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5.13.12 The Meridian Sun.

Sakurajima, Japan continues to flow. . .

The Deep Cherry Tree Blossom is a Symbol of Earth's Delicate Life of The Embroidered
Great River of The New Rising PhiMale, The Cauldron of Sight Virtue, The Nine of The Four,
known as The Setting Sun of The Pacified and The Setting Sun Sea of The Circle, The Ancient
Zither Amethyst Waterland, Origin of The Sun.

Kilauea continues to flow. . .

The Hill of The Honey Stick, The Hill of The Honey Eater of The Shielded
Spewing Home of The Goddess of The Great Ancestry in The One of
Many Works Superseding Wasp.

Shiveluch, Kamchatka continues to flow. . .

Seven of Nine is The Light of The Goddess of Living, Being,
and Existing in The Raven's Feather of The Traveler of The Sea.

Santa Maria, Guatemala continues to flow. . .

Sacred MotherWife, The Naked Mountain of Our Language
of The Setting Sun Highlands in The Land of The Trees and
Between them, Land of The Snake Eating Bird in
The Center of Good Working.

4.4.2012 Sadalsuud, Arafura Sea,
The Channel of Wokam and Wamar 5.7

Sadalsuud = luckiest of the lucky, known as Kakkab Nammax
(with xi Aquarius) on the Euphrates as The Star of Mighty Destiny.
Islands famous for their Bird of Paradise.
Arafura = golden sea of the free people.

Arafura Arafura

Golden Sea of The Free People, We are at The Channel of The Bird of Paradise,
Sadalsuud : The Luckiest of The Lucky, The Star of Mighty Destiny.

The Horizon spoke of The InBetween Serpent of The Serpent, Crowned, and this in parallel
at The Achilles Heel of strength empowered strength from the Dragon's Bridge, The Mind of
The Great Healer of The Great Healer is thereby crowned by proxy of this parallel. This is The
Trinity Volcano comprehension, The Manifestation in Mars through Meditation expressed, and
then communicated back from Mars, through Mother Earth. This is The Cultivation of Cultivation
through The Horse and Rider. . .necessity of purification and balance. . .The Space of Vega's Lyra. . .

The Centers revealed The Great Serpent of The Serpent crossing through The Waterbearer's necessity,
The Double Moon Mars cleansing through The Lion's Voice, The Jaguar Neck of The Thunderhorse Parallel
from The Winged Communication of The Earthen Sight, The InBetween Sight, Bridge of The Swan Song of
Mortal Immortality's Quadration, The Monoceros' Flight of The Ones Who Follow Isis. The Thunderhorse
within The Thunderhorse whispers to The Highest of Sun within The Highest of Sun, The Womb riding The
Womb of The Sun as one. We are at the double shield of The Parallel Vessel, The Compass is open, but
is not shot yet, and is in the heart of The Archer of The Wind, the unknown native stand. The Serpent is
from the unknown native, and yet, is known through The Croning V Chalice Parallel from The Raven.
Celestial Navigation is beginning to be magnified by the wind from the Star of Light Spiral. Purified is
The Virgo Parallel of the yet sculpted sculpture balancing on the edge of The Chalice.

It has come to my attention that some folks out there might be wondering just what is "acceptable" to do, what is "allowed "
due to these laws set forth by Mother Nature, The Great Jaguar Dragon. . . look folks, don't feel that way, this is not supposed
to seem like an obstacle to accomplishment, quite the opposite, these are guidelines to integrity and balance. It has not been
proclaimed by Mother Nature to stop taking your "meds," or going out and having fun, or being free and easygoing, none of this is
meant to make you stuffy or closed off, it is simply to allow awareness through a strong, and conscious foundation. Obviously everyone's
different, unique, and these are guidelines to a Path (the one that Mother Nature and Mother Earth have proclamated forth.) I mean
obviously if you abuse anything, like a substance, a focus may be a bit difficult to accomplish, as will longevity eventually. There has to
be a sober integrity FIRST, understand that. . .this is a platform of stability, of integrity, it is only logical, this is why The Law of The Great
Jaguar Dragon was implemented, so that people do not take advantage of this gift. Do you understand that? GIFT.

Gift of Sight

Nature isn't saying necessarily that every single tiny little nuance has to be absolutely perfect, just that you strive for this perfection.
That you are attempting with every fiber of your Being this perfection. Obviously, people aren't getting law enforced tickets every
time they jaywalk across the street, why? Because it isn't a big deal, it is at the discretion of a law enforcement, (to be applied as a
necessity to safety) . . . and although as comprehensive clarity goes, Mother Nature is most assuredly the number one authority on
witnessing EVERYTHING in everyone at all times without fail, (it's only logical), you don't have to walk around your existence on egg
shells, She's always been here, and there is a 'leeway' (leeway, meaning there is a little "give," or room to grow) to rules and guidelines
as we learn our way (within logical reason), with, as well, some very specific rules that have absolutely no leeway, such as cold blooded
murder or adultery, logical circumstances . . . that meaning, don't sweat the small stuff. . . just understand that these laws are guidelines
to The Balance.

What is The Balance?


: The Balance of Nature (both the entire Nature, and yours individually with Nature symbiotically and interwovenly fluid.) They don't merely exist
to anger you or make your life difficult. Of course it takes an actual adjustment to adapt to any lifestyle; Mother Nature said, "this way," and I said
"alright, this way it is."
It seems logical to me (even though it is quite an adaptation to accomplish.)

Let me tell you a quick history :

Even though I don't remember my birth, I was allegedly born like everyone else. I grew up with a normal upbringing, went to church, had a fairly
normal family life, was into normal things like sports and cars or whatever, had girlfriends, got normal grades (4 A's and 2 B's in the same classes
over and over again no matter how I tried, which is weird), got into normal childhood trouble, had normal childhood bruises and some not so
normal traumatic injuries like being mauled by an animal (attacking my neck and along my right side at an extremely young age (at the
church, no less) (48 stitches), or cracked over the head with a baseball bat (which was an actual accident (come to think of it, that
was at the same church!), and then at 15 (literally) I fell really hard, boom (not at a church) . . . and everything changed, ALOT. . .
I became extremely creative : more music, more art, more poetry, more drawing, less "normal " sports, more skateboarding, more
surfing, dirt downhilling (mid-late 80s, skateboard decks turned backwards with straps from old duffel bags nailed on to them and steep
grassy hills!), everything became into a greater easiness and flow, I needed easiness, I needed flow . . . I then pathed my way in through psychadelics
for many years, attempting to find the greatest psychadelic high through Mushrooms, L.S.D., and Marijuana, attempting to find that balanced clarity I
had somehow integrated whilst simultaneously missing it, something, I didn't know what I was looking for, but I knew it was looking for me, right at me, right
in me, this totally undescribable notion that reality was more than it was letting me know while telling me everything in some foreign alien language I had
yet to even hear, let alone decipher.


I was trying to find " it " on the other side of the mirror instead of looking through
it, through me. Infinitely achieved already. Screaming to myself to understand!

I wasn't into hard drugs at all, was pretty much against 'em. Just merely psychadelics, but this actual "high " I was seeking, it just wasn't
satisfactorily achievable, so I kept trying, because it wasn't a constant. Up and down. But what was I looking for!? I was always attempting
to be more satisfied in the psychadelic ways, even now, this fact remains true, it has been a constant for as long as I can remember.
Psychadelic comprehension will always be truth for some reason, there is just something further there . . . attempting to find the
greatest clarity of perfected physical and spiritual stimulation, a bridge into what may be, yet, how? I created music just for
the climaxing of the psychadelic experience, the visualization through sound, music that created the feelings I had
experienced prior, that which I wanted to witness again, heightened, as represented by example to what I had
previously experienced : that which I enjoyed the most, which was basically the most climactic euphoria of a
bloom of all energy seeping through itself; energy through vibrancy as ecstasy (turned into music and
artwork to escalate the infinacy of it all), ALOT of philosophical conversations . . . ALOT of seriously
powerful experiences . . . ALOT of seriously INTENSE moments of clarity that are totally
unexplainable except by experience.

Sophia's OMO

I want you to understand that I wasn't ever perfect at all . . . and I liked drinking beer way too much (and is easily one of the main reasons
men lose their self esteem.) I had good relationships, I had bad relationships, sometimes I made good decisions, sometimes I made bad
decisions, and eventually, I did try a hard drug called "crystal, " which ACTUALLY curbed my drinking (which seemed impossible to everyone
allegedly) . . . but I got hooked on that drug : SWITCH! (how ironic, since I was so against "hard drugs" my whole life up to this point) and as
well, the irony being that it was "crystal " when I was actually searching for The Crystal Knowledge . . . (there is a very thin line (forgive the
pun) of comprehension between these . . . it isn't called "crystal " for no reason, it is crystallized, but that drug is unstable, seriously unstable,
and extremely addictive, like cigarette and heroin addictive almost immediately, and eventually, if one does not stop using it, it rots the
hell out of your physical body, it will rot you away if you don't stop, literally, in a very disgusting way . . . . I found myself doing too much,
and I would probably, literally, be dead, physically dead, right now, long ago, had I not stopped, and as such there would have been
no Bigger Picture, there would have been no Great Hummingbird, there would have been no Great Jaguar Dragon, there would
have been no Infinite Meditation, gone . . . and yet, it was a trigger to it all . . . and my friends at the time knew I had a problem,
they didn't know what to do or how to get me to stop without losing my friendship, they wanted me to stop. But I was catching
glimpses of the capabilities of mediums in everything at once, that fast, and without sober clarity, yet with it, as such, it seems
that this may have been the attempt at triggering the comprehension of The Infinite Knowledge through a sleeping mind,
that which is an ACTUAL parallel to this engraved necessity to find "The High," yet simultaneously deadening one's energy
to the knowledge. It's a Catch 22. It's like saying here ya go, look, check it out, See! See! It's AMAZING! SEE!!!!!!
. . . aaaaaaaaaaaand . . . . it's gone.
It's like getting on a roller coaster ride that takes you through an 11
dimensional universe of physics, and you get to witness all that knowledge and all that power
simultaneously computing through your mind as euphoria because it is what you have
chosen to understand without even knowing it was what you chose . . . but then . . .
the drop off

. . . no knowledge, no memory of the knowledge, no calculations, just the attempt at
finding that place again and again and again and again and again and saying to
yourself, "why can't I make my mind work faster! SLOW DOWN THE UNIVERSE! "
But it doesn't work that way, now does it.

Bending Universe

As well, I was experiencing intensely aggressive platforms of abuse that I did not understand, and my lack of understanding was
not only frustrating to me, but to my loved ones as well. I became seriously immersed in attempting to escape from this suffering
through being high and playing music ALL THE TIME, but if I didn't stop taking this drug I was going to die, and this was an inevitability,
and yet, even then, there was this inexplicable striving to this immensity intensity high, to create this massive power of euphoria through
being high and creating intensely psychadelic music in order to create an atmosphere of power, an actual path I have been attempting
most of my life without even realizing I was creating it, this platform of psychadelic energy that has always been an evolving constant, and
how to actually get to that platform through the most intense of actual physical drugs, and yet, I had to figure out how to do this without the
physical drug trigger, but why? Correct? Because of what those drugs do to an individual if taken too much . . . tangents occur that are detrimental
and even corruptive if not done responsibly, and as well, an individual on such drugs is usually extremely susceptible to unwelcome and corruptively
suggestive energies due to the inhibitions being lowered and the openness so vast . . . of course one may train their mind beyond such inhibitions, but
most folks can't, or don't (especially if on drugs, who the hell cares, right?) . . . yet another huge tangent . . . so I stopped absolutely everything all at one
time, (choosing New Year's Day as my marker, due mainly, and logically, to memory issues, right? Who forgets New Year's!) . . . I stopped it all, drugs, alcohol,
cigarettes, all of it, one shot, cold turkey, because the whole path had been skewed off course (even though it had been the learning way to evolution in most
of the good and bad ways I had mostly literally comprehended, it was "a teaching" even then, through Nature, and sometimes, a very dark teaching from energies
and ways I had or have yet to understand that literally happen all around an individual; I was experiencing these comprehensions in great depth continuously without
even knowing I was searching for that which was searching for me, an evolution was attempting to be manifest as I was attempting to understand that which was
already attempting to be manifest in me without me knowing it was already in process.

. . . just merely out of phase from reality.

Out of Phase

I was searching for something outside of me inside of me through drugs, do you get that "paradox?" . . .
while IT (this Infinite Knowledge) was attempting to trigger me from the inside without drugs . . . and in ways I am not familiar with, so scientifically, it seems
like a paradox until one awakens to this comprehension. And that is a seriously powerful knowledge for anyone to take into consideration for their current
circumstances, (read you life, you are probably calling you) . . . evolution had become a necessity due to all this, my life had literally climaxed in pain
and suffering while attempting to be as high as possible (if you can imagine such a paradox) • (quite literally, one of my teeth was rotting away
from the inside, what an ironic parallel, eh? I needed a root canal there at the very end, an extremely painful and elongated circumstance
I didn't take care of until it became so unbearable that I was keeling over in pain for many days, alot of painkillers in that time period,
I was killing my pain while I was creating my pain, and that is the extremely wrong Ouroboros!) I had become very, very far
away from what was necessary while simultaneously I had ended my necessity for any of it, yet, the premise was
sound . . . it was a massive and painful wake up call in the most euphoric and intense of awakenings to
sobriety . . . and I was like the last person any of my old school friends would ever think would
become sober.

And so I stopped doing everything I loved immediately . . . halt! Quite the opposite from age 15 . . . (of what happened during my initial brain
trauma accident when I was suddenly all creative.) I began only exercising, something I wasn't doing at all before, but no more creativity, I shut
myself off to everything and opened myself up to emptiness, I needed to know me without anything at all again. No more music. No more T.V. No more
friendships. No more communication. No more drawing. No more writing. No more creating. I just sat there and thought of how I just destroyed my whole
life in an almost totally catatonic state at times, falling deep into depression, severely deep . . . and that's what I did, I thought myself to death . . . I became
my own literal opposition to destruction in destruction of that which I had allowed myself to become, fragile, weak, addicted, the destruction of my own
literal obstruction to myself (and without creativity), my own literal barrier to The Path I was going in the wrong way, and because I didn't know which
way to go, I just sat there! Dead end! REBOOT! Slowly, I inched myself back from the absolute bottom of the absolute end all bottom, because that
too was unbearable in the same way of pain, suffering, and shame inside me. I attempted church again. Why not! I had to find something I knew
that had stability, and I remember when I was growing up I was fairly comfortable most of the time (even though I wasn't a stringent religious
individual, it was just a part of how I grew up from birth), and so I started reading the bible ALOT. I was trying to figure out a path again
(something that is intrensically built in my survival mechanisms of existence apparently) in a way that had some sort of honest direction.
Eventually I adapted once again to those beliefs and I became extremely curious and questioning to it all constantly, and slowly I began
to gain integrity in structure once again, actual EARTH stance, a platform of grounding . . . and I began to find my courage once again . . .
and eventually, due to my own capabilities through knowledge and evolution, I realized there were serious contradictions to that faith (in my opinion.)
And since my path had become so overbearingly honest in all ways at that time, that which I could not at all lie, AT ALL, not in the least, (because I had
programmed myself to be so uncomfortable with the feeling of a lie that I could not function if it were occurring), I went up in front of this church (that
my actual blood family and church family and I had quite literally built from the ground up during this whole evolution out of drugs and into sobriety,
(quite literally (and what a strange parallel to comprehend in sequence to the progressive building of The Great Jaguar Dragon, eh?), and so due
to my comprehensions having evolved out of this belief structure because of contradiction, I went before them all and told them I could no longer
go that way due to contradiction, I told them all why in total honesty. And it wasn't easy. It was sad, everyone was either mad or sad . . . and this was
right when I had began learning the Fibonacci, The Golden Ratio, The Golden Means, The Spiral , I was immersed in pure energy, what I had always
strived for, I had gone back to school, was learning how the eye functioned (the camera parallels), film, production, music, drawing . . . . . and
even though "change" is frowned upon I continued to evolve (in this, whatever "this" is called, this "secret program" that I have been going
through) when an individual is being " tested " to oblivion and back, (quite literally if you "change" something (to them, "the testers") it is a
mark of "deception" or something, and this is regardless of your honesty or attempt at evolution, so think about that while you attempt
to exceed in evolution, and what that feels like, what that actually does, and means to someone who has been " programmed "
through abusive testing to such a comprehensive and constant measure, that every time one were to attempt to evolve that
individual is subjected to the notion that, quite literally, I am going to be abused for that much longer, and that's simply madness.
The comprehension is such that, "the oppressive time," is being elongated, it's seriously heavy, especially for someone who is
going to evolve regardless of oppression, there is this programmed battle of emotion that takes place, involved due to
repetitious comprehension of same reactions to certain events, such as "change."
There's so much to it all. A frickin book of railroading. It's stressfully disturbing . . .


Even so, in this historic progress, I continued making mistakes, but they were MY mistakes (when they were), and honest mistakes, I faced them
whenever I could and learned from them (and I am EXTREMELY stubborn.) I attempted to evolve, walking this tight rope across my own 'sight,'
until eventually, due to some sort of recognition to this honest rebirth, Nature welcomed me back to Her (for what seemed to be the first time
ever : even though I thought myself so close to Her before, (and especially during my intensely psychadelic phase, whereas I was seeking all
those truths, the same as now, but then with my eyes wide open blind through my own lack of clarity : Psychadelically Perfected in Blindness!
. . . I never really knew what I knew until now, and even now am merely peeling away the top layers.) And if you can imagine being perfected
in psychadelic blindness, it is to the likes of ignorant bliss. And it is not necessarily a bad place to be if you do not seek to evolve . . . evolving is
not a very simple process. Blissful ignorance has that one word that is always nice : bliss. But at the same time, the frustration and health issues
that accompany such an actuality will eventually take over. And if you are a seeker like I was and am, that high will never be enough. As such,
the attempt to finding the ultimate clarity of euphoria has become the evolution of my physicality and spirituality into oneness. Quite literally.

So became The Path.

Atum's Path

It is to understand that long ago, when I began attempting to apologize to the folks I had wronged in my life (yes, we try), I went way too far
in the most literal sense of the definition of too far. . . I was so hellbent on making things right and being honest that I was apologizing to everyone
for every tiny little error I made, constantly, seriously unnecessary apologies . . . it was getting seriously annoying to the people around me, and beyond
any actual necessity (one of those Pisces' features of becoming so immersed in the process, one BECOMES that "sensitivity " instead of it just being a
normal feature of everyday reality (which is too much), I was miles and miles beyond necessity. I became so sensitive to the process and this "will "
of understanding absolute truth that I was losing my own comfortable humanity to the point that I was uncomfortable to be around . . . I was
wound up
like a frickin' spintop. So eventually I eased out of that phase (yet another side effect of isolation) • (I was way too sensitive to it
all. Still am. And this sensitivity is both a "why " and a " why not," and a " how," and a "how not " . . . that being : why I can understand so far,
and why I can go no further
: AND HOW : The Pisces Paradox being solved through Infinacy : give and take as the ascension of balance
takes place . ) It is to understand that yes, being honest is good, but being fluidly honest is much further (weigh the circumstances, be
honest, and judge accordingly) . . . and it isn't at all to proclaim that lies are at all acceptable (they aren't) , it is to merely comprehend
that being respectful and honest does not require an unbearable sensitivity to every single tiny little nuance of reality's circumstances .
We are allowed to evolve. I do not care what anyone says regarding that fact. Evolution is allowed . . . and it is to know that this
conditioning of reality into actual truth does not cast disparagement upon that which are those fluid fun times, joking times,
acting times, entertaining times, and even the times when it just doesn't matter if the rules are bent a little, not broken mind
you, like a Bending Bow without disrespect, understand? We are to evolve. This is the actual process. The rules shall be
tested and bent to form into the greatest necessity FOR evolution FOR the purpose of loving and healing regenerative
love energy as balance evolutionarily progressive. We aren't going to break The Law of The Great Jaguar Dragon, we
are going to perfect it for all of us, alright!? We shall adapt, and there is leeway to this adaptation within logical reason.
Truth is essential, yes, but it doesn't have to be taken so far that it's unbearable, correct? Yes. The whole point is flow.
Respectful flow. Yes.

Flowing River

In all honesty, for the longevity of balance and integrity, there must be a little bit of give for evolution (always in the
correct way for the correct purpose of loving and healing regenerative love energy as balance) , a flexible firmness
through integrated honesty, not to be disrespected, but to allow for growth and evolution . . . for not only do we strive
to achieve honesty and respect, but as well the evolution out of the unnecessary ways and laws that have no necessity
to balance or evolution, and, well, that takes a bit of bending now doesn't it. Nature said this way, so this way has been
allowed forth, and as such, the adaptation of it is becoming . . . • enter • adjustment period . . .

Simultaneously though, we must remain aware as to whether or not anyone is hurt from our causing circumstances as to prevent such a reaction. . .
But it is to know, as far as the freedom to do whatever it is we need to do, do it! It's Mother Nature! Dance your ass off, have fun, be well, laugh, let go,
be free, get saucy, whatever it is : for good times, bless it, and bless it well, do it, and do it well, Be Well, this energy is blessed when it is actually blessed,
and when it isn't, it isn't, and you know when it isn't blessed, don't get tangled up in the details of other people's hangups, and don't attempt to bludgeon
your own reality with overbearing and inconsistent logic or overindulgence of that which will cause you harm . . . because logically, that's what will happen.
No one is telling anyone to not have fun or be free. And no one is telling anyone to be sober necessarily (unless you need it), it is to understand that one must
only enter into this fluidity with a sober clarity such that the integrity may be sound from the beginning, a platform of actual, real stability. Clarity is something for
the individual to find. However this is accomplished healthily is quite alright. . .there are many ways in this world. . .and we are not restricting ourselves to anything
that Mother Nature is not expressing. Understand?


Humanity created this massive tangent that led us away from the ways of Nature . . . perhaps for good reason, we may have needed this skewed
perspective to understand our own, a distraction of absolute truth through something else to understand our own absolute evolution of that which
we already are . . . and there have been many folks fighting to hold on to that way of life throughout it all, but we witnessed a strange, fast, and
powerful evolution of our minds through technology . . . vehicles were created . . . vessels were created . . . the computer was created . . . the
internet was created . . . and all these devices are being integrated, do you see how the vessels we utilize in our day to day lives are becoming
computers, brains, minds : a body and mind : devices communicating with each other wherever they go, just like people . . . how is that not the
same to what we are attempting here with functionalities with creations such as The Quadration Depth Infinity Double Black Diamond Trinity?
Why would we go this far into such a paralleled functionality if there were not parallel to very specific circumstances of our own functionality,
correct? The Q.D.I.D.B.D.T. is created for our individual vessels (bodies) in an extremely complex form . . . and yet only functional if you have
accomplished to this degree, and as we have adapted, and as we have learned how to function with computer and vehicles and so forth,
so too may we adapt to our own functionality . . . it's like your grandparents complaining about how everything is so much more technical
now with computers and so forth . . . it's different! It's weird! It's strange! How does it work! And yet, they get into their computerized vehicles
and drive down the road just the same, a vehicle evolved . . . same goal, more clarity, cleaner, faster, smoother, more communication, more
visualization, more entertainment, more knowledge, all simultaneously, more capability . . . so we learn ourselves further . . .and that much greater
and more personal and more powerful through natural energy to flow and understand and go further learning "out there" : " in here." : in a huge way.

And in this process we realized the computer is like an individual's brain . . . yet not even as fast or as capable (even though it appears as such.)
As we developed alongside the computer's evolution, our minds began to evolve, and the devices became more and more clarified to what
we would have necessity for instinctually . . . telephones, yet likened to " iPods " in a metaphor of an " i " or " eye " " pod " or an individual's powerSight
center . . . not to be taken literally from a machine obviously , but simply to understand that you, yourself, have the capability, like when you are listening
to music through an iPod while you are centered in your own depth through a medium such as music, walking around a crowd, yet focused and tuned
to your own vibe, to accomplish a VAST focus, and when implemented through a comprehensive parallel such as a phone, computer, brain, spirituality :
telecommunication explaining to us our own evolvutionary path : in through communication to comprehend that which we may accomplish knowledge
anywhere, anytime, if you have the " right number " (that "number" usually reads as " R • E • S • P • E • C • T " ) . . . use your imagination, it isn't difficult to
understand just how far it can go . . .

The computerized vehicle "hybrid" takes you wherever you need to go, music programmable, location programmable, mapping system,
distance, time, the calculations seem limitless . . . all describing to you exactly how to evolve . . . WITHOUT IT . . . machines as communications of
instant knowledge between us all have been understood for a long time now . . . why would we not evolve? We begin to understand that our technology
is like a mirror of what we are capable of WITHOUT these devices, and we are edging through that knowledge now because we are already capable of it.
Communication : anyone . . . anywhere . . . anytime : what do you suppose the entire grid is doing? It has become this massive communication device of
manifestation. And as such we have witnessed its power quite accurately with great specificity. There is absolutely no question to its validity. It has been
accomplished and is getting more clarified . . . and the only purpose was to cause balance, love, peace, the destruction of corruption, and has always
been accomplished respectively. Consciousness, Space, Multidimensionality, Universes, Galaxies, Planets, Stars, Moons, ourselves, our evolution
into the realms of perfecting communication.

The Great Jaguar Dragon became this Massive Universal Entity of Communication for the simple purpose of loving and healing regenerative love
energy as balance. And from that simple measure of manifestation expresses forth many necessities that are seemingly endless to our creative
minds . . . just a tiny little path began this .

Great Jaguar Dragon

So understand, being strictly fluid with a practice of energy knowledge does not require fervored stringency (even though that's what I have
been peacefully attempting (while being abused) for the last few years (with extreme practice (out of necessity) . . . we're all unique and different,
as are our circumstances . . . and although some folks may have the necessity for a strict regiment to keep things evolving continuously and quickly
(like me), others may not, there isn't one strict way on how to evolve individually, otherwise life would be extremely boring, (although I do have a rather
intricate path that is evolutionarily and adaptively teachable) , there are many levels of comprehensive measure, " SIGHT, " individual measure, YOU decide
what is important for YOUR balance because it is YOURS : whilst simultaneously having fun so as to NOT lose your mind to all the strange and difficult adaptations
that occur. Keep it new, create complexity, and make it simple. Just like the new vehicles, you still just basically drive 'em, right? But they're so complex! Not really.


There are times of adaptation that may seem queezy. . .we have to adapt to circumstances that are strange and new as our physical and spiritual energies
are evolving . . . because guess what, they're actually evolving . . . you drive a vehicle from long ago and it runs much slower, less precision, less adaptation
to the road, less cultivational properties of necessity to the drive, atmosphere, comfort, tonalities, smoothness, and so forth, all of these things are adaptively
fluid in your newer vehicle (metaphor) . . . your new "vessel " (that being your evolution of Being) . . . if nothing is happening to you then not anything is happening
to you. This Ancient Present Future Knowledge is new to me. So I am explaining to you as much as I can as I learn, and it's comin' fast!

As well, nonlinearity, this comprehension is seriously kewl and strange and complex and difficult; it is a paradox to our definitions of reality, and yet
I am witnessing it without paradox . . . so it's getting intense. Attempting to find clarity out of a paradox that isn't a paradox is strange, and quite simply,
psychadelic. I am only attempting to read and write and practice consistently that which has been allowed forth, while I am simultaneously attempting
to regulate adaptation to a point of comfortability (while simultaneously "fighting" this strange oppressive regime of lying deniers (which basically consists
of constantly healing from the constant bombardments against my private spiritual practice (as of late) , (that which is now being continuously exploited.)

And I don't want anyone to get hurt or be dull or be bored or not have fun : fun is good, always have fun . . . don't ever stop having fun . . . make it fun!
But simultaneously, as we have witnessed with much of what has been accomplished, this is serious business. . . and although " illusion" is "magical " in a
sense, this isn't a rabbit being pulled from a hat, the wands aren't made of plastic, and The Goddess Inspiration is VERY real and VERY intense. The Woman
aint foolin' around! And while all this which is being taught and comprehended may be defined out there by people as some kind of "sorcery " or "magic,"
it is to understand that this is merely the normal Power of our Inevitable Nature being explained; it is as normal as creating a drawing or building a house.
All those in history who have been abused or tortured or put to death for their practices have mostly been done wrong . . . judged out of fear. Understand
that being capable in manifestation is no different from any creation, it is just more intense in this reality, there are tools, there are ingredients to the process
of creation, it is only feared because it is not properly understood with respect, and anything such as this that is not properly respected will lack respect,
understand that our minds already have this capability, if we were to continue to oppress it, this would be illogical and irresponsible as evolving Beings
of The Infinite, all of us, all of humanity :

For example:

• We had a meditation with Mars at a specific location of a trinity of volcanoes on Mars (Albor Tholus being one of them, and this trinity of
volcanoes was understood due to the same formation of marks on my own neck), and the next day Earth had an earthquake in a parallel
location! 22 days later, massive lightning . . . ( I am wondering if this is how long manifestations such as this take to travel from Mars to Earth?
What a serendipitous parallel, dear 22, (quadration.) San Francisco had this, this extremely RARE thunder and lightning storm that produced
(in the Bay Area) over 750 lightning strikes in one evening . . . and this was right after that "God Particle" Terraforming Meditation (alotta volts!)


• Created was an imagery for The Infinite Meditation revealing a portion of the meditation in the center of our galaxy where one becomes
an infinacy of balanced power into The Triple Helix DNA structure manifestation . . . a year later, AFTER the meditation had been practiced time
and time again, NASA took a photo of that location and there was an infinity symbol written by Nature, naturally, in an IMMENSE proclamation of
validation in the center of our galaxy!


• By Mother Nature's Guidance so was built The Bigger Picture after Circinus' Bridge's preface and guidance to it, and over a long period of time,
a consistent creation, documented, in this journal, and through a series of six volcanic eruptions did we comprehend the animated reaction of
Mother Nature's recognition of legibility and communication by the production imagery of The Great Hummingbird, VALIDATED, that which had
yet to be defined until She defined it, having pictured exactly, The Bigger Picture : as The Great Hummingbird! : flying! . . . and then the birth of
The AVA knowledge from that . . . The PhiMale Vortex . . . The M Link . . . The Great Jaguar Dragon, and so on and so on and so you see, it is
serious. . . this is no joke.

Circinus The Bigger Picture to The Great Hummingbird

Mlink Great Jaguar Dragon

The sheer volume of that which has been allowed by Mother Nature and comprehended is immense
and continuous, and it isn't stopping at all, and my legibility of it is becoming further acute, so it is taking longer,
the meditations, the writings, it's all getting seriously intense. Things are happening. Big things are happening. Immense
things. Things the size of planets and solar systems and galaxies (without corruptive politics first, and already) . . . even
down to the tiniest DNA structure : . . .YES . . . it has happened, YES, it is happening . . . YES, it is real . . . there is exact scientific
proof of accomplishment : priored specified action : immediate exacting reaction : to actual documented manifestation :
and this is without any doubt whatsoever . . . how many more times (love that song) will it take to prove it is happening?

Triple Helix DNA

I am not some different kind of human : I bleed . . . I get sick . . . I love my folks and family . . . I am by far not perfect . . . I am susceptible to causality until
I learn, I long for physical and emotional love like everyone else. I am simply a normal man. But something powerfully strange happened, a very powerful
mirror of reality and symbiosis, not a "glass mirror" that could ever actually shatter or break, as such, not strictly physical and not strictly ethereal, it isn't just
spiritual energy, (don't get caught up in the metaphors of anthropomorphic ideologies to tangibility, the planes of existence are much more complex than
our simple human form of the plane of existence on this planet we are mostly currently experiencing, and even though they help explain things, it's different,
whilst simultaneously being a symbiosis of those strengths interwoven in a manner that is not destructable already . . . it is to understand that this has always
been inherently apart of each of us, this is why this knowledge and capability seem to have been hidden from us all (allegedly) because we weren't
"responsible" enough, we weren't "ready," we were too "immature," our focus wasn't ready for truth, actual forward motivating truth, from here on
through, the path to greater clarity, out from the cobwebs, and into The Infinite Space Between it all, The Web of Infinacy . . . and this has been
somehow triggered . . .

9 to 5

Nature created this validation through my reading of it, and all for us to comprehend further : through The Bigger Picture : The Great Hummingbird!

. . . .

Mother Nature made this animation for you. Seriously, how was this accomplished!? I can tell you it was created as fast as writing something
down with great flow . . . a good swift stride without stopping . . . and suddenly there was this hummingbird, and I was like, WHAT!!!!!!? OMFG!
And it was one of those ultimately clarifying moments where the goosebumps stand on the goosebumps and your whole body becomes
euphorically tingling from within to without as the room enlarges into the size of a universe, and in the sheer magnitude of ultimately clarified
intensity you question as it is happening " what just happened " as you quiver in the ecstasy of validated truth through manifestation, and you
lean back . . . and you look out at it all through your very own eyes, yet, simultaneously within you, and you realize just how immense it all has
just become, just how VAST the energy has always been, and yet we are only edging, finally, the beginning of understanding just how that
actually feels, euphorically, through knowledge, ACTUAL CREATION MANIFESTED BY THE HUMAN NATURE . . .

What more will it take for you to understand She is trying to communicate? Of course it is to understand that the whole point is not to "prove,"
it is "to do," and do respectively, but most folks have to have validation before they can believe in a practice. . .and rightfully so, alot of people
aren't trustworthy, I certainly had to earn the trust of Mother Nature for a long frickin time, I had to literally die my life, I had to evolve, do you
understand that death? I didn't actually physically die, understand that, I "died." She sought me and I sought Her and She said, right this way
my dear
. . . and I was like, you're simply lovely . . . and this is why The Law of The Great Jaguar Dragon has been implemented.

So with all that said . . . . . . . continue having fun. These are laws, yes, actual laws of The Great Jaguar Dragon,
which is much larger than the size of our entire universe, yes, it is, but please, think of them as guidelines to greater balance, they aren't meant
to confine you ever at all, simply to protect you with your own respect, understand that, it's about respect on all even levels of necessity for greater
longevity of logical energy, real energy, pure energy, the energy that it takes to have this type of clarified capability, understand that? Judgement is
always by Mother Nature and HER guidance. This is THE SPIRIT. The Law set forth is to allow guidelines to that judgement for whatever it is in question.
These are the basics of morality and ethicality so that we may function with each other, out there, without getting hurt, or creating hurt, and we
are always fluid with respect . . . and some of us need those guidelines to understand them. So there they are. They're meant to allow you a
stable integrity of foundation to leap from, it's like jumping from standing on a normal and flat dirt floor compared to running and jumping
from a springboard the size of the universe, do you see the difference and why it is such a serious necessity to have a sober clarity for
this jump?

Remember, this is infinitely cycled energy is THROUGH YOU, so it is to understand that this leap is all within . . . this is why stability
is such a necessity . . .as such that this stability is always there without fail so that when you do land (from a manifestation of this cycle),
it is, and you are, still just as stable.

You must understand in the process of manifesting energy how important it is to have integrity.
Any scientist will tell you as such, an energy force without proper integrity is going to crumble and
will be out of control and will only cause chaos instead of balance . . . and since we are manifesting
this energy WITH Mother Nature and by HER guidance, it is best to have the same respect all around
simultaneous . . . is that not logical? It is logical. Yes. It is one reason I believe Natives smoke The Peace Pipe,
to become clarified in the purity of "one mind," "one focus," "one love," (another good song) . . . their purpose
is clarity, not to forget, to simply remember what is important and focus on it without distraction, as such that this
would be easily focused upon with each other respectively, to become of one mind without disrespect . . . and
that is not in the same realm as " The Hive Mind Mentality " I have previously written of, although it is the same
basic premise simply without the corruption; it means becoming of a respectful parallel with each other for
an actual open meeting of minds and energies for the purpose of loving and healing regenerative love
energy as balance, that is, to be on the same page of respect throughout it all, alright? Understand
it as such that this isn't simply one single Pow Wow gathering of respectful comprehensions, this
is always and continuous, a constant and consistent Pow Wow.


So we're metaphorically packing The Universal Peace Pipe with this Law of Respect with all
things natural and clean and pure and purifying to the focused clarity of truth (which is basically
all it is : as love) and this smoke flows throughout the physical and spiritual and ethereal as The Law
of The Great Jaguar Dragon : and we've all "smoked it," every single one of us (metaphorically and
specifically spiritually), anyone who is or seeks to meditate through The Great Jaguar Dragon and Her
many parts and portions : as such you have accepted this Law, otherwise you have no right in The Great
Jaguar Dragon, and this is in order to bring us all to a level of Same Integrity . . . The Spiritual Smoke of our
Being Well. The constant, consistent, everlasting purification of The Path.

It is to understand that I am not just making things up as I go along, I am learning while I am comprehending and
allowing knowledge while I am simultaneously implementing this into practice while healing myself, others, the planets,
stars, moons, galaxies, universes, and so on, it's as fast as I can bring it, and it has been brought forth extremely fast. And
it is as though I do not know proper rest ever again.

This isn't meant to be comprehended as the type of definition of " law " that we may have experienced as oppressive or
antagonistic or arrogant or deceiving or an unnecessary way of controlling people (to the likes of what many of us have
experienced with society's laws), as such that we would actually seek to rebel against it : not in the least! This was made for
revolution (quite literally, (infinite cycles revolving), it was made so we could have stability as a platform to stand upon and
manifest that which has necessity without corruption.

We are to level society's laws out, not destroy : level, that is one of our goals, yes, logically, without pain or suffering or detriment
or violence, a way that may be accomplished through the practice of specific constancy through respect, as such through The
Law of The Great Jaguar Dragon! . . .and as such we must understand this is not impossible, yet, is not basically simple.

It is as well to understand that " LAW " should never be thought of in a disrespectful way at all, not in the least,
it has only been driven to such a definition due to corrupt, irresponsible people. This is a specific type of arrogance
that quite obviously, sometimes, overtakes the immature, disrespectful, individuals who are given authority . . . and
that is of course, not The Way at all.

We need to heal ourselves from this. Our goals are not bent on trying to control each other at all. That is not the point ever.
Not in the least. The main points are loving, healing, and regeneration of this without corruption for the purpose of evolution.
This comprehensive measure The Law of The Great Jaguar Dragon has been implemented so that we may be free without
the necessity of worrying about what that guy over there is going to do next, or that group there is doing, and so forth. . .it is
like a respectful "safety" precaution ( a moral integrity of paralleled respect : a compass to the ever continuous Path, so that
everyone may evolve respectively without the corruptions of others ) and simultaneous to being a respectful 'how do you do'
to your friendly passerbys of The Spirit Energies. Do you understand that? Do you understand how important that is : in what may
become a very serious amount of an individually separate collective of manifested energies?

Think about it : I am only one person . . . think of when we get to be hundreds or even thousands of people manifesting this loving
and healing regenerative love energy as balance . . . seriously . . . what shall actually be capable is seriously intense . . . and so there
must be preparation for such circumstances BEFORE they occur as to allow forth the proper respect for us all simultaneously, it is for
the benefit of us all, as a vast platform of integrity. And so became The Law of The Great Jaguar Dragon . . . for all of us . . . so that we
may feel at ease knowing we've all "smoked from the same peace pipe" (so to speak) . . . and . . . with the same pure ingredients : for
the same pure purpose : in preparation for whatever it is we seek to accomplish : respectively : individually : or collectively : that being :
a platform of integrity which is already pure, so our manifestations will as well, be pure, respectively, and logically : without corruption. . . .

It is to understand that without The Law of The Great Jaguar Dragon this would simply lack the proper integrity for longevity.
You must understand this now. Yes? Yes. Have I exhausted you with this comprehensive measure yet? I just want us to be clear
from where I am coming from and how I have learned into evolution with Mother Nature, what I have read from Mother Nature,
and why this has been accomplished suddenly over the last few years.

There are features of reality that are not known to many of us that DO EXIST that you are now finding out about, and much of
these features are causing many individuals seriously abusive energies with unnecessary turmoil, exploitation, and corruption,
especially through oppression : ( I have explained such experiences in a huge way, and continue to, as requested ) . . . so is created
a means to the purification out of that corruption for healing and immunization : a constant, consistent, persistent purification that is unwavering
to any corruption : anywhere, anytime, anyone. Integrity. Actual integrity. A thousand against one, integrity. Ten thousand against one, integrity.
One million against one, integrity. One billion against one, integrity. An energy that has been accomplished by love, for love, through love, out
of the necessity for love due to the total lack of it being allowed . . . the whole grid was a total purificational process simultaneous to its creation :
by and with Mother Nature, every single day, nonstop . . .

This is basically a normal man attempting to understand the most beautifully
powerful energy in the entire Infinite All that Is, Is Not, and Is In Between :

The Woman.

Triple Goddess

. . .and so as we have understood manifested by Mother Nature
The Bigger Picture to The Great Hummingbird, so became Mother
Nature's Spirit manifest, as :

The Great Jaguar Dragon.

Great Jaguar Dragon


Every 7 pg. 53 B

The Communication can be read here.

The Bigger Picture is The Great Jaguar Dragon is An Infinite Meditation.

May Light Be Your Shadow.

Every 7

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