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12.15.13 Valley of The Spirits.

First things first : there is a term I have been using for a long time now, Sacred, Respective, and Appropriate.
It is to know this may be comprehended as well as "SRA" pronounced sa*Ra, it means Sacred, Respective,
and Appropriate.

Dig for Victory!

. . . my adventures in projective meditation at home and out on the land continue and they will always
continue, and they sometimes take a vast amount of time due to distance and complexity . . . I know that
most folks are on the go . . . not everyone has the luxury of just sitting there and reading over the infinite findings
that never stop evolving that I keep posting, and although I enjoy it, I could spend every waking moment doing
it due to how much information there is . . . I enjoy doing this for all of you, I would like it to become extremely
elaborate, evolve further, evolve communication, evolve humanity, evolve the world into a giant magical
land of The Sacred (which it already is), such that we all might enjoy the fruits of Sacred Manifestation and
The Ways in which this is accomplished, and I want to help, and it is almost literally all I have done for
several years now . . . and I have an extremely solid foundation built here, that if funded properly,
could evolve to a worldwide and universal phenomena . . . the information never stops . . . it is like
a neverending goldmine of information . . . I have decided to switch over The Communications to
a new format that is daily, in this way you all will be getting the constant streaming of what Nature
is saying, and I can work on funding these processes while elaborating them privately . . .
. . . TIAN . . .

Happy Dolphins

. . . these comprehensions I have accomplished here on the Every 7 Communications, they are vast,
this is an extremely unique path of communication that has been developed, and it is very complex.
I have been quite upfront with the comprehensions . . . I know that sometimes it is challenging to
understand, I know this, but it is the future : happening right now : you need to know this now, as
you learn, and evolve. Who are we to cease Sacred Evolution, correct? This is the future.

I am communicating daily with Nature in this way, and She with I, and She is explaining how to do it
sacredly, respectively, and appropriately = SRA!!!!! . . . this has been proven over and over again, both
through the natural phenomena witnessed across the planet and galaxy, as well as physically right here
at my location in and out of meditation : She continues to reveal to me exactly what I am doing while I
am doing and expressing how to repair, evolve it, heal, transmute, make better, or to simply say, well done
my friend : : : and She is speaking to you as well . . . and I know you like I know me : who has time to sit down
and read through all this constantly, and really get it, because I do sometimes, I will sit there for hours and
hours and hours and all of a sudden there will be this epiphany that's been multiplied from a hundred
different comprehensions I had yet to figure out simply because they all needed to be in place
before I could see The Bigger Picture . . . it is an extreme amount of information to take in
constantly, and as such, is extremely overwhelming, constantly, how do you suppose the
transmutation has become into such an intense euphoria that is acceptable to the
likes of The Natural Order of All Existence . . .

Tree of Life

. . . what's it like to process so much information constantly? . . . it's like being in a
pressure chamber that never stops pressurizing ever . . . and if you don't figure out
how to evolve your senses, your physicality, your psyche, your spirituality, your integrity :
in a way that pleases Nature Sacredly, Respectively, and Appropriately (SRA!) simultaneously
to protecting and preserving Self . . . you'll be crushed . . . that "crushing" simply equates to
what could be defined as simple disappointment . . . but as an individual whom strives to
better Self and All . . . I want the diamond! How do you get and/or become The Diamond?
BlackHoleSun. I am a vacuum, I am a Sun. It's challenging my friends! No one said it would
be easy . . . it's not a shortcut to anything . . . you have to be devoted, you have to be
loyal, you have to be Sacred, Respective, and Appropriate, you must be capable of
adapting in a split second . . . tested will be your longevity of purpose, your loyalty
to Sacred Goal and The Natural Flow, through anything you can think of, I have
had moments of great suffering in the midst of severely important meditative
manifestations : and so I use it as though it were meant to be, because guess
what, here I am, in the moment : BE PREPARED FIRST, know that anything can
happen . . . if you are a Healer, and you are healing someone or a group
of folks or even a world or a star or a universe, what ever it may be,
if you are clairvoyant in this, most likely, if there is a suffering there,
you will experience it somehow : and sometimes it can be extremely
overwhelming : and the pressure involved to succeed in your meditative
manifestations is always there : failure is not an option, ever, regardless of
what anyone says or does : you have to be able to transcend failure, go deeper
than failure can ever become : go higher than failure can ever reach : and continue
to evolve the Self as such . . . your goal isn't to "not fail," your goal is to be Sacred, Respective,
and Appropriate in The Eyes of The Interconnectedness of All Natures : for example, when I began
to feel this great suffering, I took it upon myself to CONSUME ALL SUFFERING : for if I am already in a
meditative manifestation, and it began comfortably with a particular purpose, and now I am feeling
suffering, I must be capable of adapting and shall create a manifestation within that manifestation, for
I have learned this is a necessity due to the fact that I have experienced meditative manifestation daily
for several years on several levels of reality and society, anything can happen, and it will, there is an ongoing
order that I MUST ACCLIMATE TO for the meditative manifestation to be acceptable to Nature and All. And so
I suffered the suffering : I used the suffering as an opportunity to consume all suffering : I took the suffering from
everyone and everything and forever, and I consumed it, I exorcised it, and as I exorcised it, I transmuted and/or
erased it from existence, and as I did this, I released it from me until I was satisfied the suffering had been suffered.
Then for several weeks, in every single meditative manifestation : I performed that one singular meditative manifestation
over and over and over again : through MASSIVE EUPHORIA : in settings that I made comfortable without error : so that there
would be no suffering, and I continued consuming the suffering and transmuting it and/or erasing it, while healing that meditative
manifestation and all involved with it : in what ever ways applicably Sacred, Respective, and Appropriate. For if it is done in what
ever ways applicably Sacred, Respective, and Appropriate, if it is done SRA, then it is acceptable to The Interconnectedness of
All Natures . . . and if it is acceptable to Her, then it is acceptable to me.

The Great Jaguar Dragon

The Every 7 Communications have allowed such a path to become.
Through creativity and imagination and the evolution of comprehension
with The Interconnectedness of All Natures, we continue to excel . . . and it
continues to excel regardless of the cold wars humanoids perpetrate
versus each other, but She will explain it, She will tell you what is
happening. And we want to know, right!?

. . . I want to know! . . . You want to know! . . . and really, we want to get
all of it : that fast, right? Especially in this age of communication being
so fast . . .

. . . this is why I am adapting The Every 7 Communications . . .


. . . I mean, ya know that intense moment when it just can't go any higher,
it just can't go any faster, it just can't go any deeper . . . and the volume of
intensity is roaring at the highest, fastest, deepest pitch you can possibly
fathom, and there's simply nothing more to give, and the sweat is dripping
down your back, and the whole body is tingling between reality, and you're
still frickn' dancing! . . . then all of a sudden : SHIFT.

That's why.

We have to understand that the technology that has been developed
over these many years has largely paralleled The Love Movement . . . It does
not seem a coincidence nor happenchance : that we are learning how to function faster
and faster . . . our minds are in rapid mode . . . everything, know, know, know, why not accelerate that
evolution WITH The Infinite Spiritual Love Evolution through the amplification of healing and transmutation
and Sacred Manifestation . . . simultaneously. Learn the mind, learn the heart, learn the root . . . Why remain
linear when everything is going 3 dimensional . . . and even 3 dimensional seems like yesterday's news, right?
. . . the quality of multidimensional harmonization with the innerworkings of Nature is a reality, it is a truth, it
is a fact of evolution that every individual will eventually understand, simply . . . there are layers of
reality . . . there are layers to individuals . . . there are layers to creation . . . there are layers to
manifestation . . . there are layers to balance . . . there are layers to integrity . . . there are
most assuredly layers to love and friendship and natural interaction . . . we must free
ourselves to become that which we seek to evolve and then acclimate to the
natural flow of evolution, that which simply is the development of our own
individual consciousness with The Whole. There is a simple Trinity to
comprehend . . . first . . . after you already have become known
of The 7 and 9 Energies, The Chakras, The Earth, The Source
Interconnectedness of All Natures, The Awakening of your
Dragon, your Serpentine Kundalini . . . The Transcendence
of this into MASSIVE SACRED SEXUALITY, and the intertwining
of these in ways that will simply blow your mind . . . To Evolve,
one must, to go further, you must wear The Spirit of Nature,
you are naked in this light simultaneously clothed of the
Universe, yet within you, put The Spirit of Nature upon
you yourSelf! She is The MotherWifeBride. She is not
against you, She is not here to hurt you, She is not
here to hate you, She is here to teach you, She is
here to help you, She is here to guide you, She will
never end this and She will never abandon this,
and She will never stop teaching . . . wear The
Spirit of Nature, your path, your WAY, your
language, your voice, your truth, your tongue,
The Serpent's Tongue is The Source . . . don't
shutter at that fact, how does that snake
know where to go by licking the air . . . how
does that serpent know where to be by tasting
the sky . . . how does that serpent know how to
breathe while simultanesouly sensing its path, right?
. . . this isn't a biblical story (necessarily), we are evolved,
the senses are become, before you, like YHWH, it is expressed
as The Breath of God! What is a GOD? A Creator! This isn't a story
about God, it is The I as a Bridge of The Infinite . . . this isn't religion,
this is The Path of Sacred Evolution . . . A Path that already exists . . .


. . . let me tell you an adventure story . . . i was at this bear cave
way back around the corner from a place I call The Valley of The
Spirits . . . a place I was told to go . . . a BIG tangent . . . big sacrifices
were made to get this far . . . alot of hardships . . . She wanted to know
how far I could go . . . I got out to this cave, and you could tell this is where
Bear lives . . . and I performed a meditation . . . I played the didg in these caves
and got quite animated and extreme with my dancing and coyote calls . . . I nearly
passed out from the passionate outlay. . . and when I finished, I gathered everything
and began journeying down the hill . . . now just prior to this, for two days, after I had
performed a few ceremonies, I witnessed vultures . . . the first time, six of them circling
me . . . it was right after I had comprehended a particularly delicate necessity of bridging
locations that I hesitated because I wanted to be sure . . . something wanted it now . . . there
were Poltergeist-esque features happening . . . I witnessed items picked up and thrown off
cliffs . . . I was estranged by it . . . and it is as though Nature was saying I had the necessity
to do something, and I had the necessity to take away something I had done . . . and so
I did both . . . but prior to understanding that, vultures were circling me as I walked
down the path . . . not a good omen . . . death was following me . . . and then
something was basically picked up and thrown off a cliff, very parallel to
my "accident" back in 1988 . . . six vultures circling me as I walked The Path.
. . . and then I went to another place . . . an occipital location . . . very
powerful meditation, as I walked down that hill, a single vulture
circling me . . . as though Nature was expressing to me my own
death from long ago, as though I did die and was brought back
in a new form, spiritually, within, not the same David, yet retaining
all the same memories, etc. So to say this was intense, is an understatement.
So I was beginning my journey into The Valley of The Spirits in order to understand further
what has become, and these caves of the bears is an entrance valley of this area . . . I have
just experienced all this death comprehension following me, was being guided through my
own comprehensive path of reality of my own death and rebirth @ 5553131988 . . . and
being shown how, what, when, why, where, and/or how : willful causality is often the
reason why people suffer and/or die . . . and if as such, that's a plain and simple
comprehension of murder . . . nevertheless, I am being followed by my own
death and I am walking into The Valley of The Spirits . . . I found some very
powerful inlets, was even told not to go to some, and then found these
bear caves . . . the meditation was EXTREMELY powerful . . . Infinite Ascension . . . after this
meditation, as I began walking down the hill, Ravens came to me . . . several . . . they began
circling me, many ravens ,they were speaking to me, no vultures anywhere . . . they were talkin
their talk and flyin my walk . . . and they wanted me to keep goin . . . and so I kept goin, and I found
another cave, real dark cave, Gumby shape, classic . . . then found another wave with the face of
a Raven burnt into the inside of this wave . . . naturally . . . and the sun had gone down . . . and it was
dark, and on this path, there was no trail . . . and I was in bears' territory . . . but I had me a little tiny
keylight . . . and I found a dry riverwash . . . and those are usually good trail btw . . . and as I walked
down, it got completely dark . . . and I had my headphones blaring . . . and over my headphones
at roughly five feet away to my right side did I hear a sound that becomes QUITE DISTINCT once
you've heard it . . . and that rattle was loud, and it weren't shallow at all, it was DEEP! . . . and
I brought the light over, and DIAMONDBACK COILED UP RIGHT AT ME FACE TO FACE, by far the
biggest snake I have ever witnessed . . . it was like a cobra ascending to The Sun . . . and this
was Mother Nature . . . and She was expressing . . . She was saying, " This is what you just
created as power, this is the intensity ," . . . and I felt euphoria in a different way, that
rush that happens in the longevity climax of Sacred Sexual Meditative Manifestation
. . . it happened that fast, full body tingling euphoria instant. . . and you know what I did?
(well i had never experienced a massive serpent rise up at me before, so I was startled)
I screamed like a little girl . . . I swear it! My pitch was high in frequency and stature, and I
traversed on forward a good ten paces and stopped . . . I mean, Serpent could have
struck, but She didn't . . . why am I walking away from Serpent? Serpent was speaking
to me. How rude!
And I looked up to the stones that were before me, and they were
a mirror of each other, these stones were a mirror of each other, and I was just looking
at this Western Diamondback Rattlesnake : Setting Source Diamond Kundalini . . . and I
needed to See The Serpent, and so I did form a communication as such, like a mirror
within both of us, of each other, yet in a form that would not disturb Her delicate
nature, nor mine : and so I stood in multidimensional mirror of Her, unshaken,
undisturbed, a quiet gesture of I See You, You See Me, we are hear to heal
each other and exchange transmutation SACREDLY, RESPECTIVELY, and
APPROPRIATELY SRA, nothing more, nothing less . . .
I just created this
manifestation . . . and you just came to express the power that was
amplified . . . so we have gifts for one another
. . . and we had already
exchanged . . . that fast . . . that was Diamond's Gift . . . but I had something
for Her as well, something Sacred, something further, something that was
applicably sacred, respective, and appropriate that She had necessity
of, a conscious amplification of what ever She had necessity of . . . and
now I have a guide. A very powerful guide . . . and so we guide each
other now . . . She will always be empowered from every meditation,
She will always be gifted Sacred Power, Force, Energy, Knowledge,
and Communication . . . and so as such does She allow me . . .
because there is a mutual respect understood from within.

Transcendent Transmutation

this is truth. There is no evil folks. In the same ways I have comprehended
Nature expressing meditations I have performed . . . She will express through
Herself by creature . . . and this is a level . . . that level must be gone through to
evolve further through the levels . . . and it can be done in YOUR way as long as
it is by the principles of Nature's Sacred, Respective, and Appropriate acceptance.
I mean, Nature is through all this, it is plainly obvious, She could have thrown me off any
cliff several times, it wouldn't have been difficult, not in the least, but She took me on a
path of my own death and rebirth instead . . . She said I was dead. I died. I am not who I
was before that death when I was 15 . . . She could have shattered my bones throughout any
of the many journeys I have experienced on no trails and sliding paths and rock climbing and
steep hills and no traction, in rain and snow and mud and creatures and the like . . . in fact just
recently, I was on a hill climbing down, leapt, heard my ankle snap, heard it break, it bent in a
way that under normal circumstances would have shattered my ankle completely, no question.
I did not fall, I did not stop, there is no limp, and I continued with a full day of meditations . . . you see,
Nature can stop it at any moment if She has the necessity . . . and even as such, we must remember,
there are those in existence who are attempting to test your capabilities of causality, and/or even
stop you, humanoids . . . this is why it is so important to be Sacred, Respective, and Appropriate . . .
because then The Interconnectedness of All Natures has your back . . . and in ways that transcend
even the physics of a broken ankle, or the metaphysics of corruptive causality . . . She wants to help
you simply by your proxy to The Sacred, Respective, and Appropriate Path you have become.

Spider Goddess

. . . soonafter, I was performing a very powerful meditative manifestation
above Sedona, way up on top . . . I was on a perch roughly thirty feet from
the ground . . . on the edge . . . dancing with The Sky and The Trees and The
Shadows . . . and about 70 yards in front of me, just as I had finished, I noticed
Raven sitting there on this stone wall, talking to me! And I took off my headphones
and I started speaking to Raven! . . . I saw the potential from my experience with The
Serpent, Raven had come to me out of the respect of that comprehension and action,
Raven was facing me as a mirror, gave me space to allow respect, and was talking to me
throughout the meditation before I even knew Raven was talking to me, and so I noticed,
and witnessed Raven wanting to communicate with me directly . . . and so I asked if Raven
would like to be in Union with me for communication, Spiritual Union . . . and Raven spoke this
as well . . . and so we became union right then, right there, in The Sky, in The Stones . . . and we
exchanged Power, Force, Energy, Knowledge, and Communication. I allowed Raven all that I
knew, all that I had accomplished, my entire existence in a moment, here I am Raven, this
is The Path I have experienced, all the good and bad, and this is what I have become,
what's next my friend, let's do this
. . . I gave Raven all the healing and transmutation
and manifestation I knew to give as applicably Sacred, Respective, and Appropriate
to Raven . . . SRA . . . and whatever Raven had necessity of sacredly, I manifest for
Raven, I allowed Raven, I gave freely, for there was vast respect that day
between myself and Raven, She came to me as I came to The Serpent . . .
. . . remember the vultures circling, the death walk, The Valley of The Spirits,
. . . and now I'm on top of the world having a conversation with Raven in union
in meditative manifestation in a total mirrored parallel to exactly what I had
comprehended with Serpent . . . and Raven allowed me Raven's Knowledge,
that's frickn' DARK POWER, yo . . . and remember there is no evil . . . there is only
the necessity of balance . . . dark power is Sacred Sexual Power. . . severe respect . . .


: : : and so for about fifteen minutes we just sat there and talked nonstop with each other,
we were like a couple of gals in the hair salon! . . . gabby gabsters . . . . . and when Raven knew
we were finished, I knew we were finished, and I said alright Raven, and I didn't speed up or slow
down my processes of meditative manifestation, I did what I do, how I do it, to a tee . . . and the
absolute second after I completed the meditative manifestation, and we were no longer in union . . . at
that EXACT next second, Raven leapt from that stone and flew in a perfect circle around that stone formation.
Two Ravens flew by me in parallel, showing me a path, right beneath my feet, the very mountain I was standing
upon . . . I didn't question it . . . I followed their guidance . . . they showed me parallels of that which I had already
accomplished, and how to go deeper, further, higher, they showed me where not to go, they showed me maps,
they revealed the power within this space, this place, and how . . . and this path, you should know, it never ends.


. . . and so when you think it is an end, a bad end, and the vultures are circling your path in a bad way, remember this truth,
for it is an absolute truth that didn't just happen overnight . . . it took many, many levels of comprehensive flow, actual physical
journeys of meditative manifestation, of reading and learning how to read Nature now, again and again and again and evolving
it . . . and again . . . pressurized chambers of reality . . . one MUST AMPLIFY SACRED PASSION . . . sacredly , respectively, and appropriately
: : : SRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give respect, get respect, give respect, get respect, give respect . . . it's awfully quiet out there when the vultures start
circling . . . but then you take the path of comprehension, not just a reaction to the value of the face of first contact . . . and you have the
potential to know how deep it goes . . . and me for example . . . to learn of my own death and rebirth . . . further.

Infinite Infinitesimal

. . . I traveled through The Valley of The Spirits, and they showed me the value of respect . . . they sought to
be part of all this . . . they SEE what is happening . . . all of us . . . so what did I do? I gave them Sacred Protection . . .
Why? They are Sacred . . . I empower The Sacred, and I consume and exorcise the corrupt . . . Nature knows . . . and
now I begin Seeing them . . . they've come to me. This one night I was up really late workin . . . and I went outside, it
was real early a.m., dark, quiet, I opened my door and it sounded like the wings of an angel outside my door . . . but
there wasn't anything there, not anything . . . I looked up in the sky above the stone formations behind my house . . .
there I saw in the sky a face the size of that entire stone formation, above it, looking directly at me, STARS as eyes,
side by side, light and dark, both Sacred . . . just watchin me do whatever it is I do . . . and it keeps getting bigger.
. . . and I'm like . . . exactly . . . empowered.

Bear Guardian

. . . and so we may wear The Spirit of Nature, and if you so choose to allow a
spiritual union with Nature : let Her speak it first : then allow it, for if She has
allowed it first = Mutual Respect : : : and NEVER stay in union after you are
through . . . find a way to speak it perfectly . . . like a lawyer's contractual
mantra : such that there is absolutely no question as to the validity of your
own singular individuality and Hers afterthefact . . .

We are all individual with Consciousness . . . and we must respect each other first.

. . . make a wish . . .

Dark Goddess

There are ways to create the wearing of Nature in constancy,
yet not of Her creatures . . . but of Her Spirit . . . placed between the
fabric of time and space and dimensionality : you may become . . .
I have created a process called ILLUMINATION with Nature for this
exact purpose : speak with The Natural Order you shall witness . . .
even before you realize you have done so, shall it become . . . levels
shall become you . . . just as they have become me . . . and I can teach
you this if you will have me. I respect us. There will only be truth. And it
shall be Sacred . . . it is Powerful, and that power is going to evolve
in you, of you, with you, and The Inteconnectedness of All Natures.

There is an ultimate Trinity that must be learned.

The Interconnectedness of All Natures . . . Earth . . . You.

The Trinity Totem

I want to help you further, but it gets personal. Your relationship with Nature is intimate, even if
you don't understand that yet, She witnesses everything you do, and chooses either to speak with
you or not, due to what you are doing . . . for years and years and years, half my life, I tried talking with
Her, and She would speak, but always with others, or indirectly . . . and I kept asking Her why? WHY won't
you use me!? . . . silence is all I could hear, I was deaf to Her . . . until I finally stopped and listened with my
own ears, with my own senses, undaunted by the constant consumptions I had chosen for half of my life .
. . . you see, She couldn't hear me well . . . but She wanted to . . . and then when I started hearing Her . . .
: look what happened . . . frickn' MASS COMMUNICATION, constant, scientifically proven unequivocally
constant . . . and it just won't ever end . . . and why? Sacred, Respective, Appropriate : SRA.

Respect Yourself Others

It is a new language, it's a new human language, one that unites all humans sacredly through The
Interconnectedness of All Natures . . . but ya know . . . this information is coming afterthefact, right?
You want to know the daily path! Right!? You want to know, right now, what is happening as it happens,

. . . with proper funding we could build a system necessary to Unite Humanity with Nature
on a Global Level : : : all this that I am doing, but in a multicomputerized automation of
information that is regulated by the comprehensions we witness logically . . . eventually
simply have a voice that is Nature's. Ya know? It can be accomplished, but I need help.
. . . finally know what it means to be a Unified Collective whose goal is Sacred Evolution . . .
no one's tryin to kill technology, no one's tryin to dissuade logical and moral order, no one's tryin
to say this one's right and this one's wrong and that one's whatever . . . no one's attempting to
kill religion, there are truths in all of it, everyone has a voice in this, Nature is using everyone's
language, everyone's belief systems, but you have to understand, She isn't using these
comprehensions to decide what is the correct belief system, She is using them to
explain what is actually happening RIGHT NOW. SHE IS TALKING TO US NOW THROUGH
this is what I read to accomplish . . . for no other reason but to amplify euphoria . . . magnify love . . .
create healing . . . manifest transmutation . . . transmute and/or destroy corruption when/where applicably
necessary . . . evolving comprehension . . . GET US OUT OF THE FRICKN' BASSAWKWARDS WHATEVERS . . . and
REALITY . . . it's beautiful. It's already happening . . . it will continue to happen . . . let's build it up! SRA!

Carl Sagan

Who knew, right? Everybody knew. Nobody knew. We're all waking up. We were never asleep.
She never talked to me. She's been talking to me THE WHOLE TIME! The only waking you're doing
is to the fact that She is speaking directly to you in YOUR WAY because you are a unique and
creative fractal of HER! . . . how you understand it is up to you . . . it's your way . . . so stop
brushing it off as though it never happens . . . it isn't a coincidence, it isn't an accident,
it isn't by chance, it isn't simply luck, YOU ARE WORTHY, GET OFF YOUR ASS AND CHOOSE
HER because She already chose you! Nature says, " You Are Worthy," why leave that
hangin? Why indeed. Nature just keeps going. She isn't waiting for anybody, not me,
not you, not him, not her, not anyone, She just keeps goin, and it is up to us as stewards
of this planet to step up and accomplish Her necessities by way of learning how to listen
and performing creatively what She has requested . . . and I have created a system for reading
that : and so most of what needs to be accomplished has been accomplished , now it is just a matter
of being creative with what is said . . . use your own creativity with it . . . be Sacred, Respective, and
Appropriate with it, SRA! That's all there is to it . . . I will make it as easy as possible for you . . .

 . . .

. . . It is to be easy to understand . . . and I wish to take it further . . . I will eventually pay people
to travel the world to build an index of this planet's languages to bridge all of humanity through
the voice of Mother Nature! . . . I mean, there are websites that already index a large amount of
information like Wikipedia (who is run on donations, runs without ads), and so the path of information
is being layed, just imagine if we could get together all these systems of technology in some sort of
remote way even, we all trust in the knowledge of the one goal of Sacred, Respective, and
Appropriate evolution of everything necessary . . . can you imagine amplifying these systems
for such a purpose, Nature would be extremely pleased : when do you suppose would be a good
time to start doing this? . . . ya know, when like, those super intense volcanos start waking up and
the storms become bigger than they've ever been before on this planet, and the quakes are, etc
. . . yeah, we get it . . . NOW, is the moment. Now. Not then. Not soon. Now . . . cause all that just
happened . . . I guarantee you that there are government agencies already doing this, the
webpage has been viewed, the information scanned, they know the potential, there isn't
anyone on this planet that wouldn't be intrigued by such a notion as being capable of
speaking with Mother Nature on a constant basis. Think of it, how can I create that
dark matter?
Answer. How can I create that fusion? Answer. How can I create that
Answer. Who are those aliens that are about to arrive. Answer. Are there
terrorists planning to attack (whatever country is asking.)


. . . why do these kinds of storms happen? Hate. Pure and simple. Would you like to know how to ease
these types of storms? Love, good love, not the hurting kind, not the violent kind, not the disrespectful
kind, actual SACRED, RESPECTIVE AND APPROPRIATE LOVE. That's how. Ritualizing the ceremony of actually
being creative in the creation of the feeling of euphoric bliss, through ceremonial ritual of music, dance,
and the like : WITH THE EXPLICIT PURPOSE, now this is important, with the explicit purpose of manifesting
love (and if it is to pull the steam out of a storm, then that as well, with love, passionate love.)

The more that humanoids (and I say humanoids because obviously we are not alone on this world
as merely humans, and if you don't understand that yet, you're already behind), so the more that
humanoids disrespect each other with hate, with cold war, with cold terror, the more crazy
storms there will be . . . they are amplified by the elongation of cold abuse . . . I have been
saying this for years now, out of experience, there is a system of cold terror that exists on
this world, in this reality, perhaps between the realities you even experience, but there is
a faction that inhabits this world on some level of consciousness, and it thrives on creating
cold terror . . . and it isn't only being done to one person . . . it may even be focused on one
target, but if all forms of media are being manipulated by this cold terror, then it is effecting
anyone and everyone susceptible to cold terror energy . . . as such, when you witness all of a
sudden, someone going ballistic and shooting up a school or post office or naval base or whatever,
this is usually at that time of heated cold terrorism . . . people freak out : why? Because that is what
the cold terrorists are attempting to create : and even if it is some sort of whacked out karmic based
retribution center of pressurizing coal into diamonds, are those individual targets worth hundreds of
thousands of lives, as well as the cold manipulation of millions? Obviously not. And although there
may be exceptions to this cold terrorism, whereas one may be capable of rising above it simply
because they have experience in overcoming the height of climactic discordianism due to
the fact that their own comprehensions of it have been honed since birth, still, it is of no
surprise to witness those less fortunate become overcome with fear and hate and disgust
at the cold terrorism being dealt out, that they have no other choice but to respond with
illogical and immoral force . . . I have to tell ya, it is a thin line we walk, because you have
to understand, to someone who is being terrorized or bullied on a daily basis, logic forms in
a different way, logic becomes the path of survival, and if there isn't some form of moral
foundation there, or if that moral foundation has been manipulated or entranced to
be corrupt : as more cold terrorism is perpetrated against the individual, the more
amplified that becomes . . . and then all of a sudden you have Columbine. And THAT
is unacceptable behavior . . . on both parts. Everyone intimately involved knows it.
It's wrong. And you have to understand this fact : one day you can walk into anystore
of the world and those folks will be kind and generous and loving and free and whimsical
and philosophical and fluid and communicative and so forth . . . and then walk into the
next day and the cold terrorism is thicker than molasses . . . and this is often times where
the "goin postal" features arise from . . . why? Because one day everyone is normal, and
the next day they are soulless creatures of deception and cold terrorism . . . and you begin
to put together the facts of alternate realities (even as a metaphoric comprehension of
parallel, still is it truth), and even if there are capabilities such as inhabiting more than one
reality at a time due to the evolution of holographic science, and/or simply the capability
of otherworldly technology whereas an individual is suddenly inhabited by someone else
of a cruel nature . . . regardless of what, why, when, how, or who, it is unacceptable . . . and I know
some of you are reading this for the first time, and are like, has this guy lost it? Quite the opposite, friend,
I have been experiencing this and documenting it for a decade . . . there is no question in my mind that
i have had conversations with persons in my own family that were not my own . . . they were not whom
i was ever acquainted with, and you just know when you know, and I know! WITHOUT A DOUBT, I KNOW.
I have bared my soul in utter shame and/or total commitment of love and/or loyalty and witnessed
reactions of a source I have never witnessed, but that which had the necessity to create of
my emotions their cold terrorism, good friends, good friends who are family, anyone, anyone
at all, I have witnessed this : the most loving and kind and free souls who would never ever
not even for a split second ever be cold . . . I have witnessed be cold, out of nowhere,
suddenly inhabited like an Agent . . . smithy . . . So you must understand, if you are not
experiencing this, but you are experiencing my physical presence, this is what is
happening . . . what you may witness may be far from what I am experiencing,
but what I am experiencing is actually happening somewhere, it just may not
be where you are ( and I know that is difficult to understand unless you are
from Sedona, but most people aren't . . . there are alternate realities
coinciding side by side and I am experiencing them from a state of
mind that is constant, a constant, logical, sober, sound mind, and
so to understand that simultaneously, is quite cumbersome.)
. . . hence why I create particular ways of manifestation that don't harm
anyone, I learned from a long time ago, the purpose is never to cause harm . . .
and you have been around me, there are other logical ways of knowing why, they
may just simply be out of your normal, comfortable belief system. . . and I want to look
at the bright side of it all, the greener grasses and all that, really I do (in my Scarlet O'Hara
voice), and so I just keep evolving the meditative flow . . . so to know this, is challenging,
you were just given knowledge that is challenging to understand . . . but it is truth.

Be The Love you seek, such that this love shall become,
but do not be naive in the paths of others' HATRED . . . . . know,
and be known throughout and/or within The Sacred, Respective,
and Appropriate Realities of this world and any world, such to a
degree of competency that is acceptable at a conscious level
of morality without illogical belief systems, and with The Interconnectedness
of All Natures, and She will communicate respectively with you . . . no matter
how much pressure there is . . .

It is a long path.

It is a long path.

. . . . I want to teach and learn and help and create and evolve it all . . . more technical knowhow,
more scholars, more science, more spiritual guidance from those whom are at the height of their
spiritual guidance! . . . I mean sheesh man, if there's a masssive quake in India, we should be talkin
to someone in India . . . if there is a massive quake in Japan, we need to be talkin to someone in
Japan . . . SPIRITUAL GUIDES . . . HONEST SCIENTISTS . . . why did that volcano just make a new
island . . . somethin was just created within Nature . . . well let's get on it . . . the workload is
MASSIVE . . . it never ends . . . it's Nature . . . HELP! ! !

. . . I want to marry the worlds, right? Science and Spirituality are one in the same.
The Spiral, Phi, The Golden Ratio, Waves, Vortices, Trinities, Love, Sacred Sexuality . . .
how to . . . when . . . why . . . where . . what . . . for . . . how . . .


She is speaking it all nonstop over and over and over and over and over and over and over again . . . She will not stop, it's Nature.
Why would you or I stop. I will learn Her. Right? That's the correct answer . . . and even as such, if only as an ambitious statement, for
I will merely begin this journey that so many have traveled for so long, for so far, and in secret, and She only merely ignites this within
me, to bring it to you, that which has been, that which is to be, that which has already become between time . . . The Sacred has
always been, and much of The Native population of our planet have known these ways for a long time . . . It is to know, now, how :
yet : only The Sacred, She will keep giving to you, but only The Sacred . . . when HATE and ABUSE and CORRUPTION are being amplified : : :
destruction usually follows . . . it has happened over and over again . . . even with The Philippines did this occur . . . the hate, we did witness
prior to this storm of all storms, as though the storm itself was merely reflecting the abusive qualities through what a storm does . . . yet the
necessity to purify that which is attempting to corrupt . . . it doesn't have anything to do with The Philippines, and everything to do with
corrupt people and their corrupt dealings having to be purified of this world . . . just like Joplin, Missouri, that horrendous storm didn't
have anything to do with Joplin, Missouri, necessarily, but it was an explanation of what and why and how focused and targeting
hate machines
willfully abuse your own . . . it is our job to transcend that! It is our job to heal that which has necessity! It is our job
to circumvent that when at all possible! It is not our job however, to be complacent to it, ever!

WAKE UP . . . how many more times will it take . . .

. . . here's a theoretical view : this theoretical view of what complacency will create , this is describing the arrogance of a Hater
whom humanity has decided to simply be complacent of : it is as though there have been hundreds upon thousands of hate machine
targeting abuses that have caused natural earth storm reactions to such an extreme that now, there are only 2 people left on this planet,
everyone else is dead, and the only two people left are both Yosemite Sam, left here, on an empty, waterless, void of a planet, shooting
empty pistols at each other while the earth cracks beneath their feet simultaneously to the oxygen depleting from their lungs . . .

. . . according to what I have witnessed, this is the logical eventuality if people remain complacent to hate . . . and you
may have been trained to be complacent to it because it is part of a system that you have to obey, but guess what, if
you are obeying a system that is going to eventually destroy everyone on Earth, that is illogical, plainly said . . . and I don't
know about you, but I live on this planet (which ever one I am on currently), and although humanoids have produced
some fine product, we need to step it up about ten thousand notches if we want to catch up to the levels that HATE
is producing STORM . . . look at Joplin. Look at The Philippines. Look at Haiti . . . all storms immediately following
massive hate campaigns.


. . . cause eventually we'll just go, we'll be done here, no matter which way anything goes, We will move on to the next plane of existence,
and that could happen in an instant, without notice, poof , gone . . . and did I do everything in my power to accomplish balance? Have I
done everything in my capabilities of any reality to accomplish the ultimate euphoria of love through manifestation of good balance?
Have I done everything in my capabilities to accomplish Sacred, Respective, and Appropriate Purpose in the divine path of creativity
and imagination and evolution selflessly . . . : but the logic of the hater? . . . that hater doesn't seem to have any kind of conscience, that
hater doesn't seem to actually care who or what or when or why or how the hate is created and/or targeted, and/or the result, not even
himself, cold terrorism is their only goal : they are soulless attributes of existence, it seems, and whether you believe it is happening or not,
you can take my word for it, it is happening on such hidden levels of society and reality, that you would be horrified, terrified if you saw it
all . . . and if you believe this is simply a giant hologram, this reality, well, those same haters are perpetrating on some form of hidden levels,
. . . any way you sum it up : HATE is causing STORM . . . even in a completely isolated stupor of itself, HATERS just don't seem to know how to let
go of the hate and be free to evolve in euphoria. And that's sad. It's robotic. . . and when the actual goal of a society becomes cold terror
upon its own citizens? . . . that's when it's time to find a new path . . . I mean, it is like we are choosing between two violences . . . on one
hand you have cold terrorism being perpetrated until someone goes ballistic . . . on the other hand you have cold terrorism being
perpetrated until there is a massive storm . . . in both instances people are being killed . . . what is the primary element of both
circumstances : cold terrorism.

Stop The Cold War

Regardless of who "they" are, it doesn't matter, their Psychological Warfare is destroying your planet. It is being attempted through
every single form of media and communication and is seaping into the consciousness of everyone . . . it is being done without your
consent and it's goal is to control you, whether you like it or not, whether you know it or not, this is what is happening, and NATURE
is screaming at the top of her lungs to tell you this through me . . . if you don't wake up and DECIDE it is unacceptable, Nature is
going to completely destroy us all . . . everyone. No one left accept The Secret Arc of The Chosen . . . because we humanoids
are here together, whether we agree on anything or not . . . whether you believe in hating or believe in loving, She will take
out an entire species just to preserve Herself . . . and it's more of an automation than anything, Nature functions in a particular
way . . . it may be a vast spectrum of way, extremely broad, deep, and high, but it is a particular way, and that's just how it is . . .
. . . and we are a very powerful species, our consciousness' are waking up, we must begin from a SACRED point of view, not from
hatred, not from abuse, not from corruption, most assuredly not from cold terrorism.

. . . tell me this, where will your thoughts on this subject be when there is no home, no vehicle, no street, no food, no water,
how will you feel about this subject then . . . how will you feel about simply sitting their complacently when all of Earth is gone
because you felt that by just sitting their complacently, somehow, miraculously, would be caused the end of corruption ? . . .
. . . and in that complacency that actually fails to end corruption, do you realize that that corruption, that which can be
comprehended as COLD ABUSE or COLD TERROR or COLD WARFARE, that which has been understood as bullying and/or
psychological warfare, and/or psychological abuse, actually causes the horrendous outofcontrol storms of our planet :
where does your moral ground comprehend complacency now? If you were given a mind, freewill, a heart, a soul, a
spirit, a planet, a solar system, a galaxy, a universe, would you just let it be squandered by corrupt, abusive people?
DUH! Of course not. THIS IS THE FACT OF THE MATTER . . .

Chhatraratna Chhatraratna Chhatraratna Chhatraratna Chhatraratna

. . . how did complacency work for Tibet with China? (and symbolically speaking, what does it mean when The Middle Kingdom invades
The Last Shangrila
) . . . it is a harsh reality to come to terms with, thousands of years of belief, but we must understand, evolution does
actually take place, and perhaps this world and all of reality needed Tibet and Buddhism as it was for a very long time, but now it
needs Buddhism to step it up ALOT : these guys are masters at meditative flow : WE NEED SOME SERIOUS PROJECTIVE MEDITATIVE
a Gyuto Monk Mantra Extravaganza in the most powerful locations of the world! Something! . . . dude, time is now . . . I mean
if our consciousness as a species during that period of complacent meditative manifestation was in its infancy, meaning
merely a baby . . . our consciousness, as an infant, would seem best : nurtured, made comfortable, correct? But if we are
evolving at a rapid pace now, it does not seem illogical that we are in our adolescence, perhaps even moving towards
our teens, in consciousness, and what happens there? VAST EXPLORATION and The Seeds of Awakening, if nurturing and
comfortability were the first cause, now would be directivity . . . and if it is to be done with any level of moral respect
to the entire species, there is only one way, and Her name is SRA = Sacred, Respective, and Appropriate . . . we must
understand that the rules of reality may have evolved without us knowing it somewhere along the way, or perhaps
the levels of consciousness attained by an entire species dictate the evolution of the comprehension of Natural Order . . .
and if there are intelligences working from within this world to cause corrupt control ALREADY, then we have to be ready on
a level that is far from complacent . . . ALREADY.

. . . it's up to every single one of us . . . and She is speaking to us individually and
collectively . . . some how. And I am here for you if you are Sacred, Respective,
and Appropriate, She is saying. Choose.

Serpent Goddess

It's already happening, I have proven this over and over again. I need help friends.
Help me help you.

If everyone helps there will be no one left to help . . . understand? Why is hate more important?

. . . why would we not seek to amplify this to our greatest capability? Is there no one
who does not see the potential here? I mean, potential, it's already producing the facts
and figures necessary to be proven . . .

. . . so what did I do . . . I made more work for myself . . . I have created a new webpage called TIAN . . .
TIAN stands for The Interconnectedness of All Natures. Pronounced tee•ann . . . You may visit this webpage
daily @ any time and I will be updating this page as I can throughout the days or evenings, daily, as I can, as
much as possible . . . I am here to help you, and you should probably know as much as possible, but in a more
user friendly format that is a constant . . . this way focus can be fine tuned to what The Interconnectedness of
All Nature is comprehending, and we can shift reality into the greatest depths and heights of Sacred Power,
respectively . . . this is the point . . . it is to respectively help us all . . . you have to understand the one fact
that it MUST BE SACRED, RESPECTIVE, and APPROPRIATE : : : it MUST be SRA ! ! ! Say it with me ! : "IT MUST BE : SRA!!!!"
I have been doing this for a LONG time . . . and I have been reading the 4 quakes and higher for a long time
now . . . you should know what is being said . . . so I'm going to tell you.

I'm not saying this is the last Every 7 Communication . . .
but, we'll just see how reality flows, without funding, time is limited.

( I gladly take donations by the way . )

I'm switching you all over to the fast lane : now . . . enjoy this Every 7 . . . and welcome to TIAN.

. . . every 7 pg 62 a . . .

The Communication can be read here.

The Bigger Picture is The Great Jaguar Dragon is An Infinite Meditation.

May Light Be Your Shadow.

Every 7

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