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2.9.11 Thor's Compassionate Hammer.

We then had a quake in the region
bordering between India and Myanmar(Burma.)
It measured 6.4 and occurred on 2.4.2011...
this location is nearest Myene, and the
River Chindwin. Notice what parallels
this place:

Myene and Mayen

The nearest village to this earthquake on the map is Myene (of Myanmar, sounds like MAYAN MAR), and parallel to MAYEN...
MYENE...MAYEN...MAYAN? ...hmmmmm. Thor's Hammer? Goodness, that sounds a bit, well, alarming, yes? The actual
pronunciation in the native language sounds like MAYA•MA. The Mother of Maya? Maya Mother?

One such tangent this could illuminate is the Scorpion Goddess of The Mayan (Mother Scorpion.)
This is understood to be the constellation Scorpius. Descriptions of this space have been explained
from The Mayan perception as such, "On, the December solstice sun will be found in the
band of the Milky Way. We can call this alignment between the galactic plane and the solstice meridian.
This is an event that has slowly converged over a period of thousands of years, and is caused by the precession
of the equinoxes. The place where the December solstice sun crosses the Milky Way is precisely the location
of the "dark~rift in the Milky Way...'Xilbalba' be' ~ the road to the underworld."
In the Popul Vuh, it was known
as the "Black Road." (incidentally, this is around the 3rd Ascension in The Infinite Meditation.) It is understood that
once access is gained to the underworld, then the Heart of Sky becomes accessible.

(Authentic Maya)

In Hindi, Maya means 'dream,' 'illusion,' or 'enchantment.' As well, the mother, Maya, was the mother of Buddha Shakyamuni,
known as The Awakened One, founder of Buddhism. Appx. 89% of the population of Myanmar is Buddhist. In 1989 the name
of the country was changed from Burma to Myanmar by their government. In Burmese, Burma is known as Myanmar, as
explained previously pronounced Maya•Ma', or its "synonym" Bama, pronounced Buh•Ma'. There have been early recordings
of the name deriving from the spelling Mirma or Mranma, as well. Bama could have derived from Brahma. Whereas they may
have originally comprehended themselves as Biamma, known in Hinduism as Bianma, The Great Cosmic Spirit. (otherwise known
as Great Cosmic Spiritualists.) Their legend speaks of their people coming to their land from Four Brahmas. (Brahma meaning highest,
or superior
.) These states of being were to be practiced in meditation as loving kindness, compassion, joy with others, and equanimity.

Mran means 'horse' in the Myanmar language. mar means strong or solid.
Myan means 'fast,' or 'quick.' This would signify a fast, strong, spiritually sound
people. (I say this of horses because of their great strength and solid capability.)

Isn't it interesting knowing that, yet, comprehending forth an assimilated parallel via Earth and Space as
an imagery depicting Thor's Hammer! Think of the implications that arise from such a communication.
Now, what has the capability to have the ultimate equatable compassion and the simultaneous
fortitude of IMMENSE energy in the same breath, such as thunder and lightning; The Goat that is
The Horse; The Hammer that is Compassion?

Did we not just witness this with Cyclone Yasi!?
Category 5 Storm. No deaths. 7 children born.

Powerfully destructive, yet only wielding life.

How might that translate into meditative practices as understood through projective meditations
you might ponder...it is to understand with the greatest of your illuminated frequencies of being
this FORCE; defend yourself, yes, if there are those who seek to harm you, but do not seek to cause
harm to another. I know how difficult this may seem to you. Magnify energy, yes, but do not seek to
destroy another. Aim for the balance. Allow forth with the greatest of your imagination the ultimate
purpose of strong action such as the metaphoric use of Thor's Hammer to illuminate BALANCE in a way
that most applies to the necessity of the circumstance...which will always be balance. Balance will always
be the cycling of balance. This we know, for it comprehends itself forth without error as such. Some might
say Ouroboros. Some might say The Double Triangle of Solomon. Some might say The Infinite and Infinitesimal Cycle.

It is not a valid purpose to cause pain and suffering. Everyone already suffers, and most everyone already
knows pain. Cause BALANCE. Seed Truth. Strike HEALING! It is the reversal of a virus. Be vigilant, prepare your
daily existence with great exhuberance, yet allow your passion driven from the core of love. Become through
the mirror
and heal yourself, then the other, and let them go. We witness pain and suffering causality already:
Manipulation, coercion, degradation, war, oppression, suppression, it goes on and on. People are starving for
healing everywhere. WHY! Let those who attempt to strike you down know the unyielding power of the force
of LOVE; that love that heals you, that love that always strengthens you, that love that THEY TOO HAVE A NECESSITY
FOR, The Hammer of Thor, in this grand metaphor, is to know love beyond suffering as your healing weapon for
the balance of ALL. The eventuality of what shall be is much further than how this surface lies between us. For
you see, love is not just a whimsy of euphoria, it is as well the strength of The Entirety creating. Every creation is
a symbiosis of this love, yet SAME, for you are birthed of this love. Everything is. The battle everyone wages upon
each other is against themselves. Sure, some are more aggressively violent than others, some seem harmless and
quaint, but it is the grandest of civility in the greatest of chaos that would see through to the balance; that which
is already understood from the depth core of The Inifinite and Infinitesimal Union. Love is already everywhere.
The fight against love seems a lazy attribute to this reality's sleeping mentality; that premise being it is easier to hate.
But if you like to hate, you love it, which is a paradox by its very definition. The problem with that is it becomes a
program eventually instead of a device of the apathetic; and one which may deprogram your love as well, or
perhaps just rearrange it to a degree of fogginess that is uncomfortably mute to its own communication due to
the lack of love...you see, it is like Ouroboros. The Insincerity People become likened to mindless drone robots or
slaves to the hate machine instead of a FORCE of love. It isn't to say that love is the end all emotion only. It is to
simply understand that everything, all emotions, birth from love. Just realize this if you get anything from these
words, the path of love never isn't. LOVE IS ALWAYS, and through everything.

...and if you do come across a relentless machine masquerading through reality,
use your best judgement, they have no emotion anyway...unless of course
that which most do not know is even further unknown beyond the unknown
into an even greater paradox than itself...an emotional machine...

...and moving on...

India and Myanmar Border Region 6.4

This combination is to be understood same, but greater depth. 88.8km is this earthquake, and it provided a river and
an ocean. Like a vein to the heart (from heart.) As you can see, that horizon reveals Pisces, Sculptor, Pegasus, Equuleus,
and Piscis Austrinus combined in their collective to pour forth with Aquarius, whose new moon is in the total Heart Center
of Aquarius and Grus, connective with Indus and Capricornus and Pavo, Sun and Mars to pour forth Aquarius to
Phoenix, who has ridden the horizon and seemingly dives forth into the depth of this pouring now. Mercury is just
between Capricornus and Pavo. Microscopium is simply of itself here, and Aquila is riding with Sagittarius. As for
these centers, their combinations individually reveal quite a bit. SouthWest is the ocean, it shows Taurus between
the legs of Ophiuchus, RIDING in the arms of Ophiuchus, with Aries on his face connected with Hercules who is
connective with Cetus. Taurus is quite literally riding the snake Serpens of Ophiuchus. This Ophiuchus' leg is connected
to Auriga's leg which reveals Sagittarius shooting upside down from Auriga's heart with Corona Australis upon his head.
Sagittarius is connected from Lynx who is connected to Capricornus, who is connected to Camelopardalis who is
connected with Aquila, barely on screen, totally off screen. Camelopardalis stands in the shield, as does Perseus'
lower abdominal area, whereas Perseus' head is covered by Aquila's tailfeathers. Perseus carries Medusa's head
which is connective from Serpens spiraling up his arm next to Andromeda's foot and Triangulum. Just beyond
Taurus on the left side Orion kneels with Libra and Scorpius, upholding like a circus act. Here we see Monoceros
connecting to Lupus (and Centaurus) connecting to Orion. Virgo is just off the edge as is Lepus. Norma's right
angle is balancing from the top of Monoceros pointing to Canis Minor. Triangulum Australe peers in at the edge
of Cancer, while Ara is burning from Gemini at Pavo next to Telescopium. The other Centers on the right reveal
Taurus from Libra whispering in the ear of Lupus creating a small grid between Ophiuchus' legs, whereas Scorpius'
tail spirals forth up Orion's arm around his nose and lower face. Orion kneels from Ara, and the river runs through
the tail of Lupus The Wolf beyond Circinus. He is from Pavo with Canis Major and Indus above them connective
with Monoceros who speaks The Southern Crown from between Sagittarius' legs who shoots the crossing of
Orion and Sagittarius' Arrow, Canis Minor as one leg, Sagittarius shoots from Pollux, and Castor holds the shield.
They are at the edge of Venus. Auriga is the looping crown of Serpens connecting with Lynx and Aquila, whereas
Lynx is mind to mind with Ophiuchus at Camelopardalis on his shoulder.

These Centers Combined:

Border Centers

Oh my. O.K. Let's start at Sagittarius center left top. He is shooting in unison with Auriga's reins, Orion's club, and his own arrow, from
Castor's leg, whose arm connects with Pollux' leg at Scorpius. Sagittarius is scoped by Telescopium right in his stretching arm. Scorpius'
tail spirals right along with Orion's arm harmoniously, and Orion kneels into The Wolf; and from the second Orion, the club covers the
first Orion's face, and Monoceros' head is between this Orion's legs where he kneels, her horn in his belly, and Ara is pouring forth from
this union with Pavo's thousand eyes, dressing Monoceros' back in feathers. Crossing triplicitly right at Orion's side is Pollux' leg, Telescopium,
and Norma (the right angle.) A serious alignment! Here we see Canis Minor VERY alert, seemingly coached on from Canis Major who
voices from within Triangulum Australe! Pollux holds in his lap Ara The Altar, and it pours forth Monoceros upon Canis Minor who is
dualistically crossed by Monoceros, who is, again, dressed of the feathers of Pavo! We see Canis Minor here as well, dressed in
Pavo's feathers! (could this be a remnant imagery of the birth of those two simultaneous births!? You gotta love Earth! Beautiful!)
Canis Minor is in Sagittarius. Monoceros is crossing Sagittarius as well, her horn going through Sagittarius' belly right at Castor.
Monoceros, right at The Rosette Nebula, is crowned by Corona Australis, The Southern Crown! The upper left corner, looking like
a strange fish kisser is Cancer crossed by Indus and Apus, The Bird of Paradise. At Sagittarius' cloak he is connective with Lynx,
whose eyes are Aquila's tailfeathers, and Lynx speaks into Sagittarius' belly, whose body is shielded by Scutum The Shield! The
Southern Crown is balanced between Pollux and Castor who are held by Sagittarius' front legs, and Castor is shielded as well.
We see Auriga's face in the stomach of Castor and shielded! We also see Sagittarius shooting the arrow and Auriga's reins
parallel to Castor's bending knee. This parallels their forearms who are as well similar in their stance and connected in strength.
Sagittarius is shooting off the edge of Auriga's Goat's two kids! (it's got to be a parallel to that simultaneous birth! So powerful!)
And what is the tip of the arrow? VENUS! So powerful! The top right is Lynx facing down vertically with the wings of Aquila and
the tail of Serpens from Ophiuchus, which spirals up from Auriga's mind! This Lynx connects from the other Lynx in a powerful
angle! Whereas the cape of Sagittarius is connecting between Serpens, Auriga's Goat, and Lynx. This Lynx has the tail feathers
of Aquila as well of his eyes. He speaks The Shield, Scutum, and two legs of Camelopardalis into Ophiuchus' mind, whose torso
is the body of Perseus, Medusa's head upon his own shoulder. Yet, Auriga is seemingly emerging from Ophiuchus' belly! And
Auriga's Goat is in Ophiuchus' heart! The other Ophiuchus' Serpens' tail covers Ophiuchus' mouth and nose like an oxygen mask.
And the shield covers Auriga's face and Ophiuchus' right shoulder. Serpens' tail emerges right through Auriga's Goat. And the
other Camelopardalis sits upon Triangulum, her legs standing upon Perseus' shield. Perseus' body is the torso of this Ophiuchus
as well. Yet, Taurus is the lower half of this Ophiuchus' body! And Aries climbs forth from Ophiuchus' neck, striping his face, and
shielding his mind's eye. Taurus' horns emerge from between Ophiuchus' legs, two legs and two horns in a four dimensional
stance. We see in the center of our image Taurus' horn crossing with another Taurus' horn forming a diamond. Aries connects
from Ophiuchus to Hercules. Spiral to spiral. Cetus is emerging from Hercules with Triangulum in his mouth and Virgo's legs around
his head, and Serpens connects to Virgo from Ophiuchus. Centered in the bottom we see Aries holding The Balances of Libra
upside down with Serpens at her back. This Libra is within Taurus, and Taurus eats from another Libra's Balances from Scorpius'
claw and Orion's hand, while The Wolf's mind pushes the scales further as Taurus speaks to The Wolf. Centaurus is seen here
reaching for the scales, Lepus on his body, Virgo through his mind, whose foot is in Cetus' mouth. Lepus' tail connects from
Circinus. And River Eridanus runs from Orion through The Wolf's tail, Lepus' body, and Centaurus' heart, seemingly extending
all the way down and around Cetus and Virgo. Whereas these scales are as well of The River, Orion kneeling from his own
river, IN the river! These Libras do cross here. It seems lovely at Taurus' hoove and Aries' leg. Scorpius crosses Scorpius from
Ophiuchus' leg and Taurus' horn, and the spiral of Scorpius' tail is Orion's arm and crossing Lupus The Wolf; and the other
Scorpius' tail spirals up to Sagittarius' shooting this crossing of Scorpius; and four horns are crossed in this center.
The complexity is mind boggling.

We must remember this is a large river crossed in order to reach the Ocean.
Take a look at the imagery fading in and out. Focus on what has your attention
sincerely and intuitively. See what this reveals to your understanding. Understand
it further. You are endless remember. You are an Infinite Cycle of comprehension.

You see, it understands you further. As do you, this.

The Chindwin River is the largest tributary of the
Ayeyarwaddy River (the 'Mother River') of Myenmar.
The Chindwin winds around from the area of this
earthquake, south, traversing through some fairly
interesting and beautiful locations. One such area
is known as the lake of Spirulina, Twin Daung Lake,
which is either an extinct volcanic crater or the site
of a meteor hitting the Earth, in a location named
Monywa. This naturally created lake produces Spirulina
in such abundance that "no organisms can survive to
pollute the waters.
" This location is near to the center of
Myanmar, Mandalay...this is in the heart center of Myanmar...
sounds like mandala, which means CIRCLE in Sanskrit.

Sri Yantra Mandala:

Sri Yantra

Sri, meaning radiance,
Yantra, meaning visual mantra
(literally meaning mind tool, a sacred utterance),
Mandala, meaning circle.

It could perhaps be understood simply as:
The Glowing Spoken Visualization Circle,
or The Illuminating Vibrational Circle or
The Circle of Sacred Vibrational Magnification,

you get the point...powerful, illuminated, sacred,
vibrational balance.

There was another quake on the 7th of February nearest
three islands named Bougainville, Shortland, and Mono, 6.2...

Shortland was once named Alu Island.
Mono Island is the largest of the Treasury Islands.
(I read an article about three American aircrafts
being ditched in 1943 during the war, and these
7 airmen were helped and hidden by the natives
of Mono Island, click here to read.)

Bougainville is famous for battles in World War II. As well, some have noted the parallels to
the movie Avatar. THIS, I found quite interesting. If interested I would suggest reading up on
this at your leisure here -> it is a pretty good read. It explains with fairly articulate clarity some
pretty strong parallels between the movie and the reality. But try to understand that there is a
living consciousness developed everywhere in existence. It didn't just happen last week or a
hundred years ago. Forever has this been and evolving does this communication progressively
allow. I had a series of epiphanies during the creation of Freedom Movie 3. I kept watching reruns
of this fairly recent scifi series as I was creating the movie. I had never seen them before. When
creating an animation you deal with frames, like 30 per second. That's thirty images a second,
potentially, of evolution. I kept seeing exact patterns of what I had created just prior to the episode
I was watching. This happened over and over again throughout my entire watching of this series. It
was empowering to witness. I documented alot of it, picturing the parallels, it helped me prepare for
the Every 7 parallels without even knowing it. It is comprehensions like this that are only possible when
trusting your intuitive nature. Very easily could I have simply stated, "that's just a coincidence," over and
over again, and eventually just lost touch with my own instinctual center. Instead I followed that path
and allowed it to evolve as my adaptations allowed forth their communicative understandings as such.
I didn't know why or how it could happen, and often I wondered if this occurred with big movie producers
or directors or actors and actresses. I started to witness energy creation emerge from the screen, that which
I had just created, yet had already been created, that which I had yet to witness. Serious time differentiation.
As though you are riding a wave of energy from within you, from within pure Consciousness, and this wave of
knowledge and energy is already fluid...and apparently has already been ridden...and is seemingly a continuous
wave as necessity to its comprehensive existence in a prominent reality. It is like an infinite cycle of allowance.
Perhaps that particular wave was simply one portion of a larger wave, that which has become an immensity
wave. Just understand that the interwovenness of necessary energy in its plight of honest purpose (for the lack
of a better description) is everywhere anywhere capable with you, through you, such that you are open to its
divulgences. I wanted to know deeper: love, depth, balance, harmony, energy creation, unification, integrity;
and through these, The Great Mysteries, the unknown, the psychadelically meandering powers of the infinite
MAGNIFIED into a harmonized clarity of undeniable love and great fervor! I wanted to understand how to bring
energy to me and you, naturally. So all these miniscule little intricacies began to unfold before me. It's like a
metaphor of what was just explained with the animation frame count of one second...in other words...really fast.
So fast was it that I was learning as I was creating the energy knowledge, that which already existed. I wanted to
understand how to understand, so I created the creation of the learning of the understanding. If you go back and
listen to any of the songs on the website you will understand them much deeper still. This is how they were created.
They were all created evolutionarily progressive in such a way that they would unfold further and go deeper still with
a greater clarity; it does allow this understanding further: your understanding. What you seek to understand. What you
need to comprehend from within. That which is the necessity to all evolutionarily comprehensive minds: to know how to know.

Bougainville Shortland Mono 6.2

The combinations are getting incredibly articulate at this point.

3 Islands Horizon

The Center Skies and Center Earths are listed here:
(sky left, earth right)

3 Islands Centers

These combinations can be seen in this movie.

(these combinations are getting incredibly
articulate, such that explanation is better
suited with so many, individually.)



SouthWestSouth Centers reveal Aesculapius (Ophiuchus and Serpens) crossing River Eridanus from a laying Cetus
in Pisces from The Moon and Venus. The Northern Crown is edged in the river. Hercules is edged of Fornax laying
down, arm in the river. Bootes shoulders the river with a laying Lepus, yet from Bootes' Hunting Dogs and Coma
Berenices(the sacrifice.) Aesculapius faces a laying Virgo and a laying Taurus. Orion is kneeling from Bootes leg
through Virgo's center crossing. Virgo is connective at her toes and at Taurus' horn and hoove and face, this
offering . Taurus is weighing Cetus and Aries. Scorpius climbs upon Pisces, Ophiuchus, and Libra. Triangulum is
from The Wolf's eye and ear pointing to a leg of Scorpius. And Scorpius' tail spirals around Andromeda's arm at
the edge of Sagittarius. Centaurus holds up Medusa at The Wolf, spearing Andromeda's leg through this Wolf
from Perseus. This spear comes from Auriga, who is reigned from Corvus!



Here we see our Aesculapius with Healer's paint on his face, yet Lepus' ears! Aesculapius carries the river as such,
just as our horizon communicated forth The Great Bear carrying The Great Ship whilst sailing The Great Ship, so is
the flight of our Aesculapius. The River and Serpens harmonize through Aesculapius; Serpens from The Infinite, and
The River from The Shield Scutum at the pendulum of Horologium. Orion is crowned by The Northern Crown, yet
parallel to his strength of the club, for Orion is kneeling from Hercules' laying at Monoceros' horn! It appears that
Serpens is wearing the 'death shroud' by Orion. Hercules' feet have crossed that of Pollux'. Orion's club combines
connectivity with Bootes' staff at Bootes' shouldering of this. Bootes' peers the beyond at Castor. Auriga's reins
are from Bootes' heart, sitting from Bootes' lap. Bootes' staff is from the horn of Taurus! All the way from the center
of Taurus' mind's depth (37 taurus.) We see a Virgo laying one leg from Taurus' leg, and one leg from Aries' leg, with
a Medusa in her center. Perseus is masked in this Virgo! Andromeda's leg is cutting the circulation to this Virgo at
Triangulum. Pisces witnesses this from within Hydra at Corvus. Pisces is connective from Centaurus' heart at The
Moon, this parallel imagery comprehensive action. He lifts The Wolf esteemed in the spiraling of Cetus laying
from Norma's right angle, Scorpius is crawling across his belly, and Libra is balancing his meditation at the leg
of Aesculapius.



Northwests reveal the intertwining of our Aesculapius and Taurus. Auriga is one leg of Aesculapius, while
Scorpius is the other leg of Aesculapius, connective (now check this out!) all the way from Monoceros on
the upper left corner, through Norma (PERFECTLY) to Orion's club at Scorpius' tail. Perseus, on our right,
stands at the edge of Serpens between Ophiuchus and Auriga. Aesculapius muscles Medusa with
Andromeda on his shoulder and the strength of Aries upon our Serpens at the voice of Triangulum.
That which speaks through to Hercules from Pisces from Serpens! Bootes lays from within the
standing Cetus in Pisces in The Moon, with Pegasus' wings at The Northern Crown combined
of them. Cetus is at the leg of Virgo, that which straddles The River Eridanus. She is laying next
to The Ancient Furnace Fornax, that which fuels her center, Corvus' wings are cleansing in the
river at Hydra. Orion kneels forth with the greatest of respect and humility, this adoration and
healing property from The Wolf, that which Lepus the Rabbit carries CenTaurus to reach the
heart of Orion. What a powerful story these three scenes create from one action.

It is best to understand yourself beyond the illusions
created by others, that which you understand to be
the most necessary action for you to evolve with balance.
It is the infinite key to all understanding, and the loophole
through all illusion. So soon you will
comprehend that it matters not what anyone says
or does anymore, for the infinite path has become
an evolutionary cycle of knowledge, and all that
is necessity, becomes clarity; while all that is
not necessity, dissolves into nonexistence.

The Bigger Picture is An Infinite Meditation.

May Light Be Your Shadow.

Every 7

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