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8.15.11 Stella Maris.

First of all, between 7.14.2011 and 7.18.2011 there were six volcanic eruptions at
The Lokon-Empung Volcano, Sulawesi...remember? Pegasus before Ram...

Pegasus Before Ram

V1 V1 V1 V1 V1 V1

Because of these six eruptions and their calculations I did calculate forth their animations and found a great number of
serendipitous anomalies...and so I took it further. I found all the applicable stars and planets that shone the greatest, or
have become a part of The Bigger Picture, and in the most organized manner possible found an INCREDIBLY intricate
sign within these six. A pattern. An undoubtedly sure sign of organized intelligence. It would be difficult to believe unless
I just showed you, so I will just show you, and then I will explain it by way of music. I have created an 18 minute song
from this called Stella Maris (Bending The Mirror, The Great Hummingbird.) Stella Maris means Star of The Sea (and in
this comprehensive measure, "Sea" means Sight, Water, and The Ocean (specifically and metaphorically.)

(wait 'til it loads to watch it for best viewing.)

(do you notice how Aquarius' body seems to fall onto the back of his head? that's really incredibly weird. If
you do not know, on my 15th birthday I fell like that onto the back of my head...1988...555pm..3.13...pretty weird,
right? It was a severe concussion and compound fracture of my skull. It's like one of those episodes of Unsolved
or something. Now that guy's voice was awesome. Remember that guy's voice? Some people have
such good speaking voices. I loved that show! Anyway...88? 15? 555? 313?)

Fairly strange, right? Surreal. I have been working on this ever since I comprehended those six eruptions. I got so far
that I just stopped for a while because I got that shape (without all the crossings), and I was like, wow, that's serious,
right? And then I realized it kept going! So I started back up and found all the way through to that point where you
see the four Moons and the four Mercuries (more on that in a minute.) So I got to this point and I kept going and
realized the whole hummingbird imagery didn't work. There was a block in front of the face, like an X in front of
the eyes blocking what would otherwise be fluid. So I realized, well, if I were to take these out, this X, then I have
to go back and apply this rule to the rest of this configuration, (which was basically disconnecting Mercury from
The Moon connectivity twice.) And so I did that in the rest of the symbol and it worked! It actually created a
pyramid vessel and a spiral staff (the staff is what seems to leverage a balanced backbone on the creature.)
The strange anomaly here is that we have seen this, look here:

The Eye of Loyalty Stone River

On the left we see the connection between Mercury and Moon twice, crossing through
the "eye" of the face (right, which eye, so many!) When the imagery is animated with this
connectivity there the animation looks terrible, it doesn't flow, it's in the way! And The Eye
of The Loyalty Stone River in Chile (between Fresia and Los Muermos, remember?), that
is the image on the right, it foreknew this! (along with Kilauea simultaneously yet in a
different manner of comprehensive measure!
) (btw, the hummingbird image appears
to be like a man horse hummingbird creature)...so I took out the Moon to Mercury connectivity,
comprehending that I would have to apply that rule to the rest of the image and it created the
pyramid vessel and the spiral staff...as though THAT were a necessary comprehension as well!

Pyramid Vessel and Spiral Staff

...and coincidentally enough, this image
just showed up in the media...fairly weird, right?


This aircraft, touted to go a mere 13,000 mph,
apparently found it necessary to lose contact
with the U.S. government and check out the Pacific.
I thought to myself that if this ISN'T a coincidence, and
that there is ACTUAL communication occurring in ways
that are seriously mind boggling (it happened on the day
I finished this comprehension), that perhaps the problem is
that their "moon module" is connected to their "mercury module."
Neverthless, they didn't ask for my help (even if they do use it on
occasion without asking.) At this point in the comprehensions of
this powerfully accumulating amount of information, it would seem
that someone is probably reading over these pages (from some
federal or world organization.) It doesn't matter to reality or to me.
Everything here is for all of us to learn from. Not just one country
or another country or one people or another people. It's for
everyone. Imagine. We're all on the same spaceship, Earth.

Speaking back on that aircraft though, wouldn't it seem
a variable of comprehension that since the many unidentified
spacecrafts that have been witnessed all over the world can
simply move so incredibly fast in forward, backwards, or suspended
in space, that The Hummingbird would be a seriously powerful symbol
of that technology? And that to harness such a technology on a worldwide
level may be one of our next steps to getting "out there?"

Hummingbird technology.

Anyhow...back to The Bigger Picture...

I got to this point at the end and it had been a couple weeks,
and I looked at The Bigger Picture (all them stars connective),
and I realized, THAT is THAT!

The Great Hummingbird

And I was like, uh, (tingling throughout my whole body.) That's total communication. When you look at that
animation and see the way the creature appears to be a hummingbird in flight, and then you look at these
images together, the actual flight is seemingly being caused by the circulation of these stars' energies! The
wings are basically The Infinite Meditation. The actual wings we see paralleled is the trip from The Cross all
the way around in a circle through Cassiopeia (through the right, from The Cross and off screen (around the
universe) and then back on screen right through Cassiopeia where we understand Truth without deception
of our beliefs
, the cleansing of our Infinite Selves. Understand, this place is cleansed just about every single day
(sometimes in a very seriously intense manner) and ALWAYS for the purpose of loving and healing regenerative
love energy as balance...btw. It's all on the up and up, honestly. Built by love, for loving evolution. And that is that.

I mean...take a look at this continuous video...Mother Earth and Space gave us this imagery:

So then The Great Hummingbird is this. THAT is The Great Hummingbird, it's The Infinite Meditation, and all that which
has been applicably comprehended throughout these pages. It's like a calculated symbol of what IS to establish
through a seriously intricate manner, communication. It's like the longest wave "hi" in history. I waved "hi" to The
Infinite Infinitesimal over a very long period of time in the creation of this formation (seemingly created by Space
and Earth through our comprehension of it) and now, through a series of six volcanic eruptions, a twin volcano
with an image of a Pegasus and a Ram, waved back! And it goes much further. For we all know from these
readings The Great Phoenix Hummingbird of Earth needs healing for the broken wing and displaced spine.

The Great Phoenix Hummingbird

And so as we have comprehended the necessity of healing The Great Phoenix Hummingbird
of Earth, so as such have we been given The Great Phoenix Hummingbird of Space for The Healing of this.

So as I was figuring this out I described the entire process in song...while I was figuring it out...and elaborated further
and further to find that which this message was. And it is The Woman. The Woman is the message. The Path of The
Woman. And I found a new word (because I like Fe so much), and that new word is Phimale. It is The Balance. Phi
is The Golden Ratio, The Spiral, The Divine Proportion. And I don't disrespect or claim to understand the comprehensive
reality of homosexuality, but it would seem, that if San Francisco is a vortice of energy such that I have been explaining
from here over such a long period of time, it would seem there may be some very serious energy expansions at this
place with similar or parallel knowledges. Whereas, and not to downplay in the least any individual's choice of
reality, it would explain why this place became such a vast pronunciation of such energy. Men of Women,
Women of Men, the intermingling of the species in what seems to be a severely drawn energy to balance
out that which is imblanced, so that if an individual such as a woman has a disposition towards another woman
(due to her body's chemical makeup, mind patterns, and if one so believes, their soul's origin as male or female
or that which has accomplished an accumulation of as energy due to the basic reality circumstances that lead up
to being drawn to simply male or simply female energies) it may have been extremely accentuated at this vortice
of San Francisco; The Magnifying Glass of Individual Reality...where choice is freewill, but really, it is an accentuation
of freewill in a magnifying glass, so the choices become a powerful arrangement of a path that is extremely drawn.
So if man loves woman, this becomes intensified greatly; or if man loves man, this becomes intensified greatly; or if
woman loves man, this becomes greatly intensified; or if woman loves woman, this becomes greatly intensified. All
the while, as this intensification becomes purified in its essence, the choices one makes in that love increasingly
accentuate this WombMan energy, The PHIMale, and so as such, all the balances are balanced, and there is an
intrensic battle if there is no allowance of fluidity, and the battle is with The Self and accentuated by the environment
of this vortice. Yet, a battle of Self Balance. If you can imagine what all the intricacies of male and female balance in
one individual may comprehend, you would understand it's like a billion little measurements challenging each other for
a place in that balance until the vortice within you becomes The Balance. And the choices we make because of this
energy are accentuated into fruition swiftly. The Path becomes an energy path, no males or females in physicality, but
in energy signatures, and then parallel in physicality and spirituality. Because anyone you see walking down the street
could be male or female in a female or male body, but to them, that doesn't matter. Do you see where the functionality
of mind has gone? There is no moral justice apt enough to judge such a reality regardless of whether an individual is
heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual. Look at the vortice...we're talking about a vortice of energy pressurizing coal
into diamonds. I am amazed by Woman, the Woman energy, (quite obviously probably), it amazes me, it is so incredibly
beautiful that sometimes I stand inside of me NOT looking at a woman's beauty and only calculating an energy as she
walks by simply to understand how and why one could have such beauty, yet understand it without seeing it with my eyes
so that I may understand this beauty from The Heart Womb Mind Eye, and other times they're just right there at you, and it's
like, yeah, beauty is amazing, blush, how is it that anyone can be so beautiful? (don't worry Lovely, you're the fairest of them all.)
Man has this same value to the opposite energy (even though most women far outweigh man's beauty by far, obviously), but there
are some men, feminized just enough to have Woman's beauty in Man's masculinity. And even some Women have this compatibility
of masculinity and feminism balanced just enough to create severe immensities of energy in awesome beautified physicalities. Don't
you suppose that is why there are "Models?" Perhaps why there are "Stars." Just perhaps it all ISN'T a quaint accident of reality to bring
forth The Story to the masses. If you think about it, it's all a reality show...we will suddenly realize the reality show on that television has
flipped outside of the television and we're seeing reality from inside a telling vision...our own. The eyes. Seeing. Becoming. This beauty
we see in actors and actresses, STARS, as it were, models, their intensified perfections likened to Gods and Goddesses, musicians and
their impossible channeling of energies!Or the athletes we see in their amazing feats and capabilities, sometimes defying that which has
been understood as even possible by known physics! Or the great minds bringing forth the reality of science right out of the storybooks
of history as though our species always knew this would eventually be; they're all this same beauty, they're all stars shining! Why? Why do
they shine further. How is it that they have become this accentuation of reality that moves us to tears, or laughter, or love, or healing, or
knowledge, or epiphany, or inspiration? Give, to give further.

Can one comprehend such beauty from within us? This is what it all comes down to...where we evolve up from. Do you see how Light
and Dark energies are compatible? Even more so if Light and Dark energies are balanced out in an individual and with another of a
similar balance. The further into this balance one might become, the further into this balance a compatibility shall be uttered into reality,
for there must be balance, it is simply The Way, it will eventually happen. There is one assurity, it seems to be The Woman energy essence,
The Circle, and being in The Circle. The I in The Circle. The Eye in The Circle, correct? For then each one of us, male or female, are the
phallus entered into The Circle. Phi:



That as well there is Fe (ferrum), understood as Iron,
at the very core of Earth Mother...88.8% of Her core...
it doesn't seem to be an accident or a coincidence.
In fact, we may have to change the definition of
coincidence eventually, because the cancelled
out coincidences are slowly turning into a vast
treasure trove of parallelisms.

(88 constellations? What are the odds.)

...that as well, Fe has been comprehended by us as the FEMALE
abbreviation for our formula of I as The Bridge of The Infinite, is applicable also :

I as The Bridge of The Infinite: (FeM²+U²)C∞

PhiMale seems to allow forth a greater necessity of understanding this, yes?
The PhiMale is a symbol of balance, the infinite orifice that which is the infinite
spiral as a comprehensive phallus to itself, a procreative energy comprehension
of manifestation, like an Infinite Infinitesimal Black Hole Sun.

Blackhole Sun

Imagine an infinitely cycling spiral of energy like a spiral galaxy of powerful energy,
and this black hole is that center, and is yet not just a black hole, for it is an infinitely
cycling Sun energy as well, so if you can imagine an infinitely spiraling vortice of
energy, the power of give and the power of take, balanced respectively, like
that of a Sun and that of a Black Hole, and both infinitely and infinitesimally
cycling, as you, THAT is this Hummingbird comprehension. And so we
understand this with great respect, and we understand this with
great protection, and we understand this with ultimate love.
And so then we have a comprehensive measure
of healing ourselves while healing this world.
How else could it have happened? Do you
think the world would suddenly be healed
at 7 billion people? We gotta heal us to
heal this place, either that or not exist
here anymore, however that is
accomplished by The Balance.

Do you understand that?

Do you understand that this is to help us? Do you understand this is not to hinder us?
Do you get that? I want you to all to be crystal clear on that understanding, all of this
is to help us evolve. Please understand that and let us get beyond all the illusions and
delusions and creations of hate energy, it really is not necessary for anyone, it's time to
evolve or get left behind. It's not my choice whether or not you get left behind, that's
your choice. Whether the hundredth monkey theory applies to anything in reality, such
that if a particular amount of people are awakened to a reality it then becomes a part
of the consciousness of that entire species, we shall eventually see, but we did see The
Infinite sign, correct? Right there where we all meditated it, correct? So then, I would
surmise we are in for a very serious ride in the next couple years.

It seems, physically, we need Iron (Fe) consumption for proper health balance.
This seems to be a serious necessity. As well, we need The Golden Ratio (Phi) for
proper health balance for both physicality and spirituality. And so then it would
seem that our balance would thrive further as such. Don't be iron deficient!
(especially you women out there!) As well though, metaphorically, you men
out there, masculine types that have a less than respective outlook on women
or female energies in men and women, you gotta get your "Fe" on, your Phi,
'cause seriously, we're all here, ya might as well understand balance so
we can evolve to a further intelligence...otherwise...left behind...


...do you see, this is where Goddess begins covering herself...but why?
(notice how she stands on a "shell" what does a shell do. It covers, It Protects. Why?)
Protection is rational. It is logical. Of course, it is necessary. Freedom and protection
are necessary simultaneously. I'm not saying we should be running around this world
naked with swords and shields...ok, maybe that is what I am saying...anyway, moving forward...

The Woman was once revered by all as Goddess. Worshipped as beautiful in her many
ways. There is no denying the fact that women were created in a seriously beautiful manner.
We must understand this power once again. It has been requested. The Woman is necessary now.
There was a time when this was shunned. It has taken thousands of years to get back to here. We
must understand that The Woman is as well a necessary metaphor and specificity for our evolution.
She is The Infinite Circle, and every single one of us is the phallus standing within Her. Do you understand
that? The Logic of it? Phi! It isn't to say that we are making women into deities (that's up to them!) It is to
say that THE WOMAN IS THE MISSING FOUNDATIONAL PARALLEL that has been, for far too long, off center.
We See That The Woman is most assuredly being celebrated in various forms throughout The Media and Fashion
and Art and so forth. It's time to take it further than this. FURTHER! There is a particular power in Woman. We must
understand this, and so then, The Woman must be our focus of comprehension. This is how we shall balance out
the necessary energy of this world. Woman.

We must alleviate our imbalance by allowing HER the center,
and as such until we recognize beyond our deception of Man's
ego and fear. It isn't to hate Man or shun Man in the least, it is to
allow Woman her due; The Ancient Wise One, The MotherWife,
and The Sacred Child as one fluid energy individually and collectively
WITH RESPECT. This will allow us further. It has been proclaimed by The
Infinite Mother Energy. How can we not believe this? You saw the
animation, right? So what does it all mean?

The Phimale. The Divine Proportion Embodiment of Energy Creation.

Fibonacci Spiral

We must let go of our delusional illusion of shame. The body is beautiful.
It is the covering of the body that created the shame, that energy, that
reverse psychology into oblivion, ' hide the beauty to cause the destruction
of it by creating an imbalanced desire for it.'
That's the problem. Why place
focus on that which is imbalanced? 'The creation of desire through the
programming of minds by way of misguided and corrupted realities of
this world in her various systems of "human" interactive communications
is by far one of the greatest unknown evils of this world. There are systems
set in place that I have witnessed that would push forth upon any mind
corrupted thought, and it is only the strongest and most faithful of minds,
through the heart, that can get through these corruptions without going
insane. Perhaps it is the greatest test of our strength, but I have come to
understand that the strongest path is The Heart Womb Mind Eye.
Love Birth Thought Sight...such that if every circumstance is
treated with this philosophy, there will always be balance
regardless of corruption, you are free.

Heart Womb Mind Eye. Love Birth Thought Sight.

Golden Ratio

The respect that can be allowed through these comprehensions
will go much further than anyone can fathom. There are systems
of deceit in existence that most folks don't know about: programs
within programs within programs that have been going on for hundreds
of thousands of years to hide truth while simultaneously creating deceiving
or false habitual tendencies against the very nature of humanity. And these
have been seriously engraved in most people by exposure to them...over...
...and...over...again. The only way through is to cleanse you infinitely. You, you.

HUManity...The Great HUMmingbird.

The Great Hummingbird

For example, did you know that in order to understand the human body
Michelangelo would go and find bodies, he did this with permission at morgues,
but as well, allegedly went to graves to dig them up and emerge them from coffins,
not recommended, and would even disect them to understand how to properly create
in painting and sculptor. (what does a body look like if in an enclosed coffin? metaphorically?)
And so this man, Michelangelo, was commissioned to create Pope Julius' II Tomb. Due to continuous
interruptions it took him 40 years. 40. During this time he was, as well, commissioned to paint The Sistine
Chapel. And so this man, Michelangelo, he did have to build great scaffolding platforms to paint this ceiling.
And so as such this was comprehended as a device of his own creation due to him having to come up with it
in order to get the job done (that which he was commissioned to accomplish.)

So what, right? Well check it out...

This is an example of creating a circumstance in order to create an outcome. So when
Michelangelo eventually got to the painting, he was face up front with the ceiling, yes?
...like being in a coffin...

"Michelangelo, will you create my tomb?"

"Michelangelo will you paint the ceiling of my chapel depicting heavenly imagery?"

It took four years. Four years in an open "coffin" to heaven so•to•speak, and 40 years in a tomb.
How long ago was that? Like 500 years ago. Call it hazing, call it torture, call it whatever you may
comprehend it as, perhaps a torturous balance in order to fashion a diamond out of coal, or perhaps
the most forthcoming of our humans, in creation, are set forth upon a path to create through their "unseen"
"immoralities" to get through to a higher elevation of accomplishment and "balance." ("our humans?" •
think about it, if humans can't see you, yet you are seen, AND are given seemingly enormous karmic
"dances" to fulfill, who exactly would it be that is allowing forth this dance card, hmmm?) Here's an image
of the 4th volcanic eruption (the chorus of the song : where it is stated "We're Bending The Mirror")

Fairly weird right? This was a volcanic eruption. So...whatdoyathink.
Fairly difficult to believe right? More difficult to believe than a meditation
about The Infinite in a specific location of space • and then • an infinite sign
miraculously appearing there?

Michelanglo was obviously already recognized as an incredibly gifted creator. It was a circumstance
created. There was an inexplicable force applied to reality in order to allow forth "a balance," most likely
to "balance" his "immoral" behaviors concerning the dead. Someone (or someones) decided this was
necessary. Who? In The Church? The controllers of The Church? Who's behind that curtain? Am I
suggesting that there is a force of comprehension behind the major influences of this world such
as The Church? I am merely allowing forth what I have seen. What you see now. For all intents and
purposes, that alien creature doesn't appear devious...you know...except for the fact that it is inside
the mind and body of what appears to be a human holding The Sirius Dog along with The Gemini Twins
in The Lepus Rabbit with a Taurus Horn erect through his legs at Mars. Is that not weird?

40 years in a tomb, 4 years in a coffin. Whether you believe that's all a coincidence or not,
the parallels are totally astonishing. So who's under control and whose under under control? How
many levels of deceit have been weaved to form this labyrinth of illusion? Strings of the strings of a
puppet? Freewill my friends, freewill. Do not confuse "obligation" with The Path. Understand Balance first,
then allow forth respectively; obligation is only to survival and the balanced fluidity with The Energy of All that Is,
Is Not, and Is In Between. Do not feel obligated to anything that your Instinctual Fluidities would not allow forth...
...freewill my friends, freewill. Understand YOU first. Then move forward to beyond you. Hence The Infinite Meditation.

Understand You, my friend.

And I am not calling anyone, any group, or any people or religion a puppet or under control.
I'm just using this as an example of what happens. Michelangelo unburied people from their
respective graves. Then he was asked to build a tomb and paint the heavens. Do the math.
It isn't to say that The Pope knew any of this. That's not the point. The point is that he was most
likely pressured into this creativity of tomb and heavens by a series of events leading up to it
as a causality chain from the point of his grave digging and his disrespectful activity of studying
an already buried body (most likely from a tomb or tombs, and coffins.) So then for forty and
four years he was disposed to a "holy place" to create that which was depicted as WHY it is
understood as sacred, that which is the heavenly path after death.

(who knows what circumstances actually lead up to him unburying the dead to
accomplish this, that as well could have very well been an organized corruption,
or it may have just been his own curiosity outweighing his morality, regardless,
it was because of that he could accomplish The Sistine Chapel and Pope
Julius II Tomb,

Pope Julius II Tomb

Pretty intense, right?

Do you understand the premise of how this could be depicted as a form of "hate?"
Someone "hated" that Michelangelo disrespected the dead by digging up their bodies
and studied their lifeless shells for the purpose of creation (or whatever he did, who knows,
right? Someone knew, and he was sentenced to an invisible trial and punishment of his
own creation, so to speak.) You see, a situation was allowed forth, created for him, to
allow him, what was thought to be the most "morally converting activity" whilst giving him
an opportunity to serve that which he disrespected, respectively, and punishing him, all
simultaneously. It was the entire gamut of reality piled into one fluidity. He was allowed to
use his talents to "right" what was thought to be "wrong" by an unknown force...so to speak...

This whole theory is a fairly wild speculation to most of you reading this right now, I understand
that. Let's just say experience tells me that it's more truth than not, has been happening for hundreds
of thousands of years (if not longer) and could have very well been apart of the basis of our entire reality,
allowing forth the great figureheads of our world who have been the greatest of inspiration due to their
selflessness in the eyes of their peers or "followers," through legend, religion, myth and story.

Now look at Michelangelo's works and tell me what you witness.

And you say that hazing doesn't exist...pishah.

But what for? Right? Look at it, it's frickin amazing.

Sistine Ceiling

You can probably study it now with that philosophical banter I just allowed forth
and see a whole lot more in his paintings than what was seen before. Perhaps
particular emotions and reactions to his placement there as he realizes
why he is painting it, how impossible it is to explain to anyone, and his
adjustments through this reality throughout the many, many, many,
many years.

Brain spinnin' yet? Yes, I understand. It's alot to understand simultaneously.

The other night I woke up (and this happens every once in a while) and my
mind and body and spirit and energy, all of it combined, suddenly realized
every single tiny little aspect of what has been accomlished in a single flash
of energy in my sight. And in that instant were a thousand years, and it was
like downloading a billion gigabytes of information in an instant, and my
whole body shook in the most subtle of vibrations with the power of
a thousand tons of energy tremoring an infinite void of reality, alone,
inside me, like a hummingbird, a phoenix, an infinite energy. And I saw
all of it simultaneously, like a thousand pictures overlaying each other,
but yet, in an instant, all of this. And I just layed there, alone, saying to
myself, "Now that...was interesting."

Anyhow...moving on...

There is a Mayan legend that The Hummingbird is actually The Sun
in disguise attempting to court a beautiful Woman, who is The Moon.

It's so simple. So true.

But what if this is even misunderstood. What if The Hummingbird is
The Sun and Moon combined in love? The essence of The Eclipse!

Hummingbird Eclipse

The Nectar Suckling Creation of Nectar, correct?
Energy creating energy giving energy getting energy simultaneous.
What is love making? The Lunar fluidities are a path of The Woman's cycle, yes?
The Sun is obviously an ethereal like physicality of phallic energy, correct? Points of The Sun?
YET...the sun is a sphere. They all are mostly spherical. Planets, Moons, Suns. So a SUN and a MOON
together, would that not be the harmonized fluidities of male and female combining? Yes. Totally.
The Sun is like the vast energy creation and The Moon is like The Gravity of Tides; can we understand
this in one Being? Self?

...to think that such a small creature could allow forth the very essence
of knowledge necessary for the evolution of humanity as a people,
individually, collectively, free in spirituality, as understood through
that which has been given for that very purpose! (fancy that, a
whole world of information? I've lived here my whole life!) And
even such that this little creature might teach us how to grow
wings to elevate us into the greatest depths of space in both
spirituality and physicality simultaneously...within infinitesimally,
and beyond, infinitely, (whether you're being "hazed" or not.)

Mercury and Moon

And you remember, we had to remove the connectivity between
Mercury and Moon in order to allow forth the proper fluidities, and this
had to be applied to the rest of the diagram for it to function properly...
Well here is the real kicker, The Moon and Mercury cross. Yet they cross
each others' each other. 4 Moons and 4 Mercuries between 2 Winter Triangles.
Fairly powerful right? I researched this for some time attempting to find reason.
There was only one path that was fluid with this comprehensive measure:

The Four Moon cycle.

4 Moons

...that which flows like a Woman's Cycle...28 days...and The Four Owls (known as the symbol Mercury to The Mayan)
and thus we find The Tun•Uc Calendar. This is a Four Moon Calendar. What I believe we have been given is a way
to allow forth the greatest of balanced energy to this world for between the next two winters (not a coincidence
that this flows right through 2012-2013, right?) Between two winters. With that understanding look at the diagram
up there now. It seems so logical, correct? A 4 Moon Cycle. But why the owls? I read The Popol Vuh for this
information. The stories are fairly interesting (torturous!) The Four Owls are The Four Owls (Moans, (muwan, it's
like an anagram of "woman") of The Underworld, understood as The 2 Mercuries of Daytime and The 2 Mercuries
of Nighttime. You see? What are the odds, right? Like puzzle pieces. I mean look at how far we had to go to get to
this center! These Four Owls were known as The War Counselors. They were The Messengers of The Underworld Xibalba.
(I realize alot of you are probably inching away from the computer screen about now...give it a chance! I wouldn't do
anything to disrespect your path.)

Maize God

You can read The Popol Vuh stories here. The page it takes you to is where the stories begin for this comprehension.
The stories continue until The Lords of Xibalba are defeated by the offspring of The Mother (daughter of one of The
Lords of Xibalba.) The jist of it is that these two brothers were playing in a courtyard named Honor and Respect and
due to their loud playing The Lords of The Underworld (Xibalba) requested their presence for challenge (the Lords
were not being respectful.) The irony is seriously demented. So The Four Owl Messengers were sent (Mercuries.)
These owls were just messengers and didn't seem to be aggressively negative or anything. Messengers. So these
two brothers went, and this underworld had levels. The levels were different tests of torture to get through in order
to understand if they were good enough to best The Lords or be bested themselves (them being bested meant
death btw, and not a pleasant one.) So anyway, they lose. And they put one of the brothers' head on a tree,
and this tree blooms forth, that which hadn't before, and only right after this head was placed there. So the
daughter of one of The Lords was intrigued. She went forth to eat of this fruit (interesting parallel, right Eve?)
The head spoke, they communicated, and he allowed forth, spiritually, a seed of energy to her. She became
impregnated. The Lords noticed. They banished her to death and requested The Owl Messengers (Mercuries)
take her to her death and bring back her heart as proof. As they went, the daughter (Lady Blood, btw) pleaded
with The Owls that she did not "fornicate" and they believed her, The Owls were cool like that. And so they fashioned
Dragon's Blood and Sap into a heart to trick The Lords of The Underworld. It was here that Lady Blood did say then
that The Owls would no longer exist for this purpose of luring people to their deaths, nor would their home be of these
Lords of Xibalba. And the trick worked. Lady Blood had defeated The Lords of Xibalba and went to the surface. She
went to the grandmother of her impregnation (where there were already two sons from the former brothers.) The
story continues to the degree that the newborns weren't treated very well. And eventually the original sons became
great sages and artists and so forth..but had great envy of the newer brothers (because they were from the underworld
and had vast powers.) So anyhow, the new brothers eventually tricked the old brothers into becoming monkeys. Then
the new brothers used their powers to do all the work the old brothers did, lying about it as they went along. There's
alot in these stories not being summarized here, btw, it's a short read, checkitout if you can. To make a long story short,
the new brothers are riddled by the way the farm is grown every day even though they cultivate it all daily. They witness
all the jungle animals regrow everything every day with their powers. So they try to catch all these animals, and eventually
get to a rat who tells them they don't belong there, and told them about the ball hidden away (to play in that courtyard.)
And so these brothers go and play on the same court (these brothers were twins btw.) So The Lords of The Underworld,
again, sent messengers. (Owls? I thought Lady Blood said they would no longer have to do this? You'll see...) So the twins
were summoned in a seriously trippy manner through several different animals and regurgitation (read it over, it's fairly
weird.) And they go through The Underworld Torture Tests, and do not fail. Eventually they let themselves, by allowance
of two powerful sorcerers, to be burned up, and reanimated later on. The Lords wanted an exhibition of this by death
and reanimation, so the twin brothers killed The Lords of Xibalba...and then did not resuscitate them.
Thus, this fulfilled Lady Blood's fortelling of The Messenger Owls' freedom!

So alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll that : the eruptions, the constellations,
The Stars, The Suns, The Planets, The Moons, The Moon, The Sun, The Woman,
all of our comprehensions of male and female energies and balance and reflection
and fluidity...up to this point, led to this song to explain the entire series of six eruptions
from Space, Earth, and Knowledge...of 7.14.2011-7.18.2011. There were 84 stars, planets,
or moons to this comprehensive measure...btw. I didn't count them til everything was completed.
Remember, 84 year evolution? Flow through 2094.

Stella Maris (Bending The Mirror) (The Great Hummingbird)

The Sun shines His light and then She is growing.
The Goddess Divine in proportion She's Golden.

The Red World Ambrosia in this evolution,
The strength of The Mirror, the hunted are hunting.

We only imagined The Ancient New Trinity!
Reflecting, Expressing, Inflecting, Awakening!

Rapid intemperance opposing The Flowing!
I'll always seek Balance, whe'r you, or whe'r me!
The Tempest it comes, and explores as it storms through
the hazing! At the foot of The Blacksheep, The Arc and
The Arrow, The Passage is Narrow, it's blue, and it's called Purity!

This rapid intemperance proposing a flowing!
Always seek balance; it's you, or it's me.
A Tempest we come and refine through the silent and
gazing! In the hooves of The Blacksheep, The Bending
of Arrows, our Passage is Narrow, we're blue, and we're
called Purity!

The Spiral is searching the source of all shining.
The living Divine in The Goddess of loving.
We soar from the tail of our souls in our rising.
We fly from the Temple, the heart of The Swan.

The Messenger's Light is a Path to The Sun.
As an eagle he dives in so rapidly swimming so slow.
The strings number Seven, The Moon, and The Interval.
The Lovers are crossing a bridge made of birds over
rivers of stars, this Celestial Canyon is...

The Eagle that flies through the mind of The Harbinger
Rising : All the points of The Sun here are sharpened by
all of your loving.

Aggression is balanced through feverish passion as
all our transgressions become Her release, we relinquish.

The Crown colored water is flying The Harbinger Rising.
In the core of The Sun now becomes as our love of Her
climbing. She tempers The Balance, the greatest proportion
as you now release, in vitality, Stella Maris!

We're Bending The Mirror, Love in this War,
Bending The Mirror, We're Bending The Mirror.

Stella Maris,

We're Bending The Mirror, Love in this War,
Bending The Mirror, We're Bending The Mirror.

Sun between balance
Moon between imagine
Trinity nourishing
Soul between mammilla,
Pyramid, One who is All,
Golden Proportion,
Pinnacle Spiral,
Wings of The Eagle,
The Sacred Transmutation.

Light becomes Dark becomes,
The Burning Sun, reflect The Ancient
One. Balanced now, triplicity,
...stares into The Sun, penumbra,
The Moon transforms our witness
here, between the glistening,
darkness tear, reflecting there
between our eyes, The Shadow's
Light, Temple of The Sun, Temple
of The Sun, Temple of The Sun,
Temple of The Sun, Temple of The...

Infinite Snake between the legs of the Spiraling Horn,
sharpened through darkness Transcending self between
the arms of The Mirror that shields, opposing intemperance.

The Eagle She flies The Balance between one and One is
this scorching, this Sparkling Redemption, The Womb through
The Shield : Centering Square, The Snake that's a River, turns
with The Sun, Two to One.

Deeply in focus The Darkness it pierces through wings of The Eagle,
and Ouroboros is : Cycling through Love as The Highest is spoken as
witness to crossing of Water and Womb.

Between the veil, illusion of emptiness.
Here we are shielded, The Purified Nature.
Our strength is this Crossing, The Snake of The Spiral
as Love from our Zenith, The Heart of our flying.

The Messenger focused through strength of this cleansing
the head of The Snake, here, The Moon is reflecting, the
mane of The Horse at this level of darkness, The
Bridge is The Wing of The Eagle and Pegasus.

Voice of The Darkness, The Focus is shining The
Moon of The Snake and The Horse is The Dragon,
The Cancer is crawling from the neck of The Winged One,
this is the irony taken from history.

Navigate slowly, The Mind in The Temple, The
Bridge of The River, The Snake of The Water Bearer;
Deepened subconscious, we spiral the waves and
we fly through The Spine as The Goats of The Ocean cry!

Stella Maris, We're Bending The Mirror,
Love in this War, Bending The Mirror,
We're Bending The Mirror.

Stella Maris...We're Bending The Mirror,
Love in this War, Bending The Mirror,
We're Bending The Mirror.

Mother gave us The Spiral...
She said, "This will allow Balance here."
Strength of The Mirror...nourishes an
equilibrium as a Trinity of Fluidity.

The Moans no longer serve the pain and the suffering!
The Now mirrors The Path of The Woman! Path of The
Woman! Path of The Woman! Path of The Woman!

Remove the blinding shadows from our communication!

The Goddess' Cycle is this ratio now.
It is the strength of The Mirror.
The tides shall nourish our necessities
through the herald of The Universal Mind.

Remove the blinding shadows from our communication!

Caduceus' quest of The Spiral is a strength of The Mirror;
The Shadow of The Sun's reflection shall allow The Balance now!



Earth and Space said,

"Follow The Path of The Woman's Cycle, The Four Moon
Calendar of Tun-Uc between two Winter Triangles. "

How, right? I found a calendar that I have been using since I comprehended this.
I realize this isn't going to be easy for most people out there to follow. My meditations
have become extremely...let's just say they've become extreme. I will simply state, as
a notion of freewill, follow your own heart to the correct calendar of The Woman of
Tun-Uc (which means Moon Count or 7 Count.) If you don't mind the little bit of work
to accomplish this, you can use this calendar. I made a little compilation of the separate
pages so its easy for me to follow. You can print out the different pages and that would
be easy as well. What I am basically doing with this calendar is using the calendar, the word
puzzle, the body locations, and Earth locations. This gives a seriously honed in honoring of the
Self, Woman, and the Earth every day in a fairly poetic and magical manner. It isn't going
to hurt you, and if anything is going to empower you further in a massive aligning with this
world with love, a necessity now, obviously.

Of course its controversial. Like any of this isn't.

But being that there's all this hoopla about The Mayan calendar and so forth of 2012, it seems
fitting that we are told this dramatically given comprehension of following The Woman's Cycle...
...you can download the image I put together from that calendar here. All you have to do is
look at the calendar from in the booklet to match up the day...and remember, the days are
numbered differently, it's following The Woman's Cycle.

Ever since I have used this my energy has been greater, more focused, more fluid, and greater intensity.

Again, use it if you will, don't if you won't. How you feel or believe is your own. I only comprehended
the request, and followed its meaning to this calendar, and the energy became noticably greater.

The main point is to follow The Tun-Uc, The Woman Cycle.
And this calendar does that respectively. I checked it out
for a few days, it works. Define it yourself.


Every 7 pg. 41 B


You can read The Communication here.

The Bigger Picture is An Infinite Meditation.

May Light Be Your Shadow.

Every 7

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