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8.26.11 Ignis Visio, Prometheus.

The next occurence was nearest Minamisoma,
Fukushima, Japan, 6.3, on 8.19.2011. (the deep
mutual horse, blessed island, origin of the sun.

Minamisoma 6.3

As you can see from the imagery, this earthquake was directly at the sight of Anubis.
(remember we had calculated this from The Great Rabbit totem.) Anubis was of course
The Guide of The Dead...as well as being He Who Weighs The Heart to The Feather...to
gain passage into the realm of the dead. So then, what would the weight be if we were
seeing Eye to Eye with Anubis, I'd say that is balanced. The opened eye is Litate, Soma,
Fukushima, Japan (consumption mansion, mutual horse, blessed island, origin of the sun),
and the closed eye is Haramachiku, Minamisoma, Fukushima, Japan (origin of the between,
the deep mutual horse, blessed island, origin of the sun.)


The Greatest Peace is The Deep Mutual Horse of The Blessed Waterland in The Origin
of The Sun : Eye to Eye with The Guide of The Dead, He Who Weighs The Heart to The
Feather Sees through Light The Balance at Consumption Mansion, and Sees through
Dark The Origin Between...both of The Mutual Horse of The Blessed Waterland in
The Origin of The Sun.


I believe what is being communicated here is like this...think of Consumption Mansion like
a Great Magnification of spirit : consuming like Ouroboros, in cleansing. The cycle is the fluidity,
eating, cleansing, consuming good, cleansing bad, and cycling this in a natural enormity of
infinite continuity; "the dark eye" or the one that is closed, may also speak of not "seeing"
The Origin of In Between as speaking from a standpoint that the beginning of The Consumption Cleansing
is not The In Between, that being started at The HeartWombMindEye of Mother Earth, while simultaneously
being from within you (in between), see how complex it can get! The beginning of that cleansing (we're talking
about the whole 3963 comprehension now obviously, btw) is from that location of the Tun-Uc map (whatever it is
that day), Eye to Eye with Anubis, or in other words, your heart as light as a feather. So then:

The Consumption Cleansing of Ouroboros begins at the edge of
The World, travels throughout The Infinite Infinitesimal, and cycles
through The HeartWombMindEye of Mother Earth into The 3963 Sphere :
Eye to Eye with Anubis, The Heart like a feather.

Consumption Mansion

Do you understand that? LightHearted Cycle.
...given in the balance of light and dark with
comfort, peacefully, fluidly, respectfully, this
is your home...The Great Earth Mother's Body!

We then had 2 very powerful earthquakes nearest Efate Island, Shefa Province, Vanuatu.
The locations all nearest were Lenamaia Pt. • Matao-Tipueniu Pt. • Mele Bay • Pango Pt. •
Ekapum Island • Teouma Bay • Mt. Erakao, of Efate Island, Shefa, Vanuatu. Shefa is Shepherd
(Islands) and Efate mixed (interesting right? since the whole PhiMale comprehension has become);
Anthony Shepherd Islands (british astronomer) Anthony means praiseworthy or priceless and Shepherd
means watchkeeper. Efate "a place where we will settle," Vanuatu "Land Eternal," lena maia (lena =that
or there) maia=brave or bold, matao-tipueniu= cool-grow space, Mele something between honey and song.
Pango means black or dark; Ekapum : e= by or place, of rolling clouds. Teouma : teo=stick in the ground, uma
means the bosom. Erakao : era means those, kao is to cultivate the core, something like cultivation of the core.

Calcareous Skeleton, Brave, The Cool Space of Cultivation, The Honeysong,
The Dark, The Place of Rolling Clouds, The Stick of The Bosom : that which is the
individual Vortex : that which is The Blackhole Sun Comprehension : that which
is The PhiMale, The Cultivators of The Core, Priceless Praiseworthy Watchkeeper,
The Settlement of The Eternal Land.

Reflects :

Eternal Land Settlement, Priceless Praiseworthy Watchkeeper, Cultivators of The Core,
The PhiMale, that which is The Blackhole Sun Comprehension, that which is the individual
Vortex known as The Stick of The Bosom, The Place of Rolling Clouds, The Dark, The Honeysong,
The Cool Space of Cultivation, Brave, Calcareous Skeleton.

(why does it reflect? checkitout)

Notice how the earthquake we just had, we pointed out the Eyes of Anubis being perfectly parallel in balance to the earthquake.
At this time on the earthquake and volcano map you see the earthquakes point out a similar triangulation, correct? So...

Anubis and Earthquakes

...then we bring these two triangulation comprehensions together. I didn't change a thing. I didn't resize at all. These points all existed
on these maps prior to the two earthquakes of Efate. Of course I have no way to prove that I had already placed this triangulated
point on the Japan map to show The Eyes of Anubis, but they were there, and then this happened. So regardless, I'm just showing
you exactly what I saw when it happened. So, if there is some form or another of communication in a Realtime Sight to Sight Reality,
whereas, somehow, a "consciousness" is understanding what I am understanding as I understand it and attempting to allow forth
a greater clarity due to this...then this is a possibility...(I understand that is not easy to believe)...to take an even further perspective
to it all...it could very well be my own consciousness speaking through these various consciousnesses due to so much isolated
interaction with them, to such a variant degree of communication that it is "i am" being responsive through self; self being
anything in any variation of Mother Nature...is that even fathomable by you? Could society even believe such a truth?
And if such a truth could be believed, how would this effect an entire world, that such a truth is possible...
...just debating philosophically...but check it out...

So this is what it reveals:
(rollover image)

You see, the two original triangulations (in the left image) were the "V" on the left and the "V" on top.
So all I did was mirror these to see if it would look similar to The Hummingbird Comprehension on the right.
And coincidentally...it does. That's weird right? Why is it weird you ask...it's just so random, and yet, here it is, fitting.
As though it were going to fit already...or to a skeptic, simply a "coincidence," right? ...one of hundreds throughout
these many pages...right? You see, it doesn't matter to a skeptic whether you show them an EXTREMELY COMPLEX
communication through six separate volcanic eruptions revealing a Giant Hummingbird to show you that the giant
poster of stars once called The Bigger Picture is actually The Great Hummingbird...or just having a hunch on a whim...
...they both fit...and yet to someone who will simply not let go of their belief systems and see reality for what it seeks
to express through The Natural World, neither are plausible. Someone could walk on water right in front of them
and they would find a way to justify it as not having happened...flat or round world?

I heard it was a sphere.

So then we must understand that The Dark in this comprensive measure is The Core of Mother Earth,
The Deep Dark Red Core of Mother Earth. The (powerful) Rolling Clouds are that of a Vortex, likened to
a Black Hole Spiral Galaxy...YOU are The Sun of course, shining the balance. Why The Stick of The Bosom?
So many comprehensions. Look here:

Blackhole Sun ...The Rolling Clouds...that shining center, that's Mammilla!
The Mother's Nipple. Guess who's The Milk... She is! We are! Simultaneously consuming
while simultaneously cleansing. The Vortex of Energy is The Breast, The Pyramid, The Crystal Double
Terminated Magnification...to a Point. The Milk is your Sunlight gleaming forth. See that?! You're all
that simultaneously, yet comprehending this FOR The World, The Infinite Infinitesimal. As well, Mother
Earth, She is such an energy. Yet refined, like each one of us. She is fertile, She consumes, She evolves,
She grows, She gives...a more complex version of what we understand as "capable"...just like that Galaxy...
...The Spiral. Phi! The Golden Proportion! There are so many metaphoric and specific paths we could take
down this spiritually magnified path of fluidity...it boggles the mind.

Efate Efate

Do you see how the river flows? It flows from The Woman. Mother Earth. Then it flows through The
Man with his staff AND SIMULTANEOUSLY with Aesculapius' Serpent! Who is Aesculapius? The Healer.
Do you see how it all coincides with what we have been expressing thus far?

1. Earth
2. Infinite
3. Earth
4. 3963.

It's all set. Just flow with it!

(make sure you clean you first.)

What?! Yeah. Your cleansing must always be prior to the cleansing of Mother Earth.
It's like...would you walk into your Mother's house with mud on your shoes? Of course not!
Clean up yourself first. Then Mothers'.

...all this cleansing. Seriously, it isn't meant to take an entire day to do this. Like an hour tops.
When I was piecing all this together in the beginning, I was spending like 2-4 hours in water
meditation just to get it right, seriously. It was serious. Over and over again to clarify, to evolve it,
to progress it, sometimes going over major portions several times in order, for accuracy. I wanted
to make sure it was accurate. It seemed important. I had no idea it would evolve into such a clarity
that one day it would actually speak the words of The Great Hummingbird just to name itself! Right?

Then the meditations began honing into the specifics of what for. I recognized that cleansing from a
point of comprehension
, The Trinity of The AncientMotherWifeSacredChild, would be the purpose, you
know, for loving and healing regenerative love energy as balance. And so then it evolved continuously
AS THAT. The whole mentality is that I am The Seed (You are, I am, She is, He is), we all, each one of us is
The Father. And so as such, this energy magnification is TO The AncientMotherWifeSacredChild. Do
you get that? (that, of course, was inspired by the loveliest woman.)

Do you understand that, and why as such, this would evolve?

So after a while it just becomes fluid, much, much less time. 20 minutes. On seriously fluid days
it can even take way less time, like ten or fifteen minutes. It all depends on how acclimated
you become to projective fluidity and how you do it. The more love that's in your life, the easier,
believe you, me. If you're surrounded by hate: very difficult; if there is alot of hate being cast in your
reality: you have to learn to adapt in ways that are not so orthodox, meaning you have to find a
more bending path...more extreme...music...water...visuals...it is why I have shared these things
with you for their specific healing qualities. Especially the visualization of The Great Hummingbird.
This does something seriously subconscious to a mind. Watch that repetitive clip of the hummingbird
and after a while you will start to see other things. Comprehend The PhiMale. What thoughts are conjured.
Visions. Watch it for a while and then close your eyes. What do you see? Focus cleansing where you need it
while watching this. It's strange. It worked for me. Hold a powerstone of some sort while watching this. It seems
to cleanse, just the visualization.

The Great Hummingbird

Take a look at the horizons below...look at Apus (The Bird of Paradise on the horizon near the "S") as
well as Pavo. Notice how they fall back upon their craniums in the same way our Water Bearer did
in the six eruption compilation that gave us The Great Hummingbird imagery. How could it be a
coincidence. I want you to understand that, but I don't want you to experience that. Understand?
It isn't pleasant. All these comprehensions are valid. But without stating the obvious, I would just
say, that this configuration, the complexity of it, it seems it is only to understand what it means,
that's all : that which we have comprehended as The Honoring of Woman through The Tun-Uc Calendar.
...do you know what I am sayin peoples... that's all I'm going to say about that particular configuration and
its 84 specific properties...your cranium is fine the way it is, right? Let us honor The Woman now.

Then The Lokon-Empung Volcano erupted again...8.22.2011

Lokon-Empung 2011

Pegasus before The Ram, Between The Twins, Becoming United, The High Iron
WaterLands, Fe, in The Water of The WaterLands above The Heart of The Water People.

The next earthquake happened on 8.22.2011 (US time) 8.23.2011 (local time) in
Belimbing, Pesisir Salatan, Lampung Barat, Lampung, Indonesia.
Belimbing is The Star Fruit:

Star Fruit

So cool, right!?

The Star Fruit is said to be extremely juicy and tastes like a mix between apple, pear, and orange.
Notice how it looks like a body streamlined...while simultaneously looking like a spherical body.
This is allegedly very important. Immediately I thought of Alex Grey when I saw this spherical
imagery, that and The Pyramid Code episode while they are speaking of the 360 senses...
for the senses being that there is 360 of them, it can be no coincidence that this is a full
circle, correct? But how many circles, correct? 9 goes into 360 = 40 times. 9 energy points,
each point 40 times. If we were positioning this though, in degrees, we would be accomplishing
what? 40º multiplied by each energy point? The 40º scenario is The Trinity of The Trinity. Basically, if
you have three equidistant triangles they have to be rotated 40º from each other to be perfectly
balanced. It's called The 9 Star. It was allowed forth in all this when The Dark Light song was created:


But this seems to elude to a person, yes? A Body...


Right? ...that body is a star, which is a Sun, you see, we have comprehended that
already, but this takes it further, a Sun, yes, a Sun that has a spherical energy through
every point cycling the center. Ahhhhhhhhh. It reminds me of Alex Grey's Spiritual Energy System.
And as I looked over his paintings in that sequence, I am baffled at the parallels to which we have
comprehended! I never really attempted to understand specifically what his sequence comprehended
in an acute manner of understanding, how could I, how could anyone without going through it all to get
to there. I never found an explanation that could express it in a way that my brain would process it fluidly.
I was always drawn to his imagery, from long ago, from like the early nineties his art became known to
myself and those who were my friends, and it seems no coincidence that so many perceptions from
back then are same now, yet finally defined! And in some cases a very crucial manner of definition,
warning, and welcoming. Neverthless, I could not just take his imagery and express it as this definition,
so I worked for a few days putting this image together to express exactly how I feel about this whole
process and where it has come to a fruition of expression...it seems there are many folks who have
found this path in their own way...it just took me a bit longer I suppose...

I hope no one minds, I used Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man as the model. He begins as this model,
and then begins to understand his 7 main energies and his connection with Earth and The Infinite Infinitesimal
(making it 9), whilst each of these energies is represented by The Nine Pointed Star (Earth and The Infinite Infinitesimal
as Lotus'.) Then we witness these energies cycling through each other, every single one, 9. Then we bring forth the measure
of The Star Tetrahedron to allow that clarity of knowledge (balance from above and balance from below, connective through you),
and then finally allowing forth The Four Moon Cycle of The Woman in the four empty circles...as though they were meant to be. You see, it's
totally logical. A Tree of Life.

(click images for larger versions)

Nines Nines

Can you fathom every single energy point in your body, The Earth, and The Infinite Infinitesimal Source
as connected in an infinite cycling through each other spherically? Layers in Trinities. Every single energy,
yes, connected with each other, and every energy, yes, connected with The Infinite Infinitesimal Source,
and yes, every energy connected with this World we exist with. So that every aspect of every nuance in
your body and throughout the cycling of every single energy is accessible immediately by way of immediate
paths from and through every energy point and their surrounding areas as The Trinity PhiMale energy...all the
way through The Infinite Infinitesimal Source, all the way through The Earth...and all the way through You.
Massive Trinity Energy.


Check it out. You know how we have spoken about The Cycle. Not only are The Nine Energies
your "person," Earth, and The Infinite Infinitesimal...per se, but as well...The Nine may represent from
the bottom up: 1. All Worlds (Planets), Moons and Stars (Suns) 2. All Solar Systems 3. All Galaxies
4. All Universes 5. All Multiverses 6. All Multidimensionalities 7. All Unconscious•Subconscious•
Conscious•and Superconscious 8. The Energy of All That Is, Is Not, and Is In Between
9. The Infinite Infinitesimal Source.

And by understanding this as well, your energies
shall become fluid further with The Infinite Infinitesimal All. Logic.

Pesisir Salatan means Southern Coast (coast means the margin between water and land.)
Barat means "west" the setting sun...(you see, there it is again, the setting sun), and Lampung is a tribe
name (name of a tribe) and their motif is that of the hood of a bride that creates a flying hawk, with 9
sides representing the 9 clans...you see...serendipity without fail...Mother Energy just keeps going, and
why? Because we do. She just said The Flying Eagle Bride Hood...seriously, look up...Indonesia means
Water of Waterland.

...see the imagery,
The Whale lays in
The Virgin complacent
and welcomed by Her.

Star Fruit of The Deep Margin of The Hawk Bride of The Nine
Setting Suns of The Hawk Bride of The Nine in The Water of
The Waterlands.


On 8.22.2011 just before midnight there was a 5.3
earthquake in Trinidad (Trinity), Los Animas (named after the river
El Río de las Ánimas Perdidas en Purgatorio meaning, River of the Lost Souls
in Purgatory
), Colorado (colored red.) Normally this would not be recorded
at "5.3" but it is the largest quake that has seen this area since 1973. Which is weird.



Trinity of The River of Lost Souls in Purgatory, Colored
Red in The One of Many Works Superseding Wasp.

Then, as though to answer this earthquake, across the United
States in a location named Cuckoo, Louisa, Virginia. 5.8! "Cuckoo"
is actually named after the male mating call, understood as "echo."
Do you get it? ' koo " koo ' .echo. Only slanged to be understood as
crazy for love.
These two earthquakes, Colorado and Virginia remind
me of the portion of Stella Maris at 11:11 to 11:14 when the word "shield"
travels between your mind...ear to ear. Could it be such an obvious response
to the song? The words spoken are "The Womb through The Shield" :

The verse is:

The Eagle She flies the balance between one and
One is this scorching, this sparkling redemption,
The Womb through The Shield : Centering Square,
The Snake that's a River, turns with The Sun, 2 to 1.

Colorado Virginia
Centering square...do you see the square formation in that center between them? It is a cranium...

(rollover image)

...look familiar? The Great Hummingbird

Ava is The Great Hummingbird!

And since we are focusing on sight this time around,
we comprehend that The Centering Square is Ava,
Ava is The Womb through The Shield...


Ava, Douglas, Missouri, America.
Douglas is from Stephen Arnold Douglas...

Stephen (Crown) Arnold (The Ruling Eagle) Douglas (Dark River),
known as The Little Giant. Missouri = Deep Wind People, and
The United States of America of course, The One of Many
Works Superseding Wasp.

Ava is said to mean "overturning" as well as has been regarded as
Ahava, meaning "love." It is also said to mean life, bird, serpent, desired,
and a version of "eve."

The Snake that's a River, is plainly observed here as The Red River,
that which has been claimed in the olden times as Rio Colorado,
an offshoot of The Mississippi...The Great River.

What would this state then?

(in reference to)

The Eagle She flies the balance between one and
One is this scorching, this sparkling redemption,
The Womb through The Shield : Centering Square,
The Snake that's a River, turns with The Sun, 2 to 1.

"The Womb through The Shield : Centering Square" is Ava,
Love Overturning, that which is Life, The Winged Serpent,
and Desire, Eve.

"The Snake that's a River" is The Red River of The Great River.

Ava is The Great Hummingbird, The Crown Ruling Eagle of The Dark River
of The Deep Wind People in The One of Many Works Superseding Wasp,
The Little Giant, Love and Overturning with The Sun; that which is Life,
The Winged Serpent known as Eve and Desire, The Red River of
The Great River, Kukulcan.

For other references, see Kukulcan, or Quetzacoatl.
But the severe reference here is most assuredly Kukulcan
(Cuckoo, Kuku...key..chew...)


The Pyramid is severely articulated in its craftsmanship.

"The four stairways leading up to the central platform each have
91 steps, making a total of 364; added to the central platform this
equals the 365 days of the solar year. On either side of each stairway
are nine terraces, which makes 18 on each face of the pyramid, equaling
the number of months in the Maya solar calendar. On the facing of these
terraces are 52 panels, representing the 52-year cycle when both the
solar and religious calendars would become realigned."

It has also been observed that during the Spring and Autumn Equinoxes
that at the rising and setting of The Sun the corner casts a shadow, that of
a Winged Serpent, slithering down the north side of the temple to the base.

"A serrated line of seven interlocking triangles gives the impression of a long
tail leading downward to the stone head of the serpent Kukulkan, at the base
of the stairway. Adjacent to the head of Kukulkan, a doorway leads to an
interior staircase ending at a small and very mysterious shrine."


...serious enough for you yet?

I shall study up on this temple and
attempt to find more information
pertinent to all of this, friends...

...continuing with Virginia's information...Louisa is named after Princess Louise of
Great Britain. (louise is said to mean warrior and Britain is said to mean tattooed
.) Princess is said to derive from prince, from primus, meaning first.
Virginia is named of The Virgin Queen.

Cuckoo Clock

Cuckoo, Virgina

Male Echo Mating Call, The First Woman Warrior of
The Great Tattooed People of The Virgin Queen.

The next earthquake happened on 8.24.2011 at The Sierra Divisor
of Ucayali, Peru. In looking for the definition of this location I found
the entire motif for the area:

Ucayali...here's the definition from that page:

"The arms, with an oval form, shows three waves and a sun. This sun represents
The Amazon Region and its hot weather. The three waves represent the Ucayali river,
an important Peruvian river. Ucayali means in Pano language 'river confluence'. The
red colour of the field is canting for the name of the capital Pucallpa (red land), because
of the jungle mud. The arms are surrounded by a laurel crown. The motto says Pucallpa,
puerto en la selva (Pucallpa (Red Earth) port of the jungle).

(do you see how San
Francisco is the nearest
location of that river...weird!)

Thus we may conclude that San Francisco was the nearest location
to that which we have viewed this river of Ucayali...St. Francis Assisi,
or in other words, The Saint of Isis, otherwise known as (from Every 7
pg. 32b
) The Sacred Flowing Free.

Isis Hawk

As a Saint of Isis, The Sacred Flowing Free, we face The Mountain Range Divisor,
Victory Crown! Three Waves of The River Waterway of The Sun of The Hot PhiMale
of The Red Land; Entrance to The Red Earth, The Jungle of The Great Castle, that which
is The Golden Mountain, that which is One of 8 Guardians of The Universal Sovereign of
Wealth in The Highest Depth of The One of Many Works.

Notice how the location of these rivers looks like lightning:

Like Lightning

Where did we see such imagery in the last couple days?

Virgin Mary Lightning Flag

...who's that...The Virgin Mary? Isis? What? Interesting right? The Missing Foundational Parallel, once again, expressed
by Earth and photographed. What might this imply? That The Virgin Mary sould be likened to Isis? If we were to speculate
on this a bit further through The Egyptian Matriarchal point of view, metaphorically, and flipped, we would understand that
The WOMAN, is the necessary balance as a hierarchy of Man to balance us all out. Understand the Matriarchal point of view
of The Egyptians who weren't being corrupt and we may find a more in tune reality than the last thousands of years. It would be
best to understand that it is necessary to have The Woman as equal and Her voice be the dominant. That which is understood as
The PhiMale. Let's see how Earth expresses this further, shall we? This was at Cuatro Vientos (Four Winds) , Madrid (allegedly the oldest
name is Magerit meaning Place of Abundant Water.) Yeah...so on this seriously storming, wet, and windy day...it represented itself well
as The Four Winds of Abundant Water. (it reminds me of this old poem of mine from like 2006.) Pope Benedict XVI of The Roman Catholic
Faith was interrupted by this storm, and weathered it as well. Pope means Father. Roman is of Rome, Romulus (The Twins Suckling The Wolf),
Catholic means "Universal" and Faith means "trust fulfilled." Spain...

And so we witness The Missing Foundational Parallel
epitomized through The Wind and Rain and Thunder and
Lightning at The Four Winds of Abundant Water by Earth
Mother interrupting The Blessed Father of The Twins
Suckling The Wolf of The Universal Trust Fulfilled in
The Land of Rabbits, The Mystery, The Setting Sun,
The Guardians of The Golden Apple of Immortality.

...now...what some might say, COINCIDENTALLY...the next day, this
happened to Virgin CEO Sir Richard Branson's Necker Island home:

Branson Necker Island Home

I know, right, the images are just coincidences, correct? That a lightning storm stopped The Pope's prayer
vigil...and then the next day, on Necker Island, at VIRGIN's Richard Branson's home, lightning struck...how
could it be yet a forewarning, and yet here it is in retrospect, a forewarning...perhaps it is a sign to something
greater, metaphorically, someone's home of great wealth known from the position of this space: the location
of what we have comprehended, from observation, that The Necker Ridge (Jacques Necker = Superseded
Teasing and Irritation, Superseded Dweller of The River) is the location holding the Hawaiian Islands in an 'off
centered space' to the comprehension recognized on Every 7 pg. 32b . We comprehended that this seemed
to be a simultaneous prevention and causality of 'pushing and pulling,' a division sign that appears to be the
pushing of the islands in a crossing of "the spine" such that where this metaphoric and specific energy of the
world has been displaced, it would have been connective directly with The Line Islands (Equitorial Islands =
The Center Line of Earth) (kind of like the spine of Earth, eh?) and continuous all the way through the arrow
of its tail, The Tuamotu Archipelago (Islands on The Ocean's Back), which points to Noir Island (Black WaterLand.)
This was Sir Richard Branson's home. (Richard=Powerful Ruler) (Branson=Farm cleared by burning)

And so we witness a parallel of Sir Powerful Virgin Ruler's Farm Cleared By Burning
at The Superseded Teasing and Irritation, at The Superseded Dweller of The River
of The Sacred Ancestry of The One of Many Works and in The Heart of The Ring of
Fire, that which is The Dragon's Footprint. And this parallel speaks from the standpoint
that The Great Phoenix Hummingbird of Mother Earth has been crippled by a displacement
of Her Spiritual Spine, that which we have defined. And this parallel points out, once again, The
Missing Foundational Parallel as The Woman. That which we have understood as The PhiMale in
Her many respective definabilities.

Necker Ridge

...and yet, in this metaphoric warning, we find a simultaneous healing.
For this is The Heart of The Ring of Fire. The Dragon's Footprint. And speaking in parallels,
the very center depth of Mother Earth is The HeartWombMindEye. This path has been
recognized as a path for cleansing self and the world. The Self through The Infinite Infinitesimal
Cycling of World• Self • Infinite Infinitesimal Source...while simultaneously and protectively separate
is a healing path of The 3963 Sphere. That which has been explained here in these pages by way of
reading Mother Earth's expressive communication that has always been. It is claimed by this flag of Peru
that there are three paths. The third path is not necessary for anyone to understand as of yet. Perhaps later
on in a book or something when it all comes out as to how exactly all this was created and prepared. Just
know that it was done respectively, for you, and for this world, and the prosperity of love, balance, peace,
respect. and evolution. Energetic Balance for all, respectively.

Perhaps Earth is asking Sir Richard to build a Great Energy Pyramid of Healing in this place.
Stranger things have happened, right? A Crystal Temple created using Phi as the mathematical
guide for the purpose of magnifying healing in The Heart of The Ring of Fire. Rather strange it all is, right?

Then on 8.24.2011 as well, a 6.2 quake struck near Efate, Shefa, Vanuatu...again.
This was nearest 3 locations of Efate Island, Matao Tiupeniu, Mele Bay, and Pango Pt.
This gave forth some very interesting imagery. While calculating this imagery I noticed
(in a roundabout way) a right angle on the SouthEast horizon. The earthquake would
have been viewed in a SouthWest direction though. So looking at this scientifically it
allows forth the bending of reflective qualities...you know how if a straw is in a glass
of water it bends...like that...it's called refraction. So first of all...here is the normal
imagery of this earthquake:

(you can already
see the spiral right?)

Efate ...number 9...

So because of this refractive allowance,
as justified by the Norma angle on the adjacent
horizon, we show this imagery side by side, horizons
and centers...click on images for larger images...

Efate Horizons Efate Centers

...take a quick look at the centers' video:

What you are viewing is the refraction then the normal centers...basically you're seeing what
"the inside of the glass of water" looks like...from the inside outside (without me having to explain
it all to you, you can sortof see, by Earth's words just exactly what has been allowed forth... I will
say this all has to do with the flow of The 3963 Path and the Infinite Infinitesimal Path. Individual.
Collective. Paths of fluidity in order to magnify forth a cleansed fluidity, The World, and Self. (of
course you would always want to cleanse Self first.) The movie makes it look like them three
dolphins spiraled up The Nine!
It's like a 69, right, except the dolphin is over the six...It's so
strange how it all flows so well, the message, the imagery. It's seriously poetic She is.

Calcareous Skeleton, The HoneySong between The Cool Space
of Cultivation and The Dark, Settled, Praiseworthy Watchkeeper
of The Eternal Land.

...and so I wrote a poem on this imagery...dedicated it to Irene by way of Jupiter from Earth.

Ignis Visio, Prometheus

Dance in The Spiral of living beyond me,
Dance in The Spiral of resting within me,
Dance in The Spiral between me and coming,
Dance in the Light of The Vision of Fire.

The Compass is given, The Flight of The Vessel,
Three of The One, as is spoken by Delphinus,
Trinity cast of a man of The Women,
Placed on The Wing of the Wind of The Muses.

Sing in the Spiral of living beyond me,
Sing in the Spiral of resting within me,
Sing in the Spiral between me and coming,
Dance in The Light of The Vision of Fire.

Light of The Messenger, Seven between these,
Shines from The Heart of The Living Divinity,
Strength from The River of Kings in The Trinity,
Six in The Circle beneath this Great Center.

Shine in The Spiral of living beyond me,
Shine in The Spiral of resting within me,
Shine in The Spiral between me and coming,
Dance in The Light of The Vision of Fire.

Muse through The Wind of The Snake of The Vision,
The Spiral of Infinite Love : The Protection.
Winter to Winter, the edge of The Sun in The
Mirror's reflection, refracting The One.

Let us The Spiral of living beyond me,
Let us The Spiral of resting within me,
Let us The Spiral between me and coming,
Dance in The Light of The Vision of Fire.

The Highest of Suns is emerging from Water,
Birth of a primus from a singled out spiral,
The Wings of The Muses, Ambrosia of Spines, as we
fly through the simmering Atonement Divinity.

Maelstrom of Energy living within me,
Maelstrom of Energy resting beyond me,
Maelstrom of Energy, yet now becoming,
Dance in The Light of The Vision of Fire!

Here at The End, The Beginning, yet between them,
The Father of Wind of The Sky here within this
Ascension of Darkness in Light, as The Balance,
The Binnacle spoken, The Avis Sentina!

Maelstrom of Energy living within me,
Maelstrom of Energy resting beyond me,
Maelstrom of Energy, yet now becoming,
Dance in The Light of The Vision of Fire!

All has been shielded, The Winter approaches,
The Chalice, The Mother, The Nine of The Trinity,
The One Who Bears Water, The Sun, Aphrodite,
Wings of The Sun in The Thundering Divinity!

Spiral of Energy, live now within me.
Maelstrom of Energy, rest now beyond me.
Spiral of Energy, always becoming,
Dance in The Light of The Vision of Fire.

The Fire, She comes...in The Water...He's satisfied.


You can read The Communication here.

The Bigger Picture is An Infinite Meditation.

May Light Be Your Shadow.

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