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11.7.11 7 billion people, humanity, 7 billion.

Volcano consistencies are as follows :

Kizimen continues to flow...

I, Raven's Feather, Traveler of The Sea.

Puyehue, Chile continues to flow...

The Place of The Stars of The Milky Way Cord
Stalk, The Good River, Where the Land Ends
and in The Deepest of Earth in The Deep
Work Superseding Wasp.

Fuego, Guatemala continues to flow...

Volcano of Fire of The Setting Sun Highlands of The Trees and
Between them, The Land of The Snake Eating Bird in The Center
of Good Working.

Santa Maria, Guatemala continues to flow...

Sacred MotherWife, The Naked Mountain of Our Language
of The Setting Sun Highlands in The Land of The Trees and
Between them, Land of The Snake Eating Bird in
The Center of Good Working.

Sakurajima, Japan continues to flow...

The Deep Cherry Tree Blossom is a Symbol of Earth's Delicate Life of The Embroidered
Great River of The New Rising PhiMale, The Cauldron of Sight Virtue, The Nine of The Four,
known as The Setting Sun of The Pacified and The Setting Sun Sea of The Circle, The Ancient
Zither Amethyst Waterland, Origin of The Sun.

Kilauea continues erupting...

The Hill of The Honey Stick, The Hill of The Honey Eater of The Shielded
Spewing Home of The Goddess of The Great Ancestry in The One of
Many Works Superseding Wasp.

Shiveluch, Kamchatka continues to flow.

Seven of Nine is The Light of The Goddess of Living, Being,
and Existing in The Raven's Feather of The Traveler of The Sea.

Las Calmas, Canary continues to flow.

Off the edge of The Waterlands of The Sacred Dogs, off the edge
of The Arrowhead Heart of Iron, off the edge of The Ridge of Rocks
of The Waterlands of The Desiring, The Mystery, The Setting Sun,
The Guardians of The Golden Apple of Immortality in The Deep
Calm Sea.

Las Calmas ...like a walking GreenWaterMan carrying the island.

There was a really moving story I read about a couple married of 72 years who died of a
car accident on 10.12.2011. "It was really strange, they were holding hands, and dad stopped
breathing but I couldn't figure out what was going on because the heart monitor was still going."
"But we were like, he isn't breathing. How does he still have a heart beat? The nurse checked and
said that's because they were holding hands and it's going through them. Her heart was beating
through him and picking it up."

First of all remember how it was proclaimed this last time around
how if I was wrong about the Ambrosia comprehension of Mars SHE would let me know.
Well, I didn't realize She was going to tell me I was correct! At the very least one must admit
that the parallels are incredibly fluid in an incredibly emphasized parallel. I had an incredibly
intense meditation just prior to this red dust storm. This storm occurred in Lubbock, West Texas.
And it appeared like the dust storms in Dune. The very elaborate and long meditation I had
experienced was drenched in sage smoke...extremely intense and constant for about
two hours.

Do you recall Garuda from last time around? I want you to understand that just because
I have expressed what the beliefs of Garuda are in the comprehension of that belief system
having enemies that this is an intention, it is not an intention. Perhaps this is our lesson. Our proclamation
is to become the evolution of balance, not the creation of duality. So we must remember that. The Snake
is not the enemy. The Bird is not the enemy. We must remember we are the accumulative fluidity of balance,
The Rising Flying Dragon of The PhiMale Vortex. Anyhow, it was strange, I continued following my instinct on
locating that which would be necessary to understand and so I reached into that vortex black hat and
found another rabbit from 1984, Star Trek III. And at the end of this movie, in almost the same exact
location of the movie as the last movie parallel I witnessed this...

(in the video above reveals an airplane upright from the winds.)

Lubbock Star Trek Lubbock Dust Storm
...strange parallel right? (check out all the parallels in this image) I want you to understand I am not intentionally attempting to
locate any of these parallels. It just keeps happening now. More frequently...seeping into every day reality...

Understand the path of information. That ship is called a Bird of Prey. An enemy ship flown by not an enemy. Understand the parallel?
A Bird that is an enemy that is not an enemy, get it? YET...as well...understand the sequence of this movie...Spock had just gone through
a total regeneration of his body from death where he had saved countless allies, and placed his Katra into Bones...and he is regenerated
by a planet called Genesis...whereas his evolution of every 7 year Pon Farr, a psychophysical condition where a Vulcan becomes into a
blood fever, into "heat" essentially, and must mate with someone they are intensely bonded with, or perform a ritual battle called kal-if-fee...
or will die...arises upon his circumstances due to his rapid generation, and so his Pon Farr becomes intertwined with the Genesis planet...as he
felt pain and suffering, so too did the planet react...as the planet comprehended forth its volcanic and quaking energies, so too did he feel
this in an extremely intense and painful experience. (one might surmise that if the characters in this movie had more time to organize a reaction
they may have eliminated the enemy on approach to the planet, as well as brought a suitable mate or ritual battle or both to the young Spock...
...thus...perhaps...eliminating the threat of the planet going through its Extinction Level Event...correct? Food for thought. 1984. The ritual performed
by The Vulcan High Priestess (by the way vulcan, volcano), is likened to The Bene Gesserit by way of mysticism. Both Dune and Vulcan are similar,
yet different. One system of mystics create earthquakes, tremors, vibrations in order to attrack or distract the great Worms of The Desert, a
creature somehow connected with the spice they mine and consume, their eyes turning blue...and another system goes through a 7 year
cycle, upon which its climax has a necessity for relief through ritual battle or respective sacred sexual fervor or dies. Both are red planets...
one of volcanoes...one of desert spice. Can you read through them as though they were one planet of circumstances through an
individual? The Spice is the main influence, AMBROSIA, The Path of The Woman (her cycle(s), and The Woman in this parallel is
The Planet with the individual. Do you see how intense it is? Interesting and strange to say the least. It's like the "unknown"
story of the essential ingredients of power cultivation. By the way...Lubbock, West Texas...Thomas Saltus Lubbock.
Thomas means the twin as well as "the doubting Thomas" due to St. Thomas' DISBELIEF of the resurrection...right?
Saltus means leap or jump. Lubbock means lovely. Texas meaning friends or allies. So throughout all these
imageries and parallels we come into fruition with a location of a severe and emphasized reaction of
mother Nature saying DUNE! Through The Doubting Twin of the Resurrection of The Leaping Lovely Friend.

Just after this smoky heart cleansing meditation as well, did Sakurajima respond very fast :
(these events all occurred right after the smoky heart meditation for a couple days.)

The Sakurajima Volcano eruption (stating 10.18.2011 14:21:29 is actually 10.17.2011
around 10:21pm CA time (preceding the dust storm, and quickly following the
severely saged meditation.)

Sakurajima Smoking
...smoky...right? What is sage but the cleansing device used for preparation of clean meditations. And so as such
this meditation was allowed forth, and two noticeable responses of Earth occurred...or one might debate that two
circumstances of Earth were predicted...or perhaps the relationship is likened to that of symbiosis, yet psychologically
physical ethereally into reality in a very rapid response time...yes? We may comprehend forth that there is no time
barrier to reality except that which we experience in every day walkabouts, and even that is becoming blurred
back into clarity by our fluid integration of evolutionary progression such that we are comprehending before that
which shall occur and responding to it while simultaneously altering into balance that which may have been
less than balanced...is it possible, you ask. Your attention has definitely been accumulating, yes? It isn't meant
to sway you into belief. None of this is meant to create a faction or cult. None of this is meant to abuse or
trouble or distress. I am simply reading what has happened as it happens and explaining it to you. When
I have a meditation about a heart....and this meditation elaborates forth through a series of events and
instinctual findings that occur like this in a direct obvious response, it appears to a scientific observer
that there is causality, right, Merovingian? Rollover the third image there...


Sakurajima Sakurajima

That is a Loyalty Stone Heart. Do you remember we spoke about the parallel evolution of The Quadration Star of that
of The Pentagrammic Crossed AntiPrism? Well...there is the pentagram...center of the heart, plain as day. Furnace
(Fornax) in the center of Hercules, The River through The Cultivator (Bootes.) The Crown floating on The River. What
is a furnace but a balanced space of fire for "heat." Correct? So as such it appears that The Path of The Cultivator,
that being The PhiMale Vortex is through The River, what appears to be The Path of The 3963. Why? The Cycling Crown.
The Pendulum Pentagram on Bootes' temple. TWO points above the pentagram reveals two pentagrams only: The Pentagrammic
Crossed AntiPrism...and yet did we comprehend this as a parallel evolution to The Quadration Depth Infinity Double Black Diamond
Trinity, yes? Yes. And it goes much, much further. And it just keeps going my friends. There is a balance becoming that is noticeably
real and reactive. I want you to understand it isn't meant to hurt any of you. We exist for balance. To evolve. The elaboration of this
balance becomes extremely complex. These comprehensions have been, like all the others, integrated somehow into The Bigger
Picture, The Great Hummingbird, The Bending Mirror. Understand that. I am not asking any of you to do anything but allow forth
respective love to yourself, Earth, and The Infinite Infinitesimal. That which has been purposely allowed us in comprehension, I
have allowed forth to this creation. It's like having an iPod, you have a hundred songs on there...then you buy another album...
then you update your iPod...every single day that I cleanse forth the entire Great Hummingbird, through Her and The Infinite
Infinitesimal, it is likened to being brand new, without flaw...understand that...while simultaneously understanding it is always
cleansing...constantly...the whole system was created for just such a purpose, for loving and healing regenerative love
energy as balance. Understand that. So that if a portion of this reality is updated by a circumstance such as a pentagrammic
crossed antiprism paralleled by a quadration depth infinity double black diamond trinity, it has been implemented as comprehended...
you need not do a thing but allow forth or be on your respective way. None of it is to hurt anyone ever at all. It was extremely complex
what has been done. Someday you may read the specifics. As far as what an individual might allow themselves, that's up to you, right?
Things like OMO or The Vitruvian Evolution of Humanity by way of the ancient old chakra energy points reevaluated and reexpressed
through The Rainbow Bridge of I as a Bridge of The Infinite...it's up to you if you seek to allow that for yourself or not...your spirit animal or
totem, up to you...the eventual definition of The Quadration Depth Infinity Double Black Diamond Trinity...that will be up to you as well when
it is eventually brought forth in a diagram of comprehension...I am simply allowing you what I have been allowed as it happens...in an almost
daily revelation of experience, observation, practice, and (evolutionary) conclusion. Every time I update The Bigger Picture out there, that
Great Hummingbird...you will understand that the next time you meditate through The 3963 or your own path through Mother Earth and The
Infinite Infinitesimal. It is to understand that this is all being expressed by Mother Nature. The dimensions of reality are merely revealing themselves
to us so that we might understand ourselves better. Do you understand that? It isn't meant to cause fear or abuse or trouble. It is meant to allow
balance, knowledge, energy. The Paths created out there in the stars are not meant to confuse you or frustrate you or stress you out...they're
merely paths. You are the traveler. It's your journey. You travel that which has been created FOR you for your specific respectful purpose.
Understand that. It has been created for you to understand you to understand us all better. How better might we comprehend our world
or our brothers and sisters of this world but by comprehending ourselves...and in essence, the essential energy of The Infinite Infinitesimal All.
As though we were all simply water first, one energy of fluidity...like a spirit in the wind...a breath of one...the infinite all that is, is not, or is in between,
that which shall be or has the potential to become, we may understand first because we are fluid with The Great Mother. There is no deceit in this.
I do not exist to deceive. I do not exist to hate. I do not exist to abuse. I do not exist to cause pain or suffering. I exist to allow balance. And as such
through a known comprehensive measure understood as Loving and Healing Regenerative Love Energy as Balance. Do not be shocked or frightened
by the strange evolution of perception. Did anyone actually believe that we would remain stagnant in the delusions of reality forever? Obviously Mother
Nature has a voice, and She speaks! And this voice is seemingly allowing forth through those whom seek to allow balance respectively WITH HER. Do you
understand that? Do you understand that Mother Nature is the power of every single natural phenomenon from a drop of rain to a 5.3 earthquake to a
Category 5 hurricane to a 72 billion light year Galaxy to a yet undeterminable volume of space of yet completely calculable Dark Matter...and so forth...
we each have a mind...and energies that span ourselves through The Great Infinite Infinitesimal Cycle. We understand love and how to create love from
this love...to magnify into fruition, this as balance. We understand how to read, and in the humble nature of seeking truth do we allow forth that which is
necessary to evolve out of illegibility into clarity this "reading" for us all...not for greed, not for power, not for vengeance, not for disrespect...for love, the
creation of love, the balance of love, for the furthering of evolution. Humanity's one unique anomaly of perception...we feel love. Do we see this in animals?
Yes. Do we see this in Nature? Yes. Do we see this in space? Yes. How? Because we perceive love, it is likened to an anthropomorphic mirror to that which
we find pleasing...for this creates love. Understand? This inspiration is everywhere. We may be inspired to allow forth loves of many specifics. When I venture
forth the cleansing love am I inspired by numerous aspects of reality. So as such I feel more love. Focus is on the feeling. This becomes the balance. For I am
here. I am there, here. I am everywhere, here. I am out there, here. I am inside, here. I am not disrespecting your space in any shape, manner, form, or sensibility
because that is not my goal, it is not my intention to trespass, it is not my intention to disrespect, I seek only to allow love and balance, so that I may comprehend
love and balance. THIS CREATES THE ECSTASY YOU SEEK. The Ambrosia of The Infinite. This cycles because you cycle this. What would you do if you were going
to get high on something other than you, take a pill? Smoke a joint? Do a line? Pierce the vein? Down a bottle of alcohol? Those are all processes, correct?
Expensive ones I might add. And many of them cause the body to falter in certain aspects of health, correct? Logic is logic my friends. I searched for the
greatest high all of my life. If you could create a cycle, an infinite cycle simply by standing there for twenty minutes a day, to create an infinitely cycling
evolution of progressive ecstasy NATURALLY, would you not do this? You had to learn how to roll that joint right? You couldn't just stick that needle in
your vein or cook it up without learning how, correct? Although chopping up a line isn't rocket science per se (forgive the pun), it still entailed some
form of basic information, and alcohol...well...opinions are opinions...but too much of it destroys your liver, the organ that cleans the toxins from your
body, synthesizes proteins and helps in digestion and metabolism...important features to feeling good...understand? So if there was an invisible bridge
of reality...one beyond the illusion of being high on something like the chronic or heroin or cocaine or whatever...a bridge of YOURSELF that already
existed and simply awaits your awakening to this fluidity...and one that would allow forth an ecstasy of consistency throughout your every day
existence whilst allowing forth balance to The Infinite Infinitesimal All whilst allowing forth balance to you...created BY YOU...would you not seek
this? Do you not trust you? You're always with you, so I would surmise regardless of your own trust issues with yourself, you're still going to be
with you the next day, and the one after that as well, so why not get comfortable, correct? Life isn't the span of the time it takes my high
to wear off three hours later. If a cycle is allowed forth...the ecstasy only continues. It evolves because that is how it is created. You are
your own guide through The Infinite, it is your own language, it is your own comprehensive measure, your triggers, how you understand
through it will open forth that which is necessary for evolution...why would we not seek to evolve? Can you imagine if one individual
might allow this, what hundreds of thousands of millions of billions of individuals might allow? What if the purpose isn't one individual,
correct? What if the purpose is 7 billion Love Creators. Can you imagine The Lotus Flower then my friends? Lotus Earth. Lotus Solar
System. Lotus Galaxy. Lotus Universe...do we simply allow forth that which already exists...yet has one simple ingredient missing...
...all our love. Since we are inherently fluid through The Infinite Infinitesimal All : simply by existing, it would seem to the careful
observer that our reality is such that we are not limited to our suffering...yet we are evolved into Creation as Creators. And
by this do we seek to create that which is necessary to create...inspiration...love. The Infinite Muse. And what is that energy
but the most beautiful we have ever known. The Woman Energy. The Spice. And why is this? Because She is The Birther!
SHE CREATES! She is the inspiration! Why else is she blessed by the beautiful ambrosia? You see, SHE, WOMAN is the
inspiration to all of reality...The PhiMale Vortex of Creation! And it is no coincidence that parallels are everywhere
for this. Our evolution isn't bound by these parallels, there are no limits to understanding beyond that which we do
not understand yet, we will eventually understand that which we seek because there is a way eventually. So as
such we strive for this. Regardless of whether anyone is evil or nice EVERYONE seeks balance. EVERYONE seeks
their own equilibrium. It is only by respect that this is accomplished...for eventually Mother Nature will destroy
that which is necessary to destroy FOR BALANCE. Mother Nature IS balance. It doesn't matter what I do
unless I cause disrespect...for then there is an uncomfortable reaction by HER. The only way all the way
through Mother Nature is by respect WITH HER...not against Her...not upon Her...WITH HER. When we
become one in this aspect of ourselves, our own PhiMale Vortex, then does She allow us greater
clarity and balance and ecstasy because we already exist within Her! Understand? I Love Her.
She Loves Me. It's very serious in alot of extremely complex and serious ways. As such may it
be with you my friends. Do not fear evolution. We simply become that which we already are
but have yet to understand whilst progressing that which we comprehend even further.
We are as good as our most spiritual, intellectual, olympian champions...every single
one of us...and our minds and hearts are fashioned to understand these inspirations
into reality further...that I might soar with the heavens my love for Her...me. Do you
understand that? Your Love For Another, You. It means you feel so much love for
another that YOU HAVE TO EXPRESS IT!!!!!!! And so every day do you accomplish
this and this energy BECOMES YOU! The greatest infinite ecstasy ever created
in the entire universe was yours, tomorrow...now. I wrote this in the past.
You understand.

The Horizon sees The Right Angle of The Sacrifice of Chiron, The Balance of The Climbing
Great Mother Scorpion : Love, Earth, Death, War, Ambrosia...that which we understand now
as The Mother World Rebirth Balance of Ambrosia : Love. This depth sees The Center of The
Great Mother Bending at The Altar dripping into The Trinity through The Infinite Stars...
A Navigation of Paradise.

The Pentagrammic Crossed Antiprism is revealed with Great Strength in The Desiring Cultivator's
Temple of The Heart of The River of The Crown, The Phoenix Dragon of The PhiMale Vortex Cycle,
The Vessel Horse and Rider of The Peaceful Stars of The Heart.

On 10.18.2011 in Plantation to Sunrise, Broward, Florida was there a huge tornado EF2. Napoleon Bonaparte Broward...
Napoleon is said to derive from Naples (remember Sakurajima's Kagoshima is The Naples of The East) whereas Naples
means New City...and as well...this name is said to perhaps derive from Napio, a fierce looking man with a hooked nose.
Bonaparte is said to mean good solution or good match. Broward is said to derive from the Old French "bruyere", heather
(Ericaceae, from the latin Erica, meaning heather.) Plantation is of course a settlement in the act of cultivation. Florida
means something like flourishing in bloom.

Spiral Vortex from The Cultivation Settlement to The Rising Sun,
The New Fierce Looking Man with a Hooked Nose is a Good
Solution, a Good Match, Heather, Flourishing in Bloom, in the
One of Many Works Superseding Wasp.

Notice the path of the tornado:

Broward ...from 3...to...13...
do you remember Jujuy, Argentina from
last time around? Check it out:

Jujuy, Argentina
What was proclaimed from this location of Jujuy?

The Infinite Infinitesimal Has Healed The Foot of The Hard Round Slope,
Two Sounds from One, and one protected from them, so says The Compass,
The Infinite Infinitesimal Has Healed The Foot of The Hard Round Slope, Trinity of
The Diamond of The Vermillion River known as The River of The Blood of The Gods
of The Desert, The River of The Blood of Father Eternity, that which we have comprehended
as The River of The Blood of The Trinity Diamond PhiMale Vortex of The Earth and Heavens,
The Great Dragon Vessel of Lyra's Peaceful Power carried on the back of The Cunning Fox
and flown by The Sound of The Dove of Isis, The MotherWife of All, Bride of The Vortex, and
through The Swift River of Bending Desire of The Ancient Light of Self Creation, The Mirror of
The Thunderhorse's Eye in The Womb of All Consciousness, The Heart of The Companion of
The Spiral Horn, The Rising of The Sacred Womb...The Eagle opened The Compass of The
Great River Snake of The Great Healer, that which flows through The Center of The Spiral
by way of Protected Navigation...and all in The High Sunset of Inti, The Sun of The Revolution,
The Rising of Silver, A New and Glorious Nation Rises to The Surface of Earth in Unity, Freedom,
Power and The Willingness to Defend Freedom and Liberty, The Blue People of The Sky
and The Silver People of The River, Unity is Power is Freedom is our Laurel of Victory
of The Personal Keeper, Protector, and Guide of The Silver!

Plantation Sunrise Plantation Sunrise Heather
Remember that Ursa Minor is as well known as the wings of the dragon, and in the horizon
image notice how the dragon's tail reflects the tail of Ursa Minor...this eludes to the wings
of The Dragon's reflection allowing forth the comprehension of The Great Ship being a
reflection from great depth...level lion...

The Horizon prophecies The Furnace in The Spine of The Great and Peaceful Darkness,
The River runs from The Spiral Whale of The Ancient Light of Self Creation giving forth
The Wings of The Dragon through The Womb, Through The Heart, Through The Phoenix
That Sees Through Time, The Circle of Reticulum, The Sight Grid of The PhiMale Vortex
of The Lioness, Quadration Depth Infinity Double Black Diamond Trinity, The Strong
and Balanced Reflection of The Lion Vessel of The Mother World Rebirth Balance of Ambrosia.

The Centers reveal The Intertwining Thunderhorse of The Chalice of Wind Navigator and Bending
Flight through The Spiral...Sails of The Setting Sun of Earth and The Raven of Andromeda and The
Waterbearer of Ascension and The Strength of Her Compass, ONE, The Great Vessel Sight, The Bridge
is Crossed. The Celestial MLINK, AVA, in deep thought through The Sails of this cleansing Her Mirror.
The Setting Sun of Earth arrives from The Ancient Light of Self Creation birthed of The Purification of
Chiron's Cross, The Ascension of The Protective Wings of Chiron from The Dragon's Mouth, The Point
of Triangulum...wings to Andromeda for navigation through the Cunning River of Raven's Spirals.
The Womb is in a great and peaceful space beneath the staff of The Ancient Light of Self Creation
Purification of The MLINK AVA Vessel of The Purification of The Flying V...Hearts and Spirals...
Ascension of The Cunning River Snake of The Rainmaker of The Sky through The Sails of The
Setting Sun of Earth's Flying Womb of Navigation...The Eye of The Thunderhorse from The Wind
of The Heart...The Spiral of The Hearts.

On 10.20.2011 something weird happened...I had this really weird sudden notion to go to the east bay
from San Francisco (right past Berkeley) close to the faultline out there...and I stopped to help a man
who had a sign sayin he was hungy, that's all it said. So I was like...yeah...I will feed you. So I went into
The Subway and got him anything he wanted, a whole grand meal...I do not know why I suddenly
needed to do this. I just did. So that was that. I went on down to the...subway...BART...and rode on to
the shoe store across the whole bay for some adventurous instinctual reason...and as we approached
the area's faultline next to Oakland...we stopped...I had my headphones on so I had no idea what anyone
was saying over the intercoms...I just figured...same 'ol same 'ol. Apparently we had just had an earthquake
right then...at the time I chose to come out here...and that's kinda freaky, right? Look at all the strange occurrences
that led up to that moment...who knows how reality could have been swayed if another path had been chosen than
that eskewed and spontaneous one...shoes...25 miles away...outanowhere...anyway...there was a 4.0 at 14:41...strange
right...mirror...and then another at 20:16pm (3.8.) So here are those imageries. This was in Berkeley, California. Why am
I doing a 4.0 and a 3.8? It seems like it was a part of my path, correct? Suddenly and out of nowhere. So here goes...
Berkeley as a location, its etymology is rather interesting...speaking from a point of view that this is a message from
Mother Nature to all of us...what would this location express? Berkeley is named for George Berkeley, 'george' being a
farmer or cultivator, and 'berkeley' from "be(o)rc" <---bjork! meaning "birch" plus "leah" "wood" or "clearing" hence "birch
wood". He was The Bishop of Cloyne, County Cork, Munster, Ireland. Berkeley's greatest achievement was an advancement
theory called 'immaterialism,' later referred to as 'subjective idealism.' esse est percipi = "to be is to be perceived." (sort of like
'i as a bridge of the infinite') 'birch' is fertility, new birth, renewal, cleansing of the past. The village symbol is The Round Tower.
County Cork is known as The Rebel County. Munster is said to be named of The Goddess of Water, Mu, Munster in the
south is the kingdom of music and the arts, of harpers, of skilled ficheall players and of skilled horsemen. California is
known as The High Mountains, Hot as an Oven, and The Dark PhiMale Spiritual Leader. The United States of America
is of course known as The One of Many Works Superseding Wasp.

The Cultivating Farmer of The Rebirth of The Round Tower of The Rebellion of The Goddess
of Water, The Deep Kingdom of The Creativity of The Golden Harp of The PhiMale Vortex,
To Be is To Be Perceived, The High Mountains, Hot as an Oven, The Dark PhiMale Spiritual
Leader in The One of Many Works Superseding Wasp.

Berkeley Berkeley Heart of Berkeley
Canopus is said to mean Perigee and Golden Earth...Golden Earth Perigee (orbit...likened to a 3963 comprehension)

The Horizon speaks of The Chalice riding The River Snake through The Setting of The Sun's Navigation
in The Purification of Virgo's laying in The Sky she creates a heart with The Feet of The Lion above The
Navigation. The Lion Roars to Mars, that which we have understood as Earth, Death, War, and Ambrosia...
...otherwise known as The Mother World Rebirth Balance of Ambrosia : Love. The Moon on the leg of Cancer,
The Highest of Sun and Hera's torment of Hercules...The Great Darkness is walking out of The Horizon.
The Sacrifice is being discussed by The Stars Dearest to The Heart. The Depth Horizon speaks of The
Great and Winded Vessel of The Compass led by Sirius, Isis' Star.

The Center speaks of The Heart of The River Crowned of The Pendulum Star, crossed with The Cultivator
Bootes' Staff faced of The Sacred Furnace...Hercules' strength rides The Great River in parallel with The
Great Sky Dragon kissed lightly of Desire by The Strings of Lyra...he faces The Mirrored Wing of The Swan...
...The Wings of The Dragon...The Horse and Rider of The Great Whale...Bootes' Phoenix dives through The
Sacrifice of The Sculpted Stars of The Heart, The Bridge between the legs of Purification...at the toes
of The Water Snake...The Grid Sight Circle of Reticulum rests beneath the head of The Snake of The
Smoking Mountain, and he is between this circle and The PhiMale Vortex...by way of the strength
of Hercules pictured by The Great Healer's lips spoken of The Golden Earth Perigee...The Great
Vessel of The Peaceful Dove.

Then there was the 3.8...

Berkeley Berkeley

The Horizon revealed The Great Healer looking towards the unseen
Cultivator of The Crown beneath great strength. Lyra of The Heavens
with The Wing of Cunning Song. The depth reveals The Balance of Love
and Communication at the feet of The Purification of The Shining Light of
The Infinite Cycles of Cultivation, The Raven's depth of The Spiral, The Staff of
Chiron, and The Deep Chalice.

The Centers revealed The Song of The Compass of The Great and Cunning Womb
Vessel of The Thunderhorse, The Companion, and The Eyes as Wings of sight. The Cross
is ridden on The Thunderhorse by Chiron's Setting Sun. The Bending Wind of The Ancient
Light of Self Creation of The Spiraling Energy beneath The Chalice of The Celestial M Link
AVA and Her reflection rocking upon the The Navigation of The Ancient Light of Self Creation
of The Spiraling Energy. This is from The Dragon's Heart, The Womb of The Unicorn before
the Sparkling Star of Isis playing Lyra by her tail...The Great Eagle creates a picture
by her tail feathers...of The PhiMale Vortex.

And then I continued on this weird path of interweaving different movies and even music.
I found an extremely estranged path that of course we know was revealed through Dune,
and then through Star Trek III...but it continued! And it not only continued on screen and in
music...it continued by way of these shoes I specifically purchased at this totally distinct
random, abstract, spontaneous moment in total harmony with these earthquakes...even so
far as stopping...in the middle of the day...to buy this guy food...did it all follow a path of fluidity.
(So if you have an inklin to buy some person a meal out of nowhere all of a sudden...I'd do it...
it could very well be the reason the world shakes or doesn't shake enough to cause an uproar,
that's my opinion of it anyway on this particular day.) So I bought these shoes...and I got home and decided
why not...check out the next Star Trek, IV...it's been like a million years since I had seen it, and with all the knowledge
I have accumulated between then and now, the movie is bound to have greater meaning if it actually has greater
meaning, right? Right. So I checked it out...and this is a seriously ELABORATE tangent...so we'll call this an INTERMISSION
to all this information...can you watch several movies and music at one time overlaying each other with all this Earth
information running through your mind simultaneously? Go to this page and witness the intermission...or continue on
to the next Every 7...or both...either way...it all just continues...to flow.


Every 7 pg. 46 B

The Communication can be read here.

The Bigger Picture is An Infinite Meditation.

May Light Be Your Shadow.

Every 7

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