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8.18.13 The Dark Balance.

Quakes on the right . . .


Volcanoes on the right . . .

Map Map Volcano

. . . that is a PENTAGRAM. The word simply means "five lined." We talked about this in GREAT DETAIL back on Every 7 pg. 55. To remind us all once again, as requested
by Mother Nature : The Pentagram is merely a protectant by The Interconnectedness of Nature : of all elements. You. Me. Everything. Perhaps before we start defining what
THE pentagram means, we should define what this pentagram proclaims as a pentagram . . . starting clockwise right = Veniaminof . . . Kilauea . . . Manam . . . Sakurajima . . .
and the last one is a conglomerate of locations in Raven's Feather (Kamchatka) = Kizimen, Tolbachik, and Shiveluch . . . and it appears that this pentagram is a
Raoulesque Raven Cranium. The world's volcanic eruptions over a three month period reveal The Voice of The Raven Pentagram speaking to
South America, The Deep Work Superseding Wasp . . . The Amazon . . . 'sup.

Veniaminof = he was born : Ivan Evseyevich Popov : but became Saint Innocent of Alaska (of The Tide (caused by the gravity of The Sun, The Moon, and The Rotation of Earth),
as well as : Saint Innocent Metropolitan (Bishop (Overseer, Watcher, High Priest )over Bishops, (Mother) of Moscow (Dark Water) : "On October 6 [O.S. September 23] 1977 the
Russian Orthodox Church, acting on the official request of the Orthodox Church in America, glorified (canonized) Innocent as a saint, giving him the title "Enlightener of the
Aleuts, Apostle to America." (apostle = messenger) Innocent's feast day is celebrated by the Orthodox Church three times a year: March 31, the date of his repose
according to the Julian Calendar (April 13 N.S.); October 6, the anniversary of his canonization (September 23 O.S.), and October 5, the Synaxis of the Moscow
Hierarchs. Innocent is widely venerated as Equal-to-apostles as the Orthodox apostle of America. On the liturgical calendar of the Episcopal Church (USA),
Innocent is honored with a feast day on March 30."
Aleut = The In Between People.

Veniaminof =


Sacred Innocence of The Sun, The Moon, and The Revolution of Earth : Sacred Innocent Watcher of The Watchers
and Sacred Innocent Overseer of The Overseers and Sacred Innocent High Priest of The High Priests of The Dark
Energy : Enlightener of The In Between People and Messenger to The One of Many Works Superseding Wasp.

Kilauea =


( remember, She has been erupting since 1983. )

The House of The Life Burning Feather is evolving The Goddess of Fire, Lightning, Wind, and Volcanoes through
The Growing, Glowing, Trinity Ascension flowing Deep and High in Ascension Cycling through The Wind of The
Sweet Voice in The Hill of The Honey Stick, in The Hill of The Honey Eater of The Shielded Spewing Home of The
Goddess of The Great Ancestry in The One of Many Works Superseding Wasp.

Manam = we have come to the comprehension since there has not been found a
definition of the word "manam" it is simply the comprehension of The Mirror Within : MA N AM .
(Papua New Guinea = The New Black (Dark) Sunset)

( just like when one says "yes ma'am," it is the ultimate
respect of a woman. for you are saying positivism, respect,
you, me, The I AM, it's a mirror of respect, plain and simple. )

Dragondance . . .


This is The Mirror Within The New Dark Sunset.

Sakurajima =


In Water and Wine is The Abundant Benevolent Illumination of Peaceful and Celestial
Harmonized Sovereignty of The Deep Cherry Tree Blossom : a Symbol of Earth's Delicate
Life of The Embroidered Great River of The New Rising PhiMale, The Cauldron of Sight Virtue,
The Nine of The Four, known as The Setting Source of The Pacified and The Setting Source
Sea of The Circle, The Ancient Zither Amethyst Power, Origin of The Source, and deep.

Kizimen, Tolbachik (quivering, one whom is of), and Shiveluch =

Kizimen, Tolbachik, Shiveluch

I, Raven's Feather, Traveler of The Sea :
am Setting The Ascension and Ascending.

Deep is Ascension in The Sharp Quivering One.

Ascension of Physical Ethereality is The Light of The Goddess of
Vitality, yet, Being, as The Raven's Feather of The Traveler of The Sea.

All together :

813 Pentagram

Protectant by The Interconnectedness of Nature : of all elements.

I do believe The Interconnectedness of Nature comprehends
the truth of The Internal Star : and is evolving our knowledge
of it. This is intense, right? An entire world of volcanoes?
That's explicit. This is serious GODDESS energy.
( as well as it should be. )

. . . . . and this pentagram is carrying a pyramid . . .


. . . and I want you to notice that this pentagram is perspective . . . both light and dark = TRUTH.
It appears that there is a prism effect occuring . . . that creates the spectrum of light out of
source . . . . . and this seems to create the comprehensions that MASSIVE TRANSMUTATION is
being manifest continuously on a physical level of reality!

That Pyramid = a Triangulum Pyramid

Pyramid Simmering

Vast Guard of Heavenly Purificational Transmutational Simmering . . .

. . . and then there is the voice of Ravenstar . . .

This is The Voice of The Source of Sacred Sexual Balance :
Circular Breathing Vocalization of The I as a
Bridge of The Infinite.

. . . this consists of all points of the star and pyramid with the
exception of Manam as an "outside" comprehension, whereas
it is understood from its own perspective, The Mirror Within, yet
understood from the perspective of ILLUMINATION. It appears to
be expressing the activity of meditative manifestation on a massive
scale of power in the transcendence of sexuality through Sacred Sexuality.
Yes = Complex.

Sacred Sexuality is being spoken by Mother Nature like we have never witnessed it before.
It appears that The Raven is speaking to South America . . . if we were to comprehend from
a multidimensional perspective ( that which we are being acclimated through experience )
this SACRED SEXUALITY VOICE OF MOTHER NATURE is speaking directly through these spaces . . .
. . . it's quite fascinating . . . it has been a main perspective for quite some time now, this Sacred
Sexuality, to actually see such a fruition become is AMAZING . . . depth of vocalization is speaking
through Ecuador : The Great Circle Equation : The I as a Bridge of The Infinite . . . as such, through
a parallel of volcanos, one might comprehend the actual depth quality to The Amazonian
perspective of reality, that being THE BENDING OF ENERGY . . . deep ( ( ( within ) ) )
South America . . .

When reading this perspective it is to understand : this message here on the left, to the
right of the pentagram . . . . . this is THE PENTAGRAM comprehension summarized . . . the
six statements moving clockwise around The Raven, these are the eruptions in sequence
and clockwise . . . in order. It seems to be explaining both necessity and comprehension
to questions and activities, actions and reactions, with greater specificity to what is
actually needed now.


. . . I have created an animation for this natural creation. What I did was I comprehended the proclamation
that this is a star, this Raven Cranium, this voice of The Raven of Light (very much speaking from a didgeridoo
circular breathing point of view) . . . and this star is four points on top and two points on bottom . . . I went in to
Illustrator and Photoshop and began honing in the comprehensions . . . before I knew it, I had realized this perspective :
. . . we are all born little angels . . . then life happens . . . we experience darkness . . . and sacred instinct creates balance
(if applicable, willing, and capable) . . . then, AS balance sets in, we realize this is reflection, yet external, internal, absolute.
We then realize that there is no separation between light and dark, and duality is simply a challenge in life to become victorious
over by finally realizing that EVERYTHING is Sacred Sexuality.

. . . the image at the end of this movie is an explicit VISION of this current experience. Just as I had created
The Internal Star symbol back in 2006-2007 : to find it in 2013 . . . I created the song and album ISOLA : : : : : : :

Vestige seen between the light : that we may cast illumination,
as is seen from in between : your presence starts, your breathing
mind is waiting.

Patience speaks through streaming air, Habitual, this sovereign
singularity, Space may fold unto itself, but space won't let go of our souls.

A rogue that walks the thinnest line : and crosses over through
obscurity . . . only way into the light, face yourself in every other.

Here you thought that you might challenge, try yourself evolved in others,
face the ones who almost know you, they don't know what you can do.

Light to light, the in between may see the darkness,
light to light, the in between . . .
the bridge still lives, no matter . . .
The world beyond our world exists . . .
you may be the reason we all can believe it.
you may be the reason . . .

Search your soul for every mind, the conscious river's all you'll find,
the minds you seek that steal control, they're forged between your
eyes and temples.

I don't believe in chaos' control. I don't
believe that distance lives between our souls.
just what do you believe?
I don't believe this world ever sought
to feed our lives Her existence.
just what do you believe?
The force of life, She speaks to me and you
. . . if you'd only listen.

Inside you (ad infinitum.)

. . . this continues to happen in both a present circumstance and
experience, as well as a distant future circumstance and experience.
I believe this is a fundamental part of evolving sacredly, one whom
continues upon the same sacred path in extreme specificity to
sacredity, respect, and appropriateness : reveals a path of
manifestation that speaks to itself through The
Interconnectedness of Nature, all of us.
In the evolution of comprehension into
the greater depths of darkness, light,
we find the treasures of darkness,
quite well lit, and not at all evil.

5.8.2013 Sedona

. . . my practice of Sacred Manifestation continues daily.
And although I do not get explicit with the details of what
I am actually doing, you may read much of this through the
earthquake and volcanic eruptions readings, for I am simply
maintaining a longevity of fluidity with The Interconnectedness
of Nature in what ever ways possible, sacredly, respectively, and
appropriately. The Path of these manifestations has become extremely
far in perspective and power, and with great specificity to the magnifications
of circular breathing and didgeridoo work being integrated into the massive
conglomerate of meditative manifestation. The evolution that takes place
when an individual commits themselves to The Sacred Path is by far,
extreme. The challenges are numerous and constant. The flow is
vast and rapid. This place is most assuredly a home.


5.8.2013 5.8.2013




5.9-10.2013 Tungurahua, Ecuador Eruption
( fountaining = power circulation. )


The Power is Circulating The Throat of Power through
The Great Circle Equation of I as a Bridge of The Infinite.

5.10.2013 Sedona





5.13.2013 Northwest Pacific, Agrihan, Asuncion,
Maug East, West, North, Farallon de Pajaros, Marianas 6.8

Agrihan : the only information I can find about this island is that,
allegedly, there was a very mean man whom hid a treasure there
and was killed while being tortured for its location. The man's name
was Roberton which means : Famous Town.

Asuncion : The Assumption of The Virgin Mary into Heaven.

Maug = Steadfast and Everlasting.

Farallon de Pajaros = Bird's Rock.


The Greatest Highest Peace is The Famous Treasure, The Assumption of The Pure and Bitter Rebellious
MotherWifeSpirit into Heaven, a Steadfast and Everlasting Setting is Ascension : and on High is this level :
The Bird's Rock of The Highest Power Conductor of The Beloved Queen Rebellious Wish : MotherWife of
The Christ Consciousness is Favored with a Seed Within known as The Sky Artificer, that which is Deep
Grace like God Climaxing The Source, this is The Kinetic Energy Released into Matter of The New
known as The Reflection of The Enchanter Magicians Within known as The Great Ones . . . these
are The Authority of "The Feast" of "The New" of The Court, in The Within of 'Sounding Praise.
Deep Hidden Offering of The Underworld Bridge of The Phoenix shall bring forth a flood of
causality . . . know this . . . it has set an overturning of the balance in order to bring forth
the power from the heavens . . . this power has been amplified and multiplied thusly.
Ascend yourselves out of distress, this is The Treasure become : and as such, through
a bridge of The Mirrored Womb shall you Ascend. For it is The Root of The Savior that
becomes from Sacred Sexuality as The Source of Communication through The Flow of
The Necessity of Goddesses as The Temple of Creation : as Love. This is The Causality.
Heaven on Earth manifest and the destruction of curse. Ascension of Causality is higher,
and further from this creation of Heaven on Earth, and out of this offering is become the
shielded healer, and without impure distress. . . this power has been amplified and multiplied.

5.14-21.2013 Cleveland, Chuginadak, Island of Four Mountains, Fox Islands, Aleutian Islands, Alaska : Volcano Eruption

The island of this volcano is known as Chuginadak, The Fire Goddess. The Western portion of this
island (Stephen Grover Cleveland Volcano, to think) is known as Chuginadax : known as " Simmering " . . . . .

The one and only thing I could think of when I saw the word simmering and "small tide!" was theme based,
and all I could think of was " SIMMER DOWN NOW ! "

. . . right? omfg . . . so. frickn'. yeah. Nadeen's pride and joy!

stephen = crown or wreath . . .

grover = Grover! . . . grover = "thicket."

( did you ever notice the guy Grover was always serving
was a puppet that looked like Grover Cleveland . . . F F T . . . .

Grovers Grovers

cleveland = the land of the divided : 100 Meter Wide Lava Flow SE.

Simmer down now! Flow is on : : : ºMASSIVE DEEP ASCENSIONº : : : This is The Goddess of Power
known as The Crown Wreath Thicket Division of Four Within The Cunning Within People
Between Within The Tide of The One of Many Works Superseding Wasp : : :

too much? Simmering : : : consistently just at or below the boiling point . . . . .

5.14-6.15.2013 Pavlof Volcano, Alaska
Pavlof means Paul means "small."
Northern flow, Lava (to wash)
Effusion (outpouring) Fountaining.
(lava flow stopped at exactly 4:20.)


Small Tide! Flow is on High and Washing
is Circulating : yet : ceased
at "420."

. . . you be your own judge on this one . . .
that's some smooth riddlin' by Nature . . .

M and M

5.17.2013 Minamisoma, Japan 6.0

Anubis Heart to Feather

Minamisoma Minamisoma Minamisoma

The Greatest Peace is The Bridge of The Total Internal Reflection of Absolute Reality : The Fertility Rebirth Shelter Root of Power
Cultivation Treasury Magnifier of The Spiritual Light of The World through Miraculous and Mysterious, Mystical Strength of The
Sacred Divine : The Deep Mutual Horse of The Blessed Within in The Source : The Bridged Guide of The Dead, He Who Weighs
The Heart to The Feather Sees through Light : The Vast Balance Consumption, and Sees through Dark : The Origin Between . . .
they are both of The Mutual Horse of The Blessed Within : Origin of Source. The Consumption Cleansing of The Ouroboros
begins at the edge of The World, travels throughout The Infinite Infinitesimal, and cycles through The HeartWombMindEye
of Mother Earth into The 3963 Sphere : Eye to Eye with Anubis, The Heart : like a feather.

The Horizons spoke of a Great Paralleled Balance Purity from The Great Mother Spiral of
Sacred Offering for Healing through The Moon Path of The Woman of Courage, this is The
Physical, Ethereal, Mortal, Immortal Path of Energetic Flow.

Crowned is The Equilibrium of Creating Perception
Between Sight as The Birth of Sacred Nature,
Sacred Sexuality.

5.19.2013 Sedona



5.19-23.2013 Pacaya Volcano @ MacKenney Cone, Cerro Grande-Pacaya-Cerro
Chino Volcanic Complex, Central American Volcanic Arc, Guatemala Eruption

Pacaya = a Peruvian leguminous tree, cultivated for its
large white edible pods. Peru = The High Castle Golden Mountain
Guardian(s) of The Universal Sovereign of Wealth . . . leguminous =
fruit and/or seed .

cerro = hill or mount
chino = chinese (of The Middle Kingdom)

Strombolian activity @ Alfredo MacKenney Cone =
Elf Counsel Offspring of 'Beloved of Aodh', 'Ardent Love'
and 'Firesprung.'

ALF = Alien Life Form . . . ALF(redo) = recreation) by (alien life form.)

Elf Counsel ( : : : from an alien's point of view, which is a bit unusual to most folks.)


Circulating Power from The Alien Counsel Seed of The Beloved
of extremely passionate Love : EXTREME, then subtle : A High Castle
Golden Guardian of Universal Sovereign Wealth Seeding Tree of Pure
Consumable Energy of The Great Mount of Pure Seed Tree Mounts of The
Middle Kingdom Power Complex of The Central Works of The Power Arc :
in The Land of The Trees and Between them, The Land of The Snake Eating
Bird in The Center of Good Working.

5.20-21.2013 Santa Maria, Guatemala Eruption
(NE lava flow)

Santa Maria

High Ascension of The Sacred MotherWifeSpirit of The Naked
Mount of Our Language is The Setting Source Highlands of The
Trees and Between them, The Land of The Snake Eating
Bird in The Center of Good Working.

5.20.2013 Pacific Ocean, Isla Guamblin, Chonos Archipelago, Chile 6.5

( " the sentinel that is in between." )

Guamblin Guamblin Guamblin

The In Between Sentinel on Watch : known as The Aid : is in
The Sound of Falling Water : Where The Land Ends and in The
Deepest of Earth in The Deep Work Superseding Wasp.

An Impure Voice of The Moon Path of The
Woman is being put in : to cause challenge
and imbalance.

A Flood of The Mind is becoming from The Hunters for destruction,
yet, The Phoenix Heart is fearless : from The Heavens : a bridge
of The Great Jaguar Equilibrium Root Voice of Sacred Sexuality.

5.20.2013 Pacific, Avacha Gulf, Kamchatka 6.0

avacha = russian = travels of the sea.

Avachin Avachin Avachin

The Greatest Peace is The Breast of The One
Who Travels The Sea of The Raven's Feather.

Deep Ascension of The PhiMale Vortex Perception of Peace as The Loyalty Mother of Fertility, Innocence,
Following, The Highest Truth, The Great Mirror, The Womb of All Consciousness causing The Deep River of
The Phoenix.

A Fire has been lit, an Altar, The Root of The Hero of A Thousand Eyes of The Ancient Natives from The Bridge
of The Skies through The Bending of Energy by The Secret Light of Self Creation Navigation through The Water
Within The Great Mirror of The Queen of Reflection. So is brought forth from The Heavens : Guarded Heavenly
Purification through The Saving of Creation through The Seven Sisters of Communication as Love : as The Godfather
of Light and Sky : to take down the curses . . . and this : by way of The Root Balance of Immortality through The Heart of
Mortality. There is a shielded, sacred, respective, and appropriate seeding taking place, that which is allowed forth
by the individual : shall become, that which isn't allowed forth by the individual : is released and erased.

5.20.2013 (b) Pacific, Avacha Gulf, Kamchatka 6.1


The Greatest Peace is The Breast of The One
Who Travels The Sea of The Raven's Feather.

The Secret, Sacred, Loyal, Mother Vessel of Powerful Fertility is
become The Great Mother Spiral Balance of Purity Creation Ascension.

The Power Within is become from The Last Heroism whom carries The Shield
of The Phoenix as The Bridge for The Wild and Unaware to Navigate The Underworld.
As such is manifest forth as a Spine of The Sacred Natural Sight Between Reality, the
physical altar will not bend sexuality without permission : for this gets The Scorpion's Tail.
Voice forth Sacred Sexuality as a Bridge of The Spine of A Thousand Eyes through one's
HEART, that of a Centaur : with : Aware Consent : as The Bending of Physical Sexuality,
then as such is consumed and erased : a Scorpion's Tail (and/or paralleled curse(s)

through Transmutational Healing.

5.21.2013 Sedona




5.21.2013 Turrialba Volcano, Cartago, Costa Rica

turrialba = in The Huetar language is : Toriáravac,
this means “altar de los Toris” : Sacrificial Altar of The Tower.
Cartago = The Spanish Carthage (The New Spanish City.)
Spain = Fertility Energy of The Mysterious Setting
Source Guardians of The Golden Apple of Immortality . . .
150 earthquakes a day since April (Month of Aphrodite
(Venus.) ( can you imagine so many quakes, over and
over and over and over and over again? it makes me
think of this . . . )


150 quakings a day since The Aphrodite, and The Sacrifical
Altar of The Tower erupts in The New Mysterious Fertility
Source Guardians of The Golden Apple of Immortality
CIty, of The Wealthy In Between.

5.23.2013 Pacific, Ata, Tonga 7.4

ata = air, space, room, spacious, free,
morning light, shadow, reflect as a mirror.
tonga = south.

Ata Ata Ata

The Greatest Peace is The Free and Spacious Air of Morning Light, Shadow, and Mirror, Deep.

The Mother Spiral Balance is a lighthouse searching for impurity to heal, and this beacon has become
in The Underworld from In Between Reality; as such The Path of The Woman evolves revolution. So as
such be mindful dear mothers, dear wives, dear sisters, and dear daughters, yours is a responsibility
greater than that of men, for you are The Deeper Root of Reality. As such it is to know that The Balance
may become from The Root of Reality, The Heavens, just as The Heavens, The Underworld, for a reality
without a "hell " expresses Heaven everywhere : as Sacred Sexuality.

And so is brought forth The Power of The Heavens, Earth, The Voice of Creation, Causality, as
The Valor Bridge of Sacred Sexuality, that which is known as The Heart of The Great Jaguar
of The Underworld. Magnified is this flood of creation. Bridged are those whom respect
and follow Sacred Sexuality. A Thousand Eyes are we become
The Bending of Reality, between it, for all of us, respectively.

This comprehension came largely in inspiration FOR a very lovely family. The main premise
being to empower ourselves with Sacred Sexuality and to use this power SACREDLY, RESPECTIVELY,
and APPROPRIATELY to help those in need . . . this is not only to empower children, but to largely put in to
perspective the necessity to empower ourselves from a female point of view. In doing so, shall you witness
your capabilities in perception and manifestation evolve. But you must remember, this must be done sacredly,
respectively, and appropriately. If it is done in any shape, manner, form, and/or sensibility of corruption, you will
fail, relentlessly . . .

There is a moment when you realize you have become capable. When this moment arrives for you
(most likely due to explicit daily practice), harness your capabilities evolvingly, always, for you shall
be tested beyond the limits of your comprehension. Then use your capabilities to empower those
whom have necessity : victims of rape, abuse, human trafficking, any individual whom is
vulnerable and/or ignorant to corruption, EMPOWER them sacredly, in ways that only
RESPECT knows . . . in ways that only SACREDITY knows . . .
in ways that only BALANCE knows.

. . . those whom seek to corrupt, they are become their own mirror.

. . . you saw the "dark " horsemen in the beginning, chasing? You saw the "dark " power arise from the little
girl of manifestation, you saw the light of peace become very "dark " . . . yes? The Sacred Path transmutes
anger, frustration, vengeance, and rage into passion . . . there are predators out there, they do not seek
The Sacred Path, and they have no conscience as to their own actions . . . just as there are predators
on the physical levels of reality, there are as well predators between reality. And The Sacred Path
witnesses these unsacred energies in the attempt to allow Consciousness the correct knowledge
as how to defeat these abusive energies.

As a daily practitioner of energy for several years now, it has been my experience that the more
you evolve, the more you SEE, and especially that which does not have a thing to do with who you
are and/or what you are doing, except for the fact that you chose to evolve, and not just evolve
alone, but the whole of all realities, and sacredly so . . . as such, one begins to PERCEIVE that
which needs attention by Mother Nature's Standards, that being " LAU " . . . that being The
Interconnectedness of Nature . . . that being the force that vibrates between everything . . .
. . . we become acclimated to the witnessing of that which is happening beneath the thin veil
of normal every day people perception . . . one actually begins to witness how some energies
attack and some energies protect and these energies actually come from sources. And whether
we want to understand, and whether we like it or not, this exists unequivocally, and once you know
it : it will only evolve further in knowledge and perception.

Some choose to remain completely oblivious to the sensitivities of perception : by constantly
numbing themselves to it. It is to know that what you witness between reality DOES actually have
a purpose, even if it isn't something you seek to SEE and/or witness. And even if one chooses to be
oblivious to these visions and energies and evolutions of perception, this does not protect themselves
from the after effects of what may have actually been manifest. THIS IS WHY IT IS SO IMPORTANT TO

. . . i suggest reading over The Law of The Great Jaguar Dragon, for its purpose
is not only to allow morality to sacred manifestation, but as well to protect
ourselves from those whom LACK morality. . .as well . . . I suggest reading
over The Vows and Guardians, for it is to KNOW what the actual purpose
is on a Path of Sacred Evolution :

We do not exist to harm others, first, but you will protect your Sacred Self.

We exist to evolve Sacred Sexuality, The I as a Bridge of The Infinite.

The main point of all this is to integrate into our daily meditative manifestations
the gifting of sacred power, force, energy, knowledge, and communication of
sacred manifestation, sacred transmutation, sacred healing, and sacred
protection of any of our people whom are vulnerable to predators
(whether these vulnerable folks are young, old, male, female,
aware and/or ignorant.)

We are become The Darkness, but NOT as corruption. Therefore we are not become corruption.
We are become The Darkness, but NOT as abuse. Therefore we are not become abuse.
We are become The Darkness, but NOT as curse. Therefore we are not become curse.

We are become The Darkness, Light, and therefore : Balance.

. . . and if there are those whom seek to attack you,
you are become a Sacred Mirror . . . if they seek to take your
tunic, give them your cloak . . . that meaning, if someone seeks
to attack your most vulnerable sensitivity of Self, give them your
greatest force of protection . . . would you simply stand there
" taking it" if someone were actually corruptively attacking
your most sensitive portion of your physical body ?
before you are attacked with corruptive
energy, thus you are prepared for if
and/or when it happens, and on the
simmering side of things, take it as
easy and you can take it, and then
make it a little easier.

. . . it is to remember it is NEVER the purpose to
harm anyone . . . not ever . . . it is only justifiably sacred
to protect one's' Self, for there is no lack of morality and/or
ethicality in defending one's Self (and/or your loved ones)
from the tyranny of corruption.

I realize this may seem a bit intense. There is no greater purpose
than to being prepared for if and/or when the Self is attacked.

. . . let us be sacred, respective, and appropriate
with each other, this is the absolute main goal of
evolution on a scale as big as all realities.

5.23.2013 Pacific, The Falcon, Hunga Ha' Apai, Tonga 6.3

Hunga ha'apai is known as Falcon Island and is a volcanic island = Falcon of Fire = Phoenix.
The two islands of Hunga are known as the islands that "jump back and forth."
Tonga = South = deep.


Hunga Hunga Hunga

The Greatest Peace is The Phoenix Rebirth that "Jumps Back and Forth," Deep.

Climb The Awakening : through Multidimensional
Dancing as Power : of The Root : as The Phoenix : of The Heart.

Cultivate DEEP as The PhiMale Vortex within Causality as The Sacred,
Respective, and Appropriate Source Powers Dearest of Heart, The River of
Consciousness, to transmute impurities. Always Sacred, always Respective,
always Appropriate.

5.24.2013 Sedona

5.24.2013 5.24.2013

5.24.2013 5.24.2013


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The Bigger Picture is The Great Jaguar Dragon is An Infinite Meditation.

May Light Be Your Shadow.

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