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10.5.11 Give Away Ceremony of The Whirling Rainbow Sundance.

...after going through all this and writing that about The Guild Navigator and so forth,
Mother Nature replied to it all...First with Sakurajima on 9.22.2011California time and 9.23.2011JST...


Guild Navigator Volcano ...is this not weird to any of you, a volcano
answering information that I have accumulated before I have posted it on the internet? That's not
weird to you? That means comprehension is not digital...you see...scientific method...Is that not powerful
knowledge to comprehend? I am wondering if you are all asleep because if you do not find this at all strange,
you have either experienced this or don't believe it, and how can you not believe your own eyes? Guild Navigator!
Do you understand what I am saying? I described The Guild Navigator and The Bene Gesserit BEFORE this happened.
Then it happened. There it is. Honest. It just keeps happening. Do you deny what you see? Will we continue to lie to
ourselves or shall we evolve with Mother Nature, as has been proposed by Her. Of course every single one of us
has freewill to do whatever we wish, but seeing that this has validated itself over and over again, I would surmise
it unwise not to attempt to understand it. She is The Mother of all existence, why would we not listen to Her? She
speaks what we have described from Her speaking as a followed path that we have instinctually comprehended
and wrote about prior to her saying with this reaction..."YES, THAT." How many people are going to go watch Dune
now? I watched it. I love it when that happens. It's very empowering to comprehend something and then witness it...
...especially since we have accumulated information to such a degree that we understand The 84 Year Evolution...
...and this movie was from the year1984. How far does knowledge extend. It seems as though as much as we create,
you know, that which we are inspired to create instinctually, so as such shall it be used to further knowledge as
understood through necessity by Mother Nature. So no matter who you are or what you do, you are effecting
reality in a HUGE way. YOU MATTER BIG TIME. NO MATTER WHAT! KNOW THAT! You might be effecting the future
in ways totally unfathomable in the present by every single one of your actions.

Phoenix Horizon once again ...remember on 8.28.2011
we had a Phoenix Horizon as well. What are the chances it would happen again so quickly?
Here we are roughly 26 days later and a similar imagery is given with a different circumstance.
Is it not a miraculous force of nature who can read what we are comprehending from within and
build it in an eruptive force of Her Nature described by a way that we might understand and evolve it
because we are willing to listen, understand, and evolve with Her?

Sakurajima 9.23.2011 Spiral Snake

Guild Navigator of Bending Space and Time, Phoenix Horizon, Snake River Girdle of Andromeda's
Ecstasy, The Shining Father of Light and Sky in protection of The Great River Snake of The Wind of
Triangulum, The Purification of The Communicational Harbinger Source Rainmaker of The Sky Love
and Harvest of The Infinite Cycles in The Deep Cherry Tree Blossom, a Symbol of Earth's Delicate
Life of The Embroidered Great River of The New Rising PhiMale, The Cauldron of Sight Virtue,
The Nine of The Four, known as The Setting Sun of The Pacified and The Setting Sun Sea of
The Circle, The Ancient Zither Amethyst Waterland, Origin of The Sun.

Then Mother Nature replies again...

Niuafo'ou, Tonga (northern most Tongan island.) Interestingly enough three perspectives were a result of this quake.
Why? I usually watch the site constantly. I notice when something has been changed. The initial earthquake registered
at 6.8 near the tip of a pyramidical mapping...and then the instruments measured it at 6.2 near the edge of another
pyramidical mapping (within that other one), then, again it slightly changed location and measured at 6.4, and so then
I'm like, really? These instruments are freakin out. See the top blue X? That's the original. It looks like it's building a pyramid
right? I don't have the resources to launch an investigation into the accuracy of a scientific calculating system, and plus
it's all we got. I surmise that the USGS is curious to what Mother Nature has to say (being that they got into the bracket of
READING Mother Nature), it's science first after all, and then fluid knowledge bridging to what may be viewed as miraculous
information and communication due to what has been read because it is ACTUAL KNOWLEDGE PERTAINING TO OUR WELL
BEING WITH HER, you know, SAFETY and BALANCE, the whole reason why the USGS became an organization in the first place :
further knowledge and safety, right?! So I give them the benefit of the doubt and say it was just an "instrumentational fluke" that happens
every so often because "The Machine" isn't perfect, and/or Mother Nature saw to allow forth in such a way MORE FROM LESS. Do ya feel me?
As the last couple weeks have gone by I have come to the comprehension that alot of the time Mother Nature will appeal to what we are
capable of understanding from very little, very much...whereas if one were to witness an earthquake in a remote area that was say a 6.1,
and unfolded into a vast mapping system simply by piecing together that which has already been purposely allowed by Mother Nature,
then there would be no necessity to shake the world in another place (in order to allow the knowledge that would allow HER and us more
balance (hence the lack of necessity for a greater statement of volume)...such that it is respectively accomplished to the satisfactory
fluidity and respect of Mother Nature. Now I am not saying this is an absolute truth, of course the Earth must shift to breathe and evolve,
but if we're all attempting to be respectively fluid in love WITH HER it will allow us all that much more fluidity with the anomaly, thus providing,
in a perfected sense, balance instead of chaos...and this may further what is HER necessity while allowing us a further existence of fluidity.
Give and take...well...actually give and give. We don't have to take if we are symbiotically fluid, it is just a fluid balance without the necessity
for duality...we are basically giving to ourselves what we need because we exist WITH HER not on Her.


(rollover image below) (see the grid lines of the pyramid?)

On either end is a circle. Land 'in,' land depression 'out.'
Take a look at them, these are their actual sizes...their ACTUAL SIZES :

(rollover image)

...they fit rather perfectly correct? This is a myth correct? ...yet
of Tafahi being removed from Niuafo'ou (not from this indentation.)
The Myth of The Almost Stolen Mountain, correct? And here we are comprehending
the myth of the anomalous trinity of one earthquake, poetic irony. Interesting...it's a depression
at the edge of a pyramid, it is a missing foundation, one might say. And it is to understand that this
depression of a missing island could have actually, in reality, been the physical origination of Niuafo'ou
and Tafahi taken from its center as only part of a greater story. (as though the mythologies weren't just legends,
we must remember that, just like the stories passed down from generation to generation of the secret knowledges
of the tribes...all these stories were told from an origin; that which we comprehend may as well unfold into the accumulation
of new mythologies, yet! only because of a lack of belief! and we may understand how the stories of old once became into
myth out of truth due to the lack of understanding on how to believe them through our own perspective experiences.)

It seems that The Myth has truth, not fantasy, yes? Yes. So then what would this say about other "myths"
of ancient origin. (you know, those that have not been corrupted by men for immoral or unethical reasons.)

Nevertheless, and regardless of which location was the absolute location of the earthquake, the information
revealed the hidden pyramids...and one within the other, likened to The Hummingbird Pyramid flashing in the
side of The Great Hummingbird AVA...a vortex within a vortex...one might say...

So here are the calculations in order...the second
calculation is in the same direction enough to the third,
that it is understood as a same locational reading.

Niuafo'ou 6.8 Double Brilliance

Take a look at the centers...because of this pyramidical shape, the location of
the original earthquake location and one being of depth and one being of height,
the depth (both the sky constellations and earth constellations) are earth color tone,
while the height (the island) (both the sky constellations and earth constellations) are sky tone.

Rollover the first image below to see
the combination from Earth through Sky:

(notice how the light of Virgo and the alignment of planets coincide
with the appearance and location of the cleansing mind of Aquarius.
It fits perfectly into the perspective we have been allowing forth, so this
calculation is accurate, and is the original. Notice how the Sextans fits
the mind of Pegasus in the same way that Raven's Eye fits Monoceros,
that is no coincidence.)

Raven's Eye

How is that not totally accurate (and this is the original calculation.) And we must remember that we had just
comprehended through the 5.8, 4.8, 5.8, 4.8 of Seguam and Guatemala and Nepal to understand the depth
gravity of our root origins (that of Earth) and this through a very disturbing sign by Denebola yet only comprehending
to us that which could have been, and yet has become an altered future due to what has been comprehensively
evolved into fruition by way of The PhiMale Vortex Energy cleansings of Self and World through the I as a Bridge of
The Infinite
, and The 3963 Energy Path and Sphere. These same planets and Sun are exemplified here, as they
were in the Denebola imagery of their exacting alignment (that which has passed us by now.)

(read this without rolling over the image above) this is a far different picture of existence by way of the illumination
of Virgo and Aquarius simultaneously to each other through Centaurus, whose staff is seen through : Andromeda
by Pisces from Cetus in the sails of The Great Ship to Pegasus reaching forth to Virgo to shine this light, The Snake, Pisces
by Antlia, The Chalice, Sextans The Navigational Instrument from Pegasus through Aquarius who cleanses the darkness
through the bending snake comprehension (AVA), and this in a continuity through Capricornus (our Sea Goat), Piscis Austrinus
and Monoceros (who is at the mind of Sculptor (Michelangelo?) And this is simply the first image. The undertone of what actually
is...that which may be understood as 1/2 of OMO of this picture, correct? So what if it were OMO, The Total Internal Reflection of
Absolute Reality through The PhiMale Vortex, AVA? NOW...rollover the image and notice where the compass appears...and where
The Raven's Mind is through The Wind Creator...notice all the little intricacies that intertwine and connect due to this missing foundational
parallel comprehension CONNECTION through The PhiMale Vortex energetic cleansings...NOTICE...Raven simultaneously in the heart area
of Aquarius drinking like a hummingbird of Mercury...just look at that image for a while noticing what is capable by way of The PhiMale Vortex
and understand that this is the very reason we may be allowed ecstasy every single day due to our comprehensions of it for HER! Mother Nature
grants us that which we allow. This I have comprehended as such. This knowledge became energy as it became knowledge. The fruition of the
energy knowledge becomes simultaneous in ways only understandable by the experiencer. I can tell you this, but it is difficult for you to actually
grasp the feeling of it all without actually feeling it. It is like having an orgasm without doing anything but silently standing or sitting or laying there and
so then it becomes like a powerful silent journey rising without movement or friction. It is one of the most powerfully pleasing experiences that one
may accomplish.

It then becomes a knowledge, this "RISING," and you understand that AVA is OMO (OMO is AVA simplified), The Total Internal Reflection of Absolute Reality.
For in that moment the experience becomes an ultimate rising from your root through the highest and cycling in climax naturally from within you, not without
you. What our goal here is to accomplish this in continuity...and since we do not simply have orgasms every moment all day every day (as lovely as that might
be) we allow forth this knowledge as a respective guide through ourselves in a specific and metaphoric value of our energies to understand what that feeling
is combined with our knowledge of love (Heart Womb Mind Eye), it is then that this energy knowledge transcends the orgasm and becomes an infinitely cycling
(through our PhiMale Vortex (AVA OMO) Meditations.) Do you see how it is building itself, and all through Mother Nature's guidance through our own languages!?
Is that not incredible to you? So then having understood these meditative fluidities of the ultimate climax, the climax becomes an ultimate climax whereas you are
basically in ecstasy all day every day, like an invisible encircling of infinity of your energy (like we saw with Andromeda and The Snake (what's up Eve!) and yet this
"girdle," that which is understood as "to encircle" is simply the river of I as The Bridge of The Infinite cycling ...that which you have accomplished in meditation...and
so this energetic continuity eventually catches up with your reality, having sifted through the many years of cloudiness (believe me I had MANY years of cloudiness)
...and your own energetic comprehensions by your meditations become...it may be a year, or a month, or a day, but eventually it happens depending on what
you have given forth...and it cycles back through you in an everlasting cycle...like a Sun through Earth with Rain and Fire creating you ethereally and physically
in ecstasy.
Yes, we all have a notion of ethereality. This is bridging forth energy that is inherently yours already. Why would you not do this? Why would you not
seek to have ecstasy every day naturally. Why would you not seek to understand who you are naturally and fluidly? Of course you would seek to know this.
It is the journey to this place that seems challenging, yes? The respective reaction in reality due to your journeys as your own bridge of the infinite is the
balance of your life and this world. How is that not worth it. By understanding The HeartWombMind Eye, that which OMO has given forth in a
descriptive mindbending simplified imagery for visualization, we may further be clarified within ourselves, the infinite:

Heart : From the greatest center of your highest loves, how that feels naturally, respectively, and continuously, that which is the purity of love, is The Heart.
Womb: From the greatest depth of your creative center of birth, both physically and imaginatively, and always of the most sacred respect is The Womb.
Mind: From whence you comprehend, articulate, and commence in the processing of transmittance and or receiving of energy (knowledge) is The Mind.
Eye: From the greatest depth of the mind, from the occipital through the pineal and electrifying your mind into sight as both visualization physically and sight into
that which is not seen physically necessarily, yet of the different levels of existence whether it be further forward in time, or back in time, or sideways in dimensionality,
and any of these combined in whatever ways possible, as well as the present time of course, and always forward, further, and respective, all of these combined is The Eye.
(why the different times? it will be useful to understand this eventually, remember always understand evolutionarily progressive, reality is not always going to be like it is in the
time we are currently living, the shift of the paradigm could be sudden or actually take 84 years...) And of course, however you may define what the heart is in connection
with the spirit or the soul or The Infinite Infinitesimal Source or anything, and the womb and its varying connectivities you may understand individually, and the mind and all
its billions of comprehensions that we have yet to understand, as well as the eye in all of its perspective balances of the light and dark as one fluidity in balance, whereas
I am looking through 2 EYES but only see one picture right? SAME. I do not see duality. I see all color combined in a rainbow of whatever it is, correct? Correct. Thus this is
a natural comprehension, the light and dark as one fluidity IS ALREADY, we are just retraining our minds to understand this from within them in a way that is exponentially
forthcoming in its unraveling of our unnecessary delusions of reality whilst balancing our energies and thought processes into harmony with the infinite universe. You see,
we already naturally exist, yes? Can you agree with that at least? Ok. Natural Existence allows us fluidity or not. Why not? Because we aren't flowing. So you will know.
The fluidity shall become. And then you will say to yourself, "Oh yeah!" You'll just know. The incredible part of it all is, it's you. You're the one. You are the reason. Every
single one of us is the potential balancer of reality. Every single one of us makes us that much stronger in energy. We all seek respect. Give respect. Not just in a way
that is outwardly, give your Self respect, give this World respect, give The Universe respect, give The Infinite Infinitesimal Source respect, cycle this respect AS LOVING
AND HEALING REGENERATIVE LOVE ENERGY AS BALANCE through your 9 comprehensive energy points at angles of 40º, I know it is difficult, you must train your mind to
get to this actuality, then you may understand your transmutative comprehensions of ethereality, what is your spirit animal, and allow forth this energy in all of its wonderfully
creative allowances of respect, love, protection, and fluidities for the purpose of balance...and you understand these as The PhiMale Vortex, The Trinity of Earth, Self, and
The Infinite Infinitesimal Source as ONE SELF of fluidity. Yes, 7 billion individuals can do this, 107 billion individuals could do this, 107,000 billion individuals could do this and it
would still only be one grain of sand of energy compared to that which exists in starlight (and that's just to paint a limitless picture for you, its limitless, there will always be
energy.) And you have comprehended all this in a meditative practice...SELF...Trinity...9 @ 40º...Transmutational Spirit Animal or Totem...in whatever way is the most
comfortable way for you in an orderly manner of balance...and then you may allow OMO...you see...you allowed AVA throughout all that, She is your PhiMale Vortex,
and now you are back to yourself, and in order to hone in on the comprehensive focus of sight, we allow OMO...the total internal reflection of absolute reality.

So ...always first... there is you (regardless of everything else, here you are, no matter where you are or what you believe, you are with you.)


And how we understand this as our professing through AVA...The Missing Link of Balance...The PhiMale Vortex Self through
The Trinity of : The World, Self, Infinite Infinitesimal Source : cycling infinitely and infinitesimally. And so we understand these
comfortably and without forcing them to be through our 9 energy points @ 40º (meaning each energy point is a 9 pointed
star and connected with every single other 9 pointed star in a balanced correlation of the energy balancing all your energies
infinitely and infinitesimally about you, within you, without you...spiraling forth through us individually like a strand of DNA, or the
kundalini snake of energy force and magnifying in and magnifying out in a comprehensive grid of energy. You aren't limited
by such a grid because it is energy, it isn't meant to "impose" upon your reality, it is simply to understand the vastness of the
infinite realities inside you outside you inside you, in a visualization. You see, your visual reality is comprehended through your
eyes, all of it. But that's not all there is obviously, you're not just a pair of eyes walking around on their veins. You have a body
and mind and spirit. So why not balance this? Mother Nature said, "Here, here is your path if you seek balance." So I said,
"alright Mother, so shall I allow this to all of us." And it is merely a cycling of information that we already know. That which
may evolve progressively, yes? Yes. Experience creates experiential knowledge, that which we may define as REAL
without error, by way of EXPERIENCING it...and we may shape these experiences to a manner that is respectively
natural with each one of us...such that we respect each other, this world, and all applicable spaces...
...we're golden...

NINES...and we understand The Trinity of grounding with Earth by our natural
gravity with Her Center Core, that which we have created a path right through Her HeartWombMind Eye through the center of
our Solar System, Galaxy, Universe, Multiverse, Multidimensionality, Unconscious, Subconscious, Conscious, and Superconscious,
The Energy of All That Is, Is Not, and Is In Between, and The Infinite Infinitesimal Source HeartWombMind Eye...back through
Mother Earth's HeartWombMind Eye and our Self...cycling...as AVA...The PhiMale Vortex...and this is a Total Internal
Reflection of The Absolute Reality ...through your Self:

Total Internal Reflection

And this is done through our comprehensive guidance by The Moon's cycles: that which is The Path of The Woman (by the Mayan
message of The Muwans no longer serving "pain and suffering," but expanding awareness through the projective meditations of
loving and healing regenerative love energy as balance) with the greatest of respect ALWAYS. (listen to Stella Maris for this through
musical information (a totally different medium for the same purpose!)

Nines ...and we have understood the necessity not only for ourselves to comprehend our energies further
as 9 @ 40º...yet further as our spirit flies...in a transmutated sense...and this as our Transmutated Ethereal Spirit Animal of choice, and/or Totem
for the proclamation of our creative centers in a spirited lifeform of all realms of existence, it is the practice of our capabilities in order to
understand further who we are through our infinite spirits in an evolution of our mind to alleviate all the dormancies of the mind by seeking
forth through this spirit energy as a new sense of SIGHT...evolved...by way of SEEING.

NINESEagle Brilliance

And so we have understood this to as well be a fluidity of further, we utilize this energy spirit as our path of flight through the cleansing
of our Mother World through The 3963 Energy Path (as comprehended to us by Her) by way of The Tun-Uc Calendar. And so then we
have been allowed this knowledge in order to balance ourselves and this world together symbiotically and specifically simultaneously
parallel in harmony and evolutionarily progressive. (why evolutionarily progressive? why make something that will only function until it is
time to understand further something else...create it so that it is evolutionary that it may as well evolve with this same purpose, yes? For
then we do not waste that which we have accomplished, and the balance only becomes greater and greater, do you understand
what has been done...a process has been created that evolves with us as we evolve...do you get how important that is?)

...and remember...this is done with a Heart of The Infinite, as light as a feather...The Mansion of Consumption...cycling...

Consumption Mansion

And so when we have accomplished our cleansing of self as I as a Bridge of The Infinite, and we have accomplished our
spirit energy, and we have cleansed forth The Earth (as has been requested by Her for ours and Her balance simultaneously),
then we understand OMO. Of course you may understand OMO as well before this, you know, after you have accomplished
your spirit animal (what spirit animal? choose one! make one up, whatever makes you soar, friend, let it be.) During the process
you may understand OMO before the cleansing of Earth, it's up to you. You see, take a look:

Light and Dark

...you see...the comprehension above came during the eclipse...and it evolved...evolutionarily progressive...

OMO...all your energies are between your eyes from your occipital
through your pineal and all the variables of the brain and the (funky tonalities) functionalities of the eyes in their seriously elaborate
capacity of allowing us a serious amount of information on just how to actually SEE ethereally and physically : individually • collectively
simultaneously • parallel and • in harmony • evolutionarily progressive : limitless. Whereas if you understand that all of your basic body
functionality is coming from the brain as directed by our sight (or that which was originally suited for as by our sight (not trying to limit it
from blind people at all, but that would be a totally different way of understanding this in a similar sense, but "using the force" a bit more
than nonblind people do.) So we may understand that between our eyes, in our mind (as a sortof placeholder of the reins, a reinholder,
so to speak) we are centered in balance between the light and dark as one sight, correct? One Mountain of Darkness, One Mountain
of Light, yet seeing only one sight balanced between them as one, yes? We can all understand that without error, we see every day
through such an actuality, light and dark as one balance in a fruition of color across our visual spectrum of light...right? Right! So then
when we have comprehensively allowed forth our meditative fluidities into their calculated infinite and infinitesimal cyclings, whereas
our 9 @ 40º and our Transmutated Spirit Animal have become and we have allowed forth all this in balance in all that has been proclamated
forth as a necessity for fluidity, The Trinity, by The Path of The Woman, The PhiMale Vortex, and so forth...when alllllllllllllll that is accomplished (believe
me it sounds like alot but it doesn't take very long once you get acclimated, like 20-30 minutes), you allow forth OMO! And OMO is to bring forth this
into perspective by way of our physical reality. For we understand, yes? that OMO is simply the infinitesimal path from the infinite path as an allowance
through us in a different perspective that we might understand through our own eyes this same balance. It is to know this, do not let go of what has been
accomplished, allow it to flow EVOLUTIONARILY PROGRESSIVE, your infinite cycle, but understand your sight in the physical reality ethereally by way of OMO...
...do you understand that? It's like wearing sight...and obviously we are all wearing sight without wearing anything right? ...and you have no shame in this correct?
OMG! MY EYES ARE NAKED! For you see, they are not only naked, but they are drenched in purity as such through OMO. I could be totally naked in the middle of
the infinite desert of milky white sand of no hills and have this. All of this. The Infinite Infinitesimal ALL...The I as a Bridge of The Infinite. Yet shaped forth to simply sight
as well by OMO. So that I am not in a constant arrangement of understanding where to maneuver or elaborate this massive infinite being I have created out of
Spirit Energy, I am my self, as I walk, as I go about my day, and yet with OMO I have constant access to this MASSIVE SPIRIT ENERGY all the time. You see, that circle
of OMO is the infinite light in the heights and the infinite dark in the depths (that which is The Infinite Bridge of I as The Bridge of The Infinite), and the in between them
is in between your own eyes! Yet as well, the in between balance of light and dark as one fluid balance...MERGING that which we understand as ethereal or the
different levels of existence with that which we emphatically exist in on this physical level...merged...do you get that! The Circle of Life right between your eyes...
...yet a specific and a parallel to that which you accomplish in meditation such that you may function further, parallel, in an everyday normal process of this
physical reality as we begin to evolve into ourselves further...do you see where we're goin yet...understand further, friends.

The HeartWombMind Eye. The Trinity of Self. That is this center...it may be understood in your heart, in your womb, in your mind, as your EYE.

Evolutionary Progression. Do you see why this is so important as a part of the functional process now? Because it keeps evolving.
So that when you create yourself in your natural fluidity of balance, always allow forth the comprehension as "evolutionarily progressive,"
I cannot emphasize this enough ...KNOW THIS EMPHATICALLY MY FRIENDS...EVOLUTIONARILY PROGRESSIVE...we continue to evolve,
there is no end...look at this planet...look at how complex it is...look at our brains...look at the universe...we know very little, yet, we
have the potential to know it all, and there is a correlation to it all because we all live through this reality...thus there is a commonality
such as The Golden Proportion, Ratio, Spiral, and the parallels bridge knowledge, energetic evolutions of the mind...how could this
not realize forth that which we realize as we understand through The Great Mirror that which is looking back at us through infinite
space is merely ourselves...yes? Yes. It may not be humanoid, it may not even be physical...but we all exist...and there is an origin,
a mathematical fantasy origination of the structure of reality...spiral to it. Ask questions of the source. Here is The Path! You will
be given that which is necessary if respect has been allowed. Know this! ...and so then we understand further,
The Internal Star:

Internal Star

The earthquake registered at 6.2 as well and then again at 6.4...the instrumentation fluctuated from 8 to 2 to 4. Mother Nature?
A billion dollar lab for all this (any investors listening?), wired into every aspect of Earth's HONEST calculations at real time comprehensions,
then the information could be streamed instantly...as constellational movies...defined by a worldwide dictionary of every language created by renowned
scholars across the globe...communicated by Mother Nature, our narrator! To ALL of us! Every country! ...a streaming communication... like a Vegas Stock
, 24/7! No gamble, it's Mother Nature's explanation to fluid balance...that we may understand Her! Why would you not seek this? If we had experts
on language, weather, geology, the tornadoes, the hurricanes, the volcanoes, digital media, astronomy, astrology, I mean essentially we would need
the expertise of any religion, tribe, or otherwise of original people through present people : and without bias involved in the communication for TOTAL
accuracy if the anomaly occurred in such a place...we're talking :


Jobs! Across the world unifying Earth. If there was to be a world order of one as described by so many conspiracy theorists, this
is it. And yet, not for world domination...but for Mother Nature's Communication. Who could argue that there is anything more
important than this world continuing to support life here. Why would She not seek this unity being that we are so plentiful upon
Her. If we could merely shift our dialogue to be with Her instead of upon Her, She may have the respect She deserves...cause
I got news for ya...Mother Nature isn't just one planet...like grains of sand, there are a million billion stars and planets out there
in a cornucopia of variance, our communication with this one world could very well be the rite of passage necessary to
being allowed access out there...do you think that Mother Nature does not have a comprehensive mind of
consciousness? That She doesn't think or react? Infinity Symbol...NASA photograph...center of the galaxy...
Infinite Meditation...center of the galaxy...check the dates...action...reaction...The Great Hummingbird,
a grid of stars was created by the guidance of Mother Nature...then a series of six volcanic eruptions
occurred...and by way of animating the process that I have learned by doing this with Mother Nature,
Mother Nature gave us an image of The Great Hummingbird. ACTION : REACTION in a HUUUUUUUGE way.
Undeniable. And it just keeps going. Why? Why does it keep going? Because there is no end to Mother Nature.
Do you understand how it may be lucrative to understand an entity that is seemingly attempting to communicate
and has been ever since we could understand conscious knowledge...and even communicates through our own
languages! The very physical and spiritual entity who allows us life by natural process? Do you see how huge that is?!

Do you think some day we'll be standing around asking ourselves how
we ever got along without communicating with Mother Nature? Or is
this just blowin your mind without that thought...am I jumping forward a bit?

...eventually this system, it would simply run itself with a group of trustworthy individuals having fine tuned it into accuracy.
I surmise there would be vast reaction because of this in ways we have not ever seen before. I believe we have yet to
comprehend the depths of just how beautiful Mother Nature can be.

...moving forward... and having travelled these paths and understood what has been the 6.8 gave us the most articulation...and
yet we are allowed two others in this same Pyramid of The Missing Foundation. Look at the history now, even recent history. It isn't
a coincidence. None of it is. Reality unfolds in the same way. The way we live is in direct correlation to the responsive communication
of Mother Nature. An Echoing Pyramid. Is your mind starting to read in other ways now? Are you beginning to understand things that
have always been there waiting for you to understand them? Do you see how it was always for you specifically? There is no irony.
It simply is. How else can it be described except as love, my friend, love. I love you so much...yeah...i just told you specifically.


Niuafo'ou 6.2 Niuafo'ou 6.2

...the knowledge is clarified through these two locations of
one...the wings of Raven cleansed...now check this out:
(rollover image)

Leia's Masked Pyramid ...Leia's Breathing Mask

...you see, we had just calculated this face last time around! Mother Nature says, look! This is going to happen! Then it happens!
Notice how the original earthquake was right in front of this face...then notice the two little lines running down from its neck
(in the center image above), I mean, what are the chances that we would actually calculate this face (image above)
and then an earthquake originates right in front of this face (in the same location as the circlular Reticulum on the Leia
mask) and then as well not only reveal that, but as well, from this original earthquake reveal 2 DISTINCT LINES signifying
the two changes that followed from the 6.8...then 6.2...then 6.4. How could it all fit so well unless something was goin
on, right? Like what? Communication.

Remember this from Every 7 pg. 4? Look at it compared with pg. 44:


Remember this:


The Water Bearer became The Light of Her Purification, The Raven Hummingbird of
The Communicational Harbinger, and created The Wings of The Wings, The Pyramid of
The Missing Foundation, The Missing Link, AVA, OMO, The Evolution of The PhiMale Vortex...
The Ouroboros Sight is Smooth, like Drinking Water as The Setting of The Sun through The Great
Furnace. The Deepest Greatest Peace is of The Sacred Fruit of The Deep Tree of Life through Great Depth.

...then Sakurajima erupted a bright eruption on 9.27.2011.


Sakurajima Sakurajima
Swan means sound.

Flying The Heart Sight of Sound, The Open Compass of Sailing Lyra, The Deep Cherry Tree Blossom
is a Symbol of Earth's Delicate Life of The Embroidered Great River of The New Rising PhiMale,
The Cauldron of Sight Virtue, The Nine of The Four, known as The Setting Sun of The Pacified
and The Setting Sun Sea of The Circle, The Ancient Zither Amethyst Waterland, Origin of The Sun.

Then a couple of typhoons (twin typhoons) hit The Philippines and China...first Pedring hit Luzon
then Wenchang, Hainan, China on Tuesday 9.27.2011, then Nalgae hit Luzon on Saturday 10.1.2011.
Luzon means Big Light. The Philippines are named of Phillip The Prudent, King of Spain. Wenchang
means The Light of The Sun Language...Hainan means South of The Sea...and China means The
Rising Middle Kingdom.
The paths of these twin typhoons crossed each other in the center
depth mind of Luzon (The Big Light.)

Twin Paths

...and predicted by Mother Earth 4 days prior by two earthquakes :

Earthquakes Predicted Typhoons

...nearly the exact path was allowed yet 4 days before these typhoons...

Twin Typhoons

The Great Spiral spun through The Big Light of The Prudent and The Light of The Sun
Language in The Depth of The Sea of The Rising Center Kingdom...then The Twin
Spiral spun through The Big Light of The Prudent once again...crossing paths
in the depth mind of Big Light as predicted by Mother Earth four days prior
by The Trinity Strength of Mother Nature and The Water Bearer of The Light
of Her Purification.

10.3.2011 Sakurajima erupted again in its continuous message
of Earth's Delicate Life of The Embroidered Great River...this time
with an accentuation of The Heart Womb Mind Eye Sight with Auriga...
(much like OMO! You see...create...then there is a reaction!)

10.3.2011 Sakurajima

Do you see the three reigns...on the one arrowhead in union...yet Auriga only holds one...in a seemingly perfect
crossing of the strength of the bending bow as a giving nature: The star nearest the absolute center is Alnasl, meaning
arrowhead...notice Telescopium in Capella's eye...notice The Mother Scorpion through the mind's eye and occipital area
of Auriga...This is on 10.3.2011. This is the absolute center of Sakurajima's Sky and Earth at the exact time of this eruption on
Sunday Morning in Sakurajima (Saturday afternoon around 13:38pm CA time, where were you?) The star in the center of
Auriga's eyes is called Girtab : The Scorpion, The Stinger, known as The Place Where One Bows Down, The Double Sword...now
bowing down and bending the bow seem to have a similar comprehension in this fluidity. Also, notice that the stinger has been
transcended. Notice how the bending bow goes through the bending elbow, incidentally that star on the bending elbow is Kaus Australis...
...meaning Southern Bow...or Deep Bow. El • bow...bending bow...have you ever thought of an elbow as such a parallel to a bow? To Bow...
...to bow...two meanings...to bow : to bend...oh yeah! A form of complacency yet force!!! ...by way of projection. Hmmm...evolution...Duality
or balance...it's all in how you allow it...do you have respect...it is balance...do you lack respect...it is duality...Right? Right! How can one be
complacent in projection...it's a mindbender. How does one pull the bow back to engage a target without bending the bow back to
engage the target. By bowing to them. Is this not deception? It is only functional, I have comprehended, if it is done out of respect.
Therefore there can be no deceit. Hence the absolute centeredness of this definition in The Heart Womb Mind Eye of Auriga The
Charioteer of The She Goat and Her Kids. Auriga is known as The Reinholder. Interesting right? We were just here! Do you see where
The Moon is in the depth of Castor's thigh? Do you see where The Southern (or deep) Crown is around Auriga's leg? PARALLEL. Where
is Sagittarius but between the horns of Taurus...and one horn directly through his heart and mammilla named Alnath (it was also known
as y Auriga incidentally (the gamma star of Auriga) but is now assigned to Taurus but is considered as belonging to either constellation,
you see instant knowledge!) meaning the butting (understood as a very powerful thrusting of energy), also known asThe Northern Horn
of The Bull, The Heel of The Reinholder, The Two in The Ankles, The Goat's Attendants, The Star in The Bull to The North, Northern Star to The
with the stars of Auriga and Capella it is known as The Fire Carriage, by itself it is known as The Fire God, Agni (remember we just
spoke of Agni), also known as Agni's wife, The Devourer of The Sacrifice (or offering, otherwise understood as the consumer of that which
has been respectively given.) The Right Angle Trinity of Stars is visually apparent at the elbow through the crossing wrists of Auriga and Sagittarius...
...these are known as Alnasl, Kaus Australis and Kaus Media : The Arrowhead (the point), The Deep Bow, and The Center Bow. These three as a trinity
are known as Sin-nun-tu (or Si-nu-nu-tum), The Swallow (a Christian symbol of resurrection, in Ancient Europe and Ancient Egypt a symbol of the coming
of spring and new romance (in Egyptian poetry), whereas the Egyptians associated the swallows with the stars in the sky, and as well, Egyptians
comprehended swallows as the souls of the dead (whereas in The Book of The Dead reveals how to transform into just such an actuality,
otherwise known as resurrection, TRANSMUTATION...fairly interesting how all that comes around eh?) This is understood as the
comprehension known as new love, that feeling, as resurrection. Hmmm...where else have we heard of such an actuality
through an infinite meditative practice known as AVA and OMO, The PhiMale Vortex...manifesting ecstasy...

...and here we are...right now...where we have been explained we would be...
by our own actions and reactions to that which has been allowed us by Mother Nature
as an organization of information cast by Earth and Space in natural occurrences.

How many more parallels will it take to convince you that loving and healing regenerative
love energy as balance through Self as The PhiMale Vortex allows balance...

The Bending of The Bow is from the transcendent depth of the horn and The Highest Force of The Horn by The Cycle of The Moon
as the strength of The Cross in The Arrowhead of The Trinity known as The Swallow, The Resurrection, The Rebirth, and Spiritual Transmutation,
and this is from The Center of The HeartWombMind Eye known as OMO, the evolutionary progressive simplification of AVA, The PhiMale Vortex,
that which is The Great Mother Scorpion's Stinger of the force of Mother Nature's Transcendental Energy in a Projective Fluidity through a symbiotic
forthcomingness understood through The Transmutational PhiMale Vortex of Cleansing Mother Earth. This is The Sacred Vision of Capella,
The Deep Cherry Tree Blossom, a Symbol of Earth's Delicate Life of The Embroidered Great River of The New Rising PhiMale,
The Cauldron of Sight Virtue, The Nine of The Four known as The Setting Sun of The Pacified and The Setting Sun Sea
of The Circle, The Ancient Zither Amethyst Waterland in The Origin of The Sun.

The Communication can be read here.

The Bigger Picture is An Infinite Meditation.

May Light Be Your Shadow.

Every 7

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