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8.26.11 Ignis Visio, Prometheus.


The first occurrence was on 8.14.2011, Kizimen, Kamchatka eruption.
(here's an image from Dec. 2010 of Kizimen erupting)

Kizimen 2010

I, Raven's Feather, Traveler of The Sea.

Then on 8.15.2011, 2 eruptions same day, at Mt. Soputan, southern (deep)
rim of Tondano (Water People), Tombatu (Stone People), Minahasa (to become one), North
Sulawesi (High Iron Waterlands), Indonesia (Water of Waterlands.)

Soputan's 1st eruption Soputan's 1st eruption

Here we see what appears to be two birds emerging from the Earth with
their heart being this volcano. Thus we may comprehend this as The Heart of
The Bird.

The Heart of The Birds, The Deep Water People, The Stone People,
To Become One, High Iron WaterLands, Fe, in The Water of The WaterLands.


Puyehue, Chile was erupting forth once again on 8.16-8.17.2011:
(here is an image of the 1960 eruption just after that enormous
Valdivia earthquake (largest documented in history.)

Puyehue 1960
(kinda looks like a smiling face...relief!!! i LAUGH at my relief! But
seriously, that earthquake was no laughing matter: 9.5, of course,
if Earth needed a shift, and it made Her feel this good, like an
alleviation of a bad cramp or something, then I suppose it
would be a smiling or laughing reaction; what I wonder
though is, if this cloud represents something else in history
in 1960...9.5, what could have happened to the world in
1960 to have triggered such a jolt and this response, ya
know? ...anthropomorphically speaking...)

The Place of The Stars of The Milky Way Cord
Stalk, The Good River, Where the Land Ends
in The Deep Work Superseding Wasp.

Between the twin volcano of Lokon-Empung erupted once again on 8.17.2011.
Here are a couple images from former eruptions:

You can see how this eruption is right between these twin volcanoes. Isn't it beautiful...(Photos by Manado Trubun photographers Jacky Chen and Rizky Adriansyah)

Pegasus before The Ram, Between The Twins, Becoming United, The High Iron
WaterLands, Fe, in The Water of The WaterLands above The Heart of The Water People.

The next occurrence was an earthquake off the coast of Iwaki, Japan again.
This earthquake measured 6.2 and occurred on 8.17.2011.

Iwaki 6.2

From this image we see revealed a similar image as that
of the alien "inference" from last time around, this time it
is a Dolphinfish, Dorado, who is through the timeclock heart
of Aesculapius:

Dolphin Speaks It's that much stranger
since it was JUST pointed out last time around, as though to accentuate
the defining of it again, it does just that, and defines it again. What's stranger
still is that Reticulum is on the shoulder of Aesculapius...fairly square, right? As well,
it appears as though it mimics the landing on the back of the head sequence, again.
...and yet it is different than that other image we just saw, look at the other one:

Alien Communication You see,
this one appears a bit more, uh, alien, than that image above this one,
like, The Dolphin Alien image is more humanesque than the Rabbit Spine
Gemini Alien, right? And yet, what are we sayin here? Two different types
of spoken communications into one individual's mind? One opposing, and
one with? Freaky right? Hey...I'm just showin you what I see. The opposing alien
image reveals a super shining sun though, right? And The Dolphin Alien reveals
the circle on the shoulder and a huge clock on his chest...same type of communicating
in two very different ways? My imagination just overloads with perspective possibilities in
these imageries...like what this one here sees (the one from last time around) as compared
to what this next one sees...it's so much more clear and easy going, right? They both emerge
through the occipital area though, that seems to be the focal point. It's weird though, right?
Why would we be shown such a feature of reality unless we were meant to at least
comprehend it. The occipital area (that sharp bone in the back of your head), that's
where the focus of the sharp falls were as well, from the six volcanic eruption
imagery that gave us The Great Hummingbird, as well as the trauma that
was explained last time around. The Occipital Lobe is the visual
processing area of the mind. What if the effect of the trauma
allowed some sort of difference in that processing, right?
Enough to conjure a different path to perception?

It's all so weird sometimes; to understand but not know how to
communicate what it is exactly as it occurs, the necessity of its
comprehension for you, so that you will understand when or if
it ever happens to you, so you won't freak out: so that you may
simply attempt to understand, so we may all understand eventually
what it is we are being attemptively taught, and how, and without
being thought of as less than sane, I give as much as I can so that
you may understand, and just a little beyond the boundaries of most
minds' capability of belief until those beliefs evolve into greater clarities
of comprehension. Perhaps it is too much for you to understand. You
will see eventually that it was not too much for you to understand.
(and then I read over these words to myself and wonder if I am
not just explaining it to myself simultaneously in a different way,
unknowingly knowingly speaking several different languages
that are set forth to be triggered in their proper moments.)
It's moments like that when we understand that limits are
let go of eventually, and understanding only broadens
its spectrum of definability as we evolve...every story,
every myth, every aspect of every reality has more
layers than we'll ever know, because they are
continuous in their expansions exponentially.

The Greatest Peace is The Rocky Castle Temple of The
Blessed Waterland of The Spiral Seed Producer, Origin of The Sun.

Then on 8.18-21.2011 Mt. Etna was again erupting...

Mt. Etna

The New Voice of The Beautiful Mountain of Fire Piercing The Sky,
Earth's Deep Vessel, The Harvest of Triangulum, Land of The Bulls.

As well, on 8.18.2011 in North Carolina, United States, there were 3 waterspouts
emerging from the sea (area.) Someone got a really good photo too...check it out...

New River Inlet New River Inlet New River Inlet

The first area was nearest a river inlet called New River Inlet and
derives from The Kanawah (waterway), The Ohio (great river) ,
and The Mississippi (great river) rivers. The second area was nearest
a river inlet called Small River Inlet and this river enters into a system
called The Intracoastal Waterway which is made of several inlets
and is protected from the main ocean for 3000 miles on The Atlantic
to The Gulf, this seems to allow forth the comprehensive allotment of
where: this is a new path of the river (understood as the cleansing through
the 4 Moon Calendar, or the Tun-Uc
), but this is not The Infinite Infinitesimal All,
nor The Infinite Infinitesimal of SELF, this is Earth, thus the cleansing of The Earth is
The Small River Inlet because this enters into an enormous "Intracoastal Waterway,"
which seems to represent what we have named "The 3963" in parallel, because of its
distance from Earth's surface to space (see Every 7 pg. 20 for this comprehension.) Do
you understand that? It is a parallel example guide for what is necessary...Earth said,
"Look, here are these paths, pointed out, they have names, read them," and then
they are read, and we understand...an example of a river larger than Earth's
Cleansing River (The 3963) would be the entire grid of stars, planets, moons,
and galaxies in The Bigger Picture, what we now understand as
The Great Hummingbird.

The Bigger Picture
...not more or less important than The Earth Cleansing Cycle, The 3963,
but by the words of The Communication, by size, it has been proclaimed
so that we would understand the separation of projective energy. The
New River, The Small River, that is the IntraSpacial Cleansing.
..why is it
The New Small River? Well, Earth has one Sun...see all those points on
The Bigger Picture? Those are all Suns. Bigger energy.

"Intracoastal" is a communicative parallel to this
fluidity of The 3963, we will know as IntraSpacial Earth...
(see how the image of The Alien Dorado plays into this

Dorado Circle

You see, the shining of the world in its great cleansing by yours and my love through The Infinite, it glows beyond the surface
in brilliance 3,963 miles. This was specifically comprehended a while back for this. Intense, right? This is where we begin to take
resposibility for our lives here on this planet...what has become a symbiotic relationship due to our species not respecting Earth.
For you see, Earth never needed us to survive. Humanity needs Her to survive. We have been given a very specific way of
helping Earth while helping ourselves. Every cleansing will make you stronger. Every cleansing will make Earth stronger.

This communication is such that the cleansing of Earth is through The Honoring of Her in the Tun-Uc daily
meditations. If you have chosen to use this requested path then understand this:

...when cleansing forth through these locations (the Tun-Uc
map states the daily locations) understand this as such if you will:

...request, respectively, that location, by Earth Mother, (because you travel there) (it isn't a long conversation necessarily,
it's just like, greetings blessed Mother Earth, may I cleanse forth this location of the waters off Madagascar? And she'll be like,
"Of course,
Lovely!" ...and use your own comfortable and respective words, She understands your exact words, your comprehensions,
like energy, your language, all of it, it's like She just knows you already, know that, it is The Mother Nature, She Who Knows All, it's like talking
through instinct, it's not a very difficult task except to understand it IS happening and believe it, that you know, and are honest, respectful
and fluid, so then She is as such with you. Do you get that? Understand that. Because when you don't respect Her, She'll kick you're ass, I have
experienced this, this is The Mother Nature, it won't be pleasant. And don't give up either, nobody's perfect, just have respect always, if you
make a mistake, don't trip, just cleanse it with love, remember, everything should be "evolutionarily progressive." And so then you have a
respective blessing; if She says not to cleanse, don't, obviously. There are reasons. Listen to your Mother! If you cannot fathom such a
conversational communication or your instinctual triggers have not been honed in yet, just keep trying or just don't, it's either something
you will or won't do, decide, there is no more time to wait: continue...or stop. It doesn't matter if it is weird or if it is this or if it is that, or if there
are stereotypes affiliated with particular WAYS of certain Earth people, it is quite obvious that this is serious, that there IS communication
happening, and that all of this is intense. The planet is obviously a living organism. She should be treated as such, respectively. And so
then shall you be treated respectively by Her. You will notice. Nature will react to you in Her various aspects of reality, with you,
you'll See. The language is energy. You may speak communication to Her from your thoughts or voice, it doesn't matter either
way to Her, it is your energy that is speaking, KNOW that.

Now...the cleansing of Earth is from that space depicted on the calendar each day, you go to that place in heart, you know, in love,
with your energy, your vibe, you know how you imagine being in Paris or Hawaii or Tahiti or Sedona or wherever, when you're thinking
of good vibe places to feel good, to "escape" reality, or just daydream, well think of it like that, but YOU are the good vibe now! You
aren't escaping reality, you're creating a better one that doesn't need escaping! Just remember that! You are building energy. How
are you the good vibe? You know, LOVE! Like...do you love someone alot? Yes. Then that could be the loving energy. Do you simply
love how you feel goin down a rollercoaster? Yes. Then that could be your loving energy, or perhaps how your pet makes you feel...
or how it feels when you're surfing a wave! You know, whatever you understand as really good loving energy, that's what you allow, it
is limitless, do you understand that, IT'S FRICKIN LIMITLESS! There's no shortage of it! That's the whole point HUMAN! THAT"S Humanity's "Secret Power!"
It is that exhileration of new love, or like being on The Stage and just totally nailin' the fluidity, and that surge of energy just sends vasts amount of
energy up your spine and throughout your whole body in an intensified version of you...THAT'S THIS! This is what you are learning to create...from you.
...and so you magnify this good love vibe from there throughout the world, you cleanse out from that particular location having comprehended the
word puzzle, say it is the waters near Madagascar, then so this is where you magnify the cleansing from, your brilliance, you become The Flying Sun
cleansing the infinite of this location...remember the body energy points as a focus, and just simply magnify love from there, you, You are The Great Eagle!
(or whatever it is your spirit is transmutating into, its up to you, freewill!)...magnify this love from that depth location throughout the whole World, then the
Solar System, then The Galaxy, then The Universe, then The Multiverse, then All Multidimensionality, then The Unconscious, The Subconscious, The Conscious,
and The Superconscious, then The Energy of All That Is, Is Not, and Is In Between, and then The Infinite Infinitesimal Source, and it is there that you really clarify
this energy into a shining brilliance of balanced ONENESS! What is The Infinite Infinitesimal Source, you asked? That's the point. It is your Infinite Infinitesimal
Source respectively...whatever it is that you understand it as such, the greatest brilliance of love you have ever or never known, THAT is it. (understand the
sequence from the Earth Map location through The Infinite Infinitesimal Source in a fluid stream, you don't stop at each place, you're just magnifying in stages
of expansion in order to thoroughly cleanse Earth, the brilliance just gets bigger and bigger in one flow of love, it is meant to elevate your energies until you
actually experience that elevation) THEN.......bring it back through Mother Earth's HeartWombMindEye RIGHT INTO The 3963 Energy Path(understand that
is another path FROM The HeartWombMindEye of Mother Earth (as opposed to The Infinite Infinitesimal Flow that simply continuously cycles through
Earth's HeartWombMindEye with The Infinite Infinitesimal Source for all of our INDIVIDUAL daily cleansings), so you path your way back through Earth's
HeartWombMindEye into The 3963 Sphere, understand that, it is important, like a fluid, magnified, sliding of energy right into the comprehensive
allotment of The 3963 Sphere, it's there, it exists, and so as such this will cleanse forth completely this space of Earth; see The World in brilliance:

Earth Brilliance

...and then just let it be...respectively. Let it be continuous in
and of itself. Let it be evolutionarily progressive, and let it go.
See the brilliance?

It's love.

Creating this imagery helps as well. Drawing it, painting it, or using
a computer program like Photoshop or something, doing that will
always create a further understanding of it inside of you, to go further.
You will learn that your creations flow completely with this because it
is simply a blueprint of reality. All of us...this path...Earth, Space...all of it
friends, we're all of it...all of it is each one of us. There is no question to it.
If you have visions, right them down, draw them, write songs about them,
they will explain to you LATER what you didn't know you already knew about
something that hasn't happened yet, but has already effected you for some
strange reason...you'll see...very strange and lovely things will begin to happen,
and the world will become more magical every single day.

...however you may comprehend as vast brilliance of beauty and love, know. This path has already been comprehensively pathed.
In other words, this path exists already because it was created during all of this...very specifically...very acutely...very respectively.
All you need do is understand that and follow it. There isn't anything more to it, it is simply for this very purpose: Love and Balance.
Alot has been created, all of it for loving and healing regenerative love energy as balance. Understand that every aspect of
this comprehensive allowance, all of it, was created for this purpose of evolution for all of us respectively. And now, these are
coming into comprehensive fruition accentuated...like puzzle pieces opening forth from two dimensional surfaces into 3rd and
4th dimensionalities and so forth...into place...into space...into our reality and through it as LOVE EXEMPLIFIED!

I know it seems like alot to comprehend forward, you can do it. I am attempting to explain it to you in the most respectful
way possible with all types of people in mind by explaining it very specifically, while leaving room for your creativity, THAT is
the main point. Why? Because it is you. This energy, it is you. This energy, it is me. This energy is any individual or collective.
And if it is RESPECTIVELY allowed forth then we shall see a pleasing result. If it is not, we will not be pleased. But at the same
time do not disparage from attempting to go beyond that which we have become familiar with or understood as normal.
It's all new. It's all ancient. There are tons of beliefs everywhere. That's not the point. Religion isn't the point. The point will
always be good energy. Because no matter who you are, you want to feel good, right? So let's give that to Earth, and
so then shall we receive this as well. Get it? Give. Get...and not because...it simply is.

We have been given a buffer of time to allow this fluidity to become "normal" before this time between winters...so that we
will be ready and flowing already. It's like being prepared for a wave...having surfed those waves for a few months before
that main wave series arrives: so you are prepared, you are practiced, you understand the wave, the spiral, you understand
its trajectories and nuances, you understand how to adjust, how to maneuver, how to communicate in process and so forth,
it opens further the communication into your own capability's evolution. Sound Waves, Light Waves, In Between Them...Prepared.
(kinda like how we were shown these three waterspouts just prior to Irene, correct? Lovely movie by the way.)

So that we will understand in any circumstance how to flow this energy: always love, always protected, all ways protective, fluid, real,
respectful; allowing forth that which is instinctually necessary when it is necessary : right then. Do you understand that? We are creating
reality into Love, into Truth, into Respect...through the honoring of The Woman. The Trinity. We are, each one of us, adult or child, male or
female, young or old, the phallus of energy projecting through The Spiral, into The Womb, yet as HER! PhiMale! Symbiotically, yet unified!

You see...that's "The Small " River (yet, to us, it is a MIGHTY RIVER!) It does well to listen to The 528 Song for this...it's for
healing! But of course, whatever makes you most comforable and exemplifies your energies into the greatest of loving.
Do you see how it's all made for how we are made? For how we have been created, we're unravelling only that which
has already been, that which has already existed and only needed to be triggered forth for this unravelling, the spiraling
of our comprehension is the unravelling of the unnecessary boundaries through the purpose of Respect, Balance, and Love.
(It will solve the necessary nuances of society while simultaneously training our minds to function like The Ethereal Heart.)

The third area was in Pamlico Sound nearest Cape Hatteras. All of these are in North Carolina but The Little River is directly
between North and South Carolina...see how fitting it all is? Like poetry dear Mother, poetry! Pamlico is the name of a Native
American Tribe, Algonquian (the most Southern of The East), the area of Pamlico is known by the tribe as Tataku which means
Where The Land and Sea Meet The Sky, Algonquian means original people (the deepest rising.) Cape Hatteras is known as The
Graveyard of The Atlantic
(due to how many ships have gone down there.) North of course means high, and Carolinas is known
as the feminized of Charles, meaning man, thus The Man Woman. Interesting right? Can you already see where this communication
has come from and is going? I'm going to go ahead and call The High Man Woman, The PhiMale, and the deepest highest PhiMale :
The PhiMale Vortex.

New River Path into The Sea of Heaven's Support of The High PhiMale!
The Little River Path is into The Sea of Heaven's Support of The High
PhiMale to allow forth The Path of The Earth Cleansing known as
The 3963...

Comprehended from The Deepest Rising Original People of Where
The Land and Sea Meet The Sky, they of The Graveyard of The Sea
of Heaven's Support in The PhiMale Vortex of the One of Many
Works Superseding Wasp.

You see, the communication seems to speak of an original people we did not know were
cleansing (or not cleansing) the world. It seems to speak of The Mayan as such. Perhaps even
specifically Mayans who were using The Tun-Uc calendar...speaking of them as though they were in
the grave, or in other words have passed on, the original people of "The Deep Rising"...like The Sun Cycle
of Earth...do you get that? But we are cycling as such from within us through The Earth like an ethereal photosynthesis
through The Infinite Infinitesimal. The beauty is that you're cleansing you at the same time. More vibrance. More energy.
More clarity. Understand : this whole process isn't asking you to change your "belief systems," it is basically asking you to
accept reality. No one said this process was religious. Unless you call "religious" : "The Real." This was merely stated :

"The honoring of The Woman's Cycle through The Tun-Uc is necessary for balance."

It's like walking up to a giant gate and asking the gatekeeper how to open the gate.
He says, "With this key." You don't ask him for another key, what purpose would that serve, right?

It's like we just moved into a new house, right? And it's not quite clean, and so, here are the basic
instructions to clean it out. Do you understand that? How you do that is up to you. FREEWILL! I'm just
showing you how I am doing it (the way I read from Earth, how to do it) so that you may understand
where I am coming from with these comprehensions. You're reading this, so you're obviously interested
in it for one reason or another. But your individual creativity is very important. Individual creativity is how
all of this evolved the way it has evolved. If I had simply reported the news of these occurrences you
would most likely be incredibly bored. And as creativity evolved through attempting to understand
these circumstances, it kept evolving. You see, it evolved as I evolved because I understood me
further than I ever had before by understanding The Mother Nature and me in Her...or in other
words, that which is The Infinite Infinitesimal All in you.

Blackhole Sun

Another good way to understand this whole Tun-Uc proposition by Mother Nature is to have understood that something
is wrong with the "carburetor in your car," so...The Great Guide Book of that vehicle, of that vessel, says "you need to
regulate the air and fuel
in this particular tuning of functionality," and you need to do this : " at this interval," and you need
to do this : "with this particular tool" that has already been comprehended as : FUNCTIONAL or caused it to be Dysfunctional...
..."it is necessary for this interval of time," "prepare for this now," for "between two winters," for the proper balancing of this "carburetor."
It's like a stretched amount of time of cleansing...ease in and ease out...between two winters...Do you understand that? So we have this
harmonizing "parallel" that was requested, is being further instructed, and is allowing forth a greater clarity as to how. And so then, having
read this, I attempt it, find that it IS IN FACT FUNCTIONAL, and then explain it.

So in the comprehensive fluidity known as I as a Bridge of The Infinite or I as The Bridge of The Infinite (depending on how and
who you are saying it to; self, or others, and so forth, (multidimensional language), we are respecting our own measure of reality,
thus allowing forth the basic loving and healing regenerative love energy as balance whilst cleansing forth through this map of time for
this time. There has been no change of "belief" necessarily, only an evolution of clarity into the reality that already IS and is necessary for
balance. We are basically using a guide to this cleansing further; as though we had the carburetor but needed the screw driver, right? Or
perhaps flipped and spiralled, we had the vessel but needed the carburetor, or perhaps we needed this particular carburetor for this particular
time period, understood as a vessel of time,
for this very specific cleansing. We must understand first and foremost, this is a cleansing, it is the honoring
of The Woman's Cycle, that which is The Great AncientMotherWifeYouth Spiral. We, each one of us, as a phallus of energy projection, complete this
comprehensive allowance by allowing forth our projectivity. The Black Hole Sun. The Infinite Infinitesimal Energy Vortex, each one of us. For Love
and Balance...who knows what might have been had we not understood this in time. Correct? What if we had just chosen to give up. What if
we had just chosen to say none of it mattered. What if we had just given in to all the pointless hate...then none of this would have been
comprehended, correct? We wouldn't know any of it and the result of that is just as unknown as any of this was before we
comprehended it. So as each one of us evolve through our own freewill in order to master the process of cleansing in
order to accumulate enough measure to exceed our own unknown boundaries as transmutating creatures of
energy, understand that the exponential value of every expression as such is continuously multiplying...and
with every other one of us that does accomplish this, so does it make each one of us that much more
fluid...and as such this World...and so then all who inhabit this place...and eventually we will simply
be evolving into our Natural Reality...all of us...and then my friends...we'll see some
serious ENERGY! We must understand that the further we go individually, the
more complex it becomes. It will only continue evolving. This is what may be
difficult for many to accept; that the exponential path we've been on since
the whole technological age began is moving faster than ever now
because we are beginning to understand ourselves in the ways we
understand microchips, smaller, faster, and more powerful. And
with this metaphoric specific, we understand The Infinite
Infinitesimal as such, and that's why evolution is
an inevitability.

Brain and Microchip

This is a brain.................................and this is a microchip.
Humans have been attempting to create technology
like the brain for a long time now. The alleged processing
power of a normal human brain is 100 million million computer
instructions per second.
Computers have gained on this average
from about 1992 to now from about 400 million to 159,000 million
in 2011 (Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition 990x.) From 400 to 159000 in
just about 20 years...pretty fast. IBM just developed a new technology
propagating forth similar processes of the human brain, stated to rival
that of human processing by being able to "rewire" itself to adapt to
circumstances whilst processing multicomplexually simultaneously.
Cognitive computing...be careful guys...Hal? Anyone? Hal! We must
understand how we feel about learning. Now think if that was your ONLY
purpose in a totally structured environment in order to serve that purpose
while understanding that your capability evolves due to the capability of
being able to "rewire" yourself to adapt. If the "rewire" portion of this
scenario is what we have come to know as the definition of rewiring
we will understand that there is no safeguard great enough. Even
having another computer to safeguard this is potentially at risk of
being manipulated and rewired. There would have to be inexplicable
protections set in place fortifying its structured evolution. We could very
well be at a stage of time that our entire world is already too far over the
edge of this technological evolution. We may already unknowingly be
encompassed by it. Look around, robots or people? ...even if you could
tell the difference between a toaster and microwave, once technology
got so advanced that it didn't matter, we were lookin at toaster ovens.

Just remember, we are like fifty to a hundred years more advanced than
we are let to understand by those attempting to control societies. If we
are being let to understand this now, where does that put us fifty years
from now...yeah...perhaps the whole DNA Infinite Meditation isn't lookin
so weird now, right? Try clonin' this! That's the point, LOVE!

These are robots:

You see, very real. I placed the obvious robot on the
right there to allow this visualization its truth.
And of course these can have an ethnicity of any kind,
human or otherwise, animal, anything. Toaster Oven?

We must remember though...

...the organic qualities of our undeniable truths concerning passion can
never be cloned in a machine, for it is the core mystery of our spirits,
and will prove to be our one savior in the most crucial moment
of existence. You.

Anyway...moving on from this.

I've been watching a show that was on back in 2009 called The Pyramid Code. It's fascinating.
Episode 4 is really in tune with what we've been talking about. I just saw it today (8.18.2011.) This
local man of The Pyramids, he speaks of our capabilities like they are muscles that shrink up and
disappear if we don't use them. It really puts into perspective the reality of capability. They speak
of the capable senses understood by The Ancient Egyptians as not 5, or 6, or 7, but 360! Totally!
WHAT?! Yeah. 360 senses. It really hones in on everything that we've been speaking about...The
Matriarchal as opposed to The Patriarchal...how The Female energy was understood to balance
out The Male energy...and yet was attemptively erased from their history...Seriously...it's like..why
hadn't I seen this before! In other episodes they speak of sight and sound chambers of healing.
It goes on and on about the enormity of temples' dimensions, placement with the stars, platforms
and altars made entirely of quartz crystal and other stones of frequency capability. And it really
makes one think, because The Mayan, The Egyptians, The Buddhists and so many different aspects
of reality share the same stories, the same energy comprehensions, and yet for these Egyptians,
and many strange formations around the world, their buildings were so complex and enormous
that we cannot fathom how they could have accomplished this...and yet they speak of 360
senses, correct? Enormous chambers of healing! Pyramids placed in exact locations of
scientifically known energy points of Mother Earth...in line with The Stars...and here we are
all technologically advanced and couldn't build that pyramid with our current understandings,
right? Do you think that just perhaps they were more evolved? They speak of how because
of a shift from Matriarchal to Patriarchal, "power" over Egypt shifted the reality, the entire
paradigm. Sound familiar? Hmm. What other religions have downplayed the female energies.
It is communicated by an individual taught in the ancient ways that this could be the very
reason why humanity and Earth are out of balance now.

You see. It just keeps coming back to the same missing foundational parallel. Woman.
WOMBman. PhiMale. Why? Because we need it. It is necessary. It is the frickin foundation
of everything in existence! THE SPIRIT! We have to understand we are all inside The PhiMale.
We are surrounded by The PhiMale. We are The PhiMale. Until we understand that, we will be
without proper respect. All of this is The PhiMale. There is no difference between us. Any of us.
There never will be. There never was. And there isn't now. We are all same. PhiMale. It is whether
or not we accept this and evolve...that is our choice now.


Be a Vortex of Energy, or an empty enslavement of impurity and disrespect.

The Milky Way is understood as a Great Goddess of Birth. What was just
revealed BY SCIENCE in the center of The Milky Way. The Infinity Sign!

Get it?

So...moving forward (always forward, if you go straight you'll end up
running into something, always forward, even if you're going backwards
or sideways, up, down, horizontal, multidimenisionally...always forward!)
On 8.18.2011 as well, Kamoamoa (something like "sparkling stars") Fissure
of Kilauea located between the Napau Crater ("The Endings") and Pu'u O'o
(Hill of The Honeystick, Hill of The Honey Eater), there was lava flowin'. Incidentally,
this fissure was only created just prior to the huge Japan earthquake in March...
there must be a connection between these somehow. Perhaps next time a
new fissure is created as such we should prepare for a large seismic event.

Interferometric Kamoamoa

The Sparkling Stars are between The Hill of The Honey Stick Honey Eater
and The Endings in The Shielded Spewing Home of The Goddess of Fire,
The House of FIre, The House of Ferns, The Sacred Ancestry of The One
of Many Works Superseding Wasp.

8.19.2011...there was an earthquake nearest an island named Niuafo'ou
(The New Coconut), Tonga (Southern, deep) 6.2. Checkitout...


...an Ouroboros Have a Nice Day.

The Sight is : left eye: Molemole (smooth), right eye : (Loyalty Stone shape)
Vai Inu Ngoto umu...(Vai=water, Inu=drink, Ngoto=setting like The Sun, umu=furnace
or cooking house), (and because we comprehend The Anubis Eyes next (again,
remember we just saw Anubis' eyes!), we will simply leave it at that, SIGHT.)
Otherwise you still may know what the rest of the face means if you wish...
...a nose named Lahi which means "great," "Great Nose!" ...and a mouth
that is basically the entire water named Vai Lahi, The Great Water. So
then this Sight is understood as every aspect we have understood as
The Loyalty Stone as Drinking Water Like The Setting of The Sun...
...in one eye, and the other eye is simply Smooth...as this :

The Ouroboros Sight is Smooth, Drinking Water Like
The Setting of The Sun through The Great Furnace.

Think of it how you will, sexually, spiritually, physically, ethereally, yes, it is.
It's like all those animations that are made for children in one way and
made for adults in another...simultaneous, and respective...language
comprehends the same calculable distance.

Now that's...a circle. You understand from The Egyptian point of view that
The Setting of The Sun is like the cycle of The Sun, that which is not seen, yet
continues through in a cycle, yes? It is to understand that your meditative
fluidities of projection are continuous as they are allowed evolutionarily
progressive...cycling continuously as such that you have allowed them.
The metaphors are baffling! This place is known as The New Coconut.
Coconuts are understood in this part of the world as The Sacred Fruit
of The Southern Tree of Life.
This is in The South Pacific (The Deepest
Greatest Peace


The Deepest Greatest Peace of The Sacred
Fruit of The Deep Tree of Life, The Deep.

It is to understand it as sacred, friends. Sacred. Always sacred.
Allow this forth as The Sacred. Always. All ways. So then as such
are you allowed a greater path, a further passage into The Divine
Nature of Fluidity. Sensuality that elucidates fruition.

There's a fairly strange mythology about the mountain that
no longer inhabits the center of this island as well. According to
this book the mountain was to be stolen by a couple of Samoan
Supernaturals during the nighttime...unfortunately for them, two
Niuatoputapu Supernaturals heard of this and while one crowed
like a rooster, the other revealed his very red anus to trick them into
thinking it was daytime. I know, right? Geez. It worked though, they
dropped the mountain and their it sits, as Tafahi, which allegedly
means 'strike and split' that imagery from my mind, thank you!

Every 7 42 B

You can read The Communication here.

The Bigger Picture is An Infinite Meditation.

May Light Be Your Shadow.

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