By: David

In so many versions of reality do we see expressed in so many
tongues the different aspects of Woman energy: birth, rebirth, emotion,
and with great intensity, protection, wrath, vengeance, love, vitality,
strength, creation, knowledge, and so on. In all aspects, power.
The many forms described throughout our existence with this world
imply a more acute knowledge into the reality of perception and lesson.
That a comprehensive diversity ranged the entire world with this sight
as to the Goddess or Goddesses who claimed existence through these
individuals and tribes and peoples. That Woman, as being first worshipped
before Man may show our perceptability as an innocent birthing into
knowledge, and the manipulation of that knowledge being corrupted
by Man's plight for power and control in our latter years. This may only
prove that male dominance with physical strength corrupted our Goddess
myths almost into extinction. That by Man placing himself before the Mother
energy was some sort of subconscious, or perhaps even a preconceived
and corrupted diversion into the control over Woman. With the knowledge
of the Goddess as being an energy of The Mother, the womb, this planet,
the Universe, or the individual characteristics of the power of Women in their
beauty and divinity and wrath, truely the greatest mystery is that of this energy.
That Man needed to alter reality into illusion to simply control a diversion
of conceivability so that the power of Woman might be contained for so many
years, at least by most societies in the last couple of thousand years, seems
blatantly obvious to the cultivation of a false myth in order to secure the future
into the oblivious nature, that Man is stronger than Woman. But it is not Man
who holds the Child or births the Child, or this as symbolism to Creation, the
energy of all that is may be seeded with Man's fertility, but it is not Man who
shall give path to the birth of this life. Man could not birth without Woman.
It seems only logical that creation IS female. That the very essential energy
may be Balance, both Male and Female, but the birthing of this union is Female.
That Woman has survived and risen through thousands of years as secondary,
or looked upon as far less than equal, is only a caveat to the strength of Woman.
That She understands now, the great Power of her Self to Creation, to World,
to Universe, and all Creativity, is a blessing of Her own will and structure.
Man will not own Woman again.

This leads to Woman as authority and power now. We as beings must be very
careful in our steps through this rise. For it would not be difficult for the same
to happen to Man as happened to Woman. Perhaps even as a whole, a balancing,
but for Woman, we may see that She has a greater purpose than control. That
by birthing existence from her very center, She has come to comprehend that
existence is not simply control, rather fluidity, and that the balance of this fluidity
holds both Man and Woman, Male and Female, as one energy. Perhaps we
might see this comprehension arise because of Woman's compassion and
Motherliness, for Man sorely does not deserve this. Although what is Man but
the child of Woman. THIS is why we may have a chance. She may allow this
balance, even as She has allowed for millennia her Self tortured by Man's
greed and disrespect, knowing that He is yet her child still, as She was, as
well before Him.

So it may be Woman who sets us free into the realm of ultimate balance,
the same who birthed us into ourselves the energies that have been
manipulated by Man, of Woman, simply because: She, is the Goddess.