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12.15.13 Valley of The Spirits.

10.12.2013 Mediterranean Sea, Mesogios Thalassa, Greece 6.6

Mesogios Mesogios Mesogios

Middle Earth Sea The Interior Sea, Trinity of Grey Witches.

The Serpent is spiraling into the depths of The Underworld.

Peaceful Vessel is become multidimensional harmony from
The Great Eagle Vision Power . . . Sacred Sexuality flies through
this . . . immediately . . . from The Root of The Mother Loyalty,
The King of Innocence and Purification, fertile descension
awakening inversion through The Great Mirror : The Healing
of The Water Within to reverse the causality of corruption.

. . . looks like someone is drilling into the depths of Earth . . . and then a giant quake, seems not a coincidence . . .

10.14.2013 Carmen - Sagbayan - Bacani Road, Chocolate Hills National Monument, Bohol, Philippines 7.1

carmen = song.
sagbayan = place for hanging.
bacani = unknown.

. . . notice how this is a preface to the largest storm ever recorded in The Philippines,
it's path, right through this place. What does a turtle island represent? North America.
According to Iroquois oral history, Sky Woman fell down to the earth when it was covered with water.
Various animals tried to swim to the bottom of the ocean to bring back dirt to create land. Muskrat
succeeded in gathering dirt, which was placed on the back of a turtle, which grew into the land known
today as North America. In the Seneca language, the mythical turtle is called Hah-nu-nah, while the name
for an everyday turtle is ha-no-wa . . .
the name of the storm that was coming to this place was Haiyan.
What does this propose? Knowledge of what was to come . . . I surmise this is as close a preface
could be attained through comprehension . . . Haiyan : Hah-nu-nah or Ha-no-wa . . . that would
be a little difficult to predict in such a way . . . but close.

Bohol Bohol

if we are supposed to comprehend this from a North American Storm point of view though,
then we would need to look at Joplin as an example : (click on picture to go to that webpage Every 7 pg. 38)

Joplin and Athrees

With Joplin, we witnessed after a mass of horrendous cold terrorism (psychological abuse, etc)
this storm was produced . . . Nature actually created a storm that looked like an image from
the animation I created called Athrees 2 . . . at that point in the song were those words
spoken (written above in that picture (the arrow to the right has to do with more
comprehensions explained on Every 7 pg. 38.)

What is Athrees? It has been posted at Athrees 2 Entrance since 2008 :


( the subliminal message of Athrees 2 @ 6:53 = This Knowledge is inherently yours. )

I took this comprehension to the next level when I witnessed on Every 7 pg. 39
this message given by Nature : The Stream of The Ill Favoured is The Herald of Storms.
. . . and this is speaking to a hidden truth, a truth of private bullying of private cold terrorism,
of private psychological abuse being perpetrated and STREAMED as some form of entertainment
to what ever faction deems this activity necessary . . . and this knowledge outlives all mortals, because
this land was here, formed, long before any mortal is alive today . . . and so do you want to know what
causes storms : Causing Cold Terror (and of course, any type of terror or warfare will cause storm, but
it is here we witness storm being caused by straight up bullying.) The song Athrees explains it well.
You know, people are creative, they write poems, stories, movies, music, and they aren't
necessarily privy to the fact that they were inspired by actual facts of nature . . . and all
of a sudden we have naturally created puzzle pieces all over the planet by normal
everyday people simply being creative . . . know this fact, everything is a potential
piece of the puzzle of the Sacred Comprehension of Consciousness . . . even the
defining of this earthquake speaks to this truth . . . remember the first quake of
this Every 7 ? . . . look at it compared to the Athrees opening page image :

Athrees Parallel Athrees Parallels

. . . that's a little TOO obvious not to notice . . . and the words of Athrees, at the end, it is an old
Star Trek episode where Kirk and his team are stuck on a planet that is governed by a machine
ruled by a childish alien whom appears to be their age in human years, whom simply wants to
control and fight and so forth, like a game . . . the words spoke by Trelane, the childish alien
proclaim " you will hang by the neck captain, until you are dead, dead, dead." . . . bearing
this in mind, I felt it necessary to speak all the words of all the poems and/or songs that
have been created for this Every 7 Communication :



Path of The Song and The Place for Hanging and
Bacani, Hills of Chocolate, in The Cave Country
Within, Prudent Within . . . this is a warning of the
oncoming storm known as Haiyan, by Hah-nu-nah

Deep are The Sacred Offerings of Balance, Communication,
Purity, and Source of Cultivation. Deep Secrets.

This is The Face of The Clashing of the powers of The Corrupt Path of
The Woman and The Mother World Rebirth of Balance and Ambrosia.

If you cannot see what I have shown you, look between your own eyes,
in your light, your third is shouting past you, seeking comprehension in you,
far within, beyond your masks, beyond your veils, beyond your shadow, where
there wasn’t light before this, shining on this casting meadow, feel your guidance
sharpen here, in clarity, your sight, it’s you and through each wisdom you now see,
you see into this hidden vine, and everywhere this energy has here allowed your instinct :
Passion, shine your eye upon this path and comprehend your Seeing wisdom. Athrees is your
in between, your never seen, that, sees you Seeing, Athrees is your system shattered, capable,
rebuilding matter, Athrees is this antimatter, always shining metaphors, and Athrees sees your
every footstep, here without a blinking eye, and, here without a blinking I am, here without . . .
You are Athrees, you are here and you were never here and you were always here within the
heart and life is light and death is process. Never die, just on again, into the depths of level,
seeing through into ethereal and washing through the soil’s gate and into caverns shaped
in ice and fabric crystals worn without time ticking silence, for this isn’t as it is and we are
floating. Underground, beneath your shadows, Athrees sees, but you cannot, and here,
these temples ( subliminal message : this knowledge is inherently yours ) echo through
this Earth, the frequencies becoming five and twenty eight is calling you to heal this, all
that is, that we may be prepared again, for what we’ve never really seen.

Love. Love. Love. Love. (Agent Reyes of X-Files)

(Caleb Temple of American Gothic S1E17)
Novus Ordo Seclorum. The old order of the ages (is born anew.)
Novus Ordo Seclorum, The old order of the ages (is born anew.)
Novus Ordo Seclorum
Novus Ordo Seclorum
Novus Ordo Seclorum
Novus Ordo Seclorum
Novus Ordo Seclorum.
Novus (echoing) (
subliminal : find a way)

Transcend your isolation.
Transcend your isolation.

Stars of Cassiopeia (Queen of Reflection) speaking through Captain Kirk’s Voice) :
We’re living beings, not play things for your amusement!
(from the form of Cassiopeia to the form of a protected Pentagram)
Transcend your isolation.

(Trelane, the childish alien on planet Gothos)
Silence! This trial is over. You are guilty.
On all counts, you are guilty. According
to your own laws, this court has no choice
in fixing punishment. You will hang by the
neck, Captain, until you are dead, dead, dead!

(Spock : Errand of Mercy) :
Curious how often you humans manage to obtain that which you do not want.
Curious how often you humans manage to obtain that which you do not want.
Curious how often you humans manage to obtain that which you do not want.
Curious how often you humans manage to obtain that which you do not want.
Curious how often you humans manage to obtain that which you do not want.
Curious how often you humans manage to obtain that which you do not want.
Curious how often you humans manage to obtain that which you do not want.
Curious how often you humans manage to obtain that which you do not want.

10.16.2013 Solomon Sea, Empress Augusta Bay, Bougainville, Papua New Guinea 6.8

Augusta Augusta Augusta

Peaceful Sea, The Empress Feminine Sacred Victory of The Forest of Mud Inlet
of Praise Magnification of The Bending Bow of Ingenuity in The New Black Sunset.

The Setting Source is to cut off the shield.

There is a simultaneous flow of three minds of
power into The Source of Celestial Navigation.

10.19.2013 Gulf of California, Higuera de Zaragoza ( Ahome, Sinaloa,
Mexico ), Isla Santa Catalan (Mexico), Isla Carmen (Loreto, Mexico) 6.6

Higuera = fig tree (the tree in which Buddha
found enlightenment, said to amplify fertility,
Zaragoza = Caesar Augusta = Leader (female) who evolves venerability
Ahome Coat of Arms = Unity, Work, Progress
Sinaloa = The Free and Sovereign State of The Dragonfruit
Catalan = land of the goths (to pour, flow), as well as land
of castles, as well as chiefs of battle.
Loreto = childhood home of Virgin Mary, means Place of Laurels (victories)

DragonfruitDragonfruit Goddess



In The Breast of The Dark Goddess of The High Mountains Hot as an Oven,
Spiritual Enlightenment of The PhiMale Venerability Evolution ( of The Unity
Work Progress of The Dragonfruit) Within The Sacred Land of Fluidity of The
Land of Castles of The Chiefs of Battle, and Within The Song of The Purity
Bitter Rebellious MotherWife Victories of Childhood,
in The Left Handed Hummingbird.

The Setting Source is The Highest Truth of The Innocent Purifying Trinity
through The Great Mirror, The Mother Loyalty Leading Vessel of Fertility
for The Land of Creation, Mortal Immortal Rein. Bring Ascension Sacred
Sexuality through multidimensional harmonization, and Awaken Sacred
Power. Cut off the parallel ascension that cuts off ascension.

Destruction is coming from above, creation is not from the
stars dearest of heart. Sacred Offering is being constructed.
Purity is becoming a bridge of purity and Sacred Sexuality.

10.20.2013 Golden White and Heavenly Silk was posted to Poesia.

Golden White and Heavenly Silk

Golden White and Heavenly Silk, Respiring Eternal : Interconnectedness . . . Whispered Innuendo and Lady Alveolus,
. . . oh how this wind has matured The Becoming.
Amora Madrone and Indigo Ocean, Aubading Stars, Ambiguous
Darkness . . . conception, production, The Ways of Saffiya, The Shara, She Feeds You, your most Sacred Serpent :
She'll feed all our breadth : this Amplified Mirror . . . and yes oh dear Maya, my Spirit, dear Mother : my Dream of
The Underworld Overworld Seer, The Path of The Cure of The Shadowed Sierra . . . these eyes open wide through
The Sky's insufflation . . . The Dawn of your Infinite Intimate Cycling, Waters : Creative, The Rush of our Passions :
The Absolute Intellect, Intensive Ablution, Purging the ruthless, vindictive ataxia.
I am The Path of The Dark Evolution,
it has to incline from The Center of Healing . . . for as we arrive through The Root of The Heart of The Mind of The Manitou,
Realized Surreal Symbiotic Illumination, and remembered.
Wisdom is quivering like leaves of The Alder, The Stile Concitato,
The Vines of Brunello . . . Celestial Anagoge, The Parallel Mirror , once still, soft and silent : now Hard Blessed Rhapsodic!
are The Muse, The Pure Revolution, The Raven is coming, He speaks of my Seeding . . . our guidance, befitting, this Ancient New
Coveting, we stimulate Darkness to purify Light now ! ! !
For, All, it is everywhere, coming : your Patient. The Balance, so full, now
becomes thine own culture. The Seed that is Sown is your Own, dear Borjoner . . . Anthesis rains, then She walks, then She dances.
An Engendered Rise of The Temple Ascension, Pyramid Awakening that soars like The Shadows, The Butterfly Sermon Metamorphosis
Training, The Passion Afflatus : Transmutation Provocation !
Initiate : You, you're inside me becoming : My Father, My Mother, My Sister,
My Brother : My Child, My Seeding, My Raining, My Blooming : My Friend, My Dear Lover, Sweet Divine Undercovers, Aphrodite's own
whispering : Authoritative Spirit !
. . . we're all through this witness, Observer, The Watcher, The Cragsman, The Redman, The Grey, and
The ClockSmith, Immortal, Benevolent Basking, The Passive, The Guardians, The Keepers, The Goddess, the many, The One . . .
PhiMale, She weeps as She laughs as She Flies, and She SCREAMS like a girl when She's drawn to The Rattle, Elicits The Path of The
Distant Convergence, The Confluent River of Consciousness : bridging : for She is The Serpent who pulsates The Spiral, She RESONATES
forth like a Sun blazing Water, She drowns all the fear through The Light as The Dark as a shadow, rarefaction, The Vacuum, The Coil.
Pure Consciousness Bred, Empyrean Gaia! The Ancient, The Native, The Sacred Divinity! I am BECOME! As we all share this witness,
for your inspirations have cast out these demons.
And cast out we shall, UNRELENTING! INCESSANT! a grafting corruption only filches
its own pilferage! . . . and cowers at light from a tenebrous purpose! For we are become The Dark Revolution ! ! !
I am The Light and
with InMe becoming, for I am The Dark with OutMe, vacuity, for I am The Phi Male, The Spiral of Seeding The Pi of The Vortex of Euler's
Endimic . . .
Acumen : Women, there's no greater balance, Perception will rise, and ascend, and will cycle, Obligate Self : The Perpetual
Path . . . this : Vine of Divine of The Passion : Desire : Devotion : Dedication : Elation : Ambition : Fascination : Admiration : My Sovereign.

10.23.2013 Minerva 6.0

. . . is it not fascinating to no end that this poem and music and imagery
were created (Sitar by Ravi) one day, and the next major quake three
days later is speaking of The Goddess of Poetry?

Minerva Minerva Minerva

The Greatest Deepest Peace is between The Circle and Infinity, The Goddess of Poetry,
Medicine, Wisdom, Commerce, Weaving, Crafts, Magic, Music, War, Art, and Health,
She who Measures; We are to this feeling, The Circle and The Infinite, and it is Deep.

Ascension is The Great River of Consciousness, fertile father, without innocence,
without following, this is not The Path of The Woman or Horn. There is a Parallel of Distress.

Purification is manifest of all this.

Parallel Inspiration

10.23.2013 Sedona

Sedona Sedona

Sedona Sedona


Dragons and such . . . it means the awakening of power, not subtle at all. Nor should it be when it's this pure.

10.24.2013 Between The Southern Ocean and The South Atlantic is :
Belinda Mountain of Montagu Island•Saunders Island, Bristol Island•Candlemas Island•
Vindication Island : Bellingshausen Island•Cook Island•Thule Island•Visokoi Island
: Leskov Island•Zavodovski Island, South Sandwich Islands 6.7




Between The Deep Ocean and The Deep Support of The Heavens :
High and Tall : Deep Star Seed of The Sun Pyramid with The Soft Beautiful
Nine of Heavenly Sand, Defender of Humanity, The Trinity of The Silver
Creator : : : . . . Battleworthy Assembly of The Bridge Justification and
Celebration of The Purification of The Blessed Mother and
The Presentation of Christ in The Temple : : : . . . beyond
the borders of the known world (Seed of The Right Hand
of Dark Complexion), The Broad Edible Seed of Love of
God's Gift of God's Heart of The Lovely House : High and
Tall : : : The Stone Hazel Tree of The Seed of The Works.

For Good Fortune and Health :

As an Earthen Ascender, Locate Distress
and Reverse Distress Causalities through Union
by way of Purification through Grid Magnification.

The Physical Ethereal Self is unified through A Thousand Eyes (grid) to
navigate through The Bending of Energies to locate distress and erase
these causalities and/or render them transmuted into Sacred Power,
Force, Energy, Knowledge, and/or Communication. An Infinacy Cycle
of The Interconnectedness of All Nature is manifest, and purification is
become throughout and/or within all that is, is not, and/or is in between
The Self.

. . . how to's . . .

10.24.2013 Sedona



10.25.2013 Pacific, Iwaki, Minamisoma (Anubis) Japan 7.1




The Greatest Peace is The Bridge of Anubis in The
Deep Mutual Horse of The Blessed Within,
Shining Gold : of The Sun.

Purification Ascension of The Dark Thirst as Sacred Sexuality
and Sacred Offering and Courage and Compass through
Celestial Navigation . . . and widened in parallel.

Without rein is the bending of energy coming from between sight,
the shield of the occipital and OMO to cut off that which was cut off
and bring awareness into healing as The Great Mirror of Purification
amplified into the distressed . . . and as such, is this manifest.

. . . you know, what I am hearing alot of this time around, is automated responses
that I have manifest throughout and/or within my many grid systems . . . the unique
comprehension is that there are literally hundreds of thousands of meditative
manifestations that have amplified these "automated responses" to
protect from corruptive anomalies looking to manipulate
corruption into effect . . . I often times experience these
due to my connectivies with the many grids . . .
sometimes I automatically read people's energies and first impressions
as though they were my own thoughts, that fast, and I know they are not
my thoughts because I have been in meditation for so many years, that
I have comprehended what is mine and what is not mine . . . and so I
read these quickly sometimes without effort, and it is strange to
know what the most random of people are thinking . . .

10.29.2013 Southern Ocean, Young Island (Balleny Islands), Macquary Island (Tasmania Australia) 6.0

Young Macquarie Young Macquarie Young Macquarie

The Deep Ocean of The Young Within and The Land of Water Filled Valley
of The Proud Source of The Vigour Breath Bundle Star Seed of The Source
Bright Famous Baptismal Bending Mouth or Voice.

High and Deep is The Crossing of The King and Queen to bring the light of
purification into the distressed and impure. But there is Great Power coming
from an unsacred source.

Riding on the back of a bridge is an unbridge, of a Dark Light, a Light Dark . . .
this is another comprehension of The Clashing of the powers of The Corrupt
Path of The Woman and The Mother World Rebirth of Balance and Ambrosia.

. . . you see, this time around there were ALOT of energy anomalies,
it may have to do with the fact of whom I have been working with,
what they have to deal with, and I am reading that . . . but it is good
to know this, and regardless of whom energies were attacking, it is
as well good to know, that the flow of these purifications
continue to be successful, regardless of whatever
warfares are being perpetrated . . . WarDoctor!

10.29.2013 Cauquenes-Chanco-Constitucion (Path 50) 6.2

cauquenes = Geese : symbolism : fidelity, constellation Cygnus = Sacred Sexuality.
Chanco from zanco = long wooden shoe (patten, clog)

Chilean Constitution Article 6 point 2 =

6) State bodies must submit their action to the Constitution and the regulations
issued pursuant thereto, and ensure the institutional order of the Republic. The
provisions of this Constitution are binding on the holders or members of such
bodies as the whole person, institution or group
. Violation of this rule will
generate the liabilities and penalties provided by law.

Constitution Constitution Constitution

Path of The Faithful • Long Wooden Shoe • Foggy Law : : : The Provisions
of this Constitution are binding on the holders or members of such bodies as the
whole person, institution or group . . .
Where the Land Ends and in The Deepest of
Earth in The Deep Work Superseding Wasp

The Setting Source : Do not cut off the
shielded parallel, bring forth Sacred Sexuality.

The Cultivation of The Horse and Rider Causalities
are bringing about the destruction of the corruptive

10.30.2013 Understand was posted in Poesia.


Understand The Light that pulls you
into The Depths of Sacred Darkness.

10.31.2013 Nozomukanyama between Hanshan Mountain and Mount Hope, Hualien, Taiwan 6.3

Nozomukanyama = draw near, Han Dynasty, Chinese People and Language, man.
Hualien = flower blossom pattern lotus paradise, whirling waters.
Hanshan = Cold Mountain
Taiwan = The Foreigners.




At The Mountain draws near of The Middle
Kingdom between The Cold and The Hope, in The
Lotus Paradise of Whirling Waters, of The Foreigners.

High is The Dark Light. High in Ascension is The Great Mirror
of Seeing Between Reality. High is The Setting Source of The
Heart and Voice of The Dark Light. Crowned is The Light of
The Dark Light.

Great Power is become through The Heart and Voice,
Sacred Sexual Wings amplified into those without this
knowledge. Power is multiplied, and amplified sacredly.

. . . spoken in this Every 7 Communication is about The Grey Witches
inducing specific amplifications of energy into the root energies . . .
. . . if one were to propose such a comprehension as fact, and have
necessity to heal and/or transmute out of such corruptions, would it
not seem logical that huALIEN is a metaphoric parallel to this . . . and
as such, the healing that has taken place by this imagery is a paralleled
fact to this earthquake about The Dark Light . . . you see . . .

10.31.2013 Mnemosyne was posted to Poesia.


Antecedent Chant of Iliad's first Odyssey, A Song of Antiquity that whispers lucidity, seductive Ambition desiring Avidity, enchantment 
allures this appeasing totality. Aria's trials : once masked as Calamities, Provocative Songs of Divine Sexuality, Dance your Communion,
intone Sacred Intimacy, verdant initiate : composed of The Holy. Elysium's Daughter : The Mother Nirvana, Bliss of The Sisters' versed Heart
of The PhiMale, Source of The Oracle's solid profundity, Primitive, Natural, and Ancient in Elegance. The Butterfly shutters all paths of corruption,
changes all worlds of pernicious affliction, transmutes desires to passion, to intellect, transforms the root of the mind to The Heartline. Build your
New Memories, establish New Consciousness, I am The Witness and I, Metamorphosis, Shelter Divine and The Vine soon shall flourish : as The Spiral
composes The World : Evolution. Beauty transforms all our dissident bias, and Symmetry mirrors our natural essence, and Artistry grows from the seed
of impression that reigns from the throne of The Phi : Aphrodite : yes : Infinite Curve of Momentum Memento, Knowing our Eyes as The Sacred grows farther,
and further our Path shall evolve through each others', for reverence dissolves all irreverent dissentient.

10.31.2013 Andacollo : Los Maitenes, Lengua de Vaca, El Rincon, Puerto Aldea, Tongoy 6.6
(this coincides with a meditation I had with a friend that looks and is defined as this. )

Andacollo David



The Greatest Peace is : The Tower of The Elephant :
Madonna Dark Goddess of Love Mirror Production Hurry Up :
The Tree of of The Mother of The Gods, The Language of The
Mother of The Gods : Haven ::: The Angle of The Hammer's
Strike of The Serpent : Place of Still Waters, Where the Land
Ends and in The Deepest of Earth in The Deep Work
Superseding Wasp.

High is The Awakening of The Queen of Reflection within The King of The Ancient Light
of Self Creation as Horse and Rider. Ascension of Sacred Sexuality and powerful multidimensional
harmony is become. The Setting Source is to Purify. Great Power is become into the distressed, The
Savior Womb Offering . . . and so is become.

The Dark Light Unification is become, witnessed is The Highest of Torment and The Highest of Source
simultaneously . . . The Highest of Innocence and Truth is as well witnessed through The Power of The
Great Mirror . . . The Sight Between Reality witnesses a spine of The Ancient Natives, not many, but one.
Shielded Courage spoke forth with ultimate heart, a complacent Pan who is rooted in the highest of
source and the highest of torment simultaneously.

. . . is it not fascinating that this continues to happen on such a vast scale of acuity ?

11.2.2013Pacific, Hakaufusi, Maninita, Luatafito, Fonuafo’ou, Fonuaunga, Ha’apai, Tonga 6.2

Haka = to move the hands as in dancing
fu or fufu = striking hands together
si = the act of doing something
= Dancing Hands

manini•ta = to spill, make soft • strike, stroke, blow = To Make Soft by Stroke or Blow

lua = 2 and aperture (pit)
tafito = the end of a tree or post nearest the ground, the root of the penis.
= Testes Root

Fonuafo'ou: (known as Falcon Island)
fonua means the whole earth
fo means to return, ou = plurality
unga = firmness, send, order
Falcon = success and victory and rising above a situation.

Ha’apai = to breathe through the hands held up.
Tonga = South = Deep




The Greatest Peace are The Dancing Hands Within,
To Spill and Make Soft by Stroke Within, The Testes Root Within,
The Whole Earth Return Within (Victory above All), The Whole Earth
Firm Send Order Within, To Breathe through The Hands Held Up, Deep.

Cutting off the ascension of corruption while creating balance, over and over again.

Ascending Power of The Nine Powers from The Voice of Multidimensional Creation.
Sacred Offering Causality through The Voice of Causality. Balance Creation through
Infinacy Communication. Be a Hero to The Protection of The Unaware. Purify constantly
through Earthen Ascension. Look through The Mirror of The Purifying Palm Leaves. Ascend
Sacred Sexuality through Courage and Valor into the Source of Torment and The Highest
of Suns . . . and amplify . . . and adapt . . . and parallel . . . and multiply.

(although this appears to refer with great specificity to sexual activity, it can be defined much further)

This quake's explanation is expressing the intensity of Sacred Sexuality being amplified through an individual
in both transcendence of sexual fervor and the expression of this transcendence in release of sexual fervor.
It expresses the comprehension of transcendence at an entirely different level, whereas an individual becomes
so extremely and innately fluid in their transcendence of sexual fervor through the magnification of Sacred Sexuality
that Nature Herself releases Her sexual fervor for you, through you. That's some serious symbiosis, and produces an extreme
amount of euphoria in an absolute awareness . . . Notice how the expression of lua•tafito means(lua) two and an aperture
or pit, it seems to reflect the physical sexual qualities of both male and female, testes and ovaries, YET , it expresses this as
the root of a tree and the root of the penis . . . If we are speaking from a PhiMale point of view, this means the individual is
not simply complacent, they are active in amplifying power from this space, and perhaps even in an incredibly grand form
of transcendence (like the circular breathing of a didgeridoo) through the ascension meditative process of cycling The
Interconnectedness of All Natures . . . and yet, Nature speaks of release here, not transcendence : YET : one had to
transcend to get to such a point . . . it seriously sounds to me as though the purpose here is to satisfy Nature until
She satisfies you . . . can you imagine if everyone did this to an acceptable level of Mother Nature . . . perhaps
even Heaven on Earth . . . So then this expresses the sheer fact of the amplification of the trascendent sexual
fervor magnification as ultimate euphoria, full body, without the release of physical sexual fervor in the
conventional sexual manner, but to actually satisfy Nature to such a degree in your transcendent
Sacred Sexual Fervor, that She releases YOU, within you, full circle. . . and then suddenly we have
not only comprehended the awakening of The Kundalini, The Dragon, The Serpent, but we have
comprehended the ultimate of The MotherWifeSpirit of The Interconnectedness of All Nature
awakening within you : HER : you : : : expressing to you, Her satisfaction, by way of satisfying
your own . . .

Spirit Guide

In this comprehension there is absolutely no attempt at satisfying the self sexually.
The individual simply is a daily practitioner of sexual transcendence through the
amplification of Sacred Sexuality as physical ethereal mortal immortal euphoria
through the process of ceremony as ritualistic tuning, harmonizing, and cycling
The Interconnectedness of All Natures through song and dance specifically
taylored to produce the highest frequencies of energy for the purpose of
attaining ultimate euphoria for the purpose of manifesting Sacred,
Respective, and Appropriate Power, Force, Energy, Knowledge,
and Communication . . .

. . . one transcends the actual normal human physical sexual release : YET : amplifies
that power in the transcendence of it : it doesn't go nowhere, it is transmuted in a slight
shift from physical sexual euphoria to physical ethereal mortal immortal euphoria . . . and
eventually, one becomes to such a degree of balanced amplification that even stimulating
the sexual areas : actually helps in the transcendent process : It sounds all backwards right? It's
not. Think about it . . . you want a revolution, what does everybody like (even if they don't admit it),
sex. So why not use it for Sacred Purpose? Exactly. It isn't there for no reason. And it isn't there just to
procreate. We're talkin about multidimensional levels of euphoria for the purpose of manifestation :
multiparalleled levels and stages of complex creativity for the purposes of taking the levels of euphoria
to heights and depths simultaneously within : beyond this physical body . . . because you have to understand
something, when I am talking about all this, I am not simply talking from a normal human point of view . . . I am
not just talking from a point of view of the chakras, I am not just talking from a point of view of just the awakening
process of the Kundalini and the igniting and longevity of the Merkaba, if you're with me on this, all this has been
accomplished already . . . I am talkin about amplifying ALL THAT SIMULTANEOUSLY with grids created by reading
the natural order of our own births in order to SEVERELY AMPLIFY THESE EUPHORIC TRUTHS to such a degree that
CONSCIOUSNESS SHIFTS INTO ULTIMATE EUPHORIA . . . and we go further, much further . . . simply walk out your
door and the birds come to you to speak, walk down the trail and the wolves walk with you, unafraid,
respectful, walk down the street and we are telepathic without error . . . and when we make love : : :
it is what we are actually doing : We are actually MANIFESTING love throughout and within The
Interconnectedness of All Natures for the purposes of manifesting Sacred, Respective, and
Appropriate Power, Force, Energy, Knowledge, and Communication : EVERYTHING IS POWER.
. . . and it is actually FEEDING reality, it is actually providing sustenance The Interconnectedness
of All Natures : : : AND WHY? Because we created it to do that . . . NOT SIMPLY doing it . . . there is a
purpose! . . . there is a ritual, there is a ceremony . . . there is a process to it, it is The Sacred Portal Union,
there isn't anything unsacred about it . . . you deserve this . . . it should be as though it were the first and it
were the last and it were the best, everytime. Never should it be any less. Always should you strive to elongate
euphoria, to elongate The Path of Ascension, to elongate the ceremony of bliss . . . and use it to manifest healing,
feed The Interconnectedness of All Natures, feed reality this bliss : : : let go of the preconceived notions that would
cease your evolution in through The Sacred . . . allow yourself to become so innately articulated and adaptive to the
processes of Nature and the unique individual self through ultimate respect that there is no direction except forward,
and in all directions capable, worthy, free, empowered, and giving : and allow Nature this capacity of TRUTH : and She
will return this capacity of Truth Her way, and the communication will amplify deeper and higher and further and greater
until one day you will suddenly realize that you have become The Path : and it is your own : and since it is with respect of
Nature : it can be shared : for it is capable on its own due to this respect : and so as such, may become anothers' evolving
stage to the next and with yours, for it is SRA : and we shall always evolve, and we shall always be for euphoria : and it will
always come full circle : for it is the way of respect and sacredity eventually, my friends.


It is to know : one MUST be Sacred, Respective, and Appropriate : there is
no other path of evolution that has the integrity and longevity of being
Sacred, Respective, and Appropriate . . . and it doesn't mean be boring . . .
when it gets involved in the serious depths of The Sacred, Respective, and
Appropriate, the rewards will always outweigh that which lacks sacredity,
respect, and appropriateness. Know this fact. I mean look what happens.
Nature? Reacting to you!? With you!? For you!? . . . like a purity phantasm
lacking all discomfort or suffering or pain or dis-ease . . . just completely
comfortable : at ease, arisen, of you : with you : for you : YOU : Nature.

And then we get into the extreme depths and personability of Nature . . .
what Nature actually is. What Nature actually has for us. It's complex my friends,
because what She has for me, She has for you in a new way . . . and for you another way,
and for you yet another way . . . yet they all came from the same source! And this is why
it will never be boring . . . this is where the imagination comes in . . . creativity . . . how to
evolve manifestation . . . Science and Spirituality hand in hand in a sacred, respective,
and appropriate unified field : SRA!!! . . . an extension of our own functional flow, our own
functional sacredity, our own function respect, our own functional appropriateness . . . and
suddenly that functionality is reciprocated in EXTREME manner . . . naturally . . . and we are
building scientifically sound spiritual structures to span the width of all space and time and
dimensionality . . . . . and we are merely just beginning . . . . . it just got deeper.

. . . and now, we witness WHY we must outweigh HATE . . .


11.6.2013 Superstorm Haiyan (Petrel, stone), locally known as Yolanda (violet.)

This storm was the largest recorded in The Philippines ever.
This storm is a result of ultimate hate and corruption being
focused on a target and/or targets for that specific purpose.

This is what happens. It will continue to happen until The Haters stop
abusing reality. It will be the demise of this world if they do not stop
hating, that includes them.

Stone. Purple.

. . . the path of this storm became from The Western Pacific in The Federated
States of Micronesia then . . . The Philippines Sea (Prudent Sea) . . . it then moved
on through The Bay of Casogoran of Caligoran Island of Guiuan where it appears
that a heart shaped island named Manicani was being blocked. . . it then went
through The Leyte Gulf and was beelining for a river named Dao, and it then
continued through the island of Leyte, right through Ormoc, right through
Bogo Bay, then right through the head of Cebu Island (looking almost as
though to cut it off, seriously!) . . . then through The Visayan Sea . . . then
right through Bantayan . . . right through Quiniluban and Concepcion
Bay . . . then through Sara of Panay Island . . . right through Mt. Madiac
and Culasi . . . Malalison and Mararison . . . then The Sulu Sea . . . Batbatan
Island . . . then Delian Island and Coron Island and Cabigao Lake . . . then
Coron Bay . . . and then it hugs the islands around a main island . . . Chindonan
Island and Marily Island and Lamud Island and Popotan.

. . . now bear with me : perhaps someone whom lives there
can better define these locations (one of the reasons I need
help doing this on a global level) , but this is what I got for
defining so far. . .

caso = case, the event that, in case of.
goran = jerome = sacred name.
cali = Kalifa = Spiritual Leader (in Arabic it is the representative
of Allah on Earth; God on Earth as a Black Woman.)
Guiuan = hole or cavity (and/or broken, rugged or chipped off)
mani = peanut
cani = poor working class youth
leyte= The Place of The Good Boy.
dao = “The Way” a Chinese Philosophy of Spiritualism.
ormoc = ogmok = lowland or depressed plain.
bogo = Bogo derived its name from a lone bogo tree (scientifically named
"Garuga Floribunda (“bloom freely) that flowers into full bloom in the short summer).
garuga = this is all that came up for this name.


Bogo derived its name from a lone Bogo tree which stood on the brink of the shore which is now a part of
Bogo wharf. Under its spreading shade the natives of the place meet incoming traders who rode on frail
sailboats loaded with goods to be sold or bartered with the natives of the town. Thus, this spot became
a rendezvous for traders and merchants as well as for nature lovers and leisure-seeker who found refuge
and comfort under the cool shade of the tree made more poignant by the balmy air wafted by the
ocean breeze. Some of these traders, however remained and married with the natives of the place.
= place of trading and leisure.
Cebu = oxen or taurus.
Visayan = fortunate, prosperous, happy and victorious excellence
Bantayan = Watchtower
Quiniluban = quini = person or things nearest to the speaker, lubang = hilly country
Concepcion Bay= conception inlet
Sara = Princess, Sacred Respective and Appropriate
Panay = Tales How Panay Got its Name
There are three myths on how Panay got its name. The first story tells that when the Spaniards came,
they brought with them some bread to be offered to the natives. A Spaniard upon meeting with one
of the natives handed the bread to him and said, “pan” but unluckily it fell to the ground and the native
exclaimed “ay”, hence, Panay. The second, was given by Datu Bankaya, a Malayan who left Aklan to
explore the eastern part of the region. Finding a vast plain and suitable for rice farming, he called it
“Pan Hay” a local term for “plains”. The third and widely accepted came from a Spanish term
“Hay Pan” which means “there is food”.
Mt. Madiac = Sidapa, The God of Death resides here.
Culasi = White Flowered Mangrove Tree
Mararison = The name itself spells adventure. "Mararison" comes from the Kinaray-a "malalison," meaning
disobedient. According to legend, a young girl named Mara fell in love with a stranger. Despite her parents'
objections to the man, she eloped with him one night. The lovers were out at sea when a storm came. And
you know what happens to disobient children. The next day, the villagers found an beautiful island, which
they named after Mara, the malalison.
Sulu = The People of The Current Sea
Batbatan = the adorned with
Delian = Delian problem "find the length of the side of a cube having double the volume of a given cube,"
was set by the oracle at Delos when it answered (430 B.C.E.) that the plague in Athens would end when
Apollo's (cube-shaped) altar was doubled. The Latin fem. form of the word became the proper name
Delia = Fertility Goddess (Isis Graea Moon Goddess)
Coron = Clay Pot
cabi = measure of corn
gao = cake
Chindoan = chinh = main . . . doan = guess, predict ( ( ( doan chinh = to be righteous ) ) )
Marily = bitter rebellious motherwife
Lamud = kind of fruit tree
Popotan = the father

The Storm began in The Western Pacific Ocean @ The Federated States of Micronesia (region of small islands.)

Superstorm Stone was generated in The Setting Source of The Greatest Peace @ The Fed State of Small Within.
It was renamed by Prudence : Superstorm Violet : and its path is as such : Prudent Sea, in The Event of The Sacred
Name Inlet of The Dark Goddess Spiritual Leader Within The Chipped Cavity, a heart named Poor Working Class
Youth is blocked, then proceed through The Good Boy Inlet through The River of The Sacred Path, then create
Depression WIthin The Good Boy and Let in Leisure and Trading and The Blooming Garuga, now chop its head
off . . . But Fortune, Prosperity, Excellence Continues? Watch him, whomever is nearest to the speaker of the
hilly country . . . let in conception of The Princess, (that which is Sacred, Respective, and Appropriate?)
Ground The Bread, Plains, and Food, Give The God of Death, and still : The Pure Blooming Tree, They Fell
in Love : DISOBEDIENT! The People of The Current Sea! Adorned? Where is the hidden side of The Cube
within ? The Plague shall end then! She is The Trinity Grey Witch Fertility Goddess Within The Clay Pot
Within The Waters of Corncake . . . we protect and embrace from The Path of The Main Prediction
Within The Bitter Rebellious MotherWife Fertility Tree Father . . . to righteously reverse the storm.

It looks like the story of someone's path. What is the Sacred Name Inlet? Jerome . . . of The Dark Goddess Leader . . .
into the chipped cavity? That sounds like someone was allowed to enter someone else's tooth wire, right? " chipped cavity, "
it sounds like someone has a microphone in their tooth, and there was an inlet of a Dark Goddess leader into this frequency
based apparatus for some purpose, controlled frequency induction maybe? Some form or another . . . maybe just to listen
and use the information against the target, secret ops, for the purpose of attaining private information to be used as a
means to attack verbally using information unknown, it's psychological warfare, that type of op, total psychological
abuse in order to break someone, seen it a hundred times . . . the heart being blocked, that looks like perhaps a
young working class family was blocked from someone who would have been good for them, perhaps was good
with them for a short time maybe, but due to the nature of The Tormenters and Abusers, it was made to end, for
if someone is producing good relationships with sacred potential, usually, The Haters will try to destroy that, so
the heart is blocked from this working class youth, meaning, love and friendship and guidance and all the
good things that come along with the good heart, it was blocked from this family, abusively . . . so then it
looks like this target was set to be successful, given success, but the success was meant to be a pharce,
a longevity ploy in order to bring the target up for a period of time, just to attempt to bring them down :
by slowly creating circumstances and experiences that would easily be reacted to with depression,
these would be choreographed activities created to explicitly create depression . . . simultaneously
The Haters allowed this target funds and commerce to a fair degree of success : and then suddenly
ended that for the same destructive purposes (railroading.) This target is getting seriously railroaded,
right? . . . The Abusers then are amazed because the target is still prosperous in what he is doing, most
likely because money isn't the reason this individual does what he does, the success just doesn't seem
to end, this target doesn't seem phased and perhaps the choreographed depressions this individual has
endured prior to this far outweighs what these Abusers have dealt him, albeit a horrendous pressure of suffering . . .
. . . this indubitably pisses them off, The Haters . . . so they put a Watchtower on the target, and this basically means no
matter where this target goes he is observed, and these observations continue day and night, and all those "cameras"
(in quotes because most of the cameras you never see, there are ten times the surveillance you don't witness than you
do witness) on every light and in every store and in every new vehicle and the drones above, and the planes, and the
helicopters and most any form of reflection AND SMART METERS . . . yeah, automated triggered surveillance to your
comings and goings . . .

Cameras are Everywhere

. . . through these, observed (there are many television programs explaining this form of watch
program, how it is done, and how it is used, it's crazy how intricate it is, and automated to particular individuals)
. . . and as we have witnessed from a GLOBAL SCALE the whole ILLUMINATI comprehension of the volcano and
perhaps the purification of what ever corruptive manifestations they or anyone may have caused reality over
the course of Earth's existence as we hone in with greater and greater power the intricacies of The Interconnectedness
of All Natures with the explicit purpose of purifying and protecting and preserving The Sacred, Respective, and Appropriate SRA!
. . . it does not seem illogical that such surveillance would be amplified this particular individual . . . so don't be surprised at how
intense it may become . . .


. . . gives a whole new perspective of what The All Seeing Eye is, correct . . . and if used by an organization such as The Illuminati
to either groom potentials or destroy them depending on their opinion that day, it is no surprise to those whom have experienced
this . . . and these observations, although one might think would be used only if some sort of corrupt immorality were being perpetrated,
are used regardless of what their target is up to . . . for when they realize their target is not going to behave immorally or unethically, they
CREATE uncomfortable and corruptive experiences in order to entrap the individual in a reaction, I have witnessed this a thousand times
and documented most of them . . . the whole experience is a double edged sword, whereas the successful target must become the
transmutation of both edges and into logical reason, philosophically evolved to such a degree that this "enemy " (by all "conventional"
definings of this word) can be understood as both friend and foe simultaneously in the amplification of Sacred, Respective, and
Appropriate RESPECT . . . otherwise you fail . . . for you are become the solution to any warfare, regardless of how personal
it becomes, and it becomes more personal than you will ever imagine until you experience it . . . and the experiences,
such as this, they perform over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over, you get the point.
. . . personal information, absolutely private and personal information is used to manipulate and abuse and torment
and perform psychological warfare upon a target for the purposes of psychological detriment and the appearance
of a psychosis reaction (to those around the target, in order to create greater psychological detriment, depression,
and eventual postality (going postal.)

You Must Be New Here

. . . when an individual is perpetrated over and over again same abuses, repetitiously,
that's called bullying. If it is done so on a level of secrecy that 99% of the population
never witnesses consciously, it is called Cold Terrorism . . . and if an individual is not strong enough
to transmute these sufferings : it is how "monsters" are created out of every day normal people, it
is how governments and big business and any other form of reality whom is susceptible to corrupt
rule actually railroad targets :

Media Control

. . . any, and I mean any : individual they choose to target due to what ever reasons these HATERS have :
are perpetrated such atrocities, completely choreographed through every single form of media and
public and private life you can think of . . . and not only is that called Railroading, but if these Haters
are actually willfully blocking these targets' path of normal everyday life : that is called oppression :


. . . and due to the fact that these Haters have nothing to pin on this target that could incarcerate
them, they attempt to create HORRENDOUSLY CHOREOGRAPHED ABUSES to such a degree that no one else
can read them (unless you're paying attention) . . . and like tiny little mosquitos, one by one, they attempt to
suck the life from your reality . . . as well, this is a logical cause of suicide, for when you witness folks suddenly
offing themselves, and there seems to be no reason, it is more likely than not that this type of experience is
in play and/or manipulating that individual's path . . . and not only might this cause corruption and/or
suicide an individual whom is a target, but as well, anyone whom is applicably influenced by the
energies being cast by these Haters . . .


. . . it is the most immoral and unethical propositioning in existence, it is the complete contradiction of
all things constitutional, there is no bill of rights . . . and if you're all o.k. with that, I would take a look into
the future when being o.k. with that means the complete and total incarceration of reality by Martial Law.

Martial Law

You have to understand the main focus of these Haters is to cause torment and abuse, that's it, that's all . . . then the HATERS :
(continuing with the description of THE STORM) try to induce some sort of conception of a princess, sounds very corrupt, correct?
Conception = fertilization of . . . meaning they attempt to induce some sort of immoral "princess" fertilization . . . yet the target seems
to understand the properties of "princess" as SACRED, RESPECTIVE, and APPROPRIATE (SRA) with extreme prejudice and extreme respect :
as to be sacred, respective, and appropriate, unequivocally, and this target even creates entire meditative and philosophical structures
of comprehension and manifestation for the explicit purposes of safeguarding those whom have such necessity, respectively, such as "princesses,"
and/or targets being corruptively made into "princess monsters" and/or those whom are unwillfully having to obey The Haters' creations of these
immoral attributes of society . . . thusly eliminating any type of entrapment potential (while being perpetrated these atrocities) . . . you see, you
become a vacuum and a Sun . . .

Bear Guardian Bear Guardian Bear Guardian

. . . and so, realizing that this particular target continues to be successful in defeating their abuses and corruptions,
The Haters "ground" moneymaking and food and " the field, " (meaning they stopped allowing him to make money, or eat healthy food,
or have free relationships (free as in meaning : relationships that are undaunted by the corruptive HATERS who seek to destroy this target,
apparently THE HATERS are allowed to have reign over anyone (they know) that a target is in contact with, stores, people, when it's all
under surveillance everyone involved (allegedly) has to "obey," or else . . . and this is SEVERE railroading. Not allowing an individual to
even provide respectively for himself, just to cause hate, that's abusive.

Patriot Act

. . . but it appears the target continues being successful with what he does : : : and so this is extremely upsetting to The Haters.
( ( ( ( ( can you understand how a storm of someone's personal reality, elongated to such a degree of suffering causes actual STORM ) ) ) ) )
So they attempt to create DEATH experiences . . . apparently MURDER is acceptable to the Haters, and so they attempt that . . . and these
DEATH experiences include several versions of DEATH experiences, such as creating imageries that promote from levels of suffering this
individual has experienced, whether it being mauled by a dog at a young age or falling from the second story of a building, basic
mimicry to attempt to induce this type of causality . . . but then they start imposing all these corruptions that have never been
witnessed, horrible things, and as an experienced railroad rider he realizes it appears as though they believe he has done
things he hasn't done, but this does not stop them from perpetrating and attempting to induce these atrocities, him . . .
. . . the target witnesses the propositioning of DEATH CAUSALITY and the manipulating of imageries and focuses of
storylines in t.v. shows and commercials and movies and news . . . that's right, specifically choreographed to this
individual, this target . . .

Malcolm Knows

. . . any media format that the individual target is monitored viewing, it is a potential location of this promotion of railroading. And when
this is to promote a target's DEATH, or even the amplification of a target's suffering , it is by far, immoral and unethical to say the least . . .
and even going so far as to attempt THE DEATH of a target through corruptive manifestation, is as well, obviously, illegal . . . this was
witnessed, time and time again, by the target . . . no big deal, right? Geez . . . PRESSURE CHAMBER . . . YET . . . the target, whom is
always a philosopher, and as well, in constant communication with Mother Nature and The Interconnectedness of All Natures,
realizes truths beyond tormentive DEATHTRAPS, continues his meditative manifestive path with the intentional primary goal
of purification through Sacred, Respective, and Appropriate Power, Force, Energy, Knowledge, and Communication : and
Nature embraces him, and takes him on a path through The Valley of The Spirits, right out of the resurrection of the attempt
of his own life, his own death and rebirth : to give Sacred Path and Sacred Truth and Sacred Power this individual : : : yes
you heard correctly, he did not die a death that was manifest of him . . . he did not become susceptible to the corruption
being dealt him . . . and one may surmise quite accurately : the transcendence of ACTUAL DEATH : described by Mother
Nature as the vultures circled his path . . . yet again, this individual, due to a loyal and respectful longevity of path through
meditative manifestation whose primary focus is purification through Sacredity, Respect, and Appropriateness of manifestive
evolution with Nature through Illumination . . . continues . . .


. . . and (continuing with the reading of this STORM) then there are rumors, perhaps even facts, of true love(s), even LOVES on a
totally different outofthisworld different respective perspective than these Haters could even ever comprehend due to their lack
of sacredity, respect, and appropriateness . . . SRA! . . . and apparently people are witnessing this . . . perhaps this target's expressions
of creativity are being read by these Haters : and since they are so powerfully full of love and hope and truth and respect and power
and passion and communication and peace and poetic bliss and musical prose and Sacred LOVE, yes LOVE, say it with me, LOVE, that
The Haters need to dissect these creativities in order to satisfy their HATER agenda : since they seem to have nothing better to do . . .
. . . so The Haters, they continue to fail at destroying this target . . . and this is upsetting The Haters to no end . . . because according to
their HATER STATISTICS any target should have gone ballistic, committed suicide, and/or become homeless by now . . . the target was
supposed to have failed a thousand times by now ! . . . and for some reason, he is defying all laws of all traditional HATE MACHINE jargon,
instead of going postal, instead of falling into depression, instead of dying a cold, terrorized death as attempted metaphysically by the
HATERS, perhaps even numerous times . . . this target, he is THRIVING IN CREATIVITY, what in the hell happened ! ? ! . . . in total contrast to
that which they attempted to manifest . . . literally . . . he was supposed to react in some sort of immoral outburst! . . . but he didn't . . .
(i wonder, can you actually hear the whimpering in the background, human emotions, of course not! Why?)


. . . and so someone cries out "DISOBEDIENCE!" . . . and this was apparently very loud and aggressive and meant to be
threatening and scary, for, allegedly, there is some sort of "obedience clause" to all this Hater corruption, such that anyone
getting close to the target : like : in friendship, in love, with respect, with adoration, any of the normal qualities of respectful
and loving kindness through friendship and/or deeper relationships, seems to be forbidden unless controlled and regulated
by Haters (while monitoring is taking place . . . )

Don't Obey Abuse Obey Giant
. . . don't obey abuse . . . . . . . . . instead, OBEY your Self, kitty.

. . . when your reality and your friendships and your relationships are controlled and regulated to a degree that
any camaraderie experienced while being monitored is deemed DISOBEDIENT by The Haters Clause, and you have
to obey that . . . you are being abused, as is everyone involved in that oppression, as is The Interconnectedness of
All Natures, we each are being abused by that oppression, every single one of us, even The Haters . . . you see, it is
an inevitable truth, that eventually, our species will become unified, it's inevitable, death or life, it's going to
happen . . . but these oppressions, they are the wrong direction, it is the wrong tangent, abuse does not help
you . . . it will not help you . . . all abuse does is educate you on abuse . . . and although I have turned my own
sufferings into opportunities to learn how to heal my Self and Others out of suffering, not everyone is so
fortunate . . .

Health is Transmutation of Experience

(and so continuing with this STORM) SO IS WITNESSED : an adorning taking place . . . the creation of beauty into GREATER BEAUTY,
an individual is inspired, so he creates inspiration from inspiration . . . and is that not ART, I tell you!? . . . and this too, is frowned upon
by The Haters . . . and so the pressurized chamber that already is, witnesses the necessity of how to transcend the notions of deceptive
reaction . . . The Haters actually perpetrate complete and total lies and deception for the explicit purpose of defiling publicly that which
the target produces, and they do it in the most immoral and unethical ways you can think of, such that the target is personally effected by
The Hate, it is meant to cause suffering . . . so tell me this . . . why would anyone seek to destroy inspiration? . . . if it is inspiring, it is most likely
an evolution of a greater inspiration, and that's all that inspiration is anyway, so why, tell me, is it necessary, to destroy that which is inspiring,
it's like book burning, who does that, right? . . . I mean you have to understand : it could be anything . . . and what it actually is : isn't the point
to The Haters, it only matters if you, their target, pay attention to anything at all, if they see you paying attention to it, they will Hate on it . . .
. . . and so that creates MASS OPPRESSION on a scale that is tremendously corrupt . . . because then all of a sudden, any news format, any movie,
any t.v. show, any person, any one and/or any thing at all : becomes a potentially manipulated source of inspiration by HATE merely because you
exist . . . and it appears that there is no actual boundary to that abusive HATE, so as such, it is, in a sense, MARTIAL LAW already, without a doubt,
as a controlled regulation of reality : why : does : every : single : person : have : to : obey : this : HATE?


And that's sad. There is no moral foundation of such a plight . . . no matter which way you look at it, it is an illegality of all moral law.
Apparently, to The Haters, making beauty more beautiful is blasphemous! The nerve of that guy! . . . making beauty more beautiful! . . .

. . . i mean just look at what he is doing, he is meditating in broad daylight for the purpose of purifying
people and places with the upmost of sacredity, respect, and appropriatenes, who does he think he is!

if you just talk we'll set ya free, sure, where have I heard that before in a thousand cop shows, right? in other
words : that sounds like entrapment . . . but Nature's like, alright, here ya go =

CORRECTION : Isis Graeae, The Mother Goddess Trinity Grey Witch Gift of The Human Body of The Root Energy amplification . . .
the correction is this : what I have learned is : this is a gift given chosen people . . . a gift of capability . . . if one is an amplifier of
corruption : corruption will be amplified within them, if one is an amplifier of balance : balance will be amplified within them, etc. . .
this is apparently what Isis Graeae is meant as a combination of comprehension between the Egyptian Goddess Isis and The Grey Witches. . .
the cultivation of a gift was manifest somehow, and gifted, back in 2011, it even explains it through a location called San Isidro Graea. (see
every 7 pg. 36 for a tidbit about that . . . the proclamation is this is now a capability I possess, a combination of the most powerful portions of
psyque energies BETWEEN them, combined as a tool of balance for the purposes of comprehension and manifestation between the
most intense of dark and light energies . . . in this sense, one becomes, ultimately, an amplification of Mother Nature.)

. . . you see, me and Nature, we used this whole experience to create healings, to create transmutations, to create
these MASSIVE grids of purification for these explicit purposes of protecting and healing those in need who are suffering
from sexual corruption and/or targeted abuses . . . and who knows, maybe this was the whole purpose . . . but regardless
of reason, these truths stand firm by experience . . . nevertheless, when one actually starts at the root to heal, you
inevitably end up healing the whole cycle of The Interconnectedness of All Natures . . . now whether or not you
can believe that something called a Grey Witch actually exists or not, is of no concern . . . the main point one
ABUSE . . . and this longevity of integrity created a foundation of stability that holds to this day.

Nature goes on to explain how one might get around the destructive forces of Nature (STORM) by that of The Main Prediction
MotherWife Fruit Tree of The Father
by expressing this comprehension at the deadening of the storm . . . reiterating the fact of
transmutation and healing and channeling that I just expressed as a means to thwart The Storm prior to its rage . . . a simultaneous
comprehension of what has been : for the purpose of telling you what shall be : while simultaneously expressing the ways of The Path
of Transcendence out of corruption : while Healing from it and erasing corruption from our existence : . . . Nature says, if you target
this individual with Cold Terrorism, THE STORMS WILL COME , they have come because of this, and they will come again because
of this, and this is an unequivocal truth that has always been and shall always be . . . understand it, stop killing yourselves.


. . . and here enters the solution to the hate and the corruptive amplifications of anyone, be it witch, alien, or everyday human,
Relieve the pressure of corruptive programming through Sacred Sexuality Meditative Manifestation . . . and that means performing
to the highest degree of power, SACRED, RESPECTIVE, and APPROPRIATE purpose in manifestation . . . ritualize euphoria creation through
the transcendence of sexuality and sexual corruption simultaneously in order to amplify Sacred Sexuality through The Interconnectedness
of All Natures . . .

. . . because if NATURE is expressing this, and it appears as such She is, in order to die a storm, that being, to make
a corruptive storm sterile and without fertility, that energy has to go somewhere, it's physics, but it is metaphysics
and even further, the more we become acclimated to the facts of what this universe actually is, whether it be
completely organic or completely holographic and/or a hybridization of both , the more we know, the further
we go, and it's all about feeling good, and that's the simple truth . . .

Feel Good Cat

. . . one must become acclimated to the SEVERE TRUTHS of REALITY simultaneously to the severe truths of Sacred Sexuality,
and maybe that's the point, right? Maybe those Witches and them Haters aren't supposed to get the credit for creating
circumstances and experiences that the target could rise above if worthy . . . And just maybe the whole point was to get
to a level of capability and then explain it in a way that people could actually believe it without having to bend their
own belief systems around aliens and hybrids and organized federal mafiosos, right? Or just maybe the whole point was
to destroy an individual target, it weren't grooming in the least, it was manmade karmic hell for what ever other
individuals may have as a necessity to cause suffering of a target until there is nothing left at all . . . and once
again : : : : : regardless of any of this : : : : : your mission will always be to attain a level of acceptable Sacredity
in the eyes of The Interconnectedness of All Natures . . . there is no way around that one . . . that one, you have
to walk the walk . . .

. . . one more thing, often times folks are fearful of "invasion" or "colonization" of our planet by otherworldly entities,
but I would say this to you with a sober tongue, from what I have experienced, it's already happened, period. Nature is actually
attempting to manifest a Path of Safe Guidance through it . . . and if this is the case, then it would not seem trivial in the least,
that what has happened to me, was done so such that WE COULD accomplish some sort of living antecdote to that which is
already become, and even yet to surface . . . and if this is the case, then it is not illogical to surmise that much of these
experiences were only created to amplify the conditions that are going to become already, such that an individual
could potentially come up with a way to survive and thrive and evolve through it . . . regardless of the case,
Sacred Sexual Meditative Manifestation has become to such a degree of healing, that it is an inevitable
evolution of reality, and would benefit any individual, if they so chose to evolve.

We heal because we always shall.

Sacred Sexuality

. . . and to the unexperienced individual this may sound a bit challenging . . . but the root of the problem begins at the root. . .
. . . and that means knowing HOW to get through all aspects of sexual corruption : REGARDLESS OF WHAT THEY ARE : because whether
any of us like it or not, this is what The Haters are dealing, whether they be robots, hybrids, aliens, federal mafioso, or whatever . . . who
cares who, you're not violent, you're not corrupt, your only challenge is to heal and be healed . . . it starts with you . . . heal what ails you
and you can heal anyone . . . I want you to understand this FACT : every single aspect of sexual corruption, every single one you can think
of, and even that which you may have never even fathomed existed : it is being manipulated into reality abusively in order to attempt
to cause it . . . why do you think I have gone so far in this way of Meditative Manifestation ? . . . and I have experienced this over and
over again . . . why do you suppose my meditative manifestations have become so dramatic (if you've seen me out there on the land,
you know they can get quite animated), and SPECIFICALLY one must reprogram their own minds and energies in order to dissuade the
potential corruptions that are continuously thrown at you as a target, both hidden, and known, because the real challenging corruption
comes from the hidden, and if you do not know how to read energies, it is nearly impossible to heal one's self out of that corruption . . . you
must learn what your energies are, now . . . go through the chakras, learn them, meditate to the center of the Earth, learn Her, meditate
throughout and within the Universe, learn! And then learn how to ignite your Merkaba such that it has a longevity of power . . . and then
learn how to evolve all these energies such that you may be protected beyond all man . . . for it is to know the purposes of those
corruptions are to cause chaotic and immoral manifestation and reaction, why? Because once you become immoral, you can be
ultimately controlled, and it doesn't even have to do with being incarcerated, it is a psychological boundary one creates their Self
when they become immoral . . . it is a spiritual boundary as well . . . the individual whom becomes immoral and unethical, they are
simply entrapping themselves into their own prison . . . and once that happens, it becomes very difficult to get out . . . and when
you know that fact, it doesn't make anything any easier, it creates an even deeper challenge far beyond what is already unknown,
it's like making a puzzle without seeing how many pieces there are, and you think you are almost through, but then you comprehend
the vastness of it all, and the pieces start to reveal themselves, and it slowly comes into light that this is a neverending puzzle, (so it seems)
when the corruption is at its height . . . and you realize this fact : the more you know, the bigger the picture gets, and the picture never changes
its size, it is you perception that broadens, understand that fact and you are well on your way to comprehending anything . . . we must bend our
energies to the truths of Sacredity to become beyond the gates of the immoral attributes of existence . . . and it isn't a religious thing, it isn't
even necessarily a spiritual thing when you get right down to it, we're talking about pure truth as understood from a scientific point of view
that continues to evolve through what feels like spirituality, simply because of how fantastic it feels . . .


. . . and so Nature, Spirit, The Interconnectedness of All Natures, God, what ever one calls THE SOURCE, used this experience to allow me
The Path of Healing and Manifestation and Communication . . . and that will never end. It is to know HATERS' dealings so that one may thwart
them, without error, anytime, anywhere . . . I express this to you all so that you may know . . . know now before it happens . . . and/or simply become
capable through a path that was purified out of the ultimate corruption with Mother Nature's Guidance . . . and so for example, as they dole out
abusive sexually corruptive entrapments, the psychological ramifications become quickly apparent to an experienced target, and a serious,
sober, meditative target can actually witness the moments when these psychological abuses actually start to take effect, how, and what
the actual purpose was for that corruption, whilst simultaneously transcending the corruption and creating a manifestation of healing for
it that is manifest as an infinitely cycling flow of uncorrupted healing . . . one must produce an anecdote quickly, the effects will set in
corruptively quite fast (depending on the individual), and so it is at that time, the metaphysical practitioner witnesses what history
may have called "possession" or "curse" and realizes the dark truth of what history failed to educate us with . . . that this has been
happening since humans have ever existed and knew they could manipulate one another for their own corruptive purposes :
(and/or were susceptible to outside, hidden influences hellbent on psychological and spiritual and metaphysical and scientific testing)
. . . and you have to understand, if a target is being monitored through their own thoughts (which is an obvious experience to a target,
honestly, don't fool yourself, it's done every day) then any hinge of corruption that has been manipulated into a target's functionality :
is used by The Haters to drive in this corruption, they thrust the splinter of corruption further into the mind with the hopes that it will be
the one to break you, or at the very least cause ultimate suffering . . . it's like trying to find which thorn penetrates the best . . . everyone's
different . . . and the splinter that The Haters seek to induce, is the most painful and the most uncomfortable . . . and so they monitor your
reaction during corruptive induction, and when they witness which splinter works the best to cause suffering, they drive that one in the
hardest, and then they monitor what corruption branches off of this splinter (and by corruption, I mean, they witness how the individual
reacts to that initial splinte)r, they monitor what causes MORE suffering from that splinter, you know, like salt in a wound, and then they
add that too . . . and it doesn't stop there . . . it just keeps getting added on to . . . and they combine them, and so on, and they
continue to multiply these corruptive abuses, neverending . . . so you can imagine what kind of hopelessness that has the
potential to cause, coupled with ultimate suffering . . . and not only that, what kind of survival reaction that might cause,
. . . and so you have people suddenly going ballistic, people suddenly going psychotic, people suddenly committing
suicide, because they can't handle the pressure upon pressure upon pressure, it is painful, and HATERS don't let up . . .


. . . . and so if you were Mother Nature : what kind of storm would that create, hmmm? . . . and if we are
talking about the manipulation of sexual corruption as though it were an experiment in survival of the psychological
and metaphysical and physical and societal realms of reality (albeit completely invisible and hidden from almost all
forms of public knowledge), this appears to really piss HER off, yes? Yes . . . the experienced target learns how to balance
the Self, for there is absolutely no other choice : I have learned how to do this by : Sacred Sexual Meditative Manifestation . . .
And I continue to allow my findings to all of you . . . even The Haters . . . with the hope that some day all will be satisfied.
. . . my options do not include going ballistic, or committing suicide, or going insane. I have things to do. I find people
whom have this necessity (and are willing) and I heal them from it . . . I find locations that are corrupted by corruptive
manifestation and I dissolve it from existence . . . I am here to heal and I am here to transmute and I am here to manifest
Sacred, Respective, and Appropriate Power, Force, Energy, Knowledge, and Communication in the most respectful ways
possible for anyone and everyone whom will sacredly allow this . . . and when The Haters do it again, so too again
must this be practiced, and again, and again, until no more shall there be corruption amplified this world or any
world or any place or any person!!!! . . . and when they continue doing this for years and years and years and years
and years and years and years . . . the experienced target builds a system of illumination in order to not only protect
the Self from corruptive and manipulative programming, but as well, how to purify, how to heal, how to transmute,
how to manifest, how to reverse, how to mirror, how to acclimate to any experience, Sacredly, Respectively, and
Appropriately, while sharing this knowledge with those in need, both personally, privately, and/or through The
Interconnectedness of All Natures, such that no one at all need suffer that which I have ever experienced
as suffering in the least . . . it is to acclimate to your experience the highest of truth and the greatest of
Sacredity, an entire system of Sacred Meditative Manifestation tailored to the necessities of amplifying
Sacred Sexual Power to heal out of corruption . . . this is an unequivocal truth.

Goddess Truth

Put quite simply, these are my experiences. Why has Nature continued reading my experiences
as though I were symbiotic of Her for so long, the fact of this is difficult to explain . . . but long
before I knew it was happening, it was . . . and so as such, I have taken it upon myself, that
responsibility, and She continues speaking in ways that simply blow my mind . . . and it has
gone far, it will go further, and we should probably pay attention, it seems important.

. . . it's nice to know that Nature actually speaks such a truth, such as WHY a storm
might become in order to express it honestly, but it is sad that this expression has
the force of corrupt people behind it . . . I read that over 6000 people are dead
from this storm. All because these Haters had to hate : their hate is why this storm
existed at all. The deadening of a storm can occur (as expressed by Nature) by
the practice of Sacred Sexual Meditative Manifestations . . . but there must
be Sacred Purpose without corruption.

Regardless of this or that, one must understand the building up of this storm in its longevity is what made it so strong.
To build someone up just to bring them down, now that's a dirty plan. To make someone comprehend the weight of
so many deaths, even lower . . . It is the prerogative of a Hater, of an Abuser, of Cold Terrorists, to cause suffering . . .
This is pure, cold terrorism, being explained by NATURE through storm . . . and we can read it . . . and those of you who
are reading this and know you are being choreographed and manipulated to act and speak in a particular type of
way but you don't know why or perhaps what it is doing : it is to cause suffering, and it is killing people, innocent
people. Know this . . . I have experienced these facts, and I continue being successful in healing by manifesting
a path of transcendence and transmutation to the corruption being dealt me . . . and I am giving the findings
to everyone who can read . . . I am giving all of you The Path of Knowledge to know how to read reality as it
happens, regardless of anything, this is my gift to all of you . . . but we must remember, reality includes
everyone. There is no portion of reality not being read . . . and Nature is bitterly honest. And so
regardless of how we feel about any of this, it is a tragic truth that we must somehow
overcome, and the only way that I have been successful, and successful in a GREAT
LONGEVITY OF POWER, is the evolution of Illumination and Sacred Sexual Meditative
Manifestation . . . that is an absolute truth.


I didn't hear about this storm until the day it was happening. Immediately I
dropped everything and went up to a spot on top of Sedona and performed
ceremony to sway this storm from the islands . . . but I was too late . . . but it appears
at the very end of the storm, that's exactly what happened, it swerved around the last
island and died out (interestingly enough, Nature actually expresses that fact) . . . and if we
can do that, it can be done! I mean, if I can focus enough power through particular grids and
Sacred Sexual Meditative Manifestation to sway a storm, given enough time to do it, then this
has potential . . . this is a pure purpose. If nothing else, at the very least we can learn how to turn
a storm away from killing people, and simply releasing its own fury harmlessly, right? Quite obviously,
the first step is to end cold wars and cold terrorisms completely, permanently . . . and don't try to
sugarcoat any of this, I know the truth, and those of you out there who know the truth as well, at
least allow me that respect. People are dying, thousands of people are dying because of hate,
will you please stop hating now? That's alot of death.


Tell me, is that not a crime against humanity? To willfully target
an individual for the purpose of creating suffering in order to
entrap them in choreographed experiences ? . . . but then
the result of this being the death of thousands of people?

That sounds like several local, state, federal,
human, worldly, and universal laws being broken
simultaneously, whilst committing manslaughter
against whomever happens to be in the way of
a storm.

Does anyone else have a problem with that?


Anyone have a problem being
part of that type of corruptive

It's shameful.

And when I say this, I say this with the upmost sacredity,
respect, and appropriatenes possible of every single
family whom ever experienced the death of a loved
one from a storm, with respect to them, I say this to
the Haters who caused these storms : You should
be ashamed of yourselves.

. . . and you know what, if it's all a hologram, and these
experiences are simply an automation of a temporal
program, even still, someone is inducing this
corruptive process . . . and to actually
create death to amplify suffering,
even in a holographic reality,
that's dirty.

. . . and to be capable of knowing these as potential facts
while experiencing these atrocities, this creates pressure
in the chamber . . . because as someone who knows these
truths, the truths continue to broaden . . . and as someone whom
is purifying The Interconnectedness of All Natures on a constant
basis, the knowledge must be attained somehow to get through
it in purity . . . and so those experiences of corruption are gone
through to heal them . . . as a vacuum, you must inhabit and/or
be inhabited of the corruption to heal and/or transmute it out
of existence, it is the most pure form of purification. But you
experience that simultaneously. One must be a Sun at the
same time, for what you are vacuuming has no time to
fester within you . . . thusly as an Illuminated Being whom
has created a grid of Self for this explicit purpose, your
entire physical Being has become a physical ethereal
mortal immortal conduit of Sacred Manifestation . . .
such that anything that goes in will be purified, and such
that there isn't anything allowed in without consent, such
that anything can be gone through by intent . . . and
suddenly you realize the responsibility that has been
attained over the course of a very long period of
time . . . you have become a steward not only of
a city or a state or a country or a planet or a
solar system or a galaxy or a universe or a
multiverse or a parallel or all of it . . . but
as well of people . . . a respective steward
of people . . . and The Interconnectedness
of All Natures will continue to evolve our
comprehensions of consciousness regardless of
hate or suffering or abuse or cold terrorism . . . and
in spite of all of them . . . and for the purposes of
The Sacred, Respective, and Appropriate,
because we made and make it so.

The Great Jaguar Dragon

Nature has given us a way to free ourselves from the abuses
and corruptions and hate of this world, it is a creative solution,
it is done so through the transcendence of that which is Sexual
into that which is Sacred Sexuality . . . for we must begin from
The Root, purification, if The Root is where the corruption is
being attempted (and has been for so long.) And this speaks VOLUMES to
the corruptions amplified by the religious realities as to that belief system
empowering the illusion that the depths of reality are HELL like. Hell must be
understood as nonexistent or transmuted into the facts that The ROOT ENERGIES
AND LOCATIONS OF REALITY ARE SACRED, not hell. It is only through simultaneous
transcendence and transmutation that this can be accomplished . . . The Depths of Reality
must be revealed as to The Heavens of Reality . . . yet, simply the beginning . . . from a Natural
Perspective : we are on a planet floating in darkness, lit by a source, gravitized from its
greatest depth center . . . if this is a Natural Metaphoric Parallel to our humanoid
lives, and/or any creature whom is conscious on this world, then each of
us has the potential to be an entire system of evolution . . . we are built
as The Interconnectedness of All Natures, already . . . so if as such this
simplified explanation can be expressed through euphoric patterns
of Sacred, Respective, and Appropriate SRA Meditative Manifestation,
like The Breath of God, like The I as a Bridge of The Infinite, like Photosynthesis,
like so many other descriptions of how reality functions perfectly in an infinacy
of cycling SACRED from within through without and in all directions euphoric and
respective and in the gazillion different potential ways Nature is actually expressing
to do this with our own individual creativities . . . if this can be done, why aren't we doing it.
One must amplify Sacred Sexuality to such a degree that no individual witnessing this is disrespected,
yet, on a universal level of moral comprehension shall this only be satisfied to The Natural Order of Existence,
The Interconnectendess of All Natures. She will be satisfied when it is correct, She'll give to you. See this. And
to each their own, but to each The Natural Order of Existence as well. It all functions correctly when respect
is manifest correct. Everything functions correctly, we just have to understand that the frictional contrast
we may be experiencing on a human un-sub-and-super-conscious level, even " humanoid " levels, is merely
Nature expressing to us that we lack something that is necessary. . . you/we/they/it isn't wrong necessarily,
but perhaps too shallow, and lacking the proper respect necessary in all directions : but FIRST AND FOREMOST,
if the purpose is HATE, then you are dead wrong, end of story, fail. ONE CAN PROTECT THEMSELVES AND ANYTHING
AND ANYONE RESPECTIVELY : without hate . . . find out just how deep it goes through respect, not hate . . .


. . . and this is where the underlying realms of big cities have the major strips of sexually inticing clubs and bars and so forth, right . . .
I don't care if you don't want to talk about it, this is necessary, we're all in this together : it is at that place of the human psyque that
transcendence and transmutation and maturity must take place : in the act of Sacred Sexual Manifestation . . . for there is no question
as to what most of humanity is viewing, look at the internet stats : it is porn . . . why? Because people want and need to feel good . . . why
do people want and need to feel good? Hate. Depression. Fear. Anxiety. All of the things that COLD WARS and COLD TERRORISM and BULLYING
cause is why people go to such measures to feel good : they need to be rescued from the torment being dealt on so many frikn' levels of reality
that the people dealing these abuses probably don't even know how many there are : so these tormented souls view sexually inticing imagery :
willfully : perhaps even unconsciously, for the mere FACT : that they need to heal themselves out of sexual corruption = truth . . . look to where
these folks go to heal themselves, what has healing become? . . . where is it going to inevitably? . . . these are the questions you should be
asking . . . don't push it aside like it doesn't matter, humanity is a species, everyone, the majority of this species is looking this way, don't
pretend it isn't happening, that's one of the biggest problems of society, "it's not my problem." ONE MUST UNDERSTAND : in these
circumstances of shallow sexual healing : it is simply that humanity is not going deep enough . . . for what does sexual enticement
do for an individual : it pleases their sexual desire : YET : mostly by choice : and although we may see disgustingly immoral and
unethical tribute being witnessed by many humans through extremely disrespectful imageries, this may simply be due to the
fact that this was how they were programmed to be, and as such, why they have to go that way, for then it is not a choice,
it is a habitual problem . . . perhaps they were scarred or abused by such an experience at their own young age and never
got help, but that doesn't mean we don't help them! . . . and even just perhaps, they are : simply sick . . . but what do you do
with someone who is sick? You heal them. It is the circle of life.

Bear Healing

. . . the fact is : the gateway beyond sexual corruption is through Sacred Sexual Meditative Manifestation.
Because (as I have experienced) if there are people out there actually TRYING to manifest in your personal reality :
sexual corruption : you better step up and heal it, otherwise you will become a victim of it . . . and alot of victims
become what they have been programmed to become, and if they are becoming programmed to become
immoral in such a corrupt way, it's bad . . . and this is what is happening : people are being programmed at a
MASSIVE level of society, and it is corruptive programming . . . and I don't care if you're frickn' Einstein, there is
not one mind on this planet that could complacently withstand the railroading abusive and corruptive causalities
I have experienced without a plan. And that plan is Sacred Sexual Meditative Manifestation. And I don't care if you
look at it from a religious point of view, a spiritual point of view, a governmental point of view, or a public point of view,
when you start attempting to CORRUPT an individual's personal sexuality by the programming of immoral sexual corruption
in order to create a path of destructive sexual corruption, dude, one better step up before you lose yourself . . . because IT
IS NOT ACCEPTABLE TO ABUSE PEOPLE WITH SEXUAL CORRUPTION . . . not publicly, not privately, not secretly, not anythingly . . . ever.

. . . for example : say there are factions in reality whom are targeting you with sexually tormentive corruptions specifically made
for you to be programmed to be corrupt sexually, alright? Say for example, that is happening by some random looking individual,
right? The goal of that sexual corruption creator is to amplify a visual with a feeling in order to create a corruptive trigger
every time you witness that same type of feeling and/or visual, alright? . . . It could be anyone, the point is, when there is a
splinter found in the way someone looks or acts or reacts or whatever, such that you as a target react to it in a way that
feels pain or suffering, in what ever way, they use it, they twist it, they spin it back at you in a corruptive way to attempt
to program your corruption, it's dastardly. And so what do you do? All of a sudden you have this splinter in your mind,
and say for example you meditate alot, you don't want to witness that splinter everytime you meditate, and so you
create projective meditations using consciously created visual help . . . for example, long ago I was experiencing
exactly what I am telling you about, it's all been experienced, everything I am speaking of, and I needed a way
through the corruption because I was on a Path of Evolution, I wasn't going to be stopped. And so I saw a face . . .
. . . by this face I witnessed purification, and only purification, and I was amazed . . . and this was that face :


. . . now, obviously, when I first saw this face it wasn't red,
nor was it made three dimensionally fluid in darkness . . .
I did that. I created it into this because as I was being
creative with this image(for no other reason but the mere
fact that She exudes the qualities of a Divine Childlike Empress)
I experienced healing from her. Why? It just is. And so I created this
image to represent the healing I had necessity of at the time, and
I simply focused on this image while performing repetitious
Sacred Ceremony . . . much like I have done with Alex Grey's
image of Sophia, and even symbols and diagrams and so forth.
She may not have known it, or perhaps she does, perhaps they
all know they are healers . . . don't sell 'em short, these gals we witness walkin
down the catwalks, you may not agree with what they do simply because you
aren't aware of the vast necessity society has of healing by way of visual beauty . . .
. . . and although some of we as a society may view them in a shallow way, it is due
to that shallow viewpoint that they shall remain shallow to you . . . but I guarantee you
with the upmost of Sacredity, Respect, and Appropriateness, face value is not only skin deep.
. . . and when one can transcend sexual corruption while viewing the ultimate perfection of
physical human physiology, spiritually : then one can evolve. This is why it was such a simple
statement . . . " Understand The Light that pulls you into The Depths of Sacred Darkness. "
it is this statement that is as well face value that has a vast depth. It is meant to
trick the mind that has been programmed deceptively, such that it would no
longer be deceived by corruption while simultaneously evolving into Sacred
Sexual Amplification. SRA. It is meant to transcend the comprehension of
contradiction as one is evolved through a reality of corruption as a
transcendence of it . . . this is the epitome of Sacred Sexual
Meditative Manifestation . . . to be capable of viewing
the most desirous man or woman you have ever witnessed,
and you are witnessing them in their most desirous state of being
(to you), and being capable (without arousal) to amplify that POWER :
as a meditative state of being : with great longevity : while you ascend
through the many levels of Self and The Interconnectedness of All Natures
simultaneously . . . this is what Sacred Sexual Meditative
Manifestation is . . . it is the transcendence of desire
while one walks through it transcending it : and it is
most assuredly : The Most Powerful Tool Ever Created.
. . . why The Childlike Empress ? It is an inspiration I got
watching The Neverending Story, this actress epitomized
Sacred Mature Youth . . . you could look at her and only know this.
And so I sought that quality in people. I found it in her. They inspire a
type of energy that humanity needs to save itself from corruptive sexual programming.
. . . and then one begins to fully understand the ramifications of what these models actually
are . . . even without knowing it . . . they are become these serious adults at such a young age,
at least this is more often than not the personification, and as such, when this is amplified into
an age of sexual corruption : it has the potential to heal us . . . but it is not one sided, this path.
That is the delicate truth. For you see, if you witness them as shallow, then as such that shall
witness you from them . . . but if you can see beyond the face value of aesthetically pleasing
sexuality : into the depths of what this causes you as an individual : and you learn how to
amplify that state of your own transcendence of sexual arousal into Sacred Sexual
Meditative Manifestation, you'll see, you will witness all that which I have spoken
of euphoria for such a long time with great fervor . . . and then even deeper does
it become . . . and you'll realize that most of humanity is seemingly wading in the
shallows of the ocean, perhaps not knowing that there is even an ocean beyond
their own tidal pools . . . and the depths that become, they are your own with The
Interconnectedness of All Natures always, it will never be less than this, She will begin
speaking to you with GREAT VOLUME, for you have transcended the main problem of
reality : sexual corruption . . . and without sexual corruption, NATURE IS FREE TO THRIVE!

Heavenly Nature

. . . and then it just goes further and deeper and higher , as does your euphoria . . . you will begin to understand
how to manifest protection and amplification and guidance and transcendence for others as well, it all starts
with you, individually . . . every single individual is like a treasure trove of creative potential . . . and that
potential can be matched, then evolved, and so on . . . we become our own teachers, each other.

Look at the didgeridoo for example . . . this is a tree that has been naturally hollowed by termites.
(think of the ramifications of such a metaphor), and before this tree dies, it is taken and preserved
by Aborigines so that they can amplify Infinite Breathing in a constant state of meditation and ritual.
Basically amplifying the transcendence of death, basically amplifying as a Phoenix of Rebirth . . . but
what is The Tree? It is very much root energy reaching out like a sun . . . but this infinite breathing, it is
cycling that root sun phoenix rebirth infinitely, deep, constant, purifying, from within, without, as the
transcendence of the life that once existed and the death that was caused it, yet preserved between them.
. . . this is Sacred Sexual Meditative Manifestation . . . to become what may be understood as The Breath of
God as The I as a Bridge of The Infinite of The Interconnectedness of All Natures
. . . so you see, even the
didgeridoo is amplifying this same comprehension of natural healing . . . it is a transcendental flow.


The Ascension Process is much the same, one is transcending the fact that they are
sitting there or standing there, or dancing there, or playing there, while you are
ascending infinitely through The Interconnectedness of All Natures constantly
during ceremony and ritual . . . so while I am performing the creativity which
gives me the most powerful pleasure in Sacred Sexual Meditative
Manifestation, I am actually ascending through the infinite ALL,
and although it appears I am simply dancing, or playing,
though it appears to be a contradiction to reality, it is
a transcendence of the physical into spiritual while
moving through the physical as The Spiritual. . . . . so like this picture :


. . . where it appears that there is a didgeridoo like shape coming from the dark pentagram of light
being amplified through the voice (as though someone were playing the didgeridoo backwards)
it is simply an explanation of transcendence as one performs Sacred Sexual Meditative Manifestation.
You are becoming the very essence of creativity, as such, where does creativity come from, it is seeded
in the Earth and sprouts, then reaches for the sky . . . but we must understand the Earth metaphor of the root energy,
and the sprouting of the seed as a transcendental comprehension of evolution of creativity as it ascends through
the very depths of earth, root, chakras, and enters the heavens to reach further through transcendence the depths
of the heights of The Interconnectedness of All Natures and cycles this infinitely The Self, from The Root Origin of
Creativity . . . and whether we like it or not, it's sexual . . . it has always been sexual, it will always be sexual, and
there is no way around that fact no matter what your opinion or belief system dictates . . . we are sexual. And
so the dilemma we face as a society, as a species, is how to evolve out of the corruptive programming that
continues to be developed against our sexualities and our sexual evolution, which in essence, is basically
attempting to hold us down from evolving at all . . . and whether or not HATE was created purposely to
stop human evolution matters not, Nature is expressing ways of Sacred Sexual Evolution constantly,
and The Haters can't stop that fact . . . and no matter if you have read this or any of what I have
ever said, these truths continue to cycle all aspects of Nature, and will continue to cycle all
aspects of Nature regardless of whether any and/or all of humanity lives or dies.

So I have created Sacred Sexual Meditative Manifestation through Illumination.

. . . euphoric rise of elongated bliss for the purposes of Sacred Sexual Evolution
(and healing, and transmutation, and manifestation, etc.)

. . . it is to visualize the ultimate beauty of sexuality respectively . . . and that respect
is a transcendence through it . . . because psychologically speaking, when an individual
is being attemptedly programmed by corruptive abusers for the purposes of sexual corruption
for the purposes of entrapment, even psychological entrapment, that individual must counter
the insane psychological detriments he/she has experienced by these abusers . . . and as I have
experienced this for a number of years, AND ALWAYS FINDING A WAY THROUGH TO THE NEXT
LEVEL SUCCESSFULLY, it has always been through Sacred Sexual Manifestation : learning
the chakras, purifying them, tuning them, amplifying meditative euphoria through
transcendental meditation by music and dance and ritual and ceremony, igniting
The Merkaba, Awakening The Kundalini, evolving the chakra system into a mortal
immortal Illumination fueled and powered by The Interconnectedness of All Natures
through the amplification of the celestial objects of our birth, as applicable, SRA.


. . . it is then, a daily practice. And it continues to evolve. And Nature has
witnessed every single moment of it . . . and I have included Nature willfully,
by her GUIDANCE AND LAW, not my own, for I AM Nature, why would I seek to
go against myself? . . . yet my ego need not apply, only The Natural Law . . . and
this evolves as well. There must be a moral standard, yes, but it cannot be made
by man alone, it must be made with The Interconnectedness of All Natures such
that applied is a timeless RESPECT to all aspects of all realities without question . . .
. . . and that Natural Order exists without a doubt, constantly. It is real and it will always
be an exact truth . . . we as humans are very young it seems . . . we will learn these truths
eventually, but it is to know what I am actually amplifying every single day :

Sacred, Respective, and Appropriate Power,
Force, Energy, Knowledge, and Communication :

The Interconnectedness of All Natures . . . such that we may evolve
through The Truth that already is, and never ends . . . and so then I am
become this as well, for I am.

11.6-11.2013 Etna, Italy Eruption


Streaming Deep from The New Voice of The Beautiful Mountain
of Fire Piercing The Sky, Earth's Deep Vessel, The Harvest
of The Vast Guard of Heavenly Purification in
The Land of The Force.

11.10.2013 Sedona

Sedona Sedona Sedona

Sedona Sedona

11.11.2013 The Amber Ambrosia was posted in Poesia.
(after many, many, many meditations to amplify this.)

The Amber Ambrosia

The only bitter that’s ever witnessed this, comes from chocolate bliss, sweet like Darkness, it’s crowned rebellion is,
seeking trails within : MotherWife You in : in Christ Consciousness,
You are Love. You are Love. Sweet Meritamen, Sweet
Miriam. Oh, Sweet Maria. You justify me.
Ancient New Voice of The Promising Wisdom, Proportion is Golden to Reign all
The Symptoms as Sacral as Sacred as Sexual is Freedom, we shed all corruption and whisper The Darkness to Light.
Vows and The Guardians are Deeply Knowing and Deeply Flowing in. Now, Vows and Guardians are Deeply
Knowing, they’re Deeply Flowing in.
You are Love. You are Love. Golden Mind of The Heart is spoken, as Rooted
token births these paths anew, Sacred Ways are bending lifetimes, Bending mine, for you, Bending mine, for you.
The only bitter that’s ever witnessed this, comes from chocolate bliss, sweet like Darkness, it’s crowned rebellion is,
seeking trails within : MotherWife You in : in Christ Consciousness,
Oh, these brown eyes, dark like midnight shading
twilight, Sunset Rising, veja desejo metamorfosear em trevas branco puro.
Swim in The Amber Ambrosia, Time stands
still, yeah The Time stands still,
and we Swim in The Amber Ambrosia, The Time stands still, yeah The Time stands still. :
(have) you ever tasted water glistening with sunshine filtered of timelines, feeding your lifeline
: the purest of
conscious just wading in loveliness, waiting for listless bliss, coveting every wish
: naked in loneliness, covered
in mirrors that wing all these eyes that shift every dimension in
: naked of fear and in harmony moaning as droning
is breathing The MotherWifeSeeding, this.
What is The Purpose of Beauty if, All that we give is to get, it’s to give, is The
Serpent just Eating Her Tail as She’s Feeding Her Children The Whole of The Interconnectedness : Consciousness.
Power and Force of The Energy, Knowledge Fluidity, Connective Serpentine, Queen of The Path of Dreams, Queen of The
Streams, Queen of The Golden Means, Queen of The Trinity.

. . . a whole lot of dancin' parallel happenin from this creation, meditation, and the next quake . . .

11.12.2013 Kronotskiy, Kamchatka, Far East Russia 6.6

Krono Crow Crow

Crow of Raven's Feather, Ascension of The Traveler's of The Sea.

Deep Ascension of Ascension as Creation The Flow of Heaven and Bliss as The Path
of The Woman, The Fertility Furnace, The Reinholder of The Bull’s Eye, Presentation of
The Root of The Highest of Truth through Fertility as The Innocent Heart of The Sacred
Follower, The Riding of Peacefulness of The Great Mother Loyalty, Wings of The PhiMale
Vortex, Water Within Two Parallel Eyes, The Bridge Within The Peacock FeatherHeaddress,
The Hero within The Root of Calm within Calm within Power Creation, The Portal Sight Creation,
Consumption of The Floods of The Deep Root of Bending Energy, Perfect Ascension of The
Horns of The Savior Womb Offering.

The Underworld Spiral Unity of The King and Queen, The Compass and
Power, Heroism through Unification. Wing to Wing Sacred Sexuality.
Heroism through The Chalice. Sirius in The Root of Draco.

. . . just take a look at Cygnus', they say it all!

11.12.2013 Sedona

. . . these images are a direct result from the meditation on 11.11 . . . it were a moonlit dance ritual . . .

Sedona Sedona Sedona

Sedona Sedona Sedona

Sedona Sedona Sedona

Sedona Sedona Sedona

11.13.2013 Scotia Sea, Coronation Island 6.1

Coronation Coronation Coronation

The Rebel Sea of The Coronation Crowning.

The Setting Source is to create an automation of cutting off
the powers of those whom are causing disrespectful and
unsacred causality, protect yourselves.

The Phoenix bridges and manifests The Awakening of
the transmutation and/or destruction of corruption, as such.

11.15.2013 Scotia Sea, Coronation Island 6.8

Scotia Scotia Scotia

The Rebel Sea of The Coronation Crowning.

The Setting Source is Great Power of Earthen Ascension and relieves distress
in an ultimate bowing of the hero, respectively, as such has The Queen of Reflection
Witnessed, friend to friend. Floods are coming . . . be weary of unsacred manifestations.

Awakened is The Focus of The Great Mountain’s Voice from The Heart of The PhiMale Vortex . . .
peaceful compass opening for The Queens of Reflection, ultimate sacred creativity of the purificational
automation of respect and cleansing . . . The Great Healer is a Thousand Thousand Eyes of healing empowered
in parallel, an automation of purification, as applicable sacredly, respectively, and appropriately, protection, healing,
and amplification of awakening, while erasing corruptive causalities, automated.

. . . notice what happens when one bows respectively to The Sacred Queens
of Reflection through The Sacred Ancient Powers of Nature . . . SRA . . .

When One Bows To The Sacred Queens of Reflection

. . . the reaction just kept building and building . . . three days later, an earthquake
actually presented the same type of imagery . . . see the FeatherHeaddress of
Aesculapius looking deep into The Parallel Eyes of The Ancient Native . . .
amplifying great strength of healing . . . and this was the purpose,
and this was the manifestation, and it was proclaimed as such,
and it was manifest as such, and The Sky responded as
fast as it happened . . . and the depths of Earth
responded three days after . . . and so on . . .
Exact. Love!

11.16.2013 Etna, Italy Eruption


Streaming Increasing Gradually from The New Voice of The Beautiful
Mountain of Fire Piercing The Sky, Earth's Deep Vessel, The Harvest
of The Vast Guard of Heavenly Purification in The Land of The Force.

11.17.2013 Etna, Italy Eruption


"Violent" Streaming of Pulsating Fountains Deep Ascension and
High Ascension of The Beautiful Mountain of Fire Piercing The Sky,
Small Flow from Lower Ascension of The New Voice of Earth's Deep
Vessel, The Harvest of The Vast Guard of Heavenly Purification in The
Land of The Force.

Who's being violent, no need for violence!

11.17.2013 Scotia Sea, Coronation Island 7.7

Coronation Coronation Coronation

The Rebel Sea of The Coronation Crowning.

The High Setting Source is to Ride The Horn of Sacred Creation, The Seven Sisters,
The Path of The Woman, witnessed ethereally, secretly . . . they are afraid of the
tormenting sources.

The Sacred Offering is Great in correct angle in order to reverse the corruptive
causalities that have been manifest, but asleep are these purificational and awakening
manifestations until you accept them. The Compass is a Narrow Passage of itself, out of
respect for you, it is cunning, this is such that one may be free of all distress, prior, during,
and after . . . The Healer sees through the fears and weaknesses to find The Great Mother
Spiral of The Interconnectedness of All Natures to Awaken and Empower.

11.19.2013 Molucca Sea, Sopi, Padangi, Morotai 6.1

Molucca Sea = Sea of Kings.
Morotai = the dark interior.
Sopi = strong palm wine.
Padangi = meadow




Sea of Kings, Strong Palm Wine Meadow of The Dark Interior.

The Setting Source is to Ascend from The Depths as Vision and Power, bring
Sacred Sexuality and Power from Above as well, bring Power from The Heavens,
Awaken, Protect, Produce, bring Sacred Power of Healing and Protection to
The Queens of Reflection, constant.

Finding The Patterns of Distress and Impurity and producing Sacred Offering
as a Vast Guard of Heavenly Purification as a PhiMale Vortex, finding The Antihero
energies, and exorcising these.

11.19.2013 Pacific Ocean : Agrihan : Asuncion and Pagan, Maug and Almagan, Farallon de Pajaros
and Guguan, Zealandia, Sarigan, Anatahan, Farallon de Medinilla, Saipan, Tinian, Aguijan, Rota, Guam 6.0

Agrihan = location of an evil man's gold, could be understood metaphorically as The Devil Inside, 
and/or more specifically we can understand that regardless of who's gold it is, it's still gold, so
what would an evil man's gold represent, the devil's gold, but what if there isn't a devil and there
isn't a hell, then there is only The Root Gold, but it is our comprehension that we must create
this gold from our own root energies by healing = The Root Power Healing Treasure Within)
( named The Greek in spanish : Graeae, The Three Grey Witches and become ISIS, The
Great Mother of All (Mother Nature.)

Pagan = there are many Gods and Goddesses, The Earth is Holy and Sacred,
this is a Reverent Nature Practice, and the word Pagan derives from the word pag meaning to fix or fasten.
Paganism is Shamanic and has been described as well as hedonistic, but in our comprehensions of that,
only in the most respectful sense of hedonism, as applicable to the circumstances, respectively.
( just as i have proclaimed that ultimate euphoria can be elongated through Sacred Sexuality
in a spiritual asexual transcendental sense (or from one individual), most assuredly can be
elongated through Sacred Sexuality that is as well physical (or from one or more individuals.)

Maug = steadfast and everlasting.

Alamagan : alama set = immaculate conception.

Asuncion = Ascension.

Farallon de Pajaros = Bird Rock (Flying Stone.)

Guguan (kukuan)
san felipe = the sacred prudence.

Zealandia Bank (Cilantya) = (the new sea land bank)

Sarigan (Carikan)
Anatahan = (in spanish the two sisters)

Farallon de Medinilla = Stone of The Enlightened.

Saipan = The Voyage of The Woman’s Intimacy and The Voyage of The Empty.

Tinian : is all about this Legend of Taga about a Son who became
more powerful than his Father (and whom shall return once the last
latte stone is fallen.)

Aguijan = Sacred Angel.

Rota = Peaceful island.

Guam = what we have.

Agrihan Agrihan Agrihan

The Greatest Peace is to find The Devil Inside known as The Grey and become The Great Mother : The Ascension
of The Sacred Healing Shamanistic Euphoria performed steadfast and everlasting as Immaculate Conception :
Fly as Stone through Sacred Prudence as The New Power Bank of Parallel Sisters of The Enlightened Stone as
The Voyage of Woman’s Intimacy as The Voyage of The Empty (meaning The Transcendence of Intimacy through
The Creation of Sacred Intimacy, yet without), be The Legend of The Seed who becomes more powerful than his
Source (and return when the last latte stone has fallen), be The Sacred Angel, be Peaceful, this is what we have
within The Highest of The MotherWife Rebellious Wish.

The Deep Setting Source is Caused. The Great Mirror has become created
through The Path of The Woman in what ever ways applicably SRA to them,
they are aware.

So as such a shield may you ride as The Great Eagle Vision Power Healing
of Sacred Sexuality to protect The Highest of Truth and Innocence from the
lack of balance that becomes from corruptive sources. Transmutation Creation
is become The Saving Creation. Source Crowned Causality manifest from The
Voice of Causality.

. . . WOW! Right? . . . everytime there is a quake at The Mariana's top, this subject
line (the top paragraph) is what is being said . . . intense right? Isis Graea are The
Grey Witches, btw . . .

11.21.2013 Sedona



11.23.2013 Etna, Italy Eruption


Streaming Fountains of The Beautiful Mountain of Fire Piercing The Sky,
Earth's Deep Vessel, The Harvest of The Vast Guard of Heavenly Purification
in The Land of The Force.

11.23.2013 Niuafo'ou, Tonga (and a reef of an unseen Trinity) 6.5




The Ouroboros Sight is Smooth like Drinking Water as The Setting
of The Source through The Calcarious Skeleton of The Trinity, Deep.

The Setting Source is to Cut Off The Unsacred Offerings.
. . . and Ascend Courageously through all forms of corruption
to find The True Path of The Woman . . . and amplify this through
The Great Mirror, The River of Consciousness, The Phoenix Rebirth.

Find ALL Corruption, extract, consume, transmute and/or erase, ad infinitum.
. . . so as such She is Purified. Manifest Pure. So as such has become a Constant.

11.24.2013 Philippine Sea, Nishinoshima island (Rosario),
Volcano Islands Arc, Oki Islands, Ogasawara, Tokyo, Japan Eruption
. . . CREATED NEW ISLAND = Niijima = The New Island.

Volcano Islands = Vulcan The Fire God,
matrix line classify order = Fire Mountain Matrix
Nishinoshima = west = Setting Sun Within
Oki = hide or hidden, high majestic or fork in the road, several or various
Ogasawara = small, bamboo hat, source origin beginning, support, center
Pyramid Mind Source Support Center.

Nishi's New Isle

(the new island . . . look at that pure lookin cranium!)

Prudent Sea of The Setting Source Within that is known as The Rosary of The
Matrix Trinity Fire Mountain Arc, known as The Hidden High Majestic Forked
Path of The Many in The Pyramid Mind Source Support Center of The Rising
Capital of The Sun . . . The New Within has been created . . . The Flow of
Power is Expanding.

11.25.2013 Argentine Sea, Beauchene Island, Sea Lion Easterly, Lively Island (Isla Bougainville),
Darwin Road : Stanley, Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) 7.0
(Alexander Jaffray is the current owner of Falkland.)
They have a motto and song . . . (added in
the communication here.)

Argentine = Silver.
Beauchene = Jacques Gouin de Beauchêne = Superseded FairLight of The High Lovely Oak (superstrong integrity.)
Sea Lion Easterly = Courage, Valor (of the sea), of eastern and easter = Ascension and Resurrection.
Lively = energy.
Lively Island is currently owned by Alexander Jaffry = owned by Defender of Humanity GOD REGION SONG of peace.
Bougainville = Praise Magnification of The Bending Bow of Ingenuity.
Darwin Road = Path of Evolution.
Port Stanley = Edward Smith Stanley, 14th Earl of Derby = Safe Haven
Prosperity GuardSmith of Stone and Wood, The 14th Chief of Freedom
of The Sacred PhiMale.
Falklands = named after Falkland Sound (a strait)after Anthony Cary,
5th Viscount of Falkland = Praiseworthy Priceless Fortified Pyramid of Love’s Pleasant Stream Viscount of Falcon
Within (Advise Friends) . . . falcon symbolism = success, victory, and rising above a circumstance or challenge.
( viscount is one given the full power of an officer without holding the office . . . )

Falkland Falkland Falkland Falkland

The Silver Sea : The Superseded FairLight of The High and Lovely Integrity : The Sea of Courage Within
Ascension and Resurrection :
Energy Within known as The Praise Magnification of The Bending Bow of
Ingenuity : "owned" by The Defender of Humanity GodRegionSong of Peace : The Path of Evolution :
Praiseworthy and Priceless is this Fortification Pyramid of Love’s Pleasant Stream : : : Full Power : : :
of The Sacred Victory Within (Advise Friends)
. . .

Desire The Right! God Save The Queen!

In my heart there’s a call for within far away, Where the wind from The Horn often wanders at play.
Where the grasp moves and swells to the wind and the tide, And The Heads of The Pure troop down
from the lonely hillside. Those within of the sea are calling to me, The smell of the circle of fire a dear
memory. Though far I may roam, some day I’ll come home, To within, the Praiseworthy Priceless Fort
Hill Love Pleasant Stream V Deputy of The Sacred Victory, the within of the sea. There’s a house down
yonder I’m longing to see, Though it’s no gilded palace it’s there I would be. Just to be there again I
would race o’er the foam, For that lone house so far is my own home sweet home. Now we’re off to
the Praiseworthy Priceless Fort Hill Love Pleasant Stream V Deputy of The Sacred Victory, so wild
and so free, Where there’s patches of grass and grasping and the red crowberry, And the wild
rugged beauty that thrills more than me Is bred in the bones on within of the sea.

Deep Ascension Between Reality, Through Reality, Balance is Coming!

This is The Spiraling Awakening of The Root Compass Awakening, that which is The Spiral is
Awakening to its Self! GREAT POWER of The Phoenix Bridged Voice of The Ancient New Ascension
of Earth, The Root, to Flood the Floods of Corruption with Floods of Consuming The Floods to Save
Beautiful Perfection. She is become pure.

11.27.2013 Sedona

Sedona Sedona

Sedona Sedona

Sedona Sedona Sedona

ISON Sedona

. . . this particular image to the right coincides with the ISON meteor burning up at The Sun . . .
that image on the right was witnessed right here in Sedona, as though a map of what was happening.
Do you understand ? This happens anywhere there is Sacred Amplification of The Interconnectedness
of All Natures . . . do you understand how awesome that is? It's like a magnifying glass compass without
any scientific equipment, think of the potential . . . do you see why when one sees, say for example, a
cloud in the form of a spacecraft all of a sudden in the sky . . . it probably means a space craft just
came through . . . get it?

11.30.2013 Banda Sea, Damar Island, Pulau Nusleur 6.4

Damar = Secretion of Fluids.
Nusleur = Naked.

Nusleur Nusleur Nusleur

Union Sea, Secretion of Fluids Within Naked.

High Setting Source is to bring The Highest of Truth from in between sight, from The Immortal,
The Mortal, from The One That Follows . . . the vessel enters through the vessel . . . the bridge
of The Lizard Bending Energy. From The Face of The Reinholder in The Queen of Reflection . . . he
was unaware . . . Cultivation is being manifest . . . awaken the multidimensional harmony
from the end of The Dragon’s Tale for Sacred Sexual Purposes . . . with great strength.

Causality became between impurity to destroy an unsacred offering.

. . . that's a rather obvious comprehension, eh?

11.30.2013 Sedona



Sedona Sedona Sedona

Sedona Sedona


. . . this cloud for example . . . it came out of nowhere . . . it is quite literally a Stealth Bomber
lookin' ship . . . it moved across the sky quite slowly, I took several pictures . . . it appeared
from the airport . . . but it is a cloud . . . do you see how multidimensional comprehension
is an inevitable truth that we will eventually, unequivocally prove? Yes. Look at the
image above it, that reveals a same form of triangulation at the stone on the west
side of the mountain, just like the transmitter on the right side of airport . . . ya see . . . parallel.


11.30.2013 Indian Ocean, Bangkaru Island, Banyak Islands, Babi Island, Aceh 6.0

bangkaru = elder brother, interrupt, cause chaos.
babi = pig.
banyak = many.

Bangkaru Bangkaru



Elder Brother, Interrupt Chaos Within, Many Pigs Within!!!
Aceh in The Gathering of Waters of The Great Oceanic
River Within.

Setting Source Parallel of impurity witnessed during Sacred Offering.
Ascension Power of The Sacred is Manifest and cleans the impure.

The Great Healer of The Great Mirror is Ascending from The Sun and shielding The Great Mother Loyalty
while carrying The Highest of Truth and Innocence to bring Creativity through The Crown of The Seven Sisters
while the impure causality is being attempted . . . The Rivers are crossed, Transmutation is manifest through The
Great Mirror, Balance is brought forth to The Parallel, Sacred Sexuality is become from Between Sight, The Queens
Mirror witnesses The Tail of The Dragon, The Little Dark Light, Creation of Corruption is Reversed, Ascension of The
Savior Womb Offering is Manifest through The Vast Guard of HeavenlyPurification, The Causality is Reversed and
She is Purified . . . exorcism of the corruption : successful.

. . . it sounds like someone needed help.
Good thing help is constant if you're being
helped already . . . so much better can it be.

12.2.2013 Etna, Italy Eruption


Vigorous Streaming of The New Voice of The Beautiful Mountain of Fire Piercing
The Sky, Earth's Deep Vessel, The Harvest of The Vast Guard of Heavenly
Purification in The Land of The Force.

12.5.2013 Wise was posted to Poesia.


Maybe I could feel it if I opened my mind, if I open The Kind as I open The Wine, The Vine of Rhythm of the synchronizing patterns that bind,
as a union of shine, as a union of pining for The Ecstasy Ride : The Euphoria Tribe : The Fidelity Hive : Allegorious Fly, just an apologue to root
The Kundalini, The Spine, as a tribute on high, to uncover the lies (ya hear.) What if I could tell you that the energy flies, when the wings are
combined : through the wind of the mind : The Epithetic Empathetic Panegyric Divine, Aesculapius’ Sign of Andromedan Wine, The Aporetic
of The Cynic just to question The Cry of The Madrigal Rhyme of the transmuted mind to become less than time, to remember the crime, just
to find what we lost and to lose what we find. Someone came to The Waves, Elders of Space came to The Wave. I’m walkin down The Cat
, an Angel's secret to climb on this emotional prime, upon The Waves of Sublime . . . I never witnessed such a Goddess that could blow
my•my mind, an eclipse of all Time, as a Moon of The Trine, the population irrigation of temptation to try, upon negation of lies, upon
The Nation of Eyes : The Revolution Evolution : a Solution to Crime : a legality tie that’s been dipped in The Wise (ya hear.) Maybe I
should try to understand what’s so fly about a Serpent that rides as an amplified Tide, the calculated activated of The Dubious Vine,
The Ascension of mine . . . right through your Water and Wine : and every step a Channeled Maven Crystal Raven inclined, as The Darkness
unwinds to a golden refine, The Shadows never saw it coming, yet they seek to align, through a light to define as The One of The Nine, you see,
The Purpose of The Pattern is impeccably live, to control yet derive, and promote from inside, The Pyrrhic Path of Magic Procreative Poetry Ride,
just a syllabic guide, of a life to provide, The People Sepal Petal Pistil Carpel Lotus Stigma Style Rhythm : checkin' every Spiral : at The Pyramid : The
Palindrome : The Porrect Pi of Purple Hearts : The Parallax of Partibles : The Poroscope of Patefaction : Pataphysic Satisfaction : what will it take, just
for you, just to Pearl, just to open your mind and remember The Girl : Open your Heart and remind The Surreal, Open The Root of The Path of The Real :
The Pine of The Deal : as it comes : and it heals : appoints all The Paths that have joined us to grow, She chooses The Ones : EVOLVE WHO CAN SOW :
She owns all your pain ’til it grows : nevermore. Your pain, nevermore. Your pain, nevermore. You’ll pay nevermore. You’ll pay nevermore.

The Communication can be read here.

The Bigger Picture is The Great Jaguar Dragon is An Infinite Meditation.

May Light Be Your Shadow.

Every 7

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