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5.13.12 The Meridian Sun.

4.5.2012 Bismarck Sea, Watom, Papua New Guinea 5.5
Bismarck Sea = Otto Eduard Leopold von Bismarck known as
known as The Iron Chancellor (Grid) = Wealth, Prosperity Guard,
People Bold, The Edge of a Bishop's Diocese. This location was known
as from during World War II, Prisoners of the Japanese dug tunnels for
their captures to hold the island. . .(((excerpt from WWII webpage)))

"The Prisoners were allotted in threes per campsite. It is believed from this sum that a total of
twenty-one prisoners were on the Island. Careful questioning could not confirm the exact numbers.
The prisoners were strictly guarded, the locals were not allowed to talk to, contact them, or even come in
close proximity to the POW sites. People interviewed relate that the prisoner's condition deteriorated everyday,
they were ill-treated with little to eat. They lived in a very poor environment with little clothing and poor shelter."

What do you suppose Mother Nature is attempting to express here? First, the Oppression imagery, now this?
An obvious pattern of communication is being fluidly transmitted by Mother Nature to us . . . oppress not, and unify!
(asking it to be explained . . . and so we shall . )

Watom Watom

The Iron Grid Chancellor (Chancellor of The PhiMale Vortex) is The Wealth Prosperity Guard
of The Bold People on The Edge of The Overseer's Expressive Sea : The InBetween that was created
by Volcano long before 'The Almost InBetween Gazelle' (The Beautiful Beloved), This is the location
of The Large Tunnel dug by The Prisoners of War of The People of The Sun, in The New Black Sunset.

The Horizon spoke of The Ancient Light of Self Creation standing in The Horizon with The Winged Dragon
and The Queen. There is distress ascension on the horizon. Triangulum points to ascension. The Hero and
Stone Creator look to The SheGoat next to The Lion of All Beasts' Prophecy. And The InBetween Sight
requests comprehension from The Great Bear of The Horse and Rider. Bridge of The Thunderhorse Swan.

The Centers revealed The Diving Eagle, yet Ascending Unicorn with The One Who Follows Isis reaching
for The Archer Bending Bow of Mortal Immortality Crowned of The InBetween Parallel Sight of The Mother
Scorpion OMO of The Jaguar. A healing necessity of The Lion in Celestial Navigation. At the Highest of Sun
and Hera's Torment of The Shield. Lyra Compass. Cunning Vessel of Ascension. The Isis Sirius Womb, The Dolphin
leaps Isis (The Womb Leaps The Dog Star) at The Companion OMO Bridge of The Fertility Rebirth Bridge of The Thunderhorse,
The Waterbearer's necessity of The Dark Star Mirror Magnification of The Taurus Horn of The Croning V. The unknown native
of The Mortal Immortal Reinholder Archer Bending Bow of The InBetween.

4.6.2012 Solomon Sea, Silur Mission, Mimias, Latangai • Warambif, Ambitle, Feni, New Ireland, Papua New Guinea 6.1
solomon = peaceful. . .silur mission = mission of the age when earth was under water. . .mimias = imitate. . .latangai = attack. . .
warambif = no known definition (war bully) . . . ambitle = known as St John's (sacred star seed of the sun) , and Boumand = being a tree. . .
new ireland = new goddess of sovereignty.

Peaceful Sea, The Mission of The Age when Earth was under water : Imitated in Attack of The New Black Sunset •
The Sacred Star Seed of The Sun is a Tree of The New Goddess of Sovereignty in The New Black Sunset.

That's fairly interesting correct? Nature is like, "Hey! Check it out! Prisoners of war! Attacks are called imitating!"
What is this 'under water' earth, the age when earth was underwater? Noah' s world? Genesis 6:1? Genesis 6:1
is proclaimed as :

" And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them. . ."

. . .and is actually specifically defined as :

Genesis 6:1

Hayah, kiy adam chalal rabab 'al paniym adamah, bath yalad. . .

hayah = destruction, calamity, to be, become, come to pass, exist, happen, fall out.
notice that this word is same backwards and forward HAYAH. . .and defines both
'destruction' and 'becoming into existence' = REBIRTH. . .
kiy = burning, branding, that, for, because, when, as though,
as, because that, but, then, certainly, except, surely. . .
adam = man, mankind, human being, to be red, red man
chalal = slain, fatally wound, pierced, to profane, defile, desecrate,
begin to profane oneself
rabab = to shoot, to be or become many, to become great
'al = no, not, (above, over, upon, against)
paniym = face, faces presence, surface of ground, before, in front of,
in the presence of
adamah = red ground, red land
bath = unit of liquid measure, (bath is not defined as "daughter,"
it is defined as 'daughter' when accompanied by other words
such as Bath Sheba or Bath Rabiym or Bath Shuwa, but for some
reason "bath" was accepted as the definition, perhaps it is meant
from a different time period, a different type of comprehensive
measure we are not accustomed to, as such that a measurement
of water becoming is likened to the birth of female energy, and would
be defined logically, back then, as a female offspring = daughter,
it is merely perspective. . .likened to The Spirit Birth, not anthropomorphic.)
yalad = to bear, bring forth, beget, gender, travail (past tense)

This literally says :

Rebirth, for The Wounded Red Man Becoming Many, (not and while)
Upon The Face Red Land, The Measurement of Water Brought Forth.

And that's frickin trippy, right? 'al meaning 'not' simultaneously to being 'pressure against' (like something upon, a force of energy),
allowing forth the knowledge of such a force and energy of a place while "not of a place". . .basically like remote projection, which
is basically defining manifestation.

(Genesis. I recommend watching The X Files Biogenesis and all affiliated episodes.)

You see that the exact definitions actually spell this out quite literally . . . Cydonia . . . The Face on Mars . . . Terraforming . . . Genesis . . .
I am not making this up . . . go ahead and look up all those words . . . I am only translating literally, and it reads this way an exact prognosis
of what has just been attempted in the meditations of Mars, correct? ALOT of meditations have become thus far. Alot of manifested energies.
Now how is that possible? Mother Nature of course. There seems to be multiple definitions for this particular comprehension of Mother Nature.
The Imitation Attacks, an age of 'earth' under water, The Goddess Tree, basically proclaims forth The Tree of The Sacred V being cultivated by
The Sacred Star Seed of The Sun (which is basically how you cultivate a "Goddess Tree," with Sacredity as Star and Seed (The Tree of The Sacred V,
as it were) . . . what does a star do? It continuously expands light from its greatest depth center, it's basic premise of existence, creating light energy . . .
what does a seed do as such? It seeds and births this expanding light! ) . . . branching forth a magnification of infinite energy birthing as you are a Father
Seed of the Mother Goddess as one . . . CREATION . . . (which is basically, in its most elemental feature, LOVE!) . . . and simultaneously to that, this being a
"Mission" "under water" whereas not only does "imitated in attack" mean the cloning of aggressive, abusive, repetitious behaviors (which has been
expressed by experience after experience throughout these last few pages of Every 7), but as well can be understood as the imitation of instigation :
whereas 'attack' could simply mean attacking a problem consistently with a solution (as such, fire with fire) , so to speak . . . a repetitious solving of
necessity simultaneous to an actual repetitious attack. . .the reading and guidance of Mother Nature simultaneous to all of it . . . like a thousand
arms of Durga, understood as a manifestation of simultaneous necessity, comprehension, action, healing, knowledge, balancing, and the
activation of all these simultaneous.

(I moved the third to The OMO, respectively.)

It is to understand that alot of the comprehensions I have proclaimed forth in previous writings about the oppressive features of this strange
circumstance I am currently living through have alot to do with very mean folks imitating extreme privacy in exploitive manners of abuse. So,
seriously, what a strange proclamation of Nature to heal through these, Nature is basically saying to actually heal through these, and why?
Because it is an enveloped circumstance of reality. Just like Dante's Inferno, the only way through it is through it. And so we witness Mother
Nature saying, "look yo, these are difficult times, I understand, I see what is happening, it is seriously oppressive, it is not well with me that
you are treated like this, I am Mother Nature and I just called it "Bullshit Oppression," capiche? So let's get through this, and the way
through it is through it, overcome it, and so you have requested healing and manifested this necessity with me, and so we
continue to heal each other regardless of it all, and so we shall heal each other continuously, regardless of it all."

I have witnessed even my private meditations being expressed towards me by unwelcome people I have never met in my life in ways that are extremely
private in ways that are extremely disrespectful in ways that are going to be extremely judged by Mother Nature without fail. This is as well only a reiteration
of what I have experienced for years now on a continuous scale. And I am not speaking out loud of my meditations, and I have witnessed features that
have only been witnessed by my conscious mind and Consciousness, and so as a scientific analogy, you probably understand this as "impossible." I have
no reason to lie, and besides, Nature would explain it. For you see, this is not impossible. Nonlinearity is not impossible. There are those who exist here who
can and do understand how to comprehend all that you are experiencing individually, every tiny little detail, as though you were projecting this information
right into their own computer (like in the Architect's room of The Matrix Revolutions (all your thoughts.) And there are drones of people likened to slaves to
this collective abuse, seriously, it's like a dead society's OBEY enslavery (just what exactly do they have on you all?) As well, it seems that ever since I
posted all that information this last time around, ALOT more "people" have become further imposing with their exploitations. (Nature did say that
oppression was on the horizon, and people got extremely aggressive, a civil war against one individual, privately public, all things no one else
would know except "the target" thrown in every way possible for abuse, that is an irresponsible feature of authority . . . I do not know who
"they" are, but it's like the frickin' CIA opens a gateway of replacements (clones of anyone that ever caused a "target" any type of
frustration, as though this knowledge had been cataloguing the whole time that "target" existed (to them.)

I know it sounds weird. If you can imagine your private spiritual practice being illegally monitored and then exploited back
at you in ways meant to cause abuse of those meditations, it takes an extremely large amount of easiness to not become
enraged in that moment, because it will be immediately denied, and you KNOW it is a lie, so it's like, take a deep breath, find
another way to process this, oh wait, I was, spiritually, they're exploiting that too now
, big sigh . . . because we're talking about
The Bill of Rights being totally ignored and abused throughout this whole process, and that is totally unacceptable America!

Bill of Rights

. . . what the hell is The Bill of Rights there for if it can just be turned off like a frickin' spigot?

I create alot of imageries to help me along for focus purposes in order to battle the onslaught of oppressive constancy,
for it is to understand that this constancy has become extreme in its acute, attacking oppression. But to think that entire
groups of society, YOUR SOCIETY, would actually attack an individual's spirituality in order to abuse him, attacking his own
mind functionalities just to abuse? . . . I do believe we can all agree that is extremely immoral and illegal in this country if
I'm not mistaken, Bill of Rights!

What ever happened to The Constitution?

We The People

. . . if there is such a device that could actually read an individual's private thoughts (anyone? CIA? alien?) : unknown to the normal
populous, they would be easily hidden because who the hell would believe it even if you told anyone, correct? I tell you now and
you're probably like, dude, no way. It is to understand that this seems capable of reading anyone's thoughts anytime. Sure, right?
. . . to comprehend that this is being done during spiritual practice, is seriously low, that's the lowest of the low, as such there are
no rights in this society . . . especially if it is done by a hidden law enforcement . . . how does it make you feel that this is a process
that your government knows about (I am not sure who is doing it exactly, I am theoretically guessing), and if they do know, what
kind of standards have we descended to in this society that the populous is not allowed to comprehend unknown laws? I am
NOT saying that all law enforcement or all government is involved in this particular corruption, not in the least. I am thankful for
that which has necessity and is met with logical enforcement, respectively . . . those honest people are to be regarded as
everyday heroes for facing such atrocious circumstances (such as dumbass protesters who are fighting big business but
actually destroy small businesses of artists (Valencia!), but at the same time, if those same types of people are abusing
their positions in society by breaking the very laws they seek to uphold in order to cause detrimental circumstance against
specifically targeted individuals, and without any type of judgement, jury, sentence, or processing, they are of course in the
wrong, for then there is no law, there is only tyranny, there is only corruption, hidden, unpoliced corruption.

CIA eavesdropping

I have witnessed the local fire department here follow my path almost every single day I had gone somewhere outside of
my apartment for quite a long time. (it is not known if they were assigned such a task without their consent, so don't judge, most fire people
are good people) I documented it every time. I have documented most everything that has happened. ALOT OF EXTREMELY SPECIFIC DAILY
DETAILED INFORMATION. Escorted, it seems, by loud, screaming vehicles during climactic "hive mind type" attacks of abuse. That's seriously abusive,
yes? And illegal. STALKED BY A CHOREOGRAPHED PUBLIC WITH SIRENS SIMULTANEOUS FOR ABUSE ! And that is, of course, choreographed corruption
(and difficult to believe, I know, we're talking every day journal of such acts.) To think that such people are actually organized to simultaneously attack
a normal every day citizen seems illegal to me. Isn't that called stalking? Especially if it is organized through city officials. It may sound crazy, I agree,
I would have difficulty believing it if I hadn't experienced it. My comprehension of it is valid. This seems politically driven, yet illegally enforced. I do
not think that a group such as this would willingly participate unless they had to. The rate was like a 97% constancy (as to every day I walked this
road for a long time, it seems to have stopped now, or at least paused, due to this legible writing.) The circumstance, for example, is this : simply
walking down the street : people are placed in a "target's" path to achieve stress and conflictual creation, and this is in obvious ways only
comprehensive to the individual (cars swerving AT you (well, that's obvious to anyone witnessing it, but apparently acceptable by law
enforcement), people walking at you right up until they are in front of you and then they quickly turn away, it's like a "secret" spook
people attempting and failing at intimidation, daily, (who knows who they are or why; feds, bounty hunters, unknown "Beings," actual
surrogate-empty-drone-vessel clones driven by people through remote control, seriously, the theories ABOUND when dealing with such
lying dormant constancy, (dormant as to "owning up" to their own frickin' purpose) a constancy of abuse (and you do get to know the symptoms
of each day more vividly due to repetition) , (bear with me, we'll get through this too, Nature said speak of this), and they're trying to get away with
as much as possible without being TOO noticed or getting arrested for assault (the premise being that a "target" would get so aggravated that they
would do something immoral, and most likely we have witnessed such unacceptable features of reality when "targets" have been pushed over their
limit of abuse and have gone ballistic), even though, psychologically, when this type of abuse is being constantly driven against an individual it is quite
literally assault in a much more detrimental manner of psychological warfare), but unless you actually study it a few times you will not notice, and without
journaling it, no one would ever know because the intricacies are so acutely detailed, no one could remember it all (unless you're monitored or have a
camera strategically placed in your eye and a microphone in your tooth (BLUETOOTH!), and even then, where do those tapes go?) . . . the instigations
are imposing energies, people will crowd you, they will try to create obstacle, vehicles are one of the main devices . . . alot of "The Art of Noise" . . .
crazy loud mufflers and whiny motorcycles, loud vehicles of air and grumbling aggressively at your approach or stance, they are pointless mosquitos,
as well this is understood by all forms of sound you can possibly fathom trying to hone in on whatever it is that aggravates a "target" (or anyone for that
matter) the most, but when targeted, these noises accompany specific daily antagonizations as to emphasize into effect "complex" in order to attempt
the corruptive placement OF complex, it gets seriously personally intricate in ways so abusive it is difficult to not imagine you are in a frickin movie! (I have
witnessed this before in daily non-timed morning rituals, whereas I would get out of bed and meditate and then immediately afterwards, sirens, daily, different
times of the day, timed to exact moments of my daily ritual, the same, daily, like clockwork to my own ritual, and that's a corruption of reality on purpose if it is
done so purposely, and how could it be proven in a city, totally impossible right? It is a fact, it is an anomaly, it was timed, but why . . . the loud revving or "grrring"
of vehicles seems to actually attempt the emphasizing of emotion during aggressive and climactic moments of antagonism (timed airbrakes, and horns, seriously,
it gets extremely excessive in its aggression and constancy, I have years of information (daily, even times) . . . and when you are a specified "target," you understand
this without fail, yet you question its validity as a logical mind, for how could such a choreography actually occur with such precision? It is as though reality is structured
in a way not comprehensive to a sleeping mind, and even one that is awake would have trouble believing such actualities without experiencing them; simply walking
to the grocery store to buy food actually becomes this experience of constant aggressive energy : any, and every single day. Can you actually fathom that? The
constancy is what creates the abuse, the repetition, and is an attempt at creating "a complex" so as to have yet another feature to attack and abuse, round
and round these features , these unknown replicants of abuse attempt to create the destruction of an individual as a constant railroading of private information.
. . . and being that the mind is legible in whatever ways (illegally) a prying faction may seek to read an individual, what an easy way to create a "complex,"
correct?) It is to wonder how this is accomplished. The water? Holographic multidimensionality? Who would actually attempt to create a complex or
many upon an individual through repetition and know exactly when it occurs in the mind such that creating it, to drive it in even further, is that much
easier, that being : timed corruptions to your thoughts, seriously, who could actually believe it unless they experienced it, and even as I speak this
to you now, you're probably like, what? Sure dude. Sure. But seriously, it is the truth. This experience. And I am fairly layed back, so it must be
something. (what better way to entrap someone into immorality but by immorally beating them to death with psychological warfare,
correct? That premise being " keep beating the animal until it attacks. " )

The Patriot Act

. . . it wouldn't be complexual at all if it weren't a constant aggression "against" you (I have alot of experience with this circumstance.)
So if you can imagine understanding all that happening in ways against you daily (isolated from actual "real " people (as explained by
the Bismarck earthquake above), it does still actually make you stressed, no matter how layed back you may be, even though you
have become acclimated to its abuses, and you are extremely calm and normal. . .you begin to actually understand what people
are attempting to instigate (if you have a mind to comprehend it), you learn how they want you to react, and your thoughts either
become acclimated and adapt, or you actually read that energy too well because it keeps happening and you're too sensitive,
so reading it becomes very estranged, and it eskews your normal processes of thought into ways that are seriously challenging
to overcome, entire processes have I created to free my mind of this oppressive antagonizational programming. Because we're
talking about every single day, anywhere I may go, the same abuse. The healing has to be constant. As much as I attempt to keep
up with Mother Nature's guidance and teachings do I implement these into healings daily, infinitely . . . ALOT of love creation have
I become, because NEWSFLASH : I don't want to understand all that hate, really I don't, and I don't want anyone else to have to
go through this crap, so my healings have become universal, and as a sensitive individual just learning how to read Nature, this
other stuff becomes easy to read as well, this hate, it all happened simultaneously, what a frickin mindbender right? The theories
abound . . . and it is not a very pleasant way to understand reading through hate, it is actual hate, you begin to understand just
how dark alot of people are, how cold they are, how shutdown they are, how shutoff they are, like robots, without any form of
conscience whatsoever, and how far they are willing to go to destroy "targets" through the manipulative coercion of instigation :
they seek conflict, they seek inappropriate arousal (in a vast amount of seriously inappropriate ways, seriously, it gets really uncomfortably
disturbing how people of all ages are used for that type of corruption, it is disgusting), they seek rage, they seek hate, they seek to create
the immorality they propose through, they seek to create the unethical behaviors they act against you, and they do this by using their own
veiled hate, veiled in ways of insincerity, an insincerity that is common through all these liars, they attempt to create this in you at you about
you through your own private personal comprehensions through exploitation, the attempt at assimiltaion into their traps of immorality. It is
seriously aggressive. . .totally, without a doubt, this is illegal psychological warfare on a global scale. It becomes difficult to not comprehend
it when it is constantly happening, so the experience becomes very trying, like swarms of invisible mosquitos, but right there, anywhere, yet
not, like a real-time-life-movie-hologram of reality playing all around you in ways that are totally impossible for all of these folks to know, and
yet, there it is happening, and there it is happening, and there, and there, in a constant unfolding of your current path's surroundings like an
actual programmed reality in a holographic world : and how is that tangible to someone who doesn't know? . . .and when all of your actions
are monitored and played back against you in ways of aggressive and corruptive exploitation and exaggeration through aggravation, it is
likened to being assaulted over . and . over . again. Quite literally, it is the assault on the mind of an individual.

The Scream of Torture

So while witnessing this circumstance individually as it is carried out by mindless masses, like frickin drones, and while individually
you have a totally clear and sober mind to witness in the climax of these events you witness a law enforcment agency whose purpose
is dedicated to saving the lives of people who actually have necessity for their attention, that these people would actually partake in such
a corrupt implementation of abuses through aggressively loud antagonisms of choreography, is extremely disappointing, and as such, through
a moral compass of exactly why they became such people, saviors of structures and lives, it is to understand that they could very well be being
forced to comply to another, more powerful agency (perhaps even rogue to our own government.) Bear in mind, it was not absolutely every
single time, but like 97% of the time for many moons. Like clockwork they would exit their firestation as I approach their station or they would
enter their station as I am coming back from where I had gone . . . and this is some sort of intimidational form of abuse . . . that never actually
intimidated me, but did allow alot of stress multiplied by the features carried out by a secret choreographed faction of haters. I mean imagine
if 97% of the time you went somewhere you were met by sirens . . . that's a bit intense and monotanous, especially in the midst of the whole
"hive mind mentality " abuses. It is to question then, are people being controlled to obey some hidden society? And how many people
are programmed to obey? Logically, I would like to know. I am not irate, I am not acting insane, quite obviously I am not going to go
ballistic, I have no plan to, I am a peaceful man, but I would logically like to know if this is a normal process. I am interested in that
actual fact. Do I not have the right to know even this?

I have witnessed all different types of sirens used for this abuse. I have witnessed and documented
the whooping calls of sirens attempting to mimic music I was creating in headphones only I could hear!
And if you can imagine sitting there in your apartment creating a song out of your own creativity, in a freaky
timing that isn't normal, and suddenly hearing through your window a siren mimicking that exact rhythm in total
exaction as though they were listening to you create it privately, numerous times, (thus scientifially proven) you
would feel estranged by it as well. It is this attemptive through intimidational tactic. And it is not intimidating. It
is simply annoying, like mosquitos.


It is my hope that this would discontinue due to these writings. But I am not holding my breath. (what would a crazy, immoral person do
if a particular group of individuals in a stationed location continuously abused him? That's the actual testing premise. Obviously, as comprehended
by the thousands of attempts simultaneous to my thousands of peaceful reactions, I am not that type of person. I kept witnessing the abuse though,
over and over again, as though one thousand times were not enough. Think about it conspiratorially, what better way to create a "complex" than
by extremely aggressive noise, and have a locational focus of it, what a great way to frame an individual into some sort of coerced manipulation,
correct? They attempt to create criminals. And just how many criminals have they created? All those individuals we have witnessed go ballistic,
what was really happening that no one could actually witness. I could very well be explaining to you what they went through. Logically.

I witness many people throughout my everyday life in all locations sometimes used like drone puppets, set to the feature of : " OBEY " :
just to antagonize and abuse, seemingly embodied by the same thread of instruction of insincerity, speaking the same types of words of abuse
like a vocabulary of hate, same words everyone uses, patterned for torture, expressive in extremely private ways and exploited anywhere by
anyone and through all ages of people. And the circumstances of work and everyday meanderings are seemingly altered in this processing
in order to impose particular "tests" and abuses, replicated repetitious circumstances over and over again, people, objects, histories, exaggerations,
untruths, disinformations, all combined to attempt some sort of assimilation of abuse, fabricated into definable antagonization (all documented for
many years), so as such, there is an everyday presence of such circumstances whether I stay or go anywhere . . . if you can actually believe it,
and of course, it sounds 'out there.' But this is quite detailed, correct?

You read about it all the time, introverts, isolated, "tortured souls" : but what did they actually
go through before they became introverted, correct? What caused that introversion.
Perhaps the same features I have experienced, yes? When circumstances are set
against an individual in such a secretly specific way of abuse constantly, it is no
wonder at all why someone would be upset. We're talking about people
being attacked from their own normal comprehensions of thought
used as exploitations through "invisible ways" that are nearly
indescribable through sane conversation.

Witch Hunt

Do you know how that feels? Can you imagine never having a second
thought about a particular feature of reality, not in the least, but after having
it bludgeoned against you by numerous peoples daily how that NON-second thought
becomes an afterthought, then a forethought, then an actual complex? Can you imagine
how many ways an individual could be manipulated into complex? And why this would cause
introversion? I explain it to you because I have studied it without wanting to know it simply out of
necessity to not become manipulated. The type of integrity it takes to witness such a feature
of reality is immense.

How many news stories out there have this same scenario of abuse yet you can't see it
because you are not the target. News stories actually created or focused upon because
they are fabrications of the complexes that are created to cause abuse, the assimilation
of sames, replicants, clones, for abusive purposes = Railroaded.

So it is to comprehend, as a passive type person, and one who is not violent,
and one who has had alot of experience with not freaking out during extremely
intense times, I am explaining to you a feature of reality that is not acceptable to
Mother Nature. She called it BULLSHIT OPPRESSION. And I have not known Mother
Nature to use profanity. So I think She's serious about this one.


It has been years of this. On and off, switched throughout the "OBEY" feature of this secret programming. Do you see how far it goes?
Who would even ever know ? I witness people chosen as antagonizers due to what has been witnessed through my own private thoughts
IMMEDIATELY reiterated back at me through the media or public, that fast, instant messaging, and then these become more antagonizing,
and then they are replicated and placed out throughout the normal daily routines, seriously, it is like they are immediately cloned into society's
features to wherever the "target" goes. And my routine is not a huge mystery. I usually go to the same places. I am not very adventurous outside
of meditation due to these features of reality.

Every institution I have witnessed this same system. I have not met any circumstance that does not eventually become assimilated.
And so of course, that is a seriously isolating reality to understand. It is amazing to me that no one knows about this. It's like being in an
alternate reality, a separate reality. Events set up just to test your will of easiness in the face of constant psychological abuse, whereas
there is no morality at all to any of it. Yet YOU are judged for your own moral or immoral reaction as it happens : HOW WILL YOU REACT. . .
It goes far. So is tested morality with immorality and with the expectation of an insanity reaction in the face of constantly choreographed
chaos! What the hell kind of circumstances are people being tested for when it goes this far? There's no sign up sheet, I didn't request any
particular path such as this, it was just like suddenly waking up sober and realizing that this was all happening, a neverending LSD trip in
sobriety . . . and Nature is now, like, "EXPLAIN IT."

But there's so much to it. It's like a frickin book in and of itself.

The monitoring is in all ways private, public, 3 Dimensional (if you can believe it), like a holographic expressive feature, through your
own eyes . . . everything I saw, they saw, unless the time was off . . . It is most assuredly a violation of individual rights. Just understand, I DON'T WANT
to think this way about people, it is not my choice to comprehend corruption, but as I constantly witness it, what do I do, just pretend oppression doesn't
exist? How would that help anyone! It is unacceptable, and Nature is getting rather preturbed it seems. I like liking people and being mellow, I want to
witness a complacently flowing public who aren't being led by a corruptive puppet of "OBEY " , those who could actually be themselves, unique,
individual, free, well, nice, easy going, and respectful, OMFG how long has it been since I witnessed an actual person being their actual
unique Self without programming!

Patriot Act

I like fire department people and especially those who save people's lives, you're all good in this light, logically, law enforcement
is needed, there is crime! . . . it is to understand that only those who are quite obviously corrupt need be dealt with on a level of strict
judgement (and not those who have been forced to comply to corrupt agencies or "Beings.") And they will, I am certain, eventually.

It seems my lack of memory has been taken advantage of (my lack of memory due to multiple brain injuries (and as we have witnessed
by sober experience, perhaps even caused through this same circumstance of events throughout time), I am simply telling you what has
happened, and continues to happen. I know it sounds like paranoia. I am not paranoid. I have experienced reality in such a way as it was
dealt to me, I learned, and I am allowing you this knowledge. I say this to you as calmly and collectively as though I were having a normal
conversation with a friend, if you were to actually read over all the journal entries and witness for yourself the amount of repetitious abuses
that have been experienced in this place and simultaneously throughout all forms of media, you would understand without a doubt
just how far this goes, and it would effect you in a very deep way.

These experiences are fact. It's strange, simultaneously to all this, FOR EXAMPLE, I have to go to the store whenever I need food,
(yes, that is logical and normal.) I often go to Safeway because it is the largest, cheapest, main store around here with good deals.
At Safeway you have the option of getting a discount card like most big stores. So I got my discount card a long time ago. My card
number is 201. And I began witnessing that nearly every time I would walk into the store, the announcement over their intercom would
speak with the robotic voice, "2. . .0. . .1" (which in and of itself is like one of those constant conspiracy movie moments), and I was like,
what!? I mean seriously, sum up what I have already just told you and then add this on to it every time you go into the store to buy food,
. . . eventually I went to their managers politely and with a smile, and I was like, what is this about? And they proclaimed it was their "phone
system," that one of their employees had just received a phone call. I thought, well, that's strangely conveniently lame (and oddly parallel
to the fire department's mysterious and seriously repetitious timing of my path.) MONITORED. I hadn't noticed it until long after I had got this
card (I always wear headphones, thank goodness for iPods! The corrupt chatter gets monotanous.) It did not matter which Safeway I went
to, I tested it, as I entered these stores, this announcement would go off. And it was likened to the fire department exiting their station as I
approached, sirens blaring. But as well have I witnessed in that store ALOT OF ABUSE a select type of people, reverse racism mainly, but
all types of people being replicated for what I have already previously comprehended for you, "agents" placed to corrupt, and I don't
have anything against the place, I shop there for goodness' sake! During some of these heightened times of corruption I have witnessed
their intercom system set to "feedback" (you know, like that high pitched ringing tone you hear in conspiracy movies) over their intercom
system as these abuses are taking place, and that's serious choreogaphy. The heightened frequency manipulation of high pitched tonalities
as people crowd you and cut you off and point and do their "counting coup" attempts, it's like a game to them as you simply buy food. And
we witness here extreme parallelisms of both monitoring and attacking, both detrimental psychologically, in a continuous path that I have
experienced. Extremely abnormal behavior documented as it happened. So while being systematically attacked in this strange oppressive
regime (this "invisible" one that is difficult to believe), this replication of repetitous-specific antagonizations, my presence is announced by
sirens or robot voices! (and that too sounds paranoid, I know, but look at the volume of comprehension here, it is a scientifically
documented fact through observational experience, tons and tons of times FOR YEARS) . . . and that seems odd to me. Is it not
weird? Is this not strange to you? Do you not find this peculiar? I say this to you with the most humblest of energies, when you
add up the amount of times it has happened, it would be irresponsible of my comprehensive awareness to NOT comprehend
it (it's like continuously being bludgeoned and not saying anything about it, there is no logic to it) . . . "the coincidences" are too
numerous to ever be considered coincidence again , and they are piling up; these hidden psychological warfares against
"targets" from unknown "walls" of secret policing brutalities by " invisible to society " circumstances that have become visible
due to their repetitious instigations and my constant documentations . . . and Mother Nature's (quite specific) request of these
informations. (and there's so much more, way more.)

And I realize of course, logically, not everyone is involved in abuse.
I attempt to be as cordial as possible all the time to everyone. Yet
when attention is constantly averted towards antagonization, it is
easily deducable how an individual might become complexually
unable to be complacent to others due to such a constant repetition.

But I try. And I love. Because that's all I seek.

During these circumstances I have of course expressed that my private meditations are being exploited back against me in ways that are
obvious only to me (because they are my PRIVATE meditations.) Quite obviously, if an individual is not allowed the freedom to meditate in
private, that has basically comprehended the disregarding of civil rights and taken abuse to a seriously greater low. As I have experienced
this upwards of hundreds, even thousands of times, tens of thousands of circumstances through daily individual instigation, it would seem the
unparalleled distribution of such abuse would only be to attempt the destruction of an individual, not a 'rehabilitation,' not a 'healing,' not a
'reformation,' and most assuredly not just ' live and let live'. . . and besides, have you not read this journal of the attempt at allowing greater
balance? And so I implore you, "secret people," what happened to you? It's like The Frickin' Twilight Zone Patriot Act of Deception that
never frickin' shuts off. It's like NEVERENDING WATERBOARDING. Remember Conspiracy Theory? Is this how your society's reality is
supposed to be? So as an individual who is NOT bent on exacting "revenge," but merely attempting to survive and evolve in love
whilst simultaneously attempting to actually read what is important (while being continously abused) : Mother Nature seeks of us
for the purpose of evolution and flow, I continue to attempt balance. And I am being completely honest to you with an absolute
sober and clear mind when I say that I am fighting severe psychological warfare on a scale that most folks could not believe
even exists, let alone experience = Railroaded.

Pstchological Operations

When our civil rights have been abused and/or allowed to be abused by authority, society is no longer a civility, it is a disorder.
And I do not seek to take apart America's, or Earth's societies. I love people! Come on people, wake up! What am I doing but
attempting to allow you a greater clarity for loving and healing regenerative love energy as balance! Why would you seek to
fight the creation of Earth's balance? . . . I witness all these circumstances known by people in authority of this place, of this state,
of this country, of even other countries, the media is biased to whomever is the authority over them that day " OBEY!" = controlled.
And I witness the media attempt to skew perception by what they post as their imageries as well, that, btw, is called "spin."

I have such a VAST VOLUME of corrupt media imagery it would freak most people out . . . I'm talkin like every single day imagery
completely paralleling my everyday circumstances in exploitive yet twisted fabrications and exaggerations into seriously immoral
and unethical attempts at coercive manipulation and mind control. Controlled Media. No one seems to be off limits to them, they
use anything and everything to CREATE abuse in the most vile ways possible. Obviously at a level of such corruption there is a vast
amount of monitoring occuring. Obviously. How could it not be. If the news is regulated as such in order to attempt the corruption
of a "target," how many others has this been done to . . . how many others have literally lost their minds because of this and actually
gone ballistic? What exactly is this "program?" And why is the hate driven so far against folks deemed as "targets?"

Media Control

This circumstance is known. It has not been stopped, so logically, it is being condoned by authority.
Or is actually beyond the control of puppet authority. There are so many levels to society unknown
to the masses it's insane. To think that even a peaceful, spiritual practice such as peaceful meditation
would be abused, or that this abuse were actually created and condoned by authority, is of course
heinous to say the least. AND as such if said authority is unable to police society, what does that say
about society. We're all people right? Were we ever on the same level of peace? These are
serious questions. What is peace? . . . no matter what, our civil rights should be recognized
well and peacefully and without fault or fail, if this is The Patriot Act being bludgeoned
against unknowing targets.


It is a total violation of civil rights, and basically proclaims forth that there is literally no constitution of
the United States of America = Martial Law, and as such if this is global = Martial Law over the whole
planet. And this basically, literally, proclaims forth that Martial Law already exists on any individual who
is deemed a "target." And that could be any one at any time and anywhere, without a clue, without
a comprehension of it, suddenly, your life, as a target, imprisoned.

Unify, Without Oppression

Obviously, terrorism is a very serious threat. Violence is not The Way. It has never been my way. We have witnessed here in
San Francisco recently for "May Day " the ignorant following of such deception, masses of sleeping people following a disrespectful
and corruptively deceptive group (most likely placed by corrupt political folk), wake up people! Who the hell destroys small businesses
while attempting to protest against Big Business? Alot of these shops are just artists! Seriously. Really? That circumstance, Valencia St.
being vandalized during a protest against Big Business = lame. What the hell? Are people this ignorant? There was this one guy just
throwing bricks into the crowd from the top of an occupied building? No logic. Yet another form of corruptive placement. Do
you know how easy it is for authority to place people in circumstances like protests in order to sway your opinions? Extremely
easy. Wake up folks. Don't follow the ignorant deception. Use your instinct. If you're protesting Big Business, walking around
The Mission District area is probably the wrong way.

We witness deception being choreographed to sway circumstances. That which was meant to be correct is
corruptively pathed with not so obvious choices, yet a mass of folks follow. This is why it is so important to keep
your individuality fluid always. No matter what, where, when, why, or how. If you're going to the ice cream store
to get some double chocolate malted crunch and end up in a Ross Dress for Less store buying those 80's fatty
tennis shoe laces, quite obviously, the path has been skewed. . .even though, those laces were kewl. . .

So it is to understand that if circumstances such as terrorism (or even the right to free speech and protest
: which BY THE WAY can be easily deemed as terrorism if you're not careful folks) are being used as an excuse
to railroad circumstances and through targeted individuals who "these people" want to ruin or destroy, and as
such this is being perpetrated in an immoral and unethical manner of abuse, America, and the world, have a
very serious frickin' problem. If authority is involved in the processing of individual "targets" who are innocent of
terrorism, and this is being perpetrated against said "targets" through constant terroristic instigations by said authority :
that authority and all affiliated "OBEYERS" have become "the terrorist(s)," an actual threat to America and The World. And
just like a peaceful protest that goes up the wrong street and wreaks violence on an innocent people, so too can be understood
as terrorism (albeit ignorant.) There's no way around that one in either sense. Terrorizing is terrorizing. It does not matter if you are a
civilian, of the military, of authority, a city worker, a political official, an actual judge, someone on a jury, a prisoner or a free person,
if you are choreographed to terrorize, you, are a terrorist. Isn't there some law for that, the patriot something or other?
Oh wait. yeah. hypocrites.

Empathetic Justice

It's fairly easy to define. And with that, you're going to have to perform your illegal tests on yourself now . . . oh wait,
there's no police for secret societies? . . .is that not logical? Yes, there is no logic to a secret policing system that
has no authority. It is to question, will societies such as this actually reap what they have sown? Or will Mother
Nature exact our future into balance in Her Way because humanity is too ignorant to get it right? We must
understand that Earth, as a conscious entity, (and we have alot of knowledge to validate She and Mother
Nature are conscious), She will only let humanity defile Her for so long before Her own languaged voice is
spoken so deep that it would shake the very foundation of all society. We have even witnessed this in correlation
to the abusive climaxing I have experienced in simultaneous degree to tornados, hurricanes, and earthquakes. Why
would She not speak to you aggressively if you spoke to Her aggressively? If She is being abused through all of us, and
those who are attempting to help Her are as well being abused, do you not see the truth being manifest simply by individual
existence? That's serious! Do you actually compute what is being explained here? Your lives, all our lives actually depend on
our balance of morality (not just what is right, but what is fundamentally fluid as truth without corruption, do you get that?!)
As such, your lives become a mirror to whatever it is you attempt. Do you understand that validation becoming manifest?
Do you see how far the fundamental value of getting along respectively goes? It actually reaches to the very core of
Earth, for we live with Her symbiotically. The way the lands are shaped, all of it, if Nature has read us all, as She has read
me, She is most assuredly reading anyone, and our world is being shaped by action and reaction, the world is being
shaped by causality. How many of Earth's destructions were "natural " AND caused by humanity! = all of them. Of
course, scientifically it has been proven otherwise, correct, the shifting, the patterns of wave, moon, wind,
storm, but I implore you, it is a unified causality, not just "either or," it is all of the above.

We have witnessed actual scientifically proven response by Mother Nature in immense ways at least three intensely
specific times (in regards to HUGE manifestations : and a very specific INTENSE fourth at the end of this Every 7) from
these meditations. That by itself seems to be incredibly strange and powerful in ways yet known by our society, correct?
I have never witnessed this of someone, or even heard of this spoken logically throughout history. I am a normal man. We
could very well be witnessing a once hidden portion of reality, of our own capabilities to the likes and parallels of alot of historic
figures throughout history . . . the placement of circumstance to exact circumstance . . . the mirroring of private, individual realities
in ways unknown to every normal population throughout all history through nonlinearity, in ways that most folks can hardly fathom as
possible, and there is a choice that occurs, death of mind, or birth of evolution through revolution . . . or might you choose the third option.

Notice the options of knowledge paralleling each other, taunting each other like angels and demons . . . but YOU must be the center, neither.

Nature's Knowledge to heal and understand and read . . . strange "hating people knowledge" attempting to destroy . . .
I caught wind of Mother Nature reading all this without realizing She was reading my experiences (and then I realized She
had been reading me for quite some time), then logically deduced that, and here we are witnessing their paralleled
circumstances like E.T. and Elliot simultaneously dying, then simultaneously living. . .while the unknown factions try to
test it all to oblivion, losing all sight as to what is actually important!

E.T. and Elliot E.T. Lives!

It would only seem logical to allow peace if this were to a reflection of the world, correct? So many storms have
just happened. I do not want storms of havoc. This is not a goal of mine at all. The weight, my friends, the oppression.
Wouldn't it be weird if this whole process was just a test to see if an individual could actually balance the weight of an
ultimately choreographed chaos simultaneous to the reading of Earth with the simultaneous scouting of how to balance
through meditative manifestation for the purpose of balancing that which has not yet been capable of being balanced
(premised by a knowledge that reality has become a loop due to nonlinearity of parallel dimension)? I know. Out there. . .
. . . that being a test within a test within a test within a test, comprehending forth that those who are testing the individual in
corruptive and abusive ways actually have no idea that they are being puppeted as well, and perhaps even those puppeting
them have no idea that they are being puppeted as well, and as such through the nonlinear format of knowledge, the discovery
of balance has been proclamated forth throughout all of them without them even knowing it has happened; like that moment
in the camp in Peru when Jones is strapped to The Chair and the Russian Scientist is saying how individuals will be changed
from the inside without even knowing it is happening to them
, (her face magnifying like a Grey) : it gets extremely
deep my friends.

Jones and Irina

This is why it is so important to understand your individuality now, all of us, from the
youngest liberal child to the oldest conservative Being, all of us have a chance to be well.
The purpose is never to control each other, our purpose is to allow respect, love, healing,
peace, balance, integrity, and the evolution which comes from such.

The whole nonlinear reality comprehension has my mind in supermode, Holographic Theory. Half glass full scenario, yet understanding
that a glass half full of water is as well half full with space, which is volume by its own definition simultaneous to being simply "space,"
whereas the whole premise of balance may simply be this : the conditioning of our minds to see beyond the unperceivable
notions of conditioned reality . . . that we might actually evolve our minds, and free them from this invisible tyranny most
of us never knew existed that haunts us all silently blaring right in our faces, whether we know it or not : it effects reality :
Earth : Space : everything . . . . . . it is to wonder if all these people actually "hate" you or if it is just the "Haight Test, " and
they actually love you, and they think you can actually handle the entire pressure of all immorality being thrown at you
as though you were the cause of it all, taking on the entire weight of all " sin " without choice because it has been corruptively
and psychologically manipulated against you in all ways of immorality, as well you're attempting to heal from this out of necessity
of survival of both physicality and spirituality, thus the implementation of their healing by the infinite process, and even the survival
of mind (the actual main point), a process is comprehended that keeps becoming LARGER healing, from the drop of a small little river
all the way through the entire UNIVERSAL FORCE . . . omfg . . . "Wear The Oppression Bag!"

I will always seek balance through love, regardless.

Silur Silur

Peaceful Sea, The Mission of The Age when Earth was under water, that being defined as from Genesis as
Rebirth, for The Wounded Red Man Becoming Many whilst simultaneously without and Upon The Face Red Land,
The Measurement of Water Brought Forth : Imitated in Attack of The New Black Sunset • with The Simultaneous
Sacred Star Seed of The Sun as a Tree of The New Goddess of Sovereignty in The New Black Sunset. . .a tangent
created out of this for The Balance of The World, and Mars.

Ease The Horizon, Seed of The Dark Star, Back to Back with The Lion of Earth Magnified as The Great Vessel
Sculpture Phoenix Isis of Peace Consuming The Floods To Save The World. This is The Waterbearer of The Thunderhorse
Smoking Mountain Purification Vessel of The Unknown Vision through The PhiMale Vortex Communication, The Grid
Reticulum Flight of Ascension through Time from The Pentagram and Crystal of The Paralleled Wings of The New
Angles of Truth Initiated in Causality. Ascension from distress, The Serpent Heart Bridge of The Phoenix, The
Bending Bridge Parallel of The Ancient Light of Self Creation Swan Song of A Thousand Cunning Eyes of
Lyra Magnified in Space. This is The Right Angle of The Meditative Eagle of The Meditative Eagle, The
Depth Triangulum of The Altar, The Companion Navigation of Paradise Meditation, Ascension of The
Spine Sight Shields of The Parallel, The Cross' Ascension of Chiron's Bending Bow Spine Staff Crown
of The Archer's Spine Heart Magnification of The Spiral Crown of A Thousand Eyes from The Meditative
Native Parallel of The Wind from The Sails of The Great Vessel of The Croning V Compass, The Chalice Altar.

The Centers revealed The Cultivation of The Heart Moon without "desire" through The Raven of The OMO Offering
of Betelgeuse though The Great Furnace, The Mirrored River of Balance within Balance of The Bridge of The Great
Bull Taurus, The Sacred Offering of The Womb Purification through The Infinite Cycles. The Mother Scorpion revealing
The Great Mirror facing The Great Mirror, one of cultivation, one of healing, through The Bridge of The Bull. The Mother
Scorpion's tail is The Bending Bow Parallels, Reinholder Moon, and The Unknown SheGoat Raven. The Mirror is The Stone
Creator of The Hero's Serpent, holding, The Mirror is The Occipital Triangulum of The Horns of Taurus, The Offering of Love
through Death at The Seven Sisters simultaneous to The Savior Womb Offering of The Taurus Parallel. The Balance carried
by The Healer of The Serpent of The Mother Scorpion. Bridge of strength between The Mother Scorpion Healer Serpent Holder
Sun, Crown of The Betelgeuse' that isn't there, as strength. Voice of The Godfather of Light and Sky's Taurus, The Seven Sisters
Between The Goddesses of Love in Taurus' Heart through The Wings of The New Angles of Truth Initiated in Causality, The Great
Healer of Cultivation as The Arcturian Occipital Voice Stone Creator Triangulum's Triangulum of Ascension's Ascension,
The Savior Womb Offering of The Savior Womb Offering of Ascension, Bridge of The Godfather of Light and Sky.
The Serpent Bridge of The Wings of The New Angles of Truth Initiated in Causality and Purification of
Purification, The Absolutely Purified Infinite Cycles of The Sun.

It's almost as though Earth is saying, "when Earth was under water is being attacked somewhere in time. . .simultaneously though,
The Sacred Star Seed of The Sun became this 'Goddess Tree of Sovereignty,' " which basically sets forth the proclamation that instead
perhaps of a comprehension of Earth becoming flooded, this Sun became a Goddess Tree and (re)found(ed) Mars . . .and perhaps even to
consume these floods without even knowing this were the purpose by the simultaneous transfer of excess energies from Earth to Mars (so many
variables have just become : LEVELS OF MULTIDIMENSIONAL SOLUTIONS SIMULTANEOUS TO EACH OTHER) . . . if you can imagine a massive flood in
historic reality, the present future, known, understood through this nonlinearity, imagine this " sight " animated, morphing from a flooded world into
a simultaneous Genesis Goddess Tree of infinitely cycling loving and healing regenerative love energy as balance, a tree, like a sun, roots and
branches in symmetrical perfection in all directions, yet anthropomorphic in physical stance, you. . .and as such, no flood of Earth, you became
this. . .and simultaneously. . .a parallel. . .actual steam on Mars . . .a transfer through a Medium . . . you . . . through an infinite energy cycling
Meditation(s). . .it does not seem illogical given the scope of what has been witnessed, correct? But seriously, was Earth going to flood?
Or is this an "earth like" soil of Mars, the Mars' Meditations. Or perhaps it is actually simultaneous, a truth that was due to this parallel
(The Freedom Movie) both due to the comprehensive meditative practice : that being the transfer of the necessity of a flood to
occur on Earth : over to Mars . . .balance. . . It's all so strange. But then, that is why we have this legible Sky Earth imagery, to acknowledge
what has been and/or what is to be, or an explanation of that which needs to be understood and explained for balance, all simultaneously,
the various levels of dimensionality, not just thought, not just physical, not just spiritual, all of them manifestable without detriment to each other . . .
and in a very estranged comprehension of serendipity, the comprehension of our minds being legible in some manner of knowledge TO those who
would use our very thoughts and theories as exploitations against our own individual meanderings, this could as well be occurring simultaneously, that
being : the battle for balance becomes not just of one's own fluidity, but of ALL fluidity, thus eliminating the necessity to invalid untruths, we use the knowledge
we have comprehended as valid, and as well, the knowledge of those who would attempt to use our own knowledge against us through an adaptable sensibility
of instinctual fruition as a means to understand what is about to happen to us all on a scale that is unprecedented, eradicating and erasing all that is unnecessary,
and on a scale that would benefit everyone, even those who are sleeping drones. . . simply to awaken us all into what has necessity and out of the obviously
unnecessary abuses and conflictual attempts at corruption. To stand up to this corruption and heal through intelligent manifestation, and the courage to
continue on due to actual, stabilized integrity. The purpose always being balance. This is Mother Nature's course. Flow with it, ride it. Or don't. There is a
center ground between all this bullshit oppression, and regardless of what anyone says, this wave will always be no matter what happens next.

The age when a world was flooded is being imitated and attacked.
What was The Mission of that Earth? To replicate all the living organisms, right Noah?
To not be flooded? Sheesh, are we talkin parallel worlds now? Waterworld? Or parallel times
in a nonlinear timeline of historical replication for haunting "targets" : are we simultaneously understanding
it all? Nature has a way of doing that. . .all information from one (Mother Nature is like, they gave you replicants,
hmm, well here's a thought
(half glass full) let's replicate the NOAH story and manifest animal life on Mars too, why
not do it right.
) . . .Populate Mars with the knowledge of how to form life again? From a cellular level ! Perhaps the
notion is the trigger yes? We witnessed the infinity notion manifest, we witnessed the trinity volcanoes notion manifest,
we witnessed The Bigger Picture notion manifest, why not this? Are we beginning to scrape the surface of nonlinear time
comprehension? Parallels that are not right next to us in this time necessarily, but parallels of histories and futures for future
histories? . . . right next to us . . . in a nonlinearity, as such, anywhere, anytime, right now. Heavy duty. This is difficult to process. . .

You may think I am reading too far into this, but in all reality, I may just barely be unveiling
a seriously complex dimensionality of "how to" through layers of several different mediums :
an MLINK! If you think about it, our comprehensions on how to define reality may be limited
because we limit ourselves to what we have been conditioned and programmed to
understand. And if there is a greater perspective to comprehend, and it is being
understood by a secret group of people or Beings, all those who don't know
: are in the dark.

. . .that being : the capability of comprehending all reality from the unraveling of one
miniscule portion of reality. . .a grain of sand. . . once we learn how to understand, we
know how to get to all understanding, but as such must be done through a proper coding
of respect, or so becomes the barriers to truth out of actual universal logic . . . and this is
where Mother Nature is helping us or hindering us due to our either RESPECT or lack thereof.
Do you not see that?

That's alot to process all at once. I feel as though my eyes are constantly fluttering at
times, as though the amount of information being accumulated is beyond scope, beyond
measure, beyond all logical deduction, moving at like a thousand times the speed of light
every instant I actually purposely seek the information, it is constant now, seriously constant.

So now you decide what information is valid and necessary for you. For you are the most important one.

4.7.2012 Selat Sanding, Seltan Pagai, Mentawai, West Sumatra, Indonesia 5.5
Pagai Selatan, Mentawai (original), West Sumatra = south pagai = deep morning
sanding strait= to be close, defender of humanity (Being), sumatra = the gathering together of the waters

The star Menkar was in this depth center. It allegedly means the nose, but is meant as a defining of the
open mouth of the whale. It has been proclaimed that this was a warning of danger from great beasts,
disgrace, ill fortune, and/or illness. ( i got sick exactly after this, and I mean EXACT, it was a strange sickness
that occurred immediately after mobilizing someone's sudden request for their mail, as though the mail itself
had been somehow left with such a feature, for this illness was not like another, it occurred quite rapidly, I actually
understood the exact moment it began, and it began exactly after mobilizing this mail. It wreaked of corruptive placement.
But of course, that is difficult to believe, correct? Only in the movies, right? Where do you suppose those stories come from?
Interestingly enough, I was playing a game soon after this and read a portion of this game : what things cause the most stress
for anyone (which is rather general) but this notion as well, were as though the game were found necessary during this processing
due to instinct, or 'placed' due to my circumstances), and the answers were something like : work, illness, children and so forth, it went
on to list in order the experiences I was currently encountering as I went about my day of necessity, sick and working, a child sitting with
its mother (although not causing me any stress) . . .and it made sense to me why this would happen. Of course as conspiracy theories go,
if an individual is being railroaded, and they are not susceptible to a treatment of psychological warfare, what better way to create a
magnification of those stressful circumstances then by giving someone a quick illness as well. Could a people be so bold and ruthless?
Of course they could and would. If they are exploiting any and every aspect of individual privacy, why would there be any moral
conscience now? When I first moved to San Francisco over five years ago now, this place gave me a boil on my side. I thought it
was a tick. I never heard of people getting boils to my recollection (that's like biblical monotany! . . .the plague!), and so I eventually
went to the hospital, General Hospital in San Francisco. The boil was like the size of a nickel. They took a 16 gauge needle and dug into
the center of that boil DEEP. The pain was so incredibly horrific it is a wonder I did not pass out, no anesthesia, extremely sensitive area.
There was no professionalism to it. They actually said they had never seen anything like it before. Doctors. In San Francisco. Didn't know
what a boil was. I fought boils alot over those years, slowly diminishing, poping up at the most abusive moments like stab wounds from
invisible darts. A long time. (incidentally that hospital was right next to that skatepark where I fell onto the center between my eyes,
how's that for parallelism?) So anyway. . .back to this illness. . .we witness Mother Nature saying : . . . WARNING : SICKNESS . . . but I
have to do my job, this was part of my job, and so I was sickened by some feature of reality unknown to me, invisible to any portion
of society's secret claim of monitoring, allegedly, Natue immediately read it. As paranoia goes, most likely many folks reading this
are like, dude, are you frickin losing your mind? And I say to you, quite obviously not, I am merely expressing to you what I have
just experienced; it is as such that because of my writings of this experience, those creating the abusive experiences have
become heightened in their attempts at the creation of abuse and conflict, and for the mere purpose of creating abuse
and conflict. If there is actual psychological (and physical) warfare occurring (on a scale that is undeniable at this point btw),
why would such a people stop at that, why wouldn't they as well cause purposed illness through exacted circumstances for
just such a purpose? There is obviously a lack of ethical and moral conscience. And when I say lack, I mean there is no
moral conscience to the abuse I have witnessed against me. And besides, Nature just said it, as it was happening.
So, what up.

It is as well to understand that in this processing of railroading, I have experienced as well the constant attempt at framing individuals
into conflict, whereas for example, say someone moves out of their apartment (I am a building manager), and a while later they ask
for their mail (the post office having proclaimed that their forwarding is in process, but lags to no end), the new tenant retrieves that
mail for me and leaves it by my door, and it is left their for an undetermined amount of hours (unmonitored by me and without me
knowing it was actually there til I retrieve it), then I pick up that mail and place it somewhere to await that old tenant's arrival for it.
. . .then. . . OUTANOWHERE . . .having not been ill for an extremely long time, and having not been around anyone sick for an
extremely long time. . .SUDDENLY. . .right after having handled these papers, an immediate illness takes effect upon my physical
body, beginning with throat aching, congestion, and so forth. . .we're talkin, the actual same day an extremely short time later
(having gone nowhere else.) I of course immediately thought of the mail : that's how fast it happened. So you are wondering
how is that "framing?" The question and test, the abuse, and torture is this (to a railroaded-educated individual) : : : : comprehending
as such : to logically deduce the circumstance one must question the experiential details. . .did the old tenant know about the entire
circumstance : did the new tenant know at all about the circumstance : and/or did someone just walk by and condition the circumstance
with some sort of biological agent . It was so rapid, the oncoming of the illness, that it would have been irresponsible of my mind not to comprehend
it. As well, it could very well have been any, or all of those people involved (just to witness what direction I would go with it), or even folks involved who
did not even know they were a part of the actual circumstance, those who play sleeping roles without even knowing it (this is how far the comprehension
has gone, sleeping puppetery of drone mentalities, and I might add, these are theories.) So you can see how easily it would be to "frame" someone against
someone else through corrupted circumstances, (seriously, I think about this stuff as it happens, like a frickin encyclopedia of corruptive coercion, the do's
and don'ts and how to's and what nots, how to think, how to react, knowing there is always some sort of detrimental response no matter how you react) . . .
it is to understand though, it has been my experience that when approached on such actualities, those involved ALWAYS deny it, they are programmed to
deny anything accused of them . . . I have witnessed this lie tons of times, documented. . . I actually witness the creation of these types of circumstances ALOT.
BUT. . .we must always think things through logically, calmly, without emotion, don't ever jump to conclusions because it is the "obvious" reason. If people are
actually going to this much trouble to create conflict through a variant of ways from the corrupted media to everyday "followings" (isn't that called stalking
by the way?), quite obviously there is more to it. And as such I have expressed about "authority" figureheads, many folks could just be puppeted without
even knowing they are being puppeted, or drones (that being people drones, like a fifty-something year old man in a drone body of a twenty-something
woman, but imagine that in all ages from children to the old, you can imagine just how corrupt it could actually get, seriously, evil corruption), used as
devices of hate without anyone ever knowing it, the attempt at manipulation and coercion through all ages and ethnicities replicated to your own
experiences in a mixture of obviously corrupt manners of abusive intention; and of course, one would hardly ever be capable of believing it unless
you have experienced it, these seemingly animated Beings out of nowhere suddenly mobilized by the call of unknown tyrannists to your immediate
path known by constant monitoring and/or nonlinearity . . . If others are specifically directing their aggressive belligerence at you, and sirens are
screaming at you during these times, it doesn't seem a coincidence). . .the circumstances I have witnessed most assuredly point in a direction
that isn't just innocent coincidence (especially by the volume of alleged coincidences I have experienced) . . . and of course, you have the
right to believe it or not. . . Nature said "sickness," I explained what just happened, and allowed you "the bigger picture" of what was
happening in this experience as a whole. If you can imagine what that type of constant berating could do to an individual, it is a
miracle I am not insane or dead. It also begs the question (yet again) : how many people have been put through this process
only to go ballistic due to all the corruption directed against them. Quite obviously understanding this much corruption while
it is happening is difficult not only to experience, but to document, because as the individual documenting it, instead of
ignoring it all, you're sort of immersed in it whilst attempting to find a way to heal everyone from it, and practicing that
manifestation simultaneously, that being the purification of All from this corruption while cycling infinite love. . .basically
you become like a Black Hole Sun, consuming all corruption, eradicating it, and manifesting infinite love.

What else can I do but this? And it's heavy.

I do not want to cause turmoil for those who seem to be abusing but aren't actually abusing, merely puppets, and so there is
a very serious amount of intricate acclimation and adaptation that I have had to go through to get to a point of purification,
and that is not just for me, but for those whom don't know they are being puppeted or are still innocent people, they're just ignorant
to it. There is alot to it. Please wake up. Don't become a puppet (no disrespect to actual real puppets.) This is why I do not go around
trying to blame every single individual who is shown to me as abusive, Nature knows, there are other ways, and so I document it all, and
have been for years, calmly documenting abuse after abuse, besides, they would most likely deny it anyway (this has been the experience
of that anyhow, which only creates greater disdain, so why even bother until it is undeniable, like now.)

It has become obvious that a greater request of these conflictual creators is to frame others in order to create some sort of mentality
of distrust. (And I do not seek to disrespect anyone by saying they are being puppeted either, I am merely expressing theoretical logic
as to these current circumstances, the parallels and "coincidences" are far too numerous to not have been witnessed, nor proclaimed,
and don't get me wrong, I am not attempting to turn this journal into an outlet of the oppressive features of people becoming alien pets,
but when Mother Nature expresses learning necessity, I need to explain it apparently. I respect the difficult jobs most of these (authoritive)
people have to do as well, they have to deal with alot of crap, ALOT. But of course, if those responsibilities are eskewed into the destruction
of our civil rights, I of course do not have any respect for them. And there must be an invisible line engraved into any society that understands
the processes of civility with humane respect, otherwise, that society is destined to fall without fail to its own abusive causalities (regardless of
whether I write this or not.) It will always be this way because where there is corruption being produced by men who allegedly "run" a society,
so shall that corruption become them : because they are actually producing the corruption. . . : it is what they are producing. (fortunately,
WE are producing infinite and respectful love and have been this entire time, regardless of these estranged behaviors. Revenge has
never been a goal.)

Understand, this is NOT all authority. Understand that this is not to create disdain of "authority," it is to create
awareness. It is to produce a greater respect for those who have NOT become corrupt. Those who are in
authority that actually BELIEVE in civil rights. . .those who do NOT condone the inhumane processes of railroading.
You should look to those people who believe in civil rights as your heroes, as your authority figures of choice, they
will have the most honesty, the most integrity, the greater hearts. There are alot of heroes out there, not just artists,
not just musicians, not just entertainers of the Silver Screen or television, and these as people who risk their lives
because this is what they have chosen to do for others, and many of those heroes are actually fire department
people, police people, soldier people, even people in politics, I mention these because those jobs are extremely
difficult, and if there is an isolated group of such a civil authority that is actually corrupt and attempting to corrupt
people, I do not want the rest of the folks out there to think that they are thought of like that, they aren't, there are
corrupt people who are actually thought of as pigs, and then there are heroes perhaps wearing the same type of
uniform who are not pigs, and we need to elevate the humane folks to their proper right, and rid our society of the pigs
(at least out of authority) . . . realize forth those whom do not seek to corrupt us, so that we may evolve out of the corruption.
It is the comprehensive right of each of us to rid ourselves of corruption, and without failure. To be done so respectively, and
as such without the necessity for violence or cruelty or abuse = HUMANE.

= logic.

And so as a logical individual, it is to understand that I do not literally know who was
responsible for the illness. By all honesty it could have been an "innocent" transference by a
sick government mailperson who delivered the mail (even though it was in there for such a long time, but
it is to know there is not certainty, so there is not necessity to the blaming of anyone, it's all theory.) And so it is
to comprehend that in such a circumstance, having experienced an exacting situation with a sudden physical
response, with the simultaneous experience of needing to work and experiencing this railroading by a multitude
of folks, I am waiting for this train and playing a game on my phone, and it asks "what are the greatest causes of the
most stress". . .the main answers, work, illness, children. . . and so I laugh, because it was an exacting of the current
circumstance, sitting there on the ground waiting for the train, sick, working, a child with their mother sitting next to
me. . .paralleled. . .outanowhere. . .again. . .And as coincidences go, what do we say when everything is a

When everything is a coincidence, nothing is.

The greatest features of this circumstance that I have had to overcome are NOT becoming impatient
and NOT becoming angry, THIS IS PARAMOUNT. The goal then would be to attempt comprehension. This
seems to be one of the "great tests" of this circumstance . . . but as "tests" go, there is no humanity to it, it
is likened to being a lab animal . . . which in and of itself is an inhumane process. It reminds me of Paperclip (watch it!)
. . .an X Files that speaks about the glorification of human testing and cataloging for the purpose of evolving humanity
through hybridization at the expense of humans . . . unwilling, unknowing humans . . . against their will . . . hybridization . . .
theoretically we could go with this very far if we actually had proof of aliens (or multidimensional travelers, as such = no time paradox
to time travel due to parallel worlds = nonlinearity) , or the attempt at breeding into reality "superhumans" (super soldiers?) . . . exacting proof,
someone does . . . I mean, I have my experiences logged over the last few years, every single day. . .(journal your experiences my friends, you'll
learn fascinating anomalies that do not mesh with current physics at all!) . . . If someone were to read over the documentations I have journaled,
they would see the patterns of testing and abuse in extremely obvious comprehensions . . . what about an entire lifetime, correct? If we have
expressed the possibility that humanity's timeline can be altered in a nonlinear manner without paradox, (and I have exact proof of this due
to Nature's allowance of knowledge), then it is to understand that somehow, someone found a loophole to the paradox theory of altering
history, whereas linearity has become eskewed from definability (probably due to parallel worlds) in a nonlinear comprehension of it. Can
you fathom that? If time can be altered in history, today, what just happened could as well have just been altered due to what was just
immediately experienced to manipulate that particular outcome due to the when, the why, and the how you are experiencing it. . .now.
Do you get that? DEJA VU actually explained. Nonlinear changes. How is it possible, how is it happening, who's got the device. If people
would go to this much trouble to abuse an individual, would they not go to the same lengths to alter history? And if this is a legible
comprehension (as attemptively described by Mother Nature through the Grid Reticulum Parallel imageries) , could we actually
ever read into it properly without the exact knowledge of how, when, and why? And how many lives have been destroyed in this
way, or perhaps, ascended? Entire periods of history could have actually occurred just to manipulate your immediate circumstances
(that's the best way I can explain it to you so you understand how close it is to you, just imagine that as a possibility and what effect that
would have on your personal reality and history) because of this capability (wars, murders, any crime, on anyone, at anytime, nonlinearity, without
conscience, without humane civility or human rights, without law, because no one knows of it, is possible, it's a frickin free for all = that's madness.)
But as well, without paradox, so may become ultimate purification. Knowledge, it seems, and the comprehension of it, as expressive of this nonlinearity,
may become Time's own healer out of just such an evil. This comprehension that Mother Nature expressed through my recent bloody fall with the island
of Babi (Pig Island), and this shape on my left hand turning into a heart, with the Reticulum Grid Circles of The Horizon of that quaked area expressing
this as a time altered feature of InBetween time of The Embarcadero, and then my comprehension of it IN HISTORY through an episode of DS9. . .as
I was directed there in that same time period by another earthquake just after it had occurred : we witness this completely outrageous claim and
experience through any history at all, this totally outrageous theory (that was and continues to be experienced) that most anyone could not
believe unless they actually experienced it, this completely life altering, society altering, world altering, universe altering proclamation that
reality is capable of alteration due to nonlinearity, much more than we know, by far, much different than we have EVER understood . . .
and much further than we are even being led to believe . . . while Mother Nature is saying,


(while we struggle through the experience) and we understand that there are probably disinformations occurring simultaneous
to this as well (i have witnessed!) . . . those who would proclaim falsities against it to disprove it or manipulate circumstance to alter it,
(the same puppeted people trying to cause the abusive corruptions) and by people who are involved in the secrecy of it. . . can you
actually believe it, and does it matter to you? How could it if you do not have any way of understanding it, correct? So Mother Nature
said, here, let's walk down this path of parallelisms and show you just how strange it really is. . . how can this be properly explained to
you so you might understand just how deep it goes while validating this truth through some form of tangible trust . . . how far do
people actually go to attempt what they are attempting? It is this vast, and much more disturbing than you know, constantly.

Mother Nature will continue communicating. We will continue interpreting.
Regardless of what is said outside of nature, She will be heard, it will be The Truth,
and we will listen. . . for She is everywhere simultaneous. She is alive. . .I read somewhere
that Earth is 3 millionths the mass of The Sun. . .and the number of Suns in the universe is
calculated at like 4X10 to the 22nd power. (40,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars.) SO,
it is proclaimed that JUST THE STARS in the known universe create a volume of the universe
10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 larger than Earth. . .and this isn't even accounting for space,
dark matter, multidimensionality. . .and we are this little speck of the universe as such. . .and look at how
much information there is in this little speck. . .to think that a mutli levelled comprehension does not exist,
and if organically driven, would not seek to be interpreted, is foolish. . .especially if there is a symbiosis
already inherently existent within each one of us just awaiting its normal organic trigger. . .many of us
have yet to percieve more than simply this while all " this " is currently happening. . .so as I have experienced
these strange comprehensions, I have journaled them. . .it was allowed forth right through this journal, and
even interpreted itself in a legibility that was mutually understood, and now results in actual communication.


I am not some scholar of science, I am just a normal,
every day individual who happened to understand.

. . .and it is to understand that we may not be "alone" in this universe or multiverse or multidimensionality,
it is as well to understand that we could simply be right next to ourselves from another place, ourselves,
interpreting to us, what we have yet to understand, through a nonlinear reality :
. . . T H E . . . L E V E L S . . . O F . . . E X I S T E N C E . . .

Pagai Pagai

Sickness of The Deep Nose of The Open Mouth of The New Angles of Truth Initiated in Causality :
The Narrow, Close, Defender of Being of The Deep Morning of The Original People
of The Setting Sun of The Gathering of The Waters of The Oceanic River.

The Horizon spoke of The Navigation of The Bird of Paradise looking forth to A Thousand
Eyes at the slumbering Native, The Lion of Earth climbing down to the Smoking Mountain,
The Descending Vessel. Half a heart of The Serpent next to The Inverted Bridge. The Sculpture
looking forth from behind The slumbering Phoenix. Time at The End of The River. The Grid Reticulum
suspended in air next to the descending PhiMale Vortex without vision. The Crown is being magnified
around the eyes, and the altar is dripping into The Depth Triangulum. Circinus on the edge of Chiron.
The seed beneath the intersection.

The Centers revealed The Great Healer Sun Womb Earthen Ascension from distress and The Mother Scorpion
Bridge of The Triangulum Offering from The Stone Creator of The Parallels. The necessity of balance of The
Savior Womb Offering of Taurus' Love and The Purification of The Infinite Cycles from The Mirror's Amazonian
Warrior's Mammillian Pearl Girdle River of Cultivation, The Mammillian Furnace Crown, The Sacred Offering
of The Secret Stars Dearest of Heart without desiring, the necessity of strength , The New Angles of Truth
Initiated in Causality.

It is to wonder if this mailcall actually happened in the early a.m., correct? It appears as such. "The Original People?"
So who are the original people? The original tenants? (this is speculation and theory by the way) The original tenants
as such proclaiming the tenants who have lived here since I have worked here? The mail left right outside my door,
(as though the entrance to my apartment were likened in parallel to that map for this particular experience's knowledge,
attempting to be explained by Nature. If at all we are to believe that the validity of this current expression of Nature has
any truth to it, as validated by immediate reacion through nonlinear experience.

We explain it how it has been interpreted, and that's frickin weird, right? (especially given
the scope to which I attempt to understand such a small, trivial experience that could
either be as innocent as a sneeze, or as corrupt as a laced envelope to induce illness
purposely.) Why would we not speak of it then? And why would Nature even mention
it if it did not have some sort of validity to this current experience, correct? (I mean as
far as the normal California or Federal laws are concerned, I believe tampering with
mail, and even poisoning it is a federal crime, but even that isn't my main point, the
main point is legibility, unless of course I was murdered, than I suppose that would
be the main point . . . but I wasn't, so that point is moot.)

What a strange experience, right? Mother Nature is a rather large entity, yes? YES.

To think that the possibility of people actually trying to mentally/physically disable an individual
who is attempting to allow balance WITH EARTH seems irresponsible to me. It's like Native America
all over again (and I am not saying that I have anywhere near experienced the suffering of a people
such as this, I am merely expressing parallelisms metaphorically), and as such that this is done illegally through
psychological warfare, is as well immoral, and as well if done through biological warfare, the unethicality is criminal.
And all for the name of "testing?" . . .for "torture?" Which is it? And how much will it take to believe? If we cannot believe
exact proof iterated forth by Mother Nature during the process, how will we ever believe anything miraculous? It's that simple.

That a "society" would actually condone the abuse of civil rights of an individual does
not seem logical to me. . .and is most assuredly not cohesive with the processes of
a peaceful spiritual practice that has flowed in with Mother Nature by Her guidance.
Nor does the abuse of civil rights seem sane or cohesive with any form of logical governing
: of a people : regardless of who, what, when, why, or how. There just isn't any sense to be made
of such an inhumane circumstance. And yet we try to understand . . . the weight is intense, as you
might imagine, seriously.

It is to understand, yes, we want to keep our country, our world, safe from those
who would seek to cause us harm or destruction, this is logical, but if this is at the
expense of the very people attempting to keep us safe (that being the allowance
of safety from harm and destruction) then the whole point of the process has become
voided in a paradox of itself. Preventing abuse by causing abuse is illogical. How is pouring
water on the ground continuously going to dry it. . . It is not logical. If we're on "the same team"
folks, stop the frickin pointless abuse and get your acts together already. Yes means yes. No means no.
Abuse is abuse, and if you are abusing, you're out.

It is to understand at this point that even though I am very sick, I continued to meditate. I felt as though I had to keep going,
my instinct allowed me comprehension that I just had to keep going. . .just keep going. . .I needed to rest, but I could not rest,
I needed to keep going. The planets were aligning, and every single day was essential. And every single day became stronger.
And ever single day I witnessed more and more railroading and abuse. I don't want to tire you with the exhaustive measure of
how much I have experienced. . .it is exhausting to think about it, and I am sure it is exhaustive to read it, but Mother Nature said
"talk about oppression."
Just understand that this experience is not a necessity to the spiritual development I have expressed. It is
not necessary to be bludgeoned over and over again by "a secret people," having, literally, my mind raped over and over again
by "a secret people" is not a necessity to spiritual development. This is not a part of anything I would actually teach people to evolve,
perhaps I would express this knowledge to prepare you for what is possible, but not teach you for a spiritual revolution, civility is by far
a greater necessity to the evolution of loving and healing regenerative love energy as balance. . .I never knew a winning horse who
was continuously abused and beaten. That practice is not sound, it is not sane, it is not logical, it is not humane. And you're probably
wondering "the mind raped?" Quite literally, a mind riot, if an entire faction of society is bent on psychological warfare, and this process
actually monitors your individual experiences, your individual private experiences, and actually attempts to hone in on those private"unknowable"
circumstances of day to day happenings, it is to understand that when the exploitations of absolutely private experiences are exploited back against
you in seemingly impossibly known knowledges, (and done in such a vast number that it is impossible not to recognize (and while with a completely clear
and sober mind), this may be considered "the raping of a mind," and I do not allow my mind to be scanned and my private thoughts exploited corruptively,
I do not allow this, so as such that it is being done against my will, it is logically defined as the raping of my mind. . .and of course this is nearly impossible for
most of you people to believe who haven't experienced it or witnessed it happen, but I can tell you with absolute clarity and sobriety that this is actually
happening, and as such that it is so difficult to prove is why it can happen so much to anyone (you could be witnessing the explanation of a device used
by our world governments or other/parallel worldly Beings (or both) to railroad "targets," a secret device, a secret system, a secret program, to the likes
of MKULTRA!) . . .it could be happening to many of you right now, and due to your belief systems you cannot fathom this (and so you are slowly being
manipulated without even knowing it), it is blown off as coincidence or deja vu (as you are slowly abused every single day, secretly). . .but it really
occurs. I have no reason to lie. And quite obviously, such an experience is not policed in a normal manner through any type of civil rights, or
any rights for that matter, (although if it is done by authority, it is a paradox in and of itself, as has been mentioned.) You didn't even necessarily
know of this if you are a "normal " individual reading this right now . . . and if you are one of the many who are "trolling" for new ways to abuse,
quite obviously you do know that you are a rapist. And as such, how completely immoral, unethical, and vile you have become. . .yes. . ."vile".
It is to comprehend that Mother Nature Knows, and regardless of whether you "abusers" or "haters" actually care or can even fathom emotion
due to whatever has been constantly done to you to deaden your senses or conscience in this insane system of corruption, at the very least
you can understand in full worth the fact that you have become a rapist. And that's disappointing on a multitude of levels, not just to me,
but to you as well. This has been witnessed, massive attacks in this current time period by the exacting of Mother Nature's real response
through MASSIVE storms. It's like clockwork, I go out to get a loaf of bread and I am seemingly and systematically attacked from a
multitude of willing individuals in ways directed and choreographed through a "hive mind mentality" (like Cyeneia!), all the while
calmly going about my normal daily activities, witnessing the stress build and build as I merely shop for my daily bread, and so
becomes a tornado . . . the acts of these "people," the reverse racism, the sexual mind games, there are seriously intense
and disgustingly aggressive mind games that occur in ways of psychological warfare that are so vile, so disturbing, and
through the use, exploitation, exaggeration, fabrication, and manipulation of my immediate personal and private
experiences being eskewed into seriously disturbing choreographies that it should actually drive someone insane,
logically, literally, PsychoAnalysis. . .That seems to be the literal point of it all. "Psycho Analysis."

Nevertheless, I needed to keep my meditations going further into balance regardless of all this, while being sick,
having comprehended the sickness could have been literally placed there, and simultaneous to witnessing all
these attacks. It just didn't matter, the balance had to continue. And it did, regardless of what was done,
is done, and is continued to be done against me for corruptive purposes. Balance continues to thrive.

. . .I want you to understand though. . .and this is important on a different, same level, simultaneously. . .

It is to understand, during this processing, this "testing," you may as well experience a necessity of your history. And this is real, and
this is serious. It is good to make amends to anyone whom you have done wrong to, old relationships, or experiences from drug
or alcohol related interactions of disrespect, disrespectful sexual interactions, theft, those moments of life you're not proud of
and are difficult to think about, you need to heal from these, and you need to heal those people if you can . . . but know this :
your life has been catalogued somehow : . . . monitoring is from a way that occurs which most folks don't yet comprehend.
Nevertheless, however much of this knowledge is attained, whether it be simply from the monitoring of your thoughts by
something we might call "The Machine" (the one that most folks don't know about), due to the response of your mind
and the reaction of your thoughts because of the manipulated experiences caused by this estranged circumstance
of "reality," this programming extraction (as it were), the knowledge is somehow attained, brought about for this very
purpose (imagine that, a way to get people to entrap themselves through the illegal reading, exploitation, exaggeration,
fabrication, manipulation, and torture from a private knowledge of their experiences and thoughts ((( yes, it sounds paranoid,
yes, I agree, but when you experience it, there is validation))) . . . and then it is used against you "secretly", "invisibly" . . . and when
I say that I mean it is used against you in ways that no one else can identify even though it is right in front of everyone, that's the intense truth to
it all : serious railroading . . . And there is more than one pattern of circumstance here attempting to replicate the other. But quite obviously it is to understand
there is a very thin line of necessity here, that if at all possible, and with the greatest of respect, make amends to those whom you can for your disrespectful
actions . . . if you can . . . do not rush it . . . attempt in whatever ways of respect you can fathom IF YOU CAN. Seriously. But only do this discreetly! Find those
"inbetween times" of The Machine (you will learn, there are many times you will eventually recognize, it's funny how all those clocks are stopped at the same
time, isn't it?), and seek out those folks if you can, but do not trap yourself. And do not waste your life on this, seriously. When you do it, do it well, with great
and humble respect, in all ways possible, speak THE WHOLE TRUTH, apologize, and let go. I made a seriously immense effort to attempt to heal from my past
in all ways that I could. I sought out everyone. I am now attacked by these actual circumstances AS WELL (not simply "only"), like hauntings, seriously. I had
actually found most of the people I needed to "balance," and I expressed apology to all I could find, and this, while learning and knowing that by facing
them, my "time" would be exaggerated, even read as "elongated" due to these facings, but for some reason it was an imperative I had necessity for
regardless of this, (and this was before Mother Nature called for me back to Her, seriously, as though the path I had chosen to heal these histories,
these circumstances, actually allowed me a path of healing.) But it is to understand in my current experiences, it is not Mother Nature asking me
to be haunted by same histories, not in the least, SHE JUST CALLED IT "Bullshit Oppression," and so we're talking about a faction of individuals
actually using catalogued histories as a means to abuse, and not just that, catalogued histories eskewed and combined in ways so
incredibly immoral, if karma did exist, their lives are about to experience extreme turmoil.

We're talking about fabrications of reality, or even histories I know nothing about, replicated through known historic figures I have
apologized for simple things, used as devices of heinous torture, hauntings in ways of abuse : I am faced by drones of replicants
of those people or circumstances, of people I have already faced and made amends, or even attempted facing numerous times,
eskewed into immoral exaggerations and unknown abuses, people that have not anything to do with any type of necessity to apology,
family, friends, people who I have never wronged, their faces and voices replicated to attempt coercive manipulation of actions that
have never existed! This is how far coercive manipulation goes in this system of abuse, constantly. Daily. For years.

And to those whom have had necessity, I have expressed with great respect and love my apologies to whomever for whatever it is I may have caused
distress over, still are their memories abused for illogical reasons. It is not to say that this is "them" persay, that would be a fatal mistake. But to think that drones
of imitative circumstances of your histories that you have made amends with would actually be used as devices of abuse and torture is illogical. And even
those whom are of no right to apology being used as manipulators of coercion as replicants of those whom you trust! It is to understand that there are like
these "hijackers" of information out there, somehow, and they use this information as exploitations against you as well . . . so not only have you perhaps
actually faced most or all of your "demons," (and struggled like Gandalf with the Balrog all the way through to the depths of lowest Earth) and quite
literally caused the amends of those circumstances in very difficult, humbling, sometimes extremely humiliating ways, (and even been razzed by it
throughout those immediate circumstances), but as well, simultaneous to that, these experiences, if monitored, may be used against you for
purposes of abuse, not amends, these people couldn't care less if you are sorry, that's not their purpose.

So it is to understand that even though you may actually make amends to those who deserve it : those who do not deserve anything
at all may use this against you if and when they find out about that circumstance. It gets rather personal in all ways. And I am talking like the
most disrespectful ways you can imagine. Ways of illegality that are so immoral and unethical, it is a serious power to not "lose it." And there is no logic
to the cause of torture for making amends with people . . . more railroading . . . hijacked railroading . . . No logic whatsoever. Whether or not this is a "mob,"
a "government," or perhaps even "secret" otherworldly (or parallel worldly) entity or entities of sensory manipulation, remember that all that matters is that
you have tried your best in the most respectful ways possible all that was ever necessary (whilst simultaneously not been duped by the massive amount
of "entrapment attempting" fakes.)

You see? There are many levels. I do not know whether or not Nature would have allowed me this path had I not tried so much.
There is a correct path, and then there is a careful correct path, and then there is a careful correct discreet path, and then there is a false path,
the one that is being fabricated, exaggerated, and exploited through manipulative coercion (even through those you know, and against their better
judgement, and perhaps even unknown to their ignorant mind) . . . choose wisely your unique endeavors the discretion and respect you deserve for
others, this is paramount. Understand the validation of reality and it will be validated you by Mother Nature. It is a need to understand that alot of
what I have experienced throughout these, my day to day meanderings of this estranged "society " have been manipulated into extremely
exaggerated circumstances of simultaneous reiterations of exaggerated and fabricated history (even histories I do not have any knowledge
about, whereas I am seemingly experiencing the attempts of the extraction of information through the devices of abuse against me by way
of choreographed experiences which I know nothing about (through torturous processes of uncivility), knowledge sought that doesn't and
simply hasn't ever existed with me, and that is of course, not civil at all, not in the least, and it seems to only be done for the purpose of
abusive and antagonistic psychological warfare (and I only express this to you as a means of information.)

So with that in mind, it is up to you of course if you choose the path of amending, or not, be extremely discreet if you are already being railroaded.
It is only wise if it is done so : wisely. I chose it. It hasn't been easy at all. But understand that Nature did not come to me until after I had accomplished
much of this. So, there rests a strange and powerful fork in the road. If indeed you are about to experience similarities to what I have experienced
during the last many years (or are currently experiencing them), I warn you to be extremely discreet in your amends (EXTREMELY DISCREET!) Not anyone,
and I mean NOT ANYONE ELSE need know anything of your history of those amends except the one you are making the amends to. Understand that truth
without failure. This was one mistake I made . . . and thusly, I am faced with repetitious mimicry, regardless of my facing of these circumstances, over and
over again like a loop of reality in my daily life. I mean seriously, imagine experiencing a circumstance from when you were merely a child : sometimes I
am given the experiences I experienced when I was only a small child in grade school, over and over again (as an adult), do you understand how completely
illogical that is. So for example if you got into a tiny scuffle with someone who didn't deserve it (but sheesh, you were a child in grade school for goodness' sake!)
and feeling bad about this (and it being like 20 years later) you attempt to find this individual, and find them, and apologize to them with great humility. . .the fact
that you would actually be abused for this is illogical. It's like saying, "you did something very civil and mature, now we will torture you." It's a total trap without
a doubt. So be discreet so you do not have to experience this (if at all you seek to make amends to those whom you have wronged in your personal history,
but as well be prepared, for you may have just signed up for constant haunting abuse by making a necessary amends with those whom deserve it. It is most
difficult, and it is a trying choice to understand that you may have to experience your own misgivings BECAUSE you apologized for them, it's a special kind of
stupid courage, one that must decide between conscience, correct and mature action, that which has been fundamentally understood as fact in history
or that which has never been witnessed, you have to live with you, Nature knows everything . . . while simultaneously though, it is extremely well to make
someone else's personal health more important than your own. It is a sort of ignorant nobility until you experience it, and then you realize that there
is an actual purpose, for you may just bring forth a light of hope to an otherwise dismal soul . . . and that soul could very well be your own.

You see, I am no different than anyone else. I have made many mistakes in my life. Many. I was an abuser of drugs and alcohol,
I have had relationships with friends and partners that did not go well, I have been wrong many times in this life, and I have as well
been wronged by others numerous times in this life, and I am not looking for anyone's apology at all, not in the least, I am merely
attempting to find a peaceful path to manifest infinite love through balance, the healing of the infinite, this will always be the purpose.

I have had many fatal injuries, I have known great and loving people and miniscule hating people, looked eye to eye with what might
be considered evil, and as well soul to soul with that which may be considered ultimate purity. And these circumstances of my history,
and the amends I have made of these, I chose to face and then move on, regardless of hate directed from these experiential circumstances.
Yes, it is difficult. But if I can achieve from a total scraping bottom of "hell " . . . having completely let go of every single creative process of my Being,
to simply starting over from absolutely nothing, and I mean absolutely not a thing, not a friend in the world, alone, to being seemingly called back to
Mother Nature BY Her, and elevating from that absolute total bottom, all the way through The River, The Ocean, and The Universe, to eventually achieving
with Mother Nature, The Great Jaguar Dragon, and the legibility of communication with Mother Nature, then so can you. It is possible. I let go of everything
I had and then I faced everything that I could, while completely naked of energy and completely terrified (if you can fathom that paradox), and as I finally
began to allow myself creativity again, Mother Nature said, right this way old friend . . . and all the fear eventually subsided . . . integrity became from an
incredible depth, and strength became empowered. I realized what was valid and important simultaneous to what had no necessity to my attention,
and I continuously learn this articulatation into greater clarity, greater acuity, greater manifestation simultaneous to that which has necessity to

So what am I saying exactly? I am saying be honest, yes, whatever has necessity has necessity, I care about those people
whom I have ever wronged, I really do, those whom I have attempted to find that I could not find, I still care, I have allowed
them love in other ways, in whatever ways possible I could, (does this mean they will be blessed every day throughout the
rest of my life, perhaps it does.) I allow some sort of loving and healing energy, whether they know it or not, respectively.
But it is to know that if you do not express this discreetly, that knowledge will float around until one day it will come back
to haunt you in ways of psychological abuse that is difficult to compare to anything I have ever experienced, perhaps
in just such a way I am currently experiencing and merely attempting to explain . . . and for all the wrong reasons.
Extreme circumstance : the railroading may become this vast. I do not necessarily think that every individual is
railroaded this much. It is to know that "The Machine" has an unending memory of what you are witnessed.
Know that. Accumulated knowledge is catalogued.

Allegedly, it appears that this experiential manipulation of railroading is attempting to be defined as a "term of imprisonment."
If you do find yourself in such a predicament, realize your reality beyond this attempt. This is a necessity to evolution. Unfortunately,
when "railroading" becomes heightened in such a circumstance, the entire process becomes much more exaggerated (even beyond
a torturer's necessity, to what seems to be a cartoon like comprehension of exaggeration, too sureal for the mind to compute properly,
or for there to even be legible "test" results. . .until you eventually overcome it or go insane (or they poison you). . .If you can imagine for a
moment, the movie The Matrix Revolutions when Agent Smith is multiplied by the thousands, that's about the jist of it . . . this "society " has
currently choreographed as such, I have experienced it, in this city of San Francisco.

Smith BB and Elmer

So regardless of all that, Mother Nature isn't stopping, I'm not stopping, I'm still existing, regardless of whether or not I am
continuously attacked, the Earth still revolves, She isn't waiting for these abusers to be finished, and I am with Her emphatically.
The Path has been for a very long time now, so we must continue to understand what is important. What is important must be
understood as what shall always be important, not what is important this day only. . .and that prefaces the comprehension of
maturity in the face of irresponsible Beings, that you, or I, or anyone would actually remain mature enough to continue the
necessary energy manifestations regardless of pain or suffering, as balanced creatures, to be capable of transcending
this corruption in the most difficult of obviously choreographed corruptive times, and done so with as much respect and
fluidity as possible to each other, without failure. Always with respect, in all ways.

I just want you to understand the weight that was expressed by the imagery of Oppression. There are
features of this oppression that I do not fully understand as well : this is why I express these circumstances
to you with theory alot of the time, I express what I have learned with exacting knowledge through the development
of knowledge through that which I have experienced throughout this whole processing of my life, and the features of
deception, and the features of truth, and the features exacted between these, as though "blame" as well for unknown
features of reality have been placed in this "oppressive bag" merely to test your own strength in the face of casual, yet
deceptive pressure to an exacting of immature revenge : the extremely weighty comprehensions of many things I
have come to know, and the many experiences I am made to understand that I have never known anything about :
this being except for what I have "read" that have been repetitiously played against me (having no experience of
many of these "features" except for what has been shown against me for what seems to be the pressurization
attempt at "squeezing information " through the "waterboarded" creation of pain and suffering, the attempt at
extracting information, suffering caused beneath the shadowed veil of The Patriot Act over our Bill of Rights, until
compliance is forced and achieved, regardless of what that does to an innocent person) . . . the volume of these
strange and oppressive experiences is vast, constant, and daily. Someone said, "here, carry the weight of everyone's
guilt for a while, see what you can do with that."
And I never agreed to that (and of course no one actually said those
words, it was more like, over the course of several years, the conditioning of repetitious acts set against an individual,
witnessed and experienced, creates that heavyweight, (Mother Nature showed us this and said "explain it! You're
carrying that weight, tell them what up!"). . .and so having no where to go from myself, being that I am housed in
this particular physicality for the time being, and being that I am made to experience all this tremendous hate,
I needed to heal me from this, and this was of course simultaneous to my ascension through the levels of Mother
Nature's powers (and the simultaneous reading between us, yet known until the last couple of years), and so was
gifted all this necessity answered by Nature and Meditations, continuously, regardless of the amount of pain and
suffering, there was eventual healing because I could not go on without it, I needed a certain level of love to be
well, and so I had to create it because I wasn't getting it at all from anywhere consistently (this is a conditioned isolation that
doesn't allow consistent love for some reason through the "normal " world, communication is conditioned, there is little to no
normal communication allowed an individual in such a system, (and that in and of itself is extremely emotionally disparaging),
and so The Path became not only the striving for achievement beyond what humanity has currently accomplished as of yet,
but to balance these forces of lightness and darkness that are caused from outside of me inside me that NATURE READ,
and attempted to express how to heal through, these anomalies that were/are conditioned against "targets" that
cause psychological warfare and abuse (simultaneous to the gifts Mother Nature has allowed me due to simply
seeking to learn from Her) . . . that the sheer immorality of the estranged processes of railroading not being
recognized would not dishearten my intentions of purification, but that I could actually evolve out of these
windless doldrums by my own creation of a Purifying Wind. . .and that being a wind of love, of balance,
of integrity, of actual power, the type of power that can never be dissolved, the type of power that is
so incredibly and infinitely cycled, so infinitely purified, that there is no direction but purification, regardless
of abuse, the type of power that only Mother Nature could provide you every single day, for She is here simultaneously
to being invisible, She is everywhere present without anthropomorphic expression simultaneous to being any single one
of us by our simple existence as a part of reality, the type of power that is everywhere always and never is not, simply because
She IS everywhere; so have I become everywhere because of HER, with HER, and continue to allow this healing, and this : without hate,
and this without the necessity of "revenge," and this without the necessity to abuse others, and this for the purpose of loving and healing regenerative
love energy as balance, for this : The Purity of The Force of Mother Nature manifested WITH HER and BY HER GUIDANCE through me, and the teachings
of this for anyone who has a pure necessity. This is what has happened.)

It is to understand, there is an infinite amount of love being offered through
The Infinite Infinitesimal Cycle, tens of thousands of millions of lifetimes beyond the
abuse sought out against me (if you can actually fathom that with the amount of what has been
expressed through these experiences.) The love I have come to understand with Nature is much
more powerful than all the bullshit oppression) . . .and I will continue offering loving and healing regenerative
love energy as balance evolutionarily progressive as long as I have energy to do so, and when I am gone, it
will continue to cycle infinitely, for this has been accomplished innumerable times already, and in the face of
mass oppression. It is to understand how many tens of thousands of times the purification has become The Infinite Cycle
in a thousand thousand different ways regardless of the imposition of daily, instigative hate, and this infinite love shall always
be, both : due to this actuality of infinite love, and in spite of hate, and eventually, due to this, corruption will cease to be,
and this is because we have this capability. This was the purpose. And the purpose has become. And the heavy reality
from it all has been manifest. This is a simple truth. Accept it. The Healing Love is already infinite and infinitesimal, and it
shall always be. It is a limitless victory already for you, regardless of what happens next, learn how to understand that fact.
. . . there will always be a next, and it may or may not be yours . . . it is extremely parallel to the comprehension of Agent Smith,
for every time he is defeated he appears in a new replication. But eventually there will be no necessity for such a program.
And that too will eventually pass away. This solution has already spanned all time in numerous ways . . . through love.

Every 7 pg. 53 C

The Communication can be read here.

The Bigger Picture is The Great Jaguar Dragon is An Infinite Meditation.

May Light Be Your Shadow.

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