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11.7.11 7 Billion Humans, 7 Billion.

Then on 10.21.2011 was there an earthquake in Pippu, Kamikawa, Hokkaido, Japan.
...the symbol of Hokkaido is the seven pointed star snow crystal...and in this case a
symbol of purity.

Like Silk Between The River of The Highest Cycle of The Sun, The Crystal Stars of Purity.

Pippu Pippu Snow Crystal ...7

Musca reveals the myth of Metis and Zeus. Metis was able to transform herself into
various forms, and once she changed into a fly and Zeus consumed her. Metis was
already pregnant with Athena. She began making a robe and helmet for her unborn
child while within Zeus, and eventually Hephaestus cut open Zeus' skull and Athena
leaped out fully grown and armed (kindof like Neo out of the agent.)

The Horizon revealed The Great Sculptor Purification for AVA in The Sun's Infinite Cycles,
The Balance of Love and Communication, consumption of the floods to save The World;
from the depths of time The Trinity River Snake of The Phoenix Raven carries The Chalice...
...so in flight does this Phoenix Raven bring forth from the great depths The PhiMale Vortex
Sails of The Cycling Smoking Mountain Winds : The Loyalty Stone. And so is crowned between
The Water Bearer of The Heart of The Cultivator and The Foal. The Depth of Earth is with The Thunderhorse
laying with The Serpent, The Great Strength of The Womb's connectivity between The Great Healer and The Swan.

The Center reveals The Sound of Lyra in two directions, The Compass of Peace, The Compass of The
Strong Missing Foundational Parallel of the consumption of The Dragon Sails Flight, Wings of The
Dragon of The Thunderhorse and Foal, The Great Cross of Chiron, The Great Cross of Their
Vessels, Strength of The Ancient Earth Lion of The Light of Self Creation, The Cycles of The
Smoking Mountain, Cunning Light of The Dragon Isis, Flight of The Wind of Desire
through The Mirror, Womb of Hercules' Star River. The Great Healer Sees
through time, The Root OMO of The Unicorn, The PhiMale Vortex...and
so as such is The Light of Self Creation, The Cunning, Bending Smoking
Mountain of The Eagle of Desire...consumed. The Queen of The Celestial
M wears The High Crown of Navigation.

Then there was an enormous earthquake on 10.22.2011, a 7.4, the largest
in a very long time in The South Pacific Ocean, Raoul Island, Kermadec, New Zealand.
Raoul was originally called Rangitahua by the Maoris. (it was allegedly changed by a french
explorer to Raoul, and a few years later named again, Sunday Island.) Rangi means Sky and
tahua means mechanic or artificer. Sky Artificer. This occurred right in between the Kermadec
Trench and the Tonga Trench = (south) = DEEP, Kermadec = Gracious like God climaxing the sun ,
the kinetic energy released in matter (k.e.r.ma), Kermadec (Jean-Michel Huon de Kermadec (Jean=
the Lord is Gracious), (Michel= He who is like God), (huon= allegedly from Hebrew meaning God is Gracious)
(huon is as well an old Welsh name for The Sun), (de= of) , (Kermadec= kerma is said to be Finnish meaning cream,
(dec is a first person singular present indicative form of deure which is from the Latin debrere, deure means to have
to or to owe.) This proclaims:

The Greatest Depth Peace, Sky Artificer, Deep Grace like God Climaxing
The Sun, The Kinetic Energy Released into Matter, The New Sea Land.

Raoul 7.4 Raoul 7.4

The Horizon revealed The Sacrifice to The Stars Dearest of Heart from The Darkness of
The Depth of The Horse and Rider, The Arc of The Cultivator and Crown, Strength of
The Dragon. The Purification of Denabola, The Purification of Distress, The Lion of
Earth, Death, War and Ambrosia of The Woman's Cycle, The Mother World
Rebirth Balance of Ambrosia, The Navigation of The Great River Snake.

The Centers revealed The Cunning Compass of The Eagle's Flight Cultivation
of The Wind of The Womb Parallel, The Great Vessel of The Croning Lyra of Isis,
The Great Mother Nature, The Flying Swimming Healer of The Mountain, Strong
and Peaceful Picture, The Dragon of Desire, Bridge of The Bending Unicorn,
Navigation of The Chalice Water Bearer and Thunderhorse of The Highest
of Hera's Sun in The Woman's Cycle, The Spiral of The Sacred Child, so
witnesses The Circle of The Darkest Sun.

This was followed by 3 earthquakes, all on 10.22.2011...all 5's...555...
(incidentally the first earthquake was at 4.555°S, 100.771°E...tripped out yet?
that formed a triangle...eluding to The Breast and Horn of Madagascar...

Triangle Madagascar
That is the absolute center of this triangulation. What would that speak then...The X actually goes right through the edge of what could be
considered either a breast or a horn of Madagascar, the crest of such...so what does Madagascar mean? The Kings of Malagasy tended
to refer to the whole island "Izao rehetra izao" or "Izao(all or whole) tontolo(total) izao(all) ("this entire country") Izao means 'this' or 'now.'
The Whole Now. What would the crest of a breast represent? It's like a sensitive soft sensuality...respectfully...correct? The crest is just
simply beautiful...smiling.

.Rollover image.

So this triangulation of 555 equates to :

The Center Crest of The Breast Horn of The Whole Now, that which is Whole, Now.

The first 5 was Pulau Mega, Indonesia...meaning

Cloud WaterLand, River of The WaterLands.

Pulau Mega Mega

The Horizon reveals a rearing Chiron Cross sacrificing The Wolf to The Mother Scorpion
at The Right Angle of Circinus and The Southern Trinity. The Altar of Fire before The Eyes
of The Universe seeping through to The Trinity. The Bird of Paradise stands on The Horizon
Navigating. The depth is camouflaged at The Smoky Mountain and The Flying FIsh where
The Great Vessel dives deep by way of The Peaceful Sparkling Star of Isis' guidance to
swift desire.

The Center reveals The Great Healer Mirror River of The Cunning Eagle Heart of The Unicorn
Crowned of Her leg of Strength at Isis' Star. The Spine Mind of Desire standing from the depths
of The Great Phallus Bull of The Mother Scorpion, The Great Whale aims from The Godfather of
Light and Sky to The 7 Sisters, and The Reinholder reveals The Balance of The Twins at Love and
Communication...one balance...two stars...The Sacrifice of : at The SheGoat...look deep in The
Crown of Protection.

The second 5 was Raoul in The South Pacific...

The Greatest Depth Peace, Sky Artificer, Deep Grace like God Climaxing
The Sun, The Kinetic Energy Released into Matter, The New Sea Land.

Raoul 5

The Horizon reveals a meditating Bull of The Stone gazing forth to The Great Whale of
The Godfather of Light and Sky, The Trinity and Protection, a depth of The Mirror of The
Reinholder and The SheGoat, The Lioness Seeing Between The Great Darkness.

The Center reveals The Sacrifice of The Sculptor of The Lion's Tail, The Sacrifice of Great Suffering
for the cleansing of The Stars Dearest to The Heart, The Cleansing of The Horse and Rider from The
Dragon's Tail of The Darkest Sun of Winter, We look deep into The Great Darkness of The Croning
PhiMale Vortex to Consume The Flood to save The World to See Between The Featherdress of
Native America from The Lioness' of The Lion Phoenix Bridge of Earth, Death, War, and Ambrosia,
that which we have comprehended forth as The Mother World Rebirth Balance of Ambrosia,
This Moon, and we are protected at the edge of Hera's torment, The Highest of Sun...
Purification stands in The Great Whale of The Crowned Winged Cultivator of The
Setting Sun of Earth's Rainmaker of The Sky...The Chalice Furnace Protection
of The River Raven. The Navigation of Time.

The third 5 occurred at Cerro Curaguara, Arica y Parinacota, Peru whereas
cerro is hill or mount, cura means stone in Aymara there is a gray coastal mist
known as ‘guara,' as well, guara means red in Tupi-Guarani...arica means new
(Aymara) parinacota means flamingo's lagoon (which means red
or flame colored.)

The Stone Red Misty Mountain, The New Opening of The Red Feathered
Fire Lagoon, The High Castle, The Golden Mountain, One of 8 Guardians
of The Universal Sovereign of Wealth.

Curaguara Curaguara

The Horizon reveals The Depth Sacrifice of Chiron, The Rise of The Cross, The Rise of
The Great Vessel, The Shining Sun Between and parallel to The Deep Trinity, The Spiral
River Snake of The Nine, The Raven, The Chalice, ascending forth around The Wind at
The Great Sun Compass. The Depth reveals The Communicational Harbinger of Love at
The Balance of The Great Mother beneath The Right Angle of The Fire Altar of The Trinity
Sun...The Great Healer looks beyond...

The Center reveals The Hanging Bat Eagle of The Sparkling Star of Isis at the edge of Swift Desire...
The Mirror is Protected, The Peaceful Picture of The Dark River from the mind of The Water Bearer,
The Cunning Womb Vessel of The Foal and Thunderhorse sailing with The Swan Song Compass of
The Wind, The Ascending River of Strength at Hera's torment, The Highest of Sun, at the edge of The
Great Dragon's Celestial Navigation, The Twins rest upon the shoulder and arm of The Great Healer,
The Mind of The Rising Star 'fore The Sparkling Star of Isis, The Spiral Horn of The Unicorn Parallel of
The Twins, The Snakeholder of The Coming of The Branch and The Womb of All Consciousness.
The Lyra is in deep open space.

On 10.23.2011 early early a.m. I suddenly felt the necessity to give love (just like I had the necessity
to give that man a meal before Berkeley's earthquakes), someone needed love, so I stopped what
I was doing (working on Every 7, on this page actually) and meditated love in a variant of multicomplexually
soothing manners respectively. I did meditate the heart, love, the infinite. And the overwhelming euphoria I
comprehended was eventually, with patience, seriously profound, very ecstasy, respectively. I did allow forth
this love to whom had necessity for it respectfully, that which I instinctually honed necessity from, and allowed
this throughout the Infinite Infinitesimal...this was roughly two hours before the quake. And when I comprehend
such meditations it is to understand that I allow forth throughout The Infinite Infinitesimal this energy (usually, but not
every time, it's up to the individual of course, freewill, but if I am attempting to allow balance The Infinite Infinitesimal,
it is to allow forth when I feel this euphoria : WITH The Infinite Infinitesimal in any number of a zillion different possibilities.)
You're probably like, what euphoria, what ecstasy? Right? After you practice projective meditation for a while you learn
how to create that feeling of ecstasy. Sometimes it's real easy, sometimes it is challenging, and sometimes, like that night,
it is so incredibly easy you know that the flow has occurred. It didn't start easy, I wasn't just sitting around waiting for the call,
I was in the middle of doing something when it happened. And so I calmly said, alright...and allowed forth curious, respectful,
and careful in a loving and healing regenerative love energy as balance. You take your time, and allow forth the path(s) that
have been fluidly allowed you in other meditations, and you understand instinctual fluidity, path to path, destination to destination,
and you just eventually find The Way, regardless of whatever, and there I found myself in the heart, and utter euphoria happened;
what does it feel like? It just feels like a rush of love. You know, that new love feeling. And when I feel that, I allow it forth. Whatever
the goal is...balance...whomever...whatever...place...person...people...circumstances...those who need it...that which is necessary
by the comprehensions we have learned...I give this love to The Infinite Infinitesimal...and I do this every day...every single day...The
World through Tun-Uc...The Infinite Infinitesimal All...all this love...for balance...for everyone. So when I suddenly understand an instinctual
calling, I allow forth the best I can. I listen to this fluidity because it is the most important aspect of reality. Which way we are going! How...
...why...when...what...through the stars...listen...understand...The World speaks to you directly. You have questions...then you ask them. ASK THEM.
Why wait. Look at this journal! Do you think you will not get a reply? The World is speaking directly to you! Why? Why would the world speak to
you directly? What importance do you have, you ask? Look at the world! You're everywhere! Why is that my friend? Don't you see that every
single one of us is a language. We're all a universe. We're all an infinite cycle. We're all the ultimate balance of anything, everything, or nothing
at all. So will you answer your own call? As you scream for yourself out in the infinite void of incomprehension, the world explains to you how to
listen, hearken Her, you, all of us. Freedom. At 1:41pm Turkey time a 7.2 earthquake occurred in Van, Turkey 7.2 km beneath the surface of Earth
(USGS)...then 10 hours and almost exactly 4 minutes later, a 6.0 struck INSIDE the lake of Van (a huge Klingon Vessel lookin' lake, no kidding.) And so
it is to question, was "the reading" of the whole Star Trek parallel a comprehensive measure into the reality that an immense earthquake was about
to hit this area? Yes. We're going to have to believe it eventually. THERE IS COMMUNICATION TO HELP US KNOW AND UNDERSTAND. In 1999 a 7.6
struck Turkey and killed like 17000 people...another quake at 7.2 the same year killed almost 900 people. 4 points difference. So I am curious
as to whether or not there is cause and effect here. Correct? It would seem only logical to attempt to understand this, it's sortof important,
right? If this earthquake was necessary to Earth's longevity... (the goal is always balance, not destruction) ...then I wonder if this could be
the easiest path of that circumstance of Earth's health...a 7.2 earthquake is severe...especially in a populated area, the death toll is
somewhere around 600 out of like 75,000. It could have been incredibly worse. And it isn't to disrespect any one of those individuals'
deaths or this circumstance by a statistic, it is simply to say, six hundred is far less than seventeen thousand. So let us understand
this place the best we can. A powerful message has just struck us all you see. The dialogue is open. The conversation is continuous,
so what is being said now...

Van, Turkey. Known as The Pearl of The East (or rising sun.) Van Lake is known as Little Sea, High Sea, Nairi Sea (Land of Canyons.)
The Van Cat of Turkey keeps coming up...this is a blue eye green eye cat who loves to swim! One eye blue, the other gold, beige,
or green reveals a Hazel Sight. Turkey is said to originate from the Gokturks, Celestial Turks, "the cult of heavenly ordained rule."
turk means strong in Turkish. This first earthquake struck just beneath what appears to be a mask of water of Lake Ercek. The
USGS proclaims that region experiences quakes like this due to the collision of the Arabian (nomad) and Eurasian Plates
(Europe (Europa is said to mean Open Minded Goddess, the Lunar Cow ('wide eyed'), and Asia means to rise like The Sun.)
They move towards each other and this squeezes a large piece of the continental crust known as the Anatolian (rising sun
or rising above) Block. So the Anatolian Block moves west (setting sun)...quaking...you see...logic...:
what The USGS has explained is that :

Due to the collision of The Nomad and The Open Minded
Goddess Sunrise, The Rising Sun Block is squeezed.

Pearl of The Rising Sun, The Hazel Sight of The Water Cat
at the edge of the water mask of Ercek in The Origin of The
Strong Celestial Cult of Heavenly Ordained Rule.

Comakli Comakli

The Horizon revealed The Companion on the back of The Archer shooting through The Wing
of The Eagle on the back of The shoulders of The Water Bearer cleansing through The Missing
Foundational Parallel of Native America and The PhiMale Vortex of AVA as the body of a
thousand stars consumes the flood of Earth within the edge of The Darkest Sun with The
Thunderhorse. The Phoenix Sculptor Bridge. The Sun Shield Womb is above The Horizon.
The Eagle Flies The AVA Flies The Cunning Healer Lyra...in The Highest Strength of
The Dragon's Eye.

The Center reveals The Double Cultivator of The Great Furnace Between Time and Staffs
Crossed in a Diamond and Double Crowned of The Loyalty Stones of The Intertwined Infinite
River of Strength of The Double Dragon of The Mirror of Desire of AVA as The PhiMale Vortex
of Energy, The Great Sculpted Whale of The Dragon's Wings of The Horse and Rider,
The Great Healer as The Great Vessel Sight of The Golden Earth Perigee,
The Consumption Grid Cycling Purification of The Great Smoking
Mountain of The Golden Earth Perigee, The Great Phoenix of
The Stars Dearest of The Heart, The Sacrifice Purification of
The Bridge of The Smoking Mountain.

Bird of Prey Lake Van

Van Cat David...weird right? That's a Turkish Van Cat. All the parallels keep going.
Had I not proclaimed these parallels would they still be accentuated? It wouldn't matter, because most of you wouldn't have the time to
research it anyway, right? Are we 'seeing through' or are we 'thinking through?' Or has The Path just simply become so fluid in legibility and
integration that this is how it's gonna be. Do you see that no matter how you look at it, something powerfully intense is happening...and I
love cats! But all that set aside, it is with a heavy heart that we witness humanity experience any kind of pain or suffering...this was a huge
earthquake in a populated area. We must remember though, the world is very old. Much older than we are. Let us continue to learn
while we still have a chance, correct? Cat's Eyes. Much like the Sauron's Eye in Lord of The Rings, correct? What is the point of
comparing 72's and 141's and 4s and 10s and eyes of hazel and the skies and earths of earthquakes (the color tones in the
imageries changed just prior to this earthquake), what does any of it matter, correct? Why. And what are the chances of
this earthquake occurring at the same time certain feline movies occur, correct? A zillion to one? You see, there is an
underlying fluidity to all of it. As though it's all on path...on track...explaining all of us to all of us as we comprehend, we're
riding the wave of information...and instead of NOT UNDERSTANDING OR EVEN BEING AWARE OF IT, we are attempting
to severely articulate understanding in as many ways possible for the fruition of evolution, our energies and capabilities.
WHY? You ask? Why would you not seek to know yourself?

Cat's Eye vs. Sauron's Eye ...you see, a Cat's Eye is a slit like the eye of Sauron
from Lord of The Rings...BUT Sauron's eye was not a fluidity of loving and healing regenerative love energy as balance,
although, it has been explained in The Two Towers that Sauron's Eye is "that horrible growing sense of a hostile will that strove
with great power to pierce all shadows of cloud, and earth, and flesh, and to see you: to pin you under its deadly gaze, naked,
It is also proclaimed "for in their corruption they had lost almost all possibility of resisting the domination of his will. So
great indeed did its pressure upon them become ere Angband fell that, if he turned his thought towards them, they were conscious
of his 'eye' wherever they might be."
This, it appears, is an accentuation of knowledge being allowed here. While you are to understand
that when dealing with the energy of your respective AVA, OMO, and so forth, that if one acts without respect, the sway of disrespectful
energy could spiral out of control...much like we witness what Gollum became...and what Bilbo began to become...and what Frodo fought
to the exhaustive bitter end to not become...the untold story of sexuality and power...balanced or dissuaded into... peace...or precious...we
witness many swayed immediately by its power...the ring...the circle...ambrosia...do you have the balance necessary to evolve through the ring?
Your Ring...yet The Eye...YOUR EYE...simultaneous to being witnessed...for once you "SEE" you are "SEEN," to be is to be perceived...Got it? It is as well
to understand from a parallel perspective that once you become acclimated into the fluidity of the infinite ALL, you may start to feel as though there
is an ever SEEING eye upon your existence. Because you will begin to notice parallels to everything you do, say, think, and even meditate...seeming
like exploitations of anything and everything...accentuating that which had never been important by detail becoming ever acute in your fluid
comprehension of them, thereby creating articulation into every essence noticeable (...i've got years and years and years and years of
information on this...a totally different journal...another book perhaps...the all seeing eye...and what it does to a mind if you do not keep
up with yourself beyond the edge of what could be described as that which we have just explained.) Just like Switch says in The Matrix,
it's "our way" or "The High Way." Do you want to know why? Because someone who is high is not legible. Like the lie detector test in
Fire in the Sky, the only illegible test was the one of the man who was high. So you see...you either hone your capabilities beyond
disrespect into the greatest fruition of balance...thereby eliminating the necessity of all virtues by becoming an ultimate virtue
of purification, thereby becoming the infinite infinitesimal ambrosia cycle...or go get high on drugs...either way you're gonna
be high. One will evolve you. The other has the potential to cause further discomfort and health problems and illegibility to
Mother Nature...although if all you're going for is a limited high...limit away...what we attempt to allow forth otherwise,
here, is limitlessness. For you see...what we attempt to create here is not an up and down...it is a continuity of flow.
The River doesn't turn on and off because the river had to go do a line when the river stopped running because
its high faded an hour ago...The River is always with water continuous (speaking metaphorically of a river
that is always running.) Understand your flow my friends. Create the ultimate continuity. Ambrosia limitless.

I am not casting judgement. And the purification of ritual is not necessarily compared to such addictive
continuities as constant drug abuse or use or whatever you want to call it, practice, whatever, I understand
that path, I was on it for a long frickin time. High...all the time...I know what high feels like. I found it without all
that, beyond all that, and made it infinitely continuous. I am not proclaiming that any ritual of any tribe or
group or individual is not sacred, I am simply allowing forth that which I have learned. Such practices as
LSD or Mushrooms, or Ayahuasca, or any number of psychadelic experiences is of course up to the individual,
that's the swift and serious diving into the deep end path...of course that has had its place in existence to allow
forth vision, or muster up the death of delusion and fear through the super electrification of the mind and body
in a psychadelic experience...it dissolves into nonexistence inhibition...and clarifies into fruition, focus on particular
psychadelic reactives in your system so as such to be capable of reaching that dark portion of your mind...your
dilation...to see a light of information...as well...the level of comprehension becomes likened between users of the
same experiential drug...creating a "same page" experience, why do you suppose Councils of tribes would smoke
the peace pipe...to get to the same page...and this is of course a necessity for comprehension, correct? Same page.
So when one witnesses all these "devices" of comprehension cultivation, we must understand that some drugs actually
cause health problems and addiction. Nevertheless, who's to say who is correct or incorrect. Who am I to judge
anyone besides myself. I've been high on drugs. I've been high without drugs. I've been high now in an almost
nonstop continuity of high for longer than I can remember...we're talkin months to years...and it keeps going
further...projective meditation. The main premise?

Give Loving and Healing Regenerative Love Energy as Balance...and so as such is allowed you.

It is to understand the energy we have been allowed forth; although this may be compared to the power
level of such an EYE...a cat's eye... like The Eye of Sauron...is not evil in the least. And although we may battle our own personal
lack of balance we do not succumb to the disrespectful ideologies or projectivities of that which is unnecessary, namely
disrespectful doings. What the hell good would that do. None. And although Sauron's Eye may be explained as pinning
under deadly gaze, naked, immovable;
WE are not rendered frozen as such this iterates. The sight we comprehend
through is LoveBirthThoughtSight. And I guarantee you that you may be naked, and you can move, and it isn't
deadly...and in fact will allow you greater balance. Get naked. Meditate. Be Free. Let it be. This'aint no evil eye.

OMO ...you see...now, I don't want to sound
vulgar or disrespectful in any shape, manner, form, or sensibility, but is that not the shape of a vagina...do
we find the clues of reality everywhere for The Balanced Fruition of Woman? THE RING, THE EYE; A Perfect Circle?
...The Phallus Finger Wears The Circle, correct? Sexuality in its most simple form. Unnoticed. From the greatest gravity of
depth...the dark eye...to the greatest ascension possible...the light eye...do we find their balance as one fluid OMO. The
M Link. (don't many cats have an "M" between their brows? You see...it's all a giant puzzle of itself. You have one sight. Yes
you can close one eye and see with the other...light, dark...when you are observing normally, your vision is one picture from
2 eyes...now...imagine understanding how to balance your actual visual sight with your actual energies of your physical
and spiritual Self. This is where OMO comes in...(and as well where The Quadration Depth Infinity Double Black Diamond
Trinity comes in.) You see, if we could simply understand from The Heart, then The Womb, then The Mind, then The Eye...
ultimate balance is possible. The Womb is not sexuality per se, it is the space of birth of The Sacred "Child." It is in quotation
marks because you aren't having a human baby every single day, correct? 7 BILLION! Slow down! Not enough food for that.
YET...we ARE creating energy every single day. Loving and Healing Regenerative Love Energy as Balance. So understand that
this creative center is always fruitful as such. The Heart (ultimate love) Womb (creativity regeneration) Mind (the cultivation
into thoughts these aspects of Self with The Infinite) and Eye (Seeing this into causality.) Can you imagine this
EYE in every single one of your energy points?

OMO, Quadration, Nines

(larger version of evolution here.)

Imagine this...you have 9 energy points right? So imagine these cycling through the Infinite Infinitesimal Source, through Earth, and your 7 (as above), your
basic Tree of Life, Tree of Infinite Energy and so forth and when they are cycling, every centered energy is connective with ALL 9 energies at 40º (this creates
the perfect balance of each as one fluid balance in each energy location) a balanced encircling of all 9 in each spherical energy point, correct? Correct.)
...so you have this rainbow bridge connectivity throughout all 9 of "your" energies, then, imagine the centered EYE of OMO in each one...like an actual SEEING
SIGHT EYE...YOUR EYE (your CAT'S EYE)...each one, all nine of them...THEN follow The Quadration Star for guidance with The HeartWombMind Eye...

I have updated The Quadration Depth Infinity Double Black Diamond Trinity to allow forth the greatest of clarity
what I believe has been fluidly allowed us to comprehend the greatest of balance for evolution, possible...
The HeartWombMind Eye V.

If you look at it for a moment you will recognize it appears like DNA. Infinite Meditation 2010 : NASA 2011.
Take a look at the images compared to each other...the infinity sign...it's amazing. Time stamped validation.
Communication. How could it be you ask. How. Here we are explaining as we learn what is. So you may See.
And now, we have been allowed further. Why? ...because we keep going I suppose. Because we seek balance.
Because it is through loving and healing regenerative love energy as balance. Because we love. Because we respect.
Because we create. Because we care. Because Nature matters. Because YOU matter. Because UNDERSTANDING MATTERS.
And so as such are we allowed further...understand? ...ok...so...take a deep breath...it is strange. It is difficult. But we're talking
about evolution, not what has already been practiced for five thousand years. The Quadration Star is an ultimate balance of
these energies...understand? It isn't meant to hinder at all. It is a guideline of balance for the most fluid capabilities. It is evolutionarily
progressive, so it will most likely continue to evolve..the points and so forth...SO...meditate your 9 energies at 40º, each 9 of each 9,
every single one. It eventually becomes very easy and fast. You can learn. Then understand all 9, each one as an OMO EYE (eye of
9 energies)...and this is the first REALLY progressive part...the root OMO Eye and The Individual World Mother Earth OMO Eye are
combined as one OMO Eye at your root as ' V '...the OMO EYE of ' The Womb ' is the combination of the lowest abdominal OMO
Eye and the abdominal OMO Eye as one...got it? ...the throat OMO Eye and the third eye OMO Eye are merged as one OMO Eye
from your Third Eye to your Occipital Bone as your ' Eye ' ...and the crown OMO eye and The Infinite Infinitesimal Source OMO Eye
are merged as one OMO Eye around the very center of your mind : your Pineal Gland (center mind) as ' Mind ' , ok? The Heart
OMO Eye is simply The Heart OMO Eye. Do you see why we always begin from The Heart....now let's go further.

You wonder what has happened? The 9 have become 5 in evolution. It is an evolution that is to be practiced
until one understands this fluidly. I continue working on this. Start to finish. 9 @ 40, 9 OMOs, then Quadration 5...

HeartWombMind Eye V

Then further...

Quadration Evolution

Now, understand : The HeartWombMind Eye V Quadration Depth Infinity Double Black Diamond Trinity HeartWombMind Eye.
How you ask...and we have all been asking...Now that you have accomplished The HeartWombMind Eye V Quadration Depth
Infinity Double Black Diamond Trinity preparation, we allow forth the next level of fluidity and protection. An Ultimate Vision. We allow
forth The Quadration Star of The Heart...we allow forth The Quadration Star of The Womb...we allow forth The Quadration Star of The Mind,
and we allow forth The Quadration Star of The Eye...so it is to understand that EACH QUADRATION STAR is that which one has accomplished
prior to allowing forth these four. Got it? The Heart Quadration Star is magnified of your center heart area. The Womb Quadration Star
is magnified of where your womb would be if a woman (men), and where your womb area is if you are a woman (between your
stomach and lowest abdominal area, depth.) Your Mind Quadration Star is of the center mind around The Pineal Gland...The Eye
Quadration Star is from your third eye area (the three top points of the quadration star are angled in the edge of your third eye
area horizontally three dimensionally through your mind : right through the center of The Pineal Quadration which is the center
of this quadration star (btw) and the back three points are centered at the edge of the Occipital Bone (that bump on the
lower back part of your cranium ...got it? (it is the Third eye area angled through the mind to the Occipital area...centered
of The Pineal area (The MIND HeartWombMindEye Quadration) You see, they can be any size, there are no rules to how
you may adjust to fit this comprehension in your fluidity...allow forth as it seems natural to you. You do notice the only OMO
still singular, correct? Is it a surprise, no coincidence. The OMO Eye of Root and Earth : The V. Why? Because our connection
with The Earth is very important. It is the most essential for existence here. We are always with Mother Earth. And what is
more personal than your root area of your body, correct? This is your connection with Mother Earth...do you see how
sacred She is now? That is how sacred She is...remember that every time you understand how sacred that area is to you,
that is how sacred it is to Mother Earth...Understand that the darkest depth in our living physicalities is gravity. The IRON Core.
No matter where we go on this planet we are centered to this depth...there is no hell there. Understand? Iron is not hell.
If you have a balanced iron percentage in your physical body you won't normally ever be cold. The Root is the seeding
of life whilst being the strength of The Ancient Vine. The production of The Seed. The most intense of climactic fervor is
allowed from this space and is as well the selfbirthing canal of our sacred intensity throughout the infinite bridge of
I as a Bridge of The Infinite. FROM HER do we arrive through ourselves every day, understand? FROM HER do we
seed energy of love every single day. It is from Her that we may achieve forth The I as a Bridge of The Infinite,
and allow forth this evolution in through ourselves this measure : The 9 at 40º, The 9 as and of The OMO Eye,
The HeartWombMind Eye V Quadration Depth Infinity Double Black Diamond Trinity HeartWombMind Eye
...understanding further.

It is dynamic, yes. It is complex, yes! It is weird, yes!!! What about evolution do you not understand. Correct? hence : weird.
Once you accomplish this, it becomes easier. You will become acclimated and faster. Eventually you will be able to focus
all of these together at the same time, it did not take me long to learn this. This is the point we are attempting to achieve
towards and through. It is to know how to balance these energies simultaneously, individually, collectively, one, all,
combined, or none.

After all of this has been accomplished, if you allow forth a Spirit Animal or totem, this would be the time, after
this has been accomplished and balanced to your satisfaction. Imagine now my friends, what your Spirit Animal
may cultivate forth with such a balance...serious power my friends. Respect it. So then shall it respect you.
Know this. (this information was triggered by The Turk Van Cat knowledge, you see? trigger. . . like a
cosmic link to the activation of that which shall no longer be dormant...we awaken the mind
through our spirit . . . and become further in love. . .)

There is as well, a galaxy named "Eye of Sauron." Take a look at where this galaxy is:

Eye of Sauron

Interesting, correct, that Coma Berenices (The Sacrifice) and Canes Venatici (Asterion (starry) and Chara (dear, or dearest to
the heart) and Ursa Major (The Great Bear (darkness) create the Trinity surrounding this galaxy...yes? One might comprehend
forth that Between The Sacrifice at The Stars Dearest to The Heart and The Great Darkness is The Eye of The Abhorred. Understand?
For what have we learned of this comparison through our elaborate prose on The Cat's Eye...that we are of a loving and healing
regenerative love energy as balance...an all seeing eye...so as such...is this sacrifice given...I give Love because I give Love,
and to be is to be perceived...understand? It isn't to say, lawdy daw, I'm just going to walk around oblivious and peaceful
and so this happens...
it is to understand that because you allow loving and healing regenerative love energy as balance,
so as such is allowed you...hence...infinite ecstasy...the mirror eye...you...are THE EYE. Know that, and you will understand
further...for it is your individual place in reality...not to control...but to allow...understand? And it isn't to say you just allow
whatever whenever willy nilly regardless of the repercussions...understand reality...understand circumstance...Know

Then was there a 6.0:

Occipital Van Occipital Van

The Horizon revealed The Cleansing Flood Consumption of The Sculptor looking into
The Horizon at The Croning V. The Rainmaker of The Sky is of The Great Whale, The Cycle
of The Earth and The Heavens, Protected Spiral of Godfather Sky, The Right Angle Depth
of The Thunderhorse Parallel, The Darkest Sun Between The Horizon under The Microscope,
The Bridge of The Featherdress of Native America's Thousand Eyes of Navigation, The Bird
of Paradise, The Trinity, The Altar, The Mother Scorpion, The Crown, and The Archer.

The Centers reveal The Protected Triangulum of Chiron, The Sacrifice of The Mask of The Hero
by Circinus and The Stone, Andromeda rides The Head of Chiron, The River Snake Spiral of The
Cycling Ascension of Earth and Heaven's Chalice, The Godfather Whale of Wind, The Great
Bull of The Cross at The Seven Sisters, Consumed of Her King she births as Athena, The Trinity
She Goat Altar Bird of Paradise, The Right Angle of The Mother Scorpion Camel Leopard,
She rides The Balance of Communication and Love, that which has been allowed forth
by King Cepheus' Ancient Light of Self Creation, The Bending Purification of The Sun as
The Thunderhorse of The Infinite Cycles.

Mt. Etna, Italy then erupted on 10.23-24.2011.

The New Voice of The Beautiful Mountain of Fire Piercing The Sky,
Earth's Deep Vessel, The Harvest of Triangulum, Land of The Bulls.

Then on 10.26.2011 a volcanologist who goes only by the name Surono (Sauron, Surono,
does anyone else find it all seriously powerful the way it is happening? Are you awake yet?
Listen to Wake Up by Rage Against The Machine) reported two great eruptions at
Lokon-Empung, Indonesia.

Pegasus before The Ram, Between The Twins, Becoming United, The High Iron WaterLands,
Fe (Phi), in The Water of The WaterLands above The Heart of The Water People.

Lokon Empung Lokon Empung
Notice THE EYE in the center of The Sky and Earth. How could
anyone make this up...

The Horizon reveals The Phoenix emerging out of The Great Darkness of The Missing Foundational
Parallel of Time as The Stars Dearest to The Heart enter the depths beneath The Horizon beside the
sacrifice. The Great Darkness umbilical cord is The River of The Mind and The Loyalty Stone of The Lions
communicating with The Mother World Rebirth Balance of Ambrosia. The Horse and Rider are The Horizon's
between, The Sculpted is from the "sheath" of The Cultivator of The AVA Crone, The Center of Consuming
The Floods, crossed of The Cycling Crown Staff, The Path of Native America is at The Root of Strength in
The Darkest of Sun, and under the microscope.

The Centers reveal The Centered Eye of OMO between the legs of The Shielded Unicorn of Isis' Sirius
in The Headdress of The Great Eagle of The Twins of The Great Healer of Desire in The Darkest Sun
The Strength of The Highest Sun, The River Womb Horn Vessel and Companion of The Reinholder
of The Waterbearer, The Protective Mirrors of The Archer's Serpent of Vega, Shooting Lyra with
The Croning AVA of The Great Bull Phallus EYE...The PhiMale Vortex.


Lokon Empung Lokon Empung

The Horizon reveals The Phoenix emerging out of The Great Darkness of The Missing Foundational
Parallel of Time as The Stars Dearest to The Heart enter the depths beneath The Horizon beside the
sacrifice. The Great Darkness umbilical cord is The River of The Mind and The Loyalty Stone of The Lions
communicating with The Mother World Rebirth Balance of Ambrosia. The Horse and Rider are The Horizon's
between, The Sculpted is from the "sheath" of The Cultivator of The AVA Crone, The Center of Consuming
The Floods, crossed of The Cycling Crown Staff, The Path of Native America is at The Root of Strength in
The Darkest of Sun has become centered under the microscope.

The Center reveals The Sight of Flight Protection, The Mind within The Mind, One Mind, The Great
Eagle Mind Monoceros Isis of The Great and Cunning Mirror and The Great Healer , The Twins of Peace
and Water Bearing, The Vessel of The Great Healer Womb and Horn, Companion, and Thunderhorse
of The Reinholder, The Archer's Rebirth Crown of Lyra's Sight of AVA, OMO, The River's Eye.


Lokon Empung Lokon Empung

(rollover image below)


Then later on after this massive meditative fluidity of The Quadration, a 6.0 earthquake struck off the
shores of Mabula, Cicia, Northern Lau Islands, Fiji...the root 'ci' is said to mean vagina...really...and
since this is what we are talking about, it seems only natural that Earth would equate this by an earthquake,
correct? Correct. An eye, a vagina, is it not strange anymore that The Sight of The Woman is the literal future
of our existence? The V Spice Sight as Respect! That we might understand through the double diamond...one
might say a double diamond is likened to the vagina, correct? ...and centered is the sacred entrance, correct?
Correct...and in The Quadration Depth Infinity Double Black Diamond Trinity, what is that sacred center...you...you're
centered...PhiMale Vortex. This is how SACRED you are, understand? Understand. Physical Ethereal Triple Helix. It's
all coming into fruition, friends. We're soaring, my firends...soaring! ...mabula means for or of (pure) life, to live...ci is
allegedly the root term for vagina...so...cicia would be a fluid spark of knowledge to understanding the quadration
star as The Great Womb energy comprehension...lau allegedly means eastern as well (rising sun) fiji means sunrise
or east as well. Remember Lau?

Manitou is the lifeforce interconnectiveness between nature.

Living Purity, The Depth Infinity Double Black Diamond
Trinity Eye of The PhiMale, The Life Force Interconnectiveness
Between Nature, The High Rising Sun of The Rising Sun.

Cicia Cicia

The Horizon reveals The Compass Merging Wind Dynamics Vessel of The Dove of Isis' Star,
The PhiMale Vortex pictured. The Depth of The River of Cradled Desire crossing the kneeling
Mirror, The Whale of The Bull, Bull Wings of The New Land of Angles of Truth Initiated in The Causality
Whale. Sky of The Infinite Cycles of Cultivation of The Spiral Sight of The Cross of Chiron, Centered,
HeartWombMind Eye V.

The Centers revealed Great Protection of The Ram's Sun, The Double Triangulum. The Purification of
The Bull's Cultivation through The Mirror, The Hero's Stones, Raven and The Hero, Raven and Andromeda,
The Hero Chalice Sacrifice, The Hero Chalice Spiral of The Celestial M, Chiron's Cross through Self further,
The Path of Depth and Ascension, The Right Angle of The Rainmaker of The Sky and Circle of The Thunderhorse,
The Right Angle of The Mother Scorpion through The Balance of The Whale : Angles of Truth Initiated in The Causality :
Love, Communication, and The Godfather of Light, The Great Healer Strength of The Furnace and River.


On 10.26.2011, as well, this was the scene over Central London :
(there's no clear etymology for London. So it's...London.)

Central London

Lovely. I surmise, The Path, is fluid. Yes?

London, Land of Angles, Open Minded Goddess...Double Rainbow.

10.26-27.2011 Vulcan Hudson awoke...Cerro Hudson
Aysén, Aisén Region, Chile...aysen is said to mean "to crumble"
or "to go further within." Chile means Where the Land Ends and in
The Deepest of Earth
(South America) in The Deep Work Superseding
Francisco Hudson Cárdenas Hydrographer : charter of the flow...
hudson from hugh meaning heart or mind or spirit and from richard
meaning powerful...cardenas means thistle land (of the blue purple
fern) (thistle is Asteraceae, meaning "star.") ...francisco meaning free.

The Free and Powerful Heart Mind Spirit of The Star Charter of The Flow,
To Crumble or Go Further Within, Where the Land Ends and in The Deepest
of Earth in The Deep Work Superseding Wasp.

(trippy right? which would you choose?)

Then we had a quake on 10.28.2011 off the edge of Peru near Ica...6.9 :
Remember Ica? This was back on Every 7 pg. 40 when it was expressed
through The Nazca Ridge and The Phoenix of Easter Island this (although
this has been altered to speak of it in greater depth due to being just
south of this location (without any other mapped locations in sight.)

The Depth of The Phoenix Transcendence is THROUGH The High Castle, The Golden Mountain,
One of Eight Guardians of The Universal Sovereign of Wealth, Where the Land Ends, (where)
The Greatest Depth of Earth (was) Cutoff ~IT IS TO GO THROUGH~ to The Water that Emanates
from Earth • within, without and beyond The Deep Work Superseding Wasp.

The Depth of The Phoenix Transcendence parallels The Creation of Humanity,
and The InBetween Totem of The Far Rising and Far Setting;
The GodLike Cunning of The Hammer of God.

Ica 6.9 Ica

The Horizon reveals The Lion emerging through into the depths with The Companion beneath
The Great Darkness and through The Mother World Rebirth Balance of Ambrosia...a Trinity speaks
at this depth, The Highest of Sun, Hera's torment, the great depth of The Twins of Mortality and
Immortality Seeing Between that which rises before Isis' Star, The Reinholder, The Unicorn's
Horn, The Mirror's Grasp...Great Distress of Denebola is just above The Horizon at The Lion's
Tail, The Purity of The Infinite Cycles of Cultivation is at The Edge of The Sun, The Sacrifice
of The Stars Dearest to The Heart...

Thus The Centers reveal The Great Healer Bull of The Stone in Great Protection of The Reinholder,
The Archer of The Twins of Mortality and Immortality through The Mirror's Mother Scorpion of
The Cycle of Woman's Balance of Love and Communication, The Right Angle of Monoceros'
Feathered Altar, The Sacrifice of Desire at The River's edge, a seriously brilliant Sun of Sight
of The RIver, The Great Whale of Purification, understood as Wings of The Angles of Truth
of The Godfather Sky of Light, Strength of The Triangulum.

Then on 11.1.2011 we had an earthquake in The Pacific nearest San Benedicto, Revillagigedo Islands (Socorro Islands)
*Mexican Galapagos), Colima (Manzanillo municipality), Mexico San Benedicto : "The Blessed", Revillagigedo : Revillagigedo Island
(Don Juan Vicente de Guemes Padilla Horcasitas y Aguayo = The Dark Star Seed of The Sun, Conqueror of The Human Vessel, The Little
Home of Abundant Water. Socorro : aid or help. Galapagos : tortoise, or shell of the underworld spiral. Colima : Place in the hand of the
grandfather volcano, place in the hands of the ancestors, place where the water bends. Seal Phrase : El Temple del Brazo es Vigor en la
Tierra (The spirit of the arm is force on earth), Manzanillo : little apple, an olive tree (oil) Mexico : The Left Handed Hummingbird.

San Benedicto San Benedicto Seal

The Greatest Peace of The Blessed of The Dark Star Seed of The Sun,
Conqueror of The Human Vessel, The Little Home of Abundant Water,
Aid, The Shell of The Underworld Spiral in The Hand of The Grandfather
Volcano, in The Hands of The Ancestors, Where The Water Bends,
The Spirit of The Arm is Force on Earth, The Little Apple of Oil,
The Left Handed Hummingbird.

The Horizon reveals The Strength of The Dragon Wings of The Cultivator
of The Horse and Rider of The Great Darkness at the Stars Dearest of
Heart, The Sacrifice, Depth of The High Cycling Crown, The Serpent
of The Great Healer, The Cunning Lyra Wing.

The Centers reveal The Path of The Woman, Moon of The Cape of The Archer
of The Highest Sun of Hera's Torment, The Bending Eye of The Great Serpent of
The Mother Scorpion's Stinger on the edge of The Southern Crown, The Altar
edge of Navigation, Space of Great Sight, The Native American Sight of The
Lion of a Thousand Eyes before The Mother World Rebirth Balance of Ambrosia,
The Lioness Feather of The Croning V of The Sight Between in The Water Bearer
of The Great Darkness to consume The Floods to save the world, The Reinholder
of The Womb of The Companion through The Horn of The Phallus, The Cunning Mirror
of The Eagle of Monoceros' Spiraling Horn, Protection of The One who follows Sirius,
Riding Mortality with Immortality, The Darkest Sun of The Sea Goat, The Great Healer
of The Vessel by Isis' Star of The Serpent through the legs of Monoceros.

Then on 11.2.2011 there was a 6.2 earthquake directly between Easter
Island and Antarctica (ant : opposed, against, arctic : bear, darkness.)

Equidistant between The Navel of The World, The Great Paddle, The Resurrection,
The Goddess of The Dawn of The Phoenix Hummingbird and Against Darkness in
The Deepest Greatest Peace Against Darkness Spine...

Antarctica Easter Easter Antarctica

The Horizon reveals The Sculptor of The Lioness : The Quadration Depth Infinity Double Black
Diamond Trinty HeartWombMindEye V at The Highest of Sun at Hera's Torment of The Phoenix,
The Croning V of Mortality and Immortality of The Consumption of The Floods to save The World
in The Sight Between through The Waterbearer in The Great Darkness, The Thunderhorse's Companion.
The Great Nine Snake of Water senses The Nosebone Bridge Heart of The Star that Follows Isis' Star,
Monoceros' Navigation of The Vessel, Heart of The Ocean of Wind of The Smoking Mountain.

The Centers reveal The Sails of The Vessels of The Ancient Light of Self Creation of The Croning V
of The PhiMale Vortex Wind of The Picture of Lyra, The Chiseled Chalice of The Winged Camel Cat,
The Cunning Optical Cycle of The Smoking Mountain of The Compass of The Dragon's Navigation
of The Bird of Paradise of Isis, The Swimming Flight of The Croning V of The Earthly Lion of The Wind
of The Thunderhorse, The Sight of The Cunning Queen of The Smoking Mountain Spiral of The Ocean
Womb of The Raven Hero's Protected Mind, The Compass' Cross Births The Sacred Child of
The Dramatic Chiron Dragon, The Peaceful Dove Queen of The River Spiral.

Then on 11.5.2011 there was an unusually large earthquake in Prague, Lincoln, Oklahoma. 5.6 at
a mere 3.1 miles deep...seriously close to the surface, that's very strong it seems. This was nearest
Prague Lake. Prague is named after the European city of Prague, Czech Republic, whereas Prague allegedly means ford,
as in the river crossing. Czech allegedly means Bohemia, which means Home of The Boii, a tribe whose etymology has been
described both as warrior and cow, herding warriors...the motto of this place is Truth Prevails. The small Coat of Arms (that
which we could elude to paralleling this sister named city) is understood as The Armed Crowned Silver Double Tailed Lion
on a red background...if one were to surmise this fluid with our comprehensions of Denabola, it appears we have allowed
forth that which is necessary to alleviate such a distressing reality...for the tail of this lion is likened to DNA, protective
flow of two from one...it even eludes to The Quadration Star imagery...The V...it's all so surreal, friends.

Czech Small Coat of Arms
Lincoln is named of Abraham Lincoln, Abraham means Father of the Multitude, Lincoln
means Lake Colony. Oklahoma means The Red People. This location is home to The National Shrine of The
Infant Jesus for the purpose of praying to The Divine Infant. This is Catholic, which is understood etymologically
as Universally Accepted. The humorous parallel here is that I was struggling with a decision on whether or not
to include the parallel that began at The Camerlengo's conversation as the Cardinals were all robed in red
traveling up those stairs to enter Conclave. There was revealed a man with an enormous set of keys, and
this of course parallels The Keymaster in The Matrix, and goes through a number of other parallels through
the other movies...as well as eventually getting to the end where Trinity is killed and Neo is blind, and he's
plugged into the giant baby of MACHINE that speaks like The Dune Child Alia with THE VOICE. I did not
go down this path because they were in red...following the whole Morpheus comprehension of the
simulation in the first Matrix when Neo looks at the woman in red and is told to look again and she
is a he and is now pointing a gun at him and he says "...freeze it..." And so I chose instead to
kneel at The Trinity of The PhiMale Vortex (so to speak) (paralleling the kneeling to The Holy Grail)
instead of pursuing the trail that leads to The Female Trinity's painful death...and due to this struggle...
it appears that Earth answered...(in Oklahoma of all places, The Red People...with a location named
of The River Crossing (paralleling Orion's Mirror of The Infinite Meditation) and The Universally Accepted
Divine Infant, whereas Orion is seen here in the center of The Horizon kneeling to The Great Bull of The Seven Sisters...
and the center of Sky and Earth reveal the staff of Chiron piercing the center of Andromeda (appearing likened to
Trinity in the vessel, pierced of the machine spine from the last Matrix.) We are given the parallel of The Sacrifice of
The Wolf through The Ascending Pisces of The Great Whale (the whale story of Star Trek IV) as a "right angle." Do
you understand the strange validation of the decision as accepted by Mother Nature? Is that frickin amazing or what?
The Meditation that led to this comprehensive measure, that which is being explained through this imagery, is combined
with this comprehension of the whole Intermission storyline and my struggle with that final decision. It is by far, strange. It
is most assuredly eluding to that decision and the sacrifice of a part of a story for the preservation of integrity. When one
speaks of what is on the horizon we understand this to be what is said to be coming...or what has been attempted into
fruition...so as such this explains that decision by way of The River Crossing (Orion kneeling to Taurus), thus expressed in
the center as The Sacrifice of that path. It was a swift dialogue, this earthquake, just as I finished up this every 7. The
conversation is most assuredly continuous. Does this make you feel weird, knowing this is happening? It feels like a
surreal dream reality, constantly.

Universally Accepted Divine Infant...Truth Prevails : The Herding Warriors of The Armed
Crowned Silver Double Tailed Lion of
The River Crossing of The Father of The Lake of
The Red People in The One of Many Works Superseding Wasp and The Open Minded

Prague 5.6 Prague 5.6

The Horizon revealed the kneeling of Ascension to The Great Bull, The Rose of The Unicorn's Spiral
through The InBetween, The River of Desire, Depth of Isis' Star, The Spiral Wind of The Compass Vessel,
Stone of The Protective Angle.

The Centers reveal The Trinity Mind of Chiron, The Sacrifice of The Godfather Whale with the tail of
Circinus as The Right Angle, Chiron's Staff is through The Ascension of Andromeda, The Spiral Cross
of The Thunderhorse Vessel, The Birth of Athena in The Depth of The Woman by the Flying Fish of The
Waterbearer, The Bending Wind of the unseen Swan, Protected Balance of The Sun Stone, The Raven
Queen Chalice of The Camel Leopard Purification by The Hero's Heart of Infinite Cycles, so says
The She Goat. Navigation of The Spiral Chalice of Wind in The Ancient Light of Self Creation.

The Communication can be read here.

The Bigger Picture is An Infinite Meditation.

May Light Be Your Shadow.

Every 7

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