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6.11.11 The other side of The Rainbow.

I thought as well, if folks are meditating out there, perhaps you
might want to view something for meditation, here is an image
I created for comprehending the balance of the energies,
The Nine Energies. (click on the image for a larger image.)

The Nine Energies

The top color is of course The Infinite Infinitesimal Source and
the bottom color is of course Mother Earth. The rest are our
individual energies, from the 2nd to the bottom through the top:
root, lowest abdominal, abdominal, heart, throat, third eye, and
crown. Understand that these are meant to be a fluid rainbow
of your Spirit Trinity, and that as well, the energetic flow through
this World through You through the Infinite Infinitesimal Source
is always. It is an Infinite Cycle. It is cycling infinitely. There is no
end to this cycling. The encompassment you see before you
is simply to express the infinite creating the infinite, You, a clarity
of your place in the infinite, a defined magnification of your Being
in The Infinite Cycle.

What I would like you to attempt now is meditating with your eyes
open, wide open, and standing. Allow your energies SIGHT from
within your energies. This is a transitional meditation I have been
experiencing. It transitions sight out of the darkness of an eyes
meditation into the light of an open eyes reality. It shall
allow your energies a transition into reality's fluidity instead
of only in meditation. I used to have these extremely
drawn out meditations, hours and hours and hours;
this will help you realize a more fluid velocity to
accomplish balance, so that eventually it can
be comprehended forth in a mere moment.

Remember all the imagery of Isis, of Christ, many energetic
Beings who have realized further a paradigm shift of reality
into fruition, it is likened to a bird in light, flight. Have you found
your Elemental Spirit Energy Animal? Do you need one? What is that?

I have found it helps immensely in allowing forth a clarity of flow.
Find a bird of flight that you are drawn to, an eagle, a hawk, an
owl, anything, whatever you are drawn to that makes you feel
comfortable and powerful. Understand this as far as you can in becoming
likened to A Sun Shining as a Winged Flight of Flowing. It is like a standing emanation.
Just like The Sun showed us a while back, the Firebird! GLOW, my friends, GLOW!
(here is an example of an image I have made, it can be used to understand this
further as well.)

(click on image for a larger version.)

The further you allow this energy cleansed in love and harmony with the lifeline
of energy that is naturally flowing through this world and the Infinite Infinitesimal Source
right through you, everytime you do this, you allow further: this love, you, and The All, love
to you. This is the whole reason! So that YOU feel better, so that The Earth feels better, so that
we all feel better, so that the universe feels better, and so on. CREATION EVOLUTION of LOVE.
This is so our evolution may be further through Love my friends, this is the purpose. The better
we all create, the better we all create, the better we all create, until euphoria will just simply
be the normal fluid process of every moment infinite.

This is Truth. There is no question to this knowledge, it is an absolute Truth. This will evolve you.

I have experienced this without question.

Here is a video to help you trance out. It is a mix of the
Bird Emanation and The 9 Energies. There isn't anything
subliminal or whatever, it is simply to allow a greater focus
of clarity. This has helped me IMMENSELY in allowing acute
focus, and so I pass it on to you so that you might find greater
focus if it is a necessity for you. It is a great tool for standing eyes
wide open meditations.

You can click on the right arrow over there on the lower corner to download, or right click here, and download.
(if you have Quicktime, you can just click it to loop and it will continue looping fluidly, hey, you could play the music
of 528 as well and heal some DNA while clarifying focus and loving the infinite!)

And yet, there's more. Puyehue is part of a volcanic range
named Cordon Caulle Volcanic Range, and looks like this:
(click for larger image)

Cordon Caulle Volcanic Range Silver

Do you see what it resembles?
The Alchemical sign for Silver!
Is it all not explaining itself quite
further now? It seems the further we understand, the further
understanding is allowed. It reminds me of that line in that movie
when that one gal says to that other gal, (and they are from different
sides of the school, different "cliques") and she says, "why are you being
so nice to me?" And the other girl says, "Because you're letting me."

This is an essential essence of respect.

In that sequence of Puyehue with The Silver knowledge, we have
understood further because we know that the center line of The
Silver sign is represented by Venus, The Goddess of Love.

(Venus' true color.)

Do you see what is the necessity right now?
Love. So then this is what is allowed.


Maullin River

The location of the parallel to Joplin's horrendous storm, is Los Muermos.
That location allows us this further location, it is between Los Muermos and Fresia.
The location of The Loyalty Stone River. Los Muermos means The Trees, specifically Eucryphia cordifolia.
Eucryphia, from the Greek eu (meaning well, thoroughly), and kryphios (hidden), and cordifolia combines
the Latin cor or cordis, meaning heart, and folius, a leaf. Muermo is as well Ulmo. (I dare you to look up the
various definitions out there for Ulmo.) Now, Fresia, this took me on a seriously interesting path of knowledge
I must say. Seriously, WOW! First of all, I found writings of a woman named Fresia who renounced her Shamanism
as a Machi, A Mapuche Shaman (of Chile), to allow forth domesticity. It's a pretty good read. And yet, I continued
searching for more knowledge of this Fresia energy. Remember, Puyehue awoke on 6.4.2011. After many hours
of research I found myself reading on pg. 64 on 6.4.2011 of a military leader of the Native American Mapuche of
Chile, their space, named The Invincible State because these natives have persevered in their independence to
the present day through many wars as the original aborigines of this land. Here, Caupolican recites in poetic verse
with his dear Fresia, and so I state here those specific words:

Here, beauteous Fresia, rest,
Thy feathered darts resign,
While the bright planet pours a farewell ray,
Gilding the glorious west,
And, as his beams decline,
Tinges with Crimson light th'expiring day.
Lo! where the streamlet on its way,
Soft swelling from its source,
Through flower enamelled meads
Its murmuring water leads,
And in the ocean ends its gentle course :
Here, Fresia, ma'st thou lave
Thy limbs, whose whiteness shames the foaming wave;
Unfold in this retreat
Thy beauties, envied by the queen of night;
The gentle stream shall clasp thee in its arms.
Here bathe thy wearied feet;
The flowerets with delight
Shall stoop to dry them, wondering at thy charms;
The trees a verdant shade shall lend;
From many a songster's throat
Shall swell the harmonious note;
The cool stream to thy form shall bend
Its course, -and the enamored sands
Shall yield thee jewels for thy beauteous hands.
All that thou seest around,
My Fresia, is thine own;
This realm of Chili is thy noble dower.
Chased from our sacred ground,
The Spaniard shall for all his crimes atone;
And Charles and Philip's iron reign is o'er;
Hideous and stained with gore,
They fly th' Auraucan sword;
Before their gastly eyes
In dust Valdivia lies;
While, as a god adored,
My bright fame, mounting with the sun, extends
Where'er the golden orb his glorious journey bends.

Lord of my soul! my bosom's dream!
To thee yon mountains bend
Their proud, aspiring heads;
The nymphs that haunt this stream,
With roses crown'd, their arms extend,
And yield thee offerings from their flow'ry beds.
But ah! no verdant tree that spreads
Its blissful shade, no fountain pure,
No feather'd choir, whose song
Echoes the woods among,
Earth, sea, nor empire, gold nor silver ore,
Could ever to me prove
So rich a treasure as my chieftain's love.
I ask no brighter fame
Than conquest o'er my heart
To whom proud Spain submits her laurelled head;
Before whose honored name
Her glories all depart, and victories are fled!
Her terrors all are sped!
The keenness of the sword,
Her arquebuse, whose breath
Flash'd with the fires of death,
And the fierce steed, bearing his steel-clad lord,
A fearful spectre on our startled shore,
Affright our land no more!
Thy spear hath rent the chain
That bound our Indian soil;
Her yoke, so burthen'd by th'oppressor's hand,
That hast thou spurn'd with fierce disdain;
Hast robb'd the spoiler of his spoil,
Who sought by craft to subjugate thy land.
Now, brighter days expand!
The joys of peace are ours!
Beneath the branching trees,
Our light-swung hammocks answering to the breeze.
Sweet is our sleep among the leafy bowers;
And, as in ancient times, a calm repose
Attends our blest life to its latest close.

Caupolican was eventually captured, tortured,
and was impaled while his wife was made to watch.
His son then became the new leader, Caupolican the younger.

(he speaks of Valdivia in shambles, this parallels, btw, the 1960
earthquake of Chile, the largest earthquake ever recorded.)

Incidentally, check out the imagery of
The Loyalty Stone River Mist with Puyehue:

Loyalty Stone Puyehue

Immediate response.

So this is between Los Muermos and Fresia, The Loyalty Stone River,
and this is above the Maullin River, maullin means "to be full of water"
sortof like The Mississippi, yes? This River Maullin is origined from a lake
called Llanquihue, which means submersed, immersed, or hidden,
thus stating:

The Loyalty Stone River is above that which is full of water, origined from submersion,
and is between the thoroughly hidden trees of the leaves of the heart and Fresia,
Where the Land Ends, in The Deep Work Superseding Wasp.

Then I realized, Submersion, if Mother Nature is speaking through the old poems
and songs, I have this old poem from 3.8.2008 called Balanced Ratio Ether Submersion.
Fairly intense poem. It can be read here.

Do you understand how Earth requested all this? Do you see
how Joplin is referenced in this? I made another seriously alarming
connection with all this. The information I found allowed me the knowledge,
once again, that this area of Chile was the space of the largest earthquake
that has ever been recorded, 1960, 9.5. This earthquake TRIGGERED a
volcanic eruption of this volcanic range of Cordón Caulle. Now, we
must remember what The Sun said? The Sun said the reverse of what
was said just ten days prior. Remember? A comet flew into The Sun
and then there was a sunburst : this was on 5.10.2011. Then appx.
10 days later, on 5.20.2011, a sunburst occurred, AND THEN a
comet flew into The Sun. So could it mean that there is a large
quake happening soon? 10 days, when is that (and believe me,
I am only trying to understand, I am not trying to scare anyone
or whatever), 10 days from the angry Puyehue. June 15th. There
is a Total Lunar Eclipse on June 15th. So it is perhaps a request of
Mother Nature to allow as much love possible because of this.
And here are all these inspirations and music and poems and
imageries and it's all because of Mother Nature. Please be
safe and respectful. Understand as far as you can your
through this. To the power of you my friends, let
your love allow your love The Infinite.

From the readings , it seems to elude to dust,
to erosion, a quaking of Earth and Ocean,
eroding this dirt from above and below.
Crystal Temple. Hmmm.

During this eclipse it would be prevalent
to allow forth a great magnification of
light if you are capable, so has it been
requested by The Great Mother.

We will allow a greater balance because
of this knowledge and action. Listen to
Silver Butterflies and understand what
is being said. It was directed by The
Mother Nature.

This, I believe.

It is not a question of whether or not these occurrences shall become,
these massive storms, these massive quakes, these massive shifts of paradigms,
it is a matter of allowing balance as much in fluidity with The Mother Nature as possible.

The largest earthquake ever recorded, the 9.5 earthquake happened here:

(rollover image)

It's quite alot. The 9.5 earthquake of 1960 happened between Palo de Rueda and La Aurora.
Palo de rueda means Tree of The Wheel. (isn't it weird how we were just talking about the 528
frequency and came across that strange site about The Bible Wheel?) La Aurora means The Dawn.
The greatest earthquake ever recorded was between The Tree of the Wheel and The Dawn. There is
a man there, parallel to this is a man who looks similar to him, yet in New South Wales instead of Chile.
The Parallel Men. This second man appears likened to a type of Trinity Satyr for lack of a better name,
there are three, one of a man, two of a goat or ram, a horse near his heart. The eye of this Trinity Satyr is
Big Yengo, "Stepping Stone." This Trinity Satyr is staring into Pokolbin (which means Hell.) He does this through
a space named Payne's Crossing. (Edward Payne: payne from pagen or paganus meaning villager, rustic,
or heathen; Edward: means prosperity guard.) This Trinity Satyr's Goat Eyes are Towarri National Park and opening
through The Mt. Royal Range. Towarri means warrior; Royal is from regalis meaning kingly, director, guide. The Trinity
Satyr's mouth is Lamb's Valley. The Trinity Satyr's Horse's Eye is Prospect Reservoir (named from Prospect Hill a Doleritic
(doleritic is a dark, finegrained igneous rock; from Greek doleros, from dolos meaning crafty or tricky, even
deceptive, perhaps likened to a trickster, but for this, more likened to its appearance is deceiving to what it actually is.
Laccolith is when magma is trapped beneath the surface of the Earth and pushes the rock located above it into a dome
shape. Laccolith means Cistern Stone in Greek (a waterproof receptacle for holding liquids, usually water.) The Horse's mouth
is Botany Bay, the Study of Plant Life. The circle in Trinity Satyr's crown is Murrumbo which means ear and could signify a listening,
yet in his crown, the top of his mind. At the back edge of the top of the crown is Goulburn River National Park named after Henry
Goulburn, Henry meaning ruler of the home, and Goulburn meaning stream of marigold (Mary's Gold named after the Virgin Mary,
that which we have understood in symbolism as the missing foundational parallel, The Woman, The Mother Wife.)

The greatest shaking of this world was
between The Tree of the Wheel and The Dawn.
A Medicine Man oversaw this in the year of 1960.
He was very close to this space. The parallel of this
man is in the present time, and resembles a Trinity Satyr.
He sees through The Great Stepping Stone. He stares into
Hell through The Rustic Villager Heathen Prosperity Guard.
His eyes are that of a Warrior and a Guide. His voice is that
of a Lamb and The Star Seed of The Sun Guardian of The Temple;
gentle, patient, and purifying in sacrifice for The All. From his heart
emerges The Horse, whose eye is a Probability Reservoir, a waterproof
craft. From this voice, and of the highest authority is the cultivation of
The Seed studied. The Circle within The Crown listens. The top of The
Crown is a Stream of Mary's Gold, The Missing Foundational Parallel,
The Mother Wife, Woman.

Take a look at what seems to be a potential prediction.

Newcastle Parallel

The beaches are parallel in shape. The Satyr would be staring right at that beach of Newcastle (if it weren't for Hell (Pokolbin.)
(See the Satyr? Right there on the left, his line of vision would be right through that beach and through to Barcoo Tablemount,
that brighter blue lookin angel creature way over on the right, likened metaphorically to The Missing Foundational Parallel, Mocha.)

(rollover image)


Mahuida Mahuida means Mountain.
The Mountain is on walking water. Mountain of Water.

I wonder if this, well, remember from The Sun stating a sunburst AFTER
a comet and then The Sun stating a sunburst BEFORE a comet, reversed.

Could we surmise from that parallel that there will be an earthquake in
this area of Australia? And that a mountain of water will be walking upon
South America? Australia doesn't normally get earthquakes right? It doesn't
seem logical. Perhaps from the depths of the ocean near to this place in
parallelisms (i.e. similar shape or something.) The premise seems logical
except for the quake being in this area. There was an earthquake in
Newcastle on 12.28.1989, it was only a 5.6, but it caused 13 deaths
and like 4 billion in damages. This parallels in time the Loma Prieta
earthquake of The San Francisco Bay Area on October 17, 1989,
though that one was a 6.9. This is the Newcastle Quake imagery:

Newcastle 1989

The next occurence happened on 6.5.2011. This was a 6.3 earthquake
nearest Macquarie Island (the last earthquake in this area was a 6.3 as well.)
What are the odds of a 6.3 quake happening here and then another 6.3
earthquake happening here just 27 days later? Probably like a billion to
one. This was the location of the largest earthquake I could locate in
the Australia area, an 8.1 happened here 12.23.2004. Incidentally, 3
days later on 12.26.2004 was the megathrust earthquake off the
west coast of Sumatra, measured at 9.2. 230,000 people died.
There was a massive tsunami.

This particular earthquake
near Macquarie Island, present time:

Macquarie Island

(notice the triangles in the imagery,
Andromeda through Triangulum Australe.
Andromeda holds Octans The Navigational
Instrument while The Bird of Paradise is laying
on her stomach. Do you see Pisces, kindof like
the Newcastle fish lookin imagery from above.)

Named after Colonel Lachlan Macquarie...
Macquarie Island, Tasmania, Australia. It was named
after Lachlan Macquarie, Lachlan is allegedly from
lochlann meaning Land of the Lochs meaning water
filled valley
, whereas Macquarie means (sun) son of Guarie,
meaning one who is proud. Tasmania is named after Abel
Janszoon Tasman. Abel from hevel meaning breath or vigour.
Tasman is from tas meaning bag in the Netherlands, meaning
bundle or load. Janszoon means son of Jan, Jan is from John
meaning Star Seed of The Sun. Australia means south or southern
or deep. This was in The Southern Ocean, or The Deep Ocean.

Deep, Water Filled Valley Sun of The Proud,
Breath Vigour Bundle of Sun of The Star Seed
of The Sun, Deep.

(rollover image)

This imagery, especially Chile looking towards New South Wales, it looks like
a warning of water doesn't it? The face of water in height of the Satyr, yes?

Barcoo means "Ice on Water." The North Head parallel in New South Wales is Goulburn River National Park
named after Henry Goulburn. Henry meaning ruler of the home and Goulburn meaning stream of marigold
(Mary's Gold named after The Virgin Mary, that which we have comprehended as the Sacred Woman, The
Mother Wife.) Below, in comparison with the above imagery, we can see that Arauco is the elongated cranium of
Chile's "North Head" (of Macquarie Island) parallel, a total mirror of Terrigal. And yet, the actual parallel seems to be,
due to our findings throughout all this, The Missing Foundational Parallel of Mocha Island, (yet unattached just like its name
means.) Arauco means Chalky Water. And Terrigal, once again, allegedly means "uncertain," "place of wild figs," and "place
of little birds," once again, this image of Terrigal looks like a reflection of Arauco, while Goulburn looks like a reflection of Terrigal!
Barcoo is the parallel to the missing foundational parallel. Could this predict the depth of the potential quake?

4 parallels

Check this out, when I noticed this I was like, holy....

It sortof eludes to an earthquake and a tsunami right? What does Macquarie Island look like?

Macquarie Surrounded by water.

What image did we just comprehend in Chile?

Mahuida Mahuida, Mountain of Water.

Take a look at where this is off the coast of New South Wales, Australia:

(rollover image)

The crescent moon, as well, has been used since ancient times to signify Silver.

(so many variables!)

Port Macquarie, Macquarie Island, yup, named after the same guy.
That looks like a crescent moon right? The next time the moon looks like
this is between June 24th and June 25th.

June 24-June 25

So we are creating a statement of this imagery. Central Chile and Macquarie are a fit
piece of one another, and Arauco parallels Terrigal and The Tasman Sea Barcoo Parallel, YET,
Arauco is an extension beyond by an elongated cranium and we have comprehended forth
that the missing foundational parallel of Mocha Island is the missing piece necessary for balance.
The North Head can be understood through our comprehensions of illumination as The North Star
(the mind extension illumination), thus providing us with the understanding that Arauco, as well, is of
a Sun, Chalky Water, in other words, Calcarious Water as a Sun...(and don't forget this is South America,
South: Deep, America: Amerigo Vespucci. Amerigo derives from amal meaning work. Vespucci is a combination
of words from vespa meaning wasp, and pucci meaning he who has supplanted, superseded or replaced (Esau's Heel.)
The main five parallels are Arauco, North Head, Barcoo, Terrigal, and Goulburn, the tops of the crowns. Suns. So as a Star,
Goulburn would be understood as a stream of Mary's Gold, The Missing Foundation, The Mother Wife, Wombman, yet a
stream, so this would be a stream of stars, and since our galaxy is of Mother's Milk, and Mother's Milk comes from conception,
it seems only fitting that this speaks of The Milky Way.
Barcoo is The Ice on Water Star. Terrigal is the "uncertain," "place of wild figs,"
and "place of little birds," Star. The Native American of The Ocean I can only fathom is of Mapuche or similar in sacredity, and deep,
of the waters off the coasts of Chile. Since we have spoken of Mapuche, it seems fitting, and since we are speaking in parallels, it seems
only fitting to parallel the Mapuche with the Auracanians since we have spoken of them as well, Fresia. They origin through the same lineage
it seems. Strangely enough Mapuche means People of the Earth. How's that for a subliminal mindbender, courtesy of Mother Nature. I wonder
if it means something like Chile may be part of The Ocean soon, in a sense. Auracanians are said to be rebels due to their stance against so many
warfares, thus providing their given name as an Invincible State, so if part of Chile were to fall into the ocean it doesn't seem like the name would be
very fluid, thus, this may not be the case, thus understanding that a tsunami may be this particular outcome seems logical. Or perhaps, just perhaps,
we are meant to love this into balance. AS WELL, in the throat and spine of The New South Wales Satyr exists The Three Sisters of The Blue Mountains,
a parallel to The Missing Foundational Parallel of Mocha in the throat of The Native American Man off the edge of Chile. The story of these three sisters
is they were in love with three men from another tribe, yet this type of marriage was forbidden, so the men decided to capture these women. This caused
a major battle. The women were in danger so a witchdoctor turned them to stone to keep them safe until the battle was over. The witchdoctor was killed
before he got a chance to change them back. Thus the Three Sisters stand in stone in The Blue Mountains. To speak of this, one would state:

The Center of Where The Land Ends of The Deep Work Superseding Wasp,
The Water Filled Valley Sun of The Proud Breath Vigour Bundle of The Sun of The
Star Seed of The Sun of The Deep, and The New Deep Foreigner of Fellow Beings,
The Deep: fit. The Calcareous Water Star parallels The North Star parallels The Ice
on Water Star parallels That Uncertain Place of Wild Figs and Little Birds Star parallels
The Milky Way. The Missing Foundational Parallel, The Woman Star, is in the deep speaking
the silent voice of The Spirit of Where the Land Ends People, The Rebels of The Invincible State,
The Earth People, She parallels Three Sisters cast in stone in the Mountains of Blue in the silent
voice of the spine of The Trinity Satyr.

And yet, it keeps going...

Loyalty Stone River Eye

This volcanic activity took place in Halemaumau, this is the home of Pele, Goddess of Fire, the name allegedly means both House of Fire,
and House of Ferns. The Ama`u fern looks as though they were lit by fire. The legend goes that the god Kamapua`a turned himself into an
Ama`u fern to escape the wrath of Pele, whom he had angered. (Kilauea means spewing, as in lava, this is a shield volcano on Hawaii,
known as ancestral personification.)


The walking mask of water, Mahuida, meaning mountain, and is on water,
this parallels the eye of The Loyalty Stone River and parallels Kilauea and
the circle in the crown, and the circle in the sun, twice, so there may be
something to this Mountain of Water. If someone could accurately
calculate the time between those two comets entering the edge
of The Sun (not just approximately 10 days, but like 10 days 8 hours
and 23 minutes (or whatever it actually is (i'm just sayin that as an
example...it was ten days, but the hours and minutes are uncertain
because of a lack of instrumentation or information.)

The Mountain of Water at The Center of Where The Land Ends
of The Deep Work Superseding Wasp
parallels The Eye of The
Loyalty Stone Where The Land Ends of The Deep Work Superseding
parallels The Listening in The New Deep Foreigner of the Fellow
Beings of the Deep parallels The Shielded Spewing Home of The Goddess
of Fire, The House of FIre, The House of Ferns, Ancestry, and it all parallels
Twice through The Sun in a span of ten days.

Then on 6.6.2011 to 6.7.2011 The Sun had a massive sunburst that revealed
many beautiful creatures (whilst paralleling such imagery as the Kilauea flow!)
Check it out:

(on the left there kind of looks like Kokopelli!)

Seriously. Check this out:
(rollover image)

Check this out:

The Sun 6.6-6.7.2011

You see, the first image is of The Firebird, that which we saw on 5.10.2011! The second and third image
reveal The Circle (that actually looks like an eclipse!), we saw the circle on 5.20.2011! Then it becomes a sortof
birdlike dragon face and then what appears to be a fire bunny (they're rampant 'round the Sun lately), turning into
a dragon again? (it's amazing, seriously.)

Check out the timelapse movie of what was happening in space, pay attention to Monoceros and Aquila.


Every 7 pg. 38 C


You can read The Communication here.

The Bigger Picture is An Infinite Meditation.

May Light Be Your Shadow.

Every 7

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Galapagos Defined
. pg.33a . pg.33b . pg.33c . pg.33d . Kanji Quakes . Kanji Triangles .
Japan 311movie . pg.34a . pg.34b . Kanji Triangles b . pg.35 . Tornadoes . pg.36 .
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