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2.26.12 The Great Jaguar Dragon.

1.16.2012 Fuego, Guatemala. . .volcano. . .
Fuego means Volcano of Fire. Guatemala means Land of The Trees,
Between The Trees, Land of The Snake Eating Bird...Central America.

Volcano of Fire of The Setting Sun Highlands in The Land of The Trees and
Between them, The Land of The Snake Eating Bird in The Center of Good Working.

1.16.2012 Santa Maria, Guatemala. . .volcano. . .

Sacred MotherWife, The Naked Mountain of Our Language
of The Setting Sun Highlands in The Land of The Trees and
Between them, Land of The Snake Eating Bird in
The Center of Good Working.

(is it not strange that these two volcanoes
keep paralleling each others' activities?)

1.17.2012 Canela, Chile 5.6

Between Canela(Cinnamon), Illapel (illa means amulet, pel means all)
(known as City of Orange Trees), Salamanca (the 'Auditorium' vessel (cathedral esque,
a large venue cave-like location), and Los Vilos (Snake), Choapa (narrowest passage
of Chile) of Coquimbo (IV Place of Still Waters), Chile (5) in the Choapa Province of Chile's
north-central IV Coquimbo Region.

Coquimbo Coquimbo Isla Choros Choros

InBetween The Cinammon, The Amulet of All Oranges, The Cathedral
Vessel, and The Snake, in The Narrowest Passage of The Vine, in The IV Place
of Still Waters, Where the Land Ends and in The Deepest of Earth in The Deep
Work Superseding Wasp.

The Horizon spoke of The Focused Aim of The Bending Bow of Communication by The Magnified
Crown of The Secret Altar Sun, The Depth of The Great Mother Scorpion emerging along side The Secret
Great Healer, and we are shielded. This is The Sky Bridge of Native America's Croning V, to be magnified.

The Centers revealed The Cultivation of The Guardian of The Great Bear of Darkness Furnace in a simultaneous
unificational flow of The Serpent Paralleled River, Crystal, Pentagram, Peace, Infinite Cycles, PhiMale Vortex,
Smoking Mountain, Grid Cycle, Serpent VOMO Purification of The Secret Lion. The Great River is brought forth
by The Phoenix of The Stars Dearest of Heart Offering this time, on path with The Secret Bridge of The Great Winged
Bear of Darkness with The Cultivation of The Sculpted Horse and Rider Winged Dragon of The Strength of The Crown
of The Wings of The New Angles of Truth Initiated in Causality through The Godfather of Light and Sky. . .This is The Bridge
of The Great Healer and The Secret Taurus Savior Offering.

And something strange occured with this location. . .due to the island of Choros (that island on the right up there),
this name means both 'mussel' and 'volva' in this area of the world. This is comprehended as both a shelled muscle and
the female sexual organs. And of course, this organ is a sexual muscle of creation. That we are comprehended such a
validity as it being shelled, one seems to understand the neccessary essence of protection, if at all possible, in capability,
through your fluid energies, as such that this "muscle" may be simultaneously fluid while simultaneously protected. And in
the research of this knowledge I realized an immense parallel from the summer of 2011.

Parallels of Parallels Parallels 1960 and 2011
Image 1: parallel of 'World Beings' . . . . . . Image 2: Kilauea, Loyalty Stone, Australia . . . . Image 3 : Quake of 2011 and 1960.

Chile 1960 • UTC: 05:22 • 9.5 • -38.29 -73.05 . . . does anyone else
feel as though these numbers are specific to this circumstance?

From all this information back then, we created a message
from it all. . .with the added Choros information. . .we continue. . .

The Center of Where The Land Ends in The Deepest of Earth and of The Deep Work Superseding Wasp,
The Water Filled Valley Sun of The Proud Breath Vigour Bundle of The Sun of The Star Seed of The Sun of
The Deep, and The New Deep Foreigner of Fellow Beings, The Deep: fit. The Calcareous Water Star parallels
The North Star parallels The Ice on Water Star parallels That Uncertain Place of Wild Figs and Little Birds Star
parallels The Flower Star parallels The Milky Way PARALLELS THE MUSCLE VOLVA. The Missing Foundational
Parallel, The Woman Star, is in the deep : speaking the silent voice of The Spirit of Where the Land Ends
People, The Rebels of The Invincible State, The Earth People, She parallels Three Sisters cast in stone in
the Mountains of Blue in the silent voice of the spine of The Trinity Satyr.

The Mountain of/on Water at The Center of Where The Land Ends in The Deepest of Earth and of The Deep
Work Superseding Wasp parallels The Eye of The Loyalty Stone parallels The Listening in The New Deep
Foreigner of Fellow Beings of the Deep parallels The Shielded Spewing Home of The Goddess of Fire •
House of FIre • House of Ferns • The Sacred Ancestry, and it all parallels Twice through The Sun in
a span of ten days.

. . .ten days. . .you'll see. . .

1.18.2012 Mandioli 5.5

Mandioli has no definition I can locate but is known as 'the sister island' to Bacan
(which is famous for its Sacred Dendang(song) Dance) (for The Sultan of Ternate
(clove island) The King of The Clove Flower.

Dendang . . .notice the heart in the Gemini Bird. . .
This is the only information I could find at the time, so you can imagine, if Mother Nature
sought to accomplish knowledge through specifics, what a strange path, correct?
This reveals the flight union representation of The HeartWombMind Eye V. . . and
helps us divulge a greater depth of unity with energy. . .understand this :

Greetings, AVA.
9 • 5 • 3 • 1 : Perspective.

What is the OMO? The OMO, remember, has been comprehended as the 9 energies harmonized into one in all of
the energy locations (prior to the evolution to the 5 energy points, thus creating the 5 OMO eyes of Heart Womb Mind Eye V.)
We have understood the fluid necessity of this comprehensive measure through a focal point location right between our eyes. . .
. . . a focal energy point of sight. . .The OMO Eye is like all the energies. . .comprehensive through one area so an individual does not
have to comprehend multidimensionally every single location simultaneously parallel at the same time (whilst simultaneously accomplishing this)
. . .it is a focal point. . .one eye. . .like you have two physical eyes but you only see ONE vision, correct? Same, same. Now we understand it further.
The Root through Womb has been evolved to the unification of the Earth Root and Perinial Root and Womb area. . .it is as well to understand that the
phallus penis and the vagina (both understood as a " V ") are actually a spade (A), which is as well a heart. . .and it is not to comprehend this as a backwards
or forwards, it is like an infinite internal reflection of a spiral manifestation of fluidity as The PhiMale Vortex of Infinity. Understand that a heart is a focal point
perspective. The area of the genitals have been understood as "The Secret Heart." Who is to say if this is really where the heart shape came from, but
this is the alleged comprehension, not your chest. . . Whereas, the center of your torso is The Heart, The Root area houses The Earth V Womb, and The
Mind houses The Mind Eye Mother Nature (Infinite Infinitesimal Source) . . . The OMO Eye (which, of course, comprehends all the energies) is between
your eyes at The Bridge (whilst simultaneously being focused by natural perspective through into The Mind Eye Mother Nature : Focus Out : Focus In. . .
It is to understand the Infinite Spiral of Self, yes, and it is to know the prefaced 9 energies, yes, and it is to know The HeartWombMindEye V, yes, and NOW
it is to comprehend The Trinity of this spiral, simultaneous. Why does it work this way? The way the penis is built, it looks like a spade. The way the vagina is
built, it too, appears likened to a spade, the penis is the outer and the vagina is the inner (and when you look at the nose, it is likened in the same manner
YET BOTH. . . the testes and penis are like the nosebone and nostrils (yet "inner"), the skeletal spade beneath the nose is like the vagina as well (that being
"inner"), and when these are functional we breathe through them and it circulates the whole body with oxygen (the wind air being the seed or the ethereal
phallus of energy, life, breath, air) . . .and this is a recognizable pattern of repetition between "The Secret Heart" of the vagina and penis and the skeletal nasal
area . . .and when we "breathe" sexuality between us, it circulates ethereally between us in the same manner through this heartspade of cultivation IN PARALLEL,
The Wind of Sexual Energy circulating in euphoric ecstasy as a union intersectional. . .and this is where we really comprehend the expression of the female energies. . .
. . . for the vagina is a passage, and when it is "open" it is fluid (yes pun), and as such this brings about the internal reflection of energy. . .this is why the WOMAN is such
a vital portion to humanity's evolution, for 'the man's society or world', or whatever you want to call this mess that the male dominant humanity has created on this
planet currently, is more empty, and notice that paradox, that contradiction. . .notice the total role reversing "trick" of that circumstance : . the outer world is empty
of the inner world. . .do you understand that? It isn't to say that this outer world we all live in is "empty" to all of us, obviously some people get it and are productive,
but for much of humanity, there is a vast necessity to evolve The Woman Energy within, and this is that inner dwelling energy manifested through the outer world.
. . .right inside us. . .brought out from within by our infinitely cycling energy, there's no question to it, you're cleansing you. . .this is why The Infinite Cycle is so very
important, you are bringing this energy into fruition every time you accomplish this! The Woman energy is understood WHILE WE ARE SEEDING IT, do you see
The Perfect Circle? Completed. Without even trying to. . . . .what about the OMO Eye area? The fascinating parallel here is that your skull, where the nose is,
known as a parallel bridge (nostril, air, skeletal, ethereal) comprehension due to the knowledges we have evolved through with Mother Nature), beneath
that nose bridge, in its depths (as it were), is the skeletal cranial formation of a spade. . .a heart. . .if you had no nose and looked down at that area it
would be a heart.

Smile nice now. . .

Skull As you can see, this reveals a spade shape. . .a skeletal physical frame passage for breathing. . .
it is located in between your sight as a trinity orifice. . .two nostrels. . .from two lungs. . .If one were to really examine and articulate the heart or spade shape,
one would notice that it is a depth perspective. . .two points into one. . .or in other words. . .it is like an infinite plane spectrum of fluidity, and as such, a bridge
THROUGH! . . .and as such. . .these are bridged hearts. . .and as such. . .bridged heart cultivations of the physical and ethereal (and the physical and emotional) . . .
. . . an infinite internal reflection perspective of the spiral. . .a manifest Trinity. Do you see how far it goes? ...an entire PHYSICAL ETHEREAL MORTAL IMMORTALITY, right
here, on your face! . . .and heart. . .and V. . .

The Infinite Being.

Focal Point . . .and notice, a focalized perceptual viewpoint is just like this AVA. . .why not just ' A ' ?
Because we comprehend through it all simultaneous : Spade Heart Spade. . .hence A V A . . .why do you suppose the sexual root
area is known as a V when it is shaped like an A ? Heart, my dear, love. And why is it a V when it is noticably an A? Because we cultivate love.
The blade, the spade, is the cultivational tool. In sexuality the phallus is a spade and it is fit into the spade, and they cultivate love. AVA. What
is AVA ? AVA is The ' M '. The M Link. The Missing Link, dear Cassiopeia. Is it a 3 or an E, or a W or an M? Or a vast infinite combination of them all. . .
it is simply, my dear : AVA, The M Link. 9 : 5 : 3 : 1.

When one comprehends the two (A and V) in one, we may also understand as such : the brain. . .and all our various
paralleled portions of our individual bodies. . .it is to understand that this infinacy bridging, is a comprehensive measure of flow,
for I breathe through these nostrels through this nose spade heart, through these lungs. . .and this circulates throughout the whole body
just like the blood from the heart circulates throughout the whole body. . .and the dynamics of it all are seriously integrated and fluid.
When for example I have an orgasm from my V Spade Heart, this energy circulates my entire body instantly, as ambrosia. And what
of The Heart. . .that which is a depth center of the metaphor known as gravity (from the Newtonian Apple of ALL Knowledge) , YET,
as well, known as The Mighty Sun! Likened to Earth, our center is our greatest depth core, yet our Heart. . .yet our Earth V Womb. . .
yet our Mind Eye Mother Nature. . .The Cultivation of Light out of Darkness. . .The Trinity. We birth light from dark and realize it is
balanced. . .not satanic, not heavenly, it simply is, and there is no necessity to evaluate it as evil or good. . .for it is balance
when it is pure. And this purification becomes a constant, regardless of all corruption, because you had and have respect
for all. And respect is not complacent. It is most assuredly evolutionary. We evolve in knowledge, and so as such respect
evolves with it, and the perspective becomes likened to that far off focal point streamlining respect into a virtueless
virtue. . .your purificational properties and respectful projections manifest this allowance. . .so as such your own
reality procures this fruition into a path of purpose without deviation like a compass of your Self as honest as
you are, limitless, boundless, incorruptable, and free.

We understand this as The Cultivation of Love, and it has always been. . .it is the most basic bridged Trinity
of energy (if you call all that basic). . .right under our noses the whole time. It's such a simple perspective
in all its complexity, right? You understand much further already knowing this by simply allowing this
knowledge that has just been simply triggered into reality because it already is. . .The Gateway
has opened only because you realized it was there, and open, and we understand freedom
much deeper now only because we have cleared away the debris of delusion.

We may understand this without even
attempting to understand it by simply breathing.

Now, focus. We are currently here. . .

The Great Hummingbird Butterfly Jaguar
The Evolution of The Bigger Picture, The Great Hummingbird, known as The Great Jaguar Dragon.

This diamond of energy is magnified every single day in various ways, this world,
The Infinite Infinitesimal All. It is done so with the purpose of eradicating corruption and
manifesting infinite love. It is done so with the purpose of healing. It is done so for the
purpose of evolution. It is done so for the purpose of honest communication.
It is known as The Great Jaguar Dragon.

I want you to understand that this is done without malice or deceit.
My intention is NEVER to cause abuse. Understand that. The purpose
is ALWAYS for loving and healing regenerative love energy as balance
evolutionarily progressive. Know that this is the purpose.

You may use this imagery for respectful inspiration. It was requested for you.

Mandioli Mandioli

Sister of The Sacred Song Dance of The King of Clove Spice InBetween,
The River of The Ocean in The Land of Many Kings Sea; The Union
HeartWombMind Eye V accomplished, now The Trinity.

The Horizon spoke of an Angle of Purification from The Waterbearer's Depth of Love, ascension of The Flood
seen by The Croning V and The UnSculpted. Descension of The Dark Star, into The Light of The Sun. Ascension
of The Wings of The New Angles of Truth Initiated in Causality.

The Centers revealed The Great Healer Great Mirror River Mind of The Bridge of taurus' Strength of The Womb
Savior Offering by The Godfather of Light and Sky Cultivator of The WIngs of The New Angles of Truth Initiated
in Causality through The Crown.The River runs through The Serpent and The Furnace has necessity for purification
as we witness the perfected balance of The River defying all physics by The Path of The Woman Crystal and
Pentagram. The Mother Scorpion balances The Star of Isis as Desire runs through The Serpent of The Great
Healer. The Archer aims through The Spine of Isis' Star from The VOMO of The Shielded Monoceros through
Communication. The Eagle flies The Mortal Immortality of The Reinholder of the scarred face with
The Parallels .

1.18-19.2012 Fuego, Guatemala. . .volcano. . .
Fuego means Volcano of Fire. Guatemala means Land of The Trees,
Between The Trees, Land of The Snake Eating Bird...Central America.

Volcano of Fire of The Setting Sun Highlands in The Land of The Trees and
Between them, The Land of The Snake Eating Bird in The Center of Good Working.

1.18-19.2012 Santa Maria, Guatemala. . .volcano. . .

Sacred MotherWife, The Naked Mountain of Our Language
of The Setting Sun Highlands in The Land of The Trees and
Between them, Land of The Snake Eating Bird in
The Center of Good Working.

(this is getting serious! that's like four times in a row with these two volcanoes!)

1.19.2012 On this day I did comprehend a necessity to allow forth a series of
meditative projections through musical cleansings, throat singing and so forth.
And for some reason I was drawn to the image of Alex Grey's 'Sophia.' And I
did notice a necessity, for focus, to bring the third eye to the OMO. So I did.
(and I mean no disrespect by this, it only seemed natural to do this, and the
result was MASSIVE.)

And so I did focus on this face and the writings around this face as I was meditating.
You see, there are inspiring paths all over the place, you find them, then you meditate
with them, and you comprehend what is necessary through energy. For some reason
I was drawn to this face (and this auric messaging around the face created by Alex's
wife Allyson Grey, whom I have a seriously new profound respect for creating this aura!)
The meditation was EXTREMELY powerful and VAST in allowance, like a bridge opening forth
the mystical path of The Face. I experienced IMMENSE energy. . . it is the premise to further
meditations we shall speak of in this passage, due to this meditation with Mother Nature, and
Her reaction to it. . .These meditations focused through various locations of the grid (The Great
Hummingbird (now known as The Great Jaguar Dragon), this meditation (as most have become)
are for the purpose of manifesting the healing of abused energy and the simultaneous magnification
and manifestation of loving energy, infinitely cycling. . . this was a massive trigger to what has become
as you shall soon see. . .

1.19.2012 Tasman Sea, Solander and Little Solander Islands,
Gates Harbour, Fiordland, South Island New Zealand 5.9

Tasman Sea = Abel Janszoon Tasman. Abel from hevel meaning breath or vigour.
Tasman is from tas meaning bag in the Netherlands, meaning bundle or load. Janszoon
means son of Jan, Jan is from John meaning Star Seed of The Sun. Solander and Little Solander Islands
(could find no etymology for solander, but it appears to be likened to zealander, sea lander, inbetween sea and
land.) The actual islands in this area are known by their Maori name : ‘Te Niho a Kewa’ meaning 'the tooth from the
mouth of Kewa'
(the whale who ate through the land to create a passage between Stewart Island and the mainland. . .
the legend proclaims that some of the whale's teeth fell out to create these islands (Sacred Whale Teeth! (sacred stones!)
The water is called the path of Kiwa (who is known as The Maori Chief of The Pacific Ocean.) Gates Harbour, Fiordland,
South Island (Te Wai Pounamu : Waters of Greenstone) also known as Maui's Canoe, the canoe Maui stood on to
'fish up' North Island. And Maui is known as maui-tikitiki-a-Taranga = tress of mother's sacrificed hair as a girdle, of
his mother. . .Maui means witchcraft in New Zealand btw. . .fiordland (steep valley) . . . Daniel Charles Solander :
daniel=god is my judge, charles=man, solander (sealander, or InBetween Being.)

New Zealand New Zealand

Breath Vigour Bundle of The Sun of The Star Seed of The Sun, The InBetween God is my Judge
as The Teeth of The New Angles of Truth Initiated in Causality in The Path of The Chief of The
Greatest Peace at The Gates of The Safe Haven of The Steep Valley of The Deep Waters of
Greenstone, The Witchcraft Tress Offering of The Mother in The New INBETWEEN of The Long
White Cloud.

The Horizon spoke of The Mother Scorpion Offering of The Path of The Woman Trinity, The Scales of The Great
Healer and The Secret Purification of Great Strength The Serpent by The Infinite Cycles, and so as such was
this shielded through The Bending Bow, The Crown Sun of The Right Angle of The Crowned Altar Magnified
through The Great Triangulum, The Trinity Altar Seed and A Thousand Thousand Eyes of Paradise and
Native America, navigation, and as such does the Lion of Earth climb. . .

The Centers revealed The Great Phoenix Cultivation of The Horse and Rider, Paralleled Time and The Offering
of The PhiMale Crystal Vortex River of The Stars Dearest of Heart, flight of The Great Bear of Darkness, The Circle
Grid Offering of The PhiMale Vortex and The Smoking Mountain Navigation of The Paralleled Jaguar. This is The
Bridge of The Bridge of The Croning V of The Native American Lion of All Beasts, the cleansing of The Great
Sculpturing Winged Dragon to consume the floods to save the world. This is The Crown Cultivation of The
Furnace of The Bear Guardian, Great Strength of The Waves of The New Angles of Truth Initiated in Causality.

1.19.2012 Helix Nebula

The Southern Europe Observatory gave us this lovely new image of The Helix Nebula . . .in the waterbearer, Aquarius, sight.
It does not seem to be a coincidence that this imagery has flowed right in through this comprehension of Sophia's Eye, yes? Yes.

Helix Nebula
(It is said that the glow is from the star in the center magnifying throughout the already expelled energies, glowing...like an EYE)

Helix means spiral. . .Nebula means misty cloud. . .it is of course, an eye from a star. . .

Which reminds me of the inspiration of The Star, The Eyes of our realities. It is to understand in reality that some Beings,
individuals : athletes, heros, spiritual advisors, stars, leaders, artists, musicians, writers, philosophers, and so forth, invoke
a seriously powerful purity of inspiration regardless of circumstance. . .it is those people whom we may witness as inspiration
: for fluidity. . . it could be your mother, or your friend, or your coach, or a mountain, or a river or an activity. . .but it is most
assuredly to understand yourself first, how you express jubilation, and how that is inspired in you. It is personal. And it is private.
It is not to direspect any individual regardless of their inspirational power, ever. But it is most assuredly a seriously fluid comprehension
that measures forth through correct inspirational purity by respect. I mean, how many times did we idolize people growin up, ya know?
Which takes us back to ancient times with the worship of idols. People worshipped idols first, it would be logical, to inspire power, energy,
what actually allowed them a greater flow of purpose through the difficult circumstances, these idols were the most powerful, and
eventually many of them were shaped around legend instead of action, but the premise is the same, inspiration, and we may learn
from these actualities because it is necessary to understand how our energies can flow in this strange body and emotions and mind
and spiritual energy. . .we must understand that influence occurs constantly and consistently, regardless of how we feel. Influence is
everywhere. What we comprehend as inspiration is up to us as individuals. It seems necessary to understand that "idols" have been
apart of existence since consciousness became fluid. We aspire to be greater than what we are for evolution. And when someone
allows you such an energy as inspiration to achieve further, we comprehend a mysterious empowerment through emotion and intelligence,
euphoria. There are of course hundreds of thousands of millions of people whom we may be inspired by, and if you are inspired by no one, so
be it, you may be inspired by spirit energies or spirit animals, or landscapes, or sunrises . . .it is not to say whether this person or that person is more
or less inspiring, it is only to understand that inspiration allows forth clarity into our own minds as to what and why and how and further, there are
triggers of flow that allow forth greater flow and you're the only one that knows them, and it is through these magnificational comprehensions
that our levels of knowledge exceed beyond our normal cognitive articulations. What you witness currently in this journal of Every 7 is one
individual's tangent of comprehension. . .just imagine if everyone had a tangent. . . It is perhaps why we look up to stars, and have no doubt,
in a simultaneous parallel we are surrounded by them, beneath us, above us, beside us, in all directions, not just one . . . as such, from any SUN,
'brilliance' is evoked by pure energy and creates a purity of inspiration, while simultaneously we may look to the sky and see stars all shining their
lights upon us all like a billion eyes reflecting from our own, we simultaneously witness "idols" : suns, stars, the magnification of emotion and energy
and the building of passion and power, EUPHORIA! EXCLAIM THIS ENERGY! And allow it forth. . . And as such are we entertained. It is a vast responsibility,
there is a deprivatized path, an eye of everything magnified through a lens, solar systems, births through galaxies, infinite black hole suns, does this not
seem to parallel living circumstances? . . .who built this reality. . . likened to a mirrored reflection of our own capable individualities, it is to understand
that the inspiration we comprehend is inspired into fruition : energy : focused energy. . .the greater mystery yet further understood is just how many
stars rest and gleam beneath the eyes of those who express creativity we all witness every day. . . and how many of these gleaming entities actually
aurically magnify their energetic prose throughout the brilliance of space simultaneous to our daily meanderings? And how much power, FURTHER,
could this express? And not only this. . .but how much further KNOWLEDGE could we all comprehend from those who are learning through the depths
of Mother Nature, such as this path. . .the most crucial guide of Her own, of us all. . .Poetic expressions of reality, they're always there. . .like an entire
reality, other than "normal, " simultaneous. . .just like space, these stars and planets and moons and galaxies and universes, they're always there,
right here, like some other reality, but it isn't, it's the same reality, we just need to realize it together, it's only waiting to be understood, reflecting
right through our own eyes . . . and just how far can one magnify their own energies if there is no distance between yourself and those billion
suns up in the sky. . .it is to understand inspiration respectively. . .and this cannot be stressed enough. . .and this goes out to all prospects of
inspirational realities of our world : KNOW THAT YOU ARE POTENTIALLY INSPIRING. . .know that regardless of what you may think. . .YOU ARE INSPIRING. . .
. . . and understand that this is no shallow depth or doldrum. . .these waves run deep and high, and echo throughout time immediately, now, currently,
seriously, catalyzed throughout the very essence of this world and solar system and galaxy and universe and multiverses and the unconscious and the
subconscious and the conscious and the superconscious and the energy of all that is, is not, and is in between the infinite infinitesimal source of Mother
Nature : and people, individuals, societies, as energy, knowledge, inspirations, triggers, paths are experienced, paths are expressed, paths are recreated,
paths are experienced, paths are expressed, paths are recreated, it is echoed, it is echoed, and we witness this, we witness inspiration, it is catalyzed into
our own realities, and suddenly we realize that it's been a month since that movie, song, philosophy, story, poem, painting, recipe came out. . .and suddenly
we are comprehending focus being shifted. . .remember that song? What happened to that website?! Look at how people have changed the way they
treat each other now! Entire societies are honed in on particular pathways now without even consciously knowing it. . . we have been focused upon. . .and
even throughout the depths of our world and even our own personal worlds, further. . .even as such that Mother Nature would speak of you in extreme
specificity, it is to understand that inspiration is real, and powerful. It's real powerful, and there's no doubt about it. And this is anticipating, eventually, your
becoming. . .and so this anticipation becomes your own simultaneous to the energy's anticipational becoming of you. . .it's all very psychological and
emotional and passionate while at the same time being driven simultaneously energetic through a focused expression of a symbiotic nature. . .yet
YOU are the interpreter of your own reaction, your own expression, your own manifestation WITH HER. . . : this is YOUR individuality, YOU decide how
to react, YOU decide how to express your own energies due to YOUR experience. . .even if it is someone else's story, even if the story is your own,
and even if they are skewed between reality and fiction, your reaction is your own. . . or so shall it be when you eventually comprehend integrity
through foundational balance instead of not, for we are easily swayed by this path or that path due to the entertaining value ascribed to certain
aspects of reality, the voices of devils and angels, and as such we must remember this is not far from a truth of parallelism when we are dealing
with everyday circumstances. . .there are prejudices and bigotry and disrespectful whatevers by those who seek failure, and that we must
excel beyond this, for it is unnecessary energy : : : PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! EXCEL BEYOND THE UNNECESSARY CORRUPTIONS ! ! ! : : : We must
merely understand that there are those who seek to imbalance existence only to immunize ourselves from their corrupt causalities, for it is
to know that the glorification of corruption is completely unnecessary to Mother Nature. TOTALLY UNNECESSARY. Think about it. It is a waste
of time and love. It is to understand that there is always information being expressed. Even when expression is being consciously driven by
someone who is intentionally not trying to express knowledge. . .it is happening. . .and perhaps even greater still are some knowledges not
being attempted due to freedom through creativity. . .an expression of the moment, free from all others. It is to know that expression is
communication. Some is necessary, some is not.

You decide, and love, through

The Misty Eyed Spiral of The Waterbearer.

1.19.2012 Solar Flare

Circle of Worlds Solar Flare

. . . now as flying dragon type creatures go, and that being of a firey substance, would this image not resemble a Phoenix Rising from our Sun?

1.19.2012 Solar Flare

Energy Manifestation Communicates through The Infinite Cycles of
The Gleaming Mother World Rebirth Balance of Ambrosia through
The Path of The Woman as The Godfather of Light and The Rainmaker
of Sky as The Misty Eyed Spiral of Sight, through Love.

The Horizon spoke through Sight Between by The Voice of The Lion of All Beasts : The Strong Winged Dragon
emerging into The Depths of Space, flight of The Swan Song. He is reaching for The Ancient Bending Light of
Self Creation, not The Queen. The Meditative Hero, from which The Lion of All Beasts sees through from his
shield. The Eagle cannot see this because of The Face. The Crown is uncultivated. . .dear Horse and Rider. . .

The Centers revealed through The Cultivational Feeding of Love's Unification, The Waterbearer Cleansing Purification
in The Intersectional Union Cross of The Mother World Rebirth Balance of Ambrosia (Mars), bridging The Meditative
Jaguar Lion Parallel of The Wings of The New Angles of Truth Initiated in Causality through The V of Earthen Ascension
by witness of The Godfather of Light and Sky, Celestial Navigation of The Meditative Thunderhorse Raven V Serpent
Wind and Companion relieving distress. So emerges from The Secret Mind The Multidimensional Womb. The Croning
V proclaims that this is The Guard of The Bear of Darkness from The Secret Stars Dearest of Heart, The Offering
of The Sculpture to consume the floods to save the world.

1.20.2012 Flores Sea, East Nusa Tenggara 5.6

Tenggara Tenggara

And of course, the image of this island reveals a Loyalty Stone parallel. . .

A Sea of Blooming through The Loyalty Stone, The Rising Sun of The Deep Rising Sun.

The Horizons spoke of The InBetween Sight looking through The Horizon by The Great Bear of Darkness.
This is The Trinity Sight of The Great Jaguar. . .The Trinity SheGoat and Parallels of The Reinholder, The Depth
of The Lion of All Beasts held by the toes of The Queen and Secret King upon The Shield of The Hero of The Stone. . .
so speaks The Stars Dearest of Heart. . .

The Centers revealed The Meditative Raven Trinity and the dispelling of distress by The Ascension of The Earthen Chalice
Purification of The Mother World Rebirth Balance of Ambrosia through The Infinite Cycles of The Thunderhorse of The Bending
Balance, and this is by way of The Spiraled Serpent of The Godfather of Light and Sky, Great Strength of The Celestial Navigational
Wind of The Waves of The New Angles of Truth Initiated in Causality, The Savior Womb Offering of The Paralleled Triangulum,
Sails of The Secret Taurus, The Secret Companion Cultivator, The Great Waterbearing Cleansing Love Offering of The Stars
Dearest of Heart Purifying The Sculptured Lion.

1.20.2012. . .Celebes Sea. . .Face on Mars. . .D&M Pyramid. . .5.3
This earthquake is being included because it has shown us an exact parallel to
The Face on Mars of Cydonia and The D&M Pyramidic Pentagram. Checkitout:

1 DAY LATER (from The Sophia Meditation.)

Freedom Movie.

This just completely energized me into comprehensive fluidity. . .I was like, whatthe. . .SOPHIA!
. . .and so I have just had this meditation with Sophia. . .just out of pure instinctual fluidity. . .outanowhere. . .then this earthquake. . .
. . . and the quake is centered right above the location that looks like The Face on Mars. . .and when we rotate that famous image
33º it is in perfect alignment with this map. . .and so I was like. . .come on, what are the chances that this other location, this volcano
pyramid looking location would have a similar comprehension : and I found The D&M Pyramid. . .

. . .and the image of the parallel of this pyramid on Earth, if it is rotated 33º. . .same form. . .and so I was like, that's a powerful
parallel, yeah? Meditated on Sophia, and here we are given the exact parallel to The Face on Mars and The D&M Pyramid
(which is right next to The Face on Mars.) And so then one wonders, was this already going to happen, or was the meditative
projection a sortof honing communication to this location. . .meditate on the face, the face appears. Just who exactly is Sophia?
Her name means "wisdom" in Greek. She is said to be 'wisdom incarnate.' She is known as The Holy Spirit by The Wisdom of Solomon,
and is proclaimed of The Trinity known through Mary Mother of Jesus, Mary Magdalene, and Sophia. . .Mother • Daughter • Spirit. So
this most assuredly challenges the belief systems of The Trinity widely comprehended as The Father, Son, and The Holy Spirit, or perhaps
completes them . . . yet begs the question : did humanity misinterpret what was an essential truth out of ignorance, manipulation, or immorality. . .
When we think of Earth, how do we think of this place? Mother Earth. When we think of Nature, how do we think of this place? Mother Nature. And
the spirit, and our souls, how do we think of these? Like water, they are most assuredly likened to a female energy. So then one might proclaim of
course that Earth Mother is a daughter of Mother Nature. . .YET. . .with " The Christ Comprehension " understood as The Manifestation of Pure Energy. . .
. . .so as such we would understand that if Mother Earth is The Daughter of Mother Nature, in this Trinity, we are become like Christ in a sense, in the
magnificational fluidity of the energy of The Infinite Infinitesimal of Mother Nature (The Nature of a Mother.) For example, when we magnify forth
the energies of healing for Mother Earth through the Holon Map, it is with The Spirit of Mother Earth and The Spirit of Mother Nature. . . and so we
are become likened to what might be presumed as a "Deity " vessel entity of emanating energy, we are The Vessel Seeding The Spirit Seeding
us (like images we have witnessed with massive light magnifying out of people or objects and so forth), and in this emanation, we lift this energy
throughout the cycling Infinite. And the only "man" in that process is you, whether you're a man or a woman, you're the seed in this. . .so the
structure totally condenses the belief systems of both The Trinity Godhead and The Goddess Trinity. . .The individual is become The Father
(seed), and "The Holy Ghost " complexually iterated forth as The SUN (Jesus becomes Christ), The Manifestation of Pure Energy : whereas
The Holy Ghost is understood as this complexity :

The Mother • Daughter • Spirit : Mary • Mary • Sophia : Mother • Wife • Infinite Source Link. . .an evolution of itself. . .and a manifestation by a "Christ."

: and combine that with Father • SUN (son) • Infinite Source Link. . .it is fluidity. . .a necessity. . .YET. . . incomplete by our defining standards. . .so why
would such an error be understood, it seems like such an important feature of energy comprehension. . .there ensues the paradox creation of reality. . .
. . . the splinter of reality. . .the ' what is it ' factor of reality that we've all known forever but just couldn't make sense of it because we were simply caught up
in an incomplete version of what actually is (or our lack of experience in that time period failed to witness what was being expressed properly.) For you see,
The Spirit of Energy is like water, yes? Yes. This is female, not male. . .it flows like a female. . .logic. . .So what is this evolution of energy knowledge but the evolution
of what already is, and is simply an acclimation to what already exists, what we would surmise as evolution is just a comprehensive puzzle being put together in its
proper format : The Magnificational Fluidity known as the experiential projection of energy throughout the infinite is understood as any individual, male or female :
as a :

VesselSeedFatherMotherSunDaughterInfinacy = The Unified "Sun" Infinacy = The Manifestation of Pure Energy

It is like octaves. The unification of octaves before their harmonizations. . .like a fine tuning (that took two thousand years to tune up, perhaps.)
And it is to understand that "the daughter" is that missing link, yet understood in the same sense as Jesus Christ would be to a "SUN" metaphor,
it is this delicate and this powerful, for so as such would a daughter be a capable "SUN," it is not meant to be understood by male or female by
us, only by energetic fluidity. . .I am male, I am female, remember? It is the logic of its own writing; our own language made sure we could decode
what actually is : when we were ready. It is the unknown element become. Yes, The Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus was a daughter as well. Yes, Mary
Magdalene was a daughter as well, and yet become Mother Mary's daughter as become the companion of Christ. . .and yet look at Mother Mary,
known as purity by virginity, and look at Mary Magdalene with the seven demons cast out of her (whereas some say this is merely "illness" being healed)
purified! (tit, tat) The Family. As one. But not just human. . .Self Earth Nature. . .whereas Mother Nature is known as The All. . .logically. . .anywhere I go in this
infinite all that is will be nature in some form or another. . .It is logic. . .I was not merely born of my Mother, or my Family, or my Earth, I was as well born of
my Solar System, of my Galaxy, of my Universe, and so forth. . .they aren't "mine" per se, nobody "owns" these places, they are simply "my home". . .like
the womb I called home in my mother. . .so as such is this a living womb. And if as such, we may comprehend these as levels of fluidity. . .and if we
may be conscious of these, then so as such we may travel these levels of existence by "birthing" into them respectfully. . . so it is to understand that
out of these old belief systems that are still miraculously followed to this day by devoted, passionate, and determined heartfelt people, we find the
seed of knowledge placed right next to each other in parallel. . .as though it would take 2012 years to get to it : or was taking too long so these
actualities were all triggered into effect through seriously distinct traumatic events through philosophical minds, or the hope
for, in order to allow forth this knowledge (by a yet unknown "people"). . .and for some, it may have taken less. . .and for
some it may take more (and I am not the judge of such events except my own, and I am still attempting to gather
my own experiential information without any definitive clues except from Mother Nature), it is to know that in the
magnification of the purificational energies, this is a solid unity. The Family. One. And within this process of octaves,
we may comprehend harmonies. . . with locations of planets and stars and worlds and galaxies and so forth. . .it
can get as intricate as the comprehensions you already know and beyond them. If these energies are
magnified with respect, there shall be no end to this capability. . .

Celebes Sea, Earth, Cydonia, Mars

Sulawesi! Remember, Sulawesi used to be named Celebes, and Celebes Sea used to be named
Sulawesi! Sulawesi translates roughly to Iron Islands (most likely because of the iron cultivated there,
from Lake Matano, from the word Matana meaning 'this eye.') Lake Matano is said to have some of
the purest water in the entire world. Remember Fe, it is the element name of Iron! Yet! The symbol for
male is the same as iron. FEmale. You see, our language unfolds before our very minds, useful yet
again to understand our own nature of fluidity...from this Iron Eye. celebres meaning celebrate,
or more acutely To Solemnize, meaning to observe or perform with dignity and gravity, make
solemn and grave, or to perform with ritual and ceremony. Cydonia is named from Kydonia is
quince, the original (five seeded) apple. Cy means Master or Lord, don means "tooth."
Master of The Sacred Stone of Isis Graea, Ares = throng of battle (A large, densely
packed crowd of people or animals) Aries = The Savior Offering of The Womb.
D&M = Vincent Di Pietro and Gregory Molenaar. . .
Victory of The Rock and The Awakening Mass Cycle.

Celebes Cydonia Celebes Cydonia

Observe and Perform with Dignity and Gravity, Ritual and Ceremony, Solemnly through this Iron Eye,
this PhiMale Vortex, Master of The Sacred Stone of Isis Graea, Lord of The Wings of The New Angles of Truth
Initiated in Causality of The Mother World Rebirth Balance of Ambrosia through the throng of battle, The Spiral,
The PhiMale, The Savior Offering of The Spiral Womb, That Which is The Bending Division of Two Spiraled Horns
and The Hornless from Beyond, The Original Knowledge Fruit of The Seeded Pentagram, The Victory of
The Rock and The Mass Cycle Awakening Pyramid.

The Horizons spoke of The InBetween Grid of Sails Navigation Seed of Wind Grid Vessels of Triangulation, a Thousand
Eyes of Light and Seeded Cross of The Centaur's Altar VOMO of Fire from The Depth Triangulum, reaching forth by The
Mother Scorpion's Guidance, PURIFY through The Infinite Cycles this cultivation for balance. This is The Right Angle.
The Offering from The Tail of The Serpent and balancing The Chalice. The Depth sees The Flying Fish PRESENTING
The Compass! The Lion of Earth witnesses this, and the depth of The Vessel goes between The Smoking Mountain
to The Grid Circle Spiral. PhiMale Vortex, Leg of Isis' Star, Picture and Perigee, Peaceful Bridge. The Phoenix is
seen through The PhiMale Vortex The River of The Crystal Pentagram, and desired.

The Centers revealed The River Crowned Cultivation of The Guardian of The Bear of Darkness through
The Great Mirror Face Offering of The Stars Dearest of Heart in GREAT STRENGTH. Purify this by The Taurus
without bridge. And The Taurus is within The Purification of The Savior Womb Offering, communication of
The Face through The Stone, Triangulum Grid Cultivation, Balance is necessary through The Godfather of
Light and Sky and The Infinite Cycles. The AVA Savior Womb Offering needs balance. These are The WIngs
of The New Angles of Truth Initiated in Causality within each other from The Mother Scorpion. This is The Great
Healer of Strength through The Furnace, The Crystal River Mind.

1.21.2012 The Face on Mars Meditation and Preface

I went skating down the waterfront of the piers to flow. . .I do this just to feel well. It feels
natural. . .and I went to the beach out in front of Ghiradelli Square and I cleared away the
sand, and raised a hand of sand up and let it create a pyramid. . .like an hourglass I let the
grains fall from my hand onto the sand to create this volcano shape, attempting to understand
further. . .I cleared the sand away and drew a spiraling eye of abstraction. . .cleared it away
and skated on. . .

And so I went there. I meditated with various locations of specificity (numerous, like a puzzle),
many ancient idols and faces of this world, (like the Water animation), engraved in the earth, and
I did meditate with these locations. They were spoken, so I went to these places with the image of Sophia,
with the image of Cydonia's face, with the Pentagrammic Pyramids, and I did meditate with these locations.
I found extremely strange and powerful energy. I will not go into the intricate details of this in this particular
writing, but the face did become, and as such so did this "mask" I proclaim to communicate with for the
purpose of knowledge and peace, and as such that we, Earth and us all, may understand how to not
become such a desolate planet like Mars has become (what better individual to ask than an immense
depiction of Sophia in such a planet, right? And that's pretty powerful, correct? The notion that Sophia
is The Face on Mars!) . . . that we might learn from the mistakes of histories we have little to no knowledge
of. That if there were a knowledgeable creature ever upon this place, what conscious knowledge may
become such that Earth would not become a desolate desert planet. . .while simultaneously, with
respect for this knowledge, how might this planet of Mars become fertile once again. . .and what
energies might be necessary for such a rebirth. . .and so did these meditations emerge imageries :

And when creating these images from the paralleled locations of the Face on Mars and the Face on Earth (transparently overlayed)
. . .as justified from the meditative fluidities of The Sophia Imagery Meditations, I noticed that this face reminded me of a movie. . .and
it is no coincidence that this flows right in through The Freedom Movies. . .for this movie was Braveheart. . .the freedom of Scotland by
William Wallace. And when you watch this movie you will see this face. . .in fact, I would surmise you will start seeing this face in many
places, both Mars, this combination, and Sophia . . . already . . . . even the scar on the face by the transparency overlaying of both
images of Earth and Mars can be seen, and this is a specific proclamation of Mother Nature, dear sir. . .you actually triggered this
specific parallel knowledge by simply existing. And so when you watch The Freedom Movies, attempt to understand the knowledge
that is capable by foresight. . .for we may witness in movies out of history, the future as well : NOW, and that's an IMMENSE OVERTONE
proclamation. The Pyramid parallels of The Pentagram trigger forth an imagery that reveals in simultaneousness with this face,
the notion or theoretical philosophy that The Body is The MindSpirit : The Face : The Pentagram. . .PYRAMID BODY MIND.
In perspective, instead of a stick body, it may be four points of infinacy. . .that being a pyramid of four points,
yet infinitely cycling through the center. . .

. . .like The Luxor of Las Vegas seemingly portrays :


. . . see how perspective can evolve knowledge? It is proclaiming forth The Temple centered from a unified point. And this point is The Heart. . .
and what have we just comprehended. . .The Heart is not even shaped like a heart, yet is named 'heart' for some reason! . . .YET. . .the genitals
of both women and men are shaped like a heart or spade. . .and so it is to comprehend if this had actually been the original meaning, somehow
skewed into our chests as a journey of specificity for this comprehensive measure of our root power. . .and we as well see this in our skeletal form
beneath the nose. . .as a bridge of the ethereal. . . right at The Depth Perspective MindEyeMotherNature of The OMO Eye. . . it is to say, all of this. . .
. . . simultaneously being allowed forth : is obviously no coincidence.

I did not watch this movie for like a week after I had this meditation. But for some reason I suddenly had the
urge to watch that new Conan the Barbarian movie (yer like, whattheflux?! i know!) . . .and as I began watching it,
I saw this man Conan, bring forth his hand full of sand. . .and let it flow like an hourglass in that same manner I had just done on
the beach PRIOR to this meditation and PRIOR to seeing this movie, honestly. And the whole 'Grey Gollum Don't Follow The Lights' featurette
began to reiterate itself once again, as from Intermission. . .communication through time travel : again : or is it as though I knew to go to this
movie now, not then, not after, now, and I would witness what I had just experienced perhaps because someone else had JUST witnessed
it and gone back and THEN it was, and NOT before. . .and yes, that's a mindbender, yet. . .it is all skewed. . .for this meditation HAD become,
whereas The Face, this mask, I did become through a great many parallels in a seriously powerful unification of paths seemingly drawn out
for this simple purpose . . .and so as such I did witness in this movie a group of men cheer as was proclaimed, "The Mask is Complete!" And
as you might imagine, I was like "what the f@*#!?" This was less than a few hours from completing this meditative manifestation,

"The Mask is Complete"
(and remember when I said back on the last page to remember Dalupiri? Look. . .)

Babuyan Babuyan Babuyan
(this appears to be traveled time. . .like through a gate or portal. . .the horizon speaks of this through Reticulum. (look at the "earths" (first image) !
Even the guy is missing his nose revealing the spade (over on the right) !This guy is even holding his hand out saying "5."How can anyone not notice that?
I went right to this movie after this meditation. . .something is happening to me, there's something further in this. Clearly that's that mask, correct? Nature
is like, "I did that."

In The Deep Center Kingdom of The Five, The Doctor of The Church and Hammer
of The Heretics of The Beyond Father, This is Where The Ginger Abounded and
Escaped, This is The Fire Birth in The Place of Hogs (of The Five), all in The Land
of The Smiling Beauty of The High Depth of Complexity.

. . . and here we are witnessing this knowledge in total parallel to exactly that, yet skewed in format to be something "evil, " in this movie! And so it is to question,
how far does this actually go, this alleged knowledge through time and space, how far is being seen before it is happening, and why is it being reported in such
ways? It's like watching a frickin news report about the breeding habits of Giraffes while they're showing Apes escaping from the tyranny of a secret society of
abuse. I'm tellin ya, it's gettin trippy out there. . .in here. . .everywhere. . .the fabricational meanderings of time traveling writers and designers of choreographed
trickery IMMEDIATE to actions I experience, yet nonexistent prior to the meditation. . .and that's the mystery and the simultaneous paradox: were they there all along,
and have I merely found a way to locate them, or were they only there AFTER a specificity was accomplished. . .mindbenders. . . .it's getting weird. . .and eskewed.
And I wouldn't have even thought about it had I seen it before. . .and probably would not have remembered if I had seen it a week later (memory problems,
head injuries.) I mean how is one supposed to process such an event. Here we are attempting balance and peace and so forth, WITH MOTHER NATURE, BY
REQUEST! . . .and then is expressed an entire movie based around the idea that this "place" (face, mask) is evil. And of course many of you are probably
questioning, 'is this guy crazy' (me, not that actor, am I crazy, you're asking perhaps due to my theoretical views of reality as I experience it, but in all logic,
I am only explaining to you what has just occurred). . .and still others are " judging, " : 'he just doesn't understand'. . .and even others are like 'keep evaluating,
it evolves'
. . .and I'm like, "it's still about balance and love". . .that's all it ever were. Maybe it WAS evil! That's not the point. Maybe that is the point! Nevertheless
there was alot of large " falling " in that movie. . .and I seem to recall other movies prefacing large falling. . .and it is to know that if there is a preface to a large
falling. . .it seems that it is only either accentuating it or attempting to create it through some sort of causality chain. . .nevertheless, in speaking of the meditations
with Mars and Sophia and The Pyramids and The Faces, Mother Earth and Mother Nature said, "Here!" And I said, "let's do it." And it was done. And it was triggered
by Sophia. . .all this activity by one meditation, one day later! . . .would "man" attempt to corrupt Mother Nature's tasks of balance? That seems dangerous, correct?
Perhaps corrupt men would. And it isn't to say any particular individual is corrupt, I am merely theorizing as to what just happened. . .it appears that I have just located
a path in time that was traveled afterthefact of a meditative comprehension in order to recreate or even initially create a story in order to express that comprehension
as evil. . .even though I experienced no evil whatsoever. It keeps going. . .

...and you know, this all began because I needed to heal 9 years ago, (or were it 30.) So I kept going,
that neverending path that began with a giant hawk (bridged from a failed life of consumption into a
purified life of fluidity). . .yet, Nature didn't give up on me, Nature bridged a former knowledge with a
newer knowledge, and so was birthed our Ancient Future. . .and it keeps going!

We're at Mars now. Requested by Mother Nature. . .and that a fabrication of reality
could wind itself around time in such a way, AGAIN, AND SPEAK DIRECTLY TO ME, seems
like a scientifically proven FACT. How many times will it take? (especially with all them
cameras everywhere witnessing it.) "Don't follow the lights" ? Seriously, Gollum. Learn.
I am the messenger of communication for this. Mother Nature predicted this moment
7 days ago. Perhaps Mother Nature just said, "look, these guys JUST went back in time
to create this circumstance, and I know you, you're going to read it. . .and even though
7 days have gone by, an innumerable amount of circumstances have been altered."

So perhaps it is to know as well, that if this may be a possibility, so as such may this
effect anyone anywhere in any circumstance, the eskewing of individual's paths
for the purpose of psychological warfare, injury, or even death. (hey, I'm just playin
the cards I'm dealt.) Nevertheless, it would seem more relevant to achieve some
sort of balance instead of corruption, but then again, I am not attempting to corrupt,
so that path is illogical to me.

. . .and it goes deeper.

So who is to say. . .The Face on Mars perhaps WAS an evil location.
Perhaps it were a trick. Perhaps it were a trap. You may think I am lying, or it's
all just an immense fabrication for whatevers. Or just perhaps reality isn't exactly the
way everyone thinks they understand it, even me, and the logic of those who are allegedly
traveling through time and/or witnessing what is going to happen years or moments before
it actually does : and the individual : only to witness it through his or her own specific actions
mere hours before watching it on a movie isn't weird enough for you. Perhaps the Pentagrammic
Pyramid was a balancing mechanism of Mars' reaction. . .or perhaps it is a location. . .that was created. . .
What has been accomplished here is not simple. There is a new grid. I'm going to listen to Mother Nature and
heal this place. You go ahead and think what you will. . .but this path has become known in ways that most folks
can't even fathom knowledge of, let alone believe yet. Perhaps you will never be capable of this belief until you
experience it. It would be one thing if I had only gone to the beach and raised the sand like this. . .but then to have
the entire mask/idol/face/Sophia/Mother Earth/Mars meditations and THIS be the immediate follow up in a randomly
selected movie. . .I can hear the twilight zone music is a playin. . .

1.21.2012 Pacific Ocean, Zaragoza, Mexico 6.3
Imperator Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Octavianus = 8
"The Revered One" famous 'for keeping the longest peace ever known in Rome.'
First emperor of Rome. (all the world was taxed by Caesar when Jesus was born
(is that what they call peace?) Augustus means venerable (age, wisdom, character,
respect) gaius means to be glad, a term for 'lord.' Julius derives of Iuppiter, Iovis,
the supreme god (meaning sky, light, day) Caesar = keizer = emperor. . .

Zaragoza Zaragoza

The Greatest Peace is The Profoundly Honored Emperor of Supreme Energy of Age,
Wisdom, Character, and Respect of The Infinite Octave of The Left Handed Hummingbird.

The Horizon spoke of The Offering Circle of Chiron at The InBetween Right Angle of The Pouring Altar
of Overturned Balance through A Thousand Eyes. This is Paradise Navigation, The Depth Triangulum (Trinity),
Seed of Intersectional Union and a hidden perspective of The Lion of Earth . . .The Flying Fish soars above
The Diving Vessel, and as such does this Serpent spiral forth into these depths with The Great Chalice, as
with Raven. Purificational Cycles of The Infinite are a necessity InBetween. The Great Healer looks between
The Sky to witness this, as motivated by The Mother Scorpion. . .Communicational Bending through The Center
of The Milky Way by The Path of The Woman, and Shielded. . .this is a magnified perspective of space.

The Centers revealed The Floating Womb. . .and we witness The Great Thunderhorse opening The Compass, and
The Companion rests upon The Mighty Vessel of The Waterbearer of Love, an Anchor of The Eye of Isis, The Dark Star
Sunlight of The Desire of The Secret Bending Bow of Communication, Shield of The Womb of All Consciousness, The Eagle
Unicorn and The One Who Follows Isis, The Gemini Healer and The Highest of Sun in the torment of Hera offering Lyra to
The Secret Lion, The Cunning Serpent Fox Swan Song Celestial Navigation of Bridged Wind of The Bending Thunderhorse
Chalice of The Ancient Light of Self Creation.

1.21.2012 Atlantic Ocean, Vindication and Candlemas Islands 6.0
(spine of South Sandwich Islands (echo.)

In this order, as explained by Mother Nature :

Bristol•Thule•Cook• and Bellinghausen

Zavodovski = Son of The Works. . .Visokoi = High. . .Vindication and Candlemas = justification
and the celebration of the purification of the blessed Virgin Mary and the presentation of Christ in the temple.
(Candles Mass) . . .Saunders Island = of the sand, defender of men, Trinity of The Silver Taurus . . . Montagu Island =
Deep Star Seed ofThe Sun of Pointed Hill . . . Bristol Island = Augustus John Hervey = Venerable Stars Seed of The Sun
Battleworthy (Bristol is an assembly place by a bridge) . . . Thule (Morrell) and Cook and Bellingshausen= Beyond The
Borders of The Known World (Offspring of The Right Hand of The Dark Complexion). . . Superseded Cook. . .The Broad Bean
(edible seed) Love of God Gift of God's Heart The Lovely House : Fabian Gottlieb Thaddeus von Bellingshausen)

This location parallels the greatest depth of the ocean in an echo.
And it seems to be a reaction to The Mars Meditations AS WELL as
echoing the 7 minutes with the 7 days. . .Is this what time travel looks
like, or is this a meditative reaction, or both simultaneous!? Could the
variables of both be metamorphosing naturally in the processional
fluidity of The Infinite Cycles?

Vindication Vindication


Between The Deep Support of Heaven, Justification and Celebration of The Purification of The Blessed Virgin Rebellious Wish
and The Presentation of The Anointed High Trinity Sun of The Deep Star Seed Pyramid of Age, Wisdom, Character, Respect
and Strength in The Assembly By The Bridge Beyond The Borders of The Known World (The Light of Sun in Darkness)
of The Superseded Creator of The Broad Edible Seed of The Love of God and The Gift of God's Heart of The House
of Lovely in The Immortal Beauty of The Bright Serpent Tree of The Peaceful and Powerful Protected Strong Mind
of The Tattooed People PARALLELS The Echoing Integral Spine Tree Vessel Path Energy Cultivation of Water of
The Rebellious Grace of The Rising Edge, The Deepest Water on Mother Earth.

The Horizons spoke of The Crowned Healer of Great Strength of The Mirror through The Stars Dearest of Heart
through The Cunning Mighty Winged Dragon Lyra Womb Swan Song Companion Waterbearer, The Bending
Bow Communication of The Path of The Woman Crown of Purification and Balance through The Infinite
Cycles of The Mother Scorpion.

The Centers revealed The Great Spiraling Manifestation of The Queen of The Cross Intersectional Union Seed
of The Spiraling Ancient Light of Self Creation through The Trinity Circle Creations of Paradise Magnified Altars
of Right Angles Through The Sacred Savior Womb Offerings of Chiron to relieve distress through Ascension
through A Thousand Thousand Thousand Eyes and The Raven Brings The Chalice from The Offering Through
The Stone Creation of The Hero, and Through The Wind and The Spiraling Serpent so is magnified through
The Mighty Vessel of The Great Dragon Swan Songof The Mighty Thunderhorse.


. . .Every 7 pg. 51 C

The Communication can be read here.

The Bigger Picture is The Great Jaguar Dragon is An Infinite Meditation.

May Light Be Your Shadow.

Every 7

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