Every Sacred

. . . and so then shall become, just what you’ve wanted, what you’ve done, and what you’ve witnessed into one, and what you’ve seen behind The Sun . . .
and as the darkness lights the tomb, and all our reds are shaded blue, and just as soon, this Purple Moon, it’s from our whispers, from these whispers, from a
swoon, She made The Sky, and from the moaning droning depth of growling sheath, She cried, " MY GODDESS EVERY SACRED! " . . . made the shadows like
the dreams, I make The Shadows like my dreams, She made the shadows like our dreams, She made the ocean like The Sea, the crystal waters mirror
everything : and : made me dream so deep, arise, this rising temple Sky'd Ascension . . . I so become this, I become, and all the keys are lined with
horses, paths, they're golden manes of desert wind, I rise above me, rise above, I'm looking in without upon this, yet beyond this, oh my god this,
Goddess just relinquished every simple shred of hate from every sight and every whim and every temple ever pathed upon these circles,
every eye, and every distance, endless veins, of endless rivers, endless quivering : ever burdened by this need for all our darkness, all our
darkness, ever burdened by your needs, I’m ever burdened, ALL THIS DARKNESS!!! . . . ever burdened by this needing, reading, as your
temple’s sacred healing, bleeding into me, my sacred, every sacred burden whispered : just to see you smile, pure, my friend,
this endless, sacred cure.