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7.15.12 The Second Coming of The White Buffalo and The Balance of The Dark Pentagram.

Continuous Volcanoes this month :

Sakurajima, Japan . . . Kilauea, HI . . . Shiveluch, Kamchatka . . . Fuego, Guatemala.

The Deep Cherry Tree Blossom is a Symbol of Earth's Delicate Life of The Embroidered
Great River of The New Rising PhiMale, The Cauldron of Sight Virtue, The Nine of The Four,
known as The Setting Sun of The Pacified and The Setting Sun Sea of The Circle, The Ancient
Zither Amethyst Waterland, Origin of The Sun.

The Hill of The Honey Stick, The Hill of The Honey Eater of The Shielded
Spewing Home of The Goddess of The Great Ancestry in The One of
Many Works Superseding Wasp.

Seven of Nine is The Light of The Goddess of Living, Being,
and Existing in The Raven's Feather of The Traveler of The Sea.

Volcano of Fire of The Setting Sun Highlands in The Land of The Trees and
Between them, The Land of The Snake Eating Bird in The Center of Good Working.

From this quake (in response to my questioning of it) the adaptation of communication
has come from the 5.5's to the 6.0s and higher. I was having difficulty getting all the knowledge
together in time, as the knowledge becomes further comprehensive, the more quakes, the less
time, and the less time, the less response is capable because of how much must be done, and so
forth. You get the idea, and my questioning of it seems to have been responded from beginning to
end in a way successive that I could understand. Of course, if there are specific quakes that are specific
to particular events that are recognized, we will of course define these as applicable. But I want to keep
up with the flow for you all simultaneously. It becomes nonstop sometimes. So we evolve. Eventually, it is
my hope, to create a functional and honest automation of knowledge that can be gone over and
made accurate consistently, daily, in as quickly as realtime, as possible. This is the hope.

6.3.2012 The first two earthquakes were in The Pacific Ocean nearest three spaces of Veraguas, Panama : 6.3 (X2)
Jicarita Island, Montuosa Island and Hannibal Bank. Panama is allegedly understood translated as abundance of fish,
trees, and butterflies.
Veraguas translates as Goddess, or strong woman. Montuosa is a female version of montuosus,
meaning mountain. Jicarita is allegedly from the Nahua word xicalli which is a gourd-like fruit of the Jicaro Tree. This was as
well used as a defining term as a vessel for consuming liquids. The actual fruit is known to be subdioecious, a transitional phase
between dioecious and hermaphrodite, basically meaning it is in the phase between a species that is normally EITHER male or
female in reproduction and a species that is bisexual in reproduction. Basically it states that some of these subdioecious plants
have opposite flowerings, like a male who produces females or a female who produces males. Hermaphrodite is alleged to mean,
from Greek, one bed. Whereas dioecious is said to mean from Greek, two households. Between that is subdioecious. Hannibal Bank
is a bank of water between Montuosa and Jicarita. It was named Hannibal because it was discovered by the USS Hannibal in 1914.
This ship was a converted steamer, a 4000 ton Collier, originally known as The Joseph Holland. Hannibal allegedly comes from the
words hunn meaning 'bear cub,' and bald meaning brave or bold. It is as well allegedly a derivative of Annabel, bel meaning
'beautiful,' and ana from the Hebrew 'Hannah' meaning favour, grace, or graced with a child. Joseph is allegedly derived
from Yosef meaning 'to add or increase.' Holland is allegedly from the words holt and land meaning 'wooded land.'
Collier is said to mean one who works with coal, from the German words koluz or kuoli, meaning cool.
Coiba means 'far away.'

Coiba Coiba

Let it be understood that "lion" has the meaning of Divine Majesty, will,
and/or allowance. Let it be understood as well that Hydrus means
The Water Within.

The Greatest Peace is between the Subdioecious Vessel and The Mountain of Goddess
(an open degree) of The Brave Little Dark Light and The Beautiful Seed of Grace of The
Coal Worker in The Growing Wilderness of Far Away, in The Goddess of Abundant
Fish, Trees, and Butterflies.

The Horizons spoke of the flight reversal of The Divine Will of Earth through the grid of The Great Vessel
within The Great Vessel, that which was seeded. The Heart Cross Foundational Parallel Seed Bridge Circle Creator.
The Bird of Paradise Spine was stabbed of The Laughing Father of The Multitudes, and yet, through The Navigation of
A Thousand Thousand Eyes in Parallel cleansed The Bird of Paradise Spine by The Spiral of The Divine Will of Earth, an
overturned Smoky Mountain of The Water Within The Water Within The Grid Reticulum, The Overturned Smoky Mountain
Vision of The PhiMale Vortex, The Bridged Vision of Peace through The Grid Reticulum and The Crystal of The Great River
Parallel . The Sails of The Compass of The Great Rift, healed.

The Centers revealed The Meditative Virgo Purification Parallel of The Infinite Cycles through Causality of Divine
Majesty, The Divine Will of The Jaguar's Jaguar, The Mother World Rebirth Balance of Ambrosia. The Waterbearer
Parallel dangles from The Consumption of The Floods to Save The World through The Great Dark Light Darkness
Guardian of The Croning V's of The Cultivators' Hearts, The Consumption Sculpture's Sculpture carried by The
Sacred Offering of The Stars Dearest of Heart through The Mind of The Meditative Phoenix' Rebirth. Earthen
Ascension Arch of Pisces' is The Celestial Navigation of The Andromedan Parallel, The Spirals of Distress
having found The Vast Guard of Heavenly Purification as having ascended from The Thunderhorse
Parallel seeking The Companion Parallels seeking The Centaur's Secret Sacred Offering.
This Thunderhorse is The Flight of The Chalice Parallel in opposition to The Raven's Dark
Descension Parallel, that which has been witnessed here as the deception of the
inbetween to cause The Great RIft that was healed.

Jicarita Jicarita

The Greatest Peace is between the Subdioecious Vessel and the SheMountain
(an open degree) of The Brave Bear Cub and The Beautiful Seed of Grace of The
Coal Worker in The Growing Wilderness of Far Away, in The Goddess of Abundant
Fish, Trees, and Butterflies.

The Horizon spoke of The Deep Divine Will of Earth Parallel climbing down into the depths of the Great Vessel's Wake
to The Vertical Smoking Mountain Parallel, as such The Water Within intertwines itself known as The Water Within the
edge of The Vertical Smoking Mountain, and The PhiMale Vortex Parallel dives through The Grid Reticulum Parallel,
and through The Vision Parallel of Earth's Perigee, Time within Time as The Rebirth at The End of The River. The Great Vessel
is within The Great Vessel as led by Peace and The Secret Mother of All. The Compass opens before The Compass. Wind
within Wind. Seeded is The Seed of The Centaur of The Cross, that which is known as The Sacred Cross of Sexual Respect,
and Circinus ascends through The Centaur's leg. And The Circinus reaches for The Right Angle. And The Centaur is a Parallel
with Companion manifesting The Sacred Offering within The Sacred Offering. The Centaur pushes along The Patriarch of The
Superseded Laughing Father of The Multitudes into itself into The Altar, into The Altar, magnified of A Thousand Thousand
Eyes of The Ancient Native within The Ancient Native, a Navigation of The Bird of Paradise within The Bird of Paradise.
Meditative Bridge of Meditative Bridge. The Watersnake of The Nine, that which is an exponential infinacy if
cultivated properly, is a Parallel Spiral bringing The Chalices.

The Centers revealed The Great Healer's Serpent Ascension out of Causality through Virgo's Purificational Bridge of
The Infinite Cycles, brought to life is this purification from The Brilliance of The Sun within The Bull Taurus Parallel, The Seven
and Seven Sisters of The Cultivation of The Godfathers of Light and Sky, as The Ravens exit The Bull Taurus we witness a floating
sacrifice above The Vast Guard of Heavenly Purification, The Mother Scorpions have tipped The Balances through The Earthen
Ascension Arch of The Moon Path of The Woman, an ascension of The Great Healer, The Mind Sculpture of weakening strength
from The Rebirth of The Phoenix. The Crown encircles The Crown of The Cultivator's Staff, and He is a Parallel of himself,
The Mammilla Furnace of The Crystal River of The Stars Dearest of Heart through The Sacred Offerings, without fertility.

6.4.2012 Lightning Strike Fire : Little Bear Fire, White Mountain
Wilderness, Lincoln National Forest, Ruidoso, New Mexico.
Ruidoso = "noisy river. " Abraham Lincoln = Abraham means
Father of the Nation. Lincoln means Lake Colony.

Little Bear

It is to understand that Draco has what I have comprehended as three main meanings.
Guardian of The Golden Apples, known as Ladon, (name means "Strong Flow.)
• forever asleep as the much-knotted, battered, and twisted Draco fixated in the stars as
was first thrown at the Goddess Minerva by The Giants, the Goddess snatched Draco, and
slung him to the stars (sleeping energy until awoken.)
• The slain dragon of Thebes, The City of The Dragon.
There is one other meaning, as such the name Draco actually
means 'monster with the evil eye.' Draco is known as the largest of
all snakes or animals of Earth. So this too may be taken into consideration.
As well, it is to know to wake a sleeping dragon is to awake a dormant power.
( it is as well to understand that derived from Draco is Dreqi, which means devil,
said to be the serpent in The Garden of Eden (sometimes known as Satan), as
well as Dracula which means 'devil' in Wallachian. In Revelation 12 : 9 it was
proclaimed that :

And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil,
and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the
earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

(and as we shall see down the page a bit,
the actual deception could very well be
simply : deception, in other words, a lie.)

The Little Bear in the constellations are the wings of the dragon.
So as this is speaking of The Little Bear, it is as well speaking of this.

Lightning Strike of The Little Dark Light Wings of The City of The Dragon are burning as
a strong flow awakened as The Guardian of The Golden Apples, The Devil is burning,
Deception is Burning on The White Mountain Wilderness of The Father of The National
Lake Colony of The Noisy River of The New Left Handed Hummingbird of The One of
Many Works Superseding Wasp.

And taking it even a bit further, as an aside to this comprehension, the comprehensions of the fires we have witnessed,
we have witnessed in a BIG way. Their parallels to the words written and sung in The Trinity Totem are a bit too coincidental
to not be fluid in a comprehension of what has happened, yes? All these Treasures of Fire, Every drop of them, Water, consuming
the disease of the wall of me. All that this corruption has revealed is corruption becoming the hate, believe me when I say
: Love is
The Way, that Dove cannot wait, Ascension has begun, transcending all this patience . . .
so what does it mean to consume the
devil without attachment? It appears it means to consume deception and dissolve it from existence, that meaning, own up to
your own deceptive illusions or dis-easiness, and consume them from existence by dissolving their nonexistence by becoming
an infinacy path of purification
. And that's not easy necessarily, alot of folks out there are facing hundreds of thousands of
years of programmed belief systems. Nevertheless, this is a preface and bridge, it seems, of the All our Tempests Fly
Away song and White Buffalo murder parallel . . . as such, we will bridge The Trinity Totem, in the midst of all these
fires, at the birth of The White Buffalo.

I have read that this parallels The Dark Light, this is a preface to this whole every 7 as well.
So as such we recognize these lyrics in the communication (from August of 2009.)

The Dark Light

Rain seduces Wind and whispers Thunder far between Her Tempest.
Here the Light is Dark and shadows trust the weightless to the weighted.
She searched for you in seven lifetimes, waiting for your eyes, Her witness,
Light beyond allowance casting forth between redeeming grace. Trust
became Within and noticed Patience speaking through vibrations. Truth
released as Truth and feeds us all these virtues as Her needs, and several
worlds, as one, become. Everything She speaks is seeded. Everything you
See, She needs, and Nothing voids the path between us. nothing voids The
Path between us, Love is Dark before the Light and crimson, veiled, is lifting
reason, who among us can't believe in what we know that has not been,
yet Fire's riding with the Water, rising tides become our depth as we
preclude The Light, our Shadow, just to build this Dancing Wind.

6.5.2012 Mt. Atago and Mt. Kiyosumi, Katsuura and Onjuku, Boso Peninsula, Chiba, Japan 6.1
Katsuura means victory (excel, be better than), shoreline
Onjuku means drive ride chariot manage, stop rest lodge
stay overnight constellation, raised path between fields.
Mt. Atago means love be fond of like, stone quarry cave dwelling
Mt. Kiyosumi means clear pure clean peaceful, purify water by
allowing settlement of sediment.
Boso means house building room,
collect overall altogether, half, island.
Chiba means a thousand leaves (half that is 500.)

Onjuku Onjuku

It is as well to comprehend that The Unicorn is known as a healing and immunizational manifestation.
As well, let it be comprehended that The Eagle represents acute vision, and heavenly ascension,
the color of water, and the wind.

The Love of The Stone Dwelling and The Settling of The Purified
Victorious River Chariot Between Fields, The Almost InBetween
of The House Collection of The 500 Leaves of The Sun.

The Horizon spoke of The Rising Sun River of The Great Mirror of Orion within The Great Mirror of Orion, Fertility of Fertility,
The Crystal River Parallel bringing The Furnace within The Furnace, Star of The Star, Time within Time, The Rebirth Phoenix
of The Rebirth Phoenix. So is The Healing Immunization of The Companion. The Bridge of The Womb of All Consciousness.
Isis with Isis, that being The Mother of All with The Mother of All. Peaceful Flight of Companioned Parallel. PhiMale Vortex
of PhiMale Vortex ascending from The Smoky Mountains, Vision of Vision. The Grid Reticulum of The Grid Reticulum. The
Great Bull Taurus of The Great Bull Taurus of The Brilliance of The Suns' Minds, leg of The Godfathers of Light and Sky,
The Seven of Seven Sisters. The Heros bring forth The Stone Creators, and so we witness Andromeda Paralleled of
The Vast Guard of Heavenly Purification above The Savior Womb Offerings bridging The Taurus Light of The Godfathers'
diving into the depths with The Paralleled Causality of The Earthen Ascension of The V. The Sculptures are tipping beneath
The Waterfalls of The Waterbearers.

The Centers revealed The Great Ascension of The Thunderhorse guided by The Staff of The Diving Centaur Purification of The Cross
of The Mind through The EarthWombV Atlanto Occiptial Bridge. The Great Watersnake of The Nine, that which creates flow after flow
upon creation in a multiplication of exponentiality. This is The Earthen Ascension of The V. The Seed of The Atlanto Occipital. The Raven
of The Raven, that dark, darkness is held back by this energy as Andromeda's distress seems estranged by her arm outside of The Chalice
simultaneous to the foundational parallel of The Mother World Rebirth Balance of Ambrosia. The Great Thunderhorse Power bridges The Swan
Song of The Compass through The Anchored OMO Eye to The Cunning Parallel : and The Great Eagle falls from The Vision of The Double Perigee
of The Great Vertical Mountain. Lyra is within Lyra at the foot of Isis, The Tonality Parallels of Isis' Foundational Parallel, The Mother of All in the mouth
of The Guardian of The Golden Apples carrying the Healing Immunization. The Ancient Light of Self Creation is at The Head of The WaterSnake of
The Nine, and The Wind is Bending 'round The Spiral. The Queen of The Reflective Totem is The Celestial Navigation.
The Companion Vessel ascends through The EarthWombV.

6.6.2012 Santa Maria (volcano), Guatemala.

St. Mary

Sacred MotherWife, The Naked Mountain of Our Language
of The Setting Sun Highlands in The Land of The Trees and
Between them, Land of The Snake Eating Bird in
The Center of Good Working.

6.7.2012 Banos Campanario, Maule, Chile 6.0
namos camanario = baths or hot springs of the
bell tower. Maule = fog.

Campanario Campanario

Foggy Hot Springs of The Bell Tower, Where The Land Ends
and in The Deepest of Earth in The Deep Work Superseding Wasp.

The Horizons spoke of The Dragon Energy vs. The Thunderhorse Energy and The Divine Majesty Consumption Between them.
The Creation of The Light and Dark Balance. Divine Will consumes The Heart of The Dragon as The Thunderhorse bridges The
Swan Song being cultivated from The Water Serpent of The Nine of The Horse and Rider, as such every cultivation is another
great river, and this is through Celestial Navigation, The Serpent has become from The Dragon's rebirth, that being a rebirth
of The Dark, not evil, and The Great Jaguar is sought by this awakened dormancy, yet is it protected by the wings of The Thunderhorse!
. . . and so is ridden The Ancient Light of Self Creation as a bridge. The Great Bear of The Dark Light is a bending spiral of causality, and
The Swan Song ascends through The Rising Sun Purification of The Stars Dearest of Heart purified of The Sacred Offering of The Lyra
Waterbearer, and The Cunning Fox looks back as is bridged forth through The Consumption of The Floods to Save The World
through The Cultivation of The Fallen Vision of Magnification. Great Strength is The Womb of the impurified Companion
peering forth to The Mother World Rebirth Balance of Ambrosia . . . as The Dark Star penetrates the unhealed from
The Sacred Offering and The Fallen Vision falls around The Chalice that holds The Crown.

The Centers revealed The Mother Scorpion as a Trinity Spiral of Herself through The Lovely Suns of The Godfathers
of Light and Sky of The Seven Sisters of The Bull Taurus of Communication of The Powerful Force of The Vast Guard
of Heavenly Purification Crowned through The Great Mirror of Orion's Shield of Andromeda's falling distress. The Archer
is The Bending Bow of The EarthWombV Vast Guard of Heavenly Purification bending The Serpent of The Unhealed as The
Savior Womb Offering of Death (from Orion's Shield) of the mortal impurity. So spirals forth The ManHorse of The Great Healer
Sight Between Immortal Mortality through The Spiral Horned Healing Immunization Heart of The Womb of All Consciousness
bridging forth to The Bull Taurus of Communication of The Reinholder Bridge of The Heart of The Sun of Love, The Heart of Pleiades,
The Horn Eye, The Unicorn OMO of Humanity, The Healing of Humanity, The Balanced Ascension of The Death of Mortality through
The Spacial Circle Creation Parallel of The Divine Will of All Beasts' Heart of The Mirror of The Patriarch Superseded Laughing Father
of The Multitudes Depth Trinity of The Altar of Communication through The Hero's Face as Communication of The Reinholder Parallel
of The Divine Majesty of All Beasts ridden by Andromeda from The Vision of Reflection of The Gemini Mortal Immortality of The Great
Queen of The InBetween Sight of The King's bowing Healing Immunization of The One Who Follows The Great Mother of All through
A Thousand Eyes of Purification through The Crossing of The Bridge of Intersectional Unification, The Crown of The Sacred ManHorse
Atlanto Occiptal offering through The Right Angle of The Mother Scorpion's Spine and Heart, The Great Fire of The Altar of
The EarthWombV of the bending bow of The Archer Hero Idol Queen of A Thousand Eyes of The InBetween Sight.
The Queen is The Equilibrium of The Great Dark Light Cross of Infinacy and The Hero shoulders The Savior Womb
Offering Bridge to Her through The InBetween as a thousand eyes of shielded unification. Andromedan Bridge
of Causality through The Equilibrium, The Divine Will of All Beasts' Stone Creator of The Seven Sisters of The Bull
Taurus Godfather of Light and Sky bringing forth The Vast Guard of Heavenly Purification combined of The
Patriarchal Trinity of The Superseded Laughing Father of The Multitudes, this is ascension, The Hero's Bridge
of The Great Bull Taurus as The Savior Womb Offering to those who are not The Queen.

6.7.2012 Aplao, Castilla, Arequipa, Peru 6.1
I could find no definition for Aplao.
Castilla = land of castles
Arequipa = "yes, stay", "way of war horn", "acute or sharpened " referring to
the sharpened volcano of El Misti, also known as the land or place behind
the volcanoes.

Aplao Aplao

Let it be understood that The Raven represents "thirst," as well as the
power of not having to thirst, while simultaneously being dark, a spy when
paralleled of itself, and the raven's call or voice which speaks of a variant
of emotion. Ravens work with wolves. The Raven may as well represent
The Castle of The Holy Grail.

Aplao of The Castles, Yes, Stay • Way of The War Horn • Behind The Sharpened Point •
The Land Behind The Volcanoes of The High Castle Golden Mountain Guardian(s) of
The Universal Sovereign of Wealth in The Deep Work Superseding Wasp.

The Horizon spoke of The Rising Sun of Virgo's Purification through The Infinite Cycles. The Raven brings
The WaterSerpent of The Nine, The Exponential Potential and The Sacred Offering of The ManHorse is deepened
through The Horizon as The Mother Scorpion brings forth The Balance above The Great Healer's Serpent achieving
The Crown beneath a fallen cultivator. Prominent is The Mother World Rebirth Balance of Ambrosia.

The Centers revealed The Cunning EarthWombV of The Great Healing Immunization through The Sight of The Serpent's Mouth,
and The One Who Follows Isis Mother of All ascends through The Strings of The Lyra. This is The Companion's Open Compass,
that which The Womb dives over. The Thunderhorse Power of Heaven is a bridge of Wind and through The Spiraling Serpent
of exponential River Creation is The Bending Celestial Navigation of The Ancient Light of Self Creation through The Heart
of Divine Will simultaneously through The Bridge of The Swan Song Heart of The WaterSerpent of Exponential River Creation
bridging with The Highest of Sun right into The V of The Great SPiral Horn. Isis, Mother of All ascends from the falling Vision
caught in the Great Vessel of The Dark Star Moon Path of The Woman Sailed by The Waterbearer, and She ascends
through The (held) Serpent of Fertility Rebirth as The Amazonian Necklace of The Great Mirror of The Great Healer,
The OMO Star Bridge of Strength carrying Mortal Immortality, a strong communication. The Olive Branch of Peace
is shielded. The Archer is The Peaceful Bending Bow Crystal OMO of The Great River.

6.9.2012 High Park, Teller, Colorado Fire 90,000 acres.
Henry Moore Teller (born 5.23.1830, died 2.23.1914) : from Wikipedia :

Teller was one of the most outspoken opponents of the allotment of Indian land. Allotment was a process by which communal ownership
of Indian lands would be ended, and the land portioned out to individual Indians, the "excess" to be sold to the government. In 1881, Teller
said that allotment was a policy "to despoil the Indians of their lands and to make them vagabonds on the face of the earth." Teller also said,
"the real aim [of allotment] was "to get at the Indian lands and open them up to settlement. The provisions for the apparent benefit of the Indians
are but the pretext to get at his lands and occupy them....If this were done in the name of Greed, it would be bad enough; but to do it in the name
of Humanity...is infinitely worse." Teller would be proven correct. Land owned by Indians decreased from 138 million acres (560,000 km2) in 1887 to
48 million acres (190,000 km2) in 1934. Teller's defense of Indian land rights conflicts with his stance on traditional American Indian customs. As Secretary
of the Interior in 1883, he approved a "Code of Indian Offenses," which sought to prohibit Native American traditional ceremonial activity throughout the
United States. Customs, dances, plural marriage, and other practices were to be prosecuted by a "Court of Indian Offenses," with authority to impose penalties
of up to 90 days imprisonment and withholding government rations. The clear intent of the Code was to eliminate traditional Indian culture on reservations. The
Five Civilized Tribes were exempt from the code. Sec. Teller installed Indian judges to prosecute any Indians involved in the "immoral" dances, in addition to
polygamy, and the sale of Indian wives. The dances were believed to be "war dances" by white missionaries, educators, and the federal government;
the Sun Dance by the Sioux in particular. Suppressive measures against Indian culture were finally repealed by Indian Commissioner John Collier in 1934.

henry = ruler of the home, moore = marsh swamp, great, dark
teller = said to be a spanish baptismal name meaning earth.

High Park

Lightning Strike of The High Park Ruler of The Great Dark Soup of Baptismal Earth,
The Man who sought The Allotment for Native American's as an "allowance" for
Native Americans of their own land with The Earth : while simultaneously "approving"
a Code of Offenses prohibiting Native American Ceremony except when performed by
those who were chosen as "civil," Colored Red, in The One of Many Works Superseding Wasp.

Thanks be to The Native American Trust Authority Star Seed of The Sun
Coal Worker for freeing Native America from this oppressive abuse.

And it is incredibly sad, that all these fires consumed folks homes and memories, and even some lives.
Our perception of reality becomes incredibly acute to Mother Nature when such an experience occurs naturally.
It is a vast communication without coincidence FROM Mother Nature. The Force of Mother Nature is immediately and
without failure understood as a vast power beyond humanity. And this could very well be a warning, not simply words
communicating to us that which we have experienced. Yes there was loss, but very few lives. The Balance was a
necessity by Nature for some other reason we will probably eventually understand. For some reason Mother
Nature needed these areas to burn, I wouldn't necessarily take it personally unless you have a reason as to
why you deserve it, and even that can be considered into The Balance of Necessity FOR US ALL eventually;
we may very well be becoming the balance we all actually need to evolve and survive beyond a far greater
storm we have yet to experience, and as such, it is to understand that this could have (and still is) simply a balance
that has to occur in the grand scheme of reality to allow us all a greater reality of balance for the purpose of loving
and healing regenerative love energy as balance. You folks who have lost your homes get to rebuild everything of
yourself, the rebirth is vast, and born from a vastly beautiful place. The cleansing of such a circumstance is intensely
immense. I know it may be difficult and deeply disheartening, but as I have experienced, sometimes vast loss creates
vast gain. (that's the nice answer to why these fires happened and continue to happen (wouldn't it be something if The Hate Machine
stopped and all of a sudden the fires stopped!) Of course, if Mother Nature is simply replying to massive hate being caused through a
symbiotic relationship She has with certain folks on this planet for whatever anomalous reasons we have deducted whether by trauma
or hate machine over exposure through exploitation : being hazed to death by The Hate Machine : this could simply be all that hating
corruption trying to heal out of these peaceful individuals who aren't violent or immoral or unethical (unlike The Hate Machine and the
people who are enslaved to do its bidding), that being the manifestation of the purification OUT OF THIS HATE, and this stressful energy
having to go somewhere in the mean time (prior to these healings (we cannot necessarily heal every single moment of every single
day, although some of us continue to attempt to create a way to do just this : without failure!)

High Park

The truer analogy and answer to this question of why so much fire could very well be both. That being that these fires are
happening because people keep being "burned" by the hate being dealt them, and Nature is responding to the necessity
for healing from this while creating an image of why this is happening for us all to know without question : why, and by who,
and this simultaneous to manifesting necessary balance for EARTH for future events we have yet to experience or (most of us)
even know yet. For I know personally through my own experiences that I am attempting to heal Nature into a fruition : HER own
necessities while simultaneously healing myself and those who have necessity in a sortof intertwining of healing. For if it was already
intertwined, this knowledge has been attained through this whole process. I wonder how dark the day would be if we never actually
tryed to heal at all, right? Yes. Perhaps that equation, the one that heals, creates fire out of necessity naturally : AND UNDERSTAND THIS,
I am not trying to create fires. There is no master plan of burning the world down. What the hell would be the point of that!? We're trying
to heal ! This healing was already a necessity regardless of fire. The Hate Machine became extreme again. Suddenly there were massive
fires. Of course we can look at it as coincidence. All of it. All 10,739 comprehensions of perfectly paralleled mirrored exactions of

High Park

Perhaps there is some unknown necessity that has been unknowingly cultivated by the actuality of these fires,
a necessity we have yet to understand until we witness another anomaly lessened due to this anomaly. The intertwining
of it all is VAST. That much is certain. The martyring of actioned specificity to create the next necessity. If each of us individually
have our own GREAT PURPOSE, this could very well be the displacement of folks that NEED TO MOVE to where they're supposed
to be, and that place weren't it. So many possibilities. If you live out in those areas of the fires or know someone who does, relate
to them that their path has been altered in such a way, most likely because they need to go where they're supposed to be. This
happens. Otherwise, it may have been caused to weed out all the folks that don't belong there. That could be a really sacred
place that Mother Nature is preparing.

6.10.2012 Mediterranean Sea, Kurtoglu Burun, Iblis Burun, Kotu Burun, Turkey 6.0

kurtoglu = son of wolf (in Turkey, The Wolf is not thought of as "evil, " but is revered
as a very spiritually powerful creature. The Shamans believed they were descended from wolves.
iblis = devil/satan/etc.
kotu = evil.

Mediterranean Mediterranean

Remember, Leo is known as Divine Majesty, known as inherent vitality, and will.
Monoceros (the unicorn) is said to be the healer of all illnesses, healing immunization.

Middle Earth Sea is at The Son of The Shamanic Wolf, The Devil, and Evil,
in The Origin of The Strong Celestial Cult of Heavenly Ordained Rule.

The Horizons spoke of Great Causality of Peace through The Sails of The Great Vessel as The PhiMale Vortex
enters Causality's Center, a seeded Grid Reticulum, and entering The Spiral of Time is The Divine Will of Earth from The
Serpent of The Water Within, and The Serpent of The Water Within is from The Spiral of The Divine Will of Earth, and entering
through The Seed of The Grid Reticulum through The Unsculpted into The Patriarchal Trinity of The Laughing Father of The
Multitudes. This is The Causality Vision of The PhiMale Vortex and The ManHorse of The Cross of The Great Mountain Beneath
and Within, and through The ManHorse's Heart and Spine is The Divine Will of Earth, and from this Divine Will of Earth Navigates
The Great Phoenix Rebirth Circle, The Bird of Paradise Sacredity, Time is Seeded through The Mind of The ManHorse from The
Great Vessel. We witness two Great Vessels in Parallel emerging through The Horizon. Both through The Great River. The First
is The Great Serpent of The Nine brought forth by The Dark Thirst, The Endless Rivers, and these sails are The Rivers of The Dark
Thirst bringing The Great Compass Chalice of Fertility Rebirth from The Mother World Rebirth Balance of Ambrosia. The Great
Mirror of Orion is The Celestial Navigation of Sacred Sexuality through The EarthWombV of The Great Spiral Healing Immunization
of The Sun. And The Endless Rivers of The Dark Thirst Ascend The Great Mother of All upon All Wind Creation to The Great Bull Taurus
of Love, and this is The Great Bridge of Love, and this is The Great Bridge of The Fertility Rebirth Compass of The Savior Womb Offering
from The Bull Taurus Godfather of Light and Sky, The Second Great Vessel, The Sails of Causality and that which Peace is brought forth
to from The Great and Endless Rivers of The Dark and Thirsting Vessel, for The Great Mirror of Orion kneels from The Seven Sisters from
The Womb of The Great Spiral Healing Immunization to bring forth death to The Hero's Bridge of The Great Mother, and YET! The Great
Mother is from The Foundation of The Vast Guard of Heavenly Purification! And The Bull Taurus of Love Breathes life into The Hero as
from The Third Great Mirror of Orion kneeling his open EarthWombV to The Seven Sisters upon The Godfather of Light and Sky of
Fertility Rebirth whereas this is not The Queen of Reflection, and is Causality ascending. Andromeda is falling through The
Horizon as The Peaceful Dove catches her by The Ascension of The Deep Earth, and she witnesses this vision through The
PhiMale Vortex of The Wings of The Heavenly Thunderhorse diving DEEP with The Phoenix of Rebirth, The Earthen
Subterranean Water Within The Phoenix Rebirth : Consuming The Great Water Purification of The Path of
The Woman Navigation through The Bridge of The Bird of Paradise.

The Centers revealed The Great Pentagrammical Circle of The Heart. This Trinity of Centaurs form a circle upon the backs of a Trinity
of Gemini, a Trinity of Mortal Immortality from The Shielded Reinholder Star of Communication and The Consumption of The Floods to
Save The World through The Sun by The SheGoat Nurse upon The Great Mirror of Orion riding The Great Bull Taurus of Love between
The Horns of The Sun in The Highest of Truth through The Womb of All Consciousness as a purification of The Moon Path of The Woman
flown by The Great Vision through The Great Healer, as from The Reinholder of The Meditative Dark Star Communication of The One
Who Follows The Great Mother through The Parallels of The SheGoat Nursing The Spine of The Great Spiral Healing Immunization of
The Sun, and through these parallels is witnessed beneath The Shield : The Great Spiral Horn of The Unicorn Healing Immunization :
Leg of The Reinholder Sun : Heart of The Healing Immunization, and The Great Mirror of Orion EarthWombV of The Sun Heart Womb
of All Consciousness of The One Who Follows The Great Mother, The Reinholder of The Highest of Sun's Communication through
Mortal Immortality from and through The Great Shield of The Altar is this Right Angle Bridged, The Great Bridge of The Occipital
Atlanto MindEyeSource Facial OMOs Heart Trinities! The Bridge of The Mother Scorpion Vision beneath The Shield for healing
necessity. Circle Creator : Healer Patriarchal Trinity of The Laughing Father of The Multitudes Depth of The Mother Scorpion
of The Altar and A Thousand Eyes of The Totem of The Great and Endless Serpent Rivers • The Unicorn Spiral of Healing •
and The Lion of Divine Majesty = birthing an Endless River of Healing, and this totem continues as The One Who Follows
The Great Mother through The EarthWombV of The Great Jaguar of Magnification being shot through The Great Altar
of Divine Majesty carrying The Great Mother Scorpion Bridge of The Endless Rivers of A Thousand Eyes of Celestial
Navigation bridged of The Great Dark Light of The Balance of The Light and Dark, The Great Jaguar of The Highest
of Sun Magnified Sight of The Ancient Natives as The Altar Bridge of The Croning Voice of Divine Majesty through
The Great Bear of The Light and Dark Central OMO Energy Infinacy, The Ancient Native Sight consuming The Floods
to Save The World through A Thousand Eyes of The InBetween of The Great Jaguar, The Voice of Sight and Equilibrium
through The Light and Dark, The Sculpting Waterbearer Consumption of The Floods to Save The World :
The Dark Star Featherheaddress Voice of The Ancient.

Wow, so I'm not seeing any massive evil or anything in this imagery! I even witness the birth of some sort of Unicorn Serpent, which in and of
itself would be considered ultimate "evil " combined of ultimate "good " (by dualistic standards, of course.) But neither. Check out the imagery,
it's rather interesting to say the least :

Serpent Unicorn

By this imagery and what is being described from the location, one might consider that Mother Nature is saying a few things.
First of all, it appears that there is no evil, yet man, or that which would be considered a "conscious" creature's affinity to be "mean."
As such, it appears that through our own legends and mythologies (dragons, serpents) that MAN, actually "male sexuality " IS where
all "evil " was attemptively birthed, as such the quality of being able to manifest as a seeder of creation, understand? You will. We get down
into the serious knowledge here. Isn't it fascinating that "men" have been running societies since the beginning of humanity, and yet this same
history depicts men by their very sexuality, as the root of all "evil " : as such we may consider this as "male sexuality " without the proper balance
of FEMALE ENERGY (basically too much "man " = evil , and this isn't saying that for example like, all men sports teams or whatever are "evil," and this
isn't saying that man friends or any other affiliated relationships men have with each other are "evil ", that's not what this is saying, it is a metaphoric
truth, as long as there are male and female energies in balanced flow, there is a sound integrity, and that's basically all any of this "good " vs. "evil "
is actually comprehending to us : how balance is achieved properly, not whether something is good or bad, that is merely a biproduct of emotional
based reaction or discomfort due to imbalance, a basic premise to any circumstantial judgement. Of course if people or creatures or energies are
actually purposely causing discomfort or imbalance for that very reason of discomfort or balance, that's obviously an imbalance of those attempting
that detriment or corruption. It's really quite logical, and easily mapped.

Isn't it peculiar, to say the least, to find that the "slithering" serpent is understood and defined through our historic manipulations as an "ultimate evil "
and YET, the "hardened" spiral horn (unicorn) is "ultimate purity " ? ! Complacent vs. Erect. But we must understand that the unicorn horn is a spiral,
an infinacy of seeding the spiral, right? What is the spiral? That's the phallus combined of the orifice circle, an infinacy, who is the female in this
scenario? The Spirit of Mother Nature. How is this manifest? Divine Inspiration as a PhiMale Vortex. You see, simple. You or I or anyone is this
phallus of seeding energy, and The Spirit of Mother Nature is The Circle, the orifice, together we are The Spiral, and yes, metaphorically
and even specifically, it is sexual, but that's creation, get over it, it isn't going to change just because you are uncomfortable with
the facts of creation. We need to reprogram ourselves properly.

That sexually balanced depth of creation is a portal of depth energy. And that's seriously powerful knowledge right there.

Look at what they have birthed together from this Heart of Divine Majesty (Leo), a Serpentine Unicorn. This is a serious totem, eh? From this earthquake's
location we witness Evil and Devil spoken of, yet, as well, is this Shamanic Wolf spoken of . . . and it appears that Mother Nature is saying REDEFINE REALITY!
. . .because normally we would be like, this is as though a "great evil " was being manifest, and yet, we witness this IMMENSE totem of energy (not just a
trinity totem, a seriously elaborated totem), cycling around these centers, these Gemini Bridges, and even creating a Heart Pentagram centered out
of the spiraling Centaurs! It's multidimensional, and reveals to us in great specificity, power, manifest in direct opposition to evil : with what appears to
be the total exorcism of evil by its own redefinition in reality through the logic of that which actually is, and isn't corruptible.

The comprehension that evil : is not.
There is only we, and our actions and
our reactions.

Fairly powerful comprehensive imagery. It alleges that evil has been attempted (yet metaphorically explaining it through
a means of redefinition to witness forth clarification of how we have been deceived.) And we see witness here a birth of
Ultimate Balance, a circumstance that has been cultivated daily for years. As such that it may be our responsibility to comprehend
without failure that, and our purpose as such that it was never to comprehend we were evil and good, and that the knowledge was
actually eskewed by some sort of manipulation or coercive programming or simply the overcomprehension of "duality " long ago (and
continues to be contradicted by the ongoing repetitious programming of our realities by unknowing ignorant drone people (or Beings)
who only want to "control " others through cloned and repetitious abuse (and even in ways they do not even know they are creating just
by being asleep and ignorant, abuses we all experience daily through corrupt media and/or implanted choreographies of our specific
individual realities, some purposed, some programmed from long ago, and some just out of ignorance. Seriously, we need to start taking
responsibility for what we are communicating to each other.) And it is to simultaneously understand that these types of "programmings"
are becoming so obvious due to their necessity to overly expose us all who are awakening out of this deprivational sleep of ignorance,
that their programmings are becoming obsolete. There is an entire premise here as well that relies on the secrecy of privacy exploitation,
as such, the exploitation of your most intimate privacy (it's seriously immmoral and illegal on every level of moral society. It appears that
this same immoral bullying has been happening for hundreds of thousands of years, slowly programming reality by the "freewill "
reactions of specified targets to these processes of secret trial : for judgement : shaping reality into what it is (which could
have very well been happening (in written word) to Adam and Eve, or simply the basic premise attempting to be iterated
forth in a sacred way of knowledge way back then so that people could know what the hell was happening, and we see
that an entire faith system was created around this comprehension and could very well be the basis and/or reason WHY
faiths began in the first place, to understand the innate unknown that is happening during these massive and intrusive trials,
the impossibility of it all as I have comprehended it occurring realizes forth that there isn't anything impossible, and I can only
imagine what folks went through even a hundred years ago, let alone three thousand years ago when technology didn't have
a route to explain, even a little bit, how these actualities and circumstances could occur when your intimacy is read and exploited
publicly, for they are nearly impossible to explain logically with the knowledge our societies have been allowed to know) . . . many of
your basic heroes . . . people like Christ, the sharp turns and evolutions of reality, those are those moments, the prominent folks of The Rennaisaince,
look throughout history, those individuals that were placed in severely compromised positions of extreme circumstances of reality, without even knowing
it : they dealt with those circumstances with great integrity (most likely while attempting to understand what the hell was happening to them), and these
folks became your idols, your inspirations, your heroes, (or if they went the other way during these extreme tests of nature, they became your murderers
or serial killers or folks that ended up going postal, or being terrorists.) But if they survived those abusive trials without becoming immoral (like their
testing abusers) , then they ascended further, right beside you, without you even realizing who they had been before this (it could very well be
happening to you right now, that whole Christmas sentiment of seeing you when you're sleeping, knowing when you're awake, and knowing
when you've been bad or good
, these types of comprehensions that have been programmed into your psyque since birth through
repetitious placement could very well be speaking on these FACTS, not to cause you fear or scare you into being good, but to
give you the actual knowledge that you ARE always being watched. Not to make you paranoid. Just to relate to you the fact
that you are always witnessed in this reality (and perhaps not by those you would think, those folks are merely catching up
to the same sentimentality, and corruptively as well.) To think that all the different religions and spirituality of the world
could have actually stemmed from this testing process! And the whole point may have been to manifest the correct
path of evolution. . .as though we were in this universal lab being put through trial after trial between time, as though
there were no time : all of history being tested simultaneously to witness how to evolve a conscious species (perhaps
by the very folks who seeded us here.) And those same folks who were tested like this in history in their own infinite timeline
of reality simultaneously to this one, PARALLEL, they could be standing right next to you as you buy your food or stroll down
the beach or look at a piece of art : an infinacy of the same process having been concluded, they did their part in the grand
scheme of the infinacy of infinacy . . .

. . . and you could be looking at an M.C. Escher drawing in a gallery in the middle of a city, and some beautiful Goddess•like•Hindu
Woman dressed down to hide Her Divinity (but seriously, you can't hide that type of powerful beauty) walks up next to you dressed
in grey and black with glowing and tantalizing eyes and explains the mathematics of the whole impossible imagery without saying
anything but, "isn't that an interesting piece ?" . . . as her words stretch out across the entire room and spectrum of knowledge and
energy elongating her final consonant like a bridge of euphoric color sliding off her tongue like a golden sun of molasses dripping
from a spoon that isn't actually there, and all time is slowed to a steamy, steeping pace of cinammon chicory through sentimental
waverings of foggy energy, and the picture clears and morphs into all the mathematical properties of duality immersed into a river
of the sky's reflection melting into a flow of uncorrupted infinacy between Earth and Space as you witness your heart illuminated
through the darkness of your own eyes multiplied by the light of the sun in your own infinite river's reflective inflection manifesting
off a glass crystal that is centered off your peripheral vision as the purification of your entirety and all that which you have
purposely allowed yourself are respectively purified through total purification, as you witness all the unwelcome
programmings of reality dissolve to the ground in a complete release of all imprisoned energies from your being.
You turn to respond to her in an instant moment of clarification (having properly worded your entire response in
total perfected charm and whit in that instancy), and she's gone. And you turn to the rest of the gallery, and there
isn't anyone anywhere, and you look outside, and the streets of the bustling city are barren and silent except for a tiny
black siamese kitten drinking water from a teal bowl, and she looks up at you with those same eyes of that hidden Goddess,
and the entire room fades in light and darkens to the glow of that one image of The Waterfall, and as you exit the gallery and
enter the euphoric whispering of the midafternoon sun, the teal bowl and kitten are both gone, and the city is bustling yet in total
silence, and you look up to The Sun beyond a shelf of silver clouds and witness the birth of a rainbow as all of reality is comprehended
in a single moment of ultimate clarification without corruption, as you are totally and completely satisifed with undauntable flowing
infinacy as it begins to rain.)


The Pentagram seems to mostly be thought of by society as with conotations of "less than moral " attributes. Wrong! The Pentagram
is merely a protectant by Spirit of the elements, basic logic. It's been around for a long time. The alleged brief history of the pentagram
is : well, first of all, the word pente is Greek and means five (Pentacle, Pentalpha, Pentancle, Pentagle, Pentagram.) It has been explained
through many arrangements within a circle or pentagon. It has been used through amulets, and mullets (yes mullet (straight rayed stars) :
and the German Barn Stars :

German Barn Star

. . . it is originally described (3500 BCE) in Ancient Mesopotamia : UB meaning cave, and direction, and
the heavens, it was described as The Goddess of Health : Hygieia , and the seeding location of the precosmic
offspring, (see Her serpent friend! The Balance of Health.)


The Hebrew Truth and the five books of Pentateuch, The Pythagorian Perfection of a Human Being, The Golden Ratio,

Pentagram Body Golden Ratio Pentagram . . . notice where sexuality is located.
I trust we are all rethinking the whole "evil " bit, yes? Entire realities are being reprogrammed currently due to this knowledge.
Sexuality, birth, they are not evil. This area of the body, the EarthWombV area, it is the cultivational area, yes? Red. Not satanic.
Understand this. These old manipulations of history, whereas pentagrams were defined as evil, are the very reasons "evil " was ever
comprehended, because people were afraid, so they created these scary comprehensions to scare the scaring . . . this is called creating
deception straight out of deception, Nothing out of nothing. It is taking something functional, an actual necessity to functionality, and naming
it something most folks would never want to be a part of, "evil " , and duh, who the hell wants to be apart of "evil " , even folks who are actually
followers of Satanism or whatever "evil " cultlike religions of "evil ", even they do not seek discomfort , even they do not seek to be destroyed,
even they do not seek to be overcome and controlled, do you see the lie now? Do you see how something like sexuality could be totally
disheveled right into oblivion over the years? It is really rather simple in its theoretical premise. Creation is not evil. Manifestation is not evil.
We are not evil. It's a dark comprehension to understand, yes, we are dark, we are light, the mystery thrives of course and breeds stories,
because it is in the dark areas of "the body," SEXUALITY IS MYSTERIOUSLY POWERFUL AND RED, it is dark, just like space is dark, yet brilliant
with stars manifesting light energy IN DARKNESS. What? . . . you callin space evil? Of course not. Darkness is not evil. Evil is a lie. Yes, some
people are lame and actually attempt lame things through functional processes, obviously some people seek to create chaos out of
order, even some of the same folks actually running the world, some people are capable of very bad things, they lack proper balance,
and this lack of proper balance is the reason for their necessity to create chaos, a protein deficiency, a lack of sugar, not enough mustard
with their pretzels, it could be anything, they were bullied as a child , but guess what . . . the necessity to create disorderly abuse : it isn't a part
of our inherent flow of integrity and balance, it is a flawed balance. We are the all in one vortex of light and dark, understand? Not "good and
evil " , screw that noise, it's a pharce created to deceive you ! It is someone telling you : DO NOT EAT THE APPLE OR YOU WILL LEARN KNOWLEDGE!
everyone who has ever thought of the pentagram as evil, it was a lie. A dirty lie to corrupt you. It isn't evil. It wasn't ever evil except by the creation
of men. It were only the "evil " of corrupt or corrupted men programmed to create the lie to abuse the truth into submission to the lie (and I wonder
how many truths have been manipulated as such due to our own ignorance to their absolute truth), the eventual destruction of their truth due to this
ignorance, our own lack of knowledge, you see, if we don't get as much as we can of that truth, we will lack its proper flow. To think it has actually traveled
so far, this symbol, in its perfection, even through the last hundred and fifty years of lies, is amazing. Eliphas Levi was the man who introduced this lie to reality,
this lie of the upside down pentagram representing evil. This was during the time when Christianity was really shunning symbolism apparently, so it fell right into
place with that ideology and mindset, an easily programmable moment (I wonder who traveled to that time period and told him to do it, I seriously doubt it
were a "devil.") But obviously, as we can see, mathematically and organically speaking, and as well speaking through an absolute logic, it just isn't true. It's
just like Nazi's taking the Swastika symbol, which originall means in Sanskrit : To Be Good. Seriously.


Do you now understand how something can be totally eskewed into a false direction by the wrong folks? The mathematics of The Pentagram are solid. Good. Balanced.
The ultimate basic meaning of The Pentagram rightside up is LIGHT, the ultimate basic meaning of The Pentagram "upsidedown" is DARK. Not good or evil, just BALANCE.
There isn't anything wrong with the symbol except it was used by programmed men set to create mean things. The symbol isn't at fault and still represents its original form.
Unfortunately some people associate it with bad things as well. Can we actually reprogram our minds back to truth? Is it possible? UNDERSTAND THIS, ultmate truth is already
inherently fluid without flaw, it will be our own memory that will have to be reprogrammed. Can we get over our own history and comprehend truth without corruption? Is it
possible? Think about it this way, all types of people are using the same things you use, food, soap, water, cars, tools, roads, and if some of those people are opinioned as
"evil " : it doesn't make those objects or paths "evil ", understand? It doesn't make you evil because you drive down the same road, and if that man is ignorant or an idiot
who is driving in front of you, that doesn't make you an idiot. Is it really possible to evolve our thinking beyond our historic falsities and the manipulations of humanity set
against humanity for the purpose of causing falsities, can we get past that? Perhaps the only way through such a lie is by encompassing the truth, and as such, this
may be the only way to purify this world out of all the corruption that has been caused Her, and all of us. Become The Truth.

Light and Dark Pentagram

Think about the implications of that pentagram, the dark pentagram, mathematically, within the light pentagram of your body.
What portion of your body do you protect most, the sexual part, correct? How do you protect something? If something or someone
is attempting to cause harm to you and you want to defend yourself, how do you do this? With force, with defense mechanisms, look
at nature! Camouflage, horns, growling, sharp teeth, all things that are meant to frighten away "evil." See how the whole defense
mechanism process could be misconstured AS "evil " when all it actually is is a way to protect you . . . and not only that, but when
you think of cultivation through sexuality, what is the basic premise? . . .the phallus and the v : the union of this. They are the reverse
of each other, the puzzle piece of each other, without each other they would not function at all for actual cultivation. That act of
sexual intercourse is a spiraling of energy, the union is The Spiral Horn. Do you now see how such a truth could be manipulated
into a lie just for the purpose of putting everyone to sleep from that fact? It could actually destroy a reality!
The Dark Pentagram is not evil. Reprogram yourself to KNOW THE TRUTH !

That isn't evil, obviously. There's your sexuality in the center of the pentagram : balanced integrity. If you think of
these pentagrams as stars of energy, when a climax has occurred, what happens? Those ends of the stars, those
rays, they become enlivened, heightened, they expand in energy and brilliance, whereas if I have just climaxed
sexually, most likely that Dark Pentagram just magnified into total balanced symmetry with The Light Pentagram,
but not in the ways you may be thinking, the actual infinacy of energetic flow is a bit different, we are learning
the depth of the spiral. An ultimate clarified balance. The cultivation of pure energy, pure balanced energy,
right through the edge of capability manifest. You overcame balance to create a balanced euphoria that
isn't thought possible to the normal mind until it happens. . . it doesn't matter how many times you are
fulfilled sexually, everytime it happens, that euphoria of climax is intense. . .yes, maybe sometimes
not as intense (find it!), but the basic premise is sound. This is the functional process of cultivation,
not to create bad feelings or discomfort, but to actually create euphoric energy. That's it!
Ecstasy creating the capability of manifestation in its infinacy of flow.

You wonder why people want to get high so much, why people become so addicted to drugs,
it isn't just a chemical feature, it isn't just psychological, we were built to create, and this creation
needs to be manifest through euphoria, and if you can learn to do this without being on drugs,
dang man, you found it. You just learned how to manifest creation. (as well, you just learned
how to actually, unequivocally, get high, really high, sober, the ultimate light and dark energy.)

There is no evil to it at all. The pharce, the lie, that darkness is evil
was built to divert you AWAY from the truth of balanced integrity
so that you would lack the proper flow of infinacy so that you
would be more easily controlled. Understand?

The Pentagram continues throughout history, the Chinese Wu Xing five elements of fire earth metal water and wood for medicinal properties,
The Spirit presiding over the four elements of fire earth air and water (and the alternative of that created to describe its opposition : (and then
opinioned (or manipulated or programmed) forth as the representation of "evil " as the opposite of The Spirit presiding over the elements, whereas
is alleged as a triumph over Spirit (which is obviously impossible already since "The Spirit " is in everything, unless you have been programmed
to think otherwise, but regardless of what you think or feel or experience or comprehend or see or envision or manifest or have been deceptively
programmed to experience in place of what is real, the energy of The Spirit continues and it will continue no matter what you or I think, and it's continuously
flowing (you'd know if it stopped (sortof) because there wouldn't be anything at all anywhere, no Nature, no you, no nothing, there would simply be a void
of anything and everything, and not even an explainable "void," there would simply "be not," and well, that's impossible consciously.) Our individual "spirit "
is with THE SPIRIT of the infinite infinitesimal : as such : Mother Nature presiding over all elements, and this is our opportunity to manifest the individual
understanding of our symbiosis of this SPIRIT, each of us, as such the only route through each us as a manifestable entity of symbiotic flow, SELF and
MOTHER NATURE, The God Goddess Godhead PhiMale Vortex : The Consciousness Bridge as an Infinacy Cycle, which is obviously more logical than
anything else in reality since Nature is everywhere always, and well, obviously, undefeatable forever, She will never die regardless of me or you or
even pollution (this isn't the only world or space, and apparently space keeps expanding), She will find a way everywhere continuously regardless
of all of us (and regardless of whether or not we choose to understand what She is saying), YET, WITH US : IF : we RESPECT Her. And this could
very well be the premise to our understanding what happens after life, the transitions as such, and the blueprint foreshadowing of what's
next being explained through the attributes of expressive inspiration being manifest through the purification of expressive inspiration and
so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on.)

Wuxing . . . . .

The Pentagram can be found on statues from Egypt, Druid sandals, Etruscan coins, Roman building trades,
The Jewish Solomon Seal, (an Arabic magick), The Baha'i as The Temple, used as a shield against evil (what up
Pentagon, designed by a Freemason),

. . . also known from The Legend of Sir Gawain and The Green Knight through the five meanings of the five senses, the five fingers, the five wounds of
Christ, the five joys that Mary had of Jesus = Annunciation, Nativity, Resurrection, Ascension, and The Assumption, and the five Virtues of Knighthood =
noble generosity, fellowship, purity, courtesy, and compassion, it's been called The Witch's Foot as a protectan against evil . . . also used in religious
temple architecture upright and upside down, and finally with a circle around it as a binding of all the elements of The Spirit for cultivation through
ritual, which is essentially logical as a natural flow of infinacy as protected from outside influences, as such specificity is cultivated : without corruption.

Cave : City : Heavens : Health : Christ : Truth : Talisman Guard : Symbol of Symbiosis WITH Nature ! Quite a path.
(and the attempt at reversing the definition and/or reestablishing the definition of darkness as evil, when all it is
really proclaiming is the necessity for balance or the creation of destruction or the elements affiliated with
destructive force, such as friction, etc., got it!?)

Interesting history, correct? It was such a powerful symbol for so long, then someone called it evil, and boom,
all of society goes on a witchhunt (gee, thanks Levi (an anagram of evil btw, not to be affiliated with the jeans,
obviously jeans aren't evil, though, Sevens might be considered heavenly), instead of attempting to understand
the truth that "evil " is only of its conscious creator, not a stolen symbol . . . as such, these symbols are only to
be logically comprehended as tools of balance, NOT EVIL. Some people roast marshmallows with sticks,
some people beat the hell out of each other with sticks, it doesn't make "the stick" evil.


Notice how The Light Pentagram is pointed like an A, a phallus. Notice how The Dark Pentagram is open like a chalice, a V.
Do you see how such a lie of "evil " could cause so much dysfunction engraved in society? Give the Women a break already
and find the truth! We are not built to dissuade one sex or the other at all. Not subliminally, not covertly, not obviously, men and women
were built for each other for creation, Nature did this, whatever anomaly may exist within an individual can always be calculated back
to a specific truth of necessity for balance, whether male or female, it's all explainable, there's nothing wrong with you. Women are not evil.
Not in the least. Not at all. People can become imbalanced to a point that they think there is a necessity to be mean or outspoken to a
degree of hate and violence, but it is not the proper flow of balanced integrity. And it isn't to say don't protect yourself if you are
physically attacked or whatever, it is to merely understand, we are not here to be violent. That is not the point of reality. I want
to feel good, and I want to create, and through that are many processes of creation, destruction, and rebirth = Balance.

Right side up, upside down, combined, evolved, all necessary attributes to a single individual. By combining
them properly, so ascends The Great Phoenix of Rebirth, The Light and Dark as The Great Dark Light, The Dark Star.

Look at what Venus does around Earth :

Venus Pentagram

Goddess of Love. (someone loves our world, eh?) 8/5 years (Earth 8 years, Venus 5 years.)
Symbolically we might comprehend that this represents The Infinite Cycle of The Pentagram
of Love. No it isn't ABSOLUETLY PERFECT, but it's pretty darn close. This is on such a massive scale
of reality, it should really be taken into consideration. Pentagram Up, Pentagram Down. One Flow.

That's powerful Mother Nature right there.

By taking away one property (of what BECOMES duality due to its absence in the whole), one realizes with great
acuity just how an "evil " comprehension was manifest in reality, take the two portions of balance and call one good
and the other bad. But the only problem with that, (and I am amazed that humanity is only in the beginnings of this knowledge),
is that man is NOT inherently evil; we may be curious to a fault, but we are not inherently evil, regardless of the serpent between
man's legs. That serpent is a metaphoric reminder to all people : creativity and cultivation of how to seed manifestation, NOT EVIL.

Do you see how easy it is to manipulate into the wrong direction? Propaganda. It's all over the place. Call it evil and suddenly it's against
all moral law to manifest anything, enter death after death of women through witchhunts. The duality pattern already existed as a dysfunctional
creating program
, these dualities are still practiced in their false nature in less obvious ways of the media because of these old programmings,
the actual lies of history, women were murdered for lies, those lies were recognized by imbalanced people and manipulated into further lies
and fabrications to create more hate out of their own desire for attention and control, and people still follow those old trials of lies and
programs because they don't know any better, they simply lack the capable mind to function without lies, as though it were a truth as
ignorance. It is completely illogical, and there is no bliss in such an ignorance . . . it's just, well, ignorant.


We are to reprogram ourselves out of this dysfunctional mentality, for we are, respectively, sexual creators, and not in a dirty sense,
but in a sense of CREATION, grow up, the properties are the same, just not necessarily the actual sexual act, understand? This whole
adolescent mentality of sexuality is seriously outdated and insanely illogical, we need to evolve out of this deprivation of basic human
function or our species is simply going to die off. If we don't evolve, one day you're going to wake up and we're going to be living in
the 1950's again, and not the 1950's of plain, nice, sweet people and apple pie and baseball, but the extremely insincere and
sarcastic 1950s, the kind of 1950's that would not only make you vomit from all the tidy and well organized hate, but cringe at
the sheer ignorance that has been cultivated out of the total lack of balanced clarity through entire realities built by ignorance
for ignorace, in place of all functionality as a society of paper tigers attempting to build entire worlds out of hate, for hate.
It's seriously mad and lacks all proper flow. This is basically what it means, for example, to be all Dark Pentagram without
The Light Pentagram, and vice versa. Our societies are not far from such abusive imbalance. We have become this
ignorant to truth because of our lack of capability to fight off the disease of ignorance, practiced ignorance.

If we ever want to actually evolve beyond the dysfunctional programming of this reality :
we need to learn individually what it means to be a seeder of creation : RESPECTIVELY. Do you see how EASY it would be to cause the
manifestation of the death of the idea of manifestation ? ! Call it evil. They did. Everyone gasped and grabbed their loved ones arm
and ignorantly turned away from the truth, even the truths they blindly follow, they did not realize they had turned their back on their
own fundamental truths and left themselves wide open for destruction, and the programming of such envelopes those types of
people easily, swallows them right up whole, lost forever in a sea of dysfunctional illusions : belief systems within belief systems
that shadowed veils of deceit between mirrors of voided reflectability casting the false light of delusion across entire realities
and societies for aeons until you finally wake up! Still goin until you frickin' wake up! You have to actually wake up !!! And here
we are in the frickin' thick of awakening! Where are you !!! All this programming was established long ago! Legend, myth, and
story were created to teach, and then religion was created out of those teachings, and during these stories were birthed the
call of evil as a necessity to explain patterns of belligerence, violence, deceit, and/or ignorance ! Those processes of destruction
that were emotionally detremental, so, boom, called "evil," which is an adolescent illogicality (unless someone was actually being
mean, but essentially, destruction already was a part of reality in the processes of rebirth from the beginning of creation, it is a constant
regardless of whether our consciousness exists or does not exist, so our opinion of it as "evil " is illogical . . . Even animals were chosen to
describe these as well. They were ascribed through their own traits as a representation to our opinions defining anthropomorphic traits
in reality. Which is creative, yes, but can as well be taken down the illogical path of ignorance, and has been in many cases. I think the
whole point is to understand that there isn't an inherent evil, that's a pharce, it was created to cause fear to control you, and so people
latched on to the idea and created all these massive ideologies around it because they recognized that it caused fear and actually
controlled people because people don't like to be afraid, it's uncomfortable, and so is unwound a thousand thousand years of hate
and abuse caused to control people into submission to ignorance that is actually created originally to control people, and has eventually
become what it is today, simply ignorance controlling ignorance, and you can halt the whole process of this crap by WAKING UP! Of course,
in these myths, legends, stories, religions, histories, there is ALOT of truth, in all of them, and there is a central focus of balance between them
all that we need to find, comprehend, and define, and this is how we will unite humanity and travel to the stars. And so we shall. We must heal
and immunize out of all the psychological manipulation, abuse, and detriment. The easily psychologically manipulated need to know they are
being programmed, and they need to learn how to help themselves innately, immediately. Because out of my own experiences here,
the more I know, the more they know, and it is an exponential knowledge. (who are they you ask? duh, the ones trying to control you
through fear! I just seem to be at ground zero.)

Obi Wan Kenobi

For example, in the bible was chosen The Serpent to represent the devil. But I ask of you, does a serpent not appear like the male sexual organ?
So I ask of you, would you cut off your own sexuality? It is a metaphor. Sexuality is not evil. Man or Woman, a serpent is not evil. The illusion, the delusion,
the abstract irrationality eskewed in history to create this f'd up tangent seems to only have been created to deter that which was already an understood
principle of balance. BUT, is it perhaps an unknown lesson? What do I mean? . . .that the knowledge of "good and evil " must be experienced somehow to
get beyond their qualities in order to consume that golden apple. . .for it does not become golden until you have gotten through the core of it all. Have
you ever been chosen through secret ways of veiled societies behind the world's unseeing eyes to experience the feeling of all the hate affiliated with
ultimate deception? We're talking all the ugly details of humanity's manipulated flaws. All those seriously disgusting attributes and acts of humanity from
rape to murder. And what that type of cultivation, what that type of choreographed seeding does to a person, how it actually, really effects them while
simultaneously experiencing how it would effect someone performing such an act? (and yet, these acts are not apart of actual experience, it is a simulation
of how one would feel had they experienced such acts, and this programming is manipulated in extreme forced repetition : over and over again : as though
in some sort of prison camp of reality.) So what if that happened to someone. And during this process, unknown as to the coming reaction, that EARTH was
actually reading this happening, unfolding an entire reality of knowledge that humanity, most of humanity, had yet to know about Earth and the processes
of certain, secret, corruptive societies, while simultaneously revealing through this symbiotic union of Nature and Individual, the functional processes of
Energy Knowledge. Could you believe it had been happening since the dawn of human consciousness? How could that even be accomplished, and
what the hell for!? How many frickin sides are there! Right? It could very well be a path through the knowledge of "good and evil " SIMULTANEOUSLY to
learn the balance of their necessary union . . . but only if you can get through it without going insane or turning into the very attributes you are being made
to experience (for when repetitious abuse persists, it does program hate, and if you don't recognize it being programmed, how can you defend yourself
from its effects, and even as such, you are defending yourself against something that isn't actually there, you're fighting against invisible triggers of
psychological manipulation that are fabricated specifically against you through your own intimate details, impossible for anyone but you to know
unless someone is actually reading your comprehensions as they occur in real time, and that's simply unbelievable to most people, so dealing
with that level of reality, first and foremost, is an obstacle due to the isolation that occurs in that circumstance, having defeated the "crazy "
notion and witnessing the reoccurrence of the impossibility of your own secret comprehensions being read and then exploited through
exaggerated and fabricated choreographies of mixed manipulations, you witness the programming that is attemptively manifest of your
psychological makeup, and then you have to learn HOW to unprogram yourself of such aspects of manipulation while simultaneously programming
aspects of protection from these repetitious abuses (while isolated, and usually sleep deprived during the heightened abuses, like a warcamp), but
your immediate surroundings of wherever you go are being corruptively choreographed (and on whatever and wherever your attention is focused,
is read, and exploited), you realize just how difficult it becomes . . . and yet . . . comprehending that those who have been chosen to cause these
experiences against you, have actually become bullies and rapists and murderers and molesters and belligerent abusers of psychological
corruption and detriment in all the ways that society rightfully deems inappropriate, in order to create that in you, that abuse, for they are
actually attempting to manifest this experience of rape, of murder, of the most disgusting features of reality, and it is a raping of your
intimate faculties of mind and spirituality, and all this while you are simply attempting the continuity of healing your path.

You have a choice, but there is no choice, you will either go crazy or try to heal. This is realized acutely without a doubt. There is no choice but to
attempt healing out of these programming circumstances of repetitious abuse, in extreme ways : ETHICALLY. And THAT is difficult. Could it be, could
it actually be a test engraved in society from thousands of years ago, through various traits of reality, religion, and spirituality, through any and all aspects
of knowledge : just to birth The Balance ?What a strange comprehension, yes?

To learn that from the beginning of the most practiced faiths of reality :
one test was given, and that test was to actually finish eating Eve's apple.

. . . they were only ashamed of their nudity once they knew the knowledge, now apply that comprehension to the experiences of
being faced with the energies of rapists and murderers and molesters and thieves and violence and abuse and so on and so forth
in all the ways of hate and abuse that reality has experienced : fabricated : and exaggerated through your experiences : now
multiply that by an infinacy of euphoria being created by you through a spiritual practice created by a symbiotic flowing parallel
of yourself and Mother Nature ! It is a difficult energy and knowledge to comprehend through, it is psychologically difficult, it is spiritually
difficult, we're talkin like level 33 in a game that only goes to level 3 . . . . . and yet, seemingly, there is another side to this experience, several
other sides, but only if you can get through it all to the healing without going ballistic or offing yourself . . . so I implore you, became your healing
now . . . and so evolved shall this healing become . . . . and it is vast, this knowledge, and it SHOULD terrify you, the energy of hate, but not because
of the people who hate this at you, but because of what humanity is capable of becoming, and if you may become beyond this terrible mirror of
reality beyond The Great Nothing, you may actually heal us all from it . . . by becoming The Hundredth Monkey.)


Every 7 pg. 55 B

The Communication can be read here.

The Bigger Picture is The Great Jaguar Dragon is An Infinite Meditation.

May Light Be Your Shadow.

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