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4.28.11 Japanese Diamonds.

First of all, on 3.28.2011 it had been noticed by NASA's Swift satellite, a bunch of large
blasts of energy out in space...soon after, astronomers around the world were alerted,
and it had been discovered to be a galaxy far within the constellation Draco, 3.8 billion
light years from Earth. 3.8 billion years ago did this occur, and we are just now seeing it...what's
that? What is alleged by scientists is that a blackhole in a spiral galaxy, in Draco, has encompassed
a star, a Sun, pulled into the blackhole, and is emitting forth an ENORMOUS amount of energy 3.8 billion
years ago, right now. Not even a month after the entire Japan 311 quakes, and the emerging forth of
the Dragonhorse from Japan's pyramidical formation did this actuality allow forth its visualization. So...did
Earth feel this first? Is this why this occurred? Did the waves of energy somehow magnify further within BEFORE
we could actually see it without? It's like that animation from last time around with the tsunami, the waves of
energy going across the whole ocean, did we understand this prior to it occurring simply because it is likened
to a wind that comes before a wave of massive energy? I wonder, if this is such an extremely powerful force
of energy, if that wasn't only the first wave, the initial wave. Perhaps that is why the quakes have lasted for this
long. It would seem surpirsing, yes? To comprehend the Dragonhorse on Earth just prior to comprehending a
in the dragon, Draco, magnifying through a blackhole such an immensity. Would it not be logical, since the
became from the same source, that it may be possible that that knowledge that exists anywhere = the
to know that knowledge from anywhere, and even so, that ENERGY KNOWLEDGE may be calculable
even prior to our visualization of it! Nevertheless, it is said to be due to a star that has become immersed in a
blackhole of this galaxy in Draco. It is called GRB110328A. It still burns. Astronomers have never seen such an
actuality before, for how long it has lasted, for how bright it continues, a dragon's infinite, a Blackhole Sun.

Draco, Blackhole Star
(notice how it is almost as though the little bear is the reverse reflection of the mighty
dragon. Comprehend this in a manner of innocence and strength. You are capable
of this type of depth, yet further, likened somewhat to the entire Virgo and Whale
interpretation, understanding both simultaneous, thus allowing yourself validity as
both circumstances allow forth their anything.)

So what could we say about this? What could be written that could understand this for
what it is in a written word for the communication? Perhaps it has already been written, yes?
...for what is a long seed from within but a spiraling forth of birthing energy, and this circle we
see, could it not be the immensity depth of a blackhole or a star within it or both together, and
these vibrations, could they not be represented as such from their origin...parallel to Japan, of a Sun.

The Dragon of The Long Seed Within
is paralleled in The Circle of Vibrations.

The first earthquake was in Vera Cruz in a location named Desengano Nanchital.
Desengano means undeceived, or disabused of error or seeing the light. Nanchital
was a bit difficult to figure, but I found that Nanci, or Nanchi is a Golden Fruit Tree found
in the area that blooms from April through July (strange isn't it!) This tree grows to appx.
33 feet and is known as The Golden Spoon. I could not find a translation for -tal in Nahuatl,
the language of the Aztecs, of this area, Nahua, though did find a source stating what it
would mean had it been with a Nahuatl word, thus allowing us the term 'place of,' or a
similar notion to that effect.
The Place of Golden Spoons. It is in the state of Vera Cruz de
Ignacio de la Llave. Vera Cruz means true cross. Ignacio comes from the Latin "igneus"
which means of fire, or fiery...and as well means empyreal, which means of the sky, or
celestial, i.e. fire of the sky. Llave means key. This is in Mexico, which is allegedly from
the word Mexitla, which in turn is a secret name of an Aztec War God
named Huitzilopochtli, that means Left Handed Hummingbird. As such,
Desengano Nanchital, Vera Cruz de Ignacio de la Llave, Mexico means:


In The Place of The Golden Spoons, Undeceived,
Disabused of Error, and Seeing the Light, The Key
of the True Cross of Fire from the Sky is The Left
Handed Hummingbird.


(when you are thinking of a left handed hummingbird there is a
metaphor being established here. It is to understand from the
smallest bird becomes the largest predator. Of course this,
metaphorically, could have both negative and positive
comprehensions, so as such, if we are to understand this
from a meditative reality, let us understand it as balance,
not one or the other, but simply being "left handed" meaning
something greater than normal; the sense of being such a
small creature, yet vibrating a humming quality that even
impresses a rattlesnake. For this, as an individual 'human,'
or whatever you are, it is to understand that your "hum,"
your "om," your vibrational frequency magnification, it is
such that it resonates likened to an immensity exponential.
And yet, always from respect. No matter how small you are,
you have the capability of the infinite. (like a star in a blackhole,
infinite light and infinite dark, one immersion fluid, yet as balance,
can you imagine that fluidity?)

Desengano 6.5


Then was the beginning of all the massive tornado storms in the
Midwest United States. And it is not necessarily the practice to read
these unless they show specificity to what has been, or if they are massive,
and as such, this storm saw no major injuries except a severely broken leg,
thus allowing forth a parallel to the missing foundational parallel. This location
was in Mapleton, Iowa on 4.9.2011. Mapleton, Iowa, United States of America.
Mapleton is basically 'maple town,' but what about the word maple? Maple allegedly
comes from the combination of two words combining to form erabre, or erarbre in Latin
from the two words acer and arbor; the first meaning sharp, pointed, and swift, and the
second meaning tree. This, oddly enough, plays right into the scheme of Draco's Blackhole
such that it means a sharp, pointed, swift tree, or arrow, or more acutely, a moving wave
of energy.
Adding in the spaces applicable to the formation of this tornado, we may have an
even more distinct comprehension of this specificity; the river is named Maple River. So that much
seems obvious, right? Between Maple Town and Maple River, it sounds alot like the prose written for
The Woman God of Fire, yes? Read it over again. It also sounds alot like what was just rewritten from
whence the first dragon was understood to us on the beginning of Every 7 pg. 33 C, and our present
knowledge coming into effect about Draco's Blackhole Sun...paralleled in the circle of vibrations. Also
between this river and the location were two empasized locations, one named Willow Vale and the other
named Schoenjahn. Willow origins from wei meaning to bend or twist. Schoen means beautiful in German,
and Jahn is alleged to come from the original meaning that states the one that Jehovah gave a son. Now,
Jehovah has been proclamated as the vocalization of the proper name of the God of Israel in the Hebrew Bible.
It is basically stated that it is the vocalization of the Tetragrammaton:


So what exactly would that comprehend then?
Jahn would be something like, The Star Seed of The Sun.
(Why? Because Jehovah gave him a son, the star voice,
the energy of light in darkness, the voiced proclamation
of what can be fathomed as ultimate energy gave
through him, a son, or more acutely, a Sun, and further,
THE Sun, for what is it origined from, yet ultimate light, so
it is not in error to understand as it is THE since it is with "thee,"
as long as there is respect in its comprehension, there is no
ego necessitated through its definability. It's like saying that
an apple tree isn't an apple tree because it isn't the first one.
...just plain silly that is. It is a(n) apple tree, as well as being THE
apple tree simply because it has all the components, all the
nuances, all the applicable ingredients to BE an apple tree,
or in this case, a son...Sun! (sun, star, same same.)

Furthermore, this is in the state of Iowa, this name allegedly derives from the Ioway Tribe, pronounced
eye oh way. This meaning is from the Sioux (whose name is French for the Ojibwa word nadewisou
meaning "treacherous snakes," but their name to the natives means "Alliance of Friends.") The name
for the tribe Ioway means "Sleepy Ones." Their own name for their tribe was Baxoje, which means
"Gray Heads" or "Gray Snow."
This of course was in The United States of America, which we have
already concluded means The One of Many Works. So this might read:

In The Wave of Energy beyond The River of Waves of Energy,
from The Great Bending River and The Beautiful Star Seed of The Sun,
of that which were called The Sleepy Ones by The Treacherous Snakes,
of which are actually known as The Grays and The Alliance, became a
vortex of energy in The One of Many Works.

Mapleton Tornado

(you're probably like, uh......I know, it's powerfully strange.
I get the chills sometimes reading over this because of
what it implies along with what I have been experiencing
coupled with actually "reading" a communication like this;
it is no question as to why we might need to become
stronger from within if what we are all about to face
is so incredibly foreign to our reality.)

Interestingly enough, in speaking once again about the phrase
"The Dragon of The Long Seed Within is paralleled in The Circle of Vibrations,"
and our understanding that this was stated prior to finding the Great Dragonhorse
in The Pyramid, and then reiterated after we understood The Blackhole Sun in Draco,
it is not surprising that a parallel such as an officer of the law would express a fantastic
story of how he, in his vehicle, was lifted, in this storm, over a hundred feet from one
location to another, thus prefacing a superb parallelparallel to this parallel...of what
is quickly becoming an infinite line of parallels.
You can check out his story here (he wasn't hurt!)

The second earthquake happened way south of all the previous
Japanese earthquakes. This one was a 6.1 and happened in the
Phillipines Sea just off the shores of an island named
on 4.9.2011.
This is in the Kagoshima Prefecture of the Osumi Islands.
Tanegashima means The Seed Child. Kagoshima means The Newborn
Deer (or WombPhallus.)
Osumi means The Great 'Together' Rest.
This is in Japan which means Origin of The Sun. So this would allow
forth the interpretation as:

The Seed Child of The Newborn WombPhallus of the
Great 'Together' Rest, is from The Sun, The Prudent.

Tanegashima 6.1

The third earthquake was a 6.6 (on land) in a location named
Samegawa, Higashishirakawa, Fukushima, Japan on 4.11.2011,
just about a month after the beginning of all this...which translates as:

Shark of the Pure Rising Sun: a Blessing from The Sun.

So as such is proclamated forth a 2nd pyramid.
(see the two points on the right? They create
two more pyramids, alternates, it's all factored
further down the page.)

Four Two

Here is the 2nd pyramid message:
(as usual you can view the definitions
on the Triangulation Pages.)

The X in the center:

The Highest Peaceful Warrior Well is an
Infinitesimal Blessing of The Spiral Sun Seed Producers.

The 8 triangles:

The Fortune Telling Fish of Wisteria
Spirit River is a Herd of Sun Horses.

It is a Greenhouse Within a Headdress of
a Rising Sun Nucleus, a Herd of Sun Horses.

It is an Earthen Treasury Soup of Both Spirit Vessels of The
WombPhallus, that which is the VirgoWhale, The Father Seed,
a Cape of Suns.

At The Spacious Primitive River of The Firefly
is One of Two Dignifieds, a Herd of Sun Horses.

The Space Stream Entrance is The New Family
Elevation Passage of The River Beyond, a Cape of Suns.

The Parasol River Saddle is an Energizing Inner Flow
as One of Two Dignifieds in a Herd of Sun Horses.

It is a Friend Honoring Spirit of The Growing Abyss
of The Autumn River Journey as a Headdress Ovary
of The Sun Estuary.

The Treasury of Longevity is The Beyond Family,
an Ambrosial Production, all Fragrant Blessings
of The Spiral Sun Seed Producer.


As well, I have added this center and the next center to
the Japan 311 movie. I will be adding any aftershocks to
that movie within reason. But we are moving forward with
the communicational message.


This next earthquake was near a location named
Chosei, of the Chosei District, of the Chiba Prefecture
on 4.12.2011, meaning:

Long Life, Long Life, A Thousand Leaves
from The Sun, The Greatest Peace.


There is a Buddhist story about A Thousand Leaves.
It states that a Lotus was created by 2 of the 8 Great
Nagas, Nanda and Upananda. This Lotus was made of
a thousand leaves, entirely of gold, with a stalk made of
diamond. This was presented to Bhagavat, who sat upon
this Lotus Flower of Gold and Diamond and created
another one above this one, and so forth was created
many all around him, and there were Buddhas on all these
blessed, and all around, and they even ascended and
created an assembly of Buddhas in heaven.

That story, the following earthquake, and the
previous earthquake elude to this imagery:

Four Two

We have had two more landbased quakes.
It seems to imagine forth the communication,
I see now, two alternate points to this edge. This,
as well, seems to play off the Trinity Dragonhorse
mentality. Three from one. So as such, there are
two more sets of eight centers. In preparing the information for all this I became severely
immersed in it all. I began writing out ALL the surrounding mountains by distance, in order,
and was taking it incredibly far, and suddenly I found myself at the end of doing all this,
having gone through two more sets of eight triangulations, and realized how I was
accomplishing this did not make sense any more. I was like, I could spiral out these
mountains all the way to the ocean, and why? Yeah, at the end, no less. So I
realized, of course, in the specificity of land, of course, it would be location,
not surrounding areas and what not. Centered. And with the mapping system
I am using now, it is extremely specific. I am cross referencing between two
mapping systems to make sure it is as accurate as possible. It takes alot more
time, but I want this to be as accurate as possible. It seems important, yeah?

We had the second landbased earthquake in Japan
this time around : east of the Nuclear facility. I believe
this is a seriously distinct message from Earth, do you not?
I believe it should be taken seriously. Do you not? I believe
it would be best to listen, understand, and heed. Nuclear:
different path! Nevertheless, this was in a location named
Tonomachi Negeshi, Iwaki, Fukushima, Japan, on 4.12.2011
translating roughly to:

Distant Wilderness of Stone Origin
Castle, a Blessing from The Sun.


...and so this was another blessing, another message, a third pyramid.
Do you see how it eludes to its own creation? It's quite fascinating! Or
we could simply ignore the comprehension of all this and do nothing.
Why would I stop.

The X in the center:

The Ancient Center of Love is The Wilderness
Beyond and on High; a Spiral Sun Seed Producer.

The 8 triangles:

Blessed Revival of The Spirit by Stone Rending,
WombPhallus Soup, that which is the VirgoWhale,
a Spiral Sun Seed Producer.

It is a Greenhouse Within a Headdress of
a Rising Sun Nucleus, a Herd of Sun Horses.

The Haven Within This Set Within The WombPhallus
Wilderness, that which is The VirgoWhale Wilderness,
is a Father Seed, a Cape of Suns.

The Outside Inside Heart of Sunlight, That Which
Sustains Life,
is Sunshine, a Spiral Sun Seed Producer.

The One That Helps The River Beyond is a Cape of Suns.

There is a Vessel Soup, Four Suns from One
of Two Dignifieds, a Herd of Sun Horses.

The Feather Teachings of 'Least
' form Wings into The Sun Estuary.

A Superior Wilderness, this Regulated Main
High Temple, it is a Castle made of Sunlight.


I began triangulating the three pyramids, each set of triangulations,
like the imagery from last time around eluded to....this:

Pyramid Foresight in a foresight of this...and more:

Pattern Parallel

...giving us 3 Pyramids from 1:

Japan Pyramids

Japan 3 Pyramids

...and so became the journey to find what was between these three pyramids.
For there is a point in every center, and there are 3 for each triangle. Thus,
the triangulation of these three into one allows for their Triplicity Center.
This is that communication. (the second line is larger because it is
an absolute in every pyramid.)

Beautiful Primitive Meditative Projection, that which
directs through The Blessed Revival Mountain Spirit
to the Increased Revival Mountain Spirit...it is a Living
Headdress, a Herd of Sun Horses...

It is a Greenhouse Within a Headdress of
a Rising Sun Nucleus, a Herd of Sun Horses.

...The Dead Stone Mountain Mother's Milk
is yet a WombPhallus, a VirgoWhale, as a
Father Seed, a Cape of Suns.

The Bronzed One of Two Dignifieds is a Herd
of Spiral Sun Seed Producing Horses.

It is an Extremely Bright Temple Reservoir,
The River Beyond, a Cape of Suns.

The Vessel Soup of Four Suns is a Depth Passage
created by One of Two Dignifieds for a Herd of Sun Horses.

...Friendly Wings to The Estuary of Suns.

...a Thousand regulated Shrines as a Castle of The Sun.


There was then another quake near Japan
off the coast nearest Mt. Junijin on 4.14.2011,
a 6.1. So as such this prose would read:

The Twelve, The Greatest Peace.

Junijin 6.1

On 4.14.2011 in Tushka, Atoka, Oklahoma there was a seriously
powerful and intense system of energy spiraling through. Very dark.
Here is a link to a few tornadoes combining into one: here, and here
is a video of the actual storm on radar: here. Tushka means warrior.
Atoka is from hatoka meaning fair playing field. Oklahoma is from
Oklahumma meaning of The Red People.

A Warrior in a Fair Playing
Field of The Red People.

Here is a view of what
space was Seeing at this time:


From 4.16.2011-4.19.2011 there were TONS of tornadoes all over the
eastern United States. One such location was North Carolina. I found a
map listing numerous EF3 tornadoes. (click for a bigger image)

North Carolina

If you look at the image you can see numerous EF3s listed and their paths are
drawn. So I used this information and a North Carolina County map to describe
this message. These are all calculated by National Weather Service Data, by time,
for the greatest accuracy. The first was, by county, Moore-Lee-Chatham-Wake-Franklin.
The second was Hoke-Cumberland-Harnet-Johnston. The third was Wayne-Greene-Pitt.
The fourth was Bertie-Hertford. And the fifth was Onslow. Moore is from 'mor' meaning
large or great. Lee is from "leah" meaning open space. Chatham is from "Cetham" is
from "Chatti" is from "Catai" is from "Katten" meaning to cast or throw. Wake is from
"vakr" meaning watchful, or keeper of the watch. Franklin is from "franc" meaning
free, whereas ling means a small version of. Hoke is from 'Huc' meaning dweller of
the forked land.
Cumberland means Land of Cumbrians, whereas Cumbrian is from
Cymru, the Welsh name of Wales, The Land of Cymry, from combrogi meaning
fellow countrymen. Harnet was the name of a man who seeded The Declaration
of Independence by authoring The Halifax Resolves, thus meaning Independence
Seed. Johnston
is from "Jonis" or "John" meaning of course star seed sun, whereas
ton is from the word "tone" or "toun" from "tun" meaning settlement. Wayne is from
"waegn" meaning cart, waggon, or vessel. Greene means green, or living. Pitt means
pit, or well. Bertie is from Bertram meaning Bright Raven. Hertford not only does it
allegedly mean a ford frequented by harts, but as well, is known as a land by the
Yeopim Natives as The Perquimans, meaning Land of Beautiful Women. Onslow
is allegedly from a phrase, a motto frequented by the people of this space long
ago, Festina Lente, meaning: On Slowly. So this Earth Message would state:

Large, Open Space. Cast. Watch The Freeling.

From the Dweller of the Forked Land to the
Land of Fellow Countrymen, an Independence
Seed; a Star Seed Sun Settlement.

Vessel Living Well.

Bright Raven to a Land
of Beautiful Women.

Festina Lente, On Slowly...

On 4.18.2011 4 African White Lions were born in Serbia. The legends behind
The White Lions go far back in ancient times. They are believed to be Children
of The Sun.
Belgrade, Serbia. Belgrade is said to be devoted to The Virgin Mary.
The city's name literally means White City, a symbol of purity, and an interesting
twist to this story, a parallel nevertheless, to much of what we have been
talking about. Serbia is a challenging word. From what I can surmise, the
word was first understood from just after the beginning of Anno Domini (AD),
and it has been stated by Ptolemy that they were understood to have at
least derived from Sarmatia, being named Serboi. If this is truth, the definition
goes back through these people The Sarmatai, for they were a part of this
people, as such this name is from the Greek word Sauromatai. Sauros means
lizard or lizard like, said to be a description of their armor, their dragon like
standards, or their eyes...whereas matai or matae is from The Medes, a
branch of the Arian family, allegedly taken from the Sanskrit word Arya,
which means noble, of a good family. These White Lions are origined
from Timbavate, South Africa, south can be stated as depth, and Africa
is understood from the word aphrike meaning without cold...Timbavarti
in Tsonga is timba-vaati: timba 'to come down' (like a bird); vaati 'to the ground.'

Four Warm Suns came down from the
Depth of Purity by Sight of The Dragon Nobility.


...and on 4.19.2011 in Girard, Macoupin, Illinois was another EF3 tornado.
Girard is said to mean Brave Spear. Macoupin is a term for the Lotus Flower
Nelumbo Lutea. Illinois is said to have derived from the Algonquen word
Illiniwek, meaning one who is well in physicality, spirituality, and intelligence.
This would allow forth the statement:

Brave Spear Lotus: Physically, Spiritually, and Intellectually.

Girard EF3

Then there were 2 more earthquakes, and the second was another landbased earthquake!
And I saw this and was like, wow, how is this EVEN going to work into this pyramid formation. The
first earthquake was in the Pacific Ocean, this was nearest a range known as Tsunokake Pass, Japan,
meaning Reliable Square Pass, (like 4)(Pacific Ocean) The Greatest Peace. (remember, the ones in
the ocean of Japan are seen from mountain areas.)

Reliable Square Pass, The Greatest Peace.

Kuji 6.0

The next earthquake happened on land. It was a 6.1 on the same day, 4.21.2011.
This was located in a space named Sanmu, Chiba, Japan translating as:

A Thousand Suns Mountain Warrior.

Sanmu 6.1

This one gave us a couple really intriguing images in the centers!

Virgo and Bootes

(remember this image!?)

VirgoCetus well, check this out...

Virgo Bootes

In this image, the river flows a certain way with Virgo.What I saw when I first looked
at this was obviously the heart shape around Virgo. The River flows right through her
lower abdominal area, the womb area, right through her lower spine, right through
her shoulder and upper spine and her cranium's Occipital area right through her
voice and breathing and temple and sight through her palm leaves all the way
to her hand, connecting with The River. The Ancient Furnace Fornax, it is likened
to volcanic energy of Earth...and yet, emerges from her chest like a breast, even
to a point, like Mother's Milk, yet the depth blood heat flow of The Mother World
Energy, that which created this world. She is a heart, a pumping, lifegiving
sustenance to us all and self. Fertile. It eludes, most assuredly to the cycle
of Woman. Wombman. All of us. Bootes is seen with Cetus like Virgo was and is.
In looking at the imagery on the earthquake center you can see just how heavy
that Cetus really is. It's a whale after all, it's no subtle weight. Density Depth Heavy.
I shaped these images to reveal your possibilities. The flowing shaping of form. As
though you are simply a man or a woman, as well, are you capable of further. And
in this realm of exhuberance, daftly carrying out weight in excess of your being by
a difference of not merely pounds, but tons, comprehends a vast immensity into
your fluidity. For it would be to comprehend as such, as well, to understand just
how heavy that mass is you're carrying. You're flying through the infinite infinitesimal
at a gazillion miles an hour cycling loving and healing regenerative love energy as
balance. If you understand forth the immensity of form shaping your energies through
metaphors or actual creatures, like spirit animals or suns or stars or whatever it is you do,
it would elaborate a great amount, the acuity, if these forms were sharpened into your
flow, and so as such this is done by shaping, and this is done by exercising them, and what
is it that you do but create healing or loving energy, or whatever it is you do with your respective
fluidities in love or protection or harmonization, the more you do this, the more you can allow and
go further; compare sliding down a regular park slide to going down a waterslide. The water is likened
to your flow, your fluidity, and this fluidity is constantly shaped by the waterslide, your shaping, your direction,
your directivity, and without the water you probably wouldn't go more than a couple feet. The slide, the water,
and your weight all decide just how fast and long you are going to project forth. The fluidity is constant. It is cycling.
The water just keeps cycling, like a metaphoric photosynthesis. So as you create your waterslide, your ride, your
vessel combination, whether it be individual or collectively with another, attempt to understand that the waterslide
is your path, yet shaping forth via your fluidities, because you are not just an idling sleeper, you are an awakened
flyer, and the path is vibrant with energy knowledge constantly, it is speaking to everyone always, and when you
start to hear it, it's always there. So the shaping of your energies can magnify this into greater perspective. It's like
if I were to ride a skateboard down the street verses driving a car. Although I can do different "tricks" from either
vessel, there is a vast difference in their shaping. The way they are built is extremely different. I could put a skateboard
together in a few minutes. A car, we might be here for a while. It isn't to necessarily "know" every tiny little aspect of
every vibrating molecule in a 7 speed dual clutch transmission just like it isn't to necessarily "know" that there are 7 metal
balls in each bearing...it just flows. And yet, there are different aspects of these that could allow for a more gracious
or fluid ride compared to not so much. Shaping. Like someone who shapes surfboards. There are different boards for
different waves, big wave boards, small wave boards, long boards, short boards, different weights and densities and
girths, it's all to allow for a particular ride. Correct? Yes. That's all we're doin. We're riding in a vessel. Each one of us is a
vessel. Shape it! How will you shape it. Where will you begin. Just start where you understand it is relevant to you. There
is a spirit to you, and it understands you without all the clutter of the sleeping societies. Find that center and illuminate
that energy, and like a seed whose fertility elaborates on contact, you will grow. Your within is infinite. And it's all yours.
.......it is to the power of you.

Every 7 pg. 34 B

The Bigger Picture is An Infinite Meditation.

May Light Be Your Shadow.

Every 7

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