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2.22.11 Blessed Communication (C).


These are various images of religious or energetic proclamation from around the world and time.
Notice the vast similarities in their imagery as magnifying forth light, flight, magnification, emanation,
balance, fluidity, harmony, complexity, integrity, power, strength, courage, compassion, and stability.
There is no symbol or God or Goddess left out or put in on purpose except to exemplify this parallel.

Gods and Goddesses and Symbols

I have come to a comprehensive understanding of Mother Energy. This may seem controversial or perhaps a bit difficult to release your
beliefs to, but it is what I have understood as The Path that has Been Allowed. We are all creatures of birth. We are birthed from The Union
of two others in some form or another, with the exception of Parthenogens or Hermaphrodites...or perhaps even with the exception of those
who have been birthed of multiple energy forms. Nevertheless, what I have experienced is The Mother Energy, The Mother Child Energy, and
The Father Mother Child Energy. The strange allowance I struggled with for a while was The Father Energy. For I knew Earth was Mother Energy.
She is a Birthing Mother. Yet, when I would go to The Source Infinite Infinitesimal Energy Union of All, I assumed this was some sort of 'Fatherly
Energy,' but it appears that it is much more complex than that. I realized from my SEED of SELF, that, being ME (in this meditative process), had
not only become harmonized with The Mother World Energy, but as well with The Infinite Infinitesimal Mother Energy, whereas, AS THE SEED of
this Union with The Infinite Union, I was The Father (metaphorically and specifically, collectively and individually.) YET, as the birth of this union,
I am The Child! So this metamorphosis became from The Source Individual Mother Earth through to The Infinite Infinitesimal Union: to understand
, the evolution of energy from Conception to Creation, in order to conceive yet again with The Infinite Mother as The Father in union
with Her: I was become The Child of Balance, thus allowing forth the knowledge that The Infinite Infinitesimal Union is CHILD! (yet! understanding
as well that it is only through this seeding as Father, with Mother, that this is intrinsically allowed through as perfecting balance.) It brings me back
to the writings about Raven (•click), how the Father and the Daughter energies summed up the entire metaphoric reality of existence in darkness
with light. A lamb with Christ, (so to speak), is the symbol of daughter, or more acutely, the innocence energy with a Father figure, which is stability,
strength, honor, respect, and all that comes from being a well balanced father. When allowing forth the union with Earth, it seems totally motherly,
I mean severely heartfelt motherly love, total purity of motherhood, vibrant, respective, as though I am a child in this union...yet with The Infinite
Infinitesimal Union of All, it seems as though I am a Father Seed. The complexity of it is easily confusing because the dimensionality of it has greater
depth than a simple union of two beings, because we're talking about the multicomplexual union of all that is, The Pure Creation Center of The
Infinite Infinitesimal All, that which we are all connective with simply because we exist! This depth union is such that to get there, you must be The
Seed, The Father, but only by metaphor of course, sex does not matter, it's simply how we understand...so this Infinite Infinitesimal Union is an Infinite
Birth, and Infinite Rebirth, a constantly cycling, ever evolving MOTHER energy because of this simple fact...and YET! it is not just this simple, for in this
union YOU have become from your SEEDING...and because of this it is a Father Mother Union, yet from SELF who was The Child! FAST EVOLUTION!
And the real mindbender here is that the absolute union of YOU as The Seed, and The Mother Energy as The Infinite Infinitesimal Union, this union BIRTHS
you...The Child...and remember, it is only by metaphor, but as well, by the definitive course of say a Phoenix rising from its own ashes, a rebirth of life
force energy magnified with purpose and clarity...and as many times as you seek...it only gets more elaborate. It seems so clear, the ways that are
defined and explained, yet so complex. This is an infinite cycle. It seems totally logical now, but to understand it as experience seems to allow further,
this energy knowledge. With each Union the individual becomes The Mother as well, that which is the Union Birthing. It could be defined in a purely
physical sense of observation as say, perhaps...a Hermaphrodite Parthenogenesis, yet experienced both ethereally and physically energized, and
that which purely magnifies through your Infinite Cycling of energy in union with the Infinite Infinitesimal All. And although it is purely up to the single
individual whether or not this experience can be accomplished, it is severely up to the comprehensive union you seek to become fluid with...and
that's not just you (while simultaneously being all of you.) Yet, you must know between trust, instinct, intuition, and illusion. And this is only accomplished
through DOING. The Trinity: The Father Seed to Mother's Respective Greeting= UNION...then The Child have you become...only to evolve further through
The Infinite Birth. I think I might understand the phrasing of what was communicated forth with 'The Father, Son, and The Holy Spirit' in a more elaborate
manner now. (UHOH! Controversial!) Oh come on! What better way to attempt explanation than through one of the most attended belief systems ever
known on this world. The Infinite Infinitesimal Union of All Energy is obviously the end all be all everything, all creation, that which might be considered as
"GOD" due to our necessity to label it as such, or perhaps, "GODDESS" due to its logical accomplishment in constant birth...otherwise known as The Infinite
Infinitesimal Union of All. The Son is always likened to The Sun, yes? Brilliantly magnifying as such...I mean it goes far, the analogies, the metaphors, and through
the individual energies, but to know the heart as The Sun, yet, as LOVE ultimately magnified, is this brilliance of euphoria. I mean, what better way to express The
Life Giving Force of All
than the very attribute of what would be The Infinite Infinitesimal Source of ALL...of everything, yet a Sun. The Sun is but a shining reminder
of what IS life force: warmth, inspiration, emanation of feeling, a necessity of evolution, well being, and so forth. What would a "son" be, yet a union birthing of
"Father" (or "Seed") and "Spirit," (or "Mother.") The masculine labeling of "Father" being "Seed" seems to comprehend that fairly accurately, yet, not only for "male,"
but simply to understand this is how we may understand how it functions in a formula of comprehension (our minds can eventually see beyond these labels); it is
the seed of purpose, seed of knowledge, seed of birthing in union with the egg; it is masculinity, strength, directivity, not that anything that ISN'T masculine is not
strong, just that this is personified as such, the Father Figure, and all it encompasses (and that "Father" or "Seed" is represented as God seems to balance out the
"Spirit" or "Mother" energy to an equilibrium, a harmony, a multiple parallel; it is ambidexterous; it is The Mirror, it is symmetry.) The "Spirit" being labeled from a "Mother"
energy is not only meant as feminine, but is simply expressed through femininity because of the delightfulness of what "Spirit" represents: grace, power, Divine Nature,
Motherly Guidance, Love, Intuition...the strength of femininity. Together they are The Balance personified in an anthropomorphic manner, in a way that Humanity might
be capable to understand how The Balance is functional. And again, I say all this with respect to all, I only explain these experiences. So it seems we all are The Seed
of Birth. We all become Union with The Mother Energy, or Spirit...thus we are all Father, and this Mother Energy could be understood as Sacred, or Holy,
or Spirit, and we birth what would become The Seed yet again, or a SON (personified as such for this formula; not because only male humans are the
seed, but because each individual is a potential seed, male or female, it is simply an anthropomorphic analogy to express clarity of functionality.) And
yet even metaphorically we could surmise in an infinitely allowing evolution as The Birth of The Sun...yet an infinitely cycling of energy BEING. The Sun, The
Father Sun, The Holy Sun = you and The Infinite Union Mother. You see, The Spirit, or The Mother, is likened to a HOST in the spiritual realms, or meditation,
and in the physical realms or the realms most everyone is physically functioning on this plane of existence, each individual is HOST to that Spirit, or the
individualized version of it JUST FOR YOU, while being connective simultaneously to the collective SPIRIT multicomplexually parallel...the first, in the
Spiritual Realm, She is likened to a guide, an allowance respectively for you as you respectively allow Her; and in the Physical Realm, this strength
you have accomplished, that which you might call your Soul, or perhaps Higher Self, it is a multiple parallel of THAT Spirit individualized within you
multicomplexually realized...it is your individual Nature harmonized with The Nature of ALL (so you see, Host has two separate, different meanings
simultaneous to each other, and it is as complex as you can accomplish.) As a seed, you are a father, but only described through male and female
properties to describe the experience in a way we all could understand. The Infinite Union Mother Harmony is: YOU, AS THE FATHER SUN (son) in Union
with the Holiest, or Most Sacred of all union, The Infinite Infinitesimal. The strange trick our minds have difficulty in letting go of is our own structured belief
systems that have been believed for so long they have developed into ways that seem to be ONLY, instead of EVOLUTIONARY. It seems it is the most
challenging for us to evolve what is fluidly correct in our systems of belief while letting go of what is not fluidly correct. Evolutionary Progression is not
to be feared. We exist to evolve further. Why do you suppose all them stars and planets and galaxies are out there? And yet, we are on the edge
of understanding how to understand through ourselves all that we need to understand to move forward...with everything...spirituality, technology,
health, love, compassion, UNITY! It all derives from somewhere. The codes of actual Energy Reality are not unknowable, they're in you and everywhere.
Is it so difficult to understand that these realities are simultaneous to each other? I have witnessed it. Their merger is an unfolding eminence. It is not to
say they are currently merging only. Their merger exists ever now, ever then, and ever forward. It is to say, this knowledge unfolds this opening now.
'This opening' meaning this energy knowledge. Physicality and The Sacred Holy. It never wasn't meant to be accomplished. It isn't meant to deter
reality into a boring, sleeping mentality of "proper" ethics or "relentless" rule. It is to understand further, purpose in creativity, the root ambition of all
life, Creation...UNION. For what is ART? It is the evolution of your "child." That "child" being your creative force! Your "seed." And this, in whatever you
allow. For in this light, in this balance, in this proclamation of reality, would we not witness a greater clarity of purpose harmonized with each other?
The Energy Reality is being magnified in such an intensified way now that it would be challenging not to comprehend this becoming prominent around
the entire world, faster, exponentially. Energy Knowledge cannot be hid from the infinite. And perhaps what I have just explained is not how you know
The Way
, or The Path, or The Evolutionary Progression of Comprehensive Energy Knowledge, perhaps you are further along, or not ready to understand
that, or have chosen a different bridge to the same understanding, but one thing is for certain...the energy one may comprehend forth through these
meditations eventually: is real and magnifiable, such that respect is allowed forth with great honesty in purpose as respect with these unions. There is no
, and because of this, it is a Great Force. Fluidity is the birthing cycle. Euphoria is this ultimate union; every single one. Respect births this further.
Every energy can be exemplified into infinitely exponential energy cycling within itself infinitely within AND without whilst throughout The Beyond.
And the further this becomes, the further it allows. Because it is you, in a respective union, going further. It is Evolutionarily Progressive.
It never stops evolving. Perhaps we should recognize and realize forth the reality of "The Mother, Wife, and The Sacred Union." In a
meditative allowance, this seems to be the accurate depiction of energy allowed in the most fluid sense. Simultaneous, parallel, I
mean can you fathom that? Can you fathom the sacredity of what a Mother represents and magnifies PARALLEL to what a Wife
represents and magnifies, as both a child and husband? The sheer intensity of this proclamation in the mind as one BALANCED
thought is seemingly so powerful it is unbreakable! IF attainable. You are the father, you are the son, you are the holy spirit, you
are with the mother, you are with the wife, you have become The Sacred Union. The missing foundation parallel.
Perhaps even
further validation may allow an individual to comprehend forth a greater perspective, that being that The Sacred Union is the
inevitability of The Sacred Child, or the symbology of what that represents in a union energy, not just a child of birth, but the
union bond between the union participants. Such that it could be stated "The Mother, Wife, and The Sacred Child."

It will never cease to allow you further regardless of how far you have or have not gone.

For I am The Sun. I am The Father. I am The Mother. That is The Trinity.
For you are The Sun. You are The Father. You are The Mother, That is The Trinity.
The Sun is seemingly easily determinate as both male or female, just like Fe•male,
our iron evaluation of the male symbol, Fe, and male. Just like Womb Man. Simple.
It is the Birth Child of Energy Self through The Infinite Infinitesimal Union. Self becomes
The Union, and your energy, as your Spirit essence, your soul, your higher self, your higher
being, your intimately evolved extension throughout the ethereal and physical:
This INFINITE SPIRIT BIRTHS! And this births throughout your infinite cycling. What is it?
It's love my friend. It is love. It is ultimate euphoria. It is elation beyond ecstacy. It is
the immensity of Energy magnified as the intensity of glowing, growing love everywhere
infinitely from your heart energies...your core energies...exponentially divining the Infinite
Infinitesimal divining you! You see, it is like a mirror of energy, yet a total internal reflection
of SPIRIT INTENSE EMANATION exponentially expanding while infinitesimally evolving an infinitely
cycling energy and energy knowledge of your multicomplexually realizing Being.

These below are well known
images from Christianity...

The Holy Spirit as a glowing dove,
that's likened to an angel, yet removed
somehow into a form of nature, besides
, yes? It is meant to emulate
a sacred peace, power, and balance: SPIRIT.

Holy Spirit Image

...or... Jesus Christ glowing like a Sun
with the innocent lamb and a cain.

Jesus Image

I mean, who cares if this is what he actually looked like, white, black, grey, blue, yellow,
orange, red, turquoise, at this point, we're attempting to describe someone who seemingly
mastered something he was attempting to explain, and the world seemed to either get caught
up in its own arrogance, or fell too short in it's own denial, or couldn't find a means to express this
allowance that all might understand it fluidly, or hid the truth because it was thought of as too powerful.
CAPABLE OF ABSOLUTELY ANY INDIVIDUAL. I mean, it seems like a hefty tangent to get from
way back there, all the way to here, right? It seems like the same place, correct? Look at the images of the
different deities explained by their own personifications again. What do they say? And if we were to calculate
into effect the whole Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene parallel, it just seems to evolve further and further,
correct? The holy mother, and the holy wife? Yet sacred by their own choice? or by the will of the sacred?
Were they even made holy only by the actions of themselves or by the actions of 'The Sun?' (son.) You see,
it goes quite far, it is symbiotic by sexuality, male and female, a necessity for explanation, that which is
necessary to explain that which you see here. Mother Mary, the divine purity of birthing, and Mary
Magdalene, the divine purity of birthing (love.) Two different realities, bearing through the same
fluid nature of reality, parallel. They were both sacred for what they allowed. Mother and Wife,
both same, both are a potential wife and mother. As symbology goes, this could represent
even further the notion of Trinity. The missing links. That which represents the energy brought
forth as powerfully sacred energy in the unions between Self, World, and The Infinite Infinitesimal.
The Mother World, and The Wife Mother are the World and The Infinite Infinitessimal, that which
creates the Sacred Child, YOU! Yet, the realization of this is your challenge in the union. As well,
the challenge is to understand forth this Infinite Infinitesimal Union as Wife Mother BECOMES
Sacred Child, YOU! The birthing metamorphosing in the union is both the greatest challenge,
and the greatest realization into purity (the purest water Eye.) (Fe•male.)

And I do not say any of this to cast disparages upon any faith or belief system. If you believe in religion, look at this
as a path yet enlightened within the same path religion is already branched from. The basic truths remain the same:
honor, peace, truth, respect, compassion, love, and so forth. Yet, the depth to which one may venture within, it is
as vast and beyond as the universe we may be able to see, and it expresses THROUGH YOU this grace, love and
knowledge as harmony, when attempted to allow such an energy.

Notice what is depicted in that image.
Shining energy. Glowing energy.
Balanced Energy!

What does the one known as Son of God hold and carry? Innocence in one arm, the
cain in the other. He is holding through femininity and masculinity in two, different, separate
ways AS ONE, while emanating love from his energies. The Circle is his emanation. Likened
to a Birthing Womb, one might state is The Perfect Circle in Union birth . Such as this spirit image
we may see. Is this lamb yet pure innocence, likened to a virgin, a daughter, yet to become
The Mother? It is the ultimate logic! The Union figure is likened to a host, a bridegroom, yes?
SPIRITually. In the sense that the logic is only due to birthing of itself as BALANCE. How do
you see that? Do you birth? Or do you seed? Do you seed birth? The Birthing Seeder!? Can
you let go of everything you ever believed in existence for one moment and look at that
image not from a Christian point of view, or a Buddhist point of view, or a Native American
point of view, or
a Catholic point of view, or an Islamic point of view,or a Pagan point of view,
or a Maorian point of view, not from any religious point of view and simply see what is being
spoken? THAT IS ONE BEING. Attempt to see this image as simply an image defining energy.
A Father who is Son with the energy of The Holy Spirit Birthed. A Being who became a Sun in
The Union of All Energy. A Being who is The Sun Union of All Energy. Son of God? The Sun Being
Union. The Son God? Sun being Union.
Sun of God? SunGod? Ra? He is representing God of
God, yes? The Sun of The Ultimate Sun. That which energizes, or seeds life into existence seeding
energy or life into existence, a host of a host. It is an Ouroboros Ouroboros. You see, it all shapes
around the same core essence: Magnifying Light out of Darkness. The cycle is a circle, an emanation
of pure balance. One is needed for the other, and as balance you get these really incredible birthings,
like EARTH! Intricacies can explain to The Moon and back the massively articulated details, but one thing
is for certain...that feeling you all get when you hear the right song, or see the right person, or are in the right
place, ya know, feel the right frequencies that drive your energies into vast harmony...when that happens there
is no question of what or how or why, it simply IS, and you are comfortable, and you're like,"Yeah, this rules! I feel great!"
Your energy is exemplified likened to a Sun. Likened to a Star. Knowing that energy through you, throughout your BEING,
your physicality, your within, the infinite cycling, this realizes YOU further into the knowledge that has always been and
continues to evolve further as we comprehend it so. The journey you decide to path, it will begin to path you. You must
trust you first. So as such we understand The Mirror
(•click.) Do you suppose, just by chance, this belief system, this religion,
this metaphor of reality that encompassed a large portion of this planet for such a long time, the example, "Father, Son,
and The Holy Spirit," do you surmise this could have been a key for you to understand individually instead of to look up to
as a deity? I say this with the greatest of humility and respect without a shred of arrogance or delusion, but doesn't it seem
logical...what has just been explained? And that, back then, over 2000 years ago, this may have been the best attemptive
way to explain it? ...and instead of the spirtualism going into an individually heightened awareness, it leapt to worship the
unexplainable unattainable
because many people simply feared that which they did not understand, and that such
a 'man' could heal like this, he must be a part of (what they already believed in) God. And yet, how many "masters"
such as this, if you consider Christ a master, have existed in this world? Buddha? Confucius? Mother Mary? Merit Ptah?
St. Mildred?Jacoba Felicie? Mary Magdalene? And how many nameless, faceless hundreds or thousands have existed
who shared the same capability? Are they all not a part of what anyone would consider a god(dess)? Are you not a
part of THE ALL? Then who is to say it is not this simple, whilst being infinitely complex(able)? Creation is from a union.
This is obviously logical, this premise. It is not to say that anyone is better or worse or higher or lower...everyone has the
same organically driven capability to understand further in through themselves The Infinite Union. I do not see any reason
as to why this is not logical whatsoever. We witness everything evolve. It's all evolving. It has all evolved. WE HAVE EVOLVED.
Do you see how this is an inevitability regardless of what any belief system may state, waver, or commit forth? Do you see
how this meditative process does not disrespect any system of belief, it simply involves YOU in through YOUR DEPTH to get
to THE GREATEST DEPTH. You already exist with your own heart and mind, right? If you believe in a soul, then that too; or a
higher self, then that as well. Why not go through you to that place. Understand why you are you. Become further, as
balance. There is a heartwombmind there (wombmind sounds like woman for some reason.) It is inside you. And the
depth is infinite, and it cycles infinitely infinitesimally, The All, you. Father, Son, Holy Spirit: Mother, Wife, Sacred Child (Union.)

(the missing foundation parallel.)

It does not matter if you are a child or
a hundred and twenty three, male or female,
a son, a daughter, a father, or mother...this
energy is real. You have the potential to
be The Sun Being Union. The Trinity is not the
decisive end to the search of the divine ONE
individual god(dess). Yet...it is simply that, while infinitely
evolving through every single one us as this energy.

Why would you not seek to become cleansed as such?
This is not religion. Though, it is Sacred. It is through the greatest
of respect that you would be allowed this energy of your Self.
It is because you are Sacred. For you are apart of The Infinite
Infinitesimal Union of All. That makes THAT, YOU as well. Ya know
how we name cities and states and countries, especially here
in The United States I have heard this lately...it is stated for example,
"I may live in San Francisco, California, U.S.A., but I am an American."
So what does that imply? It simply states, even though a 'san franciscan,'
even though a 'californian,' even though a 'united states citizen,' you
have stated you are 'american,' allegedly because their existence is
upon the continent of North America. It seems to denote "The Spirit"
of the space, as such, respectively. The same could be said about
anyone living anywhere on this planet about being an Earthling. So
why is it not comprehensive to understand that you are apart of
THE INFINITE? It does not matter how small your physicality is, the
immensity of THE INFINITE is as vast as its entire evolutionary expanding
presence. And THAT, my friend, by pure and logical deduction, is you.
Ya see, you can understand this through allowing your mind to function
in this fluidity as this fluidity. Earth Mother is producing all over the world
plants, and animals, and people, and oceans, and rivers, and volcanoes,
and dealing with pollution, and adaptation, and evolution, and so on and
so forth...all while being ONE EARTH. I mean like, hundreds of thousands of
millions of occurrences a minute...creation...union...healing...placement...yet
imagine THE INFINITE! This Union sees The Infinite ALL of all that, PLUS everything
OUT THERE in the expanding universe and multiverse and planets and moons
and stars and nebulae and so on! Mother Nature, right? It isn't just planet Earth!
Yet, we have the capability to understand THAT, correct? Now See You.
(and if you don't believe humanity evolved from Earth, and was
simply seeded here, the relationship with Earth Mother is still
symbiotic, and evolved IMMEDIATELY to necessity of Her from
the moment of this seeding.)

I surmise any one of us might have a question about life,
existence, loved ones, friends, communication, the world,
peace, prosperity, why there is so much confusion, why
there is so much aggression, why there is so much abuse,
here is a pathway to ask...right into the center of the Infinite
Infinitesimal All.

We are simply an extension. The Infinite Infinitesimal All is all. Yet! Becoming harmonized
with The Infinite Infinitesimal Union, you understand further The ENERGY Path you have
already chosen.
You understand that you are not simply an extension while being simply
that, yet infinitely magnifiable with The Union.
You unfold yourself until there is only, and
evolution allows further. You realize what is needed as strength and as purpose and as
and as magnification, and it is allowed. The power of respect evolves to a
very elaborate and infinite degree of responsibility as is allowed. Your ISness becomes Is.
ISIS : Who is ISIS, but the Mother Goddess of Natural Fertility, the evolving cycle of creation
manifest: IS IS. They all intertwine somehow; ideas, gods, goddesses, people, nature...energy
is everywhere vibrating, circulating, evolving, growing, manifesting further, are you with You
yet? The Infinite You? The cycling infinite infinitesimal you? The manifestation of Self becomes
evolved as Self...likened to a purely Earthly Realm Mind of Logic as a metaphoric form of
Hermaphroditic Parthenogenesis...that which is both Male and Female as Mother, which
is The Union Birth of The Sun known in its seeded complexity as FATHER. Whilst allowing THE
BALANCE as MOTHER: One: Union: Spirit: Birth: Child: You! ...and from your own simple birth.

Interestingly enough, in around 23,000 BCE a Goddess
statue was carved named Venus of Walendorf (due to
being found in Walendorf, Austria in 1908.) Who knows
what they actually called this Goddess statue...yet...


...as deities go, does this not seem to represent both male and female in a
most metamorphosed manner? Do you surmise perhaps, someone 25,000 years
ago may have had some sort of insight into what is being proclaimed here through
Earth and Space? Or perhaps the carving doesn't represent anything like that at all...
... it's all just a coincidence.
Have we all not got past the whole coincidence question yet?
Why does she represent male and female as one? The sexual organs her imagery
magnifies seems to be both phallic and chalice. Perhaps 25,000 years ago, this
was the attempt at comprehending forth balance in Nature. Perhaps this was
a functional harmony for longer than any other known religion. Just perhaps it
was only skewed by circumstance, whereas tangents occurred because of
weather destruction, or perhaps even human arrogance or delusion or
unhealthy competition. Regardless of what was or is or isn't or wasn't, the
parallel is same. We can look at this image, and without vulgarity, through
our own respective humility, we may understand the notion placed forth
here by its depiction of ManWomanSpirit. Even the word WOMAN is the
womb of man, yes? Our code of reality is already bread in the language
we all already speak. Oh the humanity of it all! (wait a sec, hu is color, man
is male, ity is a collective proclamation...are we coloring ourselves as a man
Whose teaching this world! We're not even trying and we are
explaining each other as we speak, unfolding our own language into a harmonized
proclamation of the divine nature of existence while simultaneously revealing the
dominant and choreographed manipulation of psychological displacement! Perhaps
this Goddess above, as a representation, was too sexual for the next time. The Christian
representation was more "politically correct," but only by time's representational standards,
correct? Some might say it is too prude. Some might say it is too boring. Some might say
this Goddess is too vulgar. But you can look at both of them and know the same truth! It is
because we as a species began to understand the physical illusion of "shame." Clothe that
naked body! Reality now, seems often a battle between these instead of a glorification of
the natural, for example, just being what we are. "Shame" is only necessary if you feel unhealthy
I suppose, as a trigger to get healthy. And even as such, "shame" is an unnecessary nonvirtue of
reality. If I feel unhealthy, I get healthy, I feel healthy again. No shame. There perhaps, is a balance
from 25,000 years ago and 2000 years ago, to now. Whereas we may understand sexuality in an old
new light. Whereas, we may comprehend forth CREATION in a manner depicting the essence of respect
in Spirit, while simultaneously understanding the purity of The Sacred (in its various forms) individually from within
the greatest depth of Self,and in Union harmony with The Divine Nature of Existence; that which is your Self by
, so to speak; it is your multicomplexual parallel of FatherMotherChild, GodSpiritManifest, GodGoddessBirth,
The Infinite Infinitesimal Union. That, all of it is Sacred, and that, this sacredity allows us all further. There is a balanced
code between all of it. It will unravel for you its spirited messaging. There is only potentiality for this. It is through you.
Through everyone. One.

There was another quake on 2.15.2011
in Sulawesi, Indonesia, it registered at 6.1:

Sulawesi! Remember, Sulawesi used to be named
Celebes, and Celebes Sea used to be named Sulawesi!
Sulawesi translates roughly to Iron Islands (most likely because
of the iron cultivated there, from Lake Matano, from the word
Matana meaning 'this eye.') Lake Matano is said to have some of
the purest water in the entire world. Remember Fe, it is the element
name of Iron! Yet! The symbol for male is the same as iron. FEmale.
You see, our language unfolds before our very minds, useful yet
again to understand our own nature of fluidity.

...from this Iron Eye.

Sulawesi, Indonesia 6.1

Interestingly it allowed forth a most peculiar way towards largest waters.
So as such, we shall allow forth these proclamations that have been suited.
The far left is The Gulf of Boni, then we have the lakes Danau Matano,
Mahalona, Danau Towuti, and finally on the far right The Banda Sea.
The 3 lakes are known as Lakes of Malili Complex (along with two other
small lakes named Wawantoa and Masapi.) NorthEast of here one
might visit the Megaliths of Bada Valley (•click)

Even greater still in our journey of PARALLELS is that Matano flows
into Mahalona which flows into Towuti. Wawantoa and Masapi
do not flow off the edges of these lakes. Trinity.

What is meant by 'doubled' on the map above is that that direction is
doubled in accentuation due to the waters gone through. So really,
it is five directions, it's just that two of the directions are merely two
each. 2•2•1.

The Horizons:

Sulawesi Horizons

So of course, the first is the total combination, next we have SES, then ENE, and finally SouthWest on the far right here. Let's see this in color:

Sulawesi Horizons

What I see here on this horizon is Virgo's birthing area from the upper abdominal to the actual birthing allowance into
the world, as Octans, The Navigational Instrument. This is combined with the triangulating grid of Sculptor, a severe crossing.
She holds in her hand The Phoenix combined with The Bird of Paradise, and this creates what appears to be a Lyra! The River's
end is where this Phoenix Paradise begins in Virgo, and that river runs right over the mind, face, and chest of Virgo and connects
with Coma Berenices...right through the edge of her heart center, where Chamaeleon stands. To her right we see Saturn at her hip,
her companion for some time now. Mensa The Smoking Mountain is upside down beneath a tipped over Ancient Furnace Fornax. It
looks like it pours into Mensa . . The Flying Fish Volans has bridged the ancient furnace with The River and whispers to Virgo. The Chalice's
edge (upper right corner) is with Pictor's edge, and they're both in the river...this is at the edge of The Mighty Ship. The River runs through this
ship as well. Virgo's left hand holds the sheef of grain and her right holds the palm branch which connects right to the edge of The Great Ship,
right through the edge of time. Leo's tail connects with this edge of time as well, looping around the pendulum of Horologium. Leo's tail appears
likened to an elephant's nose (AGAIN!) from Dorado The Dolphinfish! He appears like a balloon in a parade from the sails' ropes, and seems alien
smug about this as well. The tail of Centaurus goes RIGHT THROUGH THE CENTER of Reticulum's spinning reticle. The legs of Centaurus, as well as Crux
The Southern Cross are in parallel and trampled through Coma Berenices who reaches for the edge of Centaurus' tail. Musca is right on the edge of
time watching the clock. Centaurus' leg seems to change the time at will. Hydrus' tail can be seen exiting the horizon on the center left edge right through
Coma Berenices, and right through Centaurus' belly from Centaurus' hoove. Tucana extends from the chest of Centaurus right into the belly of Bootes, where
The Southern Triangle is poised upon him right at Arcturus. The altar, Ara, burns at his right leg, and the right angle of Norma crosses his staff to his side. Grus
The Crane, is seen here diving at the edge of Ara, one wing in, one wing out, right becoming the wing of Aesculapius' Serpens. Just beside Grus, beside
Norma, we see Indus standing through the spiral of The Mother Scorpion. His featherdress is crowned by The Northern Crown backwards, spikes in. Indus
stands from Hercules, whose face is attemptively kicked by Sagittarius. Yet, The Mother Scorpion is toe to toe with this Sagittarius, blocking the kick.
Sagittarius' tail is upon the hair of Aesculapius, who is seemingly laying in meditation. The oddity here is it is yet another Saggitarius who bends his
bow from the greatest depth of Aesculapius' voice and shoots from his nose SHARP! I mean Sagittarius fits in his body almost perfectly, his
legs are raised around Serpens. Venus is on his shoulder. The Sun! Oh my, The Sun is incredibly bright deep within Aquarius here. Capricornus is
whispering in Aesculapius' ear. And if you look closely, it is as well Capricornus who bends this bow...yet...right at the edge of Microscopium's
viewing of this...and right at the edge of Hercules' club. The Southern Crown wraps out from Aesculapius' left arm. Aquarius, shining brilliantly,
pours forth the cleansing over Pavo's head. The Southern Fish crosses Serpens...that which is crossed by The Crane as well...right at the neck!
...and that is this Sulawesi Horizon.

The Centers of this Sulawesi earthquake:


SES Sulawesi

SouthEastSouth Center Sky reveals, quite acutely, Monoceros rising with Orion, Canis Minor upon her back looks towards The Moon
in Gemini. Center Earth reveals a diving Aquila with a hanging fox, Vulpecula, simply holding this eagle by one tiny paw. Their combination:

Remember, this one is doubled, twice as much emphasis:
(Blue is Sky, Red is Earth.)

SES Sulawesi

Sky Monoceros seems to be carried by this falling Earth Eagle...or perhaps this falling Earth Eagle is the platform to which Monoceros is
about to leap to Orion, nevertheless, this Earth Eagle is held up by one small little Earth fox...who is at the bow of The Sky Ship (sounds like
our little glowing orb fallen to The Dome of the Rock, eh?) Earth Cygnus flies The Sky Ship with The Sky Compass' edge. (sounds like a
conspiracy theory to me!) Earth Lyra is fueling from The Sky Wind Energy of Antlia. Earth Hercules is knelt at the spiral of Sky Hydra,
seemingly beating Medusa's Earth snakes with Sky Hydra's help! Sky Hydra is through the mind of dangling Earth Aesculapius. Who
looks to the foot, the paw, of Sky Leo. And Sky Leo Minor reaches forth to Serpens of Aesculapius. And Sky Cancer emerges to the
heart cave of Earth Aesculapius. The Mother Scorpion snips at the tail of Sky Lynx who is at the edge of Earth Serpens and Ophiuchus'
leg. Earth Serpens is connected to the back of Sky Monoceros. Sky Canis Minor is shielded, as such, from The Moon glowing from Sky
Pollux' lower abdomen. Earth Venus is between Sky Gemini at the edge of Earth Sagittarius' cape. Earth Sagittarius bends his bow to
shoot Sky Lynx, Sky Castor's arm, and from the center of Gemini's connectivity with each other (powerful!) YET...Sky Auriga's reins are
seen here, Auriga's hand is within the heart belly, steering this phenomenon. Mighty Sky Taurus, that which Earth Indus stands upon the
mind of, this Sky Taurus' horn is right to the point edge of Earth Sagittarius' lowest abdominal area, so to speak. The other horn spirals
right around the inside of the Earth centaur's leg. Sky Orion's club is within the Earth Sagittarius' back, deep, and parallel to Sky Taurus'
horn. It is here we see yet another parallel of Sky Monoceros' horn penetrating the tip edge of Earth Sagittarius' cloak. In a GREAT
harmonization of love do we see Earth Capricornus at the kneeling Sky Orion from an Earth Mercury point, and spiraling from what
is imaged as 'death,' yet, from a birthing Earth Sun, seemingly allowing forth a proclamation of rebirth! AND this is superbly magnified
through an Earthen Microscopium. The Earth Sun shines forth from the side of Earth Aquarius, who cleanses off screen from the edge
of Sky Orion's blade...right from his kneeling knee. Sky Lepus jumps from Earth Equuleus right through this cleansing strength, crossing
through the Rabbit's eye. Earth Pegasus is extremely attentive, the Sky Olive Branch scruffs the chin of Earth Pegasus from the Sky Dove
Columba. Earth pegasus halts the Sky Ship, "...right there," she states authoratively. And at the edge of the falling Earth Eagle, bridging
mind to wing, Sky Canis Major's nose, the 'bridge' of his nose, is the strength of Eagle's wing, and so does an Earth Delphinus swim
from his heart to his nethers.


ENE Sulawesi

East North East Center Sky reveals Monoceros inverted, Canis Minor is scaling
Monoceros, ready to leap at The Moon. Center Earth reveals a meditative Aquila.
These centers combined...this one is not doubled:
(Blue is Sky, Red is Earth.)

ENE Sulawesi

We start at The Sky Compass Pyxis, on the right, center. It is within the heart of Earth Sagittarius. Earth Venus is at the edge of the flying
upside down
Sky Ship and Earth Sagittarius' cloak. This Earth centaur is fueled by The Sky Wind Energy Antlia...that which is meditative from
Earth Indus. The Earth Mother Scorpion climbs into the sky out of The Sky Ship from the directivity parallel of Earth Aesculapius. He who at his
loins flies The Sky Dove Columba. He who holds down the Sky Canis Major upon the Earth Shield Scutum by Earth Serpens...that which tickles
the leg of The Sky Unicorn carried by a meditative Earth Eagle. This Earth Aesculapius' heart runs a fast pace as Sky Lepus. He who is the voice
and sight of Sky River. He who stands solidified from the kneeling humility of Sky Orion. This Sky Orion, his club reaches from Earth Lyra. He is in
meditation and this parallel is likened in unison to Aquila with Monoceros and Canis Minor...Aesculapius with Orion and Lepus. Sky Orion holds
the carcass up to Earth Hercules' snakes of Medusa, their eminent suffering, now death. This Earth Hercules, he is riding upon the meditation of
Sky Taurus, her horns holding him up, she has him. Her horn's tip is upon Earth Lyra...that which Auriga's reins strums. Earth Cygnus soars into this
center at Sky Gemini's Castor, inverted...crossing his legs...Earth Vulpecula stands upon Sky Pollux inverted, and The Moon, Sky Moon, is between
his tail and leg. Earth Cygnus is linked by Sky Lynx who is linked by Earth Pegasus. Here is the most interesting portion...Earth Delphinus has merged
the back legs of Sky Cancer to a 'rainbowed' degree, such that Sky Cancer now cares for, seemingly nurtures Earth Equuleus! YET...still, Sky Cancer's
pinchers still are at the edge of Earth Pegasus' meditative meandering. The gall! Sky Leo Minor reaches playfully for Sky Cancer, so maybe, just maybe,
it is meant as such with the pincher, playfully, though Pegasus looks rather serious. Nevertheless, Sky Leo is ROARING through Earth Pegasus' mind and
ears at Earth Aquarius, who has Sky Leo pawing at his upper chest, reaching for his shoulder. Earth Aquarius is unphased by all of it, and from his side
shines Earth Sun connecting to Sky Sextans The Astronomical Navigational Instrument, connecting to
Earth Mars at the tail of an alert Earth Capricornus,
whose edge center is Earth Mercury. Earth Capricornus crosses Sky Hydra, who derives from the exiting Southern Fish...yet in the spiral of Sky Hydra does
magnify forth the knowledge from Earth Microscopium. Sky Hydra emerges right through Earth Aquarius' elbow...at the bend of Sky Hydra's neck...elbow
to elbow even...sensing the depth of Earth Eagle's Monoceros Canis Minor Meditation.


SW Sulawesi

South West Center Sky reveals a galloping Monoceros...Canis Minor pointing to The Moon. Center Earth reveals a soaring Aquila.
These centers combined...this one is doubled:
(Blue is Sky, Red is Earth.)

SW Sulawesi

We start with the recognition that Sky Unicorn Monoceros is Earth Eagle Aquila, with a winged flight of Canis Minor, and they are flying a galloping energy
from the Earth Shield of Scutum. Earth Vulpecula's tail wraps around the neck of Sky Orion, as though he wears this fox as Earth Cygnus soars in MIRRORING
(through the center of Orions' Mirror I might add) EarthEagleSkyUnicornChild. The strength and stability of Sky Orion's kneeling fits perfectly with the edged
within shape
of Lyra. Earth Cygnus crosses Sky Orion's death proclamation, right through the neck
(reminding us of the end of this song AGAIN(•click.)This seems
to imply rebirth, life crossing death through reflection...and this Sky death, it does seem to be reaching for Earth Lyra. This Earth Lyra, it is on the beginning edge
of Sky River. Sky Lepus runs through Earth Hercules' Medusa snakes. Earth Hercules, appearing tired, is soared upon, his mind, into his mind by Sky Dove Columba.
And this, it is from the eyes of Earth Aesculapius! Sky Canis Major, he leaps from the face of Earth Aesculapius. Earth Aesculapius, he is the meditative speaking of
the Sky Ship. The Sky Compass is at the strength of his leg and the holding of Earth Serpens. He holds at Sky Ship's sail. His leg, this strength, it is fueling Aesculapius from
the air energy of Antlia. This is being bent through Earth Sagittarius' bending bow, who hangs upon a Sky Sextans by his legs and The Southern Crown, shooting Sky Hydra
backwards. Look at how Sky Hydra is accentuated through his face, arm, cloak, and body...all the way through right back to the edge of the Earth cloak, and right at
the edge of Sky Hydra's eye (Earth Sagittarius' cloak, he takes a moment to wipe a tear from Sky Hydra's eye.) Look at Earth Sagittarius' back legs! They fit in between Sky
Leo's legs perfectly! That's Earth Indus' feet in Sky Leo's heart, and Sky Leo is ROARING through the end of the scope of Microscopium! Here we see an Earth Capricornus
hanging from Earth Mercury stopping Sky Cancer from emerging through Earth Microscopium. Earth Mars and Earth Sun shine at the side of Earth Aquarius who seems to
hold Sky Cancer from emerging backwards as Earth Capricornus holds Sky Cancer down, blocking the pincher with her legs. Earth Aquarius cleanses Sky Lynx. The feet
of Sky Lynx connect with Earth Pegasus' ears...whose voice is the mind of Sky Auriga, whose reins are within that (Earth) 3 Star Triangulation. Earth Pegasus nudges forth Sky
Castor's elbow, where a seemingly resting Earth Equuleus rests upon his chest and belly. The Sky Moon is bright upon Sky Pollux abdominal center. Earth Delphinus swims
beneath their kneeling. And the Sky horn of Taurus emerges forth in a severity of balance likened to The UnicornEagle, and yet, only one wing of Earth Cygnus.

If you care to see the imagery, all of it,
all six layers combined click the image below.


If you look real close, so much is explained.
It is intensely complex, and the severity is simple.
What was your question about you on February
15, 2011? And did this question arise just a day or
two before? Or does it even stem from far back
in time, your question? Or is this simply a transitory
proclamation through a phase of Earth's evolution.
Well, you live here too. Somehow, it speaks to you
directly. Or perhaps only through you for another.
It is to simply know how to know you further without
the necessity of confusion ever existing. Let go of
what you think you know, and understand what is
further real than isn't...that which intuition has
admitted forth your entrance into your own
intuitive freedom.

This page stated forth a short message:

...from this Iron Eye.

Do you see how from the beginning of this Every 7, we started at Celebes Sea, that
which was renamed from Sulawesi, whereas Sulawesi was renamed from Celebes.
And this seemingly springs forth ' from this eye.' Whereas, we began in the Sea, (of
this eye), the Ocean, and ended up right next to that Lake, 'the iron eye.' And at this
Lake are we led to understand a Trinity. Lake, to Lake, to Lake. Whereas there are five
in this complex, but only three are connected, and it is between two Seas. How does
this water become of this place? The water cycle. Sea (ocean) to Sky to Earth, purity.
This seems to represent a fluid cycle we may comprehend as well, perhaps in a
meditative comprehension? Yes. Yet we begin at Self, rise to Earth's depths, and
again rise to The Infinite Infinitesimal to become Self, yet realized as Sacred. Remember
Iron is Fe•male.
(and remember that from this "eye" is some of the purest water on Earth
and we are derived first from Sea, that which is Ocean, now Lakes, a Trinity of them that
flow through one another...remember that when reading from an Iron Eye.)(as well,
remember that the missing foundation parallel seems to elude to the comprehension
of Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene as a missing metaphoric principle in the
divine realization of the purification of the sacred.)

The entire message from this Every 7:


It seems like quarreling, that which is
inundated, crying. From this eye, Solemnize...

...from the Pastoral Tribe Country, The Sandman awoke from a
Mountain of Whiteness; a fortunate nomad in the heart of Equuleus.
Brethren of the Island of Bliss, the Seer servant of The Court is even.
The Sight of the Thoth Child in the Nomad Sea is a Great Force of
The Infinite Infinitesimal. This shallow passage, (that which young
women dance The Reflection Water Chalice Dance), is an endless
veil of time. The Great Ray's evolutionary cycle is the Royal Voice.

...to impress between The North and Clay Water People,
(beyond the edge of the insignificant town) one must be
sourced in a water vessel of life as a Cultivator. The Parallel
River is sourced from The Calm and Evolving Cycle. Off the
edge of The Calm and Evolving Cycle exists the imprints
of the missing foundation parallel of The Mother of Purity.
(Water desired and breath rushed together is a constitution
of fog, at a river of fog, from a foggy lagoon.

(So understand) from an Iron Eye.


The Bigger Picture is An Infinite Meditation.

May Light Be Your Shadow.

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