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8.20.12 The dark con(s) of humanity, and a solution.

We may question not only how to heal ourselves in our daily meditations throughout the infinite infinitesimal,
but as well, how we may intensify and clarify our sexual experiences, and all this through a balanced integrity
that has been honed into stability during the greatest of abuses. This is real. You can do alot with it. I'm tellin ya.
You'll see the results. Once you learn to read the Stellarium mapping through the 3963 meditations, you can
create a different meditation for any day in existence, numerous times over. Look at all the angles and
what has been taught thus far. Be creative my friends.

And remember, we're not out to harm each other, we're here to help each other, but as well : don't be
oblivious or naive to those whom abuse you, learn to defend yourself, how to fight back respectively and
with balanced integrity in the ways of longevity through truth and respect without corruption, in this way,
there will be a longevity OF TRUTH AND RESPECT without corruption. Just because cowards fight cowardly
and dishonestly and dirty, it doesn't make it right for you to be dirty. There is a greater stability in respect.
Believe me. You will dig it. Respect will have longevity over disrespect in the longrun. And it's a long run.

Kitty, kitty

I would much rather be peaceful flowing than ferocious flowing (but i believe that
this lioness is actually yawning from exhaustion due to all this frickin' ridiculous hate!)

Remember, the whole point is to be capable of evolving, feeling good, and having integrity :

. . . through love,
. . . . . . . . not hate.

And that includes all walks of life. All people. All job choices. Alot of people are good people
who have difficult jobs with stigmas attached to them because their jobs are so on edge
between good people and bad people. Not all cops and feds are dirty. Know that.
PEOPLE who are abusers are dirty. Such that it is not an ongoing stigma of authority.
That's disrespectful to the laws necessary to govern civil reality. Obviously someone
has to be the law enforcer in this reality, alot of people suck. It is that way currently,
so we may as well come to the comprehensive logic that their are good people
and there are people who lack proper balance.

Moving forward . . .


Without attempting to offend anyone's belief systems, in sexuality, the male and female are the creator
of the seed and the cultivator of the egg, we are actually Gods and Goddesses. And there was never a
devil, per se, there was an idea of it allegedly cultivated due to Satan's "falling, " and although masqueraded
as "evil " , the logic is irrational, alot of people fall, alot of people try to abusively control people, dude lost his balance,
plain and simple in that story . . . although, the premise of the placements of a god and devil are actually fluid (ironic it took
a fall to comprehend this, yes? Perhaps not ironic, but actually a dark con to divert humanity from the truth such that people
would be more easily controlled, I mean come on now, someone you never see who actually controls everything, and someone
you never see who actually is waiting for you to be bad in order to punish you eternally, who thought this scam up? CONTROL.)

The premise, though, prior to the abusive control portion, was most likely logical :

• depth of earth (root) . . . fire energy (sexuality) . . . ultimate suffering (menstruation and
birth (not necessarily "suffering" mind you, but actually extremely painful) as well as the
suffering that exists when someone is actually sexually abused and how that effects that
individual innately (with the side note, that yes, that is the most painful place to kick a man.)

• height of heavens (mind) : ethereality (Spirit) . . . the goal of philosophical and spiritual evolution.

(and of course there are meanderings of both in the heart (thus, centered : two parts as one.)

One Heart

So the premise is wise, but the silly "evil " aspect is not logical, it's more like an explanation for something people didn't know
how to explain back then, twisted it into some sort of lifelesson for other problems, and it became a belief system, and alot
of those systems of belief are seriously engraved in people. Like, people are intensely believing alot of unprovable knowledge.
If anything, by proxy, a devil would be a HER anyway. The whole point is fertilzation. Earth. The intense knowledge here though
is we are between Earth and Space, and Space is like a woman, the stars are as a cultivation of this space, like seeds, yet
evolved into PhiMale vortices, but the planets, the galaxies, they're women. So there is an evolution that must take place
to actually witness what is beyond "man" and "woman," and this is what we seek to comprehend. For there is Mother
Nature, and there is Mother Earth. And we are between them. VAV . We are AVA in between VAV. It's going to
get so much more complex.

. . . just perhaps that the devil was a male in the first place proclaims forth the lie in its essence, a dark con as it were,
(or perhaps an even deeper attempt at actual truth between lies to bring forth truth on a grander scale of fruition),
and the actual deception of the world : in that processing of a programmed belief system : that actually had a result
that curtailed Mother Nature, Mother Earth, Woman, and any hope for balanced integrity due to the illogical sway
of the paradigm (and perhaps even caused such rifts in reality like the broken wing of the North Pacific . . . . . (and
perhaps why DaVinci mixed up the imageries, like Uriel as a woman, or Mother Mary with wings.) . . . a light conshift
to reform from a dark con that is under control by a massive authority base no one knew how to get out from under.

Satan actually means etymologically : one who plots against another,
one who obstructs, one who is an adversary (an opponent in a contest,
conflict, or dispute.) GEEZ! And then some guy came along and stole the
symbol of the dark pentagram and said this represented that evil!? Can you imagine!
THAT definition in place of your sexuality !? NOT ! Good thing it doesn't represent truth
in connectivity to the dark pentagram. No wonder society is so frickin' messed up and closed
off. We've been inadvertently calling our sexuality evil since this symbol was thought of as such
during the whole WITCHHUNT days AGAIN . . . someone ignorantly, and/or purposely decided to
take the very symbol of a necessary balanced integrity of our greatest depth portal and call it the
sign of evil, Satan, The Devil (from : diaballein meaning : to throw across, geee, who have we witnessed
that throws down alot : drones of the hive : (a reference to the story Cyeneia Taygeta (as such as well, was
a preface to a vast experience I have witnessed over the years : of folks who actually do continuously throw
down at an individual, over and over again, cowardly silent, as though to simply annoy you with their intruding
energies. Hive cowards. You should see them. It's crazy sometimes. Nervous drone robotic ticks.)

. . . upgrades

THE DARK PENTAGRAM IS NOT EVIL. UNDERSTAND THAT. That belief system that proclaims the
dark pentagram as " evil " is dead. That belief system 'of evil ' has been proven untrue. Why
would anyone follow an untruth. Silly plastic rabbits. We have the necessity and opportunity
to evolve. Don't let the frickin spin cycle drive you into ignorance. This includes evolving beyond
our necessity to believe in crap that doesn't matter. So we let go of that crap that doesn't matter
and move forward with what actually works, is functional, is true, and flows well, and will actually
evolve progressively with you BECAUSE IT IS HOW YOU ARE MADE ALREADY!!!


Even if you are religious, you cannot deny how you are made. Sexuality matters OBVIOUSLY. There is no shame in the
truth of balanced integrity. If I had a device from two thousand years ago that was missing one part, and the whole
device could not function properly due to this missing one part, it is to understand that just because someone decided
to fabricate an entire belief system around a lie during a particularly nasty portion of witchhunting history that this missing
part symbolized evil, (levi ! it's like a frickin psychotic mindgame, total anagram of exactly what was attempting to be
achieved, it's seriously choreographed) . . . it doesn't change the fact that this missing part makes this device
functional : regardless of what someone named it illogically . . . it only disproves Levi's theory (no offense to
the jeans at all in the least, love ya, I'm wearin 'em currently. DENIM!)

The Dark Pentagram

The Dark Con is that evil exists instead of the lack of logical balance.
It is obvious that if evil is described as an adversary, then it is basically
saying that sports' contests are evil. How'd the olympics go? That aint evil !
Obviously sports are good, good for building relationships, teamwork, ethicality,
good for evolutions of body and energy and comraderie, sports contests, not evil,
it is an ideal : if it is organized between parties . . . if it is not organized between parties :
as of late, it is called terrorism . . . warfare : which could be considered more than not on
the "evil " side of things (but we already know that evil doesn't exist : it is merely the lack of
proper balance through energy, knowledge, and communication.) When an individual is
being bullied, this is a clear defintion of such a lack of proper energy, knowledge, and
communication, and actually proposes a lack of intelligence : torture, abuse, repetitious
programming, all lacks of intelligence . . . and still, even in my most abused moment, I must
confess, I do not consider these terrorists of torture and abuse " evil, " they simply lack the
proper balance of energy, knowledge, and communication. And although I may
sometimes refer to these abusers as PIGS, it is simply because they are dirty.
Perhaps in the times of Christ, one might proclaim to a "God " that they know
not what they do
. . . because literally, unless they actually sit there and witness
my experience from within me all day every day continuously, they don't know
what they are doing, literally, they're just programmed to obey . . . like robots, as
a hive. But nowadays, there's no one to speak that to. Communication is manifest
through the comprehensions of how to become legible between Nature now.
She speaks well. She knows. I witness it. As have you.

NY 7.18.2012

Folks, we have found a correct
path to be victorious against the
lack of balance. And it isn't bad.

We have found the necessary balance. It is not illogical. It is not evil. This path's root is only
"dark " by its position in the electromagnetic spectrum of energy, and that is merely, logically,
red, due to it being the root energy.

The Dark Con is as well, someone's necessity to abuse people to death by way of using murder
and/or rape as a deceitful device of entrapment . . . I have witnessed this. I have never murdered or
raped anyone, but I witness this type of abusive repetition, and it is as though my mind is raped. Think
about the intense ramifications of being accused of such atrocities over and over again! You never
murdered anyone. You never raped anyone. And yet, you are looking into the eyes of victim after
victim who are searching for their abusers, for many, many years. As sensitivity goes, you begin to
feel what they feel. And it isn't pleasant. And there are natural energies that occur, that you
comprehend, that aren't pleasant, and you must heal from these, and so you do. But there
is alot to get through before you know how. What do you suppose experiencing something
like that would actually do to a human mind during an imposed psychological isolation in this
type of repetitiously abusive programming (without the adaptive qualities of healing)? The premise
to it all, I have come to determine, is basically : how will you react if you are trapped in a circumstance
where there is no way out, and you are being accused of something that someone thinks you did, but
never actually happened, and you are abused in a manner of repetitious, psychological, and sexually
aggressive warfares of corruptive exploitations of every single aspect of your entire private and/or
public experiences (in as many ways you thought never possible, (as such, that even that thought,
is exploited.) It is The Nothing being fabricated into your existence to create conflict, such that
you would become immoral, and/or unethical, just like those whom are attempting to entrap
you. But you are not immoral. You are not unethical. You are a healer of The Path and
a revolutionary of evolution.

So we heal as much as possible and then give it to everyone applicable.

Alot of dark cons disappearing currently. It is difficult
to transcend that pain once you experience it. Maybe
that was the point, maybe one has to feel and/or experience
what one chooses to heal, but who knew it could/would be so
cruel. The true goal now is to actually create healing to the degree
that healing actually creates more healing, exponentially. It's only fair.

This has to be the longest tangent ever.
I suppose it has been lucrative,
with illumination and all.


How did this all start, oh yeah, The DaVinci Code. The Dark Con of Man. Madonna of The Rocks. The Fleur di Lis :
The Flower of The Lily Lotus meaning something like : at one and the same time, religious, political, dynastic, artistic,
emblematic, and symbolic, (especially in heraldry
.) The Criptex : It hides beneath the rose (through reflection,
the whole "War of The Roses," etc, solved) : that code as such to open = "apple" (a pentagram of seed and
the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil : the light pentagram, the dark pentagram) . . . and
all of this to give us directions to The Holy Grail : Christ's Chalice (so to speak) "that's my woman!" : the most
loved of Christ, Mary Magdalene (The Gleaming Mother World Rebirth Balance of Ambrosia Rebellious Wish
of The Tower
), the symbol of the most worthy of Christ's people, and as such his companion as well, and so
became, The Holy Grail, Mary Magdalene's Sexuality, The Sacred V, The Sacred Chalice that which was
worthy of a Christ (and if this Christ actually had seriously powerful energy as has been documented,
then this union was a serious manifestation of mortal immortality through actual blood) . . . so her
chalice became seriously sacred, likened to the protected cave entrance of the birthing
immortal divine nature of everything IN MORTALITY (and even if you're a religious individual,
think of the ramifications of a birth between a mortal and an immortal) : as such if learned by
an individual, this "code " of creation as illumination : immortality through mortality : immortal energy,
knowledge, and communication : in a total reversal of God and Goddess into a spin of spiraling right
into The PhiMaleVortex • Hi! It's seriously powerful. Christ may have even orchestrated the whole premise
and then decided to hide that fact due to his whole crucifixion problem (it tends to get in the way of healing.)
The whole story of Christ could actually be evolved into present day as a fruition of that birth of Christ's and
Mary's daughter : Sarah (meaning : princess, meaning the first woman, interestingly enough) of mortal
immortality as The Sacred Woman to her long awaited evolution of The PhiMale Vortex.


(The Holy Grail, The Sacred Chalice, that being the body of The Spirit, (ethereality) , the spirit
of course being the energy, knowledge and communication of spiritual inspiration at its highest
degree : motivating your energies, knowledges and communications to an elevation of vortex
manifestation : . . . look at the process of Illumination . . . alot of stars in the creation of your
energy grid, eh ?

So no one is asking anyone to be Jesus. There was a strong path, it appears, that
was skewed off. Huge tangent. That whole Christian thing was totally rebellious back
then, going from several unknown gods to one? Evolution, correct? If dude wasn't
finished, the story was eskewed. Just like, say for example I didn't get to the point
of the dark pentagram, that would be a huge missing piece to this process, one
that would continue to cause people a lack of balance. And now, BALANCE.
It's only logical.

The Dark Pentagram

The illuminated path that has been revealed here, it isn't by accident, it isn't evil, and
it is functional. The PhiMale Vortex may be accomplished through divine inspiration,
and that divinity is everywhere you find it applicable, yo. Your path of fluidity through
The Illumination energies, knowledges, and communications will elevate you to a
degree of capability if you allow yourself to evolve. CAPABILITY.

This could have very well been the point . . . two
thousand years ago : CUTOFF : ah man,
crucifixion! "HE IS DAAAANE • JUHRUS."

. . . due to the rise of Christ's popularity, he was too
"dangerous " to " the establishment " at the time, so, "Crucify Him!"

Oh great. The silly humans are at it again. Now what! So much planning. GONE!

Can you imagine bein the aliens waiting for this one to finally come into fruition 2000 years
later (hypothetically speaking of course), how many cups of coffee can one gal drink!
Someone's springin' for a stack of pizzas! Satan is dead!

So why all the talk of Christianity?

The Dark Pentagram

Attempting to find truth in history, today, is difficult experientially, yes, unless you're an ageless vampire (alien), not
necessarily logical. It is necessary to map where we have been historically, yes, obviously, but only to find the central
truths that continue. Christianity is a perfect example of many truths (like not murdering, not lying, faithfulness to your
one true love, etc.) that have necessity, that have been eskewed into immoral patterns of hypocrisy and deceit.
It is as well to understand if we cannot pinpoint specifics, we are really simply going by the words of people we
have never actually met. Instead, it would be more logical to follow a constant, and what better constant
than Mother Nature? Yes? Yes. We can all agree that a massive NATURAL something just occurred and
we can all naturally agree what that place is, what it's name means, and so forth, and logically, after
reading such occurrences for a period of time, one becomes acclimated to its fluidity and learns
how to speak it. And we have all witnessed the MASSIVE parallels in exaction of what Nature
has proclaimed and what we have experienced, simultaneously. So it is truth. Without doubt.
How, at all, is it not logical to evolve this truth into greater fruition? Why are there not
governments and spiritualities and medias attempting to allow this some sort of
platform and/or foundation to work from. This is worldwide without a doubt,
universal, without a doubt, we're talkin the whole shabang, right now.

There must be a creation made that would measure Nature without any
possible error and/or corruption and/or as close as honestly possible. Seriously.
She's talkin to us. If you want to know which way to go, why not ask the girl whose
been here since there has ever been a "here." Correct? It's only logical.

We must attempt to find truth today, for the now, and how to do that consistently evolutionarily progressive.
Not simply : THIS IS THE WAY, END OF STORY. That is illogical. If I woke up today and had a bowl of vegetable
soup for breakfast because that was the rule of the book, what would I do tomorrow when all I have is a
can of strawberries? You see, illogical. There are many truths in history. But I was not there, and nor is
reality the same today that it was yesterday. Luckily, Nature was, and She allowed us this flowing path.
Therefore, what better bridge could there be to calculate the necessary knowledges of truth for today,
than Nature ? ! And SHE is a female in both Earth and Space. That makes HER that SPIRIT, and each of us
individually, both male and female, The Seeders and Birthers of Creation (which basically proclaims you
as a Creator : WITH HER : respectively. So as a union we are a vortex, and that is always now. This is an

The Dark Pentagram

DO you see how the body's actual form : and how energies are actually naturally fluid? :
that is an evolution of truth : comprehended : manifest into consciousness : for everyone to allow forth.
Yes. It is difficult to let go of thousands of years of belief systems, yet, we merely see that we are unraveling
the untruths into what was sought to become deceit, and/or overwhelm truth with dark cons. And when this
all begins to become greater in practice, these Illuminations, so too perhaps may a resistance of it become
by organized controllers of society. For it is a fear of those in power that those without money, will have power.
But they too should understand, it's about natural truth. It isn't about history necessarily, and definitely not about money,
these too shall dissolve away eventually when humanity is ready (the necessities for money and false histories fabricating
truth through lies for belief control systems will eventually die out, drown by the depths we have become.)

These Illuminations will actually benefit everyone eventually in more ways than any of us
can even imagine as of yet . . . in ways that will benefit EVERYONE IN SOCIETY NATURALLY :

7.25.2012 above Onesere at Wanderer Bay, Guadalcanal 6.4

one = to lie wide open, sand
sere = to move swiftly, to blow hard and steady as the trade wind.

(Guadalcanal was a famous battle location during World War II.
It was allegedly named after a village in Spain. In parallel to this space,
when the Muslims sought to conquer Spain, the Moors set up food locations
in a dry riverbed, to take and go, so it roughly translates to river of food stalls.
But I have updated it to proclaim a further meaning as River of Replenishment.)

Wanderer Wandering

Above The Sand of Laying Wide Open and Moving Swiftly while Blowing Hard
and Steady like The Wind at The Wanderer Inlet of The River of Replenishment,
of The Peaceful Within.

The Horizons spoke of a vast angle of healing necessity through the paralleled paths of
The Mother World Rebirth Balance of Ambrosia Moon Path of The Woman Infinacy Cycle.
She is The Setting Sun Parallel Majesty of The Great Jaguar of The InBetween, The Great Darkness,
and The Celestial Navigation of The Infinacy Serpent of The Nine Vessel Compass. To The Highest of
Sun in Paralleled Communication. This is The Sacred Offering of The Stars Dearest of Heart. This is The
Cultivation of The Guardian of The Dragon.

The Centers revealed The Great Healer of the Crystal Energies of The V, The Pentagrams, The Fertility
Rebirth of The Heart, and of The V of The Great Mirror of Strength and The Great Death of The Mirrored Strength
that was created through love from the horn of Taurus, so is crowned The Great Bull Taurus Bridge, separately,
by The Godfather of Light and Sky Parallel as from The Mind and Ascension of The Seven Sisters. So shall be
manifest The Great Shield of The Spiral Sight Vessel Vortex of Sexuality, peacefully, an Ascension of
The Great Mother Energy Shielded into flight of The Great Vision of The Healer of All Things
through The Cunning Cross of those who Follow, as bridged through The Swan Song,
bringing The Light of Mortal Immortality through the many parallels of darkness.

7.25.2012 Indian Ocean, Rodrigues (dependency of Mauritius) 6.7

Prominent stars in the center of the mapping :
Mirzam star = the announcers, heralding the coming of Sirius.
Chinese = Kuen She = soldier's market.

Pt. Coton named for the resemblance of the waves breaking color as cotton.
Prince Maurice was Prince of Orange, Southern France : Diogo Rodrigues was
known as "The One of The Fort" Captain of this fortress. Rodrigues means renown
power, red haired one, famous chief. Diogo means superseded, Maurice means
dark, Nassau means wet land.

Interestingly enough the moments prior to this quaking were spent
meditating for someone who was diagnosed with cancer. I took the
opportunity to learn how cancer actually becomes such that I could
devise a manner of finding a cure for it. Consciousness will find a way to
manifest that which we manifest purposely with respect and honor
(and Nature responded extremely fast!)

Rodrigues Rodrigues

InBetween The River of The Ocean is The Color of Purity in
The One of The Fortress known as The Superseded Red Haired
One of Renown Power, in the dependency of The First Darkness
of The Wet Land, The First Orange, of The Deep Free.

The Horizon spoke of The Path of The Woman of The Purification Infinacy of The Mother World Rebirth
Balance of Ambrosia. She is looking between The Horizon looking away from The Dark Thirst through
The Inverting Majesty of (The Tail, The Mallow, The Nubian Astrologers, The Viscera of The Lion, The
Small Saddle, The Genuine Heart, The Changer, "The Heat turns away when it rises, the cold turns
away when it disappears, Serpha changed to Mutatrix, The Seat of Five Emperors named from
The Middle Kingdom, Blue, The Burning of Fire, The One in The Tail, The Creating Mother known
as Bahu) as such, facing misfortune. So as such is what for The Sacred Offering Inversion through
The Stars Dearest of Heart. For She is being purified of The Great Darkness of The InBetween by
The Complete Vertical Ascension of The Great Jaguar to The Highest of Sun in The Highest
of Cancer's Depth Communication.

The Centers revealed The Flight Vision of The Healing of All that hath necessity,
The Great Multidimensional Bridge of Mortal Immortality as has been ascended
from The Infinacy of The Nine, Shooting by the power of The Compass Wind of The
Amazonian Archer, that which is shielded from the overturned vessel that is being
healed through the great spiral winds, a bridge of The Great Complacent Mother of All,
Healing without Disease, The Great Healer rides The Mighty Disease, and ascends the rise
of The Great Serpent Vision around The Central Orbit of The Overturned Vessel, that which is
this disease, and through Silent Peace is this manifest with Great Strength as from The Swan Song
of Love crossed of The Great Mirror of Lyra's Amazonian Girdle through The Spine of The Great Dragon
of Creation and through Great Strength of The Crystal Magnification of The Sight of The Endless Serpent,
is this cleansing from disease through The Light Pentagram.

Fighting cancer now.

The Dark Pentagram

7.28.2012 Solomon Sea, Natar and Matkumlagir,
Latangai, New Britain, Papua New Guinea 6.6
language of Siar-lak : natar = village

The meaning of NATAR abbreviation is
"NATO Advanced Technology radar".
Latangai = attack
New Ireland, Papua New Guinea =
The New Goddess of Sovereignty in The New Black Sunset.

(it's so interesting how many ways a term can be used to describe numerous
things in reality, like the new black sunset as describing the fight of cancer.
The cool thing about it is that in a minute the definition could change to
something totally abstract to this. That fast. Learn.)

Natar Natar

Peaceful Sea of Great and Heavenly Support of Organized
Agreement of Advanced Technology Radar of "The Place
of The Attack" in The New Goddess of Sovereignty of
The New Black Sunset.

The Horizons spoke of The Great Serpent of The Nine, that serpent known as that which continues to produce
over and over again, as well as that serpent of the ever flowing nine energies of our individual Beings (two
definitions), we witness here, The Serpent of The Nine opening The Compass with The Highest of The Sun in
Cancer Communication of The InBetween, as such by The Power of the weakened wind from The Majesty
of The Chalice from The Celestial Navigation of The Great Jaguar, The Purification of The Nine through The
InBetween Sight, and the weakening of The Dark Thirst. Altar of The Dark Cross and A Thousand Seeded
Eyes for Overturning The Great Vessel, Navigated through the sails of the patient Bird of Paradise and
The Trinity of The Superseded Laughing Father of The Multitudes. This, that which was seeded by the
stinging scorpion in the womb, we see a bridge of an unsacred offering, this stinging of the womb
from before, weakened, and The Dark Light brings forth The Purified Chalice and The Serpent of
The Nine as from the Chalice Majesty of Divine Will and travels forth bringing the wind to this
weakened vessel. The Overturning Vessel of the patient Bird of Paradise is the vision bridge
of the reticulum mountain as a PhiMale Vortex into The Great Phoenix. The Peaceful Dove
flies the overturning vessel through the weakened time of the river patient of the crystal.
The Great Mother Isis falls back from a weakened PhiMale Vortex, caught by a weakened
vision and the weakened central orbit from the weakened vessel, and we witness the fertility
rebirth of the star and the crystal of the weakened river, The Immunizational Purificational Healer
is flown by the weakened Peaceful Dove of The Weakened Vessel, and the one who follows The Great
Mother seems to be a step away from walking onto the weakened vessel (perhaps another who needed
healing, got it). The weakened Mother of The Highest Truth of The Womb of all Consciousness, she is a bridge
of The Immunizational Purificational Healer of Mortal Immortality bridged of the weakened Immunizational
Purificational Healer without rein. The Great Mirror of Orion is The Fertility Rebirth Mind of The Great River.

The Centers revealed The Serpent River Eyes and the opposite cultivation. As such we witness here Virgo's
prominent purification as from the riding of causality as The Savior Womb Offering of Her Womb! . . .as bridged
from her own purifying cultivation from The Great Taurus Godfather of Light and Sky Savior Womb Offering of
Her Womb through The Sacred Offering of The Stars Dearest of Heart through The Vast Guard of Heavenly
Purification, The Ascension to distress through The Great Stone Creator of The Chalice, and Virgo is The
Face of The Vast Guard of Heavenly Purification, and her heart is the flight of The Thunderhorse, and
she is in an infinacy cycling of ascending causality through The Mother World Rebirth Balance of
Ambrosia through the flying earthen sacred offering. So is sculpted by The Moon Path of The
Woman The Balance prodding of causality from The Great Mother, and from this bridged forth
through that which hath necessity for healing, The Balance is arisen by The Moon Path of The
Woman from The V weighed of The Great Furnace, The Dark Star of The V is prominent in this
healing, that which is an ascension of The Phoenix, and this is apart of The Great River of The
Crystal Healing of Time, and through REGULATED STRENGTH is the healing manifest through fertility
rebirth, and serpent V's flow in through the rivers to cease the ever exceeding multiplicity of disease,
and this is combined without combination, through strength as the death of disease, as the ascension
of The Great Mirror uncultivates the suffering flow and brings forth the cultivation of The ManTaurus
Godfather of Light and Sky and Stars and Sacredity and shoulders The Seven Sisters and brings
forth the cultivation of the death of disease (to more than just one) through the causality of
The Guardian of The Dark Light and bridge of The Godfather Taurus.

8.2.2012 Comunidad Nativa de Nueva Betania, Coronel Portillo, Ucayali, Peru 6.1

(((this was one of those elaborate meditations where afterwards you're like, HOW. DID. WE. JUST. DO. THAT, pant, pant, pant.)))

Ucayali Peru Ucayali

Native Community of Betania (The House of The Poor)
Captain of The Group of The Open : Victory Crown! Three Waves of The Together River
of The Sun of The Hot PhiMale of The Red Land; Entrance to The Red Earth, The Jungle of
The Great Castle, that which is The Golden Mountain, that which is One of 8 Guardians
of The Universal Sovereign of Wealth in The Highest Depth of The One of Many Works.

The Horizons spoke of (from the depths) The Sacred Offering Wind of The Great Mother Scorpion in Unsacred Offering
in The Spine of The Unsacred Offering in The Spine of The Unsacred Offering (that which Cancer is (an uncontrolled growth
of cellular division beyond normal limit) HALTED by a bridge enclosing of The Mother Scorpions by The Multileveled Great
Healer of The Dragon Reversal. The Altar is Shielded from The Seed of The Laughing Father of The Multitudes, and as such is
aimed from within the disease through navigation of The Bird of Paradise from the heart energies as magnified from
A Thousand Eyes of Navigation from The Spiral Smoking Mountain Vision of The Water Within The PhiMale Vortex
through The Vision of The Ancient Native Smoking Mountain : A GRID OF SPACE : bridged by The PhiMale Vortex
of The Great River of The Crystal of Time, a PhiMale Vortex Bridge of Time and Pentagram, brought forth (silently)
by The Great Phoenix Bridge of The Great Phoenix Bridge of The Grid through The PhiMale Vortex Bridge of
The Dark Star Enlightened into The Smoking Mountain of A Thousand Eyes of Navigation, Bridge of
The Ancient Native of The Path of The Woman Feather Headdress Bridge of The Ancient Natiive
of The Water Within and Bridge of The Ancient Native of The Magnified Companion
(all magnified through Thousands of Eyes), Bridge of The Waterbearer of The
Sculpture Purification Bridge of The Thunderhorse Bridge of The Croning V
and Waterbearer riding the consumption to save the world, and this is all
magnified through The Laughing Father of The Multitudes Altar Bridge and
shielded cunningly, brought forth by The Swan Song, Crowned, shot through
the shields of disease through a thousand strings of volume, bridged, and bridged
and bridged and bridged through this vision of The Ancient Light of Self Creation.

The Centers revealed the bringing forth of the causality of healing ascension out of disease by way
of The Infinacy Cycles of The Mother World Rebirth Balance of Ambrosia. The Furnace Sculpture is brought
forth through The Phoenix Bridges of Majesty and Will through Waterbearing Purification and Sacred Offerings
through The Stars Dearest of Heart bringing forth the cultivation of The Sculpture as The Waterbearer scaling
The Great Thunderhorse through a waterfall of wings of cultivation of the spirals of causality, the serpent
of disease is beheaded by The Cultivator Guardian of Darkness, without distress, and balancing from
the heart through Ascension. The Rivers of Disease are isolated without majesty or will by The Phoenix
and without the dark thirst of the furnace the light is quenched of the chalice, and so is bridged forth
The Balanced Integrity of The Bull Bringing forth The Savior Womb Offering, bridged multidimensionality
of this isolated disease being healed over and over again.

It's amazing to me how similar the disease of cancer is to these strange abuses
I have experienced. Abuses that are created by people on purpose. That's the
real amazing part. That people actually create diseases in individuals to impose
abusive torture. That's serious abusive torture, to actually cause a disease?
Geez. So we learn how to fight cancer, in numerous ways of reality.

8.2.2012 Solomon Sea, Natar and Matkumlagir,
Latangai, New Britain, Papua New Guinea 6.3

Natar Natar

Peaceful Sea of Great and Heavenly Support of Organized
Agreement of Advanced Technology Radar of "The Place
of The Attack" in The New Goddess of Sovereignty of
The New Black Sunset.

The Horizons spoke of The Paralleled Sculpture creation being purified by The Waterbearer of The Rising Sun
Moon Path of The Woman Companion Thunderhorse Bridged Dark Star Patient and Complacent Vision of The
Cunning Heart of The Multidimensional Womb. This is a Thunderhorse Bridge of Earthen Ascensions from the
distress call of The Queen of Reflection to the Vast Guard of Heavenly Purification Hero of The Spiraling
Horns of The Savior Womb Offerings of Causality. Bridged are these Thunderhorse parallels of The Swan
Song of Bridging Sound (Darkness) and Cunning through The Patient and Complacent Vision. From the
shielded mind of The Amazonian Archer Warriro is The Paralleled Ridden Amazonian Archer Warrior
Crown of Respect shooting for The Great Mother Scorpion. The Ancient Native of The Fall is magnified
and carried by The Croning V Bridge of The Sculpture of Consuming The Floods to Save The World and
magnified through A Thousand Thousand Eyes of navigation through The Bird of Paradise navigation
through The Bird of Paradise of The Majesty and Will of The InBetween. The Altar is magnified through
The Circle of The Sacred Offering of The Laughing Father of The Multitudes. Deep is this Majesty and
Will of The InBetween, a bridge of water within is from The Phoenix of he Croning V Sculpture,
The Phoenix of Time paralleled, a furnace paralleled in space, Time is a Grid from
The Vortex Parallel, and this is without vision, a vortex, simply (an actual
physical vortex). Bring the crystal forth between the river.

The Centers revealed the death of the paralleled serpent of The Great Healer by The Mirror of Orion.
The Great Healer Mind of The Seven Sisters and voice of The Godfather of Light and Sky, it appears that
Love is a pretzel, or more importantly, love is the Pentagram being formed. So as such, without rein is this
Vision. Strength through The Savior Womb Offering Crown of Causality. Balance has been achieved through
fertility rebirth by The Great Mother Scorpion. So stands The Parallel of Purification in The Great River. The Great
Mother Scorpion's power of The Great Mother Mind. A magnification of All Healing Necessity shot forth from
The Crown of Necessity by The Amazonian Archer Parallel Warrior. Bring forth the shield of Gemini. Bring
forth The Shield of Mortal Immortality.

The Dark Pentagram

I was not evil. I am not evil. I will not be evil.
There is no evil. Understand it, and evolve.

The Communication can be read here.

The Bigger Picture is The Great Jaguar Dragon is An Infinite Meditation.

May Light Be Your Shadow.

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