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8.20.12 The dark con(s) of humanity. and a solution.

Notice what this reveals :

The Dark Pentagram

The Head as The Body, in other words, your V as your body.
This is similar to when you comprehend your cranium as your body, but not at all the same.
Look at this imagery like it is angled back into the distance by perspective, however you may be,
male or female, the angle is such that there would be perfective flow into each other logically, and
that's literally, how it works : correctly. Notice what this reveals to your sexuality : the eyes and ears are the
equilibrium of your fallopian legs (dear, Taurus), the mouth is the entrance (beaklike hole for guys, V for gals) and the nose is
meant to be as the one flow of this comprehensive measure with each other, like a guide to the depths of each other (and it is
obvious to denote how sensitive "heads" are, and the sensations that are created during sexual interaction, and in comparison to
how the body actually functions in parallel : so find the parallels, explore them, you'll have fun, notice the flow, realize the truth, heighten
your experience, manifest illumination.) This Dark Pentagram reveals itself like a bird, correct? Raven . . . the lower portion like a beak, hence
the mouth portal entrance (interesting how the raven represents "the dark thirst " : good thing we discovered there was no evil, and that darkness
is actually just the balance of light in the balanced spectrum of energy, and is not "bad") . . . we all know what the entrance to a vagina and penis
look like, we reveal here that this is a magnification of the dark light, The Dark Pentagram, fashioned much like that of Raven, what may appear
like a goat, or this woman's face. It is not at all meant to be disrespectful in the least. Capella is the goat that is a nurse, a She Goat. Fancy that.
Someone knew we'd need her. This isn't some 'fallen angel of evil.' THAT is a DARK CON OF MAN. The dark con is that evil actually exists.
Because it doesn't. There is no evil. There are mean people who are programmed to be mean, but there isn't this like, crazy, evil,
dining in the depths of earth
, on fire, and causing suffering, as an entity "person," just waiting around for your sinful little self.
Come on now. Seriously. Wake up folks. People are cruel by a lack of balance through freewill and/or programming.
Plain and simple. As well there may be a lack of balance due to consumption, nutrition, and/or dysfunctionality of
the mind, and a fruition of this lack of balance that makes people and/or beings and/or creatures unacceptable
to respective civility, and/or susceptible to corruptive programmings : and although manipulations and programs
may seem to cause what appears to be "possession" by way of repetitious torture and abuse in history and/or
present time, it is actually, merely programming (as though that were no big deal at this point, it is actually an
enormously huge deal, and is extremely illegal on all levels of existence), as such : is known as psychological
abuse and/or psychological warfare. Don't let anyone fool ya. It is illegal. Regardless of what anyone says or
does to cover it up, it is illegal. I have witnessed it over and over again. No matter if no one believes you, the
fact remains that it is immoral, unethical, and inhumane to psychologically abuse anyone = illegal. Document
it if it doesn't drive you insane (for documenting it does constantly remind you of it unfortuntely, as I have
experienced.) Eventually, those who do it, will be going to prison for a very long time.
(it's so hilarious, I'm like being tortured to death through psychological abuse, and as I learn
how to deal with it I am creating these systems of functionality while teaching it as I learn,
all nonchalantlike as though it's no big deal while I am silently screaming at the top of
my lungs for help. It's comical in its ridiculousness, but it's not very funny, it is,
oh whatever. You understand.)

Moving right along, as we have comprehended, the nasal area is as such that
the nose and the nasal passage are like the sexual unification of male and female
combined as one for functionality (on our face!), strange, correct? The placement
is fluid to our sexuality by way of the trinity energies (illumination pg. 3, Cross of Infinacy.)

It's just like the acupuncture of the ear, the auricular embryo,

Auricular Embryo

. . . the whole body in the ear ! You see, it's all comin together.
Now look at the ear in the Dark Pentagram and witness just how
intricate your equilibrium is becoming !

The Dark Pentagram

It's so vivid and real now, correct? All those notions we didn't think and/or know we understood are
realizing in us through triggered perspective : respectively : because it is truth without corruption. The
amount of knowledge that can be utilized is incredibly vast, and evolving. That's the actual problem with
actually abusing someone susceptible to creative healing, that individual will inadvertently learn how to
heal out of that abuse by learning how to decode it, whilst finding the absolutes in order to defeat that
abuse in all necessary ways of energy, knowledge and communication, and as well, document it to
such a degree, that just perhaps, someone else might not have to go through that crap.

So what are we doing here? Is there actually a God and a Devil ?

God and The Devil

. . . or did we just realize, there actually wasn't a God and a Devil, yet, there is only YOU ! . . . and did we just
realize their comprehensions were supposed to be a description of actual energetic human evolution through
balance in a seriously difficult, descriptive comprehension (not depicted in the bible in ways the population could
readily understand.) It sure seems like it. There are balances necessary for the infinite infinitesimal all in order for it to
function without error, and it already functions without error. And that isn't duality, it is balance. Human emotion doesn't
seem to matter or be a factor in the actual presentation or expression of natural balance except for in human beings,
which is sortof arrogant if you think about it. Although, as movies go, Legend is a frickin AWESOME movie!

We may see that in that mirror is not only the darkness, but is the light.
And the definition of these are far beyond "good " and/or "bad."


What if the only way to ascend properly in physical existence,
this mortal realm, is through the greatest source of energy IN existence
currently in a hierarchal flow of infinacy . . . and through THAT, becomes
a transcendence of THIS reality TO the NEXT, like a bridge, because,
simply, that's : what's next. . .

The Dark Pentagram

It isn't meant to be ultimate good and ultimate evil. That's just silly.
Even "bad " people want to feel good, and how do you actually feel
good in a consistent longevity? Balance. Actual balance. You create
a system of functional consistency built respectively for respective
purposes, because you want to have balanced integrity, and well,
that's how you do it. Try to let go of emotions and realize love as
actual balance, actual power, actual flow, consistently,
as balance. How you feel about people who inspire
you, how you feel about Nature that inspires you,
who you are inspired through Divine Inspiration,
this is that elevation, that escalation, the
energetic magnification of flowing
manifest through Divine Inspiration.

Back to the dark pentagram : the nose, we breathe through these things! Yet, it is depicted as an
actual unification of sexuality, a transition point between your skeletal frame and your outer body, that's
like, right to the depth of it all you know, of this mortal self. That's sexual unity with Nature : ALL THE TIME WHILE
YOU BREATHE !? Your breathing just became sacred. All the time while you are breathing is this sexual bridge, understand?
Always is their sexual fruition. BREATHING! Respect just became much deeper. And it is this depth perspective of the comprehensions
for your senses into the greatest depth of your mind, and if you have created the Illumination paths of your Self, through to the infinite
infinitesimal source . . . and through you . . . it's like, come on now, your body, nature, evolution, it's all natural AND teaching you
SPECIFICALLY whatup . . .you can't really argue with the logic of your own body's creation in this natural habitat, correct?
Eventually people will have no choice but to either believe in themselves or believe in what they haven't experienced.
And truly, there is no contest. You have to live with your own experiences every single day. Why not own up to every
single little tidbit of energy, knowledge, and communication such that YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR SELF
CONTINUOUSLY, EVOLUTIONARILY PROGRESSIVE! You can create paths of yourself in ways that will
always protect you from that which you do not seek to experience. Vast ways. Powerful ways.
Appropriate ways of respect and fluidity.


A female's V is created as an ultimate entrance, whereas the male's V is an ultimate entering, whereas both create
certain aspects of reality that help each other, through the strangeness that accompanies such an orifice and/or protrusion
comprehension : because if you think about it, it's strange : and we may learn the extent of within and with "out " by the actual
comprehensive measure of space and creation between each other, ourselves, female and male, the outerspacial stars
and planets and moons and galaxies and universes and so forth : inside of you this chalice of divine creativity OF THEM, you,
the universe is expanding, correct? Why would we not evolve as well? We may expand our capabilities right along
with Her! But only if it is done so respectively. If it is done so disrespectively, it will not function properly, because
you don't function properly disrespectively.

(rollover image)

Notice the fruition of centralization : at The Face OMO . That specific center of
The Dark Pentagram • Light Pentagram = OMO : massive portal . Remember, we have calculated through
the Illumination process all our main nine of seven energies through the omo eyes (and all affiliated energies,
knowledges and communications in a hierarchy from the nine of seven energies, the dark pentagram, the quadrations,
the trinity, the spirit totems, the trinities, the light pentagram, and the infinacy of this light pentagram of protection flowing
the heart energy, your entirety . . . OMO . . . a heart infinacy . . . but you see, it's all of them, in that perspective flow, such
that your sexual experience will become SERIOUSLY INTENSE. (whilst simultaneously balancing all of your individual energies
in proper respect and integrity according to all the elements and the spectrum of energy.)


SO . . . as sexuality is concerned, by the electromagnetic spectrum, SOUND (dark) is the foundational parallel of balanced integrity,
being your "legs" : your body : both light and dark as balance, as to LIGHT being the "sight" creation of the fallopian birthing,
that being the seed and egg creations (the whole act of sexuality simultaneously and in paralleled perspective . . . this SOUND
(darkness) is of course in unification of Earth in your respective flow of illumination energies . . . whereas this LIGHT (lightness) is
in unification of The Infinite Infinitesimal Source in your respective flow of illumination energies), and as such during intercourse,
friction and position are sound, and the act of this in its fruition as light (funny : that's how fire is created, eh?
. . . that spiral just keeps goin!)

. . . . . thought cloud . . . . .

Candle Sun

. . . here comes the sun . . . and it's alright . . .

The Dark Pentagram

The upper portions, the "horns" as it were,
that's your frickin' mind! Hemispheres of your Equilibrium!


YET. . . in normal intercourse, symmetrically opposite in union, so if you can imagine, a male and female
in union opposite each other and the hemispheres of the mind in symmetrical fluidity with each other, it just
goes deeper and deeper in perspective evolution, talk about sharing ! . . . your holistic with my analytic, your
intuition with my logic, your language with my creativity, your art with my science, your math with my music . . . etc . . .

Neverending Evolution

And this as well prefaces an entire comprehension of symmetry that isn't "sexual " , is rather, caring, but, "sexually guarded,"
due to the light pentagram, you see, hugs, kisses, embraces, you can actually comprehend the relevance of balance as it is
caused : as NONSEXUALLY : why, how, what it does to the mind and body : exactly : psychologically, physically, spiritually, by
energy. I mean, can you understand how frickin far this can go to heal people, to evolve communication ? Just knowing this,
simply being a knowledge that exists : allows for its fruition already. That there is no evil : only a lack of balance !

You must understand that sometimes, it is simply a leap of faith in your Self . . . it's like . . . uhm, is this happening? Yeah. It is. Perspective. Take your time.

Leap of Faith

And YOU are become THE BALANCE due to your courage of this evolution. You look over an edge that isn't there, but actually, there is a path. A Narrow Passage.
Understand !? It is a leap of faith, yes, but only because you haven't comprehended this. The paths were always there. Waiting. (even if they are in a parallel metaphor.)
You can always change what you have done for your Self : BECAUSE : you create evolutionarily progressive : remember : evoutionarily progressive we create.

SO . . . if people actually ABUSE you and/or your path by manipulating through a repetitious programming
of inappropriate and disrespectful paths of abuse, The Illumination paths are a way to heal your Self, and
specifically : from any abuse, because you are evolutionarily progressive. And as well : you may learn how
to comprehend when and how it happens (when you get to that point), AS SUCH : when you experience
abuses that are harming your spirituality, that's where you need to empower yourself explicitly, so you
learn how to heal yourself, empower yourself, and protect yourself, and while doing this you learn
how to heal others, and so while your are manifesting your healing, you may as well manifest this
energy, knowledge and communication throughout The Infinite Infinitesimal All, such that
everyone is healing simultaneously without even knowing they will never have to
experience that abuse you just healed them from by healing you,
(so to speak), IF : your healing is powerful enough.

. . . and, oh . . . it will be.

Swan Song Jaguar Totem

. . . . . and when this becomes a practiced knowledge that is acceptable to the actual ordinances of "normal "
society : those folks who implicitly, psychologically, abuse you in choreographed manners of organized torture :
will actually be going to some form of actual prison for psychological abuse, it is a form of rape. No question.
YOU WILL GO TO PRISON IF YOU ABUSE THIS WAY. The end. No question. Consensus tested. There will be civility!
There will be no tolerance whatsoever for this kind of abuse. AT ALL. KNOW THAT. WE WILL GET TO THAT DEGREE
PRACTICE YOUR CAPABILITIES RESPECTIVELY. IMMEDIATELY! And until there is a societal law of civility accepted
concerning the mind and body and energies, there will have to be learned by you individually : some very serious,
and drastic RESPECTFUL measures of protection. Because they aren't stopping their abuse. Pure and simple logic folks.
It doesn't matter who you are, if you abuse, you are wrong. The end. You cross the line, that's that. It's your decision. Free
will. Decide which path you are going to walk, the disrespectful one or the respectful one. Obviously it isn't difficult to choose.
You want to be respected. So then, respect. Just remember we are not out to hurt each other, alright? You must protect
yourselves, but you must be respectful of actual civility, as well. There is a fine line between civility and immorality, alright?
Yes. I witness that line crossed every day, for many years. As well, you must understand that everyone on Earth is already
susceptible to these psychological abuses and programmings, they are happening whether you believe it or not, and in
disturbing ways of disrespect and inappropriateness on a global scale, even if you don't know it. Why do you think I am
explaining this to you? Exactly. There are circumstances occurring that no one knows about, not even the governments,
circumstances that frighten those in power because they simply don't know. We're riding the waves of that mystery
knowledge. I am showing you how to do that. And it is through yourself that you get there. You must understand
that there are types of abuses and programmings that have been shaping society and the world IN THE WRONG
WAY for a very long time. And we're only catching up to these comprehension by the neverending giving ways
of Mother Nature's Guidance.) You can look at the shape of the islands stretching across the North Pacific to
realize that : a giant frickin hummingbird wing, broken, like it's being sucked up in an abusive causality chain.

Broken Wing

. . . "Welcome to Earth!" proclaimed the greeter to the newcomers.

". . . uh, on our approach through Earth's atmosphere we noticed
Earth's wing beneath Raven's Feather? It's, um, broken." replied the newcomer.

"Yes, we know. Earth has been programmed abusively for an unheard of
amount of time. Thousands of years. Would ya care for an Illumination pamphlet?"

(Seriously, Mother Nature saw
the opportunity and was like),

"ALRIGHT! Have you seen The Goliath Raven's Eye?! What do we do?! Have you seen
The Bigger Picture?! Do you see The Great Hummingbird?! Do you see The Great Jaguar Dragon?!
WE ARE GOING TO HEAL THIS PLACE!!!!!! And All I Need From You Is For You To Frickin WAKE UP!!!!!!!! "


. . . and I was like, a thousand miles an hour wondering what the f. . . oh my god! Holy, OMFG! WHAT!? HOW! WOW! What the. . . . . WOOOOOW! ! ! . . uh . . . WOOOOOOOOOW!

(((what if the whole Goliath Raven's Eye deal was the devil comprehension we just discovered. Ya know, no evil. Did we just 69 the biblical Satanic belief system?!)))

Sexuality is sacred. Our knowledge of this has made it even more so. It is even more sacred than we have yet to
comprehend as well. It is the epitome of creation and the greatest depth of respectability. We shall evolve to a
degree of euphoric longevity you have most likely yet to even comprehend and through ways and comprehensions
you never thought possible, AND THIS IS GOING TO HEAL THIS WORLD (and you) . . . and always euphoric. Constantly. Whether
you are suffering or not. To the point that we shall actually evolve ourselves through experiences of knowing how to comprehend
THROUGH abusive programming, and be able to catch those individuals who abuse : with ease; and learn to defend ourselves logically,
ethically, and/or placing those abusers in prison for extended stays of reformation (in some form or another, RESPECTIVELY, not through
torture, not through abuse, that's the wrong way!) . . . . . it is to know and comprehend that by all rights and laws of the SELF, one should be
able to defend their own physical ethereal mortal immortal self : and how are you going to do that if you don't know how? . . . and as such,
I have been learning how, and am teaching you how. What are the laws of defending yourself when someone breaks into your home? Yeah.
So think about that concerning your BODY, let alone your physical ethereal mortal immortal self, much more intimate than "things," dontchathink?
There's no joke about it. It's serious. There has to be a serious foundation of respect manifest. And it's going to get downright intense.

Waves of energy are coming through this world to the likes that no one on this world has ever experienced.

Waves of Intensity

Waves of Intensity

Wave of Intensity

MASSIVE abuse has continuously occurred for a very long time. I have been made to experience this
and learn of its effects on this world while attempting to heal from it continuously as it occurs. And in a
time lapse of constant energy, it would seem logical, that there will be immense change over the
course of the next year in extremely powerful ways. Paradigm changing events. Big time.

Can you imagine actually creating something to heal yourself from an abuse you just experienced, and then
being abused by that healing method (that was just created secretly, privately!) No known cameras. No known
recordings. No physical communication to others. Yet, there it is, plain as day, used through any number of media
formats, public experiences, private experiences, your work, your anything, in ways that are extremely cruel and
unusual, impossibly known ways : known, and completely disrespectful. And as you can imagine, I see the artwork
all over the place. People are diggin it. And I'm like, man, why don't you just hire me. I do actually need funds. Would
it not benefit you and I both if it were on the level? . . .ya know, instead of stealing the work that isn't even posted yet,
why not just ask, ya know?
(oh yeah, it's illegal, abusive exploitation, gotcha haters.) And if you, as an innocent bystander,
were to actually experience this abuse for yourself in the ways I have explained, you would be like, "that's impossible," because
there is no entry point to comprehension except from your own perception, so it is equivalent to your own actual experiences
without recording : like a camera in your mind witnessing everything : every thought, every action (can you understand how
much can be manipulated and abused through such an experience of an individual, I can, because it has happened.)
And that seems to be illegal to me, correct? So it is to question as everyone denies it, how is it witnessed at all? And
you can imagine, how this would make you feel, if it occurred for years and years. BALLISTIC PEOPLE : explained.
Those people who went ballistic over the years : probably this system. They could have made it over the hill,
but chose to go ballistic. What's on the other side of that hill? We'll just have to wait and see, now won't we.
Constant monitoring, but no cameras. Constant exploitation, out of nowhere. Perhaps why it is called
"The Nothing."

And when you don't give in to this "Nothing," the force of energy within you
becomes INTENSITY! . . . THAT : INTENSITY. And if you can be creative somehow,
you may actually be able to harness this energy into a correct fruition of your
own capabilities manifest. Because it is not a draining of your energy if you
can actually create something bigger . . . for you are become the
necessity to defeat it, and not just by your own eyes . . . mind you .

This is a normal day. Bear in mind, I am not the attacking cat in the middle, rather the smug cats on either side of it.

Emotional Turmoil

It's a hilarious cultivation of choreographed chaos and insanity. The experiences are completely repetitious. The same patterns over and over again. I document them.
(and because I document them, the psychologically abusive comprehensions last longer, because I am not simply ignoring it, which is terrible.)

And even though I have witnessed what was
being manipulated of me to be choreographed
into fruition (a man going crazy.) I will not ever
be "going ballistic."

Black Jaguar
Understand that fact.

Just imagine if you will : you create things to help heal you due to an unprecedented amount of psychological
abuse. Privately. Alone. . . and then this creation and/or experience is immediately exploited for abusive purposes.
How do you suppose that feels. That fast. Healed. Breath of relax. Then abused, immediately. Same day. It's insanely
exhaustive. Nearly unbelievable . . . I just healed me with my own creation because of an onslaught of abuse,
and suddenly, exploitation, exactly that which I just created to heal me from the last abuse : I JUST CREATED
and so, that's immoral madness. It's exhausting. I wonder if these people actually have jobs or if they're just
drones of the hologram, paid by numbers and wall plug ins.

Borg Drones

I don't know how many psychological abuses I have healed me from. But I try to create
a healing meditation every single day. And I create this healing meditation for the purposes
of the entirety of everything and everyone respectively, appropriately. SO there's alot of healing
taking place while I die. And this should be something we all attempt to accomplish. Such that one
day there would be no necessity to heal, only to simply evolve and grow.

And I feel like this sometimes.

Ignorance is Bullshit

. . . just like . . . yeah, no doubt about it :
. . . . . . . . these people are frickin insane!

. . . and then I'm like : INTENSITY!!!!!!!
Balance it out now . . .

Seer . . .and things get intense in there.
And I have to release this energy. But there's no where to go. And so I become
the energy that is transformed into healing. And I manifest it into balance. And I
fly with the worlds and stars and moons and galaxies to understand how they
can accomplish such intensity without simply burning up. And the euphoria has
become well beyond that which I have ever attained. And so I created
illumination to become the balance necessary to accomplish this and
to survive the abuses, simultaneously. So that I can feel good all the
time, as high as necessary, while protected from abuse. NATURALLY.

There is a balance without corruption. There is. AND THIS IS WHY IT IS SO
(((((regardless of what abuses you have to experience))))) thus you shall have a
balanced integrity regardless of what happens. And it is in this place where we
cultivate our energies, knowledges and communications : through respect
WITHOUT CORRUPTION. If I comprehend a corruption and/or abuse effecting
me, I create a meditative manifestation to heal me from it, and I allow this
energy, knowledge, and communication throughout the infinite infinitesimal
all, such that this would become a conscious knowledge. It is only logical. I
don't want you to have to experience suffering : so what ever I suffer : I
attempt to heal. This is a good way to flow I have found. It helps everyone
all the time no matter what. And with The 3963 meditations you can create
these types of meditative flows very creatively by using the comprehensions
we have learned of the stars and constellations. It's really fascinating. You can
actually create paths of healing by creating the story of it and flying that flow
of energy knowledge and communication as a PhiMale Vortex! And as such,
our paths, individually, and collectively, become further empowered to fight
the abuses and sufferings faced of the entire world (and feeling extremely
good while doing it, which is always pleasant.) And this prepares us for the
future in ways of unification we may very well have a necessity for as we
begin to explore the universe.

Hmmm • ? •

Stretch it!

I mean wow, I used to pay big money to feel like I do everyday
now. Big addictions. Now I make it, free. I create it. And I want you
to understand how to do that. So I am going to show you how now.

This is Illumination (unisex) :

Illumination Illumination Illumination Illumination

Illumination Illumination Illumination

Illumination Illumination Illumination


Every 7 pg. 56 C

The Communication can be read here.

The Bigger Picture is The Great Jaguar Dragon is An Infinite Meditation.

May Light Be Your Shadow.

Every 7

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