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7.8.11 Third Eye Butterfly.

We then had a huge earthquake near a place called Seguam, Andreanof, Aleutian, Alaska, United States.
This appears to be the response around the time of the crescent moon to that which we have comprehended.
I am not comprehensive in the manner of appropriateness of documentation to this, so I will simply state the known.
A huge earthquake, 7.2. Seguam means "rookery" or a bird colony. Andreanof is known as Niigugin tanangis,
whereas, allegedly, Niigugin is what they called Atkans, which means something like Guardian Spirits. Aleutian
was named for the Aleuts, but called themselves Unangax, which allegedly means People of the Coast. The
islands named as Andreanof are named for a vessel named St. Andrean and Natalia. Andros means Man or Male,
whereas Natalia allegedly means Birth. Alaska allegedly means "the object toward which the action of the sea is
directed." Amlia is from the word Amlax and means narrow blackfooted tundra goose. This was in the North Pacific
Ocean. (Do you see the arrow, it points to the white crescent moon covering the face of Atka, The Guardian Spirits.
It seems to be a symbol of what has been in parallel (reversed) to our crescent moon triangulation parallel of
Gomeisa's Pyramid this last time around, and as well, the crystal on its side. (White being pure or clean), yet
like a sword. This one comprehension coupled with the smiling Mother Wolf of Russia has allowed forth an
enormous amount of information. A plethora.

Seguam Island

And Ollagüe parallels Atka!

Ollague ...you see, the matching snow to clouds?

Macquarie Moon Notice how the bodies of Atka and Mahuida (this image here) Mountain of Water Mind are similar.
YET...Atka has Amlia. The sword. It seems to comprehend in unison as Mahuida is not a Mountain of Water IF, if...if.....the mind is a
mountain of water...understood as The Mountain of Water Mind. Do yous see how the crescent moon cloud on the face of Atka
looks like it is whispering to Atka? Remember the Red Moon Eclipse comprehension of The Goliath Raven's Eye? This all happened
seemingly as a result of the eclipse that just happened. So a white moon would signify purification, yes? Yes.

Balance becomes between a Mountain of Water and a Mountain of Water Mind.

Look at these enormous islands now:

Sword to Sword

Now the white of the moon appears to be his face looking
up to the enormity of Alaska in reflection. (is that a butterfly
emerging from its third eye?) Sword to sword. The Narrow
Blackfoot Tundra Goose is being transposed to The Narrow
Dark and Glowing (black), (foot=walkingBeing) (tundra=
mountains=pyramid) Pyramid(goose=waterbird, swan,
flight) Flight of Water.

The Third Eye Butterfly Mirror

The Greatest, Highest Peace, The Colony of Flight, (Guardian Spirit of
The Dark and Narrow Glowing Walking Pyramids of Water Flight, The Saint
Guardian Spirits, The People of The Coast, The Man Birth, The Object Toward Which
The Action of The Sea is Directed in the One of Many Works Superseding Wasp.

The Native American of Sovereignty, Progress, The Sun Gate Copper Cache High
Pearl of The Great Salt Lake Where the Land Ends, parallels The Greatest Highest
Peace, The Colony of Flight, (Guardian Spirit of The Dark and Narrow Glowing
Walking Pyramids of Water Flight, The Saint Guardian Spirits, The People of The
Coast, The Man Birth, The Object Toward Which The Action of The Sea is Directed
in the One of Many Works Superseding Wasp.

Fairly interesting, right? Had we not spoken of it, could we have comprehended it as such?
And yet, here we are, understanding further, this. It allowed forth a GREAT understanding.

(rollover image)

As you can see, this massive North American Spirit seems to be bowing to the smiling
Mother Wolf Spirit. Bowing. Notice how it parallels in size the same way as the sword to sword!

And it doesn't stop there. If you notice, this area of the ocean looks like a massive
Phoenix Hummingbird, off centered, estranged. This seems to parallel to the Easter
Island Phoenix.

Rapa Nui, Easter Island Phoenix

The Navel of The World, The Great Paddle, The Resurrection, The Goddess of
The Dawn parallels that which is The Greatest, Highest Peace, The Phoenix Hummingbird, in healing.

You see, it parallels, but is not exact. And in fact, appears to be a long, arrived to message of separation between the smiling Mother
Wolf Spirit and the bowing North American Spirit. It even appears as though one of the wings is broken, and the spine is off to the side,
that spine that directs all the way through The Hawaiian Islands. You see, there are massive messages everywhere. Take a look at the
image a bit larger:

(click on image for enhancement)

North America Russia

What do we see in that enlarged image? We see an impregnated man spirit (likened to a seahorseman
carrying a bear on his back. A bear named North America. It's fairly interesting since we have just been
described a circumstance of "Man Birth." The Wolf Mother has wings. This I had not noticed before.
I attempted to comprehend wings on the impregnated man, but it was a bear, a very large bear
he is carrying on his back. A very. large. bear. And it goes much further.

(rollover image)

Quite a bit, eh? Yeah. You may click here for the larger image without names, and here for the larger image with names.
You may click here to see what I have seen in this imagery. I will explain this.

First was comprehended the smiling angel that has been viewed in its obvious imagery as a Mother Wolf of Russia.
This revealed to me a Male Impregnation bowing to Her. And after that, I just kept attempting to understand where
it was going and how far to go, and this is how far I got until it seemed this was as far as it was supposed to go.
Why? Because The Bear of North America goes as far in the north to the River Horse. So as such, this far in Russia,
just beyond Russia's enormous Bear is The Unicorn Goat Claw.

The imagery descriptions on the image are here.

There's so much to it all. I shall begin with how it was first triggered, the angel.

So if we look at this Angel of Khabaraovsk (Charter of The Black Dragon),
we can understand in this comprehensive measure that she is simultaneous
to the Impregnated Seahorseman totem who carries the bear on his back. So
with that in mind, this angel emerges forth from the China and Korea Turtle. This
turtle is Eastern China (The Rising Middle Kingdom) of Harbin (Laughing River),
Changchun (Long Spring), Shenyang (The City above Submersion River), and
The Koreas (Land of the Deep Morning Calm, and Land of the High Morning Calm)
as the fin. This turtle is emerging from Central China (Center Middle Kingdom), this is
from a crying infant, at what appears to be an aboriginal man's cranium, whose mind
is soaring as an Eagle.

The crying infant's mouth is understood as screaming from these places : Shuanglongzhen
(The Twin Dragon), Yingwangxiang (Flower of Prosperity), Hongfuliangxiang (Deluge of Blessing
), Xiaosizhuangxiang (The Young Temple), Wazijiexiang (Earth Bearer Being), Zhuanmiaoliangxiang
(The Shifting Temple Bridge), Getaixiang (The Valiant Platform), Linyuanxiang (The Forest Orchard), Baiyuxiang
(Cypress Island), Baimatanzhen (Purity Horse Rapids), Huanglong (Yellow Dragon), and Yaoxianxiang (The Mountain
of Woman Cultivating The Mountain of Man One on One.
) The eyes of this infant are Lvliang (Musical Note Bridge)
and Qinyan (Soaking in Source.) The infants swaddled body is the whole of Western China (The Setting Middle Kingdom.)
(sounds like that newborn infant is a musician tapped into the source)

The Eagle emerging as the mind of this aboriginal man's torso is Jinan (In the depths beneath The United Heart), its eye is
Yantai (Smoking Platform), the nose is Weihai (Power Ocean), the left wing is Tianjin (The Heavenly Ford), Beijing (The High Capital),
and Shijiazhuang (The Stone Home Village.) The right wing is Shanghai (The High Sea.) The tail feathers are Zhengzhou (The Great
Bending Center
.) The left eye of this aboriginal man is Xiannang (Full Sun.) The right eye is Gutian (The Ancient Cultivation) and
Nanping (Deep Level Peace.) The mouth is Mangshan (The Favored Crossing of Relief, The Center of the Bending Female
.) The large ear is Chonqin (Heavy Celebration.) This man's spine and neck are Ha Noi (The Interior of The River, Between the
River, The River Within and Without
.) His throat is Kunming (Descendants of The Light.) His dangling earring is Hainan Island (The Deep Sea.)
His torso leg (being that he is half of a double headed body) is Myanmar (The Dream and Enchantment of The Fast Horse), Thailand (The Dark,
The Humans
), Vietnam (People of The Deep), and Cambodia (Sacred Royal Power Wheel.)

This body of creatures is streaming from Malaysia
(The Last Bird Net of The Flawless Gem, The Migration.)

The center of this double headed body is Nepal (Land of Truth, Land of Solitary Meditation and
Penance, Ladder of Salvation, Home of The Wool, The Center of Country, The Plain, The Holy Cave,
The Cattle People
), Bhutan (The Edge of Tibet (The Upper Voice Energy), The Highlands, The Last Shangrila),
and Bangladesh (The Sun God.) The other leg is India (Great Water.)

The other cranium is made of India (Great Water) and Pakistan (Land of The Pure.) The eye is Khairpur
(City of Peace and Love), a nose of Karachi (City of Lights, Bride of The Cities), and a mouth of The Gulf
of Kutch (To Be Wet While Dry.)

Iran (The Noble Family) is an emerging Eagle in through and to The Lion of Iran (The Noble Family), Turkmenistan
(People of Strength), Uzbekistan (The Independent), Kyrgyzstan (The 40 tribes, The Imperishable, The Inextinguishable,
The Immortal, The Unconquerable, The Undefeatable
), Tajikistan (The Land of The Crown), Afghanistan (The Horseman
), and Pakistan (Land of The Pure.)

There is a man looking through The Caspian Sea (The Silver Sea) to an Eagle. This man's eye is Garabogazkoi (The Mighty Strait
.) His mouth is Turkmenbasy (Red Water, Leader of the People of Strength.) His third eye emerges forth another cranium
that has no voice, it has sight, and is Aktay (The White Colt.) The Eagle he peers through to is Azerbaijan (Protected by The Holy Fire.)
This man who looks through The Caspian Sea (The Silver Sea), he is as well an emerging Giraffe (Camel Leopard) Deer (WombPhallus)
(Water Vessel Cat WombPhallus.) This Giraffe Deer's eyes are Garabogazkoi (Mighty Strait (Channel) Lagoon (Water) and Sarygamys
(The Reed, Rush.) This Giraffe Deer's ears are Aktay (The White Colt) and The Aral Sea (The Sea of Islands (LandWater or Isolations.)

Above this we see what appears to be a two headed creature going in opposite directions like our last
two headed creature, this creature is a Turtle Shark named Kazakhstan (The Independent, The Free.)

Above this we see what appears to be a horned animal we shall call The Unicorn Goat Claw, with a horn
rising right through the forehead, this seems to create an imagery like a claw, hence Unicorn Goat Claw.
This Unicorn Goat Claw is Khantia-Mansia (The Eel), Yamalia (The Edge/End of The World), Gydanskiy (God
), and Taymyr (The Phoenix' Fingers Bearing Fruit.)

These last two up on top, Gydanskiy (God Given), and Taymyr (The Phoenix' Fingers Bearing Fruit), they are a
Bull upon one horn, and if you look at this area of imagery, it appears that it is a man on a computer, seriously!

Man Woman Woman Man Machine

And if you look closely it appears that this is a woman on a computer. And then as well, it appears that this man
or woman is holding a man or woman in their arms. It's very interesting to say the least. It's a seriously strange
metaphor to comprehend...if anyone is so bold. Is that a mask behind them?

Then we move forward to the immense Russian Bear, this seems to be made of
Krasnoyarsk (The Steep Red River Bank) in its bulk, with Mongolia (The Brave) as its arm.

Just beyond this Bear is what looks like a White Buffalo, Yakutia (Horse People by Blood.)
Just beyond this we see what appears to be a Galloping Horse. This horse is Chukotka (Wealth of Reindeer.)
It seems to have a wing by way of Kamchatka (Raven's Feather.) If you look in the water to the right of Kamchatka
you will see an imprint of Kamchatka like an echo or a shadow on the sea floor. This seems to elude to a depth flight
parallelism. This horse seems to be offering a small version of itself across "The Divide." This small version's eye is Chegitun
(River of The Rise), with a mouth of The Chukchi Sea (Wealth of Reindeer,) whereas there are two little tiny islands in this
mouth named Balka (Bridge), and Benetta (The Superseding of the Spacious Blessed Fortification.) The back of this
mind is as well Chukchi (Wealth of Reindeer) as is the center of this mind Chukchi, (Wealth of Reindeer.)
(Reindeer = Ram WombPhallus.)

The Center of the offerings of "The Divide," that which is ocean between these two immense
totem comprehensions, are The Diomedes (GodLike Cunning of The Hammer of God.)


Just beneath the Diomedes is an island in the shape of a man carrying a pack on his back named
St. Lawrence, also known as Sivuqaq (The Free Healer, The Martyr Feast, The Land that the Water
was wrung from

St. Lawrence, Sivuqaq
(is it a man with a pack or is it a badger, or is it both)

We then start from the other side, in simultaneous parallel to The Angel of Khabarovsk. Remember,
this Impregnated Seahorseman, Bearer of The Bear, is bowing to this Angel of Khabararovsk.

(Male Seahorses can be impregnated, correct? Yes.)

This Seahorseman is impregnated mostly in California (High Mountains, Hot as an Oven, Spiritual Leader)
and Nevada (The Snow Covered.) His phallus (and I mean no disrespect by this at all, let's get beyond
that notion) hangs as The Gulf of California (The Bosom and Womb of the Phallus of the High Mountains,
The Bosom and Womb of the Phallus that are as Hot as an Oven, The Bosom and Womb of the Phallus of
The Spiritual Leader
.) I mean seriously, tell me that doesn't look like that. It does. It totally fits with all the other
comprehensions. Let's face it, Nature is extremely sexual. Humans should know this, there's like 7 billion of
them, frickin rabbits! His leg is Mexico (The Left Handed Hummingbird), Guatemala (Land of The Trees,
Between The Trees, Land of The Snake Eating Bird
), Honduras (The Depths), Nicaragua (The Water next
to The Water
), and streams through Panama (Abundance of Fish, Trees, and Butterflies), and Costa Rica
(Pure Life, Rich Coast) from South America (The Deep Work Superseding Wasp.)

So...the totem creature of The Angel of Khabarovsk streams from Malaysia, and the totem
creature of The Impregnated Seahorseman, Bearer of The Bear, streams from South America.

This Seahorseman's body is made of the numerous states of The United States of America. This seems to be,
simultaneously, the lower half of The North America Bear. The Seahorseman's upper torso is Washington (Hunting Lodge),
with a shoulder of Idaho (Enemy, named for Comanche, who to themselves are "Our people.") Right here we can see what
appears to be a Phoenix Platypus rising from his hip from a priest's crown through the states of Arizona (Of a Little Spring, The Good Oaks),
Utah (Diggers of The Mountain tops), Idaho (Enemy, Our People), and Wyoming (The Alternating Mountains and Valleys.) The Phoenix Platypus'
left eye is Elkhorn, Montana (Deerlike (WombPhallusLike) Horn, Mountain.) The right eye is in Neihart, Cascade, Montana (James Leroy Neihart,
Waterfall, Mountain = Superseding King Slow Runner), Lewis and Clark Forest (Meriwether Lewis = Strength and Purpose Loud Battle, and William
Clark = The Strong Protected Mind Priest.) The Priest's left eye is Marquez Wildlife Area (Shining God of War), and the right eye is Jemez Springs (This
is the Place
), and San Lorenzo (Saint of Victory), New Mexico (The New Left Handed Hummingbird.) At the head of The Phoenix Platypus is a skull
who shares one eye with The Phoenix Platypus, Elkhorn, and the other eye is Beaverhead National Forest (beaver means bronze, The Bronze Head.)
The heart of The Phoenix Platypus is Colorado, meaning colored red.

(rollover image)

The Seahorseman's heart is Oregon (Beautiful.) His spine begins at Montana (Mountain), his impregnation almost looks like an oblong eye, the spine rounds
the back at Wyoming (The Alternating Mountains and Valleys), and Utah (Diggers of The Mountain Tops) to Arizona (Of a Little Spring, The Good Oaks.)
The rest of the body and the lower half of the bear are North and South Dakota (High Friend and Deep Friend), Nebraska (Flat River), Kansas (Deep Wind
), Oklahoma (The Red People), Texas (Friends, Allies), Minnesota (Clouded Waters), Iowa (Greys), Missouri (Vessel Path Seat Creation), Illinois (The
Physical, Spiritual, and Intellectual Being
), Arkansas (Deep Bending Wind), Mississippi (Great River), Louisiana (The Sun King), Wisconsin (The Red Stone Place),
Michigan (Great Lake), Indiana (Land of Indians), Kentucky (Meadow, Prairie), Tennessee (The Gathering Place of The River), Alabama (Herb Gatherers of
The River
), Ohio (Great River), West Virginia (The Setting Virgin Queen), Florida (which is a Raven Feather, Kamchatka parallel) (Flowering Easter (Fertility),
Georgia (Farmer King, South and North Carolina (The Deep Man Woman, The High Man Woman), Virginia (The Virgin Queen), District of Columbia
(Leader to Follow The Dove), Maryland (She Ruler of the Rebellious Home), Delaware (Of The War), Pennsylvania (Head Goddess of The Forest),
New York (The New Place of Everlasting Life), New Jersey (The New Spear Island), Connecticut (At the Long Tidal River), Rhode Island (The Red
Field of Roses
), Massachusetts (At the Great Hill), Vermont (The Green Mountains), New Hampshire (The New Shire Home), and Maine (The Main).

This Seahorseman's eye is Sarah Island (The Princess), Pooley Island (Charles Edward Pooley = The Man Prosperity Guard of the Water),
Mooto Lake (no definition located), Klemtu (Blocked Passage), Roderick Island (Roderick Finlayson = The Fair and Famous Warrior Hero
Chief of Renown Power
), Ellerslie Lake (Elf Victory), and Fiordland (The Steep Valley Land.) He kisses Vancouver Island (George Vancouver =
Cultivator of The Shallow Passage of The Cow.) He peers through Hecate Strait (The Ocean of Channels.) His cranium is British Columbia (The
Tattooed Dove Revival
.) His third eye is Khutzeymateen (Sheltered Place of Fish and Bears), Gitnadoix (People of The Swift Water), Foch-Gilttoyees
(A Path of The First Nation), and The Seven Sisters (eludes to the parallel of The Pleiades = The Sailing, The Many, The Flock of Doves, the individual
sisters are : Halcyone = Queen who wards off evil, Asterope = The Twinkling, Celaeno = Dark, Electra = Brilliance Flowing, Maia = The Great Mother,
Merope = The Eloquent Bee Eater, and Taygeta = Long Necked.) The top of his mind is Spatsizi (The Red Goat.)

Here emerges a totem of craniums and idols. The first protruding idol is made of Revillagigedo Island (Don Juan Vicente de Guemes Padilla Horcasitas
y Aguayo = The Dark Star Seed of The Sun, Conqueror of The Human Vessel, The Little Home of Abundant Water), Prince of Wales Island (The First Foreigner),
Kupreanof Island (Baron Ivan Antonovich Kupreianov = Star Seed of The Sun Praiseworthy of The Burning Bush, Baranof Island and Sheet'-ka X'aat'l (Alexander
Andreyevich Baranov = Defender of The Humanity Ram, The People on the outside of Volcano Woman), Admiralty Island (Joseph Whidbey = God May Add to
White Castle
), and Chichagof Island (Vasili Chichagov = Defender of Kerch (The Black Sea connecting with Azov (The Low Sea) understood as The Path of The Fish),
The Volcano Woman's Diving Sword .) This idol's eye is Sitka Sound of Baranof (People on the outside of Volcano Woman of The Ram.) And this next idol's eye is Yakutat
Bay (The Place where the Canoes Rest.) And the next idol's voice is Yakutat (no mistake, voice and eye, two idols)(The Place where the Canoes Rest), and this next idol's
eye is Wrangell-St. Elias (Baron Ferdinand Petrovich von Wrangel = Peaceful Brave Rock of The Mighty Ruler, and Elijah = YAHWEH is my God (and remember we have
comprehended that YAHWEH means I as a Bridge of The Infinite) of Alaska (The Object Toward which The Action of The Sea is Directed.) This evolving totem is a cranium
through Glacier Bay and Wilderness (Moving Mass of Ice inlet to The Sea and Wild Deer (WombPhallus), Tatshenshini-Alsek (The Stinking Salmon (Leaper) River-Place Where
People Rest
), Kluane (Big Fish), and these are of The Yukon (The Great River), and all the way through to Chugach (The Real People.) And this Spirit leaps forth as Kodiak Island
(Set Apart by Water) who stretches forth its Guardian Spirit Sword through The Alaska Peninsula (The Object Toward which The Action of The Sea is Directed
) and The Aleutian Islands (The People of The Coast) and stretching all the way forth to Kamchatka (The Raven's Feather.)

Far over to the east we see Great Bear Lake in The Northwest Territories (The High Setting.) Great Bear Lake looks like a letter
' i ' capitalized. It also looks like The Great Bear of North America's ' Eye!' This is where I was like, deep breath, that's serious! Right?!
The Mouth of this Bear is The Great Slave Lake, and no it doesn't mean 'slavery,' it is named for The Slavey People, whereas it was
named by the Cree, the name means enemy, but they are understood, themselves, as The Dene (The River Radiance of The Sun
and Earth
.) Remember, this bear is on the back of The Impregnated Seamanhorse.

Do you see how amazing it is? Mother Nature, our own languages, our own unknowing creation in fluidity with the Earth's evolution?
Do you see how we have been a part of it all since birth, every single one of us, every little action, every little tidbit, every breath, every
morsel, every energy, all of it, there is no moment in time that has not mattered to the shaping of this world, and its continuity, and yes,
even now, all our actions reverberate and echo through this world like waves of energy, frequencies, setting forth reality in physicality
and spirituality, in all that is in between these, and in between us all, our relationships, our communications, throughout the infinite,
throughout the infinitesimal, there is no grain of time that is not effected by anything.

This Bear has a Dragon Reptile lookin' Alien at his heart and shoulder. Hey, I'm just callin it like I see it. I see a reptile alien, I gotta write it down,
correct? Correct. The eyes of this Dragon Alien are Lake Athabasca (Where the Plants are One after Another) and Kasba Lake (The Rabbit's Feet.)
The mouth is Reindeer Lake (Running Ram Deer (WombPhallus.) The nostrils are Wollaston Lake (William Hyde Wallaston = The Protected Strong Mind
Holder of a Cultivated Land of nothing false
) and Cree Lake (The People Water.) The Great Bear's cranium is The Northwest Territories (The High Setting.)
Its upper torso is British Columbia (Tattooed People of the Dove Revival), Alberta (Princess Louise Caroline Alberta = The First like a leader in The Famous Battle
of The Descendant of the Noble Stag
), and Saskatchewa (The Swift Flowing River.) The great arm of this Great Bear is Manitoba (The Interconnection and Balance
of Nature in All
) and Ontario (The Beautiful Water of The Great Water.)

Just beyond this to the east is The HorseHippo (River Horse) Nunavut (Our Land.) The River Horse left eye is Queen Maud Gulf
(Maud Charlotte Mary Victoria = Mage Sea Mew (Water Bird) of The Meadow WombMan, The Rebellious Conqueror), Victoria Strait
(Alexandrina Victoria = The Conquering Defender of Humanity), M'Clintock Channel (Sir Francis Leopold McClintock = Freeman of Bold
People, Son of The Fair Haired
) Franklin Strait (John Franklin = Star Seed of The Sun Hillsborough (Rising Castle) Freeling), Peel Sound (Robert
Peel = Bright and Renown Dweller of The Tower.) The right eye is Wager Bay (The WombMan Pledge of Wealth) which is protected by
Ukkusiksalik (Where there is Material for The Stone Pot.)

Alaska is The Bear Cub whose mind is a Big Fish, whose voice is Noatak River (Belongs to The Land.) The Bear Cub has an eye in the back of his
head named Teshekpuk Lake (The Great Enclosed Water of The Coast.) This Bear Cub is offering Bering Land Bridge (Life Giving Bear Earth Bridge),
which appears to be a Fox Fish (a fish in the shape of a fox), to Chukotka (Wealth of The Ram WombPhallus.) This Fox Fish's eye is Shishmaref Inlet (Gleb
Shishmarov = God Life Rogue Destruction.) There is a cranium here who wields the Alaskan Peninsula and Aleutian Islands, a cranium totem the Bear Cub
is upon, this cranium's eye is Kuskokwim River (The Big Slow Moving River), while the nose is a refuge known as Togiak (could not locate definition.) The mouth
of this cranium is Wood-Tikchik (The Largest Park in the United States), and has a third eye named Toksook (Small Place) that looks upon an island named Nunivak
(Big Land (earth) and looks like a butterfly!) The stretching forth of this arm is from Southwest Alaska (The Deep Setting of The Object Toward which The Action of
The Sea is Directed
) right on through The Aleutian Islands to Kamchatka, as said before, The Protective Sword to Raven's Feather. This is where we have come
full circle, quite literally from the Seguam earthquake, that which triggered all this knowledge (along with the prediction through The Smiling Mother Wolf Angel
of Russia by comprehending the Gomesia Pyramid angle rotation.)

Do you comprehend that both sides are giving an offering? Each offer a smaller version of their self? MiniMe! And this
offering is through The Divide. The Strait of Bering (Vitus Bering = The Life Giving Bear.) Interesting eh? Right through The
Diomedes (GodLike Cunning of The Hammer of God.)

The North Pacific Ocean (The Highest Greatest Peace and The Bering Sea (Life giving Bear) reveals The Great Phoenix
Hummingbird. Its mind is through The Bering Sea (The Life Giving Bear, do you see how the words parallel the imagery?),
emerging from an island named Semisopochnoi (Having Seven Hills, and how the words parallel words 7 Hills and 7 Sisters,
it sortof eludes to The Pleiades being a hill compared to a mountain of itself...so awesome, imagine.) Its body is most of The
Pacific. And we see The Great Phoenix Hummingbird is suckling the nectar from the depth reflection shadow parallel of
Kamchatka (Raven's Feather) deep in the waters of The Bering Sea (Life Giving Bear.) And this Great Phoenix Hummingbird
parallels The Easter Island Phoenix. Resurrection Phoenix? More like, healing that which is ailing as self evolution, a metaphoric
challenge to its own (our own) definition.

We see here there is something wrong. This Phoenix Hummingbird's wing is broken. And it appears that its spine is displaced
to the broken of the wing. And the spine locations are viewed as directed from the broken wing, revealing a path of many
pyramidic plateaus and seamounts that evolve forth through these waters. These structures seem to elaborate through The
Hawaiian Islands (The Sacred Ancestral.) It seems this area is a focus of its center. The Big Island Hawaii (Sacred Ancestry),
Maui (Trickster Hero), Kahoolawe (The Sacred WaterLand, The Carrying Away), Lanai (Day of Conquest), Molokai (Molokai,
The Center of The Dance
), Oahu (The Gathering Place), Kauai (Land of Abundance), and Niihau (The Forbidden WaterLand.)

In the southern eastern section, the end edge of the wing, around The Philippines, we see an echoing of trenches. The Mariana
Trench echoes with The Mariana Ridge (spine) echoes with The Mariana Trough (tree) echoes with The Yap (Canoe Paddle =
Vessel Path Energy Cultivation, (wa'ab) Earth) Trench echoes with The Pulau(Island) Trench. The Marianas are named after
The Mariana Islands which are named after Queen Consort Mariana of Austria (Rebellious Grace of The Rising Edge.) This
echoing is like a griddle of frequency parallels, trenched. And in this case, the deepest location of the ocean floor. I do
not believe it is a coincidence that this massive echoing, and the depth, are parallel in their simultaneous nature, at the
edge of The Phoenix Hummingbird's broken wing, and that this is the deepest part of the entire ocean of the world.

Trench Echoes

To the east of the Hawaiian Islands we see numerous fracture zones that have seemingly displaced this spine. This seems to begin
at The Molokai Fracture Zone (Molokai, The Center of The Dance) and continues north through The Murray Fracture Zone (Settlement
by The Sea, Son of The Sea Man, Son of The Follower of The Virgin Mary (Bitter Rebellious
), The Mendocino Fracture Zone (Don Antonio de
Mendoza = Dark Praise of The Cold Mountain), and The Chinook Fracture Zone (The Warm Ocean Wind of The Mountain.) The fracture lines
between these, unnamed, are numerous. There are other fracture zones south of this location, but do not appear to be part of this spine.

Fracture Lines

From The Hawaiian Islands, these fracture zones have pushed forth this shifting of the spine from numerous seamounts:
Milwaukee (Good and Beautiful Pleasant Earth), and numerous mounts named after emperors: Kinmei (Brilliant Celestial Obedience),
Ojin (The Returning Celestial Spirit), Nintoku (Benevolent Celestial Virtue), Suiko(The Forward Celestial Ancient), Tenchi (The Wise and Heavenly),
where it eventually reveals the point, the main fracture, right beneath Kamchatka (Raven's Feather) where The Aleutian Trench (People of The Coast)
meets The Kuril Trench (Order of a Thousand Islands (Isolations of a thousand WaterLands.) Does anyone see the easily distinguishable parallel to the
large Ravenstar comprehension and what that seems to elude to? Kamchatka, The Raven's Feather at Phoenix Hummingbird's broken wing. It seems
this has great and knowledgable purpose, our comprehensions of this.

The Raven's Eyes

...do you see how Raven's Eye, The Goliath
Raven's Eye's center edge, looks like a butterfly?
Totally! Does it not look like The 3rd Eye Butterfly
down below in this image? Yes, it does. Raven's
Eye parallels The 3rd Eye Butterfly. The 3rd Eye is
described as a small place (like a human's forehead
(when compared to an enormity like entire islands,
countries, planets, stars, space, etc) and the island
the third eye is gazing into is described as "Big Earth,"
simply put, small, big. And why is The Goliath Raven's
Eye not part of the whole grid? Earth and Space
requested it not. Correct? Correct. As well, it is
only aligned at miniscule particular times anyway,
times of great cleansing necessity for the balance,
we have surmised, like seriously dark and powerful
full moon eclipses. How did we get to here. Long
journey has it been. SO...it appears from these
descriptions that Goliath Raven's Eye is like a
description of Raven's Eye in order to describe
greatness in strength, capability, evolution, and
so forth, from that which is small. And it seems
relative, like humanoids, they're all roughly ant
size (if that) to a planet or star, so its basically
stating, capable possibility comprehensively.
It is not to understand whether someone short
or tall or thin or weighty is more or less than the
other, that isn't the point here in the least. Because
notice how "the small place" is on that enormous
land, and "the big place" is the little butterfly...you see?

The Third Eye Butterfly is parallel to The Raven's
Eye, and makes that which is small, Great.

Do we know any places that have butterflies?

Sword to Sword The Great Swordsman
and the tiny swordsman...though, it is surmised, they are the same in 'size' by fluid balance, and yet, are merely a reflection
of each other simultaneously. Third Eye Butterfly.

Phoenix Hummbingbird and Easter Phoenix

Notice this. The Easter Island Phoenix, that which is The Navel of the World, is approximately the same cranium size as
The Great Phoenix Hummingbird! Fairly interesting, eh? What does this elude to? It eludes to the comprehension that
the fluid allowances that we have comprehended as a cycling of the infinite, the "I as a Bridge of The Infinite" right
through Self, Infinite Infinitesimal Source, and Earth, is claimed as a healing of this. Is it that simple? Well, if you think
that is simple, then I suppose, yeah, it's that simple. Sincerely.

At The Hawaiian Islands it appears that, from observation, Necker Ridge (Jacques Necker = Superseded Teasing and Irritation, Superseded Dweller
of The River
) is the location holding the Hawaiian Islands in an 'off centered space' to this entire comprehension. This seems to be a simultaneous prevention
and causality of 'pushing and pulling,' a division sign that appears to be the pushing of the islands in a crossing of the spine such that where this metaphoric and
specific energy of the world has been displaced, it would have been connective directly with The Line Islands (Equitorial Islands = The Center Line of Earth) (kind
of like the spine of Earth, eh?) and continuous all the way through the arrow of its tail, The Tuamotu Archipelago (Islands on The Ocean's Back), which points to
Noir Island (Black WaterLand .) Remember Black Island? The whole penguin fiasco? The RiverWoman parallel? Fairly interesting how it all flows with each other
correct? I mean, seriously, there's like a zillion fluidites and we're being comprehensively taught their flow. Is that not seriously powerful to understand?
Seriously grateful.

Necker Ridge Necker Ridge.

In this image below we see
The Tuamotu pointing to Noir:

Tuamotu and South America Flow

This image below is where the arrow points right
through the edge of South America, fluidly.
(and Noir Island)


At this location of Hawaii, between Hawaii and The Line Islands is an immense circle that looks like a heart made of half of The Hawaiian Ridge
(Sacred Ancestral Spine), Johnston Island (Star Seed of The Sun Tone (Settlement) Isolation or WaterLand), Hess Guyot (Harry Hammond Hess =
Ruler of The Home High Ancestral Protection of The Hooded People Spine), Necker Ridge (Jacques Necker = Superseded Teasing and Irritation,
Superseded Dweller of The River Spine
), and Horizon Guyot (Bounding Circle Spine.)

(rollover image)

Necker Island is right there at Necker Ridge. Necker Island is
known as Mokumanamana (Branching WaterLands) like a tree.

Incidentally, while writing this there was an unusually rare earthquake
near Taupo Lake (that which is above the supervolcano Taupo.)

Taupo 7.5.2011
I wonder...would that heart fit in
that heart? It's all so fluid. Yeah.
Lake Taupo, North Island, New
Zealand. Taupo was named by
a chief named Tia, allegedly he
saw a rock formation that looked
like his cloak, thus Taupo-nui-a-Tia,
The Great Cloak of Tia. Tia, is allegedly
defined as "great" or can be represented
by a featherdress, the stickings in of feathers.
(tia means to drive in, to stick in, and so forth.)

The Heart of The Greatest Peace parallels
The Great Cloak Featherdress Creation,
The High WaterLand of The New Sealand.

(eluding yet again to flight, Isis,
Christ, and many others...You!)

When viewing this tail, the pyramid points to the curve of the southern tip of South America. It seems logically fitting that a pyramid
would point to the curvature of a great land, yes? This being that such an actuality, such a circumstance would allow forth such a
causality via energy. Do you not believe me? There it is. Do you not believe your own eyes?

Phoenix Hummingbird Tail Pyramid Geography

The pyramid is made of Society Islands (The Royal Society), Tuamotu Archipelago (WaterLands on The Ocean's
), all the way to the Pitcairn Islands (Place of The Cairn = The Place of The Memorial Made of Stones.)

Cairn Tongariki

Just as a 'by the way' to the east of this is Manihiki Plateau (the island it is named from is known as The Island of Pearls,
the literal meaning is Canoe taken Ashore = Vessel Path at Rest), and this plateau is in the shape of a diamond
(The Diamond of Pearls, The Resting Diamond.)

As the islands continue, even though this pyramid points to the tip of South America, the tail actually curves forth
through The Pitcairn Islands, Easter Island (The Great Paddle, The Navel of The World, The Resurrection, The Goddess
of The Dawn
), right between The Easter Island Fracture Zone and The Challenger Fracture Zone (The Ship, Royal Navy
Pearl Class Corvette = H.M.S. Challenger (His or Her Majesty's Ship) The Challenger) where it crisscrosses The East Pacific Rise
(The Rising Greatest Peace Rise) and all the way to The Nazca Ridge (Pain and Suffering), that which parallels, almost identically,
Necker Ridge (Superseded Teasing and Irritation, Superseded Dweller of The River), in both shape, angle, and definition. That's a
fairly accurate bewilderment, yes? Are you Bewildered? Or perhaps it is the opposite, your bewilderment has just been alleviated
into a shocking comprehension of separate languages in separate parts of the world in separate times understanding parallel
comprehensions through our own distinct languages, an exact same definition, and physicality, through Earth's evolution, eluding
to our own practices of reality as societies, parallel even, allowing us the knowledge that our own Consciousness is undoubtedly
a resulting factor in either a giving or receiving scenario or circumstance described to us by the shape of our world. How's that!

Necker Nazca Parallel

(rollover image to see the ' i ')

Do you know what that means? It means that Consciousness is explaining as
we evolve, ourselves, our reality, our existence, through our own language and
circumstances, the shape of The Natural Everything. That seems rather important,
yeah? Communication on a totally BEYOND universal level, an Infinite Infinitesimal Level,
while simultaneously understanding that WE EFFECT THE PLANET BY OUR ACTIONS AND

In that eye is The Phoenix of Rapa Nui, Easter Island. The 'A' is on The Phoenix' shoulder.

Resurrection Phoenix

The Water of The Great Bear in The Highest Setting parallels
The Phoenix of The Navel of The World • The Great Paddle •
The Resurrection • and The Goddess of The Dawn Fracture
with The Challenger of Majesty's Vessel Fracture in The Deepest Peace,
and this parallels The Great Phoenix Hummingbird of The Greatest Peace.

The Nazca Trench slopes into The Peru-Chile Trench like a bent "T" shape.
(Peru = The High Castle, The Golden Mountain, One of 8 Guardians of The Universal
Sovereign of Wealth
. Chile = Where The Land Ends) It's almost parallel to its diagonal
counterpart of the displaced spine at broken wing.

The Nazca Trench guides us to the Ica region(Water Emanates from the Earth), Peru
(The High Castle, The Golden Mountain, One of 8 Guardians of The Universal Sovereign
of Wealth.
)There is a body here as well, with another on his back. This Being seems to be
created from Ica River.

Yes, its quite alot. It's a lengthy communication.


Every 7 pg. 39 C

You can read The Communication here.

The Bigger Picture is An Infinite Meditation.

May Light Be Your Shadow.

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