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11.26.11The Mother Sun.

Loving Her
The Loving Cycles of Woman, Mother Earth.

Kizimen continues to flow...

I, Raven's Feather, Traveler of The Sea.

Puyehue, Chile continues to flow...

The Place of The Stars of The Milky Way Cord
Stalk, The Good River, Where the Land Ends
and in The Deepest of Earth in The Deep
Work Superseding Wasp.

Sakurajima, Japan continues to flow...

The Deep Cherry Tree Blossom is a Symbol of Earth's Delicate Life of The Embroidered
Great River of The New Rising PhiMale, The Cauldron of Sight Virtue, The Nine of The Four,
known as The Setting Sun of The Pacified and The Setting Sun Sea of The Circle, The Ancient
Zither Amethyst Waterland, Origin of The Sun.

Kilauea continues erupting...

The Hill of The Honey Stick, The Hill of The Honey Eater of The Shielded
Spewing Home of The Goddess of The Great Ancestry in The One of
Many Works Superseding Wasp.

Shiveluch, Kamchatka continues to flow.

Seven of Nine is The Light of The Goddess of Living, Being,
and Existing in The Raven's Feather of The Traveler of The Sea.

Las Calmas, Canary continues to flow.

Off the edge of The Waterlands of The Sacred Dogs, off the edge
of The Arrowhead Heart of Iron, off the edge of The Ridge of Rocks
of The Waterlands of The Desiring, The Mystery, The Setting Sun,
The Guardians of The Golden Apple of Immortality in The Deep
Calm Sea.

Mt. Nyamuragira continued until 11.18.2011.

Herding the Masses (and in Parallel with The Sacred Child of Prevailing Truth in The Herding
of The Armed Crowned Silver Double Tailed Lion Warriors of The River Crossing of The Father
of The Lake of The Red People) at The Water of Fire in The Great Baptismal Noble Brilliance
of The River That Flows From The Mountains Without Cold or Horror.

Mt. Etna erupted for the 18th time this year on 11.15.2011.

The New Voice of The Beautiful Mountain of Fire Piercing The Sky,
Earth's Deep Vessel, The Harvest of Triangulum, Land of The Bulls.

There was a 5.7 that struck off the coast of Ecuador on
11.16.2011. This was between two points and a giant
face with an opened mouth :


Interestingly enough, to continue on the psychadelic power story of The Intermission, and in
parallel with the whole Ascension of The Trinity comprehension . . . I just happened to view The Fifth Element
right after this earthquake, and I'm being serious when I say I'm not attempting to find these, really, I did not
have in my mind this imagery when I watched this movie, I just went to it, (I mean, I like finding them like this, but
I didn't wake up this day and know I was going to watch this flick, I just had the instinctual notion to do so all of a
sudden outanowhere) , it keeps happening like this. All I can tell you honestly is that it keeps happening. And when
something like this happens, and Mother Nature just spoke, do you not surmise this is a necessary knowledge?
Of course it is. And regardless of any of our opinions, Earth, and Mother Nature, just said this to ALL OF US.

Fifth Element, Ecuador

5th Element UNDERSTAND?
Trippy right? How many movies can you parallel from this one whose purpose was to create light from love to destroy evil?
Alot, correct? Yes, quite a few. But how many by the combination of a male and female to create a trinity in a quadration?
We're living this. Remember the whole probe destroying Earth premise? In The Fifth Element, a dark planet is 'the probe parallel,'
(what's up Green Hornet! (and Melancholia!), whose darkness is about to destroy Earth when The Fifth Element is allowed love from
'he whom could not give it. . .before Her.' So he finally gives Her what She needed, love, and She is magnified in the center of the balanced
elements from the four stones of the temple, the fire, water, air, and earth, and they destroy the evil by their Trinity : He•She•EnergyBirth (sacred
child metaphor.) Interesting right? In this scene, Corbin (meaning Raven) is speaking with Leeloo (meaning Precious Stones) about gleaming Her
power as the fifth of the elements. She asks why, why with all that humans do, are, and lack, do they deserve to continue surviving here? And Raven's
answer to this is "love" eventually, although he struggles with The Precious Stones for a few suspensful moments. Then, and here's the really powerful fluidity,
the four elements all cast their equilibrium of energies upon The Precious Stones being held by Raven (Light by Dark.) Notice the sculpture. The cranium
is in a position impossible to accomplish by a normal humanoid, how could anyone position that way normally, correct? Yet, with another individual,
this may be accomplished by embracement, and She is SUPPORTED BY HIS LOVE, that is the crucial InBetween element, and magnifies forth the force
brilliance of The Fifth Element, which is only allowed forth due to The Respectful Union of Love Creation, understand? He is screaming in an aggressive
balance of fluidity as She is magnifying forth this infinite energy that becomes the ultimate light power, and evil is destroyed. The Voice is The Parallel
of The V. Do you understand that? The V is the root, remember? The Mouth is the other end, correct? YET, The Crown! As though the infinite cycle is
being cast from all the elements of this world through The Union's entirety magnified through their Union Voice, don't you see, it's The Cross, light and
dark, male and female, one balance, harmonized, through HER! You see, we are taking The Parallel of Raven and Precious Stones into the unity of One
Being. . .Interesting just how deep it goes, correct? Or perhaps we should commit forth to just how deep it comes from, this 'voice projection,' correct?. . .
And this totally parallels Raven (a song written about the explanation written of Raven Steals The Light (3.15.2009 (2 years, 8 months prior, are we catching
up with "the machine" then?) And so we write these lyrics for the communication, and we attempt to understand this song, respectively :


(Dune parallel.)

All is Darkness; all I see, the only path is hidden from me. River breathes and the River sings. . .feeds the Father, from the Water.
There within Infinity is holding, hiding, all the shining. There within this, the Darkest Temple, he holds The Light as his own, how I need
to believe, how I need to believe, how I need to believe, how I need to believe, how I need to. . .The World may believe from his
Darkest hour, that Light may compel us to See what we need to see. Feed the witness the Seed of Consciousness, of the River, and
bless the Goddess, now learn the Light at the edge of Darkness, and birth your sight as your sight reveals the Light. Shines within you,
a maze, a labyrinth, and spirals ever through, space and tangent, and further in, expands, evermore, revealing energy, reality, the
balance here, the Light and Dark : Between. Birth the Knowledge, Light from Darkness, Seeing through my Father's eyes and. . .Birth
the Knowledge, Light from Darkness, Seeing through my Child's eyes and. . .Birth the Knowledge, Light from Darkness, Seeing through
my inner eye sight. . .Birth the Knowledge, Light from Darkness. . .finally Seeing for the first time. The Eagle, He speaks in wisdom, but fears
the outcome of Raven's shining, He'll try to take you, your Light, your greatest Truth, just to challenge your strength beyond you. Here's my
talon, your breath and your sight, release your grasp on the only Light we have, part to the River, the Lights in the Sky and between all these
Worlds now : Let the Sun now become. It's all been a dream and I'm slowly emerging from blankets of Darkness that cover our World is revealing
a Light from within your own Infinite parallel mine as we shine all our minds to this : Energy Sees what we See, as does Energy, See what you seek to
believe as integrity builds what you See, let it breathe and release every : Dream that you See manifest this reality. See from these dreams manifest
this reality. Dream that you See manifest this reality. See from these dreams manifest this reality. See this your dream is Fire now. See this your dream
is Water now. See this your dream is Air now. See this your dream is Earth now. See this your dream.

Quite fitting, correct? The explanation is about twenty minutes long.
It can be read and listened to here. Or simply listened to here:

(of course it is to understand this is comprehensive throughout all aspects we have progressively
accomplished forth within: (World), Self, Solar System, Galaxy, Universe, Multiverses, Multidimensionalities,
Unconscious, SubConscious, Conscious, and SuperConscious, The Energy of All That Is, Is Not, and Is In
Between, and The Infinite Infinitesimal Source, and Cycling through our World. We evolve.) It's quite alot
to process through. And it takes a fairly immense commitment to honor and respect and get through it all.

. . . so, continuing with The Fifth Element, that which we understand as the Love Union of All Elements. . .

(The Precious Stones expresses, just prior to this, how She has read through Raven's World's entire alphabetical computerized catalogue of history up
to the letter ' V,' She was on V. . . funny right? Where have we just only gotten to in comprehension over the last few weeks and months. . .V. . .correct?
It's all so weird. Then she types in WAR. . .and gets very emotional . . . hence the question as to whether or not humanity even deserves another chance
since our species, on this planet, is rather immature when it comes to the compassionate balance of ideology and respect. It makes you wonder about
reality, doesn't it. How surreal it all is. How parallel all these aspects are in the fluidity, and with the fluidity of Mother Nature simultaneous. It also premises a
knowledge between species that we have yet to understand on a global level, the simple notion that there is a universal language of The Infinite Infinitesimal
, and we are currently attempting this language through our own languages, for there is a root to all knowledge in the infinite cycle, and since we are part
of that infinite cycle now, that knowledge becomes abundant in its forthcomingness, and as this develops and more people understand, so does this evolve
further as a trigger to our entire species, a critical mass of enlightenment, and here, and now, in the midst of The Mayan Tun-Uc parallel; it's seriously fascinating
on so many levels, that which we attempt to understand, that which we've understood, and that which we have evolved from, with the greatest of honesty, a
story told by Mother Nature right through us, all of us, our own languages and stories, how reality has been shaped into what it currently is . . . and we must
understand this further, this spiral, respectively. . .it isn't to simply hang up our toolbelts and call it a day. . .this is evolution folks. . .there is no end. . . 84 Years
is this beginning . . . We are living in a time that seems to have been understood already. It appears to the careful observer that we are currently living an
experience that those before us did not know how to accomplish successfully, a cycle of time that did not witness the correct balance necessary : and
won't until it does... a repeat of reality until it is correct. . .it reminds me of the movie Source Code : a movie that came out on 3.11.2011, The Japan 9.0
earthquake date
, and I just happened to rent this movie during the whole Lokon Empung Comprehension of The Great Hummingbird , you remember,
the animation created by Mother Nature to describe The Bigger Picture as The Great Hummingbird! How frickin surreal can you get!

During Source Code I saw tons of parallels that were currently happening with all these comprehensions,
and at the end of the movie, when they were walking with that huge mirror sculpture, I noticed the parallel
to Etna's latest eruption imagery I had just accumulated (this was in July.)

Source Code and Mt. Etna How can anyone predict such an actuality as it is happening?
A Motion Picture, a camera, an eye, fluidity, flow, a choreography of imaging and acting and movement and character and
here we see Etna erupts as I have just understood into imagery of this day in July of 2011, and I find myself renting Source Code,
and there, at the end of the movie, this mirror. . .that people are walking through and so forth. . .in a psychadelic surrealistic parallel of
The Great Mirror of Orion . . .as we are witnessing it happen in reality, it happens in a simultaneous manner, a separate medium, film, through
a volcano's appearance that I just happened to use to describe during the same time I watched this movie. . .this movie that came out on 3.11.2011,
that I did not see until that day in July. But you see, this premises a parallel evolution, correct? I had to actually go and rent this movie for this outcome to
be arrived at, it isn't a one way street; but as a witness watches this movie it is as though a multidimensional conversation is being accomplished about a
topic in a totally different ideological reality through a parallel; they don't know me and I don't know them and I don't know what they are talking about,
and they don't know what I am talking about (but there is an anomalistic point of view there that could fashion a different premise of preknowledge to
my comprehensions, though, only theoretical at this point), and somehow I arrive at information due to The Path I have accomplished and followed, as
though Mother Nature accomplished some sort of impossible labyrinth between everyone on Earth, and because we flow with Her every day, this path
becomes illuminated. . .yet only by our walking of The Path. . .Gollum wouldn't actually talk directly to me through a movie, correct? Or is this just how freaky it
has become. . .about the lights, right? Crazy. (I know, don't freak out, I'm not going loopy, it really appeared that way as it happened, no joke, you would have
felt the same way, it was trippy, it was a moment by moment clarification, as though I had a question to answer I had yet to ask and was allowed the response
in a simultaneous question as though it were all pathed into reality for just this purpose. . . what if you were following some sort of abstract bit of information and
while following this abstract bit of information, some creature, made to look like a Grey from Fire in the Sky, looks back (like looking to the past from the future,
yet reversed !i . . . to speak to you about an exact parallel that doesn't even make sense in the movie (there were no lights, it was a Gollum type metaphor to
death candles or something). . . see how mind boggling it becomes? And he says "don't do what you're doing" (and with a real angry face) and I'm like, screw
, this is too trippy to not express, right? . . .come on now, what frickin world is this) and (concerning Source Code) we're not talkin about history or trains
or bombs or terrorism or disgruntled crazies or religion or actors or producers or movies, the point is : we're talking about the future of our world as
it happened in a day, four months later, a future history (meaning a future that has already happened) , a different process of mind unfolding reality,
through anything, through anyone, as though the mind is becoming acclimated into the fruition of necessary information under the premise that
reality has already understood a future history, and this has been acclimated forth into the consciousness of humanity somehow, so we are
comprehending a simultaneous PATH of evolution whilst cleansing a disasterous imbalance of this world. One could go to a frickin book of
the month club and find the same process. . .or collect pigmy stamps. . .or start studying the divine nature of the pulsatrix melanota. . .or the
breathing techniques of a Lagenorhynchus cruciger. . .or the mating rituals of an albino Canis mesomelas. It just doesn't matter where or how or
when or why. . .it's everywhere. . .it's always. . .it has become. . .and then it isn't. . .and then it is. . .and then it's between them. . .and then it's multiplied
in multidimensional parallel. . .and it keeps building. . .and building. . .and. . .we either go crazy, or we hold on for dear life and understand balance :
further. And it seems that particular portions of society " know " exactly what is happening as it happens. As though it were already written. And wouldn't
it be interesting to find that it is only understood because we have written it down here, now, (or even in a private journal) and that this future history we
speak of is becoming further acclimated to this very knowledge . . . that this knowledge is like a manuscript of what has already become, the future history
asks questions, perhaps through something as simple as The Great Hummingbird (although not terribly simple, yet, simple to the honorable, ask a question,
get an answer), The Bigger Picture, The Great Hummingbird was created for balance, for all, the infinite all, and while we may understand this through The
Infinite Meditation, it is to understand that this energetic connectivity of life force energy, of a thousand suns, planets, moons, and galaxies, EVOLVES every
day with all our knowledge and combined with all of our knowledges combined, and combined with all of these worlds' knowledges combined with ours,
and it keeps evolving because this is the purpose, and it is magnified every single day in cleansing. . .and it is as well a comprehensive tool of learning
that which needs to be learned . . .an outrageously multiplied gazillion years of experience and energy combined in harmony for a respective purpose
of loving and healing regenerative love energy as balance. . .ask a respectful question. . .get a respectful answer. . .so it is to understand, future
historians, you may ask a respective question of this comprehensive Hummingbird in your time, and get a respective answer in our time : hence
it would be written back in time, right now. Mindbender, right? I'm freakin myself out. I love it. It's like discovering a new perception. Have we
created a communication system between time? And is this Hummingbird Technology that which will allow forth this time portal without
paradox? We could very well be writing the future history of the past just by existing at this moment in this reality. Do you understand just
how impacting this is to our reality? How far the conscious mind can travel between reality? Do you get just how frickin serious this has
become? Seriously complex. And growing further.

A corrupt parallel to this is the deprivatization trip happening in the news currently (the hacking probe) . . .I mean, this is like a total estranged,
deranged, and demented parallel to exactly this that I speak of. . . how? Well, I would surmise, and of course I am only guessing, but due to my
experiences it doesn't seem too far fetched, that if these folks are talking about their private conversations being exploited, to the point where one
woman expressed she was blaming her family for "leaked" information, it's easy to say phones were tapped, or lights, or computers, or however the
little pigrats of society do these things (and I'm not callin "the uniform" a filthy beast of their own shite, I'm sayin anyone's a pig if they're corrupt : anyone.)
Obviously, not all feds are pigs, and not all cops are pigs, and ALOT of every day people ARE pigs. . .and of course the many ' back and forth ' switchhitting
traitors of reality : the enslaved, or duped, or ignorant, or hazing piggy drones, oh they exist, at the drop of a dime they're there, like Agent Smith, they may
look like your newscasters, but if that machine prompts them to act a certain way with a particular script of words used against particular people for particular
purposes, they do it, without question, and if you notice certain phrases accentuated it is because they are attempting to accentuate them, purposely). . .and
I digress. . .comprehending information on a level of secrecy at a level of "unknowable" information as : "leaked" : is an obvious conclusion. And to catch these
drones, is good. But it goes much deeper. And you wouldn't necessarily see this spoke of in the news or in court just yet (even though that's exactly where this
crap is being shovelled out to the masses), it's too outrageous, too unbelievable, but as we have read from this last time around, not far from now, we shall
understand that there are techniques of exploitation being used and abused through the legibility of the mind, today, right now. . .and as "terror" goes, it is
not without merit to comprehend this likeness to the mind being raped. And as such, I would surmise such a plight would perhaps be dealt with by a civilized
society with a powerful judgement, as such. For it is to understand that once that temple is raped, the fierceness of balance will destroy their humanity, for it
has already been. Let us hope it does not destroy our own humanity. Railroading 101. Is this too much to lay on everyone at once? Are you all freaking out?
Don't. That's not the purpose. The purpose is to understand what is going to happen, so we evolve to be stronger. Understand? How much of what has been
spoken on these pages has come true. Parallels, giant infinity symbols the size of small galaxies, severely accurate reflections of Mother Earth and The Stars in
The Sky, and the legibility of communication with Mother Nature. . .all simultaneous to one another. We built The Bigger Picture and She described it back to
us as The Great Hummingbird. How special is that, ya know? We are understanding a premise of a future through our present. One we are writing. The simultaneous
"tapping" of computers and phones and lives and all that crap, where suddenly every aspect of nothing that was ever spoken out loud is all over the news or advertising
or commercials, anywhere and everywhere, it's seriously deprivatizing on an immense " secret " public level of exploitation and exaggeration for the purpose of money. . .
not news. . .for money. . .for bounty. . .and essentially CREATES abuse. . .to create abuse. . .over and over. Mostly all pointless. Men, women, and children are being stalked,
abused, tormented, and hassled through lies, exaggerations, and exploitations of their private lives. I could tell you years of history of exactly this, by experience. So when
you watch these stories unfold in the news, you must understand it isn't just the paparazzi, it isn't just news reporters, there are people who are drones of reality in existence,
'pigrats' if you will (and i have a much more profane term for them, but I will leave that for the book), and these creatures exist for just such a purpose. . .exploitation,
exaggeration, torment, abuse; and without conscience, for the simple purpose of causing imbalance, friction, the rousting of hate to create hate. Chaos for bounty
and entrapment. And it's organized, so it isn't actual chaos, it's "order" rearranged to serve a disorderly purpose. . . a choreography of reality to create disdain. . .for
you see. . .the onion has many levels. Would it then be so difficult to understand that this system that we have spoken of, the one that seems to understand reality
before it happens from a future historian point of view, would it be too surreal for us to comprehend that this same system has been used for just such a plight?
How easy it would be to exploit individuals through such a system of foreknowledge? Yes? The sideways mirror of time. . .what was that movie? Deja Vu. Check
it out. You'll be like, 'no way.' But then you look at reality, the news, the ways that are unfolding in society, the parallels, the way people attempt to communicate
in very disturbing , unwelcomed , derogatory, and exploitively exaggerated ways through the media, and you'll understand that someone, somewhere has this
knowledge already and is using it against certain people. Realize that most of the media is conditioned by the law. And not the law you all think you know. The
one hidden behind every reflective surface of reality. And of course it isn't some reporter with a camera, it's not some rogue genius, it's a system of "sight " that
is being used to exploit reality from an individual's private perspective in order to manipulate causality from an antagonistic point of view. It's easy to say that
someone merely tapped your life. But when the "impossible" knowledge gets out, things that were never said out loud, never spoken, it is to understand that
there is no limit to this knowledge and may have a simultaneous counterpart in reality, " mindreaders " as it were. And so as such, as Mother Nature proposes
through this individual a comprehensive measure of reality through our own language, this is limitless, and on a much larger scale. If someone doesn't say they
tapped your life, and the information gets out, this is the assumption we have, this " tap." We have that knowledge already, so it is the only logical conclusion.
But these as well could simply be implants of information to muddle the already integrated "impossible" exploitations. The 'ultimate' in being able to call
someone paranoid because who would ever believe it unless they experienced it (MATRIX)? Correct? It is the simultaneous creation of paranoia,
exaggerated exploitation, and the hopeful discrediting of reputation by way of corruption for entrapment. And if you said it, you would be thought
of as crazy. This "mirror camera" of reality, as it were, if anyone can even fathom such a knowledge, is not without merit obviously, for we have
witnessed this same type of parallel in the creation of The Great Hummingbird. Yet, this was created with the greatest of honor and respect
for everyone, right in front of you, as it happened by Earth Mother and Mother Nature and myself, journaled, as it happens, all of it. . .and
although, if this "mirror camera" does actually exist, and information is being used to exploit into reality abuses directed at certain individuals
through sold information and so forth, it is to understand this may not have been the original purpose. The original purpose may have been
to locate terrorists or murderers or rapists or child molesters or any number of dishonorable grievances and disrespectful realities of humanity,
in order to catch and stop horrendous features of this world from happening, or to perhaps even simply let Consciousness understand before
massive disasters on a global level occur. Noble purposes. Something happened though. The knowledge got out. And so this "technique" is used
against any people deemed "unworthy" by an unknown judicial system and without arrest, jury, or rights, and right out in the open public of every
day society, the convictions of a free society, enslaved without even knowing it. Who's to say it's even The United States doing this, it could be anyone
at this point, The U.S. could very well be enslaved by it as well, or simply playing ignorant, this could be the beginning of a systematic assault on the free
world. . .being accomplished right before our very eyes, with billions of people oblivious to it. It could be an entire faction of society behind the veil (who's
to say it is even human, if I might be so bold. Does it matter at this point? Yes.) Many assume they "know," due to having this knowledge. Of course, I do not
have an absolute certainty of those who cause these circumstances. I only have my own experiences. So when I witness these circumstances riddled in
the news, I comprehend them further, for the measure of experience is parallel, so I elaborate from their point of view, that which cannot be spoken of
in an ignorant court of law (that most likely DOES have knowledge of this system of corruption, but is too, as well, enslaved in it, so they play ignorant, kinda)
Understand that it's all possible. There are positions of reality already in existence that can witness anything. I have experienced this. If you are a focus of
The Machine, you are being witnessed. And the premise goes far beyond what most folks are willing to process because it's seriously creepy (as you may
have comprehended.) And that's why it is gotten away with. Who would believe it, right? Would it not be logical then to surmise that Mother Nature would
attempt to find a way through this with us. If loving and healing regenerative love energy as balance is the goal of our evolution, one that has been
created through all these Suns, Moons, Planets, Galaxies, and the formations created from them to eventually allow forth The Great Hummingbird
in its own evolutionary fluidity, would it be too bold to understand that this particular arrangement of energy would attempt to allow forth that
balance through actual circumstance? And so how would this be possible? How could it be accomplished? The knowledge would have to be
allowed forth somehow. . .the knowledge that we didn't yet know. . .the knowledge we weren't allowed to understand. . .and this premises a
conscious knowledge understood through every fiber of every nuance of every vibrating frequency in existence. . .correct? Every grain of
sand. . .every star in the sky. . .and all that is between them, such that we illuminate knowledge necessary for evolution out of these hidden
realities and into The Sun, out from behind the grey clouded veil and into brilliance. AS WELL, we must understand what we have learned
from the accidents that premised this creation. The '88 birth day occipital fall twenty years prior to the '08 OMO fall. . .premised in movies. . .
two years prior to their occurences (both of them.) Two very extremely painful circumstances known before they happened. So it is to
question, is it cause and effect or is it preknowledge. . .or both. . . what did The Oracle say when the vase was broken? Reality is starting
to feel more and more like a Matrix isn't it. For those who already felt this way, it is beginning to feel less and less like The Matrix. Don't worry
about it. Think of it like this. You have no limit except that which limits yourself. Now, don't go jumping off buildings or whatever, please, but
understand that the possibility of energy will eventually parallel such a comprehension to you if it hasn't already, it already exists, you just need
to understand that element of your Being. And that element is THE RESPECTIVE UNION OF LOVE. The Missing Foundational Parallel of Woman understood
through the transcendence of man. The Knowledge of The Woman RESPECTIVELY. Doc knew what he was talkin about. . .build the time machine. . .then
learn about The Woman. It seemed funny right? Back then. And now we reiterate here, and it isn't so funny anymore in a comedy way, it's funny in a hysterical
holy frickin fnord
kind of way. It is a reality, correct? Here we are, explained of Fe, The Iron Core Center of Mother Earth, the depth heart of gravity in order to
explain and express our own depth gravity : THE HEART! Which is love, which comes from the union of two into one, a Trinity Birth of The PhiMale Vortex. The missing
element of balance. To Fly The Heaviest Gravity, weightless. Do you understand how deep it goes? The depth of this knowledge is in so many portions of reality it
will boggle your mind when you start to witness reality with this perception evolving in your mind. The blinders come off, and true focus abounds. It was always
about Her, You. And it doesn't matter what anyone says or does or exaggerates or proposes or exploits. . .this will always be truth, and it will always be
comprehensive beyond deception. All truth is. So remember that, respectively. This is expressed to you with the greatest of respect.

. . . continuing with the strange paradigm ascension . . .

Time is mirroring itself in the present and the future and history, in art, perspective, meditation, Nature, all simultaneous to each other on
a legible level and being read as it goes. . .has this ever been accomplished? Is it all too far fetched to believe as you sit there witnessing
it happen? Why would Mother Nature allow forth such a notion, a trigger, if it weren't necessary? I'm trying to understand this in a "pathed"
sortof way. . .the path led us here. . . Mother Nature did. We built The Great Hummingbird. . .And fruition is acclimating. . . AND. . .somehow
it is known, that this would occur. It premises a really powerful dilemma in our present reality, our present cultures, a problem of a historically
destructive future (if you can believe it), and one that may be currently alleviated as we witness it; and of a river of information instinctually
placed throughout time by unknowns, perhaps ourselves, to condition forth into reality "the correct circumstances" to alleviate a disaster or
disasters (plural), and this does not seem difficult to perceive. As though " Art " was brought forth into reality to allow a greater perspective of
what humanity will be capable of : eventually : and/or inspire forth that which will be necessary for evolution by a critical mass of enlightenment
through our own unconscious, subconscious, conscious and superconscious combining in our most natural state of creation, understand?
That our reality has been programmed since the beginning of time its massively swift progression in order to evolve humanity over the edge
of a privately known future. And our creative EYE will see through this. Much of what SCIFI has expressed has come true throughout the
years, yes? Yes. . . so where does that put us then with all we have witnessed now. . .it's like we're driving over the hill to witness our first
sunrise, and everyone always told us about that sunrise, how beautiful the ocean looks, and the way the light glistens off the water while the
stars fade into color as the sun ascends from an autumn rainbow into the great blue reflection. . .we always knew The Sun was a star, but did
we realize that every star out there was a Sun? Big difference of perspective, correct? Alot of systems. We are experiencing a fluidity of reality
that did not know what to do before we existed, and only seems to have pieced together parts of that which is necessary to succeed beyond a
certain point in time by way of inspiring people into Finding The Way Through. . .so one has gone very far . . . so does another become inspired somehow,
instinctually, to find a way further. . .where once was a wall, now exists a passage, and where once just a passage, a portal beyond, and once just a portal ,
a multidimensional path to anywhere one can imagine by way of particular functions of the heart and mind and spirit, learned, and evolved. . . and we never
even left the room. . .and we went a million billion miles beyond us to bring us back ourSelves, through time, space, and dimensionality in a thousand different
ways. . .to find that which we lost from hundreds of thousands of years ago : truth and evolution. . . It first became from simply viewing reality from a native
point of view, WITH Nature, from a perspective eye, how the whole of the universe functions, and this is how we existed, by this model of reality, the
stars and constellations, legend and adaptation. And we apparently understood much further, long ago, Ancient Egypt for example, than we do now. . .
and without all the technological gadgets, so obviously, they weren't necessary, they're nice, but apparently unnecessary for a strong perspective (unless
they had help, correct?) and an evolving mind, and yet we devolved from there, something changed. . .big tangent. . .and before, during , and after this
our species became acclimated into "worship" by way of complacency, and this eventually took over our willfully lazy lives. . .we understood how to exist
by "orders" and laws created to tame us further from Nature : "order" instead of Balance (instead of allowing forth projective fluidity ourselves we gave the
job to the Being everyone called their "god." Don't worry about a thing, He's got it taken care of. It seems kindof lazy) . . .do this. . .don't do that. . .in a total
complacency, the endless laws made for laws made for laws made for laws mad makaws and moldy marauders . . . the endless, pointless tangent of the
unnecessary abuse of humanity by their own lack of respect for themselves and each other; endless debates on the same choreographed tangents of
emptiness, 'here, have a choice, you think it's freewill, but we chose it all for you'. . .come on you know, everyone knows what true respect is from their
heart. . .and yet. . .the same wars, thousands of years later, seriously humanity, turn the frickin page already, it's like a frickin loop of emptiness, constant
killing, constant murder, you call it "warfare," but your lives become emptier and emptier with all this pointless death, we must protect ourselves, yes,
but the emptiness, the empty battles, the faceless millions, gone, dead, for what? To end war? It still battles, so this has never been accomplished in a
zillion years, do you think another zillion will change that by warfare? Doubtful. The wars we see, could very well be simply choreographed to describe
certain aspects of reality. . .totally made up wars. . . not to the soldiers fighting them of course. . .but to those who thought it all up. . .what a pharce, right?
Who would believe it . . . war for money . . . perish the thought. . .drones. . . so soon the void of reality shall it become. . .and we create a viewing reality
by way of the functionality of The Eye, a "camera," that which is the basic functionality of THE EYE. And I'm not saying that it isn't correct to stop tyranny
or corruption by way of force if at all possible, but when conflicts last too long, know that something else is going on that you aren't allowed to understand.
And it's probably about a very large amount of money, and most likely secret deals between countries, with the off chance that the whole schpiel is corrupt
and manipulated by outside interactions unknown to even the highest of leaders. Most of the world is looking at a screen these days. . .phone. . .computer. . .
. . . t.v. . . .it isn't difficult to comprehend where our three dimensional knowledge is circulating through (your eye.) Look around. You're on that screen, that screen,
that screen, clone, drone, parallel, exaggeration, warfare, exploitation, it's all parallel and without fluid purpose. We created a screen for our eyes so when we are
resting we are still screening. . .and this is "rest" to us. . .we don't understand just how far the constancy of repetitious programming can take our minds in through
ignorance. . .manipulation. . .and if we are capable of inspiration, that! Seriously. Alot of people are inspired by it, some people are destroyed by it. Angels and Demons.
Why would "we" want to manipulate each other? Money? Control? Bounty? Barter? So far gone. Do you understand how far that can "see" you? Really SEE you? What I
mean is how far it can actually take your perspective further. One point of view allows manipulation, one point of view allows inspiration, and it's very challenging and
difficult to make that decision when emotion gets in the way due to exploitation on such an immense level . . . I wonder just how much of reality has been shaped and
choreographed by such an influence, correct? . . .all choreographed into The Eye, the mind, in that. . .one vision. . .to accomplish a story into fruition. . .and something
happens. . .the process is intense. . .and if all zillion decisions actually make it through in some sort of impossible balance, it's magical, and it produces experiences that
inspire FURTHER inspiration. . .and like a looping infinite reality, so does it become evolved into this vibrancy. . . or we are manipulated into degredation. . .and we witness
this through so many mediums of creativity. . .this EYE. . .and the future is shaped. . . reality is structured. . .so we must attempt to understand The Eye. . .that we may
become further, and without corruption. . . like OMO . . .our vision becomes acclimated into legibility. . .everything without ignorance, and it is difficult, and it is
disturbing, and it is troublesome, and it is more beautiful than you can imagine, and more blissful than the greatest ecstasy ever experienced . . . every time
a leaf catches the breeze, every time someone changes their perspective as you walk past them, you begin to witness emotions from others like a separate
sense outside of you. . .apart of you, yet, empty from you. . .like the wind blowing a sheet of mist across your bare skin through a drizzling sunset, it dissipates
before your very eyes, this memory, standing on a stone and speaking with The Sun who only just asked you what you needed to cool your mind as Mother
Nature proposed solution to your simultaneous request as you merely stood there perceiving it as The Sun emerged from the dark cloud over the temple,
into a brilliance beyond sight. . .and so did it become. . .you witness timeless fluidity transcending reality into the imagery of your own design, and your
energies are freed of corruption, and Mother Nature answers your own questions with your own perceptive acclimations to Her cleansing parallels.
And you overcome every challenge. Humanity may not even know the degree to which this has become. You shall my friends. Those who think they
" know " (me included) may only understand as far as they have been allowed to understand by Mother Nature, and it goes MUCH FURTHER. I only know
what I know. I share with you all that which I am respectively going to share with you. I allow knowledge as I am allowed knowledge, by Nature, respectively.
And we must understand that our entire reality is programmed to allow forth that which is necessary to evolve in waves of energetic knowledge. . .not a
television. . .not a movie. . . it is Maya. . .it's not a dream. . .it's not reality. . .and yet it is both, simultaneous. . .and it's all through your eye, expressed from
another's eye from another's eye from another's eye from another's eye and there you are again, walking through the wind. . .It really makes you
wonder how it all came to exist in such a way. . .and how far we have become into this fruition. . .especially now that The Great Hummingbird exists. . .
Would a species willingly alter history to alleviate an unsurpassable disaster. . .and if not. . .how is it that this knowledge keeps being iterated forth and
found like this? What hidden threats of reality have we never seen, and may never witness, and yet are attemptively made to experience through the
parallel comprehension of this mysterious after-foresight. . .and how does that empty comprehension effect our individual realities as we go about our
simple days in such a complex understanding. . .What has already been altered by our actions due to these unknown and mysterious inspirations of reality?
It seems too real to express correctly, like the paradigm will actually shift before we can properly express it. . .and we are witnessing this shift already, right
now, this very moment, and Mother Nature describes it to you all as it happens, and we're all apart of it as it is happening. . .do you understand how seriously
powerful that is? Many of you are probably like, what the fnord are you talking about! What I understand sometimes I have a difficult time explaining to you,
but I am attempting to explain it to the greatest degree I can while being as respectful as possible to all of us. The Path is everywhere and nowhere simultaneously :
as the witness witnessing me witnesses me witnessing them while I write about it, creating narcissism everywhere simultaneous to the illumination of The Path into
an alleviation of the ego as an integrity of balance.
And there are paths everywhere as well that are pointless, insane, unnecessary, unwelcome, imabalanced,
that aren't the path of fluidity, and we find ways to heal these or let them go : finding inspiration in their transparent nuances to create fluidity through their
miniscule streams of ideology or emptiness, into a harmonized filtering into bloom, fruition, of blessing, and love, or just delete them entirely. . .as many as
there are stars or grains of sand are paths. . .which is probably the same amount if we ever got around to counting all of them. . .it's that freaky. . .The Path
is here, right between you always, respectively, because you have respect...and right here in front of us all. . .vivid. . .real. . .and The Great Hummingbird is
responding with Mother Earth, Mother Nature, who is responding back, and we're all witnessing this happen. . .Infinity is revealed to us all. . . and the ways
we have all allowed forth in order to survive and evolve for love is evolving our loves. Know that with the greatest depth of love, respect, and honor has
The Great Hummingbird always sought to accomplish. Know that. Understand that everything isn't always as simple as taking a breath of fresh air. . .and
yet. . .that's exactly how simple it is. There never wasn't a way through : there was only an unknown element to your becoming. . . and it has always been
due to your love. . . YOUR : LOVE . . . Always in All ways do I love you my friend, and we shall accomplish balance this day. There are those who will seek
to imbalance us. Obviously they already attempt this. The exploitation of individual expression (of a spiritually private manner) is by far and without question,
an illegality of any and all law without question, and everyone agrees with this. There is no respect in it whatsoever. And those who seek to accomplish such
a travesty are toying with the very balance of existence and their own lives. For, The Balance is a symbiotic fluidity to everyone. The Great Mirror of reality
sees us all. The Great Mother understands all that is happening without question. We have all witnessed what Mother Nature can accomplish in yet but
a few small moments. Just look at 3.11. I would surmise that respect is a wise path to follow. . .not 'fear creation' or intimidation. . .not exploitation or
exaggeration. . .it is to understand that "the story," that one you're all looking for, is your own. Remember that, and understand how sacred your
private thought is the next time you chase someone out of their own relaxation because of an 'ordered bounty'. . .it is you, whom you are
chasing, right out of your own Self, not them. And when you finally catch up with you, after wasting your entire life chasing other people,
you'll find that you were just as beautiful once, and you'll notice there is still a spark to that beauty within you : your own, and you'll finally
understand who you are once again, like a sacred child birthing, as your own star.

The entire planet has become a Parallel Vision Platform Temple, likened to the comprehensive measure of The Fifth Element,
which is your respective PhiMale Vortex of I as a Bridge of The Infinite. And this is a trigger to the destruction of all "evil " (understood
as abuse, corruption, imbalance, the unnecessary, and so forth : that we may be healed) by way of the respectful integration of union
as love magnified through the center of the world by our current path of The 3963 (currently through Tun Uc) . . . that which is the love
you understand expressed through The PhiMale Vortex. . .The Ascension Cycle. It exists. It's real. It's happening. We have integrity. It flows
love constantly. Every day.

What's that Earth Path again? Yes. The 3963. This will be posted here from now on.

Concerning this Fifth Element comprehension, we didn't go and find one 'Fifth Element Being' to accomplish this feat of cleansing,
we made a path for it's fruition for anyone who might be capable, anytime, from anywhere. When you express love in a balanced
state, especially voiced in harmony in some form of clarified expression of balance, and you feel this, and it has a balanced and
respectful purpose, and you understand this all simultaneously : the causality is. It really is that simple. . .Mother Nature is extremely
receptive to respectful comprehensions. . .the greater your respect, the greater the fluidity. . .think of Her like the most Sacred
portion of your body as though you were someone else with you. . .this is how you should treat Her, with honor, and respect. She
wields life to all upon this planet. Have we even found another planet out there that wields life? Allegedly, we have not, so think
of Her as the only one. . .this is how Sacred She is. . .and do I really need to go into the parallel of the lights of The Fifth Element
alien ship compared to the beginning of the path of The Intermission (those lights we were told not to follow by the creeping
hole choker
) paralleling the 500,000 year old alien heating stones of Mars melting the ice to create a breathable atmosphere
on Mars (Mother World Rebirth Balance of Ambrosia) in Total Recall? It is to question, have we been following The Greys this
whole time? And are they evil or is it just the opposite, correct? What a perplexing circumstance. Can you even fathom such
a knowledge or is it too much for you? It seems to go much, much deeper than that. . .who are we really. . .How much don't we
that are links of a bridge of necessary information. . .angels. . .fallen. . .Graii. . .are we all just hybrid test tube babies procreating
through our own unknown hybridity? What really pauses my reality is when I stop and understand the vast possibility that yesterday never
existed. . . and the implantation of reality is an ongoing process of updated features to establish a necessary or not so necessary path . . . of flow. . .
. . . or the attempted destruction of it (and all this talk and court news describes a "matrix" sortof corruption that is getting out of control.) It is to question
do I only understand today what I did not see yesterday, or was it actually not there yesterday because yesterday was groundhog's day, no wait, today is. . .
. . . no, hold on, that's tomorrow. You see, perception can shape the path in many different directions. The only constant, is you. No matter what happens to me,
I will wake up the next day, and here I am. Every day that I accomplish the flow, it is done in all time, space, and dimensionality. And this has been accomplished
hundreds of thousands of times now. Infinite. And so regardless of The SciFi Wonderland Surreality of The Unknown toying with our psychologically perspective
reality (or whatever you might believe is a "sane" description of the freaky society we all share that changes ever faster every single day we continue this
path, admit it, it's going much faster now), The Balance is understood much further because it is a constant : REALIZE THIS. . . and so as such does The Balance
seek to understand me : Give : Receive . . . Allow : Accept . We are limitless in capability. So as such we must understand reality has no boundary to this premise.
It is Freedom . . . regardless of the attempts of a manipulative, corrupting and ignorant society, you will always be stronger than that. . .human or otherwise. . .
you understand love and euphoria. . .this is why we exist. It is our purpose : To Bring The High : To understand our natural loving fluidity into The Ultimate Climax
of Continuity, the ecstasy of fluid balance. A cycle of infinite bliss, while understanding that we are creating it, and without ignorance : beyond realization
and into the evolution of integrity : the evolution of virtue beyond honor, beyond respect, beyond ethics and morality, and into the purity of transcendent
elation : merely : loving. We Allow : We Accept . . . or We Deny. Understand respect so far it is not a place of necessity (much like the Vulcan Humanity of
Spock's logical heart) , and witness reality unfolding before your very eyes all that has already passed us all by, to simply understand exactly where we are
going, and yet have become simultaneous to our history, the future of our present mind as a perspective illumination.

(geez, all that from one earthquake?)

Fifth Element Total Recall

The two locations were Plata Island (Silver Island) and
La Puntila (The Female Point), Salinas (salt)(of Ecuador = Equal.)

The Greatest Peace is The Silver Waterland paralleled of The Female Point in The Salt of Equality.

Plata Puntila Plata Puntila Loving V
See The Loving V?

The Horizon spoke of The Magnification of The Lyra Strings as The Bending Bow of The Swan Archer of
The Unseen Waterbearer of The Thunderhorse, The Dark Sun Union, The Consumption of The Flood between
The Companion Croning V and Thunderhorse. The Waterbearer and Sculptor embraced. The Womb parallels
The Microscope. Great Eagle of Native America in a Thousand Eyes protected by The Shield. The Great Healer
is at The Right Angle and burning of The Altar his shoulder with The Deep Trinity, Circinus. Chiron sacrifices The
SnakeHolder with Great Strength of The Mother Scorpion of Love and Communication, Crown of Balance in
The Brilliance of The Parallel Altar of The Sun of The Cultivator. A Trinity of The Missing Foundational Parallel
of Woman.

The Centers revealed The V of Purification of Raven's Infinite Cycles and The Sacrifice of Denebola, and
The Harvest with The Chalice. This V of Purification is The Whale as The Wings of The New Angles of Truth
Initiated in Causality of The Unseen Cultivator, The Chalice of The Mighty Serpent of Raven's Celestial
Navigation, The Earthen Ascension of The Unseen Cultivator of Protection and The Thunderhorse of
The Right Angle of Andromeda's Lion of Stars Dearest of Heart as The Sacrifice to Cleanse through
The Great Mother World Rebirth of Ambrosia of Celestial Navigation with The Companion Lioness
as The Thunderhorse, The Cleansing of The Great Darkness of The Bending Sun of Hera's Torment,
The Great Lion Cleansing, The Great Chalice Cleansing of The Wind of Phoenix' Wings, The Great
Darkness Serpent of The Phoenix, The Waterbearer Sculptor of Celestial Navigation cleansing
The Diving Raven, The Consumption of The Great Darkness Serpent Spiral. The Phoenix Dives
with The Balance of The Sun.

On 11.17.2011 we witnessed a vortex tornado an Elephant Trunk Tornado in Cochabamba, Bolivia of all places.
Cochabamba is known as The City of The Eternal Spring (see the whole immortality path), it is also known as The
Garden City, and the name means lake of the plain (meaning level or even.) Bolivia is named of Simon Bolivar
who is known as El Liberator for liberating most of Northern South America. Garden is derived from the meaning
of to gird, (enclose, like in a circle.) Incidentally, Cochabamba was host to world’s first World People’s Conference
on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth on April 19–22, 2010.

Elephant Vortex of The Even Leveled Water of The Eternal Spring
of The Girdled Life of The Liberator in The High, Deep Superseded Works!


Then on 11.18.2011 there were two earthquakes off the corner
of New Zealand nearest an island called East Island. a 5.7 and a 6.0.


East 5.7 East 5.7

The Greatest Deepest Peace is The Rising Sun Waterland of The New Sea Land, The Land of The Great Dawn.

The Horizon spoke of The Great Whale diving through The Horizon to the Patient Bull Phallus. Ascension through Earth,
Descension Through Sky, between The Horizon, Andromeda Holds on to The Wings of The Thunderhorse at The Right
Angle of The Trinity. Bellatrix, our Warrior Amazon stands at The Vertical River, The Eye of The Bull, The Stone Creator,
The Bat Reinholder SheGoat of The Trinity Seeing Between. The Cleansing Sight of The Skies of Earth, and unseen
Dark Sun, The Flood's Consumption is held off the edge of The Sculpted.

The Centers revealed Native America laying upon The Highest Sun of Hera's Torment from The Protected
Sight Between The Archer's Bending Hanging Bat Reinholder of The Mother Scorpion, The Unseen Healer
of The SheGoat prophesied through The Swift Heart of The Spiral of The Unseen Lion of All Beasts. The Great
Bear of Darkness in The Darkest Sun through The InBetween of Sight Between them enters The Great V Waterbearer
of The Lion and Companion, Consumption of The Flood of The Mind, The Great Mother World Rebirth of Ambrosia of
The Sculpted Heart. The Croning V carries The Moon, The Path of The Woman to The Companion under The Microscope,
The Celestial Navigation of The Phoenix, The OMO Bridged Sight of The Great Serpent, The Unicorn Sight of Paradise Balancing
The Deep Trinity at The Edge of Betelgeuse, A Thousand Eyes of The One who Follows Isis' Star of Immortal Mortality of The Deep
Altar of Orion's Strength, The Right Angle Bridge of The Horn.


East 6.0 East

The Horizon spoke of The Great Bull Kneeling Through The Great Mirror in Meditative fluidity of Desire
from The Stone Creator. The Diving Whale of Godfather Sky, The Rising Phoenix, The Open Furnace,
The Unseen Sculptor of Cleansing. The Ram floats upon the horizon. The Reinholder Bat of The
SheGoat looks towards The Shield of The Unseen Hero, The Seeing Stone of The InBetween,
Immortal Mortality hanging from The Unicorn's Horn, The Trinity Heart of Isis' companion,
The Highest Sun of Hera's Torment scurries out of the depths due to The Lioness of The
Inbetween Sight of The Great Darkness.

The Centers revealed The Sculptor of The V of The Great Bear of Darkness by The Stars Dearest of Heart,
The Captured Sacrifice. This V is The Eye of Creativity, The SIght from The Great Darkness into Light Ascension
Balance, The Flood Consumed through The Darkest of The Spiral Sun Mind of The Great Bear of Darkness, The
InBetween Sight Spine under The Microscope, The Croning V of The Lioness Creating Native America through
The Featherdress, A Thousand Eyes of The Highest of Sun of Hera's Torment, The Face of Native America's Balance
in place of Hera's Torment. The Cleansing of The Dragon Tail Descension, The Parallel Horse and Rider, The Parallel
Spiral Whale as The Wings of The New Angles of Truth Initiated in Causality of The Dearest to Heart and The Guardian
of The Great Bear of Darkness. The VIrgin Purification stands in balance with Time leaning upon her mind just beyond
The River, and she is The Womb V Furnace of The Phoenix without Denebola, The Great Lion Ascension of The Bridge of
The Mother World Rebirth of Ambrosia Sight reaching forth to The Path of The Woman, The Great Cycle of The MotherWife
to get to The Navigation of The Tide beyond the serpent.

On 11.20.2011 there was a 5.5 earthquake (allowing forth the parallel of two 5.7's before this.)
This was nearest Simushir (The New Know) , Kuril, Russia between The Pacific and The Sea of Okhotsk.

Between The Highest Greatest Peace and The Sea of The River is The New Know
Perception Comprehension of A Thousand Waterlands, The Original Inhabitants
of The Traveler(s) of The Sea.

Simushir Simushir

The Horizon spoke of The InBetween Compass of The Depth Vessel Trinity of Peace,
The Flying Fish, The Earth Lion, Under The Mountain, The Picture of Peace and The Golden
Earth Perigee, The PhiMale Circle Grid. The Rising Wind of The Spiral Serpent Chalice Celestial
Navigation of Woman, The Purification of The Mother World Rebirth of Ambrosia Lion.

The Centers revealed The Phoenix VOMO of The Great Bear of Darkness Horse and Rider,
Wearing The Missing Foundational Parallel Heart Sculpture of The Companion, The Sight
Between The Wings of The New Angles of Truth Initiated in Causality, The Cleansing of The
Great Lion of Denebola by a Sacrificing Croning V of The Stars Dearest to Heart of Native
America, The Bridge of The Horse and Rider no longer Separate, The Cultivator of Navigation
of The Circle Crown of The Unseen Paradise, A Thousand Eyes of The VOMO Mammilla Guardian
of The Great Bear of Strength and Darkness, The Flying Dragon PhiMale Vortex on The River of Time,
The Circle Crown of Paradise; so from The River prophesied to The InBetween Furnace by The Swift
Lion of All Beasts.

On 11.21.2011 there was a 5.7 earthquake just off the coast of Papua New Guinea nearest
a village named Sissano (no definition found), West Sepik Province (from the setting sun wind),
Papua New Guinea (the new black sunset.)

Sissano, from The Setting Sun Wind of The New Black Sunset.

Sissano Sissano

The Horizon spoke of The Horse and Rider beneath The Horizon emerging forth the link of
Sight Between. From The Depth of Unseen Strength, The Serpent of Ascension from The Depths,
The Crown, The Flying Dragon, The Cultivator, The Stars Dearest of Heart, The Sacrifice of Denebola,
Standing in Purification as The Prophesied Temple of The Swift Lion of All Beasts. The Rising Lioness
Parallel Lion of The Mother World Rebirth Balance of Ambrosia approaching The Highest of Sun in
Hera's Torment, Navigation, The Serpent of Ascension on High, The Hanging Mortal Immortality,
The Reinholder and Parallel.

The Centers revealed The Great Mirror Mind River of Strength of The Great Healer of Desire,
The Complacent Isis' Star Girdle, Serpent Cross of Stone and Dove, The Missing Foundational
Parallel of Woman Picture, The Mother Scorpion Balance Sun Parallel, The Love Unicorn of Sight
Protection, Communication between the legs of The Great Healer and Parallel to The Love of
Monoceros, Circinus Sirius, The Archer of The Serpent Tongue Mind, Crown of The Serpent, Legs
of The Highest of Sun of Hera's Torment crawling forth upon The Archer, Cape of Immortality hanging
from The Shield of Monoceros' mind, leg of The One who Follows Isis' Star, The Darkest Sun in The Mortal
Mind and The Wing of The Eagle Reinholder Womb of The Companion, Eagle of The Club of The Great Mirror,
Eagle through The Horns of The Fox Bull Phallus Croning V playing The Lyra.

On the morning of 11.22.2011 there was an earthquake measuring 6.2 near a river
shaped opposite our V Purification image from the first earthquake listed on this page.
The Mamore, in this space, is shaped like an A, or more importantly, the sign for "Male" :

Great Mother Mamore . . .you've been graded.

Rio Mamore means Great Mother in Moxeno. The symbol for male in The Great Mother!
Do you realize just how powerful this is! Look at the little face on the left corner made of water,
this parallels the face that gave us The Fifth Element comprehension. . .do you see what this expresses? What did
The Fifth Element allow us? Raven Holding The Precious Stones understood as The Male Female Union Creating Energy!
The PhiMale Vortex! YET! This is The Great Mother River! As a Male! The Great Mother Sun! So very powerful Mother. So
very powerful. This was in Moxos, Beni, Bolivia (nearest a town called Cochibamba, which is the same name as the town
that had that tornado! Different town! Same country! Same name! What!?) Check it out:
(Isn't Cochabamba Mamore phonetically pleasing,
say it with me : Cochabamba Mamore!)

Cochabamba Mamore


Point A is where the earthquake occurred near Cochabamba of Rio Mamore. 5 days prior we witnessed
Point B , where the elephant tornado occurred in Cochabamba south of Isiboro. Both Cochabamba!
Different places. Same name. Notice the towns between them. . .Trinity. . .Magdalena. . .Ascension.
How could anyone dispute Mother Nature's voice here, or how seriously powerful this comprehension
actually is in parallel to everything that is happening with all of this. This is exactly what we have been speaking
about! Yes? YES! Yes, Meditations. Energies. Evolutions. Cochabamba means plain (or even leveled) lake (water.)
Level Water. Who does Mary Magdalena represent? The Anointed Savior's Companion : The Bitter Rebellious Wish
of The Tower. This town's name is simply Magdalena, which is literal as TOWER. So intense, right!? And how might one
comprehend this in all of our learning here this day? Between The Trinity of Ascension of The Anointed Savior's Companion
of The Bitter Rebellious Wish of The Tower is Level Water. Interesting right? Between Level Water (and the large city of Cochabamba
with all its names) and The Eternal Spring of The Girdled Life of The Liberator. Powerful! The Great Mother. Moxos is from Moxeno, (pronounced
as mojo or moho) the people of the northern Mamore. . .People of The High Great Mother Male. . .mr...mo...jo...ri...zen... Beni means "water."
And Bolivia is of Simon Bolivar, El Liberator.

Mamore Purification Mamore Centers Moxeno (Chief of Moxeno)
Do you see how the centers' imagery parallels the headdress of the Moxeno Chief? Seriously. Intense!

Between The Trinity of Ascension of The Anointed Savior's Companion of The Bitter Rebellious
Wish of The Tower is Level Water, harmonized. And Between This Level Water and The Eternal Spring
of The Girdled Life of The Liberator exists The PhiMale Vortex of Vibration. We are at The River of The
Great Mother Sun of Level Water, People of The High Great Mother Sun Liberation, The Deep High
Superseded Works.

The Horizon spoke of The InBetween Smoky Mountain Parallel of The Grid Cycle of Time, The Serpent's Ascension,
The Earth Lion's OMO Creation, The Depth Cycle on The Tail of The PhiMale Cross of The River and Pendulum, The
Creation of Imagery by The Loyalty Stone of The Peaceful Dove of The River, Earth Perigee Paralleled in
The Diving Vessel Through The Dove, The Desire of Isis' Star multiplied in Quadration, The Depth Voice
of Betelgeuse Rosette : The Coming of The V Branch. Ascension of The Serpent through The OMO
Bridge of The Heart of Native America through A Thousand Thousand Eyes of The Wings of The
Paradise Navigational Parallel. Magnified Link of The Mother Scorpion Crown and Crown of
The Archer Bending Bow of The Archer Bending Bow of Love, Paralleled Protection of
The Shield.

The Centers revealed The Shielded Strength of The Hunted Hunter Mirror of The Double Eagle,
Wings of Taurus' Bull Phallus, River of The Cunning Fox, Wings of Desire, The Phallus Womb, The River Womb,
The Dark Star Magnified of Taurus, The Unseen Waterbearer of Taurus, The Parallel Isis Mind of The Great Healer
of Monoceros Paralleled, We Carry The Infinite Love and Protection. The Head of The Vessel Serpent, The Reinholding
Parallel of The Bending Bow of Mortal Immortality in One Love, and Space for Communication. The Magnification of The
SheGoat, The Double Mother Scorpion of The Highest Sun in the torment of Hera. The Right Angle of The Wolf Lion from
Ara's Sight Between The Eyes of The Magnified Altars. Crown of The Reinholder Sight Between The Heart of Chiron
and The Missing Foundational Parallel of Woman.

We then had an earthquake measuring 5.9 off the coast of Japan nearest a mountain named
Kittoya, and paralleled to a heart lake called Inawashiro, known as Sky Mirror Lake. . .yeah. . .
This immediately followed a heart meditation. . .incidentally. . .

Sky Mirror is The Greatest Peace of The Evolving
Fertility Rebirth Shelter, Blessed Waterland of The Sun.

Sky Mirror Sky Mirror

The Horizon spoke of The Balance of The Sun of The Mother Scorpion aligned transition of The Harmony
of Light and Dark in Love Communication of The Woman's Cycle, in between, The Great Healer of Strength,
The Crown's Ascension of The Cultivator of The Horse and Rider, The Heart of The Mother World Rebirth Balance
of Ambrosia Lion, The Stars Dearest of Heart.

The Centers revealed Native America at The Highest of Sun and torment of Hera in harmony and peace
The Mighty Serpent of A Thousand Eyes, The Croning V Lioness Companion of The Lion Heart Bridge Navigational
Parallel of The Mother World Rebirth Balance of Ambrosia of The Phoenix, The Sculpture of The Cleansing Great
Bear of Darkness, The Dark Star Heart Link Magnification Between The Eagle of The Prophesied Lion of All Beasts,
The She Goat Reinholder Parallel of Union in the greatest Depth Shield of The Sun in Perfected Harmony, The Bending
Bow of Mortality, The Crown of InBetween Mortality and Immortality MAGNIFIED, The Altar of The One Who Follows Isis'
Star from The Greatest Depth Spine VOMO of The Mother Scorpion Unicorn of The Right Angle, Horn of The Mother Scorpion.

Then we had an earthquake off the island of Hokkaido, a 6.2
between two areas known as Urakawa and Samani, Hidaka, Hokkaido, Japan.
The center being between these two locations allows for a comprehensive
measure of their flag symbols combining. So I have comprehended this :

The combinations are doubled for Hokkaido and Japan due to these two locations, and quadrupled for Hidaka because
Hidaka is not only a subprefecture, it is two cities as one, yet separate. Understand? They are the same city, same symbol,
but they are individual. . . 2 and 2 in 1. It is amazing what Mother Nature expresses as we understand these things.
All of these combined into one gives us this symbol:

Doesn't it appear like Trinity Infinity Eyes?
Shared of one paralleled origin of Sun, and many, with a massively intricate source center. It's simply
remarkable the depths to which Mother Nature is going to allow forth clarity, and has, She does.

Trinity Infinity Eyes of The Ascension Path Parallel River
of The Flourishing Sun of The Highest Cycle of The Sun, The Crystal Stars of Purity.

Urakawa Samani Urakawa Samani

The Horizon spoke of The Phoenix Croning V InBetween Parallel magnified in The Depth of The Bridge of The Sky Sculpture,
The Purification of The Flood to Save The World between The Thunderhorse of Earth, The Spiral of The Wings of The New Angles
of Truth Initiated in Causality. Native America bending communication with A Thousand Eyes of The Altar of The Trinity,
Navigation of Paradise, The Smoking Mountain Climber Lion of Earth, Circinus Given Seed.

The Centers revealed The Release of Andromeda's Distress in The Spiral, The WIngs of The Chalice of The Wings of Raven,
Ascension of The Spiral, of The Energy Created by The Godfather of The Sky, The Spiral Protection Compass of The Celestial
Navigation on The Wings of The New Angles of Truth Initiated in Causality, Sails of The Trinity Multiplied by The Stones of The
Hero of The Great Vessel of The Swift Prophesied Earth Sky Lion of All Beasts. The Queen has The Seed, The Cross, and holds
the cross as she peers from The VOMO of Chiron's Circinus, the simultaneous union, yet not of The VOMO as simply The VOMO,
This is THE SIGHT VOMO comprehended through The Bending Ancient Light of Self Creation. The RIght Angle of The Dragon. The
Depth Trinity of One. THE VOMO VOICE of The Purification of The Infinite Cycles of The Companion. So was the reply of The SheGoat.

The Communication can be read here.

The Bigger Picture is An Infinite Meditation.

May Light Be Your Shadow.

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