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10.5.11 Give Away Ceremony of The Whirling Rainbow Sundance.

(rollover image)

(that seems rather organized yes? the womb through the shield centering squared, Stella.) ...and this is last week's grid of Earth's occurrences over this week's (rollover image.)

...does it not appear like a story? ...and could it simply be that we, all of us, are allowing forth a greater balance? Does it not seem evident? The paths of these lines are in
order according to when they happened. It does not look unorganized at all, correct? So then what would that say about the fluidity of this world? Look at how many
earthquakes occurred last time compared to this time...there were only two earthquakes this time around...pretty trippy...it sure is quiet in there...eerily...

Kizimen continues to flow...appx. 1500 earthquakes a day.

I, Raven's Feather, Traveler of The Sea.

Puyehue...and I have found another definition that
fits this area etymologically speaking, Chile as well
means the deepest of Earth.

The Place of The Stars of The Milky Way Cord
Stalk, The Good River, Where the Land Ends
and in The Deepest of Earth in The Deep
Work Superseding Wasp.

Fuego, Guatemala eruption 9.13.2011-9.20.2011
Fuego means Volcano of Fire. Guatemala means Land of The Trees,
Between The Trees, Land of The Snake Eating Bird...Central America.

Volcano of Fire of The Setting Sun Highlands in The Land of The Trees and
Between them, The Land of The Snake Eating Bird in The Center of Good Working.

Santa Maria, Guatemala 9.13.2011-9.16.2011
The Sacred MotherWife. This volcano is as well
known as Gagxanul in the local Quiche (K'iche language.)
The name means Naked Mountain (k'iche means "our language.")

Sacred MotherWife, The Naked Mountain of Our Language
of The Setting Sun Highlands in The Land of The Trees and
Between them, Land of The Snake Eating Bird in
The Center of Good Working.

Sakurajima, Japan 9.14.2011-9.20.2011

The Deep Cherry Tree Blossom is a Symbol of Earth's Delicate Life of The Embroidered
Great River of The New Rising PhiMale, The Cauldron of Sight Virtue, The Nine of
The Four, known as The Setting Sun of The Pacified and The Setting Sun Sea of The
Circle, The Ancient Zither Amethyst Waterland, Origin of The Sun.

Kilauea, Pu'u O'o continues to flow.
On 9.20.2011 a new channel was birthed.

New Channel Flow in The Hill of The Honey Stick, The Hill of The Honey Eater
of The Shielded Spewing Home of The Goddess of The Great Ancestry in
The One of Many Works Superseding Wasp.


9.17.2011local time: Elephant Trunk Tornado near Wakita, Grant, Oklahoma. Wakita was a Cherokee
Chief who as legend has it a spell was cast to protect the area from tornadoes and this inspired a local
to name the town after a Cherokee Chief in honor of this, the name means Standing Water of The Buffalo
(the town has never been destroyed by a tornado.) Grant County is named after Ulysses Grant (Latin for
Oddyseus, (Cunning Intelligence) Grand.) Oklahoma means The Red People.

Buddha Ganesh replies once again, "Standing Water of The Buffalo
in Grand and Cunning Intelligence" of The Red People of The One
of Many Works Superseding Wasp.

As you may recall, the earthquake near The Kuji Face was on 9.17.2011 in Japan. This earthquake's imagery revealed

Elephant Trunk Tornado and Ganesh

the elephant comprehension of The Buddha Ganesh. It is severely interesting to say the least that Mother Earth comprehended
this, in essence, a sequence, as we were comprehending it as well. Is that not peculiar to anyone? I'm fascinated. Are you folks
seeing this? Is it not empowering to you that we can have communication with Mother Nature? Scientifically proven. As such,
does this not allow forth a sense of balance and the unification of purpose in existence? It isn't to say that any one of your
purpose is exactly this...it is simply to say that each one of our purpose is through Mother Nature regardless of who or
where we are, correct? We're always in Mother Nature.

So then we had an IMMENSITY BRILLIANCE from Mt. Sakurajima. Check it out:

Sakurajima 9.18.2011

...now that looks like a smiling face right? ...........................and then a spiral.....................................and then the two heart sadness......................and then the immensity brilliance!

Sakurajima 9.18.2011 3963 Representative Big time protection, eh?

I believe this is a comprehensve measure of the protective fluidities
of The 3963 Energy Sphere. The heart is accentuated, the womb is
accentuated by the tail's circular spiral, the mind is accentuated by
the mind, and the eye is accentuated by the sun of the shield fluidly
cycling with the 3963 sphere understood as Jupiter in this metaphoric
imagery, while the legs of Aries (yet another protector) emerging
beyond is on its cycling path.

The HeartWombMind Eye of Earth is Protected, as is The 3963 Energy Sphere,
Deep Cherry Tree Blossom is a Symbol of Earth's Delicate Life of The Embroidered
Great River of The New Rising PhiMale, The Cauldron of Sight Virtue, The Nine of
The Four, known as The Setting Sun of The Pacified and The Setting Sun Sea of The
Circle, The Ancient Zither Amethyst Waterland, Origin of The Sun.

...and to continue from where we were this last time around, we
had just been allowed forth the message of The Stairway to Heaven.

IMMEDIATELY following that message were we given an earthquake @ 27ºN 88ºE...
at a 6.9 magnitude nearest the heavens on Earth in Nepal called The Top of The World.
Now before we go over that information look at the location compared to the lightning
eruption of Sakurajima:

Yes I am aware it looks like a broken heart and a sad face...but then we
are led to comprehend the smaller version of those lips. For you see where
those b, c, and d letters are in the top image? Does that not look like a larger
version of where the earthquake struck? Totally. It reminds me of Dune, the
worms ya know? ...notice in the image of the lips on the mountain how it eludes
to the lips parallel like the "eye heart" in the same direction, 'an emphasis.' I know.
I read way too far into these things right? Would we have gotten this much
information had I not?

Dune Worm

You remember Dune correct? (1984) ...The Spice, The Bene Gesserit,
the necessity for water, spice is life, the vaginal creature called The Guild
Navigator who consumes so much spice that bending time and space to
travel the universe is a fluid allowance...

Guild Navigator

The Worm is a phallus and vaginal metaphor, correct? Known as the Gods of The Desert, Old Father Eternity...Is it not strange
that the worms are likened to a trinity orifice that is a phallus and yet have god status? And the navigator who bends time and
space by the consumption of spice, that which is understood to be metaphorically and quite specifically to some: the inherent
energy of The Woman, her creation capability and that which it derives, is this spice? The Energy of The Woman. The PhiMale Vortex.
The Bene Gesserit were a sisterhood whose goal seemed to be the evolution of humanity by the shaping forth of political fluidities and
influences...in some very seriously powerful and secret ways. Do not be offended by pure knowledge. Everyone has sexual body parts.
They are used to procreate and have been emphatically designed so that during this procreation they are the most climactic, orgasmic
fluidities we have ever known. To have an orgasm during creation. Do you see how specific that is in the design of humanity? Perhaps we
should understand that reality further...it isn't just sex. You actually create love energy physically manifest...do you understand the implications
of such an energy? Do you understand the proposition of how to accomplish this in the transcendence of it as well? ...to arouse such an energy,
yet keep it respective, fluid, infinitely cycling...do you understand what that allows? ...do you understand how it can manifest? Do not be offended
by what Earth says, after all, She is the reason you exist here now, living. Regardless of your systems of belief, what is being said is for you to understand.
So understand, don't hide from it behind a human error like shame. Everybody's naked underneath 'them clothes...everybody. Let it go.

This quake was IN the lips (12 miles) of a 'between' literally. The location is nearest Lhonak in a natural area
called Kanchanjunga. It is between two mountain peaks called Jannu and Ramtang and is on the border
between Nepal and Sikkim. Lhonak means The Black South (or depth of dark.) Kanchanjunga means The Five Treasures of
Snow known as the 5 repositories of God as gold, silver, gems, grain, and holy books. The Limbu call this mountain Sewalungma
meaning Mountain that we offer greetings to. Jannu is Phoktanglungma in Lambu and means Shoulder with Mountains but is officially
known as Kumbhakarna (ears like a pot, (listening sleeper.) The mythology of Kumbhakarna is such that he was powerful enough to
defeat celestial beings, so he was tricked by the devas into asking for sleep, and while he realized his tongue had been tricked by
the devas, he could not take it back, Brahma did though grant him one day a year that he would not be asleep, and that day,
each year, was he invincible. Ramtang: ram is from Rama meaning pleasing or supreme, it has been proclaimed that Rama was
the 7th incarnation of Vishnu...and it has as well been proclaimed that Rama was an ancestor of King David and Jesus Christ,
the bloodline of Ramah; tang means to follow(follow the bloodline.) Trippy right? Powerful Mother, powerful. Nepal was said
to derive from its saint protector sage Nemani, and this land has been named of numerous names, some of which are
The Land of Truth•Solitary Meditation•Penance•and Salvation. Sikkim is known in Hindu texts as Indrakil, The Garden of Indra,
The Earth Sky Celestial Garden.
Sikkim is known as The New Palace in Limbu, The Valley of Rice in Tibetan, and Paradise in Lepchas.
The Patron Saint of Sikkim is Padmasambhava, meaning Lotus Born (said to have transmitted Bajrayana Buddhism to Bhutan and Tibet
in the 8th Century.) This Saint said,

"My Father is The Intrinsic Awareness, my Mother is The Ultimate Sphere of Reality,
I belong to The Caste of Nonduality of The Sphere of Awareness, my name is The
Glorious Lotus Born, I am The Unborn Sphere of All Phenomena, I consume concepts
of duality as my diet, I act in the way of the Buddha three times."

Lhonak The Center sees an
accumulation of vast energy centered at
a Trinity of Sirius, The Star of ISIS, Mother of All,
and The Trinity of Lyra...

The Trinity Strength of Mother Nature and The Peaceful Passion of Lyra are Gold, Silver, Gems, Harvest,
and Sacred Word shaking within the lips between Supreme Pleasure and The Listening Shoulder of Mountains,
that which is personified as The Following of The Sacred Bloodline of Ramah and The Awakened Sleeping Listener
near The Deepest Dark and between The Earth Sky Celestial Garden and The Land of Truth•Solitary Meditation•
Penance•and Salvation.

This is proclaimed by The Sage and Protector of The Land of Truth•Solitary Meditation•Penance•
and Salvation : between him and The Lotus Born known as The Precious Guru who proclaim together,
"My Father is The Intrinsic Awareness, my Mother is The Ultimate Sphere of Reality, I belong to The Caste
of Nonduality of The Sphere of Awareness, my name is The Glorious Lotus Born, I am The Unborn Sphere
of All Phenomena, I consume concepts of duality as my diet, I act in the way of The Buddha three times."

Between 9.19-9.20.2011 The Sun had 12 solar flares one after another. Remember we have calculated
0º N 102ºW as the location to view these from long ago. So this nearest island of The Galapagos (islands
of the tortoise meaning (etymologically) shell of the underworld spiral) is Fernandina meaning
The Brave Peace.

The Brave and Peaceful Shell of The Underworld Spiral witnessed...

So what I did here (in the movie below on the right) was connect all the planets with themselves in order of distance from
The Sun and it appears to reveal a sortof composite of a story. The Moon looks like a skater smoothly skating down a hill in
total fluidity. The image on the left (below) reveals every particular solar flare's planets, and they are connected to their
own (referenced from the movie above.) Notice how Mercury, Sun, Uranus, Venus and Saturn triangulate like a ship lifting
up from the center of a vortex (and someone knows exactly what this image is from!) It kindof appears like a multidimensional
entourage of Trinities. All the things we aren't allowed to know that happen all around us behind "invisibility" will eventually be known.

Sun : light, source...Mercury : communicational harbinger...Venus : vegetation of the vine, love, beauty...
Moon : path of the woman, bull's horns (crescent)...Mars : once a god of earth, then death, then war...
Jupiter : godfather sky, the shining father of light and sky...Saturn : harvest, sower of seeds, the infinite cycles...
Uranus : rainmaker of the sky (god of the sky.)

Lifting out of The Vortex is The Communicational Harbinger of The Source of The Rainmaker
of The Vegetation of The Vine of Love of The Harvest of The Seeds of The Infinite Cycles.

12 Suns Planets
This is an image of all the planets connecting in sequence to their self..................and this is their connections with their selves throughout the whole sequence.
In this first image I have labelled the initial triangulations............................................in this animation would I be remiss if I did not mention that it looks like an individual
who was hurt in a skateboard accident who then resorted to bending over a computer in the process of formulating a bunch of information gathered through
energetic meditations and research in order to figure out how to fly while standing still...or is that just my imagination...when it is sped up it looks like a cauldron
stirring by a man running in place with weird feet...perhaps it explains more than we know...we must remember that there is no limit to multidimensional expression.
(it's funny in a kindof deranged way, I had a skateboard accident where i fell to the bridge of my nose from the top of the pool I was skating and landed, literally
right between my eyes on my face, cutting down through my nose all the way to the bone. It was severe...it was in November 2008...interesting parallel...)
(the Sun's diagram picture above even looks like the shape of the pool where i fell. trippy!)

11.14.2008 ...pretty weird right...just wait til you see OMO...it's all so weird.

The blues are The Skies by Sun (whether beneath or above Earth because this is The Sun) and
the darkers of beige are The Earth's directions by way of our viewpoint to these skies...
and so I will explain each center:

12 Suns 1 12 Suns 1 Center 12 Suns 2 12 Suns 2 Center

Through (Orion) The Mirror are The Heavens, Through The Mirror is Earth, and The Rivers begin from each and intertwine
as an eye, and we all bow to The Taurus (the bull, a representation of the phallus) of The Moon WITH The Taurus of The Moon.
For we are WITH this experience, not beneath, nor above, not upon, but part of The All, WITH Her. We spiral out in pairs from
The Rabbit to Sirius (The Sparkling Star of ISIS) to (Monoceros) The Spiral Horn of The Unicorn to (Gemini) The Twins: The Builder
and The Vine's Harvest to Auriga (The Reinholder) to Taurus Moon (the bull phallus, womb.) Peace is coming.

The Brilliance of The Ring shines in The Trinity of Cleansing through the beauty of The Sun as (Uranus) The Rainmaker
of The Heavens...that which is cleansed, cleanses us, and is infinite in our allowance of this. Athrees is revealed
yet again in this brilliance.

Athrees Pisces ...check out the movie if you can, this is the
beginning. The lyrics can be read here, but this particular message only speaks up to the vine...
(from 2008 btw.)

if you cannot see what I have shown you,
look between your own eyes, in your light,
your third is shouting past you, seeking
comprehension in you, far within, beyond your masks,
beyond your veils, beyond your shadow, where there
wasn't light before this, shining on this casting meadow,
feel your guidance sharpen here, in clarity, your sight,
it's you and through each wisdom you now see,
you see into this hidden vine...

12 Suns 3 12 Suns 3 Center 12 Suns 4 12 Suns 4 Center

Virgo (purity) crosses Herself in The Angle of The Whale and their (Saturn) Sowing Seeds of The Infinite Cycle.
Crown of The Bull in (Pleiades) Seven Sisters...Strength of (Venus) Love at (Uranus) The Rainmaker of The Sky.
(Mercury) Communicational Harbinger of The Lion and The Chalice, wings of (Pegasus) The Thunderhorse.

And so then The Whale is crossed in The Angle of (Virgo) purity. They feed each other The Spiral through the
Protection of (Jupiter) Godfather Sky of Light and (Saturn) The Infinite Cycles of The Sowers of The Seeds.
(Virgo) Purity is (Taurus) The Bull (phallus) transmutating through (Libra) The Balance of The Sun, (Venus) Love,
(Moon) The Path of The Woman, (Mercury) The Communicational Harbinger, and (Uranus) The Rainmaker.
She gifts through The Protected River (Saturn) The Harvest of The Infinite Cycle (Jupiter) The Shining Father
of Light and Sky Her Purity (Virgo.)

The Raven brings Triangulum.

12 Suns 5 12 Suns 5 Center 12 Suns 1 12 Suns 6 Center

(Aesculapius) The Great Healer projects through (Orion) The Great Mirror with the strength of Hercules
by way of (The Moon) The Path of The Woman in (Taurus) The Bull (phallus), and again is crowned by
Her Horns. The River is The Snake is The River. We are protected by (Jupiter) The Shining Father of Light.

...and (Aquila) The Eagle flies (Monoceros) The Spiral Horn in the protection of four by (Sirius) The Brilliant
Star of Isis at the edge of (Betelgeuse) The Coming of The Branch while The Snake of The River and
(Aesculapius) The Great Healer heal War into Peace through their parallel mind through The Path
of The Woman.

12 Suns 7 12 Suns 7 Center 12 Suns 8 12 Suns 8 Center

...and so is created The Diamond of The River, beyond the heads of the snake, a union, and
now (Aquila) The Eagle Heals War into Peace through The Heart...and the cleansing of The
Great Vessel is through the mighty stars spiraling through (Uranus) The Rainmaker's sails creating
energy. The Compass opens. Virgo's purity flies as The Swan (sound) of (Venus) Love and Light
with The (Pegasus) Thunderhorse Lion (heart.)

...and so is created the willing orifice by way of The Bull in The Balance of The Great Mother, One Trinity...
that which was The Missing Foundation, The Path of The Woman, through The Shining Father...
crowned in protection...The Whale and The Virgin, The Infinite Cycle of Purity.

12 Suns 9 12 Suns 9 Center 12 Suns 10 12 Suns 10 Center

So is birthed by this Sacred Trinity of parallels, The Sacred Creation, The Child of Illumination in
the alignment parallel of (purity's) Virgo's Planets : (Mercury) Communicational Harbinger to (Sun)
The Source to (Venus) Love to (Saturn) The Infinite Cycle of The Sowing Seed.

...and this Sacred Child of The Flying Lionheart of Thunderhorse shall become evolved
through Her own creation, and so shall She birth The Sacred Child as well. Communicational
Harbinger to The Source to Love to The Infinite Cycle of The Sowing Seed. Cleanse Raven,
cleanse raven. The Phoenix brings The Balance from beyond.

12 Suns 1 12 Suns 11 Center 12 Suns 12 12 Suns 12 Center

(Scorpius) The Great Mother is (Lepus) a Rabbit of Balance through The Mirror River of (Aesculapius) The Great Healer
in union by (Moon) The Path of The Woman of Taurus (the phallus.) Through The Eye of The Whale of The Snake is the
protection of The Mask of The Bull (phallus) in (Hercules) strength with The Staff of The Shining Father of Light, Bootes,
The Crown of Protection (Aries.)

...and The Trinity Spirals through (Rosette Nebula) The Womb of All Consciousness as (Monoceros' voice) The Highest
of Spiraling Voices...and so is birthed The Child of The Unicorn, Isis (Sirius), in The Protection of (Aquila) The Eagle...
(Aesculapius) The Great Healer knows of His birth through the two rivers of The Twins...and The Crown is yet again,
arisen by The Path of The Woman.

...and then something weird happened (yeah right, like it isn't all weird), well, there was a 5.8 earthquake near Seguam, Alaska,
and then a 4.8•5.8•4.8 (SERIES OF 3) in Guatemala. So when I woke up that day (9.19.2011) I began working all the imageries out and
found something very fascinating. So let's go through it (and remember, we normally don't do these levels of earthquakes because
it would just take too long to keep up with it, I mean, for example the last Every7 (#43) it was like an every day occurrence for like
several hours a day, some days, I'm not sure, I didn't keep track, but it was like all day every day alot of the time(it's a serious
amount of constant research and reading and meditating to get it together) and so this is why usually we only do 6's and
above.) BUT...we make exceptions when something is as progressive as this and it twinkles in our eyes:

So first of all, Seguam occurred, why do this 5.8? Because it leads into the next 5.8 by parallel, that which caught my attention
to allow forth this measure of communication. (you see, it's all communication, regardless of the size.) This location is Seguam,
Andreanof, Aleutian, Alaska, United States. Seguam means colony of birds, Andreanof is known as Niigugin tanangis, whereas,
allegedly, Niigugin is what they called Atkans, which means something like Guardian Spirits. Aleutian was named for the Aleuts,
but called themselves Unangax, which allegedly means People of the Coast (the coast being that which is between land and
water.) The islands named as Andreanof are named for a vessel named St. Andrean and Natalia. Andros means Man or Male,
whereas Natalia allegedly means Birth. So this would imply the notion of The PhiMale Birth. Alaska allegedly means "the object
toward which the action of the sea is directed," which could be shortened to The Tides of The Sea.

Colony of Birds of The Guardian Spirits of The People of The Between, The PhiMale Birth in The Tides of The Sea.

Seguam 5.8 Cleaning The Dead Fish

As you can see, this looks like a metaphor of cleaning a dead fish who flies...and this looks like a not-so-pleasant-face.
So this is how this sequence began allegedly. I am calling this Sequence 7 because there are 7 phases in the movie that
reveal just exactly what happened (now if I can just put it in words that you all will understand.)

Take a look at the depth of this horizon...

Dolphinfish Circle Gild That's Pi. You know...3.14...
...the ratio of any circle's circumference to its diameter....is that Pi made of
Hydrus? Yes. And is it coming from a circle? Yes. Reticulum. And is there a
circle in Dorado (the dolphinfish, otherwise known as Gild (to cover with a
thin layer of gold.) Yes. The Horizon revealed The Golden Reticulum Ratio
of The Water Snake out of Time
(and the cleansing of The Dead Fish who flies.)

The next 3 quakes happened in Guatemala, a series of 3 [ 4.8 • 5.8 • 4.8.] Notice...
how the lake called Laguna de Aryarza compares with the island of Seguam:

Seguam Ayarza Parallel

It looks like The River Horse (known as The Hippopatamus) and The River Horse's Water imprint, right? Like a footprint, but with water, yes? Shoe, foot. or is it foot, shoe...
we've gone through this before...what is within what...water in land or land in water...just like you...your spirit in body or your body in spirit...see beyond my friends...beyond...
Ayarza : Ay means place of...and arza means to fall by tackle...fall into place (did we not just speak of falling in the Sun sequence? This seems to speak of history.)

The Colony of Birds River Horse falls into place. (pond of feathers?)

Guatemala 4.8
Guatemala Leo Aquarius Cleansing Virgo Guatemala 9.19.2011
...(if you noticed I changed the colors, I have found that these colors blend the best.)

This first earthquake revealed a star in the almost literal perfect center of the sky, and because of this, we must understand this.

Denebola Denebola
Why is this so important? This gives our premise. The historical data of what I believe was to be...Denebola is not a
pleasant sign. Everywhere I have read that this is a sign of ultimate disaster. Combined with these particular planets,
as such that are lined up almost perfectly beside it (Mercury, Sun, Venus, and Saturn), it has been proclaimed that this
would be the result of such an influence:

Honor and preferment with danger, public disgrace and finally ruin, disease, fevers and acute ailments.
Many losses through agents or servants and through writings, loss of one of the family through malignant
or contagious disease. Strong passions, led astray early in life, ruined through love affairs. Critical, always
complaining, many enemies, loss through servants and thieves, domestic sorrow, wife afflicted or children
mentally unsound or deformed.

Not very pleasant, correct? We must remember that this earthquake was a 4.8, not a 6.0. This must proclaim further
knowledge, yes? Yes. Denebola merely means The Tail of The Lion. In Egyptian mythology The Sun arose near Denebola
when the world was created. Now that's interesting. In Chinese mythology Denebola is Huangdi, The Yellow Emperor,
said to represent the founder of Chinese civilization, Xuanyuan. It has also been proclaimed that it is Bahu, The Creating
Mother Goddess (Indian.) So what does all this mean, right? 4.8. Read it like a story...what was...that darkness face from
the Alaskan quake...then this? Wow, right? SEVERE. The Darkness Face could elude to The Goliath Raven comprehended
back in 2010 on Every 7 pg. 27.

Goliath's Raven's Eye Goliath Raven's Eye
This comprehension was measured forth to cleanse The Full Moon Winter Solstice Eclipse of 2010 (The Deep Red Moon.)
Severe. Why? This alignment saw the moon EXACTLY on the line between Sirius and Capella right between Auriga's reigns
and Orion's club at the feet of Gemini and the horns of Taurus. Very serious. This alignment occurs once again in 2094.
HENCE THE '84 YEAR EVOLUTION.' This was the whole reason that was comprehended. Back then we had understood
this instinctually and through meditative fluidity to have been the necessity reason for being allowed forth The Bigger
Picture, that which we now understand as The Great Hummingbird. Metaphorically, there is so much to it all. This
alignment of The Goliath Raven's Eye is out of alignment very fast. It's more like a sign post saying "WARNING"
while simultaneously saying "KNOW THIS." Understand, and do what is necessary. And so the path became
much further because of this. From just a couple years to 84 in the blink of an eye (so to speak.) Perhaps
in 2094 there is an imminent imbalance that we build towards alleviating BY BALANCE. And just perhaps
this is as well our simultaneous chance to evolve out of our current sleep into an Awakened Society of
Reality, that which so many before us may have known in Ancient Egypt and Maya and so forth...to
understand that Mother Nature has a language, and it is all of our own simultaneous to Her own,
while speaking through yours quite specifically, dear friend. To paraphrase from Every 7 pg. 27
(12.23.2010) about The 84 Year Evolution and the literal darkest days Earth has experienced
in a span of several human lifetimes IN ONE LIFETIME :

"What if this was to be a strange period of our history. 'The 84 Year Darkness.'
But instead, it shall be an intense severity of evolutionary progression now,
'The 84 Years Evolution,' (84YE) such that perhaps our preparation has only
seen the edge beginning of what shall be. This is powerful no matter how
you look at it, with formations or without. The darkest moment we have seen
on this world for almost four hundred years happens again in eighty four
years. That's fast. The Bigger Picture is created in a year of time, and a
few days later is proclaimed in an enormous spectacle of SPACE and
But only a glimpse! (.....here's your moment, and steady, steady.....
focusssss....done.) Remember what The Raven's Eye is magnified
forth as in The Infinite Meditation? And yet this glimpse is once again
in 84 years...a bridge of sorts between the darkest we have ever seen,
literally, the darkest. It's as though we found this massive flashlight for this
darkest moment, and yet metaphorically speaking, sight is expanding forth
its broadest allowance (in the eye) its darkness, to allow as much light as
possible (dilation); so that it was to be as such, an Infinitely Cycling Light
upon THIS day, and perhaps even for the next...as well. But not only a light
shimmering forth illuminating light, but that which illuminates forth the dynamic
balance between LIGHT AND DARK in their most acute of definabilities both
metaphorically and specifically, all of them. Think about the last one hundred
years, how exponentially fast this reality went from carriages to space ships.
Now think of such an evolution, such a rapid dynamic, yet of natural energy,
our individualities and collectives. The mind and heart and soul yet further
intertwined into a greater prospective and perspective knowledge
through energy, infinite energy, from within, yet without, and all
simultaneously projective, fluid, and balanced."

Guatemala 5.8
Guatemala 9.19.2011
Guatemala 9.19.2011 Guatemala 9.19.2011

Guatemala 4.8
Guatemala 9.19.2011
Guatemala 9.19.2011 Guatemala 9.19.2011

...and so to get technical for a moment...the times and locations for these earthquakes were 9.19.2011:

• 5.8 Seguam 114am 52.041°N, 171.858°W

Colony of Birds of The Guardian Spirits of The People of
The Between of The PhiMale Birth of The Tides of The Sea.

• 4.8 Guatemala 1100am 14.400°N, 90.217°W (Between Pato Creek (duck (or to evade) and Cambalache (share, exchange, barter, trade)
• 5.8 Guatemala 1134am 14.332°N, 90.142°W(Between Santa Rosa (St. Rose) and Jutiapa (Cradle of The Sun)
• 4.8 Guatemala 1217pm 14.288°N, 90.203°W(Jutiapa (Cradle of The Sun.)

Between Evasion and Exchange were we comprehended great dismality, ailment, suffering, and tragedy
in the time of The Mother Goddess, The Yellow Emperor, and Creation. This was the time of the first knowledge
of Goliath Raven's Eye, The Red Moon Solstice Alignment, and The 84 Year Evolution, and as such did the
cleansing knowledge of this world begin to unfold for this purpose, and so as such did we allow
this cleansing.

Between The Beautiful Virgin Saint of The Rose and The Cradle of The Sun were we comprehended
The Cleansing through The Heart Womb Mind Eye of The Mother World by The PhiMale Vortex.

In The Cradle of The Sun did these comprehensive measures become
further in The 3963 Energy Sphere, The Double Cleansing of Self, and Earth.

...and all this directed by The Colony of Birds of The Guardian Spirits of The People
Between, The PhiMale Birth in The Tides of The Sea
through this triangulation and
Falling Into Place in The Land of The Trees and Between them, The Land of The
Snake Eating Bird in The Center of Good Working.

... I looked on a map to see if there was some sort of trajectory...you see...the arrow of Guatemala's Trinity points in this direction:

Seguam Guatemala

So I looked over to this area without getting all 'crazy technical' to see if I could just see the location...and there it was.

Lips Parallel

...do you see the parallel to where we just were?

Japan Nepal South Atlantic

So what I did was this... I calculated all the EXACT times added together: 5:11:27...18:10:48...23:14:15...12:00:01...12:34:00...13:17:54 = 84:28:25 and averaged it:
= 14:04:44.17 ...so I took the space map back to the 17th (.17) and put in this time : 14:04:44 from the new lip location and created what I believe is another
evolution of communication due to our calculations from this last time around (incidentally posted on the 17th.) (not to mention the 84 year evolution parallel.)

Between Time Between Time Between Time Between Time

Do you see, it is The Double Phoenix between The Great Tail...and like a bell...ringing balance into comprehensive fluidity. Between time. This
eludes to Stella Maris (Bending The Mirror, The Great Hummingbird) when the bell rings forth "The Now Mirrors The Path of The Woman!" And
then we were allowed forth St. Buryan's Bells and that IMMENSE communication...and you see...then here we are again in a similar parallel
of fluidity. The Double Phoenix emerging from between time through THE TAIL of The Bear (that which is NOT Denebola (The Lion's Tail) but is
at The Top of The Heavens (like Nepal) : the tail of Ursa Major (do you see how it flows so well with the entire sequence? 6.9 (69) The Double
Phoenix goes right through what is known as The Horse and Rider. See the Double Phoenix? Horse and Rider! Get it?! Mizar and Alcor. Alcor
is a bit fainter, and this star was used in ancient times to test the sight of a warrior. They are three light years apart. Mizar means girdle (known
as a female foundation wear; to gird means to encircle. phimale wear.) Mizar was also known as One of Seven Sages (Saptarishis, rishi is said
to mean something like The Ecstasy of The Ancient Flowing River; the rishi is understood to be a seer that the Vedas were originally revealed
through states of higher consciousness (originating in the birth of Hinduism 3000 years ago, and The Rsi is said to be the writers of The RigVeda
(incidentally who numbered many as women.) Vasishta is one of seven in this representation, known as manasaputra which means Mind Son
of Brahma
(God of Creation (one of The Trimurti) and with Vasishta is The Divine Cow Kamadhenu known as "from whom all that is desired is drawn,"
and as well her (sacred) child Nandini, meaning beloved pleasant daughter. Vasishta was the chief author of The 7th Mandala of The RigVeda. Alcor
was called The Fainted One (being less visible to the naked eye) and was as well known as Our Riddle, The Test, and True. She is known as well through
that same Hindu comprehension as Arundhati, the perfect wife of Vasishta (one of nine daughters) whose name means unrestrained, whereas
she is known as The Goddess of The Morning Star. Incidentally, this is the second star (area) of the handle of The Big Dipper (bending the spoon
of The Great Bear (bear is etymologically derived from brown from brun meaning dark.) The Great Darkness.
(so then this would be written on 9.17.2011 in the communication right after Buddha Ganesh's reply to itself
by Mother Nature. I am going out on a seriously powerful tangent here, but does it not seem like time was
travelled to allow forth a different outcome of reality by way of steering a specifically emphasized physical
trauma? (i refer to the skateboard accident illustrated by The Sun)...I know, difficult to believe right?

...whereas we came from the comprehension of great suffering in all aspects of existence
due to The Goliath Raven's Eye, yet, by way of The HeartWombMind Eye Sword of Monoceros : THE Raven's Eye,
understood as The Great Hummingbird, AVA, The PhiMale Vortex, we did cleanse forth the mighty bell of The Bear,
that which is understood as The Great Darkness, and did cleanse through The Bending Spoon in The Great Darkness
by way of The Horse and The Rider, The Encircled PhiMale, The Ecstasy of The Ancient Flowing River through One
of Seven of Nine of Three Degrees Between, that which is The Sun Mind with The Unrestrained Goddess of The
Morning Star, Our Riddle, The Test, True, and The Beloved Sacred Child.

Ursa Major is in The Top of The Heavens and The Double Phoenix is ringing Heaven's Bells from between time
through The Big Dipper. Does anyone else see the massive irony here totally dissolving all aspects of hell? The
Bending Spoon in The Darkness of The Highest of The Heavens? Seriously? Anyone? We're basically saying
existence is fluid, the "hell" that exists is only by the creation of it by you or your fellow delusionists and into a
reality that had no hell before duality existed. Yes there is suffering in the world, yes, due to our defining of
hell as a place of suffering it is comprehended as such, but that's not origin. Origin is balance. And balance
is not hell. Neither is darkness, hell, neither are the depths of Earth, hell. So understand that.

In the image of The Heavens, our sortof focal point of this comprehension due to all the applicable data, reveals the symbol
known as OM, or AUM in reflection : Aum is understood as the reflection of absolute reality. So what is the reflection of that?
Mythologically understood as The Nine Headed Water Snake (incidentally killed by Hercules (his 2nd out of 12 labors) whereas
if he merely cut the head off two more would grow back, so he burned the necks and buried the ninth beneath a great stone...
...rather fitting since we used The Loyalty Stone throughout much of this to understand that which was meant to be understood. Poetry.)


The reflection of the reflection of absolute reality would be what then? The Total Internal Reflection of Absolute Reality.
Now that's fairly intense correct? I looked at this AUMMUA image and it sortof reminds me of that lip face of The South Atlantic, right?

South Atlantic Face ...but I was like, not quite. So...like the snakes of the above image,
I closed the opening of the OM symbol at the edge of its 'open circle(s)' by combining them as though one were to say instead
of AUMMUA or OMMO : OMO...thus creating, yet again...The 'M' Link, The Missing Link. The Missing Foundational Parallel:

OmO ...and there are your lips. (Mwuah!) The Mask of 'V,' right?

...another missing link...Regardless of this, OMO states The Double Cycle, that which is the individual's path of cleansing self : their
fluid bridge of the infinite cycle, and The 3963 Energy Path of Cleansing The Sphere of Earth (through our intraspacial waterway.)
This is basically stating AVA as an "infinite infinitesimal fluidity " as OMO through The Total Internal Reflection of Absolute Reality.



...can you say OM backwards and forwards simultaneously? This is The Missing Link. Basically we are saying this
sound from within us without us yet the absolute all of All. It's like saying OOOOOOOOO from your greatest depth
while simultaneously saying MMMMMMMMM from your absolute center while simultaneously saying OOOOOOOOO
from your greatest height, silently, verbally, creatively, physically, ethereally, spiritually...this is MLINK. It is the bridge of reality,
AVA's OMO. It as well represents The Light and Dark YOU centered as balanced fluidity : The HeartWombMind Eye. You see:
the lower colors are the root energies emerging through Darkness, the depths of Earth and Self...the higher colors are the
crown with The Infinite Infinitesimal Source emerging through the highest light energy...The Center is of course you of 9
energies bridging these ultimate Light and Dark...you see...these are "between your eyes," as SIGHT, The Light and
Dark, The Highest Source Eye and The Deepest Root Eye in YOU, (your third eye so to speak),

............................................................................BALANCED and CENTERED............................................................................

Your Dark Sees Through Lightness and Your Light Sees Through Darkness. (and this is an actual fact, the pupil
actually dilates darker in more blackness : greater : to allow more light in your sight, and dilates lighter in more
whiteness : to allow greater darkness (as a balance to too much light)...your eyes already do this naturally :


It is no coincidence that the prefix homo- (meaning equal or same) is utilized to express the sexual preference
of those who express their sexuality with the "same" sex, and yet having only one of the basic components of the
two necessary for physical reproduction, correct? (if we're going to be logical let's be logical, right?) I would as
well proclaim it is no coincidence that San Francisco has become a sortof mecca of such preferences to some
degree. In my learnings at this place in this time I have become very far in understanding between the light and
dark of the female and male energies : so as such it would not be without merit to comprehend that this is an
element of this location for one reason or another...and just perhaps for the purpose of understanding such
knowledge to its greatest degree, its highest capable volume, so to speak : I would dare say that all of these
beings to some degree are communicating their instinctual purpose of balance whether they know it or not.
And as well, any individual who cross dresses or has "the surgery" or is homosexual. An intense and immense
claim, I understand, but it does not seem illogical to me. It is the ever pushing and pulling anti and gravitational
pull of The Light and Dark in our essential Centers to bloom The Balance. I have lived here for quite some time
now and this location does not turn people into homosexuals as some might believe, mind you, there are very
powerful energies in this place that do open forth your fluid graces, that which may be necessary for you to
accomplish balance through in a similar metaphor to such a community of energy. There is no coincidence to the flag
that represents the homosexual community of people across the world being a rainbow, correct? What is a rainbow but
a spectrum of all colors visible in light to us. Why does this matter? The Rainbow is everyone. It is not just a community of
people whose sexual preferences are sames. The Rainbow represents all colors, basically a metaphor to all peoples.
The PhiMale Vortex, is as well, representative to any respective people. So regardless of whether you are comprehensive
through the energy of The PhiMale Vortex or are homosexual or both or neither it is to say ACCEPTANCE is an essential aspect
to balance. Get over your judgement and move forward to balance, because regardless of your sexual preference, The Light
and Dark as one EQUALITY is THE BALANCE. Know That. I am not saying to become or not become any particular sexuality; whatever
you do is what you do and how you feel about that is how you feel about that and what I say about that isn't meant to judge or sway,
I merely speak through an objective observational and logical point of view from our comprehensions here in this current circumstance.
This place seems to be a vortex of such energy comprehensions and could AS WELL be a reason why this place has become so far opened
in such ways through people. It has been defined in many, many ways throughout the years in an obvious empowering paradigm shift platform
from around the 1960's. So as such San Francisco evolved to what it is today.

The Light and Dark, The Male and Female, as one. You have this capability of soaring as one love. This is in you. Regardless of whether
you believe it or not. It is inside you. The Light and Dark. And just like we have been led to believe that the far south of our ethereality is
"hell" this too is not truth. Far south of our ethereality is The Highest Authority if you want to talk "direction." From Earth : north or west or
east or south is The Highest Authority (we just understand it to be "up" because of gravity, but go anywhere on this planet and you're
lookin up from gravity to the sky (north south east or west.) So then where is the actual "south" that we have come to understand as
down or depth? That would be the center of Earth. Do you get how the whole "hell" thing was twisted to a fantasized hell and back?
Depth is not hell unless it is what you create there (and that is most assuredly what has not been created there!) And even then can
be totally and immediately cleansed. Depth, or "gravity" (you see Newton! Apple!) is simply centeredness and groundedness from the
root. And once you understand that (by basically standing there and understanding you are standing there because of gravity) you can
understand how to FLY from the root while just standing there...in any direction (know the rules, bend the rules.) Because in every direction
you are grounded...and in every direction is The Greatest Source. We understand how to accomplish this by love projection in an essence
likened to a Sun due to our Sun and The Stars revealing this to us every single day and night. And it is to as well understand that NOT UNDERSTANDING
this energetic comprehension could be WHY so many people go through "hell" in their lifetime. For if one doesn't understand the natural aspects of their
own natural fluidities of course there will be problems. Just like our whole "carburetor metaphor" the other day, if the fuel isn't regulated in a proper manner,
the car just floods and stops running. So likened as spiritually energized physical fuel, the rising winged serpent energy of AVA: if it is not understood into fluidity
and balance, then it is understood without fluidity and balance...and in many circumstances this can become a problem...believe me, this is an absolute truth.
Imagine if you had to eat because you were hungry but suddenly did not know how to perform this function! How would you eat!? How would you survive!?
And yet this is fuel, like food, to your spiritual body. And it is not without merit, I have experienced this energy every day for a very long time now and it has
become to a point of ecstasy every day all the time. It is what I sought after practically my whole life. I used to get extremely high on particular types of
drugs. One day I stopped doing drugs because I had become reckless with my body, for I was taking more drugs than a body can normally handle.
I wanted to be higher and higher and higher and find that highest point, but never stop reaching it (and this predisposition is probably why I was able
to find this energy through these circumstances, and so I share it with all of you.) I wanted to find the everlasting climax. I had to stop doing all the
drugs that got me to that almost deathly high to find that location of infinite ecstasy. Like a forever birthing it became natural, this fluidity, and the
high is always now. Seriously, always. I feel this ecstacy always now. No joke. I do not remember how I felt without it now. It is likened to an ever
existent ambrosia continuously flowing through me like a river. Sometimes it becomes so much further than I have understood that climax is
an actual experience in more ways than I ever knew possible if you know what I mean...simply only laying there with no movement and...

...continue to Every 7 pg. 44 B...


The Communication can be read here.

The Bigger Picture is An Infinite Meditation.

May Light Be Your Shadow.

Every 7

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