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5.17.2013 The Fact of Manifestation.

Now let us revisit what has been accomplished as we have read from the last Every 7 Communications . . .
. . . there was a MAJOR meditative manifestation requested by a spirit to a medium, then after a patient
wait for the proper path, I was guided by Spirit to create the extremely complex manifestation, that being,
the Consciousness driven force of NATURE (LAU, Manitou, etc) allowing the correct knowledge of " HOW " to
create a particular type of "gateway" to be manifest (as requested by a lost soul ), for a particular amount of
time ( as guided by The Manitou ( Spirit ) for a particular kind of entity ( lost souls, cursed souls, trapped souls,
and/or energies, etc ) for the purposes of purifying, transporting, and reintegrating all these lost souls and/or
energies of actual reality (that being the energy signatures of those without actual physical bodies whom
were "trapped" between reality due to any number of reasons, one being that due to their b.s. (belief
systems), they believed their only choice was a "hell," when in fact, NATURE : very clearly proclaimed
there were no such place in existence, and if anything, this "hell" was simply a shallow manifestation
(as understood compared to what "manifestations" have become to this day) coupled with extreme
belief systems magnified by hundreds of millions of people : for the explicit purpose OF entrapping
particular types of peoples, regardless of truth and/or guilt. . . . . (and if as such this was actually
meant to "help" reality, that being this creation of a location for humanity judged " damned,"
everyone has failed extremely miserably, for it hasn't helped anything in the least, and if at all
has caused anything : it has only confused mentalities and energies, and/or cursed them into
the place and/or premise that they had no choice but to go to a hell that never existed
(even if this was merely psychologically programmed by b.s.) . . . whilst creating an
anthropomorphized version of the afterlife into a theoretical proclamation of duality : : :

INSTEAD of the natural order of fluidity : the continuity of existence through The Circle of Life.

Circle of Life Circle of Life

. . . so . . . after a long and drawn out comprehension through numerous
earthquakes, Spirit, Mother Nature (LAU, The Manitou) : The Interconnectedness of Nature :


: : : : : allowed the proper knowledge for the purpose of creating this PORTAL,
and without causing any type of detriment and/or corruption to any of these energies
and/or folks whom are in the vicinity of this portal creation, whether physical, ethereal,
mortal, and/or immortal; the tourists and kiddies could play all they want around the deal,
and it just didn't and/or doesn't matter . . . purposed manifestation was created in the middle
of a frickn' huge storm, and as such, in a multitude of explicitly specific encryptions FOR
safety and respect to all living and/or otherwise individuals : to such a variant degree
of random encryptions and numerous manifestations, that it simply became
unbreakable, respectively . . .

Interdimensional Portal

. . . look folks, this isn't one guy's fantasy trip. And although the name WALT DISNEY
means "The Authority of The Fire of Isis," (as we shall soon see) it isn't about one person,
it's about the whole experience! And it's about all of us. The actions and/or reactions
to such a manifestation are pure regardless of feature, for there was no malice in this
manifestation, there was no deceit, there was no corruption, there was only a path
created and a circumstance alleviated as guided by The Manitou. Yes, this is intense.

Mother Nature is speaking to us. Why you? Why me? Why us? Why them? Because we
are listening respectively and we are reacting in a way She, Mother Nature: seeks : by following
Her guidance (everyday creatures, guides, energies, elements) and manifesting what She and YOU have
necessity for. Why ? Because we are listening respectively, and She notices when people listen . . . then you
notice HER noticing YOU, and a dialogue becomes between you because you finally realize that She is speaking
to you
in your own language due to the fact that THIS IS CONSCIOUSNESS, PURE CONSCIOUSNESS, and it's all
interconnected : : : THROUGH YOU ! Anyone. Everyone. All of us. Individually. Collectively. Whatever.
Learn the respective ways.


There is a comprehension that goes far deeper than most human perspective
that a little girl enlightened me recently through her thoughts of me. And this perspective
allowed me the comprehension of I AM in a vast sacred, respective, and appropriate manner.

The Mirror


. . . as a theoretical philosopher at times, it is to always question whether or not Mother Nature is actually
responding to our manifestations individually, or if WE ARE SIMPLY THE CONSCIOUSNESS of Her THROUGH
ourselves when we are correct in our flow WITH HER, by HER OWN ACTIVE GUIDANCE of what She has
necessity for, because She simply allows necessity : comprehension : out there : within ourselves :
when we become in unity with Her in ways that She approves (in other words, in ways that are
functional, sacred, respective, and appropriate (( which varies concerning the goal, focus,
individuals involved, etc.)) ) As such, have we only anthropomorphized Nature into " Mother Nature "
because we see THE WOMAN'S BEAUTY AND PHYSICALITY AND SPIRIT AND ENERGY as this entity? . . . and/or
is it simply due to our fascinations with manifestation as we learn it, and as such does She only have consciousness
due to the accumulation of all consciousness being magnified throughout the ALL, all creatures, all vitality,
all energy, etc? I believe : Yes is the answer.

Sprite of Mother Nature

As such, it is to question, is Mother Nature : Conscious : only due to " The ALL's " conscious
driven efforts : and HER CONSCIOUSNESS EVOLVES AS we EVOLVE with HER existence YET :
we evolve due to the ways of evolution that already exist OF HER ! . . . is this what is
actually creating consciousness? WE ARE BECOME OUROBOROS!


. . . our own driving force WITH HER. So then it would appear to be LAU! It would appear
that this is The Manitou, this is THE INTERCONNECTEDNESS OF NATURE as CONSCIOUSNESS, but not
just our own, and not just historic : : : every living energy is conscious to some degree or another,
plants, animals, creatures, insects, planets, moons, galaxies, all of it, individual : but as well all that
is that we are yet of unaware! Multidimensional, multiparallel, multicomplexual, even as such we
have yet to create through these evolutionary abundances!

. . . and BY the Creature or Being or Entity that has become conscious to this fact :

Sacredly : Respectively : Appropriately = continuous evolution in the correct way that benefits YOU and everyone.

. . . what if every time that Butterfly or Hummingbird or Raven saw you it witnessed your
truth in vitality and giving and loving and respect and sacredity, eventually this would
be recognized, just like The Hundredth Monkey Theory . . . (monkeys on one island were
being studied, one monkey took a coconut that had fallen into the sand and washed
it off before eating it, this had not been done before by other monkeys, then another
saw this and did it, then another, until finally the hundredth monkey did this, and all
of a sudden, on an island far way, the monkeys on that island began washing their
coconuts before eating them . . . hence the hundredth monkey theory . . . it is as such
that once a species and/or collective becomes to a degree of awareness that is
heightened by a particular amount : so is triggered the next population, and so on.


You have to understand, if your manifestations are being done in a sacred, respective, and
appropriate manner, the reaction from this manifestation by Nature will be correct, regardless
of what it is. And that may be easy to witness, and that may be difficult to witness, it all depends
on the actual reaction, but if it is correct, The Path has been followed, and one must
understand that The Path is become in a particular way for a particular purpose
that shall benefit the whole more so than before because The Path is
being followed. We must understand that.

". . . why does " SHE " notice me and react to me and/or with me?" We may often wonder . . . . . because I have noticed
what She has necessity for by reading it through a process She and I created with each other for the purpose of reading Her
and us and everything! . . . but you see, that process wasn't there before, and yet it was always building itself naturally, so, why
and how and when and where and what? Did that bird exist before the egg . . . or did the egg only become due to the metaphoric
butterfly emerging from the hypothetical coccoon . . .


. . . and what about Hummingbirds! Frickn' futuristic alien technology existing right there in front of us this whole time!
. . . but you see, a conscious effort of communication had to be created and attained for that to become . . . and as
such . . . that becoming became conscious, and legible, and communicative, very communicative, EXTREMELY
communicative, and only continues to evolve, and communicate, whether anyone believes it or not.

Wait a second. Are we talking about The Bigger Picture, The Great Hummingbird, The Great Jaguar Dragon,
or are we talkin' about organic ships and multidimensional travel or the capability of manifestation and
SuperString Theory? Please watch this video :

We're talking about all of it. For if one may be so bold as to perform a meditative manifestation
that can actually create a NATURAL reaction due to the processes of Mother Nature : WITH HER :
and that reaction is actually become "outside" of the individual Self and manifest in the real world?
Have we actually manifest through The In Between of reality, through multidimensional space, through
atoms and quarks and filaments of dancing vibrational strings to such a degree that what has been
comprehensively magnified through and manifest specifically : is become in physical reality as
well as in sight and vision of physical reality . . . and quite suddenly we witness what an organic
individual can accomplish beyond the spectrum of scientific knowledge into the realities
between realities and back into our own as a descriptive quality of The Manitou, and/or
otherwise known as a Unified Theory.

Einstein Event

Why does it work? This : PhiMale Vortex, this I as a Bridge of The Infinite? WHY!
Because that is how Nature works. There is a path, it is a constant. Just like photosynthesis
it is not merely up and down, it is not merely side to side, it is in a multicomplexual pathway(s)
of simultaneousness in order to achieve the phenomeneon known as The I as a Bridge of The Infinite.
. . . that's just how it works my friends . . . so what am I saying? That actually meditatively evolving one's
energies to a degree of clarity, illumination, evolution (as comprehended by Mother Nature with us),
and then magnifying that clarified power, force, energy, knowledge, and/or communication through ritualistic
trance and music and dancing ceremonies : seemingly echoing the patterns of Mother Nature to a degree
of heightened euphoria, actual physical and spiritual euphoria and ecstacy to a degree of actual clarity
of euphoria : and doing this in a manner of sacredity, respect, and appropriateness (due to our own
necessities for this, it has to be accomplished like this for it to remain functional, (seriously), that
one can actually manifest through the entire spectrum of energy : between it all and through it
all, as the representative conscious Host of these vibrating strings?

Yes. (simply) That about sums it up.

we go from this :


to this :

Black Jaguar

She (Spirit, Mother Nature, Lau) actually explains this through
earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, Natural Phenomena, and continues
to explain it, over and over again until we get it, and then when we get it,
She goes, " YES!!!!! " " . . .now look closer."

Angel Oak Tree

. . . and just like we see in that Superstring video, where we thought it stopped at
quarks (for example), it actually went further into these filaments of vibrating strings,
multidimensionality, and even further it goes between these vibrations . . . and so it is
like you have just had a glass of water ( and you think to yourself how the body is like
70% filled with water, and you realize this is a universal conduit of energy (vibrational
frequency magnificational conduction) , and you now approach a small pond, and
you notice your own reflection, and you step into this small pond and wade into
the depths at about 3 feet deep and notice a few frogs, some tiger lillies, and
then you look beyond the Willows to notice that this is merely a small inlet of a
lake, and that this lake's depths exceed 100 feet and are inhabited by multitudes
of fish and wildlife, inside and out, and you notice the reflection of the forest and
the trees and the skies and the cycle of life, and you look beyond the edge of this
forest, and this lake is actually connected to the ocean, and exceeds miles of depth,
and the reflection seems to create the blue of the sky, and this ocean is filled to capacity
with life, and you notice beyond the edge of this ocean, SPACE, The Universe, and the reflection
becomes metaphoric, and light becomes dotted in darkness as the universe, yet comprehensive
in fluidity of balanced integrity as to the processes of universal balance through stars, planets,
moons, galaxies, and the mirror becomes within, and we realize that the paths beyond are
within, yet become : beyond : as we realize they are everywhere, so as such we are
become : beyond : as we realize we are everywhere.

Pleiadian Ocean

I give sacred, I get sacred. She said, this is how. Why is it a mirror? Yes, Know, May Be. . . as Orion would speak it as a
mirror (that which I have read into existence because I listened, created, destroyed, and created, by HER guidance),
so SHE said : he is The Hunter, and He is The Hunted : simultaneously, because what ever it is that he is doing is a reflection,
do you know this? Really know this? It is a reflection . . . and so we witness the intensity of the main perspective . . . what is
it that I am doing, and can I actually walk through myself as this reflection's comprehensive measure of hunted and hunter,
sacredly, respectively, and appropriately : create and flow, respect yet protect, allow yet function : without : and all
within me : without me : of me : by me : through The Infinite ALL : KNOWING I AM A MIRROR : and healing myself : others.


. . . it goes so much further : OUT THERE : because we are dealing with dynamics of definition
that are far beyond what humanity is only currently attaining in real time as of now, but is
certainly currently filtering in to our reality in a sacred way continuously : due to this
process being sacredly manifest : EVERYDAY, purposely : . . . inside of me, yet THE ALL,
in everything : anything : this : any of us : any one of us . . . if you are worthy by
The Manitou's standards, that being ALL CONSCIOUSNESS.

learn : evolve : ascend : learn : evolve : ascend : learn : evolve : ascend

It doesn't end. It only goes further. Each portion amply becomes more complex.
If it becomes too difficult, wade in it for a while. Then go deeper. Then deeper. Etc.
There is no bottom, and there is no " finish " line. Continuity evolves through
ecstasy and euphoria, because this is The Way through anything :

= feeling good.

Feeling Good

Know how to feel good respectively in manifestation.
This is KEY. You must become the transcendence of
sexuality as Sacred Sexuality. VAST RESPECT must become
in all ways you know, don't know, don't want to know, nor
think about, because they are apart of consciousness,
but not to focus upon or through, but to heal
everyone out of. Find your own weaknesses
and heal them, continuously. Do this
through euphoric inspiration and
you will soon learn how to heal
others in that exact intuitive
way. It is that simple.

I witness Mother Nature. I am moved by Her. Is She only me? We question. YET, as such, how has
She explained this to me through my own necessities of knowledge? Is She only any of us singled out of
a collective : what about Sprites, Faeries, Spirits, Angels, Creatures, Human Beings, ("aliens"), singled, together,
unified, or even at war with each other? What about The Federal Alien Mafia (F.A.M.) ! You're all, "WHAT?" What
about the conscious necessity to evolve out of warfare : manifest? Is She only everything being magnified by
those whom have attained the respective power of HER because it is WITH HER ?
Tests within tests within tests within tests. Are you worthy? Become.

. . . and as yet, do those whom have attained this knowledge still respect it or defile it.
Why, indeed, so many tests afterthefact, eh? We have learned that functionality is finite
without sacredity, respect, and appropriateness, but at the same time, there must be logic,
truth, scientific fact, euphoric spiritual uplifting, inspiration, divine inspiration of course, and
the continuity of these with each other : : : . . . for an evolution to take place and be fluid
and continuous and powerful and correct :

= evolutionarily progressive.

Where does Her consciousness stand without any livingness, without any Creature and/or Being,
would Her consciousness be dormant because Nature is actually all of us? But we must understand
that we are not necessarily witnessing "all of us," most folks are only witnessing their own daily lives'
individuals, families, friends, neighbors, coworkers, we aren't necessarily witnessing the billions of
different species that exist across not only this planet but the whole galaxy, universe, multiverse,
multidimensionality, between it all, within it all, etc. PLANET EARTH HAS CONSCIOUSNESS : SHE LIVES!
We are somewhat " isolated " from the rest of the universe due to our immature status as a species.
So we are talking about : not just human consciousness, we are talking about consciousness
throughout the all realms of all reality whether we know of them or not : unified in a central
consciousness comprehensively fluid through our own, foreign until we know how to read
through them universally, yet always present continuously as The Manitou :
The Interconnectedness of Nature. Whether you like it or not, we are being
influenced. And if as such this influence is not sacred, I don'tneed it : nor do
I want it, because I only seek The Sacred. And we have capabilities now to
unprogram features of reality that do not benefit The Sacred. I have
created this process.


If as such then, who would be " The Guide " in all this . . . who is " The Host? " . . . and is this guide,
this host : only those whom have attained Her respect because respect is simply gained by flowing
with Her in the ways She already functions naturally, respectively? Then as such : respect is not an
emotion, it is an actual instinctual and intuitive feature of Nature, a transcendence of virtue . . .
just like patience, once you have it, you no longer need it, and it doesn't exist as it is embodied
in its entirety as it is transcended : yet continuously : without even consciously having
to comprehend it. I am no longer waiting. Where is patience now? It never existed yo.


So as such are these GUIDES OF NATURE chosen to magnify with HER
as HER chosen ones? . . . or was this simply, just now, created as an
idea to become. As such we actually do witness guides, do we not?
We follow those whom have attained a particular status of reality.
Is it so difficult to comprehend that these guides can be attained
through Her naturally? Animals, Wind, Trees, Creatures, even People?
And if as such, is it so difficult to comprehend that there may exist as
well Spirits and/or Deities that are not on our particular plane of existence?
It is not so difficult to comprehend now is it. Realms of reality stretch a vast
spectrum of The Infinite Infinitesimal All (which has no end, remember?
. . . left, right, up, down, diagonal, in, out, within, without, beyond,
parallel, etc, vibrating between, vibrating within, vibrating
around, etc . . . and we're not even talkin' about in union
with each other yet, sheesh! The paths are infinite! )

So then is She simply : I AM . . . so then who am i ?
I AM as well. So then who are you? I AM as well . . .

. . . so then : when one is asking over and over again in quiet destitude :


It is to know it is everywhere in you, around you, of you,
about you, beneath you, above you, beyond you and
within you : all simultaneous! Take that frickn' desparation
and turn it into passion : what is it you want! What is it you need!

Isn't this what Christ said he was as God? It's logical. The only problem with it is that
some "MAN" came along and said "GOD" was a man. Clearly though it is confusing
I am sure, especially back then, but again, clearly : anything "SPIRIT" is female in
essence. This is truth due to flow. Women flow. Like the Moon. It is fact.
To SEED "spirit" is "male" : and to know how to be a Creator is known as
a PhiMale Vortex ! Why? Because it is one : male and female = PhiMale.

How? Illumination.

So then this philosophical comprehension
would simply express the formula of :

The PhiMale Vortex : I AM : The I as a Bridge of The Infinite.


How do I CREATE right here, right now, this vessel, this body,
this existence, this time, through anythings, anywheres, anytimes?

The PhiMale Vortex : I AM : The I as a Bridge of The Infinite.

Infinite Being

. . . what is worship? It is simply an inspiration that has been
comprehended as a necessity that extends further than what
we know as of yet, so we call this " that which has and continues
to create and shape reality in oh so mysterious ways we don't
know how at all but we call it him God!
" And even still :
there are truths within truths within those books that
have yet to be deciphered that most assuredly
explain how everything came to be in a
logically direct NATURAL way in which
we, most likely, are currently explaining
for our current conscious minds, and so
on, and so on, and so on = Evolution.

There isn't anything wrong with inspiration. Know that.
But we must be logical in our aspirations of attaining
power, force, energy, knowledge, and communication
directly relative to this reality and all of them simultaneously
as we comprehend them through experience and/or undeniable proof.

Correct? So what is it beyond me? = what I seek.

What is it I seek ? = Divine Inspiration!

Inspirational Flow Divine Inspiration

What is Divine? = of and/or relating to God(s) and/or Goddess(es) ( and as such, since we have comprehended that a God and/or Goddess
is one whom has attained the status of CREATOR, known as a PhiMale Vortex (sacredly, respectively, and appropriately, and that being without
ego) : then as such : ANY, and I repeat, ANY individual whom can actually create a sacred, respective, and appropriate inspiration
in/of/through/with another due to their existence = DIVINE =

Inspirational Flow Inspirational Flow

Remember folks, it's all about how we feel. When we feel good, we can manifest very well. All the strange and powerful functional
processes (that have been suppressed due to corruptive programming) that actually exclaim " INSPIRATION ! ", " POWER ! ", " THAT ONE ! " ,
" HER ! " , " HIM ! " . . . these aren't dysfunctional features of our physical and/or spiritual selves. Know that. These are real, and true. And as
such, it is to know, that like Superstring Theory, our " sexual " inspirations do not exist for no reason and are multilevelled : it isn't meant
to be shallow : folks just get stuck there because they don't realize that's only the trigger into a greater dimension of comprehension :
there is a purpose : and that purpose is attained through depth perception.

Inspirational Flow

What we may have seen as only a pond is actually a vast universe, remember? That sexually triggered energy can be harnessed, then
transformed into full on Sacred Sexuality in the transcendence of sexuality, because wow, she makes me feel THAT way initially, correct?
Now transcend that feeling by going further into the realms of fully becoming that feeling in an evolution of SACREDITY, RESPECT, and
APPROPRIATENESS : instead of simply wading in its shallow levels : : : let it go : and GO DEEPER : AND DEEPER : AND DEEPER : and now
you are embracing inspiration instead of simply being inspired. You are become that inspiration. So as such The Divine Nature,
that power that comes from your own comprehensive unconscious competent reaction to it initially : becomes a competent
consciousness communion as evolution acquired in The Divine as the natural flow of The Manitou through you : because that
is exactly what is happening currently.

AS SUCH : you now understand how inspiration functions, how to create the power of inspiration, how to manifest by that power.
This is CREATION. THAT path of euphoria. The transcendence of sexuality in the performance of The Self as Sacred Sexuality through
the marriage of Self as The PhiMale Vortex of Mother Nature. You are become The Creator by the union of Self with this power of
inspiration through the magnified focused Spirit of Mother Nature : your manifestation.

Titania and Oberon

What happens in puberty, human? Volcanos form on our faces,
our body begins to grow hair in places of focused sexuality (whether
we know of these locations as points of sexuality yet or not) , and we
become extremely sexual ALL OF A SUDDEN. WTF! Right? Then we
get our driver's license. Geez!

So what is happening right then? It is at such a young age, is it not?
So then, would it not be logical to comprehend that this is only the edge?
As such, sexuality becomes on the surface of shallowness, obviously, in order
to enter into sexual comprehension one must enter it from a shallow portion
of the proverbial waters in order to become acclimated to this knowledge :
as such, this is merely the edge inlet of comprehension into sexuality. Basically,
purely physical. Then as we evolve into adulthood, having relationships, we learn
about the emotional and psychological, and perhaps even spiritual evolutions of
relationships, basically, sexuality and how it functions (because it's all sexual even
if it isn't called that, everything is sexual, creation, destruction, everything.)

The Emerald Forest

So we are at a precipice level of paradigm shift. Sacred Sexuality is become.
It's all already all sexual. Knowing this fact will merely acclimate you to the waters.
Know that, everything is sexual. Get acclimated. You know this innately. It isn't an accident,
nor a coincidence. We merely need to understand how to transcend sexuality into Sacred
Sexuality : for this is necessary for evolution, REAL EVOLUTION : whilst performing our day to
day lives : Sacred Sexuality continuously, constantly, to no end : and this takes energy work
this takes energy practice. Because we know someone super sexy is going to happen,
it is inevitable, so one must be prepared, acclimated, and as such, it is to know how
to see the most sexually attractive individual you have ever witnessed : WHILST
performing sacred, respective, and appropriate powers, forces, energies,
knowledges, and communications : learn the transcendence, this is key.

And I realize it is difficult to understand. But this is pure truth.
Try to look at it this way : there is this movie called The Emerald Forest . . .
If you haven't seen it, watch it, there are such subtle truths we all need in
this movie, it is well worth it.

The Emerald Forest

In this movie, most of the folks in the rainforest are living relatively naked.
This is not perceived as disgusting, nor disrespectful, nor ugly, and even,
rarely sexually overwhelming in a manner of overbearing sexual display
or arousal. Near the end of the movie the women are stolen from their
home (for guns), and they are forced to put on prostitute clothing and
so forth. Women, teenagers, youngsters, all of them. Suddenly : one's
entire perspective of reality (watching the movie) shifts. It becomes
disgusting, ugly, and yet, it is supposed to be depicting SEX ! YET : in the
midst of the actual comfortable moments of the movie, their nudity is
actually beautiful, not at all sexual, at ease : in its prime as Sacred Sexuality,
understand? Seemingly, one does not even look at these folks in a disrespectful
way until they are masked up into disrespectful circumstances. This is a vital truth
one must understand. For there are folks in this world whom do exactly this. They
actually create circumstances of disrespectful sexuality in order to create a
repetitious programming of that mentality for the purposes of abuse and/or
entrapment. KNOW THAT THIS EXISTS. It isn't respectful to Mother Nature. It
isn't respectful to the individuals performing that task. It isn't respectful to
you. WE MUST UNDERSTAND THIS FACT : It is our practice as sacred, respective
and appropriate energy workers to become acclimated in all of realities to such
a degree of intricately interwoven respect and power that ANY disrespectful repetitions
of sexuality : never matter at all : and as such : we learn the transcendence of all forms of
sexuality into Sacred Sexuality such that is created an ultimate and unbreakable beauty of
respect for reality, regardless of circumstance : and this becomes the ultimate respect of
anyone and everyone always and regardless of circumstance. This is where true inspiration
may become a constant : for there is no breaking of respect when it is all that you are.
Then one day, after many years of practice, you will realize you have become the
epitome of sexuality in the transcendence of it as Sacred Sexuality.
( and then everything that is actually physically sexual ( respectively )
becomes incredibly intensified beyond what most individuals may have
yet experienced . . . for the building of evolution has become. )

So . . . manifestation : it is through Sacred Sexuality = key !

The Focus : what is needed !

So what happened to that necessity
due to certain popular ancient faiths?

Infinite Stairs

. . . it became into this vast empire.
We're talkin about historic faiths that
remain in a corrupted past instead of
evolving with Consciousness.
And why? Fear.

Why does beauty inspire us? Because it is sexual.
And it isn't ugly sexuality, it is sacred sexuality.

Why are most Americans so wound up and enclosed?
The masking of sexuality. It is a time proven fact that if
you suppress sexuality : unless you actually become
Sacred Sexuality : it's going to get ugly.

We are inspired by beauty :


So what did God become from the beginning ? Man was
first "The Master." . . . . . then The Sun, and as well major elements
of Earth like volcanos, weather, etc. Then these were anthropomorphized.
The Unknown Celestial Realm beyond our own skies. Even beyond our own Sun.
Then beyond the celestial realm into The Great Mystery. This became God. Why?
We keep seeking beyond what we understand implicitly as THE ALL : and we keep
naming that UNKNOWN : GOD. And we have such poetic ways of describing and
ascribing this. But if the actual SOURCE is no further than our own individual energy
signatures, due to the fact that we are all interconnected, then The Path is always
from within and anywhere : everywhere, always. Right here. Right now. Your it : with Nature.

. . . and it isn't to disrespect the powers of Nature, quite obviously a Galaxy is bigger than
a human, is a living structure, and so forth, but what we must attain is competent consciousness
communication with these levels of reality such that we may attain the next comprehensive
level(s) of reality : and that begins where? Right here. You. You're it : with Nature . . . and it is
as easy as communing with your own Nature, a River, a Forest, a Creature, a Being, etc . . . . .


So why is inspiration that path? Because it creates the path of The Beyond : through us.

We are become " The Beyond ."

What I am about to explain is an explanation of the hoax of all hoaxes. Theoretically
and seemingly : this was only created for the explicit purpose of keeping humanity "asleep." What is the
hoax? that you have no power (and guess what, that's a lie, you knew that, you have power), that you have
no capability
(that is a lie as well, you're breathing right? you have capabilities) , that you have no RIGHT!
(now that's a seriously f'd up programming of one's perceptions, of course you have the right! You're alive,
correct? Quite obviously you have the right! Be nice, and given more rights you shall become (not just
the ones everyone gets from the beginning. ) : you have the right. I have the right. Everyone has
the right to know and be aware : : : FIRST! NOT AFTERTHEFACT ! KNOW THIS!

You have the right to know.

BUT : if you disrespect the features of natural reality, they won't respect you.
It is a consciousness driven path of comprehensive measure. Know this fact.

Respect Nature

Inspiration comes in so many forms. What ever it is that inspires you, that is respectful,
this is your energetic influence, yet, without. Why were/are so many Gods and Goddesses
(idols, etc) used for worship purposes : influential inspiration, how to go further, how to get
beyond the Self, find inspiration and learn why it is inspiring by magnifying that feeling in
the manifestation of what one has necessity for ; what is this inspiration from? : : : one is
inspired by this entity's capabilities and/or histories, and/or beauty, and/or strength, etc. . .
For you see, people can look up to an individual such as Thoth or Ra or Freyr or Odin or Pan . . .
but as well . . . Mother Mary or Christ or Ghandi or Mother Theresa, or anyone : : : it doesn't matter
who : it only matters that there is inspiration : it doesn't have to be a who : it can be a what : it only
needs to be sacred, respective, and appropriate, consistently constant, and fluid, create the euphoria :
models, actors, athletes, friends, family, animals, spirits, anyone, anything, that actually inspires one to feel
that NEW LOVE feeling : : : beyond all else, when one can attain this path : that actually creates a balance
between passion : as fervored euphoria, THAT ACTUALLY CREATES LOVE : now dance with it : make music with it :
this is the sacred space between you, your thoughts, all of reality, everything, for inspiration, for creativity : that
vibrational frequency between the dancing filaments of vibrating strings . . . you're ceremonially performing
a practice as ritual as Sacred Sexuality in the manifestation of what you have necessity for, and/or what
another has necessity for, and it is limitless, this manifestational path. There is no limit. It is endless.


WHY? Because it allows you a striving to GO FURTHER : to attain FURTHER : to ascend FURTHER.
. . . it isn't to remain stagnant, or empty, or unallowing . . . it is to actually go further, to evolve,
so that we may evolve. Mirror, mirror. Sacred, sacred. It isn't a secret. So we create inspiration,
artists create and recreate reality to create the feeling, that euphoric trigger, this is the
passageway, MUSIC ESPECIALLY. But it is as such, the more senses we can magnify
simultaneously HARMONIOUSLY : through euphoric and emotional fervor, the
greater the power.

Like this :

Alex Grey's Art

We are actually building our own capable bridge of The Infinite,
a multiplicity of vibrating strings, a multicomplexual expression of
dance and music and euphoria and (sacred, respective, and appropriate)
manifestation all simultaneously traveling beyond light speed throughout
the infinite infinitesimal ALL as SELF in a calculated, perfected, harmonized
path of synchronicity manifest magnified through all the realms of reality
we comprehend, yet further . . . and we create paths of learning, and
these are learning paths, evolutionary paths that can evolve in ways
of sacredity, respect, and appropriateness : through these
manifestations, and they continue, and even when I am not
specifically manifesting, these learning paths continue to
manifest infinitely and infinitesimally, and this is done
WITH Nature, for HER, all of us : and as such due to
listening to HER, and reacting with HER for HER,
respect is mutual. So as such, greater influence
is become because competent consciousness is
attained, reciprocated, evolved, and recreated.

Spirit says, " HOORAY!!!!!!!" (and builds a mighty image in the sky)

I snap the picture, " HOORAY!!!!!! !"

. . . and I give you all a glimpse into
the manifestation that has just become.

Draco Parallel

We build power : Further : that further : is The Path. It will define for you
the next passageway forever. It will not stop. Not ever. It is essentially
The River of Consciousness of what ever it is we are focusing on/at/through
and most importantly : with : and when we manifest in an open path of what
has necessity, by HER standards, we learn even further, for we are become
the allowance of our own necessities we knew not even what we had
necessity for.


When I first began cultivating energy, I layed there, dormant, silent,
motionless, and I manifest The Path I needed because I needed it
(to go further) . . . I just allowed. And it became. And I evolved.
When an obstacle occured, I found a way through it.

Laying Meditation

. . . and that path continued, by necessity,
from dormancy to standing directivity :

White Lion

. . . and then into performance of music, and then into dancing, and now combining all of them
whilst reading Mother Nature's actions and reactions to it all. A rapport was built and continues
due to reciprocation of power in actual ceremony and ritual, and all this (and this is extremely
important) : : : REGARDLESS of who agrees or disagrees or attempts corruption, etc ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
KNOW THAT FACT . . . She knows you better than anyone . . . as such, daily, not every once in a
while, but done so daily, or at the very least, the moon cycles . . . as such : between each of us :
my Self and Nature : is magnifed and manifest as an infinacy of cycling The I as a Bridge of The
Infinite ( through the actions of accumulated knowledge, as attained by the reading of
Mother Nature, WITH HER, respectively .) . . . . . if I am given an obstacle, I overcome it.
How? I simply do. There is no alternative I witness. We are become further,
continuously. You simply keep going. Be creative, figure it out! The Path
is sometimes TO OVERCOME obstacle. Ritualize it, such that if this
obstacle becomes of someone else, you may guide them
through it. In this way you are becoming a healer as well.


What is the point of all this? Why?
Because we want to go HIGHER ! ! !

Fractal Heightened Awareness

This has always been a main goal : how do I get higher? It will always be a main goal. Why?
Because that's the point, feeling good. I want and need to feel good. I want and need to feel good continuously.
I don't want nor have necessity to stop feeling good! I want and need this good feeling capable : to manifest this
good feeling in an infinacy cycling. Mirror, mirror! I want and need to create this good feeling for others. And this is
the reason we can manifest this good feeling. There is no other main goal for anyone it seems but to actually
create the feeling of comfort through euphoria and ecstasy : NATURALLY : to a degree of MASTERING
MASSIVE CLARIFIED EUPHORIA CONTINUOUSLY. What do we do, we shower (cleansing repetition), we
eat food ( consumption repetition ), we love our friends and family and pets and so forth ( loving
repetition ), we entertain or are entertained ( all feel good repetitions ), constantly . Why do you
suppose SO MANY folks are attempting this mastering through substance consumption? It is a
universal goal. All the rest we actually seek to attain : : : is to actually clarify this attaining into
our individual existences (and/or for others.) So we buy things, eat food, drink drinks, exercise,
make love, create creativity, Mirror, mirror : but it's all for the purpose of going further into
this clarity of feeling good : : : : so that we may continue to feel good. We don't want it to
stop. WE WANT TO BE SATISFIED ! ! ! ! ! So we create this satisfaction through Divine Inspired
Ceremony and Ritual : and we manifest The Sacred into reality.

. . . wait, why feel good?

dude . . . so we can manifest. . . law of attraction . . . vibrating strings . . . multicomplexual . . .
. . . multidimensional . . . multiparalleled . . . Spirit : Mother Nature : Manitou : this is : : : : : : : : : :
The Interconnectedness of Nature magnifying as The I as a Bridge of The Infinite :

as one.

I feel real good :

. . . . . therefore what I manifest is become.

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The Communication can be read here.

The Bigger Picture is The Great Jaguar Dragon is An Infinite Meditation.

May Light Be Your Shadow.

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