENSITY OF ENERGY that was about to pour into
our world through this Solstice Eclipse, this reddened moon was aligned perfectly in Goliath Raven's Eye's
seldom alignment (for it is not aligned very often.) Was the grid allowed forth for such a purpose? We
didn't even know until it was happening, and then it had already been creating itself for a year...it just
kinda flowed right in there, and suddenly, poof, there it was, the exact opposition of Raven's Eye,
AND HUGE! It brings forth the notion that perhaps all of this has purpose. Purpose that goes much
further into fluidity than we even comprehend as it flows in through us all. Everything you do or I do,
it reveals forth further. It proclaims further, farther, understanding, and energy. What we have done
with our energies in the past, allows further these energies in the now, and as we further go into the future,
so allows this path, further, NOW. So it is to understand, and not necessarily why, but how, and how far. Yet
as limitless as we may be, our discretion is intuitively focused through great acuity as balance. This balance
is further balanced the further we go because of our experiences. And these experiences are exponential
in growth as we see fit to allow them to be created through evolutionary progression. As this progression
feeds our infinitely cycling energies, these energies feed the infinitely cycling consciousness of all. And as
the infinite consciousness of all becomes more acclimated in these experiences, the knowledge becomes
vibrant in clarity. As though you have placed a very light image of a sunrise before you. It is faded. And so you
duplicate this image and put another over it, accentuating its depths into clarity. And this is done further until
the image becomes so vibrant that the details of the entire image become fascinatingly clear. Well imagine
that the sunrise is actually the Infinite Multiverse explaining Consciousness.

Are you wondering why I wrote 1.8.13?

So am I.

Chichijima and Hahajima Islands 6.5 Centers

Above are the Centers and their initial combinations...but let us focus on the total combination below...

All these combined:

Chichijima and Hahajima Combined 6.5

Center top we see Serpens viewing into the river THROUGH VIRGO'S SHOE (Etna)! The Infinite River has been
proclaimed (upper left) in time(Horologium), through Virgo. 'Now' has connected with ALL TIME as understood
through The Mother and Father energies. The Northern Crown, Corona Borealis, is IN the upper right heart shaped
river. Hold on. Remember all the talk about the heart shapes last week.....Corona Borealis is IN the heart shaped
river of The Infinite River. What was just revealed from Mt. Etna...that Etna's eruption was quite acutely comprehended
forth as a type of menstruation, seemingly of Earth. This is getting extremely intimate, I realize, I state these actualities
with the greatest of respect. Bootes' staffs mark an 'X' right there beneath Corona Borealis on the river's edge in
Ancient Fornax. The Ancient Heart Furnace of The Infinite River is beneath The Northern Crown; beneath could
mean depth. Is this a description of the Father Energy? Whereas, Etna, was The Mother Energy? Does it speak
of Lake Taupo(the heart lake from last week.) Check out the image again... Lake Taupo, Father Energy? Yet,
it is Southern, correct? It is not Northern, Lake Taupo I mean. It is in the Southern Hemisphere(as far as Earth is
concerned, but it is in Northern New Zealand, the North Island.) Perhaps this speaks even further through this,
a proclamation into something further after this, another volcano perhaps, another ancient furnace, yet
interwoven communications with this...it fascinates me. And as far as volcanoes are concerned, they seem
like a UNION of energy, both male and female in their aspects of physicality and actions. Look at Bootes with
The Northern Crown over his SIGHT, he is SEEING THROUGH The Northern Crown, his staff is pointing to The Great
Bear FROM the crossing of The Infinite River FROM Aesculapius' Serpens at Virgo's foot, where time is between her
legs, perhaps even signalling what was depicted as a menstruational period, yet the other way around, a birth period?
Or perhaps it is signalling as male energy. A male cycle. What is a male cycle? A day? A month? As well, TIME is Phoenix
rising from the great pendulum, marked in time between Virgo's legs (the top one), proclaiming a cycle as the rising Phoenix
in the second Virgo (below), perhaps signalling another eruption will occur; and just perhaps that an eruption WAS to happen,
curiouser. Two births? Or a harmonization of Mother and Father energies BIRTHING! Ah, yes, that seems most logical. Here, we
see Phoenix as 'The Sculptor Wings of Virgo.' Coma Berenices seems to be chased into the spiral of Cetus' tail by Bootes' Hunting
Dogs. As well, above this, seemingly paralleled, Bootes' seems to be signaling forth Canes Venatici beyond Cetus' spiraling tail to The
Great Bear. Bootes', on the right, face, center right, appears darkened. (it is darkened because Cetus is holding Bootes' face. This is
actual in both Bootes' images.) Cetus is actually holding Bootes' face and the back of his neck, kindof like a baptism (did you ever see
someone get baptized?) Cetus holds The Northern Crown over Bootes' face, allowing Bootes to SEE THROUGH The Northern Crown. So
if we were to comprehend this communication even further, the next logical placement would be the submergence of Bootes in to
the heart
shaped from The Infinite River where The Northern Crown awaits him...such that his depth would be of two staffs crossing
through two Ancient Fornax'. In the upper right, Eridanus goes right through Cetus, Hercules, and Draco as ONE (the infinite strength
of the dragon and the whale combined.)

Interesting fact, Waikato River is a river that enters Lake Taupo on the northern side of the lake and exits Lake Taupo
on the south side of the lake. This is on the side of the lake that reveals a foot like shape. That which appears likened
to Isla Mocha...checkitout:

Heart Foot

The island barely visible there in the center right of the lake is Motutaiko Island.
This was triggered in the psyque due to learning of an indigenous mistletoe that
grows there. (remember all the kissing from the 6.6 Erromango and Tanna
earthquake?!) This IS an ancient lake, btw. Yes, it's weird. But, yeah, its a
parallel. Quite acurately. WHY Waikato River? Remember from last time
around, KotaKota? (sortof sounds opposite to (Wai)kato, right? The river
is separated by the lake...but it is not a separation, it is a unification, yet
as rivers go specifically, it is first Waikato River, then Lake Taupo, then it
is Waikato River again. WaikatoWaikato...KatoKato. I know...
it's weird. (notice the green lines to the right of the river in the
New Zealand image, kindof looks like Gemini, right?)


Notice the bending through Center Earth
to reveal each others' location in almost
EXACT location opposite side, South to North:
(rollover image to see the parallel.)

That looks extremely balanced.

Remember this image from last time around?
(it is the bending between Chile and Santa Catarina...)

Los Tigres


The next earthquake was in a location just
off a tiny island named Tika and a larger
island, Mare' on 1.14.2011, a 7.0 :

Tika and Mare 7.0

Let us focus on the combination of this horizon:

Between these two islands, large and small. We see Bootes IN the horizon looking into The Great Bear,
her tail, The Crown. The Great Bear, whom lies on her back in the horizon, is seemingly petting the upside
down Serpens who is hooked by Bootes' own sickle (an agricultural blade) revealing a symmetrical imagery.
Hercules is seemingly wrestling with Draco's tail, Medusa's snakes are all inside Draco, and Draco's body is
playing that tune; but Draco is headless, Cepheus as well, yet Cepheus holds the wing of Cygnus between
his legs. Ursa Minor, the little bear, is climbing up Hercules' center, wrapped up in Medusa's snakes. Draco's
tail is connected in a cycle that ends and begins quite acutely at Draco's head and back, who is two
headed, accompanied by Camelopardalis.

The Centers:

Tika and Mare' 7.0

Let us focus on the images combined together:

Tika and Mare' 7.0 Combined

In the center we see (on their back) Corvus flying Pegasus. Two Chalices (Craters) are belling in this
animation. Pisces is swimming strong and has formed a link between itself from The Moon in Aries, Leo,
Sextans and Piscis Austrinus, all the way through to Aquarius, who is even cleansed of himself. This is with
the strength of Jupiter. Aquarius cleanses Virgo off screen. Pegasus is riding Hydra and rising. This is from
Andromeda's heart, and fueled by the winds of Antlia. Pisces, as well, creates a crossing here, connecting
all the way through to Aquarius and as well, all the way through Andromeda through Sextans. Up top left
we can see Cassiopeia beneath one of the sails INSIDE Pyxis, The Compass! Lacerta views the compass
as connective from the Antlias from Andromeda...where the compass Pyxis, again, is Cassiopeia yet without
Lacerta. Cepheus prods Lacerta from The Compass beneath the sails...and Lacerta is seemingly trapped
between the sails. Centaurus is flying these two sails by the wings of Cygnus, whose staff is reaching forth to
Pegasus on her back.

There was then an earthquake in Pakistan on 1.19.2011. It registered 7.2:
(rollover image to see the enlarged waterbird, like a Thoth child!)

These Centers, Earth and Sky, reveal an extremely intense energy:

Pakistan 7.2 Combined Centers

Here we see revealed that not only is The Sun SHINING IN CANCER'S FACE, but as well has Leo with The Sun Shield, Scutum!
Capricornus is speaking with Mars IN CANCER with The Sun! Cancer reaches for Leo, but Sagittarius' cape is protecting Leo
as metaphorically parallel to The Sun and The Sun Shield! Sagittarius is shooting from Leo's Mind, Leo Minor's leg and tail, as
Leo Minor is horned of Corona Australis (The Southern Crown)! Here, the arrow is in The Great Bear's foot, and she is none
pleased with this AT ALL! For Scorpius is spiraling through her legs. It must be understood that ARA is within The Great Bear.
Indus is none pleased with Leo Minor's antics either. Indus STANDS from Lynx, who is seeing all of this through Tucana. Grus is
being trampled by Lynx without even trying. Auriga isn't even phased by it. Gemini is being pulled in by Capricornus...Pollux...
...Castor...Piscis Austrinus...Castor is under Microscopium...viewed by Cancer. Auriga is with Sculptor feeding the Piscis Austrinus
for strength...this is from (Aquarius upside down) Aquarius' dry depths within the heart of Monoceros. His cleansing of this drying
crosses Orion twice and Monoceros is feeding on this energy well from Pegasus' strong mind, who appears quite acutely aware
and interested in Equuleus' transparent proclamation from Monoceros' birth. Delphinus is diving out of the picture. Aquila is diving
out of the picture. And Hydra appears to be taking down Aquila...while Sextans is connective still through Ophiuchus, that which is
Aesculapius, yet, The Snake Holder, who only appears as an extension of Leo, protective.

Then there was another quake just above
this one four days later on 1.23.2011 in Tajikistan:

I had prepared the imagery for this one just
after it occurred, and the location changed
between then and now, south, by a few degrees.

The original image was this:
(rollover to see The Lioness, awake.)

Nevertheless, it brought my attention to this initiative:
(click image below to go to link)

Big Cats Initiative

The new and old locations
of the earthquake in Tajikistan
are shown here:

Tajikistan Changed Location

Near exact vertical difference.
As you can see below, the new
image up close appears to be a
skull cave of some sort. Perhaps,
just perhaps there is some sort of
connection between these.

(remember all the kiss imagery from
the Erromanga and Tanna 6.6 quake?
PaKIStan, TajiKIStan)
(rollover image to see the bat)
(and doesn't that center image
look like the hand print from
that movie Total Recall?)

As we can see from the horizon, above and on the right, the combination reveals
Centaurus uplifting Lupus at Sextans with Leo and connective from Hydra, who has
swallowed Circinus, with Antlia feeding energy through Triangulum Australe, and
Norma the right angle binding Hydra with Sextans. WOW! The Bird of Paradise,
Apus, is perched upon the compass Pyxis, who is open from Octans at the sails
of The Great Ship, who incidentally breathes forth Mensa, with Hydra in its belly!
All this is riding upon Pictor IN Horologium. Reticulum is seemingly spinning forth
from the wings of Columba, which are becoming the wings of Dorado! Pictor,
once again, connects this from Dorado to The Great Ship, as though creating a
loop, an infinite. This is seemingly allowed forth by the wings of Volans, which are
the wings of Canis Major (@ Sirius)! The strange Chamaeleon is perched over the
edge of The Great Ship, witnessing this. Lepus the rabbit, is as well, the legs of the
within of this mighty ship’s infinite cycling, while Monoceros and Canis Minor are
fueling forth the sails on and off screen. Musca is also there, beyond Monoceros’
tail and Centaurus’ hoove, just beneath Crux. Whereas, just above Crux we see
Hydra connective all the way through Centaurus, seriously. Just behind Centaurus
is Cancer who is wrapped in the tail of Hydra, that which is connective from Leo Minor.

The centers of this earthquake are:

Tajikistan 6.1

...but we are comprehending their combination...

Tajikistan 6.1

We'll start in the center. First we notice the staffs of Bootes crossing. One emerges from the River and goes through the
River again just after going directly through Bootes' blade, then ancient Fornax, then Bootes' mind's eye, through the River
again connects with Hercules, then the pendulum of Horologium, and finally the River again! The other staff emerges from
the mind's eye of Ophiuchus at the tail of Hydrus, through the temple of Hercules, the center of Horologium, ancient Fornax,
the River, and crosses the other staff right in through the base of Bootes' skull into the center of his throat. Caelum the chisel
covers this Bootes' mouth. His arm is the strength of the dragon Draco, that which has Columbo, making him a peaceful dragon.
This dragon carries Lepus the rabbit in its mouth, and Draco's nose extends from the dragon's tail connecting with Cygnus from
high above at Orion's kneeling within the depths of The Great Ship; that which carries The Great Bear and connects through
the bear's tail from Orion to Draco's throat...connecting to the dove. Pictor is magnified from Draco's mind like Monoceros'
Raven's Eye. This connects with Lepus, the other Draco, and Hercules who is the face of all time from his heart through his mind.
This Draco's tail connects through the loins of Hercules, whose body is seemingly morphing with Hercules revealing three legs
as such, whereas Draco's head connects with Hercules' head. Draco's elbow is on Lyra, and the Bear Cub is emerging from Lyra,
whereas this Draco seems to be cultivating great energy, stretching it forth. In the neck of this Draco dives Columba carrying
Reticulum into the depth of his belly. This Draco, as well, connects with Ophiuchus' mind's eye, who has the wings of Cygnus, Lyra
on his arm, Tucana upside down in his temple, Phoenix winging the music of Lyra at Mensa connective from Hercules, all the while
Ophiuchus carries The Great Ship upon his back and Pictor from within his mind like Monoceros' Raven's Eye. Here, Hercules parallels
his own elbow with his own knee, and there BETWEEN TIME, we see a Mighty Elephant emerging from the connectivities of Dorado,
Phoenix, Hercules, River Eridanus, and Horologium, whereas this Mighty Elephant has found the crown for Corona Borealis and has
looped through this crown as he crosses the river. To the left of this we see where Hydra connects from Ophiuchus' mind's eye and
wraps around Sculptor's triangulation. It is here we see emerging from Mensa, Serpens. Serpens' tongue is at Hercules' breast and
crossing all of Medusa's snakes. Serpens has emerged directly through the center of Reticulum to reach Hercules, who is seemingly
the heart and mind of time. He carries the crown at his side, that which Horologium's pendulum swings through, and that which the
Mighty Elephant's trunk has allowed forth in comprehension all the way through to the center of the pendulum, that which rides the
river's center. For you see, from Vega up above right, Dorado the Whale connects forth to the loins of Hercules, and the nose of this
whale is Caelum, simultaneous to being the Mighty Elephant. And so there is fluidity when it is necessary, and there isn't when it is not
necessary. In the center once again, we see Bootes, and the crown is at his neck. The Phoenix flies from Arcturus at one thigh, and the
River emerges from his other. He carries time upside down, that which is all we have described through Hercules. He stands on the shoulder
of Ophiuchus, who has Virgo in his mind and heart while Tucana is one side, and Phoenix is on the other connecting with Serpens. He emerges
from the belly of Cetus, that which crosses Virgo. And a 'goatied' Serpens arises, Seeing forth from Ophiuchus through the River, the hilt of
Bootes' sword is in his mind, and he has as well emerged through the mind of Phoenix. He tickles Bootes' with his tongue, who is carrying
Ancient Fornax, and is looking into Ancient Fornax. Bootes' blade cycles through the stars of Ancient Fornax and through his own stomach,
watching frame after frame come through faster and faster, illuminating further. Canes Venatici, Bootes' hunting dogs, they have crossed
the river, and Coma Berenices wraps around Sculptor's chair. One of Bootes' hunting dogs is at the foot of Virgo begging. Virgo reaches
down and covers the mouth of Orion's game's carcass, who reaches forth to the beginning of the river. And Orion, barely visible from the
brilliance, kneels at the foot of Bootes. Orion's chest, it crosses with Virgo's chest, and they have emerged from Cetus' belly, they are within
The Great Bear, whose tail is the leg of Bootes, whose other leg is the beginning of the river. Here, Cetus' arm is connective from a leaping
rabbit at the tail of Ursa Major. And Lepus is in the river, jumping from the hunting dogs who go the opposite way, unseeing, who bite at
Canis Major (off screen) and Ursa Minor (on screen.) Coma Berenices connects all of these while Draco's tail crosses them all at the hilt
of Bootes' sword...and it keeps goin.

The next quake was in Pulau Lasia, Indonesia, and was, as well, a 6.1:

Pulau Lasia 6.1

Notice how this quake, a 6.1 like the last (a parallel),
appears similar to the Erromango and Tanna quake:

Parallel Mirror

THAT.....is amazing. This is the same vicinity as that
devastating earthquake in December 2004. This
earthquake happened just as I finished writing
what I have been working on for many days.
It is a communication I found...you'll see.

Now. This particular earthquake, all
these centers combined, reveals this:

Pulau Lasia 6.1 Combined

We begin at Monoceros who is the wings of The Eagle, she leaps as a shield, is connective from Vulpecula(the fox) and
connective through Serpens. Vulpecula is watching Cygnus inside Cancer as Delphinus leaps from Cygnus' eye, Hydra
slithers through Cancer, and Lyra. It appears they are cycling Cancer, who seems to be crawling down as Hydra blocks
Cancer's way. There is a second Monoceros who strengthens the first. Together or separately, they both are shielded in
their leaping, together or separately they both have the wings of The Eagle. To their right we see Canis Major with Sirius at
Mercury at the cloak of Sagittarius. He leaps from The Great Ship, and is under the wing of The Great Eagle Monoceros.
Now if you look closely you can see that Sagittarius is shooting a cross of Lepus and Canis Major right into his own depths.
Where the heart of a horse would be, the loins of a man would be, or the combination therewithin is The Sun and Mars and
Capricornus shining brightly...two horns in his back. Stretched from his actual loins is Aquarius, and he is under Microscopium
in The Great Ship. Whereas at the edge of this Great Ship, center right bottom, we see Capricornus emerging as well, The
Sun shining brightly at Mars, Capricornus posing upon Equuleus mind's eye, Equuleus' face at the bottom of Capricornus'
heart. Here we see Delphinus leaping from The Sun into Aquarius where Hydra emerges to connect with The Great Eagle.
We see from cycling, emerge cycling further...and the eagle connects to Monoceros' and the shields, and the spiraling
Serpens, where from Orion kneels...at the shields...and he even kneels from himself. Orion is the arm of Ophiuchus, whereas
his other arm is Taurus' horn...who crosses in great strength, Serpens. Venus is in Lepus at Orion's game's carcass, and
Sagittarius is shooting Lepus,whereas the game's carcass dangles on his face. To the right we see Scorpius crawling
across Sagittarius' belly, and crowned with Corona Australis around his own belly. This Scorpius comes from Columba,
the dove, and is peaceful. It crosses the beginning of the River to connect with the spiraling of its own tail while balancing
The Balances of Libra. The River runs through this and The Balances are both in and out of the center between The River,
and balanced perfectly. One is held within Ara, the other, the body of Scorpius. Taurus helps hold the balance with her hoove.
We see Scorpius' tail spiral, in parallel to this hoove and connective from the other Scorpius across Taurus' face who now has
horns like a gazelle. Ophiuchus is here, and crosses Serpens with The River. This is where Ophiuchus crosses himself diagonally,
and his leg is his arm, and this cycling builds further, whereas his mind is from his heart, and his arm, the mind of Hercules with
Serpens as his voice. From Scorpius does connect through Serpens, another Balance smiling, yet appearing like a hoove,
and this is a mirror parallel to Taurus' hoove. These all connect to Auriga whose sight is half in Taurus and half out of Taurus,
yet whose body is the same. And Serpens goes right through them connecting to another Auriga, cycling further at Lynx.
Taurus' horns connect to Gemini's arm and thighs. And Hercules is in the mind of Taurus. Auriga is looking in the heart of
Hercules. The second Auriga hangs from Hercules' loin cloth into Lyra, that which Cancer crawls from. Auriga's arm is
connective with Castor's mind and Pollux' heart. And Lynx is standing on Cancer as Cygnus reaches Cancer's greatest
depths on the back of Vulpecula who stands upon Gemini, who dangles from Gemini whereas Canis Minor is within Pollux'
legs, and under the wing of the eagle. And Gemini sits upon the shoulders of Ophiuchus; and Gemini is under the wing
of the eagle; and Hydra tickles the neck of the eagle...and its all from Monoceros' Running Wind.

As I began finalizing this batch of work we had
another earthquake in Iran, a 6.0, 1.27.2011:

The image you see in the picture below is an extreme
closeup of the location in the image below that. In this
one we see a Dragon or Bat face:
(rollover image)

In the image below we see another Bat:
(rollover the image to see the Yoda Bat)

The horizons are South and SouthWest with a fairly parallel distance. We see in this combination of horizons, up in the
Sky, Capricornus with Mars and The Sun shielded and shining brightly right at the edge of Serpens' spiraling tail and
looking through Microscopium, that which is just above Sagittarius' head, whose cloak is in Mercury and Piscis Austrinus
swimming off the screen. Sagittarius aims for Indus with the help of Grus at the edge of Corona Australis. Indus is quite
literally on his head balancing quite parallel to Microscopium and Capricornus, and quite literally ON the horizon. Indus
is connective in a wide angle with Ophiuchus, who has the body of Sagittarius within his own, while the tail of Sagittarius
covers his hand and Serpens. The tail of Scorpius is spiraling through his mind right 'round his featherdress. Whereas
Pavo is inside the body of Scorpius who crawls along the edge of the horizon going through all of Pavo's eyes and
cycling cleansing. One of Libra's balances is paralleling Pavo's eyes, whereas Lupus is being held up affectionately in
the body of Pavo, being cleansed forth as well with Octans connective from Centaurus' heart through The Wolf's body,
whereas Apus, The Bird of Paradise sits upon Centaurus' shoulder quite literally. Ara the altar holds within it Tucana in this
scenario and upside down is Ara this day. Centaurus hoove prods the snake Hydrus on this path with Circinus and
Triangulum Australe paralleling multidimensionally Norma's angles, quite literally. That was the horizon.

Iran 6.0 Centers

These centers of course are for reference to the Great Combination of this
earthquake. Notice though, Pyxis The Compass in the center of Earth...powerful.

Iran 6.0 Centers Combined

So we begin with Pyxis, The Compass. It appears to be opening from itself at the wings of Cygnus who is powering through
the Air Creator Antlia. Cygnus flies harmoniously with the spiraling of Hydra and speaking forth this energetic knowledge to
Vulpecula through Hydra's path like a river. At this space is combined further with The Eagle connecting Vulpecula (the fox)
and Cygnus in a figure eight infinity of Hydra! And yet, Cygnus even crosses its cross with itself to elaborate this even further!
Cygnus' wing holds up LYRA, and at the edge of Crater, The Chalice! Whereas Aquila, The Great Eagle, has its wings spread
down below, Sextans is his body, through Hydra's head and another Aquila (center bottom!) Ophiuchus is in our lower right
corner, his head from his nose up is shielded by Scutum the shield, Cancer is protected behind the shield, behind his head,
and on one side (left) Leo is seen walking upside down through Cancer to Canis Minor, and on the other side, above Scutum,
at Hercules' strength is holding back Medusa's snakes. Hydrus' tail distracts Medusa's snakes back with the help of Leo who is
walking at the edge(right) one leg in Crater The Chalice, one leg out. And the entrance to The Chalice IS SEXTANS! Vulpecula
stands at the edge of this viewing, and looks back towards Sirius and The Sun. Sextans connects forth with Hydra in its infinite
looping and connects Hercules to the other Chalice! This parallels Leo's one leg being in The Chalice and one leg being out of
The Chalice. Here, Draco eats the snakes of Medusa, helping Hercules. And Lyra is prominent on the wing of Cygnus! In the
upper right corner we see Corvus who is within the body of Centaurus as Draco appears to be communicating through
Hydra here as its voice, that which is the voice of Corvus within Draco from between the legs of Centaurus, and all this
loops as Hydra's spiraling body around Cepheus, The King, who connects with Cygnus' wings, who is the sails of The
Great Ship! Here we see veiled, Lacerta crawling up the sheeted sail transparency. And The Great Ship has doubled in
size, and has two eyes, and appears stronger than ever, like a Stretching Spiral Vessel. The King Cepheus rides within this
vessel and creates a right angle with Pictor as Cassiopeia at Chamaeleon who emerges from Dorado (upper left corner.)
Here we see revealed that Pegasus IS THE BODY OF THE GREAT SHIP! Her wings are Volans' wings going one way, and
Columba's wings going the other way! Her legs are galloping the sails into great flight! We see a second Pegasus emerging
from the first Pegasus as well! The legs as such emerging from the first Pegasus' mouth and neck....for they are an extension
of each other, stretched. At this intertwining location we see Aquarius who cleanses out from this connectivity at Canis Major.
At Aquarius' heart is the dove Columba flying through an amazed Pisces. Aquarius isn't just fluid here though, he connects
further perfectly, with the other Aquarius, arm to arm through the heart of Monoceros! This Aquarius pours forth this cleansing
IN PERFECT PARALLEL with Monoceros' spiraling horn, seemingly riding from the edge of Monoceros' entire back. Canis Major
helps Aquarius with this, connecting from Pegasus to Aquarius, whereas the tail of Canis Major connects through the chin of
Pegasus through to Equuleus who rides the mouth of The Great Ship. Just beyond this edge we see Delphinus leaping into The
Great Ship...and this just beyond Equuleus in a perfectly harmonized empty space at the edge of Monoceros' hoove petting
Equueleus cranium. Aquila, The Great Eagle, spreads his wings in the center, Monoceros as his body, and Hydra crossing
Monoceros...from her heart to Aquarius through these wings has this allowed. And at The Sun shining brightly is Capricornus
crossing Canis Minor, Aquarius cleansing, Monoceros' running, Lepus leaping, at Mars. And in the center of the void of
imagery do we see Delphinus the dolphin leaping into the great space beyond, Antlia above him at the tail of Vulpecula,
looking like another planet...stars in its eyes...

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The Bigger Picture is An Infinite Meditation.

May Light Be Your Shadow.

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