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7.15.12 The Second Coming of The White Buffalo and The Balance of The Dark Pentagram.

Adam and Eve

This could very well have been started through story : in Genesis . . . WAY BACK THEN : to alleviate the tension from an undesirable position
of complacency, MAN declared HIMself : RULER OF THE WORLD ! (echo, echo, echo, echo, echo) (YET, through God (MALE!) (you know, while
simultaneously manifesting the whole serpent as evil belief system to alleviate all the competition of manifestation, it's really quite ingenious
in its obviousness as a flawed way of reverse engineering through the human psychological makeup (what up Grey, test much?!) : that it
is actually insane, truely, it is ACTUALLY INSANE THAT folks did not or do not recognize this.) Women were "set aside," : "put in their place,"
which isn't cool at all and totally prefaced the witchhunts much later in time in a sortof disasterous reawakening during a time of induced
sleeping WHILE PEOPLE WERE OBVIOUSLY TRYING TO WAKE UP (induced into sleep through the lie of the reversal of the pentagram, Levi !
Conveniently set in that exact time!), an obvious manipulated coercion of humanity to detour reality from understanding HER : The WOMAN
(our actual greatest necessity to TRUTH! . . .how convenient, can you imagine if you are witnessing reality on a timeline that you could actually
jump around, and you were attempting to manipulate society, how easily it would be to choose those moments in history, such as this,
to choreograph lies out of truths! It's insane. Evil Genius Insane. And we are not insane or evil. Nor do we choose to be.)

KNOW THAT : THE WOMAN : SHE is the ultimate power, but only when respected and in symbiotic union with "the respectful male,"
THIS IS TRUTH : (as such it is to recognize at this point that FEMALE energy is the ultimate POWER, YET, only when cultivated with respectful
male energy : WITH RESPECT : and this symbiosis is a union (and the "sexes" are only used to describe properly this comprehension (man or
woman, this is how it is in all circumstances.) To think this whole time we should have been "worshipping" The Woman (and when I say "worshipping"
I mean LEARNING HER DIVINE INSPIRATION) through the PhiMale comprehension simply due to HER natural idol status as the beautiful ultimate inspiration
for The Creative Spirit Cultivation (logically.) Why is SHE such an inspiration? She is the manifestation of all the purifying stages and ages of humanity in one,
The Birther of it All from The Seed, the blueprint Portal of The Spiral of Manifestation WITH Mother Nature! And as such, we are creative as male energy, giving,
seeding, HER, ourselves, as The Spiral, and whatever it is we create, hence MOTHER NATURE . . . the actual MOTHER nature. The Star in The Darkness of Space :
The Dark Star Creation Manifestation (without evil because it never was a necessity at all, it was only a diversion to truth, the notion of "evil " is the ultimate
deception, that's all . . . created to deceive into duality out of balance. It's basic.) To think that "humans" were created as a "version" of GOD would
completely change the way the bible is read. . .and perhaps it would have changed the way it was written. It isn't to say that anyone or the other
is omnipotent, but it is to question our capabilities on how to evolve to that stage of evolution, how to become through that responsibility ethically
for the correct purposes, otherwise it just doesn't function properly and eventually falls apart. SO we witness the stages of development occur
within us individually . . . I am not saying necessarily that we may become "all powerful " in the sense that we would never be hurt or bleed or
were indestructable, but only that this capability does exist on a certain level of consciousness we may actually achieve eventually, and it is
there, at that level, that I may be saying that without actually having to say it.


It seems we are being taught how corruption has been attempted simultaneously to how to protect ourselves
from corruption simultaneously to how this corruption was birthed in reality originally while simultaneously learning
how to comprehend properly and respectively the flow of infinacy shy this illogical semantic of eskewed balance,
through a manifestation of the comprehensions of how to heal whilst immunizing ourselves from these illogical corruptions.
Is this what I just asked for? OMG, I think it is! For yes, it is to understand, mean people suck, and they do exist. And not everyone
is respectful. And yes, it is to LACK NAIEVITY of the fact that there are those who want to corrupt balance (the same types of "people"
most likely imprisoned by the irrational belief systems that lack whole balance through their shunning of the logical and natural order of
existence (it's really quite logical in a sortof survival mechanism of dysfunctionality, but essentially, eventually, those folks will completely
fall apart because they are following falsities.) So it is to understand that this is not only a fight against thousands of years of duality
programmed illusion
, but is as well the evolved fight of such : as we have evolved beyond it, so too is this immediately recognized,
and causes fear to those who seek to control you or I : and the same types of "programmers" seem to have always been (even
if you don't believe it, and this comprehension scares the hell out of those programmers (that we know), because if enough
people know about it they will lose control over everyone forever, that : what everyone has called sorcery or magic or
witchcraft or whatever, these are actually the basic fundamental principles and properties of Nature (when defined
and practiced properly, and there is a vast leeway to creativity and originality, IT IS VAST AND FOREVER AND FOR ALL
OF US) (so be prepared for extreme circumstances of abusive reaction to the likes of police states and martial law,
and so forth, in ways not so obvious at first, but slowly becoming normal reality (right under the noses of actual (oblivious)
officials (who could very well be simply replaced by replicants if you can believe it) over long periods of time, it is time to
recognize this before you are too far gone, as such that we are not too far programmed into oblivion, no joke, it's serious,
these systems of abuse are attempting to gain ground over that which is being healed out of : in order to remain in control,
because they are about to lose control.) The methods have only become more advanced because of our awareness of
them, and on a terrifying level of abusive force, whereas all your rights as a free individual of reality are completely set aside
(much like the women of history, it's like that, and we should recognize it before it becomes too far gone, otherwise freedom
will become a scarcity, that, and/or fear will be manipulated and programmed to such a degree that there will be a mass kill
off of everyone who is awakening, but not if you are prepared) : it is understood, this manipulation I speak of, as though you
are being put in your place beneath "programming" : you must understand it before it takes its toll on your psychological
flows, and learn how to heal yourself NOW, seriously, this will evolve healing consciously, and as healing is evolved
consciously, this healing is manifest exponentially, and we're all going to need it eventually, until the hundredth
monkey eats that golden apple, SO, we all need to press on with the healing!


So advanced it seems at times that if we don't help ourselves consistently and constantly : if we don't reprogram
ourselves persistently, we will not survive, and entire societies will eventually be lost to the likes of our ancient societies
that are still mysteriously missing, there will be no way back from it if we don't learn. Don't freak out! There have been
methods created to undo these insane attributes of abusive programming. The only way to do this is to reprogram
yourself through creativity. Just be yourself.

And when you do this, the most logical and constructive path is : RESPECT : and as such then there is no disrespective
hinge to haunt you in the future, got it? Forever then shall respect be with you as balanced integrity, and with the properties
of all reality that actually matter, as such that when you experience disrespect (and there will be disrespectful circumstances),
your integrity is such that it is without sway, unwavering, and undauntable, regardless of how manipulative it becomes.

Find your ground, and stand firm.

Sitting Bull

It is to know that it does not appear as though " good " and " evil " were the main points of reality ever, most likely they
were merely describing the extreme points of creation and destruction as a logical defining of how Nature creates and
destroys and rebirths and so forth, but someone got it in their dualistic mind the nasty idea to manipulate reality through the
whole EVIL FIRE dealio; the whole red and firey brimstone hell vs. the pearly white euphoric heaven. THEY AREN'T AGAINST EACH OTHER!
Not in the infinacy cycle, my friends. Why would an all powerful "GOD" create duality instead of ultimate balance ? . . . to reveal to his
creation (humans) the ways of knowledge ?

Smoking Blue Apples

God : " Trick! You ate the apple, good luck. " (six thousand years later, here we are.) There doesn't
seem to be any other logical reason . . . was GOD just not advanced enough in our creation of HIM
back then that HE could not see the far greater path of fluidity through Nature? Didn't HE create Nature?
You see, it lacks all logic.

As such then, logically, by what we have comprehended, GOD would be NATURE : EXCEPT for the fact that
CREATION is manifest THROUGH Nature by SEED (and that's where we all come in as conscious seeders of reality
creatively), so what would that make you and I then, hmmm? God? Whose going to cop to that job ?! Of course
we are not God in the biblical sense of the word. But guess what, I am a seeder of creation, of manifestation, just
as you are, and this is in symbiosis and union with Mother Nature through Divine Inspiration, RESPECTIVELY, as such,


Do you see how it's all conveniently and
logically perfect? That's because it is real.

So, "faith," it's a nice idea for a "GOD ", but essentially, it isn't logical. We can have faith in something, in its inevitable nature or its possibility
of fruition, but if that faith is based on circumstances that cannot be experienced, where does that leave you? It really is a difficult way
to describe properly, for : alot of people have experienced that powerful euphoria of ultimate love during religious moments, YES. I too
have experienced this, once to my recollection, I even said it out loud to another family member, I was very young, in a church meeting,
and I was witnessing everyone crying as we went around to each other shaking hands and hugging, and I rarely cry, if you see me actually
crying, something very powerful has just happened, and in that moment, in my youth, I became overcome with this euphoria energy, and I
started weeping uncontrollably like everyone else, and everyone was looking to each other because they were all experiencing the same
thing (AND THAT HEIGHTENED THE EXPERIENCE EVEN FURTHER, for when an experience of euphoric truth is somehow manifest between people
it is extremely powerful, and can actually create love, EXTREMELY POWERFUL LOVE, and healing, etc) , everyone is moved to a certain degree
of clarity, and people have called this experiencing The Spirit of God. And I do not seek to trivialize that type of experience of people, but I
experience that type of feeling everyday now, seriously, for a long time, and this I manifest for the purpose of healing us all.


. . . . . I am not a God fearing man. Mother Nature though,
let's just say I have a vast respect for Her many parts.

I am not attempting to speak to a "God." I am communicating with Mother Nature in all ways necessary to help us all heal,
it is the only logical path, and I am attempting to create loving and healing regenerative love energy as balance evolutionarily
progressive through The Spirit of Nature (the logical wings of reality) through Divine Inspiration as a Seeder of Creation through
intricately navigated paths of energy, it's a flowing infinacy. As such, in this process, I am become The GodGoddessGodhead
manifesting creation. There's alot to it, it's not so simple . . . . and yet, it is . . . To understand such a love is to be responsible without
disrespect. There is a bridge of comprehension between that experience of family and friends through cultivated unions (albeit
brief as they were/are in our greetings of each other), the comraderie of flowing parallel energy manifesting intimate purification,
that's the correct premise, it is why so many folks continue to go to church, that temple, the outer temple : that is attempting to explain
to you through The OMO placed preacher : your inner temple. For thousands of years. And here we are. You are The Temple. And that
temple is within The Temple, and that temple is within The Temple, and that temple is within The Temple, and it is an infinacy of cycling
naturally, each other. And it is like a river. And this river is flowing. And as though you were on a perfect floating apparatus, you
would flow down this river through all of its quirky turns and shocking waterfalls without failure or fault DUE TO YOUR CORRECT
VESSEL. Which is your temple. This body of yours. Your temple. It is while you're here, this particular body. You fixed up your
house all nice and neat, your car is all tricked out, what about that temple you're walking around in? Yet another
biproduct premise of The Catwalk, eh? Models trying to explain to you over and over again through tantalizing
beauty and strange and fascinating wardrobes, create! Create! Create! Do we even realize that this knowledge
is everywhere being manifest currently in a billion different ways constantly ! ? Vehicles, computers, telephones,
communication! We are screaming to each other through our creations : WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP! This isn't
just a tool to call your buddy! It's a blueprint evolution program. And if we aren't careful, we could be programmed
in the wrong direction. This is where we are, that precipice, overlooking all of humanity from the greatest depths of
infinite space, a fork in the path of evolution, we fly, or we fall. Or you know, you fall a few times, like I have, attempting
over and over again to find that correct path until flight is eventually cultivated, AND WE HAVE LIFT OFF!
Eventually, your vessel will become a river. And then, WOW! . . . get ready for a ride :

. . . for you are become the ride . . .

I do not seek to dissuade reality from a path of flowing logic in the least at all, only to reevaluate how reality is being illogically
patterned through dysfunctional and incomplete knowledge as ascribed through particular belief systems instead of finding
the central logic between everything as not a "belief system" but as ACTUAL REALITY : to evolve : without doubt : through experience,
throughout all our experiences, that central knowledge of truth, logically, it isn't easy, especially when so much of what is experienced
is personal knowledge. But it is essential to try and understand further. It appears that humanity has been programmed to be controlled,
and this programming is at a serious crossroad. With the entire evolution of our technology, we have seemingly inadvertently created a
path through our own psychological flow, the ways of intricate and intimate programming being comprehended, and as we learn these
ways, we learn HOW we have been programmed and HOW to unprogram that which is seriously illogical and blocking fluidity or simply
attempting to drive us mad. It's like we learned what was happening subconsciously and have been building a system of immunity to
it all for self preservation. But we have to understand, this system of control is a learning system as well, exponentiality, however fast
we may become, so too is this learning system until we actually completely overcome it, and so there is no break from it. I witness this.
And that's a difficult fact to know.


The whole religion and "god" circumstance seems to be one of the essential roles of control (albeit invisible and created through
invisible attributes of humanity, the cleverness of it is extreme, it is difficult to comprehend that a human actually created this, while at
the same time is almost madly ingenious as to a climax of humanity out of warfare when we actually become immersed in our union of
correct knowledge.) Think about the whole Adam and Eve and Serpent circumstance in The Garden of Eden. Freewill? Come on now.
It's like "God" saying, "alright, I'm going to create these "twentysomething children" and give them freewill, but I am going to put candy
right in front of them and tell them not to eat it!
" Yeah. Naked. Beautiful Garden. Sunny. 79º. Slight breeze. Peaceful jungle noises. Giant
kitty cats everywhere. All alone with your mate. Don't eat the beautiful fruit that the talking snake just said will make you smart like your
dad. What tease? Seriously.

Serpent, Eve, Apple

God said : "DON'T EAT THIS." "okaaaay, dad." Serpent : "It will make you smart!" Eve : "Hey, didn't my dad create you?" Chomp!
Talk about naievity. Really? He was like, "yeah, you can live here, but don't eat the fruit that will actually give you knowledge." It's the simultaneous
creation and obstruction of freewill. Talk about evil contradiction! But was it really?. And obviously these folks were cast out due to their actions, but
WHICH actions? Was it just a pharce? Test the children who are Gods. You see, it's gotta be just 'a story lesson.' Would this not be considered GOD'S
FREEWILL? Where did "the buck" just start from? Exactly. EVE was only just born! It took all of what, 10 verses for Eve to disobey good 'ol dad? There's
like no diaolgue whatsoever, and then suddenly a serpent shows up! God walks out, enter serpent. Genesis 2:22 to Genesis 3:6. She was basically born :
Adam and Eve WEREN"T ORIGINALLY ASHAMED of their nudity : and then the snake shows up, apple is consumed, "OMG WE'RE NOT WEARING ANY CLOTHES!"
. . . runs into the forest and forages for the right sized leaves. "Yours is darker than mine!" So became fashion, immediately . . . stomps off into the jungle section
labeled "dark leaves."


Anyone else find it a bit too coincidental the fig leaf having five stems? It's like, they were given the knowledge,
they became ashamed, and still chose in the correct direction numerologically. It's fascinating to me that even
in our ignorance we chose in the correct direction. Could it be (speaking from a standpoint that this story
actually happened in history) that our path was correct in choosing knowledge, and that we're just
kindof slow to get to the core.

Dark Pentagram

That it wasn't shame they comprehended,
but the necessity for balance and protection,
a preface of over 3000 years.

So is there a logical responsibility for the curiousity of a freshly born mind learning choice so rapidly? This is the very epitome of freewill,
and "God" uses this as a means to create punishment? That seems to be a psychological trick, or the result of not comprehending
how to pass that initial test and creating a tangent humanity is still on (by this story's premise.) Remember our whole conversation
from Every 7 pg. 47? It may have just been a test that's still going to this day. A test of our own freewill and capability to find
our way through that inferno of Dante's.

Dante's Dream Dante's Passage

Not a test by "GOD," mind you . . . can you guess by who? Silly humans . . .
(these same "tests" were written by Mayans as well, The Popol Vuh (every 7 pg. 41.)


"The Ancient New Reality: Don't be frightened...This is a metaphoric specific for your comprehensive evolution
of creativity and balance. Eve is now, The Woman, AVA, known as The Crown of The Ruling Eagle of The Dark River,
light it up!...and there is no separate Adam...whereas in this story from the bible, Eve was created from Adam's rib...in
this evolution, Adam has become into Eve as The Serpent, The Dark River, that which "male" is , and because of this
UNION of Light and Dark and HER respective cycling of this balance : SHE has Wings; it is that loving desire manifestation,
harnessed and ridden as energy! That Kundalini! And not just any kind of harnessing, we're talkin like, an ever evolving fluid
stream of energy understood as that new love feeling arousal recreating itself constantly due to your actions AS The Tree
of Life! The Tree of Knowledge! The Tree of The Infinite Infinitesimal! The Tree of Existence! The I as The Bridge of The Infinite!"

A & E Could "God " have actually made humanity in "HIS" image
yet of male and female as one, or was it actually two separate people. I tread lightly on the whole "Grey " or alien or hybrid
theories, for there is a difficulty to comprehend this with the type of acuity I want to allow forth, but we must realize this as well
as a possiblity, and you can read it for yourself as you awaken, there are curious and unexplainable ways . . . we must also realize
that our species could very well have been placed here NOT by a "god" but by another race. Perhaps the story depicted was not
whole on purpose, shy one flow and so was created duality out of two. And so is birthed the evil comprehension as manipulated of
woman by the serpent. It's so twisted, the metaphors, right? HuMans were created in the beginning of Genesis and called Adam,
ADM which means Red Man, because humans were allegedly born out of the red ground . . . Interesting, eh? What planet? Oh yeah.
Humanity was created in God's "image," and then later in Genesis : life is breathed into humanity (sounds familiar, eh Jaguar?) (now
apply to Red Planet) by YHWH, The Tetragram, here come the mathematical properties ! You see, it's amazing just how IN YOUR
FACE it all is : YHWH, as we have comprehended a while ago in these exhaustive communications is described as :

The I as a Bridge of The Infinite known as The PhiMale Vortex.

Tetragram Appleseeds . . . uh, yeah.

Duality seems to have only been created to create duality in order to eliminate The Balance of Order. That assessment is logical, correct?
Man and Woman were created separate, yet an experiment to the testing boundaries of chaos? Now that's an interesting argument, drone!
And well, as energy is concerned, and location, duality's defining as either good or evil just isn't true or logical. It is a lie. An obvious lie. For if we
are to comprehend our energies as a cycle of infinacy, Earth is the deepest, and that would be the darkest (even darker than the red (Mr. Devil,
again, Satan is a "he!"), Earth's core is in the black of the spectrum, the crust, the mantles, the outer core, and the inner core. Interestingly enough, the
greatest depth core of Earth is Iron and Nickel, eh FeNi, surely this depth is the greatest . . . and even greater still is that some scientists have deduced
that the greatest inner core of Earth is a giant Iron Crystal. FeNi Crystal ! . . . and there's nothin evil about any of that at all, not one bit, it's PURE ENERGY,
that would be programmed to be "mean" or "evil ", or to even depict such a location as such, we need to evolve our thinking out of illogical stories and into
the fluidity of truth and logic : a giant frickin' Iron Crystal ! The red color on the spectrum of flow is actually around the area of our own sexual organs, ALL OF
US INDIVIDUALLY; . . . . . so are you telling me that the fire of human sexuality is "satanic" or " evil ? " OF COURSE NOT! That would proclaim everyone is evil. And
I know some of those people (ya know, of everyone), not all of them are lame.

Do you see how "programming" has messed with everything!

The duality isn't even sound! . . . satan is a dude . . . god is a dude . . . one in hell . . . one in heaven.
It is a sexist paradox. It was like a trap created afterthefact. Do you think that maybe while the
whole deal was being arranged they figured out the whole duality balance hinge and decided
to fix the whole game of life by blinding the female portion of balanced integrity !? Whether anyone
likes it or not, Balance is without sway, that meaning, there is no question to the necessity of LIGHT AND DARK
for balance, and that being said, that is inclusive of male and female. These are the puzzle pieces that fit perfectly.
This cannot be contradicted at all. No one is going to be capable of logically denying that fact, not in the least. It is
everywhere in Nature. There are variations, but essentially, this is it. That being comprehended, we are centered between
Earth and The Heavens . . . both Mother Nature . . . both Dark . . . and we are centered between them, to create the light . . .
. . . to bear the fruit . . . look at the trees stretching forth to the sky, they stretch the same way through The Earth, the center of
Earth, and they stretch to the center of The Sun, now look to The Sun and Stars stretching out in brilliance in all directions of
The Darkness (what do you suppose the stars are stretching towards? WITHIN ! ! ! Look at you, doing the same !
Now we have balanced integrity!

Tree of Life Star

So here we are at the precipice of individuality, and the leap into the "unknown" isn't without knowledge, the apple has been consumed,
the strength has been gained, the new trees have been planted, are fertile and growing, even whole worlds, and star systems, and universes,
we have the paths of the wings of creation within us, each of us, it's all already ready for all of you, it's your own path, it's your own programming,
it's your own deprogramming, it is your own, make it with respect, otherwise your children will be destined to follow an unhealthy man dressed in
red sneaking into your homes through your place of fire to give you wrapped gifts in the dead of night ( feeding on your cookies and milk! ) :
on the night before God's Son was allegedly born (a few months prior to his actual springtime birth around the time of his resurrection (celebrated
by rabbits and eggs), dear fishies), and whose mixed up celebration will eventually reprogram your societies to incorporate clones of him in red to
be present at all your local malls for your children to come and sit on, telling him their secret wishes of what they want for someone else's birthday (without
any idea as to what Christ actually means while simultaneously thinking (due to being lied to by their parents) : that this man whose lap they sit upon is some
sort of magical creature who lives on the North Pole with ELVES! NOT SOME SAINT OUT OF HISTORY WHOSE PARENTS DIED AND LEFT HIM A BUNCH OF MONEY,
SO HE HELPED OUT POOR PEOPLE OUT OF THE GOODNESS OF HIS HEART ! . . . do you see how insane that is? Christ? Saint? Magic? Elves? Satan? Rabbits? Eggs?
It's all mixed up! Do you not witness that you are programmed? Don't take it personally. It appears that entire societies are following THE SAME PROGRAM :
and as such EVEN PEOPLE WHO DON'T EVEN FOLLOW CHRISTIANITY!!!!! PROGRAMMED!!!!! Does it not sound insane to you? Of course, the season of giving.
money. to. department. stores . . . I think it was actually St. Nick's day (a Christian Priest, Bishop), then it became Father Christmas, and somehow it all
morphed into this multifaceted fluffy fairy tale of magic and wonder and flying reindeer and elves, and I believe Rudolph was a woman, oh yeah,
Christ's Birthday.

Know that you have been programmed, and unprogram yourself intimately, then reprogram yourself YOUR WAY, respectively.

IMO, gifts should be given by season. 4 celebrations a year WITH Nature, your current path of existence, consistently, and celebrate reality,
and of course, don't ever stop celebrating your inspirational holidays that you believe in, be it Christ or The Easter Bunny, or Dancing Elves that
look like The Devil. Just know what it is you are celebrating and do it with psychological responsibility so we don't have to rehabilitate our children
INSTEAD OF THIS MAN DEITY THAT CAST YOU OUT FOR EATING KNOWLEDGE, HUMANITY! Christ could have very well been attempting this very
expression in the ways that BACK THEN people could actually relate to and understand through a hierarchy. Think about it, this could be
THE BIG TEST OF EXISTENCE, ongoing forever until we learn! Entire races of religion born to fight against truth just to make the test
impossible and to control all people. Wars created out of nothing but opinons. Population control. Easy. Keep them fighting
over the falsities of faith, what better way to have endless wars but to be created by invisible lies of individual belief
systems. " Of course I can't prove it to you, there's no one there, so let's fight! "
It's rather ingenious in a corrupt way. Cause look,
people are still fighting.
We aren't over it.

Just look at how we have been fed during times of war :

What the hell!

Your "order." Wow. That's fairly intense as a means to force will through guilt and conscience for a woman back then,
right? For anyone, anytime. Your order to serve men, by God, by the way : written by men : who apparently ran
everything already, correct? How polite, I am America, and I take my hat off to you Woman, as I order you
! That's madness! PROGRAMMED!!!!! UNPROGRAM YOURSELF IMMEDIATELY!!!!! Were we really this
programmed to obey? That's serious.

Get over it! And yet, you won't! Will you? You haven't forever! What could ever change that fact, what could actually heal us from
all these illogical and constant warfares? Perhaps by being honest with ourselves? And as such, only a shift in consciousness could
alter this path of warfare. Everything's here! Nature is everywhere. Inside you, outside of you, all around you, beneath you, above
you, everywhere, and what are you worshipping? Something that is invisible. I dig the whole spirit energy, but I am having a difficult
time experiencing a man deity that looks like humans up there shyly waiting for us without any type of validated communication.
Where is the logic in that. I don't mean to offend anyone, and I am willing to evolve in particular ways that have valid truths, but
not through contradictive histories built in ways of deception. Yes there are moral truths that parallel actual morality. In all religions
we witness this. But I see Nature everywhere expressing everything in ways that are necessary RIGHT NOW. I am not witnessing this
by a man deity. And I witness logic in this specificity constantly. Weigh it out. How could anyone survive in THE NOW if they can't even
realize the logical truth of Nature? It isn't to say that religions are "wrong" , it's just to recognize that we need to grow up and evolve.
How can anyone believe in something they have yet to experience? Faith. That's an endless argument.
That's why most wars continue, they can't agree on anything because there isn't anything to agree on!

We should focus our attention on learning Mother Nature's communication. There's so much more to do here :

We can all agree that the earth just shook and explained a particular feature of reality,
and this feature of reality was expressed in a completely different medium parallel to an
experience that was just created with a time signatured proof prior to the earthquake.
Prefaced was the creation of a song with a massive cross made of stars, then 2 hours
and 2 minutes later, an earthquake in a bay at that very cross . . . the song wasn't made
in a single day . . . there was much time involved in its creation . . . posted . . . quake . . .
and death of a White Buffalo . . . all in the same time . . . a rare White Buffalo . . . much
prayer . . . an outpouring of love and support to the tribe and the White Buffalo family
of three . . . a trinity totem song created about ascension . . . much prayer . . . ritual
tribal prayer for buffalo by Lakota whereas three days would pass and a buffalo
would be born (according to legend) . . . three days pass . . . same rarety of
White Buffalo is born three days later. Is this not more important than war?

That JUST happened. Mother Nature. Communication. Proof. Without a doubt.

White Buffalo
Is it not strange that one was killed, murdered, a particular rarety of White Buffalo,
a one in a ten million rarety, and this in the same time a cross imagery and song
and earthquake all happen at the same time about our tempests flying away . . .
and then another song is created about The Trinity Totem, about ascension . . .
and a ritual prayer dance is performed for a buffalo, and three days later a
second White Buffalo is born, same one in ten million rarety . Do we recall
that The White Buffalo is like the second coming of Christ to Native
Americans? This is a rather literal sign, eh? In Native America.
This just happened!

The White Buffalo Legend

One summer a long time ago, the seven sacred council fires of the Lakota Sioux came together
and camped. The sun was strong and the people were starving for there was no game. Two young
men went out to hunt in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Along the way, a beautiful young woman dressed
in white appeared to the warriors and said, "Return to your people and tell them I am coming." This holy woman
presented the Lakota people with the sacred pipe which showed how all things were connected. She taught the
Lakota people the mysteries of the earth. She taught them to pray and follow the proper path while on earth. As the
woman left the tribe, she rolled upon the earth four times, changing color each time, and finally turning into a white buffalo
calf. Then she disappeared. Almost at the same time as her leaving, great herds of buffalo could be seen surrounding the
camps. It is said that after that day, the Lakota honored their pipe, and buffalo were plentiful.

The White Buffalo Woman turned into a White Buffalo Calf. Both of these rareties were born male,
both Lightning Medicine Cloud who was just murdered, and the new calf Tatanka Ska who is set to
be named through a spiritual ceremony later this month. I comprehend this as no mistake that a
male was born of The White Buffalo legend. The Woman Spirit birth of the male. PhiMale Vortex.
It speaks volumes to everything we are explaining, right in flow with exactly what Mother
Nature is attempting to communicate with us over and over again. The four seasons of
the year, The Path of The Woman's Moon cycles by four, the teachings of connectivity,
the mysteries of Mother Nature . . . it's all a sacred flowing of reality being cultivated
for the purpose of the sacred flowing of reality to be cultivated.

Where does this analogy of it being like the second coming
actually derive? It is likened to Christ coming back to Earth . . .

Christ is said to come bodily, visibly, with power and authority, with angels,
in the clouds, with the sound of a trumpet, suddenly and unexpectedly
(like the flood), like a thief in the night, in the twinkling of an eye, like a
flash of lightning :

Matthew 24 : For as the lightning comes from the east and
flashes to the west, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be.

This woman layed it all out in a really easy organization I found, check it out if you need to.

Adam and Eve were at first not ashamed. They consumed the knowledge of light and dark and suddenly were ashamed.
What is that saying, that ignorance is bliss? No. It was a trigger to emotional psychological duality. They were first balanced
in their flow of knowledge, but they did not know of the sides of the balance, it's like existing on a planet you think is flat and
then suddenly realizing it is round, it's probably that shocking in a way. A trigger we have yet to overcome as a species, they
had no knowledge of how balance was accomplished (even though they were already depicted by creation as Man and
Woman (which is already a contradiction), it's like they were infants without emotional maturity or even 'knowhow' of their
own respective parts; they consumed "knowledge" and suddenly, shame became : a test written like 3000 years ago we
have yet to pass as a species, written aeons after the first humans were created (allegedly . . . can you imagine if someone
wrote something to that shocking effect today, how would you judge it? Well? How are you judging it?) Many of the spiritual
faiths pass down their knowledge verbally. So there is no written account. This could very well be the downfall to much spirituality
that has been experienced in reality unless vividly passed on persistently. And essentially, that's all we are attempting to do, practice
respectful spirituality while documenting it, YET, allowing it the will to evolve with Mother Nature. There's no way back from knowledge
now, right? The apple has been consumed. Over. and. over. again. We're in the thick of it all, we've reached an apex of how the brain
works through the creation of computers and have learned how programming is effecting us detrimentally and we are currently, now,
UNPROGRAMMING ALL THAT CRAP FROM ALL OF US. The Tree is not in the wrong. Nor is The Apple. Nor is The Serpent. Nor is Man. Nor is
Woman. Nor is Nakedness. Every single one of us is naked under all them clothes. All of us. WE'RE ALL SEXUAL, STOP HIDING THAT FACT
AND STOP DISRESPECTING EACH OTHER. There is no shame in sexuality ! This is truth. Opinion happens, but it doesn't matter to truth, it
may matter to someone's "ratings" : but ratings aren't going to evolve humanity, they may shape control or manipulation, but
evolution is a process that flows and adapts to necessity. What do we actually need? We must re•evaluate how we think
and process reality, it is then we will start witnessing the flaws in the system, we will start to see the little matrix grid voids
in the sides of walls and streets and people (as they glare knowingly from behind their drone bodies : at you : for
explaining the truth and dissolving their little fake realities as they are explosed for their untruths and their
disinformations throughout history), and we'll start to really understand just how intrensically controlled
we have become, and even as such these invisible prisons of the mind created thousands of years
ago by way of misinterpretation, or the missings of interpretation. And in the midst of all this, we shall
witness The Rebirth of Sacredity, right before our very eyes. Even just after witnessing horrific death,
and in parallel to sacredity being blessed . . . happening, right now.

White Buffalo

It's all healable, that's why we're here. The energies of the infinacy, the ACTUAL spectrum of energy go from dark to light,
all the way to the top we have a rainbow of energy that emerges to the glowing infinite of white (simply because it is the brightest color
we can see), ultimate purification as through the highest of light (as such that we have witnessed without any questionable doubt : stars ,
galaxies , and so forth, ultimate light, ultimate idol, correct? And the hierarchy of that as by volume and size is simply a cycle of the same
types of attributes of the light and dark we have witnessed of our own cycling infinacy in a dancing balance of reality through The Spirit
MotherWife. If we could actually map it all out infinitesimally and infinitely with massive acuity, it would probably be extremely beautiful,
self explanatory, and intensely logical, literally. And perhaps that is exactly what we are supposed to do, learn that, map it, teach it,
practice it, evolve :

THAT out there and all around us and beneath us and within us : is no different at all : it's all one, yet individually one, each of us,
that's the twist, the spiral, and that's how we are unique . . . endless individual rivers of infinacy : for it is to understand that my flow
of infinacy is not the same as yours even though we are parallel and follow a similar formula of infinacy, it never will be the same
(it just isn't logically possible), YET, we are parallel, and we can harmonize respectively, and as such, we may create some seriously
powerful and divine cultivations TOGETHER! Do you understand just how far we are going? Can you imagine that Earth's inner core
is a GIANT IRON CRYSTAL! Seriously. The Crystal Ship, Earth Fe. It's all flowin, my friends. It's all : simply : flowin. Ride The Snake.

6.16.2012 : : : 3 days after a South Dakota Sioux Tribal Dance Prayer : : : White Buffalo Albino Male Born ! ! !
(what was that !? 1 in 10 million chance AGAIN ! Yeah. You see? Mother Nature. Gotta love Her,
She won't back down.) Born at 1pm . . .

Peter Fay (the Buffalo Man) proclaimed, "They had a dance out in South Dakota
on Wednesday," (6.13.2012), Fay said, "dancing and praying for a buffalo and a calf, and
when that happens they say a calf is born three days after the ceremony. And they told me
this prior to asking me when my calf was born, and then I told them it was three days after their
ceremony, so they were pretty excited about that."

White Buffalo

Sounds familiar right? It is because reality is shaping from the good energies, because love is very powerful.
The message for this birth is a powerful one. This birth was to Peter Fay, peter is from petra = stone. Fay means
Beech Tree (elder), faery or elf, and loyalty = The Stone Faery Elf Elder Tree of Loyalty ( Loyalty Stone! ) Fairly intense, yeah?
The location is Goshen, Litchfield, Connecticut, United States. Goshen is a strange one, goshen is said to mean "cultivated"
(from gesem (jashima) and/or "qas" meaning inundated land, and was called "Arabian nome" by the Greeks (nome means
"one who knows." Goshen is from the bible, a fertile land settled by the Israelites in Egypt, said to be the place where light
shone during the plague of darkness (yeah!) Litchfield was named after Lichfield, Staffordshire, which means "grey wood,"
but actually has this estranged legend created from the name about the immortal dead (funny how they're grey, yeah?)
I didn't write it! It's plain as day, right there. It is said that a thousand Christians were martyr'd there around 300CE and that
the name evolved through legend as "The Field of The Dead," lich being a type of undead creature as a result of transformation,
as a powerful magician or king striving for eternal life using spells or rituals to bind his intellect to an inanimate corpse to achieve
immortality (didn't we just see that episode . . . ?) Lichfield is known as a Cathedral City of Staffordshire (which means "the
landing stage by the ford (cross of the river), of West Midland (Setting Sun Center) of England (Land of Angles) . . .

Lich Cathedral

Connecticut = at the long tidal river, United States = The One of Many Works Superseding Wasp. So what does it all say, right?
The Sioux
: The Siouan languages are spoken in the USA and Canada by a total of roughly 23,000 people. There is considerable
mutual intelligibility between these the Lakota and Dakota languages, but only relatively limited intelligibility between the other
Siouan languages. The name "Sioux" is a French version of the Ojibwa word nadewisou, which means "treacherous snakes".
The native names for the Sioux mean "An Alliance of Friends", which is Dakhota in the Santee dialect, Nakhota in the
Yankton dialect and Lakhota in the Teton dialect. There are a number of different spellings of these names.

An Alliance of Friends performed The Tribal Dance Prayer of The Buffalo,
as such that when three days passed a Buffalo would be born . . . three days
passed and a 1 in 10 million rarety AGAIN was born as an Albino White Buffalo Male :
So as such was born to The Stone Elder Faery Elf Loyalty Tree in The Cultivated, Inundated Land of The
Nomad who Knows and that which is where The Light Shone during The Plague of Darkness of The Grey
Wood Legend of The Field of The Dead, Cathedral City of The Landing Stage of The Crossing River of The
Setting Sun of The Land of Angles at The Long Tidal River of The One of Many Works Superseding Wasp.

(47 days of Lightning Medicine Cloud and Buffalo Woman's murders, and 73 days of Gentle Ben's strike of lightning.)

It seems that a miracle was sought, and a miracle was given. Prayer. Ritual. Respect. Flow. Allowance. Native American Power!!!

After reading about this I read over the lyrics of The Trinity Totem. The Whale analogy,
Jona's Whale. 3 Days. The basic premise is that Jona was in the whale for three days,
survived and was resurrected, and this was the analogy used by Christ for his own
resurrection prediction, I read this and found it rather enlightening, as a sortof
analogy within an analogy within an analogy, as though all our actions who
seek the flowing path of Mother Nature's Great River, are intertwining in
the manifestations of sacredity, check it out :

Matthew 12:33-40 :

33 Either make the tree good, and his fruit good; or else make the tree corrupt, and his fruit corrupt: for the tree is known by his fruit.
34 O generation of vipers, how can ye, being evil, speak good things? for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.
35 A good man out of the good treasure of the heart bringeth forth good things : and an evil man out of the evil treasure bringeth forth evil things.
36 But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment. 37 For by thy words thou shalt
be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned. 38 Then certain of the scribes and of the Pharisees answered, saying, Master, we would see
a sign from thee. 39 But he answered and said unto them, An evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given to it,
but the sign of the prophet Jonas : 40 For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale's belly; so shall the Son of man be three days and three
nights in the heart of the earth.

" Grown inside The Whale . . . " , " The Darkness, our Light may crown . . ." , " The Light of Her Revelation through The Great Stone . . . " It's like a path being
created between people who have never even known each other before, BY MOTHER NATURE, expressing, communicating between people and places
and creations and births, all centered around these White Buffalo!
You understand of course that The Trinity Totem was created out of The Tree of The Sacred V,
yes? Male Energy with The Spirit Energy of Female. That "tree" appears to be stone. And how extremely deep the sacred secrets of this reality have become when
Mother Nature communicates through us and the imageries we create for Her communications like an elaboration of OUR comprehensions FROM Her, SHE
elaborating through OUR comprehensions of HER and we learn and elaborate HERS and then HERS, OURS, and so on, and this greets our collective paths
of fluid respect in paralleled manifestation through seemingly symmetrical reflections of flowing knowledge, learn, create, learn, create, learn, create,
learn, create, as gifts of life and birth and communication and freedom and balance and love and this is through a Sacred Purificational Manifestation
of Infinacy as such we, even now, witness a sort of resurrection of The White Buffalo (the same : one in ten million rarety?) We witness here a
communication of response, a parallel flow of The Lakota and The Trinity Totem, whereas we had witnessed this immense clarification by
an earthquake of All our Tempests Fly Away, The Cross, and the death of a White Buffalo family, and then this prayer ritual, and
continuous flow of Nature's guiding energy through creativity, and the path emerged reestablished through a SAME type of
White Buffalo. I mean, come on now, it's one in ten million, the odds were already proclaimed, and here we have Mother
Nature saying, "yeah, what odds, pfffff, I'm Mother Nature! Here!" : as such, is born AGAIN, The White Buffalo, answering
the prayers of Native America! FAST! . . . as ritualized into fruition through sacredity and prayer by the very people who
just witnessed this very 'sacredity' murdered by evil empty drones of reality, that these peaceful creatures were only
just killed and murdered, so is realized forth to each of us individually and collectively that The Native American Path
has never ended, was never destroyed, and is empowering further still for everyone who seeks respect THROUGH
RESPECT, and this path of light and flow of Mother Nature reveals to each of us individually and collectively,
HER power, through our own knowledge, capability, and communication with each other through
ritual and prayer with Mother Nature.

So we write out the words to The Trinity Totem for these communications as well :

The Trinity Totem

Grown inside The Whale, The Mind, The Heart of Gale, The Winds of Time haven't failed,
through Waves of Light we prevail. These eyes are dark and round, The Circle we have found,
and The Darkness, our Light may crown, for The Sun is a Temple of Sound. All my passions scream
pleasure, This deep enchantment desires the love you have given me. All these Treasures of Fire,
Every drop of them, Water, Consuming the disease of the wall of me. All that this corruption has revealed
corruption becoming the hate, believe me when I say : Love is The Way, that Dove cannot wait, Ascension
has begun, transcending all this patience : All our dreams and willful themes of Secret Streams of Golden
Seeds, oh, that we, all now release just to cultivate us all through Traveling Lights of our New Intimate
Freedom this Trinity Totem, this Consciousness Temple, our Dragon of Jaguars, The Wind of
The Whispering Roaring of Shouting The Cycle of Power through Infinite Love and our
strength through Divinity : Woman, you've become your Self : The One! All my love
is yours, this dance of reality She pours an Ocean of Dreams become : The Heart
of The Woman revealed, The Heart of The Woman reveals : Man once reigned
this (Man wants Woman!) sense of freedom has become . . . Man once reigned
this (Man wants Woman!) sense of freedom has become . . . The Light of Her
revelation through The Great Stone. Everything you knew transforms :
evolution : . . . of what She needs to become, and how She needs to
fulfill you, and why you Seed to release Her : through passion and
grace you all are becoming The Love She allows you,
and are given, to become.

White Buffalo White Buffalo

The Horizon spoke of The Strong Fall out of The Cultivator's Staff , yet The One who walks down The Wall,
unknowingly to The Crown on The Horizon, he is a leg of The Within Guardian who cultivates The Horse
and Rider and Ascends The Stars Dearest of Heart through Sacredity. The Great Healer is a leg of The
Mother Scorpion of Balance. That which we shall soon know as Manaia. Sacred offering of The ManHorse
of Circle Creation. The Swan Song approaches in presentation of The Great Lyra to The Cunning Fox Vision
of Complacency. So is presented the space of The Womb. This Horizon witnesses in great prominence The Virgo
Purification from The Within and on high, The Infinacy Cycles of Purification. The Mother World Rebirth Balance of
Ambrosia has ascended from The Virgo Purification, long has it been purified. The Dark Thirst of The Raven is bringing
forth The Serpent of The Nine of The Within, The Space of The Chalice, and for Celestial Navigation. The Great Energy
of The White Buffalo, that being The Little Dark Light, has yet to be cultivated.

The Centers revealed The Birth of The Ancient Native of The InBetween Sight into The Heart of The Great Jaguar,
a seed of The Bridge of The Ascending Divine Majesty of The Water Within as cultivated forth through riches and
good fortune and danger and anxiety and trouble and sickness. This is The Ascension of The DIvine Majesty of
Navigation through The Heart of A Thousand Eyes through The Highest of Sun and The Alter of The Serpent of The
Nine of The Atria (The Place of Fire.) The Great Dark Light Sculpture is a Bridge of The Croning V, leg to leg. And
The Dark Light consumes The Floods to Save The World. So we witness magnified in the depths of The Within, The
Cross of The Dark Star of The InBetween. This is an equilibrium of waterbearing of The EarthWombV, The Complacent
Will of All Beasts. So is purified The Little Dark Light in The Nine, The Tail of The Great Dragon. There is a Parallel of The
InBetween Within Sight and this prallel is pushing away The Amazonian Archer's EarthWombV. The Amazonian Archer
is Bending The EarthWombV Crown of Communication between Mortality and Immortality, and The Mother Scorpion
Healer witnesses a link between those who do not follow The Great Mother of All and a leg of mortality. Amazingly,
this is a right angled approach by The Great Healer Mother Scorpion. Auriga reins without rein hanging from
The Great Shield of The Sun and The Tailfeathers of The Shielded Vision of The Hero as a foundational
parallel of The Waterbearer 's Trinity Totem, The Complacent Majesty and Will of All Beasts,
as The Little Bear of Dark Light consumes this purification.

6.17.2012 South China Sea, Hermana Mayor, Hermana
Menor, Magalawa, Santo Tomas, Sight of Candelaria 5.9

Thomas means 'the twin' as well as "the doubting Thomas" due to St. Thomas' disbelief of the resurrection.
candelaria = the celebration of the purification of the blessed Virgin Mary and the presentation of Christ
in the temple.

Isn't it interesting that we witness The Doubting Thomas right after The White Buffalo
is seemingly resurrected in a totally different part of the world! How is that, at all, coincidental,
for The Doubting Thomas was present at the other White Buffalo as well ! Hi there, anyone listening yet?
The whole Christ analogy simultaneous to this does not seem to be a coincidence either. It's like a rebirth
of the spirituality of Native America, not attempting to disrespect Christianity, but to bring forth the
wholeness of truth where it was lacking, such that BALANCE may become, and without disrespect.

Hermana Hermana

Two places. Resurrection. Celebration of Mary and Christ. Sisters.

The Deep Middle Kingdom Sea, Big Sister, Little Sister, about two places,
The Twin known as The Disbelief of The Resurrection, The Sight of The Celebration
of The Purification of The Blessed Virgin Mary and The Presentation of Christ in The Temple.

The Horizons spoke of The Setting Sun Crowning of The Great Healer Atlanto Occipital magnification of
A Thousand Thousand Eyes of The Altar of The Bird of Paradise Navigation of The Trinity Patriarch Superseded
Laughing Father of The Multitudes, an Ancient Native Serpent Flow of The Spiraling Infinacy of Strength Magnified
through The Bridge of Flight and Protection as The Navigation of The Great Mountain of The Mother Scorpion Bird of
Paradise, The Sacred Seed, The Right Angle of The DNA Serpent of The Mother Scorpion Crown Bridge of Cultivation
for The Horse and Rider of The Great Healer of The Mighty Guardian of The Golden Apples, the awakening of great
power and strong flow! As though shielded flight of The Womb of The Ancient Light of Self Creation! Flight of The Swan
Song Bridge of The Dark Star Magnifed through The Cunning Fox of The Great Eagle Vision Bridge of The Croning V, The
Great Consumption of The Floods to Save The World Sculpture of The Phoenix Dark Star. The Great Amazonian Archer
is Bending The Serpent Water Within Navigation!

The Centers revealed The Heavenly Thunderhorse Paralleled Magnification of The Ringing Chalice of The Right Angle
of The Overturned Dark Thirst by The Flight of The Thunderhorse through The Great Arch of Earthen Ascension through
The Infinacy Cycles of The Vast Guard of Heavenly Purification of The Sacred Womb Offering Purification of The Infinacy
Cycles of The Bending Thunderhorse of The Mother World Rebirth Balance of Ambrosia Serpent of The Nine branching out
through infinity, The Great Waterbearing Purification of Infinacy through Celestial Navigation of The Great Wind of The
Thunderhorse and Companion, Purified through Great Causality of The Bridging Energies of Infinacy.


Every 7 pg. 55 C

The Communication can be read here.

The Bigger Picture is The Great Jaguar Dragon is An Infinite Meditation.

May Light Be Your Shadow.

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