MultiDimensional Love Conversation
By: David


Does Love really need to be defined?

I thought about this for some time, and it doesn’t seem like any

individual really needs to define what Love is to another individual.

It’s up to the individual, right?

Who am I to say what everyone loves? I only

know that Love is real. So real that it feels surreal.

In this I mean that it sometimes feels beyond how I know to express

it to you. I only search for the greatest and most imaginitive processes

to allow you this way. I want you to understand how important Love is,

but I don’t want to define it for you. That’s up to you, the individual.

Sure, I can tell you what Love means to me, but what can that do for

you? Does it inspire Love for you when others tell you how to feel or how

to Love? Is that all it takes? Or is there an inherent and defined comprehension

existent within each and every one of us? It would seem logical that anyone

who is able or capable of feeling any emotion, that they would most assuredly

be capable of knowing Love. I suppose that is the more accurate accountability

to the comprehension of Love; you either know it or you don’t.

So what is to know Love? Is it to simply understand the

euphoria and ecstasy one feels when elated?

As well, does this elation have more merit with greater experience? Or does that

even matter? Who measures the level of Love anyway? If there is Love present is

there a need for scale? As though it were one of the many invisible virtues, is it

only needed when it is nonexistent?


So then who is to say that it is ever a necessity if it is always present.

Of course then, now, we are delving in to a different way of processing definition;

that if this feeling, Love, is always possible, then it is always present; and if it is always

present, then it is never a necessity; and if it is never a necessity, then why do we search

for it? If it is everywhere and always is, what is the driving force behind the search for this

Love? Why do we search for such an actuality if the energy is always existent?


This of course speaks only to the individualized soul. Once another

is set before you, an entire new strength is allowed, if it is pleasing.


Then one must logically contemplate if all I am was ever enough for me.

Could I exist alone forever with only Love? Perhaps share what I have when

the moment is allowing, all the while magnifying to the source energy of

All that Is, this Love.


Yes, one might need to actually believe in such an actuality to fully allow

themselves. Then again, in ignorance, do we not still Love? So then it is present

regardless of belief or structure. Love is here no matter if I am loved or not loved.

It simply is. Just as I am, so is this Love, as though it were an individualized

presence of its own, and all it needs is its own presence to exist.


Imagine being Love and consistently and continually evolving, and expanding

forever and in between, and parallel, and beyond, infinitely and infinitesimally. With

this thought, it is as though I exist for this purpose, with balance; that the ever evolving

presence of Love is the driving catalyst, magnification, and be all comprehension.


Is that why we exist?


Or is it only the first allowed knowledge into a greater awareness of what actually is?

Though if it has levels, it would be the end and beginning, yet without a start or finish;

simply a cycle of further. Perhaps it is to understand the depth of Love and then See

beyond that understanding into greater Love. So perhaps then it is real to say that

to Love is to be real.


Then one must understand first whether consciousness needed to exist before the

definability of Love. For who am I to say that Love existed before beings did? Though,

if energy is the cause of this Love, then it would seem logical that Love existed with the

birth of energy. Without energy, nothing would exist, right? So then perhaps it is safe to

assume that Love existed since exactly when everything existed.

So if one might See that Love has existed since the core allowance of All that Is,

then its presence would be in every single vibrating frequency everywhere, whether

we can perceive it or not. This being allowed the mind, it would be safe to assume

that every tiny electrical frequency that drives this body and mind is derived from Love;

that Love is the all encompassing factor within everything ever always. Even those who

do not believe in the balanced nature of allowance, know Love; even pursue it.

Purpose, it seems, fashions one’s allowance to the further capability within Love.

Even those whom humanity has labeled as without consciousness respond well to Love.


It would seem logical to the silent observer that Love is the reason and the answer

before the problem. After the problem, Love is the solution. During the problem, Love is

the binding element of balanced continuity (even though there is a problem.)


One might be questioning how Love could ever have been existing always without

someone to say, “I feel Love!” Think about the most fluid of Loves, perhaps with your

mother or father, perhaps with your sister or brother, perhaps with your wife or husband;

in the most balancing clarified moments of these relationships, what is the prevailing

energy? Is it not when the level of Love is achieved beyond what it may have been

before? And in this achievement what is truely understood like a River? The grand

fluidity of the balance between you. This balance, not only is chemical within and

between, but is, as well, frequencies triggered between and within, and in this vast

enterprise of experiential comprehension, when one another can come to a moment

of fluidity that sparks the perfect combination of individual fluidities, it is a miracle, and

it is natural. It is normal. It is that special, and that common. That in the most orgasmic of

moments an exploson of fluidity is accomplished into the combined fluidities, birth, and creation.

Is it not logical to assume this production of life is a parallel magnification,

metaphor, and actuality of Love? Is it not logical then to comprehend even the birth

of a star, or a star system, a planet, a galaxy, perhaps even a universe, or multiverse,

are allowed from this same energy. To take it as far as one might be able to imagine:

even all of Consciousness, and then further, the energy of All that Is. Of course that would

seem logical being that the entirety of all existence has been sparked into existence from this

same projection of Love.


That being said, what existed first then?

Is birth, Love? Is birth the very essence of Love?


If the entirety of all existence has been forever since, before I know,

in my present awareness, and Love has caused it all to exist, it would seem

logical that Love energy was present always.


So then what would Love be understood as, if we were to understand it: in this

way? I hesitate to use terminology that has already been used to idolize being(s) into

power, rather than themselves just existing as what they are, so perhaps we could just

call it Love. It is what I understand to be truth beyond isolationism. The only Truth,

and Love allows itSelf as creativity.


I can feel it, or I can project it, and it is always present.


There is a balance to Love that comprehends me beyond any detrimental

circumstance that I am allowed or forced in to.


Why is this?


Is it because I am made of Love? That would seem logical since I was born

of Love. So if we are made of Love, why is it that sometimes we get confused into

the realms of fear? Perhaps there are energies in existence who seek to control

Love for themselves. Perhaps they attempt to replace Love with circumstances that

dualistically challenge our comprehensions of Love by putting definitions upon illusions,

that we might replace our fluid and natural comprehensions with those they have known,

or even built, to control you.

Why control Love? Impossible.


If Love is everywhere and always, one cannot control it, one may be fluid with it,

but there is no controlling of Love. So then, these energies, who seek control, how is it

achieved? It seems logical to understand that there are circumstances, basically energies

that are set into motion or in place that are meant to manipulate into an individual’s

awareness: an illusion. This illusion is then controlled. Through this illusion, as well, may

unfold even further into greater illusions, like fear. One only needs to understand that

regardless of whether one feels fear or does not feel fear, the circumstance does still

exist, but its power only comes from the fear.


If one is to Love, there is no controllable energy to snag on to, thereby

alleviating the entire circumstance into a void, or nonexistence, for you.


Of course there is vast trickery through the realms of emotion. There are even

tangents one connects to Love that might be illusionary, and easily manipulatable.

It is really up to the individual whether they might understand what is the illusion

and how to let it go.


It is as easy or as challenging as one allows,

and there is no single way to accomplish this.


You are forever allowed, fluid, and free because of Love.


There are of course the established belief systems throughout our

existence. These systems of belief may have derived from a space of truth,

or they may have began from a space of illusion. It matters not. All that

matters is what is real to you.


Understanding that there are systems in place in our

consciousness is a good place to begin though.


Try to understand the fluidity of All that Is, and let go of the illusions

of all that is not. In this way one may find the real is simply All that Is

anyway, and the flowing continuity will be that much more plausible.


As Love is the center cause of the energy of All that Is, and is within and

without, metaphorically, All that Is, it includes every single space, being, creature,

form, or essence. That being understood, an individual fluidity is possible throughout

every single space, being, creature, form, or essence.


Although, it is to be understood in the gravest of comprehensions that the

core energy of All that Is cannot be manipulated beneath Love. In a greater clarity,

Love cannot be unformed, for it is ever always existent within and without All that Is.

The greatest of responsibilities arrives through this understanding. For there are energies

who seek the imbalance of the fluidity of All that Is. These energies that seek to imbalance

what is already inherently comprehensive is to cause control through illusion. Once controlled,

illusions may run rampant throughout the unthinking process of a manipulated mind and

emotional makeup. Only know that Love cannot be thwarted.


One might find themselves without Love from another being or energy,

and in this clarified actuality may feel less Love or different Love because of

that particular Love’s absence, of course this is natural. It is only to understand

that Love is everywhere always infinitesimally within and infinity beyond you and

about your being’s space. Magnifiable within regardless of attachment. Why is it

do you suppose these energies might combine into a greater fluidity in the first place?

It is because we are all apart of the same energy. This is not to categorize any individual

into a collective, it is only to say that if we are to understand that Love is the source cause

of the energy of All that Is, it is ever present within each individual as well, in any circumstance.

This comprehension would allow the individual, as well, the knowledge that if we are apart of the

energy of All that Is, we have access to any part of the energy of All that Is. That is to say, that we might

be so bold as to understand the way through to any of it all, as Love.


If one is to truely understand this comprehension into fluidity,

fruition and continuity, it is to know that this energy is Love. To know

through in to this energy in any other way would prove detrimental to

one’s own balance with the fluidity of the energy of All that Is.


This is why there is war.


Often times, war is only one side fighting and one side defending.

Eventually the defender must fight back in order to establish the fluidity of

balance, with Love, once again. It is the imbalancing ways of warmongers

that cause illusions to take hold in such circumstances.


We must understand first, Love, always.

It is only then that balance may be allowed beyond the tyranny of warfare

against the peaceful. In Love we shall always have strength, for it is ever always

beyond illusion. It is within this strength that the energy of All that Is shall always

prevail, for it is not built upon illusion, it is understood as forever and always. It is

only ourselves that would allow for illusion to take over our processes, ideas, or

relationships. Love is beyond and in it all.

There is no reality stronger than Love.


One might question the validity of this statement

in comparison to their own feeling right now.


Why is it that I do not feel this ever

encompassing and freedom of Love?


This is an incredible question to ask of one’s self. It is a very brave

question to articulate into the processes of one’s existence. It is like a

seed to the dissolving of all illusions. It is wise to know that Love is already.


Emotionally, we may find our individual selves cornered by illusions we

have built, or illusions we have been subjected to through abuse, whether

conscious or unconscious. Understand Love into these areas of the mind

or heart, then comprehend what is not Love. Let go of those illusions.


One might think that pain and suffering is not an illusion. Of course our

bodies and minds have been created in such a way that when force meets

tangibility, causality occurs, and is sometimes painful. This is true physically

as well as emotionally, or if one Sees as such, spiritually. Although, in emotions

and spirit, one may find a greater tangibility in the protective actuality of Love.

This is to say that even when in physical, emotional, or spiritual pain, Love can

be allowed beyond that sensibility: as Love, and heal.


Love never needs to be anything except itself.

It is only and always. Love is a fantastic model of existence. That one might be as

fluid as Love in all circumstance would allow for such a clarity into the broader actualities

of Love. It is to say that Love is not simply just this or that. Love is not merely a feeling or a

reaction, and as well, does not seem to hold only the specifics of clarity as comprehensive nature.

It would seem logical that Love, as energy is, in all of existence, as the fluid actuality

of All that Is, has a depth beyond what the individual may yet comprehend, and goes as

far beyond any individual or collective knowledge, to an infinite magnification of itself as

the greatest of awareness.


It is within this inspiring fervor of reality, Love may be projected

even beyond the Self as understood through the Self. It is to say that

from within the depth of Self exists the connection to Love always, and

as a fluid, projectable creator of energy, Self may allow the magnification

of this Love the entire Self, and beyond, in all actualities of existence.


So that I am not only allowing myself Love, but am as

well allowing the fluidity of the energy of All that Is, Love.


In this way do I allow the balance of All that Is, fluidity.


In this way do I allow the fluidity of All that Is, balance.


So it is as a cycle, so it is as a parallel,

so it is as the fluid balance of All that Is.


I am Love, just as you are Love.


Psy and Phi