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2.3.2013 Portal of The Lost Souls.

And so then there were 4 : 5.5's, seemingly explaining the 12.21.2012
path whilst simultaneously explaining the next paths through these in
a variant of ways.

12.22.2012 Between Chindwin River and Taungbauk, Myanmar 5.5

taung means mountain.
bauk : i can find no Burmese or Myanmar language definition of.
It perhaps means village or something. But there are numerous
other languages with the word bauk, such as a path
between fields
, or a support beam (which gives us a
very specific perspective of The Cathedral Slide Portal,
and its soon to be found counterpart at Bell Rock), basically a
narrow passage of influence or path centrally manifest from/by/through/for.)
tributary = paying tribute.

(these comprehensions actually stem from
Every 7 pg. 30b
, 36 , 51b , and 47 (to name a few.)

Demon witnessed of Chalice

We witness here (from this horizon), on the shoulder of VIRGO = purification,
a "demon" type creature within this chalice being shouldered by purification :
: And so we witness great necessity, what appears to be a Liberty Bell explaining
what Purity is shouldering, like, an inner ear, an inner equilibrium, it seems to express
a vast necessity of something that is essentially pure, but houses something that isn't
welcome simultaneously. And so begins a comprehensive measure FOR manifestation,
WHAT ACTUALLY HAS NECESSITY = Bell Rock . . . WHY = "demon" inside Bell Rock, and HOW = need to read further for clarity.
This is how we do it folks. Read, Comprehend, Build, Manifest : Read, Comprehend, Build, Manifest : and so on, and it just keeps
going on and on . . . one can start from any time, space, and/or dimensionality, in what ever shape, manner, form, and/or
sensibility applicably appropriate, sacred, and respective . . . and just keep going . . . infinitely.

And what is Maya? Remember from the first page?

Maya = The Times of The Ancient One, The Great Guardian of
The Golden Apple of Immortality known as The Fertility Within known as
The Mystery of The Setting Sun, The Grey Trinity Eye and Tooth of The
Great Mother of All, The Great Dreaming Enchantment of The Great
River, The Water from The Other Side, The Ascension of The Root as
an evolution of Fertility and Rebirth, Within Burning Passion.

Maya 5.5 Maya Maya Results

Between The Uncorruptable Spiral Tribute of The Great Mother River and The Mountain
of The Beaming Path Passage Myanmar's Fast and Solid Horse, The Mayan Mar, The Maya
Ma, The Great Mother Scorpion Goddess of The : The Times of The Ancient One,
The Great Guardian of The Golden Apple of Immortality known as The Fertility Within known
as The Mystery of The Setting Sun, The Grey Trinity Eye and Tooth of The Great Mother of All,
The Great Dreaming Enchantment of The Great River, The Water from The Other Side, The
Ascension of The Root as an evolution of Fertility and Rebirth, Within Burning Passion, all this
The Dark Rift of The Underworld, ' Xilbalba' be'. This is The Great Cosmic Spirit Mother!

The Horizons spoke of GREAT BALANCE of PARALLEL by The Bending of Water through The Mother World Rebirth
of Balance and Ambrosia. Seeded Sacredity offered through The Root of The Celestial Underworld! Purity stands
with purity : one shoulder of sacredity offered, one shoulder of a demon chalice. Purity stands with purity. Cultivation
was through the sleeping high of the old dark bright light. The Messenger of Light brought forth through multidimensional
playing, the cunning weakness cultivation of that old crown. Now She reflects through her own reflection, and aware, is
She, of the antihero. The Stars Dearest of Heart Ascend through cultivated sacredity and sacrifice as The Dark Bright
Light of The Body Parallel brings forth The Jaguar Lion of PhiMale Valor and Courage, Celestial Navigation of The
Root and Heart of The Dark Thirst Cultivation of The Serpent of The Nine Parallel opening the compass with
energy! And holding a bridge in place between The Great Mother of Loyalty and Peace : bending
over backwards to allow forth The Purity bridge of The Ones Who Follow The Heart. This is in
between mortality and immortality. Deep is this navigation of this Celestial Underworld.

The Centers revealed Ultimate Balance with Ultimate Balance, The Sacredity Offering of The Great Mirror
through The Galactic Mother of Water, hand in hand. Love and Communication and Love and Communication
through the complacency of anger and passion is The Neutral Healer shouldering The Stone Creator of Medusa!?
WEAKENED is this distress as the demon bows to The Awareness of The Greys. The Lynx is astonished at this sight,
that which SEES The In Between ALWAYS, is astonished at this sight! For the eagle is complacent in The Eyes of
The Dark Bright Light! So many faces. So. many. faces. Shielded from curse is this. The Great Healer looks
through the heart of the bowing demon, and The Vast Guard of Heavenly Purification ascends the
serpentine echo into a savior womb offering through the causality of purification through The Eyes
of Causality an Infinacy of Purity. This comprehension is as well, without rein . . . it is simply that
which hath become from that which hath been manifest. Purity is attempting to climb
through the heart of the depths of The Womb of All Consciousness. The Amazonian
Bender of The Fire, is in parallel of itself, being wrestled in between mortal immortality.
This is at The Heart of The Foundational Parallel of The Mother World Rebirth of
Balance and Ambrosia, these are not those whom follow respectively. This is
a magnification of The Highest Truth.

And so we witness a simultaneous truth. As though this were not simply a possession of
a location by an energy and/or entity that isn't welcome there, but is as well speaking of
specific properties of possession comprehensions, how to assess their actualities, what is
happening in the "minds" of those whom are "possessed" and/or what it actually means to
be "possessed" and/or "hosted" by an outside entity and/or program and/or programming.
It gets seriously involved : way beyond the normal processes of a psychological mind,
way beyond the processes of a philosophical mind, and way beyond the processes
of a metaphyical mind : into the heart of Mother Nature and the natural
capabilities of our individual evolutions.

12.23.2012 Stromboli, Mediterranean•Tyrrhenian
Sea, Aeolian Islands, Italy, Volcano Eruption
North = High


The High Lighthouse of Center Earth Sea is between
The Center Earth Sea and The Tower People Sea,
The God of The Winds Within The Land of The Bulls.

12.23-24.2012 Copahue, Central Chile • Argentina Border, Volcano Eruption
Copahue = Sulphur Waters (Mapuche)


Sulphur Waters in Center of Where the
Land Ends and in The Deepest of Earth
and Silver in The Deep Work
Superseding Wasp.

12.25-27.2012 Stromboli, Aeolian Islands, Italy, Volcano Eruption


The High Setting Sun Lighthouse of Center Earth Sea is
between The Center Earth Sea and The Tower People
Sea, The God of The Winds Within The Land of The Bulls.

12.26.2012 Southern Ocean, Star Keys, Forty Fours, Chatham,
Sisters (56.190°S 144.494°W) . . . 144 . . . it's fun, and it's serious. 5.5
(for all you Trekkies out their, see if you can actually figure out which
episodes this is from, it's an awesome episode describing exactly what
is experienced here on Earth (in a multidimensional sense), to anyone
whom becomes aware.

(Cathedral Slide Portal, again, and the
comprehensions just keep coming.)

This appears, as well, to be a comprehension of an individual and/or (most likely) a collective of individuals
attempting detriment and/or corruption of the 12.21.2012 meditative manifestation (which, in and of itself
is quite simply, illogical, since this entire flow has been a 'build up' for a really long time, ALOT of power for a
long time : every day : same purpose : one of these purposes being the erasing of the detrimental effects
of corruptive manifestation that have been manifest in any time, space, and/or dimensionality (as comprehended
by the YEAR OF PURIFICATION between two winters (that being from 2011 Winter to 2012 Winter), and that benefits
anyone and everyone, so, as logic dictates, it would be as though someone were throwing a lit match on a ten
thousand foot wave of water that was actually created to put out the fire that is burning their own realities into
oblivion. Simply illogical. Quite obviously, those who sought detriment and/or corruption : failed, big time.
Which is good for EVERYONE since this manifestational purpose was manifest for EVERYONE respectively, and
sacredly, and spanned a timeframe of reality that far outweighs the miniscule and hypocritical necessities of
those who seek detriment and/or corruption. We're talkin' vast and focused intensity over a long period time
culminating through one centralized day of focus for purity.

((( and speaking in terms of the whole Tun Uc Calendar and the following of The Mayan Flow of
The Holon Grid Coordinate System : even though the year of purification has come and gone,
I continue to flow by this path, I am simply doing this creatively now, feeling it out as I continue,
as such, we all should, to a degree of evolution, continue to meditatively manifest projectively
by these paths : for the purpose of evolving these paths to benefit The Whole of Nature
(which includes all of us.)))

It is to understand : The main purpose is always to manifest balanced integrity of
the light and dark powers, forces, energies, knowledges and communications.


. . . .

Being at The Open Gate of The Center of The Galaxy and transcending The Underworld whilst going through it
is not an easy task, necessarily, and as well, whilst comprehending the simultaneous forces of individuals and collectives
whom are working against that respectful goal simply for the purpose of attempting the detriment of one man, and/or
the path of HUMANITY'S evolution through ILLUMINATION, is most assuredly not an easy task. And when one can
comprehend just how deep that understanding actually goes in the validation of the necessity for/of The Deep
whilst purifying it of all the detrimental and unnecessary crap that has been constantly bombarding it ( " it " being
that of The Infinite Infinitesimal ALL throughout all time, space, and/or dimensionality AND The Underworld : whilst
transcending The Underworld, is most assuredly, a challenge. . . and as such humanity, I am speaking to you
directly now, ever since HumanConsciousReality has purported a " hell," (thereby CREATING IT and/or even
just THE ILLUSION OF IT), one can actually understand just how necessary it is/was, to continuously purify and
evolve the features of reality to free us all from that potential psychological prison, plight and/or energy. For
if there is a psychological and/or manifestive destiny that had been accomplished by an individual and/or
collective manifestation by conscious and/or unconscious projections in historic reality, whether that be
multidimensional and/or interdimensional, it would seem logical, that by the path of THE I AS A BRIDGE
OF THE INFINITE, one CAN, and SHOULD, purify all that corruptive imprisonment out of existence
completely, such that we may flow without detriment, naturally, evolutionarily progressive.

Because, regardless of what anyone believes, if one keeps putting the crap in one
single location, eventually, that crap is going to overflow into all the locations you
don't want the crap, thereby completely destroying the whole purpose of having
one location for crap.

THE EVOLUTION OF REALITY IS QUITE SIMPLE. There is no evil, as Mother Nature
has spoken, there is only a lack of balance. And as such, we may create The
Balance where there is necessity. And this is how we evolve.

Or in more simpler, Astrolomy terms :

: Transforming perception out of negativity through The Dark Thirst
purification and its transcendence through its very PAN energy
whilst manifesting The Swan Song of Power.

I mean when you really think about what has just been done on
12.21.2012, it is rather fascinating. The powers and forces of all those
individual and/or collective entities of The Infinite Infinitesimal All, those
which have been called angels, demons, spirits, devils, Gods, Satans,
Goddesses, and so on . . . everything accumulated into that one day . . . and
there was a vast convergence of unification . . . and since the focus was clarified
through a massive GRID, and since that clarified focus was manifest over a very
LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG period of time : THROUGH a guided and created
manifestation of a MOTHER NATURE GUIDED GRID of The Great Hummingbird
magnified as The Great Jaguar Dragon . . . it really matters not how much
a battle may be and/or has been attempted for the detriment of such
a manifestation.

. . . it's like one lit match (of corruption) vs. a Ten Thousand Foot Wave
that was made to put out the fires of corruption
(including yours and mine.)

Ten Thousand Foot Wave VS. Lit Match

It's laughable now. Even just the spray of the approach of the wave before it was
manifest did put out the flame of corruption because we encompassed everything
for purity, all variables through either purification, evolution, or transcendence,
and in some cases, erasure. And this is an enormous lesson to manifestation,
for the main purpose in manifestation is to feel good, as such, being well,
at ease, passionate, in good nature, compassionate, freeflowing, fluid,
loving, etc, this actually dissolves negativity naturally, without even an
attempt at manifestation, because it is simply a manifest truth,
positivism dissolves negativity.

And this isn't me attempting to predict and/or cause a tsunami.
That isn't ever the point (unless there is an enormous fire over
an entire country or something (note to self : remember
tsunami comprehension if there is ever a massive country
wide fire

I do not see a tsunami manifest by this
meditative manifestation of 12.21.2012.
I do not see detriment nor corruption manifest
from this meditative manifestation of 12.21.2012.
I witnessed no enormous fluctuation and/or
any type of hinderant reaction at all.

The Great Jaguar Dragon

When I did the Mars meditation with the God Particle Energy magnification
a while back, it took approximately 22 days for " the freak•rare•electrical storm "
to hit San Francisco (i was currently living there) , ( seen here : . . . and Every 7 pg. 53
is a good read, (The God Particle comprehension is just after the center of the page.
It also validates the necessity for The Quadration Depth Infinity Double Black Diamond Trinity.)
. . . (this premise being that by manifesting the God Particle magnification through The Great
Hummingbird (in a variant of ways of manifestation through one manifestation at Mars), took
22 days : for that energetic stimulation and reaction to reach Earth, from Mars, 22 days.)

Mars to Earth God Particle Reaction

I have witnessed a massive wave of energy recently, yes, not water, it appeared
like a wave of white energy, like a veiled Sun : in the visionary imagery of a Sun as
a Wave from the far north beyond Shaman's Cave, and not from our own Sun, but
from a distant Sun and/or Source. This, I have seen coming to us, from the North.
Alot of white light, it was far in the distance. Perhaps calculating by the time
when this massive wave of light happens we can calculate the power (as
comprehended from the 12.21.2012 manifestation at Cathedral.) It's something
like 132, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000 gazillion miles (actual number) to the galactic
center (being that it is roughly 27 million light years, one light year being roughly 6 trillion
miles, and that multiplied times the galactic center's distance of 27 million) . (and this is :
as compared to Mars being roughly 100, 000, 000 miles away : depending on time (Earth's
position compared to Mars' position, and as such, in paralleled deductive quality as measured
by The God Particle Manifestation taking 22 days to electrify my location at the time. One of those
mathematical reversal calculations we all loved so much in school!)

100, 000, 000 miles/22 days = roughly 4,545,454 miles a day, and that's The God Particle
multiplication of Mars in great specificity of a particular location . . . it will be calculable
somehow, we will know eventually when that light occurs.

We have legibility occurring . . . continuously : many and much simultaneous
information happening everywhere throughout all aspects of Nature, and why?
Because we seek this, because we evolve with this, because we create its evolution
continuously, because we respect Mother Nature, because we continue in a sacred,
evolutionary progression.

Onekotan, Sedona, Cathedral

And Cathedral, this Spirit, IS expressing knowledge now, currently, expressing communication,
yet, from another place, further north, seemingly the same direction I witnessed this wave. So it
appears that a vast wave of power, force, energy, knowledge, and communication is coming :
energy is coming, vast clarity : and the necessity to simultaneously create this. And by simultaneously
creating this, will most likely alleviate any unwanted force . . . do you see . . . it is an evolution that must
continue . . . we build . . .we manifest . . .Nature responds . . . She says : "now do this!" . . . and we witness
the interwoven features of reality becoming evolved through the sacredity we have allowed, as such
Sacredity becomes deeper, not only with ourselves, but with the Infinite Infinitesimal All. We are witnessing
CREATION being manifest.

. . . so . . . moving forward . . .

12.26.2012 Southern Ocean, Star Keys, Forty Fours, Chatham,
Sisters (56.190°S 144.494°W) . . . 144 . . . it's fun, and it's serious. 5.5


If/when you listen to this song, you will hear the ending
proclaim "all this power, I want to belong."

So, apparently, "all this power wants to belong." This is
what is said at the end of this musical trek compilation
by THE WOMAN . . . (144) Funny thing about that statement, the first three words are "ALL THIS POWER "
and it is actually tracked backwards, and it proclaims : "I WANT TO BELONG," and that's fascinating in and of itself,
but then we have Mother Nature saying, "hey, check this out, read this song," that's really fascinating! All this power,
I want to belong
(Mother Nature proclaiming : this is what I want to belong) : and this gives the comprehension of
desire to be with us
, star power, planet power, galaxy power, and so on : if/when we are SIMULTANEOUSLY
understanding (as though Mother Nature is/would express multicomplexually, (and of course She CAN and
DOES!) : speaking from not only a standpoint of celestial bodies wanting to belong (due to their desire and/or
necessity to evolve with us for the same very purposes of sacredity, respect, purification, and evolution of our
individual consciousnesses with The River of Consciousness, those celestial bodies as well), but ALSO : from a
standpoint of NECESSITY FOR those whom are quietly silent and/or the fallen and/or the grief stricken and/or
the paralyzed, and/or the fear stricken paralyzed and/or the "powerless," and/or the lost : BECAUSE GUESS WHAT : there are alot
of folks that want to belong : seemingly trapped on the other side of those "hidden mirrors of reality" due to humanity's corruption,
unawareness, and/or manipulation, and/or lack of knowledge : confining all these individual secret oppressions within detrimental
perspectives, and these perspectives span many times, (it goes so frickn' far, one could only really know if they were to
experience it, seriously, so far, but I am going to let you know how it goes.)

And this completely falls in line with the whole comprehension of mental disorders,
possession, being hosted, and/or what the accumulation of the bombardment of
corruptive programming can actually do to humans. It's all relative. It all matters.



And so with that said . . .
The Star Trek mix I created, was like, geez, in like 2008, it is an explanation of how certain features of
reality function vs. targeted individuals . . . now . . . whether this targeting system be "alien" and/or federal
and/or even "private" : matters not if you do not know : it is a feature of reality that is seriously trivial and
unbelieveable to those whom are unaware of its fluidities, and annoying (like gnats) to those whom
are aware and have yet to transcend it.

Now bear with me, this is a truth that most folks might find a bit
complex and difficult, whilst simultaneously enlightening and powerful.
You can use it to your advantage and/or be victimized to your own detriment.
But at the very least, it is to either know and evolve and be blissful in the evolution
of knowledge, or be blissful in ignorance while being programmed, either way,
it is happening currently. And many of us who know (and I say this with great
humility as to knowing as much as I know and not "everything" per se, I don't
necessarily know everything (necessarily) , but we all have access to it all =
fractal reality. We can all know everything. This may be attained. We only
need learn how. And we are evolving through that currently.)

Basically, the theory (that those whom actually experience : know are facts) is as such :

• your thoughts, desires, feelings, physical movements (inside and outside your clothing (yes it is extremely intrusive),
: : : all these comprehensions are legible and illegally "read." How? Why? Under what circumstances? This is a trivial
portion, but it is happening, I have experienced it. (((and this too, as well, can be used to your advantage when
you know this, it's all energy, frequency, transmission, vibration : and the theories abound with such comprehensions.)))

Agent's Echoing through You

• This information is then, (of said targets) used for and/or against said targets in a "real time" playback
(an ECHO and TORMENTING) of these actualities (a mimicking of your thoughts, desires, feelings, movements, etc)

FOR EXAMPLE : if a woman were to witness a man whom she found attractive, and she got a warm and fuzzy feeling
in her tummy, and she thought to herself something like "wow, he's dreamy," if she was a target being read, then almost
immediately following this circumstance, this would be played back AT her, like someone rewinding a videotape and
playing back exactly what she just experienced, and to a degree of clarity, most likely, only you would recognize :
such as : for example, soon after : she walks into a grocery store, looks over to the bakery, and someone would
say something like, "wow, those look great, its already warming up my belly, and that frosting, it's so dreamy." And
this is where the "new" target would think to their self, "hmmm, that's strange, I just had those same thoughts about a
person." BUT . . . in a constancy of this type of experience : as these legibilities continue to rear forth their constant
bombardment of your private comprehensions (and I mean the most extreme of private experiences and comprehensions) :
one's thoughts quickly evolve from curious to estranged to frustrated to angry (due to the comprehension that there is not any
aspect of respect to individual privacy, civil rights, etc, being followed, whatsoever, by seemingly : most anyone, concerning said
target, that being you, if you are experiencing this ) . . . it is then : you realize that reality is really not what it seems, and that the entire
structure of human•built•systems are linked through some sort of hive mentality (and as such : that every hive member will deny
existence of until the day you die.) So their, (hive mentality individuals), one and only virtue = silence of this fact.

(((at the same time, know you are echoing, your frequency is being multiplied out there, use it to your advantage.)))


• AND OF COURSE, in order to survive such a reality, one MUST TRANSCEND the strangeness of this antiprivacy
bombardment of your reality : and simply realize that there is no privacy, at all, for anyone (even if you are
not a target, seriously, any time, any where, any how : YOU ARE WITNESSED : THIS IS FACT : KNOW THIS!) . . .
have you seen Deja Vu ? . . . and it appears the whole point of that structured choreography of your reality
is to witness whether or not you, the target, can "take it," AND NOT "snap," not "break," not "split," not "pop,"
not whatever those same phrases are that you eventually always recognize when this is about to be
perpetrated against you
r individual reality : WHILST SIMULTANEOUSLY attempting to create a
circumstance of immorality that would cause your reaction to be immoral. Seriously. No joke.

BUT : you can actually emerge stronger than an entire system built to control your path.
IT IS POSSIBLE. This particular estranged reality is also known as "RAILROADING," whereas (if you
are being railroaded) no matter what you say, do, don't do, think, feel : becomes a railroaded
streaming of your immediate path
, througout a variant of all communication . . . this too can be
used to your advantage once you learn not to be frustrated by it . . . and : regardless of the hate,
and in spite of the hate : learn to empower yourself beyond the antiprivacy bombardment.

The funny thing about railroads is that they carry trains. Two tracks. Railroaded or Trained. You decide.

. Black Jaguar .

And what does that mean exactly? You can become a victim or you can become a Victory. It's up to you.

Why do you suppose Mother Nature would seek for you to comprehend these knowledges?
You have witnessed exact truths of parallels between what I have witnessed, experienced,
and what Mother Nature has expressed, even through places beyond this world. So I ask
of you, why would Mother Nature seek you to have this knowledge as well?

It is to understand that we may empower ourselves beyond the
corruptive boundaries and limitations that arrogant and immoral
societies have placed upon us through illusion and/or fear, and
simultaneously UNDERSTAND that many of these people are
completely oblivious or simply playing a part to TEACH you
how to become further evolved (no matter how painful.)

. . . whilst simultaneously and unwittingly and unknowingly creating A REACTED PATH that to an
evolving Being who seeks through sacredity and respect : power, force, energy, knowledge, and/or communication :

Railroad Transcendence

The whole ILLUMINATION process was created to free us whilst empowering us. Mother Nature just keeps going further
and further with it. This process is evolving continuously in ways that are exponential and continuous. I am going a thousand
miles an hour just to keep up with the infinite infinitesimal amounts of information, it is endless. She just keeps evolving it.
She isn't waiting for any of us, and She is waiting patiently for all of us, whilst simultaneously bringing forth a billion zillion
different functionalities into focused clarity :

"LEARN THIS," Mother Nature says, over and over and over again.

But can you actually even comprehend how far it all goes? This reality, the
reality that the railroaded must comprehend, the reality we are actually building
beyond the railroaded comprehensions, the transcendence and evolution of reality
from the greatest depths of this reality throughout the greatest heights of this reality,
everything? Do you understand that responsibility? Do you know what it means to
be a Vast Guard of Heavenly Purification? Do you know what it means to read?

Railrading systems are built to control you. Railroading systems are built to evolve you.
It is Orion. The Hunter. The Hunted. The Mirror. It is the most finite essence of conscious
creatures : HOW CAN I SURVIVE. We merely took it a quantum leap beyond this and

Being that these systems DO EXIST, is it not wise to understand
them all, such that we may actually evolve : logically?

WE BUILD : SACRED PATHS of respectful and appropriate power, force,
energy, knowledge, and/or communication to evolve and to free ourselves
from corruptive control : in order to empower ourselves beyond oppression,
suppression and/or isolation (ALL OF US) for the purposes of loving and healing
regenerative love energy as balance evolutionarily progressive.

. . . This is the correct way.

. . . The Truth . . .

Can you understand truth beyond the fear of not understanding?
There are tens of thousands of programs, shows, movies, entertainment, art,
and it is one's greatest motivation to evolve to a degree of legibility : THE FACT :
that our own creativities, in what ever forms that may be, WE ARE ACTUALLY
through us by Mother Nature. (and of course there are corruptive sources
in humanity and/or otherwise whom use this as a means to confuse you,
and/or cause detriment and/or corruption, and all I can say to that is :
GET STRONG : LEARN THROUGH : if you are in Dante's Inferno, the only
way through Dante's Inferno is through Dante's Inferno until you know
how to transcend it. We may evolve to a degree of personal clarity
that eventually it doesn't matter what you see, witness, watch,
and/or are entertained by, you can learn from it all,
THE TEACHABILITY INDEX is not finite : it is infinite
(and infinitesimal, and evolutionarily
progressive, etc.)

Dante's Inferno

• • • Can you do this? Can you even fathom this? I question those whom are unaware of what they do,
as though it were merely "a game," and not a sacredity of life . . . Do you often wonder what you are
being made to say and/or contemplate and/or comprehend and/or witness as you are either made
to experience this, and/or your actions and/or thoughts are being controlled, and/or individuals
and/or collectives are made to report against individual targets? This is a good question to ask
of folks who may not know what they're actually saying and/or doing as they are organized
to say, act, and/or perform in a way that are not themselves : all of a sudden : as though a
twin reality appears out of nowhere and nothing is as it seems : suddenly : as though hosted,
or possessed . . .

So if you do not know what you are saying, I will tell you now : you are being made to ECHO
any whimsical thought, passerby notion, basically anything and/or everything that could be
created into a detrimental psychological trigger : that's what your path is being made into
(either with and/or without your consent) and/or without your knowledge or with a severe
lack of all morality) , as well, you are being made to echo both actual history and heresay
history and/or false history and/or rumor and/or gossip, in order to do the same : create into
a detrimental psychological trigger : repetitions : such that the individual target would be
effected : negatively : psychologically : by this : to the point of "complex." As such :
a psychologically detrimental complex = extremely serious immoral deprivation of
reality : specifically for the purpose of destroying an individual's normal everyday
functionality, and/or to break them to the point of breaking others, disrespectfully,
and/or to make you strong like Ironman . . . and so we witness THE HOW of mental
disorders, to a degree of clarity that is beyond most human's capability to witness
due to the forced ignorance programs that are being shoveled through reality,
like barrels of pharmaceuticals.

This is the goal, it appears. (((BUT . . . . . if this
is happening to and/or through you, and there is no choice in the matter (which is difficult
to believe) : use these experiences as a time of learning and evolving. Just think of how strong
you shall become if you can learn all the way through it and NOT go ballistic! Woohoo! Hooray
for Higher Education! You just created it out of Nothing!)))

What is The Nothing . . .

Do you seek to create The Nothing?
This is a serious question one must ask
their Self, honestly. You must understand
that everything you're giving : is coming back
to you. And if what you do is not from a balanced
place, there is alot of frequency : detrimental frequency
becoming of your Being . . . and so on . . . you get uncomfortable,
unhappy, frustrated, angry, and then what, that frequency goes out,
then it comes back to you, and so on. This is everyone. We transmit
our own individual frequencies = Fact.


So if you are being made to say things, act a certain way, perform particular
paths of circumstance that are being commanded of you, and/or that you
have agreed upon due to extreme circumstances, and/or you are simply
oblivious and being controlled, this is WHAT IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING.
There is no moral justice to it, it seems, unless an individual can become
a diamond out of coal (so to speak.) But how many individuals have
been lost in the system? How many have died? How many have killed
themselves? How many have murdered others? It is to understand the
opposition of fluidity concerning those whom aren't ready to evolve,
it is quite the opposite, and turns every day people into antiheros to
Mother Nature, and that means antiheros to everyone. Some folks
simply aren't ready to evolve, and even in an evolution system that
may have been created to evolve individuals, could, itself, not have
evolved enough for that individual, whereas, even individuals within the
Matrix of this system, are evolved beyond it, being played by it, because
they are beyond it already, which is simply a waste of time and resources.
We witness a corruptive system of immorality creating the opposite of courage and
valor and compassion. We witness a corruptive system of the opposite of honor and
respect. The actual reasons why Mother Nature's Earth has shaped in ways that are
not fluid and/or are dysfunctional, this is why.

It has been explained over on
Every 7 pg. 39 a b c and Communication 4.

Every 7 pg. 39

"The Stream of The Ill Favoured is a mirror of The Divine Herald of Storms."

So we see in those images the ill favoured targets of "hate"
and The Guardians actually mirroring that hate and abuse
through storms : MAGNIFIED! Do you understand?

Why would an individual eventually attempt to become the balance? Obvious.

WOW, right? Who would think that actually focusing what is called "hate"
on individual targets would actually have such an effect, and yet, it does.
If we give out HATE that is what comes to us, and if it is done collectively,
it comes back to us collectively, and so if a target is being hated, by haters,
especially in a group format = storm creation, and not "cool storms," the types
that devastate entire countries. . .one thing everyone must recognize with great
specificity that : if you are being hated upon and you start hating back (simply
because you do not understand the validity of NATURAL ORDER), such hate
and anger becomes a continuous battle of hate, which becomes complex.
(and then you see storms that just get erratic, like hurricanes, tornados, etc,
anywhere Mother Nature can express WHY this would be as it is happening.

Because that is what She is doing. She is saying, "LOOK! THIS IS WHAT YOU

And we witness severe devastation of lives, lands, elements, etc.

Tornados and Tornados and . . .

And so think about that in terms of actual warfare! Actual wars, Actual physical
combat with deadening consciousness and actual ultimate pain and suffering in
deathly ways actually known to be done BY HATE. No wonder wars continue, correct?
This is why "haters" continue to hate, they're creating a hate reality that comes back to
them, it's an endless cycle that has no necessity, all you have to do is stop. Look at all
the warfare. It's easily computable, this is logical, and fact. Nature said this is what
happens. And Nature said it has been this way since there has been " focused
hating." And with that said, understand this, "focused HAZING" is no different
unless all individuals involved are sacred, respective, and appropriate, and/or
transcendent to the suffering, that suffering which is caused both parties : those
whom are hazed and those whom are hazing : it's a big mirror.

What hate?

KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING BEFORE YOU DO IT (concerning others especially.)

Rites of Passage that are performed sacredly and respectively are of a different tenor
than hazing and/or hating. Anything done respectively, sacredly, and appropriately is without
hate, obviously. But one must understand, the energy you are giving out is coming back to
you. This is why it is such an immense responsibility to become empowered by The Illumination
process. Seriously. You want to be ready for anything, because anything can and will happen.

Build a foundation of sacredity, respect, and honor : FIRST : such that when The Path does
get confusing and/or challenging, and it does at times, your foundation is unwavering,
powerful, without corruption, to such a degree that you are continuously learning,
evolving, and empowered, evolutionarily progressive. Build yourself well.
UNPROGRAM that which serves no necessity and PROGRAM YOURSELF
with that which is pure, and balanced.


Nature said express this, so I am. You gotta remember, all this was happening WAAAAAAAY
before I started to realize that Mother Nature was screaming Her head off to get my attention,


((( 15 years later )))

"huh? what? What!? WHAT!?" I had no idea how deep communication went,
I had no idea how to communicate with Her, and I had no idea on where to begin,
so I simply went to Her, sat down in silence, and asked, and waited. Immediately did
She respond (proclaiming, "FINALLY!" : with severe INSPIRATION (and we witness the
Phoenix Rebirth of The Awen.)

"yes, thank you, " She said, "Now, sit down and listen."

". . . alright," I said quite sincerely . . . and much time went by : writing : ritualizing :
computing : learning : transcending : evolving : building : many, many, many years,
whilst simultaneously facing all of my histories, both fact, and fiction.

. . . and so then finally She said, "NOW, STAND UP, DO, AND SPEAK!"

. . . from many, many, many years, Mother Nature has had a much bigger plan,
and most assuredly PRIOR to all this targeted hate comprehension, as such, SET
WAY BEFORE THE SYSTEM KNEW. And if one may be so bold in these comprehensions
that there is and/or was no paradox ever viable through the traveling of The Timelines
of reality, (that which I can say is unequivocally true), and would appear to any logical scientist,
that frequency manipulation through hate (as such as experienced through a hive mind created
manipulative path of reality
: following a target's own path) : was actually created in order to diffuse
an already comprehended future : A SACRED PATH of a targeted individual in order to stop something
from happening, like balanced evolutionary paradigm shifts (currently happening, not stopped, btw), or
any number of actual viable futures of respect and honor to attempt to eskew these futures, all our futures,
for the purpose of a more easily controlled humanity (whether that be human and/or other). For when this
information gets through to people, all of it, they are going to become empowered beyond oppressive
control. THIS IS MOTHER NATURE'S POINT! This is fact. WHY? Because consciousness isn't a prison.
Consciousness is Freedom.


It's real. It's happening. It's good. It's legible. We are actually reading Nature and She is responding,
ALL OF HER. And it is getting louder. And it is getting stronger. And it is getting clarified. It is simply amazing.
And so when we dive into the acuities of what it means to read and understand and comprehend and
manifest, it is to understand that these are like "sensitivities," they are like the cells between the cells,
the dna between the dna, the blueprints of reality. It is intricate. So don't get frustrated with the
elaborateness of it all, or the fine detailing of how to exist in order to allow the greatest peace,
and/or balance. She's just tellin' it like it is, whether we like it or not. COMMUNICATION of your way.

And when you become aware, you are noticed. Not simply by Spirit, but as well,
by others whom are aware. And to an increasing degree of clarity. And this frightens
those whom are attempting to control everyone. WHY? Because they think "control "
is power. It's actually a weakness. True power comes through sacredity and respect.
It is a transcendence of control into the fluidity of what is. Like a river.

I mean, can you imagine Mother Nature coming to the rescue of an
individual Being : one who was and/or is bombarded by an entire force of hate
the size of a country
or several? (or even several DIFFERENT variables in contradiction
of each other and/or their own moralities?)

And yet we witness why.

Tatiana and Oberon

He will learn. He will evolve. He will teach.
She will learn. She will evolve. She will teach.
They will learn. They will evolve. They will teach.

It is happening right now. All of it. So regardless of what happens to me,
this information exists right now, and has been validated, and as such,
reality has what it needs from this ignition of Mother Nature's Sacred
Path, for : ILLUMINATION . . . and this is regardless of what happens

So let it be, my friends. Be Sacred, Be Respective = Be Worthy.

I am actually relearning and evolving my own comprehensions of this :
THROUGH : sacredity, respect, and appropriateness : through others'
teachings as well ! There are innumerable teachers out there for everyone
. . . . . . . so understand this, (something I just learned I already knew from a
gifted teacher, whilst evolving that comprehension through THE HOW) :

The mind transmits frequency. This frequency can pass through anything, anywhere, anytime.
It is smaller than any frequency on the electromagnetic spectrum. It can penetrate anything.
This is fact. Einstein. Edison. This truth is comprehensively fluid through euphoric transmission.
That being : healthy euphoria (created by The Self) : whilst transmitting wants, desires, and
needs : AS SUCH : when one is comfortable and magnifying through euphoric excitement,
one may manifest transmission of frequency into manifestation. This is fact. The Illumination
process goes into VAST DEPTHS of this truth, throughout the various systems of Self and
Celestial Navigation, respectively. This is a transcendental/projective path,
simultaneously. We may manifest sacredly, respectively, and appropriately
in just such a way.

When one can comprehend and communicate, transmit, vibrate : respectively, sacredly, and appropriately
GOOD FEELINGS : (especially during vast detrimentally focused manipulations of normal reality), whilst reading
what is necessary continuously for evolution to a degree of clarity that is both intimate and sacred whilst being
read (regardless of the disrespect involved in being read), and whilst comprehending the fact that there are
no human rights whatsoever being allowed certain FREE individuals in this world : in this particular process of
hazing, hating, and/or railroading and/or learning and/or transcendence, YET : having respective compassion
for those whom are forced to perform certain acts of hate and/or ill will against their own respective hearts and/or
willfulness (whilst learning how to know whom performs these acts BY THEIR OWN FREEWILL and reacting, specifically,
accordingly, respectively, and sacredly) . . . it is to understand a vast depth of perspective in the processes of
communication, power, force, energy, and knowledge, and most importantly : MANIFESTATION :
all simultaneously respective, sacred, and appropriate, whilst dancing ON the same line
all them haters keep crossing disrespectfully.


Bugs Bunny

For it is to know, unequivocally : all that 'hate' that is being thrown at you : is already being mirrored right
back into those individuals, regardless of anything : and this is difficult to compute when, as an individual,
you are experincing the hate . . . . . but you have to remember : all that compassion you have through
sacredity, respect, appropriateness, and most importantly : HONOR : will be brought right back to you.
Find The Sweet Spot, and evolve it! Learn The How.

Sweet Spot : Call The Eagle

. . . and of course . . . this is probably like a foreign language to many of you . . . and even as such one may
not necessarily recognize this process even if you witnessed it, or perhaps one would have a problem
believing it even as/if/when you did actually witness it, but it is happening, believe me.

Onekotan, Sedona, Cathedral

And you have seen what I have comprehended through all these quakes and eruptions!
And you have seen how this has evolved in the open spaces of Sedona! We are witnessing
The Spirits of this place speaking now, awakened further, into physical reality! Guardians. With
I have witnessed with extremely validated proof by Mother Nature : SCIENTIFICALLY VALIDATED ! There
is no pretend here ! What would be the point. I AM HERE FOR SACREDITY. There is only The Path of Truth
and Sacredity, and as well, all else that we may actually witness for knowledge and/or healing
and/or manifestation and/or evolution. We want to evolve.

I am always feeling euphoric, and I am always manifesting, so why do you suppose I keep
witnessing via Mother Nature what I create, build, read, witness, and/or experience? Because
it is being done respectively, sacredly, WITH MOTHER NATURE . . . and it can go as deep as you
can fathom : healthy food, healthy water, healthy friendships, healthy nutrition, healthy exercise,
healthy sex, healthy communication, healthy manifestation, healthy fluidity, healthy anything,
and what do you supppose is going to come back to me : healthy whateveritis the focus.

Onekotan, Sedona, Cathedral

So I do not say these things just to make life trivial. I have practiced manifestation for a
manifestations! AS WELL : to be sacred and respective with yourself and others, feel good
about it, and transmit THAT . . . Comprehend that THE HOW is a FRACTAL : THE HOW is legible
through the readings, comprehensions, and manifestational complexities of Astrolomy (and
I can teach you this) . . . and like a fractal, the infinite infinitesimal ALL is legible from one little
portion of a fractal, a fractal of a fractal . . . this reveals all the comprehensive power, force,
energy, knowledge, and communication of The Infinite Infinitesimal All : by our very own
Consciousness . . . and as such, is legible, without error. It doesn't matter HOW until you
know HOW, and then this HOW allows the Path of HEALTHY EUPHORIA : combined with
a burning desire : combined with clarified intention : AS THE MOST HOW WE KNOW AS
OF YET, AND EVOLVING : such that one shall manifest what they want, need, and/or
desire . . . : when clarity is sincerely, severely focused : through a euphoric longevity
whilst transcending what you don't need and evolving what you don't know until
you do know : as your focused intention becomes much more powerful ! WHY?

Because you know how. And this is an evolving HOW. And this
index of teachability is infinite . . . and as such so does become
your unconscious competence of Consciousness. WHY? It is
to know what we can, evolvingly, to a degree of ultimate clarity
through euphoria, healthy euphoria, in order to create the ultimate
in evolution.

I can teach you. This is what I do, everyday.

Infinite Parallel Space
Infinite Meditation created in 2010 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Infinity sign found in the center of The Milky Way Galaxy by 2011.

And most folks don't allow themselves the time to do it, you know, build yourself. Your Physical Ethereal Mortal Immortal Self.
Because when you're feeling healthy in as many variables of sacredness and appropriateness and respectiveness, and you
have that euphoric constancy, this is always transmitting, this frequency, and so this is what will come back to you like a giant
mirror, broadly allowing you what you may need . . . BUT . . . if as such you seek to become clarified into SEVERE clarity with
The Universe and all of its variables, it would be wise to become a PhiMale Vortex, because The PhiMale Vortex (as
comprehended for us by Mother Nature) is The Path, you, as The I as a Bridge of The Infinite . . . And essentially, The Spirit
is what one has necessity to have to become a PhiMale Vortex, (and just what is that exactly? The Awen? Mother Nature?
The Soul Convergence with The Source? . . . yeah : INSPIRATION OF THAT FEMALE SPIRIT), that being The Flow of Inspiration
and The River of Consciousness : as such : the balance of the light and dark as one fusion of Being. ILLUMINATION was
created for this purpose specifically, sacredly, respectively, honoring Self and Mother Nature with Mother Nature.
Such that I am not only an individual human existing on this world. I am an individual human empowered by a
multitude of suns, moons, planets, galaxies, etc. : whilst empowered by Mother Earth : Mother Nature, and creating
the flow of euphoria whilst magnifying the flow of The Spirit of Mother Nature euphorically in an INFINACY of cycling
THE ALL : manifesting as much healing, and sacred power, and sacred force, and sacred energy, and sacred knowledge,
and sacred communication I can possibly fathom, then going further : immediately, consistently, and constantly, every single
day, for a very long time. And these manifestations build from each other evolutionarily progressive, continuously, because this
is how they were created . . . and as I have recently learned : you will learn and evolve until you think you know it all . . . then you
will stop learning and evolving because no one knows it all . . . same : same . . . BUT : it is to simultaneously know : we are but a
fractal of The Great Fractal : thus we DO KNOW, YET, we understand this knowledge to be evolving. I use the term
"evolutionarily progressive," and this basically sums it up for any manifestation, such that it may evolve, and this
definition has been continuous throughout all the manifestations from the beginning of The Bigger Picture, The Great
Hummingbird, and The Great Jaguar Dragon, continuously evolving, nonstop, forever since their birthed existence,
EXTREME PARAMETERS of projectability, protectability, respectability, healing, all applicable virtues and capabilities,
and the allowance of all necessary power, force, energy, knowledge, and/or communication that would not
cause detriment and/or corruption, whilst being evolutionarily progressive : and this was/is created
: Mother Nature.

The Great Jaguar Dragon

. . . and manifestations are still broad in the allowance of evolutionary manifestation, as such, yes,
one may be broad in the full body, mind, soul euphoric creation of that which one desires, simply
by knowing they have already achieved it, as such, through this euphoric constancy. But I want
you to understand, one CAN actually be severely focused (intention, energy, vibration, frequency,
transmission) through EXACT PARAMETERS OF REALITY : RIGHT NOW and/or THEN and/or NEXT : for a
severe clarity of focused intention : utilizing all the comprehensions known OF The Infinite Infinitesimal,
evolutionarily progressive : and that's fascinating. Watch this :

" Perceive Everything as Vibration "

Fractal Infinite Infinitesimal Sacred,
Respective, and Appropriate


Feel good. Right now. Magnify your sacred desires. Know they have already been manifest.

Feeling Good

The HOW can be learned or not learned, it's really up to the individual, and that HOW is IMMENSE,
it's no small comprehension, and could most assuredly be frustrating in the process of learning, but
it can be learned, and it is evolutionarily progressive . . . I learned (and continue to learn) of The
Mother Nature processes and comprehensions through trial and error to a degree that I can
plainly say, without fault or error, that these processes are functional, they are a correct path
of fluidity : good health = feeling good : multiplied times focused clarity KNOWN :
through burning desire times longevity of feeling good times that which The Path
is currently (Grid Paths) = manifestation. It is true, this is how one manifests : NOW :
learn The How : I've got The HOW : Keep allowing that comprehensive measure
of it being a fractal : understand this : everything is a fractal of the universal everything.
Learnable. It can still be broad, but what an immense clarity to be able to take any time,
date, and location and actually impose a manifestation in GREAT SPECIFICITY : The Infinite
Infinitesimal ALL through EXACT influences : knowing what boundaries there are to overcome,
knowing what obstacles there are to overcome, and using these comprehensions to transcend
that which is in the way of manifestation : whilst using the influences given to manifest that which
is necessary for the desired outcome : in an infinacy of cycling The ALL : as a PhiMale Vortex.

We're talkin' : a massive transmission.

Massive Transmission

And of course, the main point is sacredity, respect, and appropriateness, always.

These things are being said because Nature just said, "tell them."

Evolution of health and mental well being : empowers the practice of healing and/or Astrolomy,
and/or manifestation. This empowers us to the truth of necessity, because through our own evolution
of teachability, we become further logical in the necessities of manifestation, and this becomes to such
a degree that there is no question and/or second guessing. I know for a fact, that anyone who implements
the processes of ILLUMINATION and the comprehensions of Astrolomy, and you do this in a manner of sacred,
respective, appropriate, euphoric longevity : the power, force, energy, knowledge, and communication that
you will experience will be overwhelmingly obvious, and manifestation will become capable by you.
I am speaking truth.

Strength is continuously amassed regardless of anything and everything and due to anything and everything!
Good, Bad, In Between, it doesn't matter, we find what needs healing, what needs goodness, what needs clarity,
what needs power, what needs peace, what needs communication, what needs magnification, what needs
knowledge, what needs force, what needs love, what needs balance, what needs fluidity, become a hero,
become a VAST GUARD OF HEAVENLY PURIFICATION, become THE REAL : and by the teachings of Astrolomy
we can learn and manifest SPECIFICALLY for those desires, wants, and needs : ALWAYS SACREDLY,
ALWAYS RESPECTIVELY, ALWAYS APPROPRIATELY, in what ever the parameters of that specific
time, date, and location : any circumstance there is. THIS IS THE HOW : ILLUMINATION!

Illumination Evolution

Every 7 pg. 59 E

The Communication can be read here.

The Bigger Picture is The Great Jaguar Dragon is An Infinite Meditation.

May Light Be Your Shadow.

Every 7

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