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Sacred Sexual ( teaser )

The Owl Song (Poesia)
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The Portal (Poesia) ( optimized for ipods )

Sanctify The Mountain (Poesia)

The Owl (Poesia)

Ambrosia Evolution (Poesia)

There's a World (Poesia)

teetH (Poesia)

Every Sacred (Poesia)

Golden White and
Heavenly Silk
(SPOKEN) (Poesia)
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MKSutra (Poesia)
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The Law (has been updated to reflect the comprehensions
of what was just uttered by Mother Nature through the quakes
this day concerning Sacred Sexuality . . . where as whenever "adultery"
is mentioned in this law, it is specifically comprehended as "unconsented
adultery," not simply "adultery" . . . for if there are those whom are married
performing consentual fornication, Mother Nature approves . . . gift . . . )
(look in red for the updates, it has been applied to all grids of
The Interconnectedness of All Natures.)

Every 7 pg. 62 (Infinite Meditation)

TIAN (The Interconnectedness of All Natures)

Wise (Poesia)
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The Amber Ambrosia (Poesia)
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Mnemosyne (Poesia)
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Understand (Poesia)
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2013-2014 Tun Uc Calendar

Bell Courthouse Cleansing
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( a few powerful manifested
parallels witnessed over the
last few years, so you don't
have to go lookin for them.)

12.21.2012 Meditation

Illumination (movie)

Trinity Totem Songs




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