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2.3.2013 Portal of The Lost Souls.


1.15.2013 Sturge Island (most south of Balleny Islands NZ),
Campbell Island (NZ), Antipodes Island (NZ), Bollons Island (NZ)

The antipode = The Gulf of Bothnia @ Storra, Vasternorrland, Sweden
(an antiopode is the opposite side of the world from a location.)


campbell = Motu Ihupuku = the nose of the belly.
Robert Campbell
campbell = the bending mouth or voice.
robert = baptismal renown bright and famous.
The Nose of The Belly known as The Baptismal Famous Bending Voice =
(if we were to take a look at my comprehensions of what the nose of
the belly is in regards to the Trinity Totem, the nose of the belly is The
PhiMale Breath of The Root through The Womb and Earth
powers, forces, energies, knowledges, and
communications, so you see, Mother Nature is explicitly
explaining features of reality as we comprehend them
as though consciousness has been updated.
And that's huge!

Illumination Illumination
(see a larger image here .)

john = star seed of the sun.
balleny = bundled
sturge = Thor plus gils means God of War and hostage of,
BUT, is said to mean, back then, " Thor's Follower."
antipodes = the opposite side of the world.
john bollons = star seed of the sun, good foundation.

There is a comprehension about Campbell Island about
"The Legend of The Lady of The Heather" (Campbell's)
(romantic novel by Will Lawson.)

This earthquake occurred exactly right after I created a
meditative manifestation for the purposes of healing bipolar
disorder, in other words, the comprehensions of bipolar disorder
and that which I creatively comprehended would allow for a healing
process for individuals afflicted with this disorder, specifically, in a plethora
of sacred, respective, and appropriate ways. This was done for a relative
of mine whose name is Heather.

AS WELL . . . simultaneously, it is to understand that I have actually just finished
creating an ILLUMINATION GRID with/for an individual whose name is, incidentally,
Heather Thor

And so we comprehend back to the writings of this particular Every 7,
when I spoke on the theories (and we elaborate these knowledges) of
mental disorder vs. possession vs. being hosted by unwelcome entities
vs. clairvoyance and/or unconscious clairvoyance vs. railroaded targets
and the mental trauma that may become from this : and we may evolve our
capabilities of deduction with knowledge being given by/through Mother Nature
for these to be HEALED out of, respectively. For it is to understand, first, when one is
traumatized by abusive targeted hate systems, complex is most assuredly created,
neural pathways are assimilated, brain functionality is altered : : : as well : : : when an
individual is actually clairvoyant to the degree of legibility of energies that are not
their own, if there is a lack of awareness and/or a block of skepticism and/or
controlling peer belief systems, complex is most assuredly created, neural
pathways are assimilated, brain functionality is altered : : : AS SUCH : we
may actually be witnessing several comprehensions simultaneously.

• First of all, one whom is a clairvoyant, a medium, such as Heather Thor,
she actually witnesses Beings, she Sees them, she has her whole life, those
whom have passed on, those in transition between our reality and the next
after physical death. She Sees this, she can communicate with them. She does.

• Secondly, one whom may be clairvoyant such as my relative Heather, but, as
of yet this capability is veiled in dormancy to her own conscious functionallities,
she is unconsciously clairvoyant AND/OR she is a target of a railroading system
of hazing and/or hating : and most assuredly a complex and/or disorder could
be assimilated by this process through the confusion of simultaneous
clairvoyance and targeted hazing and/or hating (remember, this
hazing and/or hating echos your private actions, so think about
that simultaneously to being an unconscious clairvoyant.)

It is to question, why would Mother Nature give us both perspectives simultaneously.
I have asked both if it were alright to include their names for this Every 7, and they said
it was alright. Bear with me on this, I am doing my best to comprehend this paralleled
multidimensionality : : : we must remember, dis-ease and/or dis-order is only as such
until we comprehend a cure, then it isn't anything. As such, we must recognize
the innate possibility that THE CURE is AWARENESS and/or AWAKENING : all these
comprehensions are intertwined somehow in a way that Mother Nature has
allowed us with great specificity. Seriously. This is no coincidence. There does
actually exist a perfect process to alleviate this circumstance of discomfort,
it exists. We merely need to find it. And it will be found.

What I surmise is : many folks who swing between extreme moods,
they have been conditioned as such. And if they haven't been conditioned
as such, the symptoms can be exacerbated by the hate machine with extreme
specificity to creating a longevity of these symptoms and/or their creation and/or
recreation of the echoing of these symptoms as they occur, as such, the itch is
enflamed, and the flame has gas poured upon it, and so on ( what am I, describing
The Bene Gesserit Box or something?!

. . . and so then we have either ignorant and/or manipulated individuals whom
label those who are suffering : disordered, diseased, and this defines them in a
particular way, and to The System, and by proxy : the exhausted individual,
and then that's the end of the comprehension instead of the transition,
and then it's like "you're that, here's your drugs, have a nice day."

But why? Control : and/or : Training. WHAT!? Training !? Yeah, WAKE UP! . . . or
be controlled. For what happens when an individual is diagnosed with such a
degree of "disorder?" They are prescribed lots of drugs, the mind is totally clouded,
diluted, more drugs for those effects, more drugs for the next, and so on. Insurance
gets paid, The Pharm gets paid, etc. Out of nothing. Then what? No clairvoyance = control.
Senses are deadened. The individual's routine becomes "complacency!" So ALL OF A SUDDEN
(after many years of cause and effect : (with great specificity to specific individual complex),
that person who was ready to witness reality to the greatest clarity of clairvoyance ever
witnessed, is complacent to their capability, veiled to their own bridge into a comfortable
reality : the senses, sleeping, waiting patiently. But you CAN wake up, just that fast, too.
And when it is proved without a doubt, M A S S I V E L A W S U I T S .

We must understand , this goes WAY deeper. What we are about to read,
not only talks about the possession of a location, but the way a hidden "prison" is
created through psychologically and/or manifested : manipulated detriment through
the processes of dualistic judgement creating a heaven or hell, and/or even personal
for individuals and/or specified collectives, specifically.

And that's serious.

Does bipolar disorder exist? Yes. But what our question should be is HOW = manipulation
on a worldwide scale. What happens? Massive energy fluctuation, the swing is like a massive
pendulum weighed upon by the weight of the world as gravity propulsion into the exhaustion
and/or depletion of energy . . . and the necessity to balance this out by swinging in the other
direction, whereas this fuels the illusion of the necessity of being accepted whilst being denied
acceptance as an ignorant society deems the individual uncomfortable for being different . . .
: : : all the while it being the society : whom is indifferent to the fact that this individual merely
needs clarity of their clairvoyance to attain balance. And as the individual is ignored and/or
fueled by an onslaught of other individuals' sensitivities, it becomes an endless cycle
perpetuating the same results back and forth through the swinging of time as
defined by the unconscious clairvoyance of anything else in reality besides
their Self. And so MASSIVE ENERGY HAPPENS . . . then swing . . . then
MASSIVE ENERGY HAPPENS . . . then swing . . .

Does clairvoyance exist? Obviously. And our philosophy on this should be, how may we evolve,
and more importantly, how can we awaken this dormant capability to a degree of respective
fluidity, such that we can discern between our own comprehensions, and others : for if someone
(for example, someone who has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder) is actually reading other
people's energies and is unaware of this capability being awoken in them, this would most assuredly
cause just such fluctuations of moods, quite frequently, until they become aware of this capability,
and acclimate themselves to the processes of clairvoyance. I would surmise that a large
amount of the population of this world whom have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder
are actually victims of repetitious abuse (as I have comprehended forth through the
knowledge of the hate machine systems) and/or are unconsciously clairvoyant to a
degree of unknown legibility to themselves : as to whose and/or what energies,
thoughts, projections, patterns of force, transmission, frequency, and-the-like :
they are actually reading without knowing they are reading.

We must as well understand though, one can use such circumstances to their benefit
if as such they choose to do so and have the longevity to see it through to the transition.
Whereas instead of a condition like bipolar disorder being accomplished in an individual
throughout whatever processes actually attained such an outcome, this were merely a
transitional period that had necessity to be overcome to a degree of perception that
is beyond disorder, and into clairvoyance. SUCH THAT : you are capable of reading
others, you are this sensitive, now hone your capability to a degree of clarity, and
awaken your power into fruition.

AS WELL : we may very well witness the capabilities of actual Beings whom have the capabilities of
manifestation : manipulating those whom are unaware : to create just such disorders AND/OR to
create a training system to wake those individuals up through EXTREME circumstances.
It's the whole evolution of transcendence :
will you be Railroaded
or will you be Trained.

So with that said : : :

bothnia = The Gulf of The Gulf = The Breast of The Breast.
storra = stor = great, ra = brutality (Hemso = The Home of Water)
fastning = fortress.
sweden = the free, kinsman
Vasternorrland = North West Land = High Setting Sun
Gulf of Bothnia, Storra (and a beyond of Hemso Fastning)

Legend of The Lady of The Heather
is allegedly about a woman named Elizabeth Farr . . .
elizabeth = Isabell, Bell = bel = attractive ( ( ( BELL ) ) )
farr = Bull
hem = home
so = lake

Deep at Thor's Follower known as The Legend of The Heather :
known as The Bull of Bell Rock Within The Deepest of The Star
Seed of The Sun Bundles' : Root.

This is in The Opposite side of The Great Mother Earth
Star Seed of The Sun Foundation of The New Sea Land :

Deep Within The Breast of The Breast is The Great Brutality
within The Beyond of The Fortress of Water of The High
Setting Sun of The Free Family.

What is The Breast of The Breast? Basically like The Heart of The Heart ?
I am not certain what was thought of as Bell Rock being male or female
before, but She is a Female. She may be strong in her male attributes, but
She is most assuredly a female. This too has been read. What I have read
from The Breast of The Breast, that being The Heart of The Heart = from the
earthquakes we have comprehended from within this Every 7 with
the hearts, the two :

Peaceful Sea of The Heart of The Superseded Waterfall,
of The Moon Goddess of Sovereignty in The New Black Sunset.
( ( ( which is a comprehension of a respective symbolic moon ritual Heather,
myself and two others had ) ) ) AND . . . Calcarious Skeleton Heart at The Unknown
Inlet is The Iron Inlet Vortex Spiral Treasurer Leader Superseded Cultivator of
Sustenance Inlet of The Heart of The Eternal Land.
(and if we are following
any kind of pattern of these two Heathers, this comprehends to me that
my relative Heather has capabilities she isn't using yet, and could very
well be a stemming of what caused and/or causes her "disorder"
(along with a "hate machine experience") seriously.)

SO IT APPEARS : we are being given comprehensions into THE UNKNOWN. UMBEB is the location
in that statement that starts with Calcareous Skeleton where it says "Unknown," and apparently
this is what that is, The Breast of The Breast, that being : Bell Rock is The Breast of The Breast : known
simultaneously as The Peaceful Moon Waterfall and The Iron Inlet Vortex Spiral Treasurer Leader Superseded
Cultivator of Sustenance : THIS IS THE Lady of The Heather known as The Bull of Bell Rock Within The Deepest
of The Star Seed of The Sun Bundles' : Root.
(the breast within the breast.)

Heather Thor, she is a Medium, she witnesses and experiences in great specificity,
entities, spirits, and has had this capability since birth (she is currently a practitioner,
reader, clairvoyant, and educator that works here at The Center for the New Age, as well.)

I can only surmise that this intertwining of comprehensions means that
my relative Heather, she has capabilities she needs to awaken in order
to heal herself. This is what I see, and since this was a huge earthquake
right after a meditation for the purposes of healing bipolar disorder,
it appears this is the logic of the matter . . . but just wait . . . there is
so much more . . .

This is Heather Thor.

Heather Thor David

( ( ( why am I explaining all this ? Mother Nature gave an enormous quake. So it is for you to know.
I want you to understand, ritual can be accomplished with those whom you can create ritual with respectively,
sacredly, appropriately. I have performed hundreds, if not thousands of rituals (individually) for sacred, respective
purposes. Heather Thor and I have as well performed several rituals, sacredly, respectively, and appropriately.
One such ritual was the purification of the galaxy known as NGC6667 in the heart of Draco. There have been
several meditative manifestations leading up to this one that you are about to read in great specificity.

We have done this like we are brother and sister of The Great Mother, seeking, searching, projecting,
manifesting sacredity, respect, power, force, energy, knowledge, and/or communication, evolutionarily
progressive. I will be performing further rituals with other individuals as well, there is no limit to what can be done.
This happens. This is a factor of existence that can be accomplished anywhere, if done so respectively. Purpose
is comprehended, and then purpose is elaborated. This can be with anyone Mother Nature chooses, respectively.
There is no need to be fearful and/or shameful of it. It is sacred : it is being done for respective purposes. KNOW THAT FACT.
The goal is to flow with The Great Mother Spirit : WITH THE GREAT MOTHER SPIRIT : AWEN : SPIRIT ! This is The Great Mystery
Mother Nature Cause ! WE ARE EVERYWHERE ! Individually, as well as collectively ! . . . AND . . . there will be others,
there will be more : ritual and ceremony shall be performed individually, they will be performed collectively,
there may be one individual performing a ritual, there may be a thousand people performing a ritual : : :
it will continue, and it will continue in a sacred way WITH and FOR Mother Nature, and by Her respective
guidance. ) ) )

What I have comprehended from these earthquakes, specifically, the earthquakes of The Mayan finds,
that being The Supreme Warrior (woman), and The Grandfather Vulture, is that these were specifically
predicting necessity whilst simultaneously allowing knowledge in a multitude of complex manner. SUCH
THAT : it is to understand that not only is Mother Nature seemingly helping myself and/or Heather Thor
and/or my relative Heather and/or these archaeologists and/or Sedona Herself, (and/or anyone else
She may focus Her attention upon), but all simultaneously multidimensionally parallel, and that could be
confusing if we let it, but instead we choose to understand further through this clarity by way of legibility
through the evolution of the processes that have gotten us this far into the depths of comprehension
with Mother Nature ( there are missing foundational parallels in a plethora of human based "disorders"
vs' capability, most likely for the very purpose of deadening capability evolution.) IT GOES THAT FAR.
Understand that Mother Nature can express to a thousand different people a thousand
different comprehensions specifically taylored to each individual, individually, from one
anomaly, one earthquake, one eruption, one picture, a thousand circumstances. This
is how deep and how far reading reality can go, and how deep, and how far clairvoyance becomes,
and how deep, and how far, our natural perspectives can build upon one another, seemingly, by simply
learning how to read Mother Nature through The Infinite Spiral of The I as a Bridge of The Infinite, and
applying this knowledge respectively to all perspectives like a fractal based constancy of information.

Medicine Woman

So Mother Nature said way back in October, right when I got to Sedona,
((( look for The Supreme Warrior (she is female. ) ) ) ( ( ( Then She said, "look for
The Grandfather Vulture." ) ) ) And I had not even consciously realized this, but
had inadvertently begun working here at The Center for the New Age in
November (right when that Tlaquepaque parallel ( ( ( the TLALCHAPA earthquake ) ) ) occurred ,
finding Heather without knowing we needed to create some manifestations, and finding the paralleled
comprehensions of what needed to be done (eventually, I mean it took me a couple months to get it
all together ) . . . as though . . . The Grandfather Vulture may have actually been a metaphor for
" the demon in The Liberty Bell " comprehension you are about to read : (a vulture is one who
waits for death and then attacks, something that feeds on the weak and powerless,
and/or is a scavenger. )


Liberty Bell Demon

These are The Horizons of Campbell, Antipodes, and Bollons and fading into THE ANTIPODE location.
(and again, one needs QUICKTIME to view this, it's free, and works for Apple and/or PC, see faq.)

The Horizons speak of two simultaneously flowing :

The First speaks of The Light of Communication of The Rising Sun from The Depths of The Great Brutality of The Voice
of The Mother World Rebirth Balance of Ambrosia Pan without Desire. Strong without Vision are The Companion and
Multidimensionality, through The Sight of The Deep Thunderhorse of The Cunning Swan Song of Multidimensional Singing
of The Moon Path of The Woman. Dive into The Depths of The Moon Path of The Woman of Earth, and bring forth The
Reverse of Causality of The Neutral Waters. Deep is The Sculpture resting with the lack of desire, flooding is The
Sculpture due to being shielded within. Bring Forth The Bending of Water in Light and Communication through
the many parallels of The Ancient and Native, a bridge of the closed heart, a parallel of The Water Within, a
portal grid reticulum through time, and demagnify the deathbeds from the end of the river. Balance is
directive through a thousand eyes of magnification : The Ancient and Native : The Great Mother Maya
of The Underworld. Purify the trapped, and free them.

The Second speaks of The Deep Thunderhorse Tribe of The Moon, Companion and Multidimensional
depth of cunning . . . Bring forth The Swan Song Trinity, The Rising Sun Sees The Falling Vision, and The Floods
have become The Sculpture of The Floods, The Mother World Rebirth of Balance and Ambrosia is without
desire of the floods, but looking forth through The Sun's Communication in Trinity, a Shielded Portal, one way,
The Bending of The Crown between Love : The Ancient and Native Bridge out of death from a trapping of
The Underworld, into The Next Existence.

This is the path of The Centers :

The Centers Path revealed : : :

The Queen of Reflection is witnessing The Vertical Portal, The Seeding of Earth through The Sky, This is a Birth,
The Sacredity of The Breast Root, for there is an Ancient Light of Self Creation within The Mind of The Sacred,
the sacred offering in The Heart of The 666 Galaxy of Draco. Bending is this offering, bending is this of The Root
Bridge being cut off by The Dark Thunder Creation (that which may be comprehended as "the hell" of being
left in between reality by that of comprehensive psychological warfare manipulation, and/or ignorance
to truth, and/or the creation of a hell by those whom sought to create a hell through manifestation.)
The Great Mother of The Underworld shields The Wings of Awakening by her stinger, trapping lost
souls between reality. This is the comprehension that Heaven must be earned. A Circle was
created as an ancient light of self creation, trapping in the minds of the ignorant, this path
of hell, they where it like a cloak, trapping themselves in ignorance, this curse. The Trinity
Laughing Father of The Multitudes reveals this as a stairway of the misinformed, through
a thousand eyes of reality has this ignorance been magnified into a trap, The Sight of
The InBetween creates a navigation into a hell that is camouflaged in the depths of
the inbetween of Earth and Heaven., such that those whom are lost between
heroism and antiheroism, are trapped beneath the burden of ignorance beneath
The Great Stone Vessel of The Sky and The Underworld : without rein, as The Water
Within (the spirit energy within the underworld.)The Stone Sky is an Earthly Guard and
Portal of The Vast Guard of Heavenly Purification for just such distress, an ascension
can become through a multidimensional compass, the magnification of energy.
What once spiraled out of balance into discordia, may be fashioned into fluidity,
a great spiral portal to The Next Life, by way of The Great Mirror Sacredity of
Heroism Offering, and as such : The Ancient Light of Self Creation will no longer
be trapped within the mind of The Sacred Offering, and The Sacred Offering shall
no longer be trapped in The Heart of The 666 comprehension of The Power of "hell,"
and The Dark Thunder shall become The Swan Song Chalice Portal, The Mind of Sacredity
shall be awakened, The Wings of The (now) Awakened shall be balanced by The Great Mother
Maya : SHE, BEING : : : The Times of The Ancient One, The Great Guardian of The Golden Apple of
Immortality known as The Fertility Within known as The Mystery of The Setting Sun, The Grey Trinity Eye
and Tooth of The Great Mother of All, The Great Dreaming Enchantment of The Great River, The Water
from The Other Side, The Ascension of The Root as an evolution of Fertility and Rebirth, Within Burning Passion : : :
and as such shall be brought forth The Correct Angle of The Ignorant, yet Aware, through The Heart of Neutrality
from The Trinity of The Laughing Father of The Multitudes, through The Heart of Heroism navigating The Lost Souls
from The Root of this shield, The Water Within, The Great Altar of The InBetween Equilibrium through A Thousand
Eyes of The Ascending Healer, as such, these Lost Souls no longer lost, spiral forth through the portal of The Vast
Guard of Heavenly Purification from The Underworld, this Savior Offering, The Great Thunderous
Power of Andromeda's Ascension,

It is to understand simultaneously, just how many NEXT
earthquakes I did comprehend from Mother Nature for
this meditative manifestative request of Sedona, Mother Nature :
(and you're probably asking, what request? Heather Thor, having witnessed a
plethora of entities that seem to accumulate at her abode, had comprehended
a vast amount of lost souls in this area of the world, that being those whom are
in between reality of the physical and the next life, whatever that may be.
During our creation of her Illumination Grid, Heather witnessed a woman
from her abode, at my own, and we did promise her, this spirit, once
Heather's grid was created, we would help her get home, and to tell
the other spirits, (the other lost souls) that we would be helping them
soon. And so with that in mind, we needed to figure out where, and how to do
this . . . . . this earthquake actually stemmed forth and triggered a comprehensive
measure of great distance for that purpose, with extreme specificity, and this is why
it is so important to understand that there is a bridge of comprehension here between
what one individual would call a "disorder" vs. what another individual transcended
naturally to become clairvoyant . . . seriously . . . many days of comprehension for
several meditative manifestations, all culminating into one creation simultaneous
did this become :

(here are the definitions of the quakes that
became our guidance to this manifestation
you are about to read, the manifestation
was for the purpose of activating into
reality a portal for lost souls to be
guided by Spirit to the next life. )

1.20.2013 INITIAL Trigger

At The Base of Victory known as Iron Mountain,
on The Border between The 40 Tribes of The Imperishable,
The Inextinguishable, The Immortal, The Unconquerable,
The Undefeatable : : : and The Middle Kingdom,
in The Severely Wild Mountains of
The Celestial Mountain.

(this was comprehended as Bell Rock)


The Life Giving Bear of The Land of The Guardian Spirits (Isis Grae, btw) . . .
The Life Giving Bear of The Battle of The Abandoned Army Airfield and The
Rising Sun of The Sharing. All in The Setting Suns of The People In Between.

(abandoned were many souls, lost, like an unknown graveyard.)

Smoky Spine in The Sea of The Husbandman
Cultivator Peasant, nearest The Land of The Living.

Golden Sea of The Free People, The Warrior Responsible
for Maintenance Sea, Hot Land Rising from The Sea of Victory's
Center, Hot Land Rising from The Sea of Victory's Depths.

The Road Given by The King is The Garden of Diamonds,
The Vineyard of The Lord, of The Noble Family.

Blue Trinity, Abundance of Peace.

(Nature is like, explaining, "look, the powers that are being magnified
by you through the vortice complex, they're cool, don't get me wrong,
but there's something else happening here that is separate that needs
to be addresed and taken care of with great specificity."


Water Filled Valley Sun of The Proud, Breath Vigour Bundle
of Sun of The Star Seed of The Sun, Deep, Deep Ocean, No Young.

Vortex of The Horseman Land.

(further explanation explaining this has not anything
to do with yourself and/or the riding of the vortices,
and as well, in this portal manifestation, bring no
young folk. Why? It's Spirit, just go with it.)


The InBetween Sentinel on Watch, also known
as The Aid, is in The Sound of Waterfalls,
Where the Land Ends and in The
Deepest of Earth in The Deep
Work Superseding Wasp.

(now direction is actually being given of
how to proceed, using specific comprehensions
of how to comprehend through our own personal
knowledges of reading, individually, and collectively,
(a waterfall begins from a top and goes through a
bottom, but flows like a river, etc.)

MAIN Comprehension

The Greatest Peace is slowly, smoothly, steadily,
quietly, of The Root Foundation Chamber Inlet of
The Sea of The (Hunting) River, through The Highest
Cycling Path of The Sun, (The Crystal Stars of
Purification and Protection).

(the hunting river, The Mirror of Orion, like a Mirror,
the hunted, the hunters, flow peacefully. Strange
comprehension of simultaneousness, but requested.)

The Great Brutality is within and beyond : (between The Lotus Atmosphere of Paradise
and The Ancient Five Colored Soup of The Stable Foundation : The Fertility Rebirth of
Land as magnified of each by the first = (Five Vortices of Bell, Cathedral, Boynton,
Chicken, and Airport) : : : The Rising Sun of Tranquil Astrolomous Illumination that is
balancing forth the energy of the Land of The Ignorant through : The Rising Sun,
The Setting Sun, The Deep and Great Balance of The World's Evolution,
The Permanent Setting Sun, and The Centered Lofty Mountain that is
deep below The River while High above The River : : : and must be
unstuck from the BETWEEN of The Season of Spring and The Land
of Ignorance.


I ASKED : What is The Great Brutality ?

ANSWER : gathered together are like•energy Beings.

I ASKED : do we need to destroy this ?

ANSWER : acknowledge the fire within, decide who is worthy, proceed.

I asked What is The Fire Within?

Answer :

"sacred fire within us, place of eternal flame,
burn away the barriers, in Great Mystery's name.

Teach us warmth and goodness,
the love of Grandfather Sun,
melting every difference,
until we are truly one.

MAIN POINT : melt away the differences,
allow oneness : into The River of Consciousness.

(((when we bring our Mother Earth's love up through our
feet and into our Vibral Core to meet Grandfather Sun's
(and the hierarchal path of The Infinite All's inner fire, we
have accomplished a type of inner creation : the Divine
Union of male and female.)))

QUESTION : how will this effect this portal (activation) manifestation?
(the portal already existed, triggered from The Cathedral Manifestation
of 12.21.2012, and for this very purpose.)

ANSWER: White Buffalo Wisdom .

Request : Elaborate please . . .

"sacred place of the elders,
in gratitude I sing your praise,
Sacred Buffalo : white as driven snow,
hold my heart until the end of my days."

(((then 5 doves showed up at the bridge I walk
across every single day to go to work, seemingly
bridging the comprehensions of The 5 Mountains
(those being the 5 Sacred Mountains of China in
a paralleled synchronicity of what has necessity to
be comprehended for the five main vortices of
Sedona through Bell.)))

5 Doves


At The Base of The High Christ : Cleanse • Peel • and Purge •
Harking Clearing Pain and Suffering Mountain of The Golden
Lake of The Traveler(s) of The Sea through The Brave •
The Middle Kingdom • The Independent and Free.

(this is explaining the whole purpose of purging
what would be considered a "hell " comprehension
to lost souls whom are trapped between reality, and
Nature is seemingly saying this was of this place, so as
such, we follow Mother Nature's guidance in order to
please the fluidity of truth and respect and honor,
by HER wisdom.)


The Way of The Green Moss @ The Waterfilled Well Peak of
"The Place of Devouring like a Beast " of The Wolf Council of Guardianship,
Ritual, Loyalty, and Spirit, Amazonian Moon Warrior of The Same Family, Gleaming
High Priest of The Mother World Rebirth Balance of Ambrosia Companion Parallel
(Rising Sun and Setting Sun) of Charm and Morality and Census between The Ancient
Warrior Women Projection and The Pleasing Good Omen in The Capital of Engines of
The Twins Suckling The Wolf in The Land of The Bull.

(here we witness the day being comprehended as The Wolf Moon, and this
was prefaced by my own vision from weeks before, of a Wolf that was gone
through in transcendence during a very intense, personal, and sacred Vision
Journey of a relative whom had just died.)

The Greatest Peace is The Good Within @ The Sea
of The River of Hunting, of The Original Inhabitants
of A Thousand Withins.

Nobody of The Dark Eye parallels The Dark Cosmic Stone of
The Path of The Traveler of The Sea of The Large Village of The
Lukewarm Death of The Father of The Ancient Red.

• This is The Path
• The Place of Tall Waves
• The Greatest Peace and The Path
• The Path and The Place of Tall Waves
• The Good Within and Nobody of The Dark Eye parallels
The Dark Cosmic Stone of The Path of The Traveler of The Sea
of The Large Village of The Lukewarm Death of The Father of
The Ancient Red.

Sacred Savior of The Guardians of The Sacred River of The Silver.

. . . so after I had created a series of days of manifestations for the preparation of this
ritual ceremony . . . myself and Heather Thor did climb to the top of Bell Rock (in the rain)
on The Wolf Moon (by The Mayan Calendar) for ritual, (yes, it was very dangerous in all
ways spiritual, physical, and metaphorical, but that was the day chosen by Spirit, regardless
of the weather, The Wolf Moon), for this portal parallel activation ignition, as bridged forth
from Cathedral Rock's (12.21.2012 ritual ceremony.)

SO . . . questions : What was this portal created for?

A guidance/transport for lost souls to get to their
heavenly home and/or next life as guided by
The Great Mother Spirit.


Because this place is full of lost souls and Mother Nature just requested this (and
incidentally, one of those lost souls asked, and we promised, so we went all in),
and as well, many of these lost souls (if not all of them) are confused and
frustrated and don't know where to go and so they cause torment to
mortals in this area because no one is listening! So they needed help,
and Spirit guided us through it piece by piece for many days.

For how long is this particular portal activated?

Until the center of spring, as requested.

Is it transport automatic?


Can it hurt mortals?


What if a mortal is "possessed?"

This was a parameter comprehended, then implemented, as such,
as well, automatically is exorcism and transport of such deities, respectively.


Yeah, you can go to any of the vortices of Sedona's mains, that being :
Cathedral, Bell, Boynton, Airport, and/or Chicken, and the process/transport
is automatic for the lost souls between reality, and/or the exorcism out of
individuals : of unwanted souls : and transport : no harm to you : no harm
to them.

This seems rather fantastic, doesn't it, David?

Yes, it is rather fantastic. But is it any more fantastic then what we have witnessed
manifest continuously in parallel to what is being magnified throughout the course
of these Every 7 Communications (with great specificity to the parallels page.) We
were specifically guided to do this. So we did. It is to understand that Spirit is being
extremely forthcoming with knowledge and information and power and force
and energy, and as such, I do not seek for anyone to be without comprehension
of what is actually happening. If rumor starts up, it gets way out of control, the
whole process of information when it is perpetuated through rumor, so I
decided to let it all forth (to a small degree of respective allowance
(there's actually alot of specifics to it all), and as well, since there was
an actual over 6.0 earthquake with Heathers' names on it, this seemed

What about the rest of the world?

There is a constant call being made for lost souls to
come home. Transport is being manifest automatic.
We may see alot of strange activity around here for
the next couple months, til the beginning of May. But
at the same time, let the world know, this is the place to
come, Spirit said create this portal activation for this amount
of time, so we did, so now, get the word out, I am actually manifesting
transcendental transport every single day through my Infinacy Meditations
for any and/or all lost souls who may be trapped anywhere, any time, any
space, any dimensionality, my logic is I may as well go full force with it.
It seems logical to me. And as such, I believe Spirit will be receptive to
such a degree that communication shall become further as we
realize and manifest forth the dissolve of all the hells of reality.
It goes far. Mother Earth is not housing hell. We need to
get over our lack of balance and understand
the truth of reality. There's no hell here.

Where are they being transported to?

They are being guided through an undisclosed location (out there) :
(undisclosed for protective purposes), and immediately being guided
to their next existence (whatever that may be or be not), as judged and
guided by Spirit. They are being transported through to a particular type
of galaxy that was specifically chosen by Spirit for this purpose. None of this
can harm mortals and/or immortals. It was built for balance. For both : us and
them, respectively, sacredly, and appropriately. ALL GUIDED BY SPIRIT.

Can they harm each other?

No. Transport is individual (unless collective with the
parameters of respectivity, sacredity, and appropriateness.)

Why can't mortals go through?

Parameters were set, and as well, Spirit proclaimed with
GREAT SPECIFICTY : as such, BIG PAIN : if a mortal goes
type pain. Not a good idea to even try. Bad pain. It
doesn't matter anyway, mortals cannot go through,
parameters were set.

Why are you telling us all this?

You may as well know what is being done when it is this big.
I told you of The 12.21.2012 Cathedral Manifestation. This manifestation
was actually bridged from that one, I comprehended the location at
Bell right after the 12.21.2012 manifestation as a bridged comprehension,
I merely waited until the comprehensions came. And they did. In a big way.
The Portals are a right angle of each other, literally, transcendentally speaking.

After this meditative manifestation : Sedona was blanketed with snow : right after the meditative manifestation.

(remember the questions ? QUESTION : how will this effect the portal
manifestation? ANSWER: White Buffalo Wisdom . Request : Elaborate please . . .

"sacred place of the elders,
in gratitude I sing your praise,
Sacred Buffalo : white as driven snow,
hold my heart until the end of my days."

(you can ask Heather, this was all written out many days before The Wolf Moon.)

. . . and so that is rather specific. Extremely specific. Same day.

(white as driven snow) It was like driving through space in a starship ((( IT APPEARED, and for
those of you from Sedona whom drove through that snow, you know this! ))), three dimensionally
was the persepctive : like driving through the stars, their streaking lines shooting past us at light speed
( ( ( as though one were traveling through a portal to their new home . ) ) )

How does Nature communicate you ask?
It's amazing when clarity becomes so specific so fast.
This was Spirit explaining what was currently happening
with great specificity, that portal transport. Seriously, it's all happening.

Remember how The Five Doves showed up when I was
comprehending the five locations of The Five Vortices . . . same . . . same . . .

5 Doves

How did the manifestational ritual become and go?

It was perfect. Our climb was rather dangerous. It began with finding
The Raven Echo. This is a location near the base of Bell Rock that actually
reveals a Stone Raven with a circle indentation in its forehead, this is where
one may give respect to Bell. Why? The Dark Thirst Source. We're transcending
the lack of Pan's Balance into Pan's Balance. No hell.

I was painted light, she was painted dark, I was The Celestial Realm,
She was The Earthly realm, a series of celestial bodies for each of us
was manifest and magnified with specific parameters for safety and
manifestation as guided by Spirit for these purposes, and I'm talkin, serious specificity.
Our ILLUMINATION GRIDS in union in exact specific ways requested by Spirit. I carried Autumn
(my guitar) on my back up to the top of Bell Rock. (the trek to the edge of the top was fairly
tense at times, it was raining, many folks have died climbing Bell Rock, we took it slow at a
constant pace, if we couldn't find our way up in one way, we found another way. I had
never actually been to this exact location before, so we were winging it on the day of
the meditative manifestation.) The rain subsided right up until the exact time we began
the meditative manifestation, it was poetically perfect, and as though on cue by SPIRIT,
that the sacrifice of my guitar Autumn was necessary for this meditative manifestation
(ya know how rain and guitars usually don't mix well with the longevity of an instrument,
but I comprehended the necessity as greater than any one instrument, even Autumn,
and She was all over it, ready to go, She likes being played, and I like playing Her. I surmise
She liked bein in The Rain and playing simultaneously, especially with just such a purpose, ya
know, the alleviation of a "hell " and all), and so I played Autumn in the rain on top of Bell Rock
above the portal, POURING : with a simultaneous flow occurring from the beneath of the portal,
this Underworld, whilst magnifying The Celestial Realm and activating the portal into activation
by several specific Celestial Bodies and an accumulation of a plethora of specific elements,
etc. The whole point was to activate and open the portal with extreme specificity and
parameters to path and purpose. During the entire manifestation we were alone. The
Rain became very hard, and I was looking over a vast edge very far above the ground,
and I won't lie to you, it was trippy, vertigo, and then suddenly, in the midst of the manifestation :
a string broke, and I realized almost instantaneously (since I hardly ever break strings anymore)
that it looked just like the shape of the portal, and as such, this was the portal being activated
in realtime : completely breaking through reality : and Heather was doing her thing, that which
is her speciality, while I was doing my thing, which is my speciality, and I continued playing whilst
quickly tuning the guitar and continued chanting and harmonizing back into the flow the entire
meditative manifestation : evolutionarily progressive until we were complete.

When we were through : I threw out a loud VICTORY cry, climbed down, and as I approached Heather,
I heard Raven, I looked up above The Portal : and there stood Raven right above where I was chanting,
and Raven was speaking to us, telling us it had become. It stopped raining right as Raven began speaking,
as though Raven had brought forth the end. And we knew it had become. It was perfect. And that is
exactly what I said to Heather, dear sister, "that was perfect."

Then later, the snow flurry became and really elaborated it all into what one might
experience traveling through just such a multidimensional Earth Realm to Celestial
Realm transport, three dimensional stars shooting past your ethereal soul as you
are projected through reality a zillion miles an hour to reach your destination
in the sparkle of an eye.

As I drove to work after washing the paint off my face and changing my clothes,
I looked over across from Bell Rock towards Cathedral, and the light was in an
absolute perfection through a cloud formation as The Sun ascended over the
mountain, and I saw a rainbow become around The Sun. I was not in a place
I could take a picture logically, and I was in a rather intricate haze from what
had just taken place, seemingly, reality had just become ultimate surreality,
and was about to become even more surreal. As I approached The Little
Horse Trail on 179, I looked over to Cathedral and saw this,
stopped, and took several pictures :

Cathedral Echo
Notice the echo of the clouds' shapes as compared to the mountains' shapes = identical. This
too is a moment of clarified perspective as given forth by The Great Mother for the purpose
of comprehension. What just happened? The Mountain is an echo of The Sky. What did
we just manifest? A Portal Activation between Earth and The Celestial Realm. As such,
we witness Spirit creating an instantaneous communication of exactly what was just
accomplished JUST LIKE WE WITNESSED after the 12.21.2012 meditative manifestation.

= Real.

Every 7 pg. 59 G

The Communication can be read here.

The Bigger Picture is The Great Jaguar Dragon is An Infinite Meditation.

May Light Be Your Shadow.

Every 7

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