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2.26.12 The Great Jaguar Dragon.

THEN. . . on 2.12.2012 a quake of a magnitude of 5.1 struck
Guarango, Laguna Parinacochas, Ayacucho Region, Peru. . .

I saw the lake, looked at my wound healing, and was like,
holy shi. . .and it just doesn't get any plainer than that parallel, right?
The discolorization around the lake, around my wound, what is happening?

. . .this is pretty weird, right? But not only that. . . wait til you see the image down below of
the Cloverfield parallel! And as well, the last quake of Codigua is like the spade to this heart!
Do you see how it all seemingly flows in a manner that is completely without a doubt real? Do
you doubt this still? Is this not fascinating? Water parallels of love cultivation.

(flamingos) guarango is known as The Tree of Life, The King of The Desert,
The Staff of Life, The Guardian that held back The Desert, The Guardian
of The Waters. . . represented as the symbol of Peru, red and white of
the flamingo symbolizes the blood poured out by the heroes and
martyrs of war : red wings, white breast, understood as The Natural
Wealth of Peru. Ayacucho means 'death's corner' and 'purple soul.'

Guarango Guarango Guarango

Cloverfield Parallel

There's no denying that Mother Nature just said "Cloverfield."
And my handprint, like the imprint in the Lelepa Cave of
Vanuatu, is right above this creature, just like in the cave!
Now, we can definitely all agree that this looks like the Clovefield
creature, correct? Yes. But what I find interesting is how the cranium
is not the same. . .the body is definitely the same, but the cranium looks
like The Super 8 creature!

Super 8
It's like updated information on this creature. . .from 2008 to 2011. . .the time of the creation
of all this grid and so forth, from the preface of the OMO " accident " which was one month
prior to Cloverfield being released into consciousness. Am I like some sort of test tube lab
Being or something being acclimated to find unknown aspects of reality that are being studied?
Did this "monster" of Cloverfield evolve because of our actions simultaneous to one another
(that being these flix and my personal activities of creating the grid), in whatever various
ways they were either manipulated or " allowed, " or did our knowledge only become
heightened to the creature's intention. . .or. . .am I, becoming the creature. I'm tellin ya,
it's frickin heavy. Look how the creature looks like the boy. So how did we go from this
totally devastating monster destroying Manhattan to some Being creating a spaceship
to go home. . .simultaneous to the grid being created. . .The Great Jaguar Dragon. . .
. . . perhaps the premise here is to become the creature for communication, become
that which might destroy us to learn why, and how to prevent it. . .how strange, correct?
Who are all these people, are they people? But like The Stargate comprehensions from
Freedom Movie, whereas an individual may have such foresight as to the creation of
an animation or motion picture, completely and totally without the conscious knowledge
of why or who or how or what, a creation is accomplished out of sheer inspiration learned
to be read by the legibility of Mother Nature through our own minds and energies. . .
we may actually already be communicating with other worlds right now. . .through
each other, just like Mother Nature is speaking to us all, teaching us, through our
own languages, to speak with other worlds. . .it's gettin deep.

Tree of Life, The Waterbirds of Blood and Purity
of Death's Corner and The Purple Soul are in The Golden
Castle of Guardians of The Universal Sovereign of Wealth.

The Horizons spoke of The Great Vessel of Strength of Lyra of The Face of The Meditative Eagle of The Necessity
of Healing these sails, and The Swan Song arrives with The Crystal River with The PhiMale Vortex under her wing
with this face pictured cultivation of Peace by The Bridge of The Thunderhorse from The Cleansing of The Great
Mirror, Monoceros' Secret Heart as The Companion witnesses from the edge of Isis' Womb, and The River is Bending
The Furnace, The Pentagram, The Ancient Light of Self Creation through Time this arousing Phoenix, and The Great
Dragon is smoking The Mountain off the edge of The Grid Circle, wings of The Bridge, and navigational, Bird of
Paradise upon this drgon's spine with necessity for cultivation through The Depth Triangulum. . .Crown this
Cross, this seed of strength, this kneeling Lion of an earth, in flight, this perigee, through Compass and
Shield, ride the snake.

The Centers revealed The Paralleled Path of The Woman Godfather of Light and Sky Infinite Cycles. . .Savior Womb
Offering, Purify The Balance of Triangulum, through The Hero's Heart, The Mother Scorpion, through love, The Mother
World Rebirth Balance of Ambrosia (Mars.) This is The Depth Ascension of AVA. The Raven's Heart shall relieve distress
through The Wings of The New Angles of Truth Initiated in Causality. This is The Great Thunderhorse Taurus Offering through
The Heart of The Centuar, The Voice of The Circle Creator. From The Womb shall we relieve distress. Ride The Snake as The
Spiral River your reflection magnified and balance The Chalice. The Stone is within The Great Wings of The New Angles of
Truth Initiated in Causality. Ascend through Celestial Navigation this Chalice and Serpent, dear Queen.

The Waterbirds of Blood and Purity Parallel The Waterstones .

What is the desert but Mars, correct? What I have surmised, and we're going out
on a very serious theoretical limb, is that there is some sort of creature like this Super 8
Cloverfield Being, and somehow, it has been visualized by Mother Nature in this location
or a location like this. . .although it could very well be this specific location on Mars. . .

. . .and I do not want to speculate further than much, but it seems, that Mother Nature
expresses something here. What better way to express such a location of Mars, correct?
As well, She expresses multiple comprehensions simultaneously. And when one looks at
Cydonia on Mars, there is a specific location I have found, (no, not just the city.) The first
meditations were all focused on The Face. The basic premise was to open up the face,
for Sophia (ultimate purification), by illuminating the OMO Eye magnification. This was
simultaneous to The D&M Pyramid. It was done in a path. . .a Triangulum. Core of
Mars, an infinite cycle, feeding itself. This was the specificity I had comprehended,
so I built it.

(the cycle is through the OMO of The Face, The Infinite. And The D&M
Pyramid feeds necessity by the comprehensive flow of the cycle (understood
through the path of the infinite cycle, as it cycles, through various other articulations
I have allowed throughout the greater grid.)

What I wonder is, is this supposed to actually happen in the future? 20 years maybe? (this "Cloverfield
Super 8 "circumstance?) So what is this, like, some sort of "psychic reconnaissance mission?" I am not employed
by anyone of such a system to my knowledge, and yet, here we are, comprehending. It's like a "sight directive,"
to find these locations through whatever means necessary. . .OR. . .perhaps just like how I created The Freedom Movie,
creativity is somehow tapped into some part of the knowledge driven force of consciousness that allows this type of
communication! It could go much deeper than any theories I have even spoke of! Maybe San Francisco is the
location and not Manhattan. Perhaps that is why this was all allowed here. This could all be a total setup.
Conspiracy theories. I'd love to help regardless, you know. Of course, if there are secrets such as this,
that people don't want us to know, the "time viewers" viewing future events by some sort of military
contraption or whatever, there could be others as well that travel (why only one group if it's possible,
right? If it's possible by one, why not more than one) and so there could be rivalries and oppositions
attempting to manipulate the timeline of history while history is being created in the present. . .do you
see how frickin mindbending it becomes! It has taken me this long to figure out a way to tell you this
in a way that you could understand. . .and Mother Nature is like, "here son, let me help." And we could
very well be witnessing more than one side of the coin opposing each other as we are attempting to
read reality to help everyone! There seems to be alot more to it than I am aware of as of yet. But as
we all become heightened in this awareness, the knowledge too, shall evolve. 100th Monkey.

Nevertheless, that's all theory. All of it. But we have comprehended
the location. A grid has been created AROUND this location.

2.12-13.2012 Reventador, Ecuador (volcanic eruption.)
reventador means "the exploder." Ecuador is of course The Great Circle Equation.

Exploder in The Great Circle Equation.

(that doesn't sound pleasant. . .although . . . had there been a necessity
for illumination of a place that was blocked : then a comprehension likened
to an explosion may have occurred, even ethereally, expressed as a means
of communicating, like a volcano, energy being manifest.)

On 2.13.2012 I went to do some photo work for the people I work for. I spoke
to numerous people in what seemed to be alot of choreography. . .and as I
skated to the store after all this, going roughly 1-2 miles an hour slow, I tried a nollie
over a tiny little lip in front of St. Mary's and hit a wall. . .an invisible wall. . .lunged forward
going like three miles an hour, barely put my hand down to stop from falling, and opened
up the wound again. . .OH MY GOD, MARY! So i wrapped it up. . .got my food. . .went home. . .
. . .and this quake happened less than an hour later :

. . . 5.0, in the Mozambique Channel.
(and here we are again, before it was "remote"
and now it is "channel," what kind of "programming" is this, right?
musa alibiki : musa means drawn out of water, known as Moses. . .
ali = sublime, biki=female, nampuita means 'there it is.' An interesting
fact about this whole time period is that I had to drink the tap water
.Puts a whole perfected spin on "tap" water doesn't it. I normally
consume Crystal Geyser, but had to conform to tap water due
to lack of funds. . .so it is to speculate, is there something in
the water? Don't Drink The Water. . .

Mozambique Mozambique Channel

The nearest inlet in the center of the map there of Mozambique is this little bay of Nampuita. As you can see,
the wound was opened up like this bay. . .see the squaring notch in the upper left area ? It's fascinating, right!?

Look at the massive face:

Eye of Mozambique Channel
Nampuita is the eye! Nampuita allegedly means "there it is."
There what is? The Eye?

Channel of The Drawn Out of Water Sublime Woman, There it is.

The Horizons spoke of The Meditative Eagle of Depth through the spine of The Fox, slid forward like a mobilization
of unknown time, sliding strings of multidimensionality, and The Dolphin Womb Trinity leaps a fourth. So is witnessed
by Equuleus' sliding from The Waterbearer without water, The Dark Star Sun. The Shield is sliding through to The Archer's
Bending Bow and Arrow shot the leg of the fallen healer in the midst of this sliding strength.

The Centers revealed The Path of The Woman blurred in vibrations with The Godfather of Light and Sky and The Infinite
Cycles, the shaken ascending distress through the purification of The Mother World Rebirth Balance of Ambrosia of
The Womb Savior Offering, stabbed of Triangulum. Cultivation crosses The Hero and The Stone Creator through The
Guardian of The Great Bear of Darkness. The Queen and The Mirror are sliding between The Lion's Tail, The Lion of
Bending from Celestial Navigation, The Thunderhorse rears up with The Chalice and Raven is sliding behind The
Earthen Ascension. The V of The Earthen Ascension and Serpent, The Waves of The New Angles of Truth Initiated
in Causality from the drilling vibrations of The Centaur is sliding, The Balance is moved then, simultaneous to

So that's weird. Check out those wound parallels. . .13 days.

Wound Parallels

. . .it's like an evolution. What did Moses do? . . .part the Red Sea?

Arrow of The InBetween Pig and Triangulum, one in
The Palm of Love beneath The Mother World Rebirth
Balance of Ambrosia, the other in the knee :

Tree of Life, The Waterbirds of Blood and Purity of Death's Corner and
The Purple Soul in The Golden Castle of Guardians in The Universal
Sovereign of Wealth.

This is a Cultivation of Love, The Waterstones of The Chalky Water of
The Screen Paralleled Balance of Symmetry in The Place of The Stars
of The Milky Way Cord Stalk, The Good River, Where The Land Ends
and in The Deepest of Earth in The Deep Work Superseding Wasp.

Channel of The Drawn out of Water Sublime Woman.

2.13.2012 Hatillo, San Jose, Costa Rica 5.9
hatillo is from a cattleherd named Hatillo (which means 'ranch.')
Saint Joseph, father of Jesus, husband of Virgin Mary.

The Greatest Peace is The Cattleherd Ranch of The Brotherhood
of The Hermitage of The Husband Saint of The Virgin of The Rebellious
Wish of The Tower, and Earthly Father of The Anointed One, at The Wealth
of The InBetween.

The Horizon spoke of The Great Vessel submerging peacefully into the depths by the guidance
of Isis' Star. The Picture is down, The PhiMale Vortex is going deeper, The Flying Fish is playful.
The Earth Lion crawls down the walls of The Cave of The Smoking Mountain to search for The
Grid Circle. The Serpent is half of The Heart. Navigation is beyond this Bird of Paradise. The
Wind Between The Serpent breathes these depths and senses Monoceros from The Raven's
Sky The Spiraling Path of The Serpent balances The Chalice upon his back by Celestial
Navigation. This is The Seed of The Centaur's Circinus Wind.

The Centers revealed The Cultivator of The Purification of The Wings of The New Angles of Truth Initiated
in Causality from The VOMO Godfather of Light Savior Womb Offering of Mammilla, The Cultivation of
Ascension through The Path of The Woman and between Love and Earth. This Purification is just off the
edge of The Mother World Rebirth Balance of Ambrosia and Triangulum. Balance is pressured from
an unknown sculpture, but The Great Healer stands firm beyond this by Phoenix' watch, through
time he does travel from the occipital bridge of The OMO to The Pentagram of Strength through
The Crystal, The River that runs from The Heart of The Cultivator, Heart of Strength, Mind of Healing,
this is The Desire of The Setting Sun, Bridge of The OMO. So is comprehended The Stars Dearest of
Heart in The Offering of The Taurus.

2.13.2012 Weitchpec, Humboldt, California at The Trinity and Klamath Confluence 5.6
weitchpec means 'at the fork,' or 'confluence,' trinity is of course, Trinity, klamath means
"they of the river" and is known as "a river upside down," Alexander von Humboldt, is known
as the foundation of biogeography (the study of the distribution of species (biology), organisms,
and ecosystems in space and through geological time.) alexander = defender of men,
humboldt = the bold cub (homo (man) = hum) (OMO.) The earthquake occurred on
the edge of Bald Hills Road.

At The Path of The Bald Hills, The Forked Confluence of The Trinity and They of
The River (known as a River Upside Down), in The Foundation of BioGeography
(the study of the distribution of species, organisms, and ecosystems in space and
time) Defender of Humanity, The Bold Cub of The OMO, of The Dark Spiritual Goddess
of The High Mountains is Hot as an Oven.

The Horizons spoke of The InBetween Archer of The Bending Bow and Crown shooting The Mother Scorpion
to alter balance. The Healer is standing within this, and looking beyond this for strength. The Native expresses
a memory of The OMO Birth by trauma as he peers into A Thousand Thousand Eyes. The Altar is overturned at a
paralleled right angle, there is a paralleled offering here. Like a magnet, is drawn the balance to The Path of The
Woman. The Croning V is ascending to the magnification of The Waterbearing Bridge of The Dark Star Parallel in
Great Communication. The Shield is doubled, and The Eagle arises.

The Centers revealed The Bending Bridge of The Diving Thunderhorse Vessel of Earth's Paralleled Perigee, reversing
distress as was seeded by The Ascension of The Depth Lion. The Queen is formfitting The Centaur and looks in through
the reflection of the cross. The Ancient Light of Self Creation appears entangled in The Spiral of The Serpent, and The
Raven Parallel is in meditation. The Chalice is held up by The Diving Swan Song, through The Spiral, Bridge to Compass,
Celestial Navigation of Lyra's Parallel, The Vibrating Face of The Fox. Rescue The Companion beneath The Vessel, so
guides The Womb of The Parallel Dolphin.

2.13.2012 Mt. Tsukuba, Mt. Kaba, Mt. Wagakuni, Tone River, Choshi, Iwaki, Ibaraki, Japan 5.5
Iwaki = Rocky Cliffs or Rocky Castle (Beach)
Mt. Tsukuba = Waves of Ancient Music
Wagakuni = i, my, our, resist, impede•country (one's own country)
Kaba = add to, increase, augment•waves, breakers
Choshi = large hoe, spear brevium•offspring, being, fruit, seed.

Tsukuba Tsukuba

Waves of Ancient Music, Add to Waves, Our Own, The True Nature,
Cultivate The Seed, The Rocky Cliff, Thorn Castle, Origin of The Sun.
The Dolphin's Eye is The Heart of The Lion, Dry.

The Horizons spoke of The Sight of The InBetween Bear of Darkness OMO Eye of The Taurus
Spoken Sight Bridge of Life from Death, The Reinholder River Horn of The InBetween. The Depth
is a Great Mirror of The Jaguar's Hearing, Sight of The Monoceros' Lion, Womb of The Jaguar, and
The Highest of Sun emerges out of The Desire of Mortal Immortality sitting upon The Great River of
Depth, and These are The Ones Who Follow Isis, and The Crystal is The Voice of The Spiral Horn of
The Pentagrammic Bridge of Time through The Great Mirror, The New Furnace. These are The Wings
of The New Angles of Truth Initiated in Causality through The Paralleled Sight of The Lion of All Beasts
Savior Offering of The Taurus and Shielded.

The Centers revealed The Bending Serpent Wind and Chalice of The Ancient Light of Self Creation, The Queen,
she leans upon The King by Raven through her Mirror of Strength and witnesses The Distress of The Chalice. The Hero
shoulders The Mother World Rebirth Balance of Ambrosia Purification, and The Queen she rests upon The Ascension
of The Intersectional Union of The Centaur's Cross. The Swan Song rises with The Great Chalice of The Ancient Light of
Self Creation through Cunning Celestial Navigation to The Dragon Eagle, and a climbing Monoceros, and The Swan Song
Ascends from The Spiral Serpent Compass right through The Eye of The Great Vessel of The Companion, The Cunning Cleansing
of The Eagle Isis VOMO Mountain. And The Flying Fish and The Leaping Womb Dolphin through The Grid, we witness The Earthen
Companion Vessel Bridged of The Waterbearer at The Eye, The Seed of Purification, The Rising Thunderhorse of The Voiced Compass
Bridge of Bending Wind, and we witness a puppet of distress, the tail of The Serpent, Seeded Staff of The Loin Cloth, The Ascension
of The Flying Fish, and The Centaur produces The Womb Savior Offering Right in spite of distress, and with The Lion of Earth through
The Love of Venus, The Triangulum of The OMO Temple.

2.14.2012 Hitachinaka, Choshi, Tone, Iwaki, Ibaraki, Japan 5.8

The Greatest Peace is The Sunrise Jewel, Waves of Ancient Music,
Add to Waves, Our Own, The True Nature, Cultivate The Seed,
Thorn Castle, Origin of The Sun. The Dolphin's Eye is The Heart
of The Lion, Dry.

The Horizons spoke of The InBetween Highest of Sun in The Torment of Hera, of Isis, and The InBetween One
Who Follows Isis Crystal River Pentagram Heart of Monoceros, and The InBetween One Who Follows Isis of
The Great Bear of Darkness in The Highest of Sun and The Torment of Hera and The Jaguar VOMO of Monoceros
Bridging Isis. The Gemini of Mortal Immortality rides The Great Bear of Darkness and The Bear speaks through The
Spiral of Monoceros, an Eye of The Club of Orion, Sight and Sound of The Taurus Horn, This is The Reinholder of The
Lion of All Beasts, This is The Reinholder of The River, This is The Heart of The River of The Gemini of Mortal Immortality
of Desire and The Club of Orion through The Spiral Horn. Depth of The Stars Dearest of Heart entering The Great Serpent
Offering with legs crossed through Celestial Navigation, and The Denebola of The Bitter Mother Goddess lays upon the
back of the serpent. Wind of The Mother World Rebirth Balance of Ambrosia and The Lion of The Compass Vessel Sight lifting
The Jaguar Isis through Celestial Navigation as The Great Serpent of Peace, The Picture and The PhiMale Vortex.

The Centers revealed an angle of distress by The Crossing Staffs of The Centaur, Triangulum's Eyes upon the shoulders of this
parallel. And yet this is a Seeded Ascension from The Cross of Circinus' Earthen Chalice and Thunderhorse of The Waves of
The New Angles of Truth Initiated in Causality, The Great Meditative Taurus of The Right Angle, Seeded by TheGodfather of
Light and Sky of Her own Altar of The Depth Triangulum. This Cross is The Womb Savior Offering for this distress. Given by Raven
and in parallel from The Mirror of The Queen of The Infinite Cycles of The Bending Purificational Chalice of The Ancient Light of
Self Creation as The Thunderhorse Heart, The Great Vessel Chalice of Love. The Queen rests within The Hero of The Stone through
The Infinite Cycles at The Harvest of The Moon, The Path of The Woman in The Purification of The Ancient Light of Self Creation through
The SheGoat Parallels of The Reinholder of The Mother Scorpion, The Balance Offering of The Hero's Mind of The Path of The Woman
through The Lion of All Beasts, The Right Angle of The Depth Triangulum of The Hero's Circinus of The Mother Scorpion. These are The
WIngs of The New Angles of Truth Initiated in Causality of The Right Angle Seeded Seven Sisters of The Taurus' Altar in The Godfather
of Light and Sky through The Navigation of Paradise of The Mother Scorpion.

. . .and we witness a request. . . but not of Mars mind you. . .(a river upside down),
this seemed to have expressed the necessity for California. . .a passage. . .a cleansing. . .so. . .

2.14.2012 Di'Una, (Makira) San Cristobal, Solomon Islands 6.4

The Peaceful Sea, Of One, The Christ Carrier of Peace, Invitation to come, Peacefully.

The Horizon spoke of The InBetween Bridge and Serpent, Smoking Mountain Vessel Entrance of The Wind.
Depth of Time, 9 of 3, and The Circle Grid of Reitculum. The PhiMale Vortex is angled forth towards the Pendulum
Pentagram of The Crystal, and the picture is upside down. The Compass is open. Meditative Native, Sight of A
Thousand Eyes, The Altar is Open and at The Depth Triangulum, so reveals The Parallel of The Navigational
Bird of Paradise. The Centaur Rears Circinus from The Seed and Cross as The Great Vessel Dives into the
deep. The Serpent is The Spiral.

The Centers revealed The Great Healer of The Great Mirror (up or down, there is reflection), here upon the hooves of
Monoceros rests The Serpent, quieted from The Womb of Secret Cultivation. So rests The Purification of The Mortal Immortality.
The Sight Between is The Sky Centaur Offering of The Shield and The SheGoat of The Parallels accepts. Balance of The Path of
The Woman through The Horns of Balance of The Mother Scorpion, a leg of The Seven Sisters, The Right Angle Stone of The Mother
Scorpion and Great Healer of The VOMO. Magnification of Triangulum. So is crowned The Savior Womb Offering from The Bending
Archer of The Godfather of Light and Sky, The Wings of The New Angles of Truth Initiated in Causality, The Great Shield of The Wings
of The New Angles of Truth Initiated in Causality through The Secret Eagle of The Furnace, Bridged with Desire, CROWN OF ISIS.

2.14.2012 Arago, Oregon, 5.8
Cape Arago, Cape Blanco, Oregon
Cape Arago Light origin 1866, formerly Cape Gregory.
= high valley, place of the dragon; and white cape, Oregon= beautiful.
. . .two lighthouses. . .

Arago Arago

The Greatest Peace is At The Light of The High Valley Place of The Dragon
and The Purification Light of The Beautiful, in The One of Many Works
Superseding Wasp.

The Horizons spoke of The InBetween Swan Song. Depth of Lyra's Paralleled Trinity from The InBetween,
The Swan Song VOMO of The Great Eagle Parallels. Strength is falling into The Mind of The Great Healer
and Through his Serpent of The Parallels. The Cultivation is Crowned in Parallel. Resting Dragon of The
Horizon in a Trinity Parallel, The Bear of Darkness crosses the tail, The Horse and Rider are Paralleled,
This is The Ancient Light of Self Creation from The Bending Sky.

The Centers revealed The Mother Scorpion upon The Reinholder given offering through The Paralleled
Horns of The SheGoat in a Temple Right Angle of The Meditative Depth Triangulum of The Lion of All Beasts'
Circinus. This is The Sight Between in Meditation from The Great Bear of Darkness, seeded through The Cross
Mind. The Bird of Paradise approaches and comforts The Queen within Herself upon The Navigation of A Thousand
Thousand Thousand Eyes of The Resting Native out of Distress and through The Triangulum Ascension of The Savior Womb
Offering Crown of The Archer's aim through The Seven of Seven of Seven Sisters within The Trinity of Taurus Shielded in Triplicity
of The WIngs of The New Angles of Truth Initiated in Causality, and The Trinity Taurus is a leg of The Secret Healer of The Great Mirror
Trinity, and The Balance of The Mother Scorpion is weighted by The Geminni Mortal Immortality of The Spiral Horn at The Secret
Purification of The One Who Follows Isis.

(and so this is where I thought, hmmm, here we are. . .we built this grid of light,
the "High Valley Place of The Dragon (Cloverfield), is right there. . .but you just
asked me not to magnify that space. . .these are separate. . .oh, how confusing!
. . .but wait! two lighthouses! (spoiler: it all worked out.)


. . .rotated 33º, and we have a match. 3 for 3.

. . . there, my dear Watson, is your dragon. The grooves on
the side of the faces are similar as well, but the one on Mars, it is
likened to a displaced nasal cavity, correct? Nose in the eye!
Cloverfield's front teeth match the grooves in Oregon's Ocean floor.
I would surmise we may witness an entity with the lack of an eye and
two deep gouges of the face soon. . .Braveheart, Conan, Cloverfield,
Super 8. . . Were we looking for a dragon? Did someone ask "where's the
dragon?" (or whatever that is) what does it mean though, this place, or Earth?
Perhaps this is one of the side effects to life being wielded somehow on Mars. . .
the awakening of otherwise dormant creatures. . .it's fascinating! Yeah, you're like,
"real fascinating dude, what if you caused this frickin creature to be awakened!"
I thought of that. Why would Mother Nature create such circumstances but to
make us aware of an inevitability? So a grid is brought forth, a grid we have witnessed
to have effects (such as the creation by six volcanic eruptions an exact picture of The
Great Hummingbird, or an infinity sign created in the center of our galaxy after the
creation and practice of The Infinite Meditation (whereas it is practiced, an infinite
energy in the center of our galaxy!)

Why would Mother Nature speak of it if it weren't a necessity?

2.15.2012 Morobe, Papua New Guinea 5.2
(changed from a 5.6 to a 5.2)
Morobe is known as the gateway to the highlands (and impenetrable rainforests.)

Morobe Morobe

Through The Gateway to The Highlands in The New Black Sunset.

The Horizon spoke of The InBetween Cultivator of The Heart of The Depth Triangulum Occipital Altar of
The Right Angle of The Bird of Paradise's Eye of The Staff of The Altar's Fire in Navigation, and The Offering
of The Dragon's Depth, The Serpent of The InBetween from The Reticulum Grid Cycle of The Balance of Time.
The Offering is through The Horse and Rider, The Meditative Spine and through The Heart of The Centaur, The
Sacred Offering of Space seeded from The Cultivator of The Heart of The Depth Triangulum. This is The Great
Purification of The Overturned Mountain, Bridge of The Lion of Earth, Flight of through The Veiled Legs of Purification
in The Infinite Cycles, a picture of estranged balance through The PhiMale Vortex. This Depth is The InBetween Offering
of The Mother Dragon, that which The Archer has Pointed The Arrow, Crown of The Missing Foundational Parallel of The
Angle of Strength in The Magnification of A Thousand Eyes by The OMO Eye of The Native, Feathered Headdress Bridge
of The Great Healer, The Phoenix Root of The Mother Scorpion Moon, Path of The Woman.

The Centers revealed The Companion comforted by The Thunderhorse through The Serpent Womb of Celestial Navigation
as The Waterbearer Sun of Communication through the legs of The Thunderhorse Purifies The Open Compass of The Chalice
from The Wind of this mirrored reflection reveals The Bridge of The Mind and Companion as The Meditative Eagle in The Highest
of Sun, and The Dark Star of The Earthen Wind emerges through The Spine of The Spiral Horn, and so is elevated The One Who Follows
Isis through The Purification of the sails, The Mortal Immortality Shielded. This is The Mother World Rebirth Balance of Ambrosia (Mars)
through The Earthen Wind of Purification angles in a V, The Swan Song Serpent Lion Fox Chalice Thunderhorse rises forth the complacent
Womb, and Raven ascends The Lyra out of distress. So we See The Purification of The Highest of Sun in The Bending Fallen Eagle shielded
from The Chalice. So we see The Shielded Swan Song emerging as The Heart of The One Who Follows Isis from The Meditative Dark Star
Spine of The Cunning Lion Monoceros, The Eye of Isis is Magnified.

2.15.2012 Syngangue, Rodrigues (dependency of Mauritius) Prince Maurice of Nassau 5.8
Prince Maurice was Prince of Orange, Southern France
Diogo Rodrigues was known as "The One of The Fort" Captain of this fortress.
rodrigues means renown power, red haired one, famous chief.
diogo means superseded, maurice means dark, nassau means wet land.


InBetween The River of The Ocean is The One of The Fortress
known as The Superseded Red Haired One of Renown Power,
in the dependency of The First Darkness of The Wet Land, The
First Orange, of The Deep Free.

The Horizon spoke of The InBetween Dragon and The Swan Song Bridge of The Thunderhorse of The Waterbearer.
This is of Great Strength, Lyra, The Swan Song of The Cunning, yet Falling Eagle. The Dolphin Womb is free, so witnesses
The Free Companion. The Depth speaks of The Ancient Light of Self Creation, The Bending Staff of such between The King
and Queen. The Thunderhorse of Earthen Love Ascends beyond distress.

The Centers revealed The Taurus Voice of The Path of The Woman through The Mother Scorpion of The Seven Sisters and
The Balance of The Hero and The Reinholder of The Twin Capella's Purification through The Infinite Cycles. This is The Cultivation
of The Lion of All Beasts from The Hero's Shield. This is The Offering of The Womb Savior Offering through Triangulum as The Right Angle
at The Ascension of Circinus from The Altar of The V of Earthen Ascension at The Sky's Depth Triangulum and from The Venomous
Complacency of The WIngs of The New Angles of truth Initiated in Causality Magnified and Crowned of The Godfather of Light
and Sky. The Archer Shoots The River of The Shielded Heart of Desire from The Tail Feathers of The Eagle, The Great Mirror of
Orion in this necessity of healing through The Womb of All Consciousness Passage, Great Strength of The One Who Follows
Isis, and at the edge of The Crown of The Secret of Mortal Immortality.

2.16-2.18.2012 . . .a journey. . . in between the Mars Meditations. . .we love Earth.

2.16.2012 2.16.2012 2.16.2012 2.16.2012

A stone cat was laid upon my
bag the day before, i found the
real cat here in Pacifica (15 miles
south of sf in a totally random location.) . . .40 miles south I found a cave I once new from 20 years prior. The whole idea was to get a good sunset picture,
and I drove up to San Gregorio Beach (at the end of 84 btw), and the sun was just setting. . .I had just enough time to walk down and picture it and leave.
This is most likely a foreshadowing of what is to be. When I got home I watched Shrek. I found the cave before the movie! These things are really strange.
Have I been unknowingly "training" to find locations in some sort of remote honing beacon type of manner? As though by all this, I have learned how to
process with Mother Nature, a valid instinctual fluidity to locate items, a cat, a cave, and yet, without even attempting it! There was absolutely no time
between what was attempted and what was accomplished, it was exacting. And it's freaky! It keeps taking me back to The Freedom Movie comprehensions,
and how that all came about over a real long period of time, a timeline comprehension of the show Stargate. . .I witnessed what I was about to watch through
the creation of the frames of the movie I was creating. In other words, I was creating bits and pieces of what I was about to see. . .I had never seen these
shows before, these Stargate episodes, and watched the whole run of all the seasons as I created The Freedom Movie, witnessing what I was about to
watch prior to actually watching it. . .and all this far before I even began mapping out the suns for The Bigger Picture.


The next day I had decided from a couple days prior to go to a tunnel above The Golden Gate. (remember the earthquakes of Hitachinaka and Di'Una : waves of
ancient music,
and The Christ Carrier of Peace. . . and on my way I saw St. Brigid's Church on Van Ness, and saw the 6 Apostles on either side of Christ and was like,
'6, 6, 13.' That's interesting. . . from either direction, the 7th, The One, The 13, rebirth. . .'that's strange symmetry,' I thought as I drove over the Golden Gate Bridge :
(comprehending St. Brigid's. . .(bridge, brigid). . . and SHE is an interesting woman. . .founded the school of Kildare, and was allegedly known for her spirituality
laying between Paganism, Druidism and Christianity. She is known as Mary of The Gael (Highlander of Scotland.)

2.17.2012 2.17.2012 2.17.2012

I arrived at the location and this was the sunrise. It looked
like The Sun was in the ocean! And darkness between and
beneath the crystal blue sky. The Golden Bridge. . .I went and set up in the very center of the tunnel, just like the
imagery I had witnessed by Christ and The Apostles at St. Brigid's, just like this Golden Bridge was proclaiming, fluid.
I comprehended the various locational points, the grid, and so forth, (a seriously elaborate articulation that has
been formulated over the past many moons) and sang and played for the next 2 hours straight. This was a
projection of balance, not of Mars, of Earth, and through a location I had found I call The "N" link. It is an M
shaped island of stone with only one passage, like this tunnel. . .so in this tunnel of Sky's breath, did the ocean's surface
witness this balancing. . .Just before finishing, I heard off in the distance many doors shutting (it was pretty far so it wasn't
loud) and it did not disturb me nor the meditation, and as I continued playing, I was looking down at my songbook and
not paying attention to what was coming. . .and I heard as I sang, about 40 people walk by me in that tunnel. . .seriously. . .
two people threw down a dollar each AT my song book, and I thought that was tacky and disrespectful for the place that
I was at,
but I continued on without sway or corruption, and I was already winding down, finishing about fifteen minutes later. . .As I finished I looked
down at my hand and noticed that where I hold the guitar's bridge, where the hand curls like a spiral around the bridge had bled while I was playing,
I hadn't really noticed, and I saw the heart within the wound had bled down into the center of my palm, like a V! And I had noticed that where this spiral
of my palm was centered from the bridge of my guitar had pooled into a heart of blood, and hardened in and of itself as this heart. And that was seriously
weird. And I thought of St. Brigid, and I thought of Christ and The Apostles, and I looked out to the brilliance of the morning through this tunnel before me
and behind me and wondered how strange it all was. I lifted up my songbook,

2.17.2012 2.17.2012

. . . and there was this millipede.
And when it was just strange enough to be extremely
mysterious, so did it become that much more mysterious,
answered by Mother Nature! (paralleled of these 40 people.) . . .and I walked out of the tunnel having finished this meditation satisfied
and saw 5 Vans of The United States Government. This was the day after President Obama was in San Francisco. . .and I do not know if
he was with them, but this was obviously a portion of that circumstance, witnessing me. And so we know now, that yes, they are watching.
It doesn't change what I do, obviously. But it is so strange to comprehend witness, yet silently. . .the silent witness, correct? An entire
faction of a stalking government witnessing what you do. . .and silently. . .as though there were interest, but not enough to speak of
it, but enough to send five vans of government officials to walk through a respectful meditation. . .just to see what happens.
Perhaps I am not the weird one in this circumstance, eh? (well, I am definitely weird, no doubt about it), but who is the more
logical individual, the one who has read what has been said by Mother Nature, responded with respect and honor for the
purpose of healing and balance, has witnessed time and time again the flow of knowledge completely reactive and
responsive with GREAT specificity to these actions, buiding upon itself with a purpose of balance, evolution, and respect. . .
or the government who attempts to corrupt that process. . .logic my friends. . .

2.17.2012 2.17.2012 2.17.2012

So I looked out at The Sunrise to what had become of this day. And I was extremely pleased by Mother Nature's response. She revealed the
vastness of The Sun by the fog of San Francisco in some sort of momentary creature creation of light. . .and it all sums into one moment ya know?
Hours and days and weeks and months and years of meditation. . .for a single moment. . .and did it matter for anything you wonder. . .did anyone
comprehend what just happened? Did Mother Nature understand in this symbiotic flow, a balance? And was it all read properly in order to flow
the correct balance into the wind of this world? Did I have enough respect and integrity to allow forth that which had necessity? Were the
perspectives and angles and illuminations and unifications all sound and clarified properly? Did I adjust and condition and adapt and
persevere and balance through the unknown circumstances of those who follow this path? Does any of it matter. Did any of it
matter? Has the blood been dripped upon this Earth in great sacrifice enough to satisfy love?

And as you walk by a bunch of government vans having come to witness and "test" the notions. . .The Sun never stopped rising. . .and beyond.
. . .and it always shall be. . .The Purpose is always balance. It is always through respect. It is always for the benefit of the evolution of humanity
and creatures and consciousness and the worlds and moons and suns and so forth TOGETHER. It seems so trivial that a path would be attemptively
for simple corruptive purposes, especially in such an obvious way. While in witness to such a vast comprehensive measure, does one not
think it wise to allow balance than to corrupt it ? Have we not witnessed great devastation from such corruption already? When I look at that Sun
I see The World, I see beauty, I see the reason for loving, I see you my friend, not just me or a select few people. I am inspired by a few many, and
that number grows. . .and it's all for the world, it isn't for disrespect or greed or immorality, it is a just and wising process of illumination. . .and this
illumination isn't just for a particular people, I have no allegiance with this group or that group, I am not political or religious, there's no secret
hidden agenda of power or domination or corruption or abuse over people, I magnify love. This is not a war to me (even though at times I
witness that warfare quite obviously.) When there are those who attempt to corrupt, I will protect this, but that is not my main purpose. I attempt
to accomplish balanced and magnified passionate love in whatever ways possible for The Purity of this. . .for the world, for Mother Nature, for
communication, to enhance the integrity of this NOW, our FUTURE. In this light, we may understand all creatures and places and spaces and
dimension. . .for Mother Nature inhabits all. Through and through. And so as such in this logic we may witness a further defining of our reality
and which way may benefit us further. Just imagine if humanity was given a blueprint of The Path that was ever changing because of all
our individual choices, yes, but a specificity always became and was legible, because we found out how to understand the language
of Mother Nature through our very own. Would this not be something worth understanding? THE KNOWLEDGE OF WHAT HAS BEEN AND
WHAT SHALL BE?! AND WHAT THOSE CONSEQUENCES MIGHT ALLOW? It does not seem trivial, and yet the volume of mystery is immense!
. . .it's a new frontier! An ancient one, explained for the future. . .that humanity might understand what is necessary to evolve through
each other in the mysterious and illuminating paths of enlightenment through our own energy. . .our own energies! . . .the energy of
the planets. . .the energy of the suns. . .the energy of the moons. . .the energy of the galaxies. . .a blueprint to understand The Path
with a purpose of balance. . . does this not seem relevant to you as we all wait for the inevitable destruction of our world as it
slowly dwindles by our own consumption ? Is it moral to witness the death of your world and humanity as an inevitability to
the path we have been trailing for the last hundred years? Or is it moral to seek out The Path, that one that was left behind,
raped and murdered and stolen and forgotten by so many of our forefathers and foremothers, our ancestors. Have we
witnessed the purposed destructive path of humanity by the greed of consumption. . .slowly engraved in all our minds
over the last few centuries? Or did it all begin long before we ever knew such a path. . .when we look across the world
at 7 billion people, 7,000,000,000. . . . .do you not witness the eventual lack of the necessary properties for existence?
So as such, a world, Mother Earth, of Mother Nature, would most assuredly seek some sort of balance. And if we may
witness from the potential history of Mars such a plight (once having vast oceans and so forth), the destruction of
the world's people may result as well with the destruction of the world into a desolate desert planet. Who knows why.
But for some reason it has not happened yet. There is hope. Humanity may be stronger by love than hate. It may be
this simple my friends. So the next time you meditate, remember how incredibly intricate every single aspect of
reality actually is, and interwoven, this path, our world, the infinite all, and understand there is a sound and just
purpose seeking to be accomplished every single day for you, for all of us, respectfully, regardless of these
silly corruptors of society. They may LITERALLY know not what they do. (or they do and they're just evil.)

2.18.2012. . .and so I had comprehended from many days prior that this day, would be
the day I accomplished the rest of the grid of Mars' "A," or Mars' "V" depending on which
way you look at it of course. . .and so it was having not slept for a good 20 some odd hours,
I did go back into meditation with this location to accomplish this grid. . .and it was accomplished.

And you probably wonder, "why this way ?" Or perhaps you wonder,
"what in the world is this exactly?" And all I can tell you is that this was
read, it was accomplished in the timeframe requested (in this legibility)
and as well, was requested that I tell you. The Path of Mars' Infinite Cycle
begins here. The OMO Eye of The Face on Mars of The City of Cydonia.
It is currently an opened A (funny, that's the string I broke, strange aint it?)
The different pyramids of The D&M and The City Temple, they have their
own functions for this process, both feeding and reading and allowing
necessary energies for the cycle of The Infinite OMO to open The Face
on Mars (specifically and metaphorically) as read by The Sophia meditations.
It has been read that you may travel to this space and magnify love. Mother
Nature expects as such. I as well have allowed my own magnifications fluid
every day with this space, separate, and simultaneous. Understand that
separation of Earth and Mars. Please. But as well understand that there is
communication, fluid. . .it is only a necessity to allow forth the separation
of meditative magnifications. . .for balance, with the greatest of respect
of Mother Earth and Mars. (I am not certain what to call Mars, Father Mars?)
(I always felt Jupiter was more Earth's type, but that's just me.) This of course
takes us back to The Freedom Movie, and we are learning of what was read
then, now. . .and it is elaborating further. . .Perhaps Mars is a woman!

2.22.2012 Arafura Sea, Kai Besar, Maluku, Indonesia 5.6

arafura = golden sea of the free people.
kai besar = Great Kei
maluku = the islands of kings (leader, family, kin.)

The Kei People (spelled kai from those other than the Kei) understand a basic 7 rule :

1) Our head rests atop the nape of our neck.
2) Our neck is respected, exalted.
3) A skin (of soil) encases our body.
4) Blood stays calmly within our body.
5) Boundaries (of ash, that is, the doorway to a household or room) must be respected.
6) Marriage and purity must be respected, exalted.
7) A person's property shall remain that person's property, our property remains our own.

It is proclaimed that the first four combine criminal law with the notion that
an individual is not to kill, and it is proclaimed as well, mystically, as a social order,
that being proclaimed as a head atop the neck with blood flowing calmly. The
laws are said to be vague, yet specific in reason for their definabilities of social order.

• The consequences of such laws being broken range from :

::::: public humiliation, payment, exile, death by drowning, and live burial.

These laws are as well elaborated in subclauses. . .

• As related to 1 through 4 :

• insulting or swearing
• creating harmful plans (choreographed corruption)
• using black magic or curses,
• hitting or striking or spearing or stabbing someone
• killing, cutting, or hanging someone
• burying someone alive or drowning someone
• stealing another man's wife
• taking off a woman's garments
or spoiling another man's wife
• incest

Family Law, as pertaining to number 5 and 6
(boundaries of home and relationships) above proclaims :

• do not gesture to or call someone
using rude hand motions, whistling, or hissing.
• do not flirt or make eyes at someone.
• do not pinch someone, or poke them from
the front or behind with your bow or spear.
• do not grope, hug or kiss.
• do not take off or damage a woman's loin cloth.
• do not impregnate a woman out of wedlock.
• do not elope, or run away with a woman.

Property Law

• do not illegally covet the belongings of another.
• do not harbor stolen goods
• do not steal
• always return another person's property whether lost or stolen.
• do not 'eat the fruits' of stealing
• do not destroy or damage another person's belongings
• do not take or do anything with the intention of harm

. . .punishment is by death or banishment.

. . .so that's quite alot to process. It's like, Mother Nature
just expressed some foot down, this is how it is. So I will
attempt to express this properly. It is to understand this
as the defining element of The Kei People. . .this quake.
So shall we create the evolution of such for the respective
flow of this manifestational reality we are currently becoming
existent with (as requested by Mother Nature) simplified
for respectful purpose. . .

Arafura Kai Arafura Kai

Golden Sea of The Free People, This is The InBetween Kingdom, and This is Mother Nature's Law :
This Law, Rule, Precept, Morality, Usage, Custom, Agreement, Convention, Principle, The Act of
Conforming to The Usages of this Society through Decent Behavior, and through All Ceremonial
and/or Practices of Magic, Sorcery, or Ritual, and with The Primary Function as to The Preservation
of Harmony between Humanity • Beings • Creatures • Community • Nature • and The Supernatural,
with The Primary Purpose of Natural Equilibrium, that if disturbed, MUST be reestablished, we proclaim
as such, that we are at Peace and in Harmony with Nature always and in All Ways : we practice and
master respectively that we respect our physical and spiritual body and our physical and spiritual
body is respected and exalted by each other that we may respect each other without insult,
without choreographed corruption or harmful plans, without black magic or curse, without
violence or murder, without adultery or the spoiling of another individual's spouse, and
without incest. And by this Law, and pertaining to the boundaries of home and relationship,
The Home is respected, one does not communicate by any form of disrespect, one does not
touch in any shape • manner • form • or sensibility disrespectfully, one does not enter into any
relationship of any kind disrespectfully. And by this Law, and pertaining to the boundaries of property,
one does not disrespectfully covet the belongings of another, one does not steal or harbor the stolen,
one always returns another person's property whether lost or stolen, one does not "eat the fruits" of stealing,
one does not destroy or damage another person's belongings, one does not take or do anything with the
intention of harm. Punishment is immediate by death or banishment, respectively, judged and justified by
Mother Nature. Know this has been comprehensively allowed forth by Mother Nature as to the establishment
of Fluidity, Balance, Harmony, and Integrity of purpose with the energies of Nature to enforce Fluidity, Harmony,
Balance, and Integrity : The Equilibrium of Nature. This Law is Evolutionarily Progressive, and pertains logically to
all applicable features of reality. This has been established due to Mother Nature's request, and may be amended
as such, by HER request. So as such has this Law of Respect been founded by The InBetween Kei, by The InBetween Family,
in The Oceanic River. And so as such has this been applied to The Bigger Picture and The Evolution of this Natural Order
through The Great Hummingbird, and The Evolution as such : The Great Jaguar Dragon, and throughout all physical and
spiritual affiliations from infinitesimally within to infinity beyond, while infinitesimally and infinitely about all that is, is not,
and is in between, respectively : This is The Law.

The Horizons spoke of The InBetween Purification of Cultivation through The Infinite Cycles, The Bear of Darkness,
The Chalice, and The Serpent. So Ascends The Great Jaguar and Lion Parallels to The Highest of Sun, Celestial Navigation
of The Spiral Serpent of Depth Ascension by Raven, Chalice, and Wind. This is The Depth Cultivation of The Guardians of The
Bear of Darkness, The Stars Dearest of Heart Offering.

The Centers revealed The Great Mirror of The Great Healer of Rigel, Known as The 7th Brightest, and The Setting Suns of Foundation.
So emerges The Great River Shouldered and knelt of The Great Healer, and through Desire, The Serpent Intersectional Union of The
Great River, it is Balanced, and through The Paralleled Pentagrams, and through The Paralleled Crystals, so reveals The Peaceful
Mother Scorpion of The Mighty Vessel Root Heart of The Bending Bow, Crowned of The Compass. Isis rests upon The Great Shield
of Monoceros' Parallels resting upon The Meditative Eagle of The One Who Follows Isis within The Root of Mortal Immortality arises
The Cunning Parallel, The Swan Song of Secret Flight as The Reinholder of The Parallel Lyra played by The Great Meditative Taurus
Phallus of The 7 and 7 Sisters of GREAT STRENGTH bridged of The Secret Cultivation of The Wings of The New Angles of Truth Initiated
in Causality in the balanced space of The Revolving Parallel Crown.


The Communication can be read here.

The Bigger Picture is The Great Jaguar Dragon is An Infinite Meditation.

May Light Be Your Shadow.

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