Sanctify The Mountain

I see The Path that never was, yet I’ve become through every wave, an every point, a Trident seeps this Watery Mire, sheltered from the dissident temples; we claim our
breath, the right to free us, and we contend the lies by speaking freely, truth as power, rage as passion, love as love, and sacred, sacred : shower the symptoms,
The Lava Ash Healing, transmutative stone and flesh and sweat and fire, my blood, it’s simply Love as a Whisper, Love as a Roaring, so taken by these eyes,
and in, this endless trailed divulging moaning Wakens every Rise as though vitality has spoken through this Bending Serpent Temples’ Ardor, levels
are become so deep, so far, so passive, fluid, raging, rising, massive, here’s The Rabbit Hole we spoke of, Burrowed are these Temples, ruins :
here defined, to find a mirror, there’s no fall, just letting go and, trusting all that’s ever been and, as this Birth, yet, all this power, we have
lasted far beyond it, now so further we may go, then speaking, listen, learn, evolve, and : heighten, yes, Bring forth the gifts, I bring The
Sustenance Enlightened, blessed of Jaguar, blessed of Hummingbird, now so deep into The Heartcave, in so deep we travel far and
so much further, learn each other, symbiosis, give, you are, and give, I am, and only sacred, only further, here sustained in
utter blissfulness . . . and in this heart, this simple cave, this droning which was once a wall, now, portal passing through
us, yet, a World, dimension, endless paths . . . and . . . as we walk, I crawl, we fly, this dance upon Ethereal Bridges,
Awakened curves of bodies and spirits, our lips, our shadows, these clouds are moistening, Guides of The Wind
are breeding our bending like Trees in The Rain as The Sun through the colors of Creation, this Desert turned
Ocean : spoke Truth, as I have turned to The Universe : and uttered this Path, I Am Always, She is Always,
You are Always, it is endless, it is Sacred, it is flowing, it is Real, and neverending, hear The Passage?
We are turning . . . and maturing, we are climbing from The Temple, as The Temple, yet our building,
as our body, yet our Spirit, as our Wisdom, as this World is : formed this curling, like The Spiral, in this
endless Fractal Heart of White and Wife and Mother manifesting Harmony, this Father, Brother,
Sun, and Seed, The Root that capitulates through Sacred Symbiosis, I Am Surrender, yet
to Who I Am, The Bridge, The Breath, The Ouroboros FireWater Infinacy Creation
: Unification . . . this Trinity, my Surrender, She is The Divine of Rivers, Streaming
Ocean’s tail, this Endless : Ouroboros, Longevity of Infinite Love, My Awen’s
Sanctity . . . i am only, yet this love, and always coming, endless healings,
flight beyond these “never shadows,” Dark is space, so dark, it matters,
build The Light, the shades of structure, this Temple Mystery . . .
we all look when the roar is undeniable, and in that fervor, one
must witness the integrity that has lasted this foundation . . .
Sanctify The Spirit Mountain . . . Spirit Mountain Sanctifies you.