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11.17.11To See Between The Path of The Woman as a Sun.

The vertical line. VOMO. Cat's Eye. Vagina. You see? Not disrespectful, allowing respect. These images on the right here (rollover) are the last time around and this time. Notice the
triangulation of balance on either end of all these 5 point earthquakes. Interesting yes? Almost as though the five pointers balanced out the six pointers, right? It seems as such.

You're probably wondering how I chose the 5's? I chose them the way The Path allowed them. . . instinctually.

Kizimen continues to flow...

I, Raven's Feather, Traveler of The Sea.

Puyehue, Chile continues to flow...

The Place of The Stars of The Milky Way Cord
Stalk, The Good River, Where the Land Ends
and in The Deepest of Earth in The Deep
Work Superseding Wasp.

Santa Maria, Guatemala continues to flow...

Sacred MotherWife, The Naked Mountain of Our Language
of The Setting Sun Highlands in The Land of The Trees and
Between them, Land of The Snake Eating Bird in
The Center of Good Working.

Sakurajima, Japan continues to flow...

The Deep Cherry Tree Blossom is a Symbol of Earth's Delicate Life of The Embroidered
Great River of The New Rising PhiMale, The Cauldron of Sight Virtue, The Nine of The Four,
known as The Setting Sun of The Pacified and The Setting Sun Sea of The Circle, The Ancient
Zither Amethyst Waterland, Origin of The Sun.

Kilauea continues erupting...

The Hill of The Honey Stick, The Hill of The Honey Eater of The Shielded
Spewing Home of The Goddess of The Great Ancestry in The One of
Many Works Superseding Wasp.

Las Calmas, Canary continues to flow.

Off the edge of The Waterlands of The Sacred Dogs, off the edge
of The Arrowhead Heart of Iron, off the edge of The Ridge of Rocks
of The Waterlands of The Desiring, The Mystery, The Setting Sun,
The Guardians of The Golden Apple of Immortality in The Deep
Calm Sea.

On 11.1.2011 a surfer named Garrett McNamara (meaning Brave Ruling Spear Hound of The Sea)
road a wave that is being proclaimed the largest ever recorded surfed at 90 feet. It's fairly immense.
This was accomplished in The Atlantic (The Sea of Heaven's Support) at Praia do Norte beach in Nazare,
Portugal (The High Stream of Nazareth in The Beautiful Passage Haven.)

OMO and SurfboardOMO and Surfboard...you see...parallel.

Biggest Wave

The Brave Ruling Spear Hound of The Sea rode The Greatest Wave ever recorded
in The Sea of Heaven's Support at
The High Stream of Nazareth in The Beautiful
Passage Haven

On a side note, I was perusing over news the other day and found on this page, reading over someone's opinion, question, and philosophy
on "mind reading." He explained how this has been scientifically accomplished in a number of roundabout ways. Now. . .although we may
understand in the public eye this particular depth of neuroscience, how far it has come in the public's sight, it is, of course, much farther along
than this. Regardless of how, who, when, why, or what the : functional observers of reality will eventually see this happening on a much greater
scale than that which we have been allowed to understand in an "up front" kind of way. . .and I'll tell you exactly how you will know when it is
happening or whether or not you have been chosen to experience such a fate due to any number of reasons from corruption to fame : It
begins with only certain aspects of your thoughts becoming exploited : then your dreams, your notions, your patterns of daily life : anything and
everything that never mattered to you gets exaggerated. Extraction of information. . .Exploitation of information. . .Can you handle this? That's only
the beginning...probing from such a government, or corporation, or thespacebetween "dipping" of an individual into this Railroading of your individuality;
by whomever you might be able to fathom can accomplish this (do I really have to tell you if you already instinctually know?) : in order to decipher just how far
it will take to destroy you through actions such as reverse racism, reverse sexual antagonism, bullying, and so forth . . . whilst probing your thoughts . . . such that every
weakness is exploited . . .over and over again attempting to break you down. . .think of the ramifications of such an act on an individual or populous. For example,
if and/or when this is implemented in your lifetime, if said groups : government, corporate, or otherwise seek to destroy an individual or empower them, a group,
a religion, a revolution, a faction of "misfits," or a group of spiritual zealots, or people who only walk on the right side of the street on Tuesdays...how simple it would
be to manipulate their reality...Just think, every single thought, regardless of origin, regardless of influence, regardless of anything and everything, it's allegedly
categorized as "your thinking" because it came from your mind, regardless of THEIR manipulation, why? because they recorded it from your mind...and this
article speaks about the use of such information in a court of law...which court, correct? Which Court. So then what if something "effects" you...like...you're disturbed
by blue turnips or hibernating bumble bees or 16 day old granola, how easy it would be to exploit such a fact in real time, especially in this day and age of constant
information, you're always checking updates. . .so in such a circumstance, especially in a controlled environment, such that a world of constantly updating information
has become, the information sources of the media, the internet, anywhere, and everywhere you particularly go, are understood as where you go, regardless of time
or location, because the mind is read ; designing and advertising are easy, fast, and incorporated everywhere. There is no private location, no matter how dark to the
reading of the mind. . .and if done by machines. . .24/7. . .To understand just how intense the scope may become, understand that everyone you know has a cell phone
or a computer...think of the implementation as that easy...you're already wired into everything...think of it like this, say you never had a phobia of anything...so...while
watching some comedy flick, something triggered in your mind, a place of some sort of intensified shock...and say this mindreader machine is tapped in through
your own mind, unbeknownst to you, an airborne microscopic bug machine, anyone, anytime, anywhere, seeing what you see, hearing what you hear, reading
your thoughts as you think them, think of how simple it would be to exploit a simple "trigger." Correct? It's very logical, the premise, on how to exploit that which
causes a particular reaction for that reaction. And you must remember, you never had any phobias. So something that was entertaining : a jolt of your energies
in an exhileration of emotion as understood through some scene in a movie : [in an exploited circumstance] : becomes something much different. Because we
must remember there is a catalogue of information being gathered by this "machine" of anything and everything about your inner dialogue, in a wide array of
all categories...calculating the combinations of triggers isn't difficult, it's a simple program, there's an app for that, right? Photographic memory : it's a machine...and
there are designers and advertisers on call and ready to go at the drop of a dime, who would be the wiser...it's just an ad...it's just a news story... "THE CHARACTERS AND
STORIES DEPICTED IN THIS PROGRAM ARE NOT BASED ON ANYONE IN REALITY," yeah right, they said it, so it must be true, right? They just said it! Lies are everywhere people.
Anything you may path across; people, circumstances, anythings of everything. Just like any individual is a potential agent in The Matrix...same premise...What does that trigger
then become...for it was only, merely, an exhileration...an innocent entertainment of a slight reaction...but when taken out of context and exploited and exaggerated through
a series of other triggers that have been gathered, this can be used as a device of manipulation and control (it's like a hang nail that is exaggerated to the point of a gaping
gash from a giant axe.....just think of what you despise the most and understand that much of this manipulation is an attempt to cause you to react in that way, that which
you despise the most, hence "reverse" racism or "reverse" sexual antagonism, it is the attemptive causality chain of abusive circumstances read through your weakness
triggers in ways imposed by racial bias or sexual abuse or bullying and so forth in order to CREATE that reaction. . . IT'S CALLED HATING TO CREATE HATE)...and these
exaggerations would be exploited through the interwoven features of day to day life, simple realities, like, going to the store to purchase your groceries would
become an exploited realm of diversified deprivatized triggers...designed just for you...in order to gauge and manipulate you in any manner of corruption by
those who seek to do as such, those who seek to manipulate or control you or to create that which they want you to become so you can be further controlled. . .
A Complex Creation. The creation of 'a complex.' That's what that type of system would do. You look at some people out on the streets and you wonder how they
got there. . .or you wonder why some folks can't bear to watch television or refuse to read anything out of the media. . .and then you may begin to see. . .by this
simple experiential theory. . .how far this unseen "LAW" may take their plight into the minds of unknowing individuals in order to entrap through their own minds
ideological manipulations into causality. . .If you are strong enough to get through it somehow, very powerful may you become. . .but at what cost, correct?
And you may find a healing process in the midst of it all as well. And just perhaps you might seek to allow this for others who are going through similar circumstances,
or a mass of people for example, to help strengthen integrity through spiritual truth as understood by Mother Nature. . .and if the corruption of these unwelcomed
mindreaders gets taken as far as everything else gets taken in this reality by corrupt people : too far. . .then you may start to comprehend just how important it is to
be stronger . . . but I surmise there would be an unfortunate mass, if so unaware, of those who would not be capable of surviving such a plight without going insane
or becoming destructive or both . . . that's the big what if . . . will you go ballistic. . . will you lose your mind . . . anyway, that's my opinion of what would/could happen
if/when the mindreading machine becomes acclimated into society with people who aren't prepared. The mind is already a conundrum. Who knows how far the
edge of privacy goes before it is unethically too far. Like Wanadi says, "When I was a boy, the Edge of the World was very far , but every year it comes closer." With
the way the technological age has taken us all, we are in an age of information, constant information. And we don't even know ourselves as far as we are capable.
. . . and yet here we are talking about how to read an unwilling other through private thoughts . . . that's too far, correct? What about an individual's Rights? Perhaps
it would benefit humanity, right? Is that the debate? If perhaps there were no secrets in reality, no hidden agendas, no veiled individualisms; but then would we become
drones of each other, would we become a balance of collective consciousness, or would we all become a bunch of frickin' slaves...YET...Individual Creativity will always
outweigh deceit. The philosophical debate is certainly widespread on this one. It could help, it could hinder. It could hinder help. It could help hinderance. But to what end?
Have we been building a reality that we have all become addicted to : because it is correct . . . or because we have been manipulated? The computer, the internet.
The brain, collective consciousness. A machine of reading minds would most assuredly be used in an immoral and unethical way like everything else has been. . . eventually.
That's a given. And those who already " know " what I am talking about, they know that it's already corrupt. Probably trapped in the machine of endlessness, witnessing the
neverending psychological warfare on an unknowing population. You may know this personally yourself. You may only know, right now, just exactly what I am talking about. . .
and you don't have to experience it to know this. . .Regardless of any of it...going into a reality such as this...it would be beneficial to have your strength about you. Learn your
strengths before they are attemptively exploited against you in an exaggerated and corrupt deception of manipulation...then you will be too far empowered to be swayed...
know creativity...and adaptation...and know these with a swift adoration of balance, respect, and love, understand? You must learn how to create love . . . If you understand
already that you are the infinite infinitesimal fluidity of I as a Bridge of The Infinite, there is no path inaccessible, and no boundary limiting. Understand The Infinite, Understand
Your Self. Let go of all deceit. Your energy is more powerful than corruption, and more important than abuse. . .regardless of what is said or what is done. . .you will always
be stronger. You see? You woke up today. . .and there you are. . . Stronger. When the private mind becomes a strangers' exploitation, it has already gone too far.
Know this. Fight this by Loving. The only way through is love. If you have no idea what I am talking about, bless you anyway.

Moving forward :

There is currently a massive eruption that began on the eve of 11.7.2011. This
eruption is at Mt. Nyamuragira, North Kivu, Congo, Africa. Nyamurgira means
to herd cows (remember The Home of The Boii (Bohemian Czech) The Herding
of Warriors from last time around?) Kivu means lake and the lake which is the largest
water near this volcano is named Kivu and this is part of The Albertine Rift (Great Rift Valley),
a 3700 mile long rift from Syria to Mozambique(Albertine is named of Prince Albert, a baptismal
name meaning bright noble.) Congo means river that flows from the mountains. Africa is from aphrike,
meaning without cold or horror.

Nyamuragira Nyamuragira Nyamuragira

...on 11.14.2011 it was proclaimed that this eruption could be Nyamuragira's largest in a century. The actual continuous
eruption reaching up to 400 meters in the air poses no threat to any surrounding areas due to its location. The imagery
is fantastic, and resembles something from a scifi movie...like an energy surge from the depths of Earth into The Heavens:
(It reminds me of that scene in the first Indiana Jones when The Ark melts all The Nazis' faces off.)

Nyamuragira Alf!

Notice how Prague Lake (the earthquake just prior to this volcano mirrors
Kivu Lake. Interesting, correct? 2000 ft and 20 miles...kinda like 20 years, eh? Earth said it, yo.

Prague Nyamuragira

Herding the Masses (and in Parallel with The Sacred Child of Prevailing Truth in The Herding
of The Armed Crowned Silver Double Tailed Lion Warriors of The River Crossing of The Father
of The Lake of The Red People) at The Water of Fire in The Great Baptismal Noble Brilliance
of The River That Flows From The Mountains Without Cold or Horror.

The Horizon spoke of The InBetween Altar of Navigation, The Right Angle of The InBetween Paradise,
The Equality Trinity of The Highest InBetween from The Circinus Spine of The Camouflaged EarthLion,
The Navigation of Depth and Ascension in The InBetween Paradise of The Smoking Mountain. From
The Depths of The Double Spiral of Raven and Wind, The Vessel Edge of The Sacrifice of The Seed of
The Cross, yet further allowing forth Circinus' Eye, The Missing Foundational Parallel of The InBetween
Equality of The Highest Mother Scorpion Link. A Thousand Thousand Eyes of The Depth Center of The
Native Bridge Crown of The Bending V, The Phoenix Croning V Magnified Sight, The Sculpted
Darkest Sun of The Horn, The V Knowledge Consumption To Save The World.

The Centers then revealed The Birth of The Light and Dark as One, The Cross of Cleansing The Great
Lion of The Mother World Rebirth Balance of Ambrosia from The Bosom and Shoulder of The Companion
Purity of The Infinite Cycles of The Bending Ravens in The Double Chalice of The Thunderhorse, The Paralleled
Path of The Woman in Doubled Celestial Navigation of The One, Quadration Spirals Ascension from Distress,
Ascension of Wind, The Great Whale of The Sculpted Serpent Facing Hera's Torment of The Highest of Sun
and Phoenix, The Sculpted Lioness to consume all the flood, The Dark Star under The Microscope of
The Stars Dearest of Heart, The Sacrifice of The Darkness Spine as The Stars Dearest of Heart enter
The Great Darkness, overseen by The Dragonhorse Godfather of Light in The Open Compass
of Ascension.


The first earthquake was on 11.7.2011, a 5.9 that happened inside Lake Nicaragua.


Lake Nicaragua, Cocibolca : "surrounded by water" or "sweet sea"
Nicarao...The Nicaraguan Coat of Arms is a triangle that signifies equality, the rainbow
signifies peace, the gorro frigio (Phrygian cap) symbolizes liberty and the five volcanoes
express the union and brotherhood of five Central American countries : Costa Rica (The Wealth
of The Between), El Salvador (The Savior), Guatemala (Land of The Trees and Between them, Land
of The Snake Eating Bird), Honduras(The Depths), Nicaragua (Surrounded by Water of The Sweet Sea.)

Nicaragua Nicaragua

Surrounded by Water of The Sweet Sea of Equality, A Rainbow of Peace, Freedom, and Liberty,
A Union of Wealth Between • The Savior • The Trees and Between Them, The Snake Eating Bird •
The Depths • and Surrounded by Water of The Sweet Sea, all in The Center of Good Work.

The Horizon speaks of The Protective Ram at The Godfather of Light in The Whale, The Triangulum
Sight of The Ascension to The Distressed Andromeda, The Path of The Woman with Earth Mother,
The Rise of The Thunderhorse, so reveals The Mirror of The Queen peering forth, The Bending fluid
connectivity between The Swan and Thunderhorse with Her Foal. The Great Bull dives deep of
the Hero's Stone Creator to the kneeling Mirror at the edge of The Unicorn.

The Centers revealed then The Great Eagle in meditation carrying Isis' Star, The Unicorn, and
The One Who Follows Isis, all three in parallel, like a dancing cobra speaking to The Cunning Fox,
The Swan Navigates from The Great Lion of The Mother World Rebirth Balance of Ambrosia as The
Ancient Light of Self Creation, The Thunderhorse Wind of Bending Navigation through The Open Mind
Chalice Compass of The Companion, The Womb of Open Depth. The Great Vessel of The Wind of Cleansing
Sight, The Sun shining brilliance in the darkest depth of The Peaceful Archer, The Protected Desire of Sight,
Serpens between the legs of Monoceros, The Great Mirror Voice of The Healer, Mortality and Immortality
with The Strength of Hercules...The Highest of Sun in Lyra.

Then the next quake occurred shortly thereafter on 11.8.2011(China Time) in The China Sea nearest a Japanese Island
called Kumejima, Okinawa, Ryukyu, Japan. 6.9. Kumejima means something like passage of time and the characterWhole 88 ,
when broken down to its basic components (like etymology) it is the symbol for the number 88! How trippy is that since we
have been explaining about the '88 and 20'08 accidents. Is it a coincidence that I fell to my occipital at the exact time of my
birth in 1988 and then 20 years 8 months and 5 days later I land on my face right between my eyes in complete opposition to
this? ...and then, what, like 2 years later The Infinite Meditation was created (following the guidelines of Mother Nature, whereas
the imagery depicts an infinity symbol in the center of our galaxy), and roughly one year later NASA's Herschel Telescope takes a
picture of the center of our galaxy...and there...is the symbol of INFINITY...How can it all be a coincidence. When we have meditations
and they are coming true, in like record time...circumstances that I have never witnessed recorded before, does that not allow a strange
sense of reality? What exactly happened?

Kumejima Kumejima

If you look at this imagery, look at the centers. I JUST had a meditation not a few hours before this (for a few hours) then I
went to the grocery store to buy food, I came back, and this earthquake had just happened. The meditation was focused
on The V of my energies, the purpose was to allow forth the greatest of clarified respect and balance when dealing with
sexuality and fluidity, such that these energies would be honed into the greatest of honor and respect in all circumstances,
and it was no simple time comprehension...hours...so we look at the center of the imagery and it is Bootes' groin...and a
furnace...with Arcturus in it. I mean, its laughable at this point, it's comedic, there was only like three hours between the
meditation and Earth's reaction. Look at the rabbit of desire! Sunlight glowing rabbit at the tip of Libra (The Balances)
dangling into the sky. I would surmise then, friends, there is a reaction to what we do. And if we flow correctly, just
perhaps we might weave our way through our own riddles of reality's balance, ourSelves, and allow The Earth Mother
healing. Healing that is necessary for longevity of life on this planet beyond our own selfish destruction, a fruition of creativity
as understood to be truth, trust, balance, and respect as integrity. Why? Because the world deserves that. You deserve that.
I deserve that. We all deserve that : FIRST.

This occurred in The China Sea. China means The Middle Kingdom. Kumejima means A Time Passage of Wealth of The 88.
Okinawa means Rope in The Open Sea. Ryukyu basically means the same thing as Okinawa. And Japan of course means
Origin of The Sun.

The Center Kingdom of Water, A Time Passage of Wealth, The 88, Rope in The Open Sea, Origin of The Sun.

The Horizon spoke of The Path of Seeing Between The Great Darkness, The Great Lion and Lioness at Hera's
Dancing Crab in The Highest of Sun's Horizon, The Sacrifice and The Stars Dearest of Heart at the edge of The
Eye of Sauron, The Horse and Rider, The Dragon's Tail and Wing, The InBetween Camel Leopard, The InBetween
Mortality and Imortality, The Mind Of The Reinholder • She Goat • and Kids. Monoceros and The Great Mirror
of Orion's Desire kneeling to The Great Bull of Taurus, The Head of The Great Depth Whale, and The Hero's
Stone Creator.

The Centers revealed The Meditation of The Cultivator, The Great Arcturus Guardian of The Bear of
Great Darkness in The Furnace of The Perineum. So Spoken forth by The Great River of Balance and Light,
The Brilliance of Desire in harmony with The Great Healer's V Serpent, The Peaceful Infinite Cycles of Purification
through The Crystal Mammilla and The PhiMale Vortex, The Circle Reticulum Voice Sight Grid. Time Sacrificed
wrapped upon The River, at its face, Denebola's Suffering of The Water Snake, The Phoenix approaches
The Great Darkness with The Stars Dearest to Heart.

On 11.8 and 11.9.2011 we had two earthquakes back at Van, Turkey. They were both 5.6.

The first one was nearest a location named Mollakasim IN Van Lake. Molla is said to mean someone
who possesses spiritual knowledge and can read holy books. Kasim means November...which means nine.

Spiritualist of The Holy Nine :

Due to the collision of The Nomad and The Open Minded
Goddess Sunrise, The Rising Sun Block is squeezed.

Pearl of The Rising Sun, The Hazel Sight of The Water Cat
in The Origin of The Strong Celestial Cult of Heavenly
Ordained Rule.

Mollakasim 5.6 Mollakasim Earths Mollaksim Skies Mollakasim Centers
I want you to notice how the shaking wolf is stabilized there by that third Right Angle...could it be? 5.6 instead of 7.6...It's getting intricate.

The Horizon spoke of The Paralleled Ancient Light of The Self Creation Dragon bending over backwards in The Depth Between
The Croning V of Strength and The Cunning Lyra, wings of The Eagle from The Mind of The Great Healer in a simultaneous effort,
The Sacred Child and MotherWife, shielded and unshielded for their respective paths. This is in The Highest of The Queen's
Heart, Her Self, upon Her Self, as it is foretold.

The Center responds as The Great Mother Scorpion Spiral of Love and Communication, The Trinity Wolf of Chiron in The falling
Hero's Shield. The Sun is brilliant in The Mind of The Reinholder, mind to mind of Chiron as The SheGoat, He is Seeing Between
The Spiral by The Missing Foundation of Woman in The Union...The Great Darkness of The Snake's Tail reveals a foretelling of
Raven landing upon the bridge of his nose. The Queen is laying from Chiron's underbelly, and The Queen is laying beyond
this in The Circle Creator without distress in The Bird of Paradise, The Mirror Womb of Navigation through The Deep Triangulation
with The Triangulum and The Dripping Altars of The Parallel Trinity in the protection of The Ram and A Thousand Thousand Thousand
Eyes of The Great Whale of The Godfather of Light and The Path of The Woman, so is created The Great Shield by Two Right Angles
of Stone. This is The Ascension entering the healing of the distressed, Two, and One. The Hunted Hunter of The Trinity Healer Spirals
through Mortal Immortality, The SpiderWeb Shield of The Great Whale. The Ram is Crowned at The Heart of Triangulum and The
Legs of The Ram toe to toe with The Great Phallus Bull point blank of The Archer's Arrow. A Link between The Seven Sisters,
between the toes, and just off the edge of Her complacent, venomous stinger.

The next 5.6 happened a day later...11.9.2011...IN Van Lake...nearest Edremit, which is
Adramyttium (Court of Death) in Latin, and is mentioned in The New Testament of The Bible : Acts 27:2 :

And entering into a ship of Adramyttium, we launched, meaning to sail by
the coasts of Asia; one Aristarchus, a Macedonian of Thessalonica, being with us.

(which translates etymologically as)
(Asia : RIsing Sun) (Aristarchus (best of rule) : First Heliocentric Model, he was called
The Mathemetician) (Macedonian : Highlander) (Thessalonica : known as the co-
capital or Cooperative•Rein (with Constantinople: Constantine's City : The Strong
and Faithful Golden Majest
y) of Greece.)

And entering a vessel of The Court of Death, we launched, by wind
of The Rising Sun; The Father of The Centered Sun, a Highlander
of The Cooperative Rein with The Strong and Faithful Golden
Majesty, being with us.

Edremit Edremit
(Camel Leopard (Camelopardalis) a camel is said to mean
"to bear," and was understood as hieroglyph of prophecy
or foretelling in Ancient Egypt, whereas a leopard is a lion
panther, and panther is said to mean in mythology :
(pan) all (ther)

The Horizon spoke of InBetween The Flying Eagle of The Cunning Fox above The Depth Shield above
The Aiming Archer of The Mother Scorpion of Love and Communication, The Great Healer of The
Headless Snake of Strength in The Greatest Depth of The Wolf and Sun. The Diving Croning V
hand in hand with The Bending Thunderhorse of The Ancient Light of Self Creation and
Companion; The Walking on Water Womb.

The Centers then revealed The Protected Sacrifice of The Ram in The Spine of The Cycle of
The Woman a distress of The Depth Cross of The Ascending Triangulum of Chiron; Her Spiral
Snake Reflection of Raven far within The Depths of Her Queen is a Bending Chalice of The
Light of Self Creation on the back of Celestial Navigation. The Thunderhorse Births the Earthen
Cross of this. The Right Angle is at The Eye of Godfather Sky in The Depth Trinity of One Burning
Altar of The Trinity, The Circle of The Heart, The Mother Scorpion of Love and Communication,
The Balance of The Hornless Phallus Bull in The Seven Sisters ; for that which we do not See is :
a fallen hero in The Trinity of The Reinholder, She Goat, and Kids; Shield that missing foundational
parallel from you, so foretold is this for The Purifying Bearer Lion of All Beasts.

One 11.10.2011 just after a very intense new kind of meditation was an earthquake of The Watchers, The Holy Ones.
This was only a 5.2, in Greece, Grigoritika. Grigori translates as watcher, holy one. This gets into some seriously powerful
and parallel information to what has just been allowed forth in the 'intermission.' Do you see how the path is fluid? We
spoke of this with Constantine, and now, there was an earthquake on the spine of a happy child, laughing to the sky
and facing the river. It just keeps going. It is a flow.

Happy Baby See the infant? The Mirror
(do you see the little wing! Trippy, right?) It totally parallels the imagery for The Mirror. You can listen to that song
here...or right here:

Take a look at the image again :

Parallel Sacred Child
(trippy, right? Roads paralleling a mountain
not even close to the mountain...revealing
The Mirror Sacred Child... is that not weird to you?)

So as such, with the way it's all been going, The Mirror lyrics will be read in The Communication by this flow.

The Mirror (Beloved Vessel of Transformation and Rebirth)

Patience, oh patience, can't you heal me from your misery? Silence is all I'm hearing from your virtuous
"nonexistence." All that we See, that could free you (and me), it's traveling in, through space, in between,
carefully, it's through your dream, it awakens where you See your Self awakening...and you walk through
your Self, Walk through your Self. The Mirror, know it's Blessed, know it's Sacred, know it's all you. The Mirror,
oh it's Blessed, oh it's Sacred, oh it's all you. The Mirror, yes it's Blessed, yes it's Sacred, yes it's all of you in
The Mirror, all are Blessed, all are Sacred, all are free of you. Through this Winter spiral, flying faster than
the speed of lightning, Rosette petals all are shining on Her edge The Path enlightens. This eruption
guides The Path in parallel, our worlds' reflection, Guiding through ourselves, we enter through
each other, one together. In this River, Dark is Light is. In this River, Consciousness is. In this River,
All is Love, is. In this River as One Eye is. Summer flies, between three inside, open through the
wise, we're all parallel. Seasons tried, between crossing tides, as these crossroads cry, we
become as One. Circles cycling through our hearts become The RIver, Love releases
knowledge ever further, farther. As we realize there's no end to understanding Sight
becomes our only path to revolution. Right through this world we shed the blinding
shadows. Reflect the Suns and whisper Light through wind now. Respect The Path
and guide, your Self it echoes, Reality, She opens every gate now.

There is alot written of The Grigori. They are written of in The Bible, The Old Testament and The New Testament.
The Book of Daniel tells of these, whereas Nebuchadnezzar (what up Matrix mixed with Constantine) first speaks
of a Watcher or Holy One as coming down from Heaven in a dream : Daniel 4:13 King James Version :

[13] I saw in the visions of my head upon my bed, and, behold, a watcher and an holy one came
down from heaven; [14] He cried aloud, and said thus, Hew down the tree, and cut off his branches,
shake off his leaves, and scatter his fruit: let the beasts get away from under it, and the fowls from his
branches: [15] Nevertheless leave the stump of his roots in the earth, even with a band of iron and
brass, in the tender grass of the field; and let it be wet with the dew of heaven, and let his portion
be with the beasts in the grass of the earth: [16] Let his heart be changed from man's, and let a
beast's heart be given unto him; and let seven times pass over him. [17] This matter is by the
decree of the watchers, and the demand by the word of the holy ones: to the intent that
the living may know that the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to
whomsoever he will, and setteth up over it the basest of men.

(and it may be comprehended forth that if just such an act is cultivated upon a man's existence that he
may actually become fluid in such a plight...whereas there is no bird of flight, he becomes as such, whereas
there are no branches or extension of the tree, so does he become these, and as such he eats with the
beasts of the earth, that being with animals, so as such does he become (totem), and as he is always rooted
in the earth by this stump, so as such does this knowledge become him (and in the dew, the heavens..dew
in heavens??? ahhhhhh...like reflection...a mirror...doesn't that sound like the evolution of a struckdown man
rebuilding The Tree of Life as a totem...you see...like it was proclaimed in the intermission, one either dies of
the demon of "crazy" , or fights to the bitter end to triumph over imbalance...I know. I'm weird. Deal with it.
It fits. It's just like the conversation we created between Adam, Eve, The Serpent, and God...whereas they
simply told God how they became evolved instead of laying blame all over each other and so evolved
did they become as one, AVA was born.)

Daniel responds to his "dream." 4:23 King James Version :

[23] And whereas the king saw a watcher and an holy one coming down from heaven, and saying,
Hew the tree down, and destroy it; yet leave the stump of the roots thereof in the earth, even with a
band of iron and brass, in the tender grass of the field; and let it be wet with the dew of heaven, and
let his portion be with the beasts of the field, till seven times pass over him; [24] This is the interpretation,
O king, and this is the decree of the most High, which is come upon my lord the king: [25] That they shall
drive thee from men, and thy dwelling shall be with the beasts of the field, and they shall make thee to
eat grass as oxen, and they shall wet thee with the dew of heaven, and seven times shall pass over
thee, till thou know that the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he
will. [26] And whereas they commanded to leave the stump of the tree roots; thy kingdom shall be
sure unto thee, after that thou shalt have known that the heavens do rule.

Do you witness, there, in the bible, something being communicated in a manner that seems supernatural,
and then the explanation of that knowledge into a way that it can be understood...like a translation...

( till thou know that the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men..THE MOST HIGH ruleth. Goteth it? Not to "control."
It is to understand the highest of nature friends...not control...not manipulation...not corruption...THE MOST HIGH ENERGY...)

Watchers, or Holy Ones are written of in The Dead Sea Scrolls as well, The Book of Enoch, where it is proclaimed
that angels married with human females, giving rise to a race of hybrids known as the Nephilim. The term irin is
primarily applied to disobedient Watchers who numbered a total of 200 (
parallel to the 200 souls who passed
through The Electric Chair of Sing Sing from Constantine) , and of whom their leaders are named, but equally
Aramaic iri ("watcher" singular) is also applied to the obedient archangels who chain them, such as Raphael
(1 Enoch 22:6.)
This is all proclaimed forth from Genesis, where it is stated that ...When men began to multiply
on earth and daughters were born to them, the sons of God saw how beautiful the daughters of man were,
and so they took for their wives as many of them as they chose. Then the Lord said: "My spirit shall not remain
in man forever, since he is but flesh. His days shall comprise one hundred and twenty years." At that time the
Nephilim appeared on earth (as well as later), after the sons of God had intercourse with the daughters of
man, who bore them sons. They were the heroes of old, the men of renown. (Genesis 6:1-4.)

(because they were hybrid superhumans mixed of "angels" ... Now ... let me ask you a question...could you believe any
of that, in this day and age? Are you Christian or religious? Are you a "freethinker," are you openminded? The belief of
such an actuality is part of that belief system. Do you believe it is possible? ...that "angels" came down and inhybridated
with human women? Why human women. Because only human women can have human children, correct? Does that
not seem a bit odd? If angels are capable of having sex, wouldn't women angels want sex as well? But SEX was not the
point obviously. Hybridization for colonization was the point, got it? Weren't angels supposed to be without sexual organs?
And yet...here we are talking about hybrids...in the bible...how many Christians or paralleled as such have this belief system...
...and yet...can any of you, or them, fathom such an act? Angels procreating with humans for hybrids? AND if it has any validity
to reality, is it simply possible this is, or could happen...again. Do you believe this is possible now? It's like we're all living and
experiencing The X-Files!)

In The Book of Enoch it is proclaimed that these Watchers were sent to watch over humanity. They allegedly
"lusted" for human women and defect to humanity to teach and procreate: arts and technologies such as
weaponry, cosmetics, mirrors, sorcery, and other techniques that would otherwise be discovered gradually
over time by humans, not foisted upon them all at once...it is proclaimed that eventually God allows a Great
Flood to rid the earth of the Nephilim, but first sends Uriel to warn Noah so as not to eradicate the human race.
While Genesis says that the Nephilim remained "on the earth" even after the Great Flood, Jude says that the
Watchers themselves are bound "in the valleys of the Earth" until Judgment Day. (See Genesis 6:4 and Jude 1:6.)

Trippy stuff, right? Fallen angels. Was Satan not a fallen angel in these books? Yes. So it seems we are at an
impasse of knowledge, correct? Or perhaps a crossroads...Earth is spoke of like it is hell? Is that going too far, or have
we not gone far enough? Is hell the "between" place of Earth where people are silently tortured and abused? Then what
of death? Merely a bridge to the next reality? Fallen Angels. . .on Earth. . .Have the stories been manipulated to push a dualistic
separation into fruition? Were they angels or aliens? If as such, none were fallen. . .it was simply freewill gone corrupt. . .hence. . .
not angelic. . .angels are aliens are evolved humans? Don't you gotta be "perfect" to be an angel? Isn't that the premise? For if we
are to assume that this knowledge has any kind of validity to reality it is to understand that there were/are BEINGS in existence upon
this world (by biblical belief) that had/have wisdom of a metaphysical nature that humanity would have eventually known by our own
pace (and this was like thousands of years ago), and as such that a great flood was caused this world due to the "wickedness" of humanity
(remember, "wicked" is derived from the word "wiccan" which means "wizard." Metaphysical Wizard.) God proclaims in Genesis 6:7 :

And the LORD said, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth;
both man, and beast, and the creeping thing, and the fowls of the air; for it repenteth
me that I have made them.

Remember The Witches' Hammer? Tens of thousands upon thousands, some say
millions, of WOMEN, were murdered, charged of just such a proclaimed "evil." Murdered by man in a
parallel event of mass murder. Now...the question is not only why would a god destroy his own creation,
but why would he allow his own creation to destroy itself. Freewill or lack of control? Hold on a sec. Bear
with me for a moment, I am not being disrespectful, nor am I bein a devil's advocate, but, in this premise
it seems that "God" does not have control over humanity? It seems it would not be much of an effort for
a "God" to simply alleviate these despots from their corrupt plight over humanity, correct? Yet, a seriously
organized caravan of animals was choreographed onto an arc, to live out a flood of humanity because,
and I quote,

"And the LORD said, I will destroy man whom I HAVE CREATED FROM THE FACE OF THE EARTH;
both man, and beast, and creeping thing, and the fowls of the air; for it repenteth me that I
have made them."

Repenteth me...meaning to change one's mind. God...all knowing...all powerful...changed his mind. I mean no disrespect,
and I know the response...it's usually the "moves in mysterious ways" reply, or one isn't supposed to question the wisdom of
God, but friends, if an all knowing entity created you and then murdered you because he changed his mind because you
were corrupted by "inhybridating fallen angels," (HIS ANGELS!) (and remember he created you as well), does that not seem
like a different kind of Being than what has been understood as "God." If one were, say, an organized controller of a species,
and this species became corrupted...even by other organized species...and there was no alternative...then perhaps this would
be the answer...you know...THE MURDER OF AN ENTIRE WORLD OF HUMANS...nice, right? Very pleasant. Not.....and so...Logically it
doesn't make sense. What would you do, sincerely, if YOUR CREATION of HUMANITY became corrupt and you were an all powerful
God. It's a no-brainer, "delete all corruption." Done. Doesn't seem very difficult to me. What up. Remember, "all powerful." ALL. POWERFUL.
It takes us back, logically, to the conversation with Adam, Eve, The Serpent, and God. Adam, you're the serpent energy now, Eve, you are
every person. . .AVA is born. No need for corruption. We live out our days as pillars of infinite energetic euphoria. Coming honey? And I quote:

"The Ancient New Reality: Don't be frightened...This is a metaphoric specific for your comprehensive evolution
of creativity and balance. Eve is now, The Woman, AVA, known as The Crown of The Ruling Eagle of The Dark River,
light it up!...and there is no separate Adam...whereas in this story from the bible, Eve was created from Adam's rib...in
this evolution, Adam has become into Eve as The Serpent, The Dark River, that which "male" is , and because of this
UNION of Light and Dark and HER respective cycling of this balance : SHE has Wings; it is that loving desire manifestation,
harnessed and ridden as energy! That Kundalini! And not just any kind of harnessing, we're talkin like, an ever evolving fluid
stream of energy understood as that new love feeling arousal recreating itself constantly due to your actions AS The Tree
of Life! The Tree of Knowledge! The Tree of The Infinite Infinitesimal! The Tree of Existence! The I as The Bridge of The Infinite!"

It has been hypothesized that the Great Flood was not only to eradicate "man" but more importantly to eradicate the
"halfbreeds" of fallen angels and humans. Do you see a strange theme emerging forth (straight out of intermission.) If one
were to look forth to "alien" abduction, one might surmise, as well, just such a hybridization, whereas that which "man" was
reading as a proclamation from "God" interpreted in the Books of the Bible could have very well been a comprehensive
measure much like the one we are witnessing being read on these very pages, yet determined to be Mother Nature due
to our modernity in evolution. It would not be too far fetched then to comprehend that if a hybridization of Mother Earth
was occurring, and Mother Earth did not like this (in parallel with Mother Nature), that a flood would cleanse HERself of just
such a plight (and the knowledge of such an action prior to its occurrence was from "A VOICE" out of nature, and someone
interpreted this "VOICE" as a "father's" (God), and since the alleged knowledge of God was circling around, this was the obvious
source of this voice, and since it made sense at the time, it made sense at the time...and so it was written...strange right?...whereas...
we could very well be witnessing just such a fate of humanity...7 billion people later...and perhaps JUST THE OPPOSITE or a MIRROR
REFLECTION has been allowed forth as : the necessity for a FLOOD OF LOVE to cleanse the world of just such an "evil," or just
perhaps that which is eventually to be an "evil" understood somehow in a way much like we have witnessed movies understanding
"accidents" 2 years before they actually happen...(and we have two examples of this, by experience..2008 and 1988...a different
way of understanding "vision" yes? the creation of motion pictures, correct?) So then, where do we stand? We are at The Mirror...
which The Sacred Child is smiling towards.....and the earthquake of the spine of the infant growing wings...(it's seriously laughable why
this image has parallel due to the meditation I just made, seriously.) So we could very well be witnessing the creation of The Flood of Love
as opposed to "the death of humanity." As well, this, could be a parallel to that parallel. Though this earthquake was only a 5.2, and it was
nearest The River, not the ocean, it is to understand that there are two angles of The River, not the ocean. A Parallel. And what I believe
this to be is The Individual Mirror Sacred Child. The Birth of ISIS as a Sacred Child...like, The MotherWife of All, as man...She is like a symbol
of validity to The MotherWife of ALL; an omen of "correct" path. Not to be a "god." But to be evolved, friends. It isn't about control,
it's about balance, love, respect, and fluidity. This type of "control" is not the controlling over someone or something else, it is a given
when there is balance as balance, but it is a limitless virtue of such : understood as A VIRTUELESS VIRTUE...The Invisible Balance of Fluidity.
It has no necessity to be defined as control due to the word being corrupted into the definition of manipulation. And when control doesn't
have to be defined, it scares people who seek that type of manipulative control because they can't "control" it. So when I say "Isis," I am merely
expressing the easiest way to define The Infinite Mother Energy. It is to be understood that our erect physicalities, our actual bodies of existence
in this physical nature, we are The FatherHusband. That which one would understand as that balanced fluidity (the "control of one's self in the
fluid projectivity of creation. And : ALL THAT OUT THERE IN INFINITE SPACE is inside of us infinitesimally just by ever existing (KNOW THAT), and
that's The MotherWife...The Spirit Womb Birth (yet even what you "are" already due to being capable of loving by Spirit, understand? By Spirit,
you are capable of allowing forth love...this is a spiritual experience...there is no real scientific comprehension of this...we love, and it cannot
be properly explained through science until we get past the notion that spirituality and science are not one in the same...they seriously are
one in the same...magic...spirituality...science...logic...balance...physicality...same...same...same...same...same...same...And when you create...
...when you actually get inside you and magnify forth the infinite from infinitesimally within you to infinity beyond you and cycling in love and so forth...
...that, is The Sacred Child...that's the infant there, smiling at The River...saying, Yes my friends, here I am! (perhaps in a Dune voice like Alia...or perhaps
just sitting there silently being beautiful...you know...depending on whether or not there has been respect allowed forth...a big difference from that of
a thousand machines speaking in such a voice, 'YES,' Matrix?) What will you choose as your future humanity? Will you choose to understand comfort
and respect and balance and euphoria and ecstasy beyond your wildest dreams, yet manifest, or......a machine...of course who is to say what our
choices may be further down this path...that we witness in The Graii (Greece) (the word almost looks like Grail, correct? How's that for a mindbender...
the woman chalice...hybridization by " angels of The Graii "), The Mirror, and hybridity from biblical times being explained to us through an earthquake not
but a few days after a cornucopia of a script has just expressed EXACTLY THIS, it seems not a coincidence any more, now does it. The MASSIVE WHALE
MIGRATION California just witnessed...totally parallel to what was just expressed...you see...all things we didn't know anything about, and yet, we found
them, wrote about them, and there they were...have you ever witnessed a neverending story written as it happens...

What has Orion been created as in these pages? The Great Mirror of Orion (The Hunted Hunter of Self, and really understand that
you, yourself, are the hunted hunter...when you walk through that mirror, you're walking through every aspect you have ever been,
and you must understand beyond all that you have ever been, so that you may become who you really are now), this is the passage
into The Great Hummingbird and The Infinite Meditation. The kneeling Orion at the edge of Lepus (desire.) Kneeling to The Great Bull...
...phallus...The Heart of The Bull...7 Sisters...He is a She is a He : AVA...PhiMale Vortex. Its all specific and metaphoric. We kneel to the desire
to the great phallus of woman (like a metaphor of kneeling to THE WOMAN'S DESIRE.) Which simply means we respect our reflection to
the point of PhiMale Vortex by The Desire of AVA, that which is the rising serpent of energy...kneeling before thyself, that which one desires,
out of respect (that which is the spirit energy, which is female)...the reinterpretation of lust as TRUST AND LOVE AS ONE FLUID BALANCE. I guarantee
having a V energy (vagina eye of OMO at The Perineum) changes the whole reality...and I am speaking specifically from an energetic point of view.
The V • OMO. The VOMO. I know it seems funny. Laugh. It's alright. It changes the way the mind functions in a man...it has this man, this energy...and it is
to be understood that this is not taking away from sexuality in the least, if anything it will evolve sexuality out of the hohum doldrums of disrespect and
into the exciting euphoric ecstasy beyond respect. I mean can you fathom that? That : RESEPCT is such a foregone conclusion and validity of reality
that it no longer even needs to be understood as a definition?! This would completely eradicate the necessity for boundary. Do you see where it leads
to? Ultimate Freedom, my friends. Actal freedom. Not an American lifestyle rhetoric of freedom...something far beyond this. Can you imagine sexuality
without the necessity for respect because it simply is already. Can you even fathom that notion? Do you understand how the mind will change in
functionality? How emotion will evolve? How love will be free, really free. The mind will open beyond anything we have ever experienced before :
that which our minds are capable...remember...we only use a very small portion of our capability of mind...why is that, correct? WHO, if anyone...
turned the switch to 10% instead of 100%?! Our ideologies of existence will reshape themselves into fluidity...into harmony...less necessity...more fluidity...
because we are creating fluidity just by existing...not "trying to," we simply are. Our relationships will see far beyond what we have ever known. Existence
would enter into an age of energy, real energy...ACTUAL POWER...not the struggle for power...the evolution of life. To be understood as each others'
inspiration of further. Understand? I am not here to take you down, I never signed up for that job. I am here to lift you up. I do not exist to cause
detrement, I exist to allow forth freedom. If we must protect ourselves in these realities of existence, then so as such do we allow, but the goal
is not to become so secured in protection and battle that it is all we understand. That is, by far, the wrong direction. It is to understand so
far into love, that love is all there is. The rest will just flow naturally because it is the ultimate energy. Do you understand that? That love is
the ultimate goal of everything?

And we must remember, this knowledge is coming from Mother Nature. Whether you are of a Christian faith or
not, this path has been allowed forth through a fluid MOTHER Nature. And that "MAN" would be destroyed, and
"BEAST" and "CREEPING THING" and "FOWLS" BECAUSE GOD MADE THEM...seems to premise forth a path of that
which would be destroyed by "THE FLOOD." (which eventually consumes the world where Noah and The Arc
and all the animals 2 by 2 float to the New World...and so forth...if we were to understand this parallel to what
this path has allowed us...we must understand that OUR LOVE IS THE FLOOD, The Arc is your PhiMale Vortex, and
the animals are each one of our totem. The destruction of man, beast, creeping thing, and fowl are simply that,
the destruction of the male dominant vulgarity of obnoxious disrespect...that which is beastly or creeping, man,
and fowl.
Understand the fluidity of Mother Nature in this comprehension through The Mirror. Understand? The abuse
and torment and violence of MAN is to be eradicated from the world. This is the goal. How do we do that? WOMAN!
PHiMALE VORTEX! Got it!!!!!!? A FLOOD OF LOVE TO DESTROY ALL ABUSE! (I'm like going into a trance from listening to
The Mirror so many times over and over again, just totally zoned and honed in on the fluid path of love and balance,
the power of the purification by the measure of WOMAN, the reality of MAN, into the balance of ONE...harmonized.
Earth spoke this in Greece...in the midst of their own rebirth...correct Greece? Trippy stuff...understand it! We're
livin it friends...it's all happening right now...LIVE IT! LOVE IT! GROW a VOMO!)

Grigori Grigori

Watchers, Holy Ones, Angels, Fallen Angels, Hybridization Creators, of The Grey Ones,

The Horizon speaks of The Crown of The Heart of The Great Healer of The Missing Foundation
of Woman in Great Strength with The Cultivator between The Sky and Earth. They come from
a depth of The Balance of The Sun, The Infinite Purification of Sight with The Mother Scorpion
as Love and Communication. The Spine Chalice Parallel of Raven. Great Strength in The Spine
of The Dragon of Lyra, The Voice of The Great Eagle, The Cunning Parallel of The Croning V.

The Centers then reveal The Great Thunderhorse hand in hand in hand The Wing of The Croning V
with The Croning V, The Sails of The Sight Vessel of The Open Compass : The Ancient Light of Self Creation
at The Parallel Mirror Bending Wind of OMO, The King and Queen together in Navigation, The Queen and
Daughter together of The Chalice of Navigation, Raven's Mirrored Chalice lain of Andromeda at The Crossing
of Heaven and Earth in The Wings of The Thunderhorse, The Eyes of The Cross of Chiron's Spine, The Cleansing of
The Heavens from Earth, Birth of Equuleus' Wings in The Cross of Chiron and The Thunderhorse. So says the Sight
of The Eagle, The Cunning voice of The Croning V, and The Earth Lion on The WIngs of The Eagles' Picture of
The Smoking Mountain. The Dragon rests in meditative balance of Isis' Unicorn; Triangulum of The Lion's
Purification of The Missing Foundation of The Woman.

What does Greece mean? Graikhos, The Graii of Epiros (Greek apeiros meaning mainland) The Graii were understood
as a trio of Greek Goddesses who shared one eye and one tooth (remember that for the next page.) They were known as
The Gray Ones, The Gray Sisters, or The Gray Witches...who shared one eye and one tooth...This is in The Mediterranean, allegedly
meaning Middle Earth. So this might propose:

Graii (Graeae or Graea) of Middle Earth. Fairly odd, correct? Ya know, since we're talking
about "angels" procreating with human women for hybrid superhumans (GREY)...but we must remember
we are looking in a mirror...what's really happening here...these sisters were sister to Gorgones Medusa.
It is said that Athena was angered by Medusa laying with Poseidon in her Temple, so she turned her hair
into living snakes that would turn anyone who caught her gaze into stone. Fast Forward to Perseus (the hero)
is said to have killed Medusa by chopping off her head (and this with the help of a reflective shield, curved sword,
winged boots and helm of invisibility...not to mention the one tooth and eye he stole from the three sisters.) When
Medusa's head was cut off it is said that Chrysaor and Pegasus leapt out of her neck...paralleling Athena's birth from Zeus'
cranium. The Head of Medusa turns "man" to stone...read it all metaphorically and specifically. By Eye and Tooth, Mirrored
Shield, Bending Sword, Flight, and Invisibility : just to defeat a mortal Medusa which means "guardian" btw. The Guardian Head
of Snakes that turn men to stone (has it been a battle against the phallus for this long?)...she is said to be the guardian of terrifying
places, either the nocturnal borders of the world or the Underworld
...turn to stone...interesting, correct? To us now, stone could refer
to crystal, or any number of other powerful rocks...energy stones...get it? ...for we aren't witnessing a Medusa walking around turning
men to stone currently...so then if it were for knowledge...would one TURN to a stone for assistance...perchance? Food for thought.
It could also mean to be solid. . .in the strength of character. Remember when choosing your stone or crystal, it should not be a
difficult task. You go there, you look, you witness, you feel, the stone will tell you without a doubt whether or not you are theirs.
You'll see. Or don't. Whatever. It's up to you.

* * * * *

.......so there was a sortof 'lull' between occurrences, and so I went back in time to check out 2008 and 1988...the two
major cranium trauma accidents, you know, just to see what kind of imagery it would reveal. I looked up the major
earthquakes of 2008, and there was a 7.3 right off the edge of Kamchatka (Raven's Feather) 4 days after the
accident...and so I went back to 1988 when that accident happened and six days after that accident was
an earthquake, a 5.4 in Tokyo (these were the nearest largest quakes to these "accidents." ...and what I am
searching for is some sort of real validation that there is an actual causality reaction by Mother Earth due to
these accidents...such that there is a legibility between us...it seems like a logical curiosity, correct? So I did
this the exact same way I have been doing these quakes and volcanoes for all this time, and what I found
is rather interesting...(by the way 7.3 - 5.4= 1.9...or added...12.7)

1988 : Skateboard accident, I was skating towards a railing that overlooked the first floor from the second floor of
an empty warehouse, pushed on the rail to stop, rail snapped, I flew forward, grabbed the rail, smashed against the
wall, fell to the floor landing on the back of my heels to immediately the back of my cranium onto my occipital bone...
...concussion...compound fracture.

: kinda like this imagery from The Loma Prieta Earthquake of 10.17.89 (here in my hometown area) :

Loma Prieta ...kadunk.

The earthquake that first read this activity was in a park in Tokyo famous for its Sakura Trees. Kinuta Park, Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan.
Kinuta means stone orchard (stone as in flat stone, as in an anvil (yeah, go ahead, make the Wiley Coyote jokes.) It's funny because
the pavement was like that, hard stone like an anvil. Totally perfectly smooth and dense as stone can be...hence the major concussion
and compound fracture. Setagaya (looks like Set.a.Gaia, don't it? Weird,) means generation of cultivation (were we not just talking about
hybridization, so frickin weird, is this the protection of that hybridization? "The Cultivation of a Generation?" Does this all seem like a story
you already knew, like you can't quite place it, but it's all so familiar?)

Stone Orchard of The Cherry Tree Blossom of Earth's Delicate Life of
The Generation of Cultivation in The Rising Capital of The Origin of The Sun.

1988 1988 1988
First of all I want you to notice that in the Centers we see revealed Hercules falling to the back of his cranium. But notice the
peculiar glow of his right eye...that's because the rabbit's foot is in his eye...that's Lepus' foot (DESIRE)...magnitude 3.15...it was
my 15th birthday...in March...at appx. 555pm...3/13/88. The really interesting "fairy tale premise" revealed here though is the
River going through the mind of Aesculapius...right through his Occiptal area from the top of his cranium...as though " Hercules'
rabbit fall " had a causality of THE RIVER to enter right through his heart and through his mind at the time of impact. Does it not
seem that way to you? Notice Sirius, it is the eye of Canis Major as the tear of Bootes, Isis' loyal one chewing on the staff of The
Cultivator in the occipital area of his cranium...peculiar right? (i would bring up how i was attacked by a doberman, but it tried
to chew threw my neck, not my cranium, and that was like 9 years prior, interesting Pegasus parallel though.) Crown of Desire's
Spine...Betelgeuse is in the groin of The Cultivator...The knees of Hercules are both The Dove and Canis Major...while the knee
of Bootes is Orion. Notice how strong the parallel is between the staff of Bootes and Orion's starbelt. . .the oblivious Cultivator
unknowingly reaching for Bellatrix through his staff's placement (The Amazon Warrior Star.)

The Horizon spoke of The Sacrifice of The Wolf, The Edge of The Vertical Right Angle and The Tail of The Riversnake.
The Balances are eskewed just slightly to reveal the parallel to the main dual impact of the trauma : heels to cranium.
A Push by The Mother Scorpion of The Great Healer of Strength; Feet down, purification. Depth of Circinus, The Slide of
Triangulum, Cross and Seed, Earth Lion to Smoking Mountain, Flying Fish as The Vessel descends, The PhiMale straight
down, a picture at The Centered Golden Earth Perigee.

The Centers then expressed The Falling Strength of Desire at The Crown of The Hunter and The Spine of Desire. The Rabbit's foot
is in The Eye of Strength of Peace and The Mother of All in The Spine of The Flying Dragon's Open Compass of The Descending
Vessel of Golden Earth's Perigee. The Flying Fish Ascends as The Swan descends with The Smoking Mountain and The PhiMale
Picture of Lyra on the edge of The Cunning Reticulum of Time voiced of The Eagle, The River that travels from The Foot of Desire
through the head of The Serpent and The Heart of The Great Healer who Ceases The Mighty Furnace, as The River flows
through The Mind. Serpens is Crowned of The Missing Foundational Parallel, Crown of The Future Diamond Mirror of The
Amazonian Warrior.

2008 : Skateboard accident, holding the nose of my board and grinding around the coping
of a pool, my body is lunged forward, my arms seemingly dysfunctional behind me, I dive
head first straight down about six feet to the bridge of my nose. . .(the strange anomaly
here as well is that I dove into a pool headfirst back in high school and the pool wasn't
but 4ft. deep or so, and I hit the bottom, with my forehead (but this was in water.)
...so many parallels...the gal's birthday this was at could very well be described
as a Warrior Amazonian, by far, respectively, as well, very strange. :)

Raven's Feather
The Egyptian hieroglyph for Giraffe spoke of prophecy, or
the foretelling of something...and the word derives from
the African zirafa meaning to walk swiftly. The Camel
with spots of a leopard...camel and water...wearing
a leopard (a lion panther mixed (panther meaning all beast(s.)
Chiron was a great healer, astrologer, respected oracle, and
teacher; his name means "hand.") This was in The Sea of Okhotsk,
Kamchatka, Russia.

The Sea of The River, Raven's Feather, Traveler of The Sea.

The Horizon speaks of The Depth Triangulation at the edge of The Right Angle. The Paradise Bird stares into
A Thousand Eyes. The Greatest Depth is The Cross rearing Chiron to sacrifice The Wolf off the edge of The Spiral.
Behind the edge, The Purification of The Moon, The Woman's Cycle, Between The Cultivator. The Eagle is above
The Shield and cunning. The Darkest Sun peers towards The Archer. Thunderhorse and Companion are diving with
The Croning V to The Flying Womb and Lyra, parallel with The Great Dragon.

The Center speaks of Queen Cassiopeia looking through her mind's eye to The Headless Corvus and into The Mirror of
The Depth Center of Chiron from The Distressed Circle of The Sacrifice of The Hero's Stone Creator through the legs of
The Swift Lion of All Beasts. This Distress speaks from The Vision of Depth, The PhiMale Thunderhorse Bridge of The Smoking
Mountain Earth Lion with legs that swim and fly. The Navigation of The Bird of Paradise is from The Spine of Ascension,
A Thousand Eyes Shining Down from The Altar of The Spiral Horns, The Depth Trinity of Triangulum Paralleled beneath
The Right Angle. The Bending Compass Croning V Vessel of The Mind of The Ancient Light of Self Creation, The Spiral
Voice of The Meditative Prophecy of The Raven Wings of The Chalice Dragon of The Wind of Seeing Between The
Energy of The Woman.

Notice all the parallel bridge of the nose comprehensions...

First we have the compass nose dive............................................then the Pegasus nose dive with Chamaeleon nose dive with the
nose of the flying fish accentuated in the leg of Pegasus...opposite to the Dorado fish across Pegasus' nose bridge...then Draco,
the wind machine is accentuated in the nose of Draco...

Raven's Feather Revealed
Then center left we have the nose of Lacerta against the sails...and we have The Queen, Cassiopeia's third Eye illuminated by
The Southern Cross! (as well, The King, Cepheus, falling to his cranium.) Then we have Pisces' spine accentuating Apus' nose bridge
in the bottom center image along with a very peculiar balance of triangulums in Pisces...see that? Now get this...Andromeda is
straddling Chiron's leg, and the hoove is at her perineum area...V...she is reaching through Musca to the other hoove to the
Southern Cross which is connected to Cassiopeia's third eye...trippy right? Her hair is tickling the nose of Pisces! It's like a whole
map of The OMO. Center right we see Aries in Ara The Altar head first, the bridge of the nose accentuated...and finally, lower
right, we see Chiron with his staff at the bridge of Medusa's nose in an almost exact location of where I hit the pavement...and
this "hero," Perseus, is on his cranium in the heart of Chiron, the legs of Camelopardalis accentuating the bridge of the nose
THROUGH occipital area of Chiron...now..if that doesn't speak volumes to causality and reaction WAY AFTER THE FACT...then
well, perhaps these pages aren't for you to understand.

One other thing...notice the parallel to which Cassiopeia is looking
at through this Cross of Illumination between Her and The Mirror :

Crovus Parallel ...trippy right?

It's like a map of hieroglyphs of a bunch of knowledge we didn't know back then, that was created up through now.
Notice the missing beak. It's like..."what's missing here." (and what was missing was the comprehension of Raven's Eye...and in
11/2008 I had not even began to create Circinus Bridge yet. This was right after creating two poems of songs, The Nine and
The Bridge. Funny right? 2 days after I wrote a poem about The Bridge I landed on the bridge of my nose right between my eyes...
...one year later West Mata was revealed to me as the deepest volcano eruption ever recorded, and that's when everything opened
up in a vast rapidity of knowledge...Circinus Bridge was created in like a month in a series of some seriously intense meditations...until I
comprehended The Mirror...and so it was that Circinus Bridge was created in order to reveal The Mirror. . .and once I had comprehended
The Mirror and began developing The Infinite Meditation through the intensity of reading Mother Nature, Circinus Bridge was alleviated from
existence...it was no longer a necessity, it was a bridge to find a passage...The Mirror had been found...and then creation became a long path
of getting to know alot of Suns. . .that Mother Nature introduced me to. . .by way of attempting to read Her messages...and I didn't know what I
was doing. . .per se. . .I was learning as I went. . .so I had to develop the procedure evolutionarily by attempting to understand. . .and almost all
of the creation of The Bigger Picture, that which has become The Great Humming Bird . . . was done naked under water . . . and so we look back
to these major cranium "accidents" and we see that there seems to be a validation to causality with Mother Nature. A validation we did not
comprehend until long after this journey began. And so it seems, it is not an accident that this has occurred. This map. This way. This path.
This potential Paradigm Shift of Reality into The Balance of Woman. It is a strange reality that has become...most assuredly. Somehow, this
knowledge was known prior, as well. We have witnessed this comprehensive measure through imageries depicted in movies. . .2 years
prior. . .almost exact imageries. . .in almost exact time frames of distant preknowledge to these "accidents" occurences.

So where do we stand with the knowledge and experience thus far on this page? ...some guy who has a perfect etymological name
for riding waves just road the biggest wave ever recorded. . .mindreading is becoming a reality and the depth to which that knowledge
could allow is severely deprivatizing, detremental, and traumatic to the growth of humanity (with the hypothetical possiblity of evolution
to those who can overcome or survive the intense psychological warfare it imposes) . . . hybridization of this world appears to have a
severe emphasis in biblical times right along with the creation of the bible (along with many metaphysical comprehensions, given forth
by " angels " and understood through The Graii ) . . . there is some sort of anomalistic measure of " sight " into our reality by vision in
motion picture (cameras (eyes) 2 years prior to their occurrence ( a history camera of the future) . . . and there is some sort of
causality legibility between trauma, meditation, and some circumstances of normal individual interaction with Mother Nature's
reactions in some sort of symbiosis of causality. . . whereas . . .during the process of attempting to understand Mother Nature's
communications to humanity, we have discovered that our own individual realities can be read in causality with Mother Nature. . .
thus allowing forth the knowledge that there is a direct causality between ourselves and Mother Nature. Hence : Communication.

Every 7 pg. 47 B

The Communication can be read here.

The Bigger Picture is An Infinite Meditation.

May Light Be Your Shadow.

Every 7

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