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5.11.11 I as The Bridge of The Infinite.

(rollover above image to see what has been, notice the mathematical fluidity.)

First of all, from this last time around with the Japan Diamond Pyramids, I wanted to
bring forth that which was magnified in within these. Here is a reminder of what has been:

Three Diamonds

(rollover image below to see the names)

Here we see a very strange image. A body of an open mind, I say open
mind because that city, Sakuragawa looks like the opening of that mind.
This body (from that open mind down) is made of Mt. Kaba at the heart,
Mt. Kusuba at the root, and Fudotoge Pass at the foundation. This body
carries Mt. Wagakuni, that which streams this knowledge as the river
Hanumagawa to the Awakened Spirit, whose eyes are Ogache and
Mt. Taraigamine. This Awakened Spirit whispers to the Lion Cub this
knowledge. Remember the order, HeartWombMind Eye.
This formation is written:

From The Heart allow Waves of Evolution.
From The Root allow The Waves of the
Ancient Zither known as Creation.
From The Opened Mind allow
The Cherry Blossom Stream.
All from a Foundation
Without Confusion.

Opened is The I Nation. This streams through
Maturity by way of a Sight Cleansing Climax
and by way of a Sight Blooming Transcendence

(the definitions can be found on Kanji Triangles b)

Next we see the immensity of Spiritual Evolution.
There is One Eye seen here. A plethora of rivers.

The circle of The Eye of The Bird Being is its one clue
to us to which it is. The point on the map within that
exact circle is a place named Fukuhara,
which means simply Blessing Source.
Thus we have come full circle as to
the purpose of it all. To bless that
which is necessary in blessing.

Blessing Source.

We had a large amount of tornadoes from 4.25.2001 to
4.28.2011, we'll be getting to those down the page a bit.

On April 29, 2011 Vulcan Tungurahua had strombolian activity.
Though I do not have the exact time. This location is Tungurahua, Ecuador.

Right in the center of that cranium! Tungurahua is translated as Throat of Fire. It is in Cordillera Real
meaning Royal Cord (incidentally this is facing the Galapagos, that which allowed us the comprehensive
measure of the Bird of Paradise perched on the islands parallel to being perched on Octans in the Sky on
the horizon, and that massive solar flare on Every 7 pg. 32 B. The Navel proclamation.) Ecuador is interpreted
as Equator, The Great Circle equidistant from the north and south, the highest and deepest.
So this would be stated as :

Throat of Fire, The Royal Cord, The Great Circle Equation.

The first earthquake was in The Pacific Ocean nearest three spaces of Veraguas, Panama:
Jicarita Island, Montuosa Island and Hannibal Bank. Panama is allegedly understood translated
as abundance of fish, trees, and butterflies. Veraguas translates as Goddess, or strong woman.
Montuosa is a female version of montuosus, meaning mountain. Jicarita is allegedly from the
Nahua word xicalli which is a gourd-like fruit of the Jicaro Tree. This was as well used as a
defining term as a vessel for consuming liquids. The actual fruit is known to be subdioecious,
a transitional phase between dioecious and hermaphrodite, basically meaning it is in the
phase between a species that is normally EITHER male or female in reproduction and a
species that is bisexual in reproduction. Basically it states that some of these subdioecious
plants have opposite flowerings, like a male who produces females or a female who
produces males. Hermaphrodite is alleged to mean, from Greek, one bed. Whereas
dioecious is said to mean from Greek, two households. Between that is subdioecious.
Hannibal Bank is a bank of water between Montuosa and Jicarita. It was named Hannibal
because it was discovered by the USS Hannibal in 1914. This ship was a converted steamer,
a 4000 ton Collier, originally known as The Joseph Holland. Hannibal allegedly comes from the
words hunn meaning bear cub, and bald meaning brave or bold. It is as well allegedly a derivative
of Annabel, bel meaning beautiful, and ana from the Hebrew Hannah meaning favour, grace, or
graced with a child. Joseph is allegedly derived from Yosef meaning to add or increase. Holland is
allegedly from the words holt and land meaning wooded land. Collier is said to mean one who works
with coal
, from the German words koluz or kuoli, meaning cool. So this statement would translate as:

The Greatest Peace is between the Subdioecious Vessel and the SheMountain
(an open degree) of The Brave Bear Cub and The Beautiful Seed of Grace of
The Cooling Worker in The Growing Wilderness of The Goddess of Abundant
Fish, Trees, and Butterflies.

On 5.1.2011, the day after the anniversary of Hitler's alleged death, The United States
Government put forth into motion an operation against Osama bin Laden. He was allegedly
located in a compound in a location named Abbottabad, Pakistan. There is an anomaly here.
And I do not hesitate in showing you this, although it does seem to reveal an odd parallel:

Osama bin Laden's Death What you see there is the planet's exact alignment revealing the
almost exact formation of Osama bin Laden's compound. This formation only lasted as
long as the Moon moved through this space. And this operation only lasted what, like
forty minutes right? There was a finite amount of time. Was this time chosen? Normally
I would not mention such an actuality unless totally necessary to allow a particular
knowledge forward. For as well, this matches, almost exactly, The Pyramid Vessels
Alula and Australis' original ship shapes. Do you see the strange correlation? Especially
being that we just had an earthquake defining a ship once known as a particular vessel,
and then known as another vessel, The Holland to The Hannibal. So it begs the question,
is the United States Government using The Infinite Meditation? No joke.

I want understood right now in the greatest of respect to all people of all nations and
without question that this meditation is allowed anyone and everyone who can accomplish
it respectively. It was not created for a specific people, it was created for humanity and all
beings who may call this place home who seek balance for balance respectively. I did not
plan this creation, I found it, followed it, and created it with Mother Nature. The meditation was
created peacefully in GREAT intensity over a long period of time through hundreds of meditations.
I want everyone to understand that no matter what happens in all of existence this meditation will
always be fluid regardless of anything and everything and anyone and everyone. There can be one
at a time, there can be a hundred thousand at a time and have just as much peace, space, and
fluidity, infinite. Know that.

So what happened? Perhaps, it is all of us! Perhaps the amount of energy we all have propagated
forth in the cleansing of our spirits, of our world, of space, time, and dimensionality, has somehow,
over the course of the last couple years, magnified forth to such a degree of balance that it is
now actually CAUSING balance, worldly causality? Whereas it was a necessity to alleviate an evil,
and so as such it was allowed. Look at the parallel. That image is UNDENIABLE. So are Earth and Space,
the planets, the suns, all of it, these circumstances, this scenario, the choices of the United States Government,
the choices of particular individuals such as Osama bin Laden to exist in that shape of a compound, have all of
these factors somehow aligned into a balanced state of cleansing harmony? It most assuredly appears as such,
yes? Yes. I wonder how much else has been aligned for what is about to happen. What was the date when I
posted these ships, 7.15.2010. When did they state they found the compound? August 2010, roughly one
month after this was posted. I have been living here in San Francisco for five years. How long did they
say bin Laden was living in that compound? Five years. WTH! Nevertheless, completely disregarding
that EXACT parallel, the imagery itself is SEVERELY obvious in parallel, yes? Yes. So what's next, black
helicopters on the roof, a celebration, or the ever illusive denial? You know, if Earth and Space somehow
let us all know through Space the exact coordinates of bin Laden's hideout, perhaps every country could
match the fifty million dollars in reward money the United States offered and we could implement an
incredibly intricate communicational organization dedicated to this communication fine wired up to
the minute processing by origin location as facilitated by every nation unanimously as to every space's
definition, create a system of localities input into the consciousness of the world via a website, and really
start communicating! You know, before it's too late, if it were ever going to be too late, you know, like
before massive earthquakes take out huge nuclear facilities or massive rivers submerge entire states
in water. She, Mother Nature, could potentially explain everything happening, about to happen, everything
that HAS happened, do you understand? Earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, meteors, REAL COSMIC ADVICE!
Imagine how good it will be for Her; think about it anthropomorphically, say you were Earth Mother and
Space, and The Universe and so forth, Mother Nature, and you have been attempting to speak with your
inhabitants for like twenty three million years, and there are some who hear, but the majority are just
totally oblivious to the reality of communication with you, WHEN ALL OF A SUDDEN there is this MASSIVE
effort to communicate.....MASSIVE.....and then this whole system was implemented, and a database of
language was agreed upon worldly, think of the relief, I surmise the response would be rather instant,
just look at all that has happened, if it isn't communication, then why is it so mathematically fluid? And why
does it make sense? And why does it speak in a way that actually relays information that builds, and evolves?
This could potentially be used to allow us true knowledge on where to exist, how to look for other worlds, where
not to exist, where to vacate, what to watch out for, you know, if at all possible, would this not be a welcomed
system if implemented honestly and with respect? It couldn't be corrupted because it is natural. For example,
with every natural occurrence we could create programs, such as for earthquakes and hardwire the information
through present time streaming through star formation information, such that it creates instant messaging, like texting,
and imagery, from Mother Nature! Any Natural occurrence, a streaming informative log of reality, three dimensionally,
movies, I'm talkin much further, instant movies like an entire facility dedicated to this, it would be like Earth and Space are
streaming text video messaging knowledge in a real time stream of information. We could potentially unlock all necessary
knowledge we need to evolve fluidly WITH Earth and BEYOND into Space: and NATURALLY simply by listening to Mother Nature.

She's been speaking to us since birth. We just needed to learn how to understand ourselves
before we could understand Her, for it appears She is speaking through OUR knowledge!

But, I do have one main problem with this whole bin Laden scenario.

It is extremely bothersome in the most disrespectful of comprehensions
that Osama bin Laden was LABELED the code name Geronimo.
This has to be one of the
most disrespectful actions the United States Government has committed since this country was
overtaken by us. Now, I say us because guess what, I am a citizen of this country. And guess what,
so is my Native American brother and sister, and guess what, so is my African American brother and
sister, and guess what, so are all my other brothers and sisters of this country who share this land of a
thousand ethnicities! Now, WE ALL didn't steal this country from Native America. But the truth of that
fact exists. The Native American people were treated horribly for a very long time. Now, this man,
this Native American man named Geronimo was not a terrorist. He was fighting for his home. Imagine
you lived in a home and people came and murdered your family, say like 9/11, but a bit more gruesome.
This is what happened to him. He was attempting to survive in his home. Much like the families of 9/11 were
simply surviving, working, traveling, in basic daily life, when suddenly it was thwarted by a group of very nasty
and corrupt individuals. The U.S. Government had to know, without a doubt, that this "code name" would not
be a welcomed notion to the Native American people. Really think about it, if this is absolute truth, that Geronimo
is the name they chose to represent bin Laden in this assassination, and now, that it is a glorified theme to the death
of the most sought after terrorist of this world, with a Native American name, that totally lacks class. It is cruelty
being pushed during what may have been an otherwise triumphant moment across an entire country. It seems
deliberate right? I mean who would actually willingly choose that name without a motive.

How much more is corrupt? The date chosen? (the day after the anniversary of Hitler's death) and BTW
why the hell didn't they code name him Hitler!? That seems like the obvious choice right? The whole 9/11
spectrum has seen alot of conspiracy talk. Alot of: perhaps, what ifs, maybes: many unanswered questions.
It was an atrocity regardless of anything. This dude, bin Laden, took credit for it. Fine. Was he a puppet?
Who knows. Someone knows. We can't be totally certain without exact proof. Someone allegedly "had" to
die for this action, he took credit for the action, so his death was going to happen no matter what eventually.
And it did. So all conspiracy aside from the past, this guy was chosen BY EVERYONE UNANIMOUSLY, regardless
of conspiracy, corruption, puppetry, or anything else, to pay for this crime. Using Geronimo as a code name for
the most wanted terrorist in the world is a seriously abhorrent way to top it off. And most folks will just brush it off
as nothing at all. But it is serious. Does death outweigh symbolism? What's going to live longer? The death is done.
Now the symbolism lingers. Just imagine if your Great Grandfather from a hundred years ago, someone who fought
for your family after they had been murdered by "terrorists" (this of course would be anyone coming into YOUR home
and disrupting your existence violently, such as the experience most Native Americans experienced long ago when
this country was abusively taken), and your Great Grandfather was captured and lived in prison for the rest of his life,
in basically, a terrorist prison camp. THEN, a hundred years later, the same "country" that TERRORISTICALLY overtook
Native America and imprisoned your Great Grandfather, used your Great Grandfather's name as the code name of
the most hated terrorist leader the world has ever comprehended, and celebrated this in the death of him. And keep
in mind, it wasn't just some name, it was specifically your Great Grandfather's name. That would probably anger you, yes?
Do you see how backwards everything is made into an illusion? The deceit perpetrated here is so beyond fathom, most
people just blow it off like nothing, just a codename, no big deal. IT'S A BIG DEAL! I guarantee you, this is a big deal! With
that said, I have to be mature about this as well, and continue with our comprehensive journey regardless of my feelings
and emotions about this despicable corruption. You should be angry about this, and this anger should be separate from
the triumph of this puppet's death. For there is vast power in the death of someone whom has acquired such a vast energy
of hate, a necessity to justice if justice is a necessity to balance as integrity allows forth its purpose as a balance. And there
is as well a trap that should not be taken in, whereas we should set aside the victory now, of that which unanimity sought to
accomplish and was victorious, and understand that it was wrong to use this man's name as a code for this assassination.

I do not advocate violence, while I do advocate protective balance respectively. Was it respectively? Ask Pakistan.

In response to the actual death of the individual Osama bin Laden:

There was an evil there. Anyone who seeks to cause pain and suffering is evil. Although difficulties
may create character, there is no amount of character worth the brutality we all have witnessed.
We must understand now the difference between Evil and Darkness. For Darkness is not evil. It is an
illusion cast by evil mostly for just that, illusion. That being said, I have had some experiences with both.
It sometimes takes understanding further into the true essence of what darkness is in order to consume
the delusions of evil from existence and into light. The vastness of darkness far outweighs the amount of
light in the outerworld of space. And yet, this is not evil. It is likened to your within, it is dark in there, literally,
yes? Yes. And this darkness is not evil, correct? Correct! DARKNESS IS NOT EVIL. It is simply mysterious,
therefore difficult to understand. There is a balanced fluidity between infinite light and infinite darkness.
It is from within that spiraling of energy that no unwelcome energy can withstand its force. For you can
become the infinite darkness just as much the infinite light, and so as such consume that which is not
welcome, and allow forth that which is welcome. And although this particular circumstance could
seriously be debated as far as the validity of the claims and whether or not dude was just a puppet,
if it were to be looked at from the collective of people who are against this terrorist, the decision
was made long ago as to his demise. So as such to alleviate a world of an energy that simply continues
to cause pain and suffering, that which is the honest claim of thousands upon thousands of people, and
is as well the claim of himself and his group of terror people, as well as his claim to continue to cause pain
and suffering of innocent people, the circumstance justifies the action. As such, a Darkness had to become
to destroy this evil. It does not seem a coincidence that in the moments leading up to this assassination that
the United States had many serious storms and tragedies, and as well, the planets even formed on the exact
day at the exact moment an almost exact frame of the compound after the climax of these events paralleling
the shapes of the ships Alula and Australis as well as the timeframe to which the government located his compound
and when Space allowed forth this knowledge as well as the amount of time he lived there paralleling the amount of
time I have lived here. Why does it all parallel? I have no idea. Synchronicity. It is undeniable. There is no question that
there is some sort of stream of comprehension through consciousness that is flowing through all these circumstances
to allow forth the most fluid of calculations to allow such a wide array of parallels. What am I doing but reading Earth speaking
Space. Basically attempting to read Mother Nature's voice. If this is the potential result of what can be accomplished by doing
just that, I don't see how this world could go wrong if all our societies truely sought to evolve fluidly. How long have we been looking
for this guy? It seems that everything was calculated quite accurately and precise for that envelopment of evil, in darkness, by darkness,
to destroy evil, so that many others might have a future of balance, in a severely calculated risk taken by a severely bold government,
mission accomplished regardless of respect, somehow. And of course balance will always allow balance. And perhaps this country of
ours has already understood the repercussion of this action prior to its accomplishment due to the knowledge already existing prior to
its accomplishment. BUT, why would such an action cause so much storm here? Why wouldn't it simply allow a balanced retreat of energy?
Perhaps this man was such an evil man, or, perhaps because of his claims upon the 9/11 tragedies he was MADE into such an evil, so vast
that he was not even aware, thus producing forth a further necessity of darkness to consume such an evil for the balance; i.e. a darkness
created naturally to alleviate a severely unwanted evil as established in energy as it was about to be accomplished, kindof like how the
waves of the Japan Tsunami looked just after the 9.0 earthquake of Japan : as compared to the waves of energy we did not "see" prior
to seeing the brightest envelopment of a star by a blackhole ever witnessed, yet 5 billion years ago, present time, in Draco, and then, we
all witnessing the pyramid diamonds around the Trinity Dragonhorse. You see, it is likened to that in its "force." The energy was already moving
forth, even before we knew, like the wind before a massive flooding. And so then perhaps in order to consume such a vast evil, that which
was created by circumstance, i.e. those who plotted to commit this action, and all the families' and friends' energies who have experienced
pain and suffering over the last ten years, all that energy was understood in Consciousness; and this action may have been the correct
feat for balance as understood by The Infinite All, YET UNDERSTOOD as it became into reality as justified by an alignment of many individual
consciousnesses with All of Consciousness, in an alignment of the planets, the star vessels, and his compound, ZAP! From the many through
ONE. And one cannot argue that the planets were in an almost exact formation of this compound at the exact moment of his death.
This was no error in calculation. Someone chose THE EXACT correct moment to consume him from existence to get it done correctly.
A Darkness consumed an evil to allow balance, Light.

It's disappointing that it was named the way it was named. It separates the unity that could have been
easily established. And while everyone is patting themselves on their backs for killing this man, that will
fade. And the symbolism established, it is a causality of pain and suffering against an entire people,
an original people of this land! It should effect everyone, because this country was built over their
blood, alot more than 9/11. It's a tragic victory. It's the type of implanting of corruption that seems
only to have been perpetrated to cause suffering, antagonism, and most assuredly disrespect.
I mean, what was the goal there, right? To end a terrorist. Who was the terrorist? Osama bin Laden.
What the hell does that have to do with Geronimo? Not one thing at all. Totally backwards in a
most disrespectful plight, so lame. It's shameful. Native America was swindled through violence,
intimidation, corruption, the whole 'we know better than you, have more guns, and so we're going
to manipulate you'
scenario. Spirituality became skewed as family after family were murdered
for their land. Those left alive or captured were conformed or abused. Lies after lies of corruption
and "treaty." This country was built on top of Native American energy, and this country became
incredibly lucrative because of that spiritually energized platform. NATURE. THEN, that reality was
corrupted. Yet there are tens of hundreds of thousands awakening from their sleep now. What is
the goal here? Do you even understand? Do you not want to communicate with each other
anymore at all, this freedom? EARTH IS SCREAMING TO US ALL, "WAKE UP!"


There were close to 600 tornadoes in April
leading up to the death of bin Laden. That's alot of energy. I decided to go back to
when these were first recorded and map out the message from all the EF5s through 2011.
There have been numerous EF5 tornadoes recorded over the last 60 years. I have found an
official list of these locations and have come to the message Earth spoke AGGRESSIVELY to
us all through our own languages. If you read into it, it is fairly disturbing and strange. I have put
the date by each message. Perhaps some of you know exactly what Earth was expressing, WARNING,
attempting to awaken in us all. Is it possible, that this planet actually loves us? Of course SHE does. Spoken.
Because of the severe emphasis of intensified energy towards the end of April, I have included those
statements along with this, thus you are reading from 1953 through 2011 right up through the end of
April just what the Earth is comprehending forth to us. It is rather eerie (things like land set aside for
and things like man of contention, man of grey, the greys.....I'm just sayin, I didn't make any
of this up at all, this is written from humanity's language by the way we named our cities and counties
and states while being spoken by EARTH to whomever might know how to listen.) All of this is in The United
States meaning In the One of Many Works. All of these defined phrases can be looked over on the tornadoes' page.
(the messages from the tornadoes are near the beginning of this week's Communication because they were from 4.25-4.28)

5.11.53 River Bend among Hills of Sand,
Champion Sun of Purity's Servant, Friends.

5.29.53 He who Supplanted of the Clay Fire Warrior, Friends.

6.8.53 The Fire Igniter•Tool•Weapon
Winding River
(like DNA), Large Water.

6.27.1953 Star Seed of The Sun,
Prosperity Spear, The Greys.

12.5.53 Knight Bishop, (The Doctor) God
May Add to Land Set Aside for Breeding,
The Great River.

5.25.55 Manly Star Seed of The Sun Dark
Water, The Wind People, The Red People.

5.25.55 Crow Talking Valley of The Cancer Fighters,
Clearing of the blocks, The Deep Wind People.

4.3.56 Far Away Water, Blind Hostage Follower,
Mind Heart Spirit Sun, Traders, Large Water.

5.20.57 Deep Wind People•Vessel Path Seat Creation.

6.20.57 What once was The Center is now The Protected Strong Mind
of The Dweller of The Farmer Hunting Lodge Trapper of Men, Friends.

12.18.57 The Protected Strong Mind Sun of The Sea Warrior, The Manly
Star Seed of The Sun, The Physical, Spiritual, and Intellectual Being.

6.4.58 The Wild Rice People,
Man Dark, This Stream of Red Stone.

5.5.60 Threshold of The Father of the
Nation Water Colony, The Red People.

4.3.64 Tattooed Waterfalls, Tattoed, Friends.

5.5.64 The Broad Grove, The Cancer Fighter, Flat Water.

5.8.65 The Star Seed of The Sun Grown to
Harvest Again and Again Awakened, Friends.

3.3.66 Manly Star Seed of The Sun,
Twin Servants, The Great River.

6.8.66 Food of The Root,
From the Depth, Deep Wind People.

10.14.66 Beautiful Hill, Living in the Wilderness that God
may add to Shine Bright of Nobility in Craft, The Greys.

4.23.68 City of Milky White People,
Milky White People, Great River.

5.15.68 Man of Contention,
Man of Grey, The Greys.

5.15.68 The Flowing Staff Oil Wine,
Nobleman of the Silver Grey Tree, The Greys.

6.13.68 Star Seed of The Sun God of War,
God has given Lion, Clouded Waters.

5.11.70 Twin leaps lovely, Friends.

2.21.71 Eminence, Wealth and
Power Parish, Land of The Sun King.

5.6.73 Valley of Seed Grinders, River of Woods
and Champion Sun of Purity's Servant, Friends.

4.3.74 The Soup Shore, Twin God Territory and Song Peace,
The Hunting Lodge of Peacock, The Blue River, The Protected
Strong Mind of The Ruler of The Home, The Ruler of The Home,
Land of the Indians.

4.3.74 Peaceful Hill Cleared by Burning
at the Meadow in The Meadowland.

4.3.74 Hospitality, Alive, Great River.

4.3.74 Champion Rope Maker,
Light of Spiral, Great River.

4.3.74 The Name of God from The Sacred
Oak, Limestone, Herb Gatherers of The River.

4.3.74 Fair tonality, The Freeman Waters
of Strength, Herb Gatherers of The River.

3.26.76 Spiro of The Flowers, The Red People.

4.19.76 The Ruler of the Home Sun of The Crown of The Dark Wilderness,
The Ruler of the Home Sun of The Crown of The Dark, Friends.

6.13.76 Descend to the Dead Sea, Given
by God The Tall, Lean, Good, The Greys.

4.4.77 People of The Protective Warrior, Twin of God
Territory and Song Peace, Herb Gatherers of The River.

4.2.82 Broken Bow, The Living First
Chief (Hunchback), The Red People.

6.7.84 Star Seed of The Sun of Bear Training
Field, The Greys, Stream of Red Stone.

5.31.85 The Evolution of the I as The Infinite Bridge Champion,
The Star Seed of The Sun God has Given the Turn Bull Savior,
The Great River, The Purity Land, The Love Producer of
Strong Mind Hill.

3.13.90 Father of the Nation of Hooded People, He
who Supplanted Battleworthy, The Deep Wind People.

3.13.90 Brave Counsel of the Young
Goose, Freeman Waters of Strength,
The Deep Wind People.

8.28.90 Level Ground, Brave Counsel Streaming,
Physical, Spiritual, and Intellectual Being.

4.26.91 River River, Manly
Production of Wine, Deep
Wind People.

6.16.92 Star Seed of The Sun Ready
Nobility of Bright, Clouded Waters.

6.18.96 Field of Sacred Oak, Depth
of the Lake, Stream of Red Stone.

5.27.97 Spear Ruler, Bright and Renown,
Sun of the Protected Strong Mind, Friends.

4.8.98 People of The Protective Warrior, Twin God
Territory and Song Peace, Herb Gatherers of The River.

4.16.98 He who Supplanted Victory,
The Gathering Place of The River.

5.3.99 Ruler of the Home Illustrious One, (Little Rock)
Harmony Great, Worker of the Grove Cliff Land, The Red People.

5.4.07 Living Cannonball, Principal
People, Deep Wind People.

6.22.07 I as a bridge of The Infinite, Farmer Crown
Charioteer, Place of The Great Spirit, Settlement.

5.25.08 God has Given Park Keeper, The New Crossing
Place of The Deer (WombPhallus), Wine Producer, The Greys.


(EF3) Origin Living Hot Water, Venerable
Triangulation, The Bending Deep Wind.


(EF3) Protected Strong Mind Well Born Bending Mouth,
Follower of The Anointed One, on the meadow.

4.27.2011 (in order has they happened)

(EF3) Beloved Holly Woods • Man Fierce Warrior, Great River.

(EF3) Goddess of Abundance, River People,
God is my Judge Weaver, of the Clay, Great River.

(EF3) Dweller of The Hollow, Manly Axeman ~
Black Warrior, Herb Gatherers of The River.

(EF3) Cool Production, Black Warrior • Twin God
Territory Song Peace, Herb Gatherers of The River.

(EF3) Elf Counsel (All Peace) Sojourning in a Foreign Land •
His fear is God Master, Star Seed of The Sun Protective Strong
Mind Walker of The Cloth, Herb Gatherers of The River.

(EF3) Nobleman of the Silver Grey Tree, Great River.

(EF5) Brotherly Love Wolf, Behold my Sun Warrior, Leaderlike
JoyStone• Determined to Kill Overflowing StinkWater, Great River.

(EF4) Star Seed of The Sun People Conqueror,
Star Seed of The Sun People Conqueror to The
Wild Ox Twin, Star Seed of The Sun People Conqueror,
God is my Judge Sea Defender, Star Seed of The Sun who
tends the Horses, Herb Gatherers of The River.

(EF3) The New Small, Quick, and Busy Rebel to He who
has Supplanted The Red Haired Tonsured One, Great River.

(EF5) The Angered Spiking Borough, Freeman Waters of Strength ~
Love Bending Mouth, Sun of The Right Hand ~ The Borough of
Hills, He Who Supplanted Victory ~ The Trinity, God is my Judge
Sea Defender ~ The Name of God from The Sacred Oak, Limestone ~
Female Warrior, Female Warrior, Herb Gatherers of The River •
Sun of the Right Hand Freeling, Gathering Place of The River.

(EF5) Smiting Village, He who has Supplanted
The Red Haired Tonsured One, The Great River •
Rebel Freeman, The Free Man Waters of Strength,
Sun of The Right Hand Freeling, Herb Gatherers of The River.

(EF3) Behold my Sun Warrior, The Great River •
Twin Horseman and The Manly Axeman,
Herb Gatherers of The River.

(EF4) The Manly Axeman • Black Warrior • His fear is God,
Star Seed of The Sun Protective Strong Mind Walker of
The Cloth • Star Seed of The Sun People Conqueror •
The Protected Strong Mind of Blonde, Blonde, Herb
Gatherers of The River.

(EF4)16th Land of Teaching, Manly Star Seed of The Sun ~
Star Seed of The Sun Cowboy, Herb Gatherers of The River •
A River that could flood Town, Freeman Long Straight Spur of
The Sun of Beloved ~ Walker of The Cloth, King Farmer of

(EF3) New Small Dark Light, New Small Dark Light, Great River.

(EF3) Man of Great Glory, Smiter, Herb Gatherers of The RIver.

(EF4) The Horseman ~ God has Given Living ~ Black Warrior, Black
Warrior ~ Farm of The Suns (People of The Protective Warrior), Twin
God Territory Song of Peace ~ The Bear Hero Saint of Brilliance,
Herb Gatherers of The River.

(EF4) The Protected Strong Mind Counsel, Star Seed
of The Sun Cowboy, Herb Gatherers of The Sun.

(EF4) Manly Star Seed of The Sun, Herb Gatherers of The River •
Freeman Waters of Strength, Gathering Place of The River.

(EF3) New Small Dark Light, Great River.

(EF3) Walker of The Cloth Hay Clearing, Leaderlike Joystone ~
Freeman Waters of Strength, Herb Gatherers of The River.

(EF3) The Living ~ One who Saws the Wood, Crown of The Remote
Valley ~ Caused by The Wind, The Protected Strong Mind of Stranger,
Herb Gatherers of The River.

(EF4) Warrior, Redwood Forest, Smiter, The Protected Strong Mind,
Keeper and Bringer of The Treasure, Priest Lord is my Salvation,
The Great River • Twin Horseman, The Soup Field, The Peaceful
Inveterate Gambler of Love's Purity, Herb Gatherers of The River.

(EF3) Bright Heart, Nobleman of the Silver
Grey Tree, Herb Gatherers of The River.

(EF4) Twin God Territory Song of Peace ~ The Shallow Water, Bear Hero
Saint of Brilliance ~ Upper Stream, Star Seed of The Sun Corner Arrow ~
Etowah ~ Principal People, Herb Gatherers of The River.

(EF4) Place of The Great Blue Smoke Mountains, The
Protected Strong Mind of Blonde, Gathering Place of The River.


(EF4) Freeman Walker of The Cloth ~
The Name of God Ruler of The Ring, On the Hill, Farmer
King of Venerability • Defender of Humanity Bare Hill ~
Broad Clearing ~ Great Glory, Gathering Place of The River.

(EF4) Star Seed of The Sun of Will and Intuition River Bank ~
Twin War • Freeman Long Straight Sun of Beloved, Golden
Water ~ Ruler of the Home Camera, Herb Gatherers of The River.

(EF3) This is the place, Farmer Hunting Lodge, Virgin Queen.

(EF4) The Protected Strong Mind Muddy Place ~
Opposum, he grins or he runs ~ Praiseworthy Cheerful ~
Star Seed of The Sun Mother of Gods, Gathering Place of The River.

(EF3) Mountain, Protected Strong Mind
Reverence, Farmer King of Venerability.

(EF3) Shallow Horse, Living,
Gathering Place of The River.

(EF3) Beloved with Force and Counsel ~
Twin of Frugality and Courage ~
Nobleman Ruler of The Home,
Farmer King of Venerability.

(EF3)Exalted Dwelling Hill Man Power Spike ~
Light Spiral Water ~ He Who Supplanted The Red Haired
Tonsured One ~ The Name of God Aim, King of Venerability.


The severity of comprehension in these communications may be slight to some
and seriously direct to others. I read it and am simply overwhelmed by the parallels.
Some folks may read through these and regain memories of certain time periods
and be able to connect the phrases with actual events, (perhaps even those
events only known by government officials, or strangers most folks don't believe
or even fathom could have existed here.) Nevertheless, it appears that
communication is possible.
There should be no fear of this. Because if
what is being said is truth, it is already truth. There is no anticipation of
what could be, we are witnessing it all unfold now.

How might we utilize this new ancient form of fluidity?
With respect, first, foremost, and always, that is the only rule,
the one that no longer exists exactly when it is understood beyond
necessity, and so as such our communication may become the
virtueless virtue of fluidity as the unspoken respect of the infinite.
It is to understand respect further than it is, then understand it
without attempting, just like breath. So as such I breathe respect.
Then there is no necessity to comprehend it as a necessity, it
simply is now. So as such the lines of communication will be
without boundary.

The main comprehension I was led to understand here is
iterated a couple times in these messages by way of this
statement, "I as The Bridge of The Infinite." This is stated
towards the end as well differently, "The Name of God Aim."
The name of God as understood in Hebrew for which this
written prose was directing through to a deeper comprehension
is YHWH. I went over and read about this. The description I read
stated I am who I am. I am. YHWH. Immediately upon seeing
these words in this order I understood it to mean this:

I as The Bridge of The Infinite.

There was no question to this understanding at all.
And it expresses through all that which we have
comprehended forth in the evolution of these
writings through now. The I, you or me or him or
her or anyone capable of thinking for themselves,
as an infinite bridge of their Self throughout,
cycling, the infinite. The formula:


Briefly, The Bridge of Self with The Infinite is this.
I am a Chalice, a cup, a vessel = Female, I am
a Phallus, a seeder, Male. Yet these are combined
with each other physically and spiritually. The Chalice
which is the Vessel Phallus is as well filled in energy of
both, the chalice and the blade, a force of that which
is filling or fillable of energy. Give•able and Receive•able.
Thus FeM². The U is for Union, the Union with The Infinite Source,
that's up to you to find, (though there IS a streaming constancy
of this regardless of whether you believe it or not, always, constant,
right through the center core of Earth, through you, through The Infinite
Source, without question. You are connected to it already by simply existing,
so it shouldn't be too difficult to allow, it is the clarification of your energies, the
cleansing forth this fluidity that is the greater challenge, streamlining the energies
cleansed for greatest fluidity, that's where the effort comes in; the Union with your
grounding, that is with Earth Mother, Her Core. These locations are stated as . Do
you understand that? It is your Vessel of Physicality and Spiritual Energy in Harmony as
One plus these two Unions multiplied by C, which means Cycle, which is Infinite. Your
Physical Spiritual Self Harmonized in Union with The Infinite Infinitessimal Source in Union
with Earth Mother Core Source cycling infinitely and infinitessimally, you, simultaneous.
1, 2, 3 = Trinity. We have already understood that these unions are comprehended
as The Heart Womb Mind Eye, this is the order of comprehension: by love, by birth,
by thought, by sight.
So this formula is basically the infinite infinitessimal cycling of
your individual energies in harmony as you, The HeartWombMind Eye, with the
Source Infinite Infinitessimal HeartWombMind Eye, and with The Earth Mother
HeartWombMind Eye. It is a Trinity as one, cycling infinitely, YOU, as LOVE.
What has been described from aeons ago as God's name YHWH is:

I as The Bridge of The Infinite.

On 5.2.2011there was an intense twin water tornado in
Ala Moana, Hawaii. This provided a seriously cool image:

Twin Water Spouts

This provided as well imagery through space.
Notice in the image below, the horizon, how it
looks like the horizon in the image above...yet
twins. It's amazing. How can it not be communication.

Twin Water Tornadoes

Ala Moana, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii, United States.
Ala means path or way. Moana means Sea or Ocean.
Honolulu interprets to unified calm. Oahu is allegedly
known as The Gathering Place. And Hawaii is allegedly
from the term Hawaiki which is an ancestral land
personified, an ancestral home. United States of
course means One of Many Works. This would state:

Two Spiral through each other...

The Path to The Sea, The Quiet and Still, The Unified Calm of
The Gathering of Ancestry in The One of Many Works, The Greatest Peace.

We then had another earthquake in Japan in The Pacific Ocean
nearest to Kinkasan, Japan. Here is the imagery for that earthquake,
it was a 6.1. I have added it to the Japan 311 video here.

Kinkasan 6.1

Mt. Otakamori: The Great Forest (Oshika: Part Stag and
Kinkasan : Shining Gold) Pacific (The Greatest Peace.)

The Great Forest of The Sun is Shining Gold, The Greatest Peace.

(this earthquake was added to the Japan 311 movie.)

There was then a 6.3 earthquake southwest of
Macquarie Island, Tasmania, Australia. It was named
after Lachlan Macquarie, Lachlan is allegedly from
lochlann meaning Land of the Lochs meaning water
filled valley
, whereas Macquarie means (sun) son of Guarie,
meaning one who is proud. Tasmania is named after Abel
Janszoon Tasman. Abel from hevel meaning breath or vigour.
Tasman is from tas meaning bag in the Netherlands, meaning
bundle or load. Janszoon means son of Jan, Jan is from John
meaning Star Seed of The Sun. Australia means south or southern
or deep. This was in the Southern Ocean, or the Deep Ocean.

Macquarie 6.3


Water Filled Valley Sun of The Proud, Breath Vigour Bundle
of Sun of The Star Seed of The Sun, Deep, Deep Ocean.

And then we had a 6.8 earthquake nearest
Tiga Island, Lifou, Loyalty Islands, New Caledonia
(French Colony.) Tiga allegedly means proud, Lifou
is a coral makatea, meaning an ancient risen calcarious
, Loyalty is loyalty, New Caledonia is known as
"The Stone," and France is known as Land of the Franks,
otherwise known as free.

Tiga 6.8


The Proud, Ancient Calcareous Skeleton
Lagoon of Loyalty and The Stone, Land of
The Free,
Calcareous Skeleton.


5.11.2011 The Mississippi is currently flooding. This is
the largest river of The United States. This river is known
as from the Ojibwe misi-ziibi meaning The Great River.
This river has flooded areas of Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky,
Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Illinois
means the physical, spiritual, and intellectual being.
Missouri : one who has dugout canoes, vessel path
seat creation.
Kentucky means on the meadow
or prairie allegedly. Tennessee is from tanasi,
gathering place of the river. Arkansas, ark-ansas,
bow or arc kansas meaning the bending south
or depth wind. Mississippi = Great River.
Louisiana means Land of The Sun King.

The Great River overflows in The Physical Spiritual
and Intellectual Being, The One who allows Vessel
Path Seat Creation, On the Meadow, The Gathering
Place of The River, The Bending Depth Wind,
The Great River, The Land of The Sun King,
in The One of Many Works.


You can read The Communication here.

The Bigger Picture is An Infinite Meditation.

May Light Be Your Shadow.

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