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9.17.11 The Great Mother Wisdom of Thoth and Buddha Ganesh.

First, an 'energy inspiring' gift for those of you
who travel the cleansing path of The 3963:

Earth Eagle Brilliance

(rollover the above image for the chronological paths written by Mother Nature.)

Did everyone see that beautiful image
of The Eiffel Tower shot by Bertran Kulik in 2010!?

Eiffel Tower

It's like a giant peace sign lighthouse! Simply...lovely.


Poás, Costa Rica (8885ft...August 1988 geyser-like activity of lake took place
in Laguna Caliente every 3rd minute, fountains were up to 30 m high)...Poás
is Spanish for the plural form of bridle...that which is used to direct a horse.
Etymologically, this word derives from bregdan, meaning to weave.

The Woven have Awoken and Glow
the Earth in The Wealth of The Between.


I, Raven's Feather, Traveler of The Sea.

Puyehue...and I have found another definition that
fits this area etymologically speaking, Chile as well
means the deepest of Earth.

The Place of The Stars of The Milky Way Cord
Stalk, The Good River, Where the Land Ends
and in The Deepest of Earth in The Deep
Work Superseding Wasp.

First of all, Irene.


Look familiar? Remember the last event on Every pg. 42 before this from last time around?

(click image for larger image)

Efate and Irene 3 Dolphins.

Now look at the path...

8.28.2011 ...look familiar? ...block ..

Remember the three waterspouts off The Carolinas? 8.18.2011...This image
above is from 8.28.2011. 10 days. Do you understand how the three waterspouts
just told us exactly what was about to happen? Checkitout...here are those three
waterspouts' imageries once again from 8.18.2011:

New River Inlet New River Inlet New River Inlet

The whole comprehensive communication we were able
to accomplish because of this forewarning was The 3963
Path. We were allowed this path due to the knowledge of
The Intracoastal Waterway, that which spans most of the
eastern coast (the exact path of the storm!) Where on this
path did the storm enter the land of the east coast?
Pamlico Sound. Where was the third waterspout?
Pamlico Sound.

Irene Landfall

Do you see the inlet at Pamlico Sound? So this is interesting, check
it out, first of all, we go through this massive comprehension of the
whole parallel and metaphoric value of how to understand The
3963 Path and Sphere for the purpose of cleansing with love, right?
Through projective meditation...and so during this we accomplish the
reality of The Intracoastal Path, The Waterway, right? So we allow forth
that metaphoric parallel with The 3963 Path and Sphere and call it The
Intraspacial. THEN...this storm...that no one (except Mother Nature) knew
what its actual path would be ten days prior, pathed this exact route of
The Intracoastal Waterway. Right? And all this talk about how "the intensity
was totally miscalculated"
is most likely a bunch of bunk. The intensity was
there, it just, somehow, shifted from this release...elsewhere...And so then,
to SEVERELY hone in on the exact communication She had JUST allowed
forth with the 3 waterspouts, it passed The Little River Inlet, The New River
Inlet, and entered onto land at Pamlico Sound...you see? And! Whereas
this was supposed to be this horrendous monster of a storm for the land
it did make, it totally eased out...from a Category 3 to a Category 1...and
as not to fall away from its own comprehensive measure, it made landfall
not once, not twice, but three times...
(three waterspouts, category 3, 3 landfalls of the mainland, through 3 main island areas)

Irene's Path

Irene. Path of The Woman. 3 Waterspouts. 3. 3 Landfalls on The Mainland. Category 3.
And Her path traveled through 3 main locations (Puerto Rico, Turk and Caicos Islands
(which are "just coincidentally" grouped together), and The Bahamas) Intense, right!?
4 : 3. 9th storm named this season, Irene... 4:3:9...

Tree of Life4 : 3 : 9.

The three landfalls were Cape Lookout, North Carolina (at the base of Pamlico Sound),
Little Egg, New Jersey, and Coney Island, New York...but first, before we define that path, let's
start at the beginning. This path was formed by a well-defined Tropical Wave (solstice wave)
East (Rising Sun) of Lesser Antilles, known as The Caribbees (antilles means before islands and
caribbees is from the word kalino meaning "brave ones.")...it then passed The Leeward Islands
(due to the wind blowing ENE through here they are downwind, or leeward.)...Irene then moved
very close to St. Croix of The Virgins (Islands) (which means Santa Cruz in Spanish, or Holy or Sacred
was named after the legend of Saint Ursela, a martyr along with a number of other virgins :
the little bear.
) She then made landfall in Puerto Rico (The Rich Port, and is as well known as its Taino name
of Boriken meaning Land of The Valiant Lord.)...it then passed just North of Hispaniola : The Iberian Peninsula
consists of Portugal and Spain. The Greeks called it Iberia, Romans called it Hispania, the Roman Poets called
it Hesperia Ultima, Aromanians called it Ispania, and finally España, or Spain, from span or sapan (rabbit.)
Humboldt states that this derived from Basque Ezpana, a border, margin, or edge...
...you see, there is alot to Spain :
•Phoenicians: hispania from saphan, rabbit or 'span' meaning
concealed, little known (adopted by the romans) (land of the rabbits)
•Greeks called it Iberia, from River Iberus, or from Iberi, to which the Greeks
had heard as one of the most powerful nations of the country. (some say the first
inhabitants were descended from Tubal, a son of Noah 2200 years before Christianity.
•Hesperia was mainly used by poets which premised the world as four parts, Libya(south),
Asia(east), Europa(north), and Hesperia(west.) Spain was the western most west (known).....
•Hesperia, Land of the Hesperides who were understood mythologically as the Guardians of The
Golden Apples (immortality.)...this is where it became a Cat. 1 (Hispaniola)...it then crossed The Turk
and Caicos Islands(Turk from Turk's Cap Cactus allegedly: Melocactus communis: the reddish crown like
cephalium (where the mature cactus flowers from...and Caicos means String of Islands.)..it then became a
Cat. 3 through The Bahamas (from the word Guanahani meaning "welcome.")..this Category 3 Hurricane, Irene
then coasted all the way up the Eastern Coast of The U.S. along The Intracoastal Waterway...where it then made
its first mainland landfall through Pamlico Sound (The Unknown Original People of The Graveyard of The Sea of Heaven)
at Cape Lookout, North Carolina (high ridge of land or rock, lookout, and of course North Carolina is The High Man Woman...
...or The PhiMale) as a Cat.1...then back to The Atlantic...then made landfall a second time at Little Egg (now get this, egg was
prior to that and ovum prior to that and was allegedly derived from avis, meaning bird, New Jersey (the first hurricane since
1903 btw).(The New Spear Island)...where it then became a Tropical Storm once again as it made landfall for the 3rd time at Coney
Island (originally Narrioch by The Lenape (Native Americans) meaning Land Without Shadows) whereas Coney Island means Rabbit
New York (The New Place of Everlasting Life, or The Big Apple.) This was the 9th named storm this season. Thus Irene (one of
three sisters martyred for their faith, is The Greek Goddess of Peace...trippy right?)...so this would state then...

The Nine, One of Three Martyrs, The Goddess of Peace :
was formed by a well defined Rising Sun Solstice Wave at The
Rising Sun of The Brave Ones Before The Islands. She then passed
through The Deep Wind of The High Rising Sun Rise. She then did
pass very closely to The Sacred Cross of The Little Bear, The Virgin
Martyrs. It is then that our dear Goddess of Peace made landfall
at The Rich Port known as The Land of The Valiant Lord. She then
did pass on high, The Little Waterland of Rabbits, The Mystery, The
Setting Sun, The Guardians of The Golden Apple of Immortality where
She then did become a Category1 Spiral Vortex. It is then that this One
of Three Martyrs crossed The Red Crown Maturity Cephalium, where flowers
bloom, and The String of Waterlands. This "9" Goddess then became a Cat. 3
Spiral Vortex and did spiral through Welcome.
She then did follow the Intracoastal
Waterway all the way to the origin of the 3 Waterspouts from 10 days prior where we
comprehended The New River Path into The Sea of Heaven's Support of The High PhiMale!
The Little River Path (is) into The Sea of Heaven's Support of The High PhiMale to allow forth
The Path of The Earth Cleansing known as The 3963...Comprehended from The Deepest
Rising Original People of Where The Land and Sea Meet The Sky, they of The Graveyard
of The Sea of Heaven's Support in The PhiMale Vortex.
It is here that The Goddess Vortex
Irene made landfall at The High Spine Observatory of The PhiMale as a Cat.1 Spiral
Vortex. She then did flow back into The Sea of Heaven's Support and then made
landfall for a 2nd time on The Mainland of The One of Many Works Superseding
Wasp at The Little Inlet known as The Bird, The Ovum, The Eye, The Egg, The
Reproduction of The New Spear Land, thus proclaiming symbiotically
The Phi•Male Vortex, where She then became a Rising Sun Solstice
Storm once again as She made landfall for a 3rd time at Rabbit
Waterland, what was originally known as The Land Without
Shadows by The Real People, in The New Place of Everlasting
Life, known as The Big Apple...once understood as The Great
Forbidden Fruit, is now comprehended as The Emphatic
Balance, what we have comprehended as Ava,
The Winged Serpent of Eve•Balanced•Desire,
The PhiMale Vortex.


Do you get the whole empowering truth of Eve as The Winged Serpent!?
Yet even as a man? That's what seems to be proclaimed. Even you man, you're Eve,
yeah, metaphorically the one from The Garden of Eden story, you know, where The
Serpent tempts her with the fruit of The Tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil? Do
you get what is being said here? What I am getting from this is basically that this story is
one of the main reasons why there is "shame," and what that does to an individual's mind
and capabilities, and capability evolution...and not because of Eve's apple eating crave
for knowledge
, but because the story, that which could have either gone the way of
exceedingly exponential knowledge of The Light and Dark as balance, or the way
we all have been led to believe it went...with the shame and the covering of the
, and Adam blaming Eve for giving him the fruit, and Adam blaming God
for making The Woman in the first place ...and Eve blaming The Serpent for seducing
her...and God cursing Man to have to work for food , and Woman to give birth, and
cursing The Serpent to be upon its belly eating dust and banishes them from Eden...
it's like a frickin blame festival...btw...in this story...is it not God who created them all? I'm just
sayin...so then...WTH? Mindgames. If they were already blessed with virtues, less shame, it would
seem that curiosity would not be a problem...nevertheless...the fruit is eaten, and in this story
it was Woman...and because of this...Knowledge is being given of all Good and Evil. Yet,
Light and Dark, correct? ...and then are placed two cherubim with flaming sword there
to protect The Tree from all.
(there's an interesting take on all this from an astrological
point of view on this page

So with that in mind. Enter The Ancient New Reality: Don't be frightened...
This is a metaphoric specific for your comprehensive evolution of creativity and
balance. Eve is now, The Woman, AVA, known as The Crown of The Ruling Eagle
of The Dark River, light it up!...and there is no separate Adam...whereas in this story
from the bible, Eve was created from Adam's rib...in this evolution, Adam has become
into Eve as The Serpent, The Dark River, that which "male" is , and because of this UNION
of Light and Dark
and HER respective cycling of this balance : SHE has Wings; it is that loving
desire manifestation
, harnessed and ridden as energy! That Kundalini! And not just any kind of
harnessing, we're talkin like, an ever evolving fluid stream of energy understood as that new love
arousal recreating itself constantly due to your actions AS The Tree of Life! The Tree of Knowledge!
The Tree of The Infinite Infinitesimal! The Tree of Existence! The I as The Bridge of The Infinite! It is to understand
this with the greatest of respect : the male and female aspects of our individuality as :

AVA, The PhiMale Vortex.

Do you see? The Light : The Crown (like a Sun!), The Dark :
The River
(Like a Serpent!), The Eagle : (Flight through this!)
You are The Tree of Existence as The Winged Serpent, known as AVA!
What else is like this?

Blackhole Sun
....*Black Hole Sun*

Remember how last time around we came
across The Kukulcan due to the earthquake
in Cuckoo, Virginia? And I said I would try and
find more information on that pyramid?

The information found me! Creatively! I looked at AVA and
was like, wait a second! What!? Look at that! ...eh! And after
a very short time, I suddenly realized I had created AVA, what
was being expressed TO CREATE by The Mother Nature.

The Missing Link...

M•Link, the missing link, is AVA:

(click image for larger)

M link

The Missing Link is AVA, The PhiMale Vortex, Total Internal Reflection.

Why do you suppose dragons are so revered? They are The Winged Serpent.

I am The Serpent Eve in flight ...this is The PhiMale Vortex, AVA, The Hummingbird! Whereas flying is meant
to be understood as a fluid energy. Do you understand that? Each one of us. Do you understand the seriously
powerful comprehension here? You see, The One of Seven of Nine of Three of 1 is you. Right? Because you
are first without knowledge of your energy capability...then you understand yourself, and you find that there
are 7 main energy points...and then one of Earth and one of The Infinite Infinitesimal Source making 9...and
this is a Trinity making 3...and it is you, so it is 1. That is your Tree of Knowledge, Life, Infinite, Existence, All!

The PhiMale Vortex...explained by Mother Nature through our own understandings or
misunderstandings (or the half truths that were meant to impose deception for control...
or the whole truths that were halved by our deceptive ignorance or manipulated circumstances...
...check it out...how long did that one take hold of humanity?! A long frickin time, right? Still ..... correct?
Not for some...perhaps enough for a shift? 100th Monkey!)

I'm simply tellin you what Mother Nature just said. Belief Systems are what they are, right?
Thousands of years have gone by, correct? Does it not seem like you're already eating from that
Tree of Knowledge? Well, apparently we're at The Big Apple now. So it would seem since that's the
biggest metaphoric apple I know, whereas "the apple" is being defined here as the fruit of the knowledge
of good and evil...or more specifically, and without judgement, The Light and The Dark, or The Golden Apple,
this would be THE BIGGEST Winged Serpent of Eve ever known we're all riding (if you're ridin the snake, so to
speak), which is you btw, ENERGY!...by the knowledge cast forth by Mother Nature: The PhiMale Knowledge.

Is it not logical? Perhaps back then humanity wasn't ready for The Knowledge of Light and Dark.
The Entity in the story who casts forth judgement does so perhaps because they were complaining
and making up excuses instead of owning the action; maybe if Eve had just said something like,

"You know God, The Serpent came to me, and I had The Desire for The Apple of Knowledge!
So I ate The Apple! And I liked it so much, Adam ate it as well! And now! Now... we know how
to comprehend between energy!"

Then God would've been like,

"Easy there Eve, ok, ok...walk before ya fly now, it's kewl,
don't get all shameful and start covering your...you're beautiful,
you know that right? Let it fly!"

And then The Serpent would've been like,

"SSSSSSSSSee, I told you She could handle it, She'sss been assssskin all thessse
quessstionssssss about life wielding and The Trinity of Balanccccce, and..."

...Adam is like, <glances at Eve>

<glances at Eve>

"I can't stop lookin at Eve!" <glance>



...and so God's like,

"Look Here!

• Adam, you are The Serpent now.

• Serpent, you are the desire for energy knowledge,
of Eve now : as the heartfelt respectful love of ...and
arousal through ~ her fluid energies : known as The
Potential Force of Power Manifest as Balance
through The HeartWombMindEye...

• Eve, you are every individual now, yet as The Balanced
Union of the Male and Female aspects of Light and Dark Energy,
and all that which is between them harmonized as Respective
Evolutionarily Progressive LOVE, known as AVA :

• You are The One, The Winged Serpent : The PhiMale Vortex."

And we understand this isn't a very easy accomplishment to comprehend.
Especially every single day. And here we are...attempting it...every...single...day.
The PhiMale Vortex.

Self as The Desire of Eve as The Winged Serpent of Respect.

It seems Michelangelo was on to something, correct?


You see, male or female, that phrase is tone. Yours is either the desire FOR Eve or The Desire OF Eve...and the desire
isn't the disrespectful desire of whatever...it is the balanced fruition of actual respective love understood as a cycling
of energy from your greatest depth, that which is your root...understand? The Serpent is that desire...Kundalini...(The Coiled
Power...the potential force of a human.) Don't be confused by the delusions of the coercive and manipulative acts of society,
understand that your energy is natural, it is real, it happens, it will continue to happen, thus it is logical to be of this energy, yet
further, yes? But as well, don't misunderstand the comprehensions of what "illusion" can allow forth in knowledge. In Sanskrit,
Maya is described as "illusion," as such that we are not actually experiencing this environment, but a projection of it. It is not
to say that Maya does not exist, it is rather existence and nonexistence simultaneous, a dream.
We experience life as we
experience it, our individual perceptions...and yet...if one awakens from their sleep, and this dream, reality then is understood
in a totally new perspective, just as real, yet further...and this is woven deep through reality, each one of us, individually, and
collectively. (puts a whole new perspective on The Mayan by this play of words, right? You see, our minds may fold and
in as many ways necessary to further capability and balance, awakening, and rest.) You know how men seem to crave
women more, uh, outgoingly than women crave men, at least it APPEARS that way (physically as well), and this seems
to flow with this comprehensive measure...as such, it is a 'dark energy' because it moves in through the mysterious
nature of humanity's actual instinctual animal like functions, but that which we want to progressively develop into
evolutionary energies. I'm not sayin' that women don't have these desires, quite obviously they do, women just
have a greater elegance about their movements and actions, romancing their fluidities...some men are like this
as well, rarely...and some women aren't, of course, and yet even women with women, men with men, women
with men, men with women, however it may apply through circumstance, that energy that moves you respectively,
(meaning that which you respectively allow, and that which has been respectively allowed you), this is that Natural Fire.
The Serpent as a Woman, PHI, you know, I don't think it was meant as an antifeminine statement (by Michelangelo in his
painting), I think it represents The Balance sought after by Eve's instinctual curiosity, and a Cure to an imbalance found
throughout so much of our history and present time existence between man and woman; it is the ever existing path of
striving to find how to connect with that which fits with each other...this piece fits here...and the energy expressed is that
which is the accumulation of our individual labyrinths finding a parallel entrance to that which is The Divine Release of
Freedom from searching for The Path through The Path...you understand YOU ARE THE PATH, and it is with another,
and it is through each other, and this is AVA. You see, the comprehension is applicable to many a mystery...individual...collective...
So it is this consumption of knowledge by the fruit that could have set Adam and Eve free...but they didn't accept it. In that story
they allegedly grew shame, and then blame...and THEN they were punished...perhaps...simply for creating shame and blame
instead of evolving into ONEness.

You see, the flight is only accomplished in balance...get it? Balance.
The Fire Within you is ignited, then it is balanced, then it is cycled. Now you
are that power of balance. You see, it can only evolve further because of
this...that which is balance, (or the striving for this balance), it only becomes more
balanced as we further our capabilities...and as we evolve, so does our knowledge
become further, and through the very aspects of ALL REALITY, for the entire Infinite Infinitesimal
ALL is fluid in the same manner of evolution. The Spiral is everywhere. We have merely chosen to
become that which is creation manifest, as the sortof, Divining Rod of ourselves because we can!
Where's the water?! Oh wait! I am Water! (like 72%)...so as to take responsibility for our own evolution
we become creative in this, and the progression is manifest through us...and the cycle becomes
exponential...and so then we may know eventual universal balance with The All.

Can you understand your most energetically conditioned
love and sexuality as a fruition of balanced clarity in a fluid
cycling of your entire Being as The Trinity of One? Yes. You
understand love. You understand sexuality. What they are,
how they feel...combine them in balance now. And build you.
I believe you can. It is only you who need understand this and
allow it respectively.

Allow The Great Mystery Her great mystery!

There is no shame in balance, friends...

There is no greater power than the progressive evolution of balance.

We all noticed of course, the map at the top of this page revealing Mt. Sakujima
erupting on 8.28.2011 and Mt. Etna erupting on 8.29.2011 (both are massive
eruptions by the way.) Well, it is not even necessary to point out that Earth,
once again, has pinpointed a direct and perfect, and I mean an
ABSOLUTELY perfectly drawn line right through the landfall of
Hurricane Irene. Check it out:

Pamlico Sound, Mt. Sakurajima, and Mt. Etna
(if this is in response to what has been written, how would you comprehend it.)

Is that not the most perfect line you've ever seen? I mean seriously, doubters? Anyone? Is
that not perfect? Three Waterspouts on 8.18.2011 at or near Pamlico Sound (and with justifiable
communication)...then a hurricane is built on 8.20.2011...then it makes mainland landfall on 8.27.2011...
...then Sakurajima erupts on 8.28.2011... then Coney Island on 8.28.2011 with Irene...then Mt. Etna erupts
on 8.29.2011 drawing a line from Japan to Italy RIGHT THROUGH THE CENTER OF IRENE'S LANDFALL! And Irene
is finished. Earth's serendipity is incredibly fluid. Right? What if you were Earth and someone began to write your
communication to the best of their abilities, and even began to follow them like guidelines for balance...how might
you react? Most likely with a fluid and balanced response such as this, don't you think? 4 separate EARTH activities...all
of them centered at one location. Someone find a definition for Pamlico! (((...pause for a few minutes...))) I found it! The
Pamlico Indians called the Pamlico area "Tataku," which means Where The Land and Sea Meet The Sky. How awesome is
that! (i have updated Every 7 pg. 42 and Communication 7 to reflect that comprehension.) As well, Lokon-Empung, where
we received The Great Hummingbird imagery from 6 simultaneous eruptions...well, it erupted 12 times on 8.28.2011 and once
on 8.29.2011. See that?

Latest Triangulation

So...what about these 10 days? Where have we mentioned a span of 10 days?
Every 7 pg. 38b...and it was stated there through Mahuida:


The walking mask of water, (or that which WALKS AS WATER) Mahuida,
meaning mountain, and is on water, parallels the eye of The Loyalty Stone
River and parallels Kilauea and The Circle in The Crown, and The Circle in
The Sun, twice, so there may be something to this Mountain of Water. If
someone could accurately calculate the time between those two comets
entering the edge of The Sun (not just approximately 10 days, but like 10 days
8 hours and 23 minutes (or whatever it actually is (i'm just sayin that as an
example...it was ten days, but the hours and minutes are uncertain
because of a lack of instrumentation or information.)
Explained then as:

The Mountain of Water at The Center of Where The Land Ends,
The Deepest of Earth in The Deep Work Superseding Wasp parallels
The Eye of The Loyalty Stone Where The Land Ends of The Deep Work
Superseding Wasp parallels The Listening in The New Deep Foreigner
of the Fellow Beings of the Deep parallels The Shielded Spewing Home
of The Goddess of Fire, The House of Fire, The House of Ferns, The Sacred
Ancestry, and it all parallels Twice through The Sun in a span of ten days.

(((thought process)))

...Parallels Twice Through The Sun in a Span of 10 Days. So what does that mean?
Twice through the sun, like lava eruptions? Sakurajima and Etna? Lava eruptions
DO look like sunbursts, yes? Parallels twice. Sakurajima and Etna...

...the walking mountain water parallels the eye (The HeartWombMindEye of Earth?),
parallels the listening, parallels the goddess of fire, parallels twice through the sun, in ten days.

...mountain mind walking water (waterspouts, hurricane, floods) parallels the eye
or The Sight (of The Loyalty Stone)... parallels the listening...remember in Stella Maris
this part of the song directs hearing on a path through the center :

(this of course has the premise that the knowledge existed before the
action, and that being understood, it is understood from a reflective,
or refractive comprehension, like looking into a mirror that is through
water, and understanding what shall be through "reading" and
creativity...difficult to believe? What, of any of this, is easy to believe.
There's a frickin' infinity sign the size of a small galaxy in the center of
The Milky Way now! Do you not believe NASA?

...right? but how could that be? unless knowledge isn't relative to time...
and..or...the response of Mother Nature is presupposed to itself through
that which has been created...in other words...and it is rather fantastic to
believe, I understand...that... the song created, Stella, and that specific notion
to create that verse as ' womb through the shield ' was inspired and created
as was inspired to do so (understood as your reproductive loving and healing
energy through protection : through The Eye of The Mother (The HeartWombMindEye)
...and so the REACTION: the line of balance across the whole world...(that which we have
just witnessed with 3 Waterspouts, Irene, Sakurajima, and Etna, fluidly.) ...now...the world initially
spoke through six eruptions (prior to the song), it was deciphered, we found The Great Hummingbird,
the song was created...and then this parallels the span of ten days as mentioned in Every 7 pg. 38B
literally 3 months ago...12 weeks...(12 eruptions at LokonEmpung in one day..then a thirteenth the next day)
pretty weird right? That's alot of threes! I understand it is a stretch to believe, and I also understand that if you
don't see the patterns fluidly emerging you are probably not being honest with yourself...not even a little?! Come on!
I am asking you to let go of any preconceived belief structures of reality that hinder evolutionary progression in order
to understand something that cannot be understood otherwise. Just think if people still thought the world was flat...no
one could get anywhere over water without the fear of goin over the falls...I am attempting to make sense of it all so
that we might understand further, faster, and more accurately for safety, knowledge, evolution, and protection...NOW!
...not later. It seems that right now is when it is all happening, and so then, right now needs to be understood...right now.
And it happens so fast that if the comprehending does not continue to continue, things are missed, it's like a flowing rapid
river, and these realities of information are going by as fast as the water is moving, and if I don't step onto their knowledge
ships as they pass by (like little portals of evolutionary knowledge), I might miss something that could have inevitably
linked other things that may have allowed a severe clarity. This will be exemplified in this particular Every 7.

AVA professes this from Her 3rd Eye...

AVA • • • Pamlico Sound
...the broken wing, remember Hummingbird? This image above is Pamlico Sound!
AVA has The Red River running through her...

The Great Hummingbird of Earth See how The Red River reflects the line of
islands we have understood as the misplaced spine? Notice how that is the same shape as the
cape known as Hatteras (lookin like an eagle!) of Pamlico Sound. How could it be a coincidence,
right? Irene just barrelled through there! Stella! Mother, gave us The Spiral (strength of The Mirror!)
(listen to the song, it's all there.) It's like a bending refractive light reflecting one another. Powerful!
Mother is wise. An image I found to clarify this into our knowledge is this turtle and refraction map:

Refraction and Total Internal Reflection Total Internal Reflection

...it gives a whole new meaning to AVA, right?

AVA ....................................................AVA

...i just bent your mind right? ...in a good way! I mean you no harm! Know that!
It's always for loving and healing regenerative love energy as balance, understand? Yes!

So because of this comprehensive measure of "refraction through a medium," a reaction occurs
called Total Internal Reflection. It makes perfect sense right? You know, except for the fact that
most of society has a problem with accepting such notions ENERGYWISE. For you see, this expression
is stating that The Great Hummingbird of The Sky (The Bigger Picture), as pointed out by The Great Hummingbird
Representative of Earth, AVA, who is pointing to the sky, is allowing forth a Total Internal Reflection to Mother Earth's
necessity, Her Great Phoenix Hummingbird. You see. Logic in its communication, and logic to what it is communicating
as happening. If one were to surmise that an individual were magnifying loving and healing regenerative love energy as
balance in such a way, they might state this is called Total Internal Reflection with a causality known as healing in both
The Total Internal Reflection and total external reactions.

The Red River of The Great River of The Sky is The Total Internal Reflection
of The Spine of The Great Hummingbird of Earth. And we have understood
The Red River of The Great River to be that which flows through AVA, correct?
So then it would be logical to understand that AVA is on a Mother Nature Endorsed
Path of Healing The Earth.

The Great Hummingbird is healing The Phoenix Hummingbird of Earth.


Every 7 pg. 43 B

You can read The Communication here.

The Bigger Picture is An Infinite Meditation.

May Light Be Your Shadow.

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