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8.20.12 The dark con(s) of humanity, and a solution.

Have ya rolled over the last image on the right there? Notice how it is like a mirror foundation of itself. Serious.
(btw, Century Gothic, that's the font I use for all these pages.)

Sakurajima, Japan . . . Kilauea, HI . . . continue . . .

The Deep Cherry Tree Blossom is a Symbol of Earth's Delicate Life of The Embroidered
Great River of The New Rising PhiMale, The Cauldron of Sight Virtue, The Nine of The Four,
known as The Setting Sun of The Pacified and The Setting Sun Sea of The Circle, The Ancient
Zither Amethyst Waterland, Origin of The Sun.

The Hill of The Honey Stick, The Hill of The Honey Eater of The Shielded
Spewing Home of The Goddess of The Great Ancestry in The One of
Many Works Superseding Wasp.

7.7-12.2012 Yasur, Tanna, Tafea Province, Vanuatu.

Yasur allegedly means old man. Tana means earth, as well as it is said to mean his or hers.
Tafea is the initials (acronym) of the five main islands (Tanna, Aniwa, Futuna, Erromango, and
Aneityum.) Aniwa: ani means 'the heaven, 'sky,' or 'to blow softly.' wa means 'the space between,'
or interval. Futuna: futu is the name of a tree. fu is 'to make a hollow noise by striking the hands together,'
or 'to hollow a canoe from a tree.' tuna means 'eel.' na is a word used to call attention to, 'by,' 'made by,'
or 'acted on.' Erromango: formerly known as Martyr's Island; ero means 'to exhaust.' manga is the 'branch
of a tree, or river.' Aneityum: anei means "these" or signifies being, said to be originally Kiamu, or rarely
Tyem, said to be of The Ma People, ma meaning Pure. (Incidentally the home to the mythological
Watrepetrua (who brought an abundance of fruits and veggies.)

Ancient Humanity, His Earth Her Earth, Between Heaven,
The Hollowed and Hallowed Vessel, The Exhaustive River,
The Pure, Our Eternal Land.

7.9-10.2012 Santa Maria, Guatemala.

Sacred MotherWife, The Naked Mountain of Our Language
of The Setting Sun Highlands in The Land of The Trees and
Between them, Land of The Snake Eating Bird in
The Center of Good Working.

Aurora in Oregon

This was the scene in Oregon on 7.15.2012.
Beautiful, right? Oregon! So incredible.

It was created by this beam of light from the sun on 7.12.2012. Rather intense!

7.12.2012 Flare

Now that's pretty intense ( . . .look like any maps you've seen lately ? )

It reminds me of St. Mary's.

St. Mary's

7.12.2012 7.12.2012

Deep Solar Flare Parallel of The Cathedral of The Sacred
Mother World Rebirth Balance of Ambrosia Rebellious Wish :

The Horizon spoke of The Spiral Depth beginning of The Serpent from within flowing
as the entrance portal spiral, the end and the beginning : The Unbending Bow and
The Uncrowning of the heartroot, Magnification without a thousand eyes, this is The Altar,
without a thousand eyes, this is The Tail of The Mother Scorpion Vortex, The Bird of Paradise
of the Within Between of Navigation, The Majesty and Will of The Root beneath The Mountain,
The Water Within, The Grid Reticulum, The Vision and Phimale Vortex, The Root Perigee, The
Peaceful Vessel Ascension of The Flying Fish, The Great Mother of All, The Fertility Rebirth,
and The Healer of All Things with The Womb of All Consciousness behind The Great Mirror.
So reveals The Spiral of Darkness, and The Standing Purification of The Infinacy Cycles of
The Mother World Rebirth Balance of Ambrosia guiding us through The InBetween to The
Majesty of Willfulness facing The Highest of Sun. So reveals The Serpent of The Nine of The
Dark Thirst in between, and The Chalice and Celestial Navigation and Energy Ascension.
So reveals the descending vision from this shield, the complacent womb, The Companion,
The Thunderhorse Bridge, The Dark Star lit, in spiraling within, The Ancient Native facing the
lack of eyes, The Depth Bridge, The Diving Croning V, The Beneath Within Sculpture, that
which flows from within, The Earthen Ascension Portal of The Thunderhorse Bridge, The
Rise of The Causality Whale, The Foundational Parallels of The Moon Path of The
Woman's Savior, The Great Bull Taurus of Love and The Godfather of Light
and Sky and The Seven Sisters.

The Centers revealed The Womb of All Consciousness Healer of all things flowing through
The Serpent Unheld (unhelled)and The Connection from The Serpent of The Nine Energies
with The Necessity to Heal, so as such as comprehended forth from The Mother of All, create
not your dark pentagrams same with another, for the strength shall confuse and bound falsely,
and the compass will cross innately. The peaceful balance is your own, fly the river swan song
of the crystal. The Shielding is as such of The Great Mirror of that which you seek not to witness,
and that corrupt vision shall die, and the womb shall swim free without corruption. This is the light
of The Heart of Immortality, and The Mother Scorpion removes the lack of balance from the tormenting
communications. So as such bend not the mortal rein of The Dark Pentagram, for the rightful crown is heir
between The Hearts of those you wish to flow with. The Great Godfather of Light and Sky Bull Taurus of Love
is of The Dark Star (dark pentagram) complacent to the heart bridge, so as such your sexuality is not magnified

WOW! Right? SERIOUSLY POWERFUL REACTION wouldn't ya say? From The Sun!
Well then, not only, YES, DARK PENTAGRAM, but a frickin guide book to it . . . here we go folks!

Has anyone else been suddenly, seriously creative!
Ever since I implemented this dark pentagram it's

It was like a massive surge of creative energies, I created
many imageries, personal images for people all of a sudden,
I did this just by looking at their photos! . . . what I read of them
individually (and those are theirs, privately), but I made some of
myself that I can share with you . . .

David and Leopard

David's Fire

anyhow. . .

. . . here we see a concentrated flow of energy in New York, we witness a
strange response to an imagery I had just posted 3 days prior in Every 7 pg. 55 :

(7.15.2012 left picture)

The image on the right is the response. Notice what is said on Every 7 pg. 55
in reference to the picture on the left. I guess I don't have to say anything.
(except for the fact that it is likened to that vertical climb of The Mother Sun.)

Fairly strange, eh, New York? Made by Earth referencing this picture.
It obviously means something powerful to someone very special.

7.20.2012 Pacific, Onekotan, Kuril 6.0

Onekotan Onekotan

At The Greatest Highest Rising Sun of Peace,
Nobody of The Black Eye parallels The Dark Cosmic Stone of
The Path of The Traveler of The Sea of The Large Village of The
Lukewarm Death of The Father of The Ancient Red.

The Horizons spoke of The Shouldering Healer of The Serpent Heart of Balance through
weakness from strength while constricted, the unknown crown of disparaging overflow.
The Swan Song arrives in this parallel to Swan Song and bringing The Lyra, with space for
another. The Vision of The Shielded Tail Feathers Parallel for the winged womb and space
for the womb, the space for the companion, and The Thunderhorse with The Companion.
Waterbearing OMO Bridge of The Dark Stars of The Amazonian Archer Bridge and Crown
of The Heart magnified. The Correct Sacredity is The Complacent Scorpion Tail.

The Centers revealed The Phoenix Parallel of The Great Dark V. The OMO of Purification is parallel
in navigation through The Great Smoking Mountains without Vision through The Grids of The Water
Within Sacred Offerings and The Overflowingness of The Guardian of Darkness PhiMale Vortices, so
is crossed of The Light Pentagram, crowned, Cultivate The Cultivated. In Paralleled Time. The Sculpture
is parallel of the sleeping dragons of diving causality. The Two Small Darknesses seek The Sculptures.
The Bridge is from The Stars Dearest of Heart from The Sacred Offering of The Water Within. The Great
Darkness of The Croning V is in between. The Great Darkness is consuming the floods to save the
world as the floods are becoming outside of The Great Darkness. The Great Lions of Majesty
and Willfullness are climbing through a thousand thousand eyes. And The Ancient Natives
are laying within each other through the hearts of The Jaguars.

7.24.2012 Simeulu Tengah, Simeulue, Aceh, Indonesia 6.4

simeulu tengah = south center
simeulu = south
aceh = the abode of peace
northern sumatra = the gathering of the waters,
indonesia = the oceanic river.

Menkar Star in the center of sky= The Open Bridge
(Chinese = Menkar, Kaffaljidhma, delta, lambda, nu,
omega, zeta, Baton Kaitos, and zeta = Tseen Kwan =
Heaven's Round Granary (seed.)

Tengah Tengah

Compass of The Open Bridge of Heaven's Round Seed, Legacies and Inheritances attended by
The Dark Light, of The Deep Center of Depth in The Gathering of The Waters of The Oceanic River.

The Horizons spoke of The Sleeping Dragon being climbed over by The Great Jaguar and The Lion of Majesty
and Willfulness blocking The Little Darkness brought forth from The InBetween Torment of The Highest of Sun through
The Sun and Communication. This torment is NOT The Lion of All Beasts, as such, is without majesty, nor willfulness.
The Lion of Majesty and Willfulness derives from The Staff of The Cultivator of The Guardian of Darkness in
Purificational Cultivation. The Stars Dearest of Heart are climbing over failing strength, with Sacred
Offering, The Stars Dearest of Heart are in The Chalice beyond The Serpent of The Nine Energies of
The Great Darkness of Celestial Navigation and The InBetween Sight of The Healer of All Things
bridging those who do not follow to the unwillful communications of torment. This is without rein
of The Great Mother. This is The Antihero of The Club of Orion through immortality bridging mortality.
And The Queen of Reflection is without rein of this distress. And The Ancient Light of Self Creation is from
mortality through the bending spine of The InBetween Sight, The Bridge of The Equilibrium of The InBetween
SIght from The Heros' Heart half shielded of distress, as The Thunderhorse without willfulness carrying the bridge
of the Lion of All Beasts without, as The Swan Song soars out of The Great Darkness, and The Little Darkness chews
upon the legs of the uncunning, Sleeping Dragon Vision.

The Centers revealed The Flower of Space. Purification through Cultivation of The Guardian of Darkness
through The Mother World Rebirth Balance of Ambrosia and The Infinacy Cycles riding The River. Legs of
Cultivation shared without fertility rebirth as The Stars Dearest of Heart climb into The Chalice beyond,
The Dark Thirst brings The Sacred Offering from The Amazonian Girdle of the open legs of The Great
Mirror. The Moon Path of The Woman is of a paralleled River. Life becomes of this river. Purificational
life through the heart of The Mirror by the palm leaves. Excess overflows from The Centaur who is
appropriately complacent facing love and fertility rebirth and the horns of The Mother World
Rebirth Balance of Ambrosia. The Great Bull Taurus is balancing Purification and The Moon
Path of The Woman from The Base of The Seven Sisters cultivating life from their pelts! And
The Sacred Offerings of The Dark Thirst arrive in the same times of The Parallel Sacredities
of The Kids of Capella, and this goat is complacent, rightfully so. And The Sacred offerings
of Love from The Bridge of Sight are voiced through The Horn of The Great Bull Taurus
carried on the side of The Great Healer and on the other side is The Vast Heavenly
Purification, and The Spine of The Womb Offering is from The Godfather of Light and
Sky, and The Mother Scorpion climbs across his neck through The Arch of Earthen
Ascension from The Hero's Side, and The Great Stone Creator is a magnification of
The Voice of The Healer, Wings of The Great Thunderhorse, and so through complacent
causality ascends The Savior Womb Offering, and The Vast Heavenly Purification weakens
the overflowing energy and The Heart becomes The Ascension. The Great Healer is revealed
by the staff of The Guardian of Darkness, a wing becomes from The Heart of The Guardian of Darkness,
whereas causality is complacent from The Root. Such is a Vortex. Such is The Crown of deadening
causality against you.

7.25.2012 Madonna of the Rocks, The Dark Con of Man :

Madonna of the Rocks

Uriel is known as The Angel of Wisdom. He is said to shine the light of God's truth into the darkness of confusion.
Although, that's clearly a woman, my, da Vinci . . . People sometimes ask for Uriel's help to : seek God's will . . .
Uriel is said to be this woman sitting on high there. Uriel, as a woman! Now comprehend what "God's Will " might
be if you were God as Christ YET conditioned by Uriel? Interesting picture, right? Tempered all subtle like. . . . that's
the only "God " in the image with respect to the religion (through a circumstance of individuals, yet, honed by an
angel ( an evolutionary comprehension of the angel as a Goddess, everything's evolving!) . . . Jesus sits there to
the right with The Madonna (Mother Mary (who is winged!) . . . pointing, not pointing, interesting censor correction, yes?
This was meant to be a depiction of the Immaculate Conception, she is become as "GOD" becoming, yes? Rather intense
sexually, correct? Being impregnated by God? Think about it on a personal level, how would you feel about that? . . . and where
are Uriel's wings? You see, it's all switched up, it's like a subliminal learning system for all the religious folk who couldn't get out from
under the trap of limited belief systems, (it was extremely strict) (whilst simultaneously explaining with a great degree of clarity just
how deep this comprehension is) . . . and John the Baptist is there on the left with Uriel, and John is in adoration with Christ.
The Star Seed of The Sun Going into Depth : is in adoration of the status of Christ . . . how do you do it man! The answer is in
the name . . . . . depth of the star seed of the sun in adoration . . .

This painting was supposed to be Mary with the Christ child with a couple prophets all surrounded by angels :
above was supposed to be God and the Virgin Mary : beneath was to be a crib : on either side was to be four
musicians and four singers : angels : the Virgin Mary's life was as well to be depicted throughout the sides of the
painting : all describing Immaculate Conception . . . obviously, this paints an abstraction of such a perspective,
skewed into reality to benefit the purposes of the evolution energy knowledge.

Remember The da Vinci Code? So Dark, The Con of Man. da Vinci . . . The V in Chi . . . or is that The V in See . . .
Leo • nard • o • da Vinci. I find that interesting to say the least for what we are about to comprehend. And not
in the least meant to be disrespectful to anyone or to language or to slang or anything. . . just interesting that
we might comprehend any thing, any where, any way : it can be properly and respectively explained. As
such, people's names describing what they do, correct? That's how it used to be!

The Dark Con of Man. Madonna of The Rocks. Uriel is claimed as Gabriel in the Louvre description
of this painting. Regardless, it reveals a same premise, an angel that is said to be a man that's a woman,
you see, it's already sexually fluid within. Without, its like the whole Swan Song imagery, the man that's a
woman by the lack of sexual definition, can you actually imagine that comprehension
without the proper knowledge . . . it might be a tad bit disconcerning, eh? YET . . .
with the proper flow of energy, knowledge and communication, the depth is extreme.

Swan Song Jaguar Totem
. . .how exactly do ya get them there wings? The answer is in the definition of its creation.
That which we attempt to accomplish through Illumination, The Infinacy Bridge of Mother Nature.
It isn't to say you may not earn these "wings," it is to merely proclamate forth the notion that you may
create those wings if you can.

. . . it's just not sexual in its imagery because an angel is all flowing already, WINGS, a vortex of energy creation,
PhiMale, such that sexuality is always, yet not, simultaneously, transcendence in its fluidity, like having patience, once
you have it you no longer need it, so it isn't even a thought anymore, but that's only because you've got it . . . yet . . . once
you don't have it, you always seek it somehow, or are simply impatient and uncomfortable, now think about that notion for
sexuality, a serious trial. Always being dealt sexuality in every form of respect AND/OR complete inappropriateness . . . and
even simultaneously is that being dealt . . . seriously . . . as such you have a choice, you will either be programmed, most likely
inappropriately, or you create systems of energetic fluidity that are specifically manifest to allow for perfective respect . . .
and even adaptive . . . and these flowings of energy, knowledge, and communication evolve your energies, knowledges,
and communications . . . and as such that you are not simply a product of society, that you are the creation of your own
creativity : as such that when you do witness extremely disrespectful and inappropriate sexual ongoings being set
against you, you may witness them without being programmed by them . . . and believe me, it is a necessity if you
are going to become this deep inside your energies (and others' energies, when/if applicable, respectively.)

It is to understand through my own experiences, since I have done this, the "trials" upgrade. I swear. After I
created The Trinity Totem and then founded the dark pentagram energies, knowledges and communications,
and after I had implemented these in my meditations and reconfigured my energetic flow, the power became
increased exponentially, the integrity as well, the flow, it became much greater in its infinacy and capability. And
so what did the hive do? They sent upgrades. And not just a few, it was like an entire trainload of them. I stood there
for a good twenty minutes surrounded by them as they systematically attempted to program me with throwdown
after throwdown, what seemed to be hundreds in an extremely short amount of time. It's on tape, BART ! Of course
there were so many on the train, well, good luck finding them. It's crazy. I know what it sounds like. You cannot
properly imagine how far these folks go to try to create a reaction and a programming, and as such, especially
through your sexual energies, knowledges, and communications, through the combination of actual adults you
might think pleasing to the eye, mixed with extremely inappropriate circumstances. So what else can you do
but face that circumstance :


Because, fine! If you are going to feed me constant inappropriate sexual energy, I am going to become
sexuality to the frickin 10000th degree until you learn just how deep my respect goes . . . and so the angels
are like, hooray ! And the drones are like, ah man! Upgrades! Upgrades! And the oblivious ignorant people
are like (crickets chirping in the background.) It's hilarious because the hive people all pretend like it isn't happening,
as they are creating abuse robotically, but you'll catch someone every once in a while who will mess it up, and you
feel like going : AHAAAAAAAA ! ! ! ! ! ! CAUGHT YA! But it's like, who's around but drones. No one really cares.
So it doesn't matter. The "victories" seem shallow even though they're vast because the isolation is such that
there is no ceasing to the reality of these abuses. Even though the victories are actually huge. They don't
seem to matter at all.

Nevertheless . . .

When balanced and respective and appropriate,
your energies create an ultimate angelic balance.
How else could one depict such an endeavor? . . . yet . . . a PhiMale Angel.

Swan Song Jaguar Totem

Check it out, Mary was warned in a dream that Herod would kill Jesus. They were allegedly fleeing to Egypt from Bethlehem
due to this Massacre of the Innocents (in Bethlehem) ordered by Herod, a validation of her dream, (Herod is known as a madman
who murdered his own family, rabbis, and is etymologically known as The Song of The Hero, yikes! . . . talk about misnamed! Well, hold
on a second, perhaps this is an exaction of what needs to be understood comprehensively) . . . Herod had set forth these male child
murders to be carried out so he wouldn't have to worry about losing his throne (wow, think about that out of context, say for example,
individual male children are actually picked in society, and say, numbered through their social security numbers : to be "murderered"
by this strange metaphoric phantom hazing, not actually "killed," but forced to experience what it is like to be accused of murder or
worse, in order to establish some sort of ritual rite of passage, I know, it's weird, I've witnessed it and experienced it.) Nevertheless,
John the Baptist, who etymologically is known as The Star Seed of The Sun Going into Depth (baptist) is with Uriel (by older legend
than the Louvre), etymologically known as "God is my light ", whereas if thought of as Gabriel, is known as "God is my strength,"
fairly accurate evolution, for as an energy source, strength is actually light, power . . . and even if one were to proclaim it is
either/or, it still rings forth properly, as you shall see. Regardless, that man angel is a woman, making it PhiMale. Do you see
perhaps how San Francisco became San Francisco? I'm just sayin, respectively. John is escorted by (UrielGabriel), and
John is in adoration of Jesus (his cousin) in this painting. They are of the rocks. Stones. Native Americans might say,
The Stone People, and we may even consider as well sacred stones, and/or crystals, Earth's formations of
foundational integrity, (often times such paintings depicted them in a cave, which is still basically stone,
but depicts a sort of heartness, a seemingly important premise.) So if we were to actually etymologically
read what Madonna of The Rocks is proclaiming :

The Lady of The Rocks, that which was requested to be the comprehension of Immaculate Conception,
reveals The Path of those who fled The House of Bread to save their male children from the Song of
The Hero of Murder.

They found safety of the rocks, and so is revealed The Star Seed of The Sun Going into Depth, and
escorted by The PhiMale Angel known as Light and Strength, as his adoration of The Christ Energy,
Knowledge, and Communication : as The Annointed One who is of The Winged Mother World Rebirth
Balance of Ambrosia Rebellious Wish.

And please, nobody murder anyone. This isn't saying that. Understand that! Don't murder!

So, what is the dark con of man? It's multifaceted. Think about what we have revealed through the serpent,
Adam, Eve, God, and The Garden of Eden comprehensions : the evolution of The PhiMale Vortex due to the
desire and curiosity of a natural freewill. Now think about what we have comprehended for The V (root)
energy as The Dark Pentagram.

Dark Pentagram

The Dark Pentagram. This represents your ROOT or V energy. It is likened to a vortex. Obviously for
yourself it would be your inspiration of energy, your face, whatever, respectively. And, as we have
witnessed in the flow of Illumination, the infinacy cycle is of the heart and does not travel directly through
the ROOT or V energy in its infinacy cycling after the light pentagram. The root (dark pentagram) travels
with the 'all together' of the energetic hierarchy flow. The light pentagram is like the parameters of your
body, that being all the energies you have put together in you, this light pentagram then perfects their
regulating of energies, knowledges and communications as an infinacy cycling through the heart energies!
See how lovely that works!

That's why (The V) The Dark Pentagram : is a portal. The ROOT or V energy is a vortex location. It's like,
multidimensional between beings. It is the passage into you in a way that is likened to multidimensionality,
a portal INTO you. Understand? And that's a serious perspective to consider before getting involved
with someone sexually.


Sexuality is extremely sacred . . . This is the type of knowledge that can
unite entire worlds, and rekindles your lovelife into an entire new realm
of exploration. Think about how you can help each other, how you would
like to feel, how you would like to heal, how you would like to evolve, and
you can become the extreme intimacy of each others' healing. Seriously.
Life partners, oh my goodness, the amount of intricacy you could create
is VAST. Map it out!

We are multidimensional. Each of us. And when we are sexual with
each other through intercourse, we are entering each other in a
multidimensional manner of spiritual energy ! And that's intense.

The Dark Pentagram

Notice how The Light Pentagram IS ACTUALLY CENTERED THERE, that's the union point of sexual fruition, by way
of the unification of The Dark Pentagram of The V energies (during intercourse.) First there is acceptance by each others'
MAIN light pentagrams, then, if sexuality is desired : there would need to be acceptance by each others' dark pentagrams,
if there is not acception, sexuality would naturally, end there, no question. If accepted, full on union occurs between the
dark pentagrams, encompassing as ONE Light Pentagram by way of your Dark Pentagram Union.
You see, it's seriously powerful.

Your magnification just became from a multidimensional state of union with another, ultimately from within and
throughout your entirety when you climax, AND UNIVERSAL : actually, sexually, being inside someone : as energy,
not just because you're having sex, but because you know where everything is, and now you can heighten that
expression. Understand? Sacred Sexuality just became extremely vast ! What do you suppose the universes are
doing out there, just sitting around twiddling their thumbs!? Of course not! THEY"RE CREATING! THEY'RE EXPANDING!
WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! If space is a reflective map of whatup, we are laggin!

Galactic Lovers

What happens when you have an orgasm? All of your body becomes a coming, a becoming,
this is a becoming of energy, a becoming of euphoria, a becoming of ecstacy, it is not merely
because "that's the way it works." It is because there is a flowing and logical path to create
energy. We see this witnessed constantly in stars. They are ever emanating energy climax.
You see, it's all right there for you to witness. . . it is why we can See : Energy is .
It is specific and it is metaphoric. We may create, destroy, heal, purify, become,
whatever it is we seek to allow, but if it is done disrespectfully, it will not flow properly,
and eventually, will simply cease to exist through dysfunctionality. And you want things
to flow properly. You want that ecstasy to keep flowing, so that when you are with
another, it becomes unified without corruption, it just makes for a better flow in all
necessary ways of flowing, and you want that. Believe me. Euphoric energy will
become continuous regardless of whatever is happening around you or even
to you, and all because you created a respectful flowing.


Check this out , if/when you are alone, have you ever just sat there, not doing a thing, not moving
a muscle, not attempting any form of sexual anything whatsoever, and just witnessed the rise of
energy like a slowly fading into light out of darkness enveloping your within like a heated realm
of honey, and these like : vibrations of feathers begin whispering euphoria throughout your
equilibrium like a release of ambrosia magnifying from your greatest sexual depth in a
spiraling wind of becoming your flowing ? . . . that type of becoming does occur. When
you meditate frequently to balance your energies, you stimulate your energies, all of them,
and they will begin to evolve, and they will need to release sometimes, and this will happen
sometimes, straight outanowhere! Through the energetic practices we have been discussing
and practicing, things like this can and will occur, and you will learn how to understand when they
are occuring and how to allow them proper respective flowing and the programming of your choice.
YOUR CHOICE! And this happens, this euphoric releasing spontaneity. Especially if you let yourself go for
a while without any sexual interaction . . . a build up of energy will happen naturally, and as you have been
magnifying infinite love throughout the 3963 meditations and so forth, this euphoria builds, it doesn't just go
away, and that creates some seriously powerful foundational energy. And so after doing whatever it is you
do during your day, when you suddenly lay down, after comprehending energy for such a long period of
time . . . suddenly, your within energy will just . . . . . build and build and build and build and build AND :


. . . and you'll be like : WHAT! WAS THAT! O MY GOD/DESS! . . . like a rain of orgasmic fluidity inside you,
and you didn't do a thing but just sit there. Can you fathom what an orgasm feels like
without stimulation. It's like drinking perfect water when your thirst is at its
absolute height, you know, when your body is completely
overheated, and it becomes all perfectly
chilled inside . . . like that, but silky
cool on the outside and
perfectly heated
on the inside
in a natural
evolution of
natural energy.

So there are, actual, very strange benefits that can occur from time
to time if you do practice frequently (all from just trying to create
respectful, natural, flowing energy, fancy that!)


Every 7 pg. 56 B

The Communication can be read here.

The Bigger Picture is The Great Jaguar Dragon is An Infinite Meditation.

May Light Be Your Shadow.

Every 7

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