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All audio files are .mp3 so that pc users
as well as mac users can utilize the sounds
of these pages freely.

All movies are exclusively Quicktime.
Go to the links below to get quicktime.
(it is free and useful.)


Q. Who made all these songs, designs,
poetry, stories, and videos?
A. David Ivey...with the help of Adobe,
ProTools, FinalCutPro, Particle Illusion,
GarageBand, iDrum, microKorg, mAudio,
Ovation, Dreamweaver, Q up the Arts,
iTunes (thanks for the (to)mp3 converter),
and alot of inspirational beings.

(created on an Apple G5 PowerPC and MacBook Pro)

Q. Are these songs and videos free?
A. Free to download, not to reproduce
without written authorization.

Q. How can one download a song or movie?
A. Simply go to the lower right edge of the sound
or movie file and click on the "downward arrow"
when the file is done loading on the webpage
and then "Save as Source."

Q. Why are there alot of pages with three separate images or links?
A. In case it is slow because other users are on a file...go to another.

(isola is an abbreviation of isolation)



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