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4.7.11 The Ocean that is a River.

...as well...In looking at this spirit imagery of this strange cloud formation
paralleling land formations I have found another such example;
this is just below the seemingly headless spirit creature with
Twin Wind Horses emerged through its mind's space,
paralleling Pulau Paliat and Pulau Saubi of Indonesia:



As you can see, this is serious. Earth speaking through maps?!
Is anybody getting this? I mean, is it just me, or is this incredibly
acute in its legibility? I mean, it is not difficult to understand that
this is, by far, a communication, correct? The cloud is a cranium,
the land beneath this cloud is a cranium! That cranium is in an
area, the skull, named Oku. It translates as something like
'deeply mountainous,' likened to the emerging depth of
a heart's capability to love exponentially, and progressively
evolutionary. This space is right upon two areas of water
flowing around this skull: Okusawa, meaning Heart, or Deep
Swamp (like a soup), and Misawa, meaning Three Swamps.
It is directly next to Mt. Kayanoki, which translates as 'two
branched nutmeg mountain.' Torreya nucifera
is the
Japanese Nutmeg. It is also named Kaya, which in
Sanskrit means Nature, or body.
It is to understand that
this word translates individually or simultaneously as an
individual body, or that of a collection of many, a physical
body, or an astral body, Kaya. This area, as well, is beneath
Mt. Takanosu
, which translates as Spiderweb's Nest. This
mountain is a twin peak mountain, btw. Does that match
anything we've been talking about? It's all so amazing...in
Chile, the horses, this mountain...twins. All this is in an area
known as Okutama, whereas these waters flow into
Okutama Lake, that which appears likened to a lizard
slithering man! Okutama translates roughly as Frequently
, meaning center, or heart depth.
Yet, check out this lake...

Lake Okutama
...ya see, it kinda looks like a slithering lizard man. The
head is even shaped in the same shape as the cloud
skull. Does anyone else find this fascinating?

How about we take a look at the before and after
imagery of this abstract meandering of a headless
horse man,
shall we...

(rollover image)

I am not certain what that is. It sortof appears like a reptile man,
very strange to say the least, but it also is likened to Horus, perhaps
a hybrid of sorts. Oh this imagination! Why was this creature's head
cut off, and why have Twin Horse Spirits emerged from this space;
one is running as the mind, and the other is laying on the ground
where a headdress face is awake in this sleeping, dreaming, or
dead horse. So strange! The head landed in Okutama. It was
severed at a space named Mitagawa:

(rollover image)

Mitagawa translates roughly as, Three Running Streams (Village.)
The Twin Horse Space is explained in two parts; the horse who
is laying down with the spirit face, his mouth, (like you shall see with
the Dragonhorse), is emphasized at a temple, (from the horse's mouth,
meaning from the highest of authority...Nittakusan Suisen-ji, translating
roughly as The Sun of Swamp Mountain's Silent Temple...the running horse,
this horse is located at a Natural Park named Nishichichibu, which
translates roughly as Father Order of the West.

These spirits are riding a massive turtle named Chichibu.

(rollover image)

The upper body of this spirit is Ogano;
the lower limb that connects with the
Earth is Arikawa; and the other lower
limb was severed at Shiroku.

Ogano Arikawa

The parallel (alien) elongated skull's depth
of mind is Mt. Tenso. (and there is Tabaden
, the parallel mind of Oku, that which
seems to elude to a 'double mind' parallel,
seemingly caused by this severance. As well
we see the parallel of Paliat, Sanjozawa and
Sanjonoyu (three strikes and three strikes betrayed.)

Mt. Tenso

You can read these descriptions on
the Triangle Centers page.

Simply amazing. So as the story goes, this spirit body is Ogano,
with one leg Arakawa and one severed leg at Shiroku. The
missing foundational parallel being Taiyo-ji, The Woman Energy,
and paralleled as St. Cristobal, the Christ Carrier of the weight of
the world. (do you see how powerful that combination is?) This Horus
Reptile looking
creature's head became unattached somehow.
It was found in a particular area of Okutama. As well, it seems that
a spirited twin portion of this cranium did land in this other area (the
parallel of the Indonesian Islands), and this space is as well explanatory.
Tenso is this alien looking mind, Sanjozawa and Sanjonoyu are the face,
whereas Tabaden Daira is the mind parallel 'twin' of itself, Oku, that which
was severed at Mitagawa. There are these two horses going in opposite
directions from each other, one awakened, one dreaming, (or perhaps
one conscious, one unconscious, or even one live and one dead), and these
spaces are Nishichichibu and Nittakuisan; and there is another spirit face there in
this laying spirit horse, and this face, this vision, this headdress (minddress) is made
up of a few locations: Yoshidaaguma, Yoshidaisama, and Kamihinozawa, and this
spirit's mind is open to a particular mountain, Jomine. And this elaborate Spirit is streaming
through existence via a Turtle named Chichibu. And this turtle is made of 7 rivers and one space:
Arakawa (body), Akahiragawa (body), Yokozegawa (front fin), Lake Chichibu Sakurako (back fin),
Yoshidagawa (front fin), Komorigawa (backfin) and the space of Minano. So if this were to be a written
word from Earth, perhaps it would sound something like this:

The Spirit is part Little Deer and part Wild River. This Wild Little River Deer's
leg was severed at The Brave Ancient, that which has realized the carrying
of the world, that which has realized the missing foundational parallel, Woman,
Womb Man, The Great Shining Temple. The Deer's head was severed
at Three Running
Streams, and from this space emerged Twin Spirit Horses, one is The Awakened Mind, and
one is The Dreaming Mind, one is The Father Order of the West, and one is The Sun of the Deep
Silent Soup; and this head landed in The Deepest Heart, and flows through The Deepest Trinity
Soup. And this is Kaya within the Spiderweb's Nest, and Frequently Deepened. The Deer's mind
landed just beyond this space as well, a twin spirit of one mind in two spaces: The Red Waves of
the Heavens of Peace and The Deepest Heart. The depth of the elongated alien mind is a Pioneer
of the Heavens; three strikes upon his face, and three strikes betrayed.
The Deer's standing parallel
is awake in the dream, Sculpted, a Fortunate Bear of Space as existence is beyond The Sun, he opens
forth to The Summit Castle. The Deer Being of Kaya is racing through Infinity by The Turtle, that which is
The Father Order of Seven Rivers as One, The Order of The Father's Cherry, the mind of The All.

The next image reveals 'the heart' seen
at the edge of The Trinity Dragonhorse's mouth:
(click for larger image)


Trinity Horse Dragon

These specific locations have specific actualities, such as having a Kanayama Castle at both the first
and second eye (north and south.) As well, at the first eye, is a standing boulder, a Paleozoic Strata, and
a hot springs source. At the second eye there is the castle, a shrine and two parks. At the third eye, is this
. At the nose, is this swamp. At the mouth, is this lake shaped like a heart (3 parts.) And the body, that
which shapes the head, and forefront is Tone River and Watarase River. The back is seemingly a whisping of
forest and mountain. Explaining this portion, one would state:

The Ancient Birth, The Standing Stone, and The Fountain of
Warmth arise from The Golden North Castle, Eight Princes;
and this is a Trinity with The New Spirit of the Golden South
Castle of the East and West, and 'That Which is Pleasing,
Again, and Again,'
within the fluidity of The True Nature
and The Pleasing Migration.

(you can read over these definitions here.)

So we have been shown three dragons, yes?
...the first having three lakes near or as one eye...
...the second having three dragonhorse's in one
dragonhorse, and three parts heart...and the third
having many creatures, yet winged, a horse, a dragon,
a wombman, a bird, and all in the midst of this missing
foundational parallel resting on his shoulder as Taiyo-ji Temple.

(this may put into a greater perspective of the HeartWombMind: Eye.
that which is a metaphoric and specific allowance of knowledge into
the description of how to process energy respectively fluid; the love of
the heart, the sensitivity of the womb, and the comprehension of such
through the mind : Sight. As well, three parts heart would allow forth the
understanding of the cycle: that being World, Self, Infinite Infinitesimal: Cycling.)

Three Dragons

Well, what about The Rosette Nebula? This is what it eludes to:

Rosette Nebula

...remember, this is that which we had comprehended
metaphorically, in a spiritual sense, The Womb of Consciousness,
birthing new stars, and illuminating forth their new realities. And here
it is again, representing upon this world, 3 parts heart at the mouth of
The Dragonhorse, in a very seriously magnified pyramid...HeartWombMind: Eye.

What's that old saying? Straight from the horse's mouth...
Meaning, from the highest authority. YET, this is a dragonhorse,
straight from The Trinity Dragonhorse's mouth, what might that elude to...


Well, what is a dragon? What is its origin, what does it mean? Oddly enough, I found the
most condensed, broadened spectrum on this subject on Wikipedia. The most clear and
comprehensive form of definition I can find of Dragon is it is a representation of the
primal forces of Nature.
And this alone, represents everything. It has been depicted
as reptilian, feathered, even eluded to as a comet, a serpent, a bat, a devil, a sea fish,
winged, clawed, tailed, multiheaded, a water deity, a bird, coincidentally enough there
is one named Ahi in the Vedic religion, said to be a three headed snake, "he who has
ten thousand horses," it has even been described as both sin and the force of Nature,
and this, simultaneously.

And yet, as well, we see represented here, The Horse. And being that we have seen this
twin horse riding in opposite directions likened to Pisces, and since this missing foundational
parallel represents that which we have already proclamated forth as WOMAN, and as well,
that these Wind Horses are riding as the mind of this strange, misty creature above this Buddhist
Temple, that it should represent as such, a Wind Horse, that which is understood in this belief as
a vehicle of the mind, such that it represents the selfcontrol of the wind of the mind, and the
direction to which we seek to allow ourselves forth. And so as such we understand this in
balance, not just light, as well, dark, not just female, as well, male, and so as such, Balance.

And yet...it is not just a dragon. It is not just a horse. It is a Dragonhorse, and yet one that
represents all that which we have understood thus far, in all their aspects, in balance,
for balance, as respect, for all. The Dragonhorse then would still represent that which
The Dragon represents as the primal forces of Nature, but as well that which The Wind
represents as selfcontrol of the wind of the mind, as is respectively allowed...so then
this would represent The Primal Forces of Nature Harmonized with the Wind of the Mind.

...and this is not represented as simply that, but THROUGH RESPECT. And so as such only
allowed forth, and so as such, no further...and because of this...it only evolves infinitely
and infinitesimally. Do you understand that? Can you grasp that? Do you comprehend
that the infinite wealth awaiting every single one of you is only infinite if it is sought through
respect? I'm talkin seriously deep, sacred respect, to the very origination of your thought
processes deep, to the very origination of your instinctually reactive mechanisms deep,
to the very core of your soul's essence deep, if you believe in such an actuality. Respect
so far that it is only. So far that it becomes your strength of further. It is TO KNOW, it goes
no further than your weakest shallow without respect. Understand this first, always. ALL WAYS.

Look below to the locations' edge of Kasumigaura Lake,
a Taurus looking shape, eh? A sacred bull lookin shape, eh?
A Deer's shape! Ascension!

Also, see on the right of this lake, that sortof ripped looking lake? That is Kitaura, (taura? Taurus?)
Check out the comparison I found, a parallel of The Sun, and Kitaura (click here.) Kitaura translates,
just as a 'btw,' as North Lake.

Tone River originates from this pyramid center area as well. Seriously. Tone River is translated as
The True Nature
Quite serious, right from the center of that triangulation, as though simply flowing
out from a triangulated position right into the ocean. When you view where it goes into the ocean
you will notice a couple earthquakes there, sortof stating forth the path...and one of them reveals
a sandbar, a wombphallus, no joke. There are a bunch of them on these shores. Check out this one:

Creation 311

Why? You might ask, have I placed these images together. Do you not see the undeniable parallels?
The waves are like fallopian tubes, (carrying the fertilized egg to the uterus), and both the female and
male are fit for each other through The Earth into The Sea...it's likened to the whole 'Spirit' mentality of
MotherWife from FatherSun...and think of it in a multiparalled thought process, like it is all organs in one
creation, ONE...Fire, Water, Earth, Friction, Heat, Lava, and even the weather, photosynthesis, Wind, it's
all happening at the same time. Do we have the capability to move beyond a desiring mentality to a
state of sacredity? Is it not in this sacred nature we might comprehend beyond desire into the divine?
And that which is divinity, has it always been at the edge of our comprehensions, yet just beyond our
sensibilities because of a delusional desire? Or perhaps it is the harnessing of this desire into sacredity
that would drive forth the horse through a heart. It is why we must understand the HeartWombMindEye.
For if it begins in the heart, and is created, as from a womb, and is THEN cultivated through thought,
that our sight might be fluid in this nature, we may understand further just how far knowledge of The
Sacred can allow us on this path. It will never end, this path. Because it is sacred. Did you know that
Japan moved approximately eight feet? Eight feet! Eight Triangles! Eight Orders! Eight Princes! To
put into a greater perspective of this seemingly asexual activity of reproductive healing, or if you include
all beings living on this earth as a part of the energy that helped cause and effect this into its present state
of being by simply being whomever you, or they, are, and you put all these energies together into a system
of life, we might be able to gain a better perspective of why, and how, and even further, how to allow forth
a greater balance than not do anything at all, yes? Instead of simply waiting for the next "disaster" as we seem
to proclaim the natural balancing of Earth's existence, we might actually be mindful of energy, of love,
of healing, yes, of healing. For if it is our goal to understand the projective nature of healing, we may as
well understand forth these energies WITH Earth instead of upon Her. That we might actually exist WITH
Her, and not against Her. For She lives just as you or I live. And if we might take a moment out of our
busy lives, that which we all seem to destine ourselves in processes that might harm Her, look around,
it isn't difficult to see, but wait, what is it that we strive for? Money? Gas? Oil? Make that car go! We all
have to get around right? It'll change SOME DAY. We even begin to consume our own waste simply
because it isn't natural, and that is how we live. It is inevitable. There could be a thousand recycling
stations, but ya still drive there. Who doesn't right? Not too many folks riding horses. Not too many
blokes walkin about from here to there. We drain the oil from Her body so fast, it is no wonder why
there might be a reaction, yes? How would it make you feel, eh? We even kill each other over such
a plight, over and over again, like children. Oil. We fight over it, kill over it, then drain Her of it. Who's
doing the thinking around here? It will be gone eventually, yes? Yes...and how many people were
murdered over a limited element. No one's killing over the air we breathe, and yet we simultaneously
destroy that, with oil, as we kill each other over oil. I understand it is a process. Humans have difficulty
changing, especially since most of the world is fit for oil consumption. But you know, it's not gonna matter
very much in a situation like what we have just seen, correct? That could happen anywhere in the world,
any time. There is no need to panic, what good will it do, there may not be any time anyway, right?
Just understand, it all comes down to you. You are the only one that can help you, the infinite. And
that comprehension is to be multiparalleled in its knowledge. For you have the capability to understand
it all, as an individual of the collective energy of all things. Just go. Just flow into it freely, as much or as little
as you can. Hear Her speaking to you freely. We're all here. Everything is happening now. It's all beginning.
It may be best to understand further, than less than, for the days are going to get stronger, and more vibrant.
It's up to you. I saw a video during all these earthquakes when the tsunami ran forth across the Pacific Ocean
to all the neighboring continents. The animation was amazing. It reminded me of the power of ONE VIBRATION
moving across an entire planet. You could be that one vibration, with 7 billion potential others. Check it out:


The waves...are energy. It is likened to an echo of energy. Fillopian Tubes; the seed and
egg ovulation fertilization : CREATION. Waves of energy. Projected, flowing, magnifying!
Like sound. Like light. Vibrations. An earthquake is a vibration, a very large vibration of shifting
plates. It is a necessity for longevity of life. Like breathing or stretching. Everything we see,
everything we hear, everything we feel, it's all waves of energy! Light waves, Sound waves,
vibrational frequencies. We're all vibrating at a frequency tangible to this plane of existence.
That's why you can open an envelope or turn a page in a book or hug a friend, it's frequencies
that are vibrating at a certain pitch that allows this friction or tangibility and even harmony. There's
this whole premise called Tone (•click), and I don't think it is a coincidence at all, that it explains a
process of comprehension where we build our capabilities through light and sound; that which
so many have done in concert and motion, but I'm talkin further. Tone the world! Harmonize. Let
us find ways to parallel and harmonize the colors with sounds in all places, entire cities, entire states,
entire countries! Trance the world into harmony AS BALANCE. Not to cause anything except SACRED,
focused clarity. It is possible. We can evolve ourselves. We can heed Nature's requests, can we not?
How do you tone something? What is its shade? What is its energy? What is yours? How are you toning
yourself now in meditation? Well what about your world now, your vicinity, your public, your country, your
world! You see, it can finally be yours, now that there is respect! Because you do not "take" disrespectively,
now you can build harmoniously! Look at that building, look at that path, look at that house, look at that street,
it speaks somethin, yeah? That's its color, its shape, its spirit, its energy, its vibration, its frequency: match it with
sound. Harmonize with the surroundings. A forest blends in a city that blends into a forest again. Likened to a
flowing river, it seems as though we should be flowing further. Not just in, up, out, and more, it's further...what
nature has given we should BUILD FROM AS NATURE. 7 billion people? We're stretching ourselves a bit thin yeah?
One Earth as we scramble to find the next one. Why? Because just look at what we've done. It aint so pretty around
many spaces of Earth. Why! It doesn't have to be that way. Of course many indigenous existors have had it fairly
accurate before we decimated their fluidity. Native Americans for one. I still see strength in that purpose. It will
never go away. We can live with Her. It's up to all of us. She speaks! I mean, look at how She expressed with so
many earthquakes Her necessity of shifting breath '8' in a way that we might understand what is necessity. She
showed us an example of energy being moved across the entire ocean. Metaphorically, that speaks some
serious volumes. Nuclear energy was obviously effected in a way that is seriously alarming. RED FLAG. I believe
that is a message, STOP THAT PATH. Nuclear, nope, wrong way. Go a different way. Different path, that's the
wrong path! It could easily kill us all. Is that not logical? Their water is nuclear now. Is that not a serious message,
wrong way! I wish it was easier to change what needs to be changed, and done so in a peaceful way. We're
all living creatures. Because of intelligence or wealth, we sortof took over the "rule book" of the planet and just
kept letting it go further and further in ways that were detrimental, correct? How much further does it have to
go before we wake up and understand? You can talk to Her ya know. Just go do it. The Nature of All does not
necessarily follow "a rulebook," ya know. It's Nature. It is an invisible virtue of respect, that which only exists as
such because of necessity, and once understood, is ONLY, yet without necessity. Can you understand that?
Just because we have elections that week, or someone has a paper due, or you're eating your favorite dinner,
doesn't mean that the reality of Nature, the SERIOUS FORCE OF ENERGY THAT FLOWS FROM THE INFINITE, won't speak,
or breathe, or flow. Nature is nature. She will survive Herself as such is necessity. Regardless of all of us. In a situation like
that, where a space, an actual space is a living breathing organism of fertility feeding hundreds of billions of creatures,
big and small and diverse, it may be prevalent to at the very least attempt to understand Her, even communicate with Her,
and if She speaks to you, in any zillion different ways possible, and evolutionarily progressive as such that YOU allow, it may be
logical to listen, yes? Yes. Peacefully, and with RESPECT.

As well...

Oyama Iwafune Bypass

(Click the image above to see the triangulated pyramid large.)

(like the horse and the dragon, the female and the male, the light and the dark)

Do you see what I did there? The "X" of the lines of the pyramid cross at a point
named The Iwafuna -Oyama Bypass. This is in a little space called Oyama in the prefecture
of Tochigi. I happened upon the flags of these two areas, Iwafune and Oyama, and wanted
to see what the flags looked like combined, being that this was a combination "bypass." Notice
how it is likened, IN SYMBOLOGY, to the male and female reproductive systems...do you see that!
Then look over at the Tochigi Prefecture flag : don't the elements of the Iwafune flag combined with
the Oyama flag match the elements of The Tochigi Prefecture!? The arrows : the arrow, the circle : the
circle, the long wavy line : the wings of the arrow, the short wavy line : one wing or the point of the arrow!
They totally match! The phrase I have read from this little crossing is...(Iwafune: Rock Ship; Oyama: Little Mountain;
Omoigawa: The Thinking Stream; Tochigi: The Horse Chestnut Tree or, that which we have deduced down to its
origin as The Spiral Seed Producer)

The Thinking Stream above The Little Rock Ship is The Spiral Seed Producer.


On 3.12.2011, there was as well an earthquake
in the Tongan Islands, near a location named
Niuatoputapu which translates as "Sacred Coconut."
This is considered a fruit of Pacific Islanders 'Tree of Life,'
that which provides food, drink, medicine, shelter, and even tools.
This was in The Pacific Ocean, which translates as "The Greatest Peace."
This is in The Kingdom of Tonga. Tonga means south. Kingdom, remember,
I have read that it derived out of the fifteenth century whereas this lair, or
habitat was named King's Domain, thus shortened to Kingdom. Domain is
from the Sanskrit dama, meaning house or home.
King allegedly origins out
of the Finnish Kuningas, rooted from Old Norse Konung, from The Goth Cyning,
from Cyn, meaning race, or kin, or family.

The Sacred Fruit, of The Southern Tree of Life,
of The Family Home is The Greatest Peace.


There was then another earthquake
in The Coral Sea near Moso Island,
(also known as Tranquility Island, Verao
(long) Island, and formerly Deception
Island.) Allegedly, most folks go by Moso.
I could only locate one Vanuatu definition
of moso, that being 'cooked, or done.'
NOT to be confused with the other Moso, that
which is known as a Giant, a God, whom stepped
from Fiji to Samoa, leaving his footprints. It is allegedly
very disrespectful to use this word as anything
except for this God if you are or with a Samoan.

Since it is in Vanuatu, and the Futuna (island in Vanuatu)
term moso means cooked, or done, this is what shall be
used respectively...not Tranquility, not Long, not Deception...

It measured 6.3.

This is in Vanuatu, meaning "Our Land,"
and the people are called 'OF our Land,'
(Ni-Vanuatu.) Coral is a calcareous skeleton.

It is done, Our Land of
the Calcareous Skeleton.


Tranquility Island

Then there was another earthquake in The South Atlantic
Ocean; South Atlantic basically translates as The Southern
Sea beyond Mt. Atlas,
near an island named Tristan da Cunha,
which roughly translates as sorrowful wedge. The island is a part
of a trinity group of British overseas territory named St. Helena,
Ascension, Tristan da Cunha
. St. Helena, Empress of Constantinople
and Mother of Constantine was known as the founder of The True
, that which Christ was allegedely nailed to, as well as the nails.
Ascension is named of the day it was founded, the day of Ascension,
represented as the day Christ Ascended from the tomb, resurrected,
40 days later. And all this of The United Kingdom; united was allegedly
born out of the Greek word unus, meaning one. Kingdom, again, derived
out of the fifteenth century whereas a lair, or habitat was named King's
, thus shortened to Kingdom. Domain is from the Sanskrit dama,
meaning house, or home.
King allegedly origins out of the Finnish Kuningas,
rooted from Old Norse Konung, from The Goth Cyning, from Cyn, meaning
race, or kin, or family
. This brings this translation as:

The Sorrowful Wedge, that which is part of The Empress founder
of The True Cross, and The Christ Ascension of The One Family,
is in The Sea beyond Mount Atlas.

Tristan da Cunha, St. Helena, Ascension, United Kingdom

Tristan d

We then had another earthquake, a large 6.8 quake in
Myanmar. Remember back on Every 7 pg. 30b, we spoke
of Myanmar:

Myanmar 6.8

(if you look at that image beneath the Earth and Sky Centers,
there where the earthquake area is highlighted, you can see
the impression of what appears to be an infant elephant. This
earthquake occurred right about where the 3rd eye is located
in an individual's forehead...(and that which is about to be
eluded to again in a few moments down the page with
the ash cross.) That seems to elude to an infant Ganesh,
translated as "Lord of Hosts," (the strange knowledge here
is that in the Tamil language, Ganesh is called Pille, which
eludes to "Young of the Elephant." It has been read that there
are three lines drawn on Ganesh's forehead, (as we have been
proclamated by Earth metaphorically in previous writings on this
page(three strikes upon his face and three strikes betrayed, from
the alien cranium, which eludes to having three marks upon you
and three marks removed) and this comprehends forth, since in
this region, the Buddhist knowledge of tripundra by sacred ash.
basically means three as one which is released, that
which is ego (or anava), all that which one has caused and
effected (or karma), and that which is illusion (maya.)

Mran means 'horse' in the Myanmar language. mar means strong or solid.
Myan means 'fast,' or 'quick.' This would signify a fast, strong, spiritually sound
people. (I say this of horses because of their great strength and solid capability.)

This earthquake occurred in a location named Wan-Ra-sa-hkankiao, and this
was incredibly difficult to figure out...for there is a language of Myanmar as well
as Tibeto-Burman, and there were those who settled here from Thailand, China,
India, and so forth, with intermarrying and on and on. The Myanmar word wan
translates as village; the word ra translates as royal or exalted; the word sa
translates as child; the word khan translates as a descriptive: to have; and kiao
means to awake or be conscious, (that which the Buddhists used as a description
to the Sanskrit Buddha meaning "Enlightened Enlightener."

So this statement would be:

The village that is exalted on high has the young
Enlightened Enlightener, The Strong Fast Horse,
The Elephant Child.

And then we had an earthquake, near Fiji,
on an island named Cikobia, pronounced Thikombia,
and called Cirikalia by the inhabitants, meaning,
'the isolated one.' Fiji is allegedly the Tongan
pronunciation of Viti
, meaning "east" or "sunrise."
This is in The Northern Division of Fiji. Division is from
the Latin divisionem, from divisio,
So this statement would be:

The Isolated One of The North East
Sunrise of The Greatest Peace.


...we had another Fiji earthquake 3 days later (see how it explains
that which has been explained, yet further? 6.4. This earthquake
was just off the space called Thakau Tambu, Reef Sacred. That
which is known as the word tabboo, tapu, (which is to mark
expressing intensity.')
This was in Lau, Fiji. Lau means The Pass,
in Fijian. Fiji, viti means of course, east, or sunrise.

Thakau Tambu

The Reef of The Sacred Intensity,
The Pass of The Eastern Sunrise,
is The Greatest Peace.

There was another quake this time around,
it was a rather large earthquake at a very
intense moment
. It was a 6.7 near Christmas
Island. This is in The Indian Ocean, and this
island is a territory of Australia. Indian Ocean
is named after India which is named after
The Indus River, which is Sindhu in Sanskrit
and means 'large water.' Australia is from
the Latin word australis and means southern.
Christmas is a word combination of Cristes mæsse,
and basically means Christ's Mass, a sacred gathering.
Christ is said to translate as the messiah, meaning the annointed
(such as those in royalty, an annointing of spirit, authority, power,
servitude.) Strangely still, check this out, Christmas Island was named
by William Mynors of The Royal Mary in 1643. This wasn't published on a
map, the island named Christmas, until 1666. Is that not strange?
So if we were to speak forth this comprehensive measure:

Christmas Island

The Sacred Gathering of The Annointed One
of The South, The Ocean that is a River.

And finally, this last earthquake occurred in Indonesia near
a space named The Talaud Islands, meaning tuning or harmonizing,
nearest one of a trinity of islands named Kaburuang, Salibabu, and
Sulawesi Utara; meaning eloping people, ash cross, and northern
solemnization. Indonesia, of course means Indian Islands, derived
from India, from Hindu which comes from the Greek word Hindas
pronunciating the Indian word Sindhu which was converted to Indus
by Europeans. Hind, incidentally, is a hornless deer. Sindhu is of course
a large body of water, an ocean, a river, a sea, and so forth. This was
in the Molucca Sea on the edge of The Phillipines Sea; Molucca is derived
from the Arabian al-mulk, meaning 'land of many kings.'
And The Phillipines
were named after Prince Phillip, soon to be King of Spain, who was known
as Phillip The Prudent.
This earthquake was a 6.0 on 4.5.2011:


The Harmonizing Trinity of Eloping Solemnization of the
Ash Cross of The North
is in The Land of Many Kings, The Prudent.


...and here is the Communication...

Be Well.

The Bigger Picture is An Infinite Meditation.

May Light Be Your Shadow.

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