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4.7.12 M5.

Kizimen continues to flow. . .

I, Raven's Feather, Traveler of The Sea.

Puyehue, Chile continues to flow. . .

The Place of The Stars of The Milky Way Cord
Stalk, The Good River, Where the Land Ends
and in The Deepest of Earth in The Deep
Work Superseding Wasp.

Sakurajima, Japan continues to flow. . .

The Deep Cherry Tree Blossom is a Symbol of Earth's Delicate Life of The Embroidered
Great River of The New Rising PhiMale, The Cauldron of Sight Virtue, The Nine of The Four,
known as The Setting Sun of The Pacified and The Setting Sun Sea of The Circle, The Ancient
Zither Amethyst Waterland, Origin of The Sun.

Kilauea continues to flow. . .

The Hill of The Honey Stick, The Hill of The Honey Eater of The Shielded
Spewing Home of The Goddess of The Great Ancestry in The One of
Many Works Superseding Wasp.

Shiveluch, Kamchatka continues to flow. . .

Seven of Nine is The Light of The Goddess of Living, Being,
and Existing in The Raven's Feather of The Traveler of The Sea.

Fuego, Guatemala continues to flow. . .
Fuego means Volcano of Fire. Guatemala means Land of The Trees,
Between The Trees, Land of The Snake Eating Bird...Central America.

Volcano of Fire of The Setting Sun Highlands in The Land of The Trees and
Between them, The Land of The Snake Eating Bird in The Center of Good Working.

Santa Maria, Guatemala continues to flow. . .

Sacred MotherWife, The Naked Mountain of Our Language
of The Setting Sun Highlands in The Land of The Trees and
Between them, Land of The Snake Eating Bird in
The Center of Good Working.

On 2.25.2012 I had comprehended the necessity for the throat singing. The Voice of AVA, Mars.
This purpose was to attempt communication with whatever may be in this location we have
comprehended as a possible "dragon" location. The basic premise of communication, as
understood through practice is that the throat singing is very much loved by Mother Nature,
and as such, it appears that it is one of the best ways to communicate knowledge with energy.
Whereas I may have a question or communication to allow forth, I do this in preface to the
throat singing, and then throughout the throat singing depending on how focused I can
become with the simultaneous projection, throat singing, and creative communication
all at once. How did this come to be? Well, while attempting to figure out how to read
Nature's actions through quakes and so forth, I would play music sometimes, perform my
own little rituals of balance, and I began to comprehend that this was recognized, read,
and articulated back to me through Nature, through these quakes, volcanoes, etc. So this
prefaced experimentation. . .long story short. . .Nature said, "dude, throat singing, yes!" There
are various articulated grid sequences that are utilized as what has been read as necessity for
such a communication. . .whereas I am not simply picking up the phone and calling someone or
anyone for that matter, there are specifics involved, and great respects in seriously extended comprehensions,
it takes alot of time and there are so many different factors involved at times it is pointless to explain every single
feature unless we became intimate in a learning knowledge as teacher student or student teacher, respectively,
I am reading what Mother Nature has necessity for, figuring out the most simple complex way to achieve this with
what I have read, putting it all together in a format suitable for unification or sequencing, and allowing forth this
proclamation with a peaceful heart in whatever ways possible I have learned. . .to become further evolutionarily
progressive. This earthquake happened almost directly after that meditation. Remember these?

. . . . . . . . . . Tuva Throat Singng . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Gyuto Monk Chanting

Melodii Tuvi Bliss

Tuva, Russia 6.7 (a little bit deeper now. . .)

Remember on 12.27.2011 at this location we had a 6.6 right after a throat singing
meditation. The quake occurred right beneath what looked like a River Umpire.
You remember, "Safe!" This time it was much deeper beneath this river. Do you
suppose it has only become deeper because it was judged as such, safe? Yes.

Tuva Quakes

Notice, The 'M' and mask.

M Tuva

This revealed to me an edge I had recognized in some mappings of Mars I had witnessed. A crevice that was open.
I would soon find through readings that I was not to enter into this place due to danger or being unwelcome. And so
I did not. You see? It isn't all, 'yes, you may enter.' The M Link however, proved to be quite empowering.

Tuva Flag

. . . and we must remember this location has parallels we have already defined.

Tuva Tuva

Whereas The Medieval Apothecary Silk Steel Rose combined with The Silver White Mystical Rose of Heaven allowed forth
The Five Written Crosses of Alternating Balance as The Evolution of The Pentagram Star...so then has been allowed forth the
evolution of The Internal Star as The Quadration Depth Infinity Double Black Diamond Trinity, The Total Internal Reflection of
The Internal Star of Absolute Reality as The Trinity. The Well of Cultivation of Iron is between The Sacred Star Seed of The Sun
and The Beautiful Rose in The Ends of The Navel of The World, The Great Paddle, The Resurrection, The Goddess of The Dawn
that parallels The Greatest, Highest Peace, The Phoenix Hummingbird in healing and The InBetween of The Sacred Dogs,
The Arrowhead Heart of Iron, The InBetween of The Desiring Mysterious Setting Sun of The Guardians of The Golden Apple
of Immortality.

Horse and Rider, River, To Thee, The Traveler of The Sea parallels The First Saint Called into Christ,
Brother of The Listening Stone Father of Iron. Deep beneath The Legs of The Confluenced Great River
in The Great Mask of Tuva's Mlink Mountainous Forest, The HeartWombMind Eye V, The Voice of VOMO,
to The Greatest Darkness of The Highest Sun, From The Greatest Depth Center of Love, The Balance of The
Light and Dark, through The Great River from a Paralleled Energy, The EarthMoonSun, The Red and Glowing
in Love from The Ultimate Heart : The Sky of Thee, Our Golden Spiritual Evolution leading through Insight and
Energy as The True Nature of Reality through Nomadic Morality,The Purity of The Silver and Virtue,
Sovereignty, and Spirit.

Communication had been sought of Mars, and through the cultivation of The Triangulum
Grid of Cydonia to what has been comprehended as a creature likened to a dragon. . .

The Horizon spoke of The Flowing River through The InBetween and The InBetween Facing Sculpture of The Floods
to consume at the edge of The Croning V, The Magnification.The Waterbearer purifies through the edge of The Sun
from the edge of The Dark Star. The Wings of The New Angles of Truth Initiated in Causality by The Godfather of Light
and Sky, The V of Earthen Ascension through Love and The Path of The Woman, a meditative Thunderhorse and
Companion. The River flows by The Furnace, witnessed by a peaceful creature, The Crystal and Pentagram,
witnessed by The PhiMale Vortex inversion of The Grid Circle of Reticulum, and this river is brought forth by
The Phoenix. The Serpent and The Bridge bring this as well to the diving native, a thousand eyes.

The Centers revealed The Meditative Thunderhorse Bridge of The Swan Song through The Occipital Mind of The Centaur.
The Swan brings forth The Depth Triangulum. The Thunderhorse is The Raven and Chalice, Serpent of The Heart that spirals
through Ascension Navigation by The Spiral Horn of The Savior Womb Sacrifice, and distress is quickly falling away due to
The Wind of Triangulum, we witness here the Compass opened by The Hero of The Grid Vessel of our King and Queen, one
asThe Winds of The Sail, one as The Seed of Navigation, The Ancient Light of Self Creation from The Mind of The King, this cross,
this intersectional union at The Tail and Lacerta. . .the bending tail. The Vessel is flight of The Underground, The Lion of All Beasts,
Picture of The InBetween, The PhiMale Vortex Sight, Wings of The Smoking Mountain, and we witness The Dragon. And The Bird
of Paradise speaks with The Dragon peacefully through a thousand eyes of navigation, The Mars Lion. So has been witnessed.

2.28.2012 Nakanoshima, Torishima, Muko, Nakodojima, Bonin, Japan 5.6

Torishima Torishima

Prudent Sea, Their Center, The Bird of The InBetween, The BrideGroom of The InBetween,
The Go Between of The InBetween, The Pyramid Mind Source Support Center, The Shell
of The Underworld Spiral of The Rising Sun.

The Horizon spoke of The Presenting of The Great Mirror to The Taurus Moon of The InBetween.
So arises The Wings of The New Angles of Truth Initiated in Causality through The Temple of The
Godfather of Light and Sky, The Depth Ascension of Love to relieve distress through The Triangulum,
The Parallel Depth Meditation of The Thunderhorse and The InBetween Hero. The Great Mirror's River
evolves into these depths around The Great Furnace, by Crystal, and Pentagram. through time. So
approaches The Grid Reticulum with The Vision of The PhiMale Vortex, The Great Vessel of Peace,
of depth, ascended by Isis' Star Sirius, The Compass reveals great space, the emergence and
support of The Spiral Horn, The Womb of All Consciousness, and The Rider of The One Who
Follows Isis, The Mortal Immortality of The Reinholder, Parallels, and SheGoat, The Shield
of The Lion of All Beasts, and all this witnessed by The Great Serpent of The Wind, The
Highest Rising Sun, and The InBetween Bear of Darkness. The Queen looks forth
through this mirror.

The Centers revealed The Ascension of The Consumption of The Floods to Save The World!
And this through The OMO Eye and Parallels of The Sculpted Lion of The Croning V of The
Mother World Rebirth Balance of Ambrosia, by way of the unified healing of this space
by The Great Jaguar Magnified through The leg of The Waterbearer purifying The Sun
from the greatest depths of The Bear of Darkness, and through The Bear of Darkness
VOMO of The Companion, birthing purification from The InBetween Womb, The Spiral
Depth Ascension of The Sea Goat, The Dark Star, magnifying through The Highest of
Sun The Native Serpent of A Thousand Eyes of Celestial Navigation of The Bridge of
The Chalice at The River of Time, The Phoenix Sight of Purificational Necessity. These
are The Secret Wings of The New Angles of Truth Initiated in Causality from The Depth
Ascension of The Offering of The Stars Dearest of Heart by The Cultivator of Earth's Horse
and Rider, Space, through Communication.

2.29.2012 Mt. Kano, Mt. Kiyosumi, Isumi, Chiba, Japan 5.6

Kano Kano

Depth Perspective of The WombPhallus (PhiMale Vortex)
Purificational Settlement Source of Well Being, a Thousand
Leaves of The Sun.

The Horizon spoke of The Great Healer of The Great Healer of The InBetween bringing
forth Paralleled Balance by wayof The Mother Scorpion of The Sacred Offering Right Angle.
We witness a strength necessity. The Crown is rotating The Crown beneath The Cultivator at
the feet of Purification within Purification of The Infinite Cycles of Cultivation.

The Centers revealed The Mass Parallel of The Croning V Lionheart Bridge of The Mother World
Rebirth Balance of Ambrosia of The Great Jaguar consuming the floods to save the world, and
magnified as such through The InBetween of The Heart of The Dark Star Sea Goat of The Bear of
Darkness by way of The Waterbearer Purification through The Sun by communication with The Secret
Dragon through Ascension by Secret Cultivation through The WIngs of The New Angles of Truth Initiated
in Causality, bridge of The Horse and Rider, The Stars Dearest of Heart, and The Sculpture Offering. So is
purified from Between Time The Rising Phoenix Lion of The Mother World Rebirth Balance of Ambrosia.
The Bridge is walking The Celestial Navigation of The Serpent of A Thousand Parallel Eyes The Meditative
Native of The Highest of The Sun in Hera's Torment from beneath The Secret Archer of The Mortal Immortality.

(((it is to understand that often (like now) their are corruptive circumstances occurring daily
in the normal processes of day to day life (all normal processes) . . .not just happenchance
circumstances, actual obvious choreography, whereas, as an experiencer of such actualities
I just kindof look at it all going, what is really happening here, this is fairly abnormal. I have explained
this before, and I explain it further in this Every 7, but it is to know, that I feel like one of those old mystic
creatures of The Dark Crystal slowly walking to the temple as all this chaos happens constantly all
around me.)))

2.29.2012 Meditation : The Mars' Tunnels Cleansing
(excerpt from meditation journal (guitar and singing)

. . .oh my goodness, this place was dirty. It took me a long time to find my footing
in this musical harmonization with Mars. At one point, and this is hilarious because it
rarely, if ever, happens. . .but right as I was singing "power of words" this MASSIVE
BELCH came out, and this was, I believe, as I was saying the word "power", it was
immersed far in depth of the meditative chanting, (and i was cleaning the tunnels
of Mars out, so you can imagine what that would comprehend as this manifestation
is fluid with a place needing cleansing through its various windpipes. . .like something
had been released. . .can you imagine the simultaneousness of that windbreach?) The
music was erratic, faster at times, way slow, super fast, molasses, frickin slicker than ice,
AGGRESSIVE!!! . . .then soft. . .it was frickin all over the place. It was like riding a frickin wild dragon!
It was strange trying to keep up with myself in this, I mean I was harmonizing with Mars and Earth in
this massive articulation of grid parallels and alignments, so it was like jamming with another musician,
but in a medium sense, two worlds, particular locations, respectfully, without corruption, comprehensive
to every space involved, each other into harmony, it took a while to find my footing in the jam. . .and that's
STRANGE, but it is good, it reveals necessity, do you see how "reading" happens? . . .you experience something,
you have had experience with this something before, like music for example, and in a harmonized feature of reality
one comprehends erratic disposition until finally finding and breaking through into balance. Then we witness breathing
room. . .that belch was seriously hilarious. It was a breaking through a barrier, there were seriously powerful moments
and then it was like I was trying to catch up with something, like I was running after something or someone or some
creature, or something was, like on a train or something, or a wind or an energy flow, but erratic, totally erratic,
like an entity wondering what was happening, like a Being wondering "what is this? where did this come
from?" Suddenly awakened.

3.1.2012 Monk Chanting Meditation (a listening meditational focus) . . .on this day I comprehended a great
necessity of seriously mellow energy for this place, what is to be, calming, geyser, rain, water, river, forest, the comprehension
and knowledge of imagery, growth, rainforests, waterfalls, oceans, and created this little movie for it in After Effects. I do this often
for meditations, I create serious focal points to comprehension. . .if Nature can comprehend what I comprehend, then why can
this knowledge not be implemented into a system of comprehension where it lacks it, correct? If there is any validity
to any of this projective fluidity, it is to know that comprehension, through our senses, in a cultivatable
manner of projection, through grid and articulation, through focus and specificity, through the
reading of Mother Nature's writing : is a fluid allowance of capability. . .if it is capable it is capable. . .
. . . so I comprehended to not sing this time, but meditate in harmony with this visualization as a
sortof preface to what is a necessity to become. . .just basically saying, 'look, Mars, checkitout,
this is what I would like to do. So, soak all this information in and get ready for a ride.' The grid I
allowed was extremely intricate and complex. The imagery I used is here in this little movie. . .
(there was more to the imagery, but it is private.) This meditation was allowed to Mars through
a massive alignment of the planets, and extremely specific parallels between Mars and Earth
with the greatest of respect to both worlds as loving and healing regenerative love energy as
a balanced manifestation of cultivation. . .

3.2-3.2012 : massive tornadoes in the midwest of North America. 65 tornadoes, 39 dead. This seems to parallel
both the corruption I experienced as well as the erratic comprehension I experienced during the Mars' Tunnel Meditation. . .
I wonder if the destruction would have been much more deadly had there been no meditation (and/or no corruption prior to
the meditation) as though my comprehension and experience in the process of attemptively being corrupted by various sources
may have implemented the reaction of Nature simultaneous to my comprehension of that reaction while playing music with Nature
in a sortof, balancing spontaneity. . . .as though a transference. . .one can only wonder until we have complete legibility. . .anyone else
think it would be a better idea to allow peaceful production than to keep pretending like we don't know corruption exists?

(omg, here we go with the conspiracy theories) what is he talking about!?) i am speaking from a standpoint that witnesses
a massive amount of obvious definable corruption, oppression, exploitation, and abuse, honestly.) Food for thought. It seems
illogical to me that a necessity to Mother Nature is comprehended, defined, and articulated by powers beyond humanity, on
levels beyond normal reality ACTUALLY WITNESSED : in REALITY, experienced, read, communicated, and reported with honesty,
that someone would actually choose to corrupt : that seems illogical. We all live with this world, correct? Why would people not
seek balance? Remember Japan 3.11? To understand that actual comprehensive choreography : of corruption is witnessed, experienced,
and documented, while a hypocritical "many " continue pretending civil rights don't exist, is strange to me (and to any witness) . . .an obvious
portion of a hypocritical society. I have not spoken of this much during this whole process because I want to keep the vibe pleasant. I know
you want to have a good vibe, I want to give a good vibe, but we must understand that corruption exists as well. . .

I am not attempting to create corruption, I am attempting to balance everything out.

It is to understand that when corruptions are sought after one individual that are choreographed by many, through many ways of
abusive, oppressive, antagonistic, immoral and unethical manners, anyone that knows anything about anything KNOWS it is "railroading."

It is to understand as well, that logically, if I started accounting to you all those circumstances one by one
you would probably either a) think it's crazy, or b) lose focus of what is really important. . . . while eventually,
(if you didn't get tired from the repetitious nature of the reading) c) you would be completely amazed at
just how much exact documentation (in duplicate form) has been gathered over the last few years of this
exact railroading.

I do not seek to focus our attention on the corruption being directed against me : but simultaneously I do seek that you understand
this corruption exists, is happening to someone you know, and that this could very well have an effect on the weather as well (being
that we have already witnessed this in an obvious manner through SEVERAL examples.)

The validity of interconnectviness with Nature has been experienced, witnessed, documented, and reported honestly, and all this done
naturally with the natural world. It is not known without all doubt if this is due to some sort of massive trauma during perfect anomalous
circumstances (that this capability/legibility has been created), but I have found that : storms, earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, hurricanes,
etc, react to my current circumstances, and especially if it is extreme (and that's frickin weird.) . . .you would think that having such information
might actually stimulate some sort of "normal communication" with such world "powers" in order to create balance instead of witnessing or even
creating further choreographed corruption, correct? I mean seriously, what government or people or society would actually witness, account,
and/or cause torture and corruption just to see what happens? (and this is done "anonymously," in other words, secretively, so in other words,
"invisibly," to you, and through all forms of media for the purpose of psychological warfare, this railroading. . . what better way to "lose" a
comprehension that has a chance of being understood then by "labeling" it "crazy" after an individual is railroaded into oblivion, correct?
Now why do you suppose a government or people would attempt such a task. . .obvious. . .to create a circumstance of immorality.)
Remember the Patriot Act? Do you know what Martial Law is ? Understand : Terrorism is by far the wrong path, without a doubt,
no question. It is illogical and belligerent.
But to think that such a law would be set into the daily processes of any citizen simply
because they exist in this country is unconstitutional. You know, because his friend's brother's sister's dad's second cousin twice
removed's late aunt Helen once said the word "trigger", he must be a terrorist,
exploit his privacy everyday until he does
something stupid.
It's madness. It is corrupt. That system is corrupt. The cause of stopping violence is noble. . . . .
But, railroading is corrupt.

What am I doing?

Peaceful meditations. The reading of Mother Nature. The emphasis on manifesting loving and healing energies.

It almost appears as though this corrupt processing of an individual through "railroading" is to CREATE terrorists, to create hate
against an individual so much that they become that hate. But something went wrong in their process. For I am not a hater.
I never was. My goal has always been to heal, not hate, to love, not corrupt, to learn, not deceive, to adapt, not to manipulate,
to become further evolved, not to remain stagnant. I do not understand what their purpose is even though I realize what it's
there for, but I do not agree with the tactic in the least, while I completely disagree with terrorism. . .so it seems, illogical,
regardless, to say the least.

But why attack an individual who is quite literally learning of Mother Nature's language, the capabilities of our own consciousness for everyone?

Obviously if an individual had some sort of natural manifestable capability such as this, whereas it was already in within each one of us
to be triggered and manifest, and so to reiterate, somehow, by some sort of cosmic or otherwise unknown manipulated circumstance this
individual crash landed on both the Occipital Bone and the location between the eyes of the bridge of his nose between a period of twenty
years, as such, that this capability and knowledge of it became manifest, as such, to teach this knowledge to the masses as directed by Mother
Nature (btw, place your finger on your occipital bone, now draw a line from there to the inbetween of your eyes, perfect equator), that this
individual and this knowledge SHOULD NOT BE FEARED! The notion that this 'may cause more fear than support,' that notion being : that it is
"scary" if a knowledge exists that actually condones manifestation,' especially "scary" to a corrupt portion of government who is already
paranoid (and has the right to be, I'm sure they have seen alot more horrific circumstance than I have), but have you not read what has
been said here? Communicated? By Nature!?

Mother Nature said, "this is the way." That was the actual point of this journal. That's it.

The notion to a paranoid government or society is that if people start understanding this manifestable energy, who knows what will happen
correct? OMG! I have news for you, there are many folks who already know (perhaps even governments) . . .just not quite through Mother Nature's
exacting guidance just yet (and we must understand that Her's is the safest, most productive, and most powerful way, obviously, have you ever seen
a Class 5 Hurricane?) People might actually start defending themselves logically against that which exists but no one speaks of! Not that! Defend themselves
against what, you asked? Corrupt people attempting to abuse you perhaps? Understand this, I am attempting to allow you, all of you respectful people out
there as much comprehension as possible without losing you to the reasons you couldn't believe until it may be too late. There are knowledges out there that
you will learn eventually that are difficult to understand and process : that no one is talking about. There are circumstances that are difficult to explain, they
must be experienced so that there is no bias or theoretical parallel. Nature says necessity, I communicate this. And so with that, we move forward.

I do not have anything against logical governing. But seriously, what I have experienced as far as corruptive choreographed manipulative
coercion, antagonization, oppression, and exploitation is by far, not a necessary portion of reality. It's disrespectful to everyone. It is an invalid
portion of reality to be cast out. There must be another way, logical, productive. I do not condone terrorism. But there must be a better way
to fight it then attemptively corrupting every shmo who looks a certain way, or has their own opinion. Correct? Evolve out of the old ways and
learn. Ask Nature. She'll help. Seriously. There is your answer.

We witnessed a massive storm. Was it read? Was it channeled? Could it have been worse? Would it have actually happened?

So I attempt to allow easiness. Would you not seek the same if this were capable?

Understand that if a mass conglomerate of corruption is created against an individual (railroading), and the individual
is fluid throughout it, but Nature reacts due to the stress it creates : and having read Nature for such a long time, that
individual comprehends that 'stressed reaction' and reads that there is a necessity of 'balance creation' due to a massive
reaction comprehended in Nature (simultaneous to its occurrence because of flow) (and simultaneously due to a corruption
having been created against the individual originally who has always had this strange link with the weathered reactions of the
world for some anomalous reason), it would seem we could alleviate the whole temperament middle ground by simply eliminating
the CORRUPTION portion of this circumstance, capisce?

It isn't to say that this storm weren't already going to happen. Storms happen. And just perhaps
this storm was supposed to kill five thousand people, not 39. . .who is to say, but Mother Nature.

Though, honestly, I would much rather focus on evolution
than the cleanup of other people's oppressive corruption,
I shall continue attempting to the best of my abilities whatever
I can, whenever I can, as read by Mother Nature.

So that exhaustive statement being said, we continue moving forward.

(it makes me think of that scene towards the end of The Dark Crystal
where the Skeksis (Dark) is cut by the Gelfling's crystal shard and at
that exact moment a parallel Mystic's (Light) hand starts bleeding :
"My hand!!!!"
said the Skeksis . . . . . "So. . .my hand," said The Mystic.

Light and Dark Reaction

3.3.2012 Imageries I witnessed this day :

Bridge, Sky, Mars
I took this photo of the sky this day. Notice the famous "glass tunnel " of Mars. This is an actual photo, not fake. MOC m1501228b (Mars Orbital Camera.) It looks
like the eyebrow and underbrow of the eyes of "The Bridge" imagery, correct? "The Bridge" imagery appears to be likened to space stations (can you guess what
show to watch from history?) The Trinity between two people. . .and alot of whale song (the whale mouth fine lines). . .with eyebrows of 'glass tunnels' (that have
been alleged as watersystems, but is unknown.) It's like a song writing itself. So did Mother Earth just say Mars' is echoing with the energy of that meditation?
The imagery from The Bridge as well is likened to Deep Space Nine. An earthquake occurred around this time near an island named Damar, a character
on this show. And so I began watching it. And I had never watched these shows before, and I began experiencing extremely strange parallels. Parallels
most folks couldn't believe that transcend time of my current experiences. The paralleled premise of this story is this space station helping a people (Bajorans)
after a war in a particular quadrant of space, and while a particular captain (Sisko) was doing this, uppn his first trip to Bajor he is called as The Emissary of The
Bajorans. Soonafter, he travels through this Wormhole and meets these aliens who communicate with him. To make a long story short, these people (Bajorans)
believe in a group called The Prophets who exist in this Wormhole (a bending location of time and space near Bajor), and these Beings (The Prophets) meet
Sisko after he is called an Emissary of The Bajorans, but prior to this The Prophets were not with necessity to understand 'the linearity of time' (that being a
timeline of history), they understand all time as though it were comprehensive in one flow of balance (like one room of information.) So basically, to
make this as understandable as possible, these Prophets understand everything that is in all time, and every occurrence that updates their
knowledge is immediately updated in all time, do you understand that? So immediately upon comprehending linearity (due to Sisko), this was
immediately comprehensive in all time for them, and they sent out these two way orbs throughout history in order to allow vision or time travel
when necessary for communication (for The Bajoran People or whomever they have necessity.) This was allegedly done only after "The Sisko"
was comprehended in the Wormhole, but the humanoid's history is linear. . .The Prophets are comprehensive through all time simultaneous. . .
so Sisko was already understood to be The Bajoran Emissary immediately in all time BEFORE he met The Prophets (that which was the actual
moment when he became The Emissary, confusing right?), Bajor's history was set at that moment when The Prophets chose him. So history
was updated with this present knowledge. It's an extremely powerful comprehension. Can you imagine such a circumstance in our reality?
That time is not linear? But how can that be accomplished. . .it is this path we are comprehending. To understand such a circumstance of
reality logically is of course illogical to most people, it would cause a paradox in their own mind functionality. And as we have comprehended
linear time altered (by way of Mother Nature's explanation during particular circumstances I have experienced), it is to understand this not just
as a means of comprehension, but as well, as we have witnessed, a way in which corruption or injury has been created. . .and who knows
just how far this goes. Someone does. . .as I began watching these shows I saw this almost immediately (on 3.11.2012, the same day as
the earthquake in Japan last year!) :

DS( and Wound Parallel

And so if we are talking about nonlinear time, omfg, it's getting so complicated. How is it that
we can reference properly, time, in such a comprehension? Nature said, " go and check this out. "
So I did. One of the first things I comprehended was this. A wound parallel. See the notch holes?
So I was like.....hold on. WHAT!? And then it began to sink in after I kept comprehending day after day,
parallel after parallel of my daily, present experiences being played back at me in history, that our reality
may have actual experiential legibility beyond linear time without paradox. And scientifically, that's like, not
possible, correct? Otherwise something would have already drastically changed. . .but would we even know it?
How much then, is altered in history, in the future, now, to maniplate circumstances? And how can we as individuals
evolve into Beings that are comprehensive outside of this manipulation of our reality. Obviously Mother Nature is attempting
some form of legibility, and teaching, for this purpose. If this is in fact an honest circumstance of this reality, (and I am not telling
you that you have to believe it, take it for what it's worth, I just experienced it), but if this is an actual circumstance, it would have
had to remain quiet, correct? There's probably an actual war happening between what we don't yet quite understand. . . but then
why tell me to find this? Perhaps it is either time to know, or time to play the "crazy " manipulation, correct? Who would want to learn
from an individual with such crazy theories, correct? And as I reveal to you these anomalies of the reality you live in, I am not attempting
to deceive you, what would be the point of that? All I ever wanted to do for you was help you. To learn and evolve. To comprehend
Nature and Her language in order to go further, beyond what we know. . .and so here we go. . .

And I am attempting to explain it to you all with as much respect to us all as possible. And do you remember
Mother Nature's expression to us all about The Great Hummingbird (of The Bigger Picture) ? Check it out again :

(if you do actually end up watching this show, tell me who Jake Sisko looks like in the news currently, and when he was brought forth in the news.)

What I have noticed watching these old episodes is that every communication monitor has these symbols that Nature allowed me to create to
read a volcano. So if we are to comprehend without linear time, a measure of reality that understands updates immediately in all time (not on a
timeline of present to future, but a nonlinear form of understanding on a consciousness level that transcends all time), we could very well be
looking at a system designed after this comprehension of Mother Nature's expression to us of The Great Hummingbird. . .in history. . .
. . . of the future. . .do you see how complex it is, how complicated? But really, is it so complicated? Well, I suppose it actually is.
Mother Nature sent us this way. It's fascinating to evaluate reality from this type of standpoint, correct? It sortof puts into a
much greater perspective what is possible. . .and how easily reality, and people, can be manipulated without even
knowing it.

Understand this :

I do not exist to manipulate you. I am not here to hurt anyone. I don't have any plans to attempt
whatever it is that illogically motivated greed induced belligerent folks attempt to do to abuse
responsibility. That isn't why for anything. That's invalid. Useless.

I want you to understand I am riding this whole Mother Nature Vision like a frickin Celestial Bull of Fire
alot of the time. There are so many sides opposing the current path at times, it is a wonder, and a glorious
blessing that I can actually find comprehension that has validity and honesty that is actually interesting, pertains
to a portion of reality that is seriously fascinating (yet mostly unknown), and actually creates, allows, and advances
evolutionary progression daily through actual energy I can physically comprehend : as well as spiritually. . .whilst
simultaneously challenging me to be a better person.

So we read The Bridge :

I've never really looked into your eyes. . .but I can feel your warmth
between the lies. I stand before The Sky impatiently. I always thought
I knew that we could be. The shadows that would follow you and me. . .
the tricks we played, oh, just so we would See. . .and now it never
blinds the path to free. Everything you seeded into me. Here inside
all alone. Here, inside, all alone. We've never crossed our paths to
become one. . .this passion takes me through what you've begun. . .
and as this world becomes the shining sun, I will look for you
through everyone. Here, inside, all alone. We've spent a thousand
years between this world. Our eyes have witnessed darkness, light,
and birth. The symbols we would build within the dirt. You changed
my life, to See, what it was worth. Here, inside, all alone.
Here, inside, all alone. Here, inside, all alone. Here, inside, all alone.
...and all this world She screams to say...
...and all this world She screams to say...
...and all this world She screams to say...
...and all this world She screams to say...

(does that make Mars a female? . . .or just perhaps the first PhiMale.)

3.3.2012 Meditation : throat singing meditation was very powerful, very clean.
A vast grid was comprehended with a swiftness from Mother Earth and Mother Nature,
I mean fast, as to the harmonized necessity of projective fluidity of Earth and Mars through
specified locations of transmittance : of all excessive or overflowing energy from Earth to Mars
for life wielding, the cultivation of energy, through purposed action, while simultaneously balancing
out all the chaotic fervor of storm, quake and volcano. This was done with a variant of comprehensive
complexities through the throat singing in the hotwater rain . . . it is as such that the comprehensive manifestation
is mapped out, arranged, manifest into action, sung, articulated through thought sequencing during the throat
singing, magnified through various cleansings and locations, in a sequence of that which Nature has allowed
forth as necessity. It gets really complex at times. It is difficult to believe the lengths to which it has become
at times. . .I am so immersed in it all that I do not even remember how it was ever simple before. The grid
utilized was extremely specific for this in order to create a shift of the current storms : into peace. . .whilst
simultaneously comprehending there is a necessity for release, the transferrence of this excess energy
to Mars for cultivatable energy. And all this as a pre-terra-forming energy knowledge and
manifestational cultivation into effect. WAKE IT UP!

Yes, it is weird. What would you do if this was a possibilty, if legibility had been
comprehended, and Nature was saying like, 'dude, checkitout, check this out,
this is a necessity, use your imagination. Bring it together. Earth has necessity,
Mars has necessity, what up. . .all this knowledge and you're just going to
sit there? No you're not, here. . .
your eyes begin to flutter and suddenly
you know how to drive a helicopter dear Trinity. . .(sortof like that, but
just you and Nature. . .inside of you. . .it has become extreme.)

3.3.2012 El Romeral, Ovalle, Limarí Province, Coquimbo Region, Chile 5.5

Ovalle Romeral Romeral
(imagery coincidence right? The huge lake?)

The Place Where Pilgrims come to rest, Dweller over the hill, Sharpened Finish of Accurate Investigation,
Place of Still Waters, Where the Land Ends and in The Deepest of Earth in The Deep Work Superseding Wasp.

The Horizon spoke of The Great Vessel diving into the depths by way of Sirius, and Peace is going in a very
different direction (towards the peaceful Being of The River.) The Depth Compass has opened through
the triangulations of wind, The Serpent Spirals descending ever faster, Raven is blown by and by, and
The Chalice edges the horizon. Celestial Navigation is from beneath The Horizon. The Upsidedown
Vision is to allow the balance of this depth ascension, The Secret PhiMale Vortex. The Ascension
of The Smoking Mountain. The Lion of Earth is in between space. The Seed of The Intersectional
Union is balanced of The Centaur. The Bird of Paradise stands in total balance looking beyond
the horizon through navigation.

The Centers revealed The Mother Scorpion climbing onto The Parallels of The Reinholder, and
The InBetween and The SheGoat OMO have tilted The Balance into Purification, held in place
between each other in the balancing by The Reinholder of The Great Healer of The Gemini of
Mortal Immortality of Moon and Spiral Horn peering through the leg of The Highest of Sun's Strength.
The Reinholder, Parallels, and SheGoat sit atop The Sacred Offering of The Centaur Lion of All Beasts
Parallel, The Sacred Offering Shielded, the right angle of The Stone, Circinus relieved of stress, The Depth
Triangulum Triangulum conjunction. Ascension of The Bird of Paradise through The Altar Savior Womb Offering
of A Thousand Eyes of The Wings of The New Angles of Truth Initiated in Causality, The Waves of Taurus Magnified
through The Mother Scorpion and The Taurus Voice Crowned of The Bending Bow shooting through the horns into
life, from The Shielded Great Mirror, The River VOMO of The Dark Star of Desire.

3.3.2012 Matthew Island, Aneityum, Tafea, Vanuatu • France • and Caledonia 6.6 and 5.2
. . .
named after the vessel "Charlotte"'s owner (yes, the Charlotte from National Treasure.)
Matthew means 'gift of the lord.' Charlotte = charles, phimale (cultivator bondsman)
claimed by Tafea, Vanuatu . . . Aneityum (custom ownership) and New Caledonia,
France (the free) Caledonia = kindred family, Tafea = (Tanna, Aniwa, Futuna,
Erromango, and Aneityum.) Tanna allegedly means His and Her Earth. Aniwa:
ani means 'the heaven, 'sky,' or 'to blow softly.' wa means 'the space between,'
or interval. Futuna: futu is the name of a tree. fu is 'to make a hollow noise by striking
the hands together,' or 'to hollow a canoe from a tree.' tuna means 'eel.' na is a word
used to call attention to, 'by,' 'made by,' or 'acted on.' Erromango: formerly known as
Martyr's Island; ero means 'to exhaust.' manga is the 'branch of a tree, or river.'

The Deepest Greatest Peace is The Gift of The Lord
of The PhiMale Cultivator Bondsman of The InBetween High Rising
Sun Mystery Waterland, The Pure of PhiMale Earth, Between Heaven,
The Hollowed Hallowed Vessel of The Exhaustive River of The Deep
Eternal Land, The Custom Ownership of The Pure of PhiMale Earth,
The Kindred Family of The Free, The Scream of Nature. . .

Here's an interesting little fact about this particular earthquake. In cleansing the tunnels of Mars,
I was singing quite aggressively, I comprehended blockages, and clogs, and felt my way through it
through aggressive articulation, it was strange, very strange, and you remember how I spoke that
at one point I was singing and this ENORMOUS BELCH OF WIND came out of my throat, and I was like
OMG! And it appeared that something had opened that was clogged up before. It was like that noise
you heard when they pulled the lid off of The Well of The Souls in Raiders of The Lost Ark, a very in depth
breath of opening. So a couple days later, these quakes. And notice this imagery :

The Scream

Is that not serious? I think perhaps someone or something was awoken down there with this energy. So we are
led to comprehend this painting then. And it is truly a fascinating circumstance when this occurs, when Mother
Nature creates a feature such as this to comprehend. That's severe, correct? Does that propose intelligence
in those tunnels? (I know, you're like, dude, this tangent, WHAT!? But seriously folks, if this is at all valid, and we have
comprehended its validity by trial and error over and over again, then what is so crazy about attempting the terra
forming of Mars?) Does this Being not look alien? Or is it the imagery manifestation of someone singing with headphones
on during an elaborate meditation? Notice on the right image how there are two earthquakes, do you also notice the
two faces? Of One Mind. It is as though the manifester and manifested are one in the same conjunction.

"The Scream" was actually originally known as The Scream of Nature. It was not painted by Van Gogh, it was
painted by Edvard Munch. He explains it in his own words : I was walking along a path with two friends • the sun
was setting • suddenly the sky turned blood red • I paused, feeling exhausted, and leaned on the fence • there was
blood and tongues of fire above the blue-black fjord and the city • my friends walked on, and I stood there trembling
with anxiety • and I sensed an infinite scream passing through nature.

We must remember the Red Moon comprehension of The Goliath Raven's Eye as a parallel to this defining.

While comprehending this, a few days later I read that Maurizio Seracini, a diagnostician of Italian art,
had found evidence that an old Leonardo da Vinci painting thought to be missing for the last 500 years,
The Battle of Anghiari : still exists on a hidden inner wall behind a cavity, underneath a section of Vasari's fresco
in The Palazzo Vecchio. . .this was a time when Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci were both set to create works
at the same time. . .but then Michelangelo was commissioned to create the Pope's tomb, and left (which is an interesting
story in and of itself. . .remember how we once spoke of the presumed hazing rituals of secret societies, whereas an individual's
past "sins" were created as forms of present punishments whether the individual knew or did not know. . .well, it was rumored that
Michelangelo would dig up bodies to comprehend the proper way to produce human form in sculpting. . .and if there is such a validity
to this circumstance , being commissioned to produce this tomb (which took 40 years) does not seem without parallel to this presumed
fact/rumor/hazing. . .as well, during this, he was commissioned to create the painting of the chapel (Sistine (4 years), and as such had to
create scaffolding that measured his body right up against the ceiling (of the heavens he was painting), much like an individual's faith and
comprehension of once they are dead (and buried in a coffin), giving us a clear distinction as to the process of such hazings. . .but who is
the judge and jury of such ritual? (((AND BTW, as personal circumstances go, it seems as though this is what I have been experiencing
throughout this whole process in my normal day to day experiences, that which has been comprehended as "railroading" through this
extremely exploitive corruption of abuse . . . I am not comparing any of what I do to Michelangelo, but as parallels go, it does not seem
without merit, that such an accomplishment of "painting the heavens" has been simultaneously created during this abusive processing
of my personal histories (Great Jaguar Dragon of The Great Hummingbird of The Bigger Picture out of normal space. Food for thought.)))

So we have these two circumstances that led most of the rest of Michelangelo's life. . .and so we must wonder,
. . .was it because he had desecrated someone's or someones' graves. . .or was it because perhaps the rumor was
so strong that it became truth? Or just perhaps reality isn't all nice and tidy like humanity thinks. . .and there are those . . .
. . . who witness everything invisibly. . . all you do. . . anywhere. . .anytime. . .

. . .nevertheless, we already told that story, this is about Leonardo now, and he was set to paint this wall. . .decided to use oils. . .
and the paint wasn't drying fast enough, the colors bled, and so he quit. Both paintings (potential paintings, drawings, really), were
said to be lost after Cosimo's restructuring of the location. . .and so now, we witness that they may have found Leonardo's drawing
and painting under this wall.

The Battle of Anghiari = between Milan and The Republic of Florence (to bloom) • Papal (pertaining to the pope (father) •
and The Knights of Venice (veneti = to allow love, the people originated from The Illyrians = to spiral.) Milan seems to be derived
from Medhlan, and allegedly means "half wool, " and with emblems of ram and boar, seem to symbolize a wool bearing boar.

Anghiari allegedly derives from "Castrum Angulare" which references a triangular castle (triangulum), which, as parallels have it,
was in the center of the city (what up Cydonia, Mars parallel!) (it is also believed to mean gravel.) The alleged oldest document
mentioning Anghiari is from 1083, "Sidonia" bought a portion of the castle and the jurisdiction of Anghiari from his brother Alberich.
Very interesting parallel correct? Did we not just create the Triangulum of Cydonia? Yes, we did. And here we witness the alleged
finding of this missing painting simultaneous to this creation. . .how could that...AT ALL...be a coincidence, given all that we have
comprehended? As "breakthroughs" go (in comprehensive measure) this seems to be one of those heightened moments of
serndipitous parallel, perhaps triggered through consciousness simultaneously for legibility. . .why? Every day communication
is heightened further, farther, better, more powerful, faster, more articulated, like a light that never stops illuminating a
greater energy without the possibility of burning out, because this isn't a human's light bulb. . .this is beyond even a
universal power, a neverending energy of cultivation, created by love, for love, communication, healing,
protection, illumination. . .

Leonardo writes about and describes his painting of the battle in this location as necessary to represent
"the smoke of the artillery, mixed with air and dust, moved by the movement of horses and combatants. . ."
(very similar in parallel to the "battle" I explained to you all when basic everyday normal people were
suddenly mobilized in a choreography of corruption to manipulate path, circumstance, and injury. . .
. . . and so, my blood was drawn. . .and even described by Mother Nature. . .multiple times, as it healed,
and was injured again. . .how could it all be a coincidence. . .Nature continues to explain it. . .here we are,
as other portions of this reality become in parallel to these exact circumstances! How many other portions
of reality are as such without us even knowing it! It's fascinating! With this kind of comprehension, does it not
seem MORE LOGICAL to go about understanding this in peace instead of psychological warfare? Yes. It does. Please.

Simultaneous to the Triangulum Cydonia Grid Creation on Mars,
The Missing Vision of The Battle of The Triangulum Castle of Sidonia is found :
The Battle between The Wool Bearing Boar (here with sharp bristles,
there with sleek wool) and The Blooming Republican Father
Knights of The Loving Spiral.

Notice the imagery : they drill through the neck of a horse before this screaming man.
(the parallels just don't ever seem to stop, correct? It's like a Parallel Wielding Force of Nature!)

Vasari, Leonardo

Notice the painting they search for : this is a copy of The Battle of Anghiari by Ruben . . .notice the horses' heads. . .same as this scream. . .

Ruben's Anghiari Horsehead Parallel What!!!!!! OMG!

How could anyone deny this parallel. These parallels. It's all just a coincidence, correct? All of it. All one million parallels. No way. Something has happened.

Incidentally, on 3.29.2012, this was released : The Virgin Mary
and Jesus with her Mother Saint Anne, painted by Leonardo
over a period of 20 years, and restored over the last 18 months.
(20 years. . .occipital and omo, remember?)

St. Anne

This first earthquake was a 6.6, and I have comprehended that this was to allow the knowledge of
Matthew 6:6 = But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to
thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly
. . . interpreted as :

Moreover, whenever you offer prayer and/or manifest meditation, go into your
private space and obstruct all unwelcome passage. Offer prayer and/or manifest
meditation through your Natural Ancestral Generator of Energy, do this in secret;
and your Natural Ancestral Generator of Energy (which perceives in secret) shall
allow forth this production.

. . .this is basically saying go into your private space when you are to comprehend manifestation,
meditation, or prayer. Speak in secret, and if you can, silently. It is to understand that you are heard
regardless of what your physical voice speaks, alright? Understand that. You have the right to do this
in whatever way respectfully necessary to you of course, but as I have experienced, it is better to
speak to The Source privately, as to not confuse response with those who could have heard you
physically. Like I said before, it is to understand there are knowers, watchers, those who simply
see and listen to everything in an unknown monitoring manner for exploitive purposes. Believe
it, don't believe it, eventually you will experience it and then you'll be like, OOOOOOHHHHHHHH, ok then. Yes.

It is the same with projection, especially in normal walks of day to day life. I see all these people throwing
there arms around like flailing puppets all the time, attempting to throw down against an individual. It is to
understand, this is NOT respectful or proper. It is a belligerent, clumsy, and aggressively disrespectful manner
of interaction. If ever you witness this type of behavior against you, they are not a friend. Understand that. Yes,
there is alot to it. Alot of the experiences I have witnessed aren't very pleasant and extremely repetitive. So it is
to understand simultaneous to this, and the interaction with Mother Nature, we are learning the proper respects
of magnification and manifestation. . . Cyeneia Taygeta is coming to life. . .dear Bastian.

Matthew Island Matthew Island

The Horizon spoke of The Sky Mirror of The InBetween River presenting to The Great Taurus of The Seven Sisters.
This River comes in peace, here towards the depths of the meditative Wings of The New Angles of Truth Initiated
in Causality. Kneeling with The Moon, The Path of The Woman, is The Gemini Mortal Immortality. So arriving is fertile
desire, The Spiral Horn, The One Who Follows Isis, and Isis' Sirius, brought forth by The Reinholder of The Parallels and
The SheGoat.

The Centers revealed The Coming of The Wind Bridge Thunderhorse Chalice through The Spiral Serpent Swan Bridge of
The Thunderhorse. This is The Bending Thunderhorse Celestial Navigation of The Tunnels of The Mother World Rebirth Balance
of Ambrosia Ancient Light of Self Creation. This is The Companion's Open Compass. This is The Diving Dark Star Vessel Eye of
The Waterbearer Purifying through The Sun. This is The Chiron Cross riding The Spiral of The Wings of The New Angles of Truth
Initiated in Causality from Earthen Ascension, the necessity of purification through The Queen's Cultivation of Raven's release
of distress. So ascends from Lyra The Highest of Sun, through the torment of Hera. The Dolphin Womb balances on the edge of
The Great Vessel, held aside by The Cunning Fox, atop The Eagle of The Secret Isis Monoceros.

This second earthquake was a 5.1, and I have comprehended that this was to allow the
knowledge of Matthew 5:1 = " and seeing the multitudes, he went up into a mountain:
and when he was set, his disciples came unto him :
" which, when interpreted through
Strong's Concordance and our evolving comprehensive knowledges, reads :
(I go into a very in depth articulation of reflexivity soon, large explanation
in this Every 7, keep reading!)

...and witnessing the collections of the ignorant, opposing multitudes
while perceiving the collections of those who sought to learn respectively,
ascended was a mountain called The Great Jaguar Dragon: and when the
reflexive self was made and settled, those who sought learning assented
to this reflexive self.

Matthew Island Matthew Island

The Horizon spoke of The Great Lion, Leg of The Mother World Rebirth Balance of Ambrosia, diving forth
into the depths through The InBetween of The Wind of The Spiral Serpent and Celestial Navigation, with
the companion Jaguar, The Great Bear of Darkness, all InBetween, encompassing The Highest of Sun.
The Raven is falling, The Chalice tips forth, and there is grave necessity of purification. So brings forth
The Cultivator off the edge of The Horse and Rider, The Sacred Offering and Stars Dearest of Heart.

The Centers revealed weightless Balance of Taurus, weightless of The Seven Sisters, Weightless of The Savior
Womb Offering, necessity of purification is The Triangulum. The Wings of The New Angles of Truth Initiated in
Causality comprehends this vision. Mother Scorpion stands atop this weightlessness, curled around The Great
Mirror of Orion, right in through his occipital, like a spiral hat of links, his right angle of this offering through The
Great River, kneeling from the burning altar, so is magnified The Horse's Mouth, TRUTH, Crown of Monoceros
standing with A Thousand Eyes, The Moon Path of The Woman Womb Heart of The Bending Bow of The
Gemini Mortal Immortality, this Great Mirror Presentation. Shield of The InBetweenEagle, Reinholder,
and The Great Healer is The Shield of The Meditative Hero carrying The Reinholder, Parallels are
held, and SheGoat. . .so is witnessed this Serpent from The Heart of The InBetween Voice, all the
way through The Heart of The Reinholder, Heart of The Parallels, Heart of The SheGoat, legs of
The Hero, right through The Stone Creation, the absolute relief of distress, of The Triangulum.

3.4.2012 Mt. Etna, Italy

The New Voice of The Beautiful Mountain of Fire Piercing The Sky,
Earth's Deep Vessel, The Harvest of Triangulum, Land of The Bulls.

3.4.2012 Galera and Punta Tortuga, Esmeraldas, Ecuador 5.5
galera=galley, punta tortuga=end turtle, esmeraldas=emeralds
ecuador=great circle equation. . .a galley is like a jail, correct?

Galera Galera

The Greatest Peace is The Galley Turtle End in The
The Emerald Forest of The Great Circle Equation.

The Horizon spoke of The Highest of Sun Rising through The InBetween. The Serpent of Celestial Navigation
edges through into the depths along side The Great Lion and The Jaguar as The Great Bear of Darkness
stumbles through The InBetween. The Depths witness Sirius, Monoceros, The One who follows Isis,
The Path of The Woman along side Mortal Immortality, an The Reinholder.

The Centers revealed The Rising Wings of The New Angles of Truth Initiated in Causality, the severe
necessity of purification through The Infinite Cycles by The Sacred Offering of The Stars Dearest of
Heart Communication through The Cultivator of Love's Ascension the earthen Thunderhorse. Bridge
of The Cultivator and The Wings of The New Angles of Truth Initiated in Causality through The Godfather
of Light and Sky, Bridge of The Savior Womb Offering Crowned in Great Strength through The Triangulum
of The Mighty Bull of Taurus and The Seven Sisters, Heart of The Great Healer, and through The Great Mirror
of Death, an overturned balance floating down The Great River, and balancing through The Mother Scorpion
Fertility Desire of Sacred Offering. The Phoenix brings The Chalice.

3.4.2012 Walpole Island, Durand's Reef and Banc de
L'Orne (L'Orne Bank), Loyalty Islands, and Isle of Pines 5.6
Sir Robert Walpole, first Prime Minister of Great Britain de facto
robert= renown bright famous, of lancashire orford = "Feet of Fines"
in 1332, and means "the upper ford", walpole = a walled pool
durand = enduring, L'Orne=the eagle.

Walpole Walpole

The Greatest Deepest Peace is The Bank of The Eagle, Enduring,
The First De Facto Prime Minister Knight of The Famous Walled Pool
of The Feet of Fines of The High Passage of The River of The InBetween
Yearning of Loyalty.

The Horizons spoke of The Balanced Purification of a fallen cultivational parallel. Crowned staff and
The Great Healer of The Spiral Serpent shielding the mind through immense strength. Double Lyra
brought down The Great Eagle in The Harmony of The Winged Dragon Parallel. Crown of The Horse
and Rider parallel through The Stars Dearest of Heart, The Sacred Offering of Purity.

The Centers revealed The Ascension of The Trinity Thunderhorse Chalice Infinacy through The Bridged Quadration
of Wind in the opening of The Bending Compass, Ancient Vessel of Self Creation, The Serpent Spiral ascension
through The Great Thunderhorse Parallel, The Massive Circle of Celestial Navigation, Earthen Ascension
Communication. Great Godfather Lion of Love and The Mother World Rebirth balance of Ambrosia
ascending out of distress, through The Queens of The Serpent Lion Mirror, The Ancient Light of Self
Creation of The Swan Vessel, Sails of The Womb Vessel, Sails of The Companion, Seeds of
The Intersectional Union Magnification, The Parallel Womb, The Companion and The
Waterbearer manifesting the purification The Earthen Raven Trinity Virgo,
The Infinite Cycles of Purification.

3.4.2012 Desvio Llajta Mauca, Lugones, Garza, and Marta, Santiago del Estero Province, Argentina 6.1
desvio means diverting, llajta = city, garza = heron, marta = "the lady" dedicated to Mars! lugo = ram
mauca = old or ancient in Quechua. Santiago = St. James, James The Greater (apostle), james = superseded.
Santiago del Estero is from the name Santiago del Estero del Nuevo Maestrazgo meaning The Superseded Saint
of The Estuary of The New Master, while Argentina means Silver.

Santiago Santiago

Diverting The Ancient City by The Spiral Savior Womb Offering
InBetween Flight of The Ancient Lady of Mars, The Greater
Superseded Saint of The Estuary of The New Master of The Silver.

The Horizon spoke of The Great Winged Dragon of The InBetween, The Ancient Bending Light of
Self Creation bridged of The Thunderhorse and Swan, and The Reflective Queen of The Hero of
The Lion of All Beasts. The Reinholder views forth with The Parallels and SheGoat, and The Great
Bear of Darkness descends through The InBetween. Mortal Immortality peers in. The Swan soars
into The Horizon witnessing The Lyra InBetween and The Cunning Fox. The Lion is head of heels of
The Mother World Rebirth Balance of Ambrosia, and The Might Jaguar is swayed. The Sacred Offering
of The Stars Dearest of Heart seem to be encircled by The Horse and Rider Bear of Darkness Jaguar
Lion Puriifcation of Cultivational Necessity. The Crown is suspended in animation above the curve
of Great Strength, a massive necessity of healing.

The Centers revealed a heros' offering from The Lion of All Beasts, eyes of the occipital stone,
The Queen's Circle and Right Angle,The Bending Altar of Eyes, The Mother Scorpion held at a
right angle by the balancing of distress, The Ascension of The Balance by The Savior Womb Offering,
Love and The Godfather of Light, Earthen Communication, Wings of The New Angles of Truth Initiated
in Causality through The Infinite Cycles of Purification to bring life to The Eye, Cultivation of The Bull,
The Raven's Eye, The Taurus Horn and Chalice, The Spiral Serpent Seven Sisters through The Reinholder
Parallels and SheGoat. All this around The Triangulum.

3.4.2012 Halmahera Sea, Baru and Godji, Morotai, North Moluccas, Indonesia 5.5

Motherland Sea, The New Seed of The Wolf's Matrimony Vine
Spirit Thorn of The Bending Mouth of The Precious Bold Leader
Highlander of The InBetween, The Dark InBetween Interior of The
Motherland of The High Kings of The Oceanic River.

The Horizon spoke of The Rearing Vessels of Parallel led by Isis' Scorching Parallel of Monoceros' and
The One Who Follows. Peaceful PhiMale Vortex Crystal Parallel. Grid Reticulum Vision Parallel and The
PhiMale Vortex InBetween The Vega Lyra Time, Phoenix Time. Great Wind of The Vessels, Grid Compass,
Compass of Space, The Erect Smoking Mountain within The Smoking Mountain, Bridge of The Serpent,
The Lion of The Lion of Earth through Navigation. Parallel Seeded Paradise and through A Thousand
Thousand Eyes of The Depths The Double Triangulum of The Trinity at The Altar. Altar of The Circinus
Parallel, The Cross of The Cross, and The Seeded Foundational Parallel, The Paralleled Raven from
The Chalice Purification, Cultivated Offering of The Serpent Spiral of Cross and Chalice, Celestial
Navigation knotted, The Serpent Ascends into Space.

The Centers revealed Necessity of Healing. Knotted Furnaces. The Great Mirror of The Great Mirror
of The Great Mirror, river through the necessity of healing. Fertility Rebirth of Strength! Crown of The Mirror.
Cultivate Isis' Heart of The Spiral Horn! The Reinholder SheGoat Taurus Purification of The OMO of The Great
Mirror! Triangulum Parallel of The Stone Creation. Bridge of The Savior Womb Offering of Taurus and Love
and The Godfather of Light and Sky through The Eye of Balance in The Wings of The New Angles of Truth
Initiated in Causality of The Mother Scorpion, The Earthen Ascension of The Sacred Offering.

3.6.2012 Andaman Sea, Tillanchang Dwip, India 5.5
tilla is the gold lace border of a turban (spiral),
chang means something like 'to dwell.'

Andaman is said to be named of Hanuman, The Mighty Ape of Lord Rama
against the forces of evil, an avatar of Lord Shiva (physical strength, perseverance,
and devotion. Known for an astounding ability to inspire and equip a reader with all
the ingredients needed to face and conquer obstructions in the way of the world.)

The Sea of Lord Rama Shiva Against The Forces of Evil with Great Strength, Perseverance, Devotion,
and Inspiration. Equipping those with necessity and respect, the ingredients needed to face and
conquer the obstructions of the world, The Dwelling of The Gold Lace Border of The Spiral of
The Great River.

The Horizons spoke of The Hero's Triangulum Parallels of The InBetween, The Savior Womb Offering of The Sacred Stone Creation,
Reinholder of The Mighty Taurus Trinity River Furnace of The InBetween Bear of Darkness. The Ancient Light of Self Creation Parallels
of The Great Dragon and distressed communication from The Queen of Ascension, The Bending Thunderhorse Parallels Ascending
through The Great Waters of The Earthen Sun. Wings of The New Angles of Truth Initiated in Causality.

The Centers revealed The Great Vibration of The Eagle Parallels through The Protected Spiral Horn of Monoceros.
The Parallel Wombs, Leaping Dolphins of Inner Space! The Many Companion Parallels rising through The Great Vessel
parallels of The Spiral Serpent Celestial Navigation of Windy Open Compass Thunderhorse Waterbearer Dark Star Isis
Bending Bow Magnification of Peaceful Desire through The Great Mirror and The Great Healer and Necessity,
The Mortal Immortality Spiral of The Path of The Woman from The Swan Song Lyra in The Highest of The Sun and
Moon, from The Bending Mars Mother World Rebirth Balance of Ambrosia Chalice Intertwining of Energy
through The Great Jaguar Dragon.

3.7.2012 Irian Jaya, Papua 5.7

The Hot Land Rising from The Sea of Victory, The New Black Sunset.

The Horizons spoke of The Triangulum Centered in The New Angles of Truth Initiated in Causality Stone
Voice Hero Savior Womb Offering Parallel of Love and The Godfather of Light Ascension out of distress
by Earthen communication of The Depth Thunderhorse. Ascension of The Queen and Her reflection. The
Savior Offering of The Lion of All Beasts Prophecy, The Phoenix Depth Parallel of Causality, The Bridge of Depth
Creation. The many diving into these depths. The Ancient Furnace is The Stone Parallel, The River Cave of Time,
The Vision of The Spiral River PhiMale Vortex transcendence by The Grid Reticulum, The Spiral DNA River of The
Pentagrammic Crystal, The Great River of Taurus' Seven Sisters. The Reinholder's Bull's Eye.

The Centers revealed The Monoceros' Eagle within The Monoceros' Eagle, Trinity of The One Who Follows Isis, Fox,
and Unicorn in the lap of Mortal Immortal Song by The Wings of The Swan Song through The Highest of Sun, This is The
Mind of The Great Healer through The Great Orion Mirror. Shielded Protection of Isis's Parallels, Bending Bow of Desire,
from out of The Compass does Isis; Mighty Vessel emerge in magnification, The Dark Star Bridge of The Compass', The
Dark Star Waterbearer Chalice Purification, The Thunderhorse Waterbearer Heart of Celestial Navigational Path of The
Woman, Leg of The Moon, The ROARING Bridge of The Great Lion of Celestial Navigation through The Neck of The Thunderhorse,
The Mother World Rebirth Balance of Ambrosia Mars' Jaguar Lion holding back the torment of Hera and in The Highest of Sun,
bridge of The Swan Song, The Serpent Womb Companion Parallel.

3.7.2012 Atlantic Ocean, Saunders Island, South Sandwich Islands, Great Britain 5.6
Saunders Island = of the sand, defender of men, Trinity of The Silver Taurus
South Sandwich Islands were named of John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich.

The Defender of The Men of The Sand, Trinity of The Silver Taurus,
Deep Star Seed of The Sun of the High Works of Pointed Hill
of The Great Tattooed People, Let The Lion Protect His Own,
May The Lion Protect His Own, in The Deep Sea of Heaven's Support.

The Horizon spoke of The Underground River of The Great Mirror of Orion InBetween Desire. The Womb of
All Consciousness. The Taurus Meditation of The Stone, Triangulum and The Savior Womb Offering. Love and
The Godfather of Light at The Diving Wings of The New Angles of Truth Initiated in Causality through The InBetween.
Pentagrammic River of The Crystal 'round The Great Furnace. Bring the offering.

The Centers revealed The Great Bear of Darkness Depth Bridge Sight of The Ancient Eyes of The InBetween at The Feet
of The Altar of The Depth Triangulum Bridge of The Highest of Sun looking down from Circinus through The Bird of
Paradise Navigation of The Jaguar Face, and The Lion climbs through The Volcanic Mountain. Serpent through
the shaded foot of the Jaguar's Inner Circle from time, The Offering through The Grid Reticulum of The Stars Dearest
of Heart voicing The End of The River! The Phoenix rises The Horse and Rider and The Whole of The Bear of Darkness!
Sculpture of The Purifying Winged Dragon consuming the floods to save the world. Dark Star nudges The Lion of All
Beasts spoken from The tail of The Winged Dragon : The Croning V, magnified hearing parallels through The Bending
Bow Manifesting The SheGoat Heart, Crown of The Horns, The Mortal Immortal Right Angle. This is overseen by
The Hero of The Secret Chalice.


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The Communication can be read here.

The Bigger Picture is The Great Jaguar Dragon is An Infinite Meditation.

May Light Be Your Shadow.

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